Punk Rock Girl
Hey all!

I went to the beach for the first time since my ass injury, and was even so bold as to wear a thong bikini! I noticed a lot of guys checking out buns, so I guess it's healed up nicely. It was a super-nice day. Not too hot, not too cool, not too humid. Anyway, my friends and I decided to go out on my one friend's boat for a while. It's a nice, big boat, with a kitchen and a bathroom and everything, even a shower. Only thing is, the bathroom is not seperated from the rest of the downstairs, it just sits in the corner with the toilet in full view. The shower has a curtain, though.

Anyway, we were pretty far out and I started having stomach cramps. I had to take a dump. So, I went down to the bathroom. I pulled my bottoms down and sat on the toilet, a little self-conscious at the prospect of someone coming down and seeing me, but not too worried. I pushed out a pretty good sized load, nice and firm, followed by some softer chunks. Luckily, it didn't smell too bad and I didn't fart. I peed then reached for the toilet paper. At that point, I noticed that there was none in sight, not even a roll for it to be on. I got up and searched through all the cupboards with my bottoms down at my knees, but couldn't find any. Finally, I sat back down on the toilet and called my friend. He came down and averted his eyes when he saw me on the toilet. "Holy shit!" he said. I said, sorry, but I can't find the TP. He came down and went in a closet all the way on the other side of the room and pulled out a roll and handed it to me. He apologized for not! having any out, and I said it's okay. He went upstairs and left me alone. I wiped my ass, which wasn't too bad, and pulled up my thong. I flushed, washed my hands and went upstairs. My friend apologized again and said he should at least hang up a curtain or have a stall put up around it. I said it doesn't bother me, but other people might appreciate it.

We stayed out there for another few hours until it started getting dark, then we came back in. It was a nice day, I think I'll start going to the beach every weekend until the end of summer.




I'm 17 yrs. old. I discovered this website and love the stories. Last night I ate pizza and washed it down with heavy chocolate milk! Well, I had a dump from my ass! It didn't take two hours until I was farting away. Man, I stunk up the joint! The next day, I went to work at camp. Before I took the kids to swim, I left them with the other two counselors. I had to shit SO BAD! I sat the on the bowl and it practically slid out of the middle of my ass cheeks. It was strangely easy to wipe. But, man did I fart up a storm. Thank goodness nobody heard. It felt so good. I had some water to take away the unsettledness in my stomach. Again though, man it was some dump that words couldn't even describe. I was done in 4 minutes. I think I could have sat and farted longer but I had to take the kids to their place. Anyway, I thought I would share my shit experience to you! Happy crappy!

Does anyone know da whole accident on stage while filmin' Spiderman by Kirsten Dunst?If someone knows something please give all da ditales.

Thank ya'll

Jeff A.
Bob: It's good to hear from you too. I have a new computer and it displays this page, but no pics. Oh well.

Jane and Gary: Hi Jane, I loved your recent story about the hard poops adn then the metamucil and filling up the toilet in the ladies room. I love the strong smell too, wish I could've been there (with all due respect of course!)You have such a great way of describing a trip to the ladies room.

Punk Rock Girl: Thanks for answering my questions. Your accident sounded very painful, I'm glad you're healing up well.

Well, Denise (my wife) has recently started letting me in the bathroom with her. Yesterday afternoon she did a whalloping job! Denise is an attractive brunette with long brown hair and long legs. (She's gorgeous, of course I'm prejudiced!) She'd been seated and we were talking as she peed for a real long time. Each time I thought she was done, she'd dribble some more. I was staring at her legs and the panties twisted up at her knees. She had her jeans down at her ankles. Pulling her hair back behind her shoulders, she grunted hard, but nothing happened. She sat for a long time adn I thought that nothing was going to come out, and then suddenly, I heard heavy, vigorous grunting. 'Nise was certainly working on something! She smiled up at me once more and said "oh...this is a big one, are you sure you wanna stay?" I nodded, most definitely. She had her poop pushing and then the beaufiful sound of about 6 hard plops crashing into the water. Not all at once, but slowly, one a! t a time. Each plop was followed by a very feminine "Ohhhhhh, yeah..."
Ploooop--"Ohhhhh yeah..."
Slowly, the smell of fresh shit was drifting up and she wanted to spray the room. She sprayed, shit some more, sprayed some more, then stood up to take a look.
The bowl was filled! It was really quite a decent load. She wiped 6 times too.

That's about it! Hello to Ina, Robby, Annie, Sarah, Meghan, PV, adn who else am I forgetting? Hey, where've Carmalita and Kim and Scott been hiding?

come lets hear some more diarehha stories, the womens poop stories are very interesting


At the end of my freshman year in college, I got invited to a party in one of the other girls' dorm rooms. My roommate and I went and we were having a ball, getting drunk and being silly. There were a few guys there, and someone suggested we play truth or dare. My roommate and I were both drunk as hell. When it was my turn, I said dare and a guy asked me to flash my tits, which I did. One of the girls complained that the dares were all wimpy and no one ever dared anyone to do anything gross. So, when it was my roommate's turn, she said dare and said "make it gross." So the girl dared her to shit her pants.

I couldn't believe it, but my roommate stood up, put her hands on her knees, pushed and dumped a load of shit in her underpants. Everyone was both horrified and impressed, but more horrified I think. One of the guys said, she just farted, she didn't really do it. She said, go ahead and check. He got up and pulled her sweatpants and underpants out so he could see her ass. There was a big pile of shit sitting in there. He said, "Oh my God!" and let her sweatpants snap back. She said, okay, well, I'd better get cleaned up. About a half hour later she came back with the same shirt but shorts. I whispered to her, I can't believe you did that! She did some other wild things throughout college, but I think that was the grossest. I still tease her about it, but she doesn't seem the leat bit regretful or embarrassed about it. It was just a spur of the moment thing, she says. Yuck!


Hi! Just surfing through. My name is Bobbie, I'm a divorced 53 year old white female. I'm 5'5 and weigh 145 pounds. I have this story to tell. Back a few years ago, I was working as a furniture salesperson. This young gent from work, 25 years my junior, had been interested in me for some time. One time he asked me to go with him to a festival at a rich country estate. The festival lasted into the night with the big event being a fireworks show. We went together after work. I had been constipated for several days, and was feeling very sluggish, and had almost made up an excuse why I couldn't go. But I was really flattered that this young man found me to be attractive in my old age, so I decided to go with him despite the bloated feeling in my intestines. Now, McDonalds food always has a laxative effect on me. Stupidly enough, I went out at lunch time and got a double cheeseburger and a large order of fries. I guess I was thinking in the back of my head that if I! had McDonalds for lunch, I might get some relief from my problem before we got off from work, but no such luck. We got in Charlie's conversion van and went out to the festival, and were sitting on lawn listening to a band playing, and chatting having a good time. I was still feeling very lethargic, and Charlie knew something was wrong with me. He asked what was the matter, and I confessed. He felt bad that I wasn't feeling too well. Just about then, old Mickey Dee's grease started to kick in, and I told him that I thought I might need to find a bathroom very soon. There were some porta potties set up in a row in a corner of the field. I asked him if he'd walk with me. When we got to the porta potties, I saw that the lines for them were super long. Worse yet, the walk across the field had exercised my abdominal muscles in such a way that now the pressure in my intestines had multiplied to an emergency level. I pinched my buns together, hoping for that gurgling soun! d accompanied by a decrease in pressure against my rectum. It worked, but in about a half a minute, another wave of pressure came on, even stronger than before. The toilet line had hardly moved, and I knew I was in trouble now. I could feel the tip of a log starting to push against my anus. I started crying and holding my abdomen. Charlie asked if I was okay, and I said I was never going to make it to the front of the line, and I was going to mess my panties. He asked if I thought I could hold it long enough to walk to his van. I said I might be able to, so he said I could do it in there if I wanted. I said all right and started walking as quickly as I could to his van. He headed over to where they were selling food while I walked to the van, and came back with a handful of napkins and a pizza box that he had found in the trash can. I could hardly walk by the time I got to his van, the cramps were so bad. He unlocked the side door, and I got in. He was standing o! utside and I told him to hurry up and get in here! He looked surprised that I wanted him to come in while I went to the bathroom, but he got in and closed the door. I had him unzip my dress in the back. I had to wriggle out if it while bending over to stand up in the van, and by now I could feel a pooh poking its way out of my anus. I quickly pulled my slip, pantyhose, and panties down around my ankles and yelled for him to hurry up and put the box under my ass as I knelt down. I was still afraid I was going to make a mess of my underwear, because I didn't have time to take my shoes off so I could get my pantyhose off, and my ass was right above my underwear. But Charlie held the pizza box under my ass and caught my pooh as it came out. As soon as I knew he had the pizza box under me, I let out a moan and stopped trying to hold the pooh back. My anus stretched out so much it hurt, as a rock hard pooh worked its way out. I pushed a little, which made my anus stretch! even farther, and the pooh inched its way out. I felt it finish coming out, and then I took a gasp of air and pushed some more. I felt another huge pooh come out, this one softer than the first one. I moaned again as this one came out, and took another couple of gulps of air. I could still feel more pressure inside me waiting to come out. With an ngggghhhhhh I pushed again, and another long pooh slipped out. I was out of breath now, but I still could feel more pooh inside me. I needed to pee too, so I asked Charlie if he had a cup I could use while I caught my breath. He laid the pizza box down and went and got a large quart sized refillable mug from the cupholder, and held it under me while I peed. Then I told him I had to pooh some more, so he got the pizza box and held it under my ass again. I gave a few pushes, then the last pooh quickly slipped out of me. I felt about ten pounds lighter. The smell was horrible. I don't know how poor Charlie could stand it,! and now that I realized what I had just done, I felt really embarrassed. Here I was, kneeling with nothing on except my bra and my shoes, with my panties around my ankles, on a first date with someone I had to work with every day. I started crying again and told him how embarrassed I was and that I was sorry for ruining his evening, but Charlie told me it was ok, he didn't mind, and he was glad he could help me. Then he handed me some napkins to wipe my ass with. Only then did I see what had been inside of me. All four pooh logs were at least a foot long. The first one had a bulbous shape on the end of it about 2 inches around, tapering down to a smaller point at the other end. The other three logs were smooth and about an inch to an inch and a half around. I can never remember crapping so much in my life before that or since then. We managed to enjoy the rest of the evening together very much, and since then I never minded having a bowel movement in his presence w! hen we were together.

Peter Plop
Hi,I´m a first time poster but a longtime reader of this forum. I live
in Sweden and I´m a blond 35 y old man whith typical scandinavian looks.

I saw an intressting interwiew on swedish television some days ago.
There where some lokal popstars being asked about "funny things" that
had happened during there tours, and one guy from the swedish band "Lambretta" told a story that you will like.
They where openingact for the american band Garbage, and on one place
they had backstage dressingrooms in a korridor with just a "Ladys room".
The "Mens room" where upstairs somewhere, hard to find. One of the guys, a crewmember from "Lambretta", had bad bowels and was running
for a crapper. In this situation he thougt it was OK to use the "Ladys
room" rather then have an accident. So he did.
And when he sat there in a stall making terrible sounds he heard the same kind of loose poopsounds from another stall. After a while the other person, a female, starts to sing on a wellknown Garbagehit and straining, and grunting, and shitting bad, at the same time...
This kept on going for about 10 min then paper was being rolled. The
swedish guy hurried to be out first dying to know if it really was who
he thougt it was. And it was..Shirly Manson walked out looking satisfied.
I´ll be back whith more stories som day.

I have big bowel movements and large turds

Mike of Md USA
1. How long did you take a piss for men or women on toliet or in urinal? mine is n/a
2. Have you ever been seen by a school nurse taking a piss or poop? mine is no
3. For men have you ever been seen pooping or pissing by another male on the toliet or at urinal? mine is yes,sometimes
4. For women have you ever been seen pooping or pissing by another female on the toliet? mine is n/a
5. How many times have you seen a woman or man pooping or pissing in a bedpan? mine is no
6. What is your favorite color of enlongated seats (open end seats)? mine is white
7. What was the worst condition you found a porta - pottie? mine is really-Dirty
8.Did you ever use a enema? mine is no
9. Have you caught a man or woman pissing or pooping other than the bathroom? mine is no
10.Did you ever piss in the ocean or swimming pool? mine is yes
11.Have you ever seen a family restroom (men and women use the same restroom)? mine is no
12.Have you ever used a family restroom? mine is no
13.Did you ever use a porta - pottie that was stinky? mine is yes
14.Do you like to see a line outside of a restroom for ladies? mine is no
15.Did you ever use a baseball or football stadium that had line to use it? mine is yes
16.Has you ever pissed other places than the bathroom in your home? mine is in my bedroom
17.Have you ever missed a train while using the station restroom? mine is no
18.What was the worst condition of a toliet or urinal that you last used? mine is dirty
19.For both women and men where was the toliet or urinal you used? mine is (toliet) home (urinal) shopping mall
20.How many times have you used a phonebooth to fart in? mine is 2 times
21.Have you ever farted while using the toliet or urinal? mine is yes
22.How many times have you used the wrong restroom to piss or poop? mine is 2+ times
23.For the men have you ever used a womens restroom? mine is yes
24.For the women have you ever used a mens restroom? mine is n/a
25.Do you have a fan running when you take a poop or piss or shower? mine is sometimes when i am in one that has it
26.Have you pissed in a bottle in your bedroom,computer room? mine is yes
27.Did you ever piss or poop outside when there was no restrooms around? mine is yes
28.Did you enjoy pissing outside? mine is no
29.What is your favoite color or a round seat? mine is white
30.Have you ever pooped or pissed in a outhouse? mine is yes
31.Have you ever used a trailer toliet? mine is no
32.Do you like sharing a porta - pottie? mine is yes

I stared out going to bed very early last night cause i get up very early in the morning for work. I went up to bed around 8:30pm and i watched tv. I ended up staying up till 10 or 10:30 watching tv. I was watching something at 10pm on Comedy Central, the man show was on and there was a part where this boy kept getting picked on and these bullys would steal his lunch so he told his dad....His dad had a solution. The father and son went outside and peed on his bolona sandwich. It was cool. You could see the pee soaking in the sandwich. Any one see this? I guess he was about 10-13 years old.
Then at the same time on Jackass on MTV there was a part where Johnny Knockville broke both arms so he went out on the street saying could you unzip me cause im of need of a piss. Some people actully did it and then he peed. Any one see this? Thats it

the "HOLD IT" man
CuriousD, I think that would most likely be the wealthier countries where there is plenty to eat because the more you eat the more you shit. I also think that it is possible that women may have better muscle tone down there because of the hact that they have babies so it is quite possible that women do take bigger dumps then men to. In fact, most of the women I know take bigger dumps then I do.

I would like to know in what countries do women have the strongest bladders. I have heard that Asian girls tend to have strong bladders. I have also experienced several Black girls peeing, and I have NEVER been dissappointed by any one of them. I wonder if African girls also tend to have larger and stronger bladders.

If anyone knows please let us know.

Hello dear friends!
I’ve been on the road again – alas, not sailing -, the usual five thousand mile triangle around Europe, the ‘tour de famille’ to see and to help eldelry relatives.
It was somewhere in the north of France or in Belgium where we stopped to refuel. My wife had gone inside the rest shop for a coke and a wee while I was filling up the tank of the car with smelly diesel fuel. At the next pump a van was being fuelled up too by a man, obviously the driver. The passengers, three women, walked to the shop. I looked up briefly and one of the women caught my eye. I only saw her from behind with her short black hair, wearing a skimpy tight dark grey skirt, clinging brown T-shirt and high heels. She must have been in her twenties and showed her perfect legs. But it was her way of walking that let me look twice. She had a sinewy feline way of movement. On closer inspection I saw that she placed one foot exactly in front of the other, keeping the feet parallel to her track. Not as exaggerated as the ladies in fashion shows who practically weave their way along the cat walk crossing their feet way over in front of each other, but quite eye catch! ing all the same. The other two waddled like penguins in comparison, but they waddled quickly, as if in a hurry
I finished just as my wife came back. She handed me a bottle of coke from which I took several large gulps, and then proceeded to go to the till to pay for the fuel and for a quick pee in the mens. My wife called out something about the rest rooms, but the breeze carried her words away and I just waved.
Once inside I paid and turned around. There were several people including the pretty woman crowding around the coffee dipensing machine. I found the mens room to be the second door on the right in a corridor, and walked in. The first thing I saw were four urinals along the back wall opposite the door. All four were covered with black plastic bin-bags and obviously not to be used. Three hand wash basins with mirrors lined the wall to the right and three cubicles, open at the top, were on the left. There was not a sound to be heard, the place seemed deserted. I just pushed open the door of the first cubicle on my left and stepped inside, not bothering to close the door behind me just for a pee. In the mens room peeing is done openly and visible to all. I found myself confronted by a squat type toilet, the kind that is a porcelain tray set in the ground with a wide drain hole at the back and raised procelain footprints to stand or squat on. I unzipped my fly – the new metal! zipper of my short pants made a noisy zzzzzzt which echoed around the rest room. Wow, what accoustics I thought! Let me see what noise I can do with my pee stream. I carefully aligned the tips of my shoes with the front edge of the procelain and took careful aim, pressed hard and let go. Darn, I hit the rear wall. I gave my willie more elevation so that I was peeing upwards in a steep arc which then cascaded right down into the water in the drain. Man, what a magnificent gurgling spluttering sound with a superb echo it produced! I felt a belch building up in my stomach. It was the gassy coke I had just poured down my throat. I mouthed an ‘O’ and let it out. BooouuaaAAAARRRRRPPppp! That felt really good, although it played havoc with my peeing aim. Well, some people sing in the shower, so what if I burp in the loo! But the carbon dioxide had also gone up my nose! HatCHOO!- ATISHOOO! (I always have to sneeze twice). This made my last pee squirts go all over the place, but luc! kily not over my feet. But my nose was all wet; so I shifted the grip on my willie to the other hand, in order to be able to extract my hankie from my pocket. With bleary eyes from sneezing I blew my nose with a good loud snort: KHORRRR! There was a secondary, or should I say tertiary effect, however. The repeated upheavals of my diaphragm had sped a group of gas bubbles towards my rear. OK, give it the works, see what the sound effects will be like! ‘BRAMMMPPPPPPP’, the echo from the tiled rest room walls was unbelievable. Although only a short report, my trump could be classified as loud and proud. I was really enjoying behaving myself like a pig by now. The fun was over, however. I flushed, stepping nimbly out of reach of the roaring cataract I thereby unleashed, put my willie away, zipped up and walked over to the wash basins to wash my hands.
A movement on my right in the reflexion of the mirror caught my eye. The door was opening. Someone was coming in! Then I must have made a very stupid face. It was she! The woman with the pretty legs! Alarmed I thought for a split second that I was in the ladies room by mistake. But no, the urinals were there plain to see. But they were covered! And my wife had called out something about the rest rooms. Realisation hit me: this was temporarily a unisex bathroom! Women were to be spared the sight of peeing men at the urinals! I managed to shove my eyes back into their sockets and looked at the woman via her reflexion. She glared at my back, her thick black eyebrows knitted together. It gave her a bird like expression, bird of prey like, I should say. Well, this Lady Hawk turned and strode with clacking heels into the cubicle I had just used, pushing the door shut with a bang behind her. Ah, I thought with glee, what will her sound effects be like? I decided to linger a li! ttle. As if prompted by the sound of female heels, the sounds of rustling textiles, the snapping of knee joints and the tearing of toilet paper from the other two cubicles I had believed to be empty became audible! So I had had an audience! It suddenly came to my mind that it may even by women in there, Lady Hawk’s two Penguin Companions who had been in such a hurry, had been so quiet when I was doing my business and who must have found the sound of female clacking heels reassuring! Lingering did not seem such a good idea any more. So I toppled my decision and quickly left, not even borthering to use the hand drier as the sound of flushing was already announcing the imminent appearance of at least part of my audience. Yeah, I’m such a coward. If I had known, I would not have made such rude noises.
I crossed the shop to the exit. There was no sign of the passengers of the van. Neither there nor in the van itself, which was still outside.

I have not had time to read all the back posts I have missed.
Jeff A., glad to see you back. Lost your job? Me too, for similar reasons. My thoughts will be with you around that fateful 11th of September.
Tim and Sarah, my thoughts were with you when I crossed Germany from the Cologne area to the Bavarian capital. I wished I could have paid you a visit.
Kendal, dear on-line niece, I hope to read from you and Lawn Dogs Kid as well as from Ellen soon. I have another trump story for her. Hugs from your Uncle Rizzo
Hellos to dear PV, Carmalita and extended family, Steve, Louise and Damsel, Plunging Plop Guy, Punk Rock Girl, Robby, Annie, Sarah S. and Meghan, JaLe, Jane with Gary, Ina, Todd and Diana, Scarlet and, and, and to all you fine posters out there with love from Rizzo

John Q Public
Overfull & Jim:

It's hard for me to believe that even in a religious school that teachers would be so unenlightened that they would punish a kid by denying him the use of a tiolet. It is A WELL KNOWN MEDICAL FACT that you can do yourself great harm by doing that. Yet you still see these 'know-it-all' so called educators who would do something that cruel and archiaic. I had plenty of teachers all through grade shool and high school and I often wet myself because of them. In grade school and jr high, I wore diapers to school, but in High School there were no doors on the stalls so I could not change them without everyone seeing so I drank and ate very little while at school. I'm not kidding, I was 6 feet tall and barely weighed 115 pounds when I graduated because I ate very little at breakfast and drank only a few sips of water if my thirst got realy bad. Luckily that did help some what and I was able to sneek into the faculty bathroom on occasion. I did have one accident but lucki! ly my capacity was so small then that it was not very noticable and I allways wore black pants which covered for it. There was a little bit of a smell, but I was also lucky because it was a hot day and the school did not have any air conditioning so I worked up a sweat during my lunch break with a few calistenics and it pretty much covered up the pee smell.

Anonymous Movie Guy:

Thosr Kegel exercies have done me alot of good, but they do not necessarily make your bladder larger. Sure enough if you strengethen the sphinster muscles you can increas your capacity and enlarge the increase urin in your bladder will stretch it out a little, but the realit of it is (at least for me) is that the best I can hope for is to be able to sit through a whole movie without having to get up to pee. I almost made it yesterday when I went to see "Blue Crush." Just for the hell of it, I wore a diaper to the movie so I could 'push the envelope' a little. I did not have any pop corn or drink anything. I ust bought my ticket, went to the bathroom and emptied out completely before the show and then went in to the theatre. They had the usual 'comming attractions' then the movie finaly started. I sat there and it was realy great. There was a toilet sceen in that flick, too but I could not hear any peeing or pooping. Not even hald way into the movie I had to pee! but it was not a very strong urge so I tried to see how long I could hold it. Right at about that toilet sceen, my urge was very strong so I tried a few kegel exercises and that worked a little, but as the pressure built up I was pretty uncormfortable. Still I was not going to miss any part of this movie so I hung in there, and at about the time the main character won the Pipe Line surfing championship, my bladder just gave out and I was in a wet diaper. Now I will try that again in 3 mos and hopefuly I can make it through the movie, or at least not have the accident until the closing credits are rolling.

My big sister was home from college this summer. We went to the swim club and she was just the hottest thing to see her in her bikini and all the attention the boys were giving her. She is 19 and I am a pretty hot 17 myself. But my mom won't let me wear a small bikini till I am 18.

My sister and I were sitting on the grass facing each other and talking and I said I gotta pee and be right back. She quickly grabbed my arm and said pee in the grass right here. We both had wet or at least damp suits and the wetness would not show so I thought about it for a minute.

I was about to decide to stay and do as she asked, when I heard my sister's pee start. I was embarassed but I stared at the yellow fountain stream arching out about 1 inch from the crotch of my sister's bikini panty.

She took my hand and said let it go. So I began a trickle and lavished in the warm gush that followed as the strong smelling heavy yellow stream arched out of my crotch.

My sister just smiled at me and said you just joined a secret girl's club. She is a member of a secret girl's panty pee club in college. They get together on occassions and come up with exciting ways to pee their panties.

hi all,long time no posts and other things eg boys are taking my time,but i have been reading the posts and now felt i must comment.

you seemed shocked when your mum said go in your pants/swimsuit,why?when i was that age that was said to me lots of times and always has been,it still is[i am 16]and yes i do poo in my panties often,my mum isnt bothered by it,she sometimes does it.I used to do it alot when i was younger,as i said in old posts i get constipated alot,i dont mind that and sometimes get that way on purpose.I love forcing ring splitting logs out but sometimes i go to far and rearly have trouble going.This happened lots when i was 12/13,when i had tried loads of times on the toilet mum would say to do it in my panties,she would often feel what i had done through my pants,sometimes then telling me to go and try to do more on the toilet.
Recently,it was the last week befor school closed for the summer i was like mega constipated,i hadnt pooed the week befor except for some hard little pebbles that i manged to strain out one morning befor school.On the friday morning of that week i got up early,got dressed,had breakfast,leaving myself a good hour befor having to set off to school so i had 1 hour on the toilet,believe me i strained so hard for that hour i thought i was going to explode,i made my bum bleed and i hadnt even passed any poo,10 minuits more straining,blood dripping and i did 1 piece of poo the sise of a golf ball.mum reminded me of the time,i told her i had only done a bit she then said if i wanted another 15 mins she would run me in by car to school.By this time my bum was hurting alot but i stayed there trying to strain even more,no luck,so i wiped,put tp in my pants to soak up the bleeding.Mum handed me spare pants and dropped me at school.My bum was so sore it hurt to sit and the wad of tp ! was uncomfortable so at break i went toilet and tried and did another golf ball sised piece which with straining hard rearly hurt my already sore bum and made it bleed again.I didnt bother to flush.That evening i was going out so i got ready and went to try to poo,by now i had bad ???? ache from the amount inside me.I had my high heeled boots on and they push my legs up and i find i can strain harder like that,my older sis was there and she came in and was massaging my ???? and pressing it.I got the pot of vaseline down and put loads of it in my bum i could even feel the poo up there,after an hour i had done i pebble and some liquid poo.I wasnt taking any chances and put plastic pants over my pants as the liquid often leaks and as i was so sore i knew i couldnt hold it[yes i wear plastic pants sometimes,i know 5 other girls who do also]My pants were dirty when i got in mum says do it in your pants if you can adele.
some poo came out whilst i was asleep .sat morning i did some poo on the toilet,i sat there for an hour and 20 mins and did a piece 8 inches long and so thick i couldnt believe it.later i was in my room and got the urge to push i did and filled my pants with many pebbles and golfball sised bits and some mushy soft poo.i got cleaned up,emptied the poo into the toilet and put the n pants in the bucket.I still had ???? ache so that evening i tried to do more,my bum was so sore and bleeding but i tried for about 1/2 an houre and did i small log.My bum hurt much worse sitting on the toilet so i went to my room and tried to do more in my pants but couldnt, i wore plastics to bed and dirtied them, sun am had real bad ???? ache but decieded to wait till the evening to try as my bum was so sore and still bleed ing a i waited till after my little sis had been put on the toilet[if my sis hasnt done poo during the day either on the toilet or in her pants she has to sit o! n the toilet till she poos,if she isnt made to sit there she waits till mum or me put her nappie on then does it in that straight away. she wears nappies to bed cos she wets every night]I could feel this big log in my bum and as soon as sis was out i sat down straining this log was hurting me inside but i wouldnt come out,it was sticking out my bum alittle but must have got fatter and stuck,it was streching my sore bum to its maximum with each strain it felt like it would split me it also made me bleed again.i tried for 1 hour again and got it out about 3 i broke off what i could and pulled my pants up,i couldnt sit down so i went to bed.mon morning i tried again and decieded to stay at home unyill i did it .i was sittin on the toilet with my very soiled pants on and i managed to get most of it out,i knew there was more and i did this in my pants as my bum was so sore it hurt too much on the toilet,my ???? ache had gone but i stayed of school tuesday as my bum was! still to sore to sit down on hard chairs.I didnt try to poo tuesday and on wednesday mum,who doesnt say this to me very often,said did yo poo yesterday?no says i,then poo now.i said i dont want to get any more sore befor school i go this evening[i go to school alot with a sore bum and even a bleeding one but tis time it was already very sore]mum goes we dont want a repeat performance of the last week you go now and do poo.well 20 mins and i had a load inthe bowl.i wore a sanitary towel as my bum was bleeding and it also cushions it abit.

sorry this was so long---makes up for the months i havnt posted..

quick any of the female posters here wear plastic pants when they either have constipation or diarrhoea?or for any other reason? just curious

Jacob G. in Fla
Hi Bryian, I’m glad you loved my story. Yes, it was a cool experience. I didn’t have to poop that day, only pee. I usually don’t poop in that restroom because just outside the hallway that leads to the restrooms, they have chairs where people can sit and read books. People are always sitting there reading. For some reason, I feel inhibited to poop because those people would see me go in then come out about ten minutes later. Of course, they would know I had to poop. One time I was at Best Buy and had to poop badly. Directly next to the men’s restroom door, a salesman was demonstrating a television set to some people. As I opened the door to go into the restroom, the door made a loud squeaking noise and they all looked up at me. I went on in and pooped. By the time I pooped, wiped and washed, about 15 minutes had elapsed. When I opened the door to leave, those same people were still standing there looking at that same television set. Of course, they all looked up! at me for about two or three seconds. I felt kind of awkward, uncomfortable, and embarrassed. I don’t know why that bothered me, but it did.

Infantry SPC
Student- She always wanted to let me watch her poop, but our timing was often off. Since we went to different high schools, it was sometimes 4 or 5 pm when we would see each other for the day. She used to tell me that she would poop in the morning at school or a doughnut shop near the school before her first class, or at a bookstore in the mall where I would meet her after school. I can recall one time that we had planned a quiet day home alone(you know typical teenage behavior), when she called me early in the morning saying she would have a surprise for me. when I got there she said I was a hour too late, and that she had taken a very smelly, and messy dump. We proceeded to do what we planned which would be a whole different topic...

I was watching something about Britney Spears two years ago on MTV, where she was going to make an appearance at a Nascar race. while she was getting into her outfit for the race(a racing jumpsuit)she mentioned having her family with her, and having to poop, and not feeling comfortable with having them in her hotel room while she did her business since it had been a while since they were always around her. Later she in the Limo ride to the track, she joked about being "lady like" and how she was going to try her hardest not to fart or burp while on camera. She used the word poot. So for any one who wonders what Britney says about farting, she says poot.

On Sunday mornings I usually attend a baseball game held at a nearby field. It has a real old men's restroom. There are a trough urinal and sink near the door and then further in there are two doorless stalls. Anyway, while I was waiting for the game to start I felt the need to take a shit. I headed for the restroom and one of the baseball players went in just ahead of me. He took the first stall and when I passed it he was already sitting on the crapper with his pants and underwear around his ankles. When I got to the second stall, I found that it was out of toilet paper. I'm kinda reluctant to speak to guys I don't know in restrooms. However, then I walked back past the first stall to wait until it was empty, the baseball player on the crapper said: "Hey" and smiled. He seemed a real friendly dude so I asked him if I could get some TP off him since there was none in the other stall. He smiled and said: "Sure, dude! Go ahead." So I went into his stall and started! pulling off pieces of TP. He was a guy of about 23 years of age and real goodlooking with blue eyes. While I was pulling off the paper, I heard the crackling sound of his turds coming out, some farts and his logs hitting the water in the bowl with loud plops. He didn't seem at all self conscious or modest so I stayed a minute and chatted to him about his team and he was real happy to answer. I thanked him for letting me get the paper and he said: "No problem! It sucks big time when they don't put out paper!" I then had a good crap and heard him wiping his butt. It's real unusual to find a guy who's so open about taking a dump and with whom you can have a friendly conversation while he's on the crapper.

At college, a group of us guys started working out & trying to get bigger to impress the ladies. We met in the weight room for a couple of hours three times a week. After a few weeks, most of us started taking supplements. I started taking creatine. It was fine at first but the loading phase really caused stomach problems. I had to poop several times a day, & often the urge came on really strong & unexpected.
One day while we were working out, my stomach started to growl so loud that everyone in the group could hear it. And a few seconds later I had the urge to take a big dump. At first I tried to hold it, but the urge to go just intensified. It got so bad, I didn't think I would make it to a toilet. Everybody told me to go next door to the locker room used for gym classes. It was a huge locker room & there was always alot of traffic there, but I didn't care at this point. So I went in, & took a breif look around. Sure enough it was crowded & a couple of my friends came in too just for shits & giggles, pardon the pun. As if the situation wasn't embarassing enough, there were no doors on the stalls. No damn doors. It was either poop there or in my pants though. Dodging embarassment is impossible at this point. So I went ahead & dropped my pants to my ankles & sat down. I tried to hold off a few seconds because I was in plain view of ab! out 15 people. But they weren't in any hurry to leave & I couldn't hold it any longer. I tried to ease my dump out & not draw attention to myself. Instead, it came out loud & strong. For the next minute, it was loud thunder-like farts, & plops that echoed all throughout the locker-room. My friends burst out laughing & I had the whole locker room making comments about or discussing my dump. It was pretty cool though, I met some new friends that knew me from then on at the gym & I got invited to play on their rec-league basketball team. It was weird that my huge dump sort of broke the ice & since that day, more people feel free to use those toilets & let nature have its way

Just thought everyone might enjoy this story I found.
The World’s Worst JobWhile visiting the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza I had to visit the ladies room. When I arrived at the door there was a sign advising me NOT TO FLUSH in very explicit terms. When I went inside there was a little old lady who, it turned out, had the job of sizing up your needs and doling out what she felt were the appropriate sheets of toilet paper for you. Then, at intervals she would look into each toilet and decide if they were full enough to require flushing. It sure made my job look better (some days).

Hi one time I was out for a walk near where I live
I took my neighbours dog for a walk and went by a small wooded area
and let the dog of the leash as my neighbour said was ok when you reach the wood I threw a stick for the dog to fetch and he brought it back
then the dog became a little interested in something and brought back a
pair of very pretty white knickers with a lot of lace and red ribbon,s and little red roses on quite sweet! and they where quite messy with poop stains like someone had wiped with them I also noticed the label in them it was sticking up and I read 7-8 yr so i guessed a little girl had a messy accident so I thought. I went over to where the dog found them and sure enough there was a large poop quite large and very lumpy and lots of mushy poop on top the same colour as on the knicker,s I could hardly believe that a little girl could have done that amount of poop it was then I saw a little knobbly poop about a couple of inches long and quite dark almost black it was then that I guessed that it was mother and daughter that had a poop together and that the mother had obviously used her daughters knicker,s to wipe with as there was no tp
or kleenex lying around which I thought was a bit of a mean thing to do

1. How many of you men and women touched their shit? When I was 5 I dipped my finger in my turd and had a lick.
2. Have you ever seen your poop other than on the toilet? Yes, I crapped my pants a few times.
3. Have you ever tasted your piss? No
4. Have you ever seen a poop or piss picture? Yes, it was on ???????????

I watched where the heart is in which there is a scene where natalie portman is pregnant and so she rushes into a stall and you don't hear any peeing but you do hear her express relief.
TO ATLANTA LADY: I always get hard when I have to take a shit, because I find it very erotic.

Sorry you had to go though that. What is it with religious schools and going to the bathroom? I sometimes wonder if those teacher get off to watching kids being desperate. There were these two boys who were always in trouble at the boarding school that got it trouble for playing in the line during the after lunch bathroom break, around 12:30. The teacher pulled them out of the line and told them that they lost their bathroom break for the rest of the day, till bed time, a look of horror came over them since they already had to go pretty bad. During PE around 4:30 they had to stand there and watch the rest of us go to the bathroom, I remember one of them started crying. After dinner the both of them were in total agony, begging to be allowed to go to the bathroom, only to be told if they didn't shut up they would have to wait till the next morning. One of them peed his pants around 7:00, he was paddled and made to repeat the punishment the following day with only two brea! ks. The other one made it, I remember him peeing for almost two minutes. I can imangine what it must have been like having hold their pee that long. To answer Bryian's question, There were two students that i know of that pooped in there pants and both of them were paddled and humiliated for it.

to atlanta lady...... yes i get "hard" sometimes when i poop. i have never had the nerve to go in my pants tho, would like to try it, but i really wanna try it with someone the most, anyway this note is modtly to atlanta lady about her question, bye all

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