Coiler Boy
A great true story:

I was at dinner tonight with a friend, one of those restaurants in an historic hotel. After dinner, we sat and talked for sometime. I began to feel the familiar pressure build. Heat was coming from my "chute" area, which has always been a sign for me that a big one is building. The "pre-poop ass-crack-sweats" as I've put before.

Before long, I felt like I was sitting on an object that reached into my stomach. The feeling of sitting on 'it' started to merge with the full feeling in my abdomen and it was time to GO.

My friend took a cel phone call so I headed to the toilet. I've always been very regular and productive. I can go on week-long trips and camp-outs and eat all kinds of wierd food and still have 2 coilers a day without fail. I don't have to grunt or strain, I just relax and the logs come easing out like well-formed toothpaste. I almost never get constipated or the runs. I know. I'm lucky.

I relax the spinchter and start letting the slide begin, when the door opens. I can't see anyone, I'm in the stall. Silence for a second...except for the crackling from the rapidly growing snake underneath me. Then I hear a child's voice:

"You can't poop yet, Nathan. Someone else is pooping."
Just as he finishes that sentence, my log drops into the water with a half THUD half SPLASH. Then:
"See? You can hear him pooping big time. Let's wait outside."

I started laughing in spite of myself. How could I not?

More logs slid out of me and then I wiped and inspected. A good haul: the big one was about 16"...diameter of a banana, perfectly formed, I must say. Plus, 4 other pieces, 2 were about 5" each and the other two were 3" each. I'd eaten oatmeal and fruit smoothies for breakfast and that's a guaranteed BIG BM later in the day, usually early in the evening, as this experience was.

My system thrives on that kind of food, turns it into pure energy and long coiling turds that always amaze me. They remind me of just how long our intestines are and the fact that, under the right dietary and exercise conditions, humans can produce unbelievably long logs consistently.

BTW...When I left the bathroom, the two little boys were standing by the door. They looked at me as I walked by. So did my waitress, who was standing nearby with a cel phone in her hand. Her smirk said everything. She'd heard the little boy's comments as I was dropping the load! "....You can hear him pooping big time. Let's wait outside...."

Coiler boyo

Linda GS
WOW it seemed yesterday was the day for everyone to have huge poops and poop emergencies. Geez. i wonder if there was something cosmic involved. hehe. Still kinda wished I had been around to witness one..nah I probably would have been punished but having one of my own. Oh well.

Punk Rock Girl
Cheers!!! Sounded like you earned that relief. hee hee

You naughty girll sahme on you..but I'm proud. still glad to hear you back.

Wel everyone nothing new to report but I hope to soon. My ????'s been feeling very funny today so this maybe it!


Hi - well, after my last post I began thinking of some of the many accicents and "accidents" I have had when I was younger. One very memorable time was when I went to a football game with my Dad. We were watching the game and I needed to use the bathroom. I was about 6 or 7 years old. I told my Dad that I needed to go to the bathroom. He told me to wait until half-time. I tried but realized that I couldn't wait that long. I told him that I really needed to go and couldn't wait any longer. He replied, "just wet your pants then because that bathroom is 2 blocks away. You won't get in trouble for it." Now, up to this point (except when I was sick) I was getting in trouble for wetting my pants which was quite often and I was shocked that I was being told that I could wet my pants and not get in trouble. Well, I gladly did just that. It was kind of cold out and it felt kind of good when I was peeing. It later got kind of uncomfortable when my wet pants got cold but at! least I didn't have to sit there and hold it any longer. When we got home I told my mom that "Dad said I could wet my pants". She just replied that "it's OK". That's the only time I remember, after I was sick, that I didn't get in trouble when I got caught wetting my pants. There were lots of times, however, I wet my pants but didn't get caught - and plenty of times when I did get caught. More on some of these stories later.

I had two bathroom related dreams this week.The first I was trying to go and this guy was bugging me and then left.The second I was in a restroom with oddly arranged stalls again.In addition there were urinals and what looked like a bathtub of some kind.I was using the urinal when a girl and her friends came in and apologized for interrupting me but I said it was ok but I felt uncomfortable.

Michael F. Perry
1. Have you ever touched your poop? (b)yes
2. Have you ever tasted your piss? (b)yes
3. Where do you like to poop or piss when not at home? c)outside
4. For the males do you look between your legs while pooping to see it coming out? (a)no (used to do it when I was little)
5. For the females do ever watch yourself poop while pissing?(NA)
6. Do you drink alot of water or soda or beer or wine then have to take a piss? (b)yes but only works with beer or water
7. Do you eat a lot then have the feeling to poop?(a)no
8. Do you like pissing while pooping if you have to go? (b)yes
9. Has a child ever seen you pissing or pooping on the toilet or by it?
(b)yes, my own children mainly.
10. Have you ever took a boy in the womens restroom when the father was a round? (b)yes
11. Have you ever took a girl in the mens restroom when the mother was a round?(b)yes,interesting experiences when ending up "incidentally" in the girls room . . .

Hi I have been lurking for about five years or so and this is my first post. I am an artist and somtimes I do artwork depicting women on the toilet pooping because I am personalily turned on by that sort of thing some men aren't but I am very much so. I just love seeing women on the toilet straining and grunting with their paints and painties down or their dresses up and panties down. Anyway I just want list a few movies I have seen that showed women pooping on the toilet or otherwise that I haven't seen listed on this site. So Here they are Bad Girls 5, The Island of love, The Underground Comedy Movie, Nobody Loves Me(A german film). 1999,Amelie,Vincent and Theo, Canabal Holocaust, and the Strange World of Coffen Joe.

I had 2 pooping dreams last night....One was i was at the movies and i went to use the bathroom in the mens room and there was poop in the toilet. I assumed some kids didn't flush...
Then i was dreaming that i started feeling week and i had diahreah and it went in my pants. I think i started to come here in my dream to post about it but i had to let some more watery diahreah out. I hope thats not telling me whats on the way. gotta run bye

hi at all !

your male friend said exactly that what i think. with the only difference that i love the thought that such a beutiful body produces these gross feces :)
but it's really hard to imagine when u see a perfectly styled topmodel that she can do those things ...

ok, CU!!

Re: Bethany

Bethany, eating a lot of bran/oatmeal can cause you to have diarhea. Eating it with a lot of milk can cause your bowels to go crazy because, it acts as a stimulant.You can eat bran and have BMs that will not result in diareaha. Using a moderate anount of milk with bran or oatmeal will slow your poop down in speed and make it thicker/bulkier and longer. When you poop you will have bigger poop, thicker and longer. It will not come out mushy as you described it in your post but more solid next time. You may also have several other smaller and bulkier poops during the day rather than one that is large. If you eat Bran it can also give you painful gas if your body is not able to digest it. Eating smaller quantities can help your body adjust to the effects. Another factor is fiber that is solable vs insoluable. Soluable fiber will come out mushy.. Insolable fiber will make your poop bulkier, thicker, and longer as it absorbs water in your body to make it thicker and easier to ! transist in your body. Well until then, happy pooping!

Traveling Guy
Hi to all!

I'm working on a project that puts me side-by-side with college students all day long. Even though I'm older than they are, students always open up easily to me. One girl in the group is studying nursing and offered a full description of her hospital internship experiences. It seems she enjoys giving a catheter to patients who can't pass all their urine and need a "post void." "I'm good at it, too," she boasted. I asked if she'd done guys, or only women. "Both," she told me, "and guys are easier." (Thanks, but I have no desire to be on the receiving end.) It surprised me that she enjoys doing that but doesn't like to handle poopy bed pans.

Natalie - You've gone and started something hear, know that? I'd give anything if there were a unisex toilet at my workplace, but there isn't, so please treat us to the further adventures in yours. You could be the Allie McBeal of the art shop world. Maybe you and Mike will get to know each other well enough to buddy dump sometime. lol!

PRG - I'm totally down with the thoughts of my fellow traveler here, JEFF A. I must have stood in the same line with him. There's nothing to be had but a special sense of closeness and trust from a woman who's open enough to share her bodily functions with a guy - and he with her. It's a "buds" thing, different from sexual intimacy. I don't like women up on a pedestal, either. I want them to be down to earth and fully natural. Indeed, as Jeff notes, beauty is where you find it. Re today's post, at 5'4", you're not exactly a tiny girl, but even they can pack a whollup when it comes to pooping, as often mentioned here. Glad you made it home. "Sodomized by an elephant..." Love it! I'll truncate any further comment right there.

Bethany - Hope you're recovering.

Take care, all.

bathroom kid
Hey everyone, finally I got around to posting again, well, the truth is I haven't had any interesting bathroom experiences lately. So I guess I'll tell ya a story from when I was younger...I've got LOTS of those!
OK, I was about 10, so this was a couple years ago. We were going up north to lake Superior, and that's kinda far away from where I live in the cities. It was July I think, maybe August, anyway it was HOT, yes it does get hot here in MN, it's not always winter. So I drank lots of course, what do you expect? and so, well if I relaxed one little bit we would all drown, so I held tight. My brother and I were having fun seeing how long I could hold it (he had to go a little but he could hold it much better than I could) We wore our swimming suits in the car since it was so hot so he could see me dribble. Well we finally got there and I was so relieved! I jumped out of the car and peed right then and there, in my suit, then I ran dripping with pee down to the water.

Hi Bethany,thanks for sharing your story in details,now If I may
I will recommend that drinking Gatorade would be more effective
in this case rather than drinking lots of water.I know about this
sort of stuff from previous experiences and it's one of the best
solutions for this type of problem.Hope you'll feel better soon.

Punk Rock Girl: You mentioned in a recent post about a guy who couldn't believe girls poo and do other toilet related activities. This reminds of one time when my friend told me of his girlfriends father who said that he can't believe woman have arseholes and shit out of them. Strange. I'm the complete opposite, I get quite turned on by women going to the toilet.

I have a question which I'm hoping someone on here can answer? I brecently had a very bad stomache bug,sickness and diarrhea :-( I want to know why the emtier my stomache bacame the more the diarrhea changed from it's usual brown to a more orange colour!? Anyone explain this to me?? Cheers!

Well, it looks like the bug has affected another person in our household. My younger sister is now sick. She has exactly what I had. Vomiting, diarrhea, etc. I was up all night w/ her as she was throwing up, and having diarrhea. She is now doing what I was doing. As she vomits, she poos as well. So she now needs to sit on the toilet, and vomit into a trash bucket. When I got home from work, mom told me that she was constantly dry heaving throughout the day. We will all be there for her tonight. I'm surprised that dad slept through my bouts of audible diarrhea, my vomiting, my sister's audible diarrhea, and her vomiting. Knock on wood, hopefully this bug thing ends quickly.

As for me, I'm starting to feel better. Still a little weak, and shaky, but i'm doing fine. I'm not having as much diarrhea as I was. Today though, I needed to poo badly. While working, I was waiting on a few customers at the dept. store that I work at. I accidentally started to make those silent farts, you know, the ones that sneak up on you when you really need to go. I excused myself, and told my customers that I will be back (I whispered to them that I was not feeling well, and need to use the restroom). Since they were women, they understood. I left them alone to shop, and walked into the bathroom. The same routine, toilet paper the seat, etc. As I sit down, immediately I let out mushy poop. It's the end of the bug, so eventually I will start producing the basic solid poos. I was in there for a good 20 minutes, just releasing mushy poo. I heard many people enter and exit the restroom. In fact, one was the lady that I was helping while I was on the floo r. She stated "Dear, are you okay, you told me you were not feeling well, and I just thought i'd check on you to see how you were doing." I told her "Yes, I am fine, I am just getting over a stomach bug, and have had a few days worth of constant diarrhea. I apologize for leaving you like I did." She stated, "Oh, it's okay, don't worry about it. I was just checking on you." Finally she left, and I continued to sit there pooing. Eventually, the cramps subsided, and the mushy poo stopped flowing. I wipe, flush, and wash up. When exiting, I see the same customers that I was helping. Oh gosh, embarrassing, especially since she knew I had diarrhea. She could tell I was embarrassed, because my face was beat red. She told me "do not to be embarrassed, we all get sick now and then, and when you need to go, you can't help it, you just need to go." The embarrasment went away. Now, whenever I need to use the toilet, especially if it is at public places, there's no need to be embarrassed, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


To Bethany: Liked your story, so did you know the girl in the bathroom?

To Kate: Liked your story.

To Natalie: Loved your story...i think you had a spy in the bathroom. Heres my opinon either the guy had to pee and felt like listening to you cause he finds it a turn on or maybe he just likes you and wants to ask you out or something. What do you think?

To Unnamed poster: about constipation, i liked your story.

To Los: Liked your story.

To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story...did any one see you walking funny? and do you think they thought you had to poop?

To OOPS at thre bank: Loved your story.

To CKF: Loved your story

To FART LOVER.: Thanks for replying..thats good no one saw a buldge.

To JD: Loved your story..sounds like a cool experience.

TO John Q Public: Oh i see about that now, never new that..thanks for explaining.

To Mioke of MD USA: 1. B. Yes 2. B. Yes 3. None of the above....prefer a nice public toilet. 4. A. No 5. N/A 6. B. yes 7. B. Yes 8. A. No 9. A. No 10. A. No 11. A. No

To Sudden Urge: Loved your story...did your aunt ever catch you peeking under the door? And does she know your intrested?

I haven't pooped latly and i've eating alot too...i'll be eating alot all weekend Its Rosh Hashanaha...Happy Rosh Hashanaha to the jewish posters..any here? My poop might get softer cause of that holiday or a bit harder. Matzo balls tend to do it so will chopped liver(if i eat any haven't yet). Gotta run bye

JOHN Q PUBLIC--I have been vegetarian for over 3 years and vegan (no eggs, milk, ANYTHING from animals) for 3 months and I never noticed my pee being any foamier. So, while it could be true for some, I've never actually experienced it.

This morning at the thrift store where I work, somebody donated a men's suit with a big poop spot in the back on the pants. My boss was disgusted, but I secretly wished I could have seen it. Too bad I was off today...


John Q. Public
I had an experience today that actualy happens frequently when I go out to eat which reminded me of Diva's post about people leving toilets unflushed and the like. This post is primarely aimed at those who manage or run restaurants.

I often have to have a BM after eating. What also often happens is that when I get in to the rest room I find that there is no toilet paper and no soap in the dispensers. Is it too much to ask that you keep those dispensers full at all times? Is it also too much to ask that you keep the toilet paper stocked? It's so "comforting" to know that those employees of yours that are handling my food, are washing their hands without using soap. I also had to 'sacrofice' my underwear yesterday because sombody was too lazy to refil the tiolet paper dispenser.

The bottom line is that there is NO EXCUSE for that. It behoovs every restaurant owner & manager to keep soap and toilet paper stocked AT ALL TIMES. That way the cusromer can eat there reasonably worry free. So please for the confort and peace of mind of your costomers, pleast try to do a better job of that.

Hey, this is an awesome site! I think it's too cool, that ppl are so open, about things like this. I think that I might post some stories, about my hot Asian full figured G/F who is always constipated.

Whatever happened to Pico Tamale, Roger, and Malita? They had, some of the best stories, IMO.



To Kate - I am 17/m. I loved your story about peeing your pants on your boyfriend's lap. My question is, if you had to go as bad as you said, you probably peed for while, so how could no pee have possibly gotten on your boyfriend? When i pee my pants sitting down, my whole butt gets wet along with the chair i'm sitting on. Anyway, i'm sure he was secreatly enjoying having you sit on his lap with just your bare butt! I know i would have in his situation!

Last night i was getting some stuff ready for today in my room when i had to pee real bad. I was constantly bouncing and holding myself. I let out a few squirts to ease the pressure. One dripped to the floor, but nothing showed on my black athletic shorts. So i finished what i was doing and rushed to the bathroom, squirting in my shorts all the way. I then decided to just take off my shorts, sit on the toilet and pee right through my boxers. Unfortunately for me though, i all of a sudden had to poop too, and that forced it's way right out into my boxer also. That was a pain to clean up. Anyway, i rinsed my boxers and threw them in the wash, along with my fairly damp pair of shorts.


hi, im Troy's mother, im gona write this for him, word for word" uhm hi i think my moms typing this, well i wana say something on a message board hehe well i wear a diaper so i dont really qualify for the toilet, but i like pooping a bit" i still dont understand this cause i once had him stay in a dirt and wet diaper for 24 hours to no effect of changing his mind " but its not always fun cause it gets hard in my diaper but its fun when it comes out, well its my bedtime nighnight everyone sweet dwreams

Hey Dewdz
The other night me and my gf, were having an open convo and we got on to the subject of turn-ons. She told me everything that turned her on, i didnt want to tell that chix shitting turned me on but she said i had to tell her absolutley everthing.So i told a few "normal" things then said "you'll probaly think im a sick wierdo, but i get turned on by girls pooping" I waited for her to tell me it was gross, but she didn't she just said "Yeh that turns me on to sumtimes, i never wanted to tell ya coz i thought you'd think im disgusting" We kept talkin bout it for a while and she said "if you let me see u have a shit i'll let you watch me" I was very surprised and immediatley agreed. So later that nite i told her i needed to have a shit, she said she did aswell, so she got this glass bowl out and said piss in the toilet first then get on all fours and shit into this, so i had a nice long piss then came back to the lounge, i took off all my clothes then bent over, first i push! ed out a small log about 1.5'wide and 3' long then a bigger one and i was done no farts or anything. i looked at my gf and she was very excited and i said now your turn. she said she didnt need to have a piss o she took off her clothes got on all fours, spread her cheeks and let out a huge fart followed three tiny 1's.She started pushing really hard and said this is a big one, i could see the head of it poking out, it was really wide. she stopped pushing and the head went back in, she pushed really hard again with a loud grunt and the monster was half way outjust hangin there, she pushed again and a huge shit about 3' wide and 11' long exploded out of her ass, some of it missed the bowl. I asked if she was done, and she said she still had a fair bit to go.She only pushed slightly and a thin log (1.5'wide) practically fell out of her asshole, the first one stretched it.Two more logs came out quite slowly and she let out a few puffy farts and stood up.
I'm glad all that happened now we always talk about it and she said she'd like to do it again some time, im looking forward to it
From Me

P.s let me know if you liked this post PRG keep up those great posts also Heromine love your posts.

Sudden Urge-Dude! cool story! just by reading your post i got interested and jealous :) post more like that!

TO PUNK ROCK GIRL: I never post much at all, but I read here alot. I enjoy alot of your posts I really liked the way you explained to your friend how females do poop. And it is taboo, but erotic also that a cute butt of a female lets out a solid log of poop. You seem like a genuine person and honest. Keep up the good posts, and thnx for the old ones.

Jane (& Gary)
Hi everyone. I was very busy at work yesterday. I may have started to feel the urge to poop, but like Punk Rock Girl the other day, I must have ignored it. It wasn't until after I left for the day and was driving home when I was caught short like Bethany and had to pull off, this time to a hotel. This was the same hotel I wrote about last year when my co-worker Rachel and I had a seminar. I felt a huge urge to move my bowels and dashed to the ladies room. As I entered I saw three well-dressed young women at the sink doing their makeup.

I went quickly into a stall, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I started off by peeing for a minute, then I started to push out a big piece of soft poop. It plopped into the toilet, then I pushed out a long piece of soft poop that broke apart as it fell into the toilet. Before I knew it, I was in soft serve ice cream dispenser mode, pushing piece after piece of soft poop. The three girls were sorority girls and we carrying on a conversation, apparently oblivious to what I was doing. Soon the toilet was full and a strong poop smell was emerging, so I flushed the toilet while seated.

Meanwhile, another girl came into the bathroom. The other girls said Hi to her, and I figured her name was Miranda. She took the stall next to mine, sat and started to pee furiously. I continued to push out piece after piece of soft poop, then suddenly I pushed out poop that was just as soft but thicker and even smellier. Soon the poop smell reached the girls, and they yelled, "Ewwww - really gross, Miranda!" She shouted back, "It's not me, guys!" They said, "Sure, Miranda." She flushed her toilet and went to wash her hands, and I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued to push out pieces and globs of thick soft poop as the girls finally made their way out, and I heard one of them comment, "Man, I thought you made some nasty shit, Miranda, but that's worse." I filled the toilet again and flushed while seated. Soon I was done, so I wiped several times and flushed a final time, leaving behind a little poop smell. I felt much better after that.

I have come to the conclusion that it is the mushy and soft stool that brings on the smell. I find that when I poop, and it's hard; it leaves little or no odor. And when I poop watery or soft poo, it stinks really bad. Then again it could be the kind of foods that I'm eating also; then again maybe not. What do you guys think it could be? Sincerely loud and proud FART LOVER.

Well, I was sick all night. I woke up at approx. 2AM, w/ an upset stomach. At approx. 2:30, I started to get that sour taste in my mouth, and then I vomited. As I was throwing up, I still had that watery diarrhea. While my head was in the toilet, I had pooed inside of my pajamas (vomiting and diarrhea at the same time). It was totally disguisting. The vomit was in my hair, and I had diarrhea down my legs. I didn't know what to do. So, as sick as I was, I needed to take my clothes off. I literally had to sit on the toilet stark naked, and vomit into an empty small trash can/bucket. As I was vomiting into the trash can, the diarrhea was dropping into the toilet. This was going on for 30 minutes or so. My mom and my younger sister heard the commosion, and they just walked in on me as I was naked. So embarrassing, but I was too sick to argue. My sister got a cold cloth for my head, and my mom rubbed my back and held my hair as I continued to puke. I took a shower to clean my body off from the diarrhea that was smooshed on my behind, and down my legs, and cleaned off the vomit that was in my hair. For the remainder of the night I slept downstairs on the couch, and stayed close to the toilet so I would not have to wake anyone. It's now 8:30 AM Est, and I have had the dry heaves up until 6AM or so. Every time I went to the toilet, instead of kneeling in front of the bowl, I just sit down on the bowl w/ my pants down and my head in a bucket. I'm still vomiting and having diarrhea at the same time. My younger sister is starting to feel sick as well. She has been up since 5AM w/ a fever, so it looks like something is going around. I love my sister, so if she gets sick, all of us will be there for her. I'm going back to sleep.


Todd &Diana
To Punk Rock Girl- I think you friend is wrong. There is nothing better than a beautiful female sitiing on the toilet hearing her fart and pee and overall taking a dump. That is one of the sexiest things ever created. That one of the reasons that Diana and I have soooo much love for each other beacuse we can experience that together. BTW thanks for doing our survey. You are such a great person, wish we could meet you. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

A special THANKS to all of the ladies that responded to our post, we are just curiuos to see how different ladies do their dumps. We love you all sooooo very much. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

To Punk Rock Girl: Yea youre understanding correctly how guys think about beautiful women shitting. For some guys its gross, but for others (like me) its a wonderful sexy event. Youre wrong when you say "no one looks good taking a shit" because to me seeing a gorgeous lady dumping her load is one of the nicest sights I could imagine.

ckf, Liked reading your story and your letting go in your briefs. I guess your pausing to think was about whether you were wearing boxers or briefs and whether the dump would slide down your legs or rest in your brieifs.

Hi, Punk Rock Girl !

I liked your close-call returning home from work.

How long were you constipated for, and what did you eat to produce a staggering 24 inches of turd in total as well as 2 inches in diameter ?

I am most impressed !

LOUISE (AND STEVE): Thank you so much for your reply. I really did not want to say that my friendís bf is a bad guy. I mean in the end his attitude mirrors the general opinion that itís somehow "godgiven" that men can pee easier and where they want. I personally am convincent itís just a social myth, as we tent to wear male closing, which makes it a bit more difficult. As the travelmate shows an alternative is easily created but peeing standing is still seen as a male domain, which his reaction shows like finding the thought of his girlfriend doing that "horrid". Strangely enough it was conquering another male domain, namely wearing trousers (what a shocker when that happened!), that lead to the need to conquer another one. I remember how all of us laughed, when as kids in school we learned that women wearing trousers used to be a real scandal. I wonder how many of those who laughed, would not be enstranged by a woman using a urinal. I enjoy your posts very much and I wish e! verybody in your family (Damsel and Senior) all the best, especially to dear Louise and lovely Steve P.S.: Your fun on the beach sounds so cool and makes me really jealous...;-)

ROBBIE, ANNIE, MEGHAN, SARAH: How are you all sweeties? I am starting to get worried! Send us a line...Today I had a poo in the woods. I went swimming and lay on my belly reading afterwards. I tried to poo at home before I left, but couldnít. While I lay by the lake I felt the need growing. On the way back to the train, I had to stop and when into the bushes in the woods. I squatted after pulling my pants down. I still wasnít sure if I could maybe just pee and still hold the poo. When I pushed a bit though, the turds slid out one after the other, so I just relaxed and let go. I made a good pile of light brown/ orange, soft turds and peed a strong stream into the dirt after that. Very nice and relieving. I cleaned my bum and burried everything a bit. The woods are so nice in the late summer days. Miss you!!!

JEFF A: Mhm, well, quite a short a reply to a long post I had written for you, but thanks for saying hello anyway. Take care, dear!

Q me in
Nice story nathalie
I can understand him being iterested in your bodily functions.

Can someone please tell me what the scene in not another teen movie was like... I've heard about it but havn't seen it for myself yet...


Well, my sister is I just sent my previous message, I found out my sister had diarrhea while she was sleeping. She's now taking a shower. Poor kid, that didn't even happen to me.


I am amazed when I read in some of the Old Posts that some Ė mainly women Ė are passing turds of 3 inches in diameter or wider !

I thought that my rectum was large, but to pass a turd more than about 2.5 inches in diameter at most seems a physical impossibility.

Draw accurate circles of these diameters and you will see what I mean !

Turds look larger under water Ė maybe this leads to overestimating the diameter.

Any comments on accurate turd diameter measurements some of you might have made ?


Glad you liked my story. I enjoyed reading how you filled your Yves Saint Laurent briefs. Although, it was a totally unlpanned accident I'm sure it was very enjoyable and its good that you got home before it happened. Thanks for asking how I did in the exams. I got 1 A and two B's and I'm off to university in a few weeks. Living away from home for the first time should give me plenty of opportunities to wet/poo my pants so i expect I'll have more stories to come.

I was wandering, do the people who like to wet/poo their pants get changed immediately after an accident or wait for a while and enjoy the feeling of having a good load in your undies?

Oh my God ! I just got a call from Eleanor telling me her Mum and Dad have popped out for an hour. So Michael has told her if we are going to watch him it had better be now or never. I have to get my bum over there double quick smart. I will tell you all about it, especially Mr Plunging Plop Guy, just as soon as I can. Thank goodness Andrew is in to look after Ellen !! I can't believe Michael is actually going to let Eleanor and I watch him take a shit ! I'm so excited that my heart is pounding, just like it would be if I had already run there (!) Gotta go ! Love to everyone (especially Linda. You've gone again now. Honestly girl, we never seem to find one another in nowdays !!)

I was at the Department of motor vehicles in our capital city last month to take care of some company business and as usual, my eyes started to wonder. After arriving early to find a parking space, I had to wait inside the lobby for my co-worker to arrive which would end up being about 30 minutes later. Shortly after I took a seat at the rear of the lobby, I just happened to see the door to the ladies room, and I was sitting right accross from it. I fixed my eyes on that door for a few minutes and saw an older 60ish lady come out, I also noticed that it was just a 1 toilet room just like the ones in a regular house. I will bet they had other bathrooms in the back for the DMV employees to use. any how, after seeing another 40ish lady go in, another chubby 30ish lady walked toward the bathroom and opened the door, and low and behold, I could see the first lady sitting on the toilet and the intruding lady said, opps, sorry, and closed the door. Wow, that bathroom did not hav! e a lock! Now you know me, I had to get closer to get a good view of the action. I got up immediately and waited outside of the men's room which was 5 feet straight across from the ladie's room. There was not much traffic opn the men's room side, so I pretended to stand there and wait until the bathroom became vacant. I spotted a very attractive 20ish black woman, stacked, nice thighs, butt, the whole 101 yards man, and she had just come in the lobby.She said to a friend, I gotta go, but the friend said, come on, we gotta get this shit over with (fighting a ticket), so they both went on to the other part of the building. Oh shucks, I was getting a little hard as I imagined getting a look at her doing her stuff. After another minute another slightly overweight black chick about late 20's went into the ladies room, at that moment, I stepped aside and let another black dude go into the men's room ahead of me. Sure enough, after about 2 minutes another lady not knowing the ladie! s room door had no lock on it threw it wide open and I had the best view that I have had in a long time of a lady backing one out. She had a slight grimace on her face, as the intruding lady seemed to hold the door open just long enough for both of use to get a good shot. The lady sitting on the toilet glanced up at both of us and the intruding lady qwickly closed the door. At that point, I vacated that area and went to another part of the lobby. Just as the pooping lady exited the bathroom, my buddy came walking into the lobby. The lady exiting the bathroom did not even look arould, as she quickly exited and left the building. I bet she had probably been waiting in line half the morning and needed a dump before leaving. Now why would they not have locks on the bathroom doors? Well you see in our part of the States, you get a lot of shady activity going on in public bathrooms. Look at it this way, it's a good way to pass time while waiting for your court appearance. P.S. - ! remember to lock that door behind you ladies, if it ain't got no lock, hold it. Rick.

turd mania
ok my name is dave im a 22 male muscular guy and i like to shit. So anyway i work at the mall as a security guard and i had just finished lunch at this mexican place in the mall. I was making my regular patrols of the mall like normal and all of a suden i felt the worst pain in the world in my stomach. So i turned my radio off and ran to the public bathrooms in the mall, it was saturday and the mall was packed so when i got in there the two stalls were taken of course. I could feel a turtle head pokin out of my ass so i panicked i was getting desperate, so i walked out of the mens restroom with my ass stiff as could be and luckily i little down the hallway there was a janitors closet. I looked around nobody was in sight so i ducked in and grabbed a bucket hanging on the hook. I dropped my pants and let the load go, i was getting nervous after like 5 min though cause it wouldnt stop coming out i wasnt even pushing and it was slowly making its way out so i finally finished i c ouldnt wipe so i just pulled my pants up stuck my head out and slowly walked out of the closet taking the turd witch i covered with a end of a mop with me. I took the turd to the back part of the mall and i still hadnt got a look at it so i took the mop top off and im not exagerating this thing was like adleast as long as my arm. So i was like getting rid of it so i went to the dumpter on the outside of the mall and thew it in there. Dam i thought i will never do that again no more burritos for me.

Too oops at the bank: Great story!

Saturday, September 07, 2002

I didn't realize that I would have gotten so many responses.

Anyway, here is a quick one. Yesterday, during the first day of classes (as college resumed), I needed to use the restroom badly. Earlier in the day, I ate a huge breakfast, and also had a huge lunch. During the middle of my class, I could feel my stomach, and bowels churning as if they were saying "let me out." Well, class finally ended, as I was leaving, I was walking quickly to the nearest women's toilet. On this side of the University, a new bathroom was built, w/ many stalls. In fact, it was so clean, I was impressed when I walked in for the first time. This bathroom was simply unreal, it had at least 15 stalls. I quickly entered a stall, hung my backpack on the door hook, toilet papered the seat (for sanitary reasons), pulled down my shorts, panties, and sat. As soon as I sat, I started to pee for the longest time, when the urinating ended, it was time to release my bowels. My stomach was churning, and for breakfast, I had quite a bit of bran cereal and o! atmeal. So, of course, it was that mushy poop. It wasn't diarrhea, but it was just "mush." I sat there for approximately 10 minutes just dropping mushy poop, and gosh, did it feel good. My stomach was hurting throughout class, and now I know why. The smell must have been awful, because as I was pooing, another petite girl came into the restroom and kiddingly asked what I had eaten. I laughed, and she did as well. As she started to drop her turds, I told her that she doesn't smell like roses either. We both laughed. Anyway, it was time to clean up. I flushed the toilet twice, left the stall, washed my hands and exited the women's restroom.

Now, I want to let you all know something. I do not live on campus, it takes approx. 1 hour of travelling per day, to and from the main campus from my home. So that is 2 hours of driving daily. Anyway, when I was travelling home from the University, I needed to use the restroom again. I still had approx. 45 minutes until I got home to use my own clean toilet, but I needed to go badly. I knew a rest area was coming up, so I waited until I got to the rest stop. Finally I arrived at the rest stop, and I was literally holding onto my butt as I was running into the building. Apparently, the oatmeal and bran wanted to exit once again. Finally I entered the women's room, did my same routine (toilet papered the seat (sanitary reasons), pulled down my shorts and panties, sat down). At first I urinated a little, then I let wind, and had that left over mushy poo again. Remind me not to eat bran and oatmeal anymore, it must have some affect on my system.. lol... Anyway, I! sat there for 20-to 25 minutes just releasing very small bouts of mush poo. Since I was driving, I didn't want to have another attack. Once again, I cleaned up, and flushed. As soon as I flushed, I still felt more that needed to come out. Now I was getting irritated, so I had to do the same thing again. I kid you not, toilet paper the seat, pull down my panties, and shorts then release (you get the idea by now). Luckilly, it was not mushy poo, just a case of "audible wet gas," and some watery diarrhea. Finally I left the rest area, and tried to drive home.

Again, while I was driving, I felt the cramps sneaking up on me, I was determined to make it home though. So while driving, I turned up the radio, just to take my mind of the stomach pain. I told myself that I was not going to make it, so I pulled off the nearest exit, paid a toll, and pulled into a Home Depot. I did my usual routine, sat down, and exploded pure watery diarrhea. Now I started to feel sick, something was not right, bran and oatmeal can not do this to your stomach. This time I had spent 20 extra minutes on the toilet. I finally got home, not feeling well. Throughout the night, I had terrible diarrhea. Today, I do not have to work, nor do I have any classes. So I am stuck here, at home w/ "watery diarrhea." I found out that I have some sort of stomach bug that is going around. They say it takes two to three days to get over. Just writing this, I have already made two trips to the bathroom. Now, I have to make a third trip, oh gosh.....well, I d! o "have to go now." I have been drinking alot of water, to keep myself hydrated because of the diarrhea, but for some reason, it's just going through my system. So, hopefully, i'll talk to you later. How long does this stomach bug last?? okay, bye.... I kid you not, I am about to have another case of the runs. I will keep you posted on how I am doing throughout the day.

--> Well, I decided not to send the message until I finished, once again, I just had an attack of diarrhea. As you all know, when you have a stomach bug, you need to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. This is exactly what is happening, as soon as I drink, it just passes through my system. I need to go again........

--> You may think that I am just writing this as it's happening, truly, I'm not. Once again, another small case of diarrhea. Thank goodness I have no school, or work today. I can't wait until this bug is over. I am drinking tons of water at the moment, and I'm starting to feel the cramps again. I'm out of here for good now.


Hi! I'm 17 years old, with blonde hair and a slim figure. Anyways, two weeks ago I was at my boyfriend's house, and we were watching Titanic together. It's my fav movie, but halfway through I had to pee really bad. I love the movie so much that I became so absorbed I peed in my jeans! To make matters worse, I was sitting on my boyfriend's lap at the time! Thank God it didn't get on him! I still can't believe how cool he was about it. He even let me wash my pants and my panties at his house. But I had nothing else to wear, so I went bottomless! I still sat on his lap through the movie, cried my eyes out at the end, completely forgetting I was naked below my shit which stopped right below my belly button! There was nothing sexual abou it, either. He acted like nothing happened.

hello, I've been secretely reading stories from this site for the last two days when I'm at home to understand about bathroom urges in people. See the reason is after my last class I work in a art shop where there is a unisex bathroom and I 'm pretty sure my coworkers hear and peek at each other when its in use.One day when i was sitting trying to make my poop come when the door opened and someone came in i could hear them use the closet thats back to back with the one i was using and i just thought it was a girl,so i then farted calmly and felt a great big shit squeezing which demanded all my attention, it took a lot of effort and i grunted and pushed at the same time then i heard loud peeing like someone standing i pushed and my shit just ploped out with some stinky gas but I knew then it was a male in there with me then and i wanted to ask who but i was scard to know the answer. I waited afew minutes thinking he's going to leave but i just had to pee and so i did it felt ! liberating and a little like being bad at the same time,i pooped again a smaller one and pulled paper to wipe, i exepected the person to leave but whoever it was lingered it semed to hear me wipe myself which i was doing and i said out loud "there whew! finally done" and thats when the person pushed the lever on their toilet and left in a hurry.When the door slammed i pulled up my clothes flushed and washed my wands.I told a coworker friend about this and she said she saw mike a guy i think is really cute go in. Now i wonder if he was just using the place like me or was he interested in mine using it.

I've been really constipated lately, and been having lots of trouble pooping. I hadn't been able to go for six days, when the urge suddenly hit me yesterday. I was in public, and I tried to hold it but soon I could feel it edging out and I knew I needed a bathroom fast. I found one where a lot of people were in and decided to try and hold it tell they left. Unfortunately this wasn't possible, I had so much poop in me from being constipated that I had to start pooping. I sat down on the toilet and immediately my butt opened and a turd poked its way out and fell. A series of loud farts echoed out of my butt and the bathroom became silent as the people were listening to me poop. I was very embarrassed, but I had to go. I had to strain hard to get the next one out, and a couple of people laughed hearing me grunt. When I was halfway done, the turd wouldnt come out anymore, so I was sitting there, on the toilet, with a turd stuck out of my butt. It was stuck and wouldn! t go anywhere. Finally, after about 10 minutes of pushing, it came out. It really hurt. Sereral small turds came out, plop plop plop. I let out a hissing fart. The last turd was so big and hard, I was still constipated, I thought it would never come out. Finally it did, to my great relief. It felt really good coming out. I let out a sigh of relief and wiped.

When I first wake up, I almost always have to take a massive piss and crap. Well, one morning I hopped into the shower first for some reason. All that warm water really relaxed me, so I let loose with a monster piss. It shot out of my wanger so fast that the force of it actually lifted up my member so that it was parallel to the ground. It splashed against the tile and was amber-colored. I felt like a new man. Then, the urge to crap overtook me. I didn't want to leave the warm water, so I squatted and let loose. A HUGE hard chunk (that seemed to serve as a plug in my rectum for the poop that followed) shot out of me. I almost yelled, cause it felt like my bunghole was about to rip. I swear, I half expected to see blood. The chunk was enormous (about 2" wide and shaped like a spikey potato) and rock hard. As soon as my ravaged rectum shot that one out, a mess of baby-food like poop gushed out. It plopped loudly on the tile, and when I looked, It was a HUGE patty of squishy po op. Upon closer inspection, there were corn kernels, a few whole peas, tomato skins, peanuts, and a few sunflower seeds in it. My bunghole felt like it had passed a pinecone cause of all those spikey bits. I cleaned up my poor pooper and washed the poo down the drain (easy to do, because it was barely solid). I felt sore, yet empty and contented.

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, everyone.

Last night on my way home from work I had a close call. I was so busy at work, I ignored my bowels cries to be let out and figured I could just wait until I got home. I finished my work, thought about taking a dump then, but decided to head home to the comfiness of my own crapper.

I headed down to the subway and got on the train, and took a seat (amazing, an actual seat!) and relaxed for my twenty minute ride. Almost immediately, the urge to shit hit me like a ton of bricks. I clenched my butt cheeks and crossed my legs. It felt like a big, firm load, not diarrhea, but I was having a lot of trouble holding it anyway. It seemed to taper off and I relaxed my ass a little, but then I actually felt it poke out of my asshole. I could feel it pushing against my thong! I clenched my buns and prayed I could hold it another fifteen minutes.

All that was keeping me from shitting my pants (for the second time in a month) was me holding my buns together. After what seemed like hours, we came to my stop. I got up and walked like I had a pool cue up my ass to the door. The people on the train must have thought I'd been sodomized by an elephant before getting on. I walked as quickly as I could while still clenching my butt cheeks together the four blocks to my apartment. I walked up two flights of stairs, fumbled with my keys, got the door open, sprinted to the bathroom, yanked down my jeans and thong, sat on the toilet and relaxed.

You'd have thought a bomb went off. A huge load exploded out of my ass like a torpedo, and hit the water with a huge splash. Water sprayed up all over my buns, making me almost leap off the toilet. Another entire log came out at a slightly more leisurly pace, and was followed by a loud and long fart. I caught my breath and leaned back against the tank. I almost passed out! I peed, but before I wiped my ass, I had to check this out. I stood up and looked in the bowl. Two huge logs, about two inches around and each about a foot long. I'm 5'4". How can I fit two feet of shit in there? Anyway, I wiped standing up and flushed. I changed into my comfy clothes and laid on the couch, and waited for my boyfriend to come over. My ass was sore the rest of the evening, but I was so relaxed I felt like I was high. That was one heavenly dump--it was worth the rushing around and sore bottom.



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