Lady girl
Hey everyone i have a greatg story today. A week ago me and a friend of mine were hangin out at his house when i felt the sudden urge to shit. I told him i had to take a shit and he said his toilet was broken but i could use his roomates. So he showed me where it was and i told him, "hey why dont you stay in here and keep me company, i have had trouble shitting lately and i need somone to rub my ???? while i go . He gladly said yes. But the bad thing is the toilet does not have much privacy anyways because there is no door. I said i knew he was going to try to watch anyways so i said he could watch and help out. So i pulled my pants down and thong down and sat on the wooden seat. I felt kind of awkward because he kept staring at my crotch which was right in the open because i had my shirt pulled and my pants all the way down. I said, I know that you dont allways get the chance to watch a girl shit but would you please not stare right at my bits because i can't pee it feels awkward. He went red and i told him i dont care because we were good friends. and i told him that he could watch after my first pee. Well after that he went right back to staring when all of the sudden it hit me i could feel that i was going to have diarrhea. I told him that i know what comes out is going to be diarrhea and it gets really smelly and messy. and that i fart alot. but he said he didnt mind so i let go and a huge wave of diarrhea shot ou my anus covering the bowl. I sat there and pushed out a couple more waves when i noticed a buldge in his crotch area. I said dude do you have a boner he said blushingly yeah i said thats cool do you get turned on by me taking a shit. he said yeah. I said well i want to see some action why dont you take a shit he said fine come back tomorrow.

Hi I'm Jeyna and I'm 10 years old. I don't realy have any stories about me but I do have 2 little sisers that are 5 and 8 and they both have small bladers or something because Bryayn (shes 5) wears pullups all the time and Alysen is 8 and she always ends up going peeand poop in her pants.My mom doesn't really care if they do, she usually would rather them go in their pants when there in public or in the car.

ANYWAY heres my story. Me and my mom and my sisters were in Wal-Mart and we were in the toy section while my mom was paying. Bryayn was holding her crotch and dancing and she said she had to go pee badly. I said go in your pull up and she said she forgot to put it on. So Alysen said she'd take her to the bathroom since she had to pee too. I went too and we got there and there was a long line since they were cleaning the other one. Bryayn whispered to me that she couldn't hold her pee any longer and she started peeing her pants. Which would have been fine except she wasn't wearing any underwear at all!! So pee was all over the floor!Then Alysen was laughing at her and Bryayn was crying, but Alysen ended up peeing in her pants from laughing. I was so embarrassed!

I hope you liked my story!!

hi im 15 and once when i got for school one morning i got up to early. i wondered why and i felt stomah cramps. I knew straight away what the problem was. i did a squeeky fart then another one. I was trying to hold it in as best i could until i got to the bathroom. i didnt make it though. i felt a little dribble so i pulled down my pants and boxers and had to do it in my room. I had it for 3 days.

Mike of MD USA
1. How many of you pissed and pooped with the door opened in a public restroom?
2. How many of you men ever went into a ladies restroom other than to clean it?
3. Have any of you ladies ever went into a mens restroom other than to clean it?
4. How many times have you used a family restroom while you were with your kids at a shopping mall?
5. Have you ever used either the ladies or mens restroom while they were being cleaned by a women cleaning the mens restroom or a man cleaning the ladies restroom?

Donnie M.
Its been awhile since I posted here but I thought Id tell of some experiences from the time I was in the "Big Hotel" (hospital).
I had been admitted a few times for a reason or other, a few times put into the CCU unit which you are like almost tied down to the bed because of the I.V. lines and monitor you have stuck on you. I think they stick you in there wether you like it or not just to suck up that $500. a day charge to your insurance.
So then you are limited as to getting out of bed. So you have to pee, and you tell the nurse and they bring you a urinal (for guys) and you do it in there laying down if you want to. Gotta watch you dont spill it all over the bed though, as you will learn real quick about that.
So Im there a day and then I feel I got to crap, its kinda annoying and you got that feeling to go. You buzz the nurse and she cumes and you say I needa crap. Ok say says, I will get you a bedpan. Im like what?!! A BEDWhat? There is a toilet in the room and Im very capable of hopping over there to spend 5 minutes taking a shit, geez!
Nope, no way the head warden says, no I get you the bedpan.
The beds there are up sorta high about waist high standing by one and so you got to sit on this thing to crap.
By the time you get this thing under your ass and sit on top, you are up close to the ceiling. This is the most annoying uncomfortable thing in the world, if you hadda shit, this will make you forget how.
Hey, I call the nurse, get me something other that this, it aint goona work no way. She says, no you have to use that. I said, ok, call my doctor and let me tell him, I aint using this thing no way!
After a bit of running back and forth out in the hall the nurses are ready to call my doctor about this thing. I get off this pan, its like no way can you do anything on this bedpan sitting up like a dude on a highwire or something.
Finally I said, dont they have a bedside commode in this place? The nurses then say, ya, I find one for you.
After a bit they show up with one and I park on it and am able to unload about 3 days of mushy shit, whew! That thing had a pot under the seat and it was filled to the brim. I laid some toilet paper criss cross on top of all the crap to kinda hold down the smell and so I didnt have to stare at it.
Then they empty the pot underneath the seat and take it away!
Hey, where did you take that thing? Im goona need it again you know! Oh says the nurse, we only have 2 on the floor and someone else needs it now.
Admid some protests I was able to get it back with a few threats of calling my doctor on my cell phone if I had to.
So then for my reader friends just take note you dont have to use a bedpan if you dont want to. Ask for a chair commode instead, its better and its more confortable do you your buisness that way. I just hope that they somehow find a way to buy one for each room as I can see how they are better than any bedpan, unless its the only way.
So I thought Id pass this along to my reader frinds and maybe some day they might remember this post and be able to make a poo a bit more comfortable.
Anyone else got any stories about this? Let hear them..

Also on another subject-
I mentioned once before I think and on one ever made any response to a question.
I had worked in a few mills, and a few other places where they didnt like you to take time off for a pee break or shit. Sometimes you would go to the toilets and soon the foreman would come in looking for you and then saying "hurry up" "lets go". As if thats not bad enough, the toiet seats I remember were black, elongated, having the front cut out.
The one major thing was where normally you had a little depression on each side of the seat for your butt to fit on, but not these. Insead of a little smooth depression you had two raised hard humps. They met the bones in your butt and hurt like hell if you sat there more than a few minutes. It was there to disccourage anyone sitting and reading a book or paper as like in 5 minutes you wanted off that thing.
I really dont know if they are legal or not, and as of today, I dont know if those are still around or not. Perhaps someone might comment about that if they had some experiences with them. I think they were a disgrace to the worker and an insult.
Perhaps someone might comment on these.

Amy (Co-ed)
Hi everyone! I feel so very bad for not posting in what has been several months:-( I took the summer off from college and did not do anything that involved a computer or research or anything else. I am now back at school! I am going to be a senior at the end of this semester, I can't wait!! It has been fun to read back over the postings, see what has been happening, all of the new guys and girls. I truly missed everybody! I had lots of good poops over the summer, but it becomes boring taking a dump in the same restroom at home day after day. There is nothing like being back at school, I can poop in all of my favorite places and share the experiences of others! School started back about 3 weeks ago. I still live in the dorms, I plan on moving out in December with my best friend Kirsten, we are moving to an apartment which will be very nice for my last year of school. I will miss the public restrooms in the dorms though. Anyway, enough of that, on to my latest poop ing experience. This weekend my little sister April came to visit, she is 12, very cute and skinny. We went to the mall yesterday and spent all day shopping. I actually needed to take a shit before we left, but April was anxious to go shopping, so I felt I could save it for later. A few hours later, at about 2pm we had just finished eating lunch when my need had grown to the point of no more waiting. I remember that April usually poops after lunch as well, so I asked her if she needed a restroom break. She said that she actually needed to go really bad, I told her I did too so we gathered up our bags and headed to the girl's restroom. We went to a big department store that I remembered had a big clean restroom. April farted as we went inside, some lady gave us a funny look, we just giggled and went into two ajoining stalls. I hung my bags on the hook and locked the door. I was wearing a mini-skirt, so I lowered my panties to my ankles and sat down, my butt dipped d own into the toilet my cheeks slowly coming open, almost instantly I broke the silence with a long fart. I could hear April undoing her shorts and lowering them as well. She also farted several times and then began dropping a bunch of small turds that you could hear splash over and over. I sat for about 2 minutes trying to push a huge log out, all the while April kept making splashes. I started counting them, she soon reached 20! I asked her how she could hold that much poop. She said "I told you I had to really go!" I grunted out-loud in my effort to push out my log, it was very big. My asshole slowly crackled open, I felt like I was passing a cinder block, my hole felt very full. I just let it take its course. After another 2 minutes it fell into the water. I farted several more times and pushed again. Another big log wanted out. It was not quite as long, but it was just as thick. I strained out loud again and it slowly began to squeeze out. April was also g! runting, I finally heard a dull splash followed by a sigh of relief. I didn't think a skinny girl like her could take that big of a dump. She told me that she often takes big dumps, I guess sisters are alike! I ended up dropping 5 turds, each smaller than the previous. My biggest was about 10 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. We had a good day shopping, can't wait to do it again. Everyone take care, talk to you again soon.



In the CNN news there was an item about a quarter pound of coffee costing $150 in a gormet store. The coffee beans were passed through the bowel movements of a certain wild cat. Supposedly, an enzyme from the cat gave a pecular and good flavor.

What's the world coming to? Next thing maybe there will be music thru the anus.

I can imagine well dressed middle aged men and women going to Carnagie Hall to a consert titled "Music From the Anus". A well dress man is musically farting along with instrumental accompanyment. After the show the middle aged people were raving about how great the performance was.

KELLI - Your story sounds absolutely awful, how did you manage to sit in that cell all night after such a terribly embaressing experience?? you poor thing. I remember I was put in a cell once at a police station after a fight (too long a story, I was attacked) and I remember having really bad ???? upset, but I was in a cell on my own, and I was in shock aswell so did'nt really know what was going on around me, I had to go at least three times as well (and they had loo paper). Did you not need to go again after that, or did you not dare?


Yesterday after work, I had an to poo. I farted a loud zipping fart as I was driving home in my car. I thought for sure I was going to go right there in my seat; but it hadn't yet decended. Soon I drove up in my parking lot in front of my apartment. As soon as I got out of the car, I farted again and the turd slid out inside of my panties. It was hard and about six inches long and two inches wide. I was on my period, so my kotex saved the day as far as mess is concerned. I've decided to walk to the mailbox to check my mail; I got out my mail, and walked to my apartment. As I walked another turd slid out as I pushed, it was about two inches and hard also. I was wearing a skirt, so no one could tell if I had a bulge. I opened the door to my apartment, and took the garbage out to the dumpster. As I walked I farted another loud zipping fart, and pushed another long log halfway out of my ass. My panties was louded and by this time I was starting to smell. After I empted the garba! ge, I walked into my house with a big loud of shit in my panties. I was finished for the day. It was pretty pleasent cleaning up.

Jason D.
If I thought that last Saturday's experience was as good as it would get, I was surely mistaken. I was back at Em's house last night. While we were sitting on the couch watching True Crime, which I rented from Zitomer's that day, Em starts throwing all of her clothes off. I simply couldn't believe my eyes, as her bra and panties joined the rest of her clothes on the floor. She stood before me, her hands on her hips, stark naked. Then she sorts through her records and finds one with the song with the lyrics "It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes." I kindly obeyed the singer's request as I took off all of my clothes and threw them in a pile. Of course, you guys can expect what happened next, and I know there are some minors writing here, so I won't go into all the minute details. BUt then Em says, in the middle of our lovemaking, I have to go to the bathroom, I'm really sorry. I put all my clothes on again, frightened that Emily's parents might come se! e me naked. After about three minutes, Em calls me in. She says, "I seem to have gotten over the constipation from last week. Because of my vegetarianism, I seem to have been having very long turds of late. It says that if you eat your fruits and v????s, you'll have longer turds. This one might have beat the record. I even had to stand up, because the turd was so long it went past the toilet bowl lid. Knowing what to expect, I see Em move from in front of the turd so I wouldn't see it. SHe was certainly right. I said, wait Em, I have to get a tape measure to measure this. I get one of my old tape measures that goes to 60 inches. It was hiding in the hole, so I didn't measure its full length, but it was at least 22 inches long. Em is 5 foot 7. How can she fit almost 2 feet of shit in there? I washed my hands, and then said, Em, I didn't know a girl as sexy and voluptous as you could make such monumental and smelly shits. She said, I know, it's amazing, isn't ! it? Bet you didn't even think girls could shit before you saw me.

Im back !!!!!
Ive been so busy so recenntly, I dont even know how many months Ive been gone.Well, thers nothing interesting that recently happened so far. And by the way for those of you who dont know me Im 13 1/2, male and black. I like to listen to people take a dump, mostly men I dont know why but it is such a turn on for me to hear a man pooping. Well heres a couple of questions. Please answer these.

1. Do you fart A. every time you get a chance, B. Only around people you know or C.Only fart on the tooilet. you sit or stand to wipe?

3.have you ever farted in public and someone found out you did.

4.For the ladies, do you fart around your husband or boyfriend.

5. For the guys do you fart in front of your girlfriend, and if you do does you are a total slob for that.


To Kelli with an "I": Liked your story

To Someone else who poops: I do that sometimes.

To PJ girl (Tina): Liked your story

To Wetguy: Loved your story...i don't know how any one can do that to them selfs...i try not to poop or pee my self on purpose...such a mess to clean up.

Last night i was watching America's Funniest videdos on tv and there was this one segement(they one first place BTW..It was soo cool). This kid is dressed up as an american indian and had a drum i think and his standing around the christmas tree doing a dance then he says mommy i need to go poo- poo..she says well see him run off to the bathroom and he was holding his butt. It was soo cool...any one see that?

Then today i worked and i hadn't shit in several days and i really had to shit at work, had to stop what i was doing and told my co workers be right back had to use the bathroom..couldn't hold. I thought i might have to go again w/ out going for several days. Did have another urge or 2 but was able to hold...gotta run bye

leather pants girl
Had to post this is soooooo funny. Where we live, there is a path going right by our condo joggers,rollerbladders etc all use it.

Now there is a young girl who lives nearby she has this huge dog no idear of the breed, but anyway every day this girl takes the dog for a walk sort of, for this girl wears rollerblades and the dog pulls her along she actually gos quite fast.

well today kathy and i was laying on the balcony sunning our selves, when the girl came by being towed by this huge monster of a dog, shes probably about 12 maybe 13 yrs old she had on soccer shorts green in colour and sort of a satiny material and a white t shirt, now she was yelling at the dog to stop we got up and the site we saw was just so funny, the girl had one hand clutching her bum tight and of course holding the leash with the other, the dog totally ignoring her, carried on at a steady pace as we looked we saw a stream of poo running down her legs she left a trail of brown smelly poo all down the pathway.

Ok its rotten to laugh i know but had you seen the site iam sure you would agree with us, we later saw the poor girl walking back home still with the dog of course she had taken off her skates and walking sort of funny poo just covering the rear of her shorts and her legs compleatly covered with poo.

Soda Pop
Hey I have never posted here before but this site seems kinda cool... I have been into this kinda thing for a little while now and I though I would post about and experience I had earlier today. I stoped at this gas station to take a shit, I had been driving for like 10 hrs and needed to go badly. Well I found out that there was only a unisex bathroom which had like 10 stalls and 5 of those things on the wall. Oh yeah I am a male. Anyway from the smell I could tell that there was a few people talking shits and also because I herd a lot of grunting and farting. Well from the looks of the pants and shoes they were all feamle. I walked into the first available stall and found there to be skid marks all over the bowl and like 2 golf ball sized pieces of shit floating... well I figured oh well I will add to it and went to reach for some toilet paper to wipe some piss of the seat and found there was none. So I moved to the next avalible stall which I found was so cloged up that tp was higher then the seat. Anyway I moved to that last available stall and found that it was useable other then someone had shit on the back of the toilet seat. Well I sat down and one big fart came out and like all kinds of shit poured out of me... Some of it was diareah and some of it was turds but it all came out in a matter of seconds. Well I knew I couldn't be done so I sat there and listened to the others shitting their guts out... The chick next to me was having like soft server ice cream shit, and man did it smell. Well about 10min later she started to wipe. It took her 8 wipes to finish... then she stood up and left the stall... didn't even flush I hured up and pulled my paints up and ran into her stall to check out her load. MAN you could not even see the toilet bowl there was so much shit... anyway I have to go I will finish later.

Billy & Kevin L.
Will, that was rather nasty how you pooped in front of the city park bathroom. Last week, at a soccer game, I had to do a poo. My little brother (4) needed a pee. He ran a little bit ahead of us. Some did a poo next to the building (there was corn in it, so it had to be from a person). He tripped over a branch and almost fell on the pile. Probably someone other than the workers who locked the bathrooms stepped on it.

After we got in the bathroom, there were three toilets and three urinals. TWo kids from the other team were pooping and three were talking to them. There were stalls, but the doors were gone. My little brother peed in the urinal while kev said you ahead. So I sat down. Six other kids from some team came in. They were little like 1st grade. Three of them went and peed. The other were waiting for the toilets. I said I am next. One of them said please, I really have to go. I said ok. The kids sitting on the toilets started to wipe. The little kid took the far stall and kev used the one next to me. One of the kids on the other team came in while we were wiping and said, billy and kev, is that all you do? THe kid goes to our school and sees us a lot pooping in the morning at sschool. kev said sometimes we pee too. We washed out hands and won our game.

hi everyone just got back last week from GRAN CANARIA,as regards shit action in the sand dunes near gay beach,yes it does go on as in and out of bushes you could see toilet paper,some smeared with shit.I was lucky enough during my stay to see two sightings here are details
the first was on my second day and was only average ,because the person was not realy my type,but anyway i was sheltering in the bushes from the intense heat which was quite a large bush with branches enough to conceal me ,but in front there was some more bushes which were secluded but where i was i had a good view,any way i had been there about five minutes when this guy about mid 30,s i would say came into the secluded area,he was wearing blue bermuda type shorts ,he squatted and pretended to look like he was just crouching,he then quickly removed his shorts,exposing his bare arse,i was surprised he wasn,t wearing any underwear, he was now squatting with his shorts around his ankles and he let rip a fart ,i was a few feet away and could see a log starting to appear from beneath his legs,it got bigger and dropped to the floor,another one dropped to the floor quickly afterwards,he pulled his shorts up and left,i went over to inspect his load he had produced about two pre! tty big logs
The second one was much more exciting as he was a willing participant,during my stay i met this gorgeous young lad who i had fun with his name was matthew who came from LONDON, anyway we got talking one day and i mentioned my thing as it was. He was a bit taken aback at first ,but then said would you like to watch me? i couldn,t believe my ears and said you having me on, he said no id like another guy to watch me shit i said great,he said meet tomorrow about 3pm i said ok and we said our good byes
So the next day i went to the top of the beach by the railings,as i neared the location i wasn,t expecting him to be there,but sure enough he was, wearing ADIDAS RED SHORTS TRAINERS AND NOTHING ON TOP,WITH BASEBALL CAP AND SUNGLASSES,i said high and he said the same,then he said to me quietly it,s on the way,i have to admit he looked stunning anyway we walked across the sand dunes until we came to a rather big bush,he said this will do fine we ducked under the tree and in to this rather large bush then we went down this quite steep slope,i noticed more toilet paper as we went down. We got to the bottom and there was this other branch.We stopped and he said its getting nearer,he then said ill sit on this tree,so he sat on the tree and pulled his shorts and his briefs down,he then overhung his bum over so his arse hole was exposed,he said i warn you i usually fart a lot when i shit and i haven,t been for a couple of days,i said no problem. so he started farting and i could! see his anus quivering,then suddenly he farted again,but this time i heard crackling and sure enough a turd was emerging it was knobbley ,but as more came out it was smooth and a nice brown colour it dropped to the floor,must have been about 12c inches,he said im not done yet and sure enough another five medium logs oozed out of his arse hole and i watched every one as they crackled out,i was in heaven,he then let out another fart and another much smaller log emerged .he then said he was done and asked for the paper his anus was smeared in shit as each log got progressively softer,it took him about 8 wipes ,then he used a wet wipe ,then he pulled his shorts up and briefs we had some more fun,then he wanted meto return the favour i said ill try tomorrow and meet me at 4 pm then we parted ill continue in another post happy pooping and pissing gay lad

Wet cheeks
So im trying to get my girlfriend to take a poop in front of me i think she will do it but im not sure if she thinks im serious about it. Any ways i can nicely ask her to do it. Also this morning i had this huge fart in bed and some poop came out but it felt squishy and good in my buttcheeks so i slept with a log in the pants.. doesnt anyone else do this sometimes?

Donnie M.
Hi Leather girl, I read your post about the endless meetings and the doors being locked so no one can leave.
That, as far as Im concerned is illegal to prevent someone leaving to take care of personal neeeds.
The dude that pulls that stunt should be turned in to the Feds.. OSHA for one and the NLRB. ( Labor Relations Board).
There are unions, contracts, reps for the workers, office workers and others, but none are as potent as the NLRB, OSHA and the others in the Federal govenment. You dont have to give your name if you dont want to anyhow its all confidentail when you make a report. A simple phone call is all thats needed. Im sure workers are entitled to a break at least 15 minutes every 2 hours or so.
I know from experience I ran into long winded old goats that in order t get a point across would drone on and on and on and put you t sleep. If he didnt call a break (for a drink or pee) we would just walk out the door. Locking a door is abuse and wont wash. Acts like that are subject to huge fines and i twont take much to get an investigation going. I know when I held a meeting before sales people I made time to get everyone refreshed and a pee break after an hour or 2.
That what happend to you was illegal and can cause that gent to be fined, if hes the owner for each case of his actions. If hes just a "boss" then he could be fired to satisfy the NLRB amd the company fined big time.Those agencys are more powerful than any union or group, beleive me.
So lots of luck, hope you all can put a end to that crap.

Austin (Blake)
Special Hellos to Bryian, Jessica, Stacie Leatherpants girl,
TheLazyTexan, Jeff A. and anybody else I missed last time.

So nice to read your post again. I Looked back thru the old posts and I
didn't see you for a long time. I was starting to get wierded out
thinking something had happened to you. It's wonderful to know your
still doing and dooing fine. XOX.

Okay, Here's my best fart story. One time I was camping in Arizona
along the banks of one of the few lakes that exist in the desert. It was a
really gorgeous little park that was in a small valley. It was only 150
yards or so wide, with steep red rock cliffs of at least 100 feet on both
sides. There was cactus and brush very thick between the campsites. In
the little valley there was no wind so sound traveled very clearly. After
dark I could hear voices from campsites 100 yards away. Naturally, I
strained my ears hoping to hear some action of the you know what
kind. I heard every word that was spoken until the last campsite put its
fire out, around 11pm. Then, perfect silence. Not even the call of a bird
in the still air. No luck. That's when I decided to call it a night. At
about 11:30, I was awakened by the most massive build-up of air in my
colon that I've ever had. I knew it was going to be a masterpiece. The
cliffs and the silence provided such a perfect auditorium, that I had to
share this beauty with the world. I lay in the back of my pickup truck
with the camper shell providing the perfect cone shape to broadcast my
masterwork like a megaphone. BBBBRRRRRRAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!! It
resounded off the cliffs and even had a little metallic ring to it as it
vibrated the metal floor of my truck bed. No one, No one in the park
had had time to fall asleep yet and it was heard by all, far and wide.
Thirty campsites burst into laughter that took fifteen minutes to settle
down. It will be a long time before I can duplicate that performance!

- Austin

Mike of MD USA
1. For the men do you wash or rinse your hands after pissing?
mine I rinse them aafter pissing
2. Ladies who put the toilet seat down you or male friend so you can use it?
3. Men do you always turn on the light to piss except nightime you always use it? Mine is all the time
4. Ladies how many time do you forget to close the door while piss or poop?
5. Men how many time have you forgot to close the door while you piss or poop? mine is I alwaays close for piss and poop
6. Have you ever forgot to flush the toilet after pooping? mine is sometimes

I went to the Movies today. I saw swim Fan there was one sceen where this swimmer is eating something(forgot what he's eating) and he talks about giving some to his dog and his mom said no cause he will get sick and shit on the carpet, and hes like well im eating it, and she said at least you don't shit on my carpet. Something like that. Then there was a sceene where hes about to take a piss in a jar for a drug test, didn't show him peeing or any thing. Did any one see that?
Has any one seen Tom green's new movie? is there any bathroom sceenes on that movie? Might see that next week.
At the movies i had a medium pop corn and a medium soda. Towards the end of the movie i had to pee really bad. It was so bad i was crossing my legs so i wouldn't pee my self...and im like this movie must be over soon. Then it was so i headed to the bathroom and i must have peed for 2 minutes striaght. It was clear then i thought i'd sit and try and poop and listen/look at others shitting. I was mainly looking for some teenages to be pooping, they only came in to pee. Then this older man took the handicaped stall and was pooping and grunting and kept saying come on...and ol god. either he was contstipated and hadn't been in a while or had a loose shit.
When i was in there the first time before the movie started some guy was pooping in the handicaped stall and i saw him come out and he had cruches..thought maybe he had broke his legs or something and the med. was making him have to poop.

I woke up at 6am today and i suddenly had an urge to poop. It was on the soft side wiped 8 times i guess. Well need to run bye

Darius (Noel)
Hi wetguy: Loved your story about crapping your boxers in your room. There is a point where you can't put it off any longer and the poo will start sliding into your underpants anyway, as you've discovered. You were probably in a far greater mess because you were wearing boxers, and they pose the risk of it dropping out on to the carpet too. I cannot explain to you why I love to shit my underpants. There is just something about the feel of the warm turds against my butt that does something for me in a way nothing else can. I like pissing my pants too and that is almost as good. Pooed pants are just more rewarding for me. I think you'll find that all us guys who are into shitting ourselves on this site wear briefs when we do so, even if we wear boxers most of the time, as I do. (More on underwear choices in my recent posts to Matt). Briefs contain the poo to one place. I mostly fill my pants at home so I can have a shower after. If i poo my pants in other places, I try to ! be certain that it's going to be stiff turds so that my briefs still stay fairly clean. I've no doubt the shit you did in your boxers was fairly soft to loose. Am I right on this? Anyway, I do love all your wetting stories. Please keep them coming.
Gotta go as I've lots to do today.

Mike of MD USA
1. For the men do you wash or rinse your hands after pissing?
mine I rinse them aafter pissing
2. Ladies who put the toilet seat down you or male friend so you can use it?
3. Men do you always turn on the light to piss except nightime you always use it? Mine is all the time
4. Ladies how many time do you forget to close the door while piss or poop?
5. Men how many time have you forgot to close the door while you piss or poop? mine is I alwaays close for piss and poop
6. Have you ever forgot to flush the toilet after pooping? mine is sometimes

I've noticed a lot of guys on the toilet at work like to play games on their mobile phones while they are shitting. I've lost count of the amount of guys I have heard shitting and farting and the famailar sound of mobile phone buttons being pressed rapidly. A few days ago, I heard a guy grunting and farting on the toilet and the harder he grunted the faster I could hear the phone buttons being pressed. Even when I came out of the cubicle and washed and dryed my hands, I could still hear him pressing the buttons. I felt like asking him, if he was winning. Has anyone else come across this?

In as many weeks, I have heard two guys having a messy wet farty shit lasting for about 15 or 20 mins each and then wiping their arses once only and then pulling up their drawers!Even when I have a solid shit, I have to wipe my arse quite a few times to get it clean, so I can't believe that their messy wet shit would only need the one wipe. One was a big tall black guy and the other was a middle-aged white man with a bald head and a beer-gut.

In response to the query my gf only got concerned about my bits dangling in the toilet bowl after she had become aware of my having to poo that morning. presumably she'd been thinking about it.
Sat on the loo this morning but nothing happened. Had to go out shopping and while in was in wown the urge came on with a vengeance.
Had to to into the gents toilet in the market (20p, but at least it's clean). Both stalls were busy so I had to wait for someone to finish. The first person to come out was one of my neighbours who I think is gay. He said Hi Nat. I went in and did my poo (loud plops with four dark brown logs, one of which was sticking up out of the water). I never heard the outside door go and I'm sure my neighbour was lurking around. When I had done I wiped by bum, pulled up my CKs and jeans and left the stall to find my neighbour still standing at the sinks combing his hair (yeah!). He looked at my really intensely so I'm sure he had been listening to me relieve myself. he offered me a lift home but I said no I had to meet someone.

Hi guys, I´m a frequent visitor to "the toilet", however I rarely have something worth posting. A month ago, I posted about my first buddy-dumping experience with a buddy. Two days ago, I was with him again and I had the oportunity to have a similar experience, however it was not quite buddy dumping. We went to the race course and we had some beers. Some hours later as I was driving, my buddy told me to stop at a department store since he wanted to buy a gift for his girlfriend but most importantly he was literally shitting his pants. As I was parking the car he jumped off and told me he would be going ahead since he had a real urge to go to the bathroom. I was a bit disappointed since I would have liked to go with him. However I had to piss so I went to the bathroom. When I entered there were about 10 stalls and 3 were occupied with guys dumping. I recognized my buddy by his shoes but did not talk to him since I´m a bit shy about talking in restrooms and there were other gu ys in there. I took my piss and heard my buddy grunt. I would have liked to say something to him but I left. 10 minutes later my buddy came out and we left to see his girlfriend. Later that night we left his girlfriend´s house and were returning to our county (his girlfriend lives an hour away)when my buddy told me if I wanted to go to the mall to eat something. I said O.K. and we were off to the mall. We went to the food court and I had a sandwich and a coffee. My buddy had a burrito and a coffee. After we had our food I told my buddy. Hey man, I have to take a dump, I´ll be done in a second. He told me, I´ll go with you since I have to piss, so we headed to the men´s. When we got there, there was a cleaning cart at the entrance and the door was proped open. I said to my friend damn, now what, so he told me what the heck, let´s go inside. Obviously there was someone inside and it was a middle aged cleaning lady. At least she looked friendly and my buddy told her this: Mam, I need to take a piss and my friend has to take a dump. I was a little ashamed but she said go ahead. So my friend went to a urinal and I took a stall. I heard my buddy washing his hands and talking to the cleaning lady who was still there. Then, I heard the cleaning lady left and my friend walked towards my stall since the sinks are in a separate area (at least the cleaning lady was were the sinks were and I had more privacy). I felt a little self concious to know that a guy that I knew was outside my stall, however I didn´t mind. My buddy jokingly told me, how many farts have you let out man, and I laughed. He started to talk to me and I felt more relaxed. I even enjoyed his company. He asked me if I had seen a girl shit and about how exciting it would be, and sex stuff but I cannot talk more about that in this forum. We kept talking and I thought I had been enough time in the can so I told my buddy, give me a minute bud, and he said 59 seconds bud, so I started wiping. My buddy was really close to where I was and I could see his shadow on the floor. When I started to wipe he even got closer, I suppose he was a little turned on. After I got out of the stall, and while I washed my hands he asked me, if I had taken a dump at college. I explained him that I don´t shit at college cause the bathrooms are nasty. He told me he does. We really enjoyed our bathroom experience and although me like many guys like to shit alone, I really enjoyed having some company in there and particularly since there was a cleaning lady, I felt great to have company. At least there was a guy in there to give me moral support (with women, I feel really uncomfortalbe in the bathroom, although less with cleaning ladies). Since we had buddy dumped already a month ago, that helped to ease my initial fears of dumping with someone I knew, but most importantly, I have really started to enjoy guy´s company while taking a dump. I am more open towards my bodily functions with the m. It is a bonding opportunity if you shit with nice, friendly guys. The initial self contiousness I felt, quickly disappeared, and I thought to myself, he is a guy and he does it too so who cares. That´s my story. I hoped you liked it and I hope I have another opportunity to buddy dump soon.

Take Care and Happy Shitting to you all.

I went to the Movies today. I saw swim Fan there was one sceen where this swimmer is eating something(forgot what he's eating) and he talks about giving some to his dog and his mom said no cause he will get sick and shit on the carpet, and hes like well im eating it, and she said at least you don't shit on my carpet. Something like that. Then there was a sceene where hes about to take a piss in a jar for a drug test, didn't show him peeing or any thing. Did any one see that?
Has any one seen Tom green's new movie? is there any bathroom sceenes on that movie? Might see that next week.
At the movies i had a medium pop corn and a medium soda. Towards the end of the movie i had to pee really bad. It was so bad i was crossing my legs so i wouldn't pee my self...and im like this movie must be over soon. Then it was so i headed to the bathroom and i must have peed for 2 minutes striaght. It was clear then i thought i'd sit and try and poop and listen/look at others shitting. I was mainly looking for some teenages to be pooping, they only came in to pee. Then this older man took the handicaped stall and was pooping and grunting and kept saying come on...and ol god. either he was contstipated and hadn't been in a while or had a loose shit.
When i was in there the first time before the movie started some guy was pooping in the handicaped stall and i saw him come out and he had cruches..thought maybe he had broke his legs or something and the med. was making him have to poop.

I woke up at 6am today and i suddenly had an urge to poop. It was on the soft side wiped 8 times i guess. Well need to run bye

Hi all. There seems to be a slight mistake in my last post. It was displayed as if it was part of jilly's post. The story about the pooing pants incident was my story along with the responses afterwards.

Anyway, I had to poo last night, I was very desperate and I decided to find out how long/big my poo can get. I laid long sheets of toilet paper over the seat and then started to poo. My poo went on the toilet paper and it was massive! It must definitely have been over 10 inches long.

Here's a story from when I was a kid.

Me and my friends always used to play in my garden (including brothers & sisters who were also our friends). One time everyone was out so it was just basically me and one of my friend's sister (3 years younger than me). Anyway, she needed a poo but couldn't go to her toilet because, well I think she just basically couldn't be bothered. She decided to poo in my garden behind a bush. I saw her squat and slowly saw her poo come out, she didn't do much, only about two logs. I enjoyed the experience. I don't really have much experience of girls toilet habits though. There was only a couple of incidents with my friend's sister, including the incident in the story.

I'll finish this post with a couple of messages/responses.

ADELE - I assume you still read this forum, anyway, I was reading your last post (about your constipation) - I hope you don't suffer to badly from it. Which way do you find better (and most enjoyable) of relieving constipation? (i.e. on the toilet or mess yourself?) I sometimes suffer from constipation and usually just sit on the toilet which sometimes takes ages. I used to poo my pants as a kid (upto the age of 14). How long do you usually 'hang around' in messed knickers and do you 'enjoy' smelling of poo?

CARMALITA - Great story. I hope your dad makes a speedy recovery. How long do your logs usually measure?

MATT - Just wondering what age you are? I'm 18 and from just across the border (Lancashire to be precise!). I used to poo my pants as a kid (stopped when I was 14). I have been thinking of maybe starting to poo my pants again (but not on a regular basis like I did as a kid). Would you recommend I started again?

Thats all for now. Will post again soon.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi again!

KELLI, Sorry to hear about your very public shit at that police station, and with no TP but lots of attention. Another example of a situation where the only way to preserve your dignity is to refuse to be intimidated! Just do what you have to do, and if people don't like it, that's their problem! Perhaps if you'd looked at just one person in the eye and said; "Well, where was I supposed to do it?" they'd stop looking like you'd commited a disgusting act.
(If only you'd had some TP with you, though!)

Yesterday being Saturday, and I didn't get up so early, as soon as I was up I felt the urge to have a shit. Normally I go around late morning, but this was at 8AM.
As soon as I sat on the toilet, I realised it was going to take a bit of effort, but as I sat there gently pushing, bits of turd were starting to break off and drop in the toilet. I had a VERY satisfying session of loud plopping arse and buttock wetting turds and it was GREAT! Then after, that terrific feeling of being cleared out, empty, and the awareness of a really healthy and comfortable bowel.
Absolutely the most beautiful and satisfying of all bodily functions in my opinion, is a really good shit that's a pleasure to work on getting done, makes some loud plops, and splashes my arse like it's kissing me goodbye, then leaves me feeling relieved and healthy!

There's a lot of films with people sitting on toilets, and some I've seen have only had very brief glimpses of someone on the toilet.
Anyway, today on TV on Channel 4 I saw an ad. for a magazine where a good-looking young guy keeps being followed by people wanting to read over his shoulder. Anyway, there's a brief shot of him sitting on the toilet with his pants down reading this mag. as people are standing up and looking over the partition at what he's reading! The scene of him on the toilet is very good!

Happy toilet experiences to all, P. Plop Guy

Sunday, September 15, 2002

To Plunging Plop Guy
The only place I go to hear guys blowing up a storm out of their arses, is where I work. As you may or may not know, a lot of the public toilets in London are being closed down. I work in a building that has 10 floors and a mens bog on each one, so you could say I am spoiled for choice. There are some bogs that I don't go into because nobody else seems to either and there are others that I love to spend time in because they are quite busy and noisy, if you know what I mean.
There's one man who is in his 40s who I have heard shitting several times. He's on the bog for about 15 or more minutes and he makes the loudest squirty farting noises.Imagine a joke farting machine and you'll know what I mean. Hes a very smart respectable looking man who wears expesive cologne and you would'nt think to look at him that these kind of noises would be comimg out of his arse. His shit tends to really stink and mixed with his cologne, it's even worse! I love listening to him go.
There use to be a young male cleaner who worked in the building who used to skive off work early in the mornings in a particular mens cubicle. I noticed him going in there a few times and he would just close the toilet seat and just sit in there doing nothing, so I decedied to give him something to listen to. On a few occasions, I went into the cubicle next to him, dropped my trousers and drawers and would start shitting or farting or both. As soon as he heard this, he would quickly get up, flush the chain and exit the toilet like he had a rocket up his arse. I suppose not everybody likes listening to other guys letting lose on the pan! I have'nt seen him for a long time so either my shit scared the shit outta him or, he was caught sitting on the job. Excuse the crappy puns!
I love hearing goodlooking or masculine men letting rip on the bog. And what I really love, is hearing them pissing while also sitting down. I think, that is a beautiful sound and sight. A guy sitting there pissing like a woman. Any other guys feel the same way?


John Q Public,
Thanks for your explanation. I wonder what kind of educational institution that must have been, where tutors and teachers instilled a level of rage in their students, that these gang up to vent their aggression by bullying and harassing a 17 year old fellow student they think is physically too feeble to defend himself. The whole enterprise, no doubt trimmed to make money above all else, must have been dependent on the support by parents and society in general. Putting somebody’s head in the toilet and flushing is really awful. It sounds suspiciously like the attitude: “We’re the best, all others stink”. No wonder you retaliated as you did by turning tables to let your ‘enemies’ stink for a change, providing them with a truly shitty season. Trying to see the positive side of things, I can say that you only used laxatives to get even. Apart from a few dented egos, some smutty arses and browned clothes nobody was seriously hurt. There have been cases of frustrated youths r! esorting to fire arms with tragic results! So lets have a good laugh, and cheers to you from Rizzo.

Kevin L.
That was a truly romantic on-topic way to meet your girl! Lets say that she chose you, which usually turns out to be the better relationship in the end! Thumbs-up to you for a great story, Rizzo.

To Grant,
Rat in the toilet? Yes I have encountered that in a ground floor toilet in a house we used to live in many years ago. The rats came up through the sewers. To use that toilet it was prudent to bang on the lid first and listen for scrabbling noises, if any, before opening the lid. We kept the lid weighted down too. And I usually took my air pistol to that toilet, just in case! What made things more exiciting, was the fact that it was the toilet guests used, it being just off the entrance hall!

Hi Louise,
thanks for letting me be part of your audience for your wee in the garden. I hope you didn’t mind me holding your bikini thong, so you wouldn’t wee on it accidentally – chortle. You thinking of becoming an instructor for kung fu is admirable. So Steve seems to have eyes in the back of his head? Hmm, I think that it is total awareness of his surroundings at all times, a charactaristic of a true master in martial arts, as far as I know. I am still just doing loosening up exercises for tai chi. It keeps my joints supple. I’m not sure if it helps to move the bowels, but you know that I do not need extra help in that department – I’m a high speed shitter; especially after my wife has baked whole-meal bread in her bread-baking machine. The feeling of long, soft and grainy jobbies shooting out behind and thereby giving a massage to the prostrate gland ‘en passant’ is indescribable! Enough to send a shiver of delight up my spine. Love to you and Steve from Rizzo

I really enjoyed that story of you helping poor Jackie with her ????-upset. And I am glad that Damsel seems to take my advice seriously. Good for her! And she seems to be giving her boyfriend a good workout too! It was good of you to find the right type of man for her. Good looking girls are – in my eyes – at a disadvantage: they are mostly the wrong kind of guys who elbow themselves to the front row, if you know what I mean. Cheers to you from Rizzo!

Hi Damsel, dear, nice shit in the park! You are quite daring to do that. I haven’t shat in a park since I was about ten, but before that age my sister and I often left little brown heaps garnered with wet stains in different places of the park we used to be taken to to play in. Good of you to heed my advice about keeping your systems flushed! Hey, it also helps your boyfriend’s tool from getting too scuffed, if you get my drift!
Love to you from Rizzo.

Kelli with an "I",
Awsome story. That must have been a horrible situation. You did well by just mentally blotting out everything around you for 'privacy'. It is the only way, I think, to survive such an ordeal! Keep up your posts, please!

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