Hey everyone, Im a 18 year old girl that just graduated Highschool last year and am in college now. Well, I have a story for anyone that likes cheerleaders. When I was a sophomore in HS, I was a cheerleader. Didn't care much for it, but I decided to stick to it. On our way to a competition, we stopped at a burger joint, don't remember the name, and we all got something to eat. The food was pretty good, but there was something wrong with it. About ten minutes on the road, still twenty from our destination and nothing but road for each one, the girls started complaining about stomach aches. Me and my best friend Bethie, were having upset stomachs shortly before the others started complaining about it. It became appearant that something was wrong when all of us that had eaten from the resturant started complaining about upset stomachs. The coach, who had herself eaten somewhere else, told us were just nerverous and we should just calm down. Bethie said she thought we got food p osioning. She was right, another six or seven minutes and there wasn't a girl there begging for the bus to pull over. You'd think the hard headed teacher would have gotten a clue, but nope. She said sit down and tough it out. All seven girls were moaning, me and Bethie were rocking back and forth, struggling to keep our churning bowels under control. We started begging then and finally the coach told the driver to pull over. We all dashed out of the bus and up fliped our skirts, down shot our spankies. Instantly I let out a wet fart and a jet of hot, watery diarrhea. Bethie was holding her skirt up like she was on the toilet, mushy diarrhea pouring from behind her. A couple girls felt so weak they were on their hands and knees, thick brown water shoothing from them like a hose, but everyone was moaning and letting out diarrhea. Finally it all ended and we all stumbled back onto the bus. Luckily, the coach was smart enough to turn the bus around and head home. We got home wit! hout incident, and Im sure each girl could provide a seperate story for their night. I know I could! If you wanna hear it, tell me. Bye

Hi everyone!

For the long time readers of this forum I am the same Becca who made her very first post to this forum way over on page 323. I am 11 years old now, and my little sister Lauren is 7. A month or two ago I promised you guys a story and never got around to it. Well it's 4 in the morning and I have a story that just happened.

I woke up about an hour ago with a minor need to go #2. I got out of bed and since I wasn't in a hurry I woke Lauren up to see if she needed to go. She sleepily told me she was too tired to get up and just wanted to wet her Goodnight instead of getting up. I bent down and kissed her on the forehead before heading to the bathroom, which was a mistake because when I bent down I suddenly felt like I had to go really bad! I rushed towards the bathroom with one hand on my rear trying to keep everything inside of me. When I reached the hall I accidentally farted, only that wasn't all that happened. I felt some really soft and yucky poop come out. I knew I was about to lose it so I rushed to the bathroom. As soon as I stuck my thumbs in the waistband of my pajamas bottoms to pull them down I had another icky fart, then I completely lost control and messed myself. It felt so horrible, I started crying and woke my mom up. I told her what happened and told her it was too messy for me to clean up by myself so she cleaned me up as best she could then rinsed me off completely in the shower. While I was in the shower I peed so that I could get some clean pajamas on as soon as possible after my shower. Since I didn't have any clean panties my mom made me wear one of Lauren's Goodnights under my pajamas, they're a little small for me but better than nothing I guess. I think it was the Chicken Fajitas I had for dinner that made me have the yucky poops. You can thank Lauren for the "Yucky Poops" phrase, she came up with that last year when she had the stomach flu. After all that drama I couldn't sleep so I decided to turn the computer on and tell all of you about it. Now I think I'll try going back to bed. I hope I have time to come here and post more often from now on because I really miss it.



One day last week I had a BM in the shower. I was feeling very sick on the stomach and had been poping farts at work all day long. When I got home from work, my stomach was in knots. Since I didn't feel I had to take a dump yet, I thought I would take a shower. My farts was so foul, that it forced me to cough. I stepped into the shower, the water soaked me from head to toe. As usual, I had to pee, so I peed a gusher. Suddenly I felt the urge to shit. I thought, "Oh my God!, I'm too wet to come out and sit on the toilet seat," but I had to go really bad. So I slightly poked my butt out and spread my legs then pushed. The thick gooey stool pressed through my anus and peeped out of my butt cheeks. As the stool crackled while slowly decending, I thought, "This is my first time shitting anywhere other than on the toilet; This was actually turning me on. I pushed, opening my legs a little further. I farted then the poop dropped. "Splat" Landing near my feet. I exhaled then farted ! loudly, but I still had more. A small amount of piss trickled down my legs as I inhaled and pushed another gooey turd that was pressing at my anus. Two small chunks dropped, followed by some farts. The funk was aweful, but I was enjoying this arousing job. "BBBBBBRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAPPPPPP" As another slip through followed by a small stream of piss. I was finally finished.

Erin---I once took a shit in front of my girlfriend and her friend. It was cool....I even let out a big fart too!

Erin - I liked your story.

I have caught up with posts from when i was gone and enjoyed many of the stories, though since they were posted a couple weeks ago, I won't mention names. Now, on to my story....

As mentioned, I was recently on vacation at the beach, and it was great to be there. I'm rather good looking and shy (17/m), but I couldn't help notice girls checking me out a couple times as they walked by. One day after drinking a large bottle of water I had to pee real bad. I was sitting in a beach chair with a blue bathing suit and shirt on, and it was low tide. I really didnt want to get up and walk all the way down to the water to pee. So, I started to just piss in my bathing suit right where I sat. After 3 or 4 small squirts, I could feel the pee trickling against my butt, since I was obviously not wearing any boxers (sometimes i dont like wearing bathing suits - they make me feel more naked for some reason!). Letting some pee out only made me have to pee worse, so i kept letting out squirts. Since I was sitting down, there was barely any evidence on the front of my suit, but I could feel my butt itself getting all wet, so I knew the bathing suit back there must h! ave been soaked. Anyway, I gave up with the squirts and just pissed myself in one big gush the rest of the way. I could hear the pee dripping from the bottom of the chair, and my bottom felt real heavy from the pee when I got up, so I decided to just sit in the puddle of piss for a little while. I continued what I was doing, and about 10 minutes later I decided to get up. I had a small spot on my front, but when i turned around my butt was soaked all over. I was a bit embarrased, as I didn't know I would do this much, but since I didnt know anyone there, I really didnt mind. Over the next few days, I pissed my bathing suit a few more times out of convenience, but never as much as that first time!

Anyone else have a beach story?


Just today I posted a story about me pissing my bathing suit on the beach, while sitting down. The wet spot went all over my butt, with barely any on my front. This brings up my question:

When you pee your pants/shorts/bathing suit, etc., would you prefer to do it standing up, where the pee will run down your leg, or sitting down, where most of it will cover your ass. Personally, I prefer standing up, just because I would rather walk around being able to see the people who can see my accident, rather than having my butt covered in pee, and having everyone behind me see, if that makes sense.

So, what do you think. Males or females, doesn't matter. Please respond.


Herimone i would love to hear about your gas and the dumps you take.

Mike of MD USA
to: Harry K. my are 1. 2 time squirting. 2. hold it for a while. the water. 4. feet apart

Anyone write shit poems in stalls in public restroom walls?

I was watching Americas Funniest Videos(AFV) tonight(Friday). There was a segment about toilets. The host mentioned about Thomas Crapper, the inventor of the toilet "Crapper". The one video was about this boy who need to use the potty and he said he wanted to potty in a little bitty baby doll house toilet, they zoomed in to the toilet..LOL
The next video was about this girl who i assume needed to poop, she was in the bathroom with a hair dryer and she warmed up the toilet seat, she got mad who ever videoed her. Then The other one was about this guy carrying a toilet up the steps and they said this person doesn't like to use public toilets and he carrys his toilet with him..then he dropped it...LOL any one see this?

When i posted earlier...i think i posted that i had an urge to poop. It got really stronger in the late morning. At 12pm i decided to eat lunch ate a big lunch too(and a big dinner too) After i ate i really had to poop. I went to the bathroom sat down and really hurt and felt good too. I must have had a 12" log and it broke into smaller pieces. Then i farted and a bit of looser stuff came out...(the other days breakfast and dinner i think). Then i put my hand in the bowl and felt around and felt my logs. Then i noticed all this black stuff in the bowl. I had waffles w/ blueberry sauce the other morning.. It didn't really stain my poop, just black stuff in my poop from it. Any one ever have that happen to them? wiped 8 times, flushed and showered.
gotta go bye

The Sorcerer
It's me again :) With another story from track.There weren't many people on our distance team.Just me and the two girls from the last story.We're a small team,but we're good :) Anyway it was another cross country(they have a course set out for us throughout some nature trails near us)and it was a nice 3 miles.I had not gone to the bathroom in a LONG time and really had to go after about the first half-mile.After a while I stopped and said I had to take a dump.

The two girls wanted to watch.They had seen me go before,but it had been awhile since then.I could tell they were hype.I looked around for some long log sitting out.I cleared it and sat with my butt hnaging over the edge so the wood wouldn't scratch me.The girls(I won't name them)giggled when I pulled my shorts and boxers down just enough.They were squatting right behind me for a good view and they weren't disappointed.While I was getting started they said things such as "Nice Butt" and they giggled even more when I leaned forward exposing my butthole.

I pushed and got only a series of loud farts making "BRRRRRRRR" and the usual noise like a zipper opening and closing.I pushed hard as a the tip of a THICK turd pushed out and sat there.I pushed even harder and it edged out a little bit making loud crackling noises.I swear these girls would die of laughter.Remembering the last time they saw me poop one of the girls said "I get to hold your butt this time." She grabbed my cheeks and spread them saying "push away" as she playfully squeezed my cheeks.The other girl just laughed.As I pushed the Turd eased out slowly.This thing was FAT AND LONG.Both the grils talked about how big it was.Just before it touched the ground it broke apart and landed with a thud.I pushed hard and the crackling started again and didn't stop till the rest of the Turd fell to the ground.

I took a big sigh of relief but at the same time let out LOUD and very stinky farts in chains.The girl holding my butt called it a lethal weapon.I pushed hard again and this hard turd poked out.Even with one girl spreading my cheeks the turd was hard to get out.With a little more effort the Turd eased out.This thing was a monster.It turned in all different ways and was knobbly.The girls of course commented as the turd slid out and hit the floor.Almost immediately smaller and softer Turds started swarming out with fart noises to accompany them.I barely had to push at all.The girls cracked up when I started shooting "poop balls" out.The one holding my butt almost let go as the explosion of turds continued.It was so sudden it surprised me.Finally I pushed one stringy turd that hanged and would not drop.I shook my butt up and down and all around and the most I got was laughter from the two girls and some muffled farts.The girl crazily tried pushing my buttcheeks together,but! that didn't even work.I shook my butt up and down real hard continuously till the turd finally fell.I surprised myself again by shooting out about 5 poop balls.The last one was HUGE and took alot of effort to push out.I swear the thing was close to about the size of a baseball.The girls said it looked like I had a huge butt plug from their view.I pushed hard and grunted loud literally shooting the turd to the ground.The girl holding my butt reluctantly let go when I said I was done.She playfully gave me a squeeze and a smack.I knew I would have to poop so I brought some Toilet Paper with me.The other girl unhesitantly grabbed the toiler paper.I bent over and she wiped all around my butt probably longer than she had to.Before pulling my pants up I let loose with the farts I felt still in there.The girls laughed and each kicked my butt playfully as the last chain of farts ended.I pulled up my pants and said next time they would have to poop for me :). And they did later on.I'! ll post those stories later.

I'm a 21 year old male, Here's a quick story for you.

I had been out for lunch in town and was alone at a bus stop waiting to go home. I was starting to feel a need to poop and pee but I thought I could hold it. After about fifteen minutes the bus still wasn't here and my need was getting worse and worse. A few more minutes passes, still no bus and I knew I couldn't hold it for much longer.
I looked around for somewhere to go but there were no shops or anything near by. I looked around and couldn't see anyone (Was I ever wrong). I walked behind the bus stop and went to the side of a small bush. I took one last look around, pulled my jeans and boxer shorts down to my ankles and relaxed. I instantly started a pee that seemed to go on for ever. Eventually I stopped peeing I strained a little and a large log started to poke out of my butt. Just then a boy came around from the front of the bus stop. He looked about 11 or 12 and was holding his crotch with one hand. He came straight round without looking, he instantly pulled down the front of his shorts and pulled out his penis and started to pee a strong stream. He hadn't even noticed he was facing me peeing about 1 metre from me. I laughed and said, "Hows it going?" He looked over at me and went bright red. "I couldn't wait, I was about to pee my pants" he said. I told him not to worry about it, I had the same ! problem. He finished as quickly as he could, but he was peeing for well over a minute. When he finally finished he looked at me- still squatting half naked on the ground, "Sorry" he said. "Don't worry about it" I said smiling, "At least you didn't pee your pants". He smiled and walked away.
Finally I finished pooping, I had left a pile of four good sized logs. I moved further behind the bushes to grab some leaves to wipe. As I did I heard more voices so I decided to hide. It was a woman with a young child. They came up and stood by the bus stop in front of me. I started to wipe quiely and tried not to be seen. When it heard, "Mum I need to go... I can't wait its coming out." The mum asked if he needed to go poop or pee, he said both. OK she said i'll take you in the bushes. She led him right by the bush where I was hiding but neither of them saw me. She pulled his shorts and underwear down and he squatted down. He started to pee straight away, his mum told him to aim his weenie down so he didn't pee on his clothes OK he said. I then heard him fart and saw a small turd coming out of his butt. "Mummy, I'm pooping" he said. He made two small turds and said he was done. His mum grabbed a tissue out of her bag and wiped him as best she could. "I'll clean you up ! properly when we get home" she said. Then she pulled his clothes up and they went back to the bus stop. I finished wiping and pulled my clothes up about a minute later and joined them. We just looked at each other and smiled.

My ex girlfriend was a clean freak in some ways. She absolutely had to shower everyday. Very diligent with brushing and flossing, deodorant, frequently bitched to me about my perceived shortcomings in that area. I'm a guy, gimme a break. Not a slob but not obsessive. I'll describe her for y'all. Natural blonde, 5'4", 120, pretty, very white unblemished skin, perfect teeth. Came from a fairly wealthy family, liberal vegetarian type government worker. She would just die if I mentioned what I saw one time, and this is therapy for me (a little revenge for dumping me). She was an afternoon dumper, I think she goes at work....what the hell...on government time it's only taxpayer money. Anyway, I was staying over at her house one night and we were fooling around. She had a lovely blemish-free butt that I loved to play with, and I noticed (the lights were on) that she had a poop smear on her lovely butt, right from the anus all the way up the crack and extending onto each cheek a ! good inch or 2. She obviously had a messy dump at work that afternoon and didn't clean up as well as I know she'd have liked. Of course it didn't faze me a bit. I didn't say a word about it. She would have killed me for sure, if she didn't die from embarrassment first. Ahhh, that felt good......

I was drinking beer round the pool at my apartment complex and had a huge bladder-full to get rid of. It was late at night so I decided to water a bush instead of going inside to pee in the toilet. I was almost done drowning this bush with the used beer when a woman came from the laundry room and saw what I was doing. She didn't stop to look and just kept walking.

no girl you know
Okay, this is my first time posting here. Anyway, the last 5 days I had some weird - but mild - stomach thing. I had wet farts (no diahorrhea though...) every few minutes. I didn't poo the whole time I was sick, although I was peeing every 30 minutes (I like to measure my pee and poo, these pees every 30 minutes were about 100 ml). Anyway, today I felt a lot better, and finally a few minutes ago I felt a nice chunk coming down. I waited a while, until the urge got strong, then I got up on the toilet and squatted over it, which my feet on the seat. I pushed a little, and this WIDE chunk just slid right out, no pushing or pain. I guess-measured against a chart I've made of several cylinder diameters and lengths. It was 2.5" wide and 6" long! Normally I let out 1-1.5" sausages 8-16 inches long. That was it for me, usually it's just one piece. Anyway this one chunk was #36 in color, and odorless... but it was really lumpy all over. I could not believe my hole could stretch that! much...but I didn't even notice it!

Another true story: I decided one day a few months ago to see how much I could pee, after lurking around here and reading about everyone else's capacity. I drank water continuously, as much as my stomach could hold, for 45 minutes. After 15 minutes, I felt some pee in there, and after 30 I had to go pretty bad. I waited until I hit an hour, by then I was bursting. I made it outside, with considerable pain, and squatted. I had my watch on, and timed my pee. I peed for 60 seconds straight at 15 ml/sec. (I have measured my flow rate several times before, and have learned to recognize them to about 5 ml/sec accuracy) Then I just kept putting pressure on and peed a slow 5 ml/sec stream for 4 minutes! Around then I couldn't push any more out, so I quit. When I went back in, I calculated how much I had peed. Now I am slim, and 13 years old, and so I was expecting maybe a liter. Instead I came up with a grand total of 2.1 liters! What a pee! For the rest of the day, I was peeing! every 20 minutes around 300 ml, and pooed several tiny wet chunks. I estimate I drank 10-15 12 oz glasses of water!

I was wondering, what is everyone else's bladder capacity, and what's your flow rate in ml/sec? I sometimes pee slowly at 5 ml/sec, when I'm near empty or even when I'm full, but normal is 10-15 ml/sec. If I push really hard, and need to pee bad, I have measured 45 ml/sec using a cup! I have read about some older girls peeing 50 ml/sec, but I doubt that anyone my age can pee like I can. A normal pee for me is 200-400 ml, although I can pee 500 ml in the mornings and 700-1000 ml or so after concerts. My record so far, in both time and amount, has to be that 2.1 liter pee though. Some people will find that unbelievable, but my advice to them is to just try it - drink as much water as you can for 45 minutes, and try to hold your pee another 15 minutes. I can pretty much guarantee that that pee will be really big, and if you can pull off another 30 minutes of drinking and holding you could get over 3 liters (if your bladder doesn't burst).

If you are constipated you should eat a lot of corn. The corn will make your shit come out really fast.

John Q Public

That was a great story. I wish I could have been there.


I peed the bed until I was a senior in High School. In fact, I ocassionaly would have a day time accident. This was caused by the fact that for some reason my bladder did not grow with the rest of my body. I don't have accidents too often any more, but I still frequently ent up using the bathroom, and it is still impossible for me to sit trough a whole move. I use to wear diapers when I was a kid, especialy at night time. I am curious about something, however. You mentioned you have a younger sister. My sister is 3 years younger then I am, yet her bladder control was allways phenominal. My GF is 5 years yonger and she too is well endowed. I was wondering how did your sister's bladder control and pee strength compare to yours? Was she able to hold it longer then you, and could she pee longer and harder then you? I am only asking because that is how it was for me. I was in diapers, whily my younger sister is as Mikey would say, a "porcelen peeler."


It's funny you should ask. It just so happens that I was out with both my GF and younger sister the other night. We went out to see "Blue Crush." I already saw it, but they didn't and I agreed to go. When we got to the theatre, we all sat down. It was intermission and my sis decided to go for some popcorn and drinks. She came back with 3 huge 40 oz Cokes, and a large bucket of popcorn. I didn't want it, but I didn't want to hurg her feelings so I shared in the pop corn and naturaly it made me very thirsty, so before long I was about halfway through the pop. I had finished it by the time the movie started. Now here is where the story gets interesting.

Both my sister and GF are aware of my condition, so they decided to have this bet as to how many times I would have to go to the bathroom, how long it would be before the first time and each time inbetween, and who would be the first to go when we got back to my house. I ended up having to go 3 times during the movie, I was desperate for a pee after the movie, and when we got home, I ran to the bathroom and let out another one. None of them were very forceful or long, but I was desperate, on the verge of wetting myself. That made my sister the winner. After I was finished in the bathroom, John Q Public. You mention that your girlfriend can hold her pee for a very long time. What is the maximum time you have observed? How long does she pee afterward? Have you ever measured her volume? Did she ever have a contest with your sister?

After I was finished, there was a pale yellow tinge to the toilet water with a small strip of foam, nothing realy impressive. It looked like it could have been done by a 4 or 5 year old. I flushed. Then my GF walked over to t he toilet while my sister and I stood there. She was very calm, and showed no sign of desperation. She actualy stood up on the toilet seat facing away from the flush box, then squaded as though she were using one of those "squat" type facilities you find in Europe. She had been holding it since early that morning, at a guess I would say about 14 hours. She leaned forward and out spewed loud, hissy stream of piss that went on for almost 3 minutes non stop. She got off the toilet and wiped. There was a nice head of foam on top of the toilet, and when she flushed there was still a little left so she flushed again, all the time my sister waited there for her turn.

When the water was all clear, my sister removed her panties. She had been holding it for 22 hours, which she has done so many times in the past, but what she did was truely amazing. Instead of sitting on the toilet and leaning forward like she usualy does, she stood at the toilet with her legs spread apart. Then she used her fingers to spread her pubic lips apart, and she let it rip. She underestimated the power of her stream and it went all over the flush box at first so she had to lean a little forward so it would hit the toilet water. It did so in an unbelivable jet that went on non stip for 3 minutes and 5 seconds. I could see the foam rise in the toilet bowl. In addition to that, she appearntly had been eating esparagas, because her pee was very yellow and had a very strong smell. By the time she was finaly done, the smell in the air was very strong, and the foam in the toilet looked like she had put laundry detergent in the toilet. It had yellow stains on ! it where her pee stream coudl occasionly make contact. It actualy fizzed as the bubbles started to pop. My gf was cheering and clapping as though my sister had just won a gold medal in the Olympics. It was realy amazing to see.

Then I started fidgiting around again and let out another 10 second tinkle that got lost in my sisters foam. They both laughed at me, but I didn't mind. It was good natured laughter all the same. My gf is going to attempt to do a pee like that over the labor day weekend. I can't wait.

To Punk Rock Girl: Beautiful actresses pooping turn a lot of guys on, myself being one.

To Punk Rock girl: Itīs true that Britney has had an accident on stage at least one time. The laxatives she used to make her slimmer started working in the middle of her performance. She left the stage to change clothes almost at once so the audience didnīt notice. This incident happened about 6 months ago or so.

I donīt know about Kirsten Dunst though!

euro hiker
France 2002, Part 2

While hiking in the French Alps, I spent some time in a village that is also a winter ski resort. The public toilet in the village was a single occupancy unisex type so no luck there. I also inspected the two camp sites nearby but no luck either as they both had separate toilet facilities for men and women. I also visited several mountain refuge huts but again, nothing of interest toilet-wise.

Then I went to another village in a different valley. I inspected the camp site but again, it had separate facilities. The public toilets in the centre of the village were interesting however. Next to the church was a sort of concrete bunker that was partially underground with a small carved wooden 'WC' sign. Inside were four traditional French unisex 'ŗ la Turque' hole-in-the-floor type squat toilet stalls, each with a 3 inch gap under the door. There was obviously no shortage of water as these flushed automatically every 2 - 3 minutes. The doors of stalls #1 and #2 were in view as you came in the entrance so were too exposed for under door peeping but stalls #3 and #4 were round the corner and less risky. The door of stall #2 wouldn't close so when I was in stall #1, anyone else would use #3 or #4.

It seemed like a good site but not many people used it. One wet day, there were only 2 'customers' in an hour and they were both male. On a fine day, I had more luck with 8 in the first half hour but none in the second. Five were women but three of them came in with someone else so it would have been too risky to look under one door in case the other person came out! That left 2 who came in alone. They were both in their 40s and I don't think either of them was French as French women usually squat really low allowing a fine view of their you-know-what under the door. These two didn't squat low enough so I couldn't really see much. But at least the stalls were fairly well lit.

Further up the valley, at the end of the road there is a mountain refuge hut at an altitude of 1874 metres. This is a very popular starting point for hikes with parking for hundreds of cars. There is also a national park information cabin and nearby, a wooden public toilet hut. This had six unisex stalls with 2 inch gaps under the doors. #1 to #4 were 'ŗ la Turque' squat type, #5 had a normal bowl but no seat and #6 was locked. I was in #5 and before long a women came in and used stall #2. The only lighting in the hut was by daylight coming in through two high windows so unfortunately it was too dark in the stalls to see anything under the door.

From there, a fine day hike leads to a mountain refuge hut by a glacier above 2500m. The mountain hut toilet block has four 'ŗ la Turque' unisex stalls with 3 inch gaps under the doors. There was no door from the outside into the toilet block and there were lots of people around so it was difficult to peep under the doors without being seen. The lighting wasn't very good either.

One day, I drove to another mountain region near the Italian border and hiked a section of the GR5 long distance path to a mountain lake which is noted for its reflections. There was a parking area in the valley with a wooden hut that was used as the ticket office for several small ski lifts in winter. There was a new extension on the hut with a door marked 'toilettes'. Inside, it was unisex with two stalls, one with a bowl and one 'ŗ la Turque' plus two urinals. It was brand new and not even properly finished yet and had huge 6 inch gaps under the doors of the stalls!

In late afternoon, after I got back from the hike, most of the cars had already gone but there were a few people coming down the path and heading for the toilettes. I was in the stall with the bowl and soon someone came in and went into the 'ŗ la Turque' squat stall next to me. I went out and crouched down on the floor and saw a woman of about 35 in a pair of hiking boots standing on the footplates with her shorts and panties round her thighs and a stream of pee cascading down. Then a trickle of very soft poop. She wasn't squatting very low so the view was a bit restricted and I couldn't see where it was coming out but it was interesting all the same. Success at last.

two questions, one for the ladies, and the other for both genders. Ladies, when you initially begin to pee what do you do to pass the time while on the toilet? Grab some tp? hum a tune? twiddle your thumbs?
Secondly, As kids growing up what kinds of ideas were given to you regarding peeing and/or pooping and a sibling? I mean were you told by your parents that you shouldn't pee in front of each other or the opposite that you are family and it's okay to pee in front of each other? I hope the question is clear, it's just basically asking if you pee or poo in front of your siblings and why or why not?

Poo Pants
Back again - not much time - good to see Neol back - we need Adam too.

Have not much to report apart froma serious follow through yesterday when I reached for a book on a high shelf. It was a total surprise and I noticed my shocked look in a mirror nearby - hand on bottom and briefs on display about three inches over the top of my trousers so shirt tail took most of the blast but some sticky lumps in the crutch. Though I was short of time I completed the job, showered and went off back to work.

I am very busy at present but will post when I get the chance. Adam - come back!

To Erin: Loved your story...Did you see any guys pee or poop?

To Will: Never done it...i think its funny what you did.

To Erica: Liked your story, you have a sweet boy friend.

To Krazee: Liked your story, did you ever poop your self when you were sick? And did your mom carry you to the bathroom when you had to poop?

To Scott L.: Loved your story, how old are you and your friends?

To Stallguy: Wished i lived near there, those bathrooms sound cool.

To jr: Liked your story, im 21, how old are you?

To Lachlan: Liked your story...romatic ending, cool!

To Shely: enjoyed your story

To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story..must have been a cool exprience.I've never used a bathroom w/ no stall doors. Was this your first time?

To gay lad: Loved your story...have fun hope you see some action!

To moderator how come my last few post haven't made it....sorry to be a bother to you.

Last night i came home from work and i was online then later in the evening before dinner i had to pee so i decided to pee at the computer in an empty gatorade bottle i had. It was 24 ounces so i filled it up about 1/4 of the way. It was cool. I woke up this morning having to pee badly. Then i realized i was having peeing dreams cause i had to pee badly. Dreamed i was at work and trying to pee in strange places.

Did wake up w/ a slight urge...gonna hold it a bit

Ryan C
Hi! I'm 17 years old, and I'm a senior in highschool. Having spent a lot of time in hospitals in my life because of Cerebral Palsy I have seen and experienced many, many things relevant to this board. I hope to share as many of them as possible with you guys, unfortunatly I can't remember tham all but I'll do my best.

Before I get started I'll give you some background on myself. I have CP mainly because I was born two months premature and only weighed 2 pounds eleven ounces when I was born. My CP is very mild compared to what it could be. I walk with crutches when possible and use a wheelchair for convenience at school and anywhere else that would otherwise require a lot of walking. My CP causes problems with motor skills in my hands (mainly my right) and high muscle tone throughout my body (my legs are the most effected.) The way in which I was most fortunate is that my CP didn't cause me any problems mentally, all of it's effects on me were purely physical. Enough about me, lets get started...

There are 3 hospitals and one "Surgery Center" in the city where I live, and I've been to them all. All 3 of the regular hospitals have a rule that any child 10 or younger who stays overnight or longer must wear "protection" regardless of the reason for the visit. They don't necessarily have to use it, but they have to wear it. With kids 6 or younger it's usually a disposable diaper, older than that and it's a Goodnight or something similar.

I stayed overnight (or longer) in the hospital more than 10 times when I fit into that age bracket and never could decide whether that was a good rule or a bad one, but it sure made for some interesting and occasionally embarrassing experiences.

My first surgery on my legs was when I was 4 years old, and from what my parents tell me I had been potty trained for less than 6 months, and they had a heck of a time convincing me that it was okay to the diaper because I associated not using the potty when I needed to go with getting in trouble. No one would let me get up and use the bathroom like I KNEW I was supposed to so I would try to hold it. The doctors got worried about me doing damage to my body by holding it for too long so they gave me drugs that weakened the necessary muscles so it was nearly impossible for me to hold it when I needed to go. My mom has told me that every time I would use the diaper I would get the "guilty little kid look" and on my face try to lie about it.

The next time I can remember being in the hospital is actually two seperat trips on Valentines Day and in late April of my 1st grade year. With the exception of a surgery to uncross my eyes when I was two these are the only hospital visits I've ever had that had nothing to do with my CP, and they were also my two longest stays.
I got really bad pnumonia twice that year and as result had to spend a week in the hospital each time. During each of those stays I had to stay in this tent type thing that hung over my bed, it was basically a huge humidifier. I had turned 7 already but I was so small (about 40 pounds) that they still made me wear a diaper, but I was so sick that I didn't mind. During my second bout with pnumonia was when I made the discovery that boys and girls were very different. I had to share a hospital room with a girl who also had pnumonia and saw her get changed several times, what a shock for me!

Ok guys, I'm getting really worried that this message is too long so I'm gonna end it now and I'll write again some day soon. Before I end this message I am curious if anyone else had any childhood hospital experiences, and if the rule that young kids have to wear diapers for extended visits is a universal thing for hospitals or if it's just here.

Ok, bye guys!

Ryan C

I have had pretty regular pooping lately, not much to report. Wednesday was the best day of this week at work. I went ladies room in the entrance hall after the afternoon coffee break. I needed to pee and poo. A petite blonde young woman (about 20) came from another direction and we entered at the same time in the restroom. There were two older ladies, both just leaving. All stalls were free. This blonde girl took the first stall and I choose the next stall. Girl was hasty. She was already sitting on the pan and peeing when I was just lowering my knickers. Girl peed rapidly but shortly. I started my pee. Girl sat silently. My pee was long and relieving. Last drops were dripping when I heard a soft moan from next stall. Almost immediately started crackling sound. It was unusual loud and I heard it clearly. Girl sighed as the log splashed into water. About 15 seconds later I heard a puffing fart followed by a light plop. Then she continued pushing, she groaned quietly and I he! ard crackling sound again. This time it was not so loud and it was discontinuous but it lasted longer time. Splash was huge. Girl took a deep breath. She sat silently about half minute and then she unrolled toilet paper. While girl was wiping I started straining. Four pieces of poop dropped into bowl one after another. They were hard and quite small but they made noisy plops. I sighed but I felt more poop was coming out. Girl seemed wiping really thoroughly. She was still wiping as I started struggling again. I didn?t need to push really hard. Rest of my load came out pretty easily in one slim and long unbroken stick. Girl in next stall got her paper works finally done and she was adjusting her clothes as I started to wipe. When I came out of stall girl was already gone and there was no one around. I took a quick look in stall where girl had been. Odour of poop was quite strong but not bad. I looked in the bowl and there was wide brown streak. I washed my hands and left. I s! aw my pooping partner in the middle of hall talking with some other girl.

Hey guys!
I'm back, most of ya don't know me, i've only posted once lol.
Well i've been away on year 12 camp,we went to New south wales, australia.
I have quite a few stories, i'll tell ya one for the mo.
We were out for the day hiking through the bush(it was a set track)
The guide told us that there was only one toilet on thw whole track so we'd have to
pee in the bush.
This wasn't good news for me coz i usually have a shit twice a day.
We got to where we would have lunch and where the toilets were, I saw a reasonably
good looking girl head for the toilets, so i followed her.There was one female stall and
one male stall and they were back to back, with only a thin wooden wall with a gap at
the top between them.
I sat down on the toilet but waited to do anything, i was waiting for the chick to
start.She waited for a little while then she started to tinkle, half way through she let out
an echoing fart, then a sqeaky tight fart.she let out a sigh then a big grunt and some
loud nnnnnnggghh noises.Icould hear a faint crackle followed by a big plop and some
more farting and grunting.She let out about 5 more turds, but without the grunting,
when she finished she farted again, wiped and flushed.
After she left i dropped my load quickly then left.
that hike wa quite enjoyable.
Catch ya guyz later, keep up those gr8 posts :)

Gay Lad: Thanks for your post. It's interesting we both live in Lancashire towns. We could be close or up to 50 miles apart. Who knows. I love your posts and look forward to more about you and Kurt. In the meantime, do have a great holiday in Gran Canaria.

Fadawa: Thanks for your post. I am glad I know you are a 54 year old male. You will be treated with much more respect at your age in India. It is all part of their culture to respect their elders, unlike here in the UK. You did day you are an Italian American. You possibly have that slightly darker skin to those descended from other parts of Europe. If this is the case you may blend in quite well in Delhi and North India, as people here tend to be a lot lighter skinned than those in the south who are very dark. You may be able to quite safely go off the beaten path into some villages. An escort to be expensive. It is assumed that Westerners have plenty of money and will set high charges. Trying to explain your interests could be difficult. Though most Indians speak English to some degree (some very well, some not at all well), they may be rather taken aback by your interests. In the villages you will see people peeing and pooing in nearby fields or children doing it stra! ight in the open sewers. I forgot to mention that I have seen rare open urinals in city streets. I've seen guys standing to pee into these in full view of everyone. I've also seen a couple of guys pooing in these. I know it was poo, because I went to look after they had left. I had to take a pee to do so, as it would look strange if I just wandered up to the urinal to have a look. Hotel's also present another opportunity with communal toilets in the reception area's. Though a row of squat toilets may be divided from each other, the dividers are minimal and you can get views of the neighbouring guy's. Normal public toilets are rare and really stink, as I've said before. Hope this is more helpful than my previous posts. Happy peeing and pooing experiences to you in India. Be careful not to get the "Delhi Belly", as this form of diarrhoea can be very nasty. I got this, and woke up one morning to realise that not only had I pooed in my boxers (which I was wearing to sleep in), b! ut that the bed was soaking not from pee, but poo! I did not know I had even done it until I woke up. Keep strictly to bottled water. Don't eat ice cream. Don't eat salads that have been washed in the normal water supply. Eat only fruit that you can peel - oranges, bananas, etc. Hopefully you won't get ill and won't poo yourself either. When do you travel? How long are you going for? I know you will enjoy yourself and will get pee and poo sitings.

The matter of underwear: I did post on this subject, but it never made it. Perhaps I mentioned things unsuitable for publication. So a shorted version here! I have read a number of posts from guys who choose not to wear any underwear. I cannot understand this. Reference to "free balling" sounds appealing with the freedom of no underwear. But with decent boxers, you still get this freedom. I once saw the jeans a guy took off who never wore underwear. The skid marks were disgusting. He must have worn them for a month since the last wash! I felt physically sick. To be hygienic, I feel underwear is essential. I put fresh underwear on every day so a pair of my boxers or briefs is only worn for about 24 hours at a time. I do sleep in them as I don't like to be completely naked in bed. I'm not into PJ's at all. They're just not cool. My jeans, trousers, shorts or trackies are completely protected from any rare skid marks, as well as those odd drips that always seem to come out ! when I put my penis away. I do prefer Jersey Cotton style boxers as these are more absorbent for those odd drips, than the harder material of standard boxers. When wearing shorts I wear briefs under them, which are always of this softer Jersey Cotton too. I would never go without underwear. I have in the past thrown underwear away that I have shit myself in, when out. It felt 'breezy' and weird - and as if someting vital was missing to walk home with no underpants on. There are so many styles of underwear for men on the market that I would have thought it was unnecessary to choose not to wear any at all. It would be good to hear from some of you guys (both for and against underwear) for your views on this.

Must go, got lots to do. By the way, I did a large 12 inch long deep brown log this morning. Probably 2 inches across. It had corn in it. It looked so beautiful in the toilet. I only wiped once as there was nothing on the TP at all. It was so disappointing to have to flush it away. It did take two flushes!

Happing pees and poos everyone.

Mark B
To Darius - Greetings! Sorry to hear about the problems caused for you by your acquaintance. Sounds awful. Some people just don't understand.

To avoid that sort of thing I nowadays access this site via a search engine and also delete any references from C:/windows/history afterwards so nobody knows I've been here. It might seem a bit paranoid but when I hear how some people react I'm glad that I do that. On this website I feel among friends.

I enjoyed dumping in my briefs this morning. First time for several weeks. It was a really big load and I enjoyed pushing it all out including the runny gassy stuff at the end which makes a mess. Sometimes I poo the hard stuff into my briefs and then sit on the toilet later to do the runny stuff so as not to make such a mess.


I walked into a public bathroom, there were only about five people inside standing at the sinks. I was very gassy, silently farting while walking into the stall. The fart scent was following me as another person walked past me. I glanced over at the person, they gave me a dirty look. I walked into the stall and farted louder as I took down my pants; I had to take a shit. I had been farting loudly all day, and was enjoying every minute of it. Everytime I let out a rough loud vibrating fart, I get horny. I like to hear other people's farts too. As I sat on the toilet a gush of piss spewed out; a forceful fart came out right after. I grunted and pushed as my anus allowed a hard heavy turd through. The turd loudly splashed in the toilet, as a loud rough fart came behind it. Again I grunted and pushed, a series of farts roared out as I got more hornier. Small amount of piss hit against the walls of the commode as I fart. I cleared out the people that were standing at the sinks. S! uddenly I heard someone in another stall trying to out do me farting. I was captivated by the rough sound of their farts, I was so horny that I couldn't stand it. I quietly moaned from the sound of their farts. My funky fart oder had no match with the other person's fart oder. The persons oder smelled delicious. I soon had pushed out my last turd; it was a long medium hard one. I wiped my ass thoroughly, then got up and flushed the toilet; watching my shit wave bye-bye to me. I pulled up my pants while I continue to poot silently through my butt cheeks, and walked out of the stall; only to meet my stall neighbor. I smiled as they smiled as we both washed our hands.

Tim (and Sarah)
RIZZO: Lovely to see you are back! I already tried to post a welcome back, which did not make it. I liked your story,something similar happened to me before as well. LOL. I hope your travels were nice! Good thing though you did not come round to see us in Bavaria, as we are in the north by the seaside curing at the moment ;-). Otherwise it would have been lovely to have a drink with you. I had a bit of a rough time in between, as I suffered from an infection of the bladdle and the kidneys. I tell you, I never could have imagined a pee being so painful, outch! It wasnít fun at all. Itís better now though and peeing is pleasurable and relieving again. My curing stay has been prolonged now, which especially cool for Josie as she can spent more time with Patrick. I donít know, if you read it, but our daughter is engaged now...;-). Otherwise things are fine and relaxing.
Yesterday we went to a further part of the beach with all the kids and Patrickís mom. I canít go swimming at the moment, cause I have to be a bit careful, so there was no opportunity to wee during that. After a while I really needed a leak, there were no toilets anywhere. I saw Josie in the distance squatting while playing and doing a weewee with Patrick watching interested. Patrickís mom went swimming and I assumed she relieved herself there. I saw Patrick returning the favour for Josie. A little later I saw Loewie running by, stopping in his tracks, spreading his legs, a quick whiz and on with buisness. I just wanted to be three again, when people think itís cute when you pee on the beach, LOL. The problem was that it was not crowded, but enough people around and there where kilometers of open space, just sand...very nice really, just not when you need to pee badly. After a while I told Sarah about my problem. She said she also needed to go and we took a little walk a! long the beach. We went into the dunes and Sarah squatted and peed. I also squatted, partly cause it was windy and we peed together, which was lovely. Sorry, I am not such a good story teller at the moment (not that I usually am), but you just have to take it from me that it was wonderful pee together. I hope you and your loved ones are fine. Love from Sarah and me!

JEFF A: Hi, I really liked your story about your wife. She seems to be a great lady. Itís nice she is so cool about letting you watch. Does she like it as well? Itís great to share such intimacy with your spouse. My wife and me are also trying to find the degree of openess, we both are comfortable with. I hope with love, understanding and respect for each other, this is not so difficult. Anyway, I wish you all the best and every strength you need.

INA: Nice you are back on the site! I found your post on the old post site. I feel honoured you included me in your wish list! Thanks dear, you would be on mine. Talk to you soon. LOVE

Love to all friends, especially the Robbie and Annie clan (hope you are fine!).

Saturday, August 31, 2002

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