Hi again i wanted to tell yall something that happen last night. ive been loving all your post please keep it up
well i have had been feeling a little sick for a few days because ive been eating alot lately and i mean alot so well i went to take a shower and well my B/F came by while i was in there to check on me he ask me how i was feeling and i told him i felt terrible i then told him he could come in(because he never comes till i tell him he could he would just stand at the bathroom door if i didn't) he came in and sat down on the toilet(he wasn't using it and he had put the lid down)(of course i didn't know where or even if had sat down somewhere because curtains were not see thu) and we talked for bout 2 minutes then he said he had been helping some friends of his pick up trash i could tell he was hinting that he wanted to get in here with me there was just something about him that he just couldn't ask i liked him for that so i told i had forgotten to get my clothes i told him to get me some then he could come in with me he said he would be glad to and left then it hit me i n eeded poop and real bad so i crossed my legs real tight holding it then started to step out but i started to leak liquid shit so im standing there with my legs crossed really tight holding my poop in and trying to think what to do well the next thing i knew was my B/F had gotten in and had press up against the my back and put one hand on my shoulder and he had startled me and i started to poop on him!!! i jumped out of the shower and sat on the pot made a mess on the lid(but didn't relax because i knew what i done) well i got the lid up then i relaxed and just letting it all out in the toilet i was farting bad and the stink was even worse i was crying my eyes out at the mess i made i mean ive messed myself before but never a bathroom well my B/F kept saying he was sorry every now and then he told me to just let everything out and he would clean up and well then after he got the floor cleaned he then got a wet rag then asked me to stand up and bend over so i did just letting him take care of me he wiped all the waste off me then got me to lay down in the tub as turned the shower back on and told me to just lay there and relax and not care bout one single thing i don't know how got me to but i did just that i didn't even care as i just let even more poop come out and pee leak out of me all he said was that's good just let it all out and went back to cleaning the mess i did by toilet and it finally got flushed I GOTTA LOVE THAT MAN and I do got to tell you I felt funny to stick my ass up at him when he told me to bend over LOL and I do feel a lot better today bye see you latter happy pissing and pooping

Uncle Allen
HI everyone. Ihope this post finds everyone enjoying their bathroom experiences. I had a strange experience last night. I have had an ingrown toe nail which quickly caused my entire toe to become infected and painful. So, my mother suggested I use epsom salts and water to soak the toe in. I did exactly that. I mixed about a cup of salts with the water and soaked the toe for a long time. Well later that night I had two very urgent loose bowel movbements that were huge. It was not diarrhea, but it was loose and huge and kind of explosive. I had the same massive poop attack this morning when I woke up. It was so bad that I couldn't flush it all down. So anyway, this morning I made some more epsom salt water mix to soak the infected toe. When I looked at the carton of epsom salts, I saw that it said they are a short term laxative to naturally relieve constipation. It says to mix a tablespoon of salts with a cup of water. All I can figure is that the epsom salts got! into my system through a cut or opening when I was soaking my toe and caused me to need the bathroom so badly. I now woder if this will happen again from soaking my toe. that's all for now. bye all

euro hiker
France 2002, Part 1

One thing I like about France is that the approach to toilet matters is so different from the UK and the US. I think that no trip to France is complete without a memorable toilet experience, preferably a voyeur opportunity. These aren't always easy to find however.

Let's start in Paris. I never had any luck with finding toilet voyeur sites in Paris but I did have an unusual toilet experience at the Musée d'Orsay. From Feb 2001 - May 2002, parts of the museum were closed for rebuilding work, leading to a shortage of toilets. After queueing for 45 minutes to get into the museum, many visitors headed straight for the main toilets in the basement. There was a 20 minute queue for the ladies and a few women were bold enough to use stalls in the gents' toilet. Upstairs, there were smaller ladies and gents toilets but the women had completely taken over the gents' toilet. I didn't have the nerve to do my 'pipi' into a urinal surrounded by women so I used a stall, with the bonus of hearing several women doing 'pipi' in the other stalls, plus the occasional 'popo'.

Moving South to the Provence region, Moustiers Ste Marie is an attractive historical village, popular with tourists. Above the village is a large car park with a small public toilet block with two sections. One side has a urinal and an 'à la Turque' squat toilet stall with a gap under the door. The other side has one stall with a conventional toilet bowl but no seat. There are no signs to indicate the 'hommes' or 'femmes' side and people seemed to use whichever side was free. I lurked in the stall with the bowl to encourage anyone to use the other stall. After a few minutes, a couple came along. The woman tried the door of my stall then went into the 'à la Turque' stall. I heard her say to her partner, "C'est plein merde" (It's full of shit). She then came back and banged on the door of my stall so I had to flush and leave.

Down in the village, by the bridge over the gorge. I found a traditional French village mixed public toilet with four 'à la Turque' squat toilet stalls with gaps under the doors. Although it had potential for some good under-door views, I never saw any women use it. There was also a newly built public toilet in the nearby village of La Palud-sur-Verdon with two unisex 'à la Turque' squat toilet stalls with gaps under the doors but again, no sightings due to too few users. Fortunately, I had more luck elsewhere and will tell you about that in Part 2.

I try not to pee more than three times in 24 hours, but if I drink a lot of anything that means I'm walking around with a full bladder for hours. When I finally do pee it's almost better than sex. The only time I have to break the rule is when I'm drinking a lot of beer. I've tried not to pee all evening but a sixpack is just too much to hold in.

At work I can usually make it until the middle of the afternoon but I wouldn't dare drive home when I have to pee that bad. I've started to wet my pants a few times but not enough to show a lot.

I really liked this younger (18)guy at work and he always used to need a poop just before he left work. He said he really got bad gut ache onnthe train home if he tried to last out till he got back home. So I always used to try and hold onto my poop until the same time so I could truthfully state that I needed to go as well. I think he was embarassed about making sounds and must have put some toilet paper in the bowl to muffle his plops. I didn't though and he often made some remark like "you really needed that eh Martin?".

I was once on an Inter City train and was taking a dump when the conductor guard (who I knew quite well - being a regular traveller)opened the door (useless locks) to check there was no-one avoiding the ticket check. He was really embarassed to see me sat on the toilet with my trosuers and breiefs round my ankles and must have been disgusted by the smell - it was bad!

Some railway enthusiasts I know told me a good way to avoid tickets inspections was to sit on the bog trousers down and leave the door unlocked - most guards were too embarrassed to pursue the matter once they had walked in on a lad on the bog!

Toilet Boy
This happened last year. I felt that I needed to take a dump so I went to the nearest toilet which was in a public car park. It had only one cubicle which was already occupied, and another guy was waiting to use the cubicle. He was about 17 or 18 and had pale cream jogging pants on. He seemed restless and agitated and I guessed that he was really desperate to use the cubicle. He couldn’t keep still and I guess he was trying hard to hold himself in. Suddenly he farted and then I saw a bulge appearing which meant that he was filling his pants. A big bulge appeared at the back which must have been made by a big log. He didn’t say anything or acknowledge what he had done and he had no idea that I enjoyed being a spectator. Then the cubicle became free and he went in. I heard some plops and after a while masses of wiping. Then he flushed but instead of coming out of the cubicle he stayed in there and it sounded as if he was taking his shoes and then his trousers off. I guess ! he had really dirty underpants and was taking them off. Then he flushed again so he must have flushed his underpants down the toilet because when I went in there after him there was only skidmarks. But I had seen and heard enough to get really excited.

the "HOLD IT" man
Hi Katrina:

I realy enjoyed reading your story. So let me see if I understood what you said. You started drinking Dr Pepper at 8:pm the previous night, and slept until noon, and didn't even feel a need to pee until you and Crystal wwere butt to butt. That gives you a hold time of over 16 hours.

I would love to have witnessed that seen. I wonder how long Crystal was holding it. Keep us posted. I love a good pee story.

Tina (and Jeri)
I sit on the toilet with my panties at my feet and start to push out poop every time I push I pee(I hardly ever just pee) I push out poop and look it there 2 normal size very hard turds I then wipe, flush, pull up my panties then go wash me hands and get to the door then I have to go back to the toilet and poop some more poop 3 more barely hard turds wipe, flush, pull up my panties up take one or two steps then im back sitting again push out a really long mushy crap out of my tight hole it looked like it bout 2 feet long then wipe a whole lot well I flush and pull my panties up wash hands and leave I didn’t do it again I don’t go back the 2nd that much only bout once a month but I do go back the 1st time bout 7 times a month and I don’t go back a 3rd time unless I have diarrhea. my friends(4 girls) like watching me go the laugh at me when I have to sit back down most of the time they hold me down and don’t let me up till I go more or after bout 30 minutes they will do that even if im sitting on their lap and they will just sit in my lap if they need to go while hold me down I like it when im the one on the bottom and look at there hole as it gets bigger and the crap comes out so I get up and sit back down on purpose but they have start found this out so they make me get up so the can sit then make me sit on there lap they say I got a tiny ass for my age which is 16 my friend are too they also say I sit too far back when I sit on them then I tell them do you want to clean the piss off the floor 2 of them don’t mind me to sit back and ive had a few very hard turds just start to come out and they would be poking them and they would be pissing on it and would be just poking them even more and those really made a splash and that was with Jeri the other 2 don’t want me to and will make me put a funnel with a hose over me pussy they say “its the funnel or your going to clean it up if it goes in the floor or you can just wait till im done”(whic h about 30 minutes) if im not at somebody house or something like that I will just leave what hit the floor they say “Tina you have the longest craps I have ever seen” its because of my tiny ass and Jeri has some huge very hard craps she usually sometimes can’t get them to flush well I guess I gonna go take a dump now oh yeah that up that happen 3 days ago and I haven’t gone since then and was wondering anyone else had this problem of have to sit back down well its not really a problem cause I think its funny and I don’t really mind it or if anybody else sits with somebody tell me oh yeah the other girls don’t pee when they push to poop. Jeri says “bye gotta go take a dump with Tina” Tina says “yeah bye see you latter” and by the way only Jeri is with me right now

Nate in AZ
Just thought I'd let PPG and Gay Lad know I'm still here and like your posts. Mine havn't got on lately for whatever reaon. Wish Bridget was still around (from old posts) she has exactly my fetish...lots of grunting and straining. Reading Katrina this morning was amusing, and wish they had wiped each other! That would be my ultimate for buddy dumping. Speaking of which, I feel a monster descending as I havn't gone in 2 days, whether I'll be able to hold it is debatable, but feeling it down there is a great turn-on. Which I intend to take care of in a few minutes....maybe during my evacuation..Ohhhh REALLY gotta go now....Bye

Plunging Plop Guy
Hullo again!

I just saw a programme on Channel 5 on British TV called "Swapheads".
Two experts in their chosen interests compete against each other, but they have to have a crash course in the other's subject. One of the two guys had to answer questions on "Maddona", and the other: "The History of the Toilet".
The young guy who had to learn about, and answer questions on toilets came second, but he did well, and there was a lot of info. on the subject as we saw him being taught, along with a lot of shots of various toilets. It was nice seeing this friendly guy taking to all this, and at one point he was shown sitting on a toilet,(Unfortunately fully clothed) as he discussed his forthcoming quiz.

GEORGIA BOI, You saw a lot of that guy's toilet activities recently! You must have doorless stalls there, but to be able to take in all the detail of his wiping technique, it must be a great place to shit in and watch others and be seen! Do the partitions start high off the floor? I've come across a lot of references recently to partitions that allow for a lot to be seen.

Two days ago I was in the public toilet, and I heard a guy go in the cubicle next to mine, and I don't know what he was doing, but he was fiddling with something, perhaps in his bag, or trying to light his cigarette. It was at this point I decided to drop my load, and thinking he'd hear it, I started to grunt it out as it needed a bit of effort. As soon as I dropped my first turd with a fairly loud plop, he went dead quiet, and as I continued to plop and grunt, he started to get ready to leave, and by the time I'd nearly finished, he was finished doing whatever he was doing, and he left.
This is something I have noticed before. As soon as I start shitting, it signals to someone next door that there's no point in them hanging around! Either he was hoping I was in there for "other purposes" or he disliked hearing a guy's turds plopping!
Anyway, they felt really firm and dry as they came out that I was so confident about how clean a shit it was, I didn't even bother with wiping my arse, but pulled my pants and jeans straight up after I'd finished my shit. Later on at home, I checked up and my underpants were perfectly clean, and there wasn't a trace of anything to wipe in my crack!
Yesterday at home, even before breakfast, I got the urge to have one, and with a bit of effort dropped some nice loud plops in my toilet that I'd love to have been heard doing! Then today, it was the floating variety, whose sounds would impress no-one!
Hopefully tomorrow, it'll be loud plopping, bum-splashing heavy turds again! At least this morning, I did a good loud fart as soon as I'd sat on the toilet with another guy next door to hear me! He was already wiping up, so I missed what he'd been doing!

Have good ones, everyone! P. Plop Guy

mike of md
1. How of you women take all of there clothes off to take a piss?mine is n/a
2. How many men do drop pants or pull zipper down to piss?mine is always
3. How often do you piss in the shower?mine is sometimes
4. Have you ever shitted in the shower?mine is in an emergency
5. For you men have you ever had a rectal exam by a women?mine is sometimes
6. For you women have pissed and pooped at the sametime? mine is n/a
7. Have you pissed in a doctors office while the doctor was checking you out? mine is no
8. Have you ever pooped in a bedpan? mine is n/a
9. For you women have ever pooped and pissed in a bedpan?mine is n/a
10. Have used a cathater to take a piss? mine is n/a

hi dairus yes you are right i would have got very excited about that if id been on that train with you live in the uk ,How did you first get turned on by seeing a guy shit,please tell me your first experience, this is how it all started for me
Me and my mate kurt were going on a long bike ride together,i was not out riding the trains as they were on strike at the time,it was a fairley hot August day and we were both wearing football shorts and a t shirt mine were red and kurts white.Anyway we were riding around as you do through some woods, kurt was stopping on the way collecting sweet wrappers that had been discarded on the floor,we were both 13 at the time ,we carried on riding through the woods, when Kurt said next stop which will be the old well, can we have a toilet stop? i said no problem as i had a full bladder as well thinking thats what kurt needed,i had seen kurt piss loads of times and he had seen me.We got to the old well and got of our bikes, and walked down this short hill, kurt said this will be fine as he pointed to a drain,is said fine and whipped out my cock, i pissed a torrent of piss which was making a small river,kurt stood there and said dont look and whipped his shorts and briefs down a! nd was now exposing his small smooth and very cute bum, i said your not going to do what i think youre going to do, he said yes i am im busting for a poo,i said ok,he again said don,t look,but ive cause i was watching he was letting out some small farts and i could see his arse hole quiver,i was getting hard at this time he farted again and his arse hole was starting to dome out,i could see the tip of his turd as it oozed out with that delightful crackling sound,it got bigger,nice brown colour and eventually dropped to the floor,quickly followed by another as his arse hole opened out and another turd crackled out and dropped to the floor they were both medium in size and smelled of a young boys shit smell,not repungent ,he farted one more time and one more log oozed out and dropped to the floor ,he then said he had finished and then hilarouisly started wiping his arse hole with sweet wrappers,luckiley for him his shit was fairley firm and not too muckey and he didn,t have to! wipe much, he then pulled his briefs and football shorts,turned around and pissed near his turds ,he saw the bulge in my shorts and said were you watching? i said what do you think? well did you like it,(this was my first time i had ever seen another human shit) and i said it was the most exciting thing i had witnessed in my life. He said i want to watch you poo, i said ok,but thats another story,hope you enjoyed my first experience,id like other posters to post thiers particuarly dairus happy shitting and pissing every body Gay Lad

Hi everyone! I'm mystified about those underpants with pre-printed skid marks in them. I've never heard about them before! I suppose they would suit those who love skiddies in their underwear. Though I love to shit my underpants on purpose, I hate skid marks in normal wear. I like my underwear to be be clean. If you could inspect those I've shit in, you'd never know it. I make sure they are well washed by hand before going into the washer for a final wash. Skid marks in normal wear make me feel dirty. I've found that if I can return to the toilet about 15 minutes after a BM I can pass a little spot of poo no bigger than the end of my little finger. It is this little bit that gets left inside after my BM that works its way into my crack to cause skid marks. I just don't get skid marks after this precautionary action. If you get skiddies and don't like them, why not try this idea. It may work for you too.

Your name (David): I really loved your story of how you wet yourself during the meeting in your directors office. I got so excited by it and wished I'd been sat next to you and see your light trousers getting wet. I think it is so exciting for a 42 year old man to be doing that which he ought not to do - to wet his pants! I love wetting my pants too! (I love shitting my pants also, as mentioned above, but you may not be into that). You mention Huggies. Well, the adverts on TV say, "Do it in Huggies"! I just wonder if adult Huggies can really hold the full contents of an adult bladder. I've never tried them so I don't know. I bet you'll keep a pair for those unexpected meetings now! By the way, it looks from the way you wrote that you drove to Sue's house with no trousers or briefs on at all. Was this so. A bit risky I would have thought! Perhaps you can clarify this. I'd love to hear many more of your pants wetting stories. Please keep them coming.

the "HOLD IT" man: Sorry to hear you got Salmonella poisoning. It's terrible, as I know from experience. Your story of how you farted during your walk out at 1 a.m. and filled your pants as a result reminds me of a very similar experience I had in almost identical circumstances. Though I love the feel of a normal turd sliding into my underpants, and the pleasure the warm shit against my butt gives me, when I choose to do that on purpose - there is nothing worse than having an a genuine accident of liquid shit that oozes down my legs and into my socks and shoes - like you too experienced. Whether you were wearing boxers or briefs, the result would have been the same with this sort of shit. I found the climax of your story funny (and I have laughed several times) about you "laundering money"! I would never have put my clothes in my washer without rinsing the worst of the shit out by hand first, as I don't like the idea of any bits of shit loose in my washer. I would probab! ly have felt the pockets were still full. Anyway, after your disaster you probably did not think of such things, with priority being a shower and bed as you were still unwell at the time.

That's it for now - gotta go, it's 12.15 a.m. here!

Monday, August 19, 2002

jamie lynn
britney spears didn't cancel a concert because she had diarrehea. she canceled it because of a storm and lighting in Mex.

No, student I didn't hear anything about that, got any more details? LOL If its true, maybe Britney should ditch Pepsi and consider advertising Imodium AD. I can see the commercials now. There she'd be, standing on stage, recieving her latest award and giving her thank you speech, when all of a sudden a sour look would cross her face as she went silent and grapped her stomach. Then, as she dashed off for the toilet, the narrator would chime in with "Where will you be when your diarrhea comes back?" The fans would love it!

bathroom kid
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, my internet connection isn't so good but I think it's fixed now. I'll try to post more often. A few nights ago I decided I was not going to get up to go pee (I know, I'm an insane little girl, hey it's boring to always just sit down on the can and go, right?) Anywho, I was of course full of orange juice (i love OJ) but I wouldn't get out of bed. My little bladder filled up and BIG SURPRISE I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I knew I couldn't hold it all night, so I went. My shorts that I was sleeping in didn't absorb hardly any of it so my bed covers were flooded and my t-shirt got soaked and everything. I fell asleep all warm and wet, when I woke up I was cold and wet, and I put my t-shirt and shorts in the laundry.

To student: Was that thing about Britney spears recently? or a while back? i thought i heard something a while back about this.

To Randi: I don't think i've seen that AD, sounds cool...never thought about that either.

To Punkrock girl: I don't understand what you mean, what happened to me 7 years ago, i'll have to go back and try and figure out what you mean...I went back...think you confused me...i replied to you about your accident...and i said your accident reminded me of when i had my diahreaha accident 7 months ago at work. I left and didn't come back for several days. Understand now?

To Jane (& Gary): Enjoyed your story.

To Mike of MD USA: 1. 2-3 2. yes 3. No 4. Nope 5. Never 6. Nope 7. No 8.many of times, 9. 50 seconds 10. 15-20 minutes 11.yes 12. No 13. No 14. N/A(im a guy).

To Movie Fan: I haven't seen that movie, sounds cool. Yes theres a bathroom sceen in the movie flirting...This guy runs off with this girl they go to the boys dorm and then shes in need of a toilet, the boy escorts her to the boys bathroom, then the boy peeks in and sees the girl in stall, you could hear her pee. Then she comes out and the run of of the dorm.

To PV: Intresting about the ads.

To Plunging Plop Guy: Oh i see about the recipe..i thought maybe it was placed here by mistake. Intresting story/dream.

I did have an urge to poop friday morning, then i went to work and it went away.

John Q Public
Mike of MD:

I have pissed my bed many times when I was young. Almost every night.

There were also quite a few cases that I peed in my pants while waiting to use a toilet and only two nights ago I had a wetting accident in my car which you probably can find in the old posts. I have a small and weak bladder. It isn't as bad as it was when I was young, but I still get pretty desperate at times. Just tonight I went to see "The Road to Perdition, and after drinking a medium sized diet coke, I had to go to the washroom twice during the movie. It can be anoying at times. I hope that through various exercises that some day I might be able to sit through an entire movie without having to take a leak.

What's a bidfet?

HI group,long time no posts. But to SAS soldier, damnit boy on watching that beautiful female take a dump in front of you. To Infantry SPC, congratulations on the promotion to a NCO. I was a NCO myself but in the
Marines though(Corporal).But anyways I remember in Okinawa, 2 of our company platoons went to the field. On the third day in the field we went to do land navigation. I was the squad leader. On our land nav we got aways from camp,and I had this young female about 19,red hair,and a nice body.So she said Corporal, I gotta make a head call. So we stopped and waited for her. I went in one porta john,then she took the one beside me. I took a leak then stood there to listen to see what she had to do. i heard her go in,lock the door, and undid her trousers. You could her putting down tp on the seats.She sat down and let a long, hissing fart.Then i heard a loud sploosh, then unnnnn.then heard her pee. Then she let another fart that sounded like a M240golf on burst.Then about another 6 plops in a row. Then i herad the tp rolling and her wiping. Then i came out right before she did.She came out and smiled and said"Those MRE's sure f????d me up! we all started laughing. Then later that day we got back to our campsite.My squad was taking an afternoon nap because we finish land nav early. no one else was a camp but the Motor T drivers. So i went off to take a dump while my squad rested.I finished my dump and wiped.As soon as i waspulling up my trousers. One of female 5ton drivers walked by me, i seen her but she didn t see me. She stopped about 25 feet in front of me, look dead in my direction,and still didn t see me. so she drop her baby wipes,and undid her trousers in front of me. i didn t wanna move because ididn t want her to try and say i was spying. She squatted and started peeing,just as she began a long, light brown turd emerged from her came out like ice cream out of a ice cream started to coil around and around.i was like she finshed grabbed her baby wipes and wiped.then she got her trousers up and walked off. Her pile was equivalent to 4 cows shitting in ths same spot. so after she left. i headed back all hard from w atching her shit and hearing the other girl. Any other people had lucky encounters please post.Thanks!

Mike of MD USA
1. For the men have you watched self poop on the toliet? mine is yes
2. For the women have you watch yourself taake piss or shit?
3. How many times have you farted while taking shit on the toliet? mine is a couple of times
4. Have you ever spyed on the next stall in a 2 or more stall restroom? mine is no
5. Did you ever look under the next stall as the next person is pooping or pissing on the toliet? mine is no
6. If you like pooping in the sitting position would you squat if there is no seat on the toliet or go to the next stall?
7. Do you like pissing in the sitting postion? mine is the only time I do it is when shitting because I a male.
8. Do you squat while pooping or pissing?
9. Have you ever been caught pooping in your pants? mine is no
10. Have you ever been caught pissing in your pants? mine is no
11. Would you squat is the is no seat to sit on?
12. For the men have you ever used a out of order urinal? mine is no
13. Have ever pissed through a catherater?
14. How many times have you used a enema?
15. Have you ever seen a female or male shitting other than home on the toliet? mine is no
16. Have you ever seen a female or male pissing other than home on the toliet?
17. What is the color of your piss? mine is light yellow
18. Have you parents ever saw your pooped or pissed underwear or panties? mine is yes
19. Have you ever been grounded (punished) for haveing dirty underwear? mine is yes
12. For the males have you ever used a out of order urinal? mine is no
13. Have you ever pissed through a catherater? mine is no
14. How many times have you used a enema?

Hi im new here ive been reading stuff here for a couple of days now let me tell you about me im a 18 almost 19(Oct.28)White Female that has long blonde hair(shoulder length)(straight) lives in North America in the Central time zone ok now that you know a little about me ill be posting some stories about me and my friend that i met a bout umm i think its been 5 months ago she does not want me to tell her real name so she has pick this name "Crystal" i tell you im still tring to Figure her out im going to the tell you how we met but before i start i would like to say that iv got bad spelling and im sorry if anything is bad ok now on with the story it all started one morning when i woke up some time around 12 noon i had overslept i stayed up too late the night before but i didn't had any where to go so it was ok this time well anyway i heard the door bell as i was on the way to the bathroom so i thought i would see who was then go poop well and when i answered the door there ! this tall blonde guy he said"hi does Krissy live here?" and i told him "no im sorry nobody by that name lives here" (im not sure if thats who he was looking or not i cant remember i dont really even remember what he look like all i know he was a tall blonde looking for someone)he then asked where she lived i told him "i dont know who he was even looking for" then said "sorry" he said “sorry i bothered you” and thanked me for trying to help i said “no problem" then he left there was nobody outside except this one woman walking this way (not towards me but along the street)(bout a block away) i closed the door and when to the bathroom i pulled off my night skirt and panties and took a seat on the toilet and i start to push and push but only a really loud fart come out then i started pushing again grunting loudly but just another fart then i said to myself "this is just great im still contispated(sorry bad spell i couldn't poop)" then i tried to poop again I WAS GRUNTING VE! RY LOUD but i still couldn't so i got up and then walk to my room completely naked (nobody was home at the time) and got some panties and a skirt and my other clothes i put my panties and bra on so i could look for something from the living room (my hair dryer i think)(the window curtains were open)(ok i going to try stop giving you too many details this is getting long)i go living room, get dryer, see that woman still walking i think she slow it been 15 min ago she just now here i see her stop and crouch then get up walk more and do the same thing bout 3 more times before i go get dressed go outside i say "hey whats the matter?" she says "nothing" i say "yes there is" she say "no there’s not" then i say "do you?" she says "do i what?" i say "need to" her face got red she knew what i meant she just look at me and nodded i say "come on use my bathroom" she got a really big smile on her face when i said that she say "thanks" i say "come on" we start to the door half way she s! tops and crouches i wait we go again we get to the door she crouches i say "this way" we walk bout 5 feet then she crouches again then says "i can't walk anymore" "im gonna bust" "oh no im gonna lose it" well i felt sorry for her so i just picked her up and ran then she says "thanks" and she then started to grab her panties and pull at them she was only able to pull the to her knees because my arm in the way i say "almost there" as i go around the corner then down the hall and into the bathroom and i set her on the toilet and she starts pissing and i left the room and shut the door then i go get a me a rag (that was in my room)to wipe the piss off my arm from her panties and went back to the bathroom door (my room is pretty close to the bathroom)she been in the for bout a min and a half now and I couldn’t hear her pissing any more but then i needed to poop so i wait for her to finish but it had to have been at least 30 secs latter but it felt like minutes and i was holding! my butt by now just to hold it in then i could her fart if she had to poop too i knew i would not make it so i ask "how much longer are you going to be in there?" she says "i don't know. why?" i told her "because i need to poop really really bad" she then says "well i think i might be in here a while" "you don't need to pee too do you?" i then say " no just poop really BAD!" well she then said "well if need to poop that bad just come in here and poop with me we will just have to sit butt to butt" "i dont mine ive done it before just dont pee or you might get it on the floor" (i would had gone in right then if i knew her) i then said "i would i if i knew you" she then said "im Crystal now you know me come in before you s**t your panties" i then said "fine im coming in" "but i want to know more about you" i open the door and saw she had removed her panties and they were laying on the floor ,i close door, she looked at me and started laughing "im sorry but you just look so fun! ny holding your butt like that" i said "you know its a good thing your skinny or you might have had it your panties" me laughing at her this time well i went over to her pull my panties down and sit butt to butt with her she said "thanks very very very much for carrying me" "i owe you one" i said "you just remember that" and i giggled then she farted and pooped and it splashed me when it the water i giggled even harder then start to push and grunt and farted and farted very loudly and she began to laugh and laugh so hard while i am still pushing and kept farting then the farting stopped as huge hard piece of poop starts to come out of me hole i take breath and start pushing again grunting very loud pushing out the huge piece she was laughing harder and harder (from me grunting) then poop and farts start exploding from her hole (because of her uncontrollable laughter) i kept pushing it as hard as I could “no no no” then it fell from me butt and while i was pushing it out ! i was pushing so hard to get it out that i started to pee that why I said no no no I had both of my hands on my pussy pissing on them trying to stop it but i couldn't stop it (i should had known from yesterday I hadn’t took a piss since before i started drinking after 8 pm didnt stop till i when to bed (it was dr pepper)) she jumped up so i could finish pissing and pooping then said while she was wiping herself “I thought you said you didn’t need to pee” I then said “I guess I was wrong” and she then tossed some TP between my legs into the toilet and started laughing so hard then grasped her pussy and said “I guess I need to pee some more too” well any way I finish pooping 4 or 5 more times they were a lot softer then let crystal poop 1 last time and pee some more(she told me that she stopped herself earlier) the toilet had 8 or 9 turds (not counting the little chunks crystal did while laughing) flushed it(it almost went over)we both wiped ourselves(at least 5 ti! mes) and cleaned the up what crystal did (she got poop on the seat and a little on me and the floor when got up so quick) (and yes I did sit in what she got on the seat but I didn’t know that until it was to late)she also help me clean up the piss all over the floor it got her panties and my two panties(my dirty pair and the ones I had gotten earlier) and my night skirt (well I didn’t get them that wet but I did a little)(she said she felt dirty after cleaning the piss off the floor) so we took a shower (not together) crystal took one first then I gave her some of my panties and took a shower myself well we chatted for a while and became friends
well see you latter and very sorry long post and by the way crystal is 18 and 6 months and is white also bye Katrina

just wanted to tell everyone about something i did when I was about 12 y
I,m 41 now I used to play in an old shed in the summer it was quite hot that day I remember that there was a lot of old sacks of corn and other seed stuff in there, there was quite a few gaps in the wall where the sun shone through, and while I was in there I needed to poop so I went to the corner and looked through the gaps in the wall I never saw anyone while Iwas there so noone would walk in on me I remember I had on a green and white checked shirt and stone coloured short pants which were a little tight but still comfortable so I stood on one of the sacks and undid the button on my shorts and pulled them down with my underpants to my knee,s and stood with my feet apart as far as my shorts would allow and peed against the side I remained standing but bending my knee,s slightly and started pooing nnnnnnnnnnggghh aahhh
and slowly my poo slid out slowly and felt quite big and knobby it felt like I was doing it in my shorts grunting again nnnnnnnnghh ahh then it fell with a thud and rolled Ilooked behind me to see what I had just done it was about six inches and about an inch and a half at its widest and was a dark brown and a bit knobby and it had rolled in the dust I
felt much better after that I wipe on a piece of rag i found hanging
luckily It was quite clean I pulled up my shorts and went home after that scince then I have enjoyed pooping in other places and in my pants sometimes if it,s been a hard one will post more about that next time

Billy Bob
To: Mike of MD USA

In answer to question 13 "Have you seen a Chinese toilet that is the floor?" Yes. I went on holiday to China last summer and most of the toilets were the hole in the floor type. They were in both the men's and women's toilets. I don't know what kind of flushing mechanism (if any) they had. I never used one. Luckily for me we were staying in good hotels 4 and 5 star and the rooms had the standard type of toilet in them, but in the toilets in the lobby and restaurant, which anyone could use, there were the hole in the floor type toilets. I think the Chinese people prefer to use them because they are used to them. They were at the airports too. Interestingly Chinese port-a-potties are the hole in the floor type, I saw some in Red Square in Beijing, they were unisex and disgustin. Quite simply, there was shit were I didn't think it was possible to get shit. They hadn't been cleaned in years, but there were two armed guards outside them. Why doesn't one guard clean them? I ho! pe this answers your question.

Billy Bob

I had to visit a high school the other day, and had to take a dump. It was about 2:45pm, and classes were almost over. I walked in, and the stall closest to the door was taken. I walked past and saw it was one of the cute senior guys. I happen to know him. 17 years old, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'1, 170 pounds.He had his cargo khakis and his red plaid boxers down around his ankles. I took the vacant stall. Moments later, I heard him farting and sighing. That went on for a couple minutes, then he began to wipe. He leaned forward and wiped from the right side. When he wiped, he spread his legs wide apart, making his pants and boxers go down even further to the floor. When he was done, he left and washed his hands, standing in front of the mirror fixing his hair for a few seconds. Great sighting!

Sarah S
Hi Everyone!!
I am working so hard and loving it!! It is hot as hell here in Houston. As many of you know, I have been seeing a lawyer friend by the name of Roger. Well, we have gone out a few times. It seems every time I have a wee or poop he puts his ear to the door to listen. I can see his shadow. It think it is a scream! Yesterday he came over to bring some groceries for a party and I had to run to the loo. I pulled down my jeans and knickers. As I sat on the toidy I let out a stream of wee! I saw a shadow under the door. I tried not to giggle. I then let out a big fart(trump) and dropped(cullompted) a huge piece of shit into the bowl. I grunted a few times just to give him a thrill(teehee). I wiped and got up. I saw his shadow walk away. When I got back into the living room(parlour) he was sitting there reading a book! I got a real big charge out of that! STEVE and LOUISE, we are taking this real slow. We are just friends right now. Have fun in Spain! MEGHAN sends her hugs to eve! ryone!
DIANA AND TODD: OHHHHHHH! Congratulations!!! Your "on-line daughters" are thrilled to death about Amber and Amanda!! Wish we could see them. That big poo you did, Diana was outstanding! Love yaxxxx Sarah S
DAMSEL: Hi gal! I think it is neat that you are opening up to your boyfriend. I haven't gotten that far with Roger! Take care! Lovexxx from Sarah S
EPHERMAL: I know you are ready for school! Good to have had the rest. Meghan starts this Monday! That poo that you did awesome. Easy poos are great!
INA: Hi sweetie! Sorry your computer crashed. Hope you can get back to us soon. We miss you! Lots of Lovexxxx from Sarah S
PV: Hi gal! We don't have adverts like you Aussies have! That is a shame, though! I have been having big poos and then stringy ones, too. It don't know what it is! Take care, Lovexxx Sarah S
TIM AND SARAH: Hi dears! I am sorry that Tim is having such a bad time. I know you are trying to cheer him up, Sarah. I hope his poos get bigger and easier. Fancy Josie having a toilet conversation with her new boyfriend! Better to start early, eh,LOL! Meghan and I lovexxx you all! Hugs from Sarah S
KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID and ELLEN: Where are you? Hope you are not in trouble again! Write when you can! Lots of Lovexx from Cousin Sari
ANNIE AND DAD: Hi! That was a real funny story. I can see you hanging your ass out for all to see, Annie! I am laughing now! Sorry you had a runny poo, though! Lots of Lovexxx and big hugs from Sari!
HUGS TO: Jane and Gary-loved your story!, Eleanor-hi!, Rizzo, Donna, Kimmie and Scott, Carmalita and the gang, Adrian, LindaGS-hi gal, Patricia S, Lil, Gopweller, Adele, Plunging Plop Guy, Punk Rock Girl, Jeff A, Ellie and Little Lou, and all of the other neat friends here!


I'm 15, i've just done a big phat poo. I sat on the bog and squeezed about 4 girthy logs out.

Bryian: Glad you liked my story from India. I would not expect your Indian co-workers in the USA to shit like I described, as they will have adopted to our Western culture in that respect. I expect their shit will be brown too. Do you get to see any of the Indian guys logs if they have not flushed? We do have problems here in the UK of Indian and Pakistani guys standing on the toilet seats before squatting to drop their loads. Do you have that problem with their toilet habits in America too? Virtually all toilets I encountered in India were of the squat type 'hole in the floor'. Not nice if you've got diarrhoea - as it splatters everywhere!! Hotels in the cities tend to have Western style toilets, and even TP! On Indian train carriages there are two toilets at the end, one traditional Indian style and one Western style. I have seen notices in some Western toilets requesting that feet are kept off the seat! I just had to use the Indian style on one of the train journeys w! e did. It's terrible trying to keep your balance with the train swaying about, and even worse if it clatters over points and crossings! I'd got diarrhoea at the time. I just had to use that toilet or I would have shit my pants real bad. I did not fancy the remaining 24 hours of the journey in shit-filled pants. There was nowhere I could have sensibly got changed if I had shit myself. I could write a book on my toilet experiences in India, but this will have to do. Hope you like it! If you ever get the chance to visit India for a month or six weeks, I suggest you do it. It is a great country, and great people, but you have to be prepared to 'rough it' and take plenty of TP with you unless you fancy cleaning your bum with water in a jug and bucket with your left hand!

I love your posts and your stories Bryian. I must look back to around page 100 again and read some of your stories when you were Andy.

All the best, gotta go now.

the "HOLD IT" man
I don't know how much the overweidht woman had to pay. The guy on the radio only commented about her huge fanny being stuck in the window. In spite of the obvious humerous aspects to this story, however, I couldn't help but to feel sorry for the woman.

Actualy, I don't shit my pants very often. IN fact, I have very good bowl and bladder control. I was suffering from food poisening (Salminilla) when this happened, and the next day I was in major trouble, high fever, the runs and vomiting. It was one very unpleasant experience. I even considered sueing the cafeteria people.

I did not see Austin Powers yet. I may go see it next weekend when I get a paycheck.

And finaly, to Student. I would love to see those same women you nentioned line up to take a piss for me. I would like to be able to time them, measure the ammount and take their rates like I do for myself. I bet Pamela would come in first, with Jenifer Lopez comming in a close second, and Britany spears bring up the rear. Just my personal opinion. Britany Spears seems more like a little girl to me. I think Pamela Anderson would have ths strongest bladder of those three, but who knows.

Who would any one else bet on if there was a 3 way contest like that between Britany Spears, Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Lopez?

Hi peoples,
On the holidays, I went up to Noosa with one of my cousins Ryan. We were in his bedroom talking and I started letting out these really smelly farts. There was a toilet in the next room so I told Ryan I would be in there for a while. I went in there, sat down and let out a U shaped turd, 3 small pieces and then a 5 inch turd. I was about to wiped and I realised there was no toilet paper, so I opened the door, stuck my head out and told Ryan to get some toilet paper. So he went into the laundry and gave me some. I then wiped 8 times and flushed. I didn't spray as the resort doesn't supply air freshener but I warned Ryan not to go in there until the smell settles.
ERIC IN CHICAGO: speaking of yellow poo, I can tell if I am keeping my fluid levels up because if my piss is clear, I have been drinking enough water, but I haven't been drinking much water my piss is always yellow.


Saturday, August 17, 2002

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