John Q Public
I just had a very interesting experience today. I was at the eye doctors for my anual check-up and glasses perscription renewel. I was seated in a special chair and the doctor had just give me something to dialate my pupels so she couls check for Fuch's syndroma and Blockoma.

Anyway while I was waiting, this receptionist, a 40 something but very attractive woman, ran into a unisex washroom that was right across the hallf rom where I was, and it was very quiet. I was very quiet, so I could hear everything. The first thing I started to hear was a long hissy piss eminate from her. That was almost imediately followed by a series of farts and splats. The pooping went on for quite a while, but the peeing was phenominal. I didn't start timing her until I heard the farts, but it went on for 1 minute and 40 seconds of what I did get. At a guess I would say that she hissed for at least another 30 seconds before I started timing her. In fact, she was still hissing even after she finished pooping. It was realy something to hear. I wish I could have seen it.

I was realy wishing on my lucky stars that she would forget to flush, but she didn't. When she finished, she wiped, flushed and walked out of that bathroom with a very satisfied look on her face. When she was out of site I thought I would go in to see if I could at least smell the air. Suprisingly there was a very strong fresh urine smell but no poop smell at all. I wonder how that could be.

to hannah: clean it a little and say its coke

Punk Rock Girl
I forgot to mention something before. I watched SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER for the first time in nearly fifteen years the other night. Good flick, Travolta is the coolest. I'm glad I'm anonymous here, because if some of my friends were to find out I actually like the Bee Gees... Anyway, there's a shit reference in the movie that I never got before. Travolta and the chick he's dancing with are in a coffee chop talking about their big contest coming up. She says, "how are we supposed to get our shit together?" He responds something like, "We both shit in a bowl, then get a potato masher and mash it all together." She just rolls her eyes and goes back to her coffee. Hmm. Not quite as interesting as I thought. Never mind.

Lacy: Missed your post first time around. Welcome! First of all, I have bouts with both constipation and diarrhea on a fairly regular basis, though I have constipation more often. I can't say I have ever actually "enjoyed" it, but that feeling of relief after dropping a big, stubborn load is quite magical. My point is, anyway, it's not a good idea to deliberately give yourself either condition, whether it's taking laxatives or just eating or drinking stuff that you know causes it. Excessive diarrhea, especially that caused by laxative abuse, can lead to severe malnutrition, anemia, dehydration and can cause irreperable damage to your intestines, up to and including eating away the lining of your intestine and causing internal bleeding. Excessive constipation, on the other hand, can cause a permanent blockage that needs to be surgically corrected, and can even lead to the rectum actually inverting and bursting out of the anus (it's called a rectal prolapse). Yuck.! I think you're better off enjoying your diarrhea and constipation experiences as they come naturally--that also makes them more special. If you do it all the time, it will lose its charm, right? In the meantime, if you want to induce nice, non-stingy diarrhea, try giving yourself an enema. It's better for you than laxatives. If you like constipation because of the intense pressure you feel in your rectum, try using a butt-plug. I'm not kidding. They're safe, and if you use them right, it's a very similar feeling! Hope my info helps.



Hey Kendal!
You go Girl!
I thought it was so cool of you to turn around the situation in the bathroom - and obviously so did Michael.

To All:
Last night I had what I call an "annoying" poo. I was stood having a pee when I felt that it was about time for a poo. So, I sat down, but I just couldn't get it to move very much. two small pieces came out but it felt like there was more to come... and it wouldn't.
I used loads of TP on a messy wipe then went to bed worried that I might push the rest out in my sleep.
However, it stayed put overnight and I unloaded it this morning before I had a shower.
Other than that, the past few weeks have been pretty uneventful for toilet-related stuff.

Simon :)

John Q Public

I was going through the old posts and I came across the one you wrote about my revenge and how innocent people were sucked in. There are a couple of things that one needs to keep in mind here. 1. this happened back in 1979. 2. I was only 17 and did not have the greatest judgement in th e world. 3. and most importantly, the school where I went to was not very 'innocent' by any means. My old school was devided up into two major groups of people. Those who made the "team" which included all athletic teams, and those who did not make the team. I, being small for my age and very thin was no athlete. I did great accedemicly but I didn't even weigh as much as the girls did. When I graduated I was 6 feet tall but only weighed 115 pounds. My younger sister was only 15, was 4 inches taller then me and weighed in at 130. By the way we did not go to the same hs.

Anyway to make a long story short, our athletic teams were doing great in my Junior year. We were number 1 in the state for football and basketball, and number 3 in the state for baseball. Our cheerleaders were also taking first place in competitions, as were our pon pon squad, Cross Country team, and all our girls teams as well. We were very well known for athletic prowess, and on the head of all t hat noteriety, the school was gripped in a (for lack of a better term) epidemic of arrogance. I was not only trying to get even, but I was sick of all the postering and arrogance being spouted by everyone around me so I got termendous satisfaction from being the cause of that school having the most losingest year of their history. Even to this day they did not lose as many times as they did during t he 78/79 school year.

I agree that I was not using good judgement, but I can't help having enjoyed seeing the defeated and humiliated looks on all those faces when they were knocked off the proverbial pedistal.

Hello Robbie,
I hope your dad is continuing on his way to recovery and that you are not too lonely with your daughters becoming more and more independent.
We had similar problems. My wife’s dad had to undergo by-pass surgery. He told us the following story.
From the intensive care unit he was moved to a room which he shared with three other men. He said that he had tubes going into veins on both wrists and taped to the bed. He also had sensors taped to his neck so that he could hardly move. On his right and next to the window was a man who had suffered a stroke leaving him inarticulate and half paralysed. The man on his left turned out to be a Greek, the man beyond the Greek was from Latvia. The patients were given pills against pain, to be able to sleep and to get their bowels moving again. All these pills worked extremely well. My dad-in-law said that he felt no pain, had slept well, but on awaking felt the ‘urgent need to shit’ (his words). Out of the corner of his eye he could just make out the end of the cable with the button to be pushed to call the nurse. He could not reach it. He turned to the man on his right, but the stroke victim was hopelessly incapacitated. He turned to his left, but neither the Greek nor the L! atvian understood a word he said. He tried to call out, but his voice was still hoarse from the tubes that had been inserted into his throat for the operation. He could only croak like a hoarse frog. He said that he lay there, clenching his bottom, hoping that somebody would come. It was no use, nobody came. His bum soon erupted violently into the bed, filling the space between his thighs with hot, liquid excrement. As he was wearing a hospital night shirt open at the back it all went into the bedclothes. It stank to high heaven, but the way there was barred by the ceiling which deflected the stink down to the other patients. It was then that the Greek patient finally understood what was going on, and so called the nurse. The nurse was very cross. Why did he not press the call-button. He explained. Why did he then not ask one of the others for help. Again he explained. The nurse called a young assistant nurse to clean him up. That was not fair, he thought. While this was bei! ng done, the laxative kicked in on the Greek, who jumped out of bed, trailing the stand with the drips and tubes behind him, and hobbled bare-arsed in his hospital nightie to adjacent bathroom to the protest of the nurses. Then the cramps hit my dad-in-law again. He started to get up, nurses protesting in vain, but he did not make it and shat on the floor. He said that it really spuirted out of his backside, through the gap in the night shirt and in an arc to the floor! He felt very embarrassed dressed like a naked-arsed baroque putto and shitting all over the place, but his insides were in full revolt. Finally he got cleaned up, the Greek was put back to bed, but now the Latvian started to call for the bed pan, pointing at his belly to make himself understood. It was bedlam. There was no way that the nurses could keep up with the bed pan. Although the patients were not supposed to walk around yet, they did, pushing the supports for the drips as they made their way to the to! ilet. One of them was almost always in the bathroom, the other using the bed pan and the third waiting in line, sometimes shitting on themselves and on the floor. It took four double doses of medecine (probably Immodium) to calm down the irritatd bowels. It took my dad-in-law another week to get back to his normal one-shit-a-day routine.
I think the hospital staff overdid it with the dosage of the laxative. They were probably used to constipated couch-potatoes and not to patients who eat healthily and who have regular bowel movements.

Annie, Sarah S. and Meghan, what’s up?

Carmalita dear, are you still with us??????

Austin, good to see you back!

More later, peace to all, Rizzo

This is a repost of my message of a few days ago, which has not appeared on the boards -- it may not have made the cut (no idea why, on review it seems on-topic and without inappropriate references...), or I might have had some browser problems, I've no idea which so I'm going to try again!


Hey, I don't mind the questions at all, in fact it makes me feel very good to be able to talk about it, especially with a lady who is a past mistress at the gentle art of self-relief. Yes, twenty minutes -- I had wanted to go badly before going in, but it was a busy restroom at a city mall, with doors opening and people coming and going all the time, and I was just unable to open up. The urethra just clenches like a fist and nothing you can do will get it to relax. Some folks have to carry catheters and use them from time to time, thankfully it never got that bad for me. But I had some difficult experiences, many of them in school (from the age of five) until just a few years ago when I started to beat this thing. Yes, that day my bladder hurt a lot by the time I got home, which was a long way...

Your descriptions of the beach are marvelous, and I can picture it exactly! Unfortunately, I've only seen one man and a couple of boys weeing on the local nude beach, so it seems to be a comparitively rare thing here. Louise's description of you and she streaming casually in the sea, arms around eachother, was just beautiful, and a bonding that's rare and special.

I look forward always to your posts, and admire you very much!

LOUISE -- hi grrl! Thanks for the extra Spain stories, they're delicious! As I mentioned to Donna, those bonding experiences are something so few people ever experience, especially in adulthood. By your age, most women these days seem to be estranged from their parents, and it's very positive to know that's not always the case.

Isn't it amazing how the simple, inevitable, ubiquitous act of having a wee can help shape your life? It's a quality and a pleasure that everyone can share, but so few do. And to share it with others is more than remarkable. Almost everyone in the Western world rarely ever shares their weeing consciously with their companions -- strangers standing at urinals and minding their own business doesn't really count in this sense. Donna mentioned urinating without company on only two occasions, and that demonstrates the opposite of the common trend!

I look forward eagerly to your next message -- congratulations on your achievements in kung fu, BTW, I really understand and appreciate just what this means in terms of fitness, focus and committment. You're a special lady in more ways than the obvious!


PS: I just had a huge wee in the bathroom sink in all your honour!

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, everyone,

Nothing to report from my end (!) except that I've continued to do satisfying shits with some loud plops! None of those silly floaters with a dirty arse afterwards!

NATHAN, Your gf seems to have grown up unaware that guys sit on toilets and shit, and yet she was aware that your bits dangling down the toilet might have got splashed as your turds dropped in!
I often wonder if people when they're intimate with their partners, try and forget about the other's exposure to the action going on in a toilet whan they're sitting on it!
She also seemed surprised at the time you took, so for her, it must always be quick. I remember a male colleague mentioning that his wife couldn't imagine anyone being constipated, or even having a firm BM that took more than a few seconds to get done!
One thing about listening to others on toilets is that it teaches you how we all vary in our shitting patterns.

A friend who shares my interest was once in a public toilet, and like me, was hoping to hear something good from other guys on the toilets.
After a while, someone knocked on his cubicle door saying it was the police and would he come out please.
My friend had a bag with him that they searched and said was OK, then they told him they had timed him going in, and that he had been in there for eight minutes, and "That it seemed a long time to be occupying a cubicle". !!!
What they suspected him of, I don't know, and even though thay asked for his name and address, they didn't take it further, but my friend was obviously a bit upset by it.
What also surprised me was that they thoght 8 minutes was a long time to be having a shit! Perhaps they are so accustomed to going quickly that anyone who takes longer is thought to be acting suspiciously! I know lots of men who like to take their time and enjoy it, perhaps read a paper on the toilet, have to wait until it's ready etc. My biker friend who gave me so many recordings of himself having a good shit often took 5, 10, even upto 20 minutes, whether reading or not, with turds dropping at about the rate of one per minute sometimes!
Anyway, that incident happened a few years ago, and it's never happened to me, so perhaps they'd received complaints of certain activities going on in there, or drugs etc.

Miss KENDAL, Glad you got to see Michael on the toilet at last, but what a let-down that he sat well back so there were no plops! I think the same result would apply if someone sits leaning forward sometimes so that as the turds drop, they're pointing towards the back of the pan.
Perhaps it's the fault of the pan. He might have sounded great on your Gran's toilet, and got well-splashed too!

There have been reports in the press recently of a football manager who has been seen on several occasions entering the Ladies' toilets at some club, and looking under the cubicle door when someone was sitting on the toilet. One lady concerned was quite upset about it, but apart from the allegations of invading her privacy, and being in the habit of such activities; it seems amazing that anyone would risk their reputation and possible prosecution by taking such risks repeatedly at the same place! If you keep doing the same risky activity in the same place, it's inevitable that one day you'll be caught out!

Happy and peaceful shitting, P. Plop Guy

Hello again from Chelsea.

Another Ladies loo story from my London office.

The loo I used this time was on the 4th floor that consists of the usual three cubicles and a wash-basin area. All the cubicles were empty when I went in at 4.30pm. I took the middle cubicle, pulled down my Jaeger cords and black panties and sat down.

I had a pee, took a deep breath, and then strained making a high-pitched fart. My rectum felt solid and ached, but I could not budge the contents.

Someone entered the cubicle to my right. After a rustle of clothing she sat down, farted briefly, peed, and after a pause, started to strain. She continued to strain hard and only stopped when another person entered and took the vacant cubicle on my left.

I heard this newcomer pull down her jeans - which appeared around her ankles under the partition. She sat down and made a long loud fart before straining began. On both sides much straining and grunting occurred, but no plops. I joined in the chorus of straining, combined with anal contortions, before giving up, wiping, and going out to wash my hands.

I was washing quietly and listening when - at long last - a series of intermittent small plip-plops sounded from the cubicle that was on my right. The woman then wiped once, flushed, and came out. She was a blond in her early 30’s, short and stocky, but quite pretty. As she was washing there was a sudden long strained squeaky fart from the cubicle still occupied - but no plops. The woman washing her hands paused, looked down, and listened intently until the noise stopped, then quickly dried her hands and went out.

A moment later the girl who made the two farts came out without wiping (or flushing) probably thinking there was no-one left in the washroom. She was also blond - a tall well-built girl about 20. Her fair complexion coloured with embarrassment. She just wet the tips of her fingers and left hurriedly.

I went into the cubicle where I heard the plip-plops. The few small hard balls passed had failed to flush and were floating. The other loo - where the girl had been farting and straining - was clean with only her smells lingering. So despite all that effort and noisy farts - she had passed not a sausage (sorry – could not resist the pun !).

All three of us had really-really been trying hard to defecate – but with little or no success.

Many of my women friends confess they are often constipated, but it does not seem to bother them much - they just accept they will eventually pass something some time or other !

None to my knowledge take laxatives for this condition – but nor do I – I have always avoided such medicines.

If my friends are typical, some women are constipated a lot of the time – and, like me, empty their rectums probably no more than twice a week – sometimes even less.

Unless all you other ladies out there know otherwise ?

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Hi Hannah. I enjoyed your poop story. If you know someone with a small portable carpet shampooer I would use that with a cleaner that has an odor eliminator.Hope everything turns out alright.

TO PJ GIRL: Prune juice DOES work; I've used it myself. However, although I may very well be wrong, I know of no way for it to work within hours. With me, it usually takes two days or so of drinking it regularly. I'm sorry, prune juice isn't like an enema; it is a gradual process. Just like when you have strep throat, the medicine you get doesn't cure you in hours, it takes a few days, but it works eventually. It's the same with prune juice. And I hate to say but it doesn't taste very nice. It works, but every time I've resorted to it, without a single exception, I've spent about ten minutes on my knees, puking. Just warning you! Hope this helps!

PJ girl

Hi Tina. Do not worry - 6 days without going is not serious - have often not gone for that length of time.

Buy some KY Jelly and use it and your finger to gently lubricate your anus and lower rectum.

Take six table-spoonfuls of prune juice last thing at night.

When your rectum fills the next day or so push steadily and take your time. The hard contents should come out without hurting much.

Enjoy the experience.

Let me know what happens.

To Hannah: My lord girl you pooped on a WHITE carpet? Well anyway I am a janitor and among other things, I clean carpets. My advice to you is to go rent a rug shampooer/extractor. And do it SOON b4 the stain has much more time to set. That is your only hope of getting a diarreah stain out of a white carpet. Good luck!

Hey everyone. I am very obsessed with pooping. I actually enjoy havign diarreah or being constipated. What is a good and fast way to get constipated or have diarreah with out buying any products? If any one knows please tell me asap. I am looking forward to your responses.
bye for now

the "HOLD IT" man
That happens to me often too, John Q. In fact I was at a Burger King yesterday morning, and I wanted to wash my hands and there was not a drop of soap in the dispensors, and it smelled as though the urinal wasn't flushed since Nixon was president.

I reported it to the person at the cash register, but I did not order anything. When they asked if they could take my order I told them that I was leaving because of the way that washroom was and that I lost my appetite. Hopefully the manager there will do something.

Scarlet, I notice that my pee does get alot foamyer when I eat alot of v?????s. My cousen who I had the contest with was alot like that. I think it has to do with the build up of alkiline in the system that causes the urine to foam up when it makes contact with water. I am more into vilume, rate, pee time and hold time myself.

Austin (Blake)
Hi Folks! Long time no see!
Special Hi's and I miss you's to Carmalita, Rizzo, Kim and Scott, PPG,
PRG, Steve, Upstate Dave, Mischa, Louise, Gruntley B., LDK,
Traveling Guy and the rest of the crew.

I'm doing pretty good these days. My efforts must be paying off if you
believe Mike M. I'm sorry I quit posting so suddenly, my posts were getting
too routine and I had some security concerns. I've pretty much kept up
the SaTURDay tours and added more of the same. I've had experiences
by the zillion, but their all pretty similar. Here's a couple that stand out

While working inventory at a grocery store I noticed a familiar smell.
I was counting the diaper aisle along with my 22 year old blonde
partner. I took note of how her jeans fit her lovely behind so snugly.
Two store managers were with us only 10 or 15 feet down the row.
After catching the scent of poo poo I tried to discover the source. I
assumed some desparate toddler had scooted behind the packages and
offloaded yesterday's Gerber. I walked over to my partner to make a
wise crack that someone must have decided to try before you buy.
Just as I reached her, She quickly said "Uhhh, I think I need a napkin"
and quickly left the scene. On her departure I saw that those jeans that
fit her so snugly were now sagging at the seams. Imagine that? pooping
her pants at work, with managers only a few steps away! At any rate,
she quit after we returned from that trip and nothing was ever said
about it.

Another time, I was hiking through this trail when the urge struck me.
No one had been by for a long time, so I sat down on a rock and
started the poo train down the tracks. About that time I heard the loud
giggling and cavorting of two cute college babes coming down the
trail, being every man's dream. They hardly noticed me as they passed
barely three feet from me. I thought they would get the yuck response
and leave as quickly as possible. To my surprise, however, they hung
around a while, making sure they snuck some glances my way. They
soon left and I finished up. I gave them some lead time before I made
my way down the trail so they wouldn't think I was stalking them or
anything. Low and behold, several hundred yards down the trail, I
came upon a log where one of them had sat, with a nice big wet spot
beneath it. They had followed suit! Well, that's all for now gang. I'll
try to post every now and then and I'll sure be lurking from time to
time. Keep up the good work!

- Austin

Hey... been reading for a pee stories the best. RIght now i gotta run out the door, but I have some stories I'll share later. I'm 17/m.

Bathroom Kid: YOU HAVE AWESOME STORIES!!! Please try to include a little more detail, I'll have to tell u some similar (nowhere near as good) experiences.

that;s all for now...

I have a friend. When he goes to the bathroom, he flushes the toilet when he is done.

To PJ Girl: Go ahead and drink the prune juice if you like but my experience is that its not all its cracked up to be. I always recommend psyllium husks (with LOTS of water) for constipation, but in addition to that you need to get a lot more fiber in your daily diet! I dont EVER advise daily use of enemas as this is an emergency measure and in the long term washes out the friendly bacteria (acidophilus and bifidus) in your colon that helps your bowels to move in the first place.

Hannah- Use Oxiclean. I use got blood all over my carpet and used Oxiclean and it came out great! Just mix it with water, and pour over the stain. Now scrub. Repeat until it's gone.

To ObBsEsSeD: Great story are a lucky guy to have such a kewl gf! Keep posting!

Your constipation problem is best solved by not getting constipated! As many of the posters here will tell you, you get "regular" by eating foods with reasonable amounts of fiber. Eat some whole prunes every day and some good fiber cereal for a week and check back. I'll bet you see improvement! Good luck!

Breach Birth

Sometimes I feel a huge log that is just about to come out - but is stuck just shy of my bunghole. I feel that massive girth monster in there, just yearning to take a swim in the toilet. I push and push, and flex and flex, my bunghole making moist smacking noises as a testament to my efforts. After a few minutes of this frustration, I decide that something must be done to help me give birth to this chocolate baby - a labor inducer, if you will. Tentatively at first, I reach a finger into my straining bung. I can just feel the hard, crusty tip of the log..and it is truly an awesome study in hugeness. It is then that I realize the magnitude of my problem. I poke and probe at it, and scoop out a small chunk of stool. *Plop!* The beginnings of sweet success! I reach up further, and grasp the mighty beast with 2 fingers. I pull gently, urgently, toward daylight. Then, my sphincter takes over - much like a power forward dunking the ball after an assist from a point guard - and! pushes the log all the way out. What a creation! It is the size of a small child's forearm! I revel in its sheer awesomeness. Easily 14 inches long, half of it sticks above the water line, like a water moccasin in the swamps of Louisiana. I am loath to flush it, so i leave it in the toilet, fill out a birth certificate, and take it to be bronzed and mounted - the greatest trophy to fill my shelf.

To Unnamed poster: Who asked if i poop in public restrooms, yes i do and infact i enjoy doing it. I only do it once in a while cause most likly when im in public i never have to poop.

To hannah: Liked your story...Theres a product called Oxey clean it comes in a bucket, that might help.

To PJ girl: enjoyed your story....don't know how much to tell you to drink, sorry

To Bryan: Loved your

To Coiler Boy: Loved your story, i got a kick out of what those little kids had to say, how old are you? and how old do you think the boys were?

To Krazee: Loved your story..and for sure i thought you were gonna tell your dad that you had to poop and not pee, has that ever happened?

To Arthur: Cool dreams, i also had 2 dreams this week(in the same night) they should be somewhere on this page!

To bathroom kid: liked your story.

To CC": Thats cool what your g/f's father said.

To Kel : I think thats odd, orange poop..never heard of it.

To Bethany: Loved your stories....glad your feeling better.

To Guydude: I'd love to hear your stories.

To wetguy: Loved your story, does your mom say any thing about your wet clothes? or do you do your own landry? I peed my self the other night too. I put on double boxer shorts to help keep the pee in there and i put on an old pair of work pants and peed my self. My boxers were soakign wet and had a big wet patch on my pants(hard to see cause i had on black pants). It felt good.

To ObBsEsSeD: Loved your story...must have been a cool experience.

To Jane (& Gary): Liked your story

To Matt: When i do that stuff on purpose i change right away.

To Rick: Liked your story

To turd mania: Loved your story

I had to poop yesterday afternoon before going to a friends house. I sat down and pushed this load out. I had an 9 inch log and it was light brown and nice and smooth. I did have a few smaller pieces in there too. I only wiped 4 times. Then later on before bed time i pooped more and this time it was only and little and it was softer. I wiped maybe 8 times. well need to run bye

Jeff A.
Ina: Oh, I am very sorry I missed your post!!! I would never go without comment on such a wonderful offering! Especially from you, as you are one of my favorite people! It annoys the hell out of me to write a long and involved letter to someone, only to get a reply of "gee thanks" in return, so I understand. My apologies for missing your story. I backtracked, searched like crazy and finally found it on page 975. My computer is new and very strange. I also had a very hard time finding one of Louise's posts. I'll see posts from people show up the next day, blended in with the previous ones, that weren't there before. I believe the problem is my server only, because it dosen't even load the masthead pics. Thank you for your concerns and cares, they are most appreciated. I agree totally about the questions you answered. I like the same things from peeing and pooing both. I love outdoor pooing, again I agree with you about nature, and being outdoors. I loved your story about chil! dhood and your friend, I've had many of the same "out behind the garage" experiences.
As for my wife, as far as I know, she does not like to watch me, and has no interest in any of this. We've talked at length on the subject, and it does nothing for her. One of my funniest recollections is of her watching a poop video with me. The girl had just dropped a massive load into the toilet and her only comment was "I love her shoes."

Yes! I also loved your choices for celebrities, or people to watch. I'm more of a poo fan so my favorite, updated list would include: Halle Berry,( I forgot about her. She is really something.)
Maura Tierney
Rachel Griffiths
Dana Delaney
Keiko Matsui
Kimberly (forgot her last name, the one in "John Q")
Jennifer Lopez
Emma Thompson
and celebrities from the past, if I could've seen them in their prime:
Barabara Eden
Elizabeth Montgomery
Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island
Yvonne Craig (TV's Batgirl)
Dihanne Carrol

And as for locals: Yes, Carmalita and her familia, many people here, including yourself (with your permission of course) Louise, Jane (especially after today's story), and you spoke of the show Dark Angel. Yes, that gal, Jessica Alba. I don't watch TV at all, so I've only seen pictures of her. I don't want to see any males, so my list cuts of there!
You take care Ina!

Steve: Along this topic that I spoke of with Ina, I thought it was a great entry you gave, describing Louise watching you watch her. Absolutely dynamite! I don't have this myself, but it dosen't dampen our relationship in any way. We make it up in other ways, (and I'm not talking about sex.) It's hard to think of you without thinking of Louise and vice versa. You two are one, most definitely.
Also, a quick note about your other activities: the one thing that attracted me most about Chin Na was its roots in Aikido. Aikido is something I'll never fall out of love with and is still my favorite, though I've never really practiced it. Chin Na however, can be much more fascinating to me than Aikido because of its deliberateness. It brings you closer in to an opponent, much like my beloved northern Shao Lin which incorporates many Chin Na techniques.

Mephisto: Welcome, and thanks for the movie list! You're right, I've never seen any of those mentioned here. I'd also like to say that I'm a big fan of yours. I wish I had some of your paintings framed.

Jane and Gary: Again Jane, I loved your story! The best thing for me in your stories are the descriptions of amount and smell. I love a woman who can perfume the palace. Perhaps I have more animalistic tendencies, but in the proper mood, such things engage me. Your tales never leave a thing out which is wonderful! Right on, and write on! It amazes me how many of these stories I read with the other women in the room commenting, or engaging in conversations. Especially strangers, like the ones you just mentioned. I've never seen this in a men's room ever. Actually, it seems rather rude to me, especially in the case of 'Miranda & company.'

Hello also to Ray. Long time, no speaky!

Traveling Guy--That's exactly how I feel when I can talk to my male friends about shitting and sex and stuff like that. It makes me feel like they accept me as an equal, as another "guy". That makes me happy. I don't like being thought of as a "girl", know what I mean?

Cory--Awwwww! You're such a nice guy. Thanks. I just like talking to cool people, and there's a lot of them here. I also like talking about shit! Kill two birds with one stone, see? ;)

Todd & Diana--Hey! You two are pretty terrific yourselves. And I agree with you, I think it's pretty ridiculous that some guys (SOME SOME SOME) can't accept the fact that their sister humans take the same gross, messy, brown, stinky, gassy dumps that they do. My friend definitely falls into that category. But at the same time, I respect his position. I don't fault him or hold against him the fact that women shitting is a taboo subject for him. To each their own, you know? I don't like brussel sprouts. Does that give people who do like them the right to think I'm an idiot? Everyone has their own thing, their own agenda, their own torn-ons and turn-offs. My buddy's major turn-off is women shitting. I can accept that.

PJ Girl--Prune juice (bleah) is actually a much healthier way to keep them dumps a-coming than laxatives. Also try eating plain prunes. Apple juice also works okay. If enemas are your top choice, though, get one of those Fleet enemas from the drug store. They're cheap (like $1.00), small, and you can use them inside a stall with very little difficulty. It's recommended that you lay on your stomach when using it, but it can be done standing up. Squirt the water up your butt, wait a little while, then let loose. It should loosen things up nicely. But constipation can be serious. I have it a lot, but it never gets really bad. Six days is a long time. You should think about going to a doctor. If you're worried about some guy staring at you bare butt and anus, hey, we've all got 'em. No biggie! Hope things get flowing down there and you feel better.

Nothing special to report dump wise. My boyfriend came over today and forgot his key. I was in the middle of a nice dump when he rang the bell. I had to clench it off mid-log, get up, let him in, then go back to business. Needless to say, I had to wipe about six times!


Can you describe the pooping scenes in the movies you listed in your post? Specially, do we hear any noises (grunts, plops, farts etc.) and weather there's any build up (i.e, desperate runs to the bathroom, or, oh, I don't know, scenes of them eating a stack of bean burritos or something).
Thanks for the info.

To Bryan - I liked your story. I am also 17 and male

To Krazee - I liked your story about peeing your pants at the football game. Are you male or female? I dont think you mentioned.

To bathroom kid - I liked your story.

Nothing new to report today. Maybe next time.


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