Hi. I finished my first year of college last June, I did pretty well and like school. I knew it would be different from high school, but I didn't know how different! So, I was at a party, it was my first month of school. I was at a frat house with some friends I'd made. I really had to pee. A couple of my friends came with me, but when we got to the bathroom, there were a bunch of people hanging around inside. Some other girl walked past us and pulled her skirt up and her oanties down and sat on the toilet and peed in front of everyone, and even talked to the guy sitting next to the toilet. She wiped herself, flushed and got up and went back to the party. I was amazed! I was about to pee my pants, so I decided if she could do it, so could I. I walked right in, said hi to everyone and asked if they minded if I peed. They said no (they were all drunk or high or both). I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my knees, then pulled my panties down to my knees too . I sat on the toilet and peed for about two minutes! I couldn't believe how unbothered I was about it. Actually, it was kind of cool, kind of liberating. I haden't peed in front of a guy since I was a little kid. Not only did I pee in front of three guys, but I talked to them the whole time I was sitting there. It was really weird, but cool! I've peed in front of guys a few times since then. It makes me feel like I'm not as self-conscious as I used to be, which is cool. I don't think I could take a shit in front of a guy, though. I've never even done that in front of another girl! Peeing is not a big deal, but taking a shit is more private I think. I see a lot of people here who like being seen or seeing other people taking a shit. I can take a shit in a public bathroom, but not if there isn't a stall, or no door on the stall. I don't want people, especially a guy to see my face straining, or hear me fart or hear shit hitting the water. That would be too emba! rrassing for me. Who knows though?! I can pee in front of guys now. Maybe someday, I can take a shit in front of guys too. I'll be sure to let you know if I ever do. Bye for now! I have a few other pee and shit stories I can tell another day.

Erin :)

Anyone ever do this?

Sometimes in our city's parks, the workers will lock up the bathrooms
early so that they can go slack off. I saw them do this once when
I had to take a dump, so I thought that I'd get revenge. I took a
huge #1 all over the ground infront of the door. The bad thing about
it is that if you're not careful, you can turn the corner and find that
your foot is buried in shit! That's what those idiots get for locking
the bathrooms up early and not caring about people's bowel habits!

Oh my gosh I have been reading this forum for quite some time but never really had anything interesting to post about until today. First of all I am 19 and my boyfriend is 23. Two days ago it was my birthday and my boyfriend was really sweet and invited me over to his place for a birthday dinner. He did it all himself (he is a really great cook). We shared a bottle of blush wine and after dinner we curled up on the couch together to watch a movie. It was about an hour into the movie and as we were cuddling I got a really intense stomache ache. It came on so suddenly just out of nowhere. I gasped as a sharp pain ripped through my stomache. My boyfriend asked if I was okay and I said no I have really bad stomache cramps. All of a sudden another really bad cramped shot through my stomache and I let out a small fart. Right away I could feel the warm wetness in my panties. I said Oh God and I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. As soon as I got into the bathroom and went to pull m! y pants down the pain overtook me and I let another fart go and immediately wished I hadn't. My panties were full of hot mushy diarrea. I carefully pulled them down and sat down on the toilet and just let my bowels relax. Diarrea shot out of my ass. It made such a horrible stench. I was bent over holding my stomache and groaning in pain and all of a sudden my boyfriend was at the bathroom door. He asked if I needed anything and I told him that I hadn't quite made it to the bathroom on time. He saw the mess on the floor and in my panties and came in and sat down beside me on the edge of the bathtub. He took hold of my hand and told me not to worry about the mess that he would take care of it when I was feeling well enough to stand up. We sat there for almost an hour while diarrea flowed out of me like a tap. My boyfriend rubbed my back for me to help the pain subside. The cramps finally subsided and my bum felt very empty. I told my boyfriend that I thought I was okay so he t! urned on the shower and got a nice warm flow of water running and told me to jump in and clean myself up while he cleaned up the floor. I took off my top and bra and got into the shower. God did that feel good. My boyfriend was so sweet. He rinsed my panties in the sink and cleaned up the mess on the floor and on the toilet seat. Then he got undressed and joined me in the shower. I told him I was so sorry for ruining my special birthday night that he had gone to so much trouble to do for me but he said that it wasn't ruined at all. He said that these things happen and I shouldn't worry about it. He said he was just so glad that I was okay. We spent another half hour in the shower together and I have to admit that other than the hour of suffering with diarrea and stomach cramps that was my best birthday ever.

I have just run across this site - very interesting! I do have a number of contributions dating from when I was a little boy -- I have discovered others contributing in this way. I will tell of one of my 1st memories of wetting -- When I was 5 years old I had rheumatic fever. As a result of this I was absolutely confined to my bed for 4 months - total bed rest. Prior to this age I do not recall any problems, however, I do recall when they started. These problems plagued me until I was in Junior High.

As I mentioned, I was now confined to my bed and could not get up for any reason. The Dr. told my parents that they were to carry me to the bathroom and anywhere else I needed to go - I was not to get out of bed or walk for any other reason. The first or second day I recall needing to go to the bathroom for the umpteenth time. My mother was busy taking care of my 2-year old sister and told me to wait when I called her. I remember waiting and knowing, finally, that I couldn't hold it any longer. I sat in bed, playing with my toys and just wet my pajamas and the bed. I was very surprised when my mother was not even angry. She simply told me that it was too bad and that we would be having this problem from time to time. She then put a rubber sheet on my bed and said that I wouldn't get in trouble for wetting. Now, up to this time I didn't even wet the bed while sleeping. That night I woke up needing to go to the bathroom and I remember knowing that I was not to ge! t out of bed regardless. I decided to go back to sleep and wait till morning when my mother could carry me to the bathroom. When I woke up again, in the morning, it was obviously too late. I had wet the bed in my sleep. At first I was very upset because I hadn't done this since I was a little baby but mom reminded me that since I was sick I couldn't help it. From that point on, unless mom was right by my room, I would simply wet my pants and the bed whenever I had to go. I found that I kind of liked the feeling of "holding it" until I couldn't any longer and having an accident. Sometimes I would even drink extra juice just to get to wet my bed and my pants. There were even times when my mom was busy and she would just say "wet your pants" when I did call to use the bathroom. After 4 months I was able to get out of bed and return to normal activities, however, the wetting stayed with me for a long time -- sometimes accidental wetting and sometimes on purpose. I'll c! ontinue with many of these stories in the future.

Scott L.
Will, love your story dude.

Once my friends and I rode our bikes up to Taco Bell to get a snack.
This Taco Bell wasn't close at all, but rather, 3 miles away. You'd think this wouldn't be bad, but we rode our bikes there.

Anyways, after we ate, we decided to have a pop drinking contest, since
refills were free. I think it lasted for two hours. If I remember correctly, I drank about 6 16 oz. cups of Pepsi, beating all of my friends. However, once we stood up to leave, we all felt diaherrea coming on. While one of my friends was standing in line, liquid shit started dripping down his leg and all over his shoes (he was wearing shorts). A few seconds later, the same happened to me, and as I ran to the bathroom, I left a trail of diaherrea on the restaurant's floor. I ended up getting to the bathroom, and I had to shit for 10 consecutive minutes. While they waited, the rest of my friends all shit their pants, and they were pissed at me.

On the bike ride home, we tried to get home as fast as possible. I tried to avoid the main streets, so no one would see my shit-filled legs and bottom. Occassionally, shit would fall out of my pants on the way home.

I'd hate to be the Taco Bell worker who had to clean the bathroom or the trail of shit on the floor.

I just wanted to say hello, and that I've been reading all the post on this forum and I love it. I guess everyone has different habits and interests when it comes to how they are comfortable when they're pooping. Myself- I can't seem to be productive unless there is someone else in there, I don't know why. Too quiet, or solitary or something.

Recently I've found some public places to be much more suitable to pooping than others. A couple of malls in my area, Mall of Georgia and the Premium Outlets have pretty decent bathrooms as a rule. My favorites of all times are the Dillards at the Mall of Ga downstairs, and the Rich's Mall of Georgia downstairs. Even the Unisex (one at a time) toilet is pretty cool in Rich's, just outside the Mens/Womens hall.

Some people react to someone else being in a restroom with fear and quiet. I guess I use to be this way when I was much younger, but since High School I'm over it. I'm in college now and you find yourself thrown in with so many people so much of the time you do what you do and think nothing of it. But I'd say I'm very open; so much so that if there were semi-private bathroom cubicles, such as a pot and a low-rise curtain, in a semi-busy place, I would opt to use that before I would a more secluded bathroom. I find it comfortable to use a public bathroom myself. But that's just me.


PS> probably be pooping Saturday at the Mall of Ga Rich's as they have pretty comfey bathrooms.

Harry K.
Hello all, I have a few questions...

1. How many times do you "squirt" after emptying your bladder?
2. How do you decide when to go? If you know you can hold it for a few hours, do you still go? Why?

and just for guys...

3. Where do you aim in the urinal? the water, the middle, directly ahead?
4. How do you position yourself to pee standing? feet apart, feet together, knees bent, arched forward?

Thanks for satisfying my curiousity ;)

Anyone ever do this?

Sometimes in our city's parks, the workers will lock up the bathrooms
early so that they can go slack off. I saw them do this once when
I had to take a dump, so I thought that I'd get revenge. I took a
huge #1 all over the ground infront of the door. The bad thing about
it is that if you're not careful, you can turn the corner and find that
your foot is buried in shit! That's what those idiots get for locking
the bathrooms up early and not caring about people's bowel habits!

The other day my brother in law came over to eat his lunch. After eating he went to the bathroom and then in a couple of minutes i heard him unbuckling his belt. He sat on the toilet and let out a tight fart then I heard some crackling. He farted again then more crackling. It was quite for a couple of minutes nd then I heard more crackling then I heard him get up. He does this all the time because he doesn't like to go at work. This was one of the shorter times because most of the time he can stay in there for 20 min or more.
Bryian thanks for your reply. ihave chest hair. how old are you?
Billy and kevin How old are you and your brothers? any chest hair?
Still like to hear andy prom stories. Bye and happy toileting.

pee cray Z
adele-how old is your little sis that pees her panties every night?
the girl who wrote about her and her sister peeing in thier swim suits- what other ways did your sis pee her panties? (u said she was part of a club?)

hi everyone, im new to this site. well yestaday i had to stay after school for a detention cos i talked the whole time during one of my lesson. after the detention, i was going to go home but then i saw Lacey, she is a girl in my class and boy, she was really really cute. i saw her standing next to the building and she looked really pale and sick. i went up and asked her what's wrong. she said that she feels sick, which was obvious. then she walked away holding her mouth and stomach, me being curious followed. then when she was turning around a corner suddenly she threw up with 1 hand holding her ???? and another on her pretty hair. the vomit was digusting. then she lifted her uniform skirt and exploded with diarrhea all over the wall of the building. then she squatted with rivers of diarrhea flowing out of her butt. then i went up to her and asked her if she needs help. she was crying and said nothing and all she was doing were farting, peeing and letting liquid diarrhea o! ut. although it stunk i still stayed close to her since she looks so helpless. today she thanked me for staying close with her and said that the lunch she had caused that. we kissed after and became bf/gf!!

I just wanted to say hello, and that I've been reading all the post on this forum and I love it. I guess everyone has different habits and interests when it comes to how they are comfortable when they're pooping. Myself- I can't seem to be productive unless there is someone else in there, I don't know why. Too quiet, or solitary or something.

Recently I've found some public places to be much more suitable to pooping than others. A couple of malls in my area, ???????????? and the?????????????????? have pretty decent bathrooms as a rule. My favorites of all times are the ?????s at the ?????l ????????????? downstairs, and the ?????????????? downstairs. Even the Unisex (one at a time) toilet is pretty cool in ????????, just outside the Mens/Womens hall.

Some people react to someone else being in a restroom with fear and quiet. I guess I use to be this way when I was much younger, but since High School I'm over it. I'm in college now and you find yourself thrown in with so many people so much of the time you do what you do and think nothing of it. But I'd say I'm very open; so much so that if there were semi-private bathroom cubicles, such as a pot and a low-rise curtain, in a semi-busy place, I would opt to use that before I would a more secluded bathroom. I find it comfortable to use a public bathroom myself. But that's just me.


PS> probably be pooping Saturday at the ???????s as they have pretty comfey bathrooms.

Ok...who has the bigger bladder???? I was interested in the chat regarding African -American women and their abiltiy to really take a powerful pee.

As some of you know, my wife , Jill is Caucasion, and has a tank that can put out house fires. I have had experience with Black women in the past who have indeed been champion league pissers.

We have a friend, Shari, who is a 30 year old, tall, beautiful, Caribbean looking black woman. I have heard and seen her pee before on roadside adventures. She has a great ability to hiss out a long, powerful stream . It is a beautiful thing to see her nicely trimmed, wiry, black triangle opened up for a pee.

A good example of Black prowess is always Oprah Winfrey in " Beloved". The pee scene is incredible...I would love to get a tape of the unedited film that shows that piss from start to finish! Wow, that stream is blazing out of her, and in the short time it is shown and heard, it seems to be a long powerhouse.

I am always curious....I see alot of "20 questions" type posts asking about bathroom habits. Ladies....who can pee the longest and most powerful out there..? Do you, or have you ever gotten comments from others who may have seen or heard you about your pissing ability? I know as I have said, Jill has had many accolades from amazed people, especially men , who have caught her squatting, or simply been outside a bathrom door as she lets loose. Whoa! Give her several beers, and she is a literal firehose!

My experience with black women stems from my many years as a paramedic..long time ago.... I was ER based as well, so , I worked many hours in that capacity helping accident victims, broken leg victims, etc with bedpan service . Many of the black women I had the opportunity to help take a pee on a bedpan were truly amazing....their capacity and abiltiy to shoot wide , hissy streams always gave me a twinge, although I always tried my best to separate a medical situation from stimulation...sometimes, even the best effort is over-ridden with amazement of watching a nice female crotch empty a desperate load of pee!

How about some feedback, ladies??? Who else beside Jill can "peel porcelain"??? How hard??


Hi y’all!

Bobbie, what an exciting story about you pooing in a pizza box in your young friend’s van! Great stuff! I will look out for your name! Cheers!

Punk Rock Girl, I liked your story of using the toilet on board your friends boat. Actually I enjoy all your stories very much! You are one of my favourites! I’m glad your backside has mended satisfactorily. Hugs!

Marcy, you too make my eyes shine when I see your name!

Senior Damsel, so your lovely daughters are becoming more independent. Louise being married and Damsel madly in love will probably make you feel a bit lonely sometimes. So I’m glad you joined us here. I know by what I have read about you, that you must have good stories up your sleeve. I welcome you heartily!

Damsel dear, weeing ‘before’ and ‘after’ is very sound advice. It helps you to avoid what I have heard being called ‘Honey Moon Cystitis’. Literally strains of bacteria your immune system is not used to are being rubbed in, so to speak. Your urethra being short, there’s the danger of harmful bacteria migrating into your bladder.
So drink enough to pee often. Orange juice for breakfast will make your urine acidic, and create a hostile environment for eventual bacteria in your bladder and so help counteract the possible after effects of your nightly activities :-). I strongly recommend that you do NOT play ‘hold it’ games for some months. See it this way: let me assume that bacteria divide every 30 minutes, a plausible value. Bacteria will have divided four times after two hours and will be present in 16 fold numbers by this time. That is considerable. After five hours of holding it in, any stray bacteria floating around in your bladder will have divided ten times and icreased their number by two to the power of ten times. That is 1024 times. Alarming? Ishould think so. After holding it in for ten hours bacteria will have increased their number more than one million times. Now that is scary! See what I mean?
So dGodfather, your conversation with Ellie having a wee for you in the field made good reading. You must be a lovely godfather to Ellie!

Hermione, I have just read your encounter in the loo nextdoor to the lady with the hard to pass jobbie! Great story! It was as if I was there with you! Cheers from Rizzo. rink enough liquids to be able to pee every two hours or so, and remain healthily in love. Hugs from Rizzo

To Maryann: Wow you are some great girlfriend!!!

My name is Shely. I am today 22 years old. I want to tell you about
somthing that happened to my 10 years ago when I was 12 years old. I
went to wolking trip with our house-made and an other women. She was a
big and strong woman. After we walk a little while, I felt that I have
to pee. I tald her that I have to "make pee-pee". She ordered me to
restrain till we shall return to home and than I should "make pee-pee".
We continued to walk, and my peeing pressure became stronger and
stronger and i felt i can not restrain any more. I told the house-maid
it. At first she did not want to change her previos decission, and let
me pee but when I began to cry then she decided to let me pee eaven it
was outdoors. When we passed near a grove of trees, she, I and the other
woman went into the grove between the trees. She took off my pants and
my underwear, hold me with her 2 hands where my lags are joined to body,
with her finger opened my peeing lips and ordered me to pee. Than I
began to pee. Because that my bladder was very full and very pressed, it
came out forward with a strong streem like a bow. I peed a large amount,
and close to end the peeing-streem became weeker and at stoped at last.
when it stoped, the house-made brought me down on my lags. I took my underwear and pants and while wearing them back I heated the house-made
lauhing and she said to the other woman "Have you seen ? Shely peed
like a boy !!!"

To the un-named poster-
I loved your story about you and your sister peeing in the grass by the pool. You two must pee amazingly loud when sitting on the toilet since your stream will arch out from your bikini bottoms like that. I wish I knew which college your sister went to. I am a 19 year old guy living in Houston, TX. I also wish I could find the right girlfriend who is into peeing like that because I am. Keep up the great stories!


Jeff A.

Rizzo: Very good to hear from you again my friend. Sorry about the loss of your job too.

Punk Rock Girl: Can I be your friend too? I'll be happy to bring you toilet paper! However, it sounds like your boyfriend has that area covered! You've painted a lovely image of yourself wandering around with your thong around your thighs going through cupboards! Also, great story about the mens/womens room. I'm a big fan of female exhibitionists. One of my previous girlfriends was a real bathroom exhibitionist and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I also used to hang out at a certain club that had unisex bathrooms with 2 toilets and 2 urinals and only stall walls, no doors. I have a few great stories of those incidents!

Traveling Guy: I think I'm ready to go to Latin America! Quieres a venga conmigo?

Cousin: Thanks for the info on Caged Heat on DVD. I think I would buy the DVD of that movie. It's worth it just for those two scenes, plus the superior quality of digital.

Gary USA
I've often wondered how someone with bad knees who was unable to squat would take a dump in one of those european squat type toilets? I've tried it standing up and it works ok if it is firm but never when it was loose. I have bad knees because of wrestling, football and a motorcycle accident and can't squat all the way down because I'd have a very hard time getting back up. The Japanese ones seem ok but what are the others like? What experiences has anyone had with them? Has anyone ever missed while going? I'm very curious.

John Q Public. You mention that your girlfriend can hold her pee for a very long time. What is the maximum time you have observed? How long does she pee afterward? Have you ever measured her volume? Did she ever have a contest with your sister?

Punk Rock Girl

I've seen a few people here posting that they've heard Britney Spears shit her pants onstage and Kirsten Dunst shit her pants while shooting Spider-Man. Are these rumors true? Regardless, I'm just curious why everyone is interested in these stories? Is it just because they're famous and beautiful and it would be sort of poetic to see someone of that stature in such an awkward position? Or is it because that odd mixture of beauty and shitting is a turn on? Or does it just make them more human? It makes no difference to me what the reasoning is, I'm just curious.

I had another massive dump last night. I was out to dinner with my boyfriend and a co-worker and I went to the restroom. The restroom was gorgeous! These big roomy stalls made of marble, nice comfy toilet seats, and decent toilet paper. I went into the nearest stall, pulled down my pants and thong and sat. I pushed and a big load squeezed out, and plopped loudly in the bowl, splashing my ass with water. I pushed again, but nothing came out. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands. I went back to the table, sat down and said, "Boy do I feel empty now!" My boyfriend laughed, my friend, who isn't so amused by bodily functions, just rolled her eyes and said thanks for sharing.


This morning on the way to work I decided to stop and get breakfast at a diner I go to occasionally. They have pretty nice restrooms for a greasy spoon, except that the stalls don't have doors, even in the women's room, which is a little unusual. So, after I ate, I felt my bowels crying to be let out. I paid my check and went into the women's room. There's three stalls, but no one was in there at the time. I went in the first stall, pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the toilet. My dump was a little softer and a lot noisier than my last few, but nowhere near the case of the shits I went through a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, I sat there letting the last few chunks plop into the water when I heard the door open. It was a mother and a little girl, maybe eight, and they both smiled at me as they walked past. The little girl had to poop, but was upset that there was no door on the stall. Her mother assured her that no boys would come in, only other girls, and that seemed to make her feel better. I heard the little girl unzip her pants and get on the toilet. I was about to wipe when I heard this HUGE fart followed by a HUGE splash come from the next stall. I don't usually eavesdrop or spy on other people's shitting/pissing sessions, but I couldn't help it. Did that monstrous load just come out of that little girl's ass?

I wiped, flushed and exited the stall. As I washed my hands, I heard several more farts and some smaller plops. I glanced back and saw that the mother was standing in front of the stall, blocking the little girl from view. She smiled at me and said it was her daughter's first time in a stall with no door. I said, well, you don't see women's rooms with no doors too often. She said no, you sure don't. I said, bye, then said, bye, honey, to the little girl. She called back bye to me. It was pretty cute.

It just goes to show, no matter how tiny or cute we are, when a girl has to take a dump, stand clear!



i've posted before but not as well as most of you all. i guess i'm a little turned on by women having diarrhea. i know that's kinda sick and all but i was wondering if anyone have any women been in a restroom and saw another woman having diarrhea from something she ate. or if not that has any other women have had diarrhea from eating something bad like take out. i'm sorry for so many requests and i wish i had an interesting story. bye for now.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Hermione. Hi and welcome! I enjoyed your post. It sounds very much as though your colleague had been constipated and needed to do a lot. No doubt she stunk the place up quite a bit. Have you ever dropped some big loads panfuls when you've been on the loo? Also have you ever been taken short for either #1 or #2 and not made it on time? I'd love to know.

Last night there was an interesting programme on ITV 1, similar to 'Survivor' but involving celebrities placed in the Australian jungle and called 'I'm a celebrity - get me out of here.' There were a few toilet references. One lady, Tara, was slightly sick and begged to go to the toilet whilst she was having to take a rather unpleasant shower involving maggots and creepy crawlies. Another lady, Rhona I think, farted at one stage and that caused some amusement too!

Best wishes to all


For readers in United Kingdom, don't know if you know this already, but on sky tv we have a new channel called tantelise that shows nothing but scat(shit) movies, been tempted to order but not to sure. Anyone else noticed.

gay lad
to the moderator why was my last post not allowed
to dairus like you i live in a town in lancashire
i have not deliberately pooped in my pants
for the past three occasions my ibs has been pretty bad so i have been shitting for england. i last went yesterday morning i awoke just wearing my ck boxer shorts,had a cup of tea, had some ready brek and my bowels started rumbling so i went upstairs and sat on the loo placing mirror behind so i could watch the show, my first turd pretty big emerged about 8 inches with a nice crackling sound,but i knew i wasn,t done,sur enough about a minute larer another long thin turd oozed out of my hole,followed by 5 more long thin turds accompanied by farting ,all full of sweetcorn,it was like watching a chocolate dispenser,the toilet was full of poop and a massive skid mark on the side of the bowl, i wiped 4 times and finished of with a wet wipe it took two flushes to get it all down.
im of on holiday to gran canaria on monday for a week and am told theres some action in the sand dunes
ill post soon about further adventures of me and kurt bike riding
happy crapping and pissing

Plunging Plop Guy

Hullo again!

ERIN, You're part way there! If you felt cool and liberated sitting on the toilet while you had company; you should find no trouble in sitting on the toilet and having a shit on show with others around!
Read the post from Thomas from a few days ago, and I wish you happy shitting in company!

THOMAS, Your step by step list of how to get accustomed to shitting in company should be very useful to those presently inhibited.
One aspect I thought very important that you mentioned was that if someone is trying to intimidate a guy on the toilet; that he refuses to allow himself to show any embarrassment. The nature of all psychological bullying is that the "Victim" feels embarrassed.
To be sitting on a toilet grunting, farting and plopping while someone's standing outside watching and mocking, and looking disgusted is a great opportunity to look the guy in the face and just carry on EXACTLY as you would if you were alone, or better still, grunt even louder, sigh after a loud plop, get up now and again and look in the pan at what you've done! The "bully" will soon realise he's not having any effect. He'll probably admire your nerve and cool attitude!
I remember reading a great account some months ago of a guy who was at Summer Camp at the age of 13, and that some girls had removed the toilet roll, and he asked them to bring him some. He was sitting on a latrine toilet at the time, and the girl who brought him the TP looked at him disgustedly as he wiped himself. He told them they must be very sad to think a boy having a shit and wiping his arse so worthy of attention, and he walked out of there with head held high, and he wasn't bothered again.
Be proud to use the toilet! I wish there were toilets without doors in this country. I'd love to know what men would do if overnight all the public toilet doors disappeared! Perhaps someone will produce a film about such an event!

HARRY K. Re. your survey:
1/ I never squirt much at the end of a wee; just a few drips usually, and I squeeze about 3 times. I've often noticed that others seem to finish, then continue again for a few seconds but mine is always continuous.
2/ I try to have a wee when I know it'll be inconvenient to go again for a long time, but often, I find that I really need a toilet as the process of walking seems to bring it on! Ever since being a child, I've found that even if I really want to go badly, it helps if there are other people around, which tends to make the urge go somewhat.
3/ At a urinal I aim at the porcelain/steel above the trough so as to avoid splashing my feet. If it's wall-mounted, I aim just above the drainholes.
4/ I stand with feet just slightly apart in the same way I'd stand ordinarily.

THE "HOLD IT" MAN. Please tell us more about the "Tantalize" Channel, and what sort of films you've seen!

DARIUS, Sorry to hear about your recent misfortune, with your friend invading your PC privacy. I hope you were able to give him the idea that it was no big deal, and that it wasn't a deadly secret he'd uncovered. An attitude like when someone's trying to embarass you, and you refuse to be intimidated is what's needed in those cases, like "Here's a website that's quite amusing and I sometimes post onto it, so what?"
Anyway, I hope you've not felt awkward about his "discovery".
I recently deleted my search engine "auto-complete" to avoid other people seeing what subjects I've searched for in the net, but there seems to be no way of avoiding new searches being remembered. Also, History can give one's interests away, so if you want to avoid the possibility of anyone seeing what you do on your PC, cover your tracks as much as possible. As long as we've not visited anything very pornographic, or involving minors, then anyone who dislikes what we're into should mind their own business!

HUSK, I really liked the way you graphically descibed "liking listening to other guys on the bog shitting, stinking, straining and farting on the bog" !! I could not agree more about how much I love to hear the same! I think everyone who posts here, and shares the same interest has said they didn't realise there were others into this!
I too was absolutely amazed to find this forum where I feel among so many friends.
As you live in London, can you tell me what toilets you've found that are good for hearing other guys shitting? When I go to London, I always visit any public toilets that happen to be in the area where I am, but have never yet found any that have good, deep toilets for hearing loud plops, or lots of guys using them, and without any noisy hand driers.
Tell me about some of the really good sessions you've heard, and do you like other guys hearing you on the toilet?

My own shits this week have been a mixture again. Yesterday, I sat on a public toilet and dropped a few small, but quite loud firm turds that splashed the water up onto my arse, and finished up feeling great.
The day before, and also today, the turds were softer. Today's needed a lot of wiping up and left my arse a bit sore for a while, but the day before yesterday, I felt like it wasn't all out, and felt uncomfortable for a while after.
Like I've said before; slightly constipated- good, soft- bad!
Not only do I feel great sitting on the toilet having a good firm, loud shit that needs no cleaning up after, and needed a bit of straining to do it; I feel great after, but when it's soft and easy, that's no fun and my arse feels itchy or tender. I'm probably still overdoing the fibre and it's very hard to assess exactly how much I've taken on any one day. A few months ago I must have been doing it right, as almost every day I was quite constipated and grunting out really pleasurable firm turds that plopped and splashed the water back up, and my arse was clean and tingling nicely! Perfect!

RIZZO, Good to hear from you again, welcome back!
DECLAN, Not heard from you lately, also DREW. Look forward to hearing from both of you!

Peace to all, and enjoy your toilets! P. Plop Guy

Hello everybody! We are back! Well I have written 2 letters but they did not get on. I hope this one does.

JEFF A - Hi guy!!!!! Where have you been all this time??? I hope you and Denise are well! Thank you for saying such nice things about me and Steve. Yeah, I know I am very lucky having him! He is away working this week but he will be very pleased you have written. We are both well and enjoying our married life. I am not very pleased your job has gone though. Big corporations throw people away too easy don't they? I hope you get everything sorted out very soon you know?
I am happy you liked my diarrhoea story Jeff. I am afraid I do not have any new ones like that just now but I bet you will like a story Steve has because he saw my best friend Jackie having diarrhoea. She got a bit of an upset ???? when we were in Spain and he saw her with diarrhoea coming out of her bum.
Thank you for saying you would like to see me on the toilet and I have a story just for you..
On Wednesday morning I got up and I had a nice shit. I got out of bed and I did not have any clothes on yet so I went to the bathroom naked. I felt like I needed a good shit as well as my morning wee. I thought the night before I would want a shit in the morning. Well I put my mirrors up so I could see myself doing it. I hovered over the toilet and I checked I could see my bumhole and I thought about my virtual audience down by the toilet looking up at my bare bum. Well I started weeing and after a few drops came out (are you watching?) and I got a good gusher going. SSSSSSS... SSSSSS. It was a yellow twisty inch wide sheet and I really washed the front of the bowl Jeff. I bet it lasted over a minute and I started a trickle that went on a bit and it made a lot of noise in the water in the bowl. Drip drip drip. giggle Well then I pushed my shit out and I felt my bumhole opening up. I looked in the mirror and I saw my turd coming out and stretching my bumhole wide open. I ! stopped pushing for a few seconds with my log sticking out of my bum. I pushed a bit more and my log sort of slid out of me and it splashed in my toilet water. It was about 6 to 8 inches long I think and a bit knobbly. I pulled off some tp and I wiped my pussy, throwing the paper in the bowl. I got some more tp and I wiped my bum but there was nothing on the paper. Then I got in the shower and gave myself a good wash from head to toe. Well I hope you liked my story Jeff. I think about you a lot and I know Steve does too. We will be specially thinking of you on that day 2 weeks from now.
Yeah I am doing well with my martial arts. I am going to be graded again at the start of next year and Steve says I am almost ready now really but he wants me to practice more. I think about it a lot too. Mental practice you know? And I do not think I have seen Steve better and faster than he is now. He and his best friend are just so cool and in control. I want to be that good one day. I know I have to have diarrhoea a few times more before gradings first! giggle
Hey guy I will write to you again very soon ok?
Love Louise xxxxx

MICKEY - Hi guy!!! Yeah, Steve and I are very happy thank you. I hope you and Jill are happy too. You want a nice wide open pee story just for you? Well ok then. I had one a few days ago for you and here is what I did...
Well I am wearing a bikini top and a short skirt with no knickers on just now. Well I am getting up from my chair and going outside at the back. I really need a wee but I am not quite desperate. I bet I could hold it about an hour more but I will do it now. I am just getting down to squat and I am lifting my skirt up. The sun is on me. Are you ready? I am, so I am going to let rip... now! Well it took me a second to get going and I did a little dribble on the ground but I am getting a bit more pressure now. Whoosh! That is a big gusher isn't it? Can you hear the hissing? SSSSSS ..... SSSSS That's a big twist in my stream. Look at my pool of wee running away into the grass with the frothy bubbles. My legs are wide apart so it is easy to see my wee squirting out of me. My wee is still gushing but it is just starting to die down now. Trickle trickle trickle trickle. Drip drip drip. Trickle trickle. Drip drip drip. I am finished now. Drip drip. I am just wiggling my bum to s! hake off the little drops. I should have brought some tp with me before I went out but I forgot. So I will still have to go to the bathroom. Did you like my story?
Love Louise xxxxx

ROBBY - I hope it goes all right with Robby Senior.

PV - Hi girl! Thank you for writing to my mum. She enjoyed weeing in Spain again. I will write and tell you a lot more about how we weed when I have more time. We do not think did not see as many people weeing as we did other years but there were still quite a lot really. Jackie was a bit shy about doing it at first. She got so she was nearly bursting and then she squatted in the sand and did a big gusher. LOL a teenage boy was looking but Jackie did not care because she was bursting but she blushed and had a giggle with me afterwards.
When I had my first wee on the beach this year I got so I was really bursting and my mum got so she was nearly bursting too. We squatted a few feet away from where we were sitting with Steve and Jackie too. We did not really try to hide our bits anything and I think a guy who was with his wife was peeking at us when we did our gushers in the sand. I have a lot more to tell you.

Hey thank you everybody who has written to me and Steve like dear Rizzo, Ina, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan and Tim and Sarah. It will be hard work getting through all the things to say.



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