This is going to be a very trying week for me because I have tests and many papers to write when this happens I get tense and have loose poops and diarreah so its not only cotton panties time but I had to manage how to take a poop at the art shop with something close to privacy.Friday at work i went in after i noticed no was had used the bathroom and started,i brought wipes,checked the dispencer for extra paper bunched my skirt and pulled my panties down to my ankles and squated holding rolled up paper under my cheeks, my anus started to actually sputter and i knew i wasn't going to have a solid poop but i was still hoping against diarreah,it started off sort of mushy and thick and flowed, after the first handful i squeezed my anus as tight as i could,pulled a second bunch of paper and opened for more but this time a more solid poop came with i'm afraid a few spurts of pee,i wanted to get new sheets of paper but i was holdin a poop that was still coming out of me when i pass! some gas and it plopped into the paper i legs felt shaky as i dropped this believe me smelly thick mess into the bowl. the handi wipes really came to my rescue in cleaning myself but i had to sit down on the bowl to compose myself and pull up my undies.I flushed and washed my hands and retured to the counter but shortly afterwards shel came over and said Mr.H is pitching a bitch because someone stopped up the second toilet and itsoverflowed. He was unclogging it and was really pissed. she said didn't i want to come look and she how funny it was but i saidprobably not,my girlfriend looked at me funny as she joined us but didn't accuse me.Sorry i did't pay attention to anyone else using the unisex toilet. PJ girl, grat going!Bryan i liked your stories too very to the point, i have been told i'm long winded.If i was to gross let me know, thanks and bye

Billy and Kevin L.
A few weeks ago, we went to New York City with 2 friends and cousin billy for the day. We went to central park and then we ate at a mexican place for lunch. After lunch, we went to a msueum and then went to the Toy's R Us toystore. By the time we got to toys r us, I could tell that I would need to take a dump in an hour or two so. My dad asked if we needed to use the bathroom at toys r us. We all went for a pee, except dad, who took a dump. While I was peeing, i let out some silent but deadly farts. My friend john was letting out some loud and smelly ones. I said, I hope we stop on the way home, becasue I think I am going to have kid dukey. Dad yelled out fromt he stall that we won;t be stopping for dinner but there is always the bedpan. There is a bed pan in the car just in case. After that we were looking at the legos and stuff for about an hour. Dad said it is time to go. We bought some stuff. On the way to the car, I could tell that I would be need to go pretty soon, buy! that I could wait a while. We got to the car and left new york on a bridge. About midway on the bridge, frrank asked my father if we are going to stop for dinner. Dad said, yeah, in about an hour. He said, good, because I will really need to go to the bathroom then. Traffic was really heavy. About 20 minutes later, when we finally got off the bridge, Frank asked my dad about the bed pan. Dad said that there is urinal (a bottle you pee into) under the seat. Frank said that won't do it. Dad said we could stop in about 20 minutes. Frank said that he won't make it. Dad then told him there is a bedpan there too. I told him that it is not that bad. He said, fine you go. I knew i could wait an hour or more, but I said ok. I pooped out 3 pretty big logs and some small turds. The first log was really big, about 10' and rather nobby. It was the first time I went taht day (I usually poop in the morning after breakfast and after lunch or before dinner -- sometimes before bed too). The ! last log has some corn (I had chili with corn in it -- so it took like 4 hours for it to go through me). I wiped myself (usually when I wipe myself after pooping hte bedpen, I kind of stand up a little and drop the tp behind the turds.) I said, see it ain't so bad. Frank said ok. So frank pooped in it too. He let out a bunch of farts when he went. He let out one log that was like 6 in long, then he let out a bunch of mushy crap. There was a lot of corn in his poop. Finally, he stood up a little while he wiped. Kev said he needed to go too. He tipped the bedpan backwords so the poop would slide back. The he pooped out one bid turd and a bunch of little turds about 1/2 in long. The last turds also had corn in it. IT realy was stinking in the car, even with the back windows open. We put the bed pan in a plastic bag. About an hour later, we stopped for dinner. We all wnet into the bathroom. The bathroom had just one toilet. Frank;s dad went in and sat down. He pooped out 3 turds! like in 10 seconds and wiped. We all wiped ourselves and then we peed. Frank;s underwear had huge streak marks. Frank;s dad's turds were floating and we aimed at them when we peed. Then we washed our hands.

We had some cheeseburgers. THen we went to the bathroom again for a pee. John and kev needed a poop. They both dropped two turds. One the way home, about 3/4 of the way, I really needed to pee. I told dad. We stopped. We all got out and peed. It was dark out, so we just went about 20 feet fromt he car. Dad also emptied the bed pan next to the raod. Frank said he needed to poop again. He pooped ont he pile from the bedpan. Frank's dad said for him to wipe really good. He did.

hey i just saw this movie called out cold with my friends and it was gr8 there was one scene where they were taking drug test and the one guy poops in the cup instead of peeing and they show the poop. there is also a scene in the movie where the guys penis gets stuck in the hot tub jet and he pushes the button and it takes all the water out and hes outside all nite in alaska naked with his penis stuck in a hot tube jet

do any guys have boners right now or have any stories about having to pee and couldnt get your penis in the toilet right so you end up spraying the whole bathroom

I just Pooped....I ate dinner Tonight,had to fast today it was yom Kippur. You eat a light dinner after fasting all day. Its usally dairy...Any way i just ate desset and after i had dessert i had to poop i kinda felt gassy like it was urgent and i might have cramps and loose shit. I had this log and it kinda looked like a 9 It was still on the soft side and had undigested popcorn kernals in it(had popcorn yesterday). I thought i might need to go again but i guess not. I wiped alot...well gotta go bye

Punk Rock Girl
I'm like a frigging heroin addict with these surveys.

Mike of MD USA Survey #1
1. How many of you pissed and pooped with the door opened in a public restroom? Only if there's no door--I don't mind being seen, but I can't assume that anyone wants to see me.
2. How many of you men ever went into a ladies restroom other than to clean it? n/a
3. Have any of you ladies ever went into a mens restroom other than to clean it? Many times
4. How many times have you used a family restroom while you were with your kids at a shopping mall? n/a
5. Have you ever used either the ladies or mens restroom while they were being cleaned by a women cleaning the mens restroom or a man cleaning the ladies restroom? At work a couple of times I've walked into the unisex or the ladies room and there was a cleaning guy in there. I asked if he minded if I went and that it didn't bother me if he stayed, and I peed and/or crapped with him in there.

Mike of MD USA Survey #2
1. For the men do you wash or rinse your hands after pissing? Well, I'm not a man, but I still wash my hands after peeing
2. Ladies who put the toilet seat down you or male friend so you can use it? I have no idea what this question means.
3. Men do you always turn on the light to piss except nightime you always use it? Huh?
4. Ladies how many time do you forget to close the door while piss or poop? I never forget, but I usually don't bother closing the door unless we have company or I'm at someone else's house.
5. Men how many time have you forgot to close the door while you piss or poop? n/a
6. Have you ever forgot to flush the toilet after pooping? Except for when I was little, I never forget to flush after taking a dump.

Andre's Survey:
1. Do you fart A. every time you get a chance, B. Only around people you know or C.Only fart on the toilet. None of the above; I try to be discreet and fart in private, although if I really really have to, then B, in front of people I know (friends, boyfriend). you sit or stand to wipe? I stay seated, it allows easier access to the anal area

3.have you ever farted in public and someone found out you did. Only a couple of times, but I usually say I'm sorry or excuse me before anyone has a chance to wonder who it was.

4.For the ladies, do you fart around your husband or boyfriend. See question #1

5. For the guys do you fart in front of your girlfriend, and if you do does you are a total slob for that. FYI-my boyfriend has, on occasion farted in front of me, and I always find it funny.

I took a dump at a friend's house the other day. I'd never been there before and had no idea what their bathrooms were like. The one in the main part of the house was being used, so she said I could use the one in her bedroom. I walked into the bedroom and saw that the bathroom was right off the bedroom, with no door seperating it. I also noticed that the toilet was located in this little cubicle that was only partially hidden from anyone in the bedroom. Interesting, I thought, and pulled my leather pants and thong down and sat on the wooden seat. I had a nice, big, easy dump that slipped out slowly and painlessly into the water, with no splash and no gas. Mmmmmmmmm, my ass felt so relaxed afterwards. I rolled off some paper and wiped once, then pulled up my pants and washed my hands. I went back to the party and commented on how nice the bathroom was, and she said, yeah, except for the toilet. She said she could pee in front of her husband, but if she had to t! ake a shit, she used the other bathroom. I said what's the big deal, everyone shits! She said maybe she'll work her courage up sometime and take a shit while he's in the bathroom or bedroom. I'll let you know if she ever does!



I was driving down the coast and stopped to use the restroom on the beach. There were 2 stalls, and both had no doors. I saw that they were both occupied. The larger on had an older guy, probably in his 50, on the pot. I saw that he was wearing leopard print bikini underwear inside the pants that were down to the floor. The other guy was a tanned surfer-type, with longish brown hair, wearing only flip-flops, board shorts and boxers. He had a good body and looked pretty cool sitting on the can virtually naked. He was wiping when I stood by his door, to wait for his toilet. He wrapped the paper around his hand, leaned over to his left, and wiped with his right hand. Then he got some more paper, dabbed at his dick (to get pee off it I guess), and then wiped again. He was done after that and pulled up his boxers and shorts, flushed, and left.

A couple of hours later I stopped at another beach restroom and got in the same situation. This time, I was the guy on the toilet. I was sitting on the can, and this guy comes up to the door, sees me on it, says "sorry" and backs up. He decides to wait in front of my door. Since I was at the beach, I was only wearing my blue shorts and white briefs, which were both down at my ankles. I was using the large handicapped stall, which gave this guy a good shot of me from the side as well. It was pretty cool but sorta intimidating, sitting naked, and doing this "private" thing in front of a stranger. I dropped a few turds into the bowl, with loud plops. With my audience, I made sure I wiped from the front (like I usually do), before standing and wiping two last times. I kinda like to show off a few different wiping styles, in case he didn't know about them. Thats how I learned about wiping from the front and while standing. Anyway, I finished wiping, and left the stall.
I recently took a dump at the department store that has 3 stalls, only one with a door. The doored stall was occupied so I took the one next to it. A few seconds later, a kid, about 15 or so, came out of the stall, closed the door and stood in front of it. Apparently, his younger brother was using the toilet and he didn't want to be in the stall with him. He just stood outside of it, basically in front of mine, and kept glancing at me nervously. His brother finished and came out. Then they both left. Right away, another guy comes in and looks at me, then takes the stall with the door. He was finished crapping pretty quickly. I had already started wiping when he exited his stall. He was washing his hands at the sinks, which were located directly in front of the stalls. As I was standing for the final wipes, he turned to me and says, "Boy, you sure are brave to use the bathroom without any door on it." I stopped and asked "what was that?" He repeated himself, while looking! at me while I was standing there cleaning myself. This guy was probably about 18 or 19 years old, with short, curly blond hair, wearing blue shorts and tank top. Average looks, but not too bad. I just shrugged and said "it's no big deal" He then said "yeah, but you're kinda out in the open and everyone can see you" I just told him that "it's something that everyone does. I mean, everyone has to shit." He then said that "yeah, I guess if you gotta go, then you just do it." All this time, he's drying his hands and watching me and I've wiped my ass twice, while standing, pulled up my grey briefs, adjusted them, and pulled up my tan shorts. By now I'm out at the sink, washing my hands. Then he asks why the store removed the doors from the two stalls. I replied that I didn't know why, but that sometimes you just gotta take a dump wherever you can. He just said, yeah, I guess so. and left. That was a very cool dump!

Outhouse Scott
Mike of MD USA
1. How many of you pissed and pooped with the door opened in a public restroom? Never intentionally--once while in the Virgin Megastore in Times Square, I had to take a shit in the restroom. There were two stalls, one with a door and one without, and one urinal which was out of order. The stall with the door was occupied, so I had to use the stall with no door. I took a shit in full view of a line of six or seven guys. Luckily, I don't mind being seen!

2. How many of you men ever went into a ladies restroom other than to clean it? A couple of times while out with my women friends, I've ventured into the ladies room.

3. Have any of you ladies ever went into a mens restroom other than to clean it? N/A

4. How many times have you used a family restroom while you were with your kids at a shopping mall?

5. Have you ever used either the ladies or mens restroom while they were being cleaned by a women cleaning the mens restroom or a man cleaning the ladies restroom? Once, when I was in Germany at the train station, I had to take a shit in the public restroom. There were no doors on the stalls, but I went in ans sat down anyway. A cleaning woman came in and walked right past ny stall, looked at me and smiled hello. It made no difference to her, so it made no differnce to me!


Once when I was eleven, I was playing with my cousins at my Grandmother's house. They decided to play a trick on me, thinking it would be really funny, but it wasnt't, at least not at the time! We were having lunch and they spiked my soda with a laxative they found in my Grandma's medicine cabinet. After lunch, they said, let's play secret agents and said I was a hostage. We ran into the woods by my Grandma's house and they tied me to a tree and ran away. They said they would play secret agents who were trying to find me and come back and set me free. Actually, they just ran behind some bushes and watched.

Well, they had me tied pretty good, and I couldn't get loose. Pretty quickly, I started feeling crampy in my guts. I didn't want to spoil the game, so I tried to ignore it and wait until we were done. But it got worse and worse until I realized I was going to poop in my pants. I started yelling for them to come and let me go, but they didn't come (little did I know, they were behind the bushes laughing at me).

After another few minutes of fidgeting and trying to get the ropes undone, I couldn't hold it, and diarrhea oozed out of my ass and filled my underpants. I was wearing those overall shorts and they hugged my butt, so there was nowhere for the shit to go. It started running down my legs, and went all over my socks and sneakers. It overflowed out the back of my underpants and started filling the seat of my overalls. It just kept gushing out and I couldn't squeeze my buns together hard enough to stop it. Then I started farting and it came out in little squirts.

I guess the whole ordeal lasted about five minutes, and by then my underpants and overalls were filled with liquid poop and my legs and socks and sneakers were all covered in it. I was bawling my eyes out. I guess my cousins knew they were in trouble because they ran up to me and untied me and asked what was wrong. I said I pooped in my pants! I walked back to my Grandma'a, with diarrhea still spilling out of my overalls. They ran inside and got my Grandma who first yelled at me for not holding it, then yelled at them for not untying me. She told me to take my overalls and underpants off and sent my cousins to their room. I took them off and threw them on the grass, then took off my shoes and socks and did the same with them, and stood there naked from the waist down. She grabbed the hose and sprayed my butt and legs with it. Then handed me an old towel and told me to take a shower. She threw my clothes in the wash and gave me a robe to wear when I got out.

Well, turns out my cousins didn't think to put the laxative back in the medicine cabinet, because she found it a little while later and put two and two together. She made them apologize to me and I was pissed at them for a LOOOOOONG time. But by next summer, I found humor in it and was able to laugh about it, though I vowed revenge.

A few years later, I got my revenge...but that's another story!

I was in a deli in NYC and went in the bathroom to take a shit. It was a unisex bathroom and I closed the door, and pushed in the lock button. I sat on the toilet with my jeans and boxers around my ankles and started taking a big dump. I was in the middle of a big log when the door swung open and this girl walked in! She was really pretty with a cute outfit on. She looked about nineteen or twenty and was very attractive, not exactly the sort of person I wanted to be seen by taking a shit. What could I do? My pants and underwear were all the way down and I had a log halfway out my ass! I guess I clenched up automatically, because the log broke in half and plopped in the water with a loud splash. The girl was talking to her friends as she entered, so she didn't see me at first, but she finally turned towards me and screamed! She said, "OH MY GOD! I'm really, really sorry! Oh my god!" She whirled around and darted back out. The door shut. I just sat there for a m! inute, mortified, then pushed the rest of my dump out. It took me a while to wipe my ass, and I was worried the whole time that someone else would walk in on me, but no one did. I washed my hands and hesitantly walked out. The girl was at a table with her friends and when she saw me come out, she put her hands over her face. They were all laughing and looking at me. As I walked by, she said she was sorry again, but through her fingers. I said no problem and walked out of the deli. It was pretty damn embarrassing.

Outdoor Jane
Hey Louise. I must be very short because I shall know go out. I just wanted to say that I ENJOY your stories. Did you have poo in your garden (or somewhere else outdoor) sometimes? If you have i would like to hear the stories. I'll be soon back (I hopeso, but I have a lot of homework)with more stories.

Last week was quite dull regarding pooping/peeing. Nothing noteworthy at home or at work. But this week got a brisk start. I was coming back to work from my lunch break. I was just pondering do I go now or later afternoon my regular poop-session when I saw two women in entrance hall heading for ladies room. My decision was done. I followed them. As I was approaching ladies room I heard slam of stall?s door followed by another slam. I stepped in and noticed that there was just those two women because only two stalls of five were occupied. They were two nearest stalls from door. Ladies talked friendly as they prepared to sit down on the pan. They must heard my coming but my presence didn?t bother them, they kept on talking. I took the middle stall. Both ladies were already sitting and peeing when I started to take off my jeans. Lady who was in next stall of me peed sober pace. While she peed she let out a long juicy fart. I supposed she needed to poop. As I settled my butt on ! the pan both ladies were already finished peeing but there was no signs of their leaving. They continued sitting and talking but talking was not so active as they were peeing. Lady in farthest stall grunted a few times very audible. Other lady in next stall did some strains too but she was much more quiet. Suddenly I heard three successive plops from next stall. They sounded like small and soft pieces of poop. I was end of my pee as I strained a bit and my poop emerged out immediately. It was soft and easy. It slid out itself about 4-5 inches and started tapering until it broke off and splashed into water. Just a few seconds later I heard again plops from the next stall. This time she plopped twice. We all 3 women just strained and grunted. Woman in farthest stall grunted really heavily. Ladies didn?t talk since my neighbour plopped second time. Finally the woman in farthest stall succeeded push something out. It was funny, long and sliding sound, something like this: SLOOO! OOMMMMP. It was my turn next. I dropped about 4 inches long turd which caused a standard plop. Rejoinder came very shortly from next stall: two lazy plops with muffled fart. Then someone came in. I heard footsteps passing my stall. She took stall to my right. She pissed, it was one of quickest pees I have ever heard. Stream was rapid but short. She wiped once, flushed and left. Third and final turd was dangling between my buttocks. It was quite long but thin. It loosened out of my anus. SPLAT. I sighed. I was done and started wiping. Lady in next stall plopped one more time but she sat for a while before she started wiping. I flushed and went to wash my hands. About a minute later my neighbour came out. I took a quick look at her. She was a little bit ???? but not fat, short dark hair. She looked a few years older than me, maybe about 45. I quessed that she stayed there and keep company to her friend who was still exerting in first stall. She must be constipated because she! grunt a lot without any splashes except that big one in the beginning of our sitting session.

Ok, today right!, I was at work and I had to take a poop, so I went to the ladies room. There were three stalls and they were all empty. I was the only one in the bathroom. So I walked into the stall and locked the door. I pushed down my pants and panties and sat down on the toilet seat. As soon as I sat down, a gush of piss shot out; hissing very loud. The piss came to a slow stream, dripping to the end, a wave of airy farts whistled into the bowl. Then I pushed a 9 inch thin turd out, as it plopped in the water. Just then the bathroom door opened and I could tell it was a co-worker from another dept. She quietly walked into a stall, and barely closed the stall door. She quietly stood over the toilet. I knew she wasn't going to take a piss facing forward, so I knew she was going to be sick. As I quietly held my second turd to listen to her, I heard a plop. I thought, "What was that?" Then she spitted. Then I really knew she was throwing up. I started to ask her was she alri! ght, but remain silent as I couldn't hold my turd any longer and let it go; slashing down into the water. I was still listening to her. Then the lady let go of another loud two plops into the toilet. I said to myself, "What is she doing?, passing turds from her mouth?" She spitted again; then flushed the toilet. She quickly left the stall without washing her hands. I thought to myself, "Yuk" After I finished pooping, I wiped my butt three times and flushed the toilet. I left the stall and walked to the sink to wash my hand, and thought to myself, "What a strange encounter that was." Well bye for now, until the future.

what hapened to the all the people who used to post from here in the United States?

hey fellow posters! i have a really funny story. the other day i was searching on the web for info about bathrooms and i came across this site that claimed to have the rules for bathroom etiquite. i enterd the site thinking it would be insightful things like wash your hands before you leave, don't leave the bathroom a mess. etc. instead what i wound was information about how to poperly use a set of urinals. if there are three urinals you are not to use the middle one since it prevents anyone else from using them as well. they guy who wrote the rules says you are not supposed to use a urinal right next to anyone. now if that is so then why in the world do architects place urinals side by side? also if the urinals are full so that you can't use them properly (ie no standing next to someone) then you are supposed to go to the toilet instead, but you must make it look like you were going in there for a poop in the first place and pee sitting down and take the usual time! for a poop. and the thing i thought that was most funny was that a man was never ever ever supposed to use a trough urinal nor were the supposed to go to the bathroom durring halftime at a sporting event unless they were goign to use a stall. now please tell me what you think about it. they had a big hate mail section on the site and most people had choice words for this guy. i think it is dumb and i am a girl. i wonder what this guy would say about a girl using a urinal let alone most of the things we discuss on this site.

NYC Dude
A funny thing happened to me yesterday - thought I would share it. I went to my mother in law's to fix her computer [she thinks I am an expert]. Anyway, after a while I fixed it and I noticed a video clip she had on the desktop so asked her 'whats this?' She says I dont know - so I clicked on it and it showed this very attractive woman in a mini dress kind of dancing around like she really has to go. She squats over a plate which sits on a little footstool and she lets out this huge turd but it shoots out in like half a second. So I burst out laughing and I say 'What the hell is this?!' 'She says I have no idea.' Now she is very cool for a mom in law and she has some crazy friends who I could see emailing this to each other for laughs but she may have been embarrassed to say so. So I say 'do you want me to delete this?' She says yeah so as she left the room I emailed it to myself and then deleted it. It just blew me away to think that I was watching that with my ! mother in law. She was clearly embarrassed by it

Welcome back to Carmalita and Amy Co-Ed - we missed you.

BTW Jason D.- your killing me with your stories. How about a full description of Emily. She is a treasure - sort of like the goose that lays the golden eggs...


leather pants girl
TO DONNY M. I havent been with the company that long, it seems this has come up before with other staff members. We have no union, how ever maybe we should contact the labour board. thanks for advice i will pass it on to the rest of the staff.

TO AUSTIN (BLAKE) Hi hon great hearing from you, kathy sends big wet one to you ( not sure if she means a kiss or a wet fart)

Ok this question is for the girls. Has any girl worn a pair of guys (yuck) briefs or boxer shorts? did they turn you on? or more important did you poo in them?. b.t.w why do guys insist on wearing boxers when they love pooing in there pants, i mean as soon as you poo in them it all falls out i prefer briefs or bikini ones my self as does kathy.

Speaking of kathy-- she came home tonight from work with a nice load in her pants i guess she needed to go at work and just got to busy to go sooooooooo.MMMMMMMMMM did she smell sweet i helped her clean up ofcourse.

Carmalita, dear!
Hooray! You are still with us, even if life gets in the way. I just loved your story of you straining on the throne, face scrunched up and Jake giving you a squirt of shaving cream in your face. The stories of Patsy Renee and Nu are also jewels for the Carmalita Collection. Except for Angie, who you said has gone away to find somebody else, you all seem to be pooping ok. Great! Thanks for your kisses and please post again from time to time. Hugs to all of you from Rizzo.

Jeyna, dear, of course we like your story, and it is well written too!

Amy (Co-ed), good to see you posting again! Nice story of you and your sister at the mall dropping logs in series.

Donnie M., I remember your post about those toilet seats that hurt. I have never come across such.

Doug, you may think that ‘Music from the Anus’ is a product of your imagination, but it existed! I have read about a chap who could fart tunes! He went on stage and earned money in night clubs with his stunt. It was a while ago, though, before WW I. Just imagine a national anthem being farted. What a riot!

Euro Hiker, yes, the municipal camp sites in the south of France have interesting toilet arrangements indeed. Although I only came across one-ploppers (your rating) the accousitcs ranged from ‘interesting’ to ‘superb’, because of the common roof for the whole toilet building usually being high above all the cubicles. I have also come across a row of wash basins with mirrors, cleaning my teeth and flanked by a girl on each side, both topless soaping their necks and their armpits. I took quite a bit of effort not to bat an eye-lid. It was all quite normal. You can imagine that I enjoy camping in France!

Leather Pants Girl, poor you, forced to go in your clothes in that meeting! To lock the door is indecent, to say the least. But it was a very good story!

High Austin, great fart on the camp site! Do you still sail! BTW, you having mentioned security and such, has put me off trying to use your selected stars for navigation. Cheers!

Good plops everyone! Rizzo

Jane (& Gary)

Quick hellos to Robbie, Annie, Meghan & Sarah (best wishes to Robbie's dad for a speedy recovery), Carmalita & the gang (Hola! Que pasa!), Kendal and family (great stories), Althea, Rizzo, Buzzy, Ephermal, and everyone else.

My thoughts were also with Jeff A and Diane (NY) on last week's 9/11 remembrance.

Glad to see you posting again, Amy (Co-ed). That was a great story about you buddy dumping with your sister at the mall. Something similar happened just this past weekend. I was at the mall with my niece Katie and neighbor Gretchen, who is 11. After some shopping, we had lunch at the food court, did some more shopping, and went to a department store ladies room. Katie insisted she was a big girl and can go by herself, so she went into a stall. Gretchen went into another stall, and I went in between the girls. Even before I had a chance to sit, I heard Gretchen yank down her jeans and sit and immediately pushed out several pieces of poop. I heard Katie get seated, and I pulled down my shorts and white panties and sat. While Katie was peeing, I pushed out three medium size poops, then started to pee. Meanwhile, Gretchen continued to push out pieces of poop. As I began to wipe, Katie came off the toilet seat, pushed up her panties and flushed the toilet, and she ! knocked on my stall door and asked, "Are you almost finished, Auntie Jane?" I said I was almost done, finished wiping, and flushed the toilet. Katie was about to knock on Gretchen's stall door, but I said not to bother her, as she was still pooping away. As we washed our hands, Gretchen started to roll out some TP and wipe. She flushed the toilet and came out of the stall as we were about to dry our hands. As she was washing her hands, Gretchen said, "You should have seen it. I almost filled the bowl with poop. Good thing it went down in one flush." Katie said, "Oh yeah? Auntie Jane can fill several bowls at once. I saw her do it." I said enough of this talk as we went out of the ladies room.

To Lady girl: Loved your story...are you too in a dating relationship? sounds cool.

To Jeyna: Liked your story.

To Martyn: Liked your story.

To Mike of MD USA: 1. Never 2. Once by mistake when i was 10. 3. N/a 4. Never 5. Never

To Donnie M.: Liked your hospital story, was that along time ago?

To Amy (Co-ed): Liked your story, have you ever been around when your sister dumps before? and does she know your intrested?

To Doug: Thats intresting..that reminds me of something i'll post at the end of this.

To FART LOVER.: Liked your one smelled any thing??

To Jason D.: Loved your have a cool g/f. Does she know you post here?

To Andre: 1. B and C only around people i know and on the toilet. 2. Sit to wipe 3. No 4. N/A 5. N/A Im single.

To leather pants girl: Loved your story..did you ever go out there and check to see if you could see poop on the path?

To Soda Pop: Liked your story.

To Billy & Kevin L.: Liked your story

To Wet cheeks: Liked your story, that would be cool if you could do that.

To Austin (Blake): Saying hi back..liked your story too.

To Mike of MD USA 1. Yes 2. N/a 3. Yes 4. N/A 5. Never. 6. Never.

To Musk: Liked your story.

To Nathan: Loved your story.

To Fernando: Loved your story about your buddy.

To unnamed poster about playing in the garden..I loved your story.

To Plunging Plop Guy: I liked what you saw on

I mentioned i went to the movies yesterday, before the movie started there was an ad for colon cancer and to get checked if your over 50(btw some family of mind had this) and there were some girls sitting in front of me and someone said whats a colon...they are like you don't wanna know and then they were just a kick out of that.

In addition I could emagine a couple just back from Carnegie Hall and going to the "Music Through The Anus" show, eating
at home their little boy passes gas at the table and the parents say don't fart at the table. "That's gross!"

The hypocracy of it all!

TO AUSTIN: That was the best fart story I've ever heard, I'm still laughing. What did it smell like? I would've loved to have been there to smell it.

To Donnie M
I have just being doing a holiday job over the summer holiday before university in a printing factory.
It seems there that they don't mind you skiving off in the bogs for a smoke break but if you go in there for the intended purpose for more than a minute or two (pee) you get comments about skiving off, "couldn't you do that at home?" etc etc. And that was from teh supervisors as well as colleagues.
Whenever I was on the early (06.00 to 14.00 shift) I always had to do my poo just after the "breakfast break" at 08.30 - I just can't be bothered with breakfast if I get up at 05.00 and my bowels don't seem interested in being emptied then even if I sit on the loo and push.
The first day I got so embarassed by the comments while I was in there and when I came out (someone was even singing "Oh Dear what can the matter be, Nathan Lockwood's stuck in the lavatory")that I tried to hold it the next day. Some chance - all I got was the same piffle when I had no option but to "go" later after couple of hours of increasing discomfort. After that I just put up with all the taunting and comments such as "are you ever going to do a full shift Nathan?" It never takes me more than 10 minutes to do my poo (probably normally only about 6 or 7 minutes)so I couldn't see what the problem was here.
I was never aware of anyone else going for a poo there so perhaps the permanent staff had all trained their digestive systems to avoid it.
I think they just objected to the smell of shit coming from my cubicle spoiling their "smoking room" atmosphere.
As I said in an earlier post I'm 18 and of very slim build. The rest of the staff were mostly late twenties or early thirties "blokish types" so I expect they saw me as a bit of kid or a "posh student" they could take the piss out of.

Hey, what a nice suprise! I just came back from a few days by the seaside and found so many post from such lovely people for me:

JEFF A: Thanks for your nice words! You are right, it is always a bit disappointing and causing uncertainty, when you fell like talkig to yourself. I don't know if somebody has explained it in the meantime, but it has nothing to do with your server, you did not see
my post in the first place. It tends to be the rule here, that if your post is too long (especially from regulars), you are send to the old pages, this is why I always check one or two recent pages with the new mail. Anyway, I enjoyed reading from you. In fact I laughed so loud about your wife's comment on the poop video, that my mum, who was visiting and in the room watching telly, asked me why I laughed. Uuups! I just mumbled: "oh, it's private...sorry". I could not really, tell her could I? Grin! I think it's great though, that your wife is not repulsed by such things and is open enough to take part in your interests. And I like her sense of humour! I think I would be scared to death to tell my partner about the things I like, If I would sense the interest is not shared. But as you said, your relationship is strong and you probably knew that. Does your wife know about this site? Are you still posting the toilet art? I would so much love to see that, but I could not fi! nd anything. Shame! I was very interested to hear you also have some childhood memories. I would love to hear some, if you would like to share them. I very much remember watching the neighbour's boy dropping a turd in the toilet or doing a pee. I can't recall it correctly, but I think it was him, who wanted to stop the joined toilet visits, maybe cause he got into trouble from home. I think I was very dissapointed...You would have my permission to watch, dear, although I doubt I would live up to your expectation (I am not Halle Berry, you know...) . As I said, I would also like to see you. Would you like it, if your wife would watch you, or don't you care? I would not care so much, if my partner would want to see me poo or not (as long as it's ok I do, lol), but I would not want a relationship with somebody who finds me peeing standing disturbing-but I take it you don't have that problem ;-). It always suprises me most people don't find peeing a turn on, as it' s so closely ! connected to the genitals, but then there are many other things other people get turned on by and I don't. Like you said, most glamour shots are quite boring. Unfortunately, I know hardly anybody from your list. It's a pity, cause I would have been interested. I will look some up on the net, after I read through the recent posts...I hope to hear from you again soon. Thank you for you wonderful compliments. My thoughts were with you in the past week and I hope you and everybody close somehow coped. I enyoy your presence here and hope you will stay a bit this time. Love from Ina.

RIZZO: How nice to hear from you again. I hope you got my compliments on your story. I will write more tomorrow, as I getting too long. I am hoping to make the first page, so it will be seen. Until then, love from Ina

STEVE AND LOUISE: Thank you for wonderful letters! Both of you! Same to you, I will write more soon!!! See the above reason. Big hug to you and lots of love!

CARMELITA: Lovely to hear from you again and a big kiss to the gorgeous latina lady! SO glad you are all fine!

ROBBIE, ANNIE, SARAH AND MEGHAN: I am worried and hope all is well with you!

I've got a great shit story to tell.
This was told to me by a guy once. He was on holiday in Greece and after some sightseeing, he was on his way back on the bus to the cottage complex he was staying at. He had been suffering from diarreah for a few days and while on the bus, he felt the familiar need to shit and the bumpy bus ride was making the feeling even more intense. He finally had to get off the bus to see if he could find somewhere to spray his shit.He found the faster he walked the more he felt he was going to shit himself, so from time to time he had to stop cold and clench his arse together tightly. He was unable to find anywhere to shit on or off the road that was out of sight from prying eyes, but he managed to make it to the complex he was staying at. As he entered the courtyard with great relief, wet farts then diarreah exploded out of his arse and into his white nylon football shorts down his legs and into his white rebok trainers which he was wearing with no socks. To make matters worse he ! also pissed himself at the same time! He was in a state of shock not believing at age 35 he had shit and pissed himself. He paniced and ran through the courtyard with yellowish watery shit still exiting his arsehole leaving a trail behind him. He got into his cottage and into the bathroom where he kicked off his shitty and pissy Reboks and shorts. From the waist down he was covered in the most rotten smelling diarreah. He wanted to take a shower straight away but he was still dribbling shit out of his hole so with his arse cheeks covered in shit he sat on the toilet and for the next 30 plus minutes he empitied his guts into the toilet accomponied by the loudest farts which he said were like bombs going off. After that he managed to crawl off the toilet and into the shower where he washed the caked shit off his body and down the plug hole. He said I was the only person he had told. The fact that he was very drunk when he told me might of had something to do with it.

Does anyboy know which number a great shit story about a policeman at a Kray's twin funeral who shit himself? I read it a couple of months back and haven't been able to find it since. Thanks.

Darius (Noel)

Hi everyone. I don't know what is happening. I've woken up several times in the night with cramps over recent weeks, and had to poo often. This morning I woke up about an hour before I normally get up with what seemed the same thing again. It subsided and I went back to sleep. About 30 minutes later I woke up knowing I needed to get to the bathroom as I was getting quite bad cramps. As I was halfway along the landing the shit began to come out and despite my efforts to 'suck it back in', it just kept coming out. I was worried as I had an old pair of Dolce & Gabbana ribbed hipster trunks on. The legs are very short, even though a fairly close fit. So I had to put my right had behind me to hold the increasing very soft load in place and not drop out on the carpet. I got in the bathroom OK, and knew I had now to have my shower before breakfast. I like to shave before my shower, and wash off the shaving gel in the shower. So I put my legs firmly together and with both ha! nds on the back of my pants pushed the load upwards so it would not drop out. It did this easily, being so soft. I then managed to successfully have my shave, and then gingerly got into the shower. I then dropped my pants. They were really plastered with shit right up the back. I successfully swilled it all out of the pants with the shower head. and swilled the shit off my butt too. It was amazingly easy to clean up as it virtually all flowed away down the shower drain. I'm sure glad I was not still in bed when I did it. It would be impossible with these little hipster trunks on to get out of bed without getting it on the bottom sheet. I've not bothered cleaning these D&G hipster trunks in the way I usually wash my pooed pants. The waistband was perishing, so I've thrown them away as they were due for scrapping, like the other similar pair. They were not the most comfortable underwear. My 6-pairs of CK hipster trunks are far superior and very comfortable. I did shit in a! white pair of these CK hipster trunks once and had no problems with losing the load. Have any of you other guys had to jump out of bed desperate to poo and did not make it to the bathroom?
That's it for today.
Happy poos and pees to all.

Matt / Darius

I had an awesome poo in a pair of black CK fly front briefs last night. My body-clock seems to be quite regular and more often than not, when I get home from work I am ready for a good poo pretty much straigh away. Well, last night I got home and was undressing to change into casual clothes. I knew I needed a poo urgently, but it wasn't quite at the stage of shitting my pants whether I wanted to or not. Anyway, I'd not planned in advance at all, but as I was changing I just thought, "what the hell" and I came to see if there were any good stories on here from either of you or anyone else. Like MArk B once wrote some months back, reading good stories sometimes acts as a trigger and makes me just want to poo myself. So, standing by the PC and reading the board I just let go and slowly deposited a massive, firm, poo into my CK's. It really was great and it was the sort of poo that can just be tipped down the toilet after and leaves virtually no mess behind (though of course! I went and had a shower right away). I think, Matt, it must have been very similar to the poo you did in your pants at work, left almost no marks at all. Hope you liked hearing about this.


A few replies !!

DEAR JEYNA: I loved your story, and welcome to the forum. I love to see us younger people posting here. I was 10, just like you, when I first posted here. Now I'm 12. I have to tell you that I've got a younger girl cousin who I live with, called Ellen. Ellen was six just last week, and she had a garden party. Her little friends and she were playing hide and seek, the winner being the last one found. Ellen was so determined to be the last that even though she knew she really needed a wee, she held on and held on until she couldn't anymore. She made a bolt for the house from her hiding spot, holding herself between the legs as she ran, but it was all too late. The wee just gushed out of her, wetting her best party frock. Her girl friends were sympathetic, but the few boys there laughed, and she cried buckets. One boy in particular laughed ! I wanted to tell him off. But he got what he deserved in the end, when he finished up weeing himself during a tickling game !!! Ho! pe you liked my story back to you ! Lots of love from Kendal xx

UNCLE RIZZO: You don't need to worry yourself. No-one got caught watching each other at all ! We are still very careful. It came out as a result of something that Ellen happened to say, but its all blown over now. Special hugs to my Uncle xxxxxx

LOUISE: Well, I said yes of course !! Love Kendal x

LONDON CALLING: Glad you've found some friends to be able to chat to about this subject. I'm always happy to tell you what you want to know ! Love from Kendal x

THE BOY FROM LANCASHIRE WHOSE POST WAS TAGGED ON TO JILLY'S: We haven't sat backwards on the toilet, no. Actually, I'm not that interested in being able to see the poo. Its just the fun of seeing each other use the toilet, along with the whizzes and plop sounds ! You sound as though you were lucky with your friend's sister, being able to watch her poo come out slowly from behind the bush. How old were you two then ? And what was the other incident you referred to ?

JR: Micheal is 14. Soon be 15.

SIMON: I think Michael was in total shock when I just pulled down my knicks and had a poo there and then. He'd only been used to my reflection upto that point, and I think a full-on view was a little much for him at that time ! Love Kendal x

MR PLUNGING PLOP GUY: I loved the way you called me "Miss Kendal". It made me feel like a young lady in a Jane Austin novel !! I'm sorry Michael's poo was rather disappointing for you, but I should think there will be more opportunities in the future for good old bottom splashing ploppers !! Love from Miss Kendal xx

I hope everyone is keeping well, especially dear Uncle Robby (another big hug for another favourite Uncle xxxxx) and Aunty Annie and Sarah and Meghan, and Jane and Gary and Ephermal and so on.

LINDA GS: You said shame on me last time you wrote. Whatever must you think of your on-line sister now ?!! Anyway, you must write again soon, and we must both take time out of our hectic schedules to catch up on girly things. I suggest a bathroom visit, minus the boys. Maybe I can hold your hand while you have one of your humongous poops, thats provided you promise not to break several bones by squeezing too hard !! Lots of love to Cousin and Elena and Lynda and Kendal. And Drew asked me to pass on an extra long XOSXOSXOSXOS !! Lots of love from Kendal xxxxxx

Hello everybody. I do not have a lot of time today but I want to write about my wee on Saturday night.
I was wearing one of my short dresses, a yellow one. It kind of shows off my bust a bit as well you know as well as my legs. Under my dress I was wearing my leopard print thong (GRRRR). Steve had bought it for me. I had been on wine that night and I had not had more than one wee before we went home. My friend Emma was with us, and like me she really wanted a wee as much as me when we were walking because she had been drinking beer. We were both bursting really! Well we were a long way from where we like to wee a lot but Steve took us to one of the alleys near a nightclub. Well in there I bet some other girls had been weeing because there were about 5 puddles, and some wet streaks down walls, so I bet some men had got their willies out and weed as well. Steve was very good for looking after us and he took our handbags because I was nearly wetting myself and washing the leopard spots off my thong. Emma was squealing with a bit of panic by now and she threw her bag at Steve! . Well we got next to the wall and I pulled my thong down and Emma got her pink thong down as well and we squatted then real quick. Well we just let it rip and we both did big gushers. I bet it was Emma's biggest wee ever because she does weaker trickles most of the time. giggle She went "uh... uh" because she got such relief from letting rip and squirting her wee out. She parted her legs more to let Steve see it better and so did I. I felt good having my wee as well, and I was hissing really loud. It was a gusher with a big twist in it. We made really big puddles then. We got seen squatting by some people crossing the alley at the top and they knew we had our knickers down weeing but they did not bother us.
When we were finished, I wiggled my bum to shake the dips off and so did Emma. We had nothing to wipe with so that was all we could do.

RIZZO - Hi guy! I hope you like my latest story. You can hold my thong and keep it safe for me any time while I have a wee. giggle
I do not think Steve does Tai chi but he says it is good for keeping the joints flexible and all that. I giggled at your wife baking bread designed to make you shit.
Thank you for saying it would be good for me to instruct kung fu.
Love Louise xxxxx

ADRIAN - Hi guy! Well thank you for what you said about me watering the rocks in Spain. Yeah, it was very enjoyable for me. Steve has already said how he misses some of my best wees, and I had a similar wee to that one in the back garden on Satuday morning when I had not had a wee yet, so I think that one was a harder gusher really than the one I wrote about. He liked watching that.
Love Louise xxxxx

UPSTATE DAVE - Hi guy! Thank you for liking my wee! Well I know I got it right if people can picture me how I was when I was weeing.
Love Louise xxxxx

CARMALITA - Hi girl! I really liked your story. Nu really washed that tree eh? Steve will like the story, I will tell him you have written! I hope your dad is all right.
Love Louise xx

Plunging Plop Guy

MUSK, Good to hear from you again! I think the decline in the number of public toilets is common to any city in the UK.
That sounds good where you work that you have a choice of ten different bogs to use! I've also known someone in the next cubicle to make a quick escape as soon as I start making toilet noises!
As for hearing someone using a mobile 'phone to play computer games while he's on the toilet, no, I've never heard that happening, just occasional incoming calls, but I'd like to hear a guy answer a call just as he's dropping an enormous plop and telling the other person what the noise was!
Sometimes when I'm away and using different toilets, I notice subtle differences in the sounds my turds make when they drop due to variations in the toilet design, or the acoustics of the room.
I visited a new toilet block that's just opened near where I live.(A new toilet! Yes but it's replaced a "temporary" one.) This costs 20p to enter, then once inside, there are just two cubicles one at each end with the urinals between them. To add to my sense of complete indifference; the pans have smallish water traps, so I won't go there again unless I'm in urgent need!
There must be some really good toilets about with great acoustics and lots of fit guys sitting on them having good shits, but I'd love to know where they all are!
A guy sitting on the toilet pissing into the water is brilliant if it's followed by some really loud plops! Like he's really personalised it first! Enjoy yourself at work, I envy you!

NATHAN, Great for you to be able to be heard having those plops on the toilet with your neighbour standing nearby! No doubt he was impressed at the sounds, and the offer of a lift home would have been an opportunity for him to mention the subject. He must have enjoyed hearing you!

FERNANDO, I liked your story, and it's good to know you found having a shit with a close friend there very comfortable. Your friend sounds easy to talk with about shitting.

DONNIE M. About those uncomfortable toilet seats, I seem to remember hearing the company went out of business. It's probably illegal to make employees' toilet breaks a "pain in the arse" so to speak, as anyone who wants to use the toilet in his break time cannot be accused of disrupting production.

Happy toileting, P. Plop Guy

Annie(Robby's Cousin)
Hi Everyone!!
We are very sorry that we have been away so long. Robby is still with his father. He doesn't know when he will be back. Also Meghan was injured in a car accident so I have been taking care of her. Sari is ok but very busy. Here is a story on Meg.
One day last week I had to help her to the loo. She is still not walking well. I sat her on the toilet and she let out this tremendous fart(trump). She and I laughed and she dropped several large logs. She is still in much pain so I held her hand. When she got through I wiped her and she kissed me and said "I must be better than ole Dad". That made me smile. She says hello to all of you and so does Robby. I want to especially thank Dear Rizzo, Steve, Louise, Sweet Ina, Nieces Kendal, Ellen, and Nephew Andrew, PV, Carmalita, Damsel, Ephermal, Todd and Diana, Tim and Sarah, and all of the other wonderful posters for thinking of us. We will be back. It will take some time, though. Love and Peace to all.


Tuesday, September 17, 2002

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