Hey! Long time no see. Been on vacation for a month, so I didn't get to check out the board (since there were no computers). Reading back, I see a lot of stuff that I won't be able to address right now. Anyway, when I did get back, there was this great summer classical concert that I went to with Ms. Lee, and it was amazing. The only thing was, Ms. Lee had some really bad gas that night, so she was letting off faint whispers, mostly SBDs. Since she was leaning forward, the people behind us were probably not having the best of times. Afterward, Ms. Lee was taking me home, but first we had to stop off at her house to drop something off. In the car, her stomach rumbled loudly. "Oh, I've been having such bad gas today, and I had to let go quite a few times during the concert," she said, rubbing her abdomen with one hand. "I hope no one heard." I simply looked away and nodded. "Did you hear?" she asked. "Well, yes, but it wasn't too loud," I said. "Oh no," she said, giggling. "Wh! at? Are you embarrassed because I could hear?" I asked. "Don't be silly," she said. "You've been there while I was having a motion. But none of the people around me have." I shrugged, acknowledging this. But when we arrived at her house, she put down her bag, and said, "You should probably move over a little." I did, raising an eyebrow, and she broke wind with force to kill a mule. "I'd better go to the bathroom, because the next one probably will have a surprise inside," she said, walking towards the bathroom. Halfway there, she turned and said, "You can come if you want to, but I'll warn you of the smell." "I can take it," I said, now coming forward (because I didn't want to come uninvited). Ms. Lee pulled up her dark blue skirt, which had been tightly stretched across her ???? rear melons, and pulled down her pantyhose to her knees and her panties to mid thigh level. Settling in on the toilet, she moved forward. First, we made some small talk about my vacation and everyt! hing, but in mid-sentence she broke wind with an even louder bomb, enough to shock both of us into silence. When she finally said something, it was "Whoa. That was pretty loud." I agreed, and then she farted a little quieter, and unleashed some wet, sloppy poop. It all just oozed out of her, plopping into the toilet loudly. "Oh my goodness, I know I should be feeling sorry for you right now, but this feels so good to let this all out," Ms. Lee said. Then, getting her "second wind" (although it was actually something closer to twenty-second), she started up again, releasing a load into the toilet. When she was finally done, she unrolled a length of toilet paper and asked, "You want to do me again?" I took it and said, "It would be my pleasure." Reaching under her, I was able to get rid of the mess in seven good strokes. On the eighth the paper came out clean. She flushed and the whole mess swirled down the drain. We both washed our hands, side by side, then left the bathroom.

Hopefully I'll be able to bring you more of Ms. Lee!

Jack the Shadow

Punk Rock Girl
Hello everyone.

Well, I'm here at work and I feel much better. I was so embarrassed yesterday, I was almost in tears by the time I got home, but my boyfriend came over and made me feel better about it. Even got me laughing. He reminded me that if it had happened to someone else I probably would have found it hilarious, and he's right.

I came in this morning and apologized to my boss and told him what happened. He was really sweet about it and told me not to worry, it happens to the best of us. One of my friends saw me bolt for the door and I told her what happened too. She laughed, but in a good-natured way, and I laughed with her. I guess the only casualty was my pride, and we could all use a little pride bashing now and then!

I had a semi-soft dump this morning before I left for work, so maybe my guts are getting back to normal. I sure as hell hope so! I'm tired of schizophrenic bowels!!!



Billy and Kevin
At the summer rec program, usually we have to poop in the morning. The bathroom has two toilets that are open (no stalls). There are about 30 kids playing soccer and usually 3 or 4 of us have to poop during our breaks and a few of us just have to pee. So the kids who have to pee, pee first, then we sit down. We poop in front of each, so it is no big deal. When we go to each others houses, we go in front of each too and in the woods we have big poops together. Except this one kid george. george is kid fat round kid. He is like twice as big as us. When he comes in, he says we should do that at home. I said, what, walk ten minutes just for a poop? So what we did is stayed on the toilets until the break was over. It is not like you can tell whether we are really pooping or not. Either way, there are turds when we get up, so he can't say anything. Of course, we made all of us who have to go get to drop turds. When this happens, george has to wait until the end of the break to pee! . A couple of times, george really had to go. Once he peed in the sink and got cuaght by a teacher. About a week later, he couldn't wait any longer and peed his pants.

The rec program is at school and they had some sort of meeting for parents and little kids starting school. george has a little brother who is going to start kindergarten. We were pooping. Me and Kev were the only ones who had to poop. about 5 others were talking to us. George was there waiting ofr a pee. then his dad and little brother came in. His little brother said he ahd to poop. I said I am almost done and wiped and got up. His little brother sat down and went. Then his dad said he had to do that next. When his little brother wsa done, his dad sat down. george was doing the pee dance. It was tiem to play soccer again, so I wiped and left. George was embarressed because his dad pooped in front of everyone. We said to him went we saw him later, what's amatter. Can;y your dad poop at home? The next day, kev was the only one who had to poop. When we got into the bathroom, george was sitting there. There were about 5 or 6 of us. We all went ot the other toilet. There wa! s a log floating and a little pile on the bottoms o fthe toilet. We all peed in the toilet. Then we made fun of george. We said he was going potty like a little boy. And that he should do his dukies at home, just like he said to us. He grew red. Kev waited until the next break to poop. He said he could not make fun of him if he was pooping too. We made fun of him the next day when we caught him pooping. The next day, I really had to poop at the break. When we got there, george was sitting there again. About 4 of us peed. While we were peeing, we were making fun of george. Then I sat down. I said, see george we all go poop. It is not a big deal. We would rather go together so we can talk and stuff than be by ourselves. Plus, when we go here, we save like 15 minutes that we would use going home. He seems ok pooping in front of us. And he doesn't say anything to us. We do sometimes stay on the toilet when he comes in though. IT is still fun wathcing him do the pee dance.

Patricia S
Can anyone give me any stories about hemmorrhoids? My husband has these and I would love to help him, he won't let me look at them and I have never seen what they look like. I would bathe them for him and put his cream on if he would let me but I think he's embarrassed. Will they go away? I heard him on the toilet this morning, he was groaning something terrible with the pain of passing his motion. He won't go to the doctors, do you think he should?

Has anyone ever helped their partner with their piles? what did you do for them?

Billty & Kevin
YEsterday, we stayed int he rec program for lunch and for a while after school. mom had to go and meet someone for lunch. After lunch, my little brother said I had to make poops. I said, mine are already made let's go. Kev said he needed to go too. In the bathroom there are just two toilets. I sat down on one amd josh sat down on the handicapped toilet (he likes to sit up high). I really fat lady in a swim suit and her son came in. There is a swimming pool across the street, and a lot of people use these bathrooms. The kid said, look mom, they are making poops too. I said, I don;t really care about you being here seeing me go ca ca and all, but a lot of boys my age prefer you go in the girls room next door. She said sammy can't wait; there are bout 15 people in there. I said, alright, I will be done in about two minutes. When I finished up, the kid looked really uncomfortable. I felt sorry for the kid, because I had made a really messy poop and needed a lot of toilet paper. ! They he sat down and made a lot of splashes. The mom said, hurry up, I need to go too. Josh finished. Kev said to the fat lady, do you want to go? She said, no I'll wait. So kev sat down. About a minute later, the boy said almost done. You can still hear his poops coming out. There was a pile of pebble like poops when he got up. I didn;t flush, so they were all on my toilet paper. While the boy wsa wiping, he said to his mom, are you haveing an accident? She yeah, never mind. Then she wispered oh no and really had a pooping acciding. Here whole pants filled up with poop. She said, I think we better go home. He said, you mean like when we go home when I have an accident? She said something like that. Then our other little brother walks in. He said, hi sammy. Then he said, all done? He said yeah. Then he sat down. He said to sammy, looks like your mom had another accident. He sighed, and said yeah. Then the mother looked at me. Then I said, what did I do? I made sure my poops ! and my brothers went into a toilet.

This morning, just before it was time to home for lunch, josh said asked me to take him to bathroom. So kev, me and josh went in. Then the fat lady and sammy came in. Josh sat down on one toilet. I said to the lady, you want to go first. She smiled and said please. When Josh was done, kev said you want to go next? I said I am going to wait until after lunch. He sat down. Then a teacher came in. The teacher is doinng part of the summer rec program. He said to the fat lady, what are you doing? She said I am here with my son. The teacher, next time use the girl's rooms. You are too old to be here. Plus, too fat. She finished up without wiping, flushed and left. The teacher said you;re next. I said I am waiting for kev. TGhen he sat down and started pooping.

the "HOLD IT" man
Punk Rock Girl:

That type of an accident can happen to anyone. It can be cause by a stomacn infection, which was my case a few years ago. It was exactly the same sutuation as you had. I did not have a very strong urge, I felt like I just had to cut a fart so I let loose and immediately filled my pants.

Luckily, this happened to me late at night when I was out for my walk. I was not feeling very well, and I thought some fresh air would do me some good. I just had to major BMs earlier that day so I thought the worst was over. I put on my cd player headphones and headed out. It was about 1 am and the night air felt great. I was about a mile and a half away from home when it happened. I immediately walked back home. I could feel the shit oozing down my leg all the way down to my shoes. The worst part was that I didn't want to track it all over the house so I went in my back door and striped in the little mud room right off my kitchen, threw all my cloths in the washer, completely forgetting about my wallet and car keys and started it. I had a few things in the dryer that I used to wipe myself off before going back upstairs to the bathroom then threw them in the washer too.

I tried to push out the last of my shit, and with hardly any effort at all, it gushed out just like a oversized bottle of "Hershey squirt."

The next morning I was putting my wet cloths in the dryer and feeling a hell of alot worse then the night before when I noticed my wallet, all it's contents, money and all my keys scattered all over the inside of the washer. I was running a huge fever and feeling sick to my stomach so you will have to take that in to account when I tell you the joke I made to myself. I pulled a 50 dollar bill out of the washer. Then I started removing all the other bills, coins, keys and credit cards and joked to myself "I could be arrested for laundering money." (remember I was sick when I said that.

As it turned out, I was suffering from Salminilla, which is a form of food poisening that I most likely picked up from the cafeteria where I work.

Anyway so this story doesn't boar the shit out of you ane everyone else (pardon the pun) I will end it here.

Have a good one.

hi the other night I needed a wee so iwent to the loo and
pulled up my little denim mini skirt and pulled my knickers down
white ones and did a wee and wondered if I should poo as well
I remebered how much I enjoyed that poo I did outside so I took of my knickers and went outside the backyard and into the field it was quite dark by now so I don,t think any one will see I looked around for a place to do it then I thought why not do it standing up and do it just where I was standing Ileaned forward a little and put both hands on the gate and watched for any cars coming down the road and thought well they wouldnt see anything anyway so I grunted nnnnnnnnnnnghh ah nnnnnnnnnnngh ooooooohh ah and felt my poo coming out nice and slow
Iwas holding it just enjoying the feeling of it being half out when I grunted again nnnnnngh ooh then it fell to the ground with a thud
I looked down and saw it looked quite big but couldnt see it very well
till a car came by Ijust got a glance of it and it was about a foot long and quite knobbly feeling quite relieved Iwent inside and took of my skirt and noticed a little poo stain on the hem not much but put them in the wash how do I avoid messing my skirt up like that again as I quite enjoyed doing that outside again sometime?

John Q Public

It's funny you should mention bleach. I was reminded of my visit to a wave pool about 7 years ago. The water was very heavily clorinated, and the fewms were literaly burning the eyes out of my head. I had to get out and spray myself down with a garden hose because my skin was also getting very irritated.

Later I found out the reason for that. It seems that many people view peeing in a public swimming pool as no different then farting in the air so they just let loose. Now clorine, is almost identicle to bleach chemicaly. Urine, is very similar to amonia, and as it breks down it becomes amonia. Now if you ever mixed bleach with amonia, what happens is you creat a sort of "mustard gas" which burns the lungs, irritates the skin and the eyes. People were peeing in this heavily clorinated water and it was making people sick because of the chemical reaction between the amonia in the urine and the clorine. Ultimately they shut the place down. Personaly all they needed to do was go easy on the clorine and go with a better filtration system instead.

Now for a hum-dinger of a story. I had to work late last night. It looked like it was going to rain so I drove my car instead of the bike. My car is a 200 Chevy Taho with cloth seats, fully loaded. Anyway I had to pee when I left work, but I didn't have very far to drive so I thought I could last until I got home. Big misteak, and I know better. I have done it before, but I usualy was bursting by the time I got to my front door and just barely made it to the bathroom. Anyway I was in a hurry to get home so I 'pushed the envelope' and my small bladder decided to do something that it haden't done in a long time. As my luck would have it, there was a traffic jam due to a defective rail road crossing, and I was getting very desperate. I couldn't just get out of the car and let loose because there were all kinds of people around, and there were no trees, bushes or corn fields, so I realy puckered up and tried to hold it. Mercifuly, they finaly did get the traffic ! moving, but it did me no good. My bladder just could hold out no longer, and my cloth seat now smells like a used diaper.

There is also a highly visable spot on the apolstery which I figure I can tell people is coffee or something. I rubbed in some baking soda to get rid of the smell, but that does nothing to get rid of the stain.

All I could think was Damn, I KNEW BETTER then to try that!!

My wife got staggering drunk at a local tavern one evening. When we got into the parking lot next to our car to leave she told me she had to pee and that she was going to pee right there. No one was near so she took off her panties and just squatted next to the car a went. I held her hand and shoulder to keep her from falling over. She let out a big sigh of relief once she started peeing. Then I heard her let out a big loud fart. She then sort of grunted and moaned. I looked down as she was taking a dump right there. I couldn't believe it. I honestly don't think she meant to do it. It just happened. She didn't have a lot of control at the time I don't think. She just grunted some and pushed until she was through. She really had to go because she made a big pile. If I hadn't been steadying her she would have sat down in it I'm sure. When she was through she just stood up not wiping herself and gave me one of those drunk half-eyed looks and said "Let's go." When I got her home! I carried her in the house. She was passed out. I cleaned her up a little. She wasn't really all that messy
thank goodness. I spept on the couch that night.

Traveling Guy
Hi, all! It's been so long since my last post, some of you here don't know me at all. I dumped in the dark last night and it was such a good experience that I want to share it in case you might like to try it, too. I had to poop all day long yesterday but there wasn't a good moment for it until I got home last night. The rest of the family is away on a trip, so I decided to try something unusual. I went to the small half-bath in our basement, where it was already dark, and tucked a rug at the bottom of the door to block out any remaining light. It's also very quiet there. I left the light out, settled in on the potty, relaxed completely and just savored the total lack of sensory input, save for that unique sensation that came very soon of taking a good crap. Luckily, the poop descended without needing any coaxing and slowly found its way out, turd by turd. It was a quiet dump, but the aroma in that tiny room was pretty strong but not unpleasant. I just sat there fo! r a few minutes afterwards enjoying the solitude, then I switched on the light before wiping. (I'm one of those people who has to look at the TP after each wipe to see if I'm really getting myself clean.) When I got up, I saw that I had produced seven logs, each about 4" long, although when I pooped I couldn't tell whether I had done one or several. Has anyone else ever deliberately dumped in total darkness indoors?

{_DOUGHBOY_}: Sorry to hear of your accident when you fell from that tree. Glad you didn't kill yourself and that you're recovering OK. I guess your shoulder must still be painful and probably does hurt when you have to clean up after shitting your pants. I loved hearing how you loaded your pants when on your computer and then sat in it. I have done the same often. What sort of underwear do you wear. Boxers of briefs. What colours do you have. Were you wearing jeans or other pants over them when you pooped them on computer? Do you put a plastic sheet on your computer chair first? I always do, to stop the chair smelling of shit for days after. Look forward to more of your stories.
Gotta go for now.

To movie fans:

Rented a silly movie called Repli-Kate about two nerds who clone a beautiful girl and teach her to think and behave like a guy. Early in the process, she still doesn't know about going to the toilet and ends up peeing on the floor. The scene is rather disappointing really, as she is only shown sitting on a bar stool and looking down at the floor after she lets go. If you listen really hard, you can hear faint pee sounds, but considering that the movie was produced by one of the "American Pie" guys, it certainly could have been a lot better.

Till next time,


SAS Soldier
Hi everyone. I have been checking out this website for sometime now and decided to post my experience.

I am an ex SAS soldier about 35 years old. After I lef the service some 5 years ago I decided to pass on my skills and expertees to the younger soldiers. VEry soon I got a job training young officers, most of them still under 23 years of age. My first cadre of cadets included a cery hot looking 21 year old girl with blond hair and green eyes. I came to know her rpofessionaly as a promising but very timid Officer. I later found out from another source that her main fear was using tiolets outdoors. ANyway without wasting more time, we were on an exercise teaching them fieldcraft and survival in nature. This was a 2 week exercise held in the summer. On briefing them prior to the exercise I included details on tenetage etc. Come question time she asked me where the ablutions were. I said there were none and in the field the worlds you bog provided you take all the necessary precautions. I swore her eyes popped out as her fear kicked in. SHe was designated section commander ! therefore she knew the mission objectives etc.
Unknown to them I was to play a sniper trying to snipe at them (esp the pretty one because killing her would cause hell to break loose) through out the exercise. Day one went without any problems. come day two, the morning was bright (british summers have early sunrise) and visibility was good. i was 10 metres away from the main encampment dressed in a ghillie suit hiding near a bush for the past day. Nobody had noticed me. It was about 0600 hours in the morning when i saw someone come towards me. I recognised that person to be none other than the Pretty ONe. She walked rather funnily holding her rifle in hand towards the bush. I slowly brough my silenced weapon to bear onto her waiting to shoot her (mock rounds off course) if at all i felt compromised. ANyway it turned out she wanted to crap. she rested her rifle some 3metres away from me. she dropped her DPM trousers and pulled down her knickers which were white cottons with some kind of floral design on it. she squatt! ed so that her sides were away from me and let loose a torrent of piss. I could not see her pussy where i was. i sliently cussed my luck. then as if by miracle she got up. i thought this is it she has finished. I thought its time to take my first kill of the exercise. her rifle was 3 feet away from her and out of reach (if theres one thing you don't do, it is to let your personal weapon away from you. you should always keep it within easy reach). I was about to take a shot when she spun round turning her back towards me and squatted again. she grunted once and i realised she was taking a dump. Her arse hole blew kisses inbetween pieces of crap. I was so aroused that i almost turned tripod compromising myself. SHe grunted and pushed out two more pieces ans spurted piss all over the place. I now made up my mind that come what may i would take her my prisoner (LOL) I silently got up, traversed the little distance between us and stood behind her and said "You know if this was wa! r you would have been dead." SHe was so startled that i swore she could have jumped out of her skin (if at all that was really possible). However she did jump a bit still squatting and shouted "F***" in surprise. this caused her to shoot out two more explosive peices of shit while farting and pissing at the same time in surprise. she then fell back into her shit (kind of like ended up sitting in it). Boy what a mess. SHe said "Excuse me sir, i dd not know you were there. could you give me some privacy to clean up and finisj wjat i am doing" I just left leaving the poor girl on her own. But i could not resist peeking at her throiugh the bushes. SHe wiped herself clean and unwrapped something from a foil and inserted it into her anus with her finger as high as she could go. SHe then got up pulled back her pants and trousers and walked towards the tree behind which by now i was obviously contemplating a wank. SHe approached me and smiled and said "I am sorry sir, this shouldn't! have happened if that suppositiory had worked and bunged me up." I smiled in return and took her to the Command Centre as casualty of war.

THis is my one of many experiences. Let me know if you like it. I hope it isn't too long winded.


A few years ago I was at the Royal Festival hall in london. I needed to poo badly so I went to one of the men's toilets, which had two cubicles. One was occupied so I went into the other one. The partition did not reach the floor and the lights cast a shadow on the floor which showed that the bloke in the other cubicle was quite excited, probably through listening to the person in the neighbouring stall.
The thought of this made me feel excited too and so instead of sitting on the toilet after I took my pants down I stayed standing and leaned back a bit over the bowl and let go, slowly doing three huge crackly logs which made monster splashes. I pressed my willie back so it pointed into the toilet bowl as I peed.
I then wiped and left, without ever seeing what the other guy looked like. But perhaps he reads this site!

I've just been to France, and enjoyed using one of thse crouching toilets in a station. While I was pooing I thought that crouching to do it seems natural. I wondered whether our hominid ancestors always crouched to poo, or whether they sometimes did it standing up when they felt they needed to go.

Regards to all,



Looks like you're subject to a lot of diarrhea lately. I was wondering whether you might be lactose intolerant.
As to telling your boyfriend about it, I would not. If you were my GF, stories about you shitting yourself all over would be a turn-off...but seeing you sitting on the toilet with explosive diahhrea would be a turn-on!

ANNIE -- Hi! Not much happening here, it's cold, cold, cold! Well, I just took a lovely wee in the bathroom sink for the fun of it, I couldn't be bothered going through to the loo, too busy at the keyboard...

Hey, can ayone make out the masthead photo? Lovely black girl standing by what looks like an inclined wall, thus possibly an old-style urinal. But what's she holding in her left hand? looks a bit like giant tobacco leaves, I'm sure I'm missing the point here!

Here's something interesting from the Australian TV Week:

On the ABC: 8.00pm -- "Reality Bites: 'A Loo With A View.' Intended as a tourist attraction, Dunedoo's "Big Dunny" is planned to house five-star toilets, a gift shop, a tourist information centre, a viewing platform and, hopefully, a radio station. (PG)"

"A loo with a view, and you..." Appologies to Noel Coward, but I wonder what the view would be, and if the gift shop would sell toilet merchandise? You know, bum-per stickers that say "I crapped in the Big Dunny," or t-shirts that say "I Shat in Dunedoo" and so forth> The official Dunedoo turd-logo baseball cap? Snicker!

And that lot is rated for Parental Guidence -- Aus seems to have a fairly laid-back attitude to this stuff. there was aother add here last week for a firm making chemical toilets. In the add, made to look like old film, an ancient corrugated iro prvy (outhouse) is standing under the baking sun, and a middle aged couple, dressed around 1950, are proudly showing off their fancy new chemical bog (chemi-kasi in Brit-speak!)

Yup, that's Aus.

I had an unusual couple of poos the last few days. I get a really strong urge in the mornings, and when I sit and relax the whole thing just flows out of me. Thinnish, kinda toffee colored, and very long. It slithers out of my bum like a warm snake. I don't know how long they've been, over a foot for sure. Yesterday, when I looked down between my legs, the main poo was just settling in the bowl. It had curled around in an S-pattern, and was lying down under gravity -- and the motion was oddly like a living snake. One other turd actually seemed to have a blob at one end that looked a bit like a head...



Punk Rock Girl. Sorry to hear about your accident at work. It sounds to me as though you either had a ???? bug or had eaten something which disagreed with you. Hope you're feeling better. There's nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed about though. Accidents happen to almost everyone occasionally. Normally we can tell by the feel of things down below whether we just need to do a fart or something more substantial but it's not always possible to be sure and we can, on occasion, be taken unawares.

Annie (Robby's cousin). Glad to hear that Robby is getting better. I enjoyed your story about the emergency poo you had on the open road. It's awkward being taken short when you're miles from the nearest toilet but when you've gotta go you've gotta go! Nature waits for no man - or woman. Personally though I would advise against eating burgers from fasst food places whilst out travelling, however reputable the retailer. There have been lots of instances of eating burgers (and chips) noted here which have ended up in people needing to poo unexpectedly whilst travelling. I don't know whether it's to do with the ingredients or not, but I'd advise making up your own sandwiches before a long journey and taking them with you.

Best wishes to everyone!


your name (David)
This happened to me yesterday. I had been at work all morning and had drunk lots of coffee. I hadn't gone toilet because I like the feeling of a full bladder. In the afternoon we had a meeting in the director's office and of course there was coffee and water on offer. I already had that lovely tingly feeling and had fidgeted a little as everyone else assembled. The director is the kind of bloke who doesn't like you to have to leave a meeting once it has started. I often were Huggies for such occasions cos I like to wee myself during his meetings - I love that warm feeling and that as a 42-year-old man I'm doing something I really shouldn't. But this meeting was not scheduled. I wasn't worried cos, apart from a couple of occasions, I have not wet myself in public. I was taking notes and listening while my desire for a wee grew ever more urgent. I started leaning over towards the desk and fidgeting and occasionally sneaked a quick squeeze under cover of the desk. After 45 minutes I was dying for a wee and thought everyone must know I wanted to go cos I had started moving around quite a lot in my chair and had crossed and recrossed my legs and let out a few OOOOOOOOs as quietly as I could. I had my hand clamped between my legs and was bent over the desk, desperate not to do it in my pants, in front of five other people, one of whom was the top boss. I thought of passing a note to the boss to tell him I wanted to leave the room but that would mean having to let go of myself and by now my teeth felt like they were floating. The first warm squirt hit by briefs and I tried to stop it. It was too late. I crossed my legs and tried to point my penis to ensure my wee didn't hit the floor but went on the chair. I could feel it streaming out of me, warm and thick. It felt soo good. I must have weed for two minutes and I was steaming. My pants were soaked, of course, and there was more than a little sign of the front of my trousers, not to mention the chair. Five minutes later the meeting ended and I made sure I was the last to leave the room. I stood up and examined my trousers, saoked front, back and to the knees and visible as I was wearing brown khaki-style trousers. I pulled on my blue blazer but it scarcely covered my crotch and walking with my legs together was not easy. My office was two floors down and through a crowded room but I had left my car keys in the office. I got out my mobile and phoned my colleague Sue, who knows I have accidents, and told her I needed my car keys. "I wet myself in the director's meeting and I need to get home without anyone at work seeing how badly I've been in my briefs," I told her. Thankfully, she got my keys and I made it out of the building and to the car where I pulled down my wet pants and trousers and drove to Sue's home where I cleaned up. She thought it was hilarious to see me waddling down her drive and into her house. I made a mental note to keep a spare pair of huggies to wear to unscheduled meetings in the office.

Hi there, I haven't posted in a while mainly cause I do not want to get reminded so much of the things between me and NikiI posted here about last year, as it still hurts. We are still seeing each other and things just aren't clear, but I do not want to go into details, as this is not the right place. But I have a good story to post, which happened to me yesterday:

I had been quite constipated over the past days. I was just about able to pass a few hard balls now and then but nothing satisfying, but I felt a load growing in my rectum. We had a buisness lunch and the portions were huge. As the food was quite salty, I drank a lot as well plus two coffees afterwards. In the afternoon I had meeting at a building site and was running a bit late. The traffic was bad and I drove for nearly two hours, ringing them on the mobile to appoligize for it. While standing in long lines of traffic, I realized I needed to crap. I loosened my belt a bit and lifted my bum a few times and let out quite a few farts. After a while I did not know what I needed more: a pee or a poop? Preferably both! There was no chance to stop anywhere, so I just about managed to hold it in. I arrived on the building site and made a beeline for the port a potty. It was locked! It was after five and the workes had left, gridlocking the john! You can imagine my quiet sweari! ng. It also started to rain so I went into the half finished building, where I met the home owners. They greeted me a bit impationed and we went right towards buisness ( not the one I needed though....) I suffered during the whole time. Luckily they left early, as due to my coming late, they were late for another appointment. I appologised again and went to my car to make some notes at the laptop. They drove off. As soon as I was alone, my whole lower body reminded me of the urgent need. I sat in my car barely able to move, pressing my crouch with one hand and holding my belly with the other. There was no way I could get through the traffic again to find a toilet. If it would have just been a full bladdler, I would have found a spot quickly but a shit was a different story. Still it had to be done. Outside was no good idea. First of all it was raining, and secondly this was a crowded area, with many new houses, where some were already finished and lived in. I could not squat! somewhere without giving the neighbours a show! I went inside the building and looked for some solution. In the big room there was a big pile of sand next to the cement mixer. Ok, this had to do. I was desperate. Luckily it was in a corner, where the neighbours couldn't see in. I stood in front of the sand, lowered my pants and got my penis out. I started to piss; it was the sweetest relieve! I thought for a moment, that after pissing, I might maybe be able to hold the poop a bit longer, but of course it did not work. As soon as my stream got weaker, I felt a huge urge to dump. So I pulled my pants to my knees and squatted as far as I could pointing my bum towards the sand. It did not take long and I felt my hole stretch really wide and with a big crackle a turd started to move. I thought, that if somebody came in now, I would be finished: I guess the owners would not be too amused that the architect was in the middle of shitting a big pile into their future living room! Th! is was one thought in my head- the other was: I can't care less. I need to crap! Now and here and it's too late anyway. Inspite of my bad conscience, it felt wonderful as one fat turd after the other slowly slid out of my bum and landed on the pile of sand. I don't exaggerate: I did made six turds all together: All of them were about two inch thick; the first was about ten inch long, the second about seven inch and the last four about five inch. I really had to go. It felt sooo good to shit it out and I was just sad Niki was not with me to see it. I peed a bit more and stood up to whipe and admire my steaming pile. I was still afraid somebody could see me, but felt so great to have relieved myself. I covered the pile with sand for the time being and looked around for another solution. Luckily on a builing site there is lots of eqipment. I found a shovel, hidden under the stairs and some foil in the container. So I managed to pack my pile into the foil and dumped it into the ! container. I am lucky no neighbour saw me, as they would probably have called the police, assuming I was getting rid of a dead body or so, lol. There was still the wet marks of my pee in the sand, but I left those to dry. Wow, it was a good poop! Best wishes to all and very special hellos to ANNIE AND ROBBIE and MEGHAN AND SARAH, who thought about me so many times. I am glad you are well and having fun!

Todd & Diana
Hey Everyone,

Diana is now home with the babies and we are doing just fine. Our last post didn't get in so. Amber is 6 pounds and 10 ounces and Amanda is 6 pounds, 15 ounces. Well we have a new story for you. Yesterday we were on the golf course-Diana's mom was watching the babies for a few hours, anyway, we had played 6 holes and Diana said go over to the porta potties because I need to take a huge one. So we went over there and Diana said to me "Are you coming in"? "You bet honey". Just before we went in there was a beautiful blonde going in the one next to us and she looked at us kind of oddly. Well Diana pulls her capri pants and pulls her panties down to her ankles and sits on the potra toilet. She started to read her magazine that she brought in there. Then she started farting a lot. Then there was a pause. The blonde in the next one over started farting almost non-stop and then she grunted like there was no tomorrow. Diana and I were totally silent. She pushed and pushed follow ed by a huge fart and a sigh then she let loose a huge dump and we heard it fall in to the bottom of the toilet. She started to push again let out 4 massive farts and then she dropped another huge dump bigger that the first we think and the she sighed in relief. She peed a good stream, wiped, and left. Diana started farting and peeing. then she let a huge dump fall to the bottom. She wiped and we left.

Lots of Lovexxxx,
Todd and Diana

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story..also liked your accident story, it reminds me of when i had mine 7 months ago. Did you go back to work the next day? Tell your boyfriend what happened. I told my friends what happened that time.

To the "HOLD IT" man: What station was that on? Wonder what she was doing in the bathroom?

To RP: Liked your story

To Eric in Chicago: Liked your story, what is Pepsi blue? Never heard of it? Is it new?

To Cousin: That title does sound familar...I think your right the movie i saw on tv was flirting. Thanks for telling me!

To {_DOUGHBOY_}: Sorry to hear about your accident. Did it effect your bowels or any thing?

To AJ :o): Liked your story

To Sportspoop: No i haven't

To Darius: Thanks for liking my story, i haven't done that since that day..felt good though. I enjoyed your story too about peeing. Cool!

To Plunging Plop Guy: I see you mentioned the thing about that recipe that was posted, whats the deal with that? Why was it posted, do you know?

Sarah (and Tim)
ANNIE (AND ROBBIE): How lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for your concern. Tim is slowly recovering from his kidney infection and can wee without pain again, which is a relieve in every sense of the word. I have had a bladder infection before and it was awful enough, but the doctor told me for a man it can be even worse, as the urethra can be up to ten times longer. I know Tim was scared of every wee. So it's good he can relieve himself without hassle again. He is still very tired though and sleeping a lot and being rather quiet and low the rest of the time. It's difficult. He hardly eats, but I manage to force lots of tea and some soup into him, which makes him pee a lot, which is good for the kidneys. Yesterday night he finally pooped after some days. I tried to cheer him on a bit, but instead of his big grin, there was only a weak smile. He apologises all the time for being in a weak mood, but it seems to be very hard to cheer up. I was hoping to get a bit o f support, somethimg to cheer him up a bit with through my last post. Tim went so bravely through all the therapy, but at the moment it seems to be too much. We are worried also because of all the floodings, not to far from home. Anyway I stop moaning. Thank you for your words.They helped. I was sorry for you,when you had to squat by the road, but I guess you don't care too much. We are glad you are all fine and everything went well with the surgery. Josie and Patrick really seem to be a good match. Josie cares a lot for him and he really is a litlle gentleman. The other day I was in town with his mom and all the kids. We all needed a toilet and went for one of the big pay toilets, which are a single cubicle with sink and all, which was by the car park. As we had only one correct coin between all of us, so we all went together. Little Patrick had to poop, but insisted on everybody using the toilet first, so he could take his time and not be impolite. He is a sweetie. When h e finally dropped his pile, him and Josie had a lively conversation about good toilets with Loewie throwing some comments in....It was funny and cute. We have heard about the Love parade as well and seen it on television, but we are too old for it, dears! It's mostly for under thirties, kids who are into raving. Not our scene, lol. We saw a programme on television though and laughed, as it was about the police searching for drug dealers, but in the backgrround there were lots of young men passing zipping up their pants...According to Ina weeing in the bushes is an every day sight in Berlin though, you don't have to wait for the love parade...Lots of lovexxx and thanks again, Sarah (and Tim and the dwarfs)

Thursday, August 15, 2002

If I can say something about Steve's posting, Adrian, I have seen the Domestos advert. The new one is a different advert to that you remember. The old advert showed the bleach jet flying wide of the toilet bowl and all over the rim - like the mess I made in my boyfriend's bathroom when I first had a go directing his jet of wee. Smile. The man in the new advert is Alex from this year's Big Brother series and he is pouring the bleach (not pee) onto a shower floor. Steve's right, it is a funny commercial.
It sounded very uncomfortable, Annie, and very embarrassing, to have had the runs at the side of the road like that with drivers having view of you. I know I'd be blushing bright red.
I am going away for two weeks in the sun with my boyfriend, Ephermal, and I will see if I can have any pees in any good places on the beaches. Having a nice wee-wee in the sea is something I look forward to doing. Thank you for welcoming my mum.
PV, thanks for sending our mum a special welcome note. You can count on me telling her about it. She is a fantastic lady, our mum. Louise is right. Mum has always been brilliant for giving us advice about going to the toilet and the joys of boys. I was having a chat with a close girlfriend the other day about men etc etc, who had cystitis when she was 19, and her mum never told her about weeing before and after intercourse. My mum says it is even more important when you first start because infection can be easily introduced. Before and after I have intercourse with my boyfriend I always have a wee and I think it has helped keep me free of problems. Mum has told me lots of other useful things too about being with a man. You know.
You'll hear about any wees I have on the beach when I am on holiday.
Special hellos to Tim and Sarah, Sari and Meghan.



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