I'm glad some of you liked my stories. In answer to I think it was Gryian, I am now 28 years old and unfortunately don't hold my urine as long as I could when I was younger. I don't know if all that holding ruined my bladder or if I just don't take the chances with wet pants that I took back then. I was very shy about going to the bathroom and saw it as a sign of weakness, thinking that "big kids" could hold it and only little kids had to go all the time, so I would never speak up about having to go and would hold it for hours (ie. if my family was driving long distance, I'd only ask my dad to pull over very rarely and in extreme circumstances, whereas now, if I'm driving with someone else and have to go, I'll just say so.) However, I usually can manage to hold it for several hours if I have to, and don't often have accidents, though I have done so, and have often had near misses. I am a vegetarian like your sister, so I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact th! at I do pee a lot, in large amounts of twisty, hissing, spraying pee (I also drink a lot of water, as I am a singer.) Hold it man, I wouldn't say that I "enjoy" holding it. I'll do it if I have to, but I hate the uncomfortable feeling of my bladder being about to burst and no place to empty it, and don't encourage that if I don't have to.

One story that shows the most pressure and volume of urine I've ever experienced was also from childhood, when I was again about 8. I had to pee badly and had been holding it throughout a visit to my aunt, dance class and shopping afterwards with my mother. By the time I got home, I was bursting from holding it for almost 5 hours, and the only bathroom in the house was occupied. I went to my room and was standing in front of the door holding myself and jumping up and down. All of a sudden, pee shot out of my crotch and began soaking the door, but the thing was, it flow out horizontally like a jet and made a hissing sound as it hit the wood. It kept coming for what seemed like several minutes but was probably not more than two or three. The whole time, I was still holding myself and jumping, trying to contain it. When I was finished, I realized that neither my hand, my clothes or my underwear or the skin on my thighs and legs (I was still in tight ballet leotard and tight! s) were at all wet. There had been so much volume and pressure from the urine that it had shot out too fast to wet anything but the door. It had soaked into the wood so quickly it didn't even run down into the carpet, so all I did was dip a washcloth in bathroom cleaner and rub the door. Embarassed as I was at having an accident (even though no-one knew), I was impressed with the "cool" way it had happened.

Punk Rock Girl
Oh, I thought I'd share this with you. So, some frieds of mine and I were talking at a party over the weekend, and the subject eventually became bathroom habits. I mentioned that my dumps were usually huge, and one of my male friends, "Jake", said, yuck, don't talk about that. I said, hey, girls shit too. He said he's always had a problem coming to terms with the fact that women have the same bowel functions as men and I asked him why. He said, "Look at your face. You're beautiful." He turned me around and pointed at my ass to everyone. "Look at her ass," he said. "It's gorgeous." He said he couldn't imagine a substance so gross as feces being produced by a beautiful woman, and that it came from a woman's butt, which is a part of the female anatomy he is particularly fond of. I said, shit comes out of your ass, why is it so hard to believe it comes out of mine. He said guys' asses are hairy and nasty, women's asses are sexy and beautiful. He said when he sees a ! Playboy spread of some model all airbrushed and lit perfectly, he can't believe that inside those hips and ???? there's a bunch of intestines that squeeze out brown glop from between those sexy buns. The way he explained it, I almost started to understand this hang up guys have about girls shitting. I guess, objectively, it is kind of a juxtaposition--a thing of disgust being produced by a thing of beauty. Not that every girl is beautiful (although I believe we're all beautiful in our own way). But I think I now see what guys mean. Peeing is one thing, even kind of cute, as a woman looks sort of girlish and titlating with her pants down sitting on the toilet. But add to that farting, splashing, groaning, grunting, grimacing and wiping, the picture is much less attractive. No one looks good taking a shit, not even the most beautiful woman in the world. And a guy doesn't want to see a woman who doesn't look good. Maybe it's stupid, even a little sexist, but I now thi! nk I get it. Don't be afraid boys, I wipe my ass real good and I've never shit myself or farted while having sex. You're safe. Although I did fart once while making out with my boyfriend. HA! Now I've got you all freaked out!!! Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya!


I wrote tbe message of shit lovers and pee and poop on the nude beach. Yes that was me. Hey everyone who are interested, there's a shitting scene in Martin Lawrence's movie: "Big Momma's House" you get a full view of a large woman on the toilet loudly letting loose. Facial expressions, and the sounds are all too familiar. "Check it out!" If you don't already own it. "Oops there I go again, farting those loud smelly farts" "Hum....This one smells like chicken" ha-ha-ha! To the guy that wanted to know what do I eat to cause myself to be heavy winded. I eat a mixture of meats, white bread, hard boiled eggs: two per day, drink plenty of water, because I live in an all year round hot climate. Um..., some fast foods once a day, that builds fats,and fats for me; causes me to fart like cleavis on the movie The Nutty Proffessor. If you practice these eating habits for I say about....A good month or so, your body will get used to it and form gas building hydroxen; then you'll be able ! to pop loud farts and be proud that you have done them; like I am. There's no shame in my game, you can't lose with the stuff I use. Those are old 1970's phrases.

To FART LOVER: Liked your story...Did any one smell your poop or see a bulge in your panties? Liked your story about the bus trip too...hope you didn't take too long pooping and miss the bus. Wasn't there a bathroom on the bus?

To PCjr: That sounds intresting what you heard.

To STUDENT: They sound like cool movies.

To Jason D.: Liked your story, does emily know about this site or your pooping intrests?

To Sarah Y.: I loved your story, so how old was Amy at that time?

To MARK B: Thanks for your reply.

To Unnamed poster: Re pooping at a nude beach..Loved your story and did any one see you poop or pee or see your turds?

To Lynn: liked your story.

To The unnamed poster: I don't know if its illegal to do that...theres places that have no doors..

To the "HOLD IT" man: Liked your story...did that guy flush? if not did you see his shit?

To John Q Public: What does your pee have to do with foaming up if a person is a vegetarian? Please explain

To Matt: Liked your story.

To Krazee: Liked your story about your friend and your!

To Darius (Noel): Liked your stories

Last night i decided to pee in the sink then i sat on the sink and tried pooping. I got a few balls out and i watched it come out
gotta run now bye

John Q Public
Anthony K:

I could not realy hear what the cheer leaders or football players were saying, but I do remember the one girl who 'Hersyey squirted" all over herself was crying and running out of the place, and I remember a few snide remarks made by various members of the audience and laughter. I also remember this one football player, (the biggest prick of the bunch in fact) was hit right in the belly, and the bottom of his green & white uniform immediately turned brown, and he too ran off the field. One by one, cheerleaders and foorball players were running to the bathroom, the coaches were going crazy, and we ended up losing something like 47 to zip. It was originaly thought they all ate something bad, but could not place what it was. Another theory was they all came down with a congageous stomach flu, but the plott realy thickene when the pon pon squad, basketball team, track team and baseball team all had the same problem and we they didn't win another sporting event all ye! ar.

They did check the drinking water and "Hinkley & Schmidt" bottles for possibilities, but I put the laxatives in the individual bottles, and it was part of my job to wash them after use so nobody ever was the wiser and I STILL laugh at them to this day.

To the unmamed poster:

That happened way back in 1979. Yes, I'm an old fart of 42. My younger sister who can piss like the Buchingham Fountain is 39 and my gf who is equaly endowed is 37.

Punk Rock Girl
Rizzo: Glad you like my stories! I like yours as well!

Diva: I totally agree. I think it's really gross and rude to leave your loads in the toilet for the next person to "enjoy." It's one thing to admire your own dumps, but what makes you think ANYONE else is interested? I don't even admire my own dumps, I'm just ocassionally astounded that all that crap came out of my ass!

Todd & Diana: Another survey. OMG, I can't resist!

1. Do you pee when you take a dump? Almost always
2. Do you usually before, during or after you take a dump? Never during, but about equal times before and after
3. How much do you pee while taking a dump? Depends, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot
4. Do you ever fart while peeing Rarely
5. Do you read on the toilet while taking a dump Yup, at least half the time, depending on how long I'm gonna be there.

I was at a party at a friend's house upstate over the weekend. It was a lot of fun. He lives in a farmhouse on a big lot of land. They were having problems with their well-water, so the toilet wasn't flushable, so he went out and bought one of those portable toilets, basically a box with a toilet seat on it. We had all been drinking and partying all night and I had to take a major dump. I had a case of what some people refer to as the "beer shits". So I walked to the clump pf bushes where he had put the toilet. He even had a package of toilet paper sitting next to it. It wasn't open, so I guess I was the first one to grace this thing with a dump.

I got there and there were a few people standing by it, waiting their turn. The guys were just peeing in the woods, so it was only women in line. I waited my turn, and before long, a couple of my other female friends were behind me. I warned them that I had to take a crap, and apologized ahead of time for any noises they heard. Finally, It was my turn. I pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the seat. My bowels erupted and liquidy shit sprayed out with a loud watery fart. I groaned loudly, and pushed out some firmer chunks, then I was done. I rolled off some paper and wiped my ass, which ended up taking a little while! I pulled up my pants and walked out from behind the bush and a few more of my friends were standing there. They asked if I was okay and I said yup, just had to shit. I went back to the party and had fun all night! Later, I had to pee, but didn't bother using the porta-crapper and just squatted in the bushes with some friends, male and femal! e. Nothing like peeing outside in mixed company!



O'MALLEY - Yeah well if a woman does not shave or trim her pubic hair then it does get wet. I shave most of it so I have just a narrow stripe of short blonde hair above my pussy and it is no trouble like that. My mum used to pee and get her pubic hair really wet before she cut it and now my mum and sister shave it to look like mine.

NO GIRL YOU KNOW - Hi! You did 2.1 litres? My best is 1.6 litres that has been measured. My peak flow rate is measured at about 42ml every second, but my husband believes I can go above 50ml every second. I am known among my friends for my heavy peeing.

KENDAL AND ELEANOR - Hi girls!!! You know I am still laughing at your story. You really picked on Michael when you went to that clearing in the woods. LOL I bet he would stammer a bit if he had been hiding in that bush and seen *me* weeing. giggle
I will tell Steve you have written.
Love Louise xx

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi again,

My post submitted on Tuesday has been put in the Sunday page! (978)
So those I've responded to, look there!

Happily, I'm back to very enjoyable shits again! Not feeling any urgency, but knowing one was due, I pushed and started to have a nice loud session that left me with a clean arse and perfectly comfortable.
The turds looked firm and like large bullets, so thanks, Mother Nature!

MARK B. Thanks for tip about security with deleting History entries.

KENDAL, Good to hear from you again, and your amusing adventures!
If you get to see Michael on the toilet, let's know how he does it, please!

DIVA, It's not a merely unflushed toilet that annoys most people, but the filthy state that some leave a cubicle! Shit smears on the wall, sometimes on the seat, dirty paper on the floor are all revolting to me, but I more often come across toilet seats with wee on them due to some guys not lifting it, or even bothering to clean it after, or even flushing.
As for unflushed toilets being revolting, sometimes they either can't be flushed, or there's a big turd that won't disappear.
Even if on rare occasions, I have decided not to bother flushing as I've been particularly proud of my achievements, I would hate to leave a smelly load that floats on the surface giving off its fumes to everyone.
BTW, In some countries in the Far East it is an offence to leave a toilet unflushed, so I hope all the toilets are in working order!

Peace to all, P. Plop Guy


Welcome home, I was wondering when you'd be back! Sorry I missed your posts over he last few days.

Spain sounds like a dee-lish expeerience as usual, with some gusty gushers delivered with gusto -- you do us proud, you really do!

I've collected up your posts into one file, and look forward to your continuing recollections of this year's expedition. That all-in-a-row morning relief in the sea was delightful, it must have been a remarkable bonding experience to share! Envy!

Donna, hi! Yes, "BB" can be incapacitating... I remember once as a teenager spending over twenty minutes in a public restroom, bursting to go, trying, but simply too anxious... I had to abandon the attempt and simply go home, in pain. I'm happy to say those days are over, and I can whizz easily most of the time now. I'm glad you're in favour of urinals in the ladies' room! And yes, the beach has been a great de-stressing agent in this too!

Damsel -- TEN whizzes on the beach? Great going! That was my first record, ten in one trip to the nude beach (yours wasn't nude, which increases the difficulty a bit!) I think I'm up to sixteen...

Looking forward to talking to you all again real soon,


Hi Todd and Diana,

Answering your ladies' survey:

1. Always
2. Can be at any time -- I often pee actually while pooing, they just flow away easily together.
3. While taking a dump I usually pee a whole bladder's worth, or whatever's there to come. Sometimes I pee a second time after finishing with my bowels.
4. I'm not sure, probably! If there's air to come then it'll trump to itself while I'm peeing...
5. Nope -- I never got into the habit of reading on the loo...

Though that reminds me of a story told by an old friend (now passed away). He had served in WWII, flying from a base in the Pacific region, and said their latrines were basically pits that were sterilized with flame throwers twice daily to prevent disease. There were no stalls, just a tent or stockade with a bunch of loo seats over the pit. One day he went in and a guy was sitting there, pouring with diarhoea, and oblivious to the whole world. The guy was passing the time by reading the toilet paper. There was of course nothing wrirtten on it, but he was reading all the same...



I posted this morining saying that I might poo myself at work and I did! On the way to work I could tell that I was going to need a poo today but not for a while. With about half an hour left until I finished I felt the need for a poo although I knew I could wait as I was far from desperate. I knew that if I didn't do it then I never would so I pushed a resonably sized stiff poo into my briefs. I could scardely believe what I had just done. I've been working in our local supermaket all summer until I start university and I had just shit myself in public. Not wanting to take any chances, after savouring the brief (excuse the pun!) moment, I made my way to the toilet where I entered a cubicle and insected the damage. The poo, which I promptly emptied into the toilet, only left a small stain on my undies. I was so excited I'm surprised I didn't wet myself as well. I still couldn't bring myself to leave the poo in my undies any longer than necessary though. Its funny you sho! uld mention the CK hipster trunks as I have a few pairs of them (I find CK underwear so comfotable), but I have never had an 'accident' in any of them, perhaps I will do -I'll keep you posted. You emntioned that guy who you thought might poo himself- I also do that sometimes. I remeber once on a school trip a few years ago, one of my mate's was desperate for a wee. I was secretly hoping that he wouldn't be able to make it. We were on the motorway with another half hour or so to go and he seemed to actaully be in pain when he removed his hand from his croth. people watched in amazement as a large wet spot appeared on his shorts! Many of the guys were laughing although I told him that most people have the odd acciednt from time o time. That is the only time I can remember seeing somebody have an accident for years. What I found strange was that this guy you saw was wearing breifs as the vast majority of pople around my age (18) seem to wear boxers. Anyway keep the stories comi! ng.


Hi everyone!! Sorry its been so long. Haven't really had time, with school and all. Also, I don't really have time to get caught up, so if you had a question for me last week, could you post it again? I'll try not to get behind again.

O'MALLEY--I shave off all of my pubic hair, so it doesn't bother me. But before I started shaving, I did get wet, but you dry it when you wipe, so its not really a big deal.

1. Do you pee when you take a dump? yes, I can't take a dump without peeing.
2. Do you usually before, during or after you take a dump? usually before
3. How much do you pee while taking a dump? same as if I weren't pooping
4. Do you ever fart while peeing? Usually towards the end. That's how I know I'm done. :)
5. Do you read on the toilet while taking a dump? no. I want in and out ASAP. :P

Hmm, I didn't find the planting-of-laxatives thing funny at all. The attackers were a few guys on the football team, right? If so, the cheerleaders, the baseball players, the overwhelming majority of people affected, were innocent. Congratulations on becoming every bit as vile as the people who were beating you up. You, too, abuse innocents for your own amusement. Here's hoping you pay the price in full.

And, if anyone ever finds out what you did, that'll probably be the case. You could get into serious trouble. And if they can't prove it, they'll just deal you in the old-fashioned manner I believe you're already quite familiar with. Enjoy.


Great post you made on p. 974 bro, that sounds almost exactly like what happened to me in college: The creatine, the diarrhea, the doorless toilets and having to use one in front of almost a dozen dudes, a couple of whom would later become my soccer teammates, how amazingly coincidental it all is!

Also, are there any other guys out there who get diarrhea from supplements like this? Do your bowels adjust eventually or what else can you do to fix this problem? I know these things get good results but they lay waste to my intestines- literally.


Great post on p. 974 dude! My teammates and I find ourselves in similar situations on a regular basis and we are all pretty cool about it. I can definitely relate to what you are talking about, even though my girlfriend thinks it's unusual for guys to think like that. I've seen some of your others and they are all great! Keep it up dude!


John Q Public

Yes, since this is the work place you are talking about, you realy need to be very careful you don't get caught because you can be sued as well as fired. I was just a kid at the time and if I had been caught I might had been suspended or expeled, or I might have had to deal with the bullys, but all in all the consequences would not have been as they would if an aduld did such a thing.

A couple of times at work, when dealing with people I don't like, I have given in to the temptation to spit a hocker in their cofee when they leave their desk for something. I did that about 3 times in the past 20 years. If you decide to slip a lax into your boses cofee, however, it might be a good idea to make sure that is is served in a disposable container.

STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi dears. How nice you are back. Itís always a pleasure to read from you. Thank you for your description of using the menís room, you wroye before the holidays, Steve. I really enjoyed reading it. I guess the rule about using the urinals not directly next to each other is very understandable. Not maybe just because of the danger of exposing your private part, but I think generally people feel their private space invaded when strangers move unnecessarily close. Itís the same when you sit down on the underground or in a row of seats e.g. on the airport that you feel uneasy when somebody takes a seat next to you, when there would be amother space and I guess in this situation you are especially cautious. On the other hand itís interesting that amoungst friends men often stand quite close e.g. when using the bushes while a pee break on a road trip. Bye the way, regarding your comments guys throwing cigarettes into the urinals: Do you know the toilet slogan "Do! nít throw cigarettes into our urinals and we wonít pee into your ashtray..."?
We had quite a lot of talking about women peeing standing with my flatmate and her boyfriend over the weekend. I gave her a travelmate a while ago, but she wasnít too interested and never tried it out. When she went to the pub in London, her and boyfriend needed to pee on the way home. He went to use one of the new street urinals, leaving her to suffer and expressing his relieve after it on top of everything (what do you say to such a gentleman, Louise?). Understandably she was very annoyed and let him know in her rage telling him about the tool I had given her and that I would use it. So when he came over this time he found it amusing to tease me about it (in a very British manner of course, disguising his lack of understanding with jokes). I found his way of peeing on every suitable corner, during a bycicle tour quite provokative and did not hesitate to make clear I could do the same. I found it funny he thought peeing into bushes everywhere openly ok, but was absolute! ly disgusted about the thought of peeing in the shower (at least that does not stink!). Anyway our little competition of who could pee where, seems to have made my flatmate curious: The next night she came into the kitchen with a smile like hitting the jackpot on her face and wanted to drink a beer with me to celebrate. She then anounced that she had done a pee with the travelmate without spilling a drop and LOVED it .(She seemms to be a natural talent...) It was so funny. She changed from totally uninterested to "all women should be taught...". It was so great to see her so enthusiastic. Unfortunately she told her bf and he thought it was "horrid", but at least could understand it was "practical". I am afraid his comment took the fun a bit away from her. Pity, really. I am so glad that people like you two are around! Itís so good to know there are at least other women, who also arenít afraid to pee they want to and men, who donít have to let their girlfriends in inconvenie! nt situations to prove themselves their "masculinity" . Shame such guys like you are rare. I hope you are well and wish you all the best. Lots of lovexxx

Love to all friends! Hope you are all fine! (my last post only made it into the old ones, so I hope it was still seen)


Glad you liked that story of me pooing myself! I'm in work again today and I'm thinking of shittting myself is the need arises! I shall have to see what sort of poo I think its going to be and also if I have the courage to do so. Anyway, I've worn a pair of briefs in preparation. I will keep you posted if I do. Glad you're feeling better by the way.

euro hiker
France 2002, Part 3

This post is dedicated to Jane (Outdoor Jane).

During our summer travels in France, Mrs Euro Hiker and I spent a night in a youth hostel in a French city. Not exactly the Hilton but it was only 11.70 Euros per night with breakfast (near enough the same in US$). A bonus with French youth hostels is that they sometimes have mixed washrooms and toilets and also mixed dormitories. We hadn't booked and there weren't any two bedded rooms available so we were given a 6 bed mixed dormitory with two Swedish girls, Anna and Jan.

We got chatting and they told us they had just finished university and were travelling round Europe on a one month 'InterRail' ticket. They liked hiking and were pleased to accept our invitation to come hiking in the Alps for a few days and escape the heat of the Central European summer. They were not inhibited about undressing in the dormitory and they were not inhibited about their toilet habits either. After breakfast the next morning, I went to the mixed toilet and shower room and sat down in a stall. The two girls took the two stalls either side of me. I heard some healthy plops from Jan but from Anna, I only heard a squeaky fart followed by silence then some grunts but no success.

The four of us then drove to a camp site in the mountains, pitched our tents then set off for a day's hike. We all had plenty to drink before starting and before long we all needed to pee. We has stopped for a rest and I did as many French men do and just turned away from them and peed into the bushes. Then my wife and the two girls all dropped their shorts and squatted down to pee out in the open. A promising start.

The next morning, I deliberately held on to my morning poop. My wife and Jan were ahead and Anna and I stopped for a rest and a pee. I then lifted a rock that was half buried in the ground, squatted over the hole and started to pull my shorts down. I suggested to Anna that she should go ahead and catch up with the other two. "No, it's OK, I stay" she said and she even went round behind me to get a better view of my turds sliding out. "Your turn?" I asked. "OK, I try" said Anna. She dropped her shorts and squatted. She pushed and grunted for a minute or two without success. "I did not make shit since we arrived in France", she said.

The next morning, I met Anna in the mixed toilet block at the camp site. She had just come out of a stall. "Any luck?", I asked. "No" she replied, "I am constipated". I went off to the village to get some long baguettes of French bread for breakfast and lunch. In the small village store, I bought two 500 gram (1.1 pound) packs of prunes. The four of us set off on another day's hike and soon when the other two were ahead, I offered a pack of prunes to Anna. "These should cure your constipation", I said. I told her that I needed some too and suggested a prune eating contest where the one who can hold their poop longest is the winner. Anna agreed and thought that she could win easily. Over the next half hour, we each munched a whole packet of prunes. Anna then put some toilet paper inside her panties in case of a mishap.

About four hours later, Anna was walking awkwardly and said that the prunes were working but she could hold on longer. Half an hour later she said "OK, you win, I must make shit NOW". We went well away from the path and I lifted a rock that was half buried in the ground to make a good toilet hole. Anna slipped her shorts and panties down. She had just started to poop onto the TP in her panties. She squatted down and I put my hands under her buttocks and guided her rear above the hole. She relaxed and a litle creamy poop trickled out. Then she pushed and a hard constipated turd started to come out but she was having difficult passing it. It was surprisingly wide compared to her slim rear. Gradually it came out then the 'flood gates' opened as four days worth of poop came out. First three more full size turds came out in quick succession then a load of prune-induced creamy stuff came out noisily. Anne let me wipe her then I squatted down over the hole to get rid of my prun! e feast while she watched then wiped me. I replaced the rock and we continued hiking to a moutain refuge hut at 2900 metres where we the other two were waiting.

We spent the night at the mountain refuge hut but I didn't sleep very well as we weren't acclimatised to the altitude yet. We got up the next morning and I asked my wife where the two Swedish girls were. "Which Swedish girls?" she asked. "Have you been dreaming?"

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I agree with Diva about the flushing situation. In fact, there's something waaaay in the old posts about someone winding up crapping themselves because the toilet was just too gross to use. (Now, I'd have been logical about it. Gross toilet that you're in and out of, or gross pants that you've got to deal with until you get home? I'll take the gross toilet, thank you.) My point is, our interests aren't everyone's interest, and whatever you might admire about 'a good load' in a toilet, 99% of the population doesn't. If you think you're doing the next person to use the facilities a favor, you couldn't be more wrong.

o' malley
I'm a youngin to this forum (16). Does a woman's pubic hair get in the way or get soaked when she pees?

Bobby B
Awsome story Betahny. Please post some more.

Todd and Diana
Hey a few quick questions for the ladies!
1. Do you pee when you take a dump?
2. Do you usually before, during or after you take a dump?
3. How much do you pee while taking a dump?
4. Do you ever fart while peeing
5. Do you read on the toilet while taking a dump(We forgot to check the survey results from last time so if you couls fill us in that would be awesome) With lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana

Iam a fart lover and I have been reading these posts now for about and few days. These stories are so awesome that they should be compiled into a book to be sold. I'm a very flatulent woman, and I get a kick out of farting loud in public. I also love to hear guys, elderly men and everyone elses farts; it turns me on. I especially like hearing guys when they're pissing and farting out loud, followed by a grunt; without excusing themselves."I love it!" Anyway, I had a very unusual experience that happened to me last week and couldn't wait to tell it on the post. One morning while I was at work, sitting at my desk; I grunted as I got up from my desk and farted two loud ones. I never excuse myself because farting is as natural as taking a piss; everyone does it. Anyway, all of my co-workers know that I'm openly flatulent. When I do it in front of them, some would frown and give me dirty looks while walking away, then some would just laugh and walk away; sometimes I would laugh w! ith them. Today seemed like a normal flatulent day. I continued to push out a series of loud smelly farts as I walked from my desk to the copying room. My farts lingered all around me, as I stood at the machine; loading some documents to be copied. I pushed out a loud greasy fart accompanied by a small amount of piss. That's normal; I always do that when I have to strain a fart. The next thing I knew, I felt a hard thick turd emerging through my fart hole; slow and effortlessly coming out. "Oh no, I'm going to shit on myself!" I nervously screamed within myself. I stood still as the turd eased out. Good thing I was wearing secured elastic around my legs, and my panties were always drooping off my ass; and also I was wearing a wide style skirt. The turd was small about an inch and a half hard dry and round. This was the firt time that I had allowed myself to go in my panties. I thought as I stood waiting for the copy machine to copy all of the documents, "This feels kinda coo! l, it didn't stink or anything." As I collected the copied papers and inserted more documents to be copied, I felt the second turd pressing my fart hole. I said to myself "What the hell, I mind-as-well go on myself some more." So I pushed once but this turd was very hard, slightly pressing and parting my hole. As the copy machine was noisely running off copies, I straddled my legs a bit and pushed about four or five times. "pppppp" as I farted the turd eased out and dropped down on the first turd. This one felt about two inches; it was also dry and hard. I let out a double barrel fart as the copy machine finished coping and ceased the noise. I know the worker heard the fart while waiting outside to use the copy machine. I gathered all of my documents and copied papers and walked out passing her with a loud blast of a fart. "Ew!" angrily yelled the girl, staring a me while holding her nose. I didn't care,I needed to fart. I'm not going to hold my farts in just to please peopl! e. After I arrived at my desk to sort out all of the copied papers to be filed, I still had to shit. This turd was felt midway between the intestinal track and my a anus, it was going to come but it would take a lot of pushing and squirming. I continued to push as I walked to the large rolling filing system cabinets. I walked in and stood pushing and looking for a file. As co-workers walked by and remain away from me. I pushed and farted, "Brrrrrraaaaaap'ppppp" But still no turd, only a small leakage of piss. Luckly I had a copied paper that needed to be filed down at the bottom of the cabinet. I squatted to open the file and I felt the turd coming down almost rapidly until it stood at my fart hole. I pushed and grunted, I heard some crackling as the fart pushed out two hard dry turds. I had relaxed bewteen pushing. Then I stood up and felt another one right at my hole waiting for me to push, but I had decided to wait and let this one out in front of my co-workers; when we g! o for a cigarette break. I finished up the filing and went outside in front of the building with the rest of the workers. I lit my cigarette and blow out the smoke. There were about twenty peopl standing outside, I stood with the group that laughs at my farts. As I stood blowing smoke out my mouth and farts out my ass, I quietly pushed the turd half way out. I stopped pushing, enjoying the feel of this thick shit hanging out of my ass. I was excited to stand around everyone with poop in my panties and one hanging out of my ass. I felt aroused and like a queen. I pushed as I farted as the long thick turd stretched out, moving the other turds aside as it let go of my hole. That was the end of my dump. I immediately went to the bathroom after my smoke break, and clean myself up. It wasn't as messy as I thought it would be. "Happy dookie trails to everyone!"

Ryan C,

Your story of how you made a life-long friend in the hospital is really sweet and I wish you both the best of luck for the future! :-)

Hi all,

I'm a long-time reader, who never has much to contribute, until now. On CBC radio last Saturday, I heard part of an interview with a video artist who has videotaped a travelogue across the U.S. called "Pee America". She is advocating the Travel-Mate or some similar tool, by peeing at various famous sites, of course while standing up.

I don't know her name because I just caught the middle of the interview, but I've written to CBC and if they can tell me who it is, I'll pass it on for you all. The movie doesn't exist in the Internet Movie Database (yet) but hopefully the interview producers will have more info.

Keep safe and have fun,

SK8ER BOY- I know of a few movies, but you might have seen them already. 1) Is the Underground Comdey Movie which shows two supermodels crapping, I just hear of this on T.V, and I'm ordering it, it seems like a funny movie. 2) Sensless, starring Maryln Wayans I think, but he has superpowers and was able to hear this girl pooping and then saying" I don't remember eating corn". 3) Big Mamas House, if you're into fat old ladys taking dumps. 4)Not another teen movie, that has a hot ass chick taking a huge dump and shows these guys above spying on her. 5) Scary Movie 1 and 2 have a lot of female toilet humor, especially 2. 6) Tommy Boy has a quick seen of this old lady crapping on an airplane. I can't think of anymore, I hope that helps

BETHANY- Guess what I also run cross country in college too. Runners in my opinion seem to be the most open about their bodily functions and seem to have diarreah alot. You were lucky you were a girl though, lets say if a guy has to go but the line is to long (which never is) and he goes in the ladies room), he would be in big trouble. Anyways have you ever had an accident while running, there was this girl in high school that had to stop and pee right in the middle of a race. That has never happened to me though. I have also heard of people having accidents both #1 and #2 while running both male and female, but have never experienced it.

Question #1: Why does some peoples crap stink so much while others never smell that bad?

Question #2: I'm not gonna get into details about this but, if women had special urinals just for peing and stalls as well. Would women be more afraid of taking craps just because for 1) people would know what you were doing, like it is with us guys but more importantly 2) It is not considered ladylike.\

Ponder these and respond please

I just remembered a while back in the 80's, I was on a bus trip with my church. On every retreat our Pastor would order a Greyhound bus to take us to places out of state. When it was time for a rest stop, everyone would rush off the bus to the restrooms. I was sick to my stomach because of the sodas and chips that I was eating so much of. My stomach churned and was cramping bad. I farted a loud zipping sound while walking towards the restroom; I had to go bad. There was a long line to the women's restroom and I stood and waited; but my stomach was sending signals to my brain, "Warning, Warning, soon to come!" As I stood in line, I farted another short cut ripper, that caused my turd to pertude half way though my fart hole. "Oh God, I need to shit fast" I looked ahead and saw that all of the stalls were being used, everytime one woman would open the door, another would meet her and walk right in after her. I saw that there was one stall not being used, I frowned and asked the lady in front of me "Why isn't that stall being used?" "It's out of order," she replied. I eased ahead of the line, as my turd hung on to my hole. I looked into the toilet and saw a bunch of shit in brown water. I looked away for the smell was funky, but my turd was pushing and was almost in my panties. I quickly stepped inside and closed the door; locking it. Then quickly lifed up my skirt and pushed down my panties and pantyhose and sat on the toilet. "Swish" shot out my turd as more turds quickly and loudly plopped in the water. I was feeling a little grossed out, because the already brown water from someone elses shit had splash on my butt. I farted a series of farts, then finished. I wiped thoroughly and stood up, carefully watching my skirt that it didn't accidently bush against the seat of the dirty toilet. As I continue to fart, but was relieved to have got out my load. I remained soda and chip free until I got to our destination.

Jason D.
Hi guys, do you remember my story about EMily from before? Well, I've got an even better one now. When I wrote my last story, I was 17. WEll, the SUnday before last was a big day for me, because I became a U.S. citizen. I turned 18 on August 25. Emily will turn 18 on September 5. Em doesn't seem to have as good a memory as I do, because she thought my birthday was last Sunday, Sep. 1st. SHe came over to my house on ????? and ?????, which is a big trek for her, because she lives on ??????? and ???. I was very pleased when my intercom rang and my doorman said Emily Anderson was on her way up. SOon my bell rang as Emily said in her sexy soprano voice, "Hi it's me, Em. Happy birthday." I wasn't mean enough to tell her that she was late by a week. Em's a great cook, by the way. SHe made these great strawberry crepes for me as a wonderful late present. I relished them immensely. SHe still refuses to have sex with me, but she tells me wait another 4 days until she's 18 and has human rights. AS we were cuddling up on my couch, she asks me if she can use my bathroom. I tell her of course, I have three for the three people in my family, but my parents aren't here, so pick which one you want. SHe decides to use my soon-to-be poor mother's bathroom. I expected her just to take a piss, but that's what I expected last time and I was wrong. It turned out that my expectations fooled me again. Emily was gone for an extremely long time, and she came back wearing a grin of an innocent schoolgirl after a naughty night. WE listened to my records, especially to Em's favorite song, To Sir WIth Love and the Beatles. FInally we had to part, as I said to her "SEe your pretty face again soon," which is my standard send-off. Later I went in to check my mother's bathroom to see if anything was messed up when Em was in there. My mom's a neat freak. As I approached the bathroom, this terrible smell came under my nose as I got closer. I lifted up the toilet seat. I remember hearing a flush as Em left, and I have pretty good ears. BUt when I lifted the seat up, I couldn't believe my eyes. THe bottom of the lid for the toilet had a stain of shit on it, because Em's turd was so long. It stretched from the bottom of my toilet bowl and even went by the toilet seat. I didn't know Em was such an anal artisan! Perhaps Em's naughty grin was telling me that she wanted me to see her work of art, and perhaps the turd was so long that the toilet wasn't able to flush properly. I used a tape measure to measure how long the turd was. It was at least 16 inches. I never realized Emily's hidden talent before in my life!

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