leather pants girl
TO HI ME AGAIN. the poos from that little girl were maybe four or five inches long dark brown and a bit knobbly and very smelly.

TO BRYIAN. At a rough guess i would say that kid was around six possible seven certainly old enough to wipe her own bum.

Did a very nice poo at the mall tonight, met a friend who works there and while having coffee, i suddenly needed to go, i walked to the washrooms and wonder upon wonder no line up.

i went into the first stall lifted up my black dress and pulled down my pantyhose and panties, sat down and did a silent fart while peeing, strained once and a big long light brown poo slid gently into the water, not very much smell,i sat there for a bit peed a bit more then i was done, wiped twice funny no marks on paper, pulled up my panties and pantyhose adjusted my dress and flushed. as i was leaving an old woman came in, and at that moment i let a very loud fart go DOHHHHHHHH!!!! i just cant win some days.

Dawn - If you pooped shit with blood in the toilet, could be a number of different things. Maybe your are majorly constipated and have torn something in your ass hole. Maybe put some vaseline up your asshole before you start to poop so it would come out easier. Was your poo a turtle? What do you think? Take care girl!

Dan B.
I am dating a new girl, and we got together yesterday. We went out to lunch at this barbecue/sports bar place and ate quite heartily. We even got dessert. I was afraid I would have some gas but I knew I would not need to shit for a good long while (I had not eaten anything yet that day so I was still all clear in my bowels). Well, my girl and I went to a movie and had a good time (I spilled some cherry slushy on myself when I laughed and had a mouthful in my mouth, yuck). Well, this was a Monday, at about 6 pm, so there were very few people in the movie with us, perhaps 6 or 7 others. So when the movie ended and we left the theater, my girl said she needed to go to the potty. She went in and the three or four other women who had been in the theater with us did too. I went to the men's room and took a piss, and was out in a matter of seconds. I stood outside the ladies room and waited, nonchalantly listening to see if I could catch any sounds from within. The restro oms in this theater had no doors, just a long corridor that bent back on itself so it barred the view into the restroom. After a few minutes I heard a toilet flush, and a woman walked out. Not my girl though. I stood there for about 5 or 6 minutes and heard the toilets flush several times, each followed by one of the other women who had gone into the restroom. Eventually, there were no other women in the restroom besides my girl. I stood there a few more minutes, the idea coming into my mind that she was taking a shit. I smiled inwardly, thinking of my good looking lady sitting on the toilet taking a big one. I suddenly heard the sound of toilet paper coming off the roll followed by a flush. Then silence for a moment, then the same two sounds again. This happened four times, the roll of paper and a flush. I figued she must have been having either a huge shit or bad diarrhea...Either was likely after all the food we ate at lunch. Finally, she came out of the restro om, looking as pretty and cute as ever before. I didn't say anything, because I thought it was a little too early in our relationship to tell her about my fascination of women pooping. But she had to know that I knew she had just shit, she's a smart girl. She didn't mention it either of course, but I did feel good just because she went around me at all. Perhaps she was about to go in her panties or something and couldn't wait, but I didn't notice her fidgeting or anything. It makes me hopeful that she might be cool about toilet habits. I haven't been with a girl yet who was, but this one is quite different from all the rest. At any rate, a girl that can eat like she does is going to have a lot of pooping in her future! Maybe we were made for each other=)

crazy man
i know this sounds a little crazy or stupid, but, i want diarheah. please, any one tell me how to get it without laxatives or enemas. like which foods to eat, or what can i do. please help me. i have a story also, ok i was in a resturant and i had to shit, well, i go into the bathroom, and start to crap, well a lot of people were coming in and out, and i kind of get nervous. well, i couldnt get rid of all my crap, so i wiped and left as fast as i could, i still had some shit in me. i drove home and went to my bathroom and shit A LOT!! tahts my stoiry, not very exciting, but after i get the diarheah advice, ill tell my stories

hey! I'm new!
does any one like to poop in their pants and/or pee? well i do. I ue to have a problem but when I got used to it i do it on a regular basis. i love that warm gooey sensational feeling of a turd. I also like sticking my finger up there and wiggling it around so that I start to piss. this iz my first time on the boards so I'll be here more often!

I wwent to take a dump at the park a couple of days ago and saw that a guy was already in one of the stalls. The two stalls don't have any doors on them and the guys on the toilet can be seen right as soon as you walk in. The guy sitting on the toilet was probably about 30 years old, wearing a t-shirt, and he had his orange shorts right around his calves. He wore white briefs that were up around his knees. He was making alot of noise, lots of farting, and plopping into the toilet. I think he had the runs. What was really cool was that he didn't have his head down like most of us do when we're dumping in public. He looked up as I walked in, and he was making a face while dumping. He wasn't bad looking. Black hair, pleasant face, a bit on the slim side. It started to smell bad in there. I went into the other stall and since the partitions are low, I could see over the top and saw the crack of his butt as he was leaning forward on the toilet. His shirt was pulled up and I saw t! hat he had a nice smooth back. I dropped my shorts and briefs and proceeded to crap away.

To All:
Unfortunately, I have no unusual toilet related events to report.
Oh yeah, there was one...
I got to hear from a friend that one of his other friends who likes to fart, had shit himself by accident... and was proud of it! Well, I don't know if proud is the right word, but he certainly told everyone about it anyway!
He was out in a mate's car, did a loud fart and then...OOPS! "Erm, can we stop by McD's, I need the toilet"
Evidently it was a bit messy. He had cleaned himself up but his boxers were a mess, so he left them there. Whether in the bin or just in the corner of the stall, I don't know.

To shower:
I have pooped in the shower numerous times, no matter what consistency the poop may be. When I fitted the shower, I arranged the plumbing so that there was very little chance of it blocking up.
The chrome-effect drain top in my shower tray lifts out for cleaning, which leaves a 1.5 inch diameter drain allowing all but the biggest jobbies an unrestricted journey to the sewers!
I find that I have to wipe with some TP before drying myself with a towel, as there nearly always seems to be some poop that has not washed off with the shower, but then leaves a streak on the towel.
TP washes down the shower drain easily too!
In fact, I had no choice but to use the shower to poop last year as I was in the process of installing new bathroom fittings. I used to poop in the shower "dry" then wash the poop and TP away with a 2 gallon bucket of water.

John Q Public
Hi Marcy:

At least you admitted that you were wrong for being that way. There are many people who never grow up, and they never grow out of needing to make others feel small and inadequate in order to bolster their own egos. Alot of t he football bullys I knew are still like that. About three months ago, I ran in to one of those apes. He was a manager at an aotomobile dealership where I was shopping for a used pick-up truck for hawling fire wood.

This guy STILL couldn't resist the urge to poke fun at the vehicles I was looking at, and he even tried to jack up the sticker price on one of the trucks that I was looking at. (A 1991 F150 Ford) He actualy told me that the sticker price was wrong, that the price was actualy 10 grand. I told him where he could shove it and took my business elsewhere.

To the Moderator:

I understand what you were saying, and I realize that this is not suposed to be a fetish site, but let's take a look for a minute here at what the main topic is. The very title of this forum "The Toilet" is most definately going to have fetish overtones, as do many of the posts that are put here. I posted what I thought was a great story the other day and it did not get posted. As the moderator it is your right to delete or not post anything you see fit, but after all the requests I have read for detailed descriptions, after all the posts I read about bladder hold contests, pants pooping and peeing, guys and girls watching their 'significant others' peeing and taking a dump, there is no way you can tell me that there are no fetish interests expressed here. The fact of the matter is that just about every post I read herre has some fetish aspect to it with the exception of the very few posters here who keep track of their toilet habbits for medical reasons. Those pos ters are very few and far between.

As for those who are under 18, I agree with your position. Children and especialy teenagers often do have issues to work out as I did at that age, and there are much better places to do so then on the Internet in a forum that by all rights s hould be for adults only. I don't mean to be a prude or some kind of an "authority figure" here, but it scares me to see children as young as 12 posting on a site like this. There are alot of wierdos in today's world who prey on children so one can never be too careful.

Thankd for having the patience to read this rant. Believe me, it is not intended to be a rant in and of itself and it is not intended to be nasty or a prelude to a flame war. I just wanted to make a few observations is all.

First off, you don't ever see the fetish stuff. Take note of the lack of sex and other, activities. Thats what doesn't get posted. The rest is a walk in the park.
Your post was removed for playing with someone else's poop.
We don't have an age limit and bodily functions and crude humor only get you a PG-13 to keep from upsetting old ladies. If you can read and write you are fine. Besides where are the parents? It isn't the kids paying the computer bill. Look at how much of this stuff did we do as kids anyway. After all, we are discussing things everyone does frequently that society says we shouldn't talk about, so of course people want to share. Families with children have to share facilities. We see that in a number of posts. The problem comes when someone is posting about things that just don't sound right and they are posting about their parent's disapproval. Something isn't right or is finding its way in that direction. Add the other problems at home and the line must be drawn somewhere. That is a lot different from the normal 5-13 (and up) demand for bodily functions.

Hi guys! I have an interesting story to tell. Ive been reading posts for a long time now and had always heard about buddy dumping. I thought that I would never be in such a situation but last Sunday, all that changed. I was in LAX waiting for a flight to Mexico with a friend with whom I had gone to Southern California on vacation. I had seen my friend take a dump in a public restroom but he hadnt seen me. So, as we waited at the gate, I told him I had to take a dump. He flushed a little as I saw a small grin on his face and I instantly knew I had excited him. He told me we should go to the restroom. When we got to the mens, it was crowded with guys pissing, other guys shaving etc. There were only two stalls and they were occupied. We waited and heard the other guys fart. My friend started to laugh and started talking about guys farting in restrooms. Finally, the hadicapped stall was free and my friend went inside. I waited for the other guy to finish and took the stall cl osest to the entrance. My friend asked me hows everything going, and I felt really cool knowing that we were doing the same thing and sharing such an intimate thing. He asked if I had smelled his dump and we stayed there talking a little for about 3 minutes. Then I told him we should get going as we had little time to board. He said what the .. and we stayed there shitting a little longer. Finally my buddy was done and told me he would wait for me outside. I told him I was almost finished. About 2 minutes later I finished, and after I washed my hands went outside. We went to the gate, and nothing more was said about the subject. However I secretely have to confess I was turned on by the experience. It was really cool to take a dump in such a crowded restroom with a buddy. I have always been shy about shitting with people I know, but somehow this time I felt great about shitting with another guy. By the way Im 23 years old.

Hi folks,

hope nobody thinks I am sulking or something. My computer has crashed and I can only hope to be able to rejoin the club soon. My love to all friends and special thanks to ROBBIE (GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR DAD) AND ANNIE, SARAH AND MEGHAN (nice to hear from you dears again); STEVE AND LOUISE (THANKS FOR THE LOVELY REPLY)for all the sweet posts. I am at the internet cafe and can't post much. So please stay all well and hopefully I can write more soon..

Linda GS
WOW!! And I thought I had trouble...mine are never that dramtic but they take just as much effort. I promise to get you story as soon as one happens. Eh heh.

Punk Rock Girl
Cheers!! Hee hee. bet you feel beter..sounded like a thing of beauty..would have loved to have been there.

Anyway I was watching MTV and there was Missy Eliot's new video and in it they showed a girl on the toidy. Anyone else seen this video or this scene? I forgot what the name of the video was but please post of you have seen it.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

"My post didn't make it"

-Look again you missed it
-Don't post about the picture. The computer changes it daily at something like 4AM. The forum is just not an a photo critique/slam. If you are posting from overseas, it isn't the same day as it is here. You may have seen something on Wednesday that was Tuesday for everyone else. If you have AOL we have noticed weeks on end when we know AOL was showing stuff that just wasn't there. Billy's new verison of IE doesn't work at all. No header no picture.
-Too long. This page has a finite amount of space. The old posts do not. Too many smaller posts are getting displaced too quickly by a few large posts. We have learned the lesson that people just stop posting when this happens. Notice how when the private party gets moved, after a few weeks more new posters appear. 3 or 4 people should not take half of the space every day for years, to talk to the same three or four people many of whom know each other in real life. Posts like this just go straight to the first avaliable spot in old posts. The people they are intended for never miss them. Put another way, on a recent day we had a high volume of posts. 4 posts were over 3-4 printed pages in length each and for the most part to and from the same group. These posts were longer than everything else combined. What do we come to when this is business as usual? Some people or a certain group of people post infrequently and their posts are always long, but they are almost completely intended for everyone. This is fine. Most people worring about length have shorter posts. Some people post every day and don't care what others think. Thank you, keep it up. We have no problem allowing extra space to fit these posts. When our efforts support a private party, and the 12,000 weekly visitors are squeezed out, what do we accomplish? How can we grow and meet new people if they are lost in the mire? Every poster does not choose to talk to every other poster but this is going to extremes.
-No advertising
-No contacting people.
-Problems at home. If you are under 18 and it just doesn't sound right it goes. If it is something you need to be talking to your parents and or child services about, it goes. Why this is only strictly coming from one corner of Europe that knows better is beyond us. Bad kids are one thing, some may find some items in poor taste/hygiene, but the stuff you aren't reading greatly exceeds that. When it comes to those under 18 their really is no cleaning up the story and resubmitting it by removing the nasty parts. It still just isn't right.
-Lastly this one is for grown folks. Some of you need to go to the ahem "store". Some of you need to take your spouse, partner, etc with you. This ain' the forum for that.

Punk Rock Girl

I had my first nice, solid dump in nearly three days last night. I hadn't shit since Saturday night, and late in the afternoon Sunday I felt the urge just kicking in. My boyfriend and I had made a day of watching movies.

Anyway, around 7:00, I felt an intense need to shit, so I got up and went in the bathroom. I didn't invite my boyfriend along, but left the door open anyway (I've been doing that lately). I pulled down my sweats and underpants and sat on the toilet. A long, thick, firm load slowly slipped out and plopped in the water, splashing my buns. Another few chunks squeezed out and plopped down. It felt so unbelievably good, I thought I was going to pass out! I peed, and wiped my ass. I flushed and went back out and sat with my boyfriend. He asked how my guts were, and I said better. It's always nice to be able to shit normally again after a long bout of diarrhea.

Freak Ape: The longest I ever went without pooping was probably when I was college. I went on a bus trip with one of my classes and we were on the bus for four days, only stopping to eat and see whatever it was we were supposed to see. It was an optional trip, and regret having gone! Anyway, I had extra bad constipation and couldn't go almost the entire trip. For three of the four days I hadn't taken a dump. That's a looong time for me! I finally succumbed and took a laxative during one of our stops. Just a couple of hours later, I desperately had to shit. Luckily, there was a bathroom on the bus. I went back and sat on the toilet (the room was barely big enough for a person--even my size--to fit), and shit my guts out. It was loud and there was a ton of it! I know people outside heard me. I was in there for maybe twenty minutes. It wound up also being one of the longest times I ever went without wiping my ass, because there turned out to be no paper (a cur! se that seems to follow me around) and we were riding all night. By the time we stopped for breakfast, the leftover shit mashed between my buns had squished into a real nice mess. And we still had a six hour drive home! I wiped my ass in the restroom for ten minutes until it was satisfactorily clean, and didn;t even bother changing my underwear, which was fill of skid marks. I just wanted to get home, take a shower and go to sleep!

Anyone else go for a long time without wiping their ass?



Senior Damsel
Annie & Robby,
If I keep writing I risk depriving Louise and her husband of their privacy, but I agree I could revisit and write every now and then.
I'll thank you for being so welcoming, but who you calling an oldster, my son-in-law told me I'll never grow up. I'll admit writing for this site is engrossing, and having grown up girls doesn't mean you can't misbehave. You and me, we've all been youngsters for more years than our kids. Love from Donna.

I've come back for one more time. I visited the newlyweds yesterday, and there I had a shit. I removed my black thong and I hovered my backside over the toilet with my dress raised clear. I was feeling very laden and the turtle's head was peeping. I started it on its way and the brown torpedo came from where the sun don't shine. The shit was a clumped mass of boluses, I know my anus looked very stretched. Some solid boluses followed the big one. Then came the weeing. I unleashed my liquid gold in a hissing, gushing waterfall. Louise was a dear and wiped me when I was empty.
Later I twice took off my clothes in the garden and had wees. I was down in a squatting position spurting a golden waterfall, but my preference was to stand pissing an arc like a man. Louise followed me and copied my positions when she needed to go.
This afternoon I strolled through the park to get to Steve and Louise's house. I had it in mind to have an outdoor piss before I left home, I saw the trees looked inviting. Put my bag strap over my head so the bag was on my back, then I removed my thong. All I need to do was stand with my feet apart and keep my dress clear, and I was alone so I used my fingers to point my released liquid gold on the tree trunk.
This morning I weed in the shower. There is nothing wrong with it, Alex of Big Brother! I squatted down to begin and rose to stand while my liquid gold spurted out in another waterfall. Became a trickle after a while.
On my way here I had another wee in the park. Squatting, I watched passing traffic through a gap in the bushes.

Again I've enjoyed writing.

Donna xx

On wednesday, I took a shit at my workplace and it was so big that it plugged the toilet for the rest of the week. They even have to call the plumber and he worked something as half-hour to unplugging it. I don't why, but I'm taking bigger shits since few last days.

THE HOLD IT MAN - Hi guy! Yeah, girls urethras are only about an inch and a half or two inches long. It is like my sister said, it makes some girls get cystitis because germs do not have far up to go from the outside to get to the bladder. So yeah it is a really good idea to wee before making love and to wee again about half an hour after. It washes the germs out. Men do not get that trouble because their willies give them much longer urethras. Yes I do a lot of pelvic floor and other exercises like situps so I don't know it may be that helps give me the pressure when weeing.
Love Louise xx

SARAH S AND MEGHAN - Hi girls!!!! Hey the WSPC never finished you know, so we do not have to start it up again do we? You are right about my sister. She is getting very daring weeing in front of her boyfriend. She has had a lot of fun learning how to aim her boyfriend's wee stream. I know it is hard work when you first try it. I liked your story about Roger being in the toilet with you both. giggle Hey good luck with him Sarah!
Love Louise xx

ANNIE AND ROBBY - Hi!!! Sorry you are not going to Spain. I hope we will have some good weeing stories for when we come back from there. My friend Jackie is coming along with us and my mum. Steve says that when we have a wee on the beach everybody will think the tide has come in! giggle
Love Louise xx

I have a great story for today. I work in a Medical Facility where I have to change clothes with other guys in a Locker Room type place. There are two restrooms in the locker/changing room. Each restroom has 3 stalls. I was in the last stall taking my morning dump when one of my fellow workers came in the next stall and pulled down his pants and undies and started farting a lot. I said "Damn John, you must be full of shit this morning..He laughed and said I am full of shit everyday and laughed. We sat there and was talking about how good it feels to let a big shit go. His shit stunk so bad. I heard all kinds of farting and crackling as he ripped out some big ones. I heard a lot of kerplunking and splashing hitting the water. I asked him Man how much are u shitting over there.. HE laughed and said I ate a lot of Mexican food last night. I told him I could smell it.. WE both died laughing. He was done and I was still shitting. He left and flushed. WHen i did get up to flush i ! looked in the bowl and all of his shit did not go down and there was about 3 small logs in the toilet. It was kewl. I loved seeing my coworkers shit..

sara a
i have been lurking at this site for a while but have not had anything interesting to post until this weekend. i am a 19 year old female and this weekend was quite the experience that i do not wish to re-live.
something that i ate on friday evening must not have agreed with me because late that night when my boyfriend was at my house cuddling with me, i got this strange feeling in my stomach. about an hour later when we were still just cuddling and talking the feeling returned and i told him that my stomach was bothering me and i excused myself to the bathroom which is adjacent to my room. (my boyfriend and i are extremely open with one another). i was in the bathroom for about 10 minutes and let go with some soft shit but not diarrhea and i thought after that i was fine. my boyfriend asked me how i was feeling and i told him i thought i was ok and a little while later he left my house. late that night i woke up knowing i was about to have diarrhea and i made it to the toilet just in time to make it. i had diarrhea constantly for about 15 minutes and went back to sleep hoping that was the end of it. the next day i felt ok until about an hour after lunch when my boyfriend a! nd i were watching tv. i told him i wasnt feeling so good and a little while later i excused myself to the bathroom for about 25 minutes of loud, messy diarrhea. during this time my sweet boyfriend knocked on the bathroom door, having noticed that i was gone for quite some time, wonding if i was ok and if i needed anything. im sure that he heard my wet farts and diarrhea sounds but i dont care since we are so close, although this is the first time that he has heard anything like that come out of me. i told him i would be done shortly and when i came back out he was back on the couch watching tv. and i laid down next to him feeling tired and sick and just slept on him for a while. the rest of the afternoon i returned to the toilet probably a total of 4 more times with diarrhea each time and with my boyfriend getting incrreadingly concerened about me. anything i ate, even bread would come out a short time later in the form of a wet sticky mess. on sunday luckily i was fee! ling much better and now i am back to normal. it was a strange and i am not sure exactly what may have caused it but it did seem to make my boyfriend and i even closer. please post reactions to this story

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