Sarah Y.
I see that we're talking about hospital visits a lot recently, I have a hospital story and it resulted in a new friend.

When I was in 2nd grade I had to spend a week in the hospital, I honestly don't remember what for but I remember that I absolutely was not allowed to get out of bed, even to use the bathroom. So they had me wearing pull-ups. It was really embarrassing to have to wear the diaper when I was 7 years old.

The other kid in the room with me, Amy, had to use a wheelchair (not just for in the hospital, it was something she had to live with). If the nurse helped her she could use the toilet, but she had pull-ups on anyway in case the nurse didn't get to the room in time. She told me it wasn't the first time she wore pull-ups, she said she usually has to wear them at school because of she still needed help in the bathroom and so she would have to go to the school nurse and she couldn't always get there fast enough. Also, when she would go somewhere with her dad he couldn't help her because they couldn't go into the same bathroom so she wore pull-ups then. She said accidents were pretty much a thing she had to live with.

Anyway, I was stuck in bed and I hated it. The first time I had to go to the bathroom I had to pee, and I didn't want to wet the diaper so I held it off as long as I could. But obviously I couldn't hold it forever and eventually I wet the diaper. It absorbed pretty quickly but I could tell it was still soggy. Pretty soon after that the nurse came by and checked the diaper of Amy and then me. Amy didn't need to be changed since she could get up and use the bathroom when the nurse was there, and she had done that not too long ago, but when the nurse got to me she said, "My, you must have had to pee pretty bad." Then she proceded to change me, but it was really embarrassing because Amy could see me being changed. It wasn't so much that I cared about Amy seeing what the diaper was covering because I didn't really have a problem with other girls seeing me in the bathroom or getting dressed or anything, but it was just that I was 7 yrs old and was being diaper changed like a b! aby. I knew that she was wearing one too, but it was still embarrassing.

After the nurse left, Amy told me that I didn't have to be embarrassed. She asked if it would help if she started using the pull-up instead of the potty, and I said she didn't have to do that. But she decided to anyway, and so she told me that next time I had to go to tell her and we could both go so we would both be changed at the same time and then it wouldn't be so embarrassing. So the next couple times I had to pee we did that and she was right, it was much less embarrassing. I still didn't like wetting the diaper, but at least I was used to it.

The next morning when I woke up I had to pee, so I told Amy, who had to pee too, so we both went. But then i heard her grunting to herself softly and then a loud fart, and then some crackling noises. I asked her, "Are you pooping in the diaper?" She told me yes, that's what the diaper was for. A couple minutes later the nurse came in, and smelled the room and said it smelled like somebody pooped. She went to Amy and undid her pull-ups on the sides and I could see that she had definitely pooped in her diaper. The nurse left her sitting like that to walk into the bathroom and grab some wet wipes from the storage cabinet, and then she cleaned up Amy and put a fresh pull-up on her. Then she came over to me and while she changed me, she told me that I hadn't pooped since I got there and that I should try to do that since it wasn't good to hold it in. She also said that if I didn't go by tomorrow morning she would have to give me some medicine.

After she left, Amy asked me, "You haven't pooped since we got here?".

I said, "No, you've seen me when I get changed."

Amy: "I thought it might have been when I was asleep. I've pooped while you've been asleep. Why haven't you pooped yet?"

Me: "Because I've had accidents where I pooped my pants before and it was gross, so I don't want to poop my pants even if I am wearing a pull-up. So I'm trying to hold it."

Amy: "You'd better go today. Do you know what that medicine that the nurse will give you tomorrow does? It gives you diarrea! And that's grosser than just pooping in the pull-up. If you want me to poop with you though I will, i still have a little left in me so just tell me when you're ready."

I still didn't want to do it. But after lunch I had to pee again, and I told Amy. So we both peed. Then she told me now would be a good time to poop, she could feel that she was ready to go again. I really didn't want to but I knew I'd better, I didn't want to get the medicine tomorrow morning. So Amy said she'd go first, and I heard her strain again and then I smelled it. She said, now it's your turn. I could feel the pressure on my butt and I still didn't want to poop, but finally I gave in and gave up. I gave up and pushed. It started coming out right away, and since I hadn't gone for a couple days I completely filled the pull-up and the pull-up actually felt tight because of the huge bulge in it. It felt really gross. I told Amy that it was really really big and she told me that's why it's better just to go each day or even a couple times each day, then it's not nearly so big or gross. Anyway, it seemed like forever until the nurse came in and checked us, she did Amy! and cleaned her up. Then she came over to me and saw how much I'd pooped and told me good job for not holding it any more. It took a long time for me to get cleaned up but finally I was in a clean diaper.

After that I tried to poop at least once a day, it's much better to have a few small accidents than one big one. I was there for a week and then I had to go home. But when I got home I was still supposed to stay in bed for a few more days so I still had to wear pull-ups and my mom had to change me. Finally I was over that and I didn't have to use the pull-up anymore.

After that Amy and me were really good friends. She lived not too far away from me. We went to different schools but we were in the same town, and since we're in middle school this year we now go to the same school with Katie! Amy doesn't need a wheelchair anymore, only crutches, and she doesn't need help in the bathroom anymore so accidents are not really an issue anymore. She says she still is more than average on accidents, maybe a couple times a month, but that's a whole lot better than what she had before.

Sorry to talk so long, but I wanted to tell the whole story. Bye!

To Bryian
You might have peed after drinking iced tea because tea is a diuretic. However to me iced tea never seems very strong, so I'm not certain that it could have been the reason.

To Darius, PPG and others
I forgot to add that, depending on your browser, you can clear entries from the 'history' file by right- clicking the mouse, including the history of individual searches if you click on the name of the search engine first.

Although I've been writing about pooing my pants recently (and doing it), I have to say that this is a fairly new activity for me and I only tried it for the first time a year or two ago, after reading this site for quite a long time and realising that quite a lot of people do this for pleasure. So why not try it myself?
I used to watch myself poo in the mirror and things like that when I was a teenager, but that was 30 years ago (I'm 47)! In between I had a long period where toilet pleasures were a fairly latent interest, mainly confined to fantasies.
Yes, briefs are better than boxers.



Shit lovers, have you ever been to a nude beach?, I have, it was so awesome. let my tell you what happened. I was laying in the sand on my back looking up at the sky with my hands tucked in the back of my head. Then I suddenly felt the urge to piss as well as poop. So I've decided to go ahead and break the rules, and do it right where I laid. As I stared up at the sunny clear skies, I let go my piss. It streamed down between my ass and into the sand; oh what a feeling. Then I pushed, and the turd lid out suddenly it was long and hard. It parted the piss moist sand. I farted and that was all. I finished my dump for that day. More later on.

Thought I might post this in case anybody is interested. I'm a 43 year old female, and weigh about 275 pounds. My doctor says that my large intestine is almost twice as long as a normal person's, and this makes me have a problem pooping. I go forever between poops, but when I finally do go I usually pass a huge amount of poop. It takes me between one and two hours to poop. I usually have to strain for about a half hour before I can get started, and when I do start the poop is really large around and hard, but it gets softer as I go and usually ends up being lumpy and fairly wet. I'm used to having to take a lot of time when I have to poop so it doesn't bother me that much, but I do clog up the toilet on occasion. The only time I can remember that it was a embarrasing was one time about 5 years ago when I went camping with my boyfriend, now my husband. We were in the mountains in a tent, and of course there were no loos around. I felt the pain coming on that I had to poop, and had to explain all this to him about my medical problem, and then had to poop inside the tent with him right next to me. It was at night so there was not much else going on. I thought he would think it was gross that I was pooping in a plastic bag right next to him, but I think he was actually turned on by it. I haven't pooped for about 5 days now, and I think I'll probably get the urge tomorrow. Cheers, Lynn

To Sarah Y.: Loved your story, i wonder if any one found your dirty underwear? I thought that was funny what that kid said

To sk8er boy: Loved your story about seeing those girls pee/poop..was that the first time you've seen a girl pee/poop?

To Bethany: Loved your story...I wonder if that guy was running and was nervous like you? You think? Liked your 2nd story, like to hear more.

To Pete: That sounds like a cool show...will have to check it out.

To JaLe: Liked your story.

To ashanti: Enjoyed your story

To pisspool: Loved your storys..was that the first time you saw Megans poop? And did your parents find any skid marks from when you pooped in the water?

To MikeyP: Enjoyed your story

To wetguy: Loved your story about your friend Brian

To Ryan C: Loved your some more soon please.

To Mike of MD USA: 1. I do sometimes 2. N/A 3. Most of the time..and at night i usally don't flush 4. No 5. N/A 6. 3-4 Times 7. No 8. Yes 9. Yes 10. No 11. Yeah its cool but i don't do it. 12. C. Nothing 13. Yes if im in public 14. Yes 15. Yes 16. A. Morning or D. Night. 17. Any time 18. Once or twice a day 19. Yes..not ever day 20. No 21. Nope 22. N/A

To Robbie: Liked your story

To observer of the arts: Sounds like some cool movies

To Matt: Loved your story

To HANS: Liked your story

Gotta go...past my bed time

Anthony K
TO John Q Public:
That's a cool story how you put laxatives in the cheerleader's and foot ball guys water. Can you give an exact story on what happened when the cheerleader said when she had diarreah. Can you also tell us what happened when the football guys had diarreah when being tackled (what they said, did they run away etch). It must have been funnY!!!!!!!

Simply put people don't read the FAQ. Frequently asked questions is the key. One item is omitted: Either the whole post goes in or out, excluding personal information, links, etc. Once you cut a paragraph here or a line there it changes the post. Everything else is covered in the FAQ. More often than not people overlook the obvious root cause for why their post does not get posted and incorrectly assume they know why. Look at the "7 lacks of Common Courtesy" in the FAQ. Most people first do #1 then throw around the idea of too long etc. Item #7 is the one talking about excessive length. Taking that out of the equation, we have left over a few root causes, pick one: Off subject because of item #1. This item seems harsh but indicates a big lapse in following directions. The directions are there in the FAQ and so is the reasoning behind them. Next comes too much pee and or poop in the pants to the point of being creepy. This subject is still in the grey area. Then there are posts thrown out due to problems at home/improper conduct among minors that sounds dang near incest. This was also mentioned when the concept of #7 was introduced but the group of kids it is about didn't catch on even they posted that their parents arrived at the same conclusion we did about the issue.

is it against the law to sit on the toilet in a public cubicle without closing the cubicle door ?,after all the entrance precludes the opposite sex?

the "HOLD IT" man
Hi Diva:

I realy enjoyed reading your post. I like to hole my pee, too. So far I am up to 1300 ml as of last evening. I didn't produce too much foam, however.

WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!! Do not read any further if you are eating or just finished eating!!!

I can relate to your story about inconsiderate people because I had a horrendous experience last Friday. I got off work very late, and I was desperate for both a #1 and #2. I had to stop at a rest area, and the place was prettymuch empty except for one other guy. There were three stalls in the washroom. One was occupied, one had an 'out of order' sign on it, and the one I got was in the most DISGUSTING condition I had ever seen a toilet. There was shit all over the flusher and back wall, side walls, almost covered the toilet seat completely and in the bowl. There was a huge pile on the floor, and to add insult to injury the ignoramous who did all that wiped his ass then put his used toilet paper back on the roll. It also stunk like hell. I thought it was comming from the occupied stall, but it was not. I had to wait until the other guy was finished, and I almost shit my pants because I realy had to crap.

Anyway the guy wiped, flushed and left the stall and mercifully I was able to relieve myself, but what a culster f???!!

I definately see your point about cleaning up your own filth, and though I do have an afinity for peeing and hearing and seeing others pee, I can do without somebody "Hershy squirting" all over the place then not having the decency to clean it up. If I ever caught somebody doing a thing like that, I would kick his ass.

Hello again from my Chelsea flat.

I have a further office Ladies loo story to pass-on to you.

The loo I used this time was on the 2nd floor and consists of three cubicles and a wash basin area. One of the end cubicles was occupied when I went in at 10.30am. I took the middle cubicle, raised my skirt, pulled my tights and panties down and sat down.

There was silence from the next cubicle – perhaps waiting to hear what I would do. I did not disappoint. I had not emptied my bowels for some days and was full of wind that morning as things inside me had started moving.

I blasted out a long loud fart without effort that echoed through the Ladies – very satisfying, before I felt my rectum fill with an aching lump of solid material. Still silence from next door.

I started to become vocal with my straining, but could not shift the lump although my bottom- hole felt fully dilated. I paused for breath and it slid back up my rectum. Twice more I tried but without success. In my exertions and frustration I had forgotten that some one was next door and found myself saying “come out you devil” or similar. But I gave up.

I wiped once but the paper was clean except for some mucus. I flushed it and went out to the basins. At this juncture the cubicle next door was flushed and to my surprise out came Sarah – with whom I share an office (4 of us). Sarah said “Hello Hermione, having problems ?”
“I am constipated and will try again later” I said. “I could not help hearing you” she said slightly embarrassed.

We went back to our room and gradually the ache in my rectum subsided, although I could still feel a lump when sitting down. After a canteen lunch – which I ate heartily, I returned to my room to find just Sarah there. “I must go and have another try on the loo” I said as the discomfort had returned. I came back five minutes later somewhat exhausted without success. “Poor you” said Sarah. During the afternoon and evening the ache subsided.

On Friday morning I was in the office early. “More comfortable now?” Sarah said. “No” I said “I have a slight headache and the coffee is triggering aches in my bottom. I will go and have another try.” “ Can I come along too and chat to you” Sarah said. Slightly taken aback I said “Well yes”.

We sat in adjacent cubicles. Sarah made a hissing fart and had a pee, whilst I started straining. “How long have you been constipated ?” asked Sarah. “I- have -not -been -since -last -Saturday” I said with a strained voice “Good gracious – you must be uncomfortable; how many times a week do you normally go?” she said. “ Usually every 3 or 4 days” I said. “I do not consider myself constipated until I have not been for 5 or 6 days”.

After much heaving when I was sure my anus was going to fissure, I felt the large knobbly log suddenly shoot out – aided by the jelly lubricant I had applied earlier. I continued pushing until I was done. I wiped several times, mainly to remove mucus and jelly remnants, and flushed.

We emerged from both cubicles simultaneously. “Can I have a look?” said Sarah impulsively. We both went back to my cubicle.

My big log was stuck with the knobbly thick end (about 2 –2.5 inches in diameter) at the bottom of the S bend, the remaining attached smoother section, tapering down to about 1.5 inches in diameter, had positioned itself against the front side of the bowl, the end being out of the water. The length about 12 inches. There was a strong but healthy fecal smell.

“Wow” said Sarah “I am impressed”. “How on earth did you pass that?”

As we were washing our hands, a rather prissy-looking member of the office staff entered and looked into my cubicle. “Disgusting” she said to herself, “Who could do something that size, ugh – ugh!” and went out. Sarah and I exploded into giggles.

Then a slim girl in her late teens entered. She looked into my cubicle and must have seen my large turd. But, instead of coming out quickly and going into another cubicle she closed the door and sat down. She must have been interested by it. She did not attempt to flush it. Sarah and I looked at each other and laughed quietly to each other as we went out.

Hello, Rizzo, and thank you for giving me your fatherly advice. Hug. I like at least one or two glasses of orange or lemon juice each day, and it should help keep my pee slightly acid. I will be keeping the habit of weeing 'before' and 'after' until at least next summer. I will not be playing hold-it games with my wee for at least a year. I will just have to remember your advice and think of bacteria having a party in my bladder to make me go and wee when I first get the feeling I need to go.
The holiday with my boyfriend was wonderful, and I weed on the beach 'before' and 'after' a few times. Smile. We found some quiet and lonely places, so we had a few romantic adventures all alone.
You will like reading this as well, PV. I had over 10 wees in more public parts of the beach. I was thinking of being on holiday with Louise and our mum 14 years ago when we all took our bikini briefs down and weed. Do you remember? I did a similar thing each time. We were not too close to the other sunbathers but...they will have seen I had my briefs down crouching and known I was weeing in the sand. I did strong, hissy jets with twists and each time I had waited longer to wee than I should do at the moment.
I feel sorry, PV, that you only learned about the weeing 'before' and 'after' from a magazine and not from your mum. Hugs.
Sarah S, I hope your relationship with Roger is going well.
Jeff A, I hope you have not forgotten me. For my next post I will have a crap and write about it if my sister doesn't do enough of those for you.



John Q Public

That is a great story. That is great control for a 9-yar-old. My sister was alot like that. Still is. She is also predominantly a vegitarian which is why her pee foams up so much. Now you mentioned that the second time was on an airplane. Airplane toilets are usualy Chemical Flush, which may have contributed to the foam, but if you had to go the way y ou said you did it probably would have put up a pretty good head of foam. How old are you, now?


I don't know if you had a chance to read my post on page 977 or not, but I was wondering if your sister had a stronger bladder then you had. I was curious because I have a sister why is 3 years younger and her bladder control is vastly superior.


I've just read you post on page 975 - I must have missed it first time around. I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble this site has caused for you. What a shame people can't be more open minded. One's toilet habits are such a private thing and I can imagine how awful it must have been for you. I think being older (not old I must add, just older!) than other people on this site gives you a lot a valuable experinece that many of us can learn from. You said in your last posts how you love to wet yourself in public. I would love to do this but I'm afriad I just don't have your confidence! The feeling of doing a nice wee in your pants is so fantastic, and to do it in public would be even better. The nearest I have ever got to this is when I have been on holiday and have wet myself after swimming, although nobody would be able to notice of course. Also you mentioned that you've had some bad diarrhoea. I remember having a similar experience a few months ago. Unfortunately for m! e, once the diarrhoea wanted to come out there was no stopping in, and I couldn't help but poo myself, which resulted in some messy accidents. I couldn't even make it to the toilet. In fact it was pretty awful for me. No I know I enjoy a good poo in my pants but the diarrhoea just continued to come out uncontrollably. My mum called the doctor but he said there was very little he could do and that it was just a bad case of diarrhoea. Fortunately, I didn't take long for me to recover but I was very glad to have control of my bowels again.


Hi - I'm back! In answer to a couple of questions -- No, I never had "pooping problems" like I did w/ wetting. I don't know why - I just didn't. Back to another story (true adventure).

After I recovered from rheumatic fever I was able to get up, move about, and return to normal. However, during the 4 months of bed rest I had gotten used to wetting whenever I needed to. I had a friend my age (female) and we would play together a lot - I was 6 by this time. One day she noticed that I had wet my pants. When she asked I simply said "Yes - I wet my pants a lot". She said "Me too!" and showed me that she, too, was quite wet. We then started a club called the "wet pants club". We couldn't go into our clubhouse unless our pants were wet. Many days we would both hurry to see who would be wet first and could be the first in our "clubhouse". I think it was an old refrigerator box. The only problem, now, was that my parents (and hers) would get very upset with us when we came in with wet pants. I figured out that if we wet our pants at the beginning of play time then mom wouldn't notice because our jeans, at least, were dry when we went inside. The onl! y problem, here, was when mom checked my underwear at night and discovered that I had wet. Oh well, Patsy and I had our fun anyway.

Was reading the past posts, very interesting. I was also reading the rules and regulations for the first time; about this site. I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon a free site to post experience with folks whose been there and done that. I'm a loud and proud flatulant women, and it is good to know that there are people out there that are just as proud of wetting their panties or pants. Natural functions from the body are not to be ashamed of when it happens. As the phrase goes: "Shit happens!" Anyway, just returned from a good dump; filled the toilet. Man, thank God for the toilets. pooping is so refreshing when done in a relaxed atmosphier. Are there any loud proud public farters out there?!.I would like to comment on a couple of posts, the 950 page where the lady that loves to shit anywhere and everywhere; excellent story, It was intense just thinking about the experience; two thumbs up. Wetguy: I liked your recent story on page 977, very arousing. Well, happy trails to you! , until I write again.

To John Q Public
Saw your latest post. Amazing how you got back at your oppressors.
Some poetic justice too. If you don't mind me asking, what was the year
that you executed your revenge?

To Traveling Guy: Sounds like you had a nice load

To Diva: Liked your story, you might be right that does sound gross about people not flusing and blood(especially in the womans room).

To elf shitter: Liked your story..I've seen that movie, im not sure if there was a diahreaha sceene in the movie, they may have just talked about it..does any one know about the movie(Lord of the flies)?

To John Q Public: Liked your story, that was horrible what you had to go threw. That was cool about puting a lax. in the water. That reminds me someone told me to make browies and put exlax in them and serve them to someone at work i don't like....I wouldn't dare do that, too much of a risk being caught.

To Ray: Liked your story.

To Darius (Noel): Liked your story, i hate when you have to poop that many times. What did you eat?

I do have a slight urge to poop...don't know if i will go, gotta go to work.

I had this toilet dream last night that was was in a dept. store and i was looking for something. All the sudden i decided to check out the mens bathroom and i looked over the stall and i remember seeing this local politician on the toilet. It was weird
well need to run bye

Darius (Noel)

I'm glad to say I'm feeling better today after all my peculiar shits yesterday. Shit No.8 was the last, and I got to the loo without doing it in my pants. I went to the dentist this morning. Hate that place. This attractive guy of about 21 came in and was stood at the reception desk. He seemed very nervous and could not keep still. I wondered if he was nervous of the dental treatment he was to get or whether he needed to pee or poo. He had his back to me, and because I was sat waiting I had a good view of his butt. I could see the outline of his briefs through his tight fitting trousers. I was half expecting to see his trouser seat bulge as a turd slid into his briefs. Sadly I was disappointed that he did nothing. Do any of you wait in expectation of someone possibly having an accident in their pants like this?

Matt: Good to hear from you again. Sorry that Poo Pants misled you by saying that Noel was back. If he'd added "as Darius", that would have saved you time searching. Perhaps he assumed everyone had read my post on page 975. You'll need to get used to posting me as "Darius", but I'm still the same guy as before. It is great that there are a good number of us who love shittting our pants on here. Note, I've used the same spelling as you. Three "t's" in shittting really give great emphasis in pronunciation of the word! I loved your story of how you did two firm poos in your briefs. It is such a great feeling isn't it? I was interested in the fact you were feeling like pooing in your pants at work. I've never done that on purpose. (I did have a genuine accident at work once). If ever you do bring yourself to do it, I would love to read about it. I would not want you to do that and get yourself in a difficult situation to be able to write an exciting story though. Do take car! e if you do decide to shit your pants at work. Thanks for your comments on your underwear. I think we are of similar views in this respect. Interesting that you wear Jersey boxers the same as me, and put on briefs for a planned 'accident'. I also have some comfortable close fit jersey CK hipster trunks. Anyway Matt, do keep your pants pooing stories coming. I love them.

Fadawa: Sorry I forgot to include a bit about you being seen peeing and pooing in India. I would suggest you pee and poo where you see others doing the same in places I have previously mentioned. Another thing is that if you are able to make friends with some Indian guys and you need to go, ask them where you can go. In the villages they will actually take you somewhere (a field, bushes, etc). I've had this happen on a number of occasions there. They then watch you go, whether standing to pee, or dropping your pants and underwear to squat to poo. They are particularly fascinated by our western custom of toilet paper. I've had them standing behind me, and I know they have been watching not only my turds come out, but how I clean myself too. The Indian guys I have met have always been keen to make sure I'm safe. In the southern villages they have kept watch for any possible snakes in bushes and undergrowth. I'm sure you will have plenty of opportunity to be watched. I've n! ever asked a woman where I could go. This would be seen as a very improper request from a man. You can also ask bus drivers to stop and let you pee or poo. You just do it at the side of the road while everyone looks on! I've known a lot of the men get off to join me in peeing or pooing. If the bus has stopped, they might just as well empty out too! The drivers will not stop this way in the cities or large towns, but may pull into a cafe or bus station where there may be somewhere "to do your stuff". I can't think of anywhere else. Hopefully I've given you enough to go on. Enjoy your pees and poos in India.

Gotta go for now.

I have another story from Spain. We all agreed to go to the beach one morning and all stand in a row in the sea and have our morning wee together. So we got up and after breakfast we went to the beach. We were not desperate and bursting or anything but we were all needing a wee. I could hold it a bit longer but I needed to go soon. Well we were all standing nude in the sea. It was my mum, then Steve, then me and Jackie. Steve held his willy up so he could get a good distance. My mum, Jackie and I splayed and lifted our bits and Jackie counted down 5...4...3...2...1...GO. Well we all let rip and we squirted big arcs that went a few feet out to sea. giggle There was a lot of tinkling in the sea. I do not think anybody saw us because the only other people I saw were a long way away. It was a lot of fun doing that.



John Q Public
Well as promised, my GF realy out did herself yesterday. She was so impressed with the way my sisters pee foamed up that she decided to eat a vegitarian diet for three days. In addition to that, she only drank orange juice and cranberry juice. On Monday Morning, she decided to do her hold. She begin at exactly 9:00 am, and every 15 minutes she would drink 16 ozs of either orange juice or Cranberry juice, alternating each one. She also took one of those cranberry pills that you see in drug stores where vitimins are sold, and a "No Dose" tablet for the cafeen. She also snacked on raw green beans, esparagas, lettuce, ragishes and carroots. She held and held for 9 complete hours when she finaly decided to let loose. She wanted to know her volume so she used a bucket. She squated over that bucket and hissed out a ropy jet of pee that I didn't think was humanly possible. I kept time with my watch, and it went on for 3 minutes and 20 seconds non stop. She shifted her po! sition several times so her stream would make direct contact with the bottom of the bucket and with the pee that was already in there after she began. Her stream hit the inside of that bucket so hard that it reminded me of that little Black girl my sister had that contest with. It hissed against the plastic for a good 20 seconds before the volume of liquid made it impossable. The smell, once again, permaited the whole room and was very strong. When she fimaly finished, the head of foam was up to the very top of that bucket, making it very hard to pour it into a 1-gallen jug to take the measurement. We had to scoop the foam off with a "dixie cup" in order to do it. It had to be a good 3 inches thick, and had a very strong urine smell to it.

After we were done, we poured the pee into that jug using a funnel. It came to almost 3 quarts. It was about 2 quarts and 30 oz's total. both of us were stunned. I think that may have even beaten my sister's record which so far was 2 quarts and 16 ounces the last time we measured. But then again, that was not a very desperate piss that time.

Darius (Noel)

Hi, Just a short post this time. I just felt like wetting myself, so I took all my clothes off, put on a pair of my white CK pouch briefs and went and stood in the shower. I just let it go. The feel of the warm pee saturating my pants and running down my legs was fantastic. I had a quick shower to freshen up (I'd had one this morning too), rinsed the briefs out and put them on the radiator rail in my bedroom to dry. Not that the radiator is on yet, as it's not cold enough. I'll put these briefs in the normal wash in a few days time before I wear them again. Gotta go now,it's getting late.

Senior Damsel
Rizzo, thanks for the welcome, and call me Donna. It's true that the house seems empty with one girl married and the other staying over with her fella. It's good when I do see them so we can have a good old chinwag about this and that. Your short essay on honeymoon cystitis is very useful and all young girls should drink and pass water more often when becoming sexually active. My younger daughter knows not to hold her wee for a long time to rid herself of any bacteria forced upwards. Louise drank all the time for months after she became intimate with Steve, and she did not suffer one bit. It is better to wee every hour than have to take antibiotics or worse. There is one drug treatment for it that turns your wee bright orange!
Love from Donna. xx

PV in Australia, Hello! I'll give you a big thankyou for the warm welcome. Louise has said heaps of good things about you and I've found some of your posts exciting to read and very humorous. You have my deepest sympathy for having had Bashful Bladder syndrome. I've read that it can vary in severity and be very crippling to a person, but I'm heartened to read you are now on the mend and even able to pee on the beach. I say I'd love to visit that beach in Aus some day.
I'm very pleased how my daughters have grown up into beautiful young women, and I can rest now they BOTH have good men in their lives. The standing wee is a skill I thought they should have, and it is not impossible or too masculine like many women are taught to think. I know about you being in favour of redesigning toilets for women, Louise has told me. I agree. Why not? I can use a man's urinal if I want.
Of course I will give an account from Spain! One time I stood under a little tree and I spurted a warm stream of liquid gold up the side while I stood and aimed with my hand. There was a man nearby having a wee on another tree. I knew he was surprised to see a woman doing an arc like he could.
More quietly on another day, when the beach had more people milling about, I sat on a small dune as if sitting was all I was doing. Steve, Louise and Jackie were lower down and saw me release my yellow waterfall on the fine sand. No-one else knew what I did but if they had looked closely they would not have doubted I was having a pee.
I've enjoyed writing, and I can't wait to do it again.
Love from Donna xx

Hi everyone. We read what the Moderator had to say a while back and decided to take notice and give others a chance to write their stories. We shall also keep our problems to ourselves in future, and address our posts to everyone !

Had to write this, the day before we are back to school. In one of my last posts, I described how I teased Eleanor's brother, Michael, by leaving the bathroom door open so he would be able to see my reflection on the toilet in the shiny wall tiles. And then Eleanor crept upstairs and caught him on all fours peeping at my reflection !!

Well, I said that I'd set him up again, and Eleanor and I hatched a plan. We talked in her bedroom, not too loudly, but loud enough so we knew Michael would hear in his room. We talked about what we were going to do for the day. Then I suggested perhaps a walk in the woods would be nice. Eleanor agreed. But then I added that it might be a good idea to take some toilet roll with us. Eleanor asked why, and I explained that for some reason, I just couldn't seem to stop weeing at the moment, and the last thing I wanted was wet pants because I couldn't wipe myself properly after a good gusher ! We just knew that Michael wouldn't be able to resist following us now !!

The woods take about 20 minutes or more to walk to, and while walking there I took one or two glances behind. Only on one occasion did I see Michael peeping around a corner on the lane, but that was enough for me and Eleanor to know we had landed our catch !

We got into the clearing in the woods where Andrew and I have shared wonderful adventures. And still there was the broken chair without the seat, which we had both used as a make shift toilet before Andrew broke it one day and landed his bare bum in his wee !!

As we stood in the clearing, there was the sound of one or two twigs cracking as Michael caught up with us, and then the slight shaking of a bush as he settled behind it to hide and spy on us !! Eleanor and I got our heads together to whisper through our plans. The brave girl had agreed that she would squat down for a wee herself, and then I would do one. Then we would head straight for the bush where Michael was and catch him spying !! Eleanor really wasn't in need of a wee, but she went along with the game. "Ooohhh, Kendal, I don't know about you constantly needing to have wees, but I sure need a good one", she said ! I nearly laughed, but kept a straight face, with great difficulty. Eleanor then lifted her nice short skirt and pulled down her panties and squatted to the ground so that she was sideways on to where Michael was hiding. She mouthed at me "He's not seeing my bits" !! Again I wanted to laugh, but held on. And I wanted to laugh again when the bush shook ! a little more, presumably being Michael trying to get a better look ! Considering how "desperate" she was to go, Eleanor took a mighty long time to get going, and then produced a feeble five second dribble, before announcing "its no good, I just can't seem to do it in the woods. I'll have to hang on and do it on the toilet at home. She then took some of the toilet roll I was holding for her and wiped, and put it in the little plastic bag we had brought with us to take home our litter. She then nodded and winked at me to carry on the plan.

"Oh dear", I said. "I don't think I'll possibly be able to hold on that long. I'm so desperate (giggle)". And I lifted my nice short skirt up to reveal my panties. Then I had a sudden idea. "Ever seen a girl do this before ?" I said to Eleanor (and Michael effectively), and I hauled down my panties to my knees, and then prepared myself for a stand-up wee. For the best effect, I decided to face Michael, knowing I could hold my skirt in a position with one hand where my bits would be hidden from view, and still keep one hand free to manipulate myself ! Eleanor said "What are you doing ?". She had no idea I was going to do this because I had only just thought about it myself ! "I'm having a stand up wee". But before I got my free hand in place, it happened.

The bush shook around again, and then there was a large snapping noise, and part of the bush fell away, and Michael fell out from behind it completely into view !! Eleanor screamed ! But after the intial shock, I just cracked up laughing. That was too much for my bladder to hang on, and I began to wee out of control, and whizzed all down my legs and inside my panties because I wasn't directing it properly.

Michael turned so white I thought he would be sick ! Eleanor took charge. "And just what were you doing ? You were spying weren't you ? And now look what you've made poor Kendal do. She's weed all over herself". Poor Michael didn't stand a chance !! "Well, you're really going to pay for this. I'll tell Mum and Kendal will tell her Aunty"!

Poor Michael stammered, and begged us not to tell. I think he was far more worried about what Andrew would say and do to him now that they are really good friends ! I then said "Eleanor, just a minute, lets talk about this", and we had a whispering conference while I reached to pull off my wet panties, and then took toilet roll to wipe myself off all over my legs and feet. Michael didn't watch while I did this, much to my surprise. He kept his head bowed, and his hands clasped together in front of him like he was a naughty school boy in the infants, made to stand up in front of his classmates !!

I was feeling quite sorry for him. But Eleanor then shocked me with her plan ! "I'm going to tell him that if we are going to keep quiet about this then he must agree to our single demand". I asked "What single demand ?". She smirked, and turned back to Michael. "Right Michael, we have agreed. If you think you can get away with spying on us while we are having a wee, and we know that you've been spying at Kendal on the toilet as well... no, don't deny it.. we're not stupid (!!), we have decided that you must now let us watch you use the toilet.... no, not a wee... we want the works ! .... Yes ... a shit !"

After standing and looking very red, and us two trying to keep a straight face before telling him we were only teasing, we were shocked when he said "Ok, a shit, but that makes us quits right ?". Eleanor's mouth dropped open. I then said to her "Another conference please "!

Now being a naughty girl I whispered to Eleanor "Lets not tell him we're teasing at all. Lets see if he actually goes through with it. I quite fancy seeing him on the toilet !!". Eleanor whacked me on the arm, and then with a couple of seconds of thought, she grinned and said, well it would kind of be.... interesting !!".

It hasn't happened yet. Poos on demand are not exactly easy. But Eleanor says he usually has them early evening or night time. When it happens, she or I will tell you all !

Love to everyone xxxxx (especially, Linda GS, Uncle Robby, Aunty Annie, Meghan, Sarah, Dear Uncle Rizzo (glad you're back safe and sound, big smooth hug), Aunty PV, Jane and Gary, Ephermal, London Calling and Jr (thanks for missing us) and Steve and Louise (Eleanor sends a big x) And Linda GS, XOSXOS from Drew.

We won't write personal messages for the time being seeing as the moderator says it takes up too much space. But we still love you all ! Gosh, can't believe I'll be starting year 8 tomorrow. I think I'm about the only girl in the year who still doesn't have periods yet, even though I'm 12 and a half !

Tuessday, September 03, 2002

To Sarah Y: Loved your story hun :-)

To sk8er boy: Your a lucky young man to have stumbled on that

Traveling Guy
Sarah Y - I'm very sorry about your pooping accident at the amusement park, but I have to say that I laughed my butt off thinking about your log squishing a little more each time the roller coaster went up and down. LOL! Glad you got cleaned up easily. Welcome!

Bethany - When ya' really gotta go... Wise move, and bold, heading for the men's room. The guy who made that stupid remark about your period was probably more than a little shy about a having female on his turf, but he picked a clumsy way to cover up. The dude who let loose in the next stall is the coolest person in the post, I'd say, next to you. After going through all that, you deserved better than no TP. Your track coach should well know what a former poster here used to say about running and dumping: either you go before the race, or you go during the race. It's a safe bet you'd never have placed 11th out of 110 if you hadn't emptied yourself first. Just imagine holding it and having all that diarrhea in a dirty porta-potty afterwards. Yeah, I've squatted like that on dirty portas, too.

For Ryan C - a question: are you and Valerie still as open with each other about peeing and pooping as you were in the hospital? That was a sweet post.

After a huge Labor Day (US) corn roast fest yerterday, I produced a whopping - for me - 20 in. (50 cm) log today. It came out easily as one piece and stayed intact, just bent in half, in the bowl. It was one of those dumps that leaves you feeling a lot lighter ;-)

Darius Thank you once again for answering my post. I am very grateful for all the information...I will Take your advice. You did not address my Ouestion with regard to My peeing and pooing so I can be seen. I also love to be watched as well as watching. I would like to see their reactions. I wonder if in India would I be as much of anattraction as I am here in the USA... Thank you Darius......

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