Hi, Im new here and wanted to share my flying story. Im eighteen, real short, slim, short brown hair, brown eyes I think I look pretty good. Anyways, when I was seventeen, my family and I were going on vacation to Hawaii. We had never been on a big vacation that required us to go flying before, so it was my first time. I hate heights, and was pretty worried. So worried, that I woke up early the morning we were to leave, ran into the hall bathroom and unleashed a bowl-full of nervous diarrhea. After that, I felt better(because I was totally empty!)and went the rest of the day without incident. A couple minutes before the flight, i snagged and downed a liter of Dr. Pepper, figuring I could relieve my bladder on the flight. Much to my suprise, I was asleep a couple minutes after takeoff, not vomiting my guts out like I figured I would be. But as it turns out, that was mistake. I awoke about an hour later, and the fasten seatbelt light had just turned on. I fastened my belt, and became vastly aware of a gnawing itch in my crotch. I knew the DR. Pepper was wanting out, bad!, but knew i couldnt use the bathroom until the light went out. The bumping and jolting from the turblance didn't help my situation any, then to make matters worse, my stomach cramped and churned. I knew I was needing to pee from both ends, but the seat belt light was still on. I knew I was a sight to see, one hand clutching my crotch, the other laid across my belly, fidigeting really badly. I was sweating a bit, I knew that any moment I was going to explode a mess of diarrhea in my blue jeans, and that would be followed by a river of piss. Finally, after what seemed like years, the light came off. Immediately I unfastened my seatbelt and dashed to the, thankfully, empty restroom. I jumped on the toilet, and instantly a high pressure stream of pee hissed out of me. Suprisingly, my bowels didnt move until the flood of urine became a bit of a trickle, but come it did. My lower stoma ch cramped and without me even giving a push, brown water sprayed freely from me. That one wave of diarrhea had to have lasted fourty seconds, and the water was really hot, it burned my butt really bad. Well, I finally felt better, and headed out back to my seat. My stomach still ached and felt more than a little queasy. I knew before long another wave of diarrhea was forth coming. I must have looked awful, because a blonde stewardess came up and handed me a few vomit bags. I told her that I wasn't puking, but I had diarrhea. Luckily for me, she came back to my seat and told me that we were landing in a couple minutes, so if I needed to go I better do it now. I thanked her and wobbled back to the restroom. This time it was wet mush. I finished and sat back down. Later I found out I had travelers diarrhea, and it ruined my whole vacation. I'll tell more later if you want.

Hola mis amigos,

Angie stopped by to say hello after all these months. It was a great visit. She's doing great and is actually seeing some guy now, which is totally wierd because she's basically been lesbian since I've known her. She brought the latest "Angie and Nu" video with her. Yes, they're still making those, and they're better than ever! Now, we just have to watch them in the basement because of the little one in the house.

One thing: To clear up confusion, my dad's okay. He had his attack some time back. I was really speaking of Robbie's dad, hoping he was okay.

JANE: Hola amiga! Qué dice? Super poopin' again mi caliente! I swear hon, you and me in the ladies room, look out! It sounds like we can both stink it up pretty good. Hot story again. I especially like the kids in your stories. They sound so cute! They are inquisitve, aren't they?
MEREDITH: Are you still out there?
KIM AND SCOTT: How about you? Are you still around too?
BARBIE DOLL: Hi! Yeah, I'd love to watch you too. Me and my friend Nu watch each other all the time. I know what you mean about the outdoor thing. We do it quite often. We always drive around trying to find different spots to outdoor poo and pee.
INA: Hey! How are you? What's been going on with you lately?

Yesterday, around 4:00 I went into the ladies room at work for a poop. I was walking rather quickly because I had to go so bad. Anyway, once I was in the bathroom and seated on the toilet, it only took a second for the action. I grunted really, really hard, squeezed out some really smelly logs, and hung my head down while I farted a bit. My fart echoed in the bowl. I'd fluffed my hair and relaxed a bit as a thinner, creamier log slid out and went P-LUUUUUUUUP! Man, did it stink! I had to breathe through my mouth, that's how bad it was. There were some nasty logs in the toilet, real Carmalita specials. Wednesday at work I had macaroni and cheese from the deli, a large pickle and a jumbo size Hershey bar. Then we all had italian Wednesday night. Bad combos for this pint sized latina. Anyway, I just stared at the wall while a flood of piss started pouring out. When I finished and wiped and left the room, the smell was in the hallway! It was soooo embarrassing

Nu came into the bathroom while I was taking a bath and asked if she could poop. I watched as she lowered her jeans, sat on the pot and began dropping her turds. It was like "Plip-plop-plop-ploooop-nnnnnnnhhhh--!" She sat in there grunting over and over again, then more turds came out. I love those ploppy shits of hers. She has several. She plops constantly with lots of grunting. They're my favorites. She sat, like always, with her legs spread really wide, elbows on her knees, hands dangling limply, and her head hanging down toward the floor. She says that sitting that way pushes the gas out of her. Soon the room began filling up with her smell. It wasn't too bad. It smelled like her shit, but it wasn't agonizing. I was lying back with my eyes closed, relaxing in the hot water when I heard this really loud crackling sound. I looked over at her and she was sitting there grinning at me, her eyes just twinkling! She bit down on her lower lip, grunted extra hard and out came this Floooop! She left her poop for me to see when I got out. Lots and lots of turds with one big fat one on top.
Later, when she was taking a bath, I came in for a poop. She giggled at me from the tub and asked how bad it was going to be. I just shrugged, pulled down my pink panties and sat my ass down for an afternooner. I let loose a string of sausages that filled the bowl. I kept grunting and pushing "rmmh---ckkrrkkrkkkklllll--mmmh...kkkrkkkllll--" and so on. Then came my sausages "Splap-splat-splllllltttt-sploop-splat-" I was pushing and grunting and farting out soft poop until my little bumhole was starting to burn and itch. It was a real burning poop. I was also out of toilet paper and there was none in the cupboard, so I hollered at Jake to bring me some. When he did, I could tell that he was enjoying the view considerably. Later, he told me it was very hot and we did something about it!
Oh well, that's it for now!


Hi all, I have been looking at these posts for a while and must have spent about a week trying to decide whether to post or not.

Please note: This is a true situation and not a made up post.

When I was a toddler and my mother was trying to persuade me to use a pot or the toilet I wouldn’t go near either. I couldn’t face sitting on them or acknowledging I had to touch myself. After searching around the net I suspect it was maybe something like Copraphobia but not really sure. I considered sitting on a toilet and have to touch myself as humiliating and intimidating

At 5 years old: I remember my mother sitting me on our toilet at home, it suddenly hit me what I was doing and got off it. She quickly gave up at that time, she held me over the toilet to pee and then put a piece of newspaper on the floor for me to do a poo on just to get it over with, when I had finished she then cleaned my rear with toilet paper.

This happened the same way for the next few times and become a habit, I was putting off going properly for another time, but this just kept on going using exactly the same method. At that age your body hardly changes over time and I was able to do it quickly, it was a case of in and out of the bathroom in no time at all. Although I am a very shy person, strangely I found this way bothered me less, even with a loss of dignity, than having to admit I was going to the toilet properly on my own.

At 9 years old: this was still going on the same way, my mother had taken me to the doctors on numerous occasions about it but I don’t think he really understood it. My mother’s friend (20 at the time) moved in as a lodger as she didn’t have anywhere to live. My mother told her that she still had to take toilet and kept going on about it and nagging me in front of her. One day my mother had to go away for the day and I was to stay with her friend, she agreed to take me to the bathroom if the situation occurred because there wasn’t really another option at the time.

During the day the woman assumed that I probably needed the bathroom but didn’t like to say. She took me in there, pulled down my trousers and underwear and said “do whatever you need to do” and walked away. It suddenly occurred to me she thought that ‘my mother taking me to the toilet’ meant that she only went in there with me, not that I wouldn’t sit on the toilet. I told her that I didn’t need to go and left the bathroom.

The next day my mother told her the truth about what she had to do and then I had both of them nagging at me, which made me resist even more.

At 10 years old: things stayed the same, I felt bad about it but couldn’t face changing and the attention it might create “good boy now” and all that so I just kept going the same way. While I would be standing there waiting to poop she would always stand facing way from me with her back to me until I had finished. The worst part was it was quiet area and I was trying to be discreet while I was doing it and didn’t want her to hear me straining. A few minutes seemed like an eternity in silence, I would keep straining quietly to myself then relax a few moments to try and get it done quickly and get out. Sometimes after she heard plops on the paper she assumed I had finished when I was still in the middle of doing it and turn around, she would ask if I had finished and I would frequently have to say “no, just a few more moments” and then she would turn around again.

There was an occasion when her friend had just come out of the bathroom from doing a poo herself; she didn’t make much of a secret out of it as she wasn’t shy at all. My mother took me in there straight afterwards. After I had a pee I stood over the paper waiting to poo. While I was straining I looked over at the toilet, which had the seat still down from her friend sitting on it, I could picture her on it.

My private part stood up against my stomach and wouldn’t bend at all, I didn’t know what to do, it hadn’t happened before, it was like stinging sensation. I had to pretend my poo took longer than it did to give it time to go down a bit; I then had my shirt down covering me at the front.

Having someone present when you poo on the floor at 11 and then wipe your bum is hard to describe, it was then that I was put into a clinic for 6 weeks, which was only the start of what followed but would be too long a post.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, Leatherpants Girl: Happens to the best of us. I shit my pants a work a few weeks ago--and I was wearing a thong! Yeachh! Hope you can salvage your pants. Cheer up, it's only poop!

Bryian: Sometimes, when it's boring at work and I have nothing to do (which usually happens at least once a day) I will read and/or write posts here. People in my office are very courteous and always knock before just walking right into a cubicle. I just quickly minimize the screen and get beck to it whenever someone walks away. Plus most of the people I deal with there know that I find fart and shit jokes unny, so I doubt they'd be shocked to see me perusing a forum on the subject!

Well, I had my dump in the woods, and it was really nice. We were hiking, and I felt the need to go while when I first got up. But I held it until we got there. After we had hiked for an hour or so, I said, whoa, I've got to tke a dump. I went into our pack (which we were taking turns carry) and pulled out a thing of wet wipes and our little shovel. I walked off the path behind some bushes, and my boyfriend followed.

He only had to pee, and went a few yards away from me while I dug a shallow hole in the ground. I pulled my shorts and underpants down to my knees and positioned myself above the hole. He asked if I wanted him to wait for me back on the path, but I said he could stay if he wanted. So he stood next to me and talked to me while I crapped. I pushed and a big, solid load worked its way out. It was long and thick and knobby, and felt great sueezing between my buns. It broke off in two and thudded into the hole, then the rest came out and landed in the hole as well. I let out a satisfied sigh, and shifted my feet to keep balance. I peed into the hole as well, then grabbed a ouple of wet wipes and wiped my ass, even though I could tell I didn't really need to. I stood up and pulled up my underpants and shorts and went to cover the hole, but stopped. I could tell my boyfriend had purposely not looked at my load, but I said, "If you ant to look, go ahead." He said, "I'! m sure it looks just like anyone else's shit." I said, "You sure?" He said, "Yup." So I covered the hole and we walked back don to the path and continued on our way.

It was nice! Kind of liberating. Even though he didn't see my load, I offered to let him see it. That must men something, right? I had another dump lter, but in a latrine near the parking lot where a lot of other people ere hanging around, so he couldn't join me for that. Oh well, next time!



Upstate Dave
Good morning to all. Had an interesting weekend. On Saturday went to a auction in a small country town about 70miles from where I live. The place was out in the open and was quite hot inside. They had port a potties which were the chiemical type. The sun had them cooking in no time. Since it was quite hot inside I stood outside to cool off and also to have a smoke. One of the auction house girls was also outside doing the same. I struck up a conversation with her. Her name was Marie and she was 30 years old and was from one of local towns in the area and worked at the auction house. She asked if I had an extra smoke and I gave her one.
We talked for a little while and across the road I had noticed some old train engines sitting on some side tracks. I asked her about those. She told me that they belonged a local group that was restoring them and were going to use them as a tourist line that was going to be run through the area. She asked me if I would like to go look at them. I said sure so we both walked over across the road to take a look at them.
Marie was telling me about them. She knew her old trains because she also worked on the tour one that was running.I wasa impressed. She asked me for another ciarette and a light. She had farted several times while showing me around the old locomotives. She goes to me; Iv'e got to roll one and with that she pulls her pants right down and squats right there and lets rip a long braaaap! of a fart. She continued to talk as a turd emerged from between her cheeks crackling loudly as it slowly moved outward. It was quite knibby with a brown color and was bending like a banana as more of it emerged. The first one droped to the ground and it was about 10" long. She shifted her feet to get a little more comfortable and another one stuck its head out. This one was smoother and lighter in color. This one also crackled as it moved. She pushed out a 8" piece for this one. She shuffled back a little and then started to pee a hard hissing gusher all over her two fresh pieces that sh e just deposited on the ground. She left quite a puddle on the ground as a result. She grabbed a napkin out of her little waist pack she had with her and wiped herself with that. She pulled up her panties and black shorts and said thanks for keeping me company and also for watching out for her. I told her thank you in return and we went back across the road to the auction house to the auction. We sat down together and watched the auction continue. I'll will also continue with thgis because there is more. Dave

Hi. My name is Katie. I have blonde hair, I'm 5'3" and about 110 pounds. I guess you could say I'm pretty. I've been told I look a little like Diane Lane but blonde. I was told about this forum by a co-worker of mine after I told her about an experience I had when I was in high school on one of my first dates with my boyfriend.

I had invited him over to my house to watch movies. My parents were out and my brother was away at camp. So we had the house to ourselves and it was going to be a special night. Well, we ordered a pizza and he brought over some movies (including a couple of "naughty" ones!) and we ate pizza and watched TV. After we ate, we were watching TV and things started to get a little cozy and we started making out, which we'd done a few times before. I had decided that if he wanted to, I would have sex with him that night, so it was going to be a really special occasion.

Well, we were really going at it when my guts started to act up. I tried to ignore it, but I started having bad cramps and gas pains. At first I felt like I was going to fart, then I felt like I was going to shit my pants. I said, "Oh no!" I jumped up and ran into the bathroom, which was right next to the couch where we were and slammed the door. I barely got my pants and panties down and my butt on the toilet when about a gallon of chunky diarrhea gushed out. It was so gross, and loud and smelly. I kept thinking could this have possibly happened at a worse time! Well, I was sitting there, still feeling like there was more to come out, when my boyfriend knocked. He asked if I was all right. I said not really. I was almost in tears, not so much out of embarrassment, but because I thought I'd ruined our evening by having the shits. To my surprise, he asked if he could come in. I was taken aback. Why would he want to see me like this. I said, "I'm taking a re! ally nasty dump right now." He said, "I know. I just want to come in." I'm not sure why, but I said, okay come in.

He opened the door and came in without shutting it behind him. He got on his knees and knelt next to me, and held my hand. I was crying a little and said I was sorry. He said, "Hey, you can't help it," and just held my hand with one hand and strked my hair with the other. I farted a few times, and another wave of diarrhea hit me and squirted out with a lot of splashing. I was a little embarrassed with him there in the bathroom. I finally asked him why he wanted to be in here with me. He said it kind of turned him on. At first I was a bit shocked. I said, "Are you into like that scat stuff?" He laughed and said no, it wasn't me shitting that turned him on.

He said it turned him on that I was so comfortable and so trusting of him that I was able to sit on the toilet with the runs and have him sitting there next to me. That made me smile a little. I sat there with him next to me for another fiteen or twenty minutes, and had another couple of waves of watery poop until I felt a bit better. I wiped my butt, then flushed the toilet while still seated. My butt was pretty raw and sore after all that, and I didn't think I'd be in the mood to do much for the rest of the night. He hadn't even seen me with my clothes off yet so he was going to see me naked from the waist down for the first time. I was a little hesitant, but got up anyway. He asked me if my butt was okay. I said, it's a little sore. I pulled my panties up, then pulled my pants up and washed my hands. He rubbed my back, then lowered his hand and very gently rubbed my butt.

I don't know what it was, whether it was him being so nice, or the fact that he had seen me with my pants down (which was something I had hoped for in other circumstances), but all of a sudden I grabbed him and gave him a big kiss. It was our first real kiss and I think it surprised him a lot. We basically ended up starting right up where we left off. I was so hot for him, we ended up going upstairs and doing it anyway! And it was sooooo nice. He was so gentle and careful and sensitive. Luckily, my bowels didn't act up the rest of the night.

He and I are still together, though now we're engaged. He's seen me on the toilet I don't know how many times, both peeing and pooping, and I've seen him on the toilet a lot too. It doesn't make any difference to us, it just makes us feel closer. Well, that's my poop story. Hope you like it!

Punk Rock Girl
MUSK-- Hey. To answer your question, yes, I have taken a shit that was so huge I had trouble sitting down afterwards. The worst experience like that happened when I was in junior high school. I had been very badly constipated for several weeks, but kept figuring it would go away. Finally, one day at school I had an urge to shit and went to the girls' room during break. I went in the closest stall, put a seat cover down, pulled my jeans and panties down and sat on the crapper. I pushed and pushed but it wouldn't budge. I had a test next class and didn't want to have to shit during that in case the teacher wouldn't let me leave. So finally I pushed with all my might and it slowly started to come out. It was a huge, compacted, knobby and hard load of shit, probably the size and shape of a small eggplant. Ouch. My ass actually bled a little from it! I went to wipe it and it hurt like hell. I was afraid I had really ripped something down there. I forgot about wiping! and pulled up my pants and rushed to class (I don't remember if I flushed the toilet or not). When I got to the classroom (I was the lest person there) I went to my desk, and almost screamed when my ass touched the wooden seat. I ended up crossing my leg underneath me so my butt was suspended above the seat. The teacher stopped at one point by my desk and quietly told me to put my leg down and sit properly. I motioned for him to lean down to me and whispered to him that I had hemorrhoids and it hurt like hell. He said okay, stay like that. Thank God! Even though I made it up, I later went to the doctor and it turned out I did indeed have some inflamed hemorrhoids. I ended up squirting Preparation H up my ass everyday for a few weeks until they were less irritated. I'll tell you, shitting when you have hemorrhoids is like puking with a mouthful of cankersores. Ouch. But it eventually went away and I haven't had a problem with that since. Knock on wood!



Steve T.
I just discovered this page, and I would like to poll the contributors. First, a little background. I had never thought about girls having poop accidents until I was 5 years old. My next-door-neighbor, who was also 5, was walking home and it was obvious she had taken a big dump in her panties. She was wearing bright yellow puffy panties that were in style at the time, and they were sagging way down. For some reason the sight of her walking along with the droopy panties was exciting to me. After this incident I hoped to see her or another girl have an accident again, but I never did. I remember a few times in school some girls were wearing the fancy ruffled panties, and I thought it would be great if such-and-such had an accident, but it never happened. I would like to ask the following questions:

1) Did you become interested in poop accidents because you saw a girl with a dump in her pants?
2) Did you ever witness any girls with particularly memorable load in her pants?
3) Were my thoughts unusual? Did any other guys hope girls at their school would take dumps in their pants?

Uncle Allen
Hi friends and fellow toilet posters. I had an experience that was kind of rough that I wanted to share with you guys. Yesterday, I had Kentucky fried chicken for lunch. Big mistake- I won't do that again. Well, that night I went to Atlantic City with a couple of friends. A guy and girl if you're interested. On the way down in the car, my stomach started to feel a bit funny. I was also letting out some gas and I simply could not help it.. I felt bad about it, but the food was starting to churn in my stomach. Well, by time we got there I had to go straight to the bathroom. I went almost running to a stall. Quicklt pulled my clothes down and exploded diarrhea into the toilet. By this time my stomach was cramped. After letting out more gassy loose poop, I started to feel better. It was embaressing though, because there were a lot of people in the men's room listening to me as well as those restroom attendants who are alway there. I had two more episodes of diarrh! ea during the night- one of them occured during dinner and I had to leave the restaurant to gettto the toilet and then come back. After a while I did not feel so embaressed because I could hear that I was not the only one with the runs that night. also, when I went into one of the stalls that night I saw that someone had sprayed the toilet seat with diarrhea. the toilet wasa mess. Of course, I headed for another stall. Well I don't think I'll be eating Kentucky fried chicken again any time soon.

anonymous movie guy
TO FULLUP:Man I envy you! i have a very small bladder and I have always had a bedwetting problem. My parents hate me for it and say its not medical its just that I don't "try" hard enough. I would love a huge bladder. You are lucky.

Also this one is to the People from Europe: I always seem to hear about bidets very often. Over here they are very rare. I have never seen one in real life. Even the rich people I know don't have one. I was just curious!:-)

today iwas at the beach and i was in the water (i'm a girl)i felt an urge to go take a dump. i couldn't hold it in so i farted and i overflowed my swimsuit with poop .


About 3 weeks ago, I basically had the same experience you had. I was sick w/ a stomach bug, and I was constantly having diarrhea. In fact, it was so bad that my sister, mother, and father got it directly after I did. It all started on the first day of the college semester. While driving home, I had to pull over twice. It was not fun. Every time I thought I was done, I would start wiping, and then I would have to sit down again for more diarrhea. It was NOT fun.... Anyway, enjoy the rest of your weekend (what's left of it


Anyone wanna have a pee/poop holding contest?

I think it'd be interesting at the least...

I was shoping when stomache gave a sigal to go to the bathroom, but i ignored it and finished my shopping. I figured that i chould hold it till i got home cause i dont realy like public toliets. When i got home my brother was watching tipple X so i decided to join in. while i was watching the movie i pppppfffffftttttted and man did it stink!I must have farted like 10 times durring the movie but man did it feel good! when the movie finished i dashed upstairs with each step farting and pulling down my pants. when i got to the last couple steps then power went out, my feet and hands fumbled and i slid down the stairs.I slid head first so my thong peeled down and my ass gave out. Soft poop came out of my but and it went all over the place. there was shit on the walls and all over me! I was pissing too so the stairs were wet too. hope u like the story

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on this sight. I like reading all the different stories.
I remember when I was around 14 years old and I was painting a model and got paint all over my hands. I went into the bathroom to try and scrub the paint off when in walked my mother. She told me that she had to poop right away so that it does not go back up inside her, her words anyway. I was still scrubbing the paint off my hands and she did not tell me to leave. She then proceeded to pull down her green slacks and panties and sit on the pot. I am not into incest or anything but I must say that back then my mom had a great figure, a very nice full perfectly shaped rear end, she kind of looked like Elizabeth Taylor.
I heard a little hiss of a fart as she begun her movement. I went to dry my hands , the towel rack was right behind her and I was face to face with her as she made some little grunting noises to push out her poop. I could hear a steady crackling sound and then heard 3 or 4 plops into the toilet. She slightly lifted her rear and wiped her butt front to back 3 times. She then stood up to pull up her slacks and flushed. She told me to turn my head but I still looked over and saw 3 or 4 dark brown turds swirling around and leaving skid marks all over the bowl as they went down. My mom left and I needed a poo so I sat down still feeling the warm seat from her behind. I must admit I was a little turned by this experience at this age. When me and my brothers were young , my mom used to leave the bathroom door open sometimes when she took a poo. But as we grew older this stopped. That's all for now, maybe I will post more later. Bye for now.

Fetish(Runny Man)
Ellen I loved your story! I envy that story sooooo much! You know the one about you and your partner pooping your panties together. That's something I could probably only wish to have or be able to do.
You all please tell more about your accidental wet farting and embarassment.

I went to this nice brunch on Sunday..I came home and got online then when i was done i decided to go out and rent some movies...A big mistake! I left my house and im 3 minutes from home when i suddenly felt really gassy. Im like ok maybe its just my imagination cause my bowels haven't been right ever since i had that huge dump the other night. I passed by this park with woods and i thought about stopping i pass it and im like ok, i should have stopped and im like hurry up(to my self) cause i really had to poop. The first place i come to is a department store and chain hardware store. I thought about going into the hardware store and im like no its 6:30pm and they close at 7pm..I run to the dept store take the middle stall put paper on the seat and let loose! Then some kids came in and i think the mother popped in and then the father came in to assist the kids. The boys only peed. Then i sat a bit and im like ok, i think im done, so i wiped alot. Flushed. It was all chunky a! nd loose. Then im like i think i'll be ok. So i head to the video store and start looking at some videos to rent. All the sudden i felt like i had to poop and again and i'd need a bathroom fast. I found the bathroom in the video store but its locked and no employees were around so i ran out the door headed to the fast food restaurant. Walk in the bathroom and i took the one and only stall and let loose. It was pure liquid and smelled really bad. I wiped alot again then i went back to the video store got some videos and got out of there ASAP. if any bathroom sceenes come up on the videos i'll be sure to post about them. I think i might be ok...Think i will try to poop before bed to make sure im empty. Gonna run bye

one day i was at home and i had to go i went into the bathroom an pullled my pants down and sat on the toilet i pooped and 8 inch turd i could not beleive it thats the first time iv'e done that.also back in high school me and a friend holly had pooping contest on friday nights over at our houses i also love to poop in my panties.


Q: "What's the definition of a fart?"-- A: "A turd honking for the right-of-way." Q: "What's the difference between toilet paper and toast?" A: "Toast is brown on both sides."

NEED A LAUGH?--HAVE I GOT SOME LAUGHS FOR YOU GUYS! A guy walks into a store and says to the salesgirl, "I want to buy some toilet paper." She asks, "What color?" He replied, "Give me white, I'll color it myself." You get it?....Post me back if you don't. I have another one, One day a nursery school teacher says to the class, "Who can use the word definitely in a sentence?" A little girl jumps up and says, "The sky is definitely blue!" The teacher replies, "Oh sorry amy, but the sky can also be gray, or orange." A little boy quickly says, "Trees are definitely green!" The teacher replies, "Oh sorry Michael, but in autumn the trees change color" Little Jonny from the back of the class stood up and shouted, "Does a fart have lumps?" The teacher looks horrified and says, "Jonny! of course not!!!" "Then I have definitely shit my pants!" Hope you had a good laugh, bye, bye for now!

I watched another movie today...Another bathroom sceen! This movie was called The New Guy. It was about this guy who wanted to get expelled from school. He was in the hallway at school and went into a science classroom and pulled down a survalince camera and pulled it out of the classroom and took it into the boys bathroom and he was video taping the principle taking a shit. Every one in that class got to watch and he was making noises. It was funny! Has any one seen this?

To everybody that said they liked my story: Thanks! I'll try to post more!

BRYIAN: Thanks for the description!

Okay...yesterday, my family went out shopping and to eat. We left home at about 4:00pm to go to church. Then we came home so dad could pee. Then we drove for about an hour and went to the mall for awhile. Then we ate (got a large iced tea) and went to Wal-Mart and a few other stores. I had to pee pretty bad, but I wanted to see how long I could go. So, I held it from about 3:00pm until about 9:30pm when I went to the bathroom and peed fullforce for what seemed like forever. It felt so good!


Hi, this is my second post here and i was just wondering is it safe to shave off my butt hair. Every time i go for a poop it hurts as it comes out cause it gets caught on the hair. Please respond and what things should i use to shave it?

Amy (Co-ed)
Hey everybody, glad to be posting again! Thanks for all of your welcome backs and nice comments!

To Bryian: You asked if I had heard my sister April poop before. I have many times. I spent the summer at home and since we share a bathroom, I had plenty of chances to hear (and smell!!) her dumps. She usually takes about 20 minutes, kinda like me. For her size (about 5'3" 90 lbs) she can really take big dumps. I asked her if she goes at school since she always seems to go after lunch. She said that she has to poop at school almost everyday. She just started 7th grade, so she will have many public restroom experiences yet to come! I think she is a closet pooping enthusiast, she always wants to compare dumps and she usually tries to come into the bathroom when I am pooping.

Anyway, I must now share my latest experience. This morning (Sunday) I woke up with a need to take a dump but I spent some time working on a term-paper I have to finish. About 11am I really need to go. I left my dorm room and went down to our floor restroom that is shared among all the girls on my floor. I was walking kinda funny clinching my cheeks together. Another girl, Emily, a nervous freshman, was going in just as I was. I noticed she had a pack of toilet seat covers and a magazine. I selected one of the first stalls, Emily went on down to the end of the row and disappeared out of sight and sound! I locked my door and lowered my spandex shorts and thong to my ankles. My butt was so ready to release a huge load. I sat down and opened my legs wide. I instantly heard my butthole crackle open and four little pieces of poop dropped with loud splashes. I felt my first log begin to slide out, man it was big. I grunted a little to try to push it out. Ever so slowly it came out. I sat for a few minutes while it was "hanging." Nervous Emily had already dropped her load and was washing up to leave. I hate it when people rush a good dump, she has probably never had to use a public restroom and is mortified that she has to sit her little ass on a seat that someone else uses. Meanwhile, I think my butt crack was beginning to turn wrong side out. My huge log was slowly moving its way out. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth together as it moved out of my asshole. It finally dropped into the water. It was solid but soft, and well over a foot and a half long, about 2.5 inches thick. I dropped two more little pieces and luckily, I was done after that. It took three flushes but finally it went down. Hope everyone has a good day and weekend, see you later.


Mike of MD
1.How many times have you left the door opened when you was pooping and sitting on the toilet in a public restroom?
2.Have you ever been seen a toilet by someone looking through the gap between the wall and door of a public resttoom stall?
3.Do you always put lid down after pooping or pissing?
4.Ladies have you ever put a tampon on the wall or in the waste basket with piss on it?
5.Men do you always flush the urinal after pissing in it?
6.For men and women have you ever used the toilet when someone else was in the shower of the same bathroom that you was going to use the toilet?
7.How long does it taake you to poop?(a)5 minutes,(b)3 minutes,(c)10 minutes,(d)12 minutes or more?
8.About how long does it take you to have a piss?(a)1 minute,(b)2 minutes,(c)3 minutes or more
9.Ladies do you always use toilet paper after pissing?(a)yes,(b)no

I posted earlier that i rented some videos and about having diahreaha and having to stop 2 times while i was out today....I knew i'd get some video with some sorta bathroom sceene/humor.....Here goes
I rented this on called L.I.E.(stood for Long Island Expressway). It was a weird movie. It was about these teenagers and this one teen(Howie) started hanging out w/ the wrong crowd. They all started doing bad stuff like braking in to houses and smoking, XXX etc. They never showed the boys doing stuff together you know(it was that type of movie). Any way theres this one sceene where a group of guys are hanging out and the 2(main characters are GXX) and they are walking and they go over by some electrical towers and the one boy pees and Howie was peeking at him peeing(he was the boy that started out good then his behavior got bad). Then later on Howie gets abused by this man for breaking in his house and they start hanging out together. And he let Howie drive a car. Hes driving along and says i gotta stop and pee. He was facing a fence. Im not sure you could actuly see his stream(in the first sceene you could). Was such a weird movie...liked it though. At the end Howies da! d ends up getting arested. Any one see this?

I really like to some stories in detail about females giving urine samples. Thanks!!

Mark B
CKF - Liked your story. My body clock means that I always need to poo about 10 in the morning (when I am usually at work). When I'm not at work, and on my own, I sometimes read this site at about 10 in the morning as I find it makes more exciting reading if I need to 'go' when I am reading it.

Regards to all



To Kate

Thanks for another all star post. You've been with us for a
while now and I should have been heaping 10,000 thanks you's and
compliments upon you all this time. Maybe you need a free cable
install on cleaning day? he he...and a couple extra phone outlets to
go with it!!!

To Bryian

You know I'm a dude man! I did have a hairstyle when I
was a kid that was kind of in between short and long that can be for
boys or girls though. I hope I run into her again out there. It would
be fun to hear the kinds of things she has to say.

To Punk Rock Girl

You dominate Baby! I got a big kick out of your poop in
the woods stories. I loved your comments about it being a "you're
not a REAL hiker unless you can shit in the woods" kind of thing.
Go PRG!! Hail to the forest warrior princess!!!


This one is from my old love that I almost married many
moons ago. We'll call her Donna. She and I shared many bathroom
experiences together and although she didn't get turned on by it like
many of the ladies that post here, she was not bothered by it at all.
She had absolutely no problem with me or her pooping in the
bathroom, in the woods, in a bucket (on the boat) or anywhere else.
We even made love in the bathroom a couple of times. Many years
have passed and I still haven't found another one like her. Anyway,
one night we were out on my sailboat resting at anchor. We had
had a long day of sun and fun. All was quiet now as we were laying
around on deck, feeling the gentle breeze cooling our sunburned
bodies, looking up at the stars. She announced that she needed to
use the bathroom and we rolled over to the side of the boat. We
had been out for two days and she still hadn't unloaded yet because
the heat cooks all the moisture out of your body. This was going to
be a big one. She was wearing a big soft oversized white T-shirt.
Off came the pink and orange bikini bottoms. She backed her bum
overside and squatted down, with one hand holding the mainstay
(one of the steel cables that holds up the mast on a sailboat). She
put her other arm around my neck so that I could help steady her. I
had a face full of soft blonde hair, made even prettier after being
cooked by the sun. The hot skin of her cheek gently resting against
mine. Her blue eyes were starting to get that far away look as she
began to focus on making her movement. First came a steady
stream of tinkle, made loud and heavy by the 4 foot drop to the
water below. It lasted 20 or 30 seconds and began to taper off. Her
breathing changed as she started to push. I could tell by the work
she had to exert that it was a hard and fat one. One that feels good
as it slowly begins to roll out. She made a barely audible grunt as
she pushed the first of it out. The faint smell began to reach my
nose along with the smell of her shampoo suntan lotion and skin.
She made no effort at all to push it out quickly. She just enjoyed
the feeling of it and let it rest there a while, easing it out a tiny bit
at a time. The moment seemed to last forever. Minutes ticked off
the clock as she rested and eased it out a little further. The thing
had to have been huge. The moisture having been sucked out of her
body made it so hard that it never broke in two. Another soft grunt
and it came out further still. Slowly it continued to make its way
out. She was completely relaxed and feeling tingly. So was I. It
gradually rolled out for a few more seconds of coconut and
shampoo and a tiny stink. Finally, it broke loose. It was huge and it
had a 4 foot fall, therefore the sound was certainly no mere plop. It
sounded more like something heavy, as if you dropped a hammer
in the water. The sound of it surprised us both. She lazily wiped
two or three times and stood up. She took a deep breath and made a
long sigh. "There, now I feel better" she said. I pulled her into my
arms, my fingers lavishing in the soft white T-shirt. Certainly a
night I'll never forget.

- Austin

To Barbie Doll: Loved your story

To fullup: Loved your pee story...Theres been a few times this week when i've really had to pee.

To Zip: Loved your only a few years older then Me Im that means you are 4 years older then me.

To PV: Enjoyed your story

To Nathan: Liked your story.

To Hermione: I liked hearing about the turd in that

To LEATHER PANTS GIRL: Liked your story

To Natalie: Details in What? About your stories? or mine?

To FART LOVER: Liked your story..that site u mentioned might be of my friends...not sure im sure theres many poop sites out there.

I liked that pic...any way
I posted about how i had that huge dump and i thought things would loosen up they did a little...Any was i was at work today and got busy when suddenly i felt like i had to poop and it was gonna be loose. Then it went away. I may have just been gas, hadn't pooped since last night
When i tried farting my hole feels funny, i guess cause my hole got expanded when i pooped and put that ennema in me. Well need to run now bye

toilet dude
i wish there were more of you in the world, i absolutly love pooping and especially outdoor. more girls need to admit that they like it. i humble myself to you for your courage. and look forward to many intersting stories from you!!!!

Michael...To Barbie,
Yeah id love to watch...

About 8 years ago, when I was aged 14, a group of us (boys and girls) were hanging out in a wooded area not far from where we all lived. We were just doing all the usual teen stuff...walking around, smoking cigarettes, kicking leaves, swinging from branches, telling stories, talking about sex. I noticed my friend Mike was starting to hang back a little from the crowd and that he was looking a little apprehensive. At that time, I considered him to be one of my best buddies. But when I went over to him and asked him what was wrong, he just told me he was having stomach cramps and that he'd be OK. A couple of minutes later and the expression on his face became more intense - he was visibly wincing with discomfort.
"I really need to take a shit", he said. "I'm getting desperate. I don't think I can keep it in much longer."
"Go in the bushes", I suggested.
He seemed very nervous. But moments later he was doubled up with the urgency.
"Can't do it without toilet paper", he said.
I found myself too curious about the prospect of my buddy taking his urgently needed dump not to be helpful. I was just getting over a cold and so I had a couple of pieces of kleenex in my pocket, one clean and folded, the other - slightly used and crumpled. The others were starting to look back wondering what we were doing lagging behind. One of the girls shouted over to ask if we were ok. I shouted back that we were fine and that we'd catch up with them in a minute. I suppose this must have made her curious because she started walking over towards us. Before I had time to give him the kleenex, he snarled at me under his breath to 'get rid of her.' Clearly, he was embarrassed enough as it was. But the prospect of a girl showing up on the scene was more humiliation than he could bear. I ran up to her and told her that Mike had a stomach ache and was trying to make himself vomit. He didn't want her to see. She pulled a face and said she didn't want to see anyway. I ran b! ack as fast as I could (determined not to miss anything if possible) over to Mike who'd taken cover behind some undergrowth. I heard a suppressed groan and a mighty bubbling, crackling sound before I reached a point where I could see that he had already whipped down his jeans and boxers and was in half-squat over a big steaming pile of soft sloppy shit. He was about four feet away. He had his back to me and deliberately didn't look round. His asshole was still flowered open and a vivid pink colour smeared with brown turd. He took a deep breath and moaned softly as I saw a second, thinner and even runnier stream of poop spill lengthily out of his ass. Once it was out he hardly moved for a few seconds and then he couldn't help but sigh
with relief as his asshole pulled back into shape and squeezed out one final little ribbon of soft turd. I think he was actually a bit annoyed at the fact that I just stood there and watched. He still didn't turn to look at me when he held his hand back and asked me where "that f???ing kleenex" was. His asshole and crack were in quite a mess! I couldn't throw it at him, so I hadn't much choice other than to place it directly into his hand. He just snatched it from me. That's when the smell hit me for the first time. I'll never forget the pungent, deeply shitty stink of the warm, fresh pile that was literally steaming gently on the mossy patch of earth. In spite of finding the whole thing fascinating and exciting, the smell was repugnant enough to make me snap out of things and I started to walk away. Moments later, I heard him curse under his breath and he called me back. "Got any more kleenex?" he asked. I could see why. The first piece of kleenex was lying on the grou! nd well and truly 'used' - totally soaked with shit. My turn to be embarrassed. "Only this," I said as I retrieved the crumply, slightly used kleenex from my pocket. That's when he turned around. There he was, a real good-looking kid standing bare and dirty-assed over his own shitpile. Our eyes met, I could see him weighing the pros and cons of wiping the rest of the shit off his ass with a used, snotty kleenex. He broke into a grin, I grinned back and then we both laughed as quietly as we could. "Give it here", he said. The second piece of kleenex just about did the trick. Mike finished wiping his ass with it and got himself cleaned up enough to be able to pull up his pants and walk away with me. He apologized for the smell. I told him not to worry about it. He also asked if I could keep the whole incident to myself. I promised that I would. It wasn't a particularly 'bonding' experience. Mike was always a bit aloof with me after that and we lost touch over the years. But I! saw that (and still see it) as a trade-off given the incredible scale of the intimacy of that one occasion: the first time I ever saw another guy taking a shit.


Good story. When you took a enema...did you use a 2 quart hot water bottle enema bag? How much soap and water did you take? and how did you take it, lying down, on your stomach face down, knee chest position. Please explain. Did you get cramps when the enema went into you? Usually a 3 or 4 quart enema would give cramps until it is expelled. It is better than a laxative...Do you often take enemas? A enema bag is the best item to have when one is constipated. Every home should not be without one...If you have or know of anyone that has any enema and constipation stories...tell it on here. Hope to hear a reply from you soon.. Thats it for now! Take care!


im a first time poster
my siter in law introduced it to me
wel i learned about this from her


well during ma break from college
ma family had a reunion in the pochonos
well i had fun
one morning i woke up n told ma grlfrend tht
i wuz gonna go fer a swim in the lake
it wuz around 6:00 am
i expected noone to be there so i went to the lake and dived in
after swimmin fer an hour or so
i wen into the bushes to change
wen i did i saw a person running around like a whacko
i saw who it wuz n it wuz ma sister in law
she wuz desperate to poop
well i wuz intrigued
she went behind a tree in plain sight pulled down her jeans
and just shitted like a rocket
she didnt even squat down
she was standing with no undies and just shit oout diahrea
it was flying all over th e place
i came over and asked her if she needed help
she was kinda emabaressed being half naked in front of me
so i went over and she said tht she was very dirty now but had to shit more
so i told her to follow me
she is pretty and only 27
well she wouldnt move so i carried her
to the lake
i told her to strip n she wuz blushing
i told her to just sit in the lake n no1 wuz watchin
so she took off al her clothes and went in
she said it wuz cold n she had to poo
i told her to shit in the lake
i went into the lake
n i saw large amounts of dihareha everywhere
after like 5 minutes it wuz over
i told her to wash up then i gave her ma towel n she dressed up
she sed it wuz invigorating to her to poo infront of me
well needless to sey i hab a very strong
kinship w/ her
once in a while we go eat dinner n she poos fer me

This morning I had to take a dump. I sat on the toilet, let out a few wet farts and pushed out 3 long turds, farted again and pushed out a floater. I was finished so i wiped 6 times, flushed, sprayed and brushed.

Dear PV: Where abouts in Australia are you from? I'm in Melbourne.

i'm laying on my bed, it's late.(I have a laptop, so i can be in bed), and, ive got a towl between my legs. It's been all day since i've peed..and...shit do I have to go. I love laying here typing just letting it feels so good. I hope I can get a good poop in after this.

Lancs Lad

Hi everyone. My name didn't appear on my last post for some funny reason, so I've typed it into the body of the post (just in case).

Anyway, I've got a story to tell from the other day. I'm decided to poo my pants. I went and put on a pair of underpants and set up my webcam to film the event. I then crouched on a chair and began to push out poo. It filled my undies slowly but gradually and then I was finished. I felt the lump at the back to check how much I had done, not a lot but enough to give me that 'good feeling'. I could smell the strong poo smell, so I just sprayed some of my deodorant!

I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely do it again.

To Bryian.
I shit everyday, sometimes twice a day and I never usually have a problem getting it out. It's just that recently, I have stopped eating fatty foods and started eating more healthly and less, so maybe that had something to do with.
Several years ago, I use to shit every three days and as you can imagine that was usually an effort to get out and my arsehole would hurt during and afterwards. The shit would be rock hard, dry and would stink like shit! (no pun intended). When I was at home, I would find it a lot easier to put toilet paper down on the floor, squat over it and shit.

A friend of mine told me he shits five times a day and his mum only shits twice a week! Either way, one of them is full of shit! (once again, no pun intended).

We have had a long spell of warmish dry weather recently – warmish for London that is – and as a result I have done some light jogging on most days. However, now my bottom-hole has become sore. I do not blame Edward. I think this is down to chafing whilst sweating in that region, aided and abetted by ample hair down there - that acts like fine sandpaper between my (ample), but well formed, cheeks.

It’s sore to even fart and I deliberately held back emptying my rectum for quite a few days. This unfortunately compounded the problem - when I eventually painfully inched-out an extra hard knobbly brick.

So it’s been a “kind to bottom” week at my flat, with ample hot baths and healing ointment applied.

I did try shaving my anal area a few years ago in the interests of hygiene - but the re-growth stubble was painfully prickily – so never again.

Any other women had similar problems ?

My husband had a really nasty accident once. He came in about 1am, he’d been drinking with friends, one of his friends had just become a father so they were ‘wetting the baby’s head’. I haven’t seen him as drunk as this for a long time. He staggered through the door and sat in a chair and he looked green. I got him to the bathroom not a minute too soon, he spewed into the toilet and I held him steady as he heaved. They’d been out for a curry too. Most of it ended up down our toilet.

Anyway, I put him to bed. I turned him on his side and put a towel and a bowl on the floor at the side of the bed in case he was sick again. I felt a bit sorry for him, he’s not a big drinker and I feel bad too when he’s ill.

I was just dozing off to sleep when I felt him stir, I woke up straight away in case he was going to puke again. He didn’t. He pushed his bottom out and did a big long spluttery fart. I lifted the covers and sniffed and it stunk. I put the light on and he hadn’t quite shit himself, but there was some leakage around his anus. He was out cold, so I got some tissues and lifted his ass cheek and wiped his bottom for him. As I was wiping, a bit more oozed out of his hole. Oh-oh, I thought, this could be nasty. As I lifted his cheek again his hole relaxed and more shit leaked out. It was pale yellow, looked just like curry sauce. I quickly grabbed the towel off the floor and put it under him.

I was tired and thought about going back to sleep. More gas escaped and he pushed… oh, don’t push baby, I thought. But he did. The leakage continued, running down his ass crack and I just managed to catch it with tissues before it stained the towel.

Two thirty in the morning, and I’m waiting for my husband to finish a poo. Things subsided for a moment so I dashed to the bathroom and got a toilet roll and a bowl of warm soapy water. When I got back to the bedroom, the sticky mustard coloured liquid was bubbling out of his arsehole. I just held tissue under him and caught it. I rubbed his ???? a bit to try and encourage him, I wanted him to hurry and finish. He coughed and squirted more into the tissue. I kept dropping the tissues into the redundant sick bowl by the bed.

By now the bedroom stunk. He stirred in his sleep and drew his knees up and pushed his bottom out. This is it, I thought, the big finish. I grabbed the bowl off the floor with the tissues in and held it under his arse as best I could. He pushed hard and a squirt of liquid sprayed out, followed by a thick semi solid rope of yellow poo. It just came and came and came, reams of it. I held his cheeks open so he didn’t get too messy. He must have shit for 15 minutes, waves and waves of gassy sulphuric poo spluttered and splattered out of his anus and into the bowl.

Finally it stopped. I tissued him off then cleaned his arse and his testicles with the washcloth. Then I held his penis into the bowl and slipped his foreskin back. I shook him awake, he moaned and I said ‘do a wee, baby, you need to wee.’ I didn’t think he would but he just let go and pissed a stream. I squeezed the end of his skin and put the bowl down.

I decided to put some underpants on him. For good measure, I left him on the towel and I put some toilet paper inside his pants just in case.

I went into the bathroom and got rid of everything. He would have died of shame if he’d seen the mess. The next day he couldn’t believe what he had done. I said ‘it was nothing, you just did a little wet trump that’s all.’ Poor thing, if only he knew…

Donna (Senior Damsel)
As Louise and Steve are out at the moment I have been reading through the posts, and before they come home I have time to send a post of my own this evening.

Something I got used to in Spain was getting a bladderful of pee before we went to the beaches. Every time then, I was ready to go, and the newlyweds and Jackie did the same for much of the time. On the way down to the beach, as we were undressing one day I was in need of a serious emptying. Bending over to remove the bottom half of my bikini was difficult and I almost lost my control. Taking my top half off was not so difficult. Walking down the slope I looked for likely places to go for a squirt and I told the others I was getting desperate. It was years since I was in a state like it, and I will go into that one day. In fact Louise and my younger daughter have told the story. Back to my desperation. I must have looked like a woman needing to wee, crossing my legs twice and being very, very careful when walking. Steve said he would have a wee with me if I wanted to wash a rock he pointed out. It was very nice of him to think it was more of a big deal if I alone was a spectacle. I understand how Louise was reluctant to wee with lots of young families about. There were some couples with youngish children walking past and we waited for them to get by. Two middle-aged couples appeared at the top of the hill on the way down to the sands, and a girl behind them seemed alone carrying a towel and some clothing. Another type like Jackie. Model type, not blonde like Louise, but dark maybe Spanish. Steve moved in front of the rock and held his tool in his fingers. The middle aged couples turned away from us and I thought 'merciful relief' for my golden waterfall unleashed on the side of the rock. I was directing my stream with two fingers placed above the very top of my pussy. No opening up to speak of. I don't remember hissing but I probably did. The girl I mentioned before was ready to wee as well. She stopped half way down the slope and squatted down carefully. She showed self-consciousness by angling her body toward us and holding the towel up at the front. She wanted to hide but did not hold herself back from watching Steve watering the stone. She left a wet trail rolling down the hill from under her towel. Louise's husband got plenty of glances from women like her. He's very attractive but most women were drawn to look not just at his looks and fit body generally but he has a larger penis than most men so as the ladies noticed him they were more inclined to be looking if he was peeing even if they pretended not to. Lucky Louise! He weed for only half the time I was but I was not left alone as he carefully shook the excess off his dome and then took his time carefully wiping his foreskin with his towel. After finishing pissing against the rock I wiped my lips with my towel. After that, we joined Louise and Jackie who had found a nice spot to sit.

Sorry, PV, for being so late answering. I have to give these two some privacy. I'll thank you for your post, and I'm very glad you found it helpful to talk about your old problem. Your sunbathing adventure was very interesting, but I have my theory. If you are nude and not hampered by clothes, you can sit at the edge of your towel and rest leaning back on your hands. Relax and shut your eyes and soak up the sun. You could need to try for a minute but if you wee like that and blot out the rest of the world. Think of it. Only you there. Forget about everyone else because I tried it on the beach when I pissed alone. Yes, I know I didn't close my eyes I watched myself pissing but I think it could help on a clothing optional beach.
You are lovely, saying you admire me. I admire your determination with such a problem. Me, I had it easy. I lost my husband when he died, but he left me and the girls short of nothing, so I had it easy when you look at how some widows have to struggle with less.
I look forward to hearing more from you, and again I've enjoyed the experience of writing.

Ina, I enjoyed the travelmate Louise gave me. We all should know how to use one.

Donna xx

Monday, September 23, 2002

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