Guy in NYC
When I was little, my cousin (a girl) and I used to be best friends and play together and do all kinds of stuff together, including going to the bathroom. We used to visit my Grandmother a lot, and there were lots of little nooks and crannies to hide in and do stuff. She also had a bathroom way down in the basement that almost no one ever used. We would play hide and seek down there a lot, so no one came down to see what we were up to.

I remember a few things we did when we were about 8 or 9 (we're less than a month apart age wise). Once, we were playing in the yard and ran in the bushes to pee. I unzipped my pants, pulled my penis out and peed standing up. Then she said, "I can pee standing up." I said no you can't. So, she pulled her pants and underpants down to her knees and peed all over herself, then pulled them back up even though they were soaked. We just kept on playing and she didn't change her pants until like an hour later!

Another time, she said we'd never pooped together. So I said, do you want to and she said yeah, you first. So I pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet in the basement and pooped. She wanted to see it, so I got up and let her look. She said, Wow, that's a lot. I wiped my butt and flushed the toilet. I said, okay, your turn. She pulled her pants and underpants down and sat on the toilet. She peed first, then she farted. We both laughed. Then she pushed and I heard a bunch of plops as poop hit the water. She farted again and we laughed again, and she said she was finished. I said lemme see. She got up and I looked. For some reason, I was surprised that her poop looked just like mine. I thought it would be smaller or something. I said cool. She wiped her butt and pulled up her underpants and pants and flushed.

I think the last time we did anything like that was when we went camping with my uncle, her dad. She and I were sharing a tent. It was early and we woke up before anyone else. We got up, both in our pajamas (T shirts and sweatpants) and I said, I have to poop. She said me too, let's go together. We grabbed a roll of TP and went into the woods. We found a spot behind some bushes and stood across from each other. We both pulled down our seatpants and underwear and squatted and pooped. I guess whatever we had for dinner had a lot of fiber, because I remember we both pooped a lot. She also peed while squatting. After I'd pooped, I stood up and turned around and peed away from her. She wiped her butt and handed the paper to me and I wiped my butt. The we walked back to camp.

Her family moved away and I didn't see her for a number of years, though we stayed in touch. When we were both around fifteen, we were at her older sister's graduation party at our grandmother's house. I was afraid she'd be "too cool" for me or something, but was looking forward to seeing her anyway. When I walked in she saw me, and lit up like a firework and ran to me and gave me a big hug. She was beautiful, and was becoming a gorgeous girl. We started talking, and eventually she said remember when we used to pee and poop together? I said, yeah. She said let's pee together, for old times sake. So we went into the basement into the bathroom. She pulled her shorts and underpants down and sat on the toilet and peed. I was surprised that even though she looked so different and was naked from the waist down, I still just saw her as my buddy cousin. She wiped herself, pulled up her shorts, then I peed too. She said, I don't have to shit, or else we could do that ! too. I said, actually, I do have to shit. She said go ahead. I turned around and pulled my jeans down and sat on the toilet and took a shit. She said "pew! It didn't used to stink so much!" I wiped my ass and flushed.

That was the last time we ever did that. We've seen each other more often lately because we both live in NYC, but we don't do that anymore. It was just cool that we were so comfortable with each other that not only could we pee and poop with each other, but we actually enjoyed it. She's still my pal fifteen years later!

Outdoor Jane
Hey. I was outdoor with my sister and my old friend yesterday. we drank mutch soda and go for a walk in the park. Weather was fine and we all wanted to do that(of course) There was nobody in the park when we walk trough it with filled-up bladder. We walk behind some bushes, squatted down and pee together. It was a loud hissing stream from all of us. That was good. While we sat there a girl (10 y.o.I guess) came trogh us. She just smiled at us and walk away. That was a short story, more coming soon. And keep on with more outdoor stories. By the way. I want to say that it isn't JUST outdoor stories i like here, but thats my favorite stories. There are a lot of indoor stories i get turned on by read also. See ya.

To Amy (Co-ed)

All star post dear. Funny how an ordinary day at the mall for you is such a
big deal for me. That was one of my favorite posts in a long time. Thing

To SomeKindofChick

That etiquette site sounds so funny! Some apeman that can type thinks
he's an expert. If you wants to find some REAL bathroom experts all you
need to do is look all over this site! Thanks for the great posts and
keep'em coming.

To NYC Dude

I think I've seen that one!!! Isn't it incredible? What a monster turd! And
boy does that thing get launched out of her butt! It could have taken
flight! I saw it when I went to europe and rented some super-nasty tapes
(you can do that in countries that weren't founded by conservative
quakers and puritans). Jeez! It's in black and white and she's wearing a
little lone ranger mask right? Been there dude! How on earth did your
mom find it? My mom is super-conservative and would absolutely have
kittens if she saw something like that.

To Rizzo

The boat's still doing great. Not too much action in the potty department
lately, but enough wine women and song to keep me warm all winter. It
figures that the only other person who knows how to navigate would be
you, a fellow skipper. If you've known how all this time and still not set
sail I'm gonna be mad! Better safe than sorry, but then again you only live


This is one of my many experiences this summer. I was at my favorite
park with the nearly unisex bathroom reading my book at a picnic table. I
soon felt the need to relieve myself of yesterday's cheeseburger. As I
walked to the bathoom, a little girl of about 11 came running past me in
her overalls and pink T-shirt. The unusual thing about her was that she
looked so much like me at her age. Short brown hair, parted down the
middle, even the tortoise shell glasses. I had found a mini-me....only it
was a mini-SHE. I was soon to find out that looks weren't the only thing
we had in common. As I approached my side of the brick bathroom, the
door to her side suddenly flew open and there she was, stark naked while
changing into her swimsuit. I looked away while giggling out loud. I went
in my side, closed the door and sat down on the stainless steel toilet. I
started to pee and noticed the total silence coming from her side. You
could hear a pin drop as I knew she was listening to my every I
would have done at her age. I, of course, put on a good show for her with
lots of plopping and grunting. Some time went by and her friends were
banging on her door to come in, but she would have no part of it. The
show wasn't over. Once she knew I was done, She started with her girlish
tinkles and plips and splips and started mumbling something. She may
have been saying something to me but her words were lost in the echoey
air shaft at our feet. The wind shifted and I could smell her activities
faintly. About that time, she let her loud friend in who promptly
exclaimed "Pretty!" in a sarcastic nasal tone after seeing my mini-she's
work floating in the bowl. I almost burst out laughing but managed to
contain myself. Then there was a flush and a doorslam from her side,
followed by me wiping, flushing and going back to my table. It only
makes sense that if there are big ones of you running around, mother
nature will be making little ones of you to take over your spot and carry
on. It sure was cute to bump into her though!!

- Austin

euro hiker
Back in the summer, I visited an outdoor event that I visit every year. As usual, they had a mobile toilet on a trailer with two rows of 4 stalls, back to back. These were the same mobile toilets they had there in previous years. Under the tiny wash basin, a pipe goes through the partition and the hole is slightly larger than the pipe. This leaves a small gap to spy through which gives a back to side view at seat level.

The mobile toilets have been smartened up a bit since last year so more women sat on the seat and fewer hovered. The only two who gave me good views were 'gushing grannies' who were probably in their 50s. They both came in and just got their panties down in time before doing a powerful gushing pee while hovering. It came out of the full length of their slits all at once like a waterfall while their ass holes were clearly visible.

There were only two definite poopers, both women in their 40s. I couldn't see anything as they both sat sown. The first made some plops and the second was Asian. She lifted her sari up, pulled her panties down and seated her ample brown bum on the seat, overhanging the sides a little. There was silence for a minute or two then I caught a whiff of her poop. She must have been dropping soft poop silently. Maybe she had a curry or byriani the night before.



Sorry to hear about your accident! I hate those soft poos. I've had planned accidents a few times only to find that the poos have been really soft and not stiff as I expected, which resulted in my unides being rather messy. I've never had to throw a pair of undies away though. I've now decided against switching over to briefs. I though letting my love for pooing myself dictate my underwear choice was going a bit too far!


I loved hearing about that nice firm poo you did and yes, it sounds exactly like the one I did in work. I didn't have to clean my undies either. It left only a minor skidmark which was hardly visable since they were black (like your's)! I agree that reading this borad can make you just wnat to poo yourself there and then!

Last night I decided for a change I would wet myself as I seem to be pooing myself more. I put on my CK boxers and an old pair of jeans. I went into the kitchen where the floor is tiled and sarted to wet myself. I sat down as I don't like to feel the wee running down my legs. I felt my undies getting soaked the I saw the wet patch appear on my jeans. It was great although I hated cleaning up the remaining puddle before my parents arrived home!

Unfortunatelf this could be one of my last posts here, as I am off to uiversity on Saturday- time to face the big bad world. I'd like to thank bothe Darius and CKF. Over the past few eeks (months in you're case Darius) I have considered you as friends and have loved reading each one of you're postings. I may be able to have Internet access in my room but I'm not so sure. Anway keep posting, I'll probably have time for another post or too before I go. Anway whatever happens I'll be back @ Chrtimas, so make sure you too are still posting then. I should have some great stories to tell. Darius you have often provided me with advice, I think you're a great guy and hope that any bad experineces you've had with people regarding this board can be put behind you!


Jason D.
NYC Dude-Emily has extremely sexy blonde fur (better known as hair, because it is so smooth and sexy I call it fur) down to her waist, beautiful green eyes like a cat, and a very sexy figure. Believe it or not, despite my stories, she has a really cute ass and her hips are quite shapely. She looks a lot like Reese Witherspoon. BY the way, can you get kicked out of college if you're pregnant. Em might very well be pregnant judging we had sex on Saturday...

I'm back its been a while, man, no one responded to my questions at the bottom of page 980. I feel stupid now, were my questions too weird or something? I thought they were good questions, the first one I have been wanting to know for a long time, it has always pondered me, but no one wanted to answer it. I guess I will never know? By the way the questions are on page 980, towards the bottom. Man this really cute girl just left the computer lab, I should walk over and ask her to poop for me, I wonder what her reaction would be. I am know for doing crazy stuff, I should have done it, actually that would be a bad idea. I should just say hi, my name is **** nice to meet you. Can I watch you poop real fast? You know how when you're getting to know someone you ask questions like. So where are you from? What do you do for a living? I should ask something like. So Wally, what do your farts smell like? HA HA HA HA. Sometimes I think about blowing ass in class, like during an exam, ! like letting one build up for a couple days and then just farting as loud as I could. I think I will do that on my last day of school. I'm just rambling today, I think all this studying I've been doing has got to my head. Anyways "man am I one strange man!" Hope you all take a look at my strange questions on page 980. What ever happened to all the peeping toms that use to posts, are you guys all in jail or what? lol. Well bye, Carmalitas back, yeah.

Some Guy
NYC Dude- I have seen that video.

re: somekindofchick
I haven't posted in like, a year, but I saw this and thought my male expertise was needed. Urinals are side by side to save space and money. Nobody wants to spend $$ on making individual stalls for urinals. Plus, if it's an emergency, it's okay to break all the rules. A lot of men's bathrooms have little walls, which makes it okay to stand next to each other. But if you have the option not to stand next to a man who is holding his own penis, why wouldn't you take it?

I disagree with pretending to take a dump if you have to use the toilets. People understand the rules. There's no need to lie.

Troughs are like McDonald's. There's no reason to go to McDonald's. But if you're really hungry and have little money, a Big & Tasty looks pretty big and tasty. So troughs are stupid, but they serve their purpose.

If a woman peed in the urinal most of us here would be pretty happy, but that individual guy's feelings about it depends on whether he enjoys watersports or not.

leather pants girl
TO rizzo thanks rizzo glad you liked story, it seems locked doors at meetings might be just a bit ilegal gonna check into it.

TO bryian. we didnt have to check pathway, we could see the streaks from our condo. funnily enough that day was kinda windy and we got a whiff of her poo boyyyyyyyy did it stink.

Had a great poo this morning a real big one firm hard and made a big splash in the toilet, a bit smelly but not bad, farted four times??????? peed a bit then the poo slowelyyyyyyy plopped into the water. wiped three times and i was done. then kathy sat on the toilet peed allmost at once and farted at the same time no poo but her fart was smelly. we then went back to bed for another hour or so.

Donnie M
Just a few followup words to the storys I wrote.
First about those hard toilet seats- I seem to remember finding those at two different steel mills I worked in. One was for sure a slave driven shop where they continually watched who was working and how hard. The one mill was a plant that took steel bars anywhere from a 1/4" thick to 4" that were about 20 ft long, they were pickled in a cleaning bath and then sent to a straightening machine where you fed them by hand into this machine that rolled and made em straight. You did this with your bare hands. You had a burlap rag to hold the bars, thats all. You stood there for about 2 hours then you got a piss break. If you hadda shit, the line had to stop and the bossea came running into the toilets looking for you. They had a union too, a company run union though. The humped toilet seats were to keep you from sitting very long. You shit and git. The whole place seemed to be 100 years behind like they worked like this years and years ago and never changed or updated. It w! as a slave shop for sure. With the mergers and imports of steel now that they worked on (to supply mfg for sparkplugs, aircraft wire and rods and so on) the mill went downhill. About 10 years ago they closed up and moved the works elsewhere. They were sold and dont exist no more, probably a new atuomated outfit does this work now.

To the other question , Ya I was in the hospital like in Dec 2000. I was stuck in this CCI or ICU at you would call it for some IV 's they said you coundt have in a normal room and bed. Then wont let you up for a shit or pee. I was soooo pissed off! I had to use a urnial to pee in all day every day. At the end of a day your shorts smelled like pee and you were all sticky and smelly cause laying on your back to pee, you didnt always drain the willy out and you dripped a lot. I then stuffed paper towels in my shorts. ya, I wore shorts, I wasnt all naked with one of those gowns on, they go to hell.
But sitting on a bed pan with your head almost hitting the ceiling, you felt like you were shittin on a rock on a hill were everyone could see you. Although the curtains were pulled across the bed, usually a nurse or someone would come popping thru to pester you. I hated it.

It very well could be since no one here has any stories about hard humped toilet seats that they were made illegal. It was a form of harassment of course. When you start a new job, look at the restrooms and you can tell pretty much who you are working for, if they are decent clean and care for their employees.
A dirty restroom at many fast food resturants can cause firing of people there if there are complaints.

One more little story, dont know if I ever posted this or not.
While I was in Germany in the army I was stationd near Frankfurt and Heidelburg. Us guys would hit the villages or town on Sat. nite and drink and eat and have a great time. A few bottles or draft of that dark German beer was enough to get you tipsy.
So you got to pee finally and head for the mens room.
Ok, so on the door are signs, "Herren" and ,"Daman"
Sober knowing the difference was no problem but With a few beers, then"Herren" to me was like in "Her" or female. Da men then to me was "Men"
Had it backwards. Went into the room and it had like 4 whitewashed walls,with a trough around the walls. Pick a wall, any wall and just pee. In the middle of peeing, in comes this chick, drops her pants and squats and pissed right by me into the trough,her pee hissing real loud as she dumped a lot of hot pee beer.
Oh I didnt care and thought nothing of it. Next time I hadda go the guys all laughed and said, hey, "thats the mens". Oh ok. No difference, 4 whitewashed walls and a trough around it.

Nuf for now.. gotta run.
Donnie :)

To Natalie: Enjoyed your story

To Billy and Kevin L.: Loved your story.

To ryann: I've seen that movie..its cool isn't it.

To Punk Rock Girl: I feel the same way about the surveys..Liked your story too.

To Zip: Loved your stories..How old is that kids brother you think? BTW how old are you? You must have had some cool experiences.

To Marcy: Loved your story..did you cousins get in trouble when your grandmother found the laxitives?

To Gary: Liked your story...i thought you had the door locked, what happened?

To JaLe: Liked your story.

To FART LOVER.: Liked your story..did you go to the stall and see what made that noise?

To somekindofchick: Thats intresting.

To NYC Dude: Liked your story..maybe someone sent to her as a joke.

To Jane (& Gary): Liked your story.

To Nathan: Liked your story.

To MUSK: Liked your story.

To Darius (Noel): Enjoyed your story.

To CKF: Loved your story.
I mentioned the other night about feeling crampy. I really had to poop that night. I had to keep pooping. I must have pooped 3-4 times. It was just soft and chunky.
Well need to run, time to get ready for work. bye

Darius (Noel)
Hi all. I think now that you all know I originally posted as "Noel", so I'll make this my last post with Noel tagged on, and post as plain "Darius" from now on.

CKF: That was an awesome poo you had in your black fly-fronted CK briefs. I really loved reading it. I have some identical briefs (I have them in white too). I wish I could have seen you do it. I'm sure that would have been the trigger to poo my CK briefs too. You are quite right, reading some of the stories from you, Matt, Poo Pants, Mark B, Adam (where is he?) are the trigger to make me want to poo my pants too. Unfortunately, I pooed about an hour before getting on here and just don't need to go now. I've no doubt next time I poo my pants I'll be thinking of your latest story.

Matt: Don't seem to have heard from you for a bit. No doubt you are busy just now, with your imminent departure for uni. Looking forward to more of your stories when you have the time.

Happing pooing and peeing to all


Clare is usually very discreet with her farts in public.

I recall about 20 years ago I was staying with her and her parents. Clare, her mother, and I were sitting on a rug on the lawn having tea.

Suddenly Clare sitting with her knees up accidentally let loose a large fart Ė and immediately apologised.

An embarrassing silence followed.

Such subjects were not discussed with her parentís generation.

Latterly when Clare comes to stay she sometimes leaves large floating turds in the loo, and will fart occasionally in my presence. She knows I will laugh - and is therefore not embarrassed.

Punk Rock Girl
Yesterday, I was waiting for an important phone call at work, and really, really had to take a dump. I was at my desk, fidgeting in my chair, and finally I gave up. I asked my friend next to me to answer my phone if it rang and let me know if it was the call I was waiting for.

I jumped up and walked quickly to the closest bathroom, a unisex, to me. I rushed to the only vacant stall, pulled down my pants and underpants (no thong yesterday, luckily) down and sat on the crapper. I peed, then a big load started pushing its way out. It was about halfway out when I heard the door open and my friend leaned in and said my call was waiting. Of friggin' course! I pushed as hard as I could, and the rest came out, but the end was extremely mushy. I flushed the toilet as soon as it plopped in, yanked my underpants and pants up, careful not to give myself a wedgie, and hurried out.

I ran to my phone, still zipping and buttoning my pants as I went, and took my call. As soon as I was finished, my boss called a meeting. Shit! I could feel the residue crap between my buns, but grabbed my pad and pen and went in the meeting anyway. Luckily, it only lasted about a half hour, and I immediately headed back to the bathroom. I went in the same stall, pulled down my pants and underpants and sat down. I pushed out the last bit of crap then wiped my ass, which was pretty gross. Somehow, though, my underpants were spared!

Hello to Bryian, Ina, Rizzo, Mike from MD, Outhouse Scott, Leather Pants Girl and everyone else. Take care!



Plunging Plop Guy

Hello, and Goodbye for a short while as I'm going away on holiday.
If I have some good toilet experiences, I'll report them when I get back! Today, I went to my usual public toilet, and in the space of 15 minutes heard three guys sit on toilets and all had quick loud multi-plop sessions that took about 5 seconds each!
Mine was slow and deliberate, but was quite softish, so it made hardly any sound, stank as it came out, and it took a lot of wiping up after.
I might have a theory as to why mine are like that sometimes; Could it be olive oil that makes a difference? I used it yesterday when cooking, and as I use it some days and not others, that might explain the different shits I do.
Anyway, my diet over the next few days will depend on others, so there might be some surprises! I really enjoyed some solid shits with some effort when I was away last time, so here's hoping it'll be the way I like it, and leaves me feeling great!

GARY, The girl who saw you on the toilet, and who was talking with her friends later on and who looked and sounded so apologetic, was probably telling them in detail about what she saw, and also the fact that when she saw you, you dropped a loud plop! I envy you! She was probably quite impressed!

MISS KENDAL! As long as you enjoyed Michael's toilet session, that's the main thing! How is Andrew? we've not heard from him lately.

ZIP, You too had the satisfaction of being seen at the moment you did a loud plop in the toilet!
I always stand up to wipe, and yet I'd like to stay sitting down, raise one thigh and wipe from the side, but I don't find it practicable.
I would want to check the TP before chucking it down, but I'd have to pull it out to look at it and there just doesn't seem enough room to do all this efficiently. Do most guys wipe without monitoring the TP, or keep checking it? Standing up seems much easier but I'll try wiping from the front and see what that's like.
No problem standing up, it's just that it seems to me to be quite sexy sitting down to wipe!
It would be a good idea for toilet seats to be high enough off the toilet to allow you to wipe without even moving your thigh, and it would be great to massage one's own buttocks while sitting and trying to do a tough one! Also the sound effects of the turds dropping would be increased, the splash potential, and the view from the side!
With that fascinating thought, I'll wish everyone good plopping!
P. Plop Guy

Jeff A.
Steve: What a fantastic story about Spain and Jackie! I read it twice as it had the visual factor of 10 which makes for great reading. For some reason, I really love the diarhea stories as much as the others. Perhaps it's an animal instinct in me, I'm not sure. I wish I could've been you for those brief moments! You two, and those Spain trips! I'm just going to have to go with you guys next time! Not only are you married to the beautiful Louise, who's an angel inside as well as out, you have the priveledge of helping a lady in need. It's nice that you all can be so open. Thanks also for your comments about me and Denise. Yes, she truly is a wonderful woman.

Louise: You certainly are one of the sweetest women I've ever talked to. Thank you more though, for mentioning Diane from N.Y. Poor Diane is a sweet gal who lost her husband and entire family in the tragedy. I can't even begin to imagine what that would be like. Thanks again. I also loved your tale of the rocks in Spain! I was never really that much of a pee fan until I started reading yours, and Steve's, PV's, Ina's, and Damsel's stories. Now I think I'm getting hooked. I also liked today's post and the "grrrr" leopard thong! Sounds like you and Emma really let loose in the alley!

Damsel: Ah, fair Damsel! A most lovely, and fair maiden with a most excellent story about the park! Your descriptions were fantastic, which is how I see you. How lucky your boyfriend! It was a beautiful description, right down to the hipster jeans. Yes, pooing outdoors can be very nice. To me, it's preferable, even in nasty weather, but unfortunately, the opportunity is seldom there. A couple of years ago, I saw my wife Denise go into the bushes while we were in the mountains. She squatted and peed a fierce stream that shot out and soaked the ground. I know that hissing sound. Men don't seem to make that sound, at least I don't anyway. Still, a beautiful story, thank you for dedicating it to me especially!

Ina: Thanks for the tip about the long posts. I'm not really a regular here anymore so I guess I missed an announcement of it. That's going to make it kind of hard. Yes, my wife knows about this site. The times I've mentioned her on it were by her permission. She calls it "the poopy site" because she can't remember the name of it. Yes, I do have my own group where I post my art. I've got about 45 drawings. Sorry, I can't say anymore, but it's against the rules as you know. Yes, I do have some childhood memories, but my favorite is from 5th grade, when me and the neighbor girl were playing outside at night. We were behind our garage and she said she had to go to the bathroom bad. So, she pulled her pants down and hovered over a wheelbarrow full of freshly cut grass. I really only thought she would pee because it's so common. Instead, she laid the biggest log I'd ever seen in my life! She kept telling me (between grunts) not to watch, but I knew she really wanted me to. An! yway, it's still a great memory. I'm flattered that you would want to watch me, but I'm no Halle Berry either. I'm not even a Chuck Berry! LOL! I don't see why anybody would find the sight of a woman standing up to pee disturbing. It dosen't make sense to me. Granted, it breaks tradition, the woman always squatting, but damn, chastity belts and skirts below the knees used to be tradition too! I also think that many people don't find peeing as much as a turn on as the other because again, it's so common. Most people aren't afraid to let someone watch them pee because it's not as embarrassing. There's no smell, and no poop floating. Therefore, I think many folks are excited by what is usually kept hidden or secret. I don't know if that's a good explanation or not, but I hope it helps. Thanks for listening to me, and thanks again for your thoughts on 9-11.

Robby: I hope your dad is coming along well.

Annie: Is Meghan okay? You mentioned she was in a car accident, I hope nothing serious happened.

Thanks for your wishes Jane and Gary! Hello to the lovely Carmalita, Rizzo, PV, Plunging Plop Guy and everybody!

Darius (Noel). It sounds to me as though you've been suffering from a stomach bug. If those accidents keep recurring though I'd be inclined to see your doctor to check out what's happening. It's probably nothing serious but it's a 'quality of life' issue nevertheless.

Louise. Enjoyed your post, particularly about weeing on the way home from your night out. It sounds as though your friend was even more desperate than you were!

Annie (Robby's cousin). Hope Robbie's father is soon better and Meghan is recovered from the car crash. I'd be interested to know if you've had any big motions lately.

This morning I went to the loo and passed a big jobbie, most of which came out in one piece. It was about 8 or 9 inches long and curved round the side of the bowl.

Best wishes to all,


Hello everybody.

Today I was not working so I rang my mum to see if she wanted to go for a swim. Well we went to the pool and we put our swimsuits on in the ladies changing rooms. We did not want to wee when we got there, but we did after we had been swimming. Hey guess what, we went and raided the men's toilets again. We have not done that for a bit, so we thought we would have some fun and wee in there.
Well no men were in and we pulled our swimsuits to one side so we could stand in front of the steel wall urinal. I stood next to mum and we aimed our pussies with our fingers. We let go and we really washed that steel wall with our streams. giggle

I have another story about when we were on holiday in Spain. I was needing a wee and Jackie was too. Mum and Steve didn't and the beach had a lot of people on it so we were a bit nervy about just doing it because nobody else was weeing just then you see. So we looked up in the rocks and there were people about there too. I did not know if parents would like me weeing where little boys could see me so I looked at the sea. Well we waited a bit and then we heard 2 girls say they were going for a pee. I bet they were about 13 and one a bit younger. Well their dad told them to be careful in the water and then they went to the sea. Well Jackie was really really needing a wee and I was too, so we went for it and walked off to the sea as well. The young girls sort of stood in the water and bent their knees a bit but they were standing up really and they started weeing. I stood straight up with my legs apart and I started weeing too, and so did Jackie. It was real bliss having th! at wee and we did a lot of tinkling in the water. Well we did not know a boy from another family was in the water too and he surprised us a little bit when he walked a few paces in front of us. Well the young girls were a bit embarrassed because the boy saw their pussies weeing but I did not mind it. I do not think Jackie minded either. I bet the boy was about 14 or 15 and he looked at my pussy and Jackie's too while we were pissing our brains out. His eyes were nearly popping out and I know he liked what he saw! LOL I had a giggle with Jackie when we had finished and gone back to mum and Steve.

OUTDOOR JANE - Hi girl! Well I have never had a shit in my back garden because if I did I would want to bury it well you know? I have had a shit a few times in the park on the way home from work. I have not done that for a bit because it got a bit dangerous with some madman attacking women in the area we live. It is better now but I would not feel safe without Steve there with me. Well when I did shit in the park I pulled my skirt up and pulled my knickers down and squatted. It was good because I would have a wee first and when I had finished doing that I would push my shit out. It was always best when I had a large turd because I felt very excited and it felt very daring. You know I could look through the bushes where I squatted and see cars driving along the road or once when I nearly got found when this guy came past walking his dog. LOL I had a huge shit sticking out of my mum just then. giggle
Love Louise xx

KENDAL - Hi girl!!! You said yes? Well good for you! I hope he is a gentleman to you. You know I think it is best if you do not give him the stress of being in the toilet with you for a bit though! giggle
Love Mrs Louise! xx

INA - Hi girl! I was going to write and tell you about when I used my travelmate outdoors on Friday but Steve told the story first. Well it was good because I had trousers on that night, not a dress, so I got the idea of using my travelmate for a fun thing to do. Well I got it through the front of my pants and got my thong to the side, and I got my pussy snuggling it. I had to do it all by feel because the light was not good really. Well when I was ready I told Steve, and he watched when I let rip. It was really good Ina, because I pissed a good stream through my travelmate and I got my wee to go down a drain in front of me. giggle. Do you know I did it so well that I did not wet my pants at all? You know I was a bit worried I would piss my pants but it did not happen. It would have been all right because we were going home but I was pleased because I did not have that trouble.
Love Louise xx



Greetings All.

No stories from Spain from me today, but I would like to complete the write-ups from the weekend that Louise began in her most recent post.
I really enjoyed watching Louise on Saturday morning as she had an outdoor wee in the garden very similar to the one she wrote about on Friday. In one of her revealing tank tops, a pink one this time, she had nothing on at all from the waist down and squatted gracefully on the lawn. At first I couldn't decide whether to watch her from behind or from the front as both views were quite breathtaking. My wife has a perfect bottom in my opinion, but as her virtual audience enjoyed a frontal view I decided to look at things as they did. She looked down between her legs, splayed wide apart, as she relaxed her hold and began urinating. Her stream was clear and yellow due to the overnight concentration, sparkling in the sunlight, hissing loudly, twisting and spreading in a 'ranstorm' before the grass was watered. Beautiful.
Louise had a wee under unusual circumstances on Friday evening. In trousers, she decided to make use of the travelmate she carries in her handbag, as she hadn't deployed it in a 'live' situation so far. In the alley, she fiddled around with it through the front of her trousers for a minute, possibly nearer to two minutes, but finally decided she was ready. Facing me, she aimed for a drain in the centre of the alley. I must say it was not something I was accustomed to wistnessing, but there was a unique fascination for me watching her cleanly squirt a tidy stream through her tool and down the drain. She was giggling and adjusting her distance from the drain, and was obviously enjoying herself immensely. When she was finished, without spilling a drop she removed the tool in what looked a well practiced procedure, bagged it up and put it back in her bag. She forgot to zip herself up afterwards, but I helped and rezipped her myself.
I also very much enjoyed her alley wee when she was wearing her leopard thong, though I believe she was on the point of having an accident and soaking it just before she finally pulled it down and power washed a spot on the ground. Similarly Emma, who was very obviously relieved and squirted the strongest stream I've seen her produce. I found it very good to watch, and was quite surprising to see from her. She is shorter and a much slighter build than Louise, most often urinating in gentle, intermittent streams rather than the heavy blast she was showing herself capable of that evening.

To Ina,
Hi there, sweetheart, and thanks for the post. Hope you enjoyed the story of Louise and her travelmate.
Have a hug from me.

To Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan,
You have had a few misfortunes, haven't you? Well I hope Robby's father comes through okay, and Meghan wasn't too seriously injured in the smash. I'm sure we can all understand if you all are absent from the forum for a while.
Best wishes to you all from Louise and myself.

To Rizzo,
Thanks for your comments. Jackie appreciated the assistance I gave after she had the diarrhoea. I can't say I minded helping! I had a wonderful view of the full event and her wee afterwards, which I also enjoyed.
Yes, I agree with your comments about good looking girls and the types they often attract. Often the only ones who approached Louise's sister saw how gorgeous she looked and didn't care about anything else but getting a 'trophy' girlfriend. The better ones tended to hang back a little. It is exactly what she was complaining about before she and my best friend, who had noticed each other but seemed to be 'circling' without making any move, got together. I'm not sure I can claim too much credit for that. All they needed was a nudge in the right direction, and I think they are a very well matched couple. My best friend now has his own 'Louise', by the look of it, and I don't mean _just_ as a soulmate. 'Damsel' can easily outdistance him in a standing pee contest by a foot or more. She was in fits of giggles when he told me how he has several times tried to beat her, but can't.
I also wish you well with the Tai Chi. I'm not really a Tai Chi person myself, but I know some who swear by it and recommend it as beneficial to overall health.

To Carmalita and Company,
Enjoyed your story. I wish I had seen those glorious pees! Carmalita, can I wish your dad a speedy recovery from his setback.
Best Wishes to all of you from me.

To Eleanor and Kendal,
Hi there, girls! I was amazed at your recent adventure, and it showed I was right about you two! Michael wasn't safe in the toilet, was he? And Kendal - I'm surprised, yet not surprised. When I said Michael would benefit from having a girlfriend, I didn't expect you to take the responsibility yourself - but then you weren't the one doing the chasing. Michael was obviously impressed by your performance on the toilet - I'm sure no more needs to be said!
Best Wishes to you both, and have hugs from me.

Best Regards,


RIZZO: Hi again! Yes, my flatmate seems to have discovered the practical use of our little device! It is really relieving for me, as I was really scared about telling her and although none of my friends acted shocked, all of them played not too interested. Luckily it was a sucess for her from the first time she tried it out and so she finally really likes it. We already had a pee together on a Sunday walk in the forest. It was a giggle. I did not look to closely, but it was good fun to stand there with another woman peeing. We peed onto some dry ground and it splattered a bit and we joked about getting tips from her boyfriend on which surfaces are best to aim at. (Hints are welcome from any man or woman...) I am very happy, cause I started feeling weird about being the only one amoungst my friends, who finds just sticking it in in, similar to just whipping it out so terribly practical and comfortable. I would think it was still a nice idea to suprise your wife with a travelm! ate. I can relate to her problem in the way, that sometimes, when I am nervous peeing into the bushes on the way home, I donít feel completely empty after finishing too quickly. It is still good to have had the pee though.I guess your wife would not order it herself, but maybe give it to her and leave her alone with it. My flatmate had it lying around for over two month. I think she only tried it after being so annoyed about the public urinals in London providing solely facilities for males (or thatís how itís meant). Now she wants to train for a protest pee with me into one of them, LOL. She said after her first try she felt so proud, like a little child doing the first buisness into the potty! I donít know your wife, but I think all she could assume from such a gift is that you are a wonderfully caring husband (I take it she knows already!), who is interested in at least giving his wife the opportunity for an equaly comfortable way of relieve rather than proving his mascu! linity to himself and others by pointing out his (assumed) superiority. If you listen to Steveís friend ("they canít even piss standing") or many other guys, this isnít far fetched. So why not show your care and love in just another way and leave it up to your wife if, when and how she would want to give it a try. I make very sure not to put any of my friends, I gave a travelmate to, under any pressure, although I am too curious to not ask at some point. Still I have got good hopes to win them all over during time to give themselves the freedom of choice, especially now I have "convinced" that friend, who seemed the least interested. I (!) can only thing itís great you care. Lovex Ina.

STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi, thanks for your nice letters again! I always love hearing from you! As I already described to Rizzo, it seems like my friend finally have found out about the practical sites of peeing through your zip... I found your friends comment a bit strange anyway, even if he does not know that woman can indeed pee standing (nobody can blame him for that). But I mean honestly, where is the connection between organisational skills and peeing standing??? It reminds me of a television comedy, where woman wasn't taken seriously by her boss and she said to him: "well I may not be able to miss the bowl as nicely as you, but otherwise I can do the job as well as a man" (she did not know she could ;-)) It would be the same like not taking men seriously as they even canít give birth. I am suprised your friend did not ask for more details, but maybe he had to digest the shock. I puzzled somebody as well: While at the seaside I went for a wee at the promenade. The Ďtoil! et shackí had some doors for males and some for females which turned out to be one toilet and two showers. As my mum took the toilet, I headed for the male side. I assumed rightly this would be single cubicles, so I though it would not matter if I used a "male" one. I went in and to my suprise I found a urinal and a basin. I was puzzled but thought it would be fun as well, so I used my travelmate for a nice piss into the urinal. Very handy as I could wash it directly at the sink and leave. When I came out and eldery lady saw me and wanted to use the "toilet" as well...I guess she was very confused when she entered the cubicle...giggle. By the way, Louise, my flatmate pointed out to me that she really liked peeing with the travelmte, as the pussy stays dry. Do you also find that? I agree. You bet I would have loved to join into your fun in Spain.Yes, I love your stories. They are wonderful memories of summer as well, now itís becoming autumn. Have a big hug back! Lots of lov! exx to both of you!

MEGHAN: I saddened and shocked to hear about your accident. I hope you are healing alright and donít have to go through too much pain. I wish you a speed recovery and a careful hug with lots of lovexxx from me
ANNIE: Thanks for letting us know, whatís going on. I will miss you and hope you all will be fine and back soon. Lovexxx, Ina

Nice pick of the woman at the urinal, I guess it was obvious, I would like it, LOL

Thursday, September 19 2002

Hello everybody!
Well I thought I would tell another story about when we were in Spain. It is a story I was saving because I wanted to write it when I had time to do it right. It was a really freaky way to get caught having a wee and I bet nothing like this ever happens to me again.
I think it was the second to last day of the holiday and I was relaxing on my front on my towel and Steve had just finished putting the sun protection cream on my back, bum and legs. I knew I needed a wee and I was waiting until my mum or Jackie wanted to go as well. When Jackie wanted a wee we went in this little place low down in the rocks and Steve and mum stayed on the beach. Well Jackie and I, we squatted in the sand with nobody looking and we were talking about the men we had seen and I said Steve's job as my husband is safe. giggle. Jackie has not got a boyfriend because she has the same trouble my sister had because she is really gorgeous and attracting assholes she doesn't want anything to do with. Well Jackie and I started weeing and we were doing nice gushers in the sand. Well we had a bit of a shock because a boy, I bet he was about 16, came over a big rock from the other side really sudden and I think he did not know Jackie and me were there! He tripped over! my leg and knocked me down on my bum by accident. Well I went backwards onto my back a bit and my legs opened and it made my gusher fly up into the air a bit and he could see right between my legs and everything. Well I bet when I was about 20 I would have been really really embarrassed at being seen with wee coming out of me like that but not at 29 with all the fun I have had since I met Steve. Well I got back to squatting and my gusher started just trickling really. You know what, I saw how the boy was a bit desperate for a wee too and he looked a bit panicked you know. He crossed his legs like he could not hold it in. Well I told him "go on, just wee and relax and it is all right, we do not mind". Well really I wanted to see him do it, it was not just I would not mind. He was a bit desperate you know, so he grabbed his dick and pointed it and he let rip! Jackie and me, we had finished our wees but we stayed squatting while we watched him weeing a big stream. Well you sho! uld have seen the look on his face when he was doing it. He did a lot of little spurts at the end of his wee you know. I bet it lasted more than a minute, and he shook the drips off when he stopped squirting. I do not know why he had not just gone in the sea and done it there but it was lucky he had not because me and Jackie would not have got to watch him. Well I think he was embarrassed because he ran away without looking at us before we got up and went back to be with Steve and mum. It was a real good view me and Jackie had! giggle
It was a real freaky thing to happen and the boy appearing made me jump but I liked it really.
I have 2 more stories about seeing men weeing. I will try to get to write about them next week.

DEAR JEFF A - Hi guy! Well thank you for such a lovely letter! Thank you for saying such nice things about me. Well I am happy I have got you liking peeing stories as well as shitting ones and I hope you liked my weeing story today. I have a leopard print dress as well that my mum bought for me and I wear it sometimes when I am, you know, alone with Steve. I will go to the toilet wearing that for you this weekend eh? Maybe I will wear my leopard print thong as well. Grrrr!
Oh yeah, Emma had a really good wee in the alley last Saturday. It is not usual for her to gush like that, but it is usual for me to have big gushers as you know. giggle My friends know me for weeing heavier than they do most of the time.
I hope you do not disapprove of me wanting to instruct kung fu. I wonder because you have not said anything about it. I have sparred a bit with the nice man who taught Steve when he was a boy and he says Steve has taught me well in the traditional way. Instructing is something I want to do, but I will still do my lingerie and swimsuit modelling, and I will still be wearing leopard thongs and weeing and shitting. giggle
I will tell Steve you have written, but he will be really really busy this weekend and next week.
Love Louise xxxxxx

ADRIAN - Hi guy! I am happy you liked my story. Yeah, Emma was really desperate and worse than me and she could not wait to get her thong down. We did a good flood in the alley and we pissed for ages really.
I have a system of signals to give Steve when I need to find somewhere to wee. Crossed fingers on my right hand means I need a wee but I can hold it for a long time yet. Crossed finger on my left hand mean that I really need to wee but I bet I can hold it for about half an hour or maybe a bit longer than that. Crossed fingers on both hands means I am really really desperate and I need to wee right now and if I don't then I will be pissing my knickers wet through because I will not be able to hold it any more. Emma needed to cross all of her fingers and toes! giggle
Love Louise xxxxx

SUSIE - Hi! Well you know sometimes I moan or sigh if I have been really really bursting and I have just let it go. It just feels very good to let rip and have a big gusher. So do you only moan and sigh when you are bursting or do you do it every time?
Love Louise x

OUTDOOR JANE - Hi girl! I liked your latest story. If you did not get embarrassed when that girl saw you three girls weeing I bet you would have liked being in Spain with us.

INA - Hi girl! Yeah, my pussy does stay dry with the travelmate. I thought it was good when I weed through the front of my pants with it.
I hope you will not mind if I finish this letter next week because I have to get ready to go out now and Steve is keeping me real busy until Monday.
Oh and I bet I can wee into the bowl better than Steve's friend, and further too!!! giggle


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