I read the post about foamy pee, and I remember two particular times that I saw that my pee was foamy. The first wasd when I was I think 8 years old, and living in a house with many people and one bathroom. One morning, I woke up bursting to pee even more than I usually am, and ran to the bathroom, but it was occupied. I ran back to my room, held my crotch for a couple of minutes, and ran back to the bathroom, but it was still occupied. Then I knew either my brother or my grandmother was having a long poo and could take a while. I was too embarassed to knock on the door and ask them to hurry, so I went back to my room, sat on the bed with my heel in my crotch, rocked back and forth, held myself, jumped up and down, but I had to go so badly that all efforts failed and my panties began to get wet. The bathroom was still occupied and I had to think of something to do. I looked around for something to pee in and saw my dolls' bath. It was quite wide and deep as it was made for t hose big dolls the size of a real baby. I hurriedly squatted over it and peed and peed. It came out in a big long hissing stream. When I got up, I saw that my pee was a foamy as a freshly poured fountain drink. Later, I snuck into the bathroom to empty and wash the bath. Even as a young kid, I remember peeing hard and hissing, anmd I am African-American so I don't know if that's why...
The second time was maybe a year later when I was 9 and went to Brazil on a trip to see my family. After having a soft drink in the airport, I had to pee while we were waiting to board the plane, but I didn't do anything about it. When we got on, I thought I would go, but my mother told me to sit down and put my seatbelt on. While we were sitting, the flight attendants came around with drinks. I didn't want one because I knew I had to pee, but my mother said if I didn't get one now I might be thirsty for a while, so I had some juice. Then we took off and had to stay seated. I thought I'd get up and go to the bathroom after, but while waiting for the seatbelt sign to click off, I fell asleep. I awoke maybe 3 hours later to feel my bladder absolutely bursting, but I had woken because they were serving dinner. I was embarassed to tell my mother I had to pee badly, but I had to so she would let me out. She told me the carts were blocking the aisle and I'd have to wait. In th e meantime, I had to eat my supper and drink some more juice. I had to pee so badly, I was holding myself with one hand hidden under a blanket while eating. I waited and waited until the carts were moved, and then my mother let me pass. My little sister also had to pee and was squirming and holding herself, so my mother told me to take her as well and to let her go first. By the time we got to the bathroom, there was a long line-up. Unlike my sister, who was holding herself still and loudly whining that she was going to wet her pants, I was trying to be a grown up and not have everyone know how urgently I needed to go. I tried to stand still but there was so much pressure in my bladder that I had to shift from foot to foot and cross my legs. Finally, it was my sister's turn. The lady behind me said "Why don't you two go together?" but I refused, being grown up and shy. I soon regretted that, because literally as soon as my sister closed the door, there was a turbulence annou ncement and a flight attendant came up and said everyone had to go right back to their seats. I protested, but she was firm. I went, and as soon as my sister finished in the bathroom, she came back. So I still had to pee worse than ever and was forced to hold it for another hour until the turbulence passed. I was able to do so with a great deal of difficulty, stood in another line once the seatbelt sign switched off, and had a great, heavy hissing pee. When I turned around, I saw foam all over the airplane toilet (which had no other water.) I remember thinking it looked cool. I was so relieved and relaxed, that as soon as I sat down, I fell asleep until we reached Brazil.

One thing I am really tired of reading about and seeing for myself is people leaving their business in the toilet without flushing. I always thought it was just ignorant, mentally challenged, lazy or badly raised people, drunks or unsupervised children who did that. Then I started reading on this site that people do it deliberately "so others can admire their work."
I admire people's work if they've written, sung, produced, created, said, busted their butt all night or whatever to come up with something unique, valuable, useful or touching.
Leaving a load of crap in a toilet doesn't come close. It's not art, it's not clever, it's not difficult or requiring a speacial skill. Any three-year-old can do it, and some dogs and cats can even use toilets! Come on!
I am sick and tired of running into a bathroom bursting to pee and seeing a toilet full of diarrhea and brown paper, or blood and used tampons, and who knows what else. Even dark yellow water from some dehydrated person is more than I want to see. It's disgusting! Flush the toilet!
The other gross thing is when you go to a bathroom that is a little dirty due to the poor habits of others, and people decide to start going on the floor, in the sinks etc. just adding to the disgusting nature of things. Hold it and find somewhere else, squat over a seat lined with paper, or find some discreet place outside, but do not act like an untrained animal (most dogs don't even go on the floor.)
I have found people's poop and urine in all kinds of places - phone booths, buses WITH bathrooms, filing cabinets, etc. etc. I don't get it. However desperate you claim to be, there has got to be a better option. I've been desperate many times and even had the odd accident but I have never resorted to anything that disgusting, even when tempted. If you honestly have no other choice, you need to see a doctor or use Depends!
This is so ignorant and uncivilized, along with spitting in public.
It has nothing to do with being prudish. I am very comfortable with my body, but I don't necessarily want to see the products of other people's.
I don't care what you do in the privacy of your home or in the midst of the wilderness or with other likeminded people, but a public bathroom is for the public. Please be more considerate, and supervise your kids to make sure they flush.

I was at work today when i went to pee, i went in the single mens room and the toilet seat was up and it looked like someone pooped on it. It looked dry like its been there awhile. Maybe i've never noticed it before...this is an old building.
Also today a co-worker got talking and she mentioned about a date she went on with another person. They said that the person asked them out and they were nervous about their first date and this people went out to eat and they took 2 bites of food and they weren't hungry. The one person said she was nervous and felt sick and like they were gonna be sick and have diahreaha.

elf shitter
Hi everybody!

I'm a 20 year old Norwegian guy, who has just posted a few posts, and none recently. I have to remark that this forum is growing really fast, and there are so many interesting posts.

Though it is rather strange to read about all the digestion problems people (most US and UK), I suppose, tell about. I think we have less of that here in Norway, and I myself almost never suffer from problems like that. Once I read that the governmental food controls were much stricter here in Europe, and especially in Norway, than in the US. Having more infected/non-clean food (salmonella etc.) you probably get more diarrohea and so on. And enemas and stuff, apparantly such a great part of Anglo-Saxon culture, is not a big thing here in Norway. Most Norwegians will only connect it in their minds with hospitals and medical treatment.

To tell a bit about myself: I like to keep my shit firm and stiff. (it's so much more fun to push it out then!) Therefore I try to only go to the toilet once a day, in the morning. If you go to the toilet too often, your shit will not build up and stiffen in your rectum.

But the daily morning routine on the toilet, what is that compared to shitting outdoors, in the original squat position, prefferably without clothes. (But of course one should always keep in mind that shit is unhealthy, unpleasant stuff that should be buried in a hole or covered with rocks or soil.)

Squat-shitting, isn't that almost an art? Certainly, I think, when we focus more on the situation and the person, than the product. For example, think of a young man who has a "nice butt", according to women. Of course his ass is also beautiful when he is squatting to take a dump. And what if he is a stud, with nicely developed muscles? A muscled man indicates strength, firmness, holding tightly on to things. But in this situation - he has to loosen up and push instead of clutching tight. And of course, how often does a man squat naked? The position and situation symbolizes an interesting intimacy and defenselessness, I think.

I must confess that I have some mixed feelings about young women squat-shitting. No offence to any female readers, but it has something to do with women being more "elevated" beings, the saying "women for duty, boys for pleasure" and the fact that women's two holes are unhygienically close. But on the other hand, as long as she pushes out a firm log, a young woman squatting naked could also be beautiful. The contrast between the act and her rosy, fairy butt cheeks is interesting, I think. And when she pees, her source is hidden between her legs, something which makes the female act much more aesthetic, I think.

I mentioned earlier: In our daily life we have to contend ourselves with the more everyday toilet experiences. Doesn't that create a need for more unlikely phnatasy scenes?
What if yoy had an old car that was going to be trashed at the rag and waste dealer's tomorrow. And you took a last picnic ride down some country roads, with some naked friends. When they would want to stop, to pee and shit by the road, you would say you didn't give a shit about your car any longer. Subsequently, they would turn around in the backseat and, squatting over the space between the front and back seats, they would relieve themselves while you were driving!
Or what about a naked woman squatting in a meadow, with grass covering her lower body. And you know that she is having a great shit and pee, although you, standing nearby, can't see anything.
And what if the hero of a football team had grown so confidently arrogant that he had a shit, standing, in the shower with his team mates!?

Or, that a teenage girl has a very good place at a pop concert, near the stage. What if she has to pee, but doesn't want to miss a part of the concert or her good place. Maybe she decides to just squat down in the crowd, lift up her skirt, display her ass to the guy behind - and pee!
Or what about a brutal gang leader crossing a deserted industrial area at night. What if he felt the urge to pull down his pants, squat down, his back against a wall and do some great shitting with his gun in his hands.

All in all, fascinating, I think. But, returning to more vereyday topics, I will tell you about a personal experience: Once I was home alone, I went out into the garage, pulled down the gate, spread out a newspaper, took off my boxers and trousers and sat down on the newspaper for an experiment: Is it possible to shit when sitting on a flat surface on your ass? I couldn't produce anything, so I concluded "no". Do you agree with that? Aftwerwards I rose, and tried to shit standing. It went well, but was a bit messy. The same could be said about shitting on all fours.) And shit feels amazingly grainy against your ass's skin.) Luckily, no-one came home unexpectedly and opened the garage gate, so I wiped myself with toilet paper I had brought along and wrapped it all up in the newspapers, which I threw in the garbage. And I have to add that to avoid spilling pee on the garage floor, I had held a milk container around my penis and pissed into it. (It became lovely warm.)

Beforwe I could write this final part, I had to go to the toilet to take a leak and a dump. But now, at last, a little literary stuff: In the bokk "Lord of the Flies", by William Golding (about the power struggle between 7-13 year old boys stranded on a remote island, there are some interesting passages: First that the boys suffer from diarrhoea, because they eat too much fruit, and that they reserve a part of the beach for shitting. But the most interesting is a situation where they are on an expedition in the forest. They have eaten fruit on the path and after a while - they sneak one by one out in the forest to do their "business". So shy, even on a remote island. Wouldn't it have been better for their community spirit to do it in common, sitting in a ring, I thougt when reading it.

And then, an art tip: I said I was Norwegian, and i can tell you that a Norwegian artist, Odd Nerdrum (his first name is not odd/strange in Norwegian and he is very popular) has painted several half-mytholigical pictures of people shitting.
At last, I came to think of: When shitting and peeing is such a jaoy, even in our daily lives, how wouldn't it be if we were on an expedition in the wilderness of Canada. I looked on a map of the country and realized how many remote and wild woods, rivers and lakes there are there. What if you were on an expedition, walking, canoing and fishing every day? Great, of course, but a bit montone sometimes, maybe? What a joy wouldn't the daily shit be then, when you could squat down anywhere, naked, maybe butt to butt with your fellow traveller. Or maybe you wouldn't squat, but just go down on all fours and give the world a full view of your butt crack? Or, feeling a bit shy, you would sit on your ankles and, dog-like, keep your ass down to prevent viewing. What a joy! Shitting can be art and teambuilding!

Good bye so long!

John Q Public

My younger sibling and I pee and poop infront of each other all the time when we are together, and we did so all our lives. As I stated in earlier poste, I have a small bladder capacity and use to wear diapers. There were two occasions that I remember when I was very sick. The first time I had the stomach flu realy bad that my parents had to call a doctor and he put me on an antibiotic. During that time my younger sister actualy changed my diaper. That was when I was ten. There were a couple of other times when I got that sick and the same thing happened. One time when I was a Junior in High school, and my sister was in 8th grade, I had strep throat, and the doctor placed me on several medications, and one of them was a caugh syrup that put my lights out. My younger sister changed my diapers several times when I had that problem.

Hi Blair:

Your story reminds me of the time I got even in High School with the football bullys and the cheer leaders for the way they use to pick on me. As I have stated in recent posts, I was small for my age back then, very skinny and because of that I was the target of the bullys on the football team. I won't go into the details as to what they did, but there have also been a few times when the cheer leaders would also join in on these persecutions. By the way, I don't think you are that kind of a person and I am not making any assumptions here, but I just had to tell this story.

Anyway, my father was a stickler for participation in schoola ctivities, so I was required to play in the band, and I was also required to support the athletic department if I wanted to keep receiving an allowance, so the coaches in all their infinate wisdom and through the kindness of their hearts, made me aht 'water boy.' I not only served the boys teams, but the girls teams as well. I was not only to provide water for the football players, but I was also suposed to provide it to the cheerleaders as well. If there was any sort of a sporting event, boys, girls, horses or cows, I was there with two 5-gallen containers of water filling all the bottles, and being bitched at if the water was not cold enough or tasted too stale. It was "Hinkly & Schmidt" bottled water so there was very little I could do about how long it sat in bottles.

Anyway, it was the end of my senior year, I was 18 years old, and the football bullys decided they needed to have one last "hurah" with the "nerd" so after they beat the crap out of me and broke my glasses, they each took turns shoving my head in the toilet and flushing it. To add insult to injury, they brought in three of the cheer leaders, and with the help of the football bullys, they shoved my head in that same tiolet and flushed it, too. I was "flushed" about 30 times in all, and since these were the high pressure type of toilets I was forced to swallow some of tha water, got it up my nose and choaked on it as it some of it went down the wrong pipe. The reaction of these "Catholic school athlets" was to laugh at me.

Well, this all happened about a week before the home coming game, so after school I went out and bought as many laxatives as I could find. I then laced the drinking water with them, and nobody could under stand why so many of their football players and cheer leaders came down with such a sudden case of diareah. One of those bitches shot a huge load of runny shit all over the field when she did the splits, then ran off crying. A couple of the football bullys had similar accidents when they were tackled. I repeated the same treatment for the basketball team, pon pon squad, baseball players and track team. Because of the diareah, they ended up having one of the losingest seasons ever, and I was like "tee hee tee hee" all the way home from the games.

Of course, they did suspect the drinking water, but I was very careful to cover my tracks so I was never discovered or caught. They probably still don't know to this day what I did to them, but it is so satisfying to know that I had the last laugh.

Hallo. My first time posting here. Scanned thru the various posts and find them very interesting. Not that I have many unique experiences of BM, but I do have many occasions of outdoor "businesses".

Being currently enlisted in the army, there are numerous outfield exercises stretching for days. The fact that we are outfield somehow alters our bowel movt, in that we can hold on for many days in a stretch and not poop. There was in fact when I did not poop for 9 nine days... Phew, what a feat. That was in Brunei, and we didn't have much food, so no poop....

Anyway, I was out for a recent 4 day exercise. I has not pooped for the past 2 days, and when I went for the exercise, I was thinking like "shit, gotta shit outfield". of course there was no urge at the beginning, and all went well. However, on the second day of the exercise, when I was doing my rounds, I fell a weird churning in my ????. Thinking I could still hold it, I tried to forget it. It soon subsided but the tempo and pace of the exercise soon got me excited, and it brought back the poopin' feeling. I could feel the shit almost sticking out of my butt hole, and I had to release it fast! I panicked and looked around, and couldn't find a suitable place to take a dump. There were troops around, so I ventured further off into the vegetation. I must have moved very fast, and walked awkwardly, as my ass was beginning to get cramps. I found a good spot, took off my equipment, unbuttoned my pants and yanked down my underwear. As i squatted down, a huge long turd started! forcing its way out of my ass. Boy, was it long... I had to adopt a "horse riding stance" for the turd to drop out. That was 4 days of poop!

Being outfield, I tend to poop fast and leave fast. Don't want to saty long ans flies start coming to feast on the shit. Not very nice sight. After forcing that huge turd out, a few smaller ones followed and I quickly wiped my butt clean with the pitiful amt of tissue paper I had (forgot to bring TP)... However, I still felt that I had not pooped all, but that was enough for then...

Darius (Noel)
Hi everyone. Just in case you missed my post on page 975 as to why it was necessary for traumatic reasons to change my name from "Noel" to "Darius", I'll use both names until about mid-September. After that I will post simply as "Darius". It might be good for you to check out what I said on page 975 and also the subsequent valuable advice on accessing this site by Plunging Plop Guy and Mark B.

Plunging Plop Guy: Thanks for your post and for all you said concerning the invasion of my PC privacy. I appreciated this so much. The sad thing is that this David actually accessed the site on his own PC and replied "on my behalf" and printed off the first page with the post showing in the reply window, before submitting it. He then gave me his printout! Sadly there was no reasoning with him. He would not listen. I have broken off all contact with him. I am grateful that my younger friend David (whom I've sometimes mentioned) was so supportive of me at that time. He has no problems at all over this site and enjoys reading it sometimes on my PC. He dares not access it on his own PC in case he cannot 'get rid' of the history. He is due to be married at the end of the month, and does not think his wife to be would appreciate it. I continue to enjoy your posts very much.

Mark B: Thank you for your post. I greatly appreciated it and all that you said. I was grateful for your advice on accessing this site and will certainly be following this. You and PPG have both been of great help in this respect. I am glad you enjoyed a good dump in your briefs, and that you filled them with the entire contents of your bowels. I find if I've not been for as long as three weeks (as it was since you last did it), it is a much more rewarding experience somehow. I love your stories. Do keep them coming as and when you can.

Poo Pants: It is really great to hear from you again. I've really missed your posts. I found your serious follow through so exciting, especially the surprise element about it. I liked the way you said you finished the job before showering and going back to work. I always say that once you've pooed your pants you might as well finish the job off in them, because they are already messed up. I agree - we need Adam too! Hope you can get used to posting me as "Darius" now. Look forward to more of your stories when you've got time to post.

Adam: If you are reading this, please post. Several of us are looking forward to hearing from you. I loved your pants filling stories. If you're busy, just a one-line post to say you're OK will do for now.

wetguy: Loved your story about you peeing in your bathing suit on the beach. I posted one of my own a few weeks ago. I also did a poo in mine and had to go into the sea "to unload"! I do love wetting myself (and I don't always poo myself at the same time). I love wetting myself when standing or walking so that people can see I've had an "accident". I like looking at the expression on their faces. I always do it in places where no one will know me. I'd be so embarrassed if I met someone I knew while I was in wet shorts, trousers or jeans!

I'm at home today. It is only 10.35 a.m. I've shit seven times since I woke with cramps at 5.50 a.m. That first one began with lots of bits of soft shit and a great whoosh of diarrhoea. But all the rest have been small soft formed turds. Everytime I've well filled the water trap with the shit. The last one which I had to urgently leave the PC to do it, after the post above to Poo Pants, was different. It was an enormous fart. It was like a bomb! I also fired out a 6 inch turd that was only about half an inch across. I don't ever remember such a pooing experience. I dare not go out or I will be returning in shit filled pants! I just thought that if everything I've done today had been in my underpants, no underpants could possibly contain it all. Has anyone else had experienced anything like it?

Gotta go, I can feel shit No.8 coming on. Just time to post this off. Happing poos and pees to all.

Monday, September 02, 2002

For all the people posting about how their posts did not get on. Please read the FAQ.

Sarah Y.
Hi, I'm Sarah, I've been reading this site, my friend Katie has posted here before and she showed it to me. She suggested that I share this story.

Last month me and Katie were at an amusement park. We were about to get in line for a roller coaster, and since the line looked long we decided that we should visit the bathroom first. So we went in and took stalls next to each other. The toilets weren't that clean so I finished up peeing as quickly as I could. I could tell that there was some poop in there too, but it wasn't ready to come out yet and I wasn't going to spend any longer than I had to in a dirty bathroom, so I decided it could wait. Anyway, I could hear that Katie was finishing up. We both washed our hands and left, and we got in line. Well, it was a long line and about two hours later we got to the sign that said "The line is about 1 hour from this point." By then the poop had decided it was ready to come out, and the pressure was strong but not yet unbearable. I told Katie what was going on and she said I should try to hold on since we'd already been waiting 2 hours. So I did, but within half an hour the! need to go was critical. So I whispered to Katie, "Katie, I don't think I can hold off pooping much longer. I might just have to leave the line and go to the bathroom and meet you after the ride"

She asked, "How long do you think you can hold on?"

"I don't know. Two, maybe 3 minutes."

"The closest bathroom is 15 minutes away. You're not gonna make it in time. So your options are to mess yourself and not ride the ride we've been waiting for for 2 and a half hours, or mess yourself and ride the ride we've been waiting for for 2 and a half hours."

"I guess you're right."

Katie had a light jacket with her that she had been wearing in the morning but now had tied around her waist now that it was warmer out. She told me I could tie it around my waist so noone could see the bulge that was going to form.

Even though I knew that I would never make it I held it as long as I could anyway. But 2 minutes later I couldn't hold it anymore and the poop came out so quickly that it hurt. It came out as one long piece and was completely solid with just a little bit of softness. I quickly reached under the jacket and felt the bulge, and it was a lopsided bulge the size of two of my fists. But with the jacket on, Katie said it wasn't visible. Even so, it felt really gross. We still had half an hour to go before we got on the ride. Not too long after I had the accident, a kid in the next row told her friend that it smelled like somebody needed their diaper changed, and Katie tells me my face went red. But at least since there were so many people there I don't think anyone knew exactly who it was who pooped their pants. Finally we got to the ride and of course when I sat down in the car it squished. And of course, all the up and down of the roller coaster squished it more. When I got o! ff the ride it was squished so much that it didn't feel like there was a bulge anymore. It felt like it all stayed in my underwear but it was spread all over the place and I knew it would be a mess to clean up.

We found a bathroom and it actually had a "family bathroom", so we both went in there together and locked the door. It was just a room with a single toilet and a single sink, and also a bench to sit on. I pulled off my shorts and discovered that a little poop had come out near the leg holes of my panties, but only a tiny bit got on the inside of my shorts so we wiped that off with toilet paper and then that was clean. Then I pulled off my underwear. They were completely soiled and there was no saving them, so we threw them in the trash. I was still a mess, and it took forever to clean it all off with the single-ply toilet paper they had.

Katie told me she had to poop and so she pulled down her pants and I saw that she was wearing her plastic-coated underwear that she wears at night because she wets the bed sometimes. She said she had them on just in case what happened to me happened to her. She also said that she carried extra pairs in her backpack so if she did use them she had something to change into. So she let me borrow a pair so that I wouldn't have to go without underwear the rest of the day.

Anyway, I finished cleaning up and Katie finished up going to the bathroom. By then I had to pee again so I used the toilet, then we both washed our hands and left the bathroom. By the end of the day neither of us needed the plastic underwear but it was good to have them just in case. Next time I go there with Katie I'm just going to ask if I can borrow them from the beginning of the day, she already told me that she has enough pairs of them for each of us to have a couple changes so that's not a problem.

sk8er boy
hey i am really interested in seeing girls on the toilet. I have postes here before and i really want to know maybe 15 good movies that are easy to find the has toilet seens with girls in them they dont have to be the best but i still want to know them. I would really be thankful if you all would please list as many as you can think of so i can go rent then, thanks. I have a story. Yesterday I was at a football game and was away from the game in the soccer field part playing my own game of football with some freinds. I told them i would be right back i had to pee. I went over to some old dug outs to piss but when i got there there were 2 girls squatting over peeing and pooping and poop was hanging out of one girls butt. I stood there with a hard on just watching and they just kept going and said sorry and i just unzipped and peed in fron of them. I went back to the game and dident tell anybody what had happend but i seen the girls leaving later to go home and they smiled at ! me. well thats it peace
Remember the movie list thanks

I have a quick story for you all. First, let me describe myself: 5'10", 128lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, athletic, and in college. Once, during a cross country meet I had a nervous stomach. Before the race, I had to empty my bowels. Unfortunately, the women's room had a line that was simply unreal (about 20 girls waiting, with only 2 stalls). Since I was nervous, and only had approx. 20 minutes until the race began, I decided to use the men's room. This was an emergency, and I was about to squirt diarrhea into my panties. I left the ladies room, entered the men's room. Upon entering, the guys who were in there were in shock that a female entered. I told them that I was going to have diarrhea, and that I hoped they didn't mind that I use one of the stalls. Before they could answer, I just entered the stall, pulled down my xc-running shorts, and panties, sat and let my bowels go. It was so awful, the stomach cramps, diarrhea, etc. One of the guys asked if I was oka! y, I told them that I would be fine, and just had diarrhea because I was so nervous. I was making alot of noise, but wasn't embarrassed. In fact, another guy entered the next stall and let loose as well. While sitting there, the cramps were coming and going. I evacuated two to three bouts of audible diarrhea. Just then, my cross country coach came in. He asked what was I doing in the men's bathroom? As I was pooping (as if he didn't know, especially w/ the sounds I was making) I told him that "I felt sick to my stomach, and have a case of the runs." He told me why aren't you using the ladies room? Of course I told him the truth, "the line was too long, and I almost let it go in my panties." He started to laugh, and just told me to hurry since the race was about to begin. As he was talking to me, I was trying to hold in some diarrhea, along w/ "wet gas." Once I heard silence, thinking he left the restroom, I just couldn't hold on any longer, my stomach was churnin! g, and I just let go. When I first entered, I wasn't embarrassed, but when I let go, I released a wet audible fart, followed with diarrhea. Unfortunately, he never left, being concerned he asked if I was okay. I couldn't believe that he was still there, you talk about embarrassing....oh gosh, I can't describe the feeling. I told him that I will be fine, and to just leave me alone for a while until the stomach cramps end. One guy on the other side of the restroom made such a rude comment "she must be having her period or something." Everyone laughed.......That bothered me, but I tried to show that I had a sense of humor about the subject, I told them off "yeah, I do, and it really sucks too." Everyone laughed, and told me "good luck at the race." I remember not answering, especially since I had stomach cramps. All I wanted was the pain to subside. Finally, after another bout of diarrhea, it was time to "clean up." You would not believe what happened......NO TOILET ! PAPER IN MY STALL. So I just flushed the toilet, left my stall bare assed (since I didn't want the left over poop to go into my panties), and entered the next stall to wipe up. It took approx. 15 wipes...finally I was done. Flushed, washed up, and left.

Once the race started I did quite well, placing 11th out of 110. I was proud of myself. However, after the race, I had a few more bouts of diarrhea in the ladies room. I will talk about that later on.

Well, I decided to post my second story....why not.

As I told you before, after the race, I was still feeling naucious to my stomach. I needed to use the bathroom again, so before it became an emergency situation, I decided to use the ladies room in the main building. The main building was locked, I couldn't believe it. I told the janitor who was sweeping the sidewalk if he could let me in, to use the toilet. He told me he couldn't, and pointed the direction to use the porta-potties. I had no choice, so I walked quickly to the porta potties. One was simply disquisting, the other was awful too. So, I thought of a plan. I squatted like a catcher on the actual seat, and just let it all go below. I held the wall, pulled my shorts and panties down to my ankles, held my shorts/panties out of the way, and let it all go. It was more sanitary than acually sitting on the seat. This time, it was quick, only 1 wave of diarrhea. I wiped, and that was that.

I never posted before, let me know what you all think


the "HOLD IT" man
Tim (and Sara):

I loved your story. I was curious, which one of you peed the longest. Was it you or Sara?

Hello all. It's aug, 31. and I was watching tv when i saw this show on nbc called meet my folks. Well it wasn't bad; just these three pretty girls moving into this guy named josh's house and they are trying to impress his parents and get them to pick themselves as Josh's next girlfriend with a trip to hawaii also. Anyway there was a philipino looking girl whose name was jamie (I think) among the three who was personally my favorite to look at. There was a segment in the show where all the girls and josh and his parents are sitting outside eating and three exboyfriends of the girls are invited to have a meal with them and tell some embarassing secrets. the girls have to remain silent while the exboyfriends talk. When it's time for jamie's ex to speak he tells the group that she was really into body-cleansing and that when they would be fooling around in the ex's bedroom it would all of a sudden be smelling like bathroom stalls cause she'd be rippin em! Later she admitted tha! t she would fart a lot and that everyone does it and that she can't help being a gassy girl. They showed a little segment too of her farting in a bedroom, in a SEXY ASS NIGHTIE, and saying sorry to the other person there as she adjusted her panties a bit. (it was unclear if it was the ex she was there with or the other girls). Towards the end she and one other girl lisa had to take a lie detector test given by the parents and the parents asked jamie if she purposely farted several times in front of her ex boyfriend because she thought it was funny and she grinned and said it was always funny. Needless to say she was telling the truth on that question! She ended up winning the affections of the parents and josh in the end. If you didn't see the show then you don't know just how hot she looked! Her openness to farting was a turn on like hell too. It's almost as good as a celebrity admitting something like that; like a Jennifer Lopez saying she farts and seeing it on camera. To! o bad I couldn't tape that show

to bryian: I am 31.

to kevin and billy: do your know about this site. I'd like to here there stories. How old are they? any chest hair?

to kendall and andrew: I miss your stories post more on yourselves.

no interesting stories on my side lately. except seeing a few young men between 20-30 shitting at the state fair they were pretty quiet though. I would like to here those prom stories especcially the guys. bye and happy toileting.

Today (Sunday) I did something what I usually don?t do. I read a magazine while I was having my BM. I was home alone. Hubby was cycling with our son and daughter was visiting at one of her friends. I felt slight urge to poo. I grabbed one magazine and headed for bathroom. I sat on pan and set my bottom in comfortable position. I let out two hissing farts and started reading. Whole session lasted about 30 minutes. I read and puffed occasionally. Before I wiped I checked my output. There was one longer turd, maybe about 6 inches long, and several (about 10) small balls. Most of them I released within last 15 minutes period. First quarter went by mainly passing a lot of gas.

To Blair: Loved your what happened to the competition?

To Becca: Loved your story, so was this the first time you have pooped your self? BTW your name is pretty.

To FART LOVER.: Enjoyed your story

To Jason: Sounds cool about taking a dump in front of your G/F.

To wetguy: Liked your story, did any one see you pee? And did it leak on the ground? Did your parents find out? I'd rather pee my self sitting down cause if im in public i'll most likely to leak on the floor, and i figure sitting will alow it to soak up so your not dripping wet. I've only peed my self once or twice on purpose and i don't remember any wetting accidents.

To The Sorcerer: Loved your story, how many days has it been since you had a shit that day. Did the girls stare at your logs when you were done? How old are you?

To PEE-J: Loved your story, sounds like a cool expericence. How old was the little boy with his mom?

To BigU: Loved your story.

To Donny: Nice story.

To no girl you know: Liked your story..what did you eat? Sorry i don't know my rates, i've never done that before.

To John Q Public: Liked your story..i notice when i go to the movies i have to pee alot. I think i drink way more then normal cause of the pop corn.

To pete: I never peed/pooped in front of my siblings...I think maybe my sister did once when i was being baby sat by her. i really don't remember that.

To Ryan C: Loved your story, would like to hear more.

To JaLe: enjoyed your story.

To ObBsEsSeD: Loved your story.

To Mark B: That sounds like me...i come here via search engine so know one finds out and i check files too.

I've got a question, i wanna see if any one can anwser. Last night i had 2 ice teas with dinner. I guess it was 24 ounces each and about an hour later i really had to pee, at least i was able to hold and make it home and i did pee before i left. When i did pee when i got home it was clear.....When i work i take a bottle of water with me and thats 24 ounces and i never have to pee like i did last night. I don't know if its cause at work i sip the water all day and cause im sweating. Can any one help? Thanks....I did poop last night, i was sitting looking at a year book from school when the urge came on. It was chunky and soft. wiped alot.
gotta run bye

hey! i'm new to this site and have alot of good stories about poop and pee.(mostly accidents)I think that this site sounds really really kool and fun. so, any way,I'll contribute a opening story for your amusment.
I was talking to my best friend on the phone and we were talking about how hot nelly is.(my friend will also post here. her name will be tweet.)and i accidently said "lil romeo, you are so hot." (her older
brother's fake name will be lil romeo)and she started to laugh! I had accidently said her hot older brother's name! I laughed so hard i felt a warm spurt gush into my panties and into my jeans.then she said oooo ja rule and ashanti sittin in a tree!!! and made kissing noises. her brother heard her and i was so embarassed i let all my piss flow into my panties. then i ran back to my house in wet pants. lol! funni!
c ya l8er.

Hello, its been a while since I posted but I have some good stories to post finally. My friend Megan spent the night with her sister melissa last night. She had eaten a lot during the day when she was at my house. Later at night she was letting some really loud farts. She was sitting on the couch next to me and I could really here her stomach growling. She then said that she needed to go to the bathroom, so she got up and all the way to the bathroom she was farting. Ten minutes pasted and I was watching tv and I here her call my name and she tells me to come in the bathroom for a minute, so I go in and she was laughing she told me to look in the toilet, I look in and I could see why she was laughing her crap was in a shape of a hersheys kiss. It literally curled around the bowl and even had a curly part at the top like the real hershy kiss, it had to be the biggest log I had ever seen. You could imagine if it was big enough to curl around the bowl. I was at the b! each with the same to friends and my sister and dad, the water was warm and and clean. Megan and I were playing and she said that she had to pee so we stop playing and I said that I had to too and we can just go in the lake, so we went to deeper water so our butts are below water and we peed, you could feel the water get warm betwwen the two of us. We peed 2 more times while we were playing one was on the sand we just sat down and peed and the stream of pee went down to the water. She got out for a while because she was could. I stayed in in the water, while I was in the water I felt that I had to fart so I pushed and to my surprise a wave of shit came out into my pants and into the water. I pulled my shorts down as fast as I could and more crap started to come out and the water turned a dark color around me I was swimming outside the ropes and nobody saw but I was still embarrassed. It was actually easy to clean up because all I had to do is wipe off my butt with m! y hand with one swipe. After I went in to change and I had to go again so I looked for a toilet the only toilet was one that had just a curtain and a dirty floor with pee on it. While I was taking a shit some guy walked in and pulled the curtain back He was so stunned that I guess he didnt need the toilet anymore because shit was running down his legs. Then I went in to change in the changing room and the one that I went into had a turd on the changing bench I guess who ever went in there last didn't want to go to the toilet and just did it on the bench.
pisspool post later

For Krista and Ryan C

Krista: I know it has been several weeks since you and I posted. I just got busy with stuff and didn't post. First, I didn't mean to make you blush, but I did get a big kick out of the way you
replied. Second, I was surprised your mother gave you laxative-laced graham crackers without
telling you, and on the day of a family wedding. What bad timing! However, I still think you having a very loving mother. I don't think my mother would have been very tolerant if I had an
accident like yours...I think I'd would have heard about it forever...LOL. When I had consitapation as a kid, and my mother became aware of it (although I worked hard to keep it from her), I had to take this stuff called Castoria, which I hated. It was supposed to be good tasting (it wasn't), and I hated the after effects (wet, messy BM's). I always figured nature would take its course and sooner or later I'd poop.

For Ryan C (and Krista and Everyone else):

Hi Ryan ! Welcome to our board! My name is Mike and like you and Krista, I too have cerebral palsy. Actually Krista was the first CP to post (what a gal!), and I posted once, about
a month ago, but don't remember the posting number. Also, a few people with spina bifida and
a woman who is paraplegic from an auto accident have also posted. So, there are a few disabled posters here, since gimps go to the bathroom, too.

Your question about diapers and hospitals prompts me to share a little about my hospital/bathroom experiences. To begin this story, it's helpful to know that I was a bedwetter
until age seven and I wore diapers and rubber pants at night. I should point out that I am 52
and am going back to my seemingly distant past. I think I had mixed feelings about this, but
I knew that I had to overcome this (I didn't see anything real bad about this because my childhood friend at that time had spina bifida, was incontinent and wore diapers all of the time;
so I never saw this (wearing diapers) as something to be ashamed of).

So, like you, I had crossed-eyes and I had the surgically corrected at age 5 (in 1955, just to
szet the time), This was my second hospitalization as I had a very bad case of the measles
at age 3 and was placd in a local hospital for communicable and infectious diseases until
my fever broke. Anyway, except for bedwetting, I was toilet trained easily and early (by
age 3) and only wore diapers at night. When I was admitted to the hospital my mother
explained I needed to be diapered at night, and on the first night the nurse took car of me at bed time. The next morning the day nurse came to bathe me, and seeing that I was diapered,
she wanted to know if I needed them all of the time. I was very embarrassed by the question,
and was very eager for her to know that I only needed them at night. Deep down inside, I
think I was afraid of what my mother would say if she came to visit and found me in diapers during the day. So, needless to say, the surgery was a success and I was probably diapered every night as required.

The next year I had my tonsils out and this was even better (sort of). I was still in diapers and this hospitalization was an overnight stay. I was in a Catholic Hospital (no offense to anyone),
and this was my first experience with nuns. As a Protestant kid in a very Irish/Italian Catholic
neighborhood I'm sure I had heard lots of horror stories about nuns, even at age six. So,
the operation was in the afternoon, and my parents weren't coming back till the next morning
for my discharge. So, my mother's last words before leaving were, be sure to tell them (the
nurses and/or the nuns) that you're a bedwettter and that you'll need to be diapered. My eye
surgery was a piece of cake, but the tonsils weren't. This was my first acquaintance with diethyl
ether and I know I fought it until I succumbed to it, and I woke up sick with a horribly sore throat and the thought of unlimited ice cream did little to assauge my discomfort. In my misery,
the last thing I wanted the nuns to know was that I needed to be diapered. So between the
affects of the anesthetic, my sore throat, and my fear of wetting the bed, I don't think I slept
that night. I was probably very happy the next night to be diapered in my own bed.

But, this was just the beginning of my hospitalizations and the thing I dreaded more than anything else was the bedpan. Moreover, the older I got the worse I got. Maybe, I'll write
more about this later.

Hope to hear more from Ryan and Krista again

To Pee-J - I really liked your story. It sure was a coincidence that three people at the same bus stop were about to poop or pee in their pants and had to use the bushes. I wish I were at that bus stop. By the way, I am 17 and male.

To Ryan C - I have never had an incident in the hospital, but my friend Brian has., and he told me the story one time. When he was about 10, he had his appendix removed. Overnight, he was alone and suddenly woke up having to pee real bad. Apparently, his mother was staying with him that night and she was sleeping in the next room, separated by glass. He began to call for her or one of the nurses to come help him, since he was not supposed to get up. However, Brian's mom did not hear him and he began to squirt in his pants, which caused him to yell louder. Finally, his mother heard him and came over to help him, presumably with a bedpan. When he had finished, he saw that he had done quite a bit in his pants, and they needed to be changed. It was an embarrasing night for him.


Ryan C
Hi everyone! I'm going to pick up where I left off so here goes.

My next visit to the hospital was for a surgery on my legs when I was 9. In the pre-op room where they hook up the IV and give you all the drugs to knock you out I started feeling like I needed to go pee. I told the nurse and she told me that there was nothing she could do. I asked her for a urinal or something and she said "that's not possible." She was a real witch, but anyway...

After I woke up after the surgery in the recovery room my bladder felt like it was going to explode, and since I had just come out of surgery they hadn't put any "protection" on me so all I had on was a hospital gown. I told the nurse of my need and she told me that I would have to wait until I was moved to my room. God the nurses in this place were of no help AT ALL! I laid back and just kind of stared into space hoping that they would move me to my room soon. A minute or so later I heard someone whisper to me.

"Psst. Hey, boy." It was a blonde girl who looked like she was about my age.
"That nurse was mean, huh? Well, listen. I heard you say you needed to go."
"Yeah, so?"
"So...If you wet your bed she has to do the extra work of changing your sheets and stuff, and it won't be your fault because she made you wait. Serves her right."

I gave her an unsure look that she met with a rebelious little smirk. I decided that she was right, I shouldn't have to suffer just because some nurse didn't want to help. I asked her to turn away, and as soon as I was sure she wasn't looking I relaxed. I had never been so relieved in all my life. I peed for about a minute and a half. When I was finished she turned back around. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw all the pee on my bed.

"Wow, you peed big." She said in amazement.
I blushed.

She told me that her name was Valerie and that she was in the hospital because she had to get her appendix out. Soon my wet bed got cold so I called the nurse over and told her I had an "accident". She complained under her breath that a boy my age should be able to keep his bed dry. She got even madder when Valerie giggled at her.

After I was moved to a regular room Valerie convinced the nurses to let us share a room so that she wouldn't get lonely. I was very happy to hear that because normally the hospital is a boring place to be.
Evidentally getting her appendix out caused Valerie to be constipated because she tried several times to have a BM in her bedpan on that first night, but she couldn't go.
Our beds had been placed side by side so that we didn't have to shout across the room to talk. I woke up just as the sun was coming up when I felt her shaking me.

"Hmmm?" I mumbled sleepily.
"I need to go bad, #2. My ???? really hurts." She whined, folding her arms over her stomach for emphasis.
"Do you want me to call the nurse for you so she can help you with the bedpan?"
"No. I only want my mom to help me with that, but she's not here right now. What do I do?"
"Just use your Goodnight. It doesn't feel as yucky as you would think. I promise."
"Okay, I'll try."
She sucked in her breath and then grunted and pushed. She repeated the process a few times before giving up.
"I can't go."
I reached over and took her hand and said "Try again, only this time when you start pushing squeeze my hand as hard as you can."
She did what I asked her to do and after 2 or 3 pushes I felt her entire body tense up, I could also hear a faint crackling sound. She kept pushing for another minute or two, then she relaxed completely. After taking a minute or two to catch her breath she bent down and kissed the top of my hand and said "Thank you." I didn't exactly like the idea of having a girl kiss my hand but I was happy to help.

We both went back to sleep for a couple of hours before waking up when our parents came in the room. To this day I have no idea how she slept because there's no way I would be able to sleep with a big load of poop in my underwear. When her mom changed her I was supposed to turn away but I snuck a peek anyway. ;-)

Before we left the hospital we exchanged phone numbers. I knew I had a friend for life, and I was right. We go to the same highschool and have officially been dating for about a year and a half now. She always says she can't wait for one of our future kids to ask "When did you know you loved daddy?" so she can say "When he helped me poop." Oy...chicks!

I'll write again soon.

Ryan C

Mike of MD USA
1. How many of you males put down the seat for a female to piss or do let her do it herself?
2. For the females do you always flush after pissing in the toilet?
3. For the male do you always flush after pissing in the toilet or urinal?
4. Men do you wish that you could be a lady and ladies do you wish you be a man?
5. Ladies do you always use toilet paper after pissing?
6. How many times do you flush toilet in a day?
7. Have you ever used a family restroom?
8. Do you always wash your hands after pissing?
9. Do you always wash your hands after pooping on toilet?
10. Have you ever pissed or pooped in your bed?
11. Do you like to piss or poop outside?
12. What do you like to read while pooping on a toilet? (a)book,(b)newspaper,(c)nothing
13. Do you always use seat covers if they have to poop or piss in a toliet?
14. Have you missed a spot while using toilet paper to wipe you ass?
15. If you use the covers for the seat do you punch the hole out each time you use it?
16. When do you poop? (a)morning,(b)afternoon,(c)evening,(d)night
17. When do you take a piss? (A)anytime,(B)morning,(C)afternoon,(D)evening,(E)night
18. How often do piss at work?
19. Do you poop at work? (A)yes,(B)no
20. If you have loose stools do you take pepto bismol for it?
21. Have you used the toilets that you have to pay to use?
22. If you used them are they that the door opens in 20 minutes?
To: Scarlett who is you favorite model to take a piss or poop on the toilet.

For everyone here if you want a good colon cleansing call ?????? and order ???????????????????????????????????? . These will clean you out and make you fart lots. Fartlover are you a male or female?

Also to the un-named poster who wrote about peeing in her bathing suit bottoms with her sister please reply with more great pissing stories. I want to know if you and your sister piss very loudly into the toilet.


I don't post too often, but those of you that have read my previous posts know that I am obsessed with women constipated and straining to drop a big one. My sister in law is 22 y.o. and very pretty. she works out at the gym and is very nicely toned. She always wears tight jeans or revealing skirts or tight fitting pants. I only learned recently that the medication that she is on for a condition that she has causes cronic constipation. A while back, I was fortunate enough to be at the wright place at the wright time, and because she did not realise that I was outside the bathroom she grunted and strained aloud for about 10 minutes before giving up. I over heard her telling her mum that she was badly constipated again and that she needed to have a suppository. I managed to stay quiet for long enough and she eventually came back to the upstairs bathroom to try again. Once again I heard her grunting and straining for a long time, while passing lots of wind. I heard no splash but! heard her wiping. When she left, I snuck in quietly and found that the toilet paper had flushed but the poo that she did had stuck. I swear the thing was at least the size of a soft drink can. That turned me on tremendously. Every time I see hear now, I look at her beautiful face and figure and imagine what she must look like when sitting there. I like knowing this must happen frequently.

observer of the arts
greetings from a big fan of the site! I have no real stories of caliber to share as of yet however i would like to share that i saw a couple of movies that have some great scenes regarding peeing. One is called Tie me up! Tie me down! and it's a spanish movie with subtitles in english. There are two scenes when two sisters, respectively, sit on a toilet and pee. The bigger sister's segment is better in my opinion cuz you see her take her panties off from the backside (but not her butt) and she sits and pees for 10 seconds and the camera just sits and watches her all the way through. Kudos! The other movie is called 1-900 sex without hangups. It's a pretty good plot I think even though I haven't seen it all, but the good part is that a man and woman have been talking on the phone so much and have done so much, including phone sex, that they are beginning to get comfortable with each other despite not seeing each other face to face yet. One day the woman is talking to the man ! and is making her way to the bathroom and she describes her progression in every minute detail. She says how she is raising the seat taking off her yellow panties and tries to pee with him on the other line but she gets kind of shy and tells him to put the phone under the sofa. He says okay but he really doesn't do it and he gets turned on as she pees on the toilet for like 10 seconds, and we the viewers see her sitting and hear her peeing and see her wiping! It's almost the total package! Great scene. Hey moderator I'm not being too explicit am I?

For everyone here if you want a good colon cleansing call 1-00-HERBDOC and order Dr. Richard Schulze' 100 percent herbal and natural number one and number two intestinal formulas. These will clean you out and make you fart lots. Fartlover are you a male or female?

Also to the un-named poster who wrote about peeing in her bathing suit bottoms with her sister please reply with more great pissing stories. I want to know if you and your sister piss very loudly into the toilet.


your name
FART LOVER, are you a male or female?

Poo Pants

You said in your last posts that Noel is back, yet I can't find any of his posts. Perhaps I've missied something!

Mark B

Gald to hear you enjoyed that poo in your briefs - its such a great feeling!


I too find it hard to find why people would wnat to wear no underwear at all. For me at least, it wouldn't feel right at all. And where would thoses drips go after you've finished peeing? I prefer jersey boxers too, although when I'm planning an 'accident' I wear briefs.

It's good that there seem to be lots of people who enjoy shittting themselves! I was in owrk last night and really felt like letting a good poo out into my pants but I just couldn't bring myself to do it! However when I woke up this morning I felt the need to poo again so I put on a pair of briefs and made my way to the bathroom where I let out too firm poos. What a feeling! I was tempted to wet myself as well but I couldn't be bothered cleaning it up!

Keep the stories coming everyone.


Hello to you all. I am still here. We had a good three weeks holiday in Greece. I wrote on Friday of one of the experiences we had. This post has not appeared. I am sad about that, as it takes me quite a long time to write posts in English. For me it is easier to write in German, but that would be so unfair on all of you who do not speak or read German. I notice a number of posters have mentioned their posts have not made it. Is there something wrong with the system, so that posts are just not arriving, even when it says "Thank you. Your post has been received ..."? I hope my lost post can be found as it is such hard work having to do it all over again. I had a lovely shit in my toilet this morning with two 300mm long turds. Lovely shiny medium brown laid side by side on the 'shelf' inside my typical German style toilet. I love my toilet for the views of my shit offerings.
Best wishes to all and good shits and pisses to all.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Plunging Plop Guy


For those into films with guys on toilets; Wednesday, 4th. Sept. on BBC1 TV at 11.35PM. "Kiss Me,Guido". Not seen it before, but it apparently has a guy on the toilet.

Over the last few days, I've been having boring shits, fairly quiet usually,some turds floating in the pan, and a rather sore or itchy arse for a while after. I can't wait for the loud arse-plunging turds that make me feel so great in every way!

WILL. You asked about poems written up on toilet walls.
There's a traditional one that some might have seen, but rather from the times of coin-in-the slot doors, not so common now, and certainly not so cheap!
"Here I sit broken-hearted, Paid a penny and only farted".

Another old one is; "Some come here to sit and think,
"I come here to shit and stink".

Some years ago, I wrote a long poem on a cubicle partition all about having a shit, and hearing the guy next-door having a good one.
Not exactly a work of art, and the rhyme and scansion might have been mateurish, but I enjoyed proclaiming my interest that way!
I went in the same toilet later on in the day to find it had all been wiped clean! I should have written on a painted door which seems to be less likely to allow ink to be wiped clean. Formica surfaces are very easy to clean! I've actually been in a toilet with a blackboard with the words "Graffiti Board" printed on top! This was near the sinks in the main part of the toilets, so no privacy to write on it unless there's no-one else in there. I wonder if anyone ever wrote on it with other men watching!
One poem I've written on the wall of a toilet cubicle is:
"Here I sit no longer glum, Three big turds dropped out my bum!
Buttocks splashed, and soaking wet, Am I turned on, mate? Yeah! You bet!!"

FART LOVER, Tell me what you eat to produce those loud and sustained farts you do! Seems like that guy must have been responding to yours in that toilet! I wish mine would wait until I'm actually on the toilet and with other guys around. Often I fart a lot after I get up in the morning and I'd like to be able to save them for later!

ELF SHIT, Hi, Glad you like this forum! I really liked the way you described appreciating the fit musculature of a guy squatting down to have a shit, and how strong he looks. It fascinates me when looking at a toilet to speculate on how most guys when sitting on the toilet cover the seat, and yet, the seat always looks too wide! It's the way that when we sit down, the muscles of the buttocks seem to increase in size. When I see fit guys in tight jeans riding bikes, I can always tell how good they must look sitting on a toilet, and yet when I see a guy walking along, I have to imagine how his buttocks would expand. I'd love to see tight jeans being worn that had the corresponding shape of the toilet seat hole marked on the seat of the jeans, but it would prabably look much smaller than when he gets into sitting posistion!

JOHN Q PUBLIC, That account of the humiliation you received not only in front of the school bullies, but the girl cheer leaders as they pushed your head down the toilet must be the worst insult I've ever read about. How you survived this sort of cruel treatment I don't know.
Anyway, you obviously have, and hopefully for you to be able tell us about it will be cathartic as you you can gradually put it out of your mind and move on.
You presumably are now able to have overcome the sense of inadequacy and shame that these people obviously tried to instill in you, and I don't know what could have caused their vindictive attitude towards you. Anyway, no-one bothers you now, and you have respect from others, so I hope you can think of toilets as places to feel comfortable in.
I suppose the revenge you had on them that time must have been the sweetest imaginable, as they suffered the embarrassment of uncontrollable diarrhoea; they must have regarded it as some sort of Divine retribution. I wonder how those bullies have turned out.
I'd like to think they've all grown up, and that they hope you will forgive them. I wish you well, and hope that you can.

DARIUS (NOEL) Glad you saw my post as it had been put in a previous page/day to the one when I sent it.
Good to know you feel amongst friends here who can give support and advice, and that the second David has been, and is someone you can trust.

Some years ago, I remember a conversation between a member of the family and her friend who was telling her about one rather embarrassing aspect of their house.
This lady said that as the bathroom was directly above the living room, she told her teenage son before they had guests, that if he needed to use the toilet, could he stand to one side so he couldn't be heard downstairs. She meant that if he wanted to wee, would he direct it against the porcelain rather than into the water.
Whether he complied with this I don't know, but would love to have been there if he'd needed a shit, and hear him farting on the toilet and dropping loud plops that boomed through the floor, as his mother tried to drown the sounds with loud conversation as the guests heard him drop his turds. Better still, I'd love to have been there, and having a really loud shit that everyone could hear, and be impressed by!
There must be LOTS of such cases throughout the Western World of houses where ther are frequently audible toilet sessions that people are either unaware of, or very much aware of, and get embarrassed about, or, hopefully, turned on!

Happy shitting, P. Plop Guy

Greetings, All.

To Tim and Sarah,
Hello there, you two. From your posts I see Josie hasn't exactly been shy with Patrick. Weeing in front of him while he watches, and 'engaged' too. Hell, that takes me back. When I was about 7 years old there was a girl at school who somehow got the idea she was going to marry me when we grew up. Well, that didn't happen, obviously!
I've enjoyed your recent stories. Best Wishes to you both, especially thinking of your health, Tim.

To John Q Public,
Enjoyed your story of your sister standing to pee in the toilet, though it sounds as if she needs to practice her aim. My wife, Louise, regularly stands to urinate into the toilet at home but is very proficient and an accurate shot. You will be aware she urinates powerfully, and also she leaves plenty of foam on top if her stream 'splooshes' in the water instead of washing down the slopes in the bowl.

To Jeff A,
Delighted to see a post from you, my friend. You do worry us sometimes with these absences. I've been thinking of you and Denise (she sounds gorgeous, by the way) a great deal in the last month, ever conscious of the anniversary. I can only imagine the pain you must be in, and the thoughts of Louise and myself will be with you both on the day itself.
I hope you have enjoyed Louise's toilet story she sent you. I can tell you, it made me wish I'd been home to witness it myself. On Sunday morning I was privileged to see a rapid fire series of depth charges she propelled from her anus into our toilet at home, as well as another of her morning hissing 'geyser' pees pressure washing the front slope of the toilet bowl. As I was there, she asked me to help by wiping her both front and back, and I did so most dutifully. Afterwards, Louise held my penis for me when I urinated. These days, when she does this she likes to take complete charge and tells me when to start etc. When I'm finished, she squeezes the last drops from my foreskin. If we are at home, she wipes the tip with toilet paper.
By the way, Louise is being too modest. Her progress in Kung Fu is impressing people, and she is expected to reach junior instructor level before too much longer. Personally, as well as my regular practice and instructing, I am working on my Chin Na at the moment.
I'll speak to you again soon, my friend. Take care, and look after yourself.

To Mickey,
Hello there. Although in my time I've seen a large number of women urinate, my own experience of black women peeing over the years is a bit limited, but from what I have seen I agree with you about their capacity. Although I recognise a particular young Pakistani girl as the Ladies World Weeing Champion (though I recognise Jill may be superior even to her), I saw two black girls emptying themselves while we were in Spain this year. One girl was very tall, around 6 feet in height and very well built, good looking with long hair. With Louise, her mother, and Louise's friend Jackie we discovered her in a rocky area that we were investigating and thinking of urinating in. Strangely enough, this time Louise was the only one of us who didn't have a full bladder. Anyway, when we arrived, the black girl was standing with her legs wide apart and bent slightly, her nude body positioned over the edge of a pond in the rocks. We saw her frontally and she was urinating a huge yellow g! usher which 'splooshed' noisily into the water. It accounted for the 'running water' sound we heard! The torrent of urine was at least equal to Louise's best (I still think Louise can easily exceed 50ml per second - it's just that we haven't measured that figure yet), and the girl continued unabashed. Well, with such an example, Louise's mother and Jackie positioned themselves in similar fashion over the water. Louise's mother squirted a rather narrow, but high pressure, focused stream of yellow urine into the water, producing much froth with the heavy 'splooshing'. Jackie soon followed, and spurted quite a heavy, twisting gusher that tinkled musically in the water. What a scene! I joined in as well, and finished before the black girl did!
I saw the other black girl during a separate incident, and her wee was a straightforward squatting job up a hill. She was a voluptuous girl, and I saw what must have been a thick torrent emerging. No trickle there, I can tell you, even if we were a distance away.

To PV,
I hope you enjoyed what I've already said. I'll be talking to you in particular quite soon.

Cheers All,


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