John Q Public

It's funny you should mention Mcdonalds having a laxitive effect on you. The same exact thing happens to me. In fact if I eat at McDonalds or drink too many liquids, you might as well place my desk and computer right infront of the toilet because that's where I am going to be spending most of the day.

Hold It man:

I think you might have a point about Asian Girls because my GF is half asian and she can hold for ever then piss like a race horse after words. I, too have also noticed that African American women also seem to pee long and hard on the occasions that I had to see them.


The above reminds me of a story when my younger sister and one of her friends, who happens to be Black, decided to have a contest to see who could pee the hardest and most, so they both started drinking water in huge amounts. This was about when she was 10 or so. Anyway they both held, held and held until their bladders were bursting. They decided to use buckets so they could see who's water level was higher. The whole thing took about 8 hours. My sister is well endowed, but she was no match for her friend, who claimed that she already had to pee when the contest began. They both lasted until my sister could hold out no longer. She squated over the bucked, while I kept time with my wrist watch. She hissed for about one minute and 50 seconds non stop, then shot out a few spurts. Again, because of the amount of water was unbeliveable, and the head of foam was even thicker then the one she did after the beach. Then her friend went. That was the first time I ever saw a Black Girl's genitelia. She squated over her bucket, leand forward and let out a torrent that hit the inside of that plastic bucket so hard that it sounded like it was being filled with a garden hose. Then she pushed as hard as she could, so hard in fact that she farted. She went non-stip for about two minutes and 20 seconds, then she cut back to a slow dribble for about another 20 seconds, making her total pee time two minutes and forty seconds. Her pee was a little yellower then my sister's was, but it still had no odor because of the huge amount of water she drank. It too, kicked up a head of foam, only hers swelled up to about 2 inches in hight and the bubbles were a little smaller then marbles. It was hard to see the high water mark in either of the buckets because of the foam, but it was clear that my sister's friend was clearly the winner.

Anyone else have any good pee foam stories I would love to hear them.

Justin,I liked your baseball story. I never have spoken to anyone while shirting. Darius keep sending your stories i love reading them and I too want to know if your dump ended up in your boxes the other day? I too enjoyed Noel's stories and adam stories and Matt's stories. I wish they would start posting again.

the "HOLD IT" man
This may have b

Don't know if Sky digital subscribers(United Kingdom) know this already, but there is this new channel called Tantalise 989 that shows nothing but poop movies. Check it out.

een an optical allusion, but maybe not. I was out taking photographs today at the place where I work. I was taking pics of the parking lots and cars being parked on the grass and the like because of the place getting more and more crowded. I work at a school's media department. Anyway, we are trying to get aproval for more parking spaces to be added, so they need proof.

To make a long story short, I was out and about taking photos and when I got back to check out the digital images that I shot, I could have sworn that I got a photo of somebody, couldn't tell whether it was a guy or a girl, squating down behind the door of the car and that person was peeing. Or at least it certainly looked as thogh he or she was at any rate. It may have been an illusion or trick of lignt, but it certainly looked like urine streem to me.


Hi, once again. I'm sure you will all have realised that my most recent post has a repeat of Pee Cray Z's post under my name. Just to clarify that it was his short post followed by mine after a line.

Carl: Sorry to hear that you shit your pants on a stationary bus in the Bank Holiday traffic. You say you that it was a firm one but horrible. Be thankful that you did not have diarrhoea in your pants, because I would have agreed with you that that would have been really horrible. I love to shit in my underpants on purpose and providing it is anything from hard to soft (but not runny diarrhoea), the feel of the warm poo in my pants against my bum really does something for me. I cannot say why this is. In fact I am trying to understand why. I think the others on here who choose do either poo or pee their pants, or do both together could not explain why they love doing it. Sorry I can't explain what I like about being in wet and/or dirty underpants - but I just know I love it. I have tried often to "give it up", but have never succeeded for more than about 3-months. It would be good to hear if any of the other guys who fill their pants have any thoughts on this.

Matt: Welcome back. It was good to read your post to CK Filler. I used to love your posts - so I'll look forward to more posts from you.

ucgenie: Thanks for saying that you love reading my posts. No, the dump did not end up in my boxers the other day. Normally I would have enjoyed it, but as I was particularly busy, I was glad I made it to the loo as I did not really have time for a second shower to get cleaned up.

An explanation about NOEL: I am NOEL. I had a very bad experience with a friend called David (not my younger best friend David I sometimes mentioned in my posts). This other David called when I was online to this site. I forgot to close down when I went to let him in. As I made him a coffee in the kitchen, he was reading a part completed post I had on the screen. I had not realised this. He told all sorts of people what I was into and even tried posting to this site to say I had died. This was never published (thanks to the alert Moderators). For a while I laid low. David never comes here now. So, not able to keep off the site, I began to post as "Darius". I've tried to look like someone different to Noel, but some of you may have detected similarities to Noel in my posts as Darius. Noel was my name. Darius is not. So I feel safer posting as Darius. When in my last post I said I would like to know what happened to Noel, Adam, Matt and Poo Pants, I thought after I posted ! that it was crazy to mention Noel, as I was him. Actually, I have been very touched about what you have recently said about my posts as Noel. So, I'm still here. If my posts have been more low key as Darius, hopefully I'll get back to the Noel flair. I was very shaken by my experience with this other David. I would offer advice to all on this site: Please take care when you are online, particularly if you don't want everyone to know about your toiletting desires, etc. I know others of you post under different names. Some to avoid confusion with others of similar name. Some may have had similar difficulties to me.

Anyway, I must go. I love this site and I value interacting with a number of you. Even though we never meet, I have come to regard so many of you as friends. Best wishes for now and happy pooing and peeing.



Matt - Welcome back.

CK filler - I enjoyed your posts.

Carl - You ask "What the heck is it about shitting your pants which is preferable to the pleasure and satisfaction of a nice leisurely dump sitting on the comfort of a toilet?"
Well, a good question. One I often ask myself. I enjoy a dump sitting on a toilet, or squatting outdoors. But just occasionally I like to do it in my briefs and jeans and wet myself as well, it has that kind of feel of 'forbidden pleasure' which is very exciting. It also sometimes makes me hard and features in my fantasies so there is something sexual about it as well. Just writing about it on the internet makes me excited.
Do other people feel the same?
Regards to all, (too many to name but I enjoy reading your posts)


Last night i was flipping channels and i came across an old rerun of Home Improvement on. Jonathan taylor thomas(randy) was in trouble for something at school and his parents went to the school and they came home and JTT said, dad whats that in your pocket, he pulls something out and said it was a pancrease. Then JTT Was holding it and hes like dad thats the colon. Then i was thinking it would be cool to see him poop. Any one see this episode? and what do you think about JTT, Would you like to see him pee/poop?

To All: Sorry if you asked me something and haven't had a reponse...its cause that last post didn't make it..please ask again..gotta run bye

I'm a 28 year old black guy living in London. I've been reading this site for a few months now and I thought I was the only one who liked listening to other guys on the bog shitting, stinking, straining and farting. A few days ago, I was in my kitchen naked squatting down on the floor, picking something up and as I was down there I felt a fart brewing so I let it trumpet out loudly. A few seconds later, I felt another one, so I let it trumpet out again, but as I did, I felt a funny feeling in my arsehole. I thought, oh no and as I looked beneath me, I saw a perfect round puddle of watery shit. I was just glad I was wearing my drawers at the time. I had eaten a lot of sweet green grapes earlier that day and I think it was that that caused my pooh to be runny.

Darius, I cannot thank you enough for your interest in my trip to India.I am Male older 54 but in good shape I just would like to know where I can expect to see the best pee and poo sightings. I am not one that is afraid to stray off the beaten path but of course apprehensive Perhaps I will pee and poo in their presence outdoors as I like to be watched as well. If my trip necessitates a guide I would arrange for that to happen as I feel it would not be cost prohibitive. I just wonder how I could explain to him what my interests are. Please give me some feedback and thank you again for all your info thus far

=Matt - Welcome back.

CK filler - I enjoyed your posts.

Carl - You ask "What the heck is it about shitting your pants which is preferable to the pleasure and satisfaction of a nice leisurely dump sitting on the comfort of a toilet?"
Well, a good question. One I often ask myself. I enjoy a dump sitting on a toilet, or squatting outdoors. But just occasionally I like to do it in my briefs and jeans and wet myself as well, it has that kind of feel of 'forbidden pleasure' which is very exciting. It also sometimes makes me hard and features in my fantasies so there is something sexual about it as well. Just writing about it on the internet makes me excited.
Do other people feel the same?
Regards to all, (too many to name but I enjoy reading your posts)


I have just run across this site - very interesting! I do have a number of contributions dating from when I was a little boy -- I have discovered others contributing in this way. I will tell of one of my 1st memories of wetting -- When I was 5 years old I had rheumatic fever. As a result of this I was absolutely confined to my bed for 4 months - total bed rest. Prior to this age I do not recall any problems, however, I do recall when they started. These problems plagued me until I was in Junior High.

As I mentioned, I was now confined to my bed and could not get up for any reason. The Dr. told my parents that they were to carry me to the bathroom and anywhere else I needed to go - I was not to get out of bed or walk for any other reason. The first or second day I recall needing to go to the bathroom for the umpteenth time. My mother was busy taking care of my 2-year old sister and told me to wait when I called her. I remember waiting and knowing, finally, that I couldn't hold it any longer. I sat in bed, playing with my toys and just wet my pajamas and the bed. I was very surprised when my mother was not even angry. She simply told me that it was too bad and that we would be having this problem from time to time. She then put a rubber sheet on my bed and said that I wouldn't get in trouble for wetting. Now, up to this time I didn't even wet the bed while sleeping. That night I woke up needing to go to the bathroom and I remember knowing that I was not to ge! t out of bed regardless. I decided to go back to sleep and wait till morning when my mother could carry me to the bathroom. When I woke up again, in the morning, it was obviously too late. I had wet the bed in my sleep. At first I was very upset because I hadn't done this since I was a little baby but mom reminded me that since I was sick I couldn't help it. From that point on, unless mom was right by my room, I would simply wet my pants and the bed whenever I had to go. I found that I kind of liked the feeling of "holding it" until I couldn't any longer and having an accident. Sometimes I would even drink extra juice just to get to wet my bed and my pants. There were even times when my mom was busy and she would just say "wet your pants" when I did call to use the bathroom. After 4 months I was able to get out of bed and return to normal activities, however, the wetting stayed with me for a long time -- sometimes accidental wetting and sometimes on purpose. I'll c! ontinue with many of these stories in the future.

AJ :o)

Just stopping in for a quick look around. Looks as if a lot of interesting things have been going on since I left for my trip. When I'm back home and settled in, I'll write more, but I will say one thing now: I'm trying to change my diet for the better, and, earlier this week, I had seven (give or take) pooping sessions in one day! Must have had a lot stuck to the walls or something, and my change-of-diet cleared it out. Anyway, I was literally full of it!

AJ :o)

The other day my brother in law came over to eat his lunch. After eating he went to the bathroom and then in a couple of minutes i heard him unbuckling his belt. He sat on the toilet and let out a tight fart then I heard some crackling. He farted again then more crackling. It was quite for a couple of minutes nd then I heard more crackling then I heard him get up. He does this all the time because he doesn't like to go at work. This was one of the shorter times because most of the time he can stay in there for 20 min or more.
Bryian thanks for your reply. ihave chest hair. how old are you?
Billy and kevin How old are you and your brothers? any chest hair?
Still like to hear andy prom stories. Bye and happy toileting.

To mike md usa:
1. How long did you take a piss for men or women on toliet or in urinal? Huh?
2. Have you ever been seen by a school nurse taking a piss or poop? Yeah, whenever I had to give a urine sample
3. For men have you ever been seen pooping or pissing by another male on the toliet or at urinal? na
4. For women have you ever been seen pooping or pissing by another female on the toliet? Yeah my best friend has seen me several times
5. How many times have you seen a woman or man pooping or pissing in a bedpan? none
6. What is your favorite color of enlongated seats (open end seats)? White I donít like black because you canít tell if the seat is clean
7.What was the worst condition you found a porta - pottie? Poop on the walls with a used pad stuck to the wall
8.Did you ever use a enema? no
9. Have you caught a man or woman pissing or pooping other than the bathroom? yeah
10.Did you ever piss in the ocean or swimming pool? All the time
11.Have you ever seen a family restroom (men and women use the same restroom)? yeah
12.Have you ever used a family restroom? yeah
13.Did you ever use a porta - pottie that was stinky? yes
14.Do you like to see a line outside of a restroom for ladies? No cause that means Iím in it
15.Did you ever use a baseball or football stadium that had line to use it? yes
16.Has you ever pissed other places than the bathroom in your home? No not really
17.Have you ever missed a train while using the station restroom? no
18.What was the worst condition of a toliet or urinal that you last used? A guy had peed on the seat in the girls bathroom at work last saturday
19.For both women and men where was the toliet or urinal you used? See above
20.How many times have you used a phonebooth to fart in? never
21.Have you ever farted while using the toliet or urinal? Who hasnít
22.How many times have you used the wrong restroom to piss or poop? none
23.For the men have you ever used a womens restroom? na
24.For the women have you ever used a mens restroom? Yes but no guys were in there
25.Do you have a fan running when you take a poop or piss or shower? Yeah or else my bro complains
26.Have you pissed in a bottle in your bedroom,computer room? yeah
27.Did you ever piss or poop outside when there was no restrooms around? yeah
28.Did you enjoy pissing outside? Not really only do it if I have to
29.What is your favoite color or a round seat? clean
30.Have you ever pooped or pissed in a outhouse? yeah
31.Have you ever used a trailer toliet? yeah
32.Do you like sharing a porta - pottie? No thereís no room

when i was 25, i went out with a guy who was into watching girls taking a shit. at first,this repulsed me but after a while it was kind of exciting. one day i decided that i was going to eat all kinds of food that would make me shit. i ate fruits and v?????s and bran and alot of red meat and potatoes. i was constipated as it was so the next morning i really had to go. i called my boyfriend and told him that i was ready for him to finally watch me take a crap. by the time he got to the house, i really had to go bad. i took him into the kitchen and put a bowl on the floor. i told him to pull up a chair and enjoy the show. i gave him my video camera and told him he could video this event. finally, i squatted down and was ready to shit. the first turd came out slowly and seemed to never end. i turned around to the camera and gave a grunt. the turd finally dropped out of my ass and a second one appeared.this one was softer but just as big. after 6 more turds came out, i was done ! with my load. this took about 10 minutes.

Outhouse Scott
Hello all.

I was at a folk festival over the weekend with my wife and another married couple and we had fun, drinking and eating and buying stuff. Well, on the way home, something I ate must have not agreed with me, because I started to feel really sick in the guts. My wife was driving because I was a little buzzed, and I suddenly and desperately had to shit. I said, "Pull over, I'm going to be sick!" She pulled over to the side of the road, luckily, we were still in a fairly remote area with a lot of trees. I felt like if I moved, I would crap my pants, but I managed to get out of the car. I left the door open, to give me something to block myself with. I'm sure they all thought I was going to puke, because they seemed quite shocked when I undid my belt. I said, "I'm really sorry about this" I yanked my jeans and boxers down and sprayed chunky diarrhea on the ground. My wife covered her face in embarrassment, but our friends were cool about it, they kept leaning out the window and asking if I was okay. I farted a few times and I few more squirts came out and I was donw. Iasked if there was anything for me to wipe with in the car, but there was nothing. Finally, I pulled up my boxers and jeans and rode the rest of the way with a dirty ass. By the time we got home, I'd left some major skidmarks in my boxers and my ass was itchy and sore. I had another bout of the shits, then wiped, which took forever. Not the best end to the day, but what can you do.


winnie the pee
I guess I am not the only one to have seen the pictures of Serena Williams in yesterdays papers (in the UK) showing off her magnificent arse. Of course it got me thinking about the lady, and how with her active lifestyle she must eat loads - and that bottom must get to produce some massive loads. The question that came to mind is: do some people, who produce bigger turds than us mere mortals have special toilets to cater for their needs - or do they go around blocking toilets all over the place?
This is partly promted by an incident a few years ago when I was cleaning up a hotel room after a young tennis player (female), and I found she had blocked up the toilet with some enormous turds.

Punk Rock Girl
I had a nice relaxing crap last night. I was sitting on the toilet with my shorts and underpants around my ankles and reading a magazine, while my boyfriend was brushing his teeth right next to me. It required no effort at all on my part, a big, firm, long load just slowly slipped out and plopped into the water. No gas, no odor, nothing. I wiped and the paper was barely discolored. I wiped again to be safe and flushed, then joined my boyfriend at the sink and washed my hands.

It wasn't so pleasant this morning. I had to run to our warehouse before work, and while I was waiting for some paperwork, I started feeling my bowels filling up. I walked to the restroom, which is a unisex and went in. There's one urinal, and one stall with no door, plus no lock or latch on the entrance door. Other than a few office workers, it's almost all men working there, so I guess it isn't an issue most of the time. I could have probably held it until I got to work, but decided to go in anyway.

I walked to the stall, pulled my pants and thong just past my ass and sat down. I peed, then felt another large load making its way out. Of course, the door opened and two guys walked in. One went to the urinal, the other waited, I guess he saw my feet sticking out from the stall. So, my dump slowly makes it's way out, a little smellier this time, and plops into the toilet, followed by a silent fart. I rolled off some paper and wiped twice, and pulled up my thong and pants. I stepped out from behind the stall and both guys looked quite startled to see a woman in this bathroom. I washed my hands at the sink, and the guy who'd been waiting went to the toilet, and then very hesitantly, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down and sat on the crapper. The other guy finished and said to me, "You know there's a ladies only room in the office if you'd prefer that." I said, I know, but I'm not too bashful. He said, "even though it has the male/female symbols on the door,! women never use this bathroom." I said, "Well, I'll be sure to only use this bathroom from now on when I come in." He laughed and I realized I haden't heard the other guy fart or any plopping at all, and thought it was probably because I was till in there. I opened the door, and said see ya later, and as the door closed behind me I heard a loud fart and liquidy shit hit the water. I felt bad, the guy had probably been squeezing his cheeks waiting for me to leave. Oh well.

I'm getting to the point where I really enjoy taking a crap in front of men, even strangers. I don't know why, maybe it's the rush of overcoming my own self-consciousness. I'll have to find more unisex bathrooms without stalls. Anyone know of any in the NYC area? Jesus, I'm becoming a real BM-exhibitionist!


Some of you may remember that I wrote a few weeks ago about taking my Goddaughter to the toilets in the cinema when she was struggling to poo. Well, last night, I had another "experience" with her. Ellie will be 7 soon.

Her Mum and Dad had invited me to go along to a barbeque being held in a nearby village, with some live entertainment laid on. Cassie and Ellie spent most of the time enjoying the kids swings and other playground equipment in the park. But after a couple of hours, Ellie became bored and came and sat on my knee. After two minutes she turned to me and said "Shoulder ride", which is her demand to be picked up and placed onto my shoulders, and be walked about under her direction ! We wondered about all over. Being a curious girl, she took the opportunity to peep over people's garden walls. As we approached the pub, we walked past some windows, which were quite obviously toilet windows. Ellie giggled and said, "I wish those windows were open, then I could spy on people using the toilet". I couldn't help but laugh at her, but carried on to say that that would be a naughty thing to do. We wandered into a field, and there she said "I know its naughty, but I wish I could see a b! oy on the toilet". I asked why she would want to do that. "Because that would mean they are having a poo" ! And so the conversation went on !

She then asked me If I could keep a secret, and told me about how one of her girlfriends had dared her to go into the boys toilets at school, and how she had seen two boys with their trousers pulled down weeing into a tray-like thing !! And she didn't get told off by the teachers ! I told her she was very lucky, and that I had been told off once. Then I thought had I better tell that tale or not ? Ellie encouraged me. "Its ok, I won't tell Mum or Dad your secret !". So I went on to tell how when I was at school, the toilets were located in a block outside, at the bottom of the playground. They were surrounded by a tall wall. There were 3 girls toilets in a row. I explained how if you jumped agianst the wall, and grabbed hold of the top bricks, you could pull yourself up to peep over the top of the wall. I then told her that for some reason the toilet doors were always propped open. On a bad day, I would jump up the wall, and there wouldn't be any girls sitting on the t! oilets. But on a good day, I would be lucky and there would be three all sitting there using the toilets !! Ellie tut-tutted at me and wagged her finger in mock admonishment. "You're a naughty boy" !

We walked some more in the field, and then I remembered a short holiday I had in Cornwall once, when I had suddenly become desperate for a poo. Walking in the field reminded me about it, and I laughed to myself. Wrong thing to do ! "Why are you laughing ?". I told Ellie I had just remembered about something. Again she said "You can tell me, I promise I won't tell !". So having got onto the subject of toilets, wee and poo, I explained how once I had got so desperate for a poo, I had to stop my car, and run into a field very similar to the one we were in, and then have a poo in the field. Ellie giggled and said "I've never had to poo outside before. Once when I was coming home from school, I pooed in my knickers because I couldn't wait. Have you ever pooed yourself ?". I told her not that I could remember about. She then went on "While we were on holiday ( A caravan site ), mummy had to take me to the toilet, and she came in with me while I had a poo. It took me a while t! o do it because it was a big fat one". I said "Gosh !!". She then said "I always have big poos nowdays, because I eat alot. I like going for a poo !" I told her I did as well !

She then said, "I like to look at it while I'm doing it, but only when Mummy isn't with me". I nearly said "I know you do", but I didn't, and I was left wondering if she had forgotten about that time when I took her to the cinema toilet. She said "When I've finished, it's curled up in a big pile at the bottom of the toilet. Do you look at your poo ?" I told her that I didn't usually, but that was because it was all covered up with paper after I had wiped my bum. She laughed again. And then said "What about when you pooed in the field. Did you look at it then ?". I told her that it was difficult not to with it sitting there on the ground. Then she asked "What colour was it ? Mine are usually a light brown colour ". I told her it was really funny, because they had been two different colours. I told her the first big piece had been very dark brown but the other three bits had been really light coloured, like sand. She then said "I wonder why poo comes out all different co! lours, but always brown ?". I told her I didn't really know. Then to complete the story of the poo in the field, I told her how when I had finished, I moved away to wipe my bum with some tissues I had in the car, and that when I had finished I looked back at my poo, and it was almost completely covered up with flies !!! I expected Ellie to think that was awful, but she just seemed to accept that as if it was normal, which I suppose it is !!

Then she said to me "When you go to the toilet, are your poos hard and knobbly, or soft and smooth ?". I told her usually smooth. "Mine are almost always hard and knobbly ones", she said. "Mummy tells me when she comes with me sometimes that my poos wouldn't be so hard and difficult to do if I ate up all my ???? at dinner time " !

I thought enough of her questioning. Time for me to ask one ! "So Ellie, when you go to the toilet for a poo, what do you do while you're there" (meaning to occupy herself). The little girl misunderstood. "Well,", she said, "I lift up my dress if I'm wearing a dress, or pull down my trousers, or shorts, or whatever I'm wearing, and then I pull down my knickers to my knees, and sit down !". I laughed and explained what I really meant. She then said "Oh, right, well.... nothing really, I just sit there and wait for it to come out." Then she said, "Sometimes I count seconds to see how long it takes me to do my poo. What do you do ?". I told her "Well, I like to count how many plops I do !!" She giggled. "And how many plops did you do last time you had a poo Godfather ?". I said 14. She gasped and said "That's a lot of poo. Don't you clogg up the toilet ?!". I told her not usually.

Then she said "Some of the girls at school do a poo in the toilet and then don't flush it. So when the next one comes along, and does a poo in the toilet as well, it gets full and cloggs up. Then we have to get the caretaker to come and sort it out. Do you know, he goes in with a big bucket and some gloves, and pulls it all out of the toilet with his hands !!!". I laughed.

Then Ellie laughed and said "Do you know, the other day, I did a very big poo, and when it plopped in the water, the water splashed my bum !" I asked her if she liked it when that happened. She said "It depends. If I've had a wee as well, then I don't like it because that would mean I splashed my bum with my wee". Then she laughed some more and said "What If I had a runny poo first ? That would mean my bum was splashed with runny poo as well !!". We both thought that was a pretty yucky idea !!

She then asked if she could get down off my shoulders, because her legs were getting pins and needles. I popped her down on the ground, and she began to rub her legs better. Then she looked up at me and said "If I do a wee in this field, will you tell Mum and Dad ?" I told her that I wouldn't. She then grinned and walked away a bit, and began to undo her trousers. She turned to see if I was looking and when she saw that I was, she said "I know its naughty to watch while other people have a wee, but only if you're peeping while they don't know, or they say that you can't. It's ok if someone says you can look isn't it ?" I told her I thought she was right with that, but only with people she really knew well, never with strangers. "Good" she said. "Godfather, I give you permission to look while I have a wee !". I told her "Thank you !". With one swift movement, she pulled her trousers and knickers down to her knees and squatted down to the ground facing me. Her knees were! pressed tightly together, but her feet were splayed wide apart, and her bum was no more than two inches off the ground. I saw her wee gush forward in a huge torrent, landing well in front of her feet, and she made a big hissing noise that died away to a quiet whisper after the initally velocity. Her wee lasted a good 20 seconds. I commented "Gosh, you must have been saving that up"! She smirked and said, cheekily, "Yep, just for you !!". After she was done, she lifted her bum in the air, and assuming a position like a downhill skier, she jumped and wiggled around, and looked up to see if I was still watching. She grinned, "I making the drips fall off my bum". Then she pulled her knickers and her trousers back up separately before demanding to go back up on my shoulders for the walk back to the park.

On the way back she said "I really love you Godfather. You're not like other adults because you will talk to me about wee and poo. Its like you're still a boy and not a man". I laughed, and contemplated the truth of what she had just said !

At home again, I told James and his wife, who had been curious about where we had got to, that I had had another fine conversation with their daughter. "Forinstance, why are poos different brown colours". James' wife immediately pulled a face and uttered a "disgusted" sound, while James said "I was just going to get myself a bar of chocolate to eat, but I don't think I can now " !!

pee cray Z
adele-how old is your little sis that pees her panties every night?
the girl who wrote about her and her sister peeing in thier swim suits- what other ways did your sis pee her panties? (u said she was part of a club?)

To the un-named poster-
I loved your story about you and your sister peeing in the grass by the pool. You two must pee amazingly loud when sitting on the toilet since your stream will arch out from your bikini bottoms like that. I wish I knew which college your sister went to. I am a 19 year old guy living in Houston, TX. I also wish I could find the right girlfriend who is into peeing like that because I am. Keep up the great stories!


I have been on vacation for the last 3 weeks, which is why I have not posted. I am trying to get caught up on the posts that I missed. In my next post, I hope to post a few bathroom adventures that occured on my trip.


I've seen numerous discussions of rest room facilities at pools and other swiming areas.The most unusual I've enciuntered was in the Ukraine. Betweem the changing area and the pool there was a combination shower and toilet area. On the men's side, you handed your bathing suit to a female attendant, who -- using sign language because I do not speak the language -- instructed you to muse the toilet and take a shower. The toilets were the eastern squat type -- without partitions or doors -- a row of guys standing on the footprints squating over the hole. I've seen lots of squat toilets in southern Europe -- never before without partitions.

Hello, I am new to these posts. I am a 47-year old privately-educated divorcee living in my own flat in Chelsea London. I am a brunette, 5 foot 10 inches tall, 12 stone (168 lbs), well built with a pear-shaped figure. My main assets I am told besides my face, are my large boobs, and large curvaceous bottom.

I enjoy hearing other women using the loo in our large prestigious office in the City of London, where there are at least two sets of Ladies on each of the six floors. Yesterday at about 3 pm I chose one of the 5th floor Ladies. Opposite the basins were three cubicles. One was out of order, and the other two unoccupied. I entered one, sat down, and had a pee.

A few minutes after sitting down I heard someone in a hurry come through the door, hesitate, and go into the only usable cubicle - next to mine. She appeared to involuntary release a double-barrelled fart, followed by a hasty rustling of clothing simultaneously with sitting down.

Then there was silence for a few minutes before she started to let out another deep fart but immediately stopped - presumably embarrassed. The a further period of silence whilst she was probably waiting for me to leave.

This silence was evenually broken by a series of restrained short intermitant dry farts beginning with a deep bass tone and terminating in a treble squeak as her rectal contents were tightly pressed-up against her anus. Her rectum must have been uncomfortably overloaded, as she was unable to hold back this wind any longer despite my suspected unwanted presence.

She then had a brief pee. More silence followed. I then heard her start shifting about on the seat and making quiet but strong straining noises. There were a few plip-plops that sounded like a few hard balls being passed. She then became more vocal with her straining, and I could see her smart black patent-leather shoes flexing under the partition with her heels going up and down off the floor. She gave a quiet groan and pushed hard. She was clearly in pain probably owing to her motion jamming solid within her over-dilated sphincter. She groaned further and I noticed her hands gripping and sliding up and down her calves as she rocked her buttocks too and fro and side to side on the seat trying to force out her impacted stool. This abruptly ended with a relieved gasp and a loud splosh. She siged several times in getting her breath back, and then released a lot more pee.

A few more plip-plops followedat intervals - there was probably more dry impacted material lodged higher up her large colon, but she soon gave up trying - probavly had a meeting to attend.
She wiped quickly just once, flushed, and went out of the cubicle to wash her hands.

A moment later I flushed and came out of my cubicle whilst she was drying her hands. She was about 50-55 years old, well built and attractive in her pin-stripe jacket and skirt. I recognised her as the financial director from the top floor. She puckered her mouth in a stern expression when she saw me and strode out into the corridor towards the lifts.

I nipped into her cubicle to see what remained. There was little smell, but a large bulbous looking stool was floating surrounded by numerous individual hard balls of various sizes. The large turd was about 2.5 inches in diameter in the middle, slighted taped to blunt 2-inch diameters at each end. No wonder she sounded as if it got stuck halfway on its way out ! This solid motion was 5 - 6 inches long and consisted of lumps of round knobbly compressed boluses, and nearly filled the length of the water surface.

She must be a big eater and have been constipated for a week or perhaps 10 days. Such a hard dry lump was understandably difficult and painful for her to pass.

I look forward to sitting with her again some day - quite a performance on this occasion !
More loo experiences later.
Hope you enjoyed this.
Please let me know.

Tuesesday, August 27, 2002

To CK Filler

Nice of you to remember my postings from a few months back. I stopped posting whilst I was taking my exams and by the time I had finished Noel and the others seemed to have gone. I used to love Noelís posts and as you said, they were some of the best this board had seen for a while. Anyway I still love wetting my undies or filling them with a good poo. I take it from your name that you also like pooing you pants? Strangely enough, I always love pooing in a pair of CK boxers/ briefs, they always feel so comefortabel, particularly with a good load in them! Hope to hear from you soon. Now I know that there are other like minded people I will start posting again. Finally, NOEL if you still read this board, please start posting again.

Hi friends, I tried to post last week already, but did not get through. I usually think I understand the rules, but sometimes I have no clue...Here is another try:

RIZZO: What a delight to have you back. I loved your story. Itís funny in a way, cause I thought about you in a similar situation. I went to Italy and had a pee at a cafe. There were two toilets, one cubicle for men and one for women. The male one had a squat toilet and the female one the bowl, most of us are used to. When I went, the male one was empty and the female one taken and my friend was waiting to use it, so I went into the male one, as it did not matter. I thought about your story from the rest stop, where your wife got her pants wet from the flush, while I had a standing pee into the squat toilet with my tool. I liked it, as it is nearly like just pissing on the Please write more stories, they are so great! Love, Ina

JEFF A.: I couldnít believe my eyes when I saw your name! I am sooo happy you are ok and healthy. Some of us were really worried, but surely we are all glad you are still around. I am very sorry about your worries and wish I could be more support. I wish you all the best. You are being thought about.
To your questions: What do I like about peeing/ the thought of it? I like the feeling of relieve and the pleasure you gain from it. I like it especially when one has to hold it for a while, but then pees a powerful stream in a suitable place rather than going in your pants. I like seeing the stream, that is why I donít like going in pants and why I also like peeing standing (also itís comfortable). I like it to be able to direct my stream, which is a playful addition to the relieve. When I was a kid, I had a little friend from next door and we watched each other peeing and pooping. I donít know if my fascination came from that or if we did it cause it was already there. The idea to pee standing and direct your stream onto or into something was always fascinating to me. Being able to do this finally is such great fun to me, but also confusing as most women donít even seem to understand why this would be fun. I mostly like the stories about pooping that are set in the out! doors. I find a good poo in the woods a wonderful experience, when you feel one with nature. I find that one of the most pleasurable thing during camping (providing you find your privacy and a good spot) and canít understand at all, why some people ( I am afraid mostly Americans) can come to ideas like bringing toilet tents with pottys and stuff into the wilderness. I would not mind to use unisex rooms and have used the menís room in cases there were long queues at the ladies. You canít see anything from behind, so you donít have to be scared guys...Also as most men pee in puplic wherever they feel like it, I donít think they can be so fuzzy with the toilets. I donít care so much if itís unisex or not but I want enough toilet so there arenít queues at the ladies all the time and I would love urinals at the ladies...P.S.: Your last story about your wife was wonderful. Does she like seeing you on the toilet as well? I would, grin. As celebreties go I would love to see Halle ! Berry or Angelina Jolie on the toilet. Or rather people from here like gorgeous Carmelita. Or that gorgeous girl with the long, red hair, who gave me such a wonderful smile duiring jogging in the park. For males I could imagine that actor from "Dark Angel", who Sarah says looks like Tim, being an attractive sight doing a pee or a poop. And by the way, all you guys like you, Steve, Tim, Robby, Rizzo. And of course I would love to see all the ladies like Annie, Sarah and Meghan, Timís Sarah, Louise, Carmelita, Patsy, Renee, Nu and PV doing a standing pee!! Thatís all, LOL.

SARAH S: Lovely to hear from you, dear. Isnít it funny your new man likes to listen? I hope things will be great for you two. I am happy you are doing so well. Wish you all the best! Love to MEGHAN and my dears ROBBIE (hope all is fine with your dad and the rest...) and ANNIE (sweetheart, you have to tell me about the urinal story at college!! Can you use the travelmate with pants now? I had a beer pish into a hedge on the way home yesterday...) Love and hugs and more later, I am getting too long...


I've noticed several posters enjoy staging an 'accident' in their pants. The other day I was coming back from watching a film and the bus I was travelling on got stuck in the most chronic traffic jam. Before I left the cinema I realised I neded to poo but experience told me it was some little time away. However I hadn't reckoned on being stuck on a stationary bus. A journey that should have taken 30 minutes was now nearly an hour and a half. Bank Holiday traffic! I got more and more desperate until in the end I just had to give in and pooed in my pants. It was quite a firm one, fortunately but still horrible. I peed a bit as well. So, my question is. What the heck is it about shitting your pants which is preferable to the pleasure and satisfaction of a nice leisurely dump sitting on the comfort of a toilet? Please enlighten me as there may be something I'm missing here.


pee cray Z
adele-how old is your little sis that pees her panties every night?
the girl who wrote about her and her sister peeing in thier swim suits- what other ways did your sis pee her panties? (u said she was part of a club?)

Hi all. So many good posts - but sorry I can't respond to all of them.

FADAWA: Thanks for getting back to me about your proposed trip to India. Can I ask, are you male or female? What age are you? These questions have some bearing on getting away from the conventional tourist areas to visit some of the remote villages. I was in India with a charity, which meant several of us going places together, including the Indian's who took responsibility for our safety. We travelled by jeeps or taxi's hired for our purposes locally, and by train for longer distances. India can be a dangerous place away from the tourist areas. If you are young and female and alone, I recommend that you do not try visiting the villages. If you are male, you may have an advantage (it's a cultural thing there), but even so you would be better off with a friend. You would almost certainly get "sitings" in the villages, but I cannot guarentee this, as it is not something I saw every day. You have to weigh up the risks involved in wanting to see people pee and poo. Please ge! t back to me on this. I do want you to get the best out of your trip.

CK filler: Thanks for your post. Was so great to hear from you. I too would like to know what happened to Noel, Adam, Matt (the A-Level briefs filler) and Poo Pants. Like you and me, they were all here in the UK. (If any of you guys are reading this, please post again - as your posts were some of the best male posts on here - especially for us guys who love pooing our pants). Anyway, "CK filler", I'm glad you liked my story of me filling my CK briefs at breakfast time last week. I've got plenty more stories to share from past experiences and, as I shit in my pants in the future. Sorry to disappoint you. I did not poo in my boxers when I went offline. I made it to the toilet alright. I'm not too keen on doing it in boxers, as there is a risk of it sliding down my legs. If I'm planning to poo my pants on purpose at home, I take my boxers off and put on a pair of my CK briefs and fill them. I also have some "2(x)ist" briefs that are very similar in fit and feel to my CK bri! efs. I've never seen these in the shops. I got them off an underu wear provider on the internet. I noticed you needed to poo when you got offline. Did you do it in your CK briefs or did you make it to the loo? I guess you've got some great pants filling stories to tell. Do please post about your experiences. I will be eagerly looking for your posts - as it appears we have much in common. Where in the UK are you from? I live in a town in Lancashire.

It's my bedtime, so gotta go.

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