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My first post. I'm 22, red hair, female of course, 5'8" and 129 lbs.

I have loved to poop outside with friends since I was about 7 years old. It did not matter if they were male or female. I'm telling you, my preteen friends and I used to dump in a wooded area near my house all the time. We'd even go out there when we were in the house because it was more exciting. I usually went with girls.

I still love to hear and watch others poop. I love showing them how much I go if I think they are at all interested. I often do that soft serve type stuff and it just keeps coming out in streams, one after the other.

Anyone want to watch?

As for me, I'd just love to see Carmalita do her thing.

Toodles for now.

TO BRYIAN: No, I was at work and I had to get back to my dept. TO SCARLET: I liked your story. TO HERMIONE: Excellent story. TO ANTHONY K: I liked your story, was your poop smelly?, and did the guy comment on the smell? TO MUSK: your story was a bit hilarious, I liked it. I really think you've got hemarroids from all of that straining. Nothing to post today, just..... Oh....., wait! "PPPPppppprrrrraaaaatttt" Just some loud farts is all, and an occaisional poop into the toilet when the urge emerges. Well, bye for now.

Hi Dave of New York. I used to live upstate. But now live 1000 miles from there in Michigan. Up to the time I was in Middle School I used to pee every 2 or 3 hours. By the 9th grade a number of different things was happening to my body. I discovered that I was developing a very large bladder. I could now go 4 hours without pissing. By the end of 10th grade I could wait all day. I was then known as the guy who never has to pee. One time all of our class went on a 3 day trip to NYC. We drove about 5 hours to the City with one break. Of course I didn't go. I had that big bladder and I was good at holding even when I got full. We went to our hotel rooms. My best friend was my roomate. He hadn't peed in about 4 hours at that point and he really needed to go. I just moped around the room, turned on the TV and didn't make a move toward the bathroom. Finally he got up his nerve to ask me how I could wait so long to piss. We had left at 7 that morning, and I had stayed in the car whe n everyone else took a piss. It was then 2 in the afternoon and I hadn't peed. I told him I had trained myself to hold for at least 12 hours and sometimes longer. We went out for dinner and then wandered around the City for about 4 hours. We got back to the room about midnight. He was dying for a pee. I said let's go together. I haven't been for 17 hours. We stood at the toilet and he peed for about a minute and a half. I went on and on for 3 1/2 minutes altogether, normal for me. All he could say was "awesome."

To Jane (& Gary): Liked your you think that mother was embarrsed?

To Scarlet: Loved your story..Thanks...well im 21 and kinda short, and im a guy too...only about 5"3 and have blue eyes. Thats cool you saw that last week on "AFV".

To Punk Rock Girl: Have fun this weekend and have a nice one too.Hope you get to pee and poop outside.

To MUSK: Liked your story...for how many days haven't you pooped? I've had a hard shit once or twice where i couldn't sit.

Just with in the last 30-40 minutes i have such an urge to shit. 4 days of not pooping! So im gonna get off here and go poop! I'll post about it tomorrow. Oh and i need to pee too haven't peed since about 6:30pm tonight and its not 12am. My hole is starting to hurt..better run

Bryian- Glad you enjoyed the stories. I think the kid's brother was probably about 7 or 8 years old. I think it's kinda funny when people get nervous seeing another person taking a dump. I'm also 25. Just had a birthday.

Plunging Plop Guy-I also like to have people hear me plopping; farting, not quite as much. The plops mean that you're actually there doing your business, dropping a load.

I took a dump at the park with the doorless stalls not too long ago and this guy came in with this little girl, probably about 4 years old. Although my shorts and briefs were all the way down, I kept my hand covering my "privates". They took the stall next to mine and the girl went pee. Afterwards they washed their hands and the guy walked out with the girl right behind him. I wasn't looking at them, but apparently the little girl was intrigued by me on the toilet because I heard her dad tell her that she shouldn't stare at people because it isn't nice. I guess she was looking at me while walking out. That was sorta weird.

I also have to admit to recently "peeking" in on someone who was helping me move a mutual friend. This guy was really good-looking, with a great build, light brown hair, blue eyes, probably about 21. He's a jr. at a local college. After we finished moving the stuff into the house, everyone was outside and this guy went into the bathroom. I heard the toilet seat drop so I knew what he was up to. I walked around the backyard and I could through the window that the guy was sitting on the toilet. The window had some a blinds on them that were mostly open. Since it was dark outside, and the bathroom light was on, I could see pretty well. I had a side view of him, and saw that he had great thigh muscles. He was reading a magazine. He made a face once, and then wiped his butt. He grabbed a bunch of paper from the roll, stood up, and wiped vigorously. He checked the paper, then wiped 2 more times while standing up. Then I saw him turn towards the sink, wet some paper, and wipe a! few more times. All in all, he probably wiped about 6 times. He looked to be "amply endowed" as well. He pulled up some white briefs, then his shorts, and flushed. I got out of there before I was missed by anyone. I felt guilty about watching him, but it was also exciting.

I love to watch my wife pee when she is bursting. She often holds it all day for me until she gets home. Then I love to watch her as she releases her full bladder,

I would like everyone to detail their longest pee and how much it measured

I just posted that i had to go poop...I didn't even get my comp turned off and i really had to go i ran up the stairs holding my butt(it was dark and every one was sleeping). As im walking my hole is really hurting and i knew i was really constipated, hadn't pooped in 4 whole days. So i push and push and all these fat logs come out really thick maybe 2-3 inches thick i'd assume it was a big 12" er but it broke into pieces when it hit the water, then i sat and pushed nothing..still felt like i had to go so i tried giving my self a hommade ennema..then i tried the soap trick..Nothing worked really well..Made a mess in the bathroom..poop on the seat and driping on the floor and down my self..that was when i tried giving my self the enema. Then finally i felt relived and pushed one more time. Feel better now! used a whole lot of tp. Wiped alot too...well off to bed now, goodnight

Anthony K.
I wasn't really surprised about what the deputy principal said. He is a football coach so he probably spends time with his team at the shower room and toilets.


And Donna, Damsel, Jackie and all! Those were some spectacular puddles, Lousie, the alley situations were especially good! A leopardskin thong? Must see if I can find one of those! Your Travelmate excursion was fab -- a clean stream, straight into a drain? Excellent. I must get one of those things too...

Well, I had a couple of minor adventures, just out back... Last night before I turned in I had my last-wee-before-sleep in the garden. It wasn't cold, but I was in jeans and heeled boots, with a knit top. It was a bright moonlit night, and on a whim I went outside, crossed to the edge of the lawn and undid my jeans. I shrugged them down a little way, drew my thong over, pushed my hips forward, and had a thorough and very satisfying standing wee silently on the grass. It was delightful, the quiet of a warm, starlit night and the bladder flowing easily!

Thisafternoon was quite wam, and I took the first chance of the year to sunbathe. I was in a secluded corner of the concrete area, stripped down to a flesh-tone thong and enjoying the sunshine and blue sky. After a while I felt my bladder had a little content to give, and rather than go indoors, I did what I do at the beach. I sat up, turned to the edge of my towel, moved my thong over and, though it took a bit of concentration and urging, I eventually started to wee. I pushed out a little yellow puddle that spread across the concrete, and I decided to leave it there to dry up in the sun.

Hope you enjoyed my minor adventures!

Big hellos to Ina, Carmalita & gang, Kendal and Eleanor -- I've enjoyed all your recent posts, and want you to know I've not forgotten anyone. I was also thinking of DianeNY on 9/11, and wondering how it must be for her -- I hope she's okay.

Cheers from Aus,


Saturday, September 21, 2002

Interesting to read about the standing/sitting to wipe debate. I always stay sitting down and just lean forward a bit so my bum comes off the seat enough to get the toilet paper to my bumhole. I have tried standing up but I've found it takes far more wiping to get clean that way. I suppose it helps that I'm slim - it must be harder to get a satisfactory approach to wipe your bumhole either sitting or standing if you've got "an arse like a small country" to quote the Divine Comedy.

Our upstairs bathroom has a bidet so I always use that after wiping (I don't normally need to do my poo anywhere else unless I've stopped overnight with my gf, other friends or in a hotel). Once you're in the habit of using a bidet you always think that you're not quite clean unless there's one to use.

I enjoy reading all your stories but it's so rare that my bowels can last more than half an hour after getting up/having breakfast before demanding to be emptied that I haven't much to write about. perhaps it'll be different from next week as I'm off to Uni. No bidets there I suppose. I've noticed a pack of wetwipes in the stuff my Mum's got for me so she must be sympathetic to this.

I've been told that the loos at my hall of residence are unisex with no urinals but all cubicles, with separate shower rooms and bathrooms leading off the main bathroom areas. Could be my first real chance to lsiten in on some fit girl (or lad for that matter) having a mega-dump!


I went away recently on a Friday afternoon to stay the weekend with Mary - one of my friends in the country - a farmer’s wife in her late 50’s.

Her husband John was away at a farming conference.

When I went into the downstairs loo to have a pee I was taken aback at a large turd blocking the S bend. After I had a pee I flushed the loo but the turd remained.

I said to Mary “There’s a large turd blocking your downstairs loo !”
“Oh that’s me,” said Mary “ I am so sorry, I forgot all about it – I will deal with it”.
“ I am most impressed at the size” I said “ Do you pass those often?”
“I do eat a lot, and my bowels are often sluggish” Mary said sheepishly.

Mary is short; about 5 feet 3 inches, but large at about 215 lbs, and does eat like a horse.
She also farts like one, but only does so when she thinks you are out of earshot.

The guest room bathroom has only a plasterboard wall between it and her bathroom. I was sitting on the loo late on Saturday evening having a pee before bed, when Mary was having a bath.

There came occasional enormous farting bubbling noises through the wall from next door – her bath is sited alongside the partition wall. I found this highly amusing as well as arousing.

On the Sunday after lunch, Mary picked up a portion of the Sunday paper, and her reading glasses, and disappeared without comment into the downstairs loo bolting the door.

I suspected she was going for more than a wee, so tiptoed up to the door to listen.

As soon as he placed her (heavy) rear on the seat I heard a series of farts and then straining noises, followed by a foo-loomph, and a sigh of relief.

She wiped just twice, I retreated hastily; she flushed, washed her hands, and came out. Then busied herself in the kitchen.

A few minutes later I casually went into the loo and saw what I expected. A large mostly smooth turd about 15 inches long, approaching 2.5 inches thick had stuck where it disappeared into the S bend – just like her last one on Friday, and tapering to about 1.75 inches thick where sticking up out of the water.

A real pan-buster from a big-eater.

I had not been since Wednesday, so after some heaving, added a much shorter and harder, but just as fat a turd. Nothing flushed away except for the paper.

At 4pm in the afternoon, a friend of Mary’s called-in to have tea. She asked if she could wash her hands, and went to the downstairs cloakroom.

She came back looking a bit aghast – having seen a double load of large turds stuck in the loo!

She did not say anything, and I thought this episode extremely amusing.

I heard her discreetly say to Mary after tea in the kitchen “ Mary, I could not help noticing that your lavatory is blocked by two really large motions. Someone must have been very uncomfortable.”

Mary said – thinking I could not hear her, “ It must be Hermione – I know she suffers from constipation”.

The friend came back into the drawing room, and looks intently at me whilst we talked. I imagine she was thinking how could I produce such a large load !

Maybe she was envious !

Do any of you have amusing instances of visitors seeing large turds in your loo ?


As you all know i love to wear leather pants, they feel great very comfortabel and besides thewy show off my cute tight little bum (he he).

Now because of how expensive they are, i never poo in them (i have done a wet fart in one pair i admit) till last night.

kathy took me out for supper and we went to a very nice resturant wont boar you all with details, but i was wearing black leather pants and a purple turtel neck sweater (ok its cooling down here at nights)and red satin bra and panties boy cut ones.

Anyway on the way home in the car i suddenly needed to poo i mean it just came on all of a sudden, i said to kathy stop the car---NOWWWWWWWW. she pulled over and i jumped out dropped my pants and panties and squatted beside the car, i peed a bit and let a loud very long fart go and thats all???????? i grunted and strained a bit---bugger all else came out.

I laughed and said to kathy ok false alarm panics over, i got up pulled up my pants and got back in the car, kathy just laughed and shook her head.

Well all was fine for another block or so then it happened again, bad stomach cramp i farted again you know one of thoes hot stinky ones HOLY----- said kathy gagging we wound down the windows and i farted again.

kathy step on it iam gonna mess myself if we dont get home soon i stupidly started crying (like thats gonna help)the pain in my stomach was now very intense, i didnt dare let another fart go.

I undone my leather pants to help ease the pain in my stomach, it helped a bit but not much, i could feel poo inching its way down to my bum, i groaned as another spasem hit me. We finally got home i jumped out of the car not even bothering to close the door and as i did i compleatly lost it hot smelly soft poo (not really diarrea) filled my pants i burst into tears again i stood there messing my pants i felt like i was two years old again the smell was terrible and then i just peed my self right there in the driveway.

kathy put her arm around me and took me in to the house we walked upstairs to the bathroom and helped me take off my tight leather pants, we looked at them, i had messed really bad, poo covered the rear of them and did they stink can we clean them ? asked kathy i just shook my head dont know dont care i cryed i got into the shower and stood under it for ages the hot water seemed to make me feel better.

The shop is pretty hectic, I heard from a customer there’s going to be contest for the students this fall again so business was very brisk. I used our toilet only once but it was a busy as can be, since my diarrhea experience my pooping has seemed smaller and takes longer to get out and I’ve been so gassy. The part time girl, she’s the youngest came in peed, pooped two splashes farting before and afterwards, wiped and hummed a beatles song washed and left she was really fast, Mr. H came in a peed and said who that next door? I didn’t say a word and then he said Natalie? Out loud which made me almost jump and then went on about not letting this particular professor charge goods anymore, and left, S came in and peed a long hissing pee farted washed and left, Mr. H did not wash his hands! Finally my first poop moved, it was hard and pebbly like and dropped with no smell at all and I felt another poop move, my little anus was feeling itchy and a little swollen, when someone else came in and it was my best friend and she asked aren’t you done yet as she sat and began to really just shit her brains. Big grunts, pooping sounds, farting, splashes and Peeuuu! The smell was definitely potato salad once removed, did you know she pees and farts at the same time? I push out a firm poop and really needed to pee so bad that I sighed loudly as I peed, it was like such a relief too. I wiped gently and washed when she exited and we both giggled at her gagging poop smell and she said this was what we should use to make the world safe from tyranny. I said yeah right. Thanks Bryian put some more details in yours kindly. Cool story Hermoine, I wonder if someone i know would like to smell mine. Great friends are hard to come by yours is a keeper Ellen, get better soon bathroom kid, your having a rotten day, best wishes.

HEY GUYS: I was surfing the internet and found some other sites to post for free. On this site, you could post about anything and everything. I posted a little skit on farting in public, it was pretty cool. I posted something on the toiletstool's other catagory also. Have you guys ever checked out the " from this forum?" Anyways, I wrote a post in the forum catagory: "Caugh up and spit out" Check it out. I was off from work today and was resting in my bed waking up from my sleep, when all of a sudden I felt a load of poop cramed at the tip of my hole, trying to push its way out. I quickly stood and ran into the bathroom. I wasn't wearing any underwear, so I pulled up my pajama shirt and as soon as I sat, a wave of soft chunky poo shot out like missles into the toilet; along with my morning thunders. It must have been all of that crap I ate the night before. You eat crap, you fart crap, you poop crap, life is sometimes crap; anyways, I gushed out a big hissing piss a! nd at the same time a loud dry growling fart, and I was done. I wiped about 8 times then flushed and went back to bed. Until next time America! (Smile)

To all the ladies on this site:
I just want you all to know how much I enjoy and appreciate your willingness to share all your pooping stories. I so look fwdto seeing all the new daily posts. Thank you all so much :-)

Jane (& Gary)
Quick story about the ride home from work yesterday. I had been in meetings most of the afternoon and was exhausted as I started the commute home. Along the way I suddenly had an urge to poop. It felt like I was sitting on a balloon, and I tried to fart to make it burst. I stopped short of pooping on the spot, and the fart was very stinky. I had to pull off, and I was approaching a professional medical building. Even though I had never gone there before, I decided to stop there. I went inside and got on the elevator. The fart in the car relieved the pressure a little bit, but it came back and I was desperate to poop. I stopped at the 4th Floor and rushed into the ladies room.

I saw a woman and her little daughter come out of a stall as I rushed in. I pulled up my black skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I let go a booming fart, a torrent of soft chunky poop, another booming fart, and a nasty 10-second wave of soft poop. I flushed the toilet while seated. I felt more gas as if a balloon filled up inside my stomach, but the balloon burst and I let go a trumpet of a fart, followed by a massive 20-second wave of poop. I flushed the toilet again while seated. The poop smell was incredibly bad.

By this time, the little girl was curious and went to investigate who was making all that noise and smell. I could see her little feet by my stall door and an eyeball through the crack. I smiled a little bit but continued to stare straight ahead as I sat on the throne. Suddenly I felt a cramp and pushed out another massive wave of soft poop. The girl was still looking into my stall. As I flushed the toilet, the mother screamed at her, grabbed her hand and rushed out of the ladies room. I continued to push out several globs of chunky soft poop. I flushed once more before I felt like I was done. I wiped, flushed a final time, and left behind a strong lingering poop smell. I felt a little better as I exited the ladies room.

However, after I got on the elevator I felt another stomach cramp and needed to poop again. I pressed "2" just in time and got off on the 2nd Floor. I rushed into the ladies room, went into a stall, and lifted my skirt only to discover it was unflushed and full of poop. It was too late to switch to another stall, so I pulled down my white panties, sat and flushed the toilet. As soon as it refilled with water, I let go a nasty 20-second torrent of soft chunky poop. I flushed the toilet while seated, repeated the same nasty wave of soft poop, and flushed again. I pushed out a few soft chunky pieces of soft poop before I was done. I sat for a few more minutes to make sure I was really finished before starting to wipe. I flushed a final time and didn't leave too much of a lingering smell of poop. I did feel much better this time.

Hellos to everyone. Best wishes to Robby, Annie, Meghan and Sarah for the speedy recovery of Robby's dad and Meghan.

no name 4 me
hey can u put more pee storeis thanks

To Kate: Loved your story...when you flushed..did you flush her logs down too? or Just your logs?

To Linda GS: Loved your story...Did the boys pee or poop? that reminds me about the time i was 10 and i was away and i walked into the ladies room by mistake.

To ellen.: Liked your story.

To Anthony K.: Liked your story...i can't belive what the princleple said.

To bathroom kid: Sorry to hear your sick...get well soon.

To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story and what your B/F did to you cool. So are you saying you post/read from work? Thats something i wouldn't dare doing at the workplace...i'd be too afriad i'd get caught. Saying Hi...I liked your other story about waiting for the call. I hate have to rushing threw a great dump.

To Dave-NY: I hold my pee sometimes too.

To Guy in NYC: Loved your story..did you 2 ever get caught?

To Outdoor Jane: Loved your story

To Austin: Liked your story..are you a male or female? From previous posts i feel that your a male but you mentioned looking like that little girl so i don't know if your a female or male.

To Matt : Loved your story about peeing your pants..i pee my self on purpose once in a while.

To Jason D.: Hey keep us informed if your girl Em is indeed pregnant..would like to know, thanks.

To STUDENT: Loved your story..Dare you to do what you said and post on the internet. You should try and find someone who has a cam online and ask them to do it that way, so you won't be embarssed.

To leather pants girl: Cool about the girl poopin on the pathway. Liked that story too.

To Donnie M: I couldn't see your boss coming to look for you, i work and sometimes im busy and i have to poop...i couldn't deal w/ my boss or supervisors coming in the bathroom looking for me. I liked your drunk story too.

To Plunging Plop Guy: Liked your story..have a nice trip.

To Adrian: Sounds like you had a nice dump!

I haven't pooped since Monday night..Its now Friday night...that means its been 4 days. Maybe i'll have to poop later. It will probably be huge. Did feel a slight urge today/ yesterday and sorta felt gassy..nothing yet...need to run bye

Linda GS:
Loved your story hon!

I happened to watch Big Brother last night for the first time in a long time.. Since parts of the show are done live, I am wondering if anyone ever farted audibly while the show was on live. I am especially curious if any of the females on the show ever farted while it was on live. Anyone know?

Poo Finder
I haven't posted in a while, but I am just going to write this brief message. I attend college here in Richmond, and recently moved off campus. I miss the days of being able to go into the community bathrooms to take a shit, and also being able to hear other guys pushing out, and plopping their turds. I also miss being able to see the end results of the guys who would leave the toilet unflushed.

Last week, I was talking to my friends Micah and Romeo, who play soccer on the college team. Anyway, both guys are really hot. If it matters, Micah is tall and thin, blonde, brown eyed, white gothic guy; and Romeo is average height and weight cute black guy. Both were saying how they could rarely eat because of practice. I asked if the coach would ALLOW them to eat, and Micah said, "Yeah, but 9 times out of 10, it makes its way back out one way or another..." A few days before this coversation, I had been having lunch with Micah's group of soccer players. One guy, Derek was complaining about the school food saying it gave him diarhea. Micah agreed and said if you ate it, you'd definitely be in the bathroom within ten minutes. Well, they ate, but I had a class and Micah seemed kinda relieved that I was leaving...I wonder if he had to go...

BRYIAN--Love your posts! Especially the one about wetting yourself on purpose on page 984. Next time you post, can you describe how you look, just to picture your story better? As for the kid on America's Funniest Home Videos that won b/c he had to "go poo-poo", I saw it! I thought about this forum then! But my last post wasn't posted...

MATT--LOVED your story about wetting yourself before your parents got home. Wish I was that brave!

DARIUS--HI!!!!!!!!! Haven't talked to you in awhile! Keep posting great stories like you used to!

Last night, I had to pee really bad, but was in a hurry for a shower. So, I undressed, tied my blonde hair back and got in the shower. I must have peed a gallon. I aimed for the drain, but I guess my aim isn't that great! lol Anyway, I've never peed that much in the shower before. Only a few drops, but last night it felt so good, I might make a habit of it!


The other day I had two great poops, both were in my panties. It felt like a warm peanut butter sandwich between my butt cheeks; but it was exciting. Good thing I was home alone, because it really stunk. Well, happy peepoop everyone!

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, Linda GS! Nice to see you mention me in your post. Yep, I know what it's like to have to shit so bad the only thing keeping it in is your clenched together butt cheeks. It's happened to me a few times! Sounds like a close one you had! I think I might have gotten a little rush out of being seen by those two boys who came in, but that sort of thing is definitely not for everyone! As you might know, a couple of the restrooms at my office are unisex, and I've taken a couple of those "KAPLUNK-KERSPLOOSH" dumps with a guy in the next stall. Never bothered me; if anything, I kind of liked it!

Well, my boyfriend and I are driving up to the Catskills (mountains in upstate NY) to do some hiking tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a nice dump in the natural surroundings of the forest. I'm thinking of letting him watch if he wants to, if I work up the nerve. I like him to watch me on the toilet, but, as I've said before, I'm still a little self-conscious about him actually seeing my shit. No way to avoid that when you shit on the ground! Perhaps tomorrow will be different. We'll see!

I had a nice relaxing dump today at the office with two of my friends in the bathroom with me. They stayed and talked to me through the stall until I was done then we went to lunch together. I know they heard all the farting and plopping, but didn't mention it. At least they're not grossed out like some people. It's nice to be able to talk while doing something so private as shitting!

Dave-NY: I usually don't intentionally hold my pee or shit unless facilities are not available. But I must admit, I don't plan on taking a shit tonight so I can wait and have one in the great outdoors tomorrow. Taking a dump outside is something I really like to do. I guess part of it is the vague thrill that somewhere someone can see me, but it just makes me feel like I'm a rugged gal, you know? LOOK AT ME! I SHIT IN THE WOODS!!! How many cute girls say that!?!



Back to the office again !

I was visiting a colleague on the 4th floor at about 4pm when I saw the Finance Director walking along the corridor. You may recall from my first post that she was the one who had much difficulty in passing a large hard dry turd in the cubicle next to mine.

She went into the Ladies washroom and I followed at a discreet distance wondering if I might get a repeat performance.

She disappeared into the end of three cubicles and I chose the one next to her.

I heard her pull down her panties – and rock around on the seat getting into the right position..
She paused and then began to pee. Just as I thought she was about to wipe, there came a quiet long hissing fart ending in a high-pitched note.

I finished my wee with a series of short noisy farts, and started to strain to see if I could pass something – but as usual to no avail.

She then began to strain on and off for about 3 minutes and sounded desperate.

“Having problems like me ?” I said slightly nervously –wondering what the reaction might be.

“Are you talking to me?” she said in a stern but breathless voice.

“Yes” I said, “Are you constipated too ?”

“That’s none of your business,” she said.

I said, “I have not been for about 4 days – how about you?”

There was no response.

She then drew breath and strained several times more and then held her breath until a large splash occurred. She gasped with relief.

Curiously she did not wipe or flush, but hastily pulled up her panties, adjusted her skirt, and stormed out of the door in a hurry.

I left my cubicle and had a look next door. Like last time - this stern unfriendly executive left a large floating hard-looking knobbly turd only about 4 inches long but at least 2.5 inches in diameter. Its dryness combined with its diameter made it difficult to pass. I wondered how many days had elapsed since she last emptied her rectum.


Matt: Thanks for your post. I just hope this gets posted on for you to read tomorrow (Saturday) before you leave for university. I'll be thinking of you. I wonder if you'll travel on the M62 motorway. You could pass quite close to me if you do, as I'm in South Lancashire. I've come to regard you as a friend and will really miss your posts for the present. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you at Christmas time (unless you do get Internet access in your room before then). Be assured that I'll still be here. I'm sure you'll have some great stories to tell. Going back to your post, I really loved your story of wetting your CK boxers and jeans in the kitchen. Unless I wet myself standing in the shower, I always sit to wet myself in the kitchen, being the only room in the house with a tiled floor. I just don't like cleaning the puddle up after either. Regarding planned poo accidents, it is interesting that you too have thought your poo might be firm but sometimes proves! to be soft and messy. That's just one of the risks we take, and why briefs are a 'must' for planned accidents. I am glad you have not decided to change completely over to briefs. Like you, I won't let my love of pooing my pants dictate my choices in underwear - and why I suggested in one of my recent posts that you have both briefs and boxers (and CK hipster trunks) as I do. Regarding throwing away the D&G hipster trunks I had my accident in the other day, I only decided to throw them away because they are worn out. I'd already bought a pack of CK briefs to replace them, but for some reason still hung on to them (and the other light grey D&G hipsters of the same age). The perished waistband was another problem in my accident, as it could not properly support the weight of my poo. They've both gone in today's refuse collection! I never normally throw underwear away that I poo in. I wash them. They are too expensive to throw away anyway, as I'd have to buy replacement! s. Finally, I really appreciated your concern that I can put any bad experiences I've had with people regarding this board can be put behind me. I am certainly trying to put those experiences in the past, though it's not easy. Anyway, my friend, I must go. Hope all goes well with you at university. Until we are next in touch, my very best wishes to you.

A hard a shit story.
Today at work, I had a shit not long before I went home. I sat on the bog expecting it to be a messy explosive shit. I let out a few loud wet farts and then I felt the shit about to exit my hole and then it stopped. It felt like a hard cricket ball was stuck in my hole. It was quite painful and the harder I pushed the more it hurt. I actually cried out a few expletives (the toilet was empty). I stopped pushing and was quite surprised that I was having trouble getting my shit out. Normally it just flows out with ease and pleasure. I started to push again for a few seconds, but it would'nt come out, so once again I stopped. I was sitting there with quite a sore hole and wondering why my shit was so hard and difficult to budge. I made myself comfortable on the pan and then began to strain and then it finally came out with some effort followed by some loud wet farts. It smelt quite bad. I was relived and my hole was very sore. I then began to wipe my arse with some difficult! y. When I went back to my office, it was a bit uncomfortable sitting on my sore hole.

Has anyone had such a hard shit that after it, they couldn't sit down?

Why are'nt there ever any pictures of guys sitting on the toilet?


Thanks for your latest story - I really think I shall try a pee in my pants now; you have almost convinced me! Sounded great hearing about yours in the kitchen.

Sorry to hear that you may not be able to post again until Xmas; I hope you find a way but just in case, have a great time at Uni (I'm sure you will) and make sure you have lots of wet and poo-ey adventures to tell us about next holidays.


Good to read that you enjoy doing the same to your CK fly's as I did to mine! I still can't quite get over just how firm and huge that one was the other day!

I think you said (many months ago and posting as Noel) that you shopeed in Manchester sometimes. I love Manchester for shopping and plan a trip soon - can you recommend any really good stores for buying underpants? Designer brands and so on?

Well, I can feel a dump is about to mnake it's entrance into the world, so unless I want to fill my Kangol briefs, I must move, and as I don't have much time the loo probably would be better this time..... but if I change my mind or don't make it I'll let you know tomorrow.

Take care everyone.


i had real nad diarea abot a week ag. was out shopping.rushed into the neares mall toilet .there were 5 stalls . none had paper or seat so tooka seat and shat anyway,no option. Wiped bum on hand towels,they had them.


Friday, September 20, 2002

when i pee sometimes i need to moan or sigh:

1. cuz it feels GOOOD

2. cuz sometimes i cant go unless i make noise

what do i do?

Today when i came home, i went inside and remembered that our house cleaner was there today. There was nobody home except for her. I went downstairs to my room and felt like a shower, so i took off my clothes and underwear and swung on my towel. I walked to the bathroom realizing i had not seen our housecleaner(megan, yet. I opened the bathroom door which was obviously not locked and walked in. As soon as i stepped foot in the door i heard a yelp. I looked over at the toilet and saw megan, totally naked, on the toilet. She was sitting down with her legs and knees about shoulder width apart, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. Her breasts were hanging freely off her body as she looked over at me. She asked me the door wasnt locked? i said no i guess not, and she said I never heard you coming in. I said it doesnt bother me, and i took off my towel and hung it beside her on the hook. I asked her if she was having a poop, she said yes and i told her it didnt even stink! . I heard her tinkling in the bowl and dropping one piece of poop. I asked her why she was on the toilet naked. She told me she feels more comfortable in the nude and there was noone home so she thougt it wouldnt matter. I told her i didnt mind and i got into the shower. I bent over to turn on the water and to get it to temperature. I squatted over the drain and had a quick pee. I was in the shower for about ten minutes while she was pooping. When i was done i got out and dried myself off and waited for her to get off the toilet while i brushed my teeth. We talked while we were together. She wiped and got off the toilet and i sat down to poop. She washed her hands and went out the door. The toilet seat was quite warm from her bum. I had a five minute poop and when i was done i wiped well and washed my hands. I looked in the toilet, it was yellow water with poop stained toilet paper and seven good sized logs. I flushed twice and grabbed my towel, went back to my room to get d! ressed and talked to megan for a while. She was dressed again and was totaly normal.

Linda GS

Sounds good to me.[runs off the the bathroom and has a seat] No boys right? Okay well listen I have the craziest story to tell everyone.. I need time with no boys.. every boy here would have loved to have been where I lived.. they would have had the chance to see or hear me. What happened..well have a seat people and tell me tell you about my day. Well the added more to our fair Faith Christian Acadamy and one of my new classes is on this new wing. well whoever built it had no idea how the school was built before. Normally you'd run down the hall(well walk if a teacher is around) and turn the corner and the first door was the girl's bathroom... not the case. I sat in Math class dying. My ???? hurt and I felt something MONSTROUS breaking down the door to my tushie. I HAD to go have a sit on the toidy..but please not at school. my body must have heard "please at school" because I got hit with a hard pain and it poked out. I stood up straight, I swear i was like toast comi! ng out of the toaster and i said may I be excused to the bathroom. My kind teacher smiled and nodded. I waddled like made and grabbed the pass (I could hear a few kid giggle at my tushie clench walk)I tried my best to powerwalk to the bathroom as I used force beyond anything any of you could possibly understand (cept you Punk Rock girl..see I told you if I poked fun at you and the other was going to happen to me too)and I turned the corner and pushed my way into the bathroom.Once behind the safety of the main door I flipped up and skirt and started pulling down my pampies... no one was there as far as I could tell and sat down. i didn't even close the stall door. I composed myself and slicked my hair back when OUT IT CAME. It must ahve broken off many times as I heard PLOP KAPLOP KALUNK KAPLUSH and so on as this bumping wide poop came out of me and into the toidy. It seemed like forever until it stopped then i sat back and sighed as some pee came out. WOW.. it was ! heavenly. I gave a little "unnnngh" and a few more pebbles fell out and a LOUD and LONG burst of gas.I sighed and pulled myself togther then wiped. I went to the sink..much happier and lughter and washed my hands like a good girl and started to leave. As i did two boys walked in.I was in shock as were they. I asked them what they thought they were doing in the girl's bathroom. They laughed and pointed behind me..I turned and sure enough urinals. My afce was very red as I left. but I heard one boy tell the other.."man I wished we could have caught her on the john" the nerve..just for that they'll never even have a chance to dream of such a thing. Bleh. they blew any chance. hee hee yeah right. Oh well you get the idea. the girls is now the futherest door from the hall. I made a note of that and I also made a note to remember to flush next time..I sorta forgot..well the boys were probably kikcing themselves now because they missed seeing me pass ALL that. Whew. anyway.. your t! urn kendal..and stories? Anything new? Have a seat and let's hear it.Hee hee


I wish I could have a bit of privacy at home too..Kendal and Lynda follow me around and lot and poor me they seem to like to watch me on the toidy ..and always when I'm having a major #2

hi all My name is ellen. I'm 17 am 8 months Pregnant and I had the strangest experience last week. I was lying in bed and I began to feel huge pressure in my butt. I ignored it but over the next hour it got worse and worse eventually I got up and I was halfway to the bathroom when I lost total control of my bowels. out spilled a huge log of mushy poop. it slid into my panties. I ran to the toilit and empteyed it out. Later that night I woke up again I had dropped another load. Instead of getting up I lay there and let it grow cold. The next day I Was out with my girlfriend shopping. first of all When I get really turned on by another girl I have to pee and poop really badly. We were looking in a shop when she kissed me. I was so turned on I let loose a huge fart and filled my jeans with diahreea. After continuing to kiss me for another minite she smelled my mess. She led me to a bathroom where she let one loose too. After 5-10 minutes of continuous pooping into our pan ts we tipped it all into the toilit threw our panties into the trash and left.

Anthony K.
All day today I was holding my shit in so I could take a good dump when
I had to. After school, I stayed about 30 minutes so I could take a
dump there. So, I sat there but didn't take a dump and I waited for
someone to come in so they could listen to my farts and plops.
After a while, I heard a voice yell out is someone in here. I yelled
out "yes there's someone in her" twice. Then he goes are you Ben?
I said no. I realized then that it was our Deputy Principal. He then
started to open and close stall doors (I could hear). He then said: is
there a bag there? I said its mine (in a grunting sort of way) followed
by two loud plops and a big wet fart. Then he said, are you sure. I
said yes. He then asks, are you sitting in the last toile. I said yes.
He then told me: SOunds like you're taking a big dump?. I go: I haven't
gone for a while. Then I about 7 loud plops came with 5 farts. I was
about to wipe when realized I was out of TP. He gave me some.
He was actually there to look for some guys stolen bag.

ckf and darius, great to see you posting again. I find when I have to poo and I hold it if I bend ove to get something the poo starts to slideout and there is no stopping it once it starts. It's a great feeling to just let go and not have to run and find a bathroom. My jockeys can contain the load and it usually can be dropped in the toilet and the joickeys can be rinsed in the shower. I am from the Us for the person wanting to hear from people in the US.

bathroom kid
I'm sick today and I'm staying home in bed. My mom said I could go to the bathroom in bed. I'm drinking lots of liquids because of my fever (102) so I'm really wet. I'm cold cause of my fever(I'm shivering right now) so the warm pee feels good. I'm throwing up and I have diarrea (yuck I hate that), I do both of those in a bowl next to my bed cause I don't want to sleep in that mess. I did have a poop accident earlier today which was really gross. I don't care if I pee in my pants but I hate pooping in them. Anyways I feel terrible, I'm going back to bed now before I throw up all over myself here, I was just thinking of y'all as I was resting in bed. Later everyone

Punk Rock Girl
Hello all!

I'm on my break, so I figured I'd take a minute and write a post. Last night after work I went to my boyfriend's apartment. He hadn't gotten home when I arrived so I decided have a nice relaxing dump while I waited. I grabbed a magazine and went in the bathroom. His bathroom is much nicer than mine, and I always enjoy sitting on his toilet. It's really comfy! I pulled my pants and thong down to my ankles and sat my bare buttom on the cool seat. I started flipping through the magazine and let nature take its course.

I didn't really feel like I had to go, but knew I had a little in there that could come out. Turns out I had a shitload in there--literally. After a couple of farts, my bowels emptied in a steady series of pebbles and small logs, which plopped into the water non stop for a good minute or so. It felt great, and required no effort on my part. A few more farts and one more pebble and I was done. I read the magazine for a few more minutes, then wiped my ass and pulled up my pants. I flushed and washed my hands and moved to the couch to continue reading.

A little while later, my boyfriend walked in. I kissed him and told him he missed a nice dump. He said, that's a shame. I said, yeah, but that means I'm empty in there if you're in the mood for something. He unzipped my pants and pulled them down and bent me over the couch. He reached into the end table drawer and picked up the K-Y jelly we keep in there for such impulsive occasions. He lubed my ass and...I'll let you imagine the rest!

'Twas a nice evening.



Just thought I'd post again and see if anyone wants to respond. Lately I've been in the habit of holding my pee for a while after I first feel the urge. Anyone else into that kinda stuff? Feel free to share instances, and if I get responses, I'll post my stories too.

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