Punk Rock Girl
To Lazy Wiper: I have gone without wiping several imes, but it was usually due to being in a hurry. In fact, I'd say at least half the times were because I was about to miss my train home! I would be in the bathroom shitting my guts out, and would glance at my watch and realize I was about to miss my train, so I'd get up without wiping and run for it. More often than not, my ass was fairly clean by the time I got to wipe, but a few times it was a real mess. I think in my first post ever, I told a story where I was about to go onstage with my band when I desperately had to shit. I had a big soft, gooey dump, them had to run upstairs (wearing really tight leather pants) and perform for an hour with a partial log of shit mashed between my cheeks. Yeecchh!

As far as not wiping after I pee, I only do that when I pee outside. I naturally have very limited pubic hair, so there's usully no problem drip drying.

I had a weird dump yesterday. I felt constipated (big surprise), but the urge to shit hit me nd I sat on the toilet. I picked up a magazine, thinking it would be a long one, but it wasn't. After a few puhes, a hard, knobby load squeezed out, but it was followed by a wave of diarrhea that exploded out with a huge fart. I actually groaned in disgust. It squirted out for a moment, then I was done. It was a sticky mess down there and it took me about five minuted to wipe. Weird.



the "HOLD IT" man
I heard a halarious story on the radio this morning. It involves an overweidht woman who had to use the bathroom on a Greyhound bus. She was all finished doing her business when somebody cut the bus of in traffic and the driver had to swerve in order to avoit hittihg him. The woman was just getting off the toilet when he did that, and she was thrown ass first into the window. It broke out and she was lidged in the window with her ass hanging out for all to see. They had to call in a rescue unite to get her free. Piss Pool:

I think you would be better off not mentioning what you found to that girl because she is so young. Just my 2 cents worth.

Hey that was a good story! i remembered a years ago when i was 10 i seeing my girlfreinds (was also 10) panties in her locker and she didnt noticed. i took some pictures off it. anyone else have pic about child girls/boys underwear???

Jane from the Netherlands. Nocturnal accidents happen and they're a part of life for everyone from time to time, be it 3 times a week or once in fifty years. There are steps you can take to reduce their likelihood if you're particularly prone to them though, such as limiting your fluid intake during the evening and going to the toilet (preferably in both senses of the word) at least once before adjourning to bed. They're nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about though.

Steve. Hi! I'm not sure whether I've seen the advert you mention or not, but I don't think so. That said, I have seen one for bleach where it looks like a guy is stood weeing and missing the toilet bowl. In actual fact it's bleach that's being squirted out of a bottle. Quite amusing when the camera finally homes in on the bottle and you get to see what's really going on.

Punk Rock Girl. I enjoyed your post about your desperate poo at work. No doubt you were glad to get it out of your system. Hope you get your promotion okay. Good luck!

Best wishes to everyone.



Eric in Chicago
Gay lad: There can be a number of reasons why someone's shit would be yellow. The "typical" brown color of shit actually comes from a mixture of three different pigments, one green, one yellow, and one red. They're all derived from the breakdown of bilirubin in the liver; bilirubin is made from recycled hemoglobin when red blood cells die (red blood cells only live for about three months). The liver excretes the green pigment (biliverdin) in the bile; sometimes in babies it's the only pigment there and there shit comes out green (green shit in kids or adults is usually the result of something else. This gets oxidized by the digestive system into urobilinogen, which is yellow, and the predominant pigment. The bacteria in the colon turn some of the urobilinogen into stercobilin, which is reddish. The colors all mix and you get brown.

So if there isn't a lot of stercobilin produced, the shit will be yellowish. It's also possible that yellow pigments in the diet contribute to this, though generally they'd just make shit a lighter brown (when I was a kid, I tried to drink lots of yellow food coloring to see if my shit would come out yellow. It only worked if I had the runs).

The yellow pigment is the reason that blue food coloring usually turns your shit green instead of blue. I'll bet lots of kids are shitting green now from drinking the new Pepsi Blue.

The movie you're talking about is called "Flirting", it's one of Nicole Kidman's first movies. Sad how I have a keen knowledge of these things huh?

Poor Linda's been having a bit of a problem.She has an overwhelming need to poop but only a few pebbles come out. She doesn't know what to do and I myself don't have the heart to give her an enema. I'm going to my grandmothers to ask for a remedy. I recall being hin her shoes and being given an odd tasting tea that clean me out for GOOD.


Piss Pool, I would find a way to ask her about the container or I would ask to go while in her room.

Punk Rock Girl
I came home early from work today. You wanna know why? I f***ing SHIT MY PANTS! I still can't believe it. I think I managed to leave without being noticed, but I can't be sure. How mortifying.

I was filing away some papers in the back room and it felt like I had to fart. There was no one around, so I figured I could let loose. I relaxed my ass, and diarrhea sprayed out. I clenched up right away, but not before my thong, my jeans, my ass and my thighs were covered in liquid shit. I stood there, frozen, for a minute, saying, "oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit!" I put the files down, and took a step. I felt some slide down my thigh. Finally, I walked quickly to my boss's office and said in an urgent voice, "I'm very sick, I need to leave." He said okay, looking pretty concerned, and I walked as quickly as I could to my train. Of course, it's hot as hell out, so my shit covered ass really reeked. I was so embarrassed, praying it wouldn't ooze all the way down to my feet. I got on my train--luckily the car was pretty much empty--and rode the seven stops to my apartment standing up.

I got home, went in the bathroom, peeled off my shit filled pants and thong and squatted over the toilet. What felt like a gallon of diarrhea sprayed into the bowl. I pushed a few times and then I was done. I took off my shirt, stepped in the shower and got cleaned up. That was a half hour ago. I figured I should share it with my fellow BM-enthusiasts while it was fresh in my memory.

What a horrible day this has been! I still feel queasy. I had diarrhea last week, but I thought it was finally gone. Guess not. No more farting in the back room for me. From now on I'm gonna sit on the crapper, whether I think I have to shit or not. I'm dreading going into work and having to explain myself to everyone. I don't know why I'm so freaked out by this. I'm not embarrassed about my bodily functions--we have a coed bathroom for Pete's sake!

My boyfriend is coming over soon. I'm debating whether I should tell him or not. I'll let you know what I decided. This is Punk Rock Girl, feeling embarrassed and upset with a sore butt, signing off.


John Q Public
Hi Jane:

I had the same problem when I was a kid. Actualy I never had problems with messing but I did have a serious bladder control problem at night time, and some times I had to wear diapers to school so I if I did have a day time accident it wouldn't show.

I don't have accidents any more, but I still have to run to the bathroom about every 2 h ours, and if I drink alot of fluids I might as well put my desk and computer right in front of the toilet because I will be spending most of the day there.

If I may be so bold as to make this suggestion, I think diapers would be just the ticket for you. Alot of the disposable adult diapers can absorb alot of material and in most cases you might not even have to worry about smell. I use to use cloth diapers when I had my bed wetting problem, which was way back in the 70's. Disposable adult diapers weren't around until the very late 70's or early 80's as far as I know. Cloth is cheaper in the long run, but I think disposable might be better if you want to keep the smell under control. Just keep a good supply of them around in places where you spend most of your time.

Just my little 'penny lecture' for the day.

IM BACK!!!! hi guys i had a lil acident a wile ago thats y i havent been on ill tall ya i nearly killed my self i was climbing a tree on the side of a hill and the tree was dead so when i got to top i jumped on a branch an fell and landed on my head on bottom of hill and broke my shoulder and thank god i blcked out or i would of felt it so fer my accidents i had a load in my pants last week here on comp and then sat in it it was good but hurt to clean thats all i got now keep up the pants pooping up guys l8ta

AJ :o)
John, I think that what a lot of people around here refers to as a crackling sound is more of a slithering sound.

It doesn't always happen--at least not to me.

But I think that the principle of the sound is something like compact food sliding out of a container. Some examples are spaghetti & meatballs, concentrated soup, and (occasionally) Chinese leftovers when they're packed in those cute, little containers.

If you're trying to get something out of a can to heat it up, and you're in such a hurry that you shake it up and down to get it moving, it makes a king of "Oink-Oink-Oink. . ." sound. But, if just left to slide out on its own, it makes that slithering sound.

Several days ago, I did a soft-but-firm poop where about four pieces snaked out of me making a kind of slitherslitherslitherslitherslither sound before each one made a very quiet sort of splash in the water.

The last one went slitherslitherslitherslitherpoof!

I thought of all of you and decided to examine it to see what it looked like.

It was my usual golden-brown color (about the color of the outside of an egg roll), and it was of the consistency of toothpaste or cake icing that had gone through a press. I'd say around 3/4 inch in diameter and just at the bottom of the bowl in this sort of squeezed-out-toothpaste shape.

But the end of the last one was kinda opened up like an exploded trick cigar, so I'd say that this was where the poof sound came from.

Although I've been known to do some stinkers, I don't usually stink up the bathroom. If there's any odor at all, it's rather light and fresh-smelling.

After having Chinese food, the poop I did a few hours later smelled faintly of won ton chips.

For pooping panties girl, no, I've never pooped in my pantyhose intentionally, but I did fill my pants on purpose when I was in first grade.

When we had our last fifteen minute recess of the day, I felt a little bit like I had to poop but not enough to waste precious time where I could be playing on the swings to do so.

Our teacher had warned us that we'd better go during recess, because, if we asked to be excused during class, she would have us to stay in recess the following morning.

I figured that I could wait until I got home--which was better, anyway, as I could sit there and read (a habit I've been in ever since I was potty-trained).

But the urge began to hit me. I could have asked to be excused--but I didn't want to miss the first recess of the day (even though we had four in all--but you know how it is in first grade).

We had a reading circle, and she began to read a story to us.

I thought this would be the ideal time to let it all out.

So, I sat there with everybody else listening to the story and began filling my pants at the same time.

Since I wasn't given to constipation, the expression on my face didn't change (except, perhaps, to register a sense of relief).

There was an odor as if somebody had cut one, but it was a typical odor and not an extra bad one, and I just kept a straight face and knew that probably one or more of the boys would be suspected of passing gas.

I didn't pass any gas (not audible, anyway) when I was letting it out, so nobody turned around and stared at me.

School was out a little bit later, and I rode home on the bus. By then, there was no noticeable smell.

When I got home, I said, "Mommy, I went to the bathroom in my pants."

And she asked me why I did that, and I told her that I didn't know. I just did. And she said, "Well, let's just get you cleaned up, and try not to do it again."

I didn't want to tell her about my teacher's new rule, because I loved my teacher and didn't want my folks thinking badly of her for making a rule like that.

The next day, I was out on the playground swinging and singing away, and nobody was the wiser about what the entire story was!

I'm going to be gone for a couple of weeks. I'd planned on leaving on Sunday, but I'll be leaving early tomorrow morning and will be off of my computer in just a little bit so I can start packing and get some much needed rest before starting.

That's about it for now!

Hoping Everything Comes Out All Right For All Of You!
AJ :o)

Here's a question for you men has any of you EVER (in adulthood) shitted in bed deliberately ?

I'm back home after almost two weeks holiday where I have enjoyed the sun. I pissed and shit in my speedo's on the beach one day because it was easier and more convenient than finding a toilet. I went into the sea to "unload" my speedo's. I made sure I was in deep enough to pull my speedo's down far enough to tip the log out and wash my butt and the inside of my speedo's. Any other guy's done this? I know some have reported pissing their speedo's on the beach.

Bryian: I really loved your story about pissing in your jean shorts and boxers. Glad you enjoyed it so much. Just the feel of warm pee in my pants running down my legs is fantastic. Hope you'll tell us you've done it again sometime.

Gay Lad: I've been looking through all the back posts since I got back home. Wondered what had happened to you, until I got to your post saying about your hard drive problems. Glad you're back. Loved your story. You may have missed my post when I asked if you ever shit in your underpants? If you don't do this, have you ever shit your pants by accident (not counting childhood accidents)? I'm gay myself, and one of my gay friends and myself love shitting ourselves at the same time occasionally. We love watching each other drop our turds in the normal way too - though we don't do this all the time.

Hans: Have not heard from you in quite a while. You sound like a guy very similar to me in taste. I do love your stories about yourself and your boyfriend. Please write again soon.

Happy peeing and pooing to all.

To piss pool: Enjoyed your hut always gives me cramps..liked your story about your friend perching out the

To Jane: I have bathroom dreams too sometimes

To Jess: Enjoyed your story

To Bill: Loved your should have left the toilet unflushed for housekeeping to see.

To Althea: Liked your story.

To Plunging Plop Guy: Liked your story

To Zip: enjoyed your story

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story

To Jason: Loved your story, how old are you and your brother? Thats cool you shared the toilet.

To jilly: enjoyed your story

To student: Liked your story about your g/f's

To AJ :o): I also saw that little girl on Americas funniest home videos using the toilet in the plumbing dept. It was funny.

To lil: Loved your story..liked your dare you played too.

To Ephermal: enjoyed your story

To Chris: Liked how you dared your g/f to drink prune

To poo: liked your story

To rp: Maybe it was tape worms..don't know

To PUBLICBOY: Loved your story..sounds cool you got to shit next to that kid

To Jeff: Liked your story, you must have been desparate.

To gay lad: Loved your story, that must have been a cool experience! I my self was wondering why it was yellow..not sure

To Jason: Loved your story

To DutchBoy: liked your story

This hasn't been updated in a bit...had a lot to catch up on...sorry for the long post. I think something is fishy updates and stuff but in away looked like this has been updated. when i couldn't see any new posts.

Had a nice dump last night. The urge came on suddenly. I turned this thing off last night, ran upstairs and i begain pushing. I pushed out this nice U shaped turd and the curve in the U was sticking out of the water. It was kinda soft, wiped like 10 times and flushed. Felt good, my turd must have been 9" and abotu 3" thick around
gotta go bye

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

ZIP, Great to get all that detail about those very public toilets!
The ones where you can lean forward and actually see the guy on the next toilet sound brilliant! I'd love to see some images of these type of toilets, especially with guys sitting on them; there must be some somewhere! Anyway, I hope you have some good sightings and that you hear some good sounds the next time you go.
BTW, What is a swap meet? It sounds like what we call here a "car boot sale" where people go to buy and sell unwanted goods.

COPROLOGIST, That must have been quite a stink from your toilet neighbour, for you to have to leave! I always think the type of shits that don't sink, but float on the surface of the water are the worst for giving off vile smells. It's usually very soft and not dried out, so gives off much more smell, then to compound the effect, because it's light in weight it floats, so it continues to give off its vapours into the air.

My own shit today was very quiet, although it didn't stink much, but they were good size turds that needed a bit of effort, but flopped into the toilet rather than plopped. Unlike yesterday in the public toilet where I dropped some loud plopping turds that gave me some great splashes on my buttocks! Both yesterday and today, I finished up feeling absolutely fine and comfortable and proud of what I'd done.

I've just seen the recipe from MAGGIE, or is it To Maggie?
Is it in response to a query? Before I look for one, perhaps I'll try it out and see what the results are!

Happy eating, and happy shitting! P. Plop Guy

Annie(Robby"s Cousin)
Hi Dear Friends!
I am back. Robby is still with his father. The surgery went well and he is recovering. Thanks to all of you for your concern. We were on our way towards my great uncle's home(Robby's father) and we had stopped for a couple of whoppers at burger king. About a half hour later I started having stomach cramps. I told Robby I had to find a toidy straight away. We were between cities and it looked bleak. Robby finally pulled off the road and I bolted from the car, dropped my trousers and squatted. A load of runny poo shot out of my bum. Here we were on I-35 with tons of cars whizzing by. They had a wonderful view of my bum!! It took several squeezes and farts to get all of the mess out. I then weed on the whole pile. Robby was ever so gallant. He handed me some tissue and I wiped and wiped. I finally finished and got back in the car. At the next stop I went into a ladies loo and had the second wave of my runny poo. This was the last. I washed up and we were on our way again. I! start school this next week. It is back to the dissertation!
****INA: Hi sweetheart! Thank you for your concern. We are sorry your computer crashed. Write when you can. Lovexx and hugs from Annie and Robby
****EPHERMAL: Hi dear! Glad you are getting some relaxation before your start back to school. That last poo you did was like mine. Eating bran is very good. Take care!! Lots of Lovexx from Annie and Robby
****STEVE AND LOUISE: Have a great time in Spain!! We are looking forward to your stories on your return! Lovexx from Annie and Robby
****TIM AND SARAH: We are sorry you are feeling bad again, Tim. Are you eating well? We enjoyed your last story! Sarah, Josie must have found a perfect man,teehee! Are you near the festival called the "Love Parade". We have heard so much about it? Take care, Lots of Lovexx from Annie nad Robby
****TODD AND DIANA: How are you? How are the twins. We know you are busy and we are looking forward to the blessed event. Diana, I know you are having massive poos! Do you read a book in there, LOL?! Take care, Lovexx from Annie and Robby
PV: Hi gal! Glad to see you back! We need some more weeing stories from you flaming readhead!! Glad everything is tip top in Aus!! Lovexx from Annie and Robby

HUGS TO: Kendal, Andrew, and Ellen-Lots of Lovexx from your Uncle and Aunty!, Eleanor-hi dear!, Adele, Senior Damsel-WELCOME, Jane and Gary-hi there!, Carmalita and family-where are ya?, Kimmie and Scott, Rizzo- look forward to your return, Damsel, Diva, Plunging Plop Guy, Althea, Lil, Jeff A, London calling, Gopweller, Adrian, LindaGS, Ellie and Little Lou!


Tuesday, August 13, 2002

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