Kelli with an "I"
Hi everyone. I've never posted before, but this seems to be the place to share the most awful (as in embarrassing, unpleasant) experience of my life. My girlfriends and I were at a party my freshman year of college. I was 18, so I was legally an adult, but due to the puritanical legal system, I wasn't supposed to drink for three more years. Well, I was drinking anyway, and my girlfriends and I were drunk. THe party got raided by the cops, and I ended up getting arrested (only because I didn't sneak out like everyone else). THey took me to the police station and put me in a cell with a bunch of other women or varying age and cleanliness. Well, I'd been here for about an hour when I started having bad stomach cramps. I realized I was going to have diarrhea. THere was a toilet, but it was sitting in the corner in full view of the whole cell, not to mention the entire hallway and desk where people--inluding men--were walking back and forth. It got to the point where I realied it was going to be shit my pants or sit on the toilet in front of everyone--it wasn't an easy decision to make. Finally, I got up, walked to the toilet, said I'm sorry about this to everyone. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees and sat. I tried to be quiet and discreet, but it all came out in a long, loud rush as soon as I pushed a little. I just closed my eyes and pretended I was alone. I peed and then it was over. I looked up and saw that several of the women were looking at me, a couple with "you're so gross" looks on their faces. I intentionally did not look outside the cell, because if there were any men out there looking at me on the toilet with a case of the runs, I didn't want to know. I looked around for toilet paper, and didn't see any. I was embarrassed to ask, but finally, quietly, asked if anyone had the toilet paper, or some tissues I could use. If anyone did, they didn't offer. Finally, I just pulled my underpants and pants back! up and flushed the toilet. I went to an empty part of the bench and sat down, trying my best to ignore the wet and sticky sensation between my buttocks. I was in there ALL NIGHT before my parents finally posted bail and they let me out. I went back to my dorm and headed straight to the women's room. I wiped my butt, which was all sore and itchy now, then stripped off my smelly clothes and took a LOOOOOOOOONG shower. I slept all day and woke up feeling much better. Luckily, there were no charges against me and my parents let me off the hook as well (they said if I was going to get drunk to do it in my dorm room). It was a bad night, but I survived.

Someone else who poops
I have a question...when you guys all wipe after you shit--do you ever really stick the toilet paper inside the butthole or wipe it inside the cheeks??

PJ girl (Tina)

thanks for all your attentive replies!!!
at last i managed to go!!
i had a breakfast consisting of a good dose of bran mixed up with two glasses of prune juice (i thought the bran would make things move faster), and boy it worked!!!
has any of you felt that, like a wet fart coming, but you know you cannot hold it, no matter how tight you try to strain?
that came like in 6 hours, and i felt that HUGE rumble after the wet fart (quite strange) and i ran for the toilet
well, to make a long story short, my pre-poop fart had filled my underwear with a bit of what i could describe as mud, loose but not liquid
as i was putting my underwear down, i boomed a huge fart in the toilet and this mud splashed all over the can
it came going for like ten minutes, all thick and noisy
after that, i went to wipe and then i got a REAL cramp
fast sat down again and this time i farted like a prrrrrrrzzt, pouring liquid with tiny bits of poop
that kept coming for a few minutes and i left, feeling SO light
during the day i had to go twice more, but it was just a little of runny stuff and wet farts
was a good experience, but the only thing is i got slightly cramped, like when i have a gas attack. Do you think it was the bran?? or my dose of prune juice??


NYC Dude
Jason D. -

All I can say is Why hasn't anything like that ever happened to me when I was dating? Em does seem to have a talent for producing huge logs - and she seems very proud of them. She really wants someone to see them. You're the lucky winner. BTW - does she look like anyone famous?

Question for the boyz: Who thinks Anna Nicole Smith would lay some serious cable? [even before she turned into a cow}


What kind of urine bottle did they give you to pee into? describe it please. I keep a urine bottle under my bed to pee in so I don't have to go to the bathroom.
Brian in Houston, TX

Hermione. I liked your account of helping your friend Clare out with her constipation. It sounds very much to me as though something (or a combination of different things) she'd eaten had bunged her up. You were a true friend to her though. I can't imagine that many friends or, indeed spouses, would be prepared to help in such circumstances - or indeed allowed to by the sufferer. Glad to hear that you are still good friends though. Have there been any other instances of Clare doing farts or needing a motion when she's been with you?

Louise. I enjoyed your account of weeing on the rocks in Spain. No doubt you felt much better for it. You could say it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "on the rocks!" Also I wouldn't have minded being around when you decided to "water" the garden the other day. I'm sure Steve wouldn't either!

I had some cooked dried fruit at lunchtime yesterday including dates and prunes. Whilst I enjoyed it enormously it made me rather gassy and I ended up farting a lot during the afternoon. Needless to say I was careful about going to the loo before going out for the evening.

Best wishes


Plunging Plop Guy
Hello Toilet People,

PUNK ROCK GIRL, Your message wishing Peace to all who have suffered throughout the world, and your hopes for us all to live in a better one was really great. I think we all agree with what you said, and let's all work for a better world, without bitterness for what's already happened.

AUSTIN, Welcome back! Good to know you're still here.
Of the many people who have for various reasons stoped posting, I hope they are all continuing to enjoy reading what others are saying!
Perhaps they will make a welcome return on the 1000th page! It's fast approaching.

KEVIN L. Toilets without doors is something many of us like, although many would find it difficult. Without partitions; even more of a challenge to a lot of guys, but to be on show to both sexes in large numbers in a bar, AND to be having diarrhoea as well with an inevitable dirty arse to clean up sounds like the stuff of nightmares!
Not only am I amazed they all continued to stare at you in your predicament, and all credit to you that you didn't make a quick escape from the place after you'd "finished", but what is the reason for such enforced display on innocent customers needing to use the toilets?
Is the management's policy to embarrass people out of using the facilities, or is it designed to provide entertainment to others in the bar? This is so totally, totally different from any toilet arrangements that would ever be found in Britain! I'd be fascinated to hear of the reactions of most British guys who might have visited such a bar and been in need of an urgent shit!
Anyway, glad you didn't show them how embarrassed you really were. Perhaps it's some kind of initiation ceremony they hope will happen to unsuspecting visitors!

Having good satisfying shits myself lately. Yesterday, I sat on my favourite public toilet and had a great time dropping my load. Unfortunately little sound, but when I finished and looked in the pan, I saw a really healthy looking load of large well-formed rocket-shaped turds that I'd have been proud to show anyone! I used minimal wiping, then flushed my products away, but wish the guy in the next cubicle had had a look over the partition at what I'd done! As the only sound I heard from him was quiet snoring, this was very unlikely!

Good toileting to all, P. Plop Guy

well here i am again. Tonight i had such a huge dump and it felt so good. i was at my boyfriends house and his parents were gone so we had a great dinner. After dinner we sat together and watched a movie after about 15 minutes i felt really bad cramps and almost started crying. I had not been able to go poop for about 4 days and usually i go 3 to 4 times a DAY. so i knew that i was constipated. But i thought that tonight it was going to be over so i went to the bathroom while my bf stopped the movie and i got in the bathroom and started to push as hard as i could. My b/f her me on the toilet groaning and asked if i was alright and i wanted him with me. I told him that i did want him with me so he came up and held my hand. Then i felt it right there I was squeazing ihis hand and pushing so hard. he told me to take it easy and just keep an pushing. after a while of pushing i got up and stood for a minute( sometimes that helps me to like get the terd in a different possiton) I tryed that but i didnt help much. My b/f looked in my hole and told me it was a huge one he said he would help any way possible. I asked if we hold my hand or help open my cheeks he said he would do that so while he did that i push very hard. After about another 30 minutes it started to move. It came out about 5 inches then stoped it was hurting really bad. I was in tears. I sarted to push again and my b/f waqs still helping me when i pushed again it came out about 5 more inches then broke off. But i knew that i wasnt done so i pushed again and the other 8inches that was stuck came out. i said that i felt a lot better, but that there was still more the rest wasnt tough to get oout it just took a few pushes. After about 75 minutes we got backto the movie.

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all.
Bryain she was peeing while pooping but not the whole time. She peed hard at first but when she was pooping it stoped and started while she was going. Louise thanks for the pee. I can always picture you when you tell your stories! Kevin L. great story. That was a most unusual way of meeting your fiance.
Ok let me continue with the drive with Tereasa and Margie. We stayed at the camp for a little while relaxing and even waded out into the lake. After a hour or so we took off and hit the road. I headed south and saw a road name that I remembered in the back of my mind so I turned and headed up the mountain. It was very slow going because the road was bieng widened. It took almost two hours to get to the top at Lake Desolation. I was going to stop at the restuarant but it was closed. So we contimued on.
I knew where there was another place to stop along a creek so I stoped there. We got out and walked along the creek. Margie again asked me to help her with her jeans so I did. She droped them down along with her panties and squated down and let go with a gusher. It hit the sandy ground with such force she was creating a little canyon in the sand. She peed that way for almost a minute. She then slowed and dribbled a few times and stoped. She pulled up her panties and jeans and wnt whew I feel better again.
Margie went back to the car and I went to find Tereasa because she had wandered farther down the trail. I called out her name and she answered. She was just ahead of me around the bend in the trail. I came around the corner and she was squating with a big wet spot in the sand between her feet. She was still peeing but her stream was very thin and almost running straght down. She was glad I came because she was going to need something to wipe with. She had to shit.
She lifted her rear up and spread her cheeks apart and grunted A brown head poked it's way out of her pink anus. Hers was quite smooth and it was fairly thin. She commented this is going to be a long one. I have not gone in three days. She was pushing but not all that hard. She had a rope hanging in the air that was over ten inches long. She lifted up her behind and it still countinued to come out. Now it was over 15" in leangth and had reached the ground. Now it was coiling on it's self. I think I'm almost there now she commented. She pushed again and with a pfft of gas the end came out and it ploped over its self and she took a finishing pee all over it. I handed her some napkins and she wiped herself and she asked me if she was clean which I said yes. I had to pee so I peed all over her coil that she had just created. I finished and she and I went back to the car and The three of us headed back home. They thanked me when we got back for taking themout for the day! and I thanked them for comming along. I asked them would they like to go again and they told me sure! Upstate Dave

a simple question: does woman fart frequently while pee?

To bathroom kid: Liked your story, what did you do with your wet clothes on the camping trip?

To jason D: Your story about Em was cool..great!

To Kevin L.: Loved your story..yeah you were real brave for staying there and not leaving after using the bathroom.

To "Marcy":Loved your story..LOL about taking a shit on your own toilet.

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your stories..have you ever told that one about the camera incident before? Really liked that one.

To Ray: The longest i've held was maybe 4-5 days..say 6 at Max.

To jim: Loved your story, why didn't you pee in a sink or trash can? I think if i was that desparte thats what i'd do to advoid an accident.

To Ben: Liked your story

There was something on tv last night, on MTV about Tom green and they talked about his Bum Bum song, any one remember that? I think i may have posted about it a long time ago. It does mention poo.
well gotta run bye

Hola mis amigos,

Sorry it's been so long between writing, but I have been so busy lately it's unbelievable. So many changes around here these days. Tesa 's still trying to learn english, but not as hard as she should. She still says "I studying, I working." Nu found a new friend. Her name is Coryn and she's cool. She hasn't approached her yet about the kind of fun we have. Oh yeah, and the baby is just the cutest little thing!

First off, big kisses to Rizzo, PV, Ina, Austin, Robbie and Annie, and Sarah and Meghan, Jane, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch. Sorry! Robbie, hope everything is okay with your father! My dad recently had a heart attack and scared us all to death. I'll be thinking of you hon! Also, my condolences to anybody who suffered on 9/11. The anniversary must have been difficult.

I just finished unloading about three days worth of poop. It didn't smell too bad, (it didn't smell too good, either) but damn what a major dump! As I write this, my butt is still tingling! I wiped it 6 times, then washed with soap and water and it still itches. I hate stubborn, sticky turds. I should put on a thong, stretch it over the doorknob and give myself a major wedgie! During this "career dump" I just had, I felt a turd sliding out that just kept coming and coming and wouldn't pinch off. I'm sitting there like an idiot, jiggling my brown ass trying to get it to fall. Nu was outside the door listening to me grunt, laughing and going "Puuuuuushhh....puuuuuuushhh". Jake came in for his shave cream and laughed at me. I guess I did look pretty goofy. I grunted hard, bore down, and my turd crackled like a campfire but wouldn't come out! So, I pressed harder and harder with my face all scrunched up and then you know what Jake did? He squirted my face with shaving crea! m while I was pushing out a turd! Man!!!! I had to spit because some of it got in my mouth. It was in my hair and he was laughing his head off!! He'll get his I promise! Carmalita's revenge is slowly brewing! Wiping shaving cream out of my face, I pushed that turd out of pure anger and plopped it to the toilet water. After I did, I had more stubborn ones just like it. I hate those kind of poops! 20 freakin' minutes on the toilet. I can usually have a good, worthwhile shit in 5 minutes or less. I didn't even have anything good to read! We need to put a DVD player in our bathroom. Especially for Renee, who's averaging about 3 shits a day now. (She's doing the high fiber thing).

In fact, Renee came in this morning when I was taking a bath. She needed her morning dump. A "vicious one" as she put it. She was dropping lots of turds and stinking me out big time while she read a magazine. I kept sniffing the bar of soap just to get some new smells in my nose! I forget how much farting and turd dropping that woman can do. She'd just sit there, farting and dumping, farting and dumping over and over again. By the time she finished, the entire bowl was filled with super dark brown shit. Some of the logs were piled on top of each other, and I said "When's the last time you pooped anyway?" She just shrugged and wiped.

Patsy laid the turd of the century last week! She spread her legs and out came this "K-fluuuump!" It was funny because her turd was sooooo huge and it hardly smelled at all. I'd prepared my nose for the worst and was pleasantly surprised. She was so hot looking too, leaning forward with her legs spread wide and head hanging down. She looked like a gorgeous African-American super model giving birth to a ten pound turd! She was awfully embarrassed about how big it was and made me swear to secrecy (like I'm doing right now! hee-hee! I'm so bad!) Seriously though, I'd have to say that her turd had some serious poundage to it. It was about as big around as her arm, super long and curled. I'm not sure, but I think I saw raisins in it too. It had to have hurt, though she said it didn't.

Me, Jake and Nu had a serious pee out in the woods the other day when we were mountain biking. I also pooped, but she didn't have to. Both of us were so full of water that by the time we got down to it, it was such relief!!! Nu pulled her shorts down to her knees, walked up to a tree, spread herself with her fingers and fired a jet stream that nearly tore the bark of the tree! Her piss took almost a minute! That's some serious pee! It was cute because her head was back and her mouth was open like she was having the big "O" . She moaned with relief when it was over. When she finished dribbling, she just leaned forward resting her head against the tree, pants down around her knees, pee drips falling from her pussy. She said "Ohhh, Malita that felt good." I leaned forward with a pine branch and tickled her bare butt with the needles. She thought a bug was crawling on her and jumped about 3 feet, spinning around, slapping at her ass. It was funny.
Jake just unzipped his shorts, pulled out his wanger and started spraying ferns. His stream is really thick. I wish his story could be more interesting, but it wasn't. He did pee for a real long time though. Me and Nu were laughing, wondering when he'd run out of water.
I then squatted to pee because I also had to take a serious shit too. I was looking around all over because there'd been some fellow hikers nearby. When I did release, my piss shot out in an arc about five feet in front of me. Nu was laughing and I leaned back to see how high I could get it. I ended up spraying myself by accident! I peed on everything, the bushes, the grass and me! Nu's puddle was so big, that after it soaked into the ground it looked like a map of South America. After I peed, I grunted hard and pushed out a nice, greenish pile of solid crap which totally reeked! There were 3 logs, one was a good 16 incher. After I shit, I felt more piss squirting, and did about 20 more seconds worth of pee.

Wednesday night was the worst though. My stomach started hurting as though it were on fire. I struggled to keep it inside of me til I got home from work. I hate having diarhea at work or in public, it really embarrasses me. The second I came in the door, it was skirt up, panties and hose down to my knees and when my butt was about an inch away from the seat, I started squirting liquid shit that reeked! It was awful, I was moaning and groaning, my ???? burning up inside of me. I had three waves of it, and flushed everytime. Patsy brought me a peppermint and some ice water which really helped by the way. I lit almost an entire book of matches while sitting on the pot with my skirt up around my waist. Jake came home soon after, and Patsy smiled and said "Malita's got the shits big time." He said he had it too at work, and even Renee complained of diarhea. Then it came to me: Tuesday night's dinner. I made a severe Mexican massacre, bathed in salsa roja with three kinds of ! cheese. My fault!

As far as Angie goes, we haven't heard from her ever since she split with Tesa. I think Tes scared her off. Tes can be scary sometimes. Oh well, I guess that's about it for now. I'll try to get on more often, but life is gettin' in the way!

R. Smith of AR
To PJ Girl: I read your recent post the other day, and I believe that you would be best off seeking some medical attention--that is, if your constipaton problem has become worse in recent hours. The last time I was constipated was during the spring of 1998, but it lasted for only one day. It started on a Saturday, and I finally relieved myself early Sunday morning. Anyway, once you are finally able to relieve your bowels, I would like for you to tell me about the experience. You see, like several other folks on this forum, I am one who is truly fascinated by the art of the opposite sex relieving herself of a large bowel movement. I would also like to know how old you are. I am 31, a caucasian (white), and am totally interested in the oppostite sex. Do not worry, for I am not thinking about asking you out, or anything. Besides, I might live a bit too far away for that. Either way, I will appreciate your cooperation. You may speak freely about it.

Best Regards,

R. Smith of AR

To bathroom kid - I liked your story about the camping trip.

To "Marcy" - I liked your story.

To jim - I loved your story. How old are you (I'm 17/m) and what caused you to have to piss so bad at your friend's brother's school

Two days ago, I crapped my pants in my room by accident because I put off going to the bathroom for too long. I kept getting bad urges, and eventually it just started coming out, and every time I tried to pull it back in, it just came out further. When it was all out, since i was wearing boxers, I had to go to the bathroom anyway to slide it out so it wouldnt get on the carpet. Man, how can one like crapping themselves real often? It's such a big mess to clean up. Pee your pants, let them dry, and get away with it all the time!


leather pants girl
I have been at my company for two years, in all that time i heard horrow stories about Fillibuster meetings in other words no one leaves the room,it doesnt stop for nothing or no one (it seems there is one exeption-- if god walks in). Anyway i had never been asked to attend one-------till today, and i was totally unprepared.

It seems when these meetings happen participants make sure they wear diapers, well like i say i was unprepared.

So we all filled into this fancy meeting room, and the door was locked, we all sat down and begun to listen to the head honcho.

He droned on and on and on he blah blah blahed for ever,i raised my eyes to heaven and sunk lower in my chair, maybe we might get lucky and an asteroid will hit the earth i thought.

It was now two hours into this BORINGGGGGGGGG thing, my bladder now ached for relief and of course not to be outdone my bowels decided they wanted to move any time soon like NOW!!!.

Oh shit no i thought iam gonna pee my self if this thing doesnt end soon, i let a silent fart go oops carefull i thought.

skipping ahead two more hours (by now death looked pretty fine to me)i was busting for a pee i crossed my legs i held my self i knew i couldnt hold on much longer, this guy still rambling on about cost cutting and yadda yadda yadda (i could quit now that would cut some cost)i farted again my stomach now really aching for relief, i clenched my bum cheeks and closed my eyes oh for crying out loud end this thing i thought.

The woman next to me smiled and leaned towards me, you wet yet? she whispered i looked at her in amazment you are wearing a diaper arent you? she asked these things go on for ever some times. I shook my head and shrugged she looked at me as if i was mad now.

Believe it or not another hour passed, and it was now i just couldnt wait any longer, i was wearing a black long skirt and white blouse pantyhose and a purple lacey bra and panty set that kathy had bought me, my poo was inching its way to my bum any minit now i knew i was gonna pee and poo my self, my face went red as i lifted one side of my bum cheek and gave a push ------- poo came out filling my panties a soft mushy load for some reason (thankfully) it didnt smell, and then i felt my pussy go warm and wet as i flooded my seat i felt my bum go wet and warm my crotch wet and warm, my face a brillant crimson.

And then------ and that concludes this meeting thank you all for coming good bye. i could have killed the little shit, we all got up the woman next to me tut tutted should have worn a diaper honey i told you didnt i yes i sighed you did tell me you were right and i was wrong (she just made my hit list in my mind)anyway i went to the bathroom cleaned up as best i could, i went home in my wet skirt no panties on and just fuming and embarrased as well. kathy comforted me anyway she helped me clean up a bit more errrrrrr lets leave it at that.

Some late replys so sorry.

To jilly. we poo our panties about once or twice a week, umm that doesnt include accidents of course (staged or real he he he)yes we both prefer and enjoy a nice heavy load in our panties, not really into diarrea too messy and too smelly.

To fart lover Thank you for kind words your right its hard to meet true friends kathy is all that and more, i think this will be the start of a long and beautifull friendship together.

To bryian. OHHHHHHH yeah i think the whole damm mall saw us, we had people look and stare, laugh and point, of course darling little miss kathy didnt help matters by talking in a loud voice IAM SOOOOOOOO sorry i pooed my self honey i bet it stinks bad. you cant help but laugh when she pulls a stunt like that.

OK heres a story from kathy. Two years ago kathy and a friend went to england for a working holiday they bummed around england for about six months. anyway one day while waiting for a bus near the east end of london a woman and her daughter was standing in line in front of them, they were dressed pretty shabby and it looked like soap and water had not seen there skin in a while, the daughter was around 17 or so and the mother well who knows?. it was at this point the daughter looked at her mom and said you should have gone before we left, the mother just said i didnt need to go then. just then she farted and it was clear she had soiled her self. At this point the bus came along and they all got on and went upstairs to the top deck. the woman and daughter sat in front of kathy and her friend as they sat down kathy and her friend heard the mother say OH tina it feels all squashy in my knickers iam gonna stand all the way-- and she did, but POOOOOOOOOOOOO what a smell ! coming from her, finally kathy and her friend couldnt stand the smell anymore and went down stairs to the lower deck. she still laughs about it and still wonders when she got a chance to change her knickers. kathys friend says shes probably still wearing them YUCKKKKK.

Greetings All.

Sometimes the shortest posts are the funniest. The anonymous one-liner reading, in its entirity, "I have a friend. When he goes to the bathroom, he flushes the toilet when he is done." is a true classic.

A Spain story, but not from the beach this time. Actually it is from the bathroom in Donna and Jackie's room. Jackie had been taking a shower and had dried her long, beautiful long dark brown hair, used to being naked around me so was not wearing another towel around herself at the time, was complaining of feeling like she was "going to have the shits big time". Louise nudged my elbow and told me to "help the lady". Following Jackie into the bathroom, I waited beside the toilet as she took up a 'hovering' posture above the bowl, white and very similar to ours at home. Well, Jackie has a gorgeously shapely figure, very tanned looking even before the trip to Spain, and the view of her bare rear end was almost as breathtaking as that of Louise when I get the chance to watch her. Rearward of her main black stripe of pubic hair there were a few short black wisps as far back as her anus.
"Okay, I'm going to start", Jackie announced, sounding in discomfort, and she held her buttocks further apart with her hands.
Immediately there was an outpouring of brown, partly solid sludge from her anus, and she seemed to be getting quite some relief from having released her containment of it. There were some wet splats and plops as the sludge continued to come out of her, landing on the brown stuff already in the toilet and making a creeping mess up the slopes of the bowl. After a time, the diarrhoea subsided, and a small amount of residual matter fell and dripped downward with a light splat. The smell was quite strong, by the way. Smell is something I seldom comment on, but it is worth mentioning in this case. Jackie herself said, "urgh, what a stink", as she caught it wafting up from the muck in the bowl. I said it was okay, and proceeded to carefully wipe her anus for her with some paper I had ready. Took a while to get her clean, but I didn't exactly mind that. Jackie told me to have another look behind, and I was treated to the sight of her urinating a quite fierce, focused yellow stre! am onto the front of the toilet, shifting her feet to alter the direction of her stream and washing down the muck that was covering large areas within the bowl above the waterline. Soon the stream subsided and became a slow trickle as it ran out of her pussy, dripping into the mess below. She asked me to wipe her, and I did so.
She felt a little better after having had the diarrhoea, but still she felt a little weak and her stomach churned a little, so she elected to stay behind in case of another episode.
Jackie thanked Louise for 'lending' me to her, and my wife and her mother scrutinised me with wicked grins on their faces. <snicker>

To Jeff A,
Thanks for the great compliments. I'm sure all the terrible misfortunes you and Denise have suffered over the last two years or more have served to bring the two of you together. So you two are also one for many reasons. Just a shame she doesn't watch you toiletting.
Yes, I know what you mean by the 'deliberateness' of Chin Na. Aikido very often shares such a close range, but in my opinion, more temporarily. While in Aikido you use the energy of your opponent(s) and instinctively redirect it to your own advantage, with Chin Na I seem to find there can be more premeditation of how to work on your opponent's joints and vital points in order to subdue him.
Best Wishes to you both, my friend.

To Rizzo,
Hello there. Yes, as you no doubt have been reading, we had a fine time in Spain. Louise made a great effort to wash all the rocks and to turn the sea yellow, but it was too huge a task even for her and two other lovely ladies. Yes, Louise is a lovely girl. She is beautiful to look at, but there is so much more to her than that. Glad you liked the 'weeing in my arms' story. I couldn't see much of the streams from my viewpoint, but they tell me the view from below was quite something.
I never thanked you properly for 'adopting' Louise's younger sister, so thanks! Good advice you've given. On the 'honeymoon cystitis' subject, I read somewhere that due to unaccustomed sexual activity in girls there can also be inflammation at the base of the bladder that can cause the discomfort on urination, but it is nowhere near as common as the infections we have already discussed.
By the way, I don't think I've ever seen my best friend so short of sleep.

To PV,
I'd have liked to have witnessed your sink wee! I really have more to say to you, but I'm being pulled off the machine as Louise's sister wishes to use it. Thanks also for encouraging Louise, and hope you enjoy her recent posts!

Best Regards,


Darius (Noel)
Hi Matt: I've enjoyed your latest posts. On the subject of underwear, I note that you are thinking of changing over completely to briefs. May I suggest you don't do so completely. You may regret it later. I have wasted a lot of money by changing my preferences in underpants from 100% briefs to 100% boxers to try to give up pooing my pants. My reckoning was that I would risk the poo sliding down my legs if I wore boxers, so best not to poo myself in the first place. However, I found that I just could not give up shittting my pants. So I started buying briefs again and now have a ratio of about 75% boxers (including hipster trunks) and 25% briefs. As boxers wear out, I am replacing them with briefs until I reach a point of 50% boxers (inc CK hipster trunks, which are only a year old) and 50% briefs. Maybe you should aim for a 50%/50% ratio of each. Anyway, it's up to you to decide. In the questions I asked you in my last post (page 983) I meant to have asked what sort of C! K briefs do you have? Flyless pouch front or the fly type. I have both, though the fly type can be a problem when washing a pooed pair as the poo can get into the overlap of material forming the fly, and can be difficult to get out. Glad to hear your uni is near enough to keep in touch with your mates and parents. I am glad you have such a good relationship with your parents. I wish more of your age group could say the same. I do look forward to hearing more from you.
All the best.

I would like to write about what I did on the way to Louise and Steve's house this afternoon. Since about 10 o'clock this morning I had been needing to crap but I waited. At about 2 o'clock I set off from home where I live with mum and I cut through the park towards where I was going. For those of you who want to know, I was wearing a white tank top, blue hipster jeans, black shoes, and a white thong. Just where Louise has been to the toilet in the park before, I stopped and unfastened my studded belt and unbuttoned my jeans so I could take them down. I felt confident, so I took down my jeans and I slipped down my thong to my knees with my jeans. I crouched down squatting and I held my jeans out of the way with one hand as I had a nice wee-wee onto the ground between my feet. I hissed a lot. I know you will want all the details. I try to wee often these days and not hold it in for long, so I didn't really do much weeing this time. Feeling loaded in my bottom, I tried to expe! l the lump I felt I was carrying. I have not crapped outside very often at all and I enjoyed how I felt as the lump moved outwards. Louise says she feels her asshole stretched around her larger turds and that is how I felt today. My lump landed on the ground under me. It was lumpy, not smooth, had a round end where it first came out of me and it was narrower at the other end. I felt a mixture of things. Excitement at having crapped and wee-weed outside and how primal it felt. I felt a bit unladylike at shitting in the park when Louise and Steve's house was only about half a mile away. I know the crap will stay for a while, but I look back and I enjoyed the experience. My boyfriend has watched me crap and I enjoyed that too, but I prefer it when he sees me weeing if I have to choose.
Jeff A and Rizzo, I have written about this afternoon hoping you will have enjoyed it. I'll give you two a nice cyber hug. Jeff A, I will particularly dedicate it to you, because I promised you a crapping story. Smile. XXXXX
And you, Rizzo, I am keeping to your advice about weeing often without playing 'hold it' games. I know it is more sensible for a while. I'm enjoying my nightly activities and sometimes during the day too. Smile.

I will tell much more about the beach wee when I was on holiday with my boyfriend, PV, when I get time. Mum will write when she can.


Friday, September 13, 2002

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