OOPS at thre bank
My wife and I had stopped at the bank to do some business. She ended up doing the business. She was waiting in the car while I was in the bank at the check writing stand. She entered the bank and had a concerned look on her face, came up to me and asked where the bathroom was. I told her I didn't know,I didn't think there was one. She whispered to me that shit was slowly oozing into her panties and she could not stop it and that she really had to go, now! She stiffened and said, God! Next I heard a crackeling sound comming from her nice butt. She whispered under her breath I'm afraid that's not all. She stood there about a min, not moving. I was getting turned on by it. She was starting to smell,lucky the bank was about empty. I said now what? More is comming and I'm afraid to walk. She opened one leg slightly and I heard a small fart and more crackeling sound. I said you're starting to really smell you better go outside. My panties are too full to walk she whispered. I said your jeans will hold it. She turned and walked out, but not normally, slightly open legged. There was a huge semi- flattened buldge in her tight jeans. I know a teller saw it. I heard her say OOPS to me. When I got outside my wife was no to be seen. I looked for her for about 10 min, then saw her walking across the street towards me. The mess had soaked through her jeans by now, front and back. People were looking but my wife was oblivious. She said she was looking for a bathroom that she did not want to ride home sitting in shit. I said guess what? I went in the bank and got a trash bag for my wife to sit on, from the teller that said OOPS. She knew what it was for. After a 30 min ride home some of the shit had gone up her back some. lucky she did not poop any more, I don't know where it would have gone. There was no more room in her panties or jeans. I liked the whole incident. I wish she would do it again.

Great story about your accident at work. Well done.

I have tried to post some of my stories several times since you asked me to, but they have not stuck. I will make another attempt later.

Well, I was on my way home from work tonight, knowing I needed to poo as soon as I got in if not sooner, and hoping I would not embarress myself in public. I made it, just. As I locked the front door things started to move pants-wards and when I started to climb the stairs it moved faster. I stood still for a few seconds, considering what to do and came to the conclusion that my pants could not escape what was coming either way, so I just let go. My white Yves Saint Laurent briefs took the poo with ease - it was very solid - and I was pleased to have mad eit home before it happened.

Matt (again)
How did your exams go? Hope you did well.

To: Bryian, answering your question about did anyone saw the bulg in my panties? No, I had a flared skirt on, and amazingly enough my poo didn't stink until I finished pushing out the last turd. It started smelling like my farts, shitty; so no one couldn't tell the difference. The next question was about wasn't there a bathroom on the bus? Yes, but it was too cramped, and dark; the light was broken. Plus, I wasn't too fond of bouncing around while taking a shit; with an upset stomach. I was already making silent but deadly farts while everyone covered their noses yelling and complaining. TO: O'Malley, oh yes women's pubic hairs glistens; sparkle like diamonds. But only if their hairs are long in length; or bushy. TO: Matt, enjoyed your story. Congrats on your first poo in your pants on the job; it's a great feeling isn't it? Hey Wetguy, gotta question for you. Have you ever had a girl pee on you?, or you pee on her?. If you'd ever want to try it, do it in the shower. Me and ! my bf done it a while ago, it was great. Until I write again.

Hey. Cool site.

I worked on a low budget horror flick a few years ago, and the cast and crew were set up in this dingy old warehouse. There were two bathrooms, desginated for men and women, but the women's room wound up flooding and we had to share. Most of the men and women on the set were okay sharing, even at the same time, because the stalls had doors and the showers had curtains.

Anyway, I was in a stall taking a dump, when a girl poked her head in and asked if it was okay if she came in. There wer a few other guys in there, showering, shaving, peeing or geting dressed and we all said sure. I'd never taken a dump with a girl around, so it was a little weird. She came in and said, "Just so you guys know, I have to take a shit, but it doesn't bother me if you stay." The guys all said okay, and she entered the stall next to me. I heard her pull down her pants and sit on the toilet. I heard her pee. Then I heard a long sequence of farts and splashes. If she hadn't announced herself, I'd have thought it was another guy next to me. She didn't groan or grunt, just the farting and splashing was all I could hear. It was kind of cool.

I finished before she did, and exited the stall. I went to sink to wash my hands and heard her tear off some paper and wipe herself. She flushed, and exited the stall. She was this gorgeous girl, maybe nineteen or twenty, really cute with gothic make-up and black hair and these cute pajamas on. I almost fell in love right there! I couldn't believe that all that noise and all that shit came out of her ass, which I got a look at later when she was changing--magnificent! I'm not a voyeur, but that incident sure made me wanna be one!

hey i've noticed something curious-say i have the urge to shit at night and decide not to go for some reason. when i go to bed, i wake up the next day with pains in my abdomen and my knees when i move them-although they go away a while after i shit. i currently have arm and shoulder pains but they're probably because i went to the gym with my friend and half killed myself (cos i'm a lazy bugger) :(

To Diva: Liked your story, did your parents ever find out what you did? I mean did they see stains on the door etc.?

To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story. At the party, did you see any on on the toilet? and did any one see you on the toilet?

To John Q Public: Liked your story

To PV: like the WWII story.

To Matt: Loved your story..did any one see a bulge in your underwear?

To John Q Public: I wouldn't dare do that at work...see a net friend that is crazy told me i should do that. That guy is a weirdo.

I got a question....If a person keeps eating the same kind of food will their shit be different?

See tonight i had a piece of left over chicken and like almost 4 servings of mashed potatoes. I ate a whole pack of instant mashed potatoes by my self. Im wondering if that will effect my shit? Any one know?
well need to run, time for bed.

John Q Public

When you eat alot of v?????s, you increas certain chemicals in your body. I think it's alkiline, but I can't swear to it so don't hold me to that. Anyway, this chemical is also found in most soaps, so vegitarians naturaly produce more foam when they pee. My sister allways kicks up a head of foam.


The vegatibles don't make you pee (except for exparagas which is a natural diaretic) but it does make your pee foam up more, as I explained to Bryan in the above paragraph. Drinking lots of liquids is what increases your volume, be it fruit juice, water or other beverage. Cafinated beverages also tend to increas the amount of pee due to the cafine which is also a diaretic. By the way, my sister is also into Balet, and other sports. She was allways very athletic, and by the time she was 12, she was taller then me, and still is. I stand at about 5 feet, she stands at 6 feet 5 inches, and holds alot of rewards for dance, cheerleading, cross-country and Judo. She is also a vegitarian, though she does on very rare occasions eat some chicken or fish.

Thats an interesting story about your accident. I had them all the time, but I have a very small capacity.

Mioke of MD USA
1. Have you ever touched your poop? (a)no,(b)yes
2. Have you ever tasted your piss? (a)no,(b)yes
3. Where do you like to poop or piss when not at home? (a) work,(b)school,
4. For the males do you look between your legs while pooping to see it coming out? (a)no,(b)yes
5. For the females do ever watch yourself poop while pissing?(a)no,(b)yes
6. Do you drink alot of water or soda or beer or wine then have to take a piss? (a)n0,(b)yes
7. Do you eat a lot then have the feeling to poop?(a)no,(b)yes
8. Do you like pissing while pooping if you have to go?(a)no,(b)yes
9. Has a child ever seen you pissing or pooping on the toilet or by it?
10. Have you ever took a boy in the womens restroom when the father was a round?(a)no,(b)yes
11. Have you ever took a girl in the mens restroom when the mother was a round?(a)no,(b)yes

Diva. I'm in agreement with you when it comes to other people not bothering to flush. Nine times out of ten I'd rather they did. So far as the question of your holding capacity for #1 is concerned, I don't think you necessarily harmed yourself through excessive holding when you were younger although it isn't really a good thing. It's far better to do as you do now and go to the loo as soon as possible when your body starts giving you signals.

Punk Rock Girl. I can understand why some guys are averse to the idea that ladies need to do #2 as well as #1. However, he needs to appreciate that doing #2 is simply a normal and natural process and there's nothing dirty or disgusting about it. I learnt early in life that women have to poo just as much as men and I think it was a healthy lesson.

FART LOVER. Interesting post about your accident in the office. I think it's true to say that most of the time our bodies can differentiate between when we just have to fart and when we need to do something more substantial and our brains send out appropriate signals. However there are occasions when the distinction gets lost or becomes blurred. No doubt your accident was one of them.

Steve & Louise. Have you seen "I'm a Celebrity - get me out of here" on ITV1? One of the participants, Darren, whose just been voted off, was constipated for a long time and he lasted for 11 days in the Australian jungle without having a poo.

Best wishes to all


Adrian and bigC – Hello !

I am glad you enjoyed my first post.

The cubicle where the financial director passed her “brick”, smelt very little - likely owing to its dryness when she passed it.

As for my own jobbie see my last post.

I am not caught short with either No 1’s or No 2’s very often.

I have a sphincter of steel and can usually hold out until I can get to a loo – even if I have diarrhoea.

I hate diarrhoea – stomach gripes, terrible smell, sore anal area, and generally feeling washed-out. This does not turn me on – quite the opposite. Just like any male friend with stinky nether regions – very off-putting for a girl !

I can generally hold my pee for a long period, and only once in a blue-moon have to resort to going in a car-park etc – depending on where I am. However, in the country (often at weekends) I would not hesitate to do either bodily functions in a field or hedgerow.

Some of my biggest farts are first thing when I wake up. I just blow-off in bed. If I have my male friend staying with me, any long loud dry fart I make can really excite him. Do other men react in this way ?

One past boyfriend said that, when staying with me, there was no need for him to set his alarm clock !

I do hold back my farts in public (loos excepted) wherever possible. Where not possible, I just let rip, and look disapprovingly at the person next to me. Never fails to work !

I recall sitting at a desk whilst doing an adult evening class a few years ago. My rectum was empty except for a large volume of wind that was building up in it. When it reached uncomfortable proportions I just rose up slightly on one cheek and let go in the direction of a girl sitting next to me. The noise caused the whole class to pause. I kept a straight face and looked at the girl sitting next to me. She went purple with embarrassment and annoyance, and every one thought it was her !

I used to go to yoga classes for women each week. At least twice during the hour-long sessions there were loud farts from class members whilst exerting bodily poses. Some of the women, including myself, found this amusing, but felt laughing out loud was not the done thing.

Bye for now.

Todd & Diana:
1. Do you pee when you take a dump? Almost every time.
2. Do you usually before, during or after you take a dump? Usually before.
3. How much do you pee while taking a dump? It varies a lot.
4. Do you ever fart while peeing? Yes, sometimes.
5. Do you read on the toilet while taking a dump? Rarely

Jeff A.
Steve: Thanks for the greeting and thoughts! I looked and looked for Louise's story, but could not find it. I went back many pages, then finally, I came across it. Yes, Denise is very attractive, especially on the potty. It sounds like you enjoy your peeing experiences with Louise, can't say that I blame you my friend! How lovely she must be. (I can only imagine). I'm glad you're both married, it's a beautiful equation no doubt. I'm also glad you all enjoyed Spain, it sounds wonderful. Good luck with the Chin Na. I'll bet that you're awesome now!

Louise: Great story now that I finally found it! Very visual, very descriptive, very lovely! Wonderfully reflective of the Louise that I have come to know and love. As for me, I'll be a full time student this term. It's time for a career change into something more stable. My philosphy for the future is: always do something that people want, or need. So, does that put me in the position of car salesman, or firefighter? Wonderful to talk to you again Louise!

Tim and Sarah: I tried to respond but I think my post got lost in space. My wife dosen't get excited by me watching, and only recently, within the last couple of years has let me in to do so. We've spent a lifetime growing and respecting each other. It's an easy habit to get into. You are on the right path talking about mutual respect. With this, all will work out for you.

Punk Rock Girl: Tch-tch-tch! First of all, don't get me wrong, I'm not scolding, just replying. I'm sure you understand that what you spoke of dosen't apply to all men. Nothing that you wrote even vaguely resembles me, even though I occupy male skin. Quite the contrary for me LOL! What hang up do us guys have about girl's shitting? Are we in a unique group? Was I standing in the wrong line, filling out the wrong forms? Pooping/peeing is probably one of the only acts that I find uniquely beautiful and fascinating about women. Menstruation is a fact, it dosen't turn me off or on. I've seen my wife tending herself before and to me it's like watching another guy shave. We all have to do what we have to do. I feel sorry for the guys who get scared off by bathroom habits, particularly the brown deed because they're missing out on part of a woman's appeal. I seriously doubt that any real majority of men are turned off by this. Some are, no doubt, but us guys? I don't think so.! ...The beautiful trophy girl thing, such as Playboy centerfolds is something that bores me silly. The most beautiful woman in the world just might check groceries, model swimsuits or work in the fields with dirt under her nails.

Hi Ina: Glad you're still around!

Damsel: Of course I wouldn't forget about you! You are far too nice to forget.

It has been a while since I last posted. I enjoyed a couple fo stories :)

First, for Euro Hiker, I enjoyed your story with the Swedish Girls. Sometime, I would like to take a couple of months off of work to do some traveling. Europe and the Hostels would be one thing to do.

Second, for Punk Rock Girl. Since you are open about bathroom habits, I would enjoy sharing a dump with you anytime. :)

For me, school has started but I haven't had time to enjoy some good dumps with other people yet. Been already busy with school work.

Well, need to run for now.

Sudden Urge
I remember when I was about nine years old I had this aunt that I was real close to,(still am). I remember I used to be infatuated with seeing her on the toilet in full view. She was (still is) a very sexy down-to-earth brunette with a nice rear and long legs, She always dressed well too. When I was at her house playing with my cousins I would make up excuses to hang around her while they went about their buisness. When I knew She was going for the toilet I would always lie on my stomach and peek under the door at Her. Really all I could see was her feet from the ankles down and the base of the toilet, but that was enough to set me off. I recall that when she was wearing heels I could see her toes slightly raise and lower as she pooped. You could hear the soft grunts and hear the crackling and the "floops" and "ploops" as she dropped her turds. I would always go into the bathroom when she was finished and out of sight to see if she might have forgotten to flush. Usually a! ll I saw was the familiar light brown skid marks and could smell the strong fresh poop smell in the air. There was one occasion when she did forget to flush as in perfect timing the phone rang and she wiped and rushed to get it. To my delight she left a long light-brown snake about 2 inches in diameter x 13" in length surrounded by about five or six pieces to the side of the long one. She almost caught me observing her creation because she walked in on me while I was pretending to pee. As She entered the bathroom she was suprised to see me standing there with my back to her, and She said "flush that for me dear, I had to go answer the phone and I was afraid I would'nt get to it in time". I wanted to comment on the turds but I just could'nt bring myself to do it
so I flushed and as I walked past her to leave the room she said "Shewww, I did quite a log did'nt I". All I could do was laugh and go on like it didn't excite me. I was bound and determined that I would see her do the next one in full view. About two weeks later I was at her house when nature called. She left the kitchen and went straight to the bathroom. I was in the den and noticed she took a new package of toilet paper with her because she had just been shopping. I did'nt want to waste any time because I wanted to be there for the whole scene. I gave her about a minute and I courageously barged in on her, I know this was rude but I couldn't help it. To my suprise She looked up and said "better hold your nose if You come in here". Of course I acted like I did'nt know she was in there and I acted all suprised too. I said "oh I'm sorry, I did'nt know You were on the toilet". My plan was to start a conversation if I knew she wasn't vulnerable to the situation and she rea! lly wasn't. She looked gorgeous sitting there leaned forward with her hands clasped together. She was wearing black knit slacks with her pantyhose and black heels on. Her pants and hose were pulled down just above her thighs and her long brunette hair dangled over her shoulders as she was leaned forward. I could'nt believe it She looked up at me and said "shut the door if you don't mind sweety I need to poo-poo". I think I blushed when she said that and I asked her If I could keep her company while she used the toilet. She had already begun pooping as she answered because I could hear the strain in her voice. It went like this; "mmmmmmmNo I don't mind, mmmmwere the only ooones here mmmmmanyway..........FLOOOOOOP. I could tell it was a long one. I was sitting on the side of the tub and I know we were in there together for 45 minutes at least. she seemed to enjoy my company and the whole time we sat and talked I could hear the gentle "ploops" and the smell had taken over the w! hole bathroom, it wasn't really a bad stink but a stong poop smell mixed with her perfume. She wiped several times and when she got up and pulled her slacks up she turned around and before she flushed she said "woooooo what a snake". I got up from the edge of the tub and looked in the toilet at a long light brown log with the smaller ones surrounding the big one. When she flushed, the long turd came up out of the hole, turned sideways and lodged in place. The only thing that went down was the smaller turds and the toilet paper. She flushed it again and the big log broke in half from the suction of the toilet leaving the light brown skids all over the bottom of the toilet bowl. After that we became like best friends until she remarried and as always everything changes. Does anyone else have any stories like this one? If so please post them I would love to read them.

Donna (Senior Damsel)
As I'm here in Steve and Louise's home I couldn't go home without sending a post this evening.

I remember only having two pees on the beach without any company. PV, I agree. Peeing was a way of bonding out there for the group.
But I peed alone twice. Once I squatted over a rock pool and unleashed a healthy golden waterfall into the water. I thought I was being watched but I think my imagination was running wild. Jackie had some kind of stomach bug that lasted a few hours before clearing. In that time she kept close to the toilet in the hotel, the poor dear. I was on the beach for some of that time with Louise and Steve. I don't want to be crude, but the only reason I was left alone was that they went to a remote little place in the rocks for a screw. While they were having their well deserved little private moment I found I needed a wee. A couple with two teenage children were sunbathing about 15 paces distant, and I did not feel intimidated or deterred from relieving myself. The man had peed on the rocks behind us earlier on, and his wife and daughter squatted and let out yellow waterfalls in the sand, so why should I worry? I squatted looking out to sea, and frankly I enjoyed relaxing and le! tting it go in this fantastic place. I didn't know those other people and I ignored them. They just weren't there, I told myself. When pissing I accidentally made a little gully with my stream in the sand to mark the spot as well. It was a strong pee you see and the sand was fine and dry. When I can I don't drip dry. I just don't like it so I patted my lips dry with my towel after I'd given my bum a shake.

You spent 20 MINUTES in that toilet trying to wee, PV? Oh my dear I think that's terrible. Was your bladder not hurt by waiting too long? Just how bad were you with Bashful Bladder? Was even the thought of another person being in the restroom able to affect you? I'm sorry if I ask too many questions. These things might be best left forgotten.

Love Donna xx

INA - Hi girl! Well I bet I would not like your flatmate's boyfriend very much. If he can go wee in a street urinal and not care about his girlfriend needing to wee as well then I think he is like a selfish little boy. Not considerate like Steve is. I bet I would have used the street urinal and stood weeing in it. I know I would if I had Steve with me. If there is not a real toilet he will take me somewhere for me to have a wee when I want. An alley or somewhere like that. He is very thoughtful like that. He had my mum and Jackie to look after as well one night when we had gone for a drink. Well we got caught a bit short, and Steve took each of us one by one to squat between two cars. It was good for him as well because he got to watch. giggle.
I have used my travelmate in the bath to practice. It is good just in case I have to use it when I am wearing trousers and I am not sure if I am safe to take them down.
I will tell Steve you have written!
Love Louise xx

PV - Hi girl!!! I am happy you have liked our stories from Spain. I have a little bit of time left to tell you another 2 now.

Me and mum, we needed a wee at the same time a bit later after we had all watched Steve having a wee on a tree. We liked watching Steve have his wee and we stood around him. Well I went into the sea with mum and we stood with an arm around each other's shoulder, you know, and we did not aim, we just let it squirt out at the natural angle. We let rip and weed big gushers just in front of us. It was like you said, it was really good to bond with my mum by weeing together like that. Oh, and when all four of us stood in a line and weed, it was really good for bonding too.
Hey you know I saw another girl holding her man's dick when he weed? We saw them in the rocks. LOL I am not the only one who does it. Just after I saw that I went with Steve to the sea and I stood behind him so I could aim his willy. I lifted his willy up quite a bit so he got a good arc squirting. Mum and Jackie were watching us from the beach, and when he had finished weeing, Steve went and stood behind me and aimed my stream when I had a wee as well. It was very romantic.



To Todd & Diana:

1. Do you pee when you take a dump? Always.
2. Do you usually pee before, during or after you take a dump? Can be little before, more afterwards.
3. How much do you pee while taking a dump? Depends, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot
4. Do you ever fart while peeing Mostly – at the end when I am forcing out the last drops.
5. Do you read on the toilet while taking a dump Yes - if reading material is to hand. I put the reading material down when straining gets difficult !

Friday, September 06, 2002

To Adrian,
Yes, indeed we have seen the "I'm a Celebrity - get me out of here" programme. Missed the bit about Darren's 11 day constipation though. I expect it was something discussed on the interview after he had been voted off, but as someone dropped by to see us just then, we were rather distracted at the time.
11 days? That's about 3-4 days longer than Alex from 'Big Brother' lasted without dumping isn't it? Makes me wonder how much there was left of Darren once he did start to empty himself. Not that I'm saying he's full of ....

To Ina,
Delighted to hear from you, and thanks for the wonderful compliments. I hope I can live up to them. Ha ha, indeed I have heard of that slogan you mention. It should be used more!
I very much enjoyed your recollection of your flatmate's experiences with the travelmate etc. She has found some kind of enlightenment hasn't she?
Your post reminds me of a conversation I had last week with a friend of mine who, normally very laid back and composed, was in an irritable mood and very critical of his wife's organisational skills. "...they can't even piss standing up, can they, so they shouldn't keep ...", he continued in a rant.
"Wellll...", I retorted cautiously, "they can piss standing, actually. Just that they most often _don't_".
"F*** off", he said dismissively. "Don't be ridiculous".
Louise was nearby out of earshot, and I challenged him to ask her if it was true she could do it standing if she wants to. I said I wouldn't tell her what to say and she would get no coaching from me on what to say, so she would answer honestly.
"Go on then", I urged him.
"You're bluffing. You're kidding me!", he insisted as I slowly shook my head in denial.
"Ask her. Go on", I pressed him.
"A woman who stands up to piss!", he said to himself, shaking his head in wonderment.
But his confidence seemed to slip away. I happen to know Louise would have confirmed she did have the skill, and my friend gradually realised he was onto a loser, and backed down. Or perhaps the idea of asking a beautiful woman like my wife such a personal question was too much for him. Probably. <snicker>
I look forward to hearing from you again in the near future. Have a hug from me.

To Jeff A,
Glad you found Louise's story - I knew you'd like it. It makes me very proud to introduce her as my wife. She certainly is very lovely. Like I said, to me one of the world's most beautiful sights is my wife standing on a beach and weeing one her powerful gushing streams, or indeed when she is going to the toilet in any other manner of her choosing. I agree with another of your later points. Louise's smiles come from the heart - you can see it in her eyes. I've never been one for falling for the shallow mechanical smiles some girls specialise in. When I'm lucky enough to watch Louise in the act of peeing or pooing, she watches me watching her. She enjoys having me as an audience, so we are well matched in that way as well as in so many others.
I'm bemused by some of the comments from some posters which say something like, "I can't believe a girl so beautiful ever shits". Why the hell can't they believe it? For some reason in the minds of such guys there is a reluctance to accept this fact, and about this I completely agree with you. Such men miss out on seeing something wonderful. Not only that, but shared toiletting does strengthen the bond in a relationship. At least that is my view. To have a 'closed bathroom door' policy is to have an 'at arms length' policy for some situations. That's not to say you have to be with your partner at all times. Of course to be together in the same room 24/7 would be stifling and put strain on even the healthiest of relationships - but all I'm saying is that for a man to witness his partner going to the toilet when she invites him is preferable than to refuse. I think some women, if inviting a man to join them, actually feel rejected if their man does not take them up on the ! offer; they take the refusal as some personal rejection and feel unattractive because of it.
By the way, to finish, Aikido has its roots in Chin Na, so I think I have adapted and absorbed many of the Chin Na techniques relatively easily. In fact I've found I've already been in possession of much of the knowledge! Great stuff, I can tell you.
Take care, my friend. We will be thinking of you.

To Kendal and Eleanor,
I find I was right about you two, picking on poor Michael by weeing in that clearing while he hid in the bushes. The poor fellah's going to be sent crazy. Not only that, but Louise is just as bad as the pair of you. What would he think if he saw her weeing too? I think he needs a girlfriend of his own now to protect him from you three. It would do him the world of good.
Best Wishes though, and have a hug from me.

To PV,
Hello, dear lady. Always good to hear from you, and I'm glad you are enjoying our memories of Spain. I have one story for you today, and that involves a young couple strolling along the water's edge, much like Louise and myself did sometimes. Pausing for a moment, the man faced out to sea, the girl standing watching him. We were only around 50 to 60 feet from them, so I could see the guy's stream arcing forward. Louise was slightly frustrated that she could not see the man's penis at this particular moment, but the man's girlfriend was not shy about watching him. I wish I could have heard what she was saying to him, and it made me wonder if she had ever seen him urinate before that time. The girl didn't appear to share her boyfriend's need to urinate, which was a pity from my viewpoint - and possibly his! At least that was the case at the time, as later we saw the same couple when we were just leaving the beach a while later. The girl was in a squatting position by a tre! e, and seemed quite unconcerned at her fully shaven genitals being on display with a ragged, irregular urine stream spurting and surging out. The man seemed to be more concerned with looking at Jackie, Donna and Louise and checking out their 'equipment' than paying his own girlfriend much attention. The fool.
I've enjoyed Louise's and Donna's posts. Very good entertainment.

Cheers, All.


Sarah Y, good story, I must say!

John Q Public, sweet revenge, but a bit too much “collateral damage” by inducing diarrhoea in some who were innocent!

Bethany, those guys were rather crude making fun of you in the toilet when you had the pre-race runs. Good story though!
Just read about your stomach bug. To keep yourself hydrated drink water with a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt in every glass. Get better soon!

Diva, I quite agree with you about keeping toilets clean. I too find dirty toilets disgusting. Also I do not appreciate people leaving turds lying around where somebody could step in one. Yesterday I even found a liquid puddle of shit with dirty paper in front of my parked car. At least I saw it and did not put my foot in it! Lots of tourists around here, probably one of them got the runs. Anyway, I always greatly enjoy your desperate-to-pee stories. While reading, you leave me breathless, hoping that you make it in the end, which you always do, but only just. Cheers!

Mikey, I enjoyed reading about your experiences with great female gushers! I have always wondered how a bedpan is used by a woman lying flat on her back. The bedpans I have seen are very shallow, some had a wedge shaped side, probably for shoving under the patients bottom. But what happens to a stream that jets out forcefully with enough angle of elevation to clear the end of the bed right over the feet? Do you need a ‘pee deflector’ to redirect the stream down into the bedpan? I can imagine that part of the urine will also trickle between the buns and reach the bed clothes. For males it is easy. Stick the penis into a bottle designed for the purpose and let go. No miss, no mess. I would appreciate your explanation. Thanks, and keep up your great posts!

JaLe, dear, another very entertaining bathroom story about the girl in the next cubicle from you! Keep them coming!

Becca, dear, great to read from you, you write so well!

Hi Eleanor, dear! I have just read somewhere in the back posts that Andrew, Kendal, and Ellen got caught sharing the bathroom, simultaneously I suppose. I can imagine red faces all around. Andrew and Ellen’s dad, Kendal’s uncle, must have had kittens! Oh well, I suppose it was only a matter of time. I am glad that you and Kendal have become friends including peeing together. What a prank you two played on Michael! I still laugh when I think about it. I almost feel sorry for him! Keep up the stories. Love from Rizzo!

Hello Kendal, good to read from you. That story of baiting Michael to follow you and Eleanor to the famous clearing in the woods and then to ‘catch’ him spying while you deliberatly peed in full view, made excellent reading. I always enjoy your stories; they are very special! Now I am looking forward to your description of Michael having to lower his pants for a poo. How about going to the same clearing? A pity the chair is broken, he could have sat on that for his demonstration poo. Smile.
Do not worry about your period not having set in. As it has been mentioned before, some girls only start menstruating at sixteen or later. Others begin at nine, poor things. See to it that you are as good as possible in as many subjects as you can at school. It will make choices easier after the GCSE, only three years away! Time flies, something you only notice after it has passed! Love to you and a stubbly hug from your Uncle Rizzo

Hello dear Tim, I’m glad to read that your bladder infection has cleared and that you have been reconvalescing on the beaches. Nice wee in the dunes too. I am sure you do not take a relieving pee for granted any more after having suffered those pains. Continue on your way to recovery, love to you and Sarah from Rizzo.

Ciao everybody, enjoy your private moments, Rizzo

Darius (Noel)

Bryian: Regarding my unusual and horrible shitting experience last week, I can't think of anything out of the ordinary that I ate. Thinking back, I missed a day and had several days of passing only about half of my normal loads. I just wonder if it was nature's way of deciding I needed a good 'clear out'. I'm just glad I didn't do any of that horrible type of poo in my pants.

Matt: Thanks for your posts. You've got real guts to actually shit your pants at work. Your story was such a turn on. Where were you in the supermarket when you pushed your turds out into your briefs? Where you standing or squatting packing shelves? You said you nearly wet yourself. I have sometimes found when pushing a turd into my pants that I get a spurt of pee as well. When I go to the toilet in the normal way I do pee and poo at the same time anyway. I said I had not shit my pants on purpose at work. But I've remembered when I was 17 or 18 that I shit my briefs when I went to the toilet at work. I dropped my trousers and sat on the toilet in my briefs and did it - knowing it was going to be a firm one. My undies were only slightly marked I remember. The man I worked with was a few months from retirement. He wanted to know why I had been so long. "What could you possibly be doing to take all that time?" he asked. Then he told me when he started work they had time kee! pers in the toilets. You were allowed 2 minutes and then the time keeper banged on the cubicle door. He took names and works numbers of those longer than 2 minutes. For every 5 minutes (or part of) over the two allowed, 15 minutes pay way deducted from their wages that week. Sounds terrible! Did you poo yourself again at work as you planned? I liked the way you said you were wearing briefs ready. That is exactly the way I think when planning an accident (as I wear jersey boxers most of the time). That sounded really awful when you were ill with severe diarrhoea. What was your Mum's response the first time you had an accident in your pants? Was she shocked that her 18 year old son should mess his pants? When she realised with more messy accidents, you just could not help it, was she supportive and sympathetic? I hope she was. Finally for this post (I have more to write to you but will keep it until after the week-end), I want to thank you for what you said about me and about ! the experience I can bring as someone older (but not old). I was really touched by your comments. I've had those in the 17 - 30 age group, with whom I just seem to have a rapport, who have made similar comments concerning other areas of life, etc that I've been able to use my experience to help them with. But they are people who know me and I spend time with them (with the youth club, etc). It was really great to receive your comments as we've never met. I don't even have a clue what you look like. But I am amazed that concerning our peeing and pooing and our underwear preferences, etc, we are so alike. When I mentioned my CK hipster trunks I thought that maybe something I was different to you on - but you have several pairs too. They are great, and comfortable as all CK underwear is. I have one of my white pairs of these CK hipster trunks on as I write this. Must leave it here. Do please keep your pants shittting stories coming. I love them.

CKF: Loved your story about filling your white Yves Saint Laurent briefs after you got home from work. You say you have tried to post stories several times since I asked you for some, but they have not stuck. I have had some of mine fail to get on too. From a recent long note put on by the Moderator recently, I gather we have to take care as to how we put things, and how much we say where filling our pants is concerned. I find it difficult to know where to strike the balance between what is acceptable and what is not, according to the FAQ. Our stories are not banned, sometimes we need to be a bit more 'low key' I guess to ensure our posts do 'get on'. I am looking forward to your stories, as I know all of us guys who fill our pants are too!

Gotta go now. Happy poos and pees to all on this site.

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