bathroom kid
To JHW- I'm glad you like my stories! I've got a really weak bladder so, well, I pee in my pants a lot. I try hard not to wet the car seat, and I made it that time but I've wet myself in the car before. By the way I'm a 12 year old girl incase you weren't reading here earlier. Since ya like my stories so much I'll just have to tell another one! um, let's see...OK I got one. This happened last summer, 2001. I was on a camping trip with some people from school. At this place the bathroom was kinda far away from the tents. Well, I was asleep in my tent and my bladder said "wake up, you gotta go to the bathroom" and I said "I don't wanna, it's too far and I wanna sleep" (not out loud of course, duh) and so I laid back down but my bladder was right, I had to go bad, and so I decided to go to the bathroom in my sleeping bag. Yep that's right, lazy me...I relieved my bladder and fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and walked over to the big tent where we kept everyones clothes, ! cause my wet pants were cold and I wanted to change.My teacher saw me go by with wet clothes and she asked if I peed in my tent and I said yes and then I changed into dry clothes. Nobody ever bothered me about it. Well I hope I had more detail this time, I like posting on this board so I don't mind making my posts a bit longer.

jason D
What did you think of my story about Em? you guys and girls got any replies? Love to hear some


Once when I was twelve, I was in the hospital with two injured legs (a badly twisted ankle on one and a broken knee on the other) due to a bike ride accident. I was stuck in bed for two weeks before my ankle was strong enough to support my body weight (which wasn't very much). But for those two weeks, I obviously couldn't get up to go to the bathroom, and had to use a bedpan or urine bottle. Peeing in the urine bottle wasn't so bad, but it took a lot for me to be able to relax enough to take a shit in the bed pan. I was so embarrassed! I actually held it for three days until I was afraid I'd shit the bed. The nurse came in and put the bedpan under my butt and left the room, and told me to call her when I was done. I pushed and pushed, but I was constipated from having held it. She had told me if I couldn't go I'd have to get an enema! I didn't want that, so I just kept pushing. Finally, I was able to go. It was big, and hard and it hurt, but I managed to get i! t out. I wiped myself with the paper she left for me and called her. She came back in and took the bedpan from under me and looked at my BM. "Whoa!" she said, "I'll bet you feel better now." I laughed and said yes I do. It was a little easier taking a shit after that, but I still only went about every two days, and I usually went (and still go) at least once a day. When my ankle was a little better and they let me go home, I think I shocked my parents, because on the way home, my Dad asked what the first thing I wanted to do was, and I said I want to take a shit on my own toilet! He laughed, and my mother told me to watch my language. It was funny.

Punk Rock Girl
Bryian: Glad you like my story about my dump being interrupted by my boyfriend. He may not have known I was crapping were it not for the fact that I was only holding my pants up to my thighs when I answered the door, and greeted him by saying, "I'm in the middle of a dump." LOL!

Clash Fan: Hey! Long time no post! Thanks for your kind words about my bottom. It's coming along nicely!

Jessica: While I don't regularly pee or crap in any of those resepticals you mentioned, I have crapped in a bucket a couple of times. When I was in college, I was working on an EXTREMELY low budget movie a friend of mine was making and we were in this huge empty warehouse space with no toilet or plumbing at all. He had a couple of buckets with toilet seats on them sitting next to each other behind some boxes he stacked. He had toilet paper and antibacterial wet wipes for clean up. I, of course, was having bowel troubles the whole time, and had to shit in a bucket twice. Both times I did so in front of other people, male and female, who were either already on the other bucket or were walking by. Didn't bother me too much, but it was an experience.

James: I was at an outdoor rock concert once and, as is often the case at such venues, there weren't enough porta-potties to facilitate everyone, so most people just went in the woods. I was in the woods with some friends, male and female, and we were all peeing. The girls all had their pants pulled down to their knees and were squatting, the guys all just peeing standing up. One of my friends stepped away, took out his camera and said smile everyone! A couple of my girlfriends yanked their pants up and yelled at him, but I stayed squatting and smiled. The picture ended up being pretty funny, because you had two girls struggling to pull up their pants, three guys covering up their penises and two girls, bare-assed, with big smiles.

Lacy: Sounds pretty nasty! A similar thing happened to me and my band when we were on a road trip to Pittsburgh. We had been munching on this candy the whole time, and were still about two hours from our hotel. All of us started to feel kind of sick, until finally we all had to shit. We pulled into a "rest area", but it only had picnic tables and no toilets! I didn't care! I ran to the grass (luckily it was dark out) yanked down my pants and underpants, squatted and shit my guts out. My three bandmates, all guys, did the same. I had peed in front of them on several occasions, but this was the first time any of us had shit in front of each other. It was kind of a weird--and smelly--bonding experience! Of course, we had nothing to wipe our asses with, and we all spent the rest of the trip with dirty behinds. Later, in the hotel room after we'd all cleaned up, one mf the guys noticed that the bag had a warning that said: Excessive consumption may have a laxativ! e effect. Great!



Kevin L.

This is a pretty intersting site! I stumbled on to this forum while I was cruising the net for pics of people on the toilet to make a joke anniversary card for my fiancee. Let me explain why I want the image of someone on the toilet to commemorate this occasion.

I was at a bar with some friends and the place was so crowded you could barely move. I was getting a good buzz when I realized my bowels were acting up. After a little while, it got worse and I realized I was in for a bad case of diarrhea--in my pants if I didn't make it to the shitter. I pushed through the crowd to the men's room and made a horrifying discovery: the toilet had no stall or door hiding it from the rest of the room, which wouldn't have been so bad, except whenever the restroom door was opened, the whole bar could see the toilet--and whoever was on it!

I seriously thought about either holding it or trying to find another place when a wet fart escaped--a warning that I was about to fill my pants with liquid shit. I said what the hell, sucked it up and went in. I pulled my jeans and boxers down just past my ass, making sure my crotch was covered, and sat down. I couldn't relax, even though my guts were starting to cramp up badly. I closed my eyes, prayed no one would come in for the next few minutes, and let loose.

Liquid shit exploded out of my ass and splattered into the water. It was loud! In the middle of it, of course, some guy came in the bathroom, saw me on the toilet and was nice enough to point me out to his friends. They all looked in and laughed. These two cute girls leaning against the bar happened to glance over and saw me sitting there, grimacing as my bowels emptied, and turned away giggling to each other. After what seemed like a LOOOOONG time, the guy finally came the rest of the way in and went to the urinal. He said, "Man do I feel for you." I said thanks a lot for putting me on display like that. More diarrhea squirted out and he said, "Sounds bad." I said yeah. He finished and headed back out.

He opened the door again, and this time almost EVERYONE IN THE BAR, including every girl, took a nice long peek at the poor schmuck shitting his guts out in front of a hundred or so people. It was possibly the single most mortifying moment of my life. This group of like five or six girls all giggled and waved at me. I understand this is a college bar, but what are we, five years old? Do all of you not shit? I hesitantly waved back at them, then looked at the ceiling and prayed for this nightmare to be over.

Finally the , after a couple more streams of watery poop, I felt that I was done. I went to roll off some paper, then thought what if the door opens again in the middle of me wiping my ass? It's bad enough they all saw me shitting, do I need them to see me leaning forward and wiping the excess shit from my ass? I said screw it, and quickly pulled up my pants without wiping. It felt pretty clammy down there, but I'd rather put up with streaks in my underwear than continuing providing entertainment to the masses with my bowel habits (I ended up wiping my ass in the restroom at Denny's later that night). I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, mustered up all the courage and pride I could and stepped out of the bathroom.

I got plenty of looks and snickers from a lot of people. The group of girls who waved to me all giggled again and blew me kisses. I went back to the bar and stood with my friends. I ordered straight bourbon and gulped it down. My friends were all like, man you must be embarrassed, and I was like "what makes you think that?" After a few minutes, one of the two girls at the bar who had seen me came up to me and apologized for staring. I said, "No problem." She said that it took a lot of guts for me not to run out of the place after something like that, and that it was real cool of me to just go back to the bar with my buddies. We talked for a while and eventually exchanged phone numbers.

That was three years ago, and she is now my fiancee! She has a ball telling people how she and I met, of course. I think card with a bunch of men and women sitting on the crapper would be a nice way to let her know that I'm a good sport about it. Anyway, that's my story of our romantic first meeting. Hope it brought tears to your eyes.

Hello. Taking some time off to browse through the forum, and read some of the older posts. Had a stressful week, since I returned to camp on Monday, only to come back home for a break tonight. I was constipated for 3 days, since sunday, but managed to shit on tuesday afternoon. What a relief... Phew. I was waiting for the urge to come. The familiar feeling in my stomach and aching in my butt made me drop my work, rush to the bunk toilet, grab a cigarette, and Bombs Away... Hehe, that was cool.....

Got a question for you all... Wonder what was the longest period you have never pooped? How long have you refrained, or rather, been unable to shit? Is it of any health concern?

Well, my record was 8 days, or was it 9, I can't exactly remember... Well, it was in January this year, when I was overseas for training. We were going through a course, during which we were deprived of food for 10 days. 5 days were spent with a buddy, trying to build basic necessities, such as a fireplace, A-frame to suurvive, without any food. The instructor however, would come 2 times to give us meagre amt of uncooked food, which can't be cooked, due to wet weather and the inability to start a fire... Shucks... Then after the 5 days, we were to evacuate and make our way on foot with all our stuff back to the end point. 5 day journy, with 1 day's rations; not too bad, but considering having starved for 5 days earlier, kinda sucky...

Anyway, I think I pooped on the first day, had some bad breakfast perhaps. But subsequently, there wasn't any urge, and it lasted throughout, till I went back camp on the 9th day. Needless to say, my group feasted, and ate too much for that matter, cos after about an hour, my stomach was churning, and I was making runs to the toilet, pushing out mushy crap and some diahrrea... Eeww, think my bodily function cocked up somewhere then...

i went with my friend to pick up his little brother at school, he was in third grade, and i had to pee real bad, i told them i was going to go pee and ran to the bathroom. there was only two urinals in this bathroom and two toilets. all were full. i was holding it with both hands, all the kids in there were like in second grade. one kid got done just as i started going in my pants. i ran over and peed the rest in thetoilet. the kids all laughed at me and called me a baby, i felt like i was a baby doing it in front of little kids. i had a wet spot down my leg. one kid came out of the toilets though and i guess he pooped his pants cause he stunk real bad and had brown stains on his legs. i said did you have an accident and he said he went in his pants. i turned around and showed him i peed in mine and he said your a big kid how come you peed your pants, i said well sometimes we have accidents to and he so cool. i tried to dry my pants the best i could and askd the kid if he ne! eded help and he said no that his mom will clean him when he gets home. i said wont she spank you and he said no she just tells me to be careful next time. i told him my mom will spank me cause she hates when i have accidents. i came out of the bathroom and my friend and his brother pointed at me and laughed, they said look at the little baby, i said shut up and lets go. by the time i got home i was dry. my friends brother was holding it and really had to go at this point, i think i saw a wet spot starting to form as he ran inside. i will have to ask about it tomorrow and make fun of him, well gotta go, bye

I forgot to mention last night i went out to dinner and i saw some boys go into the bathroom, i saw this short chubby kid about 8 or 9 walking around as if he was looking for the bathroom.,..then i see him go towards it so then i decided to go in and thought maybe i'd be lucky and he'd be pooping, i went in he was only peeing. Did see another 12 y.o boy go in but i was eating when he went in.

To Jason D: Loved your story awesome exprience..maybe she knows now that your intrested since she called you in..Cool!

To Jessica: Loved your story..i thought that was an odd expierence. I've never had a convient accident...But i do sometimes hold cause im busy.

To James: Never happened to me...has it happned to you?

To Upstate Dave: Loved your story...did your friend have to poop when she went to pee(before) or was she peeing and then felt the need to poop?

To Ann: Loved your story...did any men come in the mens room when you were pooping in the urinal?

To Natalie: Enjoyed your story...does that bathroom have a stall door? or no door?

To Punk Rock Girl: Saying hi back...Loved your story..LOL about giving birth to a turd :). Have you ever given your B/F an ennema? Intresting about that movie, never seen it before.

To the "HOLD IT" man: Loved your story...were those guys desparate for a pee? or were they just trying to get you?

To Lacy: Loved your story.

To jim: Liked your story.

To Trekkie: Liked your story.

To jilly: Loved your story

To Matt: Liked your story.

To Mike of MD USA: 1. N/A 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. 1-3times 5. No 6. No 7. Sometimes. 8. N/A 9. N/A. 10. Yes

To Stacie:Liked your story..don't know what to tell you.

To John Q Public: Liked your story about going to the eye doctor.

To Plunging Plop Guy: Intresting what happned you your friend.


Jessica. Interesting post. I think it's fairly common for people to have occasional 'convenience' accidents when it's simply not convenient or possible for them to get to a loo or they're absorbed in doing something else which they don't want to. Indeed, I think it's fair to say that accidents happen to most people occasionally and for some they are a regular occurence.

Punk Rock Girl. Glad to hear your enema had the desired effect. I've never had one myself though and I would encourage the practice other than in cases of extreme necessity when all other natural remedies for constipation have failed. I think it's part of the human condition that our bowels tend to be fickle, doing what they want when they want, and it's perhaps wisest to just accept that most of the time.

Ann. Liked your post. Have you ever been anywhere else unusual?

Hermoine. Great post about you and your constipated colleagues. It must have been some really bizarre twist of fate that meant you were all constipated and trying to go at the same time.

I had a difficult motion this morning and it came out with some difficulty. In the event I had to use no end of paper to wipe with in order to get comfortably clean. Anyone else had an experience like it?

Best wishes to all,


I have recently started a new job working for a large company occupying a multi story building; they employ mostly woman and only small amount of men. There are woman’s toilets on every floor and only one men’s toilet in the whole building which seems hardly used, very few times have I been in there and seen another guy.

One morning I went into the toilet and noticed there was a girl in there cleaning the sinks, I guess it wouldn’t be economical to employ a male cleaner with such a high ratio of woman employees. I must have appeared shocked when I saw her, at first thinking I had walked into the woman’s by mistake. She looked at me and told me she would wait outside until I had finished, when she left I had a pee and walked out.
When I left she was standing outside by the door, I told her it was now empty in there so she went back in.

Later that afternoon I went back into the toilets, she was in there again mopping the floor. She looked a bit startled to see again, I began to wonder why she needed to clean them twice in one day.

I pointed to one of the stalls and said “you’re ok I need to go in there this time” so I went in and closed the door, I was wondering what she was going to do but she continued working.

While I was sitting on the toilet, I noticed that because the floor was very wet it was giving a vivid reflection under the partitions almost like a mirror. I could see her very clearly cleaning in the next stall looking down at the floor.

I felt very embarrassed about knowing she could see and hear me but at the same time extremely excited. After all with me being a male in the male toilets I had a right to be there, it was her who was the intruder and knowing if she told anyone and it got back to the staff she could be disciplined for being in there while it was occupied.

While I was sitting there she asked “have you been working here long”? At that time I was just starting to make plopping sounds in the toilet which I’m sure she could hear clearly so she said “oh sorry”, I replied “I’ve been working here for 2 weeks”.

I began to wonder if she was into this sought of thing and maybe she wondered the same about me. I didn’t go in there with the intention do that or even imagine that situation, it just happened.

I finished by wiping my bum while she was still lurking around the stalls, flushed then went out and washed my hands.

I fantasised about it afterwards and how it must had appeared to her and now I have a craving to do it again.

Hello !

I took a few days leave at my flat in Chelsea, and had an old friend (Clare) to stay.

During one evening we both had an enjoyable home-made pasta supper with lashings of a very quaffable Merlot to wash it down. We both became merry rather than drunk, and the topic turned to farting following an amusing TV programme - which included breaking-wind comical sketches.

Clare, a brunette like me, is about 45, 5 foot 7inches tall, about 180 lbs, attractive face, but with stocky thighs and calves. Now thoroughly relaxed by drink, said that she could beat most people at farting, but she was currently somewhat bunged up.

The following morning she had a headache that she said was not a hangover, but from constipation. She said she normally went every 3 or 4 days but had not been for almost a week and was starting to feel uncomfortable. She went in and out of my loo during the day, and I heard her farting, and straining for long periods, but with no success.

The following morning she still had not been and was clearly feeling lethargic. “My rectum aches and it’s uncomfortable for me to sit down” She said “I must go to the loo today somehow and would you be embarrassed or disgusted to try and help me ?”

She removed all her clothes below the waist and bent down on her knees on an old towel on the bathroom floor. She then stuck her ample bottom and thighs in the air, with her head on the floor, and held her cheeks wide apart with her hands.

Her sizable anus - surrounded by a ring of dark hair and muscle - mushroomed-out as she strained. Her hole gradually expanded until it was fully dilated at I guess about 2.5 inches wide. I was in awe at this intimate sight. The hard stool in her rectum appeared on the threshold, until she could strain no more, and then it hastily retreated back inside. Poor Clare was purple in the face with exhaustion and embarrassment at me seeing such private places and actions.

I suggested some KY Jelly, which she insisted in applying herself. She strained again taking deep breaths. Her turd – which was after a week or so looked hard and knobbly, made another appearance. “Go on” I said “push – push”. It slowly eased its way out aided by the lubricant, and dropped with a thud in an empty old washing up bowl I held under her. Her sphincter was oscillating as it slowly returned to its closed state whilst Clare regained her breath. She then released a deep bass zipping fart – “ I am sorry I did not mean to do that – especially in your face” she said. “but thank you” she said, “ I am much relieved in more ways than one.”

Her turd was about 9 inches long, a good 2.5 inches in diameter at the start, tapering down to 2 inches after the first 3 inches of length. It was blunt at both ends and composed of very hard compact protruding boluses. It was medium brown in colour. There was little smell owing to its dryness.

I gently wiped the gel off her anus and surrounding hair, which was otherwise clean.

Clare, still red in the face, looked away and said “I was frightened I might injure myself passing that lump” and what must I think of her etc. I said not to worry – it was a private matter between close friends, and that I was sometimes in the same difficulty, and had to use the jelly.

Not unnaturally we became firmer friends after this episode in our lives.


I just use dry loo paper on my bottom, but also wash that area afterwards if at home and if convenient.
I do like a clean sweet-smelling bottom - so does my b/f.

to sudden urge:

great story about hanging out in the bathroom with your aunt!
.......did she ever let you wipe her after she was done??

Hello everybody. JEFF A and DIANE NY - Steve and I thought of you a lot on the 11th, we know it is not easy for you and everybody else. There was a lot going on about it over here in England too.

I hope I will cheer people up a bit with my story. It is another one from Spain. We were up in the rocks when I really wanted a wee and mum and Jackie did too. Well I held Steve's willy and pulled his foreskin back a little bit and then he weed a big arc into the air so it would fall down on the rocks below us. It was really good to watch. giggle Next I squatted about 3 feet from mum and I had Jackie on the other side. Well we all pissed big hissy gushers and did some rock washing. Steve liked seeing that. Well my wee was running over the rocks and it was making little bubbly pools as it ran down. So was mum's and Jackie's too. Three pools of bubbly wee running down the rocks.
I had another wee next day up in the rocks and I lifted my left foot onto a rock like I do if I have one foot on the rim of the bath at home. Well I was standing like that and I let rip with a hissy yellow gusher on the sandy rock we were standing on. giggle
I had a good wee today in the back garden. It has been warm and sunny, so I was just in a black tank top, no bra, and a bikini thong. Well I pulled the thong down and I stepped out of it so I was nude waist down. I thought about should I squat or stand. I thought maybe I could water some plants. giggle Well what I decided was to have a nice squat in the sunshine, so I imagined some nice guys like Jeff A, Rizzo, Upstate Dave, Hold It Man, Austin, Mickey, Andrew, Robby and John Q Public were watching me. I counted down from 10 and I said "go!". Well I had a bit of a fizzle for about 3 seconds and then I got my stream going in a nice gusher. SSSSS....SSSSS My stream had a twist in it and I was hissing a lot as well. I did some trickling after my main gusher and I thought I was never going to stop. When my trickling stopped it started again and hissed a bit, and I stopped and started again about 4 times. giggle I did a bit of dripping at the end and then I wiggled my bum to ! shake the drops off my pussy. A bit later I needed a shit and I went in to the toilet, and hovered over the bowl. Well I did no weeing but I pushed out a turd about 4 inches long. I just seemed to fire it out like a missile. It went PLOP in the bowl and my bum got splashed with water. giggle Then I got some tp but I got no brown on it after wiping.

OUTDOOR JANE - Hi girl! I liked your outdoor story at the beach each doing logs. I hope you like my stories too.

AUSTIN - Hi guy! Welcome back. I liked reading your hiking story.


DEAR RIZZO - Hi guy! Well thank you for saying such nice things about me and Steve. Yeah, it was fun with Steve on the beach when he lifted each of us up when we wanted a wee. We needed a good wiping after, and my mum wiped me with a towel when I was in Steve's arms. I wiped Jackie when she weed. She had dribbled a lot at the end and trickled all over her bum when her wee ran down and dripped, so I had a lot to do to dry her. Jackie wiped mum who had been dribbling a bit too. It was a giggle. Your wife's mum sounds a lot of fun if she would like that too. giggle
We have some more stories from Spain you know. We will write about them when we can but I have lots of work in the next 3 weeks so I will have to write not so many letters. Steve is very busy too but I hope he gets to write about Jackie's diarrhoea. LOL
Love Louise xxxxx

THE HOLD IT MAN - Hi guy! LOL I am still giggling at your story. Yeah, it would be fun to "baptise" you on your motorcycle if I was in a pick up truck in front of you. giggle
Oh and I have weed on walls lots of times with my husband. LOL It was really funny one time when I had my skirt up and I was next to Steve weeing on a wall one and two drunk girls found us in the alley. One of them said "F*&#ing hell she's got a dick!" and it was really funny. They tried it as well when I told them how to do it and that was a real giggle.
Love Louise xxxxx

JILLY - Hi! I liked your poo story in the grocery store! It made me giggle about the desperate toddler.

KENDAL AND ELEANOR - Hi girls!!!! Welll.... are you going to tell me what happened next? giggle

PV - Hi girl! Oh yeah it was good to wee next to my mum in the sea. Steve is bonded with his dad through martial arts and stuff so we are not estranged from our parents. Yeah, my mum weed on the beach all by herself just a couple of times when Steve and I were away making love in a quiet little place we found. Poor Jackie had the runs then so she was not with us on the beach.
Oh yeah, I am working very hard with my kung fu and I have to thank my husband for it. I like modelling bras and knickers but I want to do other things like kung fu instruction too. Steve says that I have taught my friends how to wee standing up so like that I will be able to instruct kung fu as well when I get my qualification.
I'm going to have a sink wee as well tonight before we go to bed. It is weeks since I did that.
I love writing letters to you because you love weeing just like I do and thank you for saying such lovely things about me.


Louise. xx

Thursdat, September 12, 2002

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