Sorry for the double post but I forgot to ask if anyone regulars poops or pees somewhere other then a toilet(chair, cup, floor car)??

To Stacie:
I doubt theres anything you can eat that will alter the smell of your poop. But I also wouldnt worry about it. Odds are yor bf WANTS to smell your poop as ell as see it. Take it from someone who knows.

Jason D.
Hi, I haven't been writing here for awhile because of too much schoolwork, but I am at liberty for a while now. I came over to Emily's house last saturday. After we lounged about for awhile, she said, "I have to go to the bathroom. I might be a long time, so don't get worried about me. JUst do whatever you want, don't break anything and be gentle with things." Judging by what she said, I could tell Em was going to go for a dump. I said to myself, "Too bad I won't see this one." However, I was wrong. After EM had been gone like five minutes, she yelled out to me, "Jason! YOu gotta come in here. YOu might like this car!" I don't think she wanted me to like see a car or anything, she just wanted me to see her take a dump. Then she said, by the way, I've been really constipated of late. I haven't taken a shit for like a week now. I said, I'm sorry to hear that, hope you get better, and turned to leave, but Em shouted out to me, No stay here, I want you around. For! two minutes or so, Em is talking about her life over at NYU, and about her awful Russian teacher who doesn't like her. SUddenly, she says calmly, "I think I'm going to shit now." I don't say anything, but in about 15 seconds, I hear a "PLOP" sound of a turd hitting the water. It suddenly smells terrible in the bathroom. Then after that, I just hear the sound of poop coming out of Em's ass for about 3 minutes, nonstop. THe room stinks like a sewer. Finally Em says, "Phew! That's 2 weeks of not taking a shit right there. Then Em lifts her beautiful tush off the toilet seat, then shows me her messy unwiped asshole. Then she says, what do you think of this? I was absolutely stunned. The toilet was absolutely filled with shit. The surface of the toilet was covered-I could not see any clean water at all, all I could see was shit. THen, poking out of the mushier shit was a really long log, about 17 inches. I said, wow Em, that's amazing. She said, I know. I'm a pre! tty good shitter for a girl, right? By the way, Bryan, Em never knew about my pooping interests. She just guessed that I was turned on by girls shitting.

I am a 36 year old woman living in San Fransisco. This is a very umm interesting forum :-) . I have very bad bowel control. Acturally thats not true I have pretty good but alot of the time I just don't try. This all depends on what im wearing(inside and out), where I am, and who I'm with. If Im wearing old panties with friends at the mall i will most likly poop them discreetly(atleast try to be). That I can remember I have only had two accidents. One of them was at my chiropractor's office. Alot of people do yoga or accupuncture but I like going to a chiropractors. Anyway often i have gas after I go for about half a hour(usually fart 3-4 times during the time). Well on this perticular day i hadn't gone for a while, that should of warned me. I did mention to my chiropractor that I was constipated but he didn't seem to concerned. Anyways one of the things he does is you lie of your sid and he pulls your shoulder towards him and your hips away. Well when he does his han! d must of hit just right and a air pocket hits my sphincter. People always fart in his office as its a often occurances that he pulls up air bubbles. I let the fart go and its a noisy bubbly one. I instantly felt the "other" thing he brought up. I told him he ended my constipation and I needed a toile immediatly. He apolygized and said there was none in his office except downstairs but the toilet is broken. i tried to hold it but he did something else(I forget what) and lost it. I apolygized he daid it was ok and that several people have done it.

I mentioned in the begining I often have what I call convience accidents. These are where you could make it to a toilet but you either have better things to do or just don't feel like it. For example 2 nights ago I was at home watching TV so I had a need to poop. i was wearing grey sweatpants and green underwear which was old. On top I had a little white top and a black bra(home alone(no husband) so I didn't care).Needless to say the panties were dirty when the show ended. My question is does anyone else do these convience messings? These include like when your at work have to go but you are too busy or driving and can't pullover or something. Also does what your wearing effect whether you will poop your panties or not and how so?

Sorry this is such a long post. If i get replies i might write back have to think of some good stories.


Has anyone else had their photo taken unexpectly while they were taking a quick leak at the side of the street? What did you do?

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all;
I have not posted in quite a while. Work has been keeping me busy. It has slowed down so I have a chance to post. Welcome to all the new posters. There have been some great posts from the new people and from the long time posters too. Out door Jane dont worry about your english. Your stories are great as told. I enjoy them very much. Austin (Blake) It's kind of funny you show up a day before this post. I think I posted last time around the same time that you posted last.
I have only a short story to tell about a buddy pee with some girls back in the summer of 1974. I was going out for a drive up to see if I could find my parents new camp up north. Just as was about to get in my car to take off Tereasa and Margie showed up and asked what was up. I told them I was going for a drive up north. Margie was 18 and tereasa was 17. They asked if they could go for the ride. I said sure because the company would be nice for the ride and those two never got to go anywhere.
We stoped for snacks and drinks and headed north. The way I remembered was to come in at the northern end of the lake and go south on the east side of the lake. Some of the landmarks I did remember. Others I did not. Margie was asleep at this time and Tereasa was awake. We were on a stetch of the road that no camps were on. I told Tereasa that I had to stop and streach my legs and take a piss. She said fine and she had to piss also. I found a spot to pull off and park. Margie did not wake up so the both of us got out and wlked into a overlook spot on the lake shore.
We were out of sight of the road and I unzipped and pulled out my penis and started to piss. Tereasa stood next to me and watched my stream arc outward. She lifted up her sundress and spread her legs apart and she started to piss a hard arcing stream as far as mine. We both enjoyed the relief from that. We both finished and went back to the car and headed back down the road.
About 30 minutes later I stoped in front of the camp. Margie was awake now and the three of us got out. My parents wer'nt there so the place was locked up. Margie now after for being up had to go and Tereasa said she had to piss again. The only place was down near the shore line by the big swing that had some bushes next to it that they could use with some privacy.
I walked them down and Tereasa sat on the swing set and lifeted her dress up and slid forward and started to pee with a loud hisssing stream. Margie was having trouble with here jeans with the suspenders.(farmer jeans) I gave her some help and she squated down between the swing and the bushes and released a powerfull golden hissing stream. Tereasa had finished her pee and went back up to the car to geta soda. Margie was still peeing up a storm and she lifted her butt up and slowley a very knobby turd emerged from between her butt cheeks. This caused her pee stream to slow down and start running off her poop as is slowly slid outward.
The rate it was moving was about an inch per minute. It was getting quite fat as more of it came out. She was grunting while talking to me. She had pushed out a good 10" in around 10 minutes. She relaxed for a few minutes and went on again. Another five minutes and 5 more inches it droped on the ground and she turned around and asked me how was the cheeks and her ass hole? I said there were some dingleberries and I took a napkin I had and wiped them off for her. She semi squated again and shot out a couple of brief hard spurts of pee and finished. I'll post a little more on the ride back home. Upstate Dave

I had a nice dump last night...i ate dinner then i felt crampy a bit then the urge hit. Had a nice 8" log light brown follwed by some smaller pieces. Then i went to bed and a little while later i felt like i wasn't done so i pooped smaller looser chunks out. Wiped alot. Then had another urge last night but that passed then i had an urge this morning and that passed.

to the dude/woman with no name: do these mice come from the sewer??

also, has anyone ever encountered a rat in their toilet from the drains? cos i heard that it has happened before. if so, share!

Punk Rock Girl

No story today. I just wanted to wish the people of New York City, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, America, Canada, England, France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Israel, Afghanastan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Australia, India and everyone else in the world a peaceful day today. Let's all join together in solidarity against hate, racism, religious persecution, homophobia, sexism and intolerance of all kinds.

My thoughts are with everyone, especially the victims of the attacks on 9/11/01, their families and friends, and all the heroes who selflessly gave their lives to save strangers. Have a happy, peaceful and love-filled day today and everyday.



to the dude/woman with no name: do these mice come from the sewer??

also, has anyone ever encountered a rat in their toilet from the drains? cos i heard that it has happened before. if so, share!

Jeff A., dear friend, my thoughts are with you on this fateful day.

Kendal, dear,
great story of Michael pooing especially for you and you answering with the same favour. But please be careful by not letting yourself get caught a second time! Michael’s parents and your aunty and uncle would put their heads together and probably come to the conclusion that you would be the only one involved in both incidents, that therefore you were an iniciator and would need to be moved away from the others. Logically you could then be sent to Cumbria, where you could partake to your heart’s content in male toilety matters the only way socially acceptable for a girl your age: by changing your baby brother’s nappies! Don’t let it come to that! Smooth hugs from your Uncle Rizzo!

Hi Ina,
good to read from you again. So your friend has finally discovered the practical use of her Travelmate! Today, when women can wear trousers and shorts as well as skirts and dresses they should also have the choice of style to pee in accordance to the clothes they wear, I should think. You know, I was contemplating ordering one for my wife. But when she recently said that she squatted in the shower for a wee, and I asked her if it would not have been simpler to have done so standing, she said that in the standing position she has the feeling that her bladder does not empty completely. There is always a squirt or two left, which is not the case when she sits or squats to pee. The effects of meno-pause, I suppose. So I think that it might not be such a good idea to get a device for her, even if she envies me every time she sees me whipping out my willie for a wee.
Anyway, I wish you all the best, love from Rizzo.

Steve and Louise, I haven’t yet found your Spanish adventures in the back pages, but from your recent posts I deduce that you had a great time. Steve, the way you describe Louise is very touching. You two must be a beautiful couple to behold! And that’s not only when you are weeing together, LOL. I too think that women are most beautiful in action – and that includes using the toilet - and not just posing for the camera. You are quite right about that. I read Louise’s post about you holding your girls including mum-in-law in your arms for a wee on the beach. It made me think of my wife’s mother. She’s 79, but I have the nagging feeling that she would enjoy such a manoeuvre – after initial protests of course, LOL!
Keep up your fun, love from Rizzo.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Hi everyone, here's a short story about a poo i did. I was at the park with my friends having a good time ,untill i felt a cramp in my stomach, i knew i had to poo BTW mine are ussually big , like 3 inches wide my friends don't know how i do it they say its funny seeing a cute girl laying big dumps, anyway i rushed to the ladies room but it was locked...damn it just picked the right time, so i said "screw this" and entered the mens room but damn my luck again the toilet was cracked in half there was only a urinal in there so i pulled down my panties turned around sat on the urinal at let out some hard, big dumps there was no paper so I was unable wipe, before i left i tried fushing the poop down the urinal but it just swirled around in there, oh well i hope you liked the story later everyone

Wow! i didn't expect such a response but thank you everyone here seems so ordinarilly nice.What is really wierd is that girl in the picture looks alot like me except she should put her hair in a long braid in the back,and i would never let anyone see poop stains on my panties! The art shop is very thirving because its the major place for the nearby students to buy supplies but the unisex bathroom says my boss is to let customer and employee alike use it. I try and time my visits with a girl but its not always possible,i caint help it i really need to take a good poopwhen i first arrive because i start so close to my last class, today when i went in the lady who does frames was there at the basin tiding up and said hello,she is really nice until she started talking when as i rushed to the seat pulling my jeans and panties down and was wiggling into place and she asked didn't i think the seats were too small for big fannys i was a little shocked because i never thought my butt was that big then she said that she didn't mean me since she said girls my age fannys aren't big just very round and the said bye!I was having to grunt when my girlfriend came in a said she was going to stand guard and started saying that she has asked around and the word is that it was either mike or our boss Mr.H.who was missing from the floor the other day, i guess i farted too loud when she said that was a loud one, my poop started to come out very thick and bumpy as she just kept ratting on and i missed the question so she said who would i have wanted it to be? I told hr to please just shut for a minute please as i eased another poop out a trifle longer than the last one but not so bumpy, the bumpy ones i really feel, though they are kinda sexy but stinky at the same time,i just had to pee and i was done but she had started insisting again and i said defintely not Mr.H i would die of embaressment.I finished wiping and came out and she was smirking and holding her nose when guess who popped her head in the frame lady and said Mr. H. wants you two back at your stations now! or asap! Later as i passed mike he really smiled at me and said the boss was stupid and did i feel alright? Traveling Guy, maybe your right Mike does seem to appreciate me and i have started to notice when if i bend over to get something out of the display case he peeks at my butt. Bryan thank you also,i read the comments of Todd and Diana and it their thougts have given me some ideas of my own. Thank you and bye

For the ladies, some questions (thank you in advance for taking the time to answer): After you have a bowel movement, do you wet your toilet paper? Do you use a pre-moistened pad or napkin or such in addition to toilet paper? Do you use powder or perfume? Do you use nothing but dry toilet paper on your bottom?
Thanks again.

PJ girl I don't a have lots of advice on prune juice as I can only guess you mixed a small amount with something you drink like water, but i really feel bad for you as i know how it feels to be constipated but for not nearly as long as six days.What i use to use was x-lax until my gyno had me on stool softners. Good luck and kisses.PS if anyone knows about prune juice please advise PJ girl pronto

I peed on another dead mouse in the toilet.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, all.

I had a pretty mean enema induced dump last night, and my boyfriend was there for the whole thing. I really had to take a crap, but it just wouldn't budge. I could feel it, totally filling my rectum and trying to push it's way out, but I just couldn't do it. I got the ol' enema kit out of the closet, filled it with warm water and a little mineral oil and asked my boyfriend if he wanted to help. He said sure.

I pulled my pants and underpants (no thong yesterday) down to my ankles and laid on my stomach. He put a little K-Y on the tip of the enema and more on my anus. He straddled me and slowly inserted the tube in my rectum. Once it was in, he popped the clamp open and I felt warm water rushing in. I usually let the whole bag empty into me in order to get myself totally cleaned out, but the pressure was too intense and I stopped him after it was only about 2/3 done. He clamped it shut, pulled it out and followed me into the bathroom.

I sat on the crapper and pushed. I don't know if I ever want kids, but it sure felt like I was having one last night! It felt like I was passing a grapefruit! A hard, knobby log burst out and hit the water with a loud splash, then everything that was clogged up in my intestines came rushing out. I groaned and held my boyfirend's hand the whole time. It hurt, but what a relief! After a few more squirts, I was empty, and felt nice a clean in there. I wasn't so clean doen below, though! My ass felt like I'd sat in a bucket of chocalate pudding!

I rolled off some paper and wiped a couple of times without looking. I flushed, then wiped a few more times. When it felt like I was clean, I did one safety wipe and saw the paper was unblemished. I flushed again. And stood up. I went to pull up my pants, but my boyfriend stopped me. I said, at least let me wash my hands, and he did. He grabbed my bare ass and carried me into the living room and we made out for a couple of hours, the whole time with my shirt and sneakers on and my pants and underpants around my ankles. It was pretty cool.

PJ Girl: Did you take a dump yet? Hope them bowels are a-okay!

Hello to everyone, esp. Bryian, Ina, Todd & Diana, Rizzo, Cory, PPG, Traveling Guy, and anyone I'm forgetting.



the "HOLD IT" man
Louise, I liked your story about pissing against a wall. I would have love to have been there.

John Q, that was me who posted about the contest with my Cousen. My Cousen, Katie is very athletic and reminds me of the things you said about your sister and girlfriend. I haven't seen her in ages, but I will be seeing her later this week. I am headed down to Florida to visit my older sister and cousen and it should be interesting. I should have some good stories to tell when I get back. If there is a library or 'cyber cafe' where I will be staying, maybe I will check in from time to time.

Now for a story that will undoubtedly gross many of you out, as it did me. This happened about 10 years ago when I started riding motorcycles. When you ride, you are at the mercy of a nything that can come flying at you from up off the road, out the windows of cars or back of trucks. I was hit by candy bar wrapers, ciggerette and cigar butts, rocks, and even a road kill. I won't get into that in a ny detail, though. I had a similar experience that ranks up there with the road kill, however. I almost got myself into a fight on the head of it as well.

I was tooling alont I-80, and there was thie picu-up truck in front of me with two idiot guys riding in the back. For some reason or another, these two assholes BOTH decided to stand up in the back of that truck, pull out their dicks, and piss right over the back tail gate. I quickly swerved to avoid being "baptised" and was lucky. They too, were lucky when I caught up with them at a Hardees restaurant and a police car pulled up right next to me. As it turns out, the cop saw everything and these two morons were handcuffed and hauled off to jail. As soon as the police car left I let the air out of all 4 of the tires.

Now if Louise, Jill or Scarlet had done that I bet it would have been more interesting to see. <he he>

Hey i just got a great story to tell you guys. I am on the cheerleading team and we went to go to a championship in a different city, that was about 2 hours away. Well on the way there 7 of us stopped to get something to eat at a fastfood place, while the other 5 went somewhere else. While we were there I had gone into use the bothroom and had to go poop so i did and i had push push pretty hard, but after wards i felt great. Then we all ate and got back on our way. About 30 minutes later I felt that i need to go again, but reall bad this time, and i thought that since i just went that maybe i was just nurvous,but 5 minutes later I knew it was not just my nurves. the 6 other girls who ate at the same place felt the same way. We told the couch that she need to pull off right then, but she said that we were just nervous. (besides we were in the middle of no where for another 15 minutes) Me and my friend ashley thought that we would end up going right there. The couch finally pu! lled over and let us off. The 6 other girls and my self ran off the bus. I pulled my pants down just in time. Ashley was holding up her skirt and wet, mushy diarreah was flowwing out of her hole so fast. Some of the other girls were so weak that they were on there hands and knees just letting the diarreah flow out of them like chocolate syrup. Some girls were crying from the burning of the diarreah. We were in the field for all most 30 minutes just letting diarreah come out of our holes. My hole was burning so bad. The couch decided to take us home which was smart because on the way home we had to stop 2 more times because of the horrible diarreah. The bus smelled really bad on the way home because a couple of the girls coundnt hold it until the bus could have time to pull over and went in there panties.

the other day i was at school, my first week back and we were in our outdoor lab, we have woods by our school and there is a trail that we go on and study trees for science class. and i really had to poop bad, it was starting to comeout in my undrwear. i felt this big bump pushing out and getting bigger. i pretended i was looking at a flower and bent down, it all came out in my pants. everyone walked by and i was alone for a minute. i hurried up and ran behind a tree and dumped out my poop. the teacher was yelling for me and some of the guys were looking for me walking down the trail. i stood to button my pants and my teacher saw my head and he yelled at me. he didnt see me button my pants up. i got back to the trail and went back to class. my but was really sticky al day, i kept pulling my undies out from my but. someone asked if i pooped my pants and i just laughed at them and said i had a wegy. well i got home and got a shower that night and my underwear was black where t! he poo was. i rinsed them out in the shower. it worked really good, i hid them under my bed to dry. then i put them in the dirty clothes for mom to wash. i dont think she knew. it made then a little brown after i washed them. well i gotta go . bye

Hi Gang sorry ive been gone so long things have been busy for me.I hope you older posters remember me hehe.
PJ GIRL I dont know what anybody thinks but Senekot laxatives does not seem to have been mentioned if you can still get them i always found they realy worked but you need a free evening and following day as they really work its just granuales like chocholate. But take my advise dont wear anything you cant get down DAMN QUICK and going out is
a bit of a no no Good luck
Kendal great story good to see your back you formerly knew me as london lad i tried saying hi before but got no reply it was your lake period so i guess you were to busy i hope Andrew and Ellen are ok.Is Michael your boyfriend after all that the most usual way i've heard of to ask a girl out lol.
Well guys the only thing of notice thats happened is that i found some onlins freinds that are open about there habits and tell me story's and details and all so i'm a lucky guy unfortunatel i cant name where i met them ( against site rules)
Nothing interesting is happening with my bowls at the moment, i might not always post but i do read the posts often some great stuff out there.
PRG hi fellow punker and pooper remember me clash fan i posted but i guess you missed it i hope you get to see this one.Im glad your butts on the mend.
Well thats it for now folks stay well and regular.
Regards London Calling

I've heard of people wetting themselves from fright. What's that like? I ask because when something startles me, if anything, my muscles get tighter. For instance, earlier today, I had to go *incredibly* bad, and was already doing small squirts. It was so bad that it was all I could do to keep walking because it hurt so much. I'm going past a tree, and walk into a spiderweb.

I really, *really* don't like spiders. As in, if there were two doors, and standing in one was Darth Vader and stretched across the other was a spiderweb, I'd probably take my chances with Vader. Of all things in creation, nothing scares me like spiders. I've been this way as long as I can remember, even back to the scattered un-memories from early childhood that don't even fit together. I don't scare easy compared to many people I know, but even the little, smaller-than-a-housefly spiders terrify me. And *this* monster web was so huge that I could feel the strands against my forehead *and* against my elbows (or whatever you call the opposite side of the elbow. And my hands were at my sides.) and all over my face and neck, which means that I'd not just walked into a strand or two, but the whole thing, dead center. And I had no idea where the sure-to-be-tarantula-sized spider was. I yelped like a dog whose tail you've accidentally stepped on, dropped the cup I was carryin! g as I jumped back, thrashed around like a cartoon character whose gotten his tongue stuck in a socket, (I got quite a few stares) and I didn't entertain the idea of going back for it even for a second. I felt like I was about six years old. I still feel as if something's crawling on me *now.* But I didn't wet myself.

Then, I finally made it to a restroom, and before I could get my pants open, it's like someone had replaced my bladder with a firehose when I wasn't looking; you could actually *hear* it spraying. Now I felt about *four* years old. I got my pants open and spent nearly a full minute in front of the urinal. To my dismay there was a wet spot about the diameter of a cantaloupe. Time for the old 'spray water from the sink on yourself' cover-up.

Hi everyone
I had a good poop today well this evening actually
I was out with my b/f and i wore one of his favorite outfit,s he likes me to wear a short tartan wrap around skirt and my little ankle socks
I teamed it off with a white blouse and a pretty pair of pink tennis knickers with lot,s of lace on the bum i felt a little bit embarresed
about wearing those knicker,s under that skirt as it was rather short
any way I went into a field behind the hedge and quickly flipped my skirt up and grabbed my knickers at the same time and pulled them down to my knee,s and half squatted while my b/f watched he kept looking away I few time,s I can feel my poo slowly coming and i grunted softly and it smelled quite a bit I kept pushing nnnnnnnngggghhhhh oohhh aaahh
it felt like it was quite big but my b/f said it was not all that fat but long and thin it came out easily now and plopped onto the grass I felt a lot better after that He gave me a kleenex to wipe with and i pulled up my knickers and lowered my skirt I had a good look at my poo lying there with the steam coming off it must have been at least 15" long all curled up topped off with a messy klee

Hi, its a hell of a long time since I last posted on here, but I've still been reading all the posts on a regular basis.

Anyway, I've nothing really special to report, poos and wees have all been normal.

Heres a story from when I was about 11/12 (i'm 18 now)

I had a pooing problem as a kid up until the age of about 14 - I pooed my pants on a regular basis. I always seemed to poo my pants whenever I was out on a day trip and I neeed the toilet.
One of these times was on a trip to Blackpool (not far from where I live) in Lancashire. Me and some friends were playing in the fun house on Blackpool Pleasure Beach (it is now a cafe). After about an hour of playing I soon got the urge to poo, I couldn't really be bothered holding it in, and despite there being a tolet nearby I went in my pants. I never had the confidence to use a public toilet for pooing. Poo slowly filled my pants and I had a fairly big bulge in my pants, I smelled a bit as well. I then decided to clean myself up in the toilet, otherwise I would have been punished (only harmless punishment) if my dad found out. I managed to clean up good, and my dad never noticed.

I no longer poo my pants, but enjoyed doing it as a kid - I always saw it as an 'easy option'.

Hope you liked my story, more to come soon.

Now for some responses...

HANNAH - Hope you recovered from the diarrhoea. Hope you managed to clean that stain off! What made you decide to have diarrhoea there and then in front of your computer rather than the toilet just for the sake of a few setences?

LEATHER PANTS GIRL - I always enjoy reading your stories. Its nice to know you're soon settling down well with your g/f and both of you sharing the same panty pooping interest must be a big bonus!! How often do you poop your panties and how much do you enjoy having a heavy load in your panties?

KENDAL - Your stories are great! You seem to be in a nice little 'group' there! As a kid I saw my mates sister poo on the toilet a few times - she actually asked me to! Michael must be very lucky having experienced what he did with you. In your last post it seems that you had a 'front view' of him pooing (and vice versa) - have you ever tried a 'backward' view (i.e. sitting on the toilet backwards and letting whoever is watching, watch you actually poo)?


I'm going to uni in Yorkshire (don;t want to be too specific), which is about two and a half hours waay by car so I should keep in contact with mates, and more importantly my parents (I have a very good relationahip with them). Personally I've been wetting myself for some time and it was only later that I discovered pooing myself was great too. Poo is laso to clean as it only leaves a few skidmarks ususally. You really should try weeing yourself as the feeling of wearing a pair of wet undies is fantastic.

I've bought myself a few pairs of briefs and yes I was somewhat reluctant to buy them. Now however I love a good poo in my briefs and have even been considering changing from boxers to briefs, I'm not sure though! I tend to go for those with a bit of room in rathher than the tight ones. I do like CK briefs.


kendal: liked your story. how old is micheal? andrew any stories from you.

Billy and kevin: where are you again?

Nothing exciting going on with me. still waiting on prom stories. and wondering how many others have chest hair. thanks. Happy toileting everyone.

Mike of MD USA
1. Ladies do you always put the seat down to piss? (a)yes,(b)no
2. Men do you always wipe after pooping and pissing? mine is yes (a) yes,(b)no
3. Have you ever used or seen a toliet that was not flushed? mine is no
4. How often do you use public toilets other than home in a day? mine is 5 times (A)1-3times,(B)4-7times,(C)8 or more times
5. Have you ever seen a tampon put on the wall and pissed on? mine is no
6. Have you ever pooped on the toilet seat or floor? mine is yes (a)yes,(b)no
7. For the men do you always flush after pissing in toilet or urinal? mine is sometime after using toliet always after using urinal (A)yes,(B)no,(C)sometimes
8. For the women do you always flush after pissing in toilet? mine is n/a
9. Ladies do you always use toilet paper after pissing?(A)yes,(B)no
10. Do you always look to see what you did in toilet?(A)yes,(B)no

Bryian: You are in serious need of a good fart. You might want to try some colon cleanse tea, that might help you fart out a feel good log. TO: Nathan: I liked your story. TO: Leather pants girl: I liked your story, your friend is a real friend. That proved that she really cares about you; and it's nice to have a friend like that in your corner. TO: Sudden Urge: Your story was honest and sweet, I liked it....It put a smile on my face! . Well, nothing to report, just a whole lot of farts; maybe next time.

To Lacy: Enjoyed your story...for contstipation try eating starches..that might help.

To the "HOLD IT" man: Intresting situation...Did you really just go to burger king to use the bathroom or eat?

To Austin (Blake): Loved your stories, do you think those girls went back and looked at your poop?

To JHW: Would be intresting in hearing your stories.

To Someone: Thats what i had in mind(oxy clean) for hanna.

To Los: Loved your story, got a kick out of giving it a birth certificate..LOL

To PRG: Liked your story..did you b/f know you were pooping?

To wetguy: Thanks for liking my story.

To Guydude: Nice story about your g/f pooping...I liked it. Did she know you were spying on her at first?

To Nathan: Loved your story

To John Q Public: Liked your story about the peeing contest.

To Outdoor Jane: Liked your story

To wcWatcher: Loved your story.

To leather pants girl: Liked your story...did any one see you 2 poop your pants?

To Ray: Liked your story

To Sudden Urge: Liked your story

To JaLe: Loved your story

euro hiker
To Redneck. Glad you liked my story about the dream about the Swedish girls on Page 980.

You said that you would like to go to Europe and stay in youth hostels. Don't get too excited about mixed dormitories in French youth hostels because males are unlikely to be allocated a mixed dorm unless they arrive in a mixed group. Some French youth hostels like Chamonix have mixed shower/toilet rooms but most of the girls staying there are probably not French, so they are likely to be inhibited about using a mixed toilet if there is someone in another stall.

French camp sites are another matter however. There are about 11,000. I have only inspected about 11 and while most had no toilet viewing potential, I gave one a good 3 plop rating and two qualified for the highest 4 plop rating. Most towns have a 'Camping Municipal' but I haven't had much luck with these. On other camp sites, some have separate toilets for men and women while some are mixed. Some have 'à la Turque' squat type toilets and some have normal toilet bowls, usually without seats. Some have a mixture of the two types.

On many French camp sites, the 'à la Turque' squat type toilets have gaps under the doors but the doors open directly to the outside so I give these a zero plop rating.

If you find a camp site that is open in summer and winter, they normally have some toilet stalls indoors to avoid a frozen butt in winter. If you are lucky, they may be mixed and I would give these a one plop rating.

If you are very lucky, there may be mixed indoor squat stalls with big gaps under the doors (two plop rating).

If you are very very lucky, there may be mixed indoor squat stalls with big gaps under the doors and two rows of stalls facing each other. If you are in one you could look out under the door and get a front view of a woman squatting in the stall opposite. I give that type a three plop rating.

If you are very very very lucky, they may have a row of mixed indoor squat stalls with gaps under the partitions so that when you are in one, you can look under the partition to get a back/side view of the person squatting in the next stall. I give that type a four plop rating. Where else could you find such amazing toilet views?

Hi everyone. I can't believe I am going to ask the question I am leading up to here. I am a fairly attractive female age 19. In my family all private things were always very private. For the past few weeks my 21 year old fiance has been casually referring to pooping in our conversations. Last night I confronted him about it and he just told me to go to this website when I am alone and read some of the posts and I would understand what he "wants to watch". So here I am and now I think I understand although I am a bit confused about why anybody would want to watch themselves or anybody else poop. But I do love him and I am willing to play along (one time anyway). I've decided to tell him "NO", then invite him over to my apartment in a few days when I know I have to poop bad. When we are together I am going to excuse myself to the bathroom then call him on his cell phone with my cell phone and ask him to come upstairs to the bathroom. When he gets there I will be totally naked! and lying on my back with my asshole spread apart as wide as I can spread it with my 2 hands. I always fart a lot when I poop so I know that as soon as I let go I will start farting. (He has never even heard me fart before). He will probably like that.
Then I guess I will just let the turds start oozing out of my asshole
and onto the floor. I know I am going to be embarresed because I think the asshole expands into a large ring or something so that fairly large turds can come out, right? Anyway, here is my question. My farts and poop usually stink real bad and I don't want him to start gagging or something because that would make it even more embarresing for me. Is there anything special that I can eat or drink that will make my poop smell better, or at least not stink so bad? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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