Hello everyone!
Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but I don't recall seeing it.
With the recent mention of the Avril Lavigne music video (Just started airing the UK at the mo, but I've not seen the relevant part yet) I thought I'd post about the x-press 2 music video "Lazy". Basically it's about a guy who is too lazy to get up off the sofa to do anything.
At the start of that video, the scene shows a hose connected to the bath taps (faucet) and another hose carrying some yellow liquid clipped over the toilet seat. The camera follows the hoses and the next scene shows the guy who (it's suggested) has just finished using the receptacle on the end of this hose to pee into. This has been shown on the UK pop music TV channels for some time now. Did the US get the same video?

To Vanessa: Loved your story.

To jen: No, i've never been told to go in my pants. I loved your story too.

To jere: Loved your pooping pants story, cool.

To Atlanta Lady: Liked your story, and i usally don't get hard when i poop.

To Amy: Liked your story, what did you eat? Did you drink the water? That sounds cool about the pepto bismal ad.

To STUDENT: Loved your stories.

To the "HOLD IT" man: Speaking of Bidets, that reminds me. When i was 10 i went away to this hotel w/ my mom or grandmother and there was a bidet in the master bathroom(it was a suite) and i didn't know what it was, i thought it was to pee in but my mom told me you clean your butt in it.

To Overfull: liked your story, thats terrible what you had to go threw at private'd thing private schools would be more laid back about that stuff.

To Frogdog: I can give your some sugestions, try using wet wipes or wet down the toilet paper and clean your butt hole in the shower daily, that might help, try that and see if it will work.

To Pat F: Enjoyed your nun story.

To grant: That sounds like an intresting episode of spin city.

To Diarrhea Queen: Liked your story, one time last year i had to pull into a redlobster to poop..but it wasn't from eating there.

To leather pants girl: Liked your story, thats cool you met a girl that meets your pooping intrests.

To Scarlet: How was that pee? After work i love getting online and holding my pee till bed time. And no prob. for anwsering your ?'s

To southern college boy: I liked your survey results...What did your bud think when you pooped your self when going camping?

To DONNIE M.: Liked your story about bidets...thats sounds cool.

To historian: That movie sounds cool.

To John Q Public: Liked your diaper story.

To Mike of MD: 1. Yes i've touched my shit. 2. Yes, in the sink. 3.
yes, its salty. 4. Yes, online 5. At home 6. home/ public 7. Yes, a guy, and it was online 8. Yes, online 9. Huh..don't understand that ?.
I liked your story too.

To Susan US MidWest: I liked your other uses for a bidet.

To Jane (& Gary): Liked your poop story.

To Arthur: Liked your bathroom dream, i just had one the other day too.

To jr: Liked your pooping dream...I have chest hair, i think most guys will...sorry no prom stories...didn't attend mine.

To jim: Liked your story

To Billy & kevin: I liked your long were you hiking? And did you actully see those girls poop?

To ANDY A: Loved your story, are you a male or female? And how many logs did your friend poop out?

To Chris: Loved your story.

To Darius: Thanks for liking my stories..and my old ones too.

To Shy Pleasure Pooper: liked your story.

Not much new, haven't pooped in a few days..thats it gotta run bye

your name :)whizzer

In answer to your question about men having an erection when needing to do a poo,

one thing, its normal to get an erection first thing in the morning, but it doesn't keep me from peeing.

in answer to your question about having an erection when needing to have a poo, it does happen but normally happens when straining with a large one or slightly constipated, but generally not before.

hope this answers your question.

To Bryian:

Thanks for your comments on my post! (p. 971). To answer your question, we wiped with that musty undershirt that one of the dudes from the other team was wearing under his soccer jersey. He and his teammate who walked in with him both had to potty really bad as well so he literally "gave the shirt off his back" so we could all avoid the skid-mark syndrome.

So now for another issue concerning dudes who avoid restroom lacking doors and / or dividers:

After reviewing recent and previous posts, I have discovered a number of dudes who have inhibitions against having a bowel movement in mens' bathrooms especially those where there are no doors or perhaps partitions as well. This seems to be an especially prevalent phenomenon among middle and high school dudes and occasionally there is reference to "jocks" of some sort who create difficulty in this matter and here is the philosophy of Thomas for all to whom this rather superfluous issue pertains:

Dudes, I've been there and done that too, my high school had no doors on the stalls in the boys' bathroom and what you may find interesting about this is that I was an athlete in high school (wrestling and soccer) and I didn't particularly like to use these facilities as well as my teammates. Ironically, when we were in "our zone" (locker rooms, practice facilities etc...) it was even more likely to not have dividers as well, however we weren't bothered by this since as a team we had a high degree of comraderie and we were fulfilling our "niche" as athletes so-to-speak. That's why many of you when you went to the regular hallway bathrooms you would encounter not one but at least two "jocks" hanging out and/or using the facilities when you attempted to have a quasi-covert bowel movement. Such is the spectacular of male bonding.

To those young dudes (and perhaps not-so-young dudes) who have this aversion to bowel movements in not-so-private facilities, I can suggest a progression by which you may incrementally overcome your nemesis:

1. Start by using a public restroom with maximal privacy.
2. Have a good friend join you while you attend to business as stated in #1.
3. Move on to a doorless facility where it is not too busy, take your friend too.
4. Once you have mastered phases 1,2 and 3, you should be ready to try another somewhat busier doorless facility. Friend adjacent to you is optional at this point.
5. Use the previously horrible boys' bathroom. Caveat: If any one gives you a hard time about it, do NOT react, act as nonchalant as possible and above all else do NOT stop using it, in fact, do not hesitate to go no matter how miniscule your need to attend your functions. If they see that you are not fazed by it, they will no longer derive any pleasure from ridiculing you (you'll bore them out of it). Have some humor about it- My post on p. 971 gives an example of this: When my soccer teammates and I had the pre-game "runs" and were sitting on the doorless/dividerless toilets in front of our opponents having our nasty bowel movements, my teammates and I were joking around about it and engaged our opponents in general "man talk", and even though this happened in June of this year, we have a decent laugh about this now in late August.

Incidentally, I happen to to be a high school soccer coach and I am all too familiar with what goes on in such situations. All I can say is to be a man about it, and you'll prove who the better man is by how you choose to react and more importantly, not giving in to those who obviously are still little boys fantasizing about being men (they obviously are not).

I pray for the success of all you dudes for whom this is a problem, I know you will be most triumphant in the end.


Vanessa. It sounds as though you must have been mightily relieved when you passed that big solid poo. Obviously you had been well and truly backed up.

Atlanta lady/Rachel. To answer your question, we guys occasionally get hard when passing a motion. It's perfectly normal and, I think, has to do with pressure on the prostate.

leather pants girl. I'm delighted to hear about your new friendship, particularly as your friend shares your interest in bodily functions. You'll have to let us know what her output on the loo is like!

Annie (& Robbie). Enjoyed your latest post. Keep them coming.

Yesterday I had an interesting experience. I was dining at restuarant where I often eat on Saturdays and, whilst I was there another customer discovered that someone had made a mess in the toilet and pooed all over the place (no doubt a previous customer). It being a small establishment the owner had the job of cleaning the mess up and then had to serve me my lunch. I'm sure she was very careful and washed her hands thoroughly between cleaning the toilet and serving my lunch. However I still had to steel myself, knowing what had happened, and I didn't enjoy the meal quite as much as I would otherwise have done.

Joanne & Paul. Passed any big jobbies lately?

Best wishes to all!


Tim (and Sarah)
SARAH S, ANNIE ROBBIE AND MEGHAN: Hi sweeties, thank you so much for your good wishes, especially from Sarah and Annie! I admit I have been drowning in selfpity for a while. I was just frustrated about the uninspected infection, when I had hoped to have the worst part behind me. I would have never thought, that something that I usually enjoy a lot, namelt having a good pee, can be such an awfully painful and unpleasant thing. Brrrr...luckily a very clever person discovered antibiotics and so I can happily enjoy a good tinkle into the bowl again ;-). When I was in hospital for the antibiotic drip, I had to make a poo into a bedpan on a toilet chair. It was hard cause I hadnít gone for a few days and I was feeling weak. My sweet Sarah stayed with me and held my hand and encouraged me like I was giving birth, lol. (Not that I want to compare the experience.) It was very sweet and I layed a long, thin and very dry turd. At the moment I am eating better again and so my piles are! regular and satisfying. Sarah is also far less constipated recently, which she says, comes from being more relaxed about the issue. Like me, she just poos now, when she has to without waiting for an empty house or a suitable moment. I am so glad she does not hold things in because of false shame. She is not as relaxed about her poos as our Josie, yet, but getting there, lol. Josie and Patrick (and Loewie) are very open about the toidy. Patrickís parents are also very relaxed there and they find their conversations also Ďnormalí for the age. We asked them if they would mind, when every toilet visit has to be at least as a couple, and they were like: Oh, well, everyone is curious at that age...Judging by their sense of humour they are very open about it themselves. The dad told us a story about seeing a guy in a truck on the other lane at a motorway crossing, who was standing in the open door in the moving vehicle with his pants down and a turd hanging from the bum...LOL. Qui! te a stunt! I found Josie and Patrick in the bathroom the other day playing cards while Josie had a poo (and Loewie watched). It was cute and funny. Yes, Sarah S, they talk about stuff like that without hassle ;-). In fact there arenít taboo subjects for them, yet, no matter if itís bodily functions or the scary fact that you could die from leukemia. They somehow seem to know better to deal with such topics than us. In fact that little six year old boy managed to talk some sense into me that also helped me to finally get out of bed again. He asked me if I was sad and then explained to me that "being sad is ok sometimes, but itís not healthy and makes other people sad as well..." There you go. He said it all, so I am pulling myself together and write a few lines. I thought it was funny your gentlemen friend listened and good you did not mind, Sarah. I hope he sensed that it was ok with you. We keep our fingers crossed for you...Lots of lovexxx and hugs to all of you from all! of us, Tim. P.S.: Hope things with Robbieís dad are ok!
An extra very warm thank you for your words as well from Sarah!

Special hellos to RIZZO (Miss you, my friend), STEVE AND LOUISE (return savely!) PV, EPHERMAL, DAVID from Berlin (nice to hear from you, I laughed at your poo on the building site, where both stories yours?), JEFF A. ( I was very glad you are ok. I wish you all the strength you need), JALE (I like reading your stories!) and everybody else

desperate to poop

anyone go to Notting Hill Carnival? There was a big queue for the ladies public conviences and a few were dancing in the line probably trying to hide there need to go! Just around the corner though were some porta jons and there was less of a queue in there.

I was quiet in need of a poop and decided to go for the porta jons. There were a few in front of me and one of the seemed quite desperate. When the door opened she ran in and was in there a good 15 minutes. I was getting pretty desperate myself by then. Something had not agreed with me the night before. Finally she came out and I dived in. Luckily just before here someone had gone into clean. But it still stank. She had exploded I reckoned by the smell thankfully quite a good aim though and I managed to wipe the little bit of poo of the back of the seat. Just in time as well. I hurridely pulled my tight white pants down and sat my shapely but (im a size 14) on the jon. No sooner had I done so when my arse opened and I exploded soft creamy shit. I sighed a big relief as I continued to pour out creamy poop. My friend who was in the line behind me knocked and said was I ok. I murmured yes, just a bit of a upset ???? and then let rip with a paaaaarrrrrrrrrf as more creamy! shit came out. I was in for about fifteen minutes myself and as I came out my friend hurried in. She went phew what a smelll. I guess it did stink!

My friend was in for about ten minutes and said she too had ate something not to good.

Later on I was making a phone call and this drunk lady was peeing in the corner! there were loads and loads passing by and she was there pants down attempting to pee drunk!

Anyone else had any notting hill experiences? Ever been in a procession and desperate too pee/poop?

John Q Public
I would like to hear about other times that your sister or your g/f held their urine for a very long time. What was their maximum time. How long did they pee? Did they ever measure it? Did they ever get desperate to go? Tell us more about your and their adventures as they grew up.

CK filler
I love reading your posts - think you said you are in the UK? Me too - great to find some other UK guys contributing. Your story about pooing your CK briefs at breakfast the other day was fantastic. Did your boxers survive this morning when you signed off "I'll do it in my boxers if I don't get off line"? (I kind of hope they didn't actually!).

What happened to Noel and Adam and Matt (the A level brief filler) and Poo Pants? Round about May / June time they were posting the best stories (male ones at any rate) this board has seen in over a year but all of a sudden they just stopped? If anyone knows what happened please tell the rest of us.

Better go - like Darius in his last post I need to poo and if I don't go fairly soon my CK's will be full too! HAve fun everyone.


Monday, August 26, 2002

Anonymous movie guy
Yo whats goin on with everybody? Not much happenin in my life yet!
Does anyone know what video with missy elliot has a "toilet" scene in it? just curious!
TO JIGS: Awesome post! I would have burst in my pants just watching her like that! You are truly a lucky guy!
1. Toilet. So this gay kid i go to school with doesn't bother me.
4.Lower waistband
5.I undo my belt(if im wearing a belt) and my button.
6.Trashcan, car, tree, floor, school monument, and I know this is in a bathroom but ive pissed in the sink of a girls bathroom, pissed in a girls toilet, and in the whole trashcan!(It was a dare/sexual adventure)
7.I don't mind an attractive girl hearing or watching me pee.
8.No. I sure would.
9.Usually just my "penis".
10.Yes. I have a very small bladder.
11.Thats fine with me, but i would love to return the favor!

TO JOHN Q PUBLIC: I feel you man about the small bladder. I wonder if those excersizes work?

P.S. I would love the idea of unisex bathrooms of where i'm at! hearing girls use the restroom would be awesome! Problem is if we had them at school, you could never get me back to class! :-)

Hello!! I was a little constipated for the past two days. It finally ended this morning though and I thought I would share it with you guys. Last night I tried to crap but I couldn't, then this morning at about 6:00 I woke up with the urge to poop. After I got to the bathroom I sat down and expected the same thing that had been going on for two days, I strain really hard and only a few small chunks come out but I was wrong. I sat down and all of a sudden one giant muchy turd just slid out. It actually hurt a little because it was really big around, I didn't know my asshole could stretch that much, I was very proud. But after I was done I felt so good. It was one of those shits where you feel a couple pounds lighter after you're done. Anyway, then I wiped four times and flushed our slightly broken toilet (it runs off and on constantly, we should be getting it fixed this week). I was a little upset though becuase for the past week there has been a spider sitting on t! he outside of the toilet bowl and I used to watch him be all spider-like while I was sitting on the pot but today he wasn't there.

Hi. Here's an idea for a new topic! Does anyone here have any ideas in which countries the women shit the longest and heaviest/bulkiest B.M.s? I'd love to hear stories and suggestions pertaining to this!!!!

Anyone ever have diarrhea in an airplane?

Has anyone ever been told, "lust go in your pants"? I guess I was 7 or 8, and we were at a river beach. I'd been playing in the water, and had peed thru my swim suit bottom several times. Then, I realized I had to poop. I never liked using the old bathroom at this particular beach, and I tried to hold it until we went home. Soon, there was no doubt, I wasn't going to be able to wait that long. Finally I said' "mom I have to go potty. She said just go in the waterand ee like you usually do. I told her I had to poop, not pee, so she said she'd ealk up to the bathroom with me. When we got there, bith of the bathrooms were closed, because of some problem with the drain or something. I was pretty desperate by then, so mom told me to just wade out in the river and pull my suit bottom down and go. I tried, but I couldn't force myself to poop in the water, even though I really had to go. Finally, mom said, just go in your pants, and we'll go clean up in the water, away from everyone! else. That wasn't very easy either, but I finally managed to relax nd filled mt suit bottom with soft poop. It felt really strange,standing there pooping in my pants like a baby, but it wasn't unpleasant, just kind of different. Then I had to walk with mom, way down the river,away from the public beach area. I could feel my suit bottom sagging from thw weight, and had to keep pulling them up. Finally we were far enough away, and mom and I waded out to just above my waist. She helped me out of mt suit bottom, and dumped the poop from it. Then she helped me clean my bottom, rinsed out my suit bottom and I put it back on. It was an interesting experience.

I pooped in my pants a lot when I was a kid. I was potty trained at about 3, but for some reason, I started pooping in my pants again a few years later. The first time it was because I was jealous of my 3 year old cousin who still pooped in her pants. She never seemd to mind having her pants full, so I decided to do it to see what it was like. It was about 15 minutes or so later whem my mom noticed I'd done it. She changed my pants, and then spanked me. It was about a year opr so later when I did it again, this time simply because I didn't want to stop playing and use the potty. I got spanked again of course, but that didn't stop me.After that time I pooped my pants on average once every week or so, most of the time because I didn't want to stop playing to use the potty and often because I was just lazy. I got spanked a lot for this, threatened with being diapered, and was even taken to the doctor once. It still didn't stop me. I just didn't see the big deal with messing my ! pants. After I did it a couple of times while I was playing withother kids, they started calling me "poopy pants" I still do it sometimes today, especially if I don't want to interupt my activities to go potty.

Atlanta Lady
Greetings from Georgia!

This week a friend treated me to a night out. We saw the movie Signs with Mel Gibson. Then he took me to a All-You-Can-Eat Chinese Buffet. Of course he paid, so I was a greedy little pig. I had about plates of food. That was Monday night.

On Friday I was at work. I was in my chair when I felt a nice firm, ring-itcher moving over closer to the tender opening at my bottom. For you guys that like description, I took dinner break early and ran to the ladiesí room downstairs. There I stepped out of my sandals, pulled up my floral pattern summer dress and took down my cotton panties. I sat my bottom on that cold seat and peed first. It wasnít long before the Buffet stool starting widening my booty hole. My pee was full stream as the All-You-Can-Eat brute engulfed my broadening orifice. It stopped for a second and then continued moving outward. The splash back drenched my whole bottom. The stool was like a ????, ripe cucumber; it had swirls of brown, gold and tan. After I wiped my bottom clean, I flushed it.

I had another good movement today. It was long, nice and dark. It just slid right out. I just sat there with a issue of Readerís Digest and enjoyed a good bowel movement. I didnít even have to wipe!!!

A question for the guys:

I know a guy that has throbbing erections when he does number 2. Do any others guys ďget hardĒ when they have to do a poo?


Hi, my name is Amy and I am 17. I'm Asian with long black hair, and a slender build. I'm about 5'3", and weigh about 106 LBs.

Has anyone ever had a vacation in which everything was ruined by sickness? Well, when I was 9 my family went on a trip to mexico. It was for two weeks and was supposed to be fun, but after the first dinner that first night, King Montezuma had his way with me. After that, i had diarrhea for two weeks straight. Thankfully, most of it resolved itself in the hotel bathroom. However, I was caught short twice. In chichen itza visiting the mayan ruins, we climbed to the top of the big pyriamid. However, i got stomach cramps which signaled the runs and I tried to hurry down the steps, all 320 or so of them, but it was too late as i ruined a pair of pink shorts. The second time was swimming in a beach. I had diarrhea again. Unfortunately, the swimsuit I was wearing exposed my ????, and the cold water and wind only made it worse. There was no chance. I made a load of the runs in the suit, and then a gush of brown water came out of me for 10 minutes straight, right the! rre in the water. I did not tell anyone as I tried to pretnd to act normal, although my stomach was being squeezed of every last drop of food and water I had ingested for like my whole life. My parents did'nt know until I finally got out of the beach. They noticed, but they we'rent mean because they already knew I was sick. The last day was also bad, because we were in the airport and I had to keep getting out of line and into the bathroom. it was a very scary experience for a little girl.

BTW, is the Britney Spears "diarrhea" incident true, or is it just rumour? I don't recall her doing anything like that. However, the suggestion that she should do an Immodium AD Commercial is pretty funny, I think. I think it'll be a good change to have a girl do the diarrhea-stricken person. Middle aged guys, like inolder commercials, are kind of one-sided. Do girls never get the runs? Of course they do. Well, one Pepto-bismol commercial showed a brown-haired teen girl run to the toilet, but it was in black and white and only for a few seconds. Ok bye for now.

I'm back,

PLUNGING PLOP GUY-I guess you are right in some heterosexual people being interested in other people of the same sex go and some homosexual people being into the opposite. But from what I have read it seems like the majority of people seem to interested in the opposite sex. It seems that more guys are interested in girls than girls being interested in guys. But then there are people like you that are not gay but interested in guys. I guess we're all different. I'm into females for me it is kind of cool if a fat ugly old lady takes a dump but if a really hot women does it then that is just awesome because you never expect it from these type of girls.
INFANTRY-I noticed you said you and your girlfriend were close in the same way that me and my ex girlfriend were. But it seems too me like you all were really close and did everything in front of each other. That wasn't the case with me, I only experienced her poop once, and she didn't even know that I was listening. And I kind of like it like that, I don't think I would like a girlfriend to be that open, it would be awesome at first but then it would get real old. I think no matter how much you like something if you do it too much you get tired of it. I like to be a little deprived so then when something happens it is great.
BRYIAN-I'm glad you liked my story, I will try to post more.
JAMIE LYNN-Thats not what I heard, are you sure that just wasn't an excuse from Brittney Spears?
GUY- That would be a funny commercial but you know they would never show that. All those kind of funny diarreah commercials always have a male victim, because society tells us that girls never get diarreah or end up in that situation, but we all know that aint true.

I work at a grocery store called food 4 less, theres this co-worker there that I can't stand, in fact we almost got in a fight this summer, well I found out where he lived and last night me and my crazy roomates got drunk,(it's the last weekend before school starts) and we drove over to where he lived and we all snuck over and took a piss on his house. We'll probbably make that a weekly routine. We also went to a lot of frat parties and everyone was drunk, I go in this restroom and it was crowded and COED, I just went in and took a piss,I didn't care cause I had been drinkin,this other dude was trying to piss next to me but then stopped and said to me that he just couldn't go with these girls in here, I was bladder shy at first but I finally went, also I could see stall doors and womens shoes under them and then other girls going in, I wish I could of just hung out there but that would have been suspicious. Haven't heard anything lately about the Brittney Spears incide! nt maybe it was just a joke.

the "HOLD IT" man
As I said before, Mickey, I realy envy Jill and your sister. I am still struggling with 1100 ml, and my rate still averages about 25 ml per second. I would very much like to know what Jill's rate and amount is if you ever could get her to go along with being measured.

I have read several posts to JQA regarding bidets, and I also asked what it was and after reading the explinations I remembered a time in my travels when I actualy saw a bidet. I was in New York City attending a "Dark Shadows" festivel. (Dark Shadows, the very ancient tv series) Anyway the room I was staying in had a bidet in the bathroom and I had NO CLUE as to what it was supposed to be used for. I thought it might have been a bath tub for a baby, and was shaped like a toilet so it would match the facilities, but I gues I stand corrected.

A buddy of mine thought it was a dusche for women, another one thought it was a female urinal (by the way that is my question for the day. Is there such a thing as a urinal designed for women?) Bue none of us ever realy know what that thing was suposed to be used for. There were three of us at that festival. We all drove motorcycles but we stayed in seperate rooms in case one of us were to get 'lucky' with the girls.


I think that you went through a terrible ordeal in middle school, being allowed to pee only 4 times a day. I had something similar. I went to a religious high school. We had to leave for school at 7 a.m. and get home about 4:30 p. m. During school hours we were allowed only 2 visits to the toilet: like you after lunch and again at 4 p.m. If we misbehaved or didn't have our homework done properly, the first pee break was cancelled. Many a time I was forced to wait from 7 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon to empty my painfully full bladder. Sometimes I had to wait longer if I had detention because of incomplete homework assignments in the afternoon. By the time I got out the boy's bathroom was locked and I had to walk home ready to burst. It was awful. So I had to hold my pee from all morning until I got home about 6 p. m. Then I had held so long that I often had trouble going. One time I couldn't go at all and had to go to the ER to be catheterized to drain my bladd! er. The doctor couldn't believe how much I had in me (about a quart and a half). That's how my mother found out what was
going on.After that my parents sent me to a public school.

Hi. I'm having quite a problem with something but do not want to ask anyone I know this. Every time I poop, I wipe like crazy until there is nothing left. But, two or so hours later, I get this squidgy feeling in my ass like I forgot to wipe, no matter how good I did last time. So I have to go back and rewipe later. This cycle has repeated as many as three times in one day. Therefore, there isn't one pair of underwear I own without some sort of skidmark on it. How can I prevent this from happening?

Pat F
When I was 11 or 12 I had a major crush on a Caticism nun named Sister Agnes. Even though the nuns back in the late 60's looked like pengiuns Agnes was built, even in the black habit and veil it wasobvious she had a little bit more than most women. The nuns would spend many an afternoon at a local lake, that did not have a restroom, remember this is back in 68 or 69. The gorgeous woman of my dreams filled out a one piece white and balck swimsuit all too well, she had curves like Jayne mansfield and curly copper-red hair that really looked good on her. The older men at the lake even watched the buxom nun swim and sun herself.
Everyone went pee in the lake, and still do, but #2 was another matter, since the cottage where the nuns were staying was a mile away and the beach was pretty isolated, the unwritten rule was a trip across the street to the woods. A friend of mine spottedher charging across the street first, but soon we were both hiding in the bushes, so we could see the gorgeous nun remove her tight lycra swimsuit and expose her mammoth bosom and red haired bush between her well toned thighs.

I remember watching a Spin City episode ages ago where Mike and Paul were peeing (the episode where Mike found he had cancer) and they said stuff that, if you werent aware of the situation, you would get the wrong idea-so Mike said a notification to anyone in the stalls of what he and Paul were talking about...

Anyway, any of you guys/girls ever given or gotten the wrong idea to people in the stalls before? do tell!

Diarrhea Queen
Hello to all,
I have another accident to tell you all about. I went to Red Lobster to eat. Usually there food doesn't go through me but this time it did. I ordered the Shrimp Pasta. When I got done I knew I was going to have to make a trip to the bathroom be4 I left or I wouldn't make it home. I started to get the cramps really bad this was about 20 min. after I got done eating. So I got up and made my way to the bathroom. I took the first stall b/c The others were occupied. Next to me was another lady in there with the runs. ALl the others where jsut taking a normal BM. After all the other lady's left I asked that lady what she ate she told me the Shrimp And Lobster Linguine. I asked her how long she was in there with the runs. She said 10 min. I told her that I have IBS and then she said she thinks she has it to b/c whenever she eats she gets the runs and has them days on end. We exchanged phone #'s because in case she had any questions I gave her my GI doc's name ! and told her to go and get it checked out. And gave her advice on taking Immodium be4 she goes out anywhere. Then she was finished and left. I was in there going for about an hour. My poor husband was waiting for me the whole time thank god he is a saint. So i finished up on my last wave and wiped wow was it messy. My husband and I where driving home and I said I need a Bathroom now!! I got the cramps, and I was breaking into a cold sweat. He said u just spent an hour in on the toilet how could you need it again. I tried to explain to him. But by that time I was in tears with the pain. We where almost home and we stopped at a red light and lost it I filled my pants. I got all over the car seat again. I was so embarrased I was crying. But my hubby made it all better. He said he would clean it up. I have never had 2 accidents in one week that got on things in the car. I have never had and accident that got on my cars seats be4 never mind 2 in one week. Well I went in the house! and I spent another 2 more hours on the toilet it was bad and very messy. I cleaned up and took a shower. My husband cleaned and shampooed the car. I love him he is so helpful!

leather pants girl
I have not posted here for a while because (wait for it) i met a girl that we are so both in love, and to top it off she loves panty pooping too, yeah i know go figure.

How did all this happen ? (hell if i know)Actually i do, it started at the office one day, i was busting for a poo i mean like gotta go NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! i was on the phone at the time and desperate to go i didnt dare even fart, i finally got off the phone and made a mad dash for the ladies washroom i farted twice on the way, each time a step nearer to going in my pantie.

I got to the ladies opened the door all stalls full, (my luck as allways)i couldnt wait any longer, i relaxed and a firm poo slowely filled my black panties, oh my god it smells i thought, another poo inched its way out of my bum into my panties.

now as i waited in line i heard a toilet flush and out walked kathy a young blonde vixen 22 yrs old five foot nothing about 100 lbs if that.

In her hand she held a pair of white satin panties, she went scarlet and mumbled something about an accident, i assured her that i would not tell anyone her secret was safe with me, besides i added i had an accident too.

Now iam going to cut a lot of the conversation out here, but to cut a long story short we both discovered our love of panty pooping and allso we are both gay single and errrrrrrrr ummmmmm well anyway were both together very much in love.

And that dear reader is why i havent posted in a while, but have i got some poo stories to tell you all kathy is incredible in that department. will keep you all posted he he he.

I remember watching a Spin City episode ages ago where Mike and Paul were peeing (the episode where Mike found he had cancer) and they said stuff that, if you werent aware of the situation, you would get the wrong idea-so Mike said a notification to anyone in the stalls of what he and Paul were talking about...

Anyway, any of you guys/girls ever given or gotten the wrong idea to people in the stalls before? do tell!


1. If you could see any celeb on the toilet who would it be? Hayden Christensen, Daniel Johns, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Natalie Portman...but I'd rather watch them pee than poop

2.Do you take dumps in porta-potties? no...I've never needed to

3.Do you feel comfortable taking a dump in someone elses house? I've never needed to. I'm pretty good about holding it back. But it would depend on who. If it was a relative or Shell or another good friend, it would be okay, but not if we weren't really close or if it was somebody I had a crush on.

4.Do you read while taking a dump? no...I'm not much of a reader. And I usually don't have time to sit on the toilet that long.

5.Ladies do you fart while pooping? no usually, but sometimes.

6.Ladies have you ever pooped, so when it's coming out it has touched your vagina? no

7.Now people are real hesitant about pooping infront of the opposite sex, Ladies and Guys, does this apply to you? yes, unless I had a b/f or g/f that asked me to and wouldn't think I was gross.

NOVA: thanks for the great interesting answers you gave me! I've never peed anywhere other than a bathroom that I can remember. I'd like to...I'm just not that brave! hehe As for girls not going in front of guys...I would, if the guy was my b/f and he asked me to. But he'd have to ask first...I wouldn't just do it b/c I'd be afraid he might not feel the same about it as I do.

WINDOWS 98: Thanks for filling out my survey. I'm sorry your girlfriend was disgusted at you enjoying bathroom stuff. I wouldn't have been.

JIM, MIKE IN MD USA, ADAM, HAWK, BRYIAN, JOHN Q PUBLIC, and JEFF: Thanks for answering my survey! I enjoyed reading your answers! If you have any questions for me, just ask. I'll answer!

Well, I REALLY have to pee! I haven't gone in 5 hours and I drank 2 big glasses of Cherry Coke, so until next time...

southern college boy
Scarlet, here are my answers to your questions...

1. If you are peeing in a public restoom, do you prefer using the toilet or urinal and why?

>>>Urinal, cause I like to show off a little, and watch sometimes.

2. How often (if ever) do you have a peeing acident/wet yuorself on purpose?

>>>Frequent accidents till I was about 10 (and yet almost never wet the bed, go figure), and several more in early teens (maybe 2-3 a year), and one as recently as two years ago when I was 20. I wet myself on purpose a lot, either in private, or where I know I can disguise it quick (like while washing my car, or on the beach in bathing suit).

3. How often (if ever) do you have pooping accidents/poop pants on purpose?

>>>One poop accident when I was 16, in a car with a bud on the way to go camping. I told him I had to go bad, but he wouldn't stop. When we finally got to the camp site, I was hurtin bad, and as soon as I got out of the car, I lost control and a turd came out. I wore briefs back then, and I just "let go" and filled them. Never done it on purpose.

4. Do you use the opening in your underwear while peeing or just lower the waistband?

>>>Usually don't wear underwear. If I'm wearing boxers, I lower the waistband and tuck it under my balls.

5. Do you undo your belt and button on pants while peeing, or just unzip?

>>>Undo buckle, unbutton, and unzip.

6. Where have you peed other than in a bathroom?

>>>Thousands of places. Showers, sinks (including on airliners), out windows, in a cup in my car (a lot), in a jar I keep by my bed and beside the computer, ocean, lakes, pools, in alleys at downtown festivals, in a trashcan in a stadium men's room when lines at urinals were too long, and outside just about anywhere.

7. Are you pee shy/ don't care/ turned on by others hearing you pee?

>>>Like for others to see and/or hear, like to wait till I have to go bad so there's an impressive duration and stream strength.

8. Have you ever let a girl hold your penis while you pee? If not, would you?

>>>Both genders have held it. When I was 15, a girl wrote her name in the snow, lol.

9. When you pee, do you just take out your penis, or do you bring out your testicles too?

>>>See answer 4.

10. Do you wet the bed?

>>>I did once as a college freshman, thank God no one found out. Last time before that, I was about 13.

11. What do you think of girls interested in watching guys pee or poop?

>>>Very comfortable having them watch me pee, but prefer my privacy when pooping.

Speaking of Bidets- Well when I was in Uncle Sams Army, me and a friend went on leave while in Germany.
One of the places we hit was Paris, and spent some time there. Neigher one of us coould speak French or had a clue what to expect when the train stopped and we alighted the steps onto the platform
A Frenchman grabbed out suitcases and beckoned "come with me" and drove us to a hotel nearby. We were given a room, paid in Francs the rent and hit showwers and got ready to call it a day.
Twin beds, and in between was this strange looking toilet with no tank or flush handle or toilet paper. Like what the heck it that doing here between the beds? So anyhow during the night when we had to pee we just stood by the bed and took a leak, there was something there that made it flush, weird thing though.So I guess you
I might add while in Germany and most of Eruope wherever westayed they seemed to have the same type of toilet. It had the tank up on the wall near the ceiling, with a long chain and handle for you to pull and flush. It did a great job with that being so high and the pressure worked well. The toilet had a flat shelf right under your butt and whatever you did deposited on this flat shelf. Then you flushed and the water washed the poo down a hole at the oposite end. We were used to that as the army base we were on had those too. We found those in Belgim, Denmark and other countries.
Our army post was an ex-German air force base where they kept the first Jet planes they built and flew during WW11. It was a splendid place with stone buildings and oak polished floors and just first class. The toilets there were of that flat shelf design.
So our adventure in Paris found us ignorat about the bidet. Afterwards we had a good laugh. We figured it was there for clean up after sex though. Wish I could go back. lol

To pee movie fans:

Rent "The Sweetest Thing." The scene with Christina Applegate trying to piss in a urinal and getting it on herself is pretty well done. Also, there is some pee desparation from Cameron Diaz.

Till next time,


John Q Public
First I was reading through the posts and I guess I owe you all an explination due to the fact that I controdicted myself. In Scarlets survey I said that I only peed in front of a girl once, while in the other survey I said that I peed in front of my GF all the time.

I assumed, for some reason, that Scarlet was asking if we had ever peed infront of a strange girl (strang meaning that I didn't know her) and the answer was yes, only once. I have known my GF for quite a while, and I also peed in front of my sister when we were kids and had to change my diapers in front of her as well. Sorry for any confusion, but I figured I would post this explination to deal with the inevitable questions.

Bathroom Kid:

You have a good attitude and I wish you the best. When I was 12, I wore diapers pretty much all the time because I was allways having wetting accidents. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you realy do not want people to see you have accidents you might want to try that option. Just a little 2 cents worth of advice.


Thanks for helping me out with that word "kegel." Yes, Kegal exercises have pretty much cured my incontenence, but I still have a long way to go. NO WAY I will ever be able to compete with Jill, your sister, or my GF or sister. Since you enjoy pee stories I was reading yours about your sisters 'beer pee' and was reminded of a time when I was about 12 (Bathroom Kids age) and we had just gotten home from the beach (Lake Michigan) It was a 6 hour drive, and my diaper was completely soaked after wetting it I don't know how many times. Anyway, we were in my dad's station wagon and we kept a cooler of pop in the very last seat. It was my mom, dad, sister and myself. My sister must of drank almost 10 cans of Coca Cola while on the way. Yet NOT ONE bathroom stop. We did have to get gas, and my mom and dad both used the bathroom but my sister didn't seem to have any problems.

Well we finaly arrived home, and as I stated before I was in diar need of a change, so I went into the bathroom and started to change. My sister walked in rather calmly, pulled down her panties, sat on the toilet and let out a hissing stream of pee that I didn't think would ever stop. She leaned forward on the toilet and her hissing swelled rythmicaly with her breathing. Again, this went on for what seemed like forever. I actualy had enough time to fasten my dry diaper and pull up my plastic pants. Her stream was as thick as a roap and hit the toilet water with unbelievable force. KEEP IN MIND that this is my YOUNGER SISTER. I was 12, and she was 9 at the time.

When she finaly finished, she wiped, pulled up her pants and left the room without flushing the toilet. Her pee was clear like water, there was no yellowness to it at all. Probably because it was mostly water from all the pop she drank, BUT there was a head of foam on top of that toilet water that had to be an inch thick.

Yes, I have seen my sister and GF pee like that many times and I have a whole slew of stories that I can tell about it. Some day I will tell you all about the time my sister and a few of her friends had a contest to see who could piss the furthest out the window of her bed room.

Hang in there, People.

Eric in Chicago

I live in Chi, too and thanks for the information. Have a good one.

Mike of MD USA
1. How many of you men or women touched there shit? mine is a couple of time each bowel movement
2. Have you ever saw your poop other than on the toliet? mine is yes it was in the bathroom
3. Have you ever tasted your piss? mine is no
4. Have you ever seen a poop or piss picture? mine is yes. it was online
5. Where do you have poop? mine is at home,work,vacation
6. Where do you have to piss? samme as above
7. Have you ever seen a women or men poop? mine is yes
8. Have you ever seen a women or men piss? mine is yes
9. How was the time you pooped or pissed? mine is n/a

Mike of MD USA
On my recent vacation to Hawaii I had to piss prior at BWI prior to leaveing for IAH enroute to HNL I had to piss and poop enroute to IAH. At IAH we had to change gates at the gate area for HNL flight I had to
poop and piss prior to the flight. Enroute from IAH to HNL I had to piss before leaving the gate for HNL I usde the disabled person restroom while enroute I had to poop and piss but this time it was a regular airplane lavatory. Arriving at HNL I had to piss but the mens restroom was locked and I had to walk a ways until our group got to the lowerlevel and there was one opened and i pissed and farted in the restroom at HNL. Enroute from the Hyatt Regency Waikiki I had to piss but waited until the Port of Honolulu Terminal. On the website ????????? there is a picture from the ship I was on it is the Norwegian Star it looks out towards the water. I had to poop and piss at HNL before leaving Hawaii enroute home. Enroute to DEN from HNL I had to poop and piss 2 times prior to Arrival at DEN. I had to poop and piss at DEN prior to boarding the flight to BWI. Enroute from DEN I had to poop and piss enroute to BWI after breakfast but prior to landing at BWI I had to piss so ba d but I waited until BWI to piss and poop.

To Lauren(half White/half Indian chick:Enjoyed your story.

To bathroom kid: Liked your story

To Mickey: Enjoyed your story

To Jacob G in Florida: Loved your story, sounds like a cool exprience...did you have to poop there or just pee?

To HANS: Hope to hear more stories from you in the future.

To JaLe: I see that your not shy..liked your story

To Billy & Kevin: Liked your story

To Robert: Loved your story, did any one ever poop them selfs and get punished?

To Mike: I think thats intresting about having more then one toilet in a stall...i think i've seen that one time when i was little but the place took it out.

To Thomas: Loved your story, what did you guys wipe with?

Im not at home today, at my siblings house for part of the weekend. I came on thursday, and i had to poop thursday night around this time. Then i pooped 2-3 times today. Its been on the soft side, ate KFC the other day. I think thats what did it. My last dump today was loose and it was a light brown/ tinted green. I've been drinking that new pepsi blue. I think it really works.
I had a pooping dream last night....I dreamed i won a free cruise and i had to go to the bathroom and i followed a whole bunch of boys to the bathroom. I go in and this 10 year old kid takes a stall and was pooping and there was only one stall so every one was waiting for him to finished. He flushed and his toilet over flowed and every one ran out including me. Then i went back in there to check his logs had a few good sized pieces. Gotta run bye...hope every think sounds ok, in a hurry so im not caught here(not at home) bye

Susan US MidWest
All, A bidet is for more than just washing your butthole after doing your poop. It's also for washing your pussy after sex or just when you need to freshen up! We've had one for several years now and don't consider to be too good to wipe. If's very helpful in ensuring all of the remaining poop is removed just in case that's important for other activities!!! One last thought - I consider wiping fun as it feels good to embrace yourself both front and back for a few minutes each day. Hope this other insight helps!

Jane (& Gary)
Since Sunday I've been experiencing hard dumps. They haven't been particularly large, but what pieces of poop I produce have been harder than usual, sometimes coming out like pieces of Rocky Road. In fact, during one of my dumps at work, I had a piece stuck in my rectum for a good 10 minutes and wouldn't budge, no matter how hard I pushed. Finally I relaxed for several minutes, tried to push again, and this time it shot out and splashed loudly into the toilet.

Yesterday I decided to try to do something about it. After another hard dump in the morning, I took a teaspoon of Metamucil, hoping I wouldn't experience what I did the last time I took it. I took it after I had breakfast, and I didn't eat again until lunch, when we went to a Thai restaurant. Several hours later, the urge to poop hit me, and I went to the ladies room. It didn't seem to feel like anything out of the ordinary, but I hoped it wouldn't be another hard dump.

I went into a stall, lifted my skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I started to push out a piece of poop that was thick, long and not as hard as my previous dump. It plopped into the toilet, then I pushed another piece that was a bit thicker, longer and a little softer. After that, I pushed piece after piece, each of which was just as thick and soft but longer with each succeeding piece. After pushing a dozen pieces, the toilet was filled, so I flushed the toilet while seated. The poop smell was very strong.

I continued to push out a solid motion of long thick soft pieces of poop, with no sign of stopping. I felt very comfortable and didn't have to push very hard. The smell was getting progressively stronger, though I continued to flush the toilet while seated as soon as the bowl was filled. I filled up the bowl and flushed the toilet four more times before I was done. After I wiped and flushed the toilet a final time, I felt much better and left behind a strong poop smell.

DARIUS,, thank you for the information Darius. I intend to visit Delhi,near agra, where the Tash Mahal is. I probably will not venture too far from the tourist route.I am not Indian or Asian I am American of Italian Decent and I will certainly not blend in. How safe is it to vere off the conventional tourist and enter the villages that you have seen with some encouragement, I may just do that especially if the sitings are guarenteed.....

I had an odd dream last night.I was completely naked in a bathroom trying to hide from others who could see me.I then had to take a crap but there didn't seem to be doors on anything but there were stalls but were so tight I couldn't fit my body through them.I eventually tried to go in what seemed like a urinal but I don't think it was.I was about to go but then I think someone was coming so I left.I then turned the corner and there were lots of girls changing in a locker room or something.Embarrassed I said I was sorry and covered up by eyes and quickly ran through to the door.I don't remember what happened after that.I just thought it'd be an interesting thing to share on this site.I have lots of bathroom dreams but nothing really much different ever and don't really have any interesting stories to tell like alot of people here do.Luckily I can read others' stories here.

Also to answer a question someone posted I do support unisex restrooms but old ones should be kept as well or perhaps they could have gender specific tiolet sections in a bathroom and total privacy and you could only use the other gender's if you were waiting and no one else was using the opposite gender's tiolets.Although I support unisex restrooms I think I'd have a hard time trying to go if there were girls watching me and I think the same would go for women.If I was a girl I don't think I'd want to share a restroom with men who might peek in on me which I'm sure would happen.I think we should have unisex but keep the other separate facilities at least until things catch on.Although I'm a rather shy inhibited person I'd like there to come a time when I'd have no reason to be.That's my feeling on unisex bathrooms.

Also in a unisex bathroom would come the age old dilema of leaving the seat up or down and things could get ugly lol.There is often a difference in bathroom habits between genders including how many women use the bathroom to take care of female business.I think it'd affect women more then men.Unisex bathrooms would mean equal lines for everyone which would largely benefit women though women would lose alot of privacy and would probably complain about guys getting pee on the seat etc. so it's really a mixed bag.Also unless a unisex urinal were created there would be no advantage to women.It'd just mean men would have urinals and the stalls as well if women weren't using them.Guys would still have an advantage.Both genders would just be going together with minimum advantages.Guys also probably would want more privacy and use stalls if women were present so urinals may not be used as much.In a unisex bathroom urinals would probably be sacrificed.I don't think unisex bathroo! ms would catch on unless a person had used them since birth and been comfortable with them from an early age.

This is all I gotta say. I wonder what female movie stars look like on the john. I'd like to see Reese Witherspoon on the shitter. It'd also be nice to see Selma Blair on the shitter. I wonder what movie star shit smells like. If anyone knows, hit me back.
P.S. Sharon Stone looks like the kind of women who likes to take big, huge, shits.

I had a toilet dream the other night. I went into this toilet some where not sure where and I see these three toilets by each other no partions in between only on the sides. Three of my friends were taking a shit then I went around the wall and three more toilets the same way and three more of my friends were shitting.
billy and kevin I am glad you are back. Do your brothers know about this sight? If so I like to hear their stories. survey question will you have chest hair? I've come to a conclusion of about 70 percent of people I know will. any one can answer. guys I would like to hear your prom stories of after eating did you shit at the prom? etc.
Kendall and andrew i miss your stories even if you can't go together i like to hear some more. bye happy toileting.

Your survey answers:
1. If you are peeing in a public restoom, do you prefer using the toilet or urinal and why?
Urinal if there's no one else there, toilet if there is
2. How often (if ever) do you have a peeing acident/wet yuorself on purpose?
3. How often (if ever) do you have pooping accidents/poop pants on purpose?
4. Do you use the opening in your underwear while peeing or just lower the waisteband?
I lower the waistband, unless I am wearing boxers
5. Do you undo your belt and button on pants while peeing, or just unzip?
6. Where have you peed other than in a bathroom?
In the woods, in the sink in the utility room, into mugs and bottles
7. Are you pee shy/ don't care/ turned on by others hearing you pee?
Mostly pee shy
8. Have you ever let a girl hold your penis while you pee? If not, would you?
Never have, but it's a nice thought
9. When you pee, do you just take out your penis, or do you bring out your testicles too?
Just penis
10. Do you wet the bed?
11. What do you think of girls interested in watching guys pee or poop?
I would love it if a girl were interested in watching me pee or do my business, especially if she commented on the smell...

Robert, onece i got in trouble at school and the teacher made me stand in the corner till recess. i really had to pee and when recess came she let everyone go first then said i can go with them. i had to go so bad that i was giong in my pants as i was runnig to the bathroom, a teacher yelled no running and i ignored them. i got to the bathroom and went in, it was way too late. my front was soaked. i went back to class and the teacher made me stand in the corner again for peeing my pants. all the kids laughed at me, it sucked. i was in third grade then. i hated that teacher, some other kids said they had accidents in her class before to.
school will start soon, i love summer though. gotta go by

Stan (the second)
Awesome story Lauren, thanks!

Billy & kevin
While we were at grandmas and grandpas, we went one other hike. It was about 2 miles to some antenna thing at the top of a hill. We walked about 3/4 of the way there. Grandpa said he needed to visit the woods for a few minutes. Grandma said she did too. There was a little clearing just off the trail. Grandma and grandpa said wait here, we will be back in a few minutes. Will said he needed to go too. He just pulled down his pants and started a poo. THere was an area where there were about 4 piles that other people dropped. He was little off the trail, but people could still see him from the trail. Kev had did the same thing. Mary and me just peed. After we were done, we went to some rocks about 20 feet away and sat down on some big rocks. Three girls, about our age, were walking on the trail. One said I need a poop. Another said me too. They said this is where we went yesterday. They went to where will and kev pooed and said looks like someone was here recently. Then they dro! pped their pants and pooped. Then one of them asked the others for some tissues. None of htem had any tissues. So I said, we have some. They turned around and said where you there the hole time? I yeap. Then the laughed. i gave them some tissues. They wiped. Then we waited for grandma and grandpa for about 2 more minutes. Finally they appeared. We walked up the top together and played ball and had a snack. Then we went back. About 3/4 of the way down, there was a little clearing. When I saw that I said I need to go to the bathroom. I went into the clearing behind some bushes and dropped my pants. Mary, kev and one of the other girls siad they needed to go too. I dropped my pants and pooped like 3 big logs. Mary and kev just peed. The girl dropped one huge log. She was squatting about 1 ft above the ground and the log hit the ground while still coming out. It must have been like 2 feet. It was full of corn. I said, you like corn? I gave here and mary some tissues. We cleaned ! up and left.

That was the last night there. So we had to take baths before bed. Mary went in first, because it was almost her bed time. Grandma said that she needed to use the toilet and closed the door. So we went into the bedroom and got our clothes out and packed. We could hear grandma grunting and farting. About 3 minutes later, grandma called grandpa to come and fix the toilet. Grandpa said, ok. I think we need to get a new toilet or you need to crap in the woods more. About 10 mintues later, kev said he needed to go to the bathroom. He went in the bathroom and came out with a bunch of toilet paper. He said he was going out in the woods. I asked, is the toilet still blocked? he said yeah. I said i will go too. Will said me too. I went and got more toilet paper. In the toilet there was a pile of poo at the bottom of the toilet and a big lood floating on the top. I said to grandma that we would be back in in about 10 minutes. She said ok. We went outside in the woods and pooped. T! hen we came in and took our baths. Grandpa came in with a plunger. He said, you kids while he was fixing the toilet. We said, I think it is grandma, He said, you're right.

The next day we flew home. We didn't need to poop until we got on the plane in detroit. Both of had to go. We went in the bathroom together. Kev went first. The toilet was one of those with the flaps on the bottom. Kev dropped a bunch small turds. They stuck to the side. Then I went. I dropped two kid turds. After I felt them leave my hole, I could here the flapper thing close. It felt weird not to see my poops. Then I wiped and we flushed. When we got to the airport, we decided to wait until we got home. It is too hours, but we didn;t drink much. About an hour on the way, we stopped at reststop. Our little brother had to pee. Mom was in the bathroom for a few minutes after we got out, so I guess she needed a poo.

Just a quick story about an episode that happened to me last night, me and a group of work collegues went to a party in Richmond. The party was excellent and after giving it large, my friend Gemma and myself left at about 01.30, we were both pretty wasted. After walking for about 10 minutes and holding Gemma up, she told me she needed a poo. I said I could do with one aswell and looked around for the nearest public toilets. We searched for another 10 minutes but no luck, Gemma was getting desperate by now and we decided to duck into a nearby park and squat behind a tree. We found a suitable spot and pulled down our trousers simultaneously, Gemma tried to squat down but keep toppling over before starting her poo, she lay there laughing while I dropped out a huge log. She asked if I could hold her up while she shit once I had finished. I squeezed out another couple of large logs leaving a good pile on the ground, I wiped with leaves and hitched up my trousers and went to help ! Gemma. I helped her up and then stood behind her as she lowered to a squatting position and I balanced her out. She went quiet and lowered her head, I could see her beautiful arse bulge and and a huge log start to emerge, slowly and quietly it slipped out with much relief. I asked if she was done and she said she had hardly started, I held her up for about 15 minutes while she dropped log after log, I found this highly erotic, watching these dark logs slip out one after another. I grabbed some leaves and wiped her arse and helped her up with knickers and trousers. She said thanks and kissed me, we now share all of our toilet experiences after that.

one day me and a friend were out opnn the town we had drunk i dont know how much and had been pissing all nite. In most of the clubs there were huge queues to the urinals so most blokes were piising in the sinks and on the floor so mostly me and my mate headed outside and just pissed on the street. At the end of the nite we got taxi to our home which was about half an hour waway anyway as soon as i was in the taxi i suddenly needed to piss real bad and the urge was getting stronger after about five minutes the piss had reached the end of my knob and i knew i couldnt hold it any longer so i persuaded the taxi driver to pull over he did so i jumped out unzipped and pulled my now erect cock out. arrrhhhhh i must have pissed for about three minutes it felt so good as i could hear the stream so much so that my mate and the taxi driver got out and took a leak themselves.

Bryian: I loved your hot story about pooping in the sink and watching the turds come out in the mirror. I found it a real turn on, as I love watching mine come out in a mirror sometimes! Have read some of your old posts (as Andy) around the page 100 era. The one I read were great, and easily recognisable by your style of writing. I think your current posts are better though. Do please keep them coming. I was interested to read a few other current posters who posted at that time.
Gotta go, I need to poop real bad, and I'll do it in my boxers if I don't get offline.

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