Now that kev told you what happened after he pooped the floor, I will tell you what happened where I was after the wire fell down.

We were playing in the trees before the sun went down. I needed to poop and so did my friend joey. We were wearing our bathing suits. I pushed mine down to make ankles and hung from the tree by my arms and legs. Joey did the same thing. THen we yelled bombs away. We both pooped (we yelled bombs away just before turds fell). After we were done and put our bathing suits back on, we were climbing around. Joey's little brother said he had to go and squatted over one of our piles. He dropped a couple of logs. Then the wire broke. The loud noise scared him and he fell back wards into the pile of poop and started crying. We could see what happened from the trees and went down to him. Joey said he had to go poop. We asked joey's brother if he wanted to bomb the pile, and he said, ok. We cleaned joey's brother's butt with leaves. Then joey climbed in the tree and dropped some logs on the pile. Then we went back to joey's house. He has a pool next to the woods. We got a hose, cl! eaned joey's butt, and went swimming.

I went out to dinner tonight, before i went out i wasn't really hungry cause i ate such a big lunch. I knew i might have an urge when i went out. I did feel slightly full down there. I didn't eat much for dinner. Right after i ate i had to poop. Had two 6 inch logs and they were on the soft side. Then i came back and about 20 min later i left to go home and i get in the car and soon as i get in the car, i knew i had to poop again and that i wouldn't make the 15 minute drive home. So i ran back in there, its a single person restroom. While i was in there someone tried to open the door, but i had it locked. I was hoping it was a some teen age boy in need of a shit. The 2nd dump was kinda softer and chunky. Then i wiped alot, got home. When i got home, i got online and i was talking to my friends and i had to poop again. Again it was soft and chunky. I wiped alot. I ate alot of food with mayo in it. I think thats whats making it really soft. Wish i could have had a dump again l! ike last night.I pooped three times, i think im done and emptyed out for tonight! well gotta go now bye

AJ :o)
I have a couple of rest park peeing experiences to tell you about.

It's been a few years since they happened, but I think you'll still like them.

One of them was when I really had to pee, but there was an older (senior citizen to my then thirtysomething) gentleman in there cleaning, so a sign was up that the restroom was closed due to cleaning.

He wasn't to the place where there was a stopping place with his work, but he told me that, if it didn't bother me to go when he was in there, it didn't bother him. He told me that he had a wife and several daughters.

So I told him that I was beyond caring, took the stall that was the farthest distance from him, and let go.

Then, I came out and washed my hands, and he and I carried on friendly small-talk while I did.

Then, there was the time I returned to this one rest park where I'd had a mishap with my trick-knee several months before then (popped out while I was napping in my car).

Both the attendant who worked nights and the one who worked days were very helpful in the sense of making phone calls for me, bringing food to me, and just sitting in the car with me to keep my company while I was waiting for my folks to drive the nearly-150 miles to get me (one would drive my car, and the other would drive me back in their slightly-roomier car.

The night attendant had more time to spend with me, as his work was light, so we got to know each other pretty well.

He popped the snacks into my mouth and put the pop can up to my mouth so I could drink while I was rubbing a mineral oil gel on my knee to get it relocated--which took an hour and fifteen minutes to accomplish due to the position I was in.

So I'd returned to the rest park several months later just to let him see that I was well on the road to recovery--as well as to tell him the exciting news about my new boyfriend (though, at that point, I wasn't even sure if said boyfriend liked me anymore).

Which brings me to the attendant that was there.

This was a younger guy (somewhere around my age or a few years younger, my being 37 back then), and he told me that Charlie no longer worked there, as he'd retired a short time ago (I think he was in his mid-sixties, if I remember right).

But this younger attendant looked as if he'd been crying, and he told me that his wife had just left him.

I told him that there was this special guy in my life, but I wasn't really sure how he felt about me at that particular time, but I would be seeing him in a couple of days, so I'd know for sure after that.

But he told me that he was in need of a smoke and had some beer in his truck. He asked me if I'd like a cigarette and/or a can of beer, and I thanked him but turned down his offer.

Still, I went outside to keep him company while he smoked and drank a can of beer, and he talked about his wife to me.

Soon, a friend of his showed up and joined us. He took one of the cans of beer and drank it.

Then, we all stood around and talked some more.

Pretty soon, I heard a sound like a small stream running--and suddenly realized that these men were both peeing right there.

For some reason, the attendant's pee-flow stopped, and he talked in a strained voice as he pushed to get it started again.

I never mentioned what they were doing and never looked. Just kept on talking with them and pretending that I didn't notice what they were doing.

Bet they felt really better after that--especially, the attendant.

I can't remember what the other guy looked like, but the attendant reminded me of a fuzzy teddy bear.

He wasn't fat--just a little stocky--and he had dark, curly hair and a fuzzy-looking beard. I think his eyes were dark brown. He was a real sweetie.

As for the guy, he had just moved into a new office suite, and I went to see him, and we had a wonderful visit. He told me that he wasn't at all mad at me--just busy.

While I was there, I needed to pee and asked him where the ladies room was.

He mentioned to me that it just occurred to him that he hadn't been to the bathroom all day, because he'd been so busy.

He told me that he had no idea where the ladies' room was, as he'd just moved there two days ago--but he did know where the men's room was and would take me there.

I went in, and he said he was going to wait outside the door and keep watch in case somebody (male) came by and needed to use the restroom.

Nothing really exciting to report--other than it was neat to have this guy to be so protective of me.

He never used the bathroom, himself--but one of my friends said that he coldn't help wondering if he had gone in there later, sat down on the seat, and had nice thoughts about how his bottom was touching the same seat that my bottom had been touching earlier that evening.

He and I eventually went our separate ways but got back together last year--though we're not together at this time.

But I hope we will be before long.

When the time is right, I think I'm going to ask him if such thoughts crossed his mind back then!

He's someone really special. I'll be sharing more about him in later posts--but I doubt if I'll be sharing any of his bathroom habits, as he's not exactly a big Internet fan to begin with, and I'm almost 100% positive that he wouldn't be comfortable in having information about his bathroom habits broadcast in Cyberspace.

But I can tell you this much: I hope that the time will come when I'm the one who aims him at the toilet when he needs to pee and rubs his teddy bear ???? if he ever has trouble pooping.

I think that this is just how people feel about those special someones in their lives!

Warmest Fuzzies!
AJ :o)

Pete (US)
To Jacob G in Florida I loved your cell phone story! It reminded me of several old posts about people talking on cell phones while taking a shit in a public toilet.

Dawn - If you pooped shit with blood in the toilet, could be a number of different things. Maybe your are majorly constipated and have torn something in your ass hole. Or it could be some strawberry jam.What do you think? Take care girl!


Weird! I never knew there was so much interest in shitting and peeing! I'm a twenty five year old woman, 5'6", pretty thin, with blonde hair (natural). I don't really have any stories directly involving shitting or peeing, at least not since I was little. But I have one bathroom incident that happened to me that I thought you might find entertaining. I went to the same summer camp in Virginia from when I was five up to when I was fifteen. This happened when I was thirteen. I was always a pushy girl, the type who teased people and was mean. I hate the fact that I was like that, but this incident really put me in my place.

There were latrines, with stalls and doors, but they were coed. I had played a joke on one of the boys earlier in the week by pulling his bathing suit down. Well, he got me back good! I went into the latrine and entered a stall. I pulled my shorts and underpants down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. As I peed, a pair of arms reached under the stall and grabbed my shorts AND my underpants and yanked them off before I could do anything. I screamed at whoever it was to come back, but they ran off, giggling. The latrine was in the center of the camp, and I was too embarrassed to yell for help. I got up, pulled my shirt down to cover my crotch and snuck outside. I looked around and didn't see anyone. I was only able to cover either my butt or my crotch, so I continued covering my crotch. I ran toward my cabin. Behind me, I heard CLICK! I turned around, and there was the boy whose suit I had pulled down with a camera. He had just taken a picture of my bare ass! ! I yelled at him where are my shorts? Within a few seconds people were laughing and pointing at me. I started crying and ran into my cabin.

Later, the boy and I were in the head counselers office and they were going to call his parents and have him sent home. He kept saying, it's not fair, she pulled down my pants first. They actually said to him, "Well pulling down a boy's pants is one thing. Pulling down a girl's pants is totally different." Even I thought that was stupid. I was humiliated and embarrassed but I didn't feel scarred or anything. They were talking about filing sexual assault charges and everything. I thought that was going a little far. So finally I said, "it's okay. He was just getting back at me for pulling his bathing suit down." I said "please don't call his parents or my parents." So they finally let it go and he apologized to me for doing it. I said it was okay.

When I was fifteen, I went to that camp for the last time, because my family was moving. I went to everyone whom I was friends with (I discovered, that when you stop being a little bitch, you make more and better friends) and said goodbye. It was really sad. I'd grown up with a lot of these people. I went to the boy whom I'd had my earlier troubles with and gave him a hug and said, "You don't hate me do you?" He said no and gave me a card. He told me to wait until I was on the bus home to open it. I got on the bus, and sat in my seat and opened the card. It was a cute little "I'll Miss You" card, with a smaller envelope inside. I opened the envelope and there was the picture he had taken, of me with my little pink buns exposed. At first, I was shocked, but then it struck me as funny and I laughed my ass off for an hour. My friends asked me what was so funny and I showed them the picture and told them the story. I still have the picture in my scrapbook. Never! saw the boy again, though. I wonder what he's doing these days.

Anyway, that's it. I shit and pee like everyone else, so I'm sure I have a few stories about that. But this is my funniest story. Hope you liked it!

i think i had food poinsoning at least thats what my mom said. we ate lunch and went to the zoo my stomac was feeling real weird and it hurt really bad. i kept holding my stomach and mom said are you ok, i said it hurts. we sat down at some benches for a little while and it felt better. i felt some gas about to come out so i lifted my but a little off the bench and farted, only it wasnt fart it was poop. i knew i pooped at soon as i pushed it. mom was not looking at me when i did it. i said im better now can we go. she got up and then i slowly got up. another gas urge was hitting me and forced its way out, it was all liquid poo. it shot in my pants real fast. i felt my but and it was feeling wet, it was soaking through my shorts. i walked behind mom, we stopped and looked at stuff. i was looking over this fence to see the lions and mom saw my but. she asked what happened and i had to tell her. she wasnt mad, she siad thats why your stomach was hurting, it was diarea cased by! food poisoning. we decided to go in the bathroom, mom took me in the womens. there were a bunch of girls my age in there i was embarrased, they looked at my but and said little baby poo poo his pants. i said shut up and mom took me in a stall, she cleaned me the best she could with some wipes, she threw my undies in the trash. she said if you do it aagin it will runn down your legs. so i had to be careful. i didnt have to poo anmore thank goodness. but i should have peed while we were in there but i didnt think anbout it. we got on the train and i realized i really had to pee when we sat down, it was to late i couldnt get off. the whole ride i was trying to hold it, thenit came out real fast, pee all over, mom looked over and saw pee running all over the seet and on the flor, she said jimmy what have you done, everyone in the train looked at me, the train stopped finally and i got off. i was soaked, we went to this waterfall area and i got soaked uder it, it kinda cleaned m! e a little. i dried and we went home.

I found this site by accident,dut as constipation and problem pooping are common in our house i thought i would read on,i then discovered we are not alone.
I read the post about the young child whohad difficult poos,my 7 yr old has that problem.She has very fat,long,hard nobbly poos,probably due to eating too much especially sweets,as we cut sweets for a week and it wasnt so bad but she insisted on having sweets so she is given them but is aware they make her problem worse.She poos about every 3 days,she sits on the toilet and strains so hard,making grunting sounds and panting after each push,at first i count with her and she strains for the length of the count,eg 1-5,then 1-8,1-10 etc,she gets to about 30 most times.If she hasnt done it she gets off the toilet and turns round and i rub vaseline into her bum hole.we tried enemas twice but it hurt her too much.when i put the vaseline in i can feel the poo inside,it is usually just visible in her bum,then she tries again,same as befor,the counting routine.By the time we get to 30 she has been trying for about40 minuits,she gets up again and usually the poo is starting to stic! k out,it is obvious at this point that it is a very fat one.its often stuck as her hole doesnt seem to open wide enough to pass it.She then tries a different position either squatting over the toilet,back to me,or kneeling on the floor back to me.In either of these positions she can push harder,she strains so hard this way it sometimes makes her cry as the poo inches out,streching her so much she gets little splits,she tells me she is rearly hurting and wants special creme,so i go and get that forher.This creme is something i have from the doctors it contains a mild anesthetic to numb the pain,my other daughter who is 12 also gets this creme.i put plenty on round her now swollen anus and she tells me when it feels better then she strains again long,hard vicious strains,sometimes shouting,grunting ,putting every bit of effort she can,changing between sitting,kneeling and squqtting,if it is a real big poo she bleeds alot as it comes out,but she is brave and keeps pushing until! l it drops into the toilet or on the floor depending which position she is in.She has these problems everytime she needs to poo and has since she was 4 yrs old.The other difficultie we have is wiping,as after she has done it the pain and soreness she can feel thru the anesthetic creme and the anesthetic wears off pretty quick.i dont reapply it after she has pooed,but occasionally have to put 2 or 3 applications on whilst she is doing it.When it wears off she tries to touch her anus to relieve the pain,but i dont let her do this,especially as her anus continues to bleed for some time afterwards.As she wears a nappy to bed each night because she bedwets,a cloth one and plastic pants,i put these on as soon as she has been wiped,it soaks up the bleeding and stops her from touching her anus as at these times I use one of the special pairs of plastic pants that fasten tight at the waist so the wearer cannot remove them or get their hands in.She then has a comfort cuddle on me.ever! y now and again she gives a little strain as she says this eases the soreness.often when i change her in the morning she has done more poo.
My 13 yr daughter had the same problems,but she deals with it herself,prefering to make herself poo some every day,she started to do this a couple of years ago and found it easier to poo as it didnt get so big ,she spends around an hour every evening,you can hear her straining and grunting all over the house especially when she is having a viscious session she also swears and shouts particularly if she is still sore from her last time,she uses the special creme as soon as she sits down,she always sits on the toilet but often moves her sitting position and even pulls her knees up to her chest.She too is made worse by eating lots of sweets but doesnt want to stop and infact often eats them whilst on the toilet.I often go in to see if she is ok.she says dont go on about the sweets i know what you are going to say..then tells me her poo is stuck,strains noisily till she cant strain any longer then eats more sweets.She bleeds quite alot.A friend of mine who is a nurse examine! d her recently for another reason in the genital area,told me she noticed my daughter had 2 deep anal fissures and protruding haemorrhoids,she now uses creme every day and has 6 to 10 changes of pants because of the mess the creme makes and that she gets a slight bleeding sometimes.she used to wear plastic pants untill a few months ago but they seemed to cause her vaginal infections,or should i say she blamed them,my nurse friend had a slightly different view,her promiscuity being the major cause.She is an occasional bedwetter but generally doesnt wear any protection,except when she has had a very bad time pooing she asks for protection to bed as she at these times messes and wets.
If anyone would like to reply through these posts i would appriciate any advise.

Joe Stool
NATE IN AZ: Thanks for the warm welcome; it has helped me to enjoy this forum in a whole new way that I had never imagined in my contentment as a lurker.
TO EVERYONE ELSE IN BATHROOM LAND: There are so many more of you that I want to speak to about specific issues, but to do so today would probably violate length regulations again (My last post was denied, probably due to this). All in good time - Now for part one of my story.
I was doing my laundry, when I had the all too frequent urge to pee (more on that in coming posts), as well as a hint that a larger bathroom affair was not long in coming. As the laundromat bathroom was out of order and my clothes would be a while, I sought relief next door from both the pressure on my bladder and the boredom of the wait. While the simple relief I needed would've been fine by itself, I had no idea that I was about to wildly surpass this and win the grand prize in a triple-crown bathroom lottery!
Though the adjacent fabric and craft store was huge, its bathroom was modest and obscurely promissing: a single occupancy UNISEX room, sequestered away amidst utilitarian wood panneling in a back corner of an establishment where the clientelle was 90% female. As I got closer, the familiar scenario of a closed door with a light/fan on kicked my adrenaline into overdrive at the possibility of eminent joy or disappointment. It wasn't disappointment. Immediately, a loud, hoarse, gutteral series of grunts confirmed that I had stumbled upon a dump en media res. UHMM....UHMM....UHMM....UHMM. As loud as the grunting was (especially for a public restroom), each one was also brief and did not build or trail in volume, as do most. The sound was similar to short, sharp throat clearing, and was surprisingly devoid of any muffling attempts (which are in and of themselves fun to identify). This stuccato series was virtually perfect in its rythm, as this same cadence was repe! ated verbatim for about two minutes...UHMM....UHMM....UHMM....UHMM (who knows how long it had been going on before I arrived). The loudness was juxtaposed with sparseness, as the grunter never deviated from this pattern with sighs, pants, or other types of grunts. Also noticibly absent were farts, plops, and crackles. Perphaps most interestingly, however, you will note the lack of exclamation points. Although these were some of the loudest public grunts that I've heard, they were strangely devoid of the emotion and determination that is wonderfully infused in so many. Here, however, less was more, as the user wiped twice, flushed, and washed to emerge and reveal herself as a tall, blonde robust grey-eyed woman of about sixty - at once handsome and pretty. More detailson this episode and another that followed immediately. I hate to compromise my story, but want it to meet length regulations.

HI me again as i type this i dont know if my last post (first for ages) made it
Leather Pants Girl great story with the little girl kids are so amazingly straight how big were those three logs lol.
Well i have bills to pay so bye for now
London Calling

Steve and Louise
I've recovered sufficiently from the shock of finding the post from Louise's mother. I really ought to warn my best friend (he is seeing Louise's sister) about her. Yes, Donna, I said Louise's netball team was fearsome, but somehow I forgot about you! The 'Donna Collection' is a tribute to a beautiful lady. Nice legs and bum. Believe me - you've still got it. And don't grow up. Ever. I liked your powerful descriptions by the way. 'Golden waterfall'? Yep, that's how you do it.

It's been a quiet weekend apart from Sunday afternoon. My wife was again well behaved by her standards, and only dropped her trousers for an outdoor wee once on Saturday night. I think she was feeling a little frustrated by Saturday evening because a few times we saw couples together with the men urinating on walls or wherever, and their girlfriends were not shy about looking over their shoulders to watch them. Louise feels she missed out, having no view other than from the rear.

Now then, again time flies by, but there is time for some replies to be made.

To Martin,
A long time since we last heard from you. I thoroughly enjoyed your story about Claire following you to the urinal. As a small boy, that must have been quite an experience for you. Perhaps you would have been better prepared than I was for being captured in the changing rooms by Louise's netball team and urinating alongside them in the urinal. That urinal was of the porcelein wall type you described in your own story.
Louise here!
Yeah, Martin, you would have been looked after by us. It was funny with Steve because my friends made it hard work for him to start his wee because when they said a lot of things about his willy being big. Your teacher Mrs Hazel is right. It is good for girls to be naughty! giggle

OUTDOOR JANE - Hi girl! I would not want to be caught weeing in the street in Norway then if the fine is so much. I would not like that.
Love Louise xx

KENDAL AND ELEANOR - Hi girls! Hey Eleanor it may be she would like standing up to wee! I will tell my sister about the nice things you said to her. I think she missed your letter.
I am still giggling at your trap for Michael. giggle I think it was very funny him listening to your wee tinkling and hissing and then you Eleanor asking him why he was there. giggle
Love Louise xx
Steve speaking.
And I thought you two were good girls! I should know better.
Eleanor, thanks for giving Louise such a compliment. Likewise, I'm sure you are going to make some young guy very happy some day. I can remember a time not too long ago when I was quite concerned for your well being, having suffered toilet indignities in front of Michael - but now it seems he might be at risk from you and Kendal. Whatever are you going to do to the guy next?

TIM AND SARAH - Hi again! Louise here! I liked the end of your last story when you weed on the shower tiles, Sarah! I did the same thing this morning with Steve aiming me.

To Plunging Plop Guy,
Steve speaking. Yes, those are some of the problems I was referring to about being in the gents'. Also in clubs there can be problems with dealing in the toilets, and also that the gents can be a place out of sight where someone can launch an attack on you with your back turned. Seen it happen. I have a background that can be advantageous towards countering such problems, but even so, there is still the element of risk in that environment..

Regards to Robby, Annie, Sarah S and Meghan. More replies tomorrow.

Steve and Louise.

To leather pants girl: Liked your story, how old do you think the girl was?. I liked your camp story too.

To Kevin: Liked your story, i was with my little nephews once there probably the age of your brothers, and they peed in the tub, my sister drained the water and had to fill the tub back up. I like farting in the tub, do you?

To GuitarPunker: You might be, have you pooped yet?

To JW: Loved your story, wish you could have been open to her. Do you still see this friend?

To Jacob G in Florida: Liked your story, you really would have made a fool out of your self if you would have commented back.LOL

To wetguy: That sure was fun, i did it in my bathroom. Loved your story that you tried pooping your pants. Was it a firm log? how big was it? And how often do you poop? You sounded like me i was online doing stuff and i really had to go poop.

To PUBLICBOY: Loved your story, did you ever go back and pay for your stuff you wanted to buy?

To Howlin' Coyote: Loved your story

To Plunging Plop Guy: Liked your story about your friend meeting that guy.

To Godfather: Liked your story

I posted something yesterday, didn't make it, here it is... I got a kick out of Sundays/Mondays pic.

I should have told you before, HOLD IT Man, but I am more into 'hold it' type games than my sister Louise is. I am physically near identical to her but I am just an inch shorter.
If I have not had much to drink all day then I have gone from about 8:30am to 9pm without weeing and then I have had a quite full tank. I like to drink more than that during the day because it is healthier, and then I have lasted from about 9am through to about 5pm when I have been really needing a wee-wee. I'm quite good at holding it when I am on a night out with my boyfriend but because it is fun to watch him when he sees me weeing I do it well before I get desperate. I know I can hold at least 1 full litre because I tried measuring my volume last week in the bath with my boyfriend. I used to think my maximum was lower but I was wrong. For 20 seconds my boyfriend held the bucket between my legs and I did about 625 millilitres of piss, and I calculate the rate is 31.25 millilitres a second. I'm no match for my sister but it's not bad is it?

Yes, Sari and Meghan, I am enjoying myself. Smile. I hope you and Roger are having good dates, Sari. About one part of being with my boyfriend, my mum has told me to wee before and soon after because it helps stop germs getting in and helps women avoid getting cystitis. I wouldn't want that problem because it sounds very painful to wee when you've got it.
Yes I have taken hold of my boyfriend's penis several more times when he has weed. One night I took hold of it in a quiet alley on the way home. I moved my boyfriend's pee jet from side to side, up and down, and I got it to go wherever I wanted. I have also realised how to help him by closing his foreskin and doing the shake shake shake routine. It was easier next time when we were both naked standing by the toilet. I just got two drops of his pee on the rim of the bowl, not wetting it all over like last time. Smile. It was not as bad to wipe and clean as before so I did not take as long.
I am also teaching my boyfriend how to direct my jet when I stand upright to wee.
Annie and Robby, I am not going to Spain with my sister and everybody else. I am going away with my boyfriend next week. Jackie is taking my place with Louise, Steve, and our mum. It was awkward but I had my boyfriend to think of and I would have missed him. I am getting used to watching him wee in the morning and last thing at night, and I like his morning wees best because they seem very forceful. Damsel xxx



Monday, August 05, 2002

I just had a great dump! I worked today and at work i ate a big lunch and i came home and had dinner. I just had that fulless all day and then eventully i starting having a slight urge to poop. It grew much stronger right after dinner. Then bye about 11pm it got so intense. I was online talking to some friends intrested in this stuff and i was playing a game. The pressure got so intense i couldn't concentrate on typing to my friends and i couldn't concentrate on my game. So i told them im gonna go poop, back in a bit. My friend told me i was gone about 15 min. I walked upstairs to my bathroom pulled my Kahki cargo shorts down along with my boxers and begain pushing. It really hurt coming out. I got it out and i stood up to look at it and it was about 13 inches and about 2 or 3 inches thick. I moved my turd to get a closer look at it and about the last 4 inches of it(softer part) broke off when i moved it. Then i peed and sat back down and pushed more, i farted a bit and noth! ing else came out. My turd started out really hard and it was dark brown then it got a bit softer, not too much and then end was a light brown and it also had a tint of green in it. I drank grape soda yesterday for lunch. I went to wipe and it was light brown on the paper really didn't see much green. Maybe theres more green poop inside of me. I must have wiped about 8 times. I hadn't pooped in about 3 days, closer to 4 days. Make it 3 1/2 days i haven't pooped. It really felt great! This has been one of my most pleasurable dumps that i can remember.
Has any one here had to poop really bad and they are busy doing something, like they are on the computer or at work and you gotta poop and you start not being able to concentrate? And you gotta keep moving around cause you gotta poop so bad?
i gotta go now, bye

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