AJ :o)
LOLOLOL! That was a riot when I looked at my post and noticed that the name of the "motel" I'd stayed in had been question-marked out. It was a fictional name, which described my minivan, which I've decorated with pink flowers with yellow, tongue-out, big-eyed, smiley-faced centers.

There was a survey that asked, among other things, which celebrity I'd most like to see using the bathroom. I can cheat a little bit on that one, because the guy I like is a locally-well-known lawyer who has also held at least three offices. So, that's a no-brainer! LOLOLOL

No, I haven't seen him, but I bet he'd look adorable!

As far as "real" celebrities go, my preferred hottie-on-the-potty would be Keith Hamilton Cobb.

To tell the truth, though, I'm not exactly chaffing at the bits to see ANY celebrity doing his business--unless it's this guy I like. And I'm not actually making that a first priority with him, either. But, if I DID see him in the bathroom, it would mean that we'd become really close, and I would like that.

I love anything that bonds us together.

Right now, he needs his space, and I don't even know if he likes me anymore, though I hope he does.

We have a lot of history together--and a lot of years when we haven't been together.

The first time we were together was back in 1990, and I was starting to fall in love with him, but he wasn't ready for that yet. Long story there. Anyway, for all I knew, it was one-sided, even though at least one friend told me that he looked at me like someone who was romantically-interested in me.

The last time we saw each other face-to-face until recently was 1992.

Then, in 2001, we got together again, and I was surprised--but pleased!--when, for the very first time, he kissed me in a romantic way.

But he has seemed to need space, so I've been giving it to him.

But I DO have a couple of cozy peeing stories about us.

I'll start with the most recent one--which happened on the evening when he kissed me romantically for the first time.

Although we weren't wanting to get carried away, we both wanted to hold each other as closely as possible--then, I remembered that I'd not gotten my jeans down and away in time before I'd started peeing earlier that evening.

He was wearing his gorgeous lawyer-type clothes, so I told him what had happened, and he told me not to worry because it happened to all of us at times. I thought that was precious! Still, I didn't want to get my pee on his sexy outfit--and, by then, he was thinking that it might be good to pull apart a little anyway, as we might end up getting carried away, if we didn't.

Even after that, we still ended up holding each other and kissing again for at least a couple more times before it was time for us to hang it up.

The first peeing experience was even more cozy. It happened back in 1990 when he had just moved into a new office.

I came there to see him, bring him an office-warming gift, and take a tour of where he worked.

I hadn't peed in awhile, so, after we had visited some, I asked him where the restroom was--and he told me that he'd only worked there long enough to know where the men's room was.

Although he was expecting clients up a little later, this was in the early evening to where we were, at that time, the only ones on that floor.

He said that he'd been so busy that day that he wasn't sure when the last time was that he'd been to the restroom--that he hadn't even remembered going that day.

We got to the men's room, and he told me to go on in, and he'd stay outside the door to keep anyone else from going in there.

So, I went in and found him still standing there when I came out. I thought that was sweet.

The same friend who told me that it was written all over his face how much he liked me told me that he bet it was a kind of turn-on for him.

I told him that I didn't think so--that the guy was just being protective of me.

Even if this were true, my friend told me, he bet that my sweetie went in to use the bathroom later and was at least a little turned-on by thinking that he had his bottom where my bottom had been earlier that evening.

Went to the home of friends (a couple around my age--he's four months younger, and she's about two years younger) for a cook-out a few weeks ago.

They designed (and built most of) the home themselves, and it's an enchanted cottage. They're very proud of it, and it's perfect for them.

They have two grown children and three grandkids, so they pretty much have the place to themselves.

While there, I had to pee, and his brother was taking up residence in the company bathroom, so I was told that I could use the bathroom in their master bedroom--but I was cautioned to close and lock the bedroom door before I did, because there would be no other doors (save closet doors) after that.

The floor plan was to go into the bedroom (which is really cozy-looking and beautiful). Turn right to go into the master bath.

The first thing you see when you go in there is their whirlpool tub.

Turning to the right after that, you see their shower on the left, and there's a curtain up--but I have the feeling that the curtain is to keep water off the floor rather than hide somebody.

In fact, I have a feeling that two people usually fit in that shower and two people usually fit in that whirlpool tub at the same time.

Finally, you go into a doorless alcove, and that's where the toilet is.

It isn't sitting right out in the bathroom (sits back in a recess where you have to be inside of the alcove to see it), but there's certainly not even so much as a curtain in front of it--and the alcove is big enough for someone to be sitting on the toilet while the other one is standing there talking to him/her.

If one person were in bed and the other one was sitting on the toilet, they could carry on a conversation--though they'd have to be having a pretty noisy pee or motion to be heard from there. That's my guess anyway.

But I just thought that the arrangement of the master bedroom/bath was sweet somehow--as if those two wanted it to symbolize that, in their own little world (where a bedside phone was the only link to the world outside that sweet suite), they wanted to share everything with each other and have no secrets from each other!

Not just the master suite but everything about their house and grounds eluded coziness. They have an outdoor deck from their French backdoors that forms a bridge over to a storage shed that looks like a miniature cottage, and the storage shed even has it's own old-fashioned porch with the kind of porch swing where sweethearts sit together on nice evenings.

They told me that they had sat out there swinging for most of the evening when there was nothing else needing to be done.

Although our bathroom stories are what we post here, the big picture isn't so much about going to the bathroom as it is about the need to bond with others to various degrees.

Anyway, I'm going to be gone until sometime after Labor Day. If I'm around a computer that will show our site, I'll be sure to check in and see what's going on.

I doubt that I'll be online that much, though, as this trip is mostly going to be one of offline activities such as reading, journal-writing, eating, sleeping, enjoying the hot tub where I'll be staying, and getting out to visit friends, take pictures, and simply celebrate God's beautiful creation!!!

Before I go. . .

Bryian--When it comes to being from Maryland, you can keep your rat-racing traffic, but you still have beautiful scenery, and I love that crab place I ate at out in the country. I said it specialized in clams for some reason. I must have been thinking about clams. It specializes in crab dishes. And each person is given an assortment of silverware/dinnerware, including a cute, little hammer that looks like something a judge would use.

I wasn't rude with it (pounding it), but I would use it to get the waiter's attention by gently tapping out Shave & A Haircut Two Bits on the table--or by playing a little cha-cha-cha type of melody with two hammers together, since my table was set for more than one.

It wasn't too busy at that time of day, but it was a happy-spirited place.

Mickey--by now, you've probably read my Pennsylvania Pee stories--and, especially, about that one very exposing experience! Has anything like that ever happened to Jill?

On this trip (but not in PA), I remember taking one outdoor pee, and the water came out in a long stream and then branched out. The finished product looked like the skeleton of an arm and hand!

Bye 4 Now!
Hugs 2 All!
May everything always come out okay!
AJ :o)

Shy Pleasure Pooper
ObBsEsSeD: You are certainly not alone brother. Hello I'm 19 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, and thin. Anywho, I for one, share the same interest as you. Your post was great! That definatly sums up my feelings on the matter as well. Let me tell you, there is nothing that is more of a turn on than a chick taking a poop. I have dreams at night all the time of listening to a girl I like poop. Oh man, best dreams I ever have. Well, the reason that your gf is so shy may actually be because she is very interested, but thinks that you will be shocked because it is so bizzare. I will tell you, in the real world I never talk about farting or pooping and certainly not talking about my own experiences. When you poop, listen very closely, maybe your gf is creaping up to the door too! Best of luck to you!

PS: Please get back to me. I think we can learn a lot from each other.

Saturday, August 25, 2002

welcome Kristy how big was the turd that you let out onto the ground?

Annie(Robby's Cousin)
Hi Dear friends!
Robby is still with his father. Robby Sr. is weak but doing ok! Now on to the subject at hand!
TODD AND DIANA: Hi dears! How are you and those wonderful girls!! They sound like jewels. Bet they are cute! As to your questionaire:
1.Robby has seen and heard some actresses on the loo. He would like to see Anna Faris take a wee(go figure) and I would like to see Alan Rickman(teehee) take a dump!
2. Yes, we have both weed/pooed in porta-potties
3. We both don't mind taking a dump in other people's homes unless we don't know them.
4. You both know we read loads of stuff on the loo!!!
5. Yes, I fart(trump) every time I take a poo!
6. I don't remember the poo ever touching my vagina
7. Robby and I are not self-concious at all about seeing each other on the loo. We don't have any reservations about other people(men or women) seeing us either.
We Love you, both and Amber and Amanda! Hugs from Annie and Robby
****TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear friends! We are sorry to hear of Tim's weakness. Sarah, we know you are encouraging him. Josie seems to really fancy her new beau. Talking about toilet things makes it much easier. Take care! Lots of Lovexxx from Annie and Robby
I will reply tomorrow to our other friends!
BIG HUGS TO: Nieces Kendal and Ellen, Nephew Andrew- hi dears, Steve and Louise, Jane and Gary-loved your story!, Ina-hi sweetheart, Rizzo, Eleanor, Damsel, Donna, PV-hi gal!, Adrian, Carmalita and family-where are you? OLA!, Billy and Kevin-always love your stories, LindaGS, Cousin, Adele, Ephermal-have you started school?, Plunging Plop Guy, Scarlet, Patricia S, Gopweller, Punk Rock Girl, JeLe, Jeff A-glad to hear that you are ok!, Ellie and Little Lou, and all of the other great posters here!


diahhreah queen, keep posting al your stories, I LOVE THEM!!!!!! they are as good as carmalitas old tories, i love those to, but we all have to move on, and ring stretchers stories weregreat to. buit i love the story you just poted, send more!

Eric in Chicago
John Q.: A bidet is a bathroom fixture whose purpose is to wash your butt. You sit in it, "flush" it and a stream of water rinses off the old crack. At least in the US, it's usually found only in very upscale homes. Those who use it usually claim that it's far better than wiping.

Uncle Allen: It's pretty much impossible for the epsom salts to have worked the way you thought they did. The way they work as a laxative is that when you drink water with epsom salts added, they make the contents of your colon more saline than your bloodstream, which reduces the amount of water absorbed from the colon into the bloodstream, and therefore leaves a lot of water in the colon. Even if you absorbed a significant amount of magnesium ions from soaking your feet, they'd be on the wrong side, so to speak, to have that effect. It was probably just a coincidence.

James: Yes, if you drink a lot of fluids your piss will be lighter in color, even clear, because it will be almost all water. However, it's a myth that you're dehydrated if your piss isn't clear. The way the myth originated was that people who are planning to take long hikes in very hot weather (such as at Scout camps) are often advised to drink enough water to piss clear in order to ensure that they're hydrated well enough *to handle large water losses through sweating*. That's perfectly sound advice. But somehow that qualification about the large water losses got stripped off in the retelling, creating the legend that you're not hydrated well enough for *anything* if there's any color to your piss.

BTW, I think I mentioned this before, but if you want to make a lot of piss and have it still be yellow instead of clear (like if you're trying to write stuff in the snow), drink a lot of water and also take a lot of riboflavin (Vitamin B2) at the same time. The excess riboflavin will come out in your piss and make it bright yellow. If I take 400-500 milligrams of riboflavin, my piss will be noticably yellow even after I've had a few beers.


Hi all. I thought this newspaper report in Britain's 'Daily Mirror' of 23 August 2002 might appeal to those with toilet humour. This is it: "BULL TRAPS LOO MUM". A terrified mum was besieged by a half-ton bull for 15 minutes as she sat on a Portaloo at a country fair. Josie Waters, 51, was trapped after the beast broke free from its handler, stampeded 400 yards and charged the bright green toilet lifting one side off the ground. She said, "There was this thundering noise and an almighty crash. Then all I could hear was the bull behind me, puffing and panting." Stewards at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show, in Dorset, finally lured the beast away. Josie was unhurt.

I had to delay my breakfast this morning. I was in the kitchen just in my briefs (which I had had on since yesterday as I had been wearing shorts yesterday. Don't like boxers with shorts because I've had experiences of people trying to look up my shorts & boxer legs, so feel 'safe' with briefs on). I could feel a BM coming on but thought it could wait until my shower after breakfast. But as I bent down to get the corn flake packet out of the cupboard, this huge soft turd began to come out. I dropped the packet on the floor and as I bent lower to pick it up again the turd slid completely out, coiling up in my white Calvin Klein pouch briefs. I then felt an intense need still to shit. I thought, "My underpants are dirty now, so I might as well finish my BM in them!" I did so! It felt as if I had a large grapefruit in them. The warm feeling made me hard - so I went to the bathroom, tipped the great load into the toilet and had my shower. I was absolutely starving by the! n so had my belated breakfast. The briefs are in the washer now with other white stuff.

Must go, as I've lots to do. Was not intending to post today, but I read the story in yesterdays paper at breakfast and thought some of you would like it. At least I've been able to tell you immediately about shitting my pants this morning too.

Happy poos and pees to you all.

Lauren(half White/half Indian chick
Hey, all of you:
It has been a long time. I have been up to the same ol same ol. I have been watching and listening to the goings on in the ladies room at work, in addition to watching my fiance Bill poop and being watched by him, as well. I think I have come upon an all natural laxative! Lemme share it with all of you. I was sick a couple of weeks ago. When I was sick, I would drink about sixty four ounces of water each morning w/ the juice of two freshly squeezed lemons in it. I did not put any sugar in this mix. It was just tap water and lemon juice. Lemme tell you, as soon as I finished the bottle off, I was bursting for a poop! It happened every day that I did this; so it was not a fluke! I did this about four days in a row! I pooped bigtime when I got up and went to the restroom before lunch. I usually never poop before lunch, but here I was actually pooping before lunch each and every time that I did this! I ran into the restroom and took my favorite stall. I pulle d down the slacks of my blue business suit, as well as my pink silk bikini undies. I then put my firm round bubble butt onto the cold, inviting porcelain. Immediately, I started cut a blockbuster fart. Two huge chunks exploded out of me. My God, it hurt like hell, but it felt sooo good! After that, a load of mush and I was done. I then flushed the "throne". I wiped once and looked at the tp; man, was it dirty! It took about five more wipes like that. I flushed the toilet, pulled my panties and pants up, and went back to work. I was alone this particular day, while I did my thing. As all of you should know by now, I prefer company when I dump, especially at work.

Hope all of you liked it!


bathroom kid
John Q Public - I'm 12. Well I hadn't thought of any kind of bladder exercise before but it might be worth a try, but wow 5 to 20 minutes, doesn't that start to hurt after a while? Yeah I also have trouble making it through a whole movie, but I hate missing part of the show to get up and pee. Last year I went to see Shrek in the theater and it was SO good I ended up wetting myself, I was just wearing a skirt so um, so much for not flooding the seat, I hope nobody sat there and got a wet butt...oh well. I'm kinda used to it now cause, well this isn't a new thing for me, I've had accidents all my life, and I don't get really upset when I have one. If anyone's interested I can share more stories from when I was younger.
Oh by the way incase anybody wanted to know, I'm from anoka MN, yes I do talk with an MN accent at least that's what people say who aren't from here. Anywho I'll talk to you guys later!

I formerly went by the name of HAPPY CAMPER.

Jeff A: Hi guy. Long time no here from. I too have not been a regular reader here. Just haven't had the time to read all the posts, but I do usually check out the girl on the masthead each day. I save the ones I like and have a pretty good collection. Sorry about the lost of your job - that is tough to take after 20 years. I also have been working for the same company for over 20 years.

About your survey:

1 & 2: As you know I love watching women pee and poop. I like best when they are doing it sitting on the toilet instead of some other situation like outside. I enjoy the seeing the fanny on the seat and the panties around the legs. What makes it great is that you are sharing a very private moment. I do not enjoy watching men sitting on the toilet. It is sort of a turn off to me.

3. I would love unisex toilets. I would not hestiate to use them all the time. It would never bother me to have a woman see me standing at the urinal even if she could see my equipment and see the stream. I would prefer having a woman see my equipment over a man seeing it.

I enjoy shitting in front of a woman, but I do not like it when a man sees me shit. As a result I never use a public restroom that does not have doors on the stalls unless it is an emergency. If there was such a thing as a unixex bathroom without doors on the stalls, I would probably use it, as the pleasure of doing my business in front of woman would offset the drawback of other mem seeing me also.

I hope we can keep in touch. My heart will be with you on the 9-11 anniversary.


i love the stories of people with the runs...keep them coming!

To: AJ:o, and John Q.Public...

Long time no post....

JQP: sorry to hear about your small, limited capacity..your sister sounds like Jill and my 2 sisters....hold all day, and flood everything in sight when they let go! My middle sister and I were at a family party at a beachfromt motel that one of my other relatives runs not long ago...we were up on a deck with the group, and both needed a beer induced pee eventually.

We went downstairs to take care of biz, and I allowed sis to go first in the 1 head small b-room we used. As I have stated before in other posts, we have always, since childhood, been very relaxed with nudity and partner peeing...even today. I kidded her about taking her usual long, hissy pee, and she did not dissapoint! I watched her pull her shorts and panties down, and she proceeded to start a wide, hissy stream....this sister likes long, almost wild pubic hair as opposed to my younger sis, who keeps a pretty tight trim. It was cool to see her wide open, and the stream catching the hair, and appearing to be quite a flood! She held for quite a bit, and the length and volume of her pee reflected just how much she had consumed. She has always stood up to wipe, and still does...what a mess her crotch was ....I really need to give her some trim scissors for her b-day! My wife, Jill, whom all here have heard the escapades of had a remarkable pee as well-

this is where I am addressing AJ:o...Jill also is a good one for impressive pees along the road. She has absolutely fascinated others with her ability to maintain a long, seemingly endless powerful stream while squatting along a highway....

I am anxious to hear your 'pee of all pees" story soon-in PA, of course!

hang in there, JQP- by the way, the excercises are called "kegel" exercises to strengthen your holding ability. Jill must have been Olympic at practice during her younger days. Her bladder feels like a huge basketball when full, and she can spray piss wide and strong...I think she has literally stretched her urethra over the years by how hard she can force pee out of is amazing to see as well as hear!

Louise and Steve....hope all is well in married bliss! Best to you both...hey, Louise. how about a nice wide open pee story just for me????? Mickey

Dear todd and Diane, your first question is so cool.
1.Brad Pitt woul probable look so good on the pot, he looks good anywhere. I would love to sit on one beside him while we both did our business.2.Never, ever those places are so gross 4.Yes all the time.5 only when I am constipated do I bring a magazine with me.6. No 7. Not if Brad Pitt was there ofr me or someone I truly loved.Thanks guys that was cool, my brither Adam answered Scarlets questions. Bye

Jacob G in Florida
At last, I have another toilet story to post. Last weekend, I went to Borders Books and Music. I bought a cup of coffee and drank it as I browsed through the store. By the time I finished it, I had an urgent need to pee, so I hurried to the restrooms in the back of the store. I noticed that directly outside of the men’s restroom door, they have a rack full of store brochures and other reading material. I thought that on the way out, I would pick-up a brochure to find out the live music scheduled for their café, since I enjoy such things. Anyway, I walked into the restroom. This restroom has one urinal and two stalls. I could see that the last stall was occupied by someone wearing jeans and white tennis shoes. I went to the urinal and had nice long piss, all the time hoping to hear grunting and kerplopping. However, I heard nothing but dead silence. Oh well. I washed up, walked out, and stopped at the brochure rack. Just before the restroom door fully shut, I hea rd a loud UNGGGGGGRRR - - and let me tell you, it was a serious and long UNGGGGGGRRR. I guess the guy didn’t want to start his grunting until I left. I stood very still and listened. Again and again, I heard UNGGGGGGRRR, followed by loud sighs and deep huffing and puffing. I remained standing directly next to the door, quietly reading the brochure and listening. The grunting continued non-stop for over a minute. He did not take a break. Just one loud grunt after another. As many of you know, I love hearing grunts. I thought about going back in, but since he obviously was shy about grunting with someone in there, I remained in place. Nobody else was around, so I just stood there listening. Finally, I heard the sound of the toilet paper roller, so I walked away. Of course, I had to find out what the guy looked like, so I waited nearby. About two minutes later, he walked out of the restroom. I immediately recognized him as a guy that had stood next to me in the tr ansportation section about 20 minutes earlier. I was looking at car books and he was looking at motorcycle books. He was very nice looking, with a toned body, dark hair, and I guess between 25 and 30 years old. Interesting thing – he walked directly from the restroom to the medical section, picked up a big medical book, looked in the index, then flipped through the book. He stood there for about a minute reading something. I bet he was reading about constipation. After that, I saw him go to the café and get in line to order something. I went home after that.

FADAWA: I'm interested to hear of your plans to visit India. As far as seeing people pee and poo publically it is basically a matter of keeping your eyes open. Public toilets are rare, and those there are stink terribly, so if you're like me you want to rush out for some air as soon as you've done. Early mornings on trains entering or leaving cities will see people peeing and pooing in railway sidings. People often pee and poo at the roadside, but not in cities or large towns, as this has recently been banned. In small villages (off the tourist routes) you may see children pooing and peeing direct into the sewers outside their houses. Adults in these poor villages tend to take their bucket of water and jug and go into fields to poo and "wash" their bums after. This may not seem too helpful. I don't know where you are going -whether to the tourist centres or elsewhere. I'd welcome your toilet news when you return as to what you saw or discovered. Do pack plenty of toilet paper, as it is unobtainable in much of India (though it is provided in hotels in the cities for tourists). They say, "Packing your luggage with toilet paper is not a bad thing, because you know you will then have space vacated by the toilet paper to pack your gifts and souveniers. Do enjoy yourself.

Bryian: Thanks for loving my story. No one ever discovered my shit and my friends shit in that hole while my friend still lived there as far as I know. He would have told me if his mum had discovered it, I'm sure. The new owner doubtless discovered it. I often wonder if he was excited at what he saw!

Must go for for now - its bed time.

To Bryian: Thanks for liking my story. Hope you liked the extra post explaining more about it. Plenty more stories coming and I hope you'll like them all.
It's very late here, so must leave it at this. Best wishes.

Bryian: I can?t say I am shy to pee or poo in public toilet. In fact I love to have company. I like to listen others noises and let them hear mine. But if there is someone who is just on the front of sinks (washing hands, fixing make-up or combing hair) I usually like to halt my own business and watch and wait what she will do next.

I know that some people are really shy to poop when there is someone else around. I remember one episode a few years back when I went ladies room with one of my workmates. We both peed. After pee my colleague let out a long hissing fart followed by another one. I barely heard them. I assumed she needed to take a shit. I needed just pee but I sat still on the pan because I wanted to listen her poop. But she did not poop, she wiped and I must wipe too. When we washed our hands I noticed that she lingered clearly. I left first. As I was walking away I heard a slam of stall?s door. It woke up my curiosity. I hung around for a while and I didn?t see her coming out. I headed back to the ladies room and peeked in from the door. She was not in the front of sinks anymore. But as I crept in I noticed that the second stall was occupied. I heard a quiet moan and two successive plops. I went closer and I smelt a mild odour of poop. I went in front of mirrors coming my hair. I was sur! e she heard my coming but I stayed enough far of so she didn?t see me from the crack of stall?s door. I was there not longer than a minute. I didn?t want to disturb her so I left.

Mike of MD USA
To Todd & Dianna
1. If you could seee a celebs on the toliet who would it be?
Whoppy Goldberg
2. Do you take dumps in porta - potties? no i piss in them. In an emergency
i would do it.
3. Do you feel comfortable taking a dump in someone else house? yes
4. Do you read while taking a dump? yes
5. Ladies do you fart while taking a dump? n/a i am a male some guys do it too
6. Ladies have you ever pooped,so when it touches your vagina: n/a
7. More peolple are hesitant about pooping in front of the opsite sex,Ladies an Guys,does this apply to you? yes

To Scarlet
1. Urinal is better then the toliet
2. 3 + times
3. It was in an emergency
4. Just lower the pants to waist band
5. Button
6. In a bucket or bottle in bedroom
7. Do not care
8. No no
9. Take out my penis
10. No
11. I would if she was my wife

1. If you are peeing in a public restoom, do you prefer using the toilet or urinal and why? i use the tiolet cause other kids make fun of me.
2. How often (if ever) do you have a peeing acident/wet yuorself on purpose? probably once a week maybe less sometimes
3. How often (if ever) do you have pooping accidents/poop pants on purpose? same
4. Do you use the opening in your underwear while peeing or just lower the waisteband? i pull my undies down
5. Do you undo your belt and button on pants while peeing, or just unzip? i unbutton my pants and pull them down
6. Where have you peed other than in a bathroom? woods,pool,shower
7. Are you pee shy/ don't care/ turned on by others hearing you pee? shy
8. Have you ever let a girl hold your penis while you pee? If not, would you? no way
9. When you pee, do you just take out your penis, or do you bring out your testicles too? i jjust hold my pee pee straight so it goes in the toilet
10. Do you wet the bed? sometimes
11. What do you think of girls interested in watching guys pee or poop? its kinda weird

Hi Scarlet,

1. If you are peeing in a public restoom, do you prefer using the toilet or urinal and why?

The urinal because it's quicker.

2. How often (if ever) do you have a peeing acident/wet yuorself on purpose?

I've never peed my pants, but I have peed the bed on purpose a few times.

3. How often (if ever) do you have pooping accidents/poop pants on purpose?


4. Do you use the opening in your underwear while peeing or just lower the waisteband?

Don't wear them anymore. When I did, I lowered them because the opening was too small for my penis.

5. Do you undo your belt and button on pants while peeing, or just unzip?

I used to just unzip and pull my penis through the fly but I began having a problem where the last of my pee wouldn't come out until I had put my penis back inside, and it would drip in my pants. Not that i really minded dripping in my pants, I figured the smell woudl bother people around me. Since then I've taken time to unfasten my belt and unbutton my pants.

6. Where have you peed other than in a bathroom?

A lot of places. I love peeing, especially creative peeing. Out my window. Out a bus's bathroom window as it was on the highway (I'm particularly proud of that one). Showers. Sinks. On bathroom floors. On bathroom walls. In glasses, empty cans, and 2 liter bottles. In the corner of a friend's storage shed. A lot of places outside. On a school entrance. In more mischievous days I even peed in one of my high school classrooms a few times. i'm probably forgetting a few places, heh. What about you, Scarlet? Where have you peed?

7. Are you pee shy/ don't care/ turned on by others hearing you pee?

I don't care about guys. i think I'd be turned on by girls hearing me pee.

8. Have you ever let a girl hold your penis while you pee? If not, would you?

Yes, it was great though I had a hard time peeing, especially the first time. I think my penis was confused and thought it should be doing something other than peeing ;)Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the girl liked it or was jsut humoring me.

9. When you pee, do you just take out your penis, or do you bring out your testicles too?

I just take out my penis. I've never thought of bringing out my testicles too. It sounds like a nice idea, though.

10. Do you wet the bed?

Never have involuntarily. Although I've needed to pee while sleeping plenty of times. I've read of others needing to pee while asleep and dreaming that they needed to pee and couldn't find a toilet. Mine usually involve needing to pee and being on the street or in a parking lot or elsewhere in public and relishing the prospect of taking out my penis and peeing right there in public, yet I always seem to have a problem getting my pants open.

11. What do you think of girls interested in watching guys pee or poop?

I think it's great, especially the ones interested in watching peeing. I'm interested in watching girls pee but it seems nearly impossible to find a girl into it, or one that admits it anyway.

I 've been luring this website when ever since my sister told me about it, we both thought we would talk, me scarlet's and she Todd and dianes mostly because she has this crush on she wants to compose herself so she said i could go first.
1.I pee standing up unless I need to poop too. 2.I must be boring but I have only peed on myself while climbing, it usually drys very quick.
3.I have never had a poop accident.4&5. when I wear briefs, I undo my belts,pants and pull my briefs down in front and take out everythig because the briefs pinch while peeing.Wearing boxers I just pullout and pee.6. yes, at the beach, backyard, against a tree, in the snow, during camping trips.7. No, I don't think I'm pee shy, it has turned me on to think about girls peeing and listening to my sisters friend do it when they were at our house.8.No its never happen but i would like it ot but only if I liked he too.9. Only when wearing briefs.

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