what's up people, not much for me I'm wondering if I should go out tongight I think I will, I have been drinking tongight and starting to feel the effects, I think I'm gonna get plastered and have a good time, I'm in college, I have to have fun. Anyways did you all hear the news about Brittney Spears, I guess she had to cancel a concert because she had diarrehea, I'm not lying either I heard it on the radio and the D.J's were making jokes about it. Just wondering if anyone else heard about it. This really turned me on, probably did the opposite for most guys but not for me. When I was reading you guy's stories some guy I knew walked in, but he seemed to not notice that I was on this site, that was a close one. I admire you people that are more open about your fetishes, becuase I could probably never be like that. Man that was great about brittney spears, I would love to see her take a dump, other celebrities I would love to see are Jennifer Lopez, she has such a huge as s I wonder if she has huge turds, and Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson I wish they could all line up in line for me so I could wach each of them. Well I think I'm gonna party some more tongiht, in fact I know I am BYE. Oh yeah Alyissa Milano that would probably be the number 1 girl in my books to take a dump in front of me that would be the best day of my life, alright bye then.

Has everyone with cable seen the ad for NASCAR with
Rusty Wallace coming out of the toliet washing his hands and a
guy digs his dry towl out of the trash?
Question for everyone,comments for the women:
Have the men or women noticed a women's
butt crack entends higher up on her body than it does on a man's?
I didn't notice this until I was at the pool this year and saw
the women and girls in their swimsuits.
PUNK ROCK GIRL: Did you ever use those strips on ypur butt
to help heal it up?
Looking forward to hearing the college women's dorm stories.
Later all.

Adrian: Thanks for your kind words. I feel a lot better today!

Phillippe: Oops, already told my boyfriend. Hey, everyone shits, he's seen me shitting before, if he can't take it, he doesn't deserve to be my boyfriend! Love him!

"Hold It" Man: Cool story. Though I'm sure it wasn't at the time! I hadn't shit my pants like that for a while. Once I woke up on the floor the morning after a college party and I had shit my pants in my sleep! At least I was able to sneak back to my dorm room without anyone seeing me!

Bryian: Glad you like my story. What happened to you seven years ago?

Jason D: What makes you think that a person's physical appearance would have anything to do with the type of bowel movements they are capable of producing? Believe me, no matter how beautiful or sexy they are, no matter how pretty their face is, no matter how cute of an ass they have, girls can have far bigger and more raunchy dumps than guys! It's a little known fact that most girls would rather not have guys know--it takes away our ability to be intimidating and "untouchable". If we shit just like guys, then we are on the same level as guys. And if we're on the same level as guys, we can't control guys. See, it's a vicious cycle!!! Honestly, I've always been baffled by the fact that there are guys who don't believe that girls shit. I've been shitting my whole life, it never seemed "mysterious" to me. Just something I had to do occasionally. I certainly hope a whiff of your girlfriend's crap is not enough to change your opinion of her! Remember, Jason, WE ALL! SHIT THE SAME WAY!!! Best to you both!


Jane (& Gary)
Hi! I've been out of town helping my older sister Beth pack. She and her family will be moving to our area. My family (both of my sisters and my Mom) will be living in the same area for the first time since Beth first moved away to college.

First, a few responses and quick hellos:

Lori Girl: Great story about your dump in the mall restroom. I've had my share of toilet trips at the mall, although I try to use the department store restrooms rather than at the mall itself. I also liked your story months ago about your buddy dump with the Asian lady at the conference.

Todd & Diana: Congratulations on the arrival of your twin girls!

Jeff A.: It's been so long since we've heard from you. Didn't you also have a birthday just recently? If so, Happy Birthday!

Quick hellos to Ephermal, Carmalita and the gang, Kendal, Lawn Dogs Kid, Ellen & Eleanor, Robbie, Annie, Sarah S & Megan, Rizzo, Buzzy, Althea, and everyone else. Now, on to my story...

I spent last week at Beth's house. It was my birthday on Thursday that week, and Gary came to town with my Mom. We all celebrated my birthday at a fancy Italian restaurant and shared countless bowls of spaghetti. The next day we all had lunch at a seafood restaurant inside the mall. We all ate lots at both places. While we were walking through the mall on the way to our cars, I had a sudden stomach ache and an urge to poop. It was a major eruption waiting to happen. I was afraid I would poop on the spot. Luckily, we were approaching Nordstrom's, so I raced to the ladies room, with Beth and her daughter Katie.

I went into a stall and slammed it shut. I pulled up my short beige skirt and pulled down my white panties. As I sat, I was startled to see Katie standing there. I said, "Why did you sneak in here? It's going to smell very bad!" Beth yelled at Katie to get out of there. As soon as I sat down, I let go a huge fart, then a huge glob of soft poop shot out of my butt and plopped into the toilet with a huge thud. Both Katie and I gasped, then the floodgates opened as I let go a torrential downpour of soft chunky gooey poop that lasted for 20 seconds. The poop smell was incredibly strong. I flushed the toilet while seated, all the while pushing out another major wave of soft poop. Katie asked me if I was all right. I said, "No", and as soon as the toilet refilled with water, I pushed out another nasty wave of soft poop that lasted 20 seconds. Again, I flushed the toilet, again while pushing out a wave of soft poop. I made a big sigh as I paused to pee. I pushed o ut several globs of soft poop as Katie was massaging my back, asking it that made me feel better. I said yes, but at that point I felt a strong stomach cramp and unleashed a nasty 15-second wave of soft poop. Katie raced to the other side of the toilet and asked if she could pull down the flush lever. I said OK, and she flushed the toilet for me. As soon as the water stopped, she flushed the toilet again. I said, "Why did you do that?" She said, "It still smells." Again, as soon as the water stopped, Katie flushed the toilet again. I said, "Katie, stop doing that. I'm not finished yet." She said, "No, you're not done yet?" At that point I felt another stomach cramp and unleashed a very nasty wave of soft chunky poop that lasted 20 seconds. I flushed the toilet while seated. Katie said, "I need to pee. I hope you feel better soon." Then she crawled out of my stall. I pushed out three nasty waves of soft poop, flushing the toilet each time, before I was finally! done. I wiped several times, flushed a final time, and saw no poop stains. Of course, a strong poop smell lingered.

As we left the ladies room, Katie asked, "Auntie Jane, are you all right?" I said, "Yes, I feel much better. Thank you for taking care of me, Katie", and gave her a big hug. We held hands as we went to our cars.

Mike of MD USA
1.How many turds did you on last you shitted in a toliet?
2.Have you ever peed while pooping?
3.Have you ever pissed in your pants while waiting to use a toliet or urinal?
4.Have you ever used a bidet?
5.How many times have you pissed in your bed or shitted in it?
6.Have you used a toliet that was out of order?
7.Have you ever seen a disabled persons toliet on a airplane?
8.How many times haave you shitted or pissed in a airplane toliet?
9.What was the longest time taking a piss in a toliet or urinal?
10.What was the longest time taking a shit?
11.Have you ever pooped or pissed at the same time?
12.Have you ever had to use a disabled person toliet?
13.Have you seen a chinese toliet that is the floor?
14.For you women have put a tampon in the toliet by accident?

Movie Fan
Has anyone seen the new movie "Blue Crush"? I've heard there is a scene where a woman is shown sitting on the toilet and making a phone call. Anyone know if it is a pee or poop scene?

Someone posted a message about a Nicole Kidman film called "Flirting". Is there a bathroom scene in that movie and if so, what happens?

Hi all,

Two new toilet-related adds just showed up here in Aus...

"Red Bull" high-energy drink have had a series of animated adds, their motto being that their product gives you wings. So, this guy is walking along and he gets pooped on by a bird. He wipes the poop off his shoulder, whips out a can of Red Bull, chugalugs, sprouts wings, and takes flight -- soars above the bird, and the add ends as he unzips his fly to return the compliment!

The second one: a comedy festival, "The Sketch Show" or some such thing -- three guys are taking a piss at a urinal. They're seen from the front, with the urinal waist-high between them and the camera. The one in the middle wants to have a smoke so first one, then the other of the flankers reach over and hold his willy for him. In the end he's standing their smoking and the other guys look like they're holding hands! Weird -- but then, I had the sound off while the add was on.

DAMSEL -- Hi sweetie. I look forward to your beach adventure, do us all justice as we know you can! I envy your Mom's advice -- I had to read about the benefits of having a wee before and after being with someone (to naturally bathe the area with hot, sterile, alkaline urine and thus kill germs!) in a magazine! maybe that's one reason folks drink so much champagne in romantic situations -- it helps you need to go!) I look forward very much to Donna's contributions, and consider her a great addition to the board.

Have fun on your hols and come back safe!

PATRICIA S -- Your husband aught to see a doctor, or at least a pharmacist, about those haemorhoids. My father had them, and while they are always a nuisance, they can be managed. There is an ointment (non-prescription) which will relieve much of the pain, and he can be shown how to replace the protruding swellings, ie., get them back where they belong so they can shrink and settle the quickest. He'll lose blood even at the best of times, there is a surgical procedure that will repair them, and I believe it has been considerably refined over the old techniques, with much less pain associated. My nextdoor neighbour had a haemorhoid-repair about ten years ago and got over it very quickly, without major discomfort. Please put your foot down, don't let him suffer unnecessarily...

I had the opportunity to water my favorite urinal at the college library yesterday -- they keep the stainless steel polished so bright you see your reflection in a fair amount of detail. It's like weeing on a dull mirror, and a very fun experience!



Punk Rock Girl
Why don't you go shit earlier so you do not have to be in a hurry to do it very fast and miss your train. After a big soft, gooey dump and you don't have time to wipe, put toilet paper up your ass so your panties would be clean. Yeecchh!

To "Marcy": Loved your story, atleast you didn't get embarssed cause you didn't shit your pants...that would have been a whole lot worse.

To Jason D. : Loved your story about your g/f

To lil: liked your stories

To Will: Liked your story...wonder who found you poop in the stairwell?

To Mary Jo: Loved your story, were you embaressed when you got home? I don't think it was right what you mom did to you. I think your a little old to be doing that.

To Scarlet: liked your story, did you see shell poop ever?

To Darius: Liked your story about yellow shit and about being in India. I got co workers that are from India, i couldn't imagine them doing that, we work around food.

To piss pool: Liked your story...ouch that must have hurt wiping.

To leather pants girl: Loved your story....funny what happened when you poop dropped out of your panties and that couple was over there. Were you embarassed?

To Candy: I haven't heard of pre-skidmarked underwear, where did you hear this at?

To Shadowman: I enjoyed hearing that Ms. Lee invited you to go to the bathroom with her.

To Punk Rock Girl: Thats good that your co-workers/friends, B/F and your boss understood what happened to you.

To Billy and Kevin: Loved your story...liked hearing about I also liked the story about the fat lady.

To jilly: liked hearing about your outside

To Traveling Guy: liked your story

To historian: That movie sounds cool

To SAS Soldier: Liked your story..did you check her poop out later?

To MARK B: I liked your story, maybe that guy is intrested in seeing other guys poop.

To PV: Sounds like you had some good dumps, cool

I like Fridays pic....
i was bored the other night i was looking threw some old pages, back around 100 or so...I was looking for my old posts. Brought back memories..i used to post as Andy, then i changed it cause there was another Andy. Gotta go bye

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Toilet People!

BRYIAN, That recipe must be in response to some enquiry but I don't know what! I assume someone was either asking about making their turds either firmer or looser. Hopefully, it should lead to a good firm session, but I've yet to try it out.
Nice idea for a TV food programme; the idea being to produce good shits!

MARK B. Next time I go to London, I'll visit the Royal Festival Hall toilets. Good to hear that the guy in the next cubicle seemed to be enjoying the sounds, and that you stood up to drop your crackling firm monster plops! Wish I'd been there! Have you found any other interesting places in London for listening pleasure? I've used the toilets at the National Film Theatre which had silly little water traps in the toilets, and a few of the museums but either the water traps are too small for a good plop, there are noisy drying machines, or I've just been there at the wrong time to hear other guys plopping.
My friend was once in a toilet in the North of England and sat on a metal toilet to have a shit. Metal ones can often produce great sounds, and as soon as he started to drop his turds that plopped loudly in the toilet, he could hear the guy in the next toilet start to get quite excited! You can imagine how great my mate felt having a really good shit, getting his arse splashed dropping loud plops, and knowing someone was turning on to his sounds!

Nothing much to report about my own sessions, except they've been good and satisfying, but a guy of about 30 who was on a toilet this week as I sat two doors away must have dropped one of the loudest plops I've heard! More of a BOOM than a plop. If I'd had a seismograph, it would have probably registered the vibration!

I've not had any toilet dreams lately, but I had a toilet paper dream a few nights ago. In the dream someone had sent me a letter written a length of Izal toilet paper, which he'd written while sitting on the toilet.
It made me think when I woke up, that apart from the fact I like firm TP for its strength, the sounds made when you tear sheets off the roll, and the fact you don't put your fingers through it when wiping up after a dirty shit or when it's wet; it can also be used to write on!
Several people in prison have been able to record their daily lives or even write books while being denied access to ordinary writing paper. Try writing on soft paper, it's not easy!
The supermarket where I've been able to buy that sort of paper in rolls has discontinued that line, but sells the same brand in boxes of pull-out sheets. The advantage in this is that all you have to do is just pull out a sheet and the next one's ready for your next wipe, without having to tear them off.
There's nothing like the sound of a guy in a toilet tearing off strong TP from a roll and noisily wiping his arse with it, but the loose sheets are nearly as good! Fortunately for those who like it, there are still some public toilets in the North East that have this kind.

PATRICIA S. Yes, yes, yes! I DO think your husband should see his doctor about haemorrhoids! They may well disappear on their own, but they may return. Some creams are very good and clear them up but his doctor can examine him and diagnose their severity, and what has caused them. This could be straining or a weakness of the bowel, and his diet could be modified to avoid difficulty in passing stools.
It's also possible that they could be surgicaly removed if severe, in some cases very easily, but most likely, creams and good diet will cure him. I should know; I suffered with them, and now have great health in that department!
They are not funny, they can be horrible and cause a lot of discomfort after using the toilet and walking can be very uncomfortable, they can bleed, and to most of us on this forum who really enjoy using the toilet, they can turn a great pleasure into a very painful experience if any of us should get them.
The doctor won't laugh, and will be as gentle as possible in examining him, and will appreciate the misery that they can cause.
Finally, fibre is good but not too much! I was having too much and so my stools were too soft, and therefore I had to strain to get rid of it.
Now I have a "normal" diet without too much fibre, I go comfortably, with firm motions and enjoy it, a lot!

ANNIE & ROBBY, Best wishes to both of you!

Happy and healthy shitting to all of you! P. Plop Guy

Friday, August 16, 2002

JOHN: That crackling noise comes from air pockets in the stool and rectum.

One time when I was in college, my friends and I went to a club in the city. We were drinking and dancing and eating appetizers all night. Later in the evening (early in the morning, I mean!) I started to feel queazy, so I went outside to get some air. One of my friends came with me. There was still a line to get back inside. I walked to down the stairs and to the street and tried to cool off and catch my breath. All of a sudden, my guts cramped up. I grabbed my belly and my friend asked me what was wrong. I said I'm about to shit my pants! I looked at the line to get back in and knew I wouldn't make it. I ran up the street to the nearest alleyway. I went behind a dumpster, yanked my pants and underwear down and squatted. About a gallon of diarrhea gushed out onto the pavement. It was so gross! My friend had followed me into the alley, but turned around and looked grossed out when she saw I was shitting. I squatted like that for a while, and some more squirted out. I peed, then I felt a little better, but I was embarrassed! I asked if she had anything to wipe with and she said no. I even asked her for her scarf! She said no way! Finally I pulled up my panties and pants and walked out to the street. My ass felt all wet and clammy, but I tried to ignore it. I called a cab from a pay phone and went home, and my friend went back in the club. When I got home, I pulled down my pants and panties and saw that they were stained. Ick! I wiped my ass, which took a long time, then took a shower and went to bed. The next day I was hanging out with some of the people I was at the club with. My one friend had told all of them what happened! I was a little embarrassed, but joked about it, and said it could happen to any of you! It was pretty gross, though! I've taken a shit outside in the woods when I've been camping, but never in an alleyway behind a dumpster. One of my more interesting college experiences!

Jason D.
I am 17 years old and I have this girlfriend who is exactly my age. FOr your info, her name is Emily. One day at school I was passing by the girls bathroom, which is a one-person bathroom. As I passed it, the door opened and a terrible smell which could only be one of turds filtered into the hallway. Then, I saw Emily come out of the bathroom right after that. I always thought that Emily was too beautiful to make such a smelly dump, and I thought she just went in there for a pee, but when Em walked out of the bathroom, put her beautiful sexy arm around me and told me, I went to this Chinese restaurant in Midtown last Sunday night. I'm having probably the worst diarrhea of my life. I didn't want to laugh at my girlfriend, but I did chuckle inside.

Piss Pool- you should ask the girl about the rubbermaid container.

i waz reading old posts and the "HOLD IT" man had an idea for a holing contest. we can do it about like, tomorrow maybe? ok so all are invited. no cheating. okay so post the time when you begin holding it and then later a post for when you let go. just an interesting game that sounds fun! you really should enter if you don't care about messin yo self like me. i also got a story that happened to me today. i was swimming in a lake and i couldn't get on the diving platfrom because they had taken away the lader. now this mega cute life guard walks twords me with his red resure thing-a ma-bob pointed in my direction. now i had to pee and poop so i opened the bottom of my suit a bit and went because i didn't want to stink up the lake when i was flirting with the guyz. so i grabed it to get up and he fell in the water on top or my butt and got crap on his chest!!!!! i was so mortified that i dove to the bottom of the lake and swam as far as i could under water.
-lil (also call me lilly or (ugh) lillyanna like my mom does when i do sumthin wrong. bye!) ;)


I had the urge to go at work once. I was running to get to a clean bathroom, but due to the large nature of my workplace, I knew I wouldn't make it. Being the resourceful guy that I am, I went into a fire escape staircase and pulled down my pants and took a poo. Unfortunately, crap got all over my underpants. I ran to a bathroom where no one was, cleaned up, and threw out my soiled underwear. Needless to say that I had to do some 'free balling' the whole rest of the day.

I'd hate to be the guy that turned the lights on in the staircase and discovers that he has to clean up somebody's huge dump!

Mary Jo
Hi!I'm a first time poster like to share my story. First of all I'm a 16 year old white female,I'm about 5'6, have long blonde hair and a skinny body. I'm from the south and have a strong southern accent. I read a few post back about a girl that pooped her pants to keep from using a public toilet. Well I'm the same way. Here's my story. This past May, I was at school and towards the end of the day I had to poop bad but refused to use the toilets in the girls room because I don't like them. I think I had to poop because of this greasy cheeseburger and french fries that I knew I shouldn't have ate for lunch. But when school let out I had to poop so bad that I went around to the back of the school,spreaded my legs and pooped on myself. I was wearing a white blouse, a knee length blue denim skirt with white pantyhose and some black clogs. I could feel semi-soft poop fall in my panties and it was about three turds. I also had a trickle of pee to come out but it wasn't major and i! t wasn't showing. I had a 7 minute walk to home and I was walking kind of funny. I also smell myself. I stunk I'm telling you.
When I came through the door of my house, my mother was sweeping the floor and walked over to me and said,Whats that smell?! I told her I had an accident. I pooped on myself. She took my to the bathroom, made me pull down my skirt, and I showed her my brown poop filled pantyhose. She asked me,are you crazy?! are you a baby?! I want you to clean up and take your clothes to the washer and dryer. And I did. But if I have to poop while I'm out, its going to the panties. Bye!

Hello! Got a story.
Yesterday I was at my best friend Shell's house. For anybody who cares, Shell is thin, average height gay male w/ brown hair, brown eyes--attractive. We were getting ready to start cooking lunch when he left to use the bathroom. Though I couldn't see him from the kitchen, he still left the door open and I could hear him peeing for the longest time full force. Then he flushed, washed his hands and came back to the kitchen without a word. :)

IM BACK!!!! hi guys i had a lil acident a wile ago thats y i havent been on ill tall ya i nearly killed my self i was climbing a tree on the side of a hill and the tree was dead so when i got to top i jumped on a branch an fell and landed on my head on bottom of hill and broke my shoulder and thank god i blcked out or i would of felt it so fer my accidents i had a load in my pants last week here on comp and then sat in it it was good but hurt to clean thats all i got now keep up the pants pooping up guys l8ta


Gay Lad: I meant to have said a bit about yellow shit in my recent post to you, but in the rush to finish online, I forgot. I am glad Eric in Chicago has given some reasons for yellow shit. It is interesting that it was an Asian lad you saw who did the yellow shit. I once spent six weeks in India with a charity. Both in a shanty town outside Delhi in the north and in some poor villages in the south I saw yellow shit often. In the southern villages, the mud houses along the street had a concrete slab from the door to the street across an open sewer. The slab was only about 3 feet long. That tells you how close the sewer was to the door! Kids would come out with nothing on below the waist and squat on the slab to shit straight into the sewer. It was more often yellow than brown. Often it was quite a bright yellow. We were told that a poor diet was a major factor for their yellow shit. Adults did not shit direct into the sewer. I once saw this nice looking guy walk into a f! ield, when he dropped his trousers and rather ragged slip briefs, and squatted. After he pulled his trousers and briefs up without cleaning himself (Indians normally use water and their left hand to clean their butts. Toilet paper is unknown in the villages). When he had disappeared I went to look at his load. It was yellow! We took a day off while in Delhi to visit the Taj Mahal at Agra. We went on an early train leaving Delhi at 6.30 am. It was an amazing sight to see so many men dropping their loads in the sidings as the train pulled out. Not close enough to see the colour! Women were doing the same - but in different sidings to the men. I believe, like me, you are into trains and railway travel. I wish you had been with me on the Agra train that morning. The other two English people I was with were disgusted at the sight and digusted with me for gazing at all these people shitting in the sidings. If you'd been with us, we could have got excited together and left the othe! rs to their disgust!
Hope to hear more from you soon.

piss pool
hey welcome back {_DOUGHBOY_} good to hear from you.
Thanks the "HOLD IT" man for your advice I was kinda leaning towards that but I wanted to get another opinion.
Mike, after a while I am going to ask her about it, probably when she is a little older.
Bryian I thought it was funny too I couoldn't stop laughing I had a hard time not to pee in my pants I must have laghed for 1 hour.

Not much happening today. My asshole hurts because I ate some hot chicken wings and I have shit 3 times today. I get so tired of having to wipe my ass. I use baby wipes and I like too keep my ass clean I never have shitmarks in my underwear unless I fart and liquid shit comes out. My toilet is broke, we were putting in a new sink and a heavy drain pipe from the 1930's that must have weighed 100 pounds and was a foot long fell on it hard and cracked it. So now we have to go pee and shit in our backyard which is wooded. it's kinda embarrasing because my next door neighbors know and they know what I am doing when I go back in the woods. I dug a hole and put the old toilet seat down on two logs that I have on the sides of the hole. The hole is about 1 foot deep and I am going to have to make it deeper because the crap almost hits my ass. The new toilet from plattsburg won't be at my house for another two days because it is in back order. Its some sort of new electr! ic toilet. When my girl friend comes over we take buddy dumps together. Thats fun. Well gotta go hopefully that toilet will arrive early.
piss pool

leather pants girl
Tonight while out for a walk i deliberatly let a very big huge and very firm poo slide into my red satin panties bikini style. It felt soooooooooooooo fantastic when it dropped into my panties i smelt that old familiar smell i got hot the big solid poo banged up against my little bum as i walked, i had a pair of black satin shorts on very short and a white top, then came the best part, as i was walking by a couple the poo suddenly without warning dropped from my panties down my legs and splat on the ground.

The back of my legs had a slight poo stain on them, but the look on this couples faces was priceless the womans jaw dropped allmost to the ground, the man just said well i never he grabbed his (i assume) wife and hurried past me.

I allmost peed my self laughing what a turn on man, i gotta try this again, i still smelt of poo and by the time i got home i was ready for a shower.

QUESTIAN. How many girls have accidently pooed there panties while on a date?

Hi everbody

Has anyone heard about 'pre-skidmarked underwear'? I'm not sure whether it's just urban legend or whether it is true, but I have heard a few times over the last year or so about such things. Let's face it, dirty knickers or pants can happen to the best of us, but if you can say that your poopy panties were a novelty item and were bought with the skidmarks already there, then it would be an easy way out of an embarrasing situation. Could this be the next big craze? Everyone walking round with artificial poo marks in their pants! It would be interesting to know how many of us would actually wear them. If so, how bad would you want them to be? Just marked, or bad stains looking like the aftermath of a major accident? I'd love to know if anyone else has heard of this, or any views on how popular they might be.

bad news yall. yesterday when i took my crap my butt hurt so bad! i couln't get all the poop out it was terrible. does any one know why this happened? ant it was a goldish color not my regular medium brown! odd, i wonder why.... any way
2 the "HOLD IT" man: luved ur story
and i just rented austin powers 1 and 2 and they have some really funni parts! like in austin powers 1 austin goes into the bathroom and one of dr.evil's workers tries to choke him with his braclet and the guy nex 2 him thinks he iz shovin' out a turd! then he asks the worker dude "who does number 2 work for?" because number 2 is another worker for dr.evil.
and the dude nex 2 him sez "yeah! u show that turd who's boss!" then austin shoves the workers head in the toilet and it sounds like a flood of diarrhea is comin out hiz butt so the dude nex 2 him sez "that sounds pretty nasty, how 'bout a courtisy flush?" so austin flushes and leaves the stall.... then the dude nex 2 him sez "man what did you eat?" cuz half of the evil worker's body is stickin out the toilet. the nex funni part is when they unfreeze austin and he haz 2 pee. so he takes like 5 muinets to pee then the wierd coputer voice sez evacuation com then he starts to pee again. and every time it says evacuation com..he starts to pee again! lol! then in austin powers 2 the fat bastard leaves a turd in the pot and they take it to do a sample n stuff. but basil exposition leaves it right nex 2 da coffe. so austin drinks it and he sez "this tastes like shit." then basil sez "austin, it IZ shit." then austin sez "oh okay" and he drinks the rest of it! hahaha lol funni l! mfao! rofl!
-lil ;)

To Hold it Man: Did The Overweight Woman on The Greyhound Bus have to pay for two seats,one for the toilet and one for the regular Bus seat? I could just imagine the new promos for Greyhound. "Go Greyhound and have a Bad Ass Ride" T.S.

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