Hello folks !!!!!!!!

Well my name is Jigs, I am 20 years old from India…. I am reading about the different stories in this forum since last 9 months or so & thought that I could also contribute something to our forum friends ….So I am writing this recent incident about my girlfriend & myself just 2 month ago.

My GF name is Mansi, we are in same class in college, we know each other since about two years now, well my parents are out of town on that weekend so we thought of spending night together for fun at my place. So it was about 9:00 p.m when we completed our dinner & set to watch movie in my room with glass on wine in our hand. It was about half of movie completed when Mansi started feeling uncomfortable in her ????, as I think she was not very much use to have jum food & wine. So she started shaken a bit with hand on her ????, so I asked her “are u all right” then she replied that she wan an have to use toilet as I am feeling very sick. As she went in to the toilet she shouted to me about the toilet sheets as it was completed & I replied that it is in the cupboard on desk, but she didn’t find it then she said come inside the bathroom & give me… as I was in a little dilemma she ask me to come inside so I asked her again are u sure that I come inside, the! n she replied please come inside immediately now I am die in here.. so I went inside the bathroom she was standing near the toilet with very sworn face, then I gave him toilet paper in her hand & said to take it easy & don’t worry it is going to be ok & moves towards my room then she said please wait & seat with me… I was very stunted hearing about it, as she is very conservative about her private habits & moments. So I set on bathtub beside her. & We started talking with each, as she started peeing as long as a minute & then pooped with first two pieces & then started pouring liquid in hurry… her face was every sick indeed, but she was feeling great amount of relief about the it. As she was peeing I was just looking her pee & poop, I was in different world think of other things in my mind that I can’t describe it any way… believe me folks it was excellent site to watch her pee on toilet seat.. As our Indian toilets are same somewhat same ! of Japanese toilet but very different shape & pattern… so I have complete clear view of it. As she completed the business she wiped herself with sheet. She wear her pants & we went outside as I gave him some syrup & we completed our half movie & went into bed talking as she said sorry about the whole incident happened & feeling embraced about it. Then I replied to relax, as it can happened to every body & I said some fake incident about myself to feel her better & remove some embracement which she was feeling at that moment. But I said I am feeling very happy about the whole incident, as she felt me as his own & shared private moments with me & said that all thing will be ok when we wake up next morning…………….

After that night we have an different kind of relationship then before a much more trustworthy & up to a upper level in our GF & BY relationship… as we started sharing our different private moments with each other which are not doing before the incident happened. I think the whole plus point of the incident is we started liking each other..

Waiting for comments from our forum friends…. Bye for now….

John Q Public
I have seen references to the word "bidet." What is a bidet?

Darius, I am Planning a trip to India in the near future, I am interested in watching people poo and pee publicly. Can you please tell me what the best situations, spots,places that this would likely happen? Thank You........

Hi,this is my first post, I've been reading posts for a while now and i quite enjoy them esspecially the ones of chicks telling how they were listening to the girl in the next stall hangin a shit.
Well, i'm 17 and ever since i was 12 i've had this major obbsession with girls shitting, listening to them shit, hearing them fart, seeing them shit and of course reading stories of them shitting.Am i weird, is there anybody else that is strangely turned on by girls shitting?
Everytime i'm at my GF's house n she goes to hang a shit i wait around the corner and listen to her piss, fart, grunt, shit and the nice splash that comes afterwards, i stand there with a boner extremely toey.As soon as i hear her wiping i go back to the lounge like i was never there.She doesn't like talking about shitting and never farts when im around.
If any girls who r open about farting and shitting, plz tell me.
Am i just weird or r most people interested in this and too embarrasses to say?
Well plz let me know, i'll be back.
Obbsessed (is that how ya spell it)

P.S how was my first post??

hey it's me again. i don't post that often... only when i think of a good story. i was at a youth camp one summer with a bunch of my friends. we were sleeping on the floor and eating food that wasn't all that great. needless to say it really messed up our bowels. well one afternoon my best friend and i had to go to the bathroom so she and i and two of our other friends traipsed to the bathroom. we were staying in a church and unfortunatly there were only 4 toilets for the girls total. there were to upstairs bathrooms that had one toilet apiece. we went into one and my best friend went first. (i only had to pee and thought i could hold it so i let her go first). after peeing for a while she started to have diahreha, it wasn't verry noisey, but boy did it stink! we teased her mercillisly about it until she said you can just leave then if it is that bad. we pertended to leave, but it didn't work because she could see through the crack in the door. we stayed anyway ! to finish our converstaion. after she was done i was going to go pee (i had to go really bad by this time), but it stunk to much for me to go so i just waited till later. i liked the crack because it made for some neat sightings.
here's a question for the lady's: how many of you notice a change in toilet habits durring your period (ie diahreha or constipation) i get both
and one more question have you girls ever left a pad or tampon in a toilet for the next person to see? i have seen that happen in several restrooms. personally i think it is gross, how about yall.
bye for now:)

diarrhea queen
I have been reading your posts for a long time and I have been wanting to post but I wanted to wait until I had a good enough story to tell. Well I have IBS D-type and, as you know I often have the diarrhea for days on end. How can you have the diarrhea without at least one accident well I can't hold it long, so I often have accidents. My most recent one was today. I went to the mall and I felt kinda funny this morning and I wasn't sure if I should leave the house b/c I might have an IBS attack. Well sure enough I should have listined to my gut. I get to the mall have so lunch at wendy's and like 30 min. later I get the worst cramps I am far from at bathroom this point. I was ready to explode right there in Jc Penny's. Well I got out the Immodium Advanced so I start taking them to last me till I get home from having another accident. I just stood there holding on as hard as I could I am in the worst pain I can't even walk. About 20 min. later it subsided and I w! as able to walk far enough to the bathroom I get in there and there is a line all those kids back to school shopping. I am in line and I get the cramps again and I know I am going to loose it and fill my pants. Well I get through those cramps for now . There is still like 5 people in front of me needing to go. About 5 min. later I get the cramps again and I break into a cold sweat and I am so nervous Well I start to fill my pants. I let go I fought as hard as I could. The lady in back of me was so helpful she got everyone to let me go in front of them and get a stall. I get in the stall and I just make it intime for the second wave. So I crapped my guts out for over an hour. Then I still had a 30 min. drive home in soiled panties, and white pants that u could see everything in. Well I didn't care at that point who saw me I just wanted to get home. I get into the car and I get about 5 mile away and I get another attack and fill my pants again but this time all over the seat o! f the car b/c my pants were already filled. I finally arrive at home and as I get in to door the second wave hits me and I crapped my pants again all over the floor and a trail all the way upstairs to the toilet. Needless to say I am going to listin to my gut next time. I spent the whole next 3 days on the toilet with runs.

bathroom kid
to Bryian- I just left my wet sheets on and let them dry. My parents didn't know that time but they see me have accidents a lot. In the car if there's no bathroom around I sometimes wet my pants. I don't really care that much if people see me pee in my pants. I know, I was potty trained 8 years ago but I don't have real good bladder control. But that makes it even more fun to try to hold it LOL! Like right now for example I've gotta go and my brother is pooping in there, geez I can't hold it that much longer! Well i'm off, later y'all

the "HOLD IT" man
Here's one great way to get a day off from work. I was actualy 'lucky' enough to see what happened. The building and ground speople were doing some work on the sewer mane and some how they caused a termendous back pressure and it caused all the toilets in the restrooms to erupt like guisers. I just finished doing my 'business' and was washing my hands when I heard this low rumbling, then gurgling in the toilets, then all of the sudden there was water, piss and shit flying in every with direction. The urinals reminded me of Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, and the toilets were literaly 'chuckin their cookies' all over the place. It stank like hell and there was shit water all over the place. Luckily I got out of there before I ended up being showered with it, but the shit water ran out of the rest room and onto the floor. The same thing happened in the Women's room and there tere three girls screaming and crying because they were evidently sitting on the toilets when thi! s happened. They came running out of those rest rooms, they wer both wearing skirts, but one of them had her panties around her ankles. Both of them looked like hell and STANK like the sewers of Chicago.

I couldn't help but to feel sorry for them, so I brought them into my dark room. I keep some hand soap and paper towels there so they were able to use the large dark room sink to clean up and at least get themselvs so they could get in their cars without getting shit all over the place. I was NOT allowed to stay in and watch them, however. But they did invite me out to dinner for being so kind.

All in all I had a pretty god day. I am also getting a day off in the deal because the place is shut down due to sewer main poroblems.

I just remembered back in March it was cold. I had to take a dump real bad one morning. I had a bagel and two cups of hot chocolate. I got off a bus and ran to a building at my college and I was almost holding my ass but I didn't want anyone to know. Luckily, and I mean LUCKILY, I got to a pot in time and farted my dump out. There was blond haired kid in the stall next to me. I was huffin and puffin! He said, "You alright?" I said, "Yah, I made it just in time. How about you? Everything come out alright?" He said, "We'll see" and he farted non-stop. I asked what he ate. He said he had a hefty indian meal the night before and had three cups of coffee that morning. We talked for a while about takin' craps and life. It was cool. I asked him how he finds taking a dump at that building. He said it was alright but the library is better because the stalls cover up the back and no guys can look at your butt.

the sickest i've ever been occurred one time when i was living by myself. i started by vomiting on the floor, then after i got to the hospital, i felt the need for diarreah but tried to hold it in. after they put me in a room, i fell asleep and when i woke up i found the diarreah had come out on the bed. this happened twice. the nurse told me later they were contemplating putting an adult diaper on me but apparently decided not to. i have had to use bedpans lots, and have also used adult diapers. these are very messy, though, when diarreah strikes.

Hello to you all. Freidrich and myself have been on holiday in Greece for three weeks and busy since we returned home to Germany. Special greeting to Darius. Thank you for enquiring about me. Apart from the fact we are both gay, we do have many similarities in our pissing and shitting habits and enjoyment.
Such a lot happened for Freidrich and myself in Greece to make it so enjoyable. Hope to share some of those stories soon. This one happened a few weeks before we went away. Tried to post it before, but it never made it. I'll give it in a simpler form. We both like shitting in our underpants, and sometimes when we need to shit at the same time we shit ourselves together. As part of the bonding process between us as friends, we shit in each others underpants. First I knelt down and Freidrich pulled the back of the waistband away from me and dropped his load into them. We then changed positions and I did the same for him. It was a different way of shitting our underpants. We only did this because we are so close and would not do this with any other guy. I must go for now. Will write our Greek experiences over a number of posts.

Gay Lad: Thanks for sharing your experience of how you first got turned on by seeing another guy shit. I really got excited reading it. Here's how it happened for me. My mate at school was Malcolm (always known as Mal). We would have both been about 13 at the time too. We often talked about shitting and decided it would be good to watch each other. He lived in a house with a long garden and a shed at the end of it. When one of us wanted a poo, we'd go to the shed, put some newspaper on the floor and squat over it. We'd let the turds slide out onto the paper. We pissed in a bucket to keep the shed floor dry. Mal like me usually needed to piss when he shit. The very first time Mal went first. We we on the summer holidays and it was a hot August day. We were both in shorts. He dropped his shorts and briefs, squatted, and did three lovely medium brown smooth shiny turds of about 6", 5" and 4" long which slid slowly and majestically out of his hole. We noticed the bulge in my shorts and said, "You were excited by what I did!" I said, "Yes, I was!" He did not wipe, as we'd not thought about TP, but those turds were smooth, and I checked his bum and it was not mucky at all - so he pulled his briefs and shorts up. There was an old kitchen table top there which his mum used to put bowls on when she picked the gooseberries from the bushes by the shed. We dug a hole under it and put Mal's shit down there. We watched each other shit dozens of times in that shed until the winter weather made it too cold. We put all the shit down that hole. It was exciting to think of just our turds there piled up. He moved house the next year. I often wonder what the new owner would have thought of a hole full of ready manure for the garden! I got into trouble by my mum because of this. I caught my white briefs on the chain of a cycle in the shed and got really black dirty oil on the back of them. I said, "They keep a bike in their toilet!" My mum was mad and said they must be the craziest family she ever knew if they kept a bike in the bathroom." So, ever since I have been excited by seeing other guys poo. I've also been excited when I've seen guys poo in their underpants too. That dates back initially to a genuine accident I had in my pants and was excited by the warm poo against my bum. I was severely punished for shitting myself at 10 years old, but the pleasure I felt was worth the punishment that followed. But that's another story. I have two gay friends who love doing the same. I did ask before. Do you ever shit in your underpants? I'm just interested. To answer your question, "Do I live in the UK?" The answer is yes. I live in Lancashire, but I don't have the Lancashire accent and I was brought up in Berkshire. I'd never realised how big and varied a county Lancashire is until I came to live here, with its industrial towns and great countryside. I've sometimes shit my pants when walking on the open moors holding it until I've reach! ed a wooded area to tip it out. I usually wear shorts with briefs under when our walking. Usually I wear boxers in everyday life, if you may wonder what sort of underwear I have on. I'm in shorts and pouch briefs today, as it still warm, even though the sun has disappeared.
All the best, and look forward to lots more of your experiences.
Happy pissing and shitting to all.

Can you tell me the titles of some movie where there are women sit on toilet bowl?
PS - Excuse me for my bad english

If you see something in the toilet, what you flushed it first or
pee/shit on it then flushed?

Punk Rock Girl
Hey all!

I went out to dinner, then to a bar with some of my co-workers, most of whom I'm friends with. We were drinking at the bar, and someone brought up my unfortunate experience at work the other day, when I shit my pants. A couple of people praised me for taking it so well. Then one guy told me something that I just had to share with this forum! I told him there's this website I go to where people tell these kinds of stories, can I tell yours, and he said yes.

He has three sisters, two older and one younger (I've met one of them; it amazes me how normal they are!). When they were little, his mother used to punish him and his sisters in all sorts of bizarre ways. Aside from giving them bare bottom spankings and making them stand in the corner with their pants down in front of each other, which I guess isn't that bizarre, she was a health nut, and used to give all the kids enemas at least once a week. He says she would line them up in a row outside the bathroom, then take them in one at a time and give them the enema. Then, while one of them was on the toilet shitting it out, she'd bring the next one in and give them an enema. She was totally obsessed with their bowels, and made them eat lots of bran and vegetables. Sometimes she would check the size and color of their bowel movements before they flushed!

The weirdest (and cruelest) thing she did, though, was her special punishment for my friend. Until he was ten or eleven, if he got into big trouble with her, she would lay newspaper out on the floor and make him shit on the floor in front of his sisters. When he finished, she made him clean up his shit, but then would NOT let him wipe his ass! She even checked before he went to bed--she'd pull his pajama pants down, spread his cheeks and make sure he hadn't wiped. He wasn't allowed to wipe until he took a shower in the morning. He said by then his ass was sore and itchy. Some health nut! She didn't punish his sisters like that, but he said they got the bare asses spanked more often then he did, and sometimes she'd make them spend the entire night against the wall with their pants down afterwards.

His mother stopped doing this kind of stuff when the oldest daughter was around fifteen, because she went back to work and left the parental duties up to the daughter. Other than the ocassional spanking or BM check, they never got enemas and he never had to shit in front of them again. They're all really close now, but don't talk to their mother much. Their dad died right after the youngest was born, which is around when the mother started with this stuff.

My parents sometimes would check my ass, but to make sure it was CLEAN, not to make sure it was still covered with shit! He's a nice guy, I can't believe he went through so much--or that he was so open about it!!! Anyway, that's it. Maybe I can get more stories out of him.



I have been reading these forms for awhile and thought I would post.I am 16 year old male in the 11th grade at high school. I have noticed a lot of younger guys here who post on a regular basis.I always hate pooping at school stalls with no doors really bothers me. I usually poop at school two or three times a week mainly because if I hold it I get full of gas and feel I might explode.How do some you who are in school feel about this? Even if you are older give some of your experiences. I have some good stories about guys pooping at school for my next post.Take care.

To Katrina: Loved your story, that was nice what your B/F did.

To Uncle Allen: Liked your storie, thats just what i was thinking.

To Punk Rock Girl: You should have seen my post...i'll tell u any way, i shit my pants at work...Loved your story too, did you B/F see your turds? Do you drink alot of liqids? you said your pee is usally clear?

To grant: LOL thats funny what your sister did when she was little too. I also thought you picking up dog shit was funny too.

To Glenn: Loved your story about your roomate trying to join a frat house.

To JaLe: Loved your story, are you shy when it comes to poop when theres others in the bathroom?

To unnamed poster: What is blue crush? never heard of it...sounds cool though

To The Red Demon: Those videos sound cool.

To Martin: Loved your story

To Toilet Boy: Loved your story, i bet you wished that this bathroom had more then 2 stalls so you could hear/ see something.

To Tina (and Jeri): enjoyed your story

To Plunging Plop Guy: Liked your story..and that sounds like a cool show

To Mike of MD : 1 N/A 2. Sometimes 3. sometimes 4. no 5. nope never. 6. N/A 7. No 8. No 9. N/A 10. No

To gay lad: Loved your story about your buddy Kurt...i think all your stories are hot! keep them up!

Jane (& Gary)
Last weekend my older sister Beth and her family were moving into their new house. Before they arrived on Saturday, my husband Gary and I went out early to breakfast and went to one of the department stores to buy linens and housewares for the new house. After a while, I felt an urge to poop. I didn't do my usual early morning poop, so I knew I was due. I went to the ladies room.

I went into a stall, pulled up my plaid skirt and pulled down my white panties and sat. I quickly pushed out three long pieces of poop. I paused to pee, thinking that I would be done soon. I pushed out another long piece of poop, then took a little time to push out a piece that was a bit hard. I gave it a little push, then it shot out, followed by a big fart. I proceeded to push out a long thick rope that was somewhat softer and broke apart as it came out. Soon I filled the toilet and the poop smell was emerging, so I flushed the toilet while seated. I continued to push a continuous motion of long thick soft pieces of poop. Soon the toilet was filled again, and I flushed again. By now I was simulating a broken soft serve ice crean dispenser as I continued to move my bowels in a continuous solid motion. With no sign of stopping, the bowl was filled again, so I flushed the toilet while seated again. I pushed out a few more pieces, then I was finally done. I wip! ed a few times, flushed a final time and left just a lingering poop smell. I felt much better after that.

In fact, I felt so good that, after washing my hands and finding myself alone in the bathroom, I looked into the mirror and twirled around like Diana Prince, enough to let my plaid skirt fly up to reveal my white panties. I felt like Wonder Woman, and I'm sure Gary would have enjoyed seeing it. As I stopped, someone came into the ladies room, but I think my skirt was already down before she came in.

Jeff A.
Steve and Louise: Congratulations on your wedding! I've been gone awhile, but just wanted you to know that I think of you both daily and wish you only the best. I just love you both, that's all that matters. Louise: I did see your diarhea story some months ago! It was very exciting and intense. Though I'm afraid I haven't kept up daily, I'm happy to say that I've been reading some things by you.
Steve: I've always mentioned how lucky you are to have a woman like Louise, but I realize that she too is the lucky one. Hope you are keeping well and doing the arts in grand fashion. As for me, I've lost my job of 20 years due to corportate re-structuring. That episode has kept me very busy.

Jane and Gary: Wow! Do you have some kind of memory or what? I can't believe it. Yes, I had a birthday come and go not too long ago. Thank you very much for asking. I loved your latest story, as all the others before it. Besides being exciting, there's always a grand degree of tenderness to your tales that I love so much. I think the world of you and it's always great to see your name. As far as your stories go, you seem to have a tremendous amount of output. I love reading about your flushes, your 20 seconds more, then more flushes etc!

Punk Rock Girl: First off, I love reading everything you have to say! Your opinions are honest, valid and direct. I have 2 questions for you: First of all, I missed it, but how did you cut your derriere? I've read many healing stories, but am curious as to the accident. Second, I hope it's not too personal, but you answered in the survey that you don't use tampons. What do you use? I've never heard of a woman who dosen't use them!

Red Demon: Hello! I'm a big fan of yours, I've seen some of your work on other sites.

To the people who were asking about the movie "Flirting". Yes, there is a pee scene featuring the incredibly lovely Thandi Newton (from MI 2 I believe?). She is this gorgeous black girl supposedly from South AfricaI think. Anyway, to make it short, she's the only girl of color and goes to an all girl boarding school, meets a white kid from an all boy school and they fall for each other. At a dance she needs to pee, so he takes her the boys restroom. We only see her feet, but the shot is farther away, and shows the row of stalls. It's hard to remember, but I think you can actually hear her peeing, and he's excited watching her. It's exciting in its own way. The movie ain't bad either.
Also, there's been lots of talk about the movie "A Patch of Blue". Forget it. It's a great movie, but there is no diarhea, or pee scene that I can recall ever. The scene at the tree is so obscure that it's not even worth it. Besides, voyeuring a blind girl in a desperate situation isn't very exciting IMHO. The movie itself is beautiful, and well worth seeing. Watch it for a great story, not an obscure, suggested bathroom scene. (Jeff's opionion only!)
Still, pound for pound, a great poop scene in a movie is still "Caged Heat"! There are two: One is a faked diarhea scene, the blonde sitting on the toilet acting miserable. The second, is a sideways pan of a girl sitting on the toilet in her cell reading a book and you can hear plops. This is a tough movie to find, so check out your local avante garde, or obscure video store.

Ina: Where are you? Hope everything is okay, I love reading what you have to say.
Rizzo: Long time no read as well! How've you been doing? Keeping okay? I realize that this is the first time I've posted since the passing of our dear friends Rich and Kathy. I didn't take that one so well. It took a long time for me to get past it. Here I am, coming up on Sept. 11th again, trying to figure a way to get around that date without totally losing it. Anyway, enough of me, hope you're keeping well and out there on the water!

Here are some ladies I would like to see on the toilet:
Emma Thompson, Marisa Tomei, Denise Richards, and with respect to them: my neighborhood grocery checker, our mail lady, and don't hit me ladies! : Jane and Louise (I think everyday people are more exciting than celebs).

Here's a small survey of my own. This pertains to men and women so the questions are unisexual in nature: Please describe!

1. What is it that you like best about someone pooping, or the idea of?
2. What is it that you like best about someone peeing, or the idea of?
3. Are you for, or against unisex restrooms? Women: consider that you would have stalls with doors, but men could share the room. Men: consider that there would be open urinals where women could see you.

See ya!

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Toileteers!

Just had a good shit but no loud plops or splashes. Ah well, At least it was good otherwise!

GLENN, What you reported about that initiation to join the fraternity went beyond any decent friendly and funny behaviour. It must have been quite embarrassing for those guys to allow themselves to be humiliated by letting those girls give them enemas and make them compete with each other as to how long they could hold it in, then be watched on the toilets and have no paper.
That was going too far, and I would have have rather been excluded from the fraternity if it meant having to go along with all that! I couldn't imagine any girls being so desperate to be "in" as to let that happen to them! Why were the guys so keen to "prove themselves"?
I know there are all sorts of male initiation rituals, mostly including some element of humiliation, but not performed by, or in front of women, plus to deprive a guy of toilet paper when he obviously needs it, just to perpetuate the amusement of others watching is almost sadistic! I hope that those administering the enemas did it gently, and carefully. I also hope none of the guys had piles, and were afraid of admitting so, thus enduring pain as well as humiliation, just to be accepted.
I felt quite strongly about this, but I'd never describe myself as prudish, as is obvious from my appreciation of bonding with others in the toilet. Going to the toilet is somewhere where people should feel great about themselves, and not as figures of fun.

MARTIN, Good that you've been able to coincide your shits at work with your young colleague, and that you're not inhibited about your plops as he seems to be! Perhaps his turds are the type that float, and he notices how loud yours are in comparison. It's possible he's put paper down the toilet to avoid the plops,( I hate guys doing that!), but he shouldn't feel inhibited if you're not. He'll probably want to sound as god as you do, so the next time, you might hear a good session from him!
Sorry, I see this all happened in the past, I thought it was ongoing. Anyway, I like the idea of the faulty locks on the trains where you might get a visit from the conductor while you're sitting on the toilet! The type of toilet pan on trains I've noticed recently must provide quite a stink as there's hardly any water in it!

Hope you had a good one after your last posting! I've sometimes had one building up while I was at the computer!
Not only is it great to hear a guy grunting and pushing hard as he tries to drop his turds, but if you get to hear the sigh of satisfaction after he's dropped one, that's great too! Also if he mutters to himself in his efforts, or a friend is waiting for him, and he gives a bit of commentary!
A few months ago when I'd been constipated for several days, I finally had the strong urge that I could at last have a good shit.
When I got home, I must have spent about half an hour at least on the toilet, and worked VERY hard to get the big hard turds out. LOTS of grunting, it was quite painful as I was still suffering with a sore anus from having had soft shits that had been causing the trouble.
Anyway, I dropped these big logs that landed with loud plops that really splashed the water all over my buttocks, and whan I'd done, there were these impressive whoppers in the toilet and I felt SO proud!
I totally agree with you; the sounds of a constipated shit being done are terrific! But I always make the reservation that it should be enjoyable with just enough effort, and not too much to cause pain or discomfort, or frustration in not having time to shit.

DARIUS, I too try to avoid my skidmarks being too apparent when my underpants are laundered. If they're quite brown, I give them a pre-wash in the bath and that helps quite a bit.
Usually, if I've had a shit that took a lot of wiping of my arse afterwards, before I pull my pants up, I put a piece of TP in my crack to absorb any residual matter during the day. Often this works and later on the paper is a bit dirty and my clothes are clean, but sometimes it slips out of place, and if I'm sweating and it's still a bit dirty, then it's dirty underpants again.
This problem has been MUCH improved since my shits have been much firmer and drier over the last year.

Some time ago I said I thought it was a pity that the word toilet was so much more commonly used than the word Lavatory, which sounds more important and even serious. However, it seems to be exclusively a word used by elderly or middle class people, and has therefore become hardly used by young men and women in general. I think I prefer the word Toilet after all, although the TOI part of the word sounding like TOY tends to make it seem trivial!
Whatever it's called, enjoy it everyone! P. Plop Guy

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Punk Rock Girl
Bryian: Sorry! Read your response wrong! I meant, what happened seven MONTHS ago? I'm sure I read it, but refresh my memory.

To the Mystery Poster Who Suggested I Get Up Earlier: Good plan, but easier said then done. I have to get up at about 6:00 to get to work on time, plus my dump cycle changes. Sometimes I have to take a shit firt thing in the morning, sometimes I don't have to until the afternoon. The only time I shit on a semi-regular basis is at night before I go to bed. As for stuffing toilet paper up my ass when I don't have time to wipe, I've actually done that a couple of times, but usuaally it's when my ass is still messy after wiping a lot. I've had better luck (when wearing regular underpants) just waiting to wipe.

To Mike of MD USA:
1.How many turds did you on last you shitted in a toliet? One big, long one.
2.Have you ever peed while pooping? Almost always
3.Have you ever pissed in your pants while waiting to use a toliet or urinal? No
4.Have you ever used a bidet? Yes, one of France's greatest inventions!
5.How many times have you pissed in your bed or shitted in it? Not since I was little
6.Have you used a toliet that was out of order? Yes, but didn't know it was out of order until it was too late
7.Have you ever seen a disabled persons toliet on a airplane? I don't believe so
8.How many times haave you shitted or pissed in a airplane toliet? At least half the times I've flown (15 or 16)
9.What was the longest time taking a piss in a toliet or urinal? I guess about three minuted straight (beer party!)
10.What was the longest time taking a shit? an hour, I guess, when constipation i bad
11.Have you ever pooped or pissed at the same time? Same time as what?
12.Have you ever had to use a disabled person toliet? Only when regular ones were unavailable (I'm short, so their tough to sit on!)
13.Have you seen a chinese toliet that is the floor? Seen pictures
14.For you women have put a tampon in the toliet by accident? Don't use tampons--toxic shock freaks me out

I'm a sucker for surveys.

I took a huge dump yesterday. I looked in the toilet and I swear to God, it must have been a foot and a half long, all curled around in an "S" shape. I was pretty amazed! When I'm regular, I usually have really big dumps, but even that was unusually huge. Hurt like hell coming out, but I felt so refreshed afterwards! I was about to wipe my ass, when I heard my boyfriend come back from the store. He called for me and I told him I'm on the toilet! He came in and sat on the tub and we talked. I actually had a little more to come out, and it plopped into the toilet. I wiped my ass without looking at the paper and flushed. I asked him to leave me alone for a second and he waited for me outside. I wiped again and checked the paper. I needed a couple more wipes then I was clean. I flushed again and washed my hands and joined him outside. Then he made me a western omlette for brunch. ????!



I wonder, if women tend to produce more crap than men, and if exercise makes you go, then wouldn't a tribe like the mythological Amazons have made some huge logs? They would have been gigantic, if you have women THAT big, eating THAT much, running around THAT much. Just a thought.

when my sister was a baby (this was before I was born) she reached into her nappy/diaper in her cot and smothered the wall with her crap. Yes, im serious. I can't wait to mention it at if she gets married on her wedding day in the future!!

also, when i was a toddler i picked up a dog shit thinking it was a stone and handed it to my dad's friend's wife. Not a human shit i know, but what the hell...

Punk Rock Girl
To Mike of MD USA:

I missed this. I guess it's part one of your survey. Here ya go!

1. For the men have you watched self poop on the toliet? n/a

2. For the women have you watch yourself taake piss or shit? Never had much interest in that

3. How many times have you farted while taking shit on the toliet? I usually do

4. Have you ever spyed on the next stall in a 2 or more stall restroom? The reason there are stalls is so people can have some semblance of privacy while peeing/crapping in public, therefore, no, I do not spy on other people through the stalls, nor do I approve of other people doing so

5. Did you ever look under the next stall as the next person is pooping or pissing on the toliet? See above

6. If you like pooping in the sitting position would you squat if there is no seat on the toliet or go to the next stall? If the next stall was free, I'd use the next stall; if not, I would squat over the toilet (when I was in Germany, I was in a public bathroom where the toilets were designed WITHOUT seats at all, so I did sit on the rim then--my ass almost fell in the water!)

7. Do you like pissing in the sitting postion? Actually, yes I do--I've tried it standing, and I never got into it

8. Do you squat while pooping or pissing? You mean outside? How else would you poop or piss?

9. Have you ever been caught pooping in your pants? When I was little, when I got mad at my parents for ignoring me, sometimes I'd shit my pants on purpose

10. Have you ever been caught pissing in your pants? Once again, only when I was little--although I shit my pants much more often than peed in them

11. Would you squat is the is no seat to sit on? Didn't we already cover this?

12. For the men have you ever used a out of order urinal? n/a

13. Have ever pissed through a catherater? Yes, unfortunately

14. How many times have you used a enema? Once every few months

15. Have you ever seen a female or male shitting other than home on the toliet? Yes, a number of times

16. Have you ever seen a female or male pissing other than home on the toliet? Yup

17. What is the color of your piss? Usually clear

18. Have you parents ever saw your pooped or pissed underwear or panties? Once again, only when I was little

19. Have you ever been grounded (punished) for haveing dirty underwear? only when I did it on purpose

Hope you know me a little better now!


Hi! I've got a story from when I was in college. This didn't happen to me, but to my roommate. He was trying to get into a fraternity his freshman year, and made it all the way to the final stage of initiation. The final hazing ritual was pretty nasty. They took them to this dingy bathroom in the basement of one of the dorms. Each guy had to pull his pants down and lean over a table. Then, the frat guys brought in a bunch of girls from their sister sorority and each girl had an enema. The head frat guy said that the three guys who held it the longest were in the frat. The guy who held it the longest got some kind of special treatment over the other freshmen. The girls lubed the tips, and stuck the tube up each guy's ass, including my roommate's. He said he was totally humiliated, but went along with it. By the times the enemas were empty, the guys were all struggling to hold it. There was a row of six or seven toilets up against the wall, but all the stalls had been removed years earlier. Luckily, the plumbing still worked, though! Anyway, my roommate was the first guy to give up. He ran to the nearest toilet, and shit his brains out in front of everyone, including the girls. There was no toilet paper, so he had to walk back to his dorm with a wet, dirty ass. He wasn't allowed to stay for the rest of the ritual, but later found out that when it was down to the last three guys, one of them just ran right for the toilet and shit it out. The other two toughed it out for almost an hour! Finally, one of them ended up shitting his pants. The other guy got the special standing in the frat. I'm glad I never wanted to be in a frat!

To Jamie Lynn: Why did you have to spoil it by telling the truth?!

Vacation is over and I am back at work. I had nice toilet session last Friday. Instead of using ladies room in our office I went for pee and poo to ladies room in entrance hall. I saw two ladies entering there ahead me. When I stepped in those ladies had already took the stalls because two of five stalls (farthest stall and mid stall) were occupied. There was a free stall between them, so of course I took that stall. I lift up my skirt and pulled down my knickers. Lady in farthest stall was there just for pee. As I started to pee she wiped and flushed. Lady in mid stall finished her pee also but she continued sitting without wiping. After short silence she grunted quietly few times. Obviously she was trying to poop, but she didn't success. She grunted once more but nothing happened. Then she wiped and flushed. I waited so long that both ladies were gone before I started my own duties. I dropped two nice, 5-6 inches long pieces of poop quite easily. They were solid logs, but ! very easy going. I felt that there was third one inside my bowels, moving slowly lower towards my ass hole. But it was not so easy case than two former pieces. I needed to push. My exertions halted when I heard someone came in. I heard her footsteps. She went in front of mirrors. I tried to peek from the crack of door, but I didn't see her clearly because she was just directly behind my door. Obviously she was fixing her make up. While she was doing it she let out a puffing fart. For a while later she farted again. She sighed and put her things back in purse and stepped in middle stall. She put down her purse on the floor. I heard rustle of clothes before she set her rear onto pan. I saw her shoes under the wall. She sat quietly and tinkled a bit. I was totally concentrated observing her action. Rest of my load was waiting for release pressing against my anus. I pushed a bit and head of turd poked out. Lady in next stall was pretty quiet. Then I heard rustle of her shoes and! a soft groan. I looked under the wall. She was on her tiptoes. She grunted again and I heard faint crackling sound. About ten seconds later I heard massive splash. Lady sighed and her heels were back on the floor again. She unrolled toilet paper. I didn?t hear her wiping so I looked under the wall. She was on her tiptoes again. Then I heard a hissing fart followed by light plop. Woman started wiping. She wiped only twice. While she was washing her hands I finished my job. I pushed third log out. It was only about 3 inches long but quite fat. When I went washing hands three ladies came in talking to each other. Only one of them went in stall. She started peeing just when I left.

To Guy: Sounds like a cool idea, i like it.

To bathroom kid: Loved your your parents know you peed your self? Who changed your sheets?

To KT: Loved your stories.

To Mike of MD usa: 1. Yes 3. many of times 4. Yes, there was a peep hole between the stalls so i tried looking 5. No 6. I'd Squat. 7. Its ok. 8.None 9. Yes 10. No 11. Yes 12. Nope 13. No 14. Once or twice 15. Yes, over the internet. 16. Yes, over the internet. 17. Yellow. 18. No 19. No

To Katrina: I loved your story, its cool how you met your friend. Did you see her poop in the toilet?

To jeremy: Loved your story, do you think any one found your turd?

To GeorgiaBoi: Loved your story, sounds like a cool exprience!

To Darius: Never seen any of the indian guys poop.....they aren't a turn on to see pooping. Any way in the bathrooms it says please flush the toilet and wash your hands before returning to work. I don't think we have that problem. Thanks for your story...thats cool you wanna read my old posts as Andy, go right ahead..did you enjoy them?

To James: Loved your story, did Ryan see you on the toilet? and did he see your poop?

Got a story,its a toilet dream actully. I dreamed i was at some place not really sure where i was but i had to go to the bathroom, i don't remember if i had to pee or poop. I walk in this building and theres a "Boys room" and a unisex room. I started walking into the boys room and i was gonna find a stall and do something. Then all the sudden my phone rang at 5:30 in the morning, woke me up and couldn't get back to sleep(i thought maybe it was work calling...but no one was there).

I couldn't get back to sleep so i decided to go in my bathroom and touch my hole and all. Then i was doing that and i felt like i had to poop, kept doing and i kept getting the urge. I don't know how many times i pooped, Then i went back to sleep got up at 9am and pooped more. Then i went to work and ate lunch and pooped more, i think it was gas from all that touching. Any one evere exprience any thing like this?
Then later on at work i had to pee, i walk to the single person bathroom and i knocked on the door, someone was in there. I waited about 2 minutes for him to come out. When i walked in i could tell he pooped, it smelled like it in there and the seat was down. I went in to pee and i wiped my self. My butt feels a bit sore from all the pooping i did. Well gotta go bye

yes there is a toiletscene in blue crush. the main girl is at a restaurant when she goes in to the stall and sits on thetoilet. you don't hear any sounds.

The Red Demon
Hey all…

I want to talk about something that I have noticed over the past years. I’m 32 years old, and when I was younger I remember that a girl wouldn’t even mention they’d have to go to the bathroom. They’d just excuse themselves out of the room. I have noticed that now that in movies, and videos, girls peeing or pooping is now everywhere. You have movies like A.I. where the mother is moving her bowels, and I read it was her idea to put it in the film…. The new Avril Lavigne video shows her quickly sitting on a camp toilet, and I also read it was HER idea…and not in the script. The new Papa Roach video shows a girl squatting in a field with her skirt up, Kid Rock had a video where 2 girls were doing the same thing…And even Sum 41, a band of kids…. has 2 girls squatting behind a dumpster. I noticed it more and more in feature films. Leaving Las Vegas, Hollow Man, and now Blue Crush. Don’t get me wrong…. I’m not complaining…I love it. I love seeing a pretty woman use the bathroom! . I can even see that it’s now done for humor, with Not Another Teen Movie. There is only one other thing I like as much as seeing a pretty girl on the potty, that’s a pretty girl shining a MOON. I haven’t seen that come back in movies, but I’m hoping it’s only a matter of time. I have a few illustrations I’ve done of famous people on the toilet…how can I submit them to be put at the top?

Infantry SPC
KT- good story, I rarely see women in the field bc I'm in the infantry.

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