Lori Girl
Hello everyone. It’s been hard for me to find the time to post things here but I have been around checking the old messages every so often. InfantryPFC, I see you got promoted! Congratulations! You are a Specialist now? Have you had any luck with the laides? I wish I knew what to tell you – I know you want to meet a girl who will be open with you about her bathroom habits and vice versa, but that’s not usually a surface-level topic if you know what I mean. ^_^ I think you’l have better luck if you try not to press that issue right away. Let the girl get to know you first. If she seems open, try bringing it up. Anyway I’ll try to keep my story short today because I don’t want to overrun the page with my stuff okay? But I do have a couple of stories for you.

The other day at work I had the worst gas I’ve ever had in my life, it was soooooo embarrasing. I have bene so busy at the office all I had to eat was half a can of soup and it made me sick to my stomach. The cramps set in and they were so terrible, I was doubled over at my desk. Finally I said “Excuse me, I’ll be back in a minute” to the girl at the next desk (we’re kinda customer service types so I have to let someone know when I leave). I got up and went to the bathroom (it’s a one-toilet private room in the back), pulled down my slacks and white cottons and sat. Hot gas blasted out of my tush with a loud brrrraaaapppppp. I just hunched myself over and sat there farting for almost five minutes straight! It was awful. Finally a little mushy poop came out of my butt and I felt a lot better afterwards. Boy, I dunno who picks the toilet paper at my work but it feels so horrible to wipe with. It’s so thin and papery and ity just rips when I wipe my ass! How disg! usting. Maybe I’ll start bringing my own tissue to work … ^_^

I wanted to tell you a story too that I experienced last summer. I like to go to the mall every weekend and usually I end up spending a long time there, so most of the time I have to use the womens room at least once. I remember one day especially because I was just coming off a case of something…normally I would say “stomach flu” but it was probably food poisoning…anyway I was still feeling like I had the runs so after buying some new stuff at Wet Seal I went to use the bathroom. The mall was sooooo busy and all four stalls in the womens room were occupied. I had to wait. Fortunately I wasn’t tfeeling too sick to my stomach or I wouldve had a problem waiting!

After about a minute one of the stalls opened up and a blond teenage girl came out still trying to fix her belt. I said “excuse me” as I ran in behind her and shut the door. I shoved down my shorts and my panties and settled my rear on the seat; it was warm from the previous occupant and the air smelled like poop. I didn’t care thought; I was starting to feel sick and I needed to go no matter what. I started peeing and almost right away burning hot diarrhea flowed out of my anus. I started farting while crapping like I usually do, and it made my diarrhea spatter noisily all over the bowl. A little red-faced, I flushed while I was still relieving myself and continued sitting there. Since I enjoy going to the bathroom so much, I looked around to see who I was sharing the restroom with – the walls of the stalls were pretty high and if I bent down, I could have easily seen the thighs of whoever was sititng next to me! As it was, on one side was a woman in hose and b! lack panties, who was probably wearing a skirt because there were no pants around her ankles. On my other side a pair of khaki cutoff shorts and a pink thong lay around the feet of their owner.

I heard the bathroom door opened and a woman rushed in, saying something in Spanish. Another woman’s voice answered her back in Spanish and then the first woman retorted something in a strained voice. I couldn’t understand a word but it sounded like the first woman was in a hurry. She stopped just outside my door and I could see her feet and deeply tanned calves shifting back and forth nervously. Next door I could hear the shorts & thong girl wiping herself, then she flushed and left. The Hispanic woman rushed to take her place; through a seam in the wall I briefly saw her wearing a red top and black pants…capris I think. She slammed the door, spun on her heels and started hurriedly yanking her belt, mumbling something in Spanish to herself. Her capris hit the floor and then down came a bright red thong, which she pushed only to her knees before dropping her butt on the seat.

The Hispanic woman wasted no time in letting go of a huge load of mushy poop. It sounded like a bucket full of sludge ger-splooshing into the toilet, rapid-fire style. The poor woman farted continuously as she pooped, every so often sighing heavily and groaning a little. I was amazed at how much poop she unleashed. Then almost immediately after she stopped, I heard her grabbing for the toilet paper. One of her legs lifted and I heard her wipe. She grabbed more paper and wiped again. Then there was silence, followed by a sudden PRATTT of a fart from her and then another landslide of mushy diarrhea-like stuff. The lady moaned again miserably. In a few seconds, her second wave was over and she was wiping again.

I couldn’t understand why she kept jumping the gun, wiping herself before she was through. She seemd to be in a major hurry. Again she wiped herself but had to stop, take a crap again and start wiping all over again. I was amazed. Yet AGAIN she did it, this time getting so far as to get up and start lifting her panties when suddenly she moaned “Ohhhhhh” and sat her butt back down, blasting gas and mush into the (probably very full) toilet. She started muttering something under her breath, maybe cursing in Spanish!

I really wanted to tell her just to slow down and relax! Sometimes I think the world moves so fast, people think they don’t even have time to slow down and enjoy relieving themselves. Especially when you got a ???? ache. You should relax and let your body tell you when it’s done. This woman was really almost silly the way she kept trying to leave and then crapping again. I’ve never done that, even when I’m rushed – I’ve yet to run across anything important enough to risk messing my panties over! (Of course mybe it’s also because I like to prepare myself by pooping before I go anywhere….)

Anyway I was just wondering, has this ever happened to anyone else? I’d like to hear your stories if you’ve ever had to go to the bathroom, were in a rush and tried to wipe before your were really done. How many times did you have to start wiping your butt all over again? And do the men here ever do that? I’ve never been in a mens room obviously ^_^ so I don’t know if guys do that too. Whats the scoop? I’d love to know.

Anyway I just sat and enjoyed myself for a while more…I had another mini-wave of diarrhea and flushed a second time before I wiped myself (had to wipe five times) and went on my way. As I was washing my hands I saw the Hispanic woman come out of her stall finally…she was very beautiful; gorgeous brown skin and jet-black hair in a ponytail. She had on a red tank and black capris just like I thought, and boy did she look stressed. I smiled at her and she briefly returned the gesture. Oh how I wanted to say “Next time, just take it easy!” Hee hee.

Thanks for listening! And please feel free to share your stories if you've ever been in a "multiple wipe" situation!

pooping panties girl

Have you ever pooped in pantyhose on purpose??

Whats up, you know what would be a good idea. For all of these daily pictures there should be some type of gallery or something, maybe there is and I just don't know it. Anyways I'm going to talk about my 2 ex-girlfriends and how completely different they were. I've only posted once so I will tell once again who I am, I am a 21 year old college student at KU, male, will be a senior. I haven't had a girlfriend in 3 and a half years but I still remember alot. My first girlfriend I went out with for 6 months and she was very lady-like and very formal at sometimes, and not once did she ever pee, poop or fart in front of me, even when we were real close. I would have liked to experience something like that but I never told her, in fact I have never told anyone about my interest except for all of you guys. My second girlfriend in my opinion was a lot more fun, and we actually knew each other way before I ever met my first girlfriend, she was really laid back and we didn't go out nearly as much a lot of times just chilled at my house or her house, by the way she lived across the street from me so it was very convienent. Everyonce in a while she would go to the bathroom in front of me but only to pee. But one night we decided to spend the night in her room because her parents were out of town and one of the greatest things happened. First we just rented movies and ate a lot of junk food, (ate a lot) and we did other stuff but I can't really post it here, if you know what I mean. Finnaly we went to bed around 3. About an hour later she wakes up and wanders over to the bathroom, it was pretty close so I go over to listen just thinking she was gonna pee. All of a sudden I hear this huge fart and then I swear to god I never heard so much poop come out of anyone in my life, it was great the smell was really bad too because I could smell it comming out from under the door. She then wiped straight for like five minutes and then flushed TWICE. A fter the first flush I went back to the bed and acted like I was sleeping. She came back and went to sleep fast. When she went to sleep I went in to look, the smell still was really strong, and smelled like a mixture of sulfur and rotten eggs, I looked in the toilet and even after 2 flushes there were a ton of light brown skidmarks all over the bowl. I admired the sight for a while and then crawled back in the bed next to her and went to sleep.

AJ :o)
Arthur--Thanks for the extra history and thoughts.

Being a Christian, I'm not about to dismiss The Bible, but I believe that there are parts of it that are put there to show a history of spiritual growth rather than being permanent rules.

For instance, I had a pork chop for breakfast this morning--which would go against a rule found in the Old Testament. Also, I'm really supposed to be keeping to myself instead of circulating, as I'm on my period, according to another rule made around that same time. But I'm going shopping in a little bit and attending a surprise birthday party tonight.

I'm a lefty, so I wipe with my left hand--and, also, use it in eating, writing, holding the telephone receiver, and a lot of other things--which would probably make the infamous OBL just furious to know. But I really don't care, because his favorite hobbies don't impress me, either, so he can just go fly a kite in the cave he's hiding in!

Anyway, I hope that you'll keep on sharing your bathroom-related history here as you come across it.

Plunging Plop Guy (and anyone else who's interested)--I'm going to be on the road for the next couple of weeks and won't be online. However, I have a plan cooked up that will make it easier to keep in touch without going against the TOS here.

Saw something cute on TV last night. It was on America's Funniest Videos, and it was what a store camera picked up in the plumbing department.

It was the most adorable, little preschool girl who was sitting on a display toilet looking as if she were taking a very good dump--until her family came along and discovered her.

When I was a kid, we used to have something in our area called The Parade Of Homes where just-built homes in addisions were open-to-the-public for touring.

Of course, I was fascinated with everything about the occasion, because several of the new homes had a lot of things in them that seemed futuristic, such as intercoms, built-in furniture, etc. but the two things that probably fascinated me the most were the free soft drinks served to everybody in bathroom-size paper cups and getting to the bathrooms as quickly as possible to see what the toilet flushers looked like.

If my folks suddenly looked down during the tour of a house and found me missing, they knew where to go look for me: in one of the bathrooms.

And, more than once, I even peed in a new bathroom.

If I had to poop, it would have bothered me that there was no paper to wipe with, but it didn't bother me that there was no paper for wiping off after peeing. Usually, though, I didn't go to the bathrooms to pee but simply to inspect the flushers.

One of the nicknames that my folks called me during that time was Toilet Inspector.

Well, this is it for today. If I don't post tomorrow before I leave, I'll be getting back with you in a couple of weeks and having fun catching up with the goings-on here!

AJ :o)

One day in like 3rd grade i went on a plane trip to africa. and this one dude was on the bathroom 4 the whole time. alot of us had this nasty stew and we all had to crap! so we just waited untill the dude was off. I wasn't even wearing panties! i just had on a mini skirt and tights. i let out a few farts and liquid poo shot through my butt on to the seat. I felt kina better though. we still had 1 hour left untill africa! then the seat belt sighn came on because of turbulance. one guy pulled down his pants and went in a cup. there were like 10 people who had to crap!!! then farmer brown came charging out with all of mighty cattle! it was a beautiful green. then somthig told me to pee. so I did. other people did the same thing as i did while others just went in what ever they had. that flight stunk! now I'm in 8th grade and thing that is really funni!

Just a quick note to all my friends especially Jane (and Gary), Tim and Sarah, Annie/Robby/Meghan/Sarah (classes start Aug. 29), Ina, Kendal/Andrew/Ellen/Elanor, Steve/Louise/Damesel/Mom(welcome), and PV.

I have just returned from 5 days at the beach which was wonderful. It is a very crowded beach and no one used the beach as a toilet because it is impossible (and illegal). Anyway, I did use the ocean to pee a couple times. Once, I was swimming with my cousin and some of her friends and did it while riding in the waves (through my red one-piece). The next day the water was freezing cold and extremely strong. I waded in up to my knees (with waves, over my waist) and let out a few squirts during each wave.

As far as pooping has been going, things are much easier right now. I didn't go Sunday night, but with all the traveling, that is to be expected. We stayed at my brother's Sunday and Monday nights. After the beach on Monday and before my shower I had to poop. It came out really easily but was just a pile of little balls. Then Tuesday and Wednesday nights we stayed at my aunt's. The same thing happened then (after the beach, before my shower) and the poop was more "together" in logs rather than just balls on Tuesday, but not Wednesday. Yesterday, I didn't go at all, again probably because of the traveling factor. I don't know, whatever.

Anyway, today is another story. I had a cereal bar for breakfast, v????? lasagna and a coke plus some beach treats (caramel popcorn and fudge) for lunch. After breakfast, I was on the computer and had to poop, so I took my dog with me into the bathroom and pooped while petting him. Before work, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a mocha coolatta. I drank maybe a quarter of it over an hour or so while straightening the store and helping customers. All of sudden I broke out into a cold sweat and got major stomach cramps. I totally felt like I was going to throw up. I went to the back and sat on the toilet for like 5 minutes and couldn't do anything. I washed up and went out to help customers. Five minutes later I was back on the toilet, but again nothing. I held out as long as I could (like 20 minutes) after that and then went back to the toilet. After a few minutes, I farted. That felt so good I can't begin to tell you. A minute later I farted again then the juic! e started running out of my butt, followed by loose poop for like 5 minutes straight. I didn't feel totally done, but nothing else was coming out. I flushed, wiped and flushed again (the first flush didn't even get rid of everything--yuck!). Then, I was able to hold out for the rest of work and the pain went away, though I wasn't my usual cheery self.

I came home tonight and had some peanut butter crackers and lemonade. I felt like I had to pee a little bit ago, but rather than peeing, I had a bit of liquid streaming out of my stinging butt. Not fun. I couldn't pee either. Anyway, I still have to pee, so I'm going to go try now while I'm getting ready for bed. Here's hoping for the best.

I don't know why but, I suddenly have the urge to poop in my panties. what ever. oops, runny. here comes a big log! some tiny little balls. some pee, 2 more logs, a fart, liquid poop, done! there goes my hanes her way! tee hee ^_^ I'm a bad little girl. oh well! lemme take off my panties. okay! ewww, they sure are loaded. wait i really have to go! lemme put my panties on. just a sec. I'm back from the bathroom. i didn't even bother to take off my panties. too bad! more pee. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. lots of farts, a log just fell on the rug. oops! i'll just stuff it back in my panties! soft hot warm and gooey. I will not take these off! I love them! I'll tell you on more poop incidents later.
an hour later
I am back! just took a mega piss. ooooo the warm hot feeeling. i love this! it even leaked through my jeans! nice ;). I don't know why but I like this feeling. hard turd. lots of small little ones! plop plop plop. I'm going to the mall to poop some more.
2 hours later
ahhhhhhhhh. just took a nice long piss. a giant load too. an old lady even slapped my butt and got crap on her hand! LOL! :) do u think I should take them off now? NO!!!!!! let me re write this on my cell.........I'm at the skating rink now! some huge ones just left my butt and enturd my panties. I have a small thin towel and 3 maxi pads in there to stop flooding. ooooo! huge fart with wet dump! just had some ice cream b4 that crap. I have an extra pair 2 change into and am gonna plant this loaded package on the floor of a stall! ha ha ha! okay my undies are fresh and clean now. but not as comfy as having a wet mega load in them. ); just planted a stink bomb! have no more crap to dump. here is a good story about what happened to me at the beach once! I was at this party and we had spicy food. I had alot of dairy but I am li so beware! I had one runny fart but that was just the begining! we played my favorite game double dare and I was suppoused to take off my panties,put! on a thong,take off my bra and crap in the cups of it while wearing the thong. the other girl had to do the same but pee in her cups. so i put on the thong and crapped a huge smell yrunny log and a monster one in the cups. more runny. (I just crapped my panties again)hard and alot of mushy loose stool. she overflowed her bra. then we had to put them on! yuck! all of the poop came out of mine on my shirt and the same with hers!I washed out my bra in the ocean and ran around in that. i put on my underwear and couldn't find the toilet and peed in my undies. that night sucked.(just made a long mean piss with little pooballs. I'm all empty.) g'bye!
-lil ;)

Meghan(Sarah S's sister)
Hi All!
Here is what happened to me the other morning. I have a new roomate(no, not a male). She is very shy about her toidy duties. As you all have discovered I fart realllll loud! Well, yesterday morning I was sitting, reading on the toilet and she said,"Meghan, you have a phone call". I told her to bring it in. She walked in and turned red as a beet. I grabbed and it was Sari. Just about that time I let out a huge fart(trump). My roomate ran out of the room and Sari was on the phone laughing her head off. I then dropped some big balls into the bowl. I trumped again and of course Sari laughed at that. It is good to give a lawyer some entertainment in the morning. I was squeezing some more poo out and talking to Sari when my roomate came back in and was holding her bum. I pushed out the rest and wiped up quickly. I looked back as she dropped her knickers and let out this raucious fart that would have made me stop in my tracks. I told Sarah about this and she was screaming with ! glee. You see, we have known this girl for awhile now. She was a tad embarrassed when she came out of the loo!
****Take care, everyone especially: Kendal, Lawn Dogs Kid, Ellen, Eleanor, Ina, Rizzo, Steve and Louise, Damsel, Senior Damsel, PV, Leather pants girl-been loving your stories, Ephermal, Jane and Gary, Adele, LindaGS, Adrian, Gopweller, Billy and Kev-good to see you back!, Carmalita, Kimmie and Scott and all of the other posters here!


This is definitely the last post I make before we head off to Spain.
There is little personal news other than at the time of writing, Louise was on her way back home from her modelling work. Also her sister her is still happily keeping my best friend in a weakened condition...

To Adrian,
I don't know if you have seen it yet, but there is a new advert for Domestos featuring Alex of Big Brother 3. About a week ago I'd read that it was a possibility as he is infamous for being keen on hygiene, and as we both know the best documented aspect of this was the 'peeing in the shower' argument that ran and ran. I don't know what he would make of my wife's liking for pressure washing the shower floor with her urine. Not forgetting Louise's mother, who you will know has described herself doing exactly the same thing with her 'golden waterfalls'. Impressive waterfalls, I might add. Actually, gusher is a more suitable word.
I digress. Anyway, the advert - you see Alex entering the shower and for a split second you think, "surely he isn't doing it in the shower himself now", and you see a stream of yellow fluid being directed towards the shower drain. Then you see the fluid is actually coming from the bottle of Domestos he is holding.
I had to laugh at the advert when I realised what it was, particularly as I found out from a newspaper article over a week ago he had had the idea suggested to him and he found it quite funny himself.
Also last night while channel-hopping on the television I came across a late programme on Channel 5 conducting an interview of a blonde model with her boyfriend/partner, and she was saying that they even go and poo together. I'm not totally sure she thought they were unusual in enjoying each other's company on the toilet, but it was a brief but interesting moment all the same. I think I'm right in saying she was a girl Louise had met in the course of her own modelling when she did glamour, but apart from stunning looks and the remark about buddy pooing I think there's no further similarity between herself and Louise.

I had a phone call from Louise last night saying she'd had a wee in the swimming pool of the hotel she was staying at. She said she discreetly worked the crotch of her bikini aside and urinated while her lower half was submerged in the water and in close proximity to some other guests relaxing at the poolside.
She told me she would have preferred to use a large plant pot to wee in, but doing it in the water was a close second. Apparently the pool was due to be cleaned anyway.

Cheers, everyone. Best Wishes from myself and Louise.


There would be nothing more pleasurable than watching my girlfirend
have diarrhea. There is something of a turn-on about it. I know that sounds weird, but at least for me the thought of a pretty girl barely able to hold in a body full of girgling, bubbly and mushy dirrhea is just a turn on. Do any women feel this way? Maybe there is something about vulnerability and sacredness of the whole experience that brings you closer OR simply that most go to great lengths to deny they have diarrhea that to "catch em" in the act is actually funny and exciting.

Anyhow, I have a short experience. It started when I bet a Double-dared a female friend to drink 2 tall glasses of Prune Juice. She did it. We hung out for awhile, until the rumbling started and her body said "let the races begin". She was in and out of the bathroom with diarrhea as we both laughed every time. IT was very funny for both of us. Since then, I hear from her roommate that she drinks it all the time so she will get diarrhea. She must get some pleasure out of it. I tried myself and it is rather fun and funny. After all, when it is self-induced you don't have to deal with any cramps or things that make it a pain (in other words, drinking prune juice will not cause you to dump in your pants). Plus, it is supposedly healthy and apparently does a great job of cleaning you out. Anyhow, that was a dare that brought us the closest. Since then, she does it all the time.

Do any other women enjoy (or don't mind) diarrhea? Do any get pleasure from it? Do any do it on purpose?

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone.

ZIP, I continue to be fascinated by all these reports of low partitions! That sounded great where you were able to sit next to that guy and look over the partition and see his arse on the toilet, but how were you able to do so without him being aware? I assume that he didn't notice you looking, but whatever was the height of the partition?
It sounds absolutely great, so I hope you'll be able to shit there again and see similar guys on the next toilet!
Welcome back, too. We've not heard from you lately, but your posts are always good!

I was "complaining" the other day about my shits leaving me a bit itchy, sore or feeling like there was "still some in there".
Well, both yesterday and today, I've had great shits, more like my usual with a bit of effort to get started, then well-defined torpedo shaped turds that plop and splash, and when I've finished, hardly any smears on the TP. Yesterday, it was perfectly clean, and consequently I felt absolutely comfortable immediately after. I wanted to tell everyone how good I felt, and how glad I was to be shitting firm clean turds again! Well, now I am! A good healthy comfortable satisfying loud-plopping shit in a deep toilet is one of Nature's greatest gifts!!

To the guy who would like to have diarrhoea. Be very careful about taking laxatives which can make you dependent, and also be irritaing to the bowel. If you really want loose shits, perhaps you could try having a lot of fruit. I once drank a whole bottle of fruit pulp with a meal, as I found it very pleasant and I was thirsty, but the next day my shit was rather loose, so you could experiment with fruit, or fruit drinks, but do be careful.
Real diarrhoea, however, is a serious complaint if you were to become dehydrated, and I don't think anyone would want that, but that is usually due to some parasite, bacterial infection or inadequate diet.
For anyone suffering from diarrhoea, the best way of rehydration is to drink water with one part of salt to seven parts of sugar.

Happy, healthy, and companionable (if possible!) shits to everyone,
P. Plop Guy

SENIOR DAMSEL -- Hello, Donna! This is PV in Australia, and I'm so delighted you've decided to write for the forum! I have often wanted to say what a wonderful job you did raising two such fab girls as Louise and Damsel, with such a lusty outlook on the simple pleasures of human life! Such as the art of the standing wee -- something I've learned to do pretty effectively, and take great joy in. I've been friends with Steve and Louise for some years now, in fact (quick calculation here...) I have somewhere around TWO HUNDRED letters/posts from them, combined, in my files! We've shared a great deal of fun over these years, and it seems times just keep on getting better!

Have a wonderful time in Spain, you three -- wish I was there, I'm sure it'll be spectacular! It's midwinter here in Aus, and it's cold and wet, not great wee-fun weather...

Greetings to all my friends (Annie & Robby, Sarah & Tim -- loved the double-pooper adventure at the dunes! -- Ina, Kendal and Eleanor, Sari & Meghan, the Carmalita Gang, and everyone else) and appologies for not being around as much as I used to be -- I do try to get back as much as I can.

I look forward to the account from Spain!



Saturday, August 10, 2002

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