oh yeah! I remember I was at this party with my friens and I was sick but I snuck out of the house to go! so when I was dancing I had the urge to go!!!!! but I didn't want to stink up the guys bathroom. so I went out side and pulled down my pants and panties. I took this huge wet messy loud dump! it felt great. (: then I pissed for a while and stopped. I fated and pulled up my panties and pants and went back inside! then I had to piss again after a couple cokes and it was too cold now! so I got 2 pads and stuck them in my panties. but I also pooped during that long pee and my skirt was white! so I ran home. (: I also have another 1.
okay, u can call me lil k? I had the best piss ever today! I was talking to my friends about guys and stuff. and she said the most funny thing on earth! and of course I went in my panties. I really tried not to but I couldn't help it! oh yeah, a few years ago I was at the grocery store and had a mega wet accident it was green an dribbled down my leg and all! I ran to the toilet and flushed thost panties. so I had to run around with a mini skirt an no panties. I am li and had ice cream so i made a big fart and wet juices came running down my leg. It was sick. And really embarrasing! So I just took a bucket from the store, ran out and went. (:I also have another 1! I was feeling really light headded and started to head to the bathroom to puke. so I put my head near the seat and puked. then I was feeling the urge to go so I sat on the toilet and tried to go to the bathroom cuz i had some some green/brown logs and stinky yellow piss in me. but then I had to puke again so I l eaned my head to the toilet puked and saw nothng but puke! i thought where are the turds? then I said what ever cuz I waz light headed. so I went back to the mall and got a ice cream! as u know im li and thought I was constepated so i had stuck a piece of soap up my butt earlier. it was small so it took a while. but when it came, it came and just exploed out of my butt into my panties and i ran to the bathroom but i got there too late. my panties were messed. it was burning hot and brown green. it just kept flowing and flowing for ever! I had pretty big meals latley and i didn't poop 4 about 2 weeks! it didn't stop for a long time. oops was all i said and dashed into the stall to flush those panties. :) I have another! I was using my own toilet 2 yeas ago and the doorbell rung! I hadn't started yet so I quickly went and blasted was the ups dude. i picked up my new dress and looked in the mirror and saw that I had taken the rest of my giant dump/piss right infront of t he ups guy! I went to the bath room sat down and went some more. only this time after the first log i realalised my panties were still up!!!! i was mortified.i have another!i was sleeping over at my buddi's house and i slept walked to the bath room cuz after alot of coke, nachos and cookies i really had to go. so i sat down in the bathroom and did my buisness. it was slick and long. a slimy green too. it just flew out like there was no tomorrow. as sooon as it saw an opening it went. but that opening was when i was scratching it. my frien heard my farts and came down stairs. i was sooo embarrasssed that i pissed all of it right there. i woke up from sleep walking and found i was sitting in the sink with turds in it. oops! :)i have 1 last 1 left. i was sleeping and had a dream that i was a bird! i flew all over every where!then i scratched down there and just ploped a green white black turd on a bald guy's head! i giggled. then I made a big long turd come out! i did a few fli! ps and let all of it explode out at once! then the bald guy took out a gun and shot me! i was falling and all the left overs fell out. i woke up and saw i really was a gymnastics pooping disaster.
thank u! I'm new and will post 24-7!
lil ;)

Hi everyone, I have a great story that happened many times to one of my best friends in her science class. She is lactose intolerant and this gives her only the stinky gas. She had biology with me after lunch every day in high school and sat next to me. She liked to drink a glass of milk or soft serve ice cream before class so she would bloat up. Then she would drop SBD's in the hall and in biology class. One day though she farted by a popular girl at school and it was noisy.. Luckily they blamed the popular girl for farting. Anybody else have an experience with lactose intolerance and farting?

Upstate Dave
Good morning to all! Its cooled off here in upstate New York. I have not posted in awhile due to work has been keeping me very busy. I have had time to read the posts though. Welcome to all the new posters. I hope all here are enjoying thier summer.

In my late teens I used to go to SPAC(Saratoga Performing Arts Center) for concerts. I took the a girl to a Chicago concert. We had gotton tickets for the lawn. The crowd was 30,000 plus so the place was packed. The evening weather was great though. The Outlaws played first and put on a great show. I knew that Mary Ellen liked Chicago but I was not sure about the Outlaws. She liked them because she had a lot of compliments for them after they were done.

Well there was a break between shows and Mary Ellen said she had to pee so we left our spot and went to the bathrooms. The lines were long for both the womens and the mens. Mary Ellen told me this wont do so we walked along the boundery fence and found some bushes and went behind them. Mary Ellen pulled her shorts down and started to pee before she got down to squat. Here stream just gushed out straight down with a very loud hiss. It flowed that way for 45 seconds or so. Then it slowed down and she stoped. Boy you just made it and really had to go bad; I said. She relpied back that was the closest I've been in a long time peeing my pants. Well Then I peed a good long pee with her help and we went back to our spot on the lawn and enjoyed Chicago.

Linda GS
WOW!! And I thought I had trouble...mine are never that dramtic but they take just as much effort. I promise to get you story as soon as one happens. Eh heh.

Punk Rock Girl
Cheers!! Hee hee. bet you feel beter..sounded like a thing of beauty..would have loved to have been there.

Anyway I was watching MTV and there was Missy Eliot's new video and in it they showed a girl on the toidy. Anyone else seen this video or this scene? I forgot what the name of the video was but please post of you have seen it.

Lazy Wiper
Punk Rock Girl i have several times gotten lazy and not wiped i usuallly have harder BMs thus not very dirty behind do you sometimes not wipe just b/c u dont feel like it? Also do you sometimes not wipe when u pee?

i just shit a real bad at the mall today, i had diarrhea, as soon as i sat down it poured out of me, it was great to relax and let it go

Eric in Chicago
Crazy Man: If you want to get diarrhea by eating something, the best way to do it (short of eating spoiled food, which I DON'T recommend!) is to eat something with a lot of indigestible sugar-like substances that draw water into your intestines. The best-known such food is prune juice. Try drinking a whole quart of prune juice and then drink plenty of water afterwards. You should start getting stomach cramps and cutting farts after about an hour. By about two hours you should have to shit REAL bad and it will be all watery and will really shoot out. Sugarless candy and gum also contain the same substances (technically known as sugar alcohols). Keep in mind that you're going to shit more than once; the last time I tried prune juice (several years ago) I still had the runs for about four hours after my first shit. Also remember that you probably won't shit much for a day or two after you get diarrhea because you'll have flushed most of the stuff out.

To: hey! I'm new!

Try diapers they'll work.

today I have an interesting story about what happened last week 2 me. I haden't taken a dump in about 4 days and I waz really quite full.then I had to go play soccer with my friends. so then I started 2 get these wied cramps and it started coming. I knew we were all muy so I thought whatever and crapped myself really good right there. my butt was cold so the stamy poo felt good on my butt. I continued to play and found I haad to piss. so once again I went in my pants. It felt really good actually. so when the game was over we went to the pizza place an I made a wrong move. I had 5 slices of pizza and a 2 cokes.I thought i could hold it untill later but I was really wrong. so about 5 minutes of driving it came and it stunk. my pnaties held it all good but then the piss came. I said pull over now or I'm gonna piss in your car! quick as ever the driver pulled over and I lowered my shorts and has a huge "wave" of soft wet mushy poop and alot of piss. but I didn't exactly hit the! ground. it all landed in my already wrecked panties. after that I just let the rest of it out in the car and went home and tossed those panties and cleaned my butt up which was a gross green color. has this ever happened to you? please tell us! (:

I was playing the great game of double dare at a sleep over. it's like truth or dare but only dares and two people have to do it together. so once I was dared to poop in my friends panties and she had to poop in mine. then we each had to pee in our own pants with no panties. of course, we took the dare. (if you don't take the dare you will have to do that and somthing else on your next turn)so I was going to poop in her panties when a huge wave of green mushy wet poop exploded out my butt. her panties were a deep nasty green all over and totally loaded. mine were also fully loaded but a deep brown. we put our panties on and peed in them her poop was warm and soft. then in the morning I doubled dared two people to poop in their pants and wear tights and mini skirts. they accepted. then I added at the mall in front of a cute guy. they accepted again! so we went to the mall and saw a cute guy then all this green poop exploded on to his shoes! then the other girl had large red t! urds but they stayed in her tights. the green poop girl was sooo embarrassed she wet herself right there! another girl was so scare she loaded up her panties too and they fell down! now this was a poop fiasco. we went into the bathroom and the rest of us loaded up our panties too.piss and all. we went home and traded panties to feel eachothers poop.from then on the rest of that 3 day sleep over we never used the bathroom.I also remember pooping on the floor once at a fancy resturaunt. i didn't make it and farmer brown knocked on my door. well bye!

Bobby B
I was at a resort spa on vacation last week. Boy, was it fun. The actual spa locker room area was sort of co-ed. The massage and treatment rooms were right off the locker and shower area. The treatment rooms were private and people took there clothes off in those rooms. Then they went to the showers in a robe. The bathroom was open to the locker room and they were co-ed. I took a dump all 7 days I was there. I dumped four times when there were women in the next stall. It was truly and exciting expierence. Only one of the girls next to me was pooping, the others were peeing. Boy did that one girl smell, she was one of the massage therapists, a pretty island girl. But I was smelling probably worse. All that food and drink gave me loose and noisy bowels. On my last day there we were waiting for the shuttle to the airport when my lower intestine started to rumble. I made my way to the spa for one last co-ed dump. I was starting to feel a little desperate on the my way. I told th! e girl at the receptionist desk that I was just using the restroom and went back to the toilets. One of the attendents was at the sink cleaning when I entered the stall. I quickly pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees and instantly a massive load of noisy half solid and half diarrhea exited my rear. I could see the massage therapist look my stall in horror because of what she just heard. She quickly finish cleaning up before I came out of the stall, as not to shame me. She was at the reception desk when I left, I smiled and told her how nice her island was and that we would be back. I am sure she told her friends and got a good laugh. Little did she know how arousing it was for me to dump with girls all around.
Later all,

I had a bathroom dream again last night. This time i was at a restarant and i had just finished eating. I needed to pee, so i asked my parents where the bathroom was and im like, i'll be back. At the same time i heard a 14 year old boy ask the waitstaff where the bathroom was, so i followed him. I was in and i see a row of urinals and across from that is a row of stalls. Then you could go straight across(not sure what was there..i'd assume it would have been sinks or open toilets). I decided to follow the boy and he headed towards the urinals. So i never went sraight across. He took a urinal and i took a stall to pee. Then i woke up only cause it was almost time for me to get up and go to work. Gotta run now, bye

Today I saw an amazing and shocking thing, although it ended nicely! We have a new (busty dizzy blonde!) admin girl at work, but she keeps making a lot of mistakes. Eventually the CFO got fed up, and went over to her desk to reprimand her. When he finished, he said, "and this will teach you a lesson!", and with that, he whipped out his dick and pissed on her desk! But instead of being upset, Mandy just smiled and giggled!!! Could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

yesterday i was so lucky to find a girl pants (a.10), with white worms in???????????
what the heck was that?!!??!?

To leather pants girl: Liked your story

To Dan B.: Loved your story

To crazy man: Enjoyed your story, try eating prunes or prune juice.

To Jason: Loved your story....did you see any thing when you were looking in that kids stall?

To Simon: Liked your story about your friend

To Fernando: Liked your story.

To Linda GS: Haven't seen that video...sounds cool

gott run.

the "HOLD IT" man
Simon and Shower:

I remember one time back when I still lived with my parents. We h ad two bathrooms in our house, and I allways used the one down stairs because the one upstairs was allways occupied by my mother or sister.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I had a realy bad case of the runs and the toilet in the down stairs bathroom was not working so I went into the shower to shit. I was supprised as to how easy it was to get it all down the drain.

AJ :o)
Good Morning, Everyone!

I have a pooping story from late last night that's sure to delight.

First off, I find that, when I burn the candle at both ends (as if I'm trying to turn 24 hour days into days lasting 36 hours or more with nothing but little catnaps thrown in here and there), it will often speed up the time between monthly periods, so that I'm ready to bleed again after only three weeks instead of waiting an entire month.

Anyway, although it hadn't been a month since my last period, I was starting to notice period signs going on with me (e.g. PMS and loose bowels).

Yesterday evening, I ate at a Chinese restaurant in Indianapolis that I like a lot, and I felt very stuffed after I'd finished eating--but not stuffed in the sense of needing to poop but more like needing to burp.

I got in my minivan and headed for home (about 30 miles away). I was ready to burp before long, and did about two or three times, after which I no longer felt so stuffed.

I was driving home on a series of country roads, and, when I was about a third of the way home, the pooping urge hit me, and I could tell that it was going to be very, very soft, if not actually runny.

This was the first day of my period, so I was wearing padding. Big as I am and as heavily as I bleed, I use three napkins at a time, placing them from end to end like interlocking railroad cars.

The end of the front one comes up a couple of inches or so beneath my navel. The one in the middle is just in the average place to put napkins, and the one behind ends just above the top of the crack between my buns.

I find that, after the flow gets heavy, my bun cracks turn into a canal, and the blood travels along them and gets on my panties, if I don't have padding there.

Anyway, I wonder if I should get on the nearest main road and seek out a public restroom, but I decide that it would be best just to drive on home where I could clean up prpperly afterwards, and I knew there would not only be more poop to clean up but, also, I would probsbly be long overdue for a napkin change.

So I inch my way on home--under the circumstances, it seemed as if I were inching my way.

Close to home I end up passing some gas--or so I thought.

When I finally arrive at home, I sit in the van for a second and focus on other areas of my body besides my butthole.

I get out of the car and begin to make my way towards the house--and, once in the house, towards the bathroom.

Two or three times, I have to stop and use one of my methods for temporarily halting the contractions.

I will stand really still and begin to gently spank the sides of my buttcheeks, focusing on the sensations. This takes the focal point away from my butthole so that it will relax.

A sign that it's temporarily relaxing is a kind of gurgling oink sound (within me, as opposed to passing gas) that comes from my gut, accompanied by the feeling of the contents of my intestines being drawn in the opposite direction of the exit.

By the time I was almost in the restroom door, I have to spank myself again--as well as gently nibbling on my lower lip while sucking air into my mouth.

I finally get in the bathroom, pull down my jeans, and sit down--to have my butthole open up immediately.

Most of the sound effects reminded me a lot of water rushing over--and crashing into--large rocks.

It was, otherwords, mostly watery with some small solid pieces that make tiny splashes.

About two times or three times, I also make a gassy sort of SPLOOT! sound that might put you in mind of a squeeze-bottle of some sort of thick, liquid condiment (e.g. ketchup, mustard, or sour cream) where some air has gotten into the mix, and it bursts out of the top of the bottle when you squeeze it.

When I went to wipe, I got a considerable amount on my hand and needed to wipe it off and, then, go to the sink to wash my hands with very warm and soapy water so I wouldn't end up spreading e coli germs.

This is what it looked like on my hand: There was an irregularly-shaped but quarter-sized amount of fluid that had a watery consistency and a greenish-gray color to it.

In the center of that was this piece of poop that was pea-green and reminded me of a large boogar-ball (about as big around as a small pea).

When I looked into the toilet bowl, I saw that the water had turned the same grayish-green as the fluid part of what had gotten on my hand, and there were a couple of dark pieces of poop floating in it that were about the size and shape of mini-meatballs. On top of that, there were bloody skidmarks running down the front side of the bowl into the water from my period.

As I said, it was a bear to clean up--and one reason why this was true was that the so-called gas I'd passed turned out to be somewhat more than gas, because my back pad had gooey, runny poop that was the color of spicy grain mustard on a small part of it.

Anyway, I was glad to get cleaned up--and even more glad that I'd been wearing padding at the time! This morning, my bowels seem to be back-to-normal--for now, anyway. . .

AJ :o)

Today as i was driving home from work i stopped at the mall to pick up a new CD. And as always I make my roundtrip stops at every restroom to see if I can have a buddy to dump with. I went into the restroom and sat int he last stall. There were 4 all together. Three of them occupied. As i was walking past each stall i would look in to see if i could catch a glimpse of a hot guy shitting. I saw this one young kid about 14 or 15 years old and he was farting a lot. As soon as I pulled down my pants and boxers, I ripped out several farts. Soon after i had a lot of crackling and then came the shit. I shit about 6 4-5 inch brown logs. It stunk really bad. The kid next to me must have finally relaxed and I heard him grunting a lot to push his boyshit out of his hole. I would have loved to have seen his facial expressions as he pushed that log out of his ass. He had hairy legs and I could see that his underwear had a brown streak in it where he must have shit earlier. I would have l! oved to have taken a buddydump with him everyday. LATER

One day in my college days, I went to see my college's football team play an away game about 300 miles away at another small campus. 30 minutes before the game, I thought I would get some business done so that I would'nt miss any of the game. I went into the athletic building and wandered around, looking for a mens room. I now had some urgency in my quest and time was not my friend. I spotted the mens locker room and clinched them tight as I waddled my way to the door, but it was locked. This is on a saturday afternoon and there is NOONE in this was empty. So I look across the hall and there is the womens locker room and I am starting to sweat. So I push on the door and it opens. I hold it open and listen for any noises and I hear nothing. My decision was being made for me and I rushed in and immediately found an empty locker room and the bathroom inside. I no longer than sit down when I hear the door open and in walks one of the womens teams that had j ust got off the bus from an away event. I peak thru the stall doors and I see at least thirty women walk by and some come into the restroom and use it. I am panic attacking big time, how in the hell was I going to explain this one. I hear the showers go on and people getting undressed and the bathroom gets busy. I figure that I have to wait it out, thats my only option. Then apparently there becomes a line to use the three stalls in the bathroom and I hear women telling others to "hurry up!" Then my worst fears came true. Somebody says "Who the hell is in that stall, they sure have been in there a long time...did you fall asleep?" Now I am 6'3 300 lbs and I was silent and sweating. I heard somebody bang on the door..."what are you doing in there?" I had to do something , so in my best Rupaul imitation I raised my voice as high as it could go and said... "be out in a minute." The woman who banged on the stall door and who's legs I could see underneath the stall do or replies " wow, you sure are shy." Luckily the other stalls started opening up and my only saving grace was that they all wanted to see the football game too so I only had to hide out for about twenty minutes, so I waited until I heard nothing...slowly opened the stall door and the place was warm and steamy and smelly like any lockerroom is and I slowly opened the door leading out...poked my head out both ways . The coast was clear and I walked out non -chalantly to the game. Boy did the fresh air feel good ... One of my most nerve wracking days and all I wanted to do was use the restroom.

Hello again Leather pants girl sorry my real handel was not posted you refered to me as hi me again london calling is my name my fault i must of screwed up just so you know great stories keep'em coming
All the best London Calling
INA I think it might be me your wishing luck for your dad for as my post was under Robbies post if not sorry if so thankyou London Calling should have appeared below that post unless Robby has a sick dad too
if it was a mistake in response to my post page 959 below Robbies thank you for the thought. I might be wrong but if that is the case i had to thankyou for your thought.If it was Robby then good luck Robby.
Linda GS hope that poooooop you needed page 961 was good and easy
Love London calling

AJ :o),
I found out about the wrong end of the stick thing from a website I was looking at right before I came to this site(which is the last site I come to and read at the end of the day right before I go to sleep perhaps it is responsible for some of the podd dreams I have lol.)and I thought it was funny and people on this site might enjoy it.The site was about some guy looking for old outhouse locations because people often buried valuables in them of all places!!The guy found $40,000 worth of stuff in old outhouses over about 10 years through his hobby lol.Well you can't argue with results.The site was called Privy to Tiolet history or something.

I'm very interested in history so I've always wondered about where people used to go to the bathroom.Rome had the most advanced plumbing system until the past centuary.I saw this show today about roman bathhouses and they mentioned tiolets in the program.The roman tiolets were all communal and had about 24 in a row with water running under them.The tiolets were all very close together so often you were actually touching the person right next to you.The bathrooms(and bathhouses)were unisex though roman clothing allowed one to cover themselves up well.In ancient times people didn't think twice about things such as that.People back then probably wouldn't be able to imagine how prudish our present society is compared to theirs.Where is we'd see it as strange or indecent to be otherwise the romans would say there was something wrong with anyone like that.

I think this is largely due to religious differences.The judeo-christian-islamic religions tend to try to repress anything having to do with the body and consider it evil or impure etc.Paganism was just the opposite.It encouraged just the opposite.It was more freedom and nature oriented and nudity,sex and reliving one's self were seen as natural(which in fact they are).It's no wonder these 2 religions did not get along.I think reverend lovejoy on the simpsons said it best when he held up a bible and said"Marge have you ever actually read this thing?Technically we're not sallowed to go to the bathroom."lol.I looked in the bible and there are actually rules about such things such as bodily fluids being impure.

What one culture sees as normal another culture can find strange,barbaric or even offensive.I've heard in Islam there are rituals and prayers your suppossed to say before and after going to the bathroom(though probably only the most devout practice this).I also once heard in Islam a punishment would be to force a person to eat with the left hand because that was the hand a person would also wipe with(this may have been the other way around).The same is true of how one urinates.In our culture most would find women who urinate standing to be strange yet in some(maybe most) cultures I think it's the other way with men squatting and women standing.An early explorer to the americas once thought the native americans were a backwards and savage people just because the women peed standing up.How ridiculous some people can be over such simple things.At least there have been no wars over how one is suppossed to pee(though if there wrre sadly I wouldn't be surprized).Every culture ! is different right down to how they answer nature's call.

Another interesting detail few know is that dresses were originally designed so women could just stand and pee and do it discreetly in a "lady-like" manner.It's almost ironic that now when more women are learning to pee standing most women are also now wearing pants making it more difficult to do.But then again the idea of peeing standing in a dress was probably meant to be done outdoors anyway.If a girl went into a building wearing a dress and just started peeing on the floor it'd be quite a mess unless of course you were standing over one of those japanese style squat tiolets which are a hole in the ground.If a woman could just stand over it in a dress and pee it'd be easier than pulling down her pants and squatting over a small hole in the ground but again it's yet another cultural thing as from what I've heard squatting is common in places like asia and africa.Most cultures are much more open about going to the bathroom than in the US.

Well I'd just like to leave by saying keep up all the good stories.I'll post more about other cultures and bathrooms if I find more.Unfortunately I don't have any experiences of my own to share though if someone wanted to to I'm sure I could make up something interesting lol.On a bet I'm writing a 1000 page novel about people forming their own society in a bathroom and overthrowing their oppressive government.I've thought about one quiet guy narrating it but in the story itself you never hear him talking over the loud noises,flushing and kkrrsplats going on and he turns out to be very profound lol.As I've said before this site inspires me.

Actually now that I think of it I do have one experience aside from the time my little cousin tried to take a dump in the urinal lol.At a party some friends and I found and bent up employees only sign and we threw it in a urinal and took a picture of it.We also took a picture of a one of my friends(a guy)doing pull-ups on the stall in the ladies room and a picture of another friend(female)in the men's room standing in front of a urinal with her hands held at her sides but pointed out towards the urinal.It's hard to describe but it came out perfectly and it looks like she's utterly confused and in awe of the urinal.It'd probably make a good masthead photo lol.

One last thing.I already mentioned in another post about the bnathroom scenes in Goldmember.I found out that when it looked like Austin was peeing behind the screen it was actually cause mini-me spilled apple juice that was suppossed to be a urine sample.What I really thought they'd make a joke about was golden showers.Goldmember liked everything to be gold so someone should have asked if he liked golden showers or he should have said I like my showers gold or something like that.That's the one thing that could have made the movie better than it already was.Still a great film though.I recommend that everyone should see it.

your name (optiona Phil
Hi to Punk rock girl! I like your style, and your taste in music!
You asked about going for a long while without wiping ass? A girl I was going with once lost a bet we had made and her forfeit was to wear white lacy panties and not wipe her ass for the whole day! We had a big breakfast and went out for drinks in the town.(We were on holiday). We drank and ate chilli and after lunch sge neded to shit.I reminded her of her forfeit and she smiled and said she knew.
She came back a few minutes later and said it had been a wet one, and her panties would have a skidmark!
We continued to drink and she needed to pee a few times.A few hours later she again went to the toilet and this time she returned and slipped something into my hand. It was her panties, I had a quick look andsaw they were filthy, along dark straek of shit in the gusset . She wined and said I could examine the state of her arse when we got home!
The back of her skirt was marked and her bum had a crusty bit that had solidified!

hi toilet fans
sorry i haven,t posted for a while,but my hardrive went on my computer
i have enjoyed some of the posts too numerous to mention, but especially billy and kevins. i shall be posting how it all started for me soon,but as its long ill post this rare event that happened this evening in england
At about 8pm my bf said we needed some electric,so i headed to our usual shop but the machine was broke so i had to go to another, while walking to the other shop two lads passed me on bikes, one asian about 18 wearing jeans and t shirt and one white wearing t shirt and trackie bottoms.They didn,t go far and stopped by the canal, i could see that they both got of the bikes and tied them to the railings, i thought this a bit odd,so i followed them. They both walked down towards the bridge,when they got under the bridge,they stopped i peered behind the pillar, the white guy immediately lowered his trackies slightly and let out a torrent of piss,he didn,t expose his bum much then pulled his trackies back up ,i was dissapointed as i was hoping he was going to shit,but he walked back to the bikes i crouched down so he could,nt see me.The asian lad was still there and i figured he would just piss,he looked around furtively then walked slightly under the bridge, he was standing! up, i heard him unbuckle his belt and to my delight he pulled his jeans wright down and yanked his boxers down which were white,he squatted and i heard him fart,i couldnt see his arse hole in close up but i soon saw yellow shit emerging from his anus,it was quite soft and runney and wasn,t realy logs more like a cow pat, but he was shitting up a storm and i was getting realy turned on, he finally finished and pulled his boxers up without wiping and walked back to his bike, but before he did that he discarded his boxers which dropped to the floor, i inspected them and they were full of yellow shit stains.they then both rode of, so i have seen an asian lad shit why was it yellow? anybody know, i shall go along there again you never no, it was a horney sight and made my day take care toilet fans
happy pooping and pissing
gay lad lancs

I was in a mall last night shopping for some new shirts. All of a sudden, I had the urge to shit. So, I asked a girl where the restroom was practically squeezing my ass. I sat down so fast I could barely put the plastic thing down. I farted so loud that the guy sitting in the stall next to me asked me what I ate. I laughed and while I laughed it made me push out more farts. I think I farted almost two minutes. I had a huge hot dog coming out of my anus. It made my asshole bulge and irritated it a bit. Then I sat there and the farting stopped a bit. Then, it started in again. I flushed but it wouldn't go down all the way. So, I flushed it again and it almost flooded but thank goodness it didn't. My turd would have gotten into the other guy's shoe. So, I switched stalls. I looked into one but it was locked--out of service. The other one had some blond spiked hair kid in it taking a dump. So, I had to go back and just finish shitting without flushing. Jeeze--what an adventure j ust to get it all out. I started to get constipated so I sat over the bowl holding my buttcheeks open and pushed. I had to really grunt. All of a sudden, I let out a huge rip of a fart and one big chunk of plops exited. I wiped a decent amount and left it without flushing. I washed my hands and the spike hair kid about 17 yrs. old came out and said, "Were you looking into my dump?" I said, "No, I was only looking for another available bowl to finish. The one I was in wasn't flushing and I had alot in there already". He was like, "Ok, jeeze I was only asking dude. I heard you really let loose buddy." I replied, "Likewise." He really had diarreah or something.

Hi! This is my first posting here. It's a shame there are so little piss stories her. I have never had an accident, but sometimes I piss my pants on purpose. Unfortunately I have never seen a boy piss himself, although a couple of times it was really close! What I do see a lot are boys having a small piss stain in there pants after they went to the toilet! This happens pretty often when you look closely. It happens often to boys wearing loose boxershorts. Am I the only one who noticed this?

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, again!

Firstly, ELEANOR, I read the post from KENDAL on page 886; It's absolutely amazing that you should happen to meet like that! Not just at the same school, but in the same class, then to be introduced to her like that. Not a coincidnce, but fate, and it gives us all hope that we may "accidentally" meet others we have "met" here.
I too have noticed a post I've submitted has been put into a page I've previously read, so I may have sometimes missed someone else's as it's gone in after I've read it. The moderator explained it's all due to having to fit posts of various length in where they will fit, so to OUTHOUSE SCOTT and DECLAN, my responses to your posts are a few pages back. Hope you found them.

AJ:o I too would love to be able to contact many of my friends I've met here on this forum, but it just isn't possible. Unless we visit other sites, which we can't mention here, let's hope that those of us who visit public toilets in our own localities might meet others who happen to know we visit there! We all have our own handles, so it's possible.

HOWLIN COYOTE, Regarding being interrupted on the toilet. That's something that can happen to most of us either by someone else in the house, a visitor, or telephone. The best arrangement to avoid being interrupted by casual callers at the door would be to give all our friends and people we want to see; a special signal so the number of rings or knocks at the door can let us know who's there.
No one wants to be disturbed when we're trying to push a big reluctant turd out, especially if it's beyond the point of no return and someone's at the door, and will probably be gone by the time we've done.
I can imagine you giving your dad a lecture about hassling you when you're on the toilet. People should respect that just because you're at home doesn't mean you're available.
We've just got to hope that whether we're in the toilet, bath or doing something else of a very personal nature, any callers will wait, go away and return later or accept it's not convenient.
Perhaps a secret sign on the door if you're expecting friends that tells them you'll be a few minutes!

NATE IN AZ, I don't think the rules of this forum have been tightened up, they've always been strict about content and have been repeated today, but as long as the subject is about using toilets and avoids certain words and sexual details, it will be probably be allowed.
I've sometimes had a post rejected on a minor infringement, but after rewording it, it has been accepted.
Good luck with the printouts! I love all the ones about guys using public toilets and making a lot of noise and hearing other guys who fart, grunt and plop loudly and enjoy the bonding!

PUBLICBOY, More great encounters in toilets! I bet a lot of guys in Britain might like to comment about sounds in toilets but feel inhibited, so great that you're not shy about appreciating others' efforts, and results on the toilet!

STUDENT, I noticed you said that you're not really interested in other guys shitting because "you're not gay", as well as the fact guys talk about it a lot.
I don't think it's as simple as sexual orientation, whether men are turned on by, or fascinated in other men having a shit.
A lot of men are as keen as I am to hear or see other men on the toilet and yet are heterosexual, some women love to hear other women on the toilet. There may be a competetive element to hearing others of the same sex, it might be that some of us enjoy the sensations of having a good shit ourselves, so that the companionship of others who we can regard as friends or role models doing our bodily functions together is a great way of bonding. The men you hear who often talk about having had a good shit are perhaps making up for the lack of company they'd like in the toilet.
I know gay men who are totally disinterested in other attractive men having a shit, or are even disgusted. I know heterosexual men who have a strong interest in men shitting, but don't want to know about women shitting.
Perhaps it's on the same level as the cameraderie of sportsmen who play contact sports, have communal baths, kiss other men on the football field, a way of achieving intimacy with other men but without sexual contact.
Some of us would like to, and have the chance to display intimate affection to someone after witnessing him using the toilet, but such descriptions are not for this forum. With many, just to sit on a warm toilet seat just vacated by a fit healthy male who's had a good shit can be a tremendous thrill.
There's a very wide spectrum of toilet-related interest in other people, and a clearly defined sexual orientation is not easy to assess!

I seem to be having a fairly easy time on the toilet lately, I'd really like it to be firmer and with more effort as, such as today, I wasn't sure if I'd done or not as the turds were just pices of shit rather then individual solid entities!
I really want to be having good grunting sessions again soon, where I really feel relieved when I've done and my arse feels properly clean and empty. Plus, the louder they are, the more satisfying it is, and I feel brilliant! Basically, the natural way for me of having agood shit is to be constipated, not so that it hurts, just firm, solid and clean.

One thing I'd be interested to know about is that in many American films I've seen, it's quite common for people, usually teenagers, to drink milk with their meals. Is this high protein intake significant in producing mucus in the gut, and therefore large stools, or making it impacted? In Britain, drinking milk with a meal is quite unusual in the home from what I've noticed, although milkshakes with meals out at fast food restaurants are probably quite usual.
Perhaps anyone who has had drunk milk regularly, then drunk less of it for any period might have noticed a difference in how it afected the gut?

Well, that's it for today. All the items I've mentioned and addressed to individual people are for everyone who is interested, and it's been great sharing with ALL the people who make this place so good!

Enjoy your toilets, and any company in there! P. Plop Guy

Sarah and Tim
Hi friends, it's Sarah posting today. Tim is not feeling well and is moping in bed at the moment. We had a nice BBQ by the beach last week. Unfortunately he seems to have caught a cold there as we were suprised by the rain, which developed into an infection of the bladder and the kidneys, as his immune system is running low at the moment. He went through a lot of pain and inconvenience and even had to stay in hospital for a couple of days. It started with a permanent need to urinate and later he could hardly wee at all and it burned and hurt awfully, when he managed to squeeze a bit out. He is recovering now and the medication is kicking in, but he is felling very low and depressed. I guess he is frustrated about the ups and downs on the road to recovery. He also had blood in his pee, due to the inflamnation, which of course was a big worry for us. Luckily nothing more serious. As I said physically he is feeling much better. I just hope he will cheer up soon. Maybe I get him! to post tomorrow. Hope everybody is fine...

ANNIE AND ROBBIE: Hi sweeties! Nice to hear from you! I am glad to hear Robbie is feeling better and hope that all will be fine with his dad. Yes, Josie seems to have her first boyfriend and they are already talking about marriage, lol. They are really cute together and they are very open about peeing and pooping as well. On the BBQ Patrick needed a poop after lots of sausages and potato salad. His mum said he could go in the dunes as it was getting dark and ask if he needed help. He grinned and said thanks, but Josie could come with him, who also smiled. His parents looked at us and we just shrugged our shoulders, so his mum said: "Well, as the two of you are already engaged..." We all had to laugh and the two disappeared behind our car. After a while Patrick came round with his pants half up and announced he had finished. Josie and Patrick were suspiously giggly. His mom went to make sure the bum got all clean. When she came back she grinned a bit embarrassed and said:! "you got to see this pile, I can't believe it..." We all went round and took a look. In the sand lay a big pile of poo, which would have been quite good for an adult, but enourmous for a little boy. Tim grinned and said, he was combining some clues: There were two big, dark sausges and lots of tiny little light brown ones on top; there was the suspious giggle and there was Josie scratching her bum...He slowly walked over to Josie and Patrick, like a master detective, solving another case. The two giggled like mad and we all laughed. Tim grabbed Josie, who tried to run without success and took a glimpse into the back of her pants: "Ladies and gentlemen: The final evidence: Skidmarks! We have a second pooper here..." The kids were screaming, but laughing like mad. It was very funny. The only one who was sulky is poor little Loewie as he is jealous. Tim says Loewie does not know, how lucky he is, as he met twin sisters, who usually play with him on the beach...rascal, I mean! Tim, of course! Tim and me also had a buddy dump in the dunes, but I leave the story for next time. Hope to hear from you soon! Lots of lovexxxxx from all of us

LOUISE AND STEVE: Hi dears! Thank you for all your nice words. I know how much it means to Tim to chat with you and I also love to hear from you. So you liked our little story from the garden? Giggle, yes it was fun! I have to say that I get my hands onto his tool often enough, just not so often when he needs to wee... He realy needed a leak that evening and did release an impressive stream. I liked it when I saw the goose bums on his arms and could nearly feel the relieve going through his body, as I had my arm around him when he was letting go. Yes, Louise, I also enjoyed it to wee in the shower with Tim aiming me. He is so deftly and tender. I know your Steve is as well. Hope you will have a wonderful time in Spain. Lovexxxx from Tim and me

SARAH AND MEGHAN: Lovely to hear from you again and I hope you are fine. I wish you all the best for the new job and the new man, Sari! If you got more time, it would be great to hear from you, as you said...I don't know, maybe you got a story to cheer my big boy up....Lots of lovexxxx

Special hellos to our dear INA, RIZZO, EPHERMAL and all other friends. Hope you are all fine!

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