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Hello I havn't posted for a while because one of my family members is in the hospital, he had a block bowel but he is ok now. Last week I went along with my sister (who I havn't mention before) to a soccer game it was about an hour and 45 minutes away. On the way there nothing to eventful happened. My sister had to 3 girls that are on her team ride out with us. I have known them for a while so there are open about going to the bathroom and farting. On the way back we stopped at pizza hut. Pizza hut always makes me fart and evidently the girls too. We were in the car and about 5 minutes after we left, megan one of the girls farted. I couldn't believe how loud and stinky it was. she said oops it slip. Just after that I added to the smell. We had the windows shut and th a/c on so the air didn't really clear to quick. About 30 minutes into the trip I started to feel a cramp in my stomach but I knew that I could hold it until I get home. All of us were rippin farts li ke crazy one of them I really like and she was the one that was ripping the loud but not so stinky of the bunch. One of them called melissa ripped a loud and really really stinky one I never smelt something so bad, it turned me on because I like hearing a hot 80 or 90 lb. girl that is so small rip one that sounds so loud coming out of a small ass. My dad wouldn't role down the windows because it was to hot out that day. I farted so much that the seat had the smell embedded in it, every time you would sit on it the air would come out of it and stink the van up again. One of the girls got mad at me and stuck her cute butt in my face and let one rip. Little did she know that I enjoyed it, but pretended not to. After about an hour of riding in the van my cramps were going away, but melissa said with a little sense of emergency in her voice said she has cramps and they are getting worse. meagan yelled out that we have a crap emergency dial 911. We were in the middle of c ow country, where we live the cows out number people. There was no bathrooms until we get into town which was still 45 minutes away. She was letting silent but deadly farts, she didn't say anything but every once in a while she would let farts that sounded like wet ones. After about 5 minutes she was starting to whine, she is only 10 years old and has a hard time holding her crap in. My dad couldn't stop anywhere so he said hold on until we get home. She stayed quiet curled up in a ball in one of the seats. When we got home she waited until everyone else got out, then she got out, I pretended to pick up a chair that we brought to the game, and she waited for me to get done but I pretended that the chair was stuck on something. So she went ahead of me, I looked at her butt when she walked away, she had short shorts that were white, on, and I could see clearly that she had let some liquid crap into her pants because there was a brown spot about the size of 2 u.s half do llars, and a quarter sized wet spot. She must have peed a little too. She went into her house that we stopped at her house to drop her and meagan her sister off and she just went straight to her bedroom about 30 minutes later she came out with new pants on. Later we went into her room to play strip poker and she lit a smelly stick that smells like potpourri before we went in. while they were setting up the bed to play cards on, I laid on the floor to relax, I looked under the bed and pulled out a couple of panties to look at and way back near the wall in the center under the bed I saw a container I looked closer and it was a comtainer filled with old and new poop and pee, that was gross but it also turned me on to think that a small girl like that could fill up a large rubbermaid container with crap. Everytime I went over I looked under the bed and that container was always filled it made me wonder if she ever uses the toilet. I havn't mentioned it to her yet, please ! respond and tell me if I should tell her. She always does it when I am over she locks her self in her room for 30 minutes and after she comes out the room always smells a little like crap.
If any of you guys and girls know of anyway to make yourself go crap less. Please respond I really need to know, I have 3-5 dumps a day that is broken up chunks but not soft.

If you guys have any farting or peeing in the ocean stories please post them
thanks for reading piss pool

I called in for a shit on my way to work this morning at a public toilet that I like to visit because it is always very clean and well looked after, because you have to pay to use it. The men's room has two shitting stalls and three urinals.I went in and took the stall nearest to the window, because it had the most TP. I pulled my pants down and got to work. The first installment of turds was very soft and just fell out of my poop-chute. There was a streak of shit down the back of the bowl, so I flushed it all away. I sat back down and waited for the second lot to arrive. While I was waiting someone came and occupied the other stall. I heard him pay his money at the entrance, and when he had closed the door, I could see that he was wearing white gym-shoes. Meanwhile I was pushing out my second load of turds. I began to wipe my shitty hole and it took quite a lot of TP to get it clean. By now the smell from the other guy's stall had begeun to reach me. It was vile. I hastily ! pulled up my pants and went out to wash. The washing facilties there are also good, proper paper towels, not hot-air driers. The stink got worse, and I left hastily. The strange thing was that although his shit stank so much, I heard nothing from the other stall, no plops or farting noises or anything except the rustle of TP...

8 oz package of manicotti noodles
2 15 oz containers of ricotta cheese
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1 half cup grated parmesan cheese
2 eggs
2 tablespoons parsley
1 half teaspoon salt
1 fourth teaspoon ground black pepper
1 eighth teaspoon ground nutmeg
14 oz jar spaghetti sauce
Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Cook noodles according to package directions; drain. Lay flat on foil to cool. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, stir together the ricotta cheese, 1 and a half cups mozzarella cheese, 1 fourth cup parmesan cheese, eggs, parsley, and seasonings. Spoon about a third of a cup of the cheese mixture into each noodle. Place in 13*9-inch baking pan. Pour spaghetti sauce over filled pasta; sprinkle with remaining mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Cover with foil; bake 35 minutes or until hot and bubbly. Makes 7 servings

There was this movie on Sunday night on this cable channel called Oxygen. I forget what it was called but there was a bathroom sceene. I think this was an engish movie, they had accents. It was about this boys school and a girls school. This boy falls in love with this black girl(the boy is white) and He's in a class and sees the girl, he asked the instructor for the toilet and he was gonna be sick. He really wants to go out w/ this girl so he said that to get out of class. They go out and they decided to go to the boys dorm. The go in and are talking. The girl said she needs a toilet, so the boy escorts her to the boys bathroom. She goes in and he waits out side for her. Then he peeks in the bathroom and you could see her in a stall and you could hear her pee. Does any one know what movie im talking about? I might look in the tv section to see if i can find it, and repost it.

Im starting to wonder why this hasn't been update in awhile? whats the problem? server down?

Any way, haven't pooped in several days, got a really strong urge now. It just came on about 15 min ago, i'll probably poop soon cause im going to bed shortly.

piss pool
hello. My friend Sean told me a story when he was younger. He was crazy about the cartoon character tweety bird. He would try to act like the bird. One day he felt a rumble in his stomach this is when he was five years old, when he felt the rumble he tried to hold it until it got real bad then he decided to crap like a bird, He open a window and perched on it and stuck his butt out enough so he will crap on the ground. He wiggled his butt and let it come out it was a long turd and it crackled as it came out. He pointed his dick and peed in a bottle because it was to hard to pee outside because the window was in the way. He even flapped his arms.
Lately I have been keeping a bottle by my bed and when I need to go I open the little flap on my underwear and stick my dick in and let it go. I can only use the wide mouth ones because my dick doesn't fit in the other regular mouth ones. I usaully pee about a liter to a liter and a half. Is that about normal or a little above.
I have a story from a fair that I went to, I live in a town called Malone in Franklin County in upstate New York. I was on a ride called 1001 nachts, It is a ride that goes up in the air and falls down really quick I was sitting next to a 12 year old girl and her friend next to her. She had never been on the ride before so she was scared. When the ride started the first time it fell she yelled I GOTTA PEEE I can't hold it anymore. The next thing I know I get sprayed in the face by pee and shes yelling I'm losing it. When the ride stoped she got up and she was laghing and her pants were soaked all over. The seat had about an inch of pee in the botoom because it slants back. It was slowly draining out because there was a small hole for it to leak through. I guess they put the hole there incase someone peed the pants.
Hope you like the stories please respond.

Monday, August 12, 2002

JOHN: Try squeezing a soft mass through a small opening, like dough through your fingers...that's when you hear the "crackling"...

Hi all!
Some of you all may remember of you may remember last winter when some of my friends and I got caught in my car, during a winter storm on the highway. We used a pastic bag to do our poops and pee in and then threw it out along wside the road. Well, this weekend we (5 girl friends0) went to the lake and our condo bathroom toilet was broken, so I again suggested we just use plastic bags. So each time we had to do our "thing" one of us would hold the bag for the other, and allow them to do their poop and pee. It's agood thing wwe're such good friends!!!

Hi there,

I am Jane, 21 years and I live in the Netherlands. I have frequently accidents.

Last night I had a very bad accident in my sleep. I was dreaming that I went to the bathroom to do number 1 and number 2. When I woke up this morning I realized that I did not only wet my bed, what happens often, but I did also poo in my sleep! It was really messy!

Hopefully it happens not again.

I am a 27 year old female. I work in a office as a secratary. About 6 months ago I had a accident in my panties. Before that I would of given my life to advoid a accident but now much more leanent about accidents. I probaly have a accident every 3-4 weeks. I have also noticed that I have been losing time I have to get to a toilet. That started about a year ago. I used to have about 45 minutes Im now down to about 10. It seems to of platoed(spelling??) for the last 2-3 months. This is one of the reasons I have had so many accidents. Also in the begining of June It was very hot out and I was getting dressed one day and noticed I didn't have any clean panties. I decided to go pantyless instead of wearing dirty panties. I wore a skirt that day and for somereason I felt much cooler(temperture wise and popularity wise) so mostly when its hot I go patyless. There hasn't been any major problems with this except for one day. On this perticular day I was wearing a long skirt with no p anties. I don't remember what I had on my top. Anyways normally I poop When I get up and after lunch (at about 5am and 1PM). I normally wipe very well too. Well this perticular day I had so much work that I had to work through lunch. This meant that I didn't go at my normal time. I userally take about 15-20 minutes to poop without rushing but I just didn't have time. I also have a complete office (instead of a cubicle) so I get alot of privacy. About 1:20 Pm I got a need to fart. I knew this was cause I didn't poop. I also had a feeling it was more then a fart. But as I said I have frequant accidents and I don't get too freaked out about them. The only difference is that normally Im standing or have and panties on and my skirt stays relativly clean. So I lean and push out the fart. I was right that it was more then a fart, but not much. I would estimate about a ping pong ball and hard like all my poops. Unfortunitly my cheeks still got messy. I HATE having messy cheeks. I th rough the ball in a trash can and looked for something to wipe with. I had nothing. I decided that I could wipe with my skirt and thats what I did. I smelled abit the rest of the day but I was alone so I didn't care. About 45 minutes after that I felt another pressure. I knew this was the rest of the movement. My skirt was dirty anyway so I just pushed it into my skirt. I sat on it for about 3 hours. It was 3 logs, the first was 2 inches wide and 5 inches long the other 2 were 2 inches think and about 4 inches long. They formed like a bond to my skin like I knew they were so left without much problem. I normally ride a subway home but there were all types of delays so I decided to ride a bus which was spose to be on time. Problem being that alot of other people got the same idea. When I got on it was standing room only. I was riding along when it dawned on me, this wasn't my complete load. I should of never of thought of it as as soon as I did I felt the pressure. I knew if! I more it would break the weak bond and it would all fall to the floor, but I had no choice. I went to the back where less people were and just let it happen. I didn't get much attention(thank god) but I definitly needed a shower. I was happy when my stop came and told the driver "sorry I had to go" when I left and he gave me a strange look. I got home fine and immediatly took a much desired shower.

Infantry SPC
Chris- I dunno how anybody can find diarrhea pleasureful. When I get it makes me want to be shot to put me out of my misery.

Lori Girl- Great story and thank you. I have got a girl now, but she isn't very open about her bodily functions.

Student- good story. One time a few years back, my girlfriend at the time hung out all night watching movies. She told me later, but earlier in the night, She had her mother distract me (she had me set the table for dinner) while she went to poop. they only had one bathroom in their house and it was near the kitchen. Later, when I went to wash my hands, I saw a few skidmarks in the toilet and there was a faint smell of a rotten egg poop. After dinner my girlfriend told me about her poop, just to make conversaction. Her and I were similar in openess in our relationship as you were in that one.

As for my latest adventure, last week, I had to participate in a Law/Rescue/Military appreciation night at a local mall. My sergeant had selected me to drive a humm-vee in the parade at the begining of the event. Well we took our spot in line in parade column, and waited, and waited... by the time the parade started, I had to pee very badly! since the parade moved very slowly, my need to pee was getting very intense. Finaly it was over! I ran into the mall to the food court nad made it to the mens room just in time. With that out of the way the night went smoothly untill later when I went on my dinner break. I saw this black woman (very attractive) wearing a white tank top and tight black pants walking into the food court. She smiled at me on her way to the ladies room, as I was just sitting down to eat. About ten minutes later she came back walking my way and was tucking her tanktop back into her pants her and another woman satdown at a table not to far away from me. I heard her say as she sat down "sorry that I really had to shit." She turned again and looked at me and smiled and said to me that she thought I looked cute in uniform and, that i looked alot like Nelly. I said thank you and headed back to the event area.

2 pooping panties girl:
no, I haven't. does it fell good? maybe I'll try it some day! :)

Hi all. Wanted to share this story from July 2001. I was working at a summer camp. One activity involved traveling to a wooded park for orienteering. I was in charge of this activity along with my coworker, Mary, who was 46 years old, fairly thin, with long dark brown curly hair. The activity was in the afternoon so I left camp for lunch, then drove to the park. I got there about 45 minutes before the students were due to arrive. I was waiting there for about 10 minutes, when I saw Mary drive up and park. She got out and went into the portajohn, but was only in there for about one minute and then came out, and walked over to some picnic tables and sat down. I walked over and sat down with her. Mary is usually an animated, happy girl but this time she was just sitting there like she did not feel well. I asked her if she was ok, and she replied that she really had to go to the bathroom, but the portajohn was so dirty that she did not want to sit down on it. She sai! d she tried squatting but nothing would come out. So, I said, the kids won't be here for another 35 minutes or so, why don't you go out in the woods. Nobody'll see you. She said she was afraid that somebody would rape her or something. But she said she thought she'd poop her pants before the activity was over so she asked if I'd come with her to make sure she was safe. I said ok, and we walked off into the woods. Finally we were quite a ways away from where anybody could see us. There was a large rock sitting on the ground, and Mary said this looks like a good spot, as she rubbed her obviously hurting belly. I knew Mary for a long time but I didn't know about her letting me see her naked or anything, so I said I'd wait around the other side of the rock, but she said no, to stay right with her because she wanted me to hold her clothes for her while she went. She laid her purse down, then sidled up next to the rock and took her sandals off. Then she dropped her black! shorts down around her ankles, and stepped out of them. She was wearing the kind of panties that are peach or tan colored and almost see through. I was looking at her from the side and as she bent over to pick up her shorts I could see her butt crack through the panties. She folded her shorts up neatly and handed them to me. Then she quickly pulled her panties down, stepped out of them, and handed them to me too. I got a quick glimpse of her bush as she turned to face me. She was tanned but her butt was white with a very pronounced tan line, which I have to admit I found extremely sexy. She then squatted down. I was kind of along side her, but more behind her than in front. I could see her butt cheeks spread apart as she squatted down. She sighed and let out a couple of quick farts. She kind of looked over at me a little embarrassed, and said isn't this freaky, but I said don't worry about it and said I'd go around the other side of the rock if I was making her u! ncomfortable being there. But she said no stay here because she felt safer. She kept squatting and grunted a couple of times, but she only peed and still didn't poop. It must have been about ten minutes, but still nothing. She was worried that the kids would show up soon, and decided she was going to give up on it, and asked me get her purse and to hand her her pants back. She took a fast food napkin out of her purse and wiped her pussy, then I gave her her panties, which she stood up and put on, then her shorts. She pulled up her shorts, which did not have a belt but just an elastic band around the top. But just as she pulled them up, she stopped and stood still, and said wait a minute. Then she quickly ripped her shorts and panties both off at the same time and tossed them to me. She squatted back down and grunted, and said Ooh, maybe. Then she sighed again and said, Oh, YEAH. I could hear a crackling sound coming from her butt, and couldn't help but staring as ! a large, knobby dark brown turd slowly came out. It was about 10 inches long and it touched the ground while it was still coming out. Then it dropped off. She took a deep breath, then sighed and strained again. This time, a lighter brown smooth looking turn slid quickly out of her butt, and with a popping sound a very soft looking mass of poop came out. She strained a couple more times, and one more very small plop of soft yellowish brown poop came out. There was a strong poop smell, but rather than being a bad smell I didn't mind it and really was quite aroused as I had a woody in my pants but I didn't want to let her know that since I did kind of feel bad about getting a woody watching her in that situation. She looked over and blushed again, and so did I. Then she opened up her purse again and pulled out some more napkins and wiped her butt. She left them on the ground there. So much for a carry in, carry out park. As she put her pants back on she said she hope! d none of the kids would step in her poop, and we walked back out to the parking lot with her obviously feeling much better.

That fall, some of us who worked at the camp went to Florida for four days, to attend a training seminar. Someone sure knew what they were doing to schedule that seminar at Cocoa Beach instead of somewhere like, say, Detroit. I sat with Mary on the plane. The attraction between us had grown a lot since I started at the camp. We would always talk about everything, but funniest of all we always had our inside joke about that pooping incident in the woods. We were booked into a high rise hotel, on like the tenth floor, and I was scheduled to room with a guy named Scott. Scott was dating this girl from camp named Eileen, who was booked into the same room with Mary. Scott came to me and told me of his devilishly brilliant plan, to switch rooms so that he could stay in Eileen's room and Mary could stay with me, since he knew that Mary and I were practically a couple. I told him to run it by her, I didn't mind if Mary didn't. So he asked her, and she said it was a! great idea. So, we sneaked off with our brilliant deception, and of course always checked to make sure the boss wasn't around when we went into our rooms. The boss spent most of his free time in the hotel bar though, so we were pretty safe. We had seminars for most of the days, but had some free time the third afternoon. There is a Ron Jon's surf shop in Cocoa Beach, and Mary and I went there. She was looking at all these different bathing suits, and finally found a pretty pink one piece with black polka dots that she liked, so I bought it for her. It had a zipper down the back, which ended above her butt. I was wishing she'd gotten a bikini instead. We went back to the hotel, and she went into the bathroom and emerged with her new bathing suit on, then we walking on the beach about a half mile from the hotel and went for a swim. Mary and I had done some making out on the trip, but we hadn't been any naughtier than that. We got out of the water an dried off, and s! he whispered to me, What do you say we recreate our little moment in the woods? I asked her what she meant, and she said she hadn't pooped since we'd been on the trip, but she was getting the urge now. I had noticed that she hadn't pooped at least while we were in the room together, and I also noticed that she had eaten some bran flakes at breakfast that morning. As a matter of fact, I hadn't pooped either. I said ok, but there aren't any woods here. So she said lets go back to the room. We started walking, and it was a long way through the sand. Mary said she wished we hadn't gone so far away from the hotel because the poop urge was getting stronger and she didn't know how much longer she could hold it. She stopped and held her belly for a few seconds. I told her take it easy, you'll make it. We kept walking but she had to stop a couple more times to let her belly settle down. Finally we made it back to the wooden bridge that went over the sand dune. She picked ! up her pace and quickly walked into the hotel, nearly breaking into a run as she got inside and headed toward the elevator. I rushed to keep up with her. She pushed the button. It seemed like forever before the elevator arrived, and Mary was dancing back and forth. Finally a couple came out of the elevator and she ran in and hit the 10th floor button, still dancing around. She said hurry up elevator, and it finally took us up. We got out and ran down the hallway. I fumbled with my room door card, and after three tries with her telling me to hurry, it finally blinked green and opened. She said, Quick, unzip my suit. I did, and she pulled her arms out from under the straps, revealing her breasts which I hadn't seen before. Then she hurriedly pulled the suit down around her legs and sat quickly on the toilet. She was only sitting there for a couple of seconds before I heard three splashes come from the toilet and her sighing. I sat down next to her on the tub. I a! lready had a huge woody seeing her sitting there on the toilet with her breasts right there in front of me. She grunted again, and there were two more plops from the toilet, then she got up off the toilet and said how did I do? I looked in the toilet and saw several solid looking turds about 4-6 inches long laying on the bottom. She sat back down, grabbed some toilet paper, wiped, and flushed. All of this poop talk had me feeling like I had to go as well, which I told her. So we switched places, her sitting on the edge of the tub stark naked while I untied my trunks and pulled them down. My willie, still hard as a rock, sprang out as I pulled my trunks down. I saw Mary look at it. I then sat down on the toilet. I leaned forward a little and pushed, and could feel a large turd starting to come out. I leaned forward a little more, and I think she could see it coming out of my butt. It was a big one, and I felt totally emptied out when it went into the water. It did! n't make a splash, but between the smell of her poop and mine, it was a little tart in that bathroom. I knew I was done pooping, it was just that one big turd. So I wiped my butt. There was only a minor skidmark on the toilet paper, and the second piece was totally clean. I got up and we looked down into the toilet. The turd was about a foot long and about 1 and a quarter inches in diameter. It was so long that the bottom end was down in the hole where you couldn't see it and the top part was outside of the water. Mary said I did good too, and then as the toilet flushed we started making out standing there. We felt salty from the ocean water so we took a shower together. I washed her all over, and she washed me. We continued making out then dried each other off. Then we walked over to the bed and sat there caressing each other all over before making wild passionate love.

Dan B.: I used to date and had experiences like that you described. See my earlier posts. My uncle had a cook out at his home. I dated David, a distant cousin. We ate good. We had meat, chicken, salads and good drink. After, David and I went to the movies. Before the feature, I excused myself to the women's room. I told him as we waited on line, I had to move my bowels. It was nice and clean with 4 stalls and elongated toilet seats. I lifted my yellow cotton dress, pulled down my white panties and sat. This was one of the few times, I wore no slip. Quietly, five long pieces of doo-doo evacuated from my stomach. They were easy. I then urinated unexpectedly. I sat for a while until my internal sensation subsided. Then I reached for toilet paper and wiped my undersides from the front. After that, I simply stood up, pulled up my panties, let down my dress and flushed. When I came out, David asked me if I was alright. He knew I ate much.

Punk Rock Girl: I am glad for you.

The girl on the cover has her pants up to her thighs. She is shy of showing her genitals. I usually have my pants to my ankles, if not off.
I bought underwear last week at K-Mart, FOL and Hanes Her Way. The FOL's are white cotton. The Hanes are in many colors, white, black, pink, biege, magenta and prints on white cotton.

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, again.

LEASH, The word "pan" means the main part of the toilet. Therefore, to make it clear we're referring to the actual toilet and not the room it's in, the word pan is often used. Some people call it a "bowl" but I've usually heard it called a pan.
If someone's seen a turd left in the pan, it's either because it wasn't flushed or the flush wasn't efficient enough to get rid of it.
I hope that clears it up for you! I bet you were imagining all sorts of strange toilet arrangements but I assure you, apart from our toilets in Britain having deeper pans than yours do, the system works in the same way!

JOHN, You say your shit crackles every time you have one, and that it continues crackling until it's dropped in the toilet.
Are your turds always the same degree of firmness? I ask because it only happens occasionally with me that I hear a lot of crackling, although I can't remember if it's the firm or soft ones that make that sound! Mine are usually firm but not often wide, so perhaps it's the wider ones that crackle.
I like to hear it making its way out, but it's only very rarely that I've ever been able to hear another guy's shit crackling when I've heard him on a neighbouring toilet.
I don't know the reason, but as it really sounds like a squelching sound, perhaps it's because it's extra moist as it slides past the bowel wall. Sory, I really don't know, but I'd like to know the reason!

This morning I went to the public toilets knowing I was ready for a shit, but was happy to wait until I had either an audience, or could shit with, or after another guy.
As it turned out, I heard a guy go into the cubicle on my left, pull down his trousers, and after a while, a good plop, after which he sat there a few minutes and then took about 5 minutes wiping his arse. Well, not actually wiping, he must have been dabbing but he certainly took his time over it! By the time he'd finished, and was about to flush,(and I still had no idea what he looked like yet, as the partitions go right down to the floor) I came out of my cubicle and washed my hands as he joined me at the sinks to wash his.
He was an extremely good-looking guy, medium height, in tight jeans about 25 y/o, and as soon as he went out, I went in the cubicle he'd just come from, and pulled down my jeans and sat on the very warm seat after noticing some good skid-marks at the bottom of the pan!
With a bit of effort, I started pushing out my own, and spent about 5 minutes plopping as loudly as he had, but my output being greater, getting my arsehole and buttocks splashed with his skidmarks under me, and when I attended to "any other business" it was fantastic!
I'd love to have been able to tell him how much I'd appreciated shitting where he'd just done one, and for him to know at least one person thought him a great guy to identify with on a toilet!
I'd love to have looked over the partition at him when he was on the toilet and then seen what he'd done! Never mind, I really enjoyed the experience!

About a week ago, I went to the same place, and after having just heard someone go into the cubicle two doors away from mine, and then drop a very loud plop, the cleaner came in and knocked on our doors and asked if we were finished as he was wanting to clean.
I always regard that as an annoying interruption if someone's having a shit, as though you've got to get out whether you've finished or not.
Some cleaners are much less inclined to bother anyone, and just clean where they can. Anyway, as I wasn't actually in the process of using the toilet, and as the other guy had gone quiet in the other toilet, I left and sat on a bench outside for about 5 minutes, while the "Closed for cleaning" board was placed in the doorway.
I then saw a young guy come out with a rucksack, and limping a bit as though he'd walked a long way that day, and smiling as he came out.
Either he'd been having a friendly chat with the cleaner after his shit, or he'd enjoyed having one, and taking his time over it!
Perhaps a sense of power as he sat there dropping his turds and deciding to came out when he was ready, rather than when it was convenient for the cleaner!

Peace to you all, P. Plop Guy

PLUNGING PLOP GUY-I've just been lurking for a while now. Haven't had too many "sightings" to report. The partitions on the stalls at the park are about chest-high. I was able to see the guy over the top of the partition only while I was standing in the stall, grabbing paper to cover the seat.

I might go to the swap meet tomorrow, and take a dump in those stalls. They are always an experience. One of the restrooms has partitions that are high off the floor and you can see almost all the way up to the seat of the toilet when you walk in the door. Most guys keep their pants pulled almost all the way up to their thighs on that toilet. Modesty, I suppose. I've seen only a few times when the guy pulls his pants and underwear all the way to the floor while using that toilet. If it is vacant when I enter, I'll go ahead and take it. I always drop my pants and briefs to the floor while crapping. Another cool thing about the stall is that it has a light right above it, so the user's shadow is projected onto the floor. Everyone can see if he stands or leans forward to wipe, as well as a quick view of the shadow of his equipment, sometimes. One of the stalls has just a ratty curtain for a door, and sometimes the wind from the outside blows it outward and you can see the g! uy on the toilet. Or someone walks in on the guy.

Another restroom has a stall that can be seen by the people outside. You can sometimes see the feet of the guy on the can as you walk by. Two of the stalls are right next to each other and by just leaning forward a little bit, you can see the thighs of your neighbor on the seat. High partitions, again. Two of the other stalls share a box between them, and the guys in these adjacent stalls throw their used toilet paper into it. It is kinda weird to see someone else's crap-paper being tossed into a box half-way into your stall. Maybe I'll have time to visit both Swap Meets tomorrow.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Can anyone explain the "crackling" noise that happens when you have a shit?

As soon as one starts poking out it begins and continues until it drops into the toilet.

Have often wondered what exactly causes "that sound", which you always get when you have a shit.

Recently had an accident in my underwear and noticed that the sound continued for a while after the accident was over. Could it be gas escaping from the turds?

Just a quick update about the situation with Mandy and the CFO pissing in the office! Since last week it's become a kind of office joke. Every now and again one fo the sales reps will whip out his dick, point at one of the potted plants, and piss away! For some reason, everybody tends to yell "HOSE ON!" as encouragement - we seem to be developing our own group language here. This goes on particularly if people have been drinking at lunchtime (I don't do so myself.) Mandy seems to be the inspiration for all of this, and encourages the guys to do it as much as possible. She hasn't talked me into doing it yet, but I might give it a go next week. She actually said she would do it too if I did, and that's something I've just got to see!

Punk Rock Girl
I was running late for work yesterday and didn't get a chance to take a dump before leaving my apartment. I figured I'd go when I got to work, but we had an emergency meeting that ended up taking over three hours. By the end of the meeting I had to take a major dump. My boss then asked me to come into his office to talk. It sounded serious, so I didn't want to say, hang on, I have to use the bathroom. We talked for about a half hour, basically about me possibly getting a promotion (yay!), and the state of the company. I was fidgeting in my seat and clenching my buns together but he didn't seem to notice. Finally he said that was it and I went out into the hall. As soon as the door was shut behind me, I walked quickly to the bathroom, entered a stall, pulled down my pants and thong and squeezed out a huge load. It came out fast and splashed loudly into the toilet. What a relief! I let out this huge grunt and sighed. I wiped my ass, pulled up my pants and flushed,! and went back to work. Speaking of major dumps, I feel one coming on now, so I gotta go!



What are "pans?" are they different than toilets. Because when people write , they say they listened to someone poop and when they leave they went to look and there was a big one in the pan. Don't you flush, or is it a different system. That seems like it would smell. Curious , I'm from the U.S.

Last night I had three slices of pizza. It gave me a lot of gas. So, I went to bathroom to just sit down and let the farts out of my butt. It felt so good and were really loud. My brother knocked on the door and asked if I was going to come out "sometime this century." I said as soon as all the air explodes from my hole. He had eaten two slices but had to go real bad also. So, we actually shared the pot. It was kind of hard. We sat back to back--butt to butt! It was wierd but we're brothers so it was cool. We laughed whenever we farted. He asked for the paper and when he wiped, it got some doody from my own butt. It was cool.

Hi just lately I have not had a poo for
a few days now I usually have one once or twice a day
so I thought I would try and go but I didnt seem to be able to do anything any way whilst I was out with my dog I watched with envy as my dog squatted and started pooing one long poop it,s little hole all red
with this fat poo slowly inching it,s way out it was then I felt the urge to go so I thought well I,ll get home and do it there but I felt a little hot poo slip out and wet my knickers I let the dog off the leash to have a run round while found a spot to do my own poo I quickly lifted up my skirt and under slip and lowered my white french knickers
and saw the wet poopy stain in the seat I half squatted and started to push thinking my poo will come out fairly quickly and be very soft
but I was wrong I grunted nnnnnnnggh ah nnnnnnnnnngh oooh I felt my hole bulge out and my poo started to slowly come out inch by inch I rested for a moment the poo still coming It felt really hard I grunted again when I got my breath back nnnnnnnnggh this time my poo seem to go on for ages I took another breather before finally nnnnnnngh oooooohh ahh
when it suddenly dropped on the grass with a thud I looked down and saw
what I had done and I had done a poo at least 15 inches long the longest I have ever done and the thickest at least a couple of inches at it,s thickest part I quickly wiped with a kleenex very little on the paper I felt quite releived after that I pulled up my knickers and smoothed down my skirts which didn,t feel so tight after that

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