Billy and Kevin
Last weekend, we went to visit our grandparents. They live north of Minninapolis St Pal. We flew from JFK in New York City to Detroit. In Detroit we got on a different plane. When we got to the airport, we checked in and went to security. Mommy kissed us goodbye and we were on our own. We had about 1 1/2 hourse until it was time to fly. We went fpr a pee. The bathrooms were dirty. Then we went to a burger king for lunch. After lunch we both said we would need a poop pretty soon. I said I am going to wait until I get on the plane. Kev said he would too. About 2 hours later, the plane took off. Kev said he was going to go as soon as the seat belt light went out. About 10 minutes later it went out. We both went into the bathroom. IT was tight but we made it. We both pooped a few big logs and peed out a ton. The toilet was one of those that had a whole in back and sucked the poop and pee out. There was about 5 inches of pee and our poop was a little higher than the water. When f! lushed, the suction sucked out poop out in like 1 second. When we got to detroit, someone from the airline met us to make sure we knew where to go. We found our next flight. We had about an hour. They have this tram thing that just goes around the airport. So we rode that. Then we had a snack. After the snack, kev said he needed another poo. I said, ok. We wnet into the handicapped stall. We both took a big pee and then he sat down. He pooped out like three tiny logs, about the size of his pinky. THen he wiped. I said, we came in here for that? He just laughed. We got on our plane.

When we got to the airport in MS, I needed a poop. Kev said he had to go again. I said, after the last one, I thought you would never have to go again. We met our cousins mary and will from california. THey were visiting grandma and grandpa too. Mary said she had to go to the bathroom for a minute. Will said he did too. We went into the handicapped stall while will went for a pee. I pushed out 3 pretty big turds and kev did 3 bigs ones too. We washed our hands and met grandma.

We have to go play soccer now. We will type you about the rest of the trip later.

John q Public
Bathroom Kid:

I am curious as to how old you are, because when I was young I also had very poor bladder control. I use to wet at night all the time, and I wore diapers until I was almost 19 and a senior in High School.

I still don't have the greatest capacity, and if I try to hold it too long I will wet myself. My problem is that my bladder is much smaller then it's suposed to be, and my sphincter muscles are not as strong as they are suppsed to be. I don't have accidents any more (well actualy I did have one a few nights ago but that was a fluke) but I am allways having to pee. If I drink alot of liquids, especialy cafinated liquids, I have to go just about every hour or so. On road trips I allways am the one in need of a bathroom break, and it is impossible for me to sit through a whole movie without having to pee at least once.

I was wondering if you experience any of these problems. I know it can be a drag at times, especialy when I am out on a date. My girlfriend is just like my younger sister. She can hold it all day and let loose like Niagra Falls when she gets a chance. Sometimes she does get annoyed with me, but she has been helping me with these exercises which are designed to strengthen the muscles down there. I don't remember the name of these exercises, bot there is something that has worked for me and might work for you.

Just for about 5 to 20 minutes a day, just squeez your sphincter just like you are trying to stop yourself from peeing. Just squeez and relax, squeez and relax, sqwueez and relax over and over again. You will be suprised at the results.

That won't increas your capacity but it might give you better control. It's done wo nders for me. I hope some day I might be able to see an entire movie.

Just thought I would share that with you.

To the Unnamned poster:

I had the same deal when I was in HS. The stalls had no doors, and I was allways in trouble because I often had to poop during school hours. I also had bladder control problems back then and I hated having to use that washroom because the football bullys often congregated in there and if I were to walk in at the wrong time they would give me alot of shit (pardon the pun)

One of the things that I would do if things got realy desperate, like if I had diareah, or if my bladder was about to realy lose it, I would sneak and use the faculty washroom. I don't know what the rules in your school are like, but if you can get away with it, that might be a way out for you, too. Just be damn careful that you do n't get caught. I did get caught once, and they actualy SUSPENDED me for two days. Internal suspension. I had to sweep floors, clean toilets and wait on people in the cafeteria all day, for two days in a row.

Little Janey
This is about an incident that happened when I was, I think, 9 or 10 years old. It was a warm summer day and me and a friend went down to the stream that was about a ten minute walk from her house and were playing in the water. We were both fully clothed (it was a public place so obviously we had to keep our clothes on). We played in the stream for about half an hour and then my friend said she had to go poo. I told her I didn't want to go home yet but she said she really had to go. I suggested she go into a nearby bush and go but she was worried that someone would come by and see her. I convinced her to stay for another fifteen minutes and then we could go home together and she agreed. We were splashing about and getting quite wet. Finally she said she had to poo really bad so I said okay let's go. We started walking home and about 3 minutes later she started to cry and stopped walking. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had to go so bad that she couldn't walk a nymore or she was going to poop in her pants. I told her to walk slow and keep her bum cheeks pressed together so she tried. She took about 8 steps or so and let out a groan and started to cry again. I said don't cry we're almost home (we still had about a 5 minute walk left before we got to her house but I was trying to make her feel like she could make it). She started crying even harder and said it didn't matter that it was too late. I asked why it was too late and she said that she had just pooed her pants. I figured it wasn't too bad and that we should just keep walking home but when she turned to keep walking I saw a huge buldge in her pants. She had dumped almost her entire load into her underwear before being able to get control and keep it in. It wasn't diareaha or anything it was just so soft that it practically slid right out of her bum. Thankfully it stayed in her underwear. I asked her what she was going to do and she said she didn't know. I told her we had t o go home either way so she started walking again but cried most of the way home. Thankfully no one was around to see the massive lump bulging out of her pants. We got to her house and her older brother was there and asked what was the matter. My friend was too embarrassed to say anything. She just stood there crying so I told her brother that some boys at the stream had been teasing us and she got upset so we came home. Thank goodness he believed it and went up to his room without seeing the bulge in my friends pants. We went into her bathroom and took off her pants and she had a bath and cleaned up while I went to her room to get her some new clothes. We put her underwear into a plastic bag and threw it in the garbage. To this day I don't think anyone besides me knew of this incident.

A Person
When you wipe your ass after shitting, does anyone re-use the same section of paper you just used to wipe with? I find that if I use the same clump of paper for three or four wipes, it greatly cuts down on the total amount of paper I use..

Hello everyone! This is my first post, but I have been reading the forum for several months now. I had not posted before because i did not have too many interesting stories, however today i had quite experience. I am 20 years old with dark blond hair and blue eyes. Today I was bicycling with my boyfriend along a trail at a park and after we were done i had the strong urge to take a shit. I told my boyfriend i needed to use the restroom for a minute. I went into the ladies restroom and the park and it was very primitive. There were only three toilets and there were very low partitions between the toilets with no doors. I was very shocked when i saw this because i had never seen the ladies restroom so open and lacking in privacy. From reading this forum i knew some of the mens restrooms had no privacy, but this was my first experience seeing a ladies restroom without privacy. The toilets in the restroom were very primitive, they could not be flushed so your poop went down a ho! le deep into the ground. I was had no choice but to sit down on the toilet and move my bowels. I found that the middle toilet was the cleanest and wiped the seat with toilet paper. I then lowered my biking shorts and my thong down just below my knees and sat down on the toilet. I immediately let out a real loud fart and started pushing out a big poop. Right after i started pooping the door to the ladies restroom opened and a black women in her mid 20's, who obviously just finished biking, came into the restroom. She looked at me sitting their without any privacy and said "oops..excuse me, im sorry..i really have to go". I was very emberassed and i said ok. She took the toilet to right of me and quick pulled her short down to her ankles and begun pooping. Meanwhile i was pooping quite a bit and making quite a stink. The woman to my right apologized for invading my privacy and commented on the lack of privacy in the restroom. We were able to look at each other face to face bec! ause the partitions were between the toilets were so very low. She begun to fart and there were several louds ploping sounds as her shit hit the ground at the bottom of the hole. I was almost finished and started pulling some toilet paper from the role and as i did this three teenage girls came into the restroom. The three teenagers saw and smelled the two of us sitting there pooping and walked back out. I wiped my butt several times and pulled up my shorts and thong and told the women on the next toilet goodbye. This was my first time using a doorless toilet without low partitions and it was quite humilating, but not too bad because the other woman pooping in there was quite friendly.

Punk Rock Girl
Oh yeah, I had to mention one other thing. I caught that Avril Lavigne video for "Complicated". I heard there's a moment when she pulls down her pants and sits on an outdoor toilet in front of a bunch of guys. Well, she does pull her pants down, but she's wearing these gray tights under them, so it's painfully obvious she's not really bare-assed. My philosophy about almost anything is either do it or don't. If you want to have a scene in your video where you drop trou and sit on the crapper--DO IT! Don't half do it. It's not like you could see anything, anyway. Same with that new Eminem video where he's dressed as Elvis and is sitting on the toilet. Even the word "Splooosh!" comes on the screen, but his pants are up. That would be a pretty messy dump!



Answering Mike from MD's survey and telling the story about my friend's weird BKM punishment reminded me of something when I was a kid. I mentioned in the survey that sometimes when I got mad at my parents (when I was four or five) I would purposely shit my pants. Usually this was because they took me somewhere I didn't want to go and then stayed too long. This is after I was toilet trained. I'd dump a nice big load in my underpants and either tell them or wait until they smelled it. My parents rarely hit me or my brother, other thn on ocassional swat on the seat of the pants. So, my mother told me if I ever shit my pants on purpose again, I was getting a real spanking. So, of course, I did anyway at a luncheon my mother made me come with her to. She said when we get home, you're getting a spanking, and made me stand outside while she said goodbye.

Well, I decided to protect myself, and sat on the lady's front steps and squished the shit all over my butt by grinding my butt back and forth. As soon as it felt like I'd covered my ass in shit, I stopped. I figured my mother couldn't pank me if my ass was overed ith shit! Well, she took me home, and when she pulled my pants down and saw the mess I'd made of myself she became enraged. She peeled off my underpants and shirt and put me in the bathtub and scrubbed me uintil I was clean. Then she dried me off and put me in my pajamas and told me to stay in my room. I thought I'd gotten away scott free! Uh-uh.

My Dad came home, and my mother told him what I did and made HIM come in my room (later, I found out she couldn't bring herself to spank me, but knew my Dad could--he'd spanked my brother a couple of times). He put me over his knee, despite my screaming, pulled my pajama bottoms down, and spanked my bare ass with a hair brush. He didn't do it hard, just enough to leave my butt red and stinging for the night. It worked, though, because I never shit my pants intentionally again. That's the only time I ever got spanked on my bare bottom. I found out later that my Dad was really upset about doing it. I don't know why. I deserved it!

Bryian: Hey! First, I'm not too wild about my boyfriend seeing my shit. I know that's stupid, but it's just the way I am. I also don't like him to see me wipe my ass. I can deal with him smelling my shit, but I just don't like him seeing it. That's as far as my self-consciousness will allow me to go! Second, as far as the color of my pee, I usually drink fruit juice or tea as opposed to soda, but I also drink lots of water. I've cut my coffee intake down to one cup a day (occasionally two). This has caused my urine to be pretty crystl clear for a few years!

Jeff A: Hi there! I cut my ass when I tripped and fell through my boyfriend's coffee table, which was made of plexi-glass. I got lots of nicks, scratches and cuts all over both my buns, but my right one got one deep gash that needed stitches. It's healed up nicely, though. The big cut is just a dark mark on my cheek now, the rest have mostly diappeared. Your tampon question is not too personal for me! I use pads instead. I think tampons are gross. I want that stuff OUT, not geting sucked up in a sponge INSIDE my vagia! Yuck!!!

Diarrhea Queen: Sorry to hear about your accident! Usually, I'm just the opposite of you--constipated! At the risk of sounding condescending (and please know it is not my attention), have you thought about wearing undergarments in case of an emergency like that? Lots of people do, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Hope you figure it out and get control of your guts!

John Q Public: A bidet is a thing which looks like a cross between a toilet and a sink. It has a fountain which sprays water straight up. You sit on it after taking a shit (or if you just wanna clean yourself) and spray your ass and crotch area with the water. A lot of people use it instead of toilet paper, it gets you much cleaner.

Moderator: Sorry, I just realized how long this it. I'm done.



To random person: Intresting

To Jigs: Liked your story

To John Q Public: A bidet is the thing that sprays water up your but after you poop.

To ObBsEsSeD: Liked your story, your not weird and your first post was good.

To somekindofchick: Loved your story

To diarrhea queen: Liked your story....were you embarassed? It was nice of that person to let you go in front of them.

To bathroom kid: Thanks for your reply...i see

To the "HOLD IT" man: Sounds gross what happened.

To Jason: liked your story, cool exprience!

To unnamed poster: re sick: enjoyed your story

To HANS: Loved your story, would like to hear some more.

To Darius: Loved your story, did any one ever find you and your friends shit in the hole?

To unnamed poster...if something is in the bowl i pee/poop then flush.

To Punk Rock Girl: liked your story about your co-worker and his siblings...i find that odd what his mother used to do...maybe she was exited doing that kind of stuff.

To unnamed poster: re shitting at school..liked your story. When i was your age i started pooping at school. i enjoyed doing it there.

To Jane (& Gary): liked your story

To Jeff A: 1. Having a huge log. 2. Having to pee alot 3. For. 4.

Not much to post on..haven't pooped in several days...gotta run need t get ready for work. bye

Todd & Diana
Hey toilet friends!

We have a few questions:
1. If you could see any celeb on the toilet who would it be? We would love to see Sarah Michelle Gellar on the toilet.
2.Do you take dumps in porta-potties?
3.Do you feel comfortable taking a dump in someone elses house?
4.Do you read while taking a dump?
5.Ladies do you fart while pooping?
6.Ladies have you ever pooped, so when it's coming out it has touched your vagina?
7.Now people are real hesitant about pooping infront of the opposite sex, Ladies and Guys, does this apply to you?

Thanks and we are hoping for replys. Well we will see what happens. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

AJ :o)
I have some interesting pooping and peeing stories to share.

Last weekend, I was supposed to have been at this writers' convention in Baltimore, but I had so much to do at home that I didn't get started until late Wednesday afternoon.

We're a group of online writers, and most of us would be meeting each other face-to-face for the first time. I was so excited that I felt as though I had the energy to drive all night long and get there the following afternoon (evening at the latest).

I was in for a major surprise, because it's by no means like driving in Indiana. What looked like a shortcut became a longcut.

By the time that I was inside of the beltway, it was mid-morning.

The traffic was awful.

I had to choose between being hurried along this fast-moving highway that had about four or five lanes going each way or finding some streets to go down.

And the streets were congested, too.

I'd been gone since late Wednesday afternoon, and I hadn't set foot inside of a motel.

I had used public bathrooms to pee in along the way, but, by then, I had been in at least one situation where there had been no place to even pull off to pee along the roadside, because the traffic was so hectic.

When I did get out, there was no going anywhere. It was just a matter of standing outside of my car and peeing through my panties and jeans.

In time, the odor of my jeans began to get very rank.

I still hadn't found Baltimore.

I'd thought that it would be simple--get inside of the beltway, get on a road, and I'd hit Baltimore. Then, ask directions to the hotel, drive to it, and start unloading the car--hoping to actually get checked in and washed up without running into anybody first.

But I had no idea where I was, and I was being pushed along in traffic to where pulling in somewhere and looking at a map would mean losing my place in a neverstopping, neverending line of vehicles.

But, then, I started feeling this urgent feeling in my colon, and I knew I'd better try to find somewhere to stop and use the bathroom.

Thought for sure that I was about to poop my pants.

Finally found a filling station--but there was a custodian heading towards the restroom area with his cleaning equipment.

I decided to sit in the car and see what he was going to do.

Turns out there were two restrooms. He first looked in one. Then in the other. Then, he left his equipment there and went on back into the building.

Finally, he got a broom and started sweeping the sidewalk in front of the station.

I decided to get out and ask him if it would be all right if I used the restroom before he cleaned it. He just mumbled or grunted something, so I went on back there, took down my jeans and panties, and seated myself.

I was expecting a bunch of crap to almost fly out of there--but it was just the opposite. It was as if things had moved down so far and then got stuck like an elevator car during a power outage.

I gave a little push in hopes of getting things going--but things stayed stuck.

So I took a deep breath and gave a push as if I were giving birth--and things barely moved.

So I really took in so much air that my cheeks puffed out like Dizzy Gillespie's and gave a longer push, so that I finally got it out.

I was curious about what it would look like, and I was expected some litle, dried-up piece made up of a bunch of small, round balls or something of that sort. Instead, I saw this HUGE log of a sort of cinnamon-and-cream color that must have been almost two inches in diameter and who knows just how long, because about eight or nine inches of it were visible, and the rest had disappeared down the hole.

I flushed it, wondering if it would even go down, but it was very pliable in spite of being so difficult to pass and snaked right down.

Probably what had happened was the poop that had been in me since at least Wednesday morning (and I'm not even sure if I'd gone then, because I was so busy) had turned into a hard plug. Once that plug had been pushed through, the other had escaped with ease.

I always wipe after I poop whether I need to or not. This time, I needed to, but not that badly.

Feeling much better, I made a few more attenpts to locate the hotel. Finally saw a sign welcoming me to Towson or something like that. I wondered where it was compuared to Baltimore.

I was expecting for it to be to the south or southwest. What a surprise awaited me when it was clear to the top of the sprawl area!

And, gathering from the map and the traffic, I knew that this just might not be the best year to go to the convention.

By now, I was feeling nauseated, anyway--some of that nausea being from driving around smelling my day-old pee (along with realizing that everybody else would soon be, too).

So, that was the end of my convention dreams for this year--but I've been reading accounts of it and it sounded as if our writers' group really made a memorable (and, hopefully, good) impression in Baltimore.

Anyway, there's always next year--and, at least, I know what and what not to do when it comes to getting there.

I think this post might be getting too long, so I'm going to wait and continue it next time. The next installment will contain three interesting crapping experiences and at least one VERY interesting pee.

Of course, I peed a whole lot more than just one time, but this was a pee to beat ALL pees, and it took place in Pennsylvania, which started with a pee!

AJ :o)

ok...hit the submit button too fast....

If you don't mind, will you all fill out this survey? I'm just curious!

1. If you are peeing in a public restoom, do you prefer using the toilet or urinal and why?
2. How often (if ever) do you have a peeing acident/wet yuorself on purpose?
3. How often (if ever) do you have pooping accidents/poop pants on purpose?
4. Do you use the opening in your underwear while peeing or just lower the waisteband?
5. Do you undo your belt and button on pants while peeing, or just unzip?
6. Where have you peed other than in a bathroom?
7. Are you pee shy/ don't care/ turned on by others hearing you pee?
8. Have you ever let a girl hold your penis while you pee? If not, would you?
9. When you pee, do you just take out your penis, or do you bring out your testicles too?
10. Do you wet the bed?
11. What do you think of girls interested in watching guys pee or poop?


Bryian: No, I've never seen Shell poop, but he's really open, so if I asked, I probably could. At the same time though, I'm much more interetsted in peeing than pooping, unless a hot guy has a pooping accident.

somekindofchick: to answer your questions:
~how many of you notice a change in toilet habits durring your period? I get more constipated right before my period, but its better after I start. I also seem to pee more.
~Have you ever left a pad or tampon in a toilet for the next person to see? I have NEVER put a pad in a toilet, and I too think its nasty to leave these things lying around. If I use a pad, I always wrap it up good in the wrapper and try to bury it in the trash and I always flush tampons. One of my best friends only half-way wraps her pads or leaves them in the trash, on top and open. And she leaves the tampon applicators all bloody and on top of the trash for all to see. I think its disgusting and the smell is bad too.

JOHN Q: I've never actually seen a bidet, but I believe it is made similar to a toilet, and sprays water on your butt to clean you after using the bathroom. They're much more popular in Europe than America, it seems.

TO THE UNNAMED POSTER: I always flush the toilet before I use it if the last person didn't. I just don't like the idea of someone else's pee or poop splashing on me.

euro hiker
To John Q Public.

A bidet is a French invention, I think. It's like a small toilet bowl that you sit on but it has taps like a wash basin and a plug hole. Warm water sprays up from underneath to wash your butt, etc. We had one in the bathroom of a hotel room where we stayed in France. My wife said it was quite fun. There is also a French urban legend about a Brit mistaking the bidet for a toilet, laying a big turd in it then wondering how to flush it!

On the subject of French inventions, I found a web site on plumbing which includes a paper on the history of toilets presented at the International Symposium on Public Toilets held in Hong Kong. Apparently, the first separate toilet for men and women appeared at a ball in Paris in 1739. As with many other inventions, it seems that they have been developed more in other countires such as the UK and US. If France, some public toilets are still mixed even after 263 years.

Traveling Guy
John Q Public: Bidets are not exactly on-topic for this forum, but I'll explain. A bidet looks a lot like a toilet without a seat, but it's for cleaning your ass and genitals instead of for peeing and pooping. The user sits and straddles it, usually facing the wall, and adjusts the hot and cold knobs to control a spray of water that shoots up from underneath, or down from in front. This lets women clean their private parts and both men and women clean their asses without having to take a bath. Bidets are common in many parts of the world, but here in the US you find them only in fancy homes or hotels. There are lots of jokes about Americans using the bidet in their French hotel room for doing their laundry, or even peeing or taking a dump in them and then wondering why it won't go down. I think the word comes from the French for "little horse," which, as I say, is how you mount it.

Jigs: What a tender story about your GF inviting you to watch when she was sick. She must really trust you a lot. Please tell us more about how Indian toilets are shaped. I've seen the Japanese and Turkish type. Just what are yours like? Do you squat on them, but on a sort of curved seat or what?

Jeff A: Long time, my friend. About your survey...

1. What is it that you like best about someone pooping?
I've thought about this a lot. I think it's that they're exposed in an intimate way and doing something very personal.

2. What is it that you like best about someone peeing?
Ditto, but I only think about this in terms of women.

3. Are you for, or against unisex restrooms? Women: consider that you would have stalls with doors, but men could share the room. Men: consider that there would be open urinals where women could see you.

Older posters here know that I've used unisex facilities lots of times, mostly in Latin Anerica, sometimes in Europe. Some of them had many stalls and urinals, even trough-type urinals. For people who are used to it, it's just no big deal. Both sexes go there to perform their bodily functions and that's that. I've taken quite a few dumps between two women who were doing the same. I've also had lots of women walk behind me when I was at a urinal and make no more of it than a guy would. In fact, there's a joke about a startled tourist who goes into a South American unisex and heads for a stall. On the way, she passes the urinals where a Latin man, remembering that it's impolite not to shake hands when you greet someone, switches from right to left down below, continues his business, and reaches out to shake the lady's hand with a warm, "Buenos dias!" LOL! Lastly - Yep, I agree that Punk Rock Girl rocks!!

Bo Bo needs to shit big and hard
One day i was shopping with my friend and we looking and she stopped to show me something and i told her i need to go and she said we just go here i told her no i need to go shit and she asked me i told her i have
not shit in almost 3 days and i was hurting and we went into this restroom and she said the stall dont have a door i said i dont care i have to go bad and she said i sit on the floor beside u .... i told her
that i need her to stay with me she can go shop that i had to shit for a while well she was gone looking for about 30 minutes and i was sitting there naked and i tried to grunt and nothing came so i pushed so hard the juice was coming out and so grunted uhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh and uhhhhhhh and i felt it peek out my crack hole and it felt good and to start but as it was coming out it was very hard and around
and so she walked in i showed it to her and she said it is in your ass i said no duh and it hurts bad and i cant get it out so i pushed some more if was about 10 inches long out my crack and after it dropped i pushed out 4 medium turds and 3 long turds and 8 balls and i was feel great then Bo Bo loves to shit feels awesome .......... talk soon bye

Plunging Plop Guy

Today I really had a good shit with grunting and every turd dropped with a loud plop, as a guy must have heard everything from the next cubicle! I don't know what he thought, but he did't seem to be doing anything himself so I hope he liked it!

JEFF, To answer your survey;
1/ What do I like best about someone's shit.
The whole thing! From a guy taking down his jeans and underpants to sitting on the toilet, grunting, farting, plopping, wiping his arse, admiring what he's done, leaving a warm sweaty toilet seat, and being proud of his achievements etc.

2/ What do I like best about someone's piss.
It doesn't turn me on, but I suppose I can admire the sense of relief as someone's weeing, and depending who's just been weeing into a toilet, I can get a great kick out of having a good shit into the toilet with his yellow under me!

3/ Am I for or against unisex toilets.
Not personally, as I want to hear other men shitting, and I wouldn't know who I was listening to! I can appreciate for many men it would be quite inhibiting standing at a urinal if women were able to see them trying to have a piss.
There could be a lot of teasing by either gender which could seriously embarrass those of the opposite sex being under scrutiny in a toilet, and many women could feel quite threatened if they were on their own in a toilet and a group of men were being unpleasant.
On this controversial subject, I feel that EVERYONE should be able to use public toilets in the environment they feel happiest in, so that those who want to be segregated can do so, but those who want to go with people of either sex should be able to do so. Also that people with disabilities should be able to go to a toilet of their own sex if they wish, or one exclusively for people with wheelchairs etc.
Also that if someone needs help in using the toilet, then someone should be allowed to enter the cubicle with them, whatever sex they are.
There should also be toilets for those who aren't inhibited, with minimal doors, partitions etc. and maximal privacy for those who don't want to be on show.
Basically, I'm saying I think all tastes and needs should be catered for, but I personally would feel very awkward having a shit in a public toilet with a female member of the family next door to me doing the same!
I have a male friend who has no problem at all about using a unisex if there are women in there, but he doesn't like other men using it!

Chauvinism? Chivalry? Respect to all men and women, P. P. G.

To Obscessed:
Are you alone in your interest? Not at all. However I'd be lying if I said it was common because it isnt. Some men who have this interest are lucky enough to find sympathetic girlfriends but the majority of us dont. Be careful who you share with.

To Darius: I forgot to say when I wrote yesterday that when Freidrich and myself shit into the back of each others underpants, we have a problem in that we cannot see our turds coming out and dropping into the others underpants. We tried using a big dress mirror to see, but that's difficult. I came up with the idea of setting my camcorder on the tripod set at the right height. We can see our turds drop now in this way. We both love seeing our turds slide out of our bums, while at other times we love shitting in our underpants. In what I shared yesterday and with the help of the camcorder, we can combine both.
Best wishes to you my friend, and to all my friends on this forum.

BRYIAN: Ryan didn't see me on the toilet or my poop.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

random person
here's 2 things i thought you bathroom people might enjoy:
1) a few years back there was an article in the newspaper about an offduty cop who drive past a fatal accident or something, i don't really know the details, anyway, his excuse was that he was holding back a bad case of diarehha. the last sentence of the article said that he wasn't able to completely hold back his impending bowel movement.
2) i was watching the maury show (talk show) the other day and it was about people with irrational fears, there was this woman who was afraid of mounted deer heads. she admited they made her so scared she passed out or suddenly bm'd. i wonder how messy those pants were???

Fetish(Runny Man)
Leather Pants Girl! You can say that you pretty much read my mind. That's one of the best questions I've heard in a while, and since it was posted on 967 then i'll ask it again for you. "How many of you have had an accident while on a date?" I'm all ears!

Candy! "Oh boy!" I swear that's what i've been thinking of for at least a year and a half now! If my girlfriend ever wore some stain painted panties for me, the sex would be the best she has ever had!

Anyway, it's aug 20th and last week, i was with my (separated otherhalf). Basically we've been trying to restart our relationship, because of past walls that only she could break. So anyway, we're at a furniture place looking for things for her room, when i had to fart! At least that's what i thought. Well, i farted and a wet cream began to glaze out of my hole and into my cheaks. I swear that if my girlfriend was paying attention to my facial expressions, then she would have known that i almost fart my pants. But she did'nt, so that helped me to take control of it(you know since i have a firm round ass, then it's no problem for me to stop liquid from going into my underwear). So i got home wiped my butt clean and double checked my boxerbriefs. Nothing in there!

I would love to tell my girl these things and sensations, but she's not open and truthfull enough to give me what i need.

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