leather pants girl
Well i did one hell of a poo in my pants today, and it was so stupid how it happened.

i was at the mall, when i suddenly got hit with a bad stomach cramp, now its my time of the month so i wasnt to suprised.

i made my way to the bathrooms walking quick and holding my bum, i got to the ladys and ofcourse as per normal a line up. well while waiting in line i started looking in my purse for a tampon, i never had one--- i looked around and saw the vending machine, i made my way over to it put in the coins and got my new tampon.

Standing back in line, i let a fart go, ohhhh was it loud and POOOOOOOOOOOO stinky, i waved behind my bum to get rid of the smell (lucky i was last in line)a woman turned around and glared at me, i just smiled at her and mentally gave her the finger.

By now i was really desperat the pain in my stomach was really bad come on i thought hurry for s-- sake, i felt my poo getting very close to coming out, i clenched my bum cheeks my hand on my bum even tighter.

There was a small girl in front of me jigging around i assumed she just had to pee good i thought she wont be very long, then she said mom i gotta go poo poo as well, her mother standing in the next line just said what ever!. I farted again, this time i felt a small soft poo go in my maroon panties with white flowers on them. The woman finally came out of the stall and the little girl run in slammed the door shut allmost at once i heard the splash splash of poos dropping into the water.

I begun to pee myself a bit i winced as another cramp hit me, f??? sake come on kid how much poo can a little kid have in her i thought, i relaxed my bowels a bit and as i did i felt all my poo fill my panties, i am sure i went bright red, as every one got a whiff of the smell.

I stood there not daring to move as more poo filled my panties that very soft mushy kind i felt my bum it felt warm and wet. I farted then again, i peed a bit more but managed to get that under control, at this point the little girl came out with her white cotten panties down and said to her mother i need wiping mom, i never bothered to wait for the responce i dashed in to the toilet she had not flushed the toilet and i saw three fairly big firm poos in the bowel.

i took my jeans right off and pulled down my very dirty and smelly panties, i removed my pad but it didnt make much difference, i just chucked them on the floor not gonna deal with it i thought.

i sat on the toilet and finished peeing farted four more times and done more poo, i got up looked behind me and just knew my bum would be a mess, i never bothered even wiping i just put my jeans back on (yeah it does feel gross i know)and flushed.

as i came out of the stall i saw the little girl standing next to her mom and saying how come you did a poo in your pants mom? i made it how come you couldnt eh mom eh mom eh. (cute child makes me so glad i never had one)

Punk Rock Girl: I live in New York City. Macy's has extensive public toilets, at least 3 or 4 floors of them. At Penn Station, the restrooms were demolished and remade over some decade ago. I prefer Macy's better. When I was a teen, I was bothered by women who needed to use the toilet and I was having a major movement. See my earlier posts.

Martin: I watched my boy cousins urinate. They were awesome. Even, when they were little they were well hung.

AJ :o)
First, the old business:

My previous post wasn't included, and I think that it must have been because of the URL to my portfolio at a writing site that I included. I'd written a little information about The Toilet site and provided a link to it, so I wanted to share how to get to this review. This won't be the last thing that I write (note: I promise not to use any of your names/handles unless somebody here personally asks me to).

Anyway, I'm assuming that, if someone wants to get in touch with someone else that he/she could use the courtesy phone? When I find out whether or not this is true, it would be neat to actually have some personal correspondence with various ones of you--people such as Arthur, for instance. . .

Arthur--I want to thank you for sharing that interesting trivia here related to the flushing of sewage back in ancient times.

I'd heard of that communal wiping sponge on a stick before, and it doesn't at all surprise me to hear from you that this practice spread a lot of disease. Do you know anything else about it that you can share?

I also had no idea where that term about getting hold of the wrong end of the stick came from--certainly an understatement, if you ask me!

Hang on! I've gotta pee. . .

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Feel soooooooooooo much better now!!! :o)

And I've just had a tall, refreshing glass of lemonade-flavored iced-tea, so I'm on the way to making more pee!

In that last thing I posted, I had several peeing and pooping stories, so I wish I'd saved a copy of my post so that I could have reposted those parts of it. Oh well! I'll get back around to posting some of them in the future.

Vanessa, I'm going to put myself in your competition with something that happened to me close to 20 years ago.

My mom had fixed some ham & beans with onions and cornbread, and I took some of it home with me to eat.

I think I ended up having three bowls of it.

My folks and I were talking on the phone later, and they asked me if those beans were getting to me yet, and I told them that the most noticeable affect those beans were going to have on me was to just make me fatter, because they certainly weren't making me gassy.

I have the kind of digestive system to where I don't necessarily get gassy, even after having three bowls of bean soup--though there can be other times when I have eaten so-called non-gassy foods and end up cutting one right after the other. It seems to more depend on the state of my digestive tract rather than what particular items I've eaten.

Generally, though, if I pass any gas within a few hours of eating soup beans, my gas will be of this poison kind that smells like scorched popcorn crossed with sulphur.

Well, here I was having eaten three bowls of beans and ham that were garnished with diced onions, along with buttered cornbread, and not even a poof or a squeak out of me.

And I didn't even feel any gas starting to build up.

But, that night, I went to bed, and, long towards morning, I had this dream that I needed to do number two, so I sat on this toilet.

What came out was this real ripper!

I mean, it was so loud that it woke me up!

Like one big BLAAAAT!!!

When I woke up, I was lying on my back in bed, and my legs were up in the air with my knees bent, as if I were in a seated position on the toilet.

If somebody had been there to lift me up (just as I was with no change inposition), carry me to the bathroom, and turn my body so that my butt was on the toilet and my legs were pointing towards the floor, I would be in the position I'm regularly in when I'm seated on the toilet!

Something else! It didn't even smell!

Speaking of smelling, I was lying on my stomach watching TV several years ago, and I didn't even feel anything escaping from my butt, but there was suddenly an odor in the room of gas that had been passed.

I was the only one in the room, so--unless I was smelling something being carried in through the vents from the outside--I was the culprit.

But I wonder why I didn't even feel my butthole quiver.

Has this ever happened to any of you?

Happy Peeing, Pooing, & Pooting Everyone!
AJ :o)

leather pants girl

Well i finally got around to posting sheeesh what a week.

This story involves my friends friend who to be honest is just taking up space on this planet (oops did i say that)anyway the three of us decided to go camping one weekend now jasmine my best friend and her friend Tiffany Ambers (yeah i didnt believe the name either at first)got to the campsite quite late at night so by the time we set up the tent all three of us just went straight to sleep.

Next morning i heard a scream, it was tiffany it seems a bear had wandered into our camp site i think the thing was more scared of tiffany then she of it.

anyway it was just a baby black bear and it just ran away however when i turned to see if tiffany was ok, the sight that met my eyes was priceless, there stood tiffany (or tiffers as everyone calls her that noise is me gagging its ok) in her satin nightgown (who the hell wears a satin nightgown for camping) poo just streaming down both legs forming a smelly brown puddel at her feet.

I couldnt help it i literaly peed my pants laughing, she never moved for a full five minits the poo still streaming down her legs, all she said was i done a mess in my sleeping bag.

jasmine came over to comfort her come on tiffers lets get to the showers and lead her away jasmine turned around and smiled to me and just raised her eyes. me i was still laughing, i went back into my tent and went back to sleep still in peed jeans.

billy went camping with some friends so i have to write this myself.

Last night, my older brother tom was watching us. usually i help my little brothers get baths. at about 8:00 he said it time to get going. he asked me to get jeremy and josh ready and start the bath. I got the bath going and all of us were brushing our teeth. I had to poop and was going to go on the toilet when tom came in. He said we could go in the tub. Then he pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet. Usually when he goes at night he is like 10 minutes (but only abotu 20 mintues in the morning). The water was like higher than their wastes. Both of them peed while they were in the tub. You can tell, because they make like a little mound of water when they pee in front of their weinies, and the water is a little yeallow there. After my brothers washed themselves, they both said they had to go poop. I said are you done with their bath? They said yes. SUsually when they need a poop during a bath, they stand up int he water, and dry off for a couple minutes. They also f! art a lot in the water. They usually hold their poop in for a bath, because they like to blow bottom bubbles. Then we herad a really realy loud noise. It sounded like lightnen. I said tom, what was that. He said I don't know . He pulled his pants up and ran outside. I was really scared. tom said it was nothing, just a power line down. He said nothing to worry about. Then he looked at me adn said, were you sacred by that? I sadi yeah, how did you know. Then he poitned under me. I was pooping. Josh and Jeremy look there and siad, that really scared you and started laughing. I looked in the tub, and said taht really scarred Josh too. Josh said what? I said look behind you. There was a big turd in the water. Tom said, don't worry about it. He got the little bowl for the kiddie potty and scooped the turd out from behind josh. He told me to finish my poop where i was. I was already done. Josh said, I need to go again. He picked up josh and put him on the toilet. He grunted out li! ke 4 more logs and jeremy went too. He gave me some paper adn told me to clean up my mess. I cleaned up a lot of josh's diapers, so I did not mind. I dropped only one long log, abotu 12 inches and picked it up and put it int he toilet. I wiped myself and then got a little more toilet paper and wetted it in the tub and cleaned the floor. Then my brothers said we want to go in the shower with me. Usually we go in the shower after they are done with the bath. And we make sure they clean their bung holes (and I clean mine) really good. IF billy is home, usually one goes with billy and the other goes with me (usually they one on the toilet because I usually go last). Tom got on the toilet to finish his poop. After all the hubub was over, just we were about to get out of the shower, mom and dad got home. They said what happened? He said a power line fell. And Josh said I pooped in the tub and kev pooped on the floor. Mom said, what? I said, we were so scared, it kind of just happ! ened. Mom, ok, no problem. She said two grown men at the party across the street messed their pants. Mom sprayed the floor with lysol and we finished getting ready for bed.

The Cardinal
My boss shat herself while performing an inspection of one of my work areas, and I found myself feeling bad because of her embarrassment.

We had just squatted to lift a wooden pallet, and as we were ascending with the pallet, I heard a wet "pllft," she emitted an "ohh," and immediately the odor hit me in a way that I knew it had been more than a fart. Her face contorted and she was trying to speak, but I cut her off with a "hey, don't sweat it, let's get you cleaned-up."

We were in a fenced, outdoor area, but fortunately there were some metal storage sheds that were empty. I retreived a box of tissues, hand wipes, and a spill pad from my work vehicle, took a garbage bag from a can, gave them to her and told her to clean up in one of the sheds and use the garbage bag to collect "whatever." Afterwards, we got into the vehicle and we stopped at a dumpster so she could discard the bag.

She explained that she has been struggling with incontinence since giving birth to her first child almost a year ago. I told her not worry and that I certainly would never say anything about the incident to further embarrass her, and we left it at that.

On another note, I went on a two-day cake/cookie/brownie binge this weekend, and on each of the following days, I had multiple bowel movements with massive, soft-but-complete stools. I'm guessing the excessive amount of sugar caused more water to be retained inside my "innards!"

And lastly, two well-deserved shout-outs: 1) to Punk Rock Girl - your comments are always delivered in an articulate and rational manner, with a spice of "live and let live attitude," regardless of topic. Unfortunately, you might never make it as a successful political leader, syndicated columnist or talking head because you are much too rational, objective, and moderate in your views, but I yruly enjoy your commentary; and 2) to Jane (and Gary), I love your posts because they are so concise, articulate, and always "on topic."


i was at camp for 2 weeks and ive got a question...

ok...i haven't shit for 6 days, will i be constipated when i try to poop????

On wednesday, I took a shit at my workplace and it was so big that it plugged the toilet for the rest of the week. They even have to call the plumber and he worked something as half-hour to unplugging it. I don't why, but I'm taking bigger shits since few last days.

Jane (outdoor Jane)
Hello everybody! Here I am back from a not "very exciting" holliday, but i have some stories to tell you. But I ain't tell any stories now. First of all I want to thanks for the reponding at my stories:

Louis and steve: Thanks for responding and again i must tell you what a great story it was when you, your sister and your mum pee in the back yarden.

Sara T: Thanks for responding

Buzzy: Thanks for the responding for my story. Before i drive away at holliday I enjoyed your stories another place at this forum (think it was yours, I didnt remember the nick or where I read them) You and another girl talk about pee and poo behind a stable ++. (Am I right it was you??) I'll be happy if u 2 want to write more outdoor stories.

euro hiker: The arrest rule is for norway to. If you get caught peeing (or shitting) once in the street you must pay 500 (norwegian money). If you get caught twice you be arrested. Thats why I usual do it hidden as almost nobody can see me in the street. But in the night or in the sunday when there almost is nobody I do it almost everywhere. Untill now I have don't be caught and I hope that I wouldn't. And I get turned on by the story from the news as you know it.

I has read many really good stories here now behind this story and my last outdoor stories and could sit untill tomorrow and write nick and good stories I have read so I will be short and say THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! Nxt time youll get the story from the holliday. And to moderator: Sorry if I was to directly with my post last time about me and my friend. I shall try to be better if I write some bad here. But of all my stories I think it was that story who get most positive responding from the other people here.

Linda GS- You asked me for a story. I'd like to tell how
my iinterest if pooping first started. I was six and went
camping with family friends. For some reason I was left
alone with a female friend of my Mom's and her daughter who
was just EXACTLY one year younger than me, We were playing
at a small picnic table with little dishes when the girl,
I'll call her Erica, told her Mom, "I think I have to poop".
I thought that was strange. "I THINK, I have to poop".
"Alright lets go try."
To me She said. Erica sometimes has trouble pooping...this
might take us a while, why don't you come and play in the
I was really surprised that I was to be a witness to Erica's
pooping, in my home it was STRICTLY a private matter EXCEPT
for the fact that my Mother ALWAYS watched me.
We went into the tent and without hesitation Erica slid
her shorts and panties down to her ankles and sat on the
small potty that had been placed there for us.
Erica's Mother knelt in front of the girl and saying she'd
be more comfortable, removed both her shorts and panties.
I had settled down about six feet away to play with some
cars and trucks.
Erica began to strain, I had never seen anyone, other than
my mother strain before. "Erica began to strain" doesn't
come close to conveying what this girl did. The girl bore
down with such effort that her face turned red and her body
shook. As soon as one effort was complete she'd gulp in a
breath and begin again. Some for her efforts would end with
the grunt of hard labor and others not.
After five or six of these efforts Erica stopped and, panting
from her effort, said "I gotta make poop Momma, I gotta make
poop bad,"
"Try again, Honey, try again and them Mommy'll help you."
Erica grabbed the seat between her legs (that's when I first
learned who to do that) and tried to strain again. The potty
chair lifted off the ground and began to tip backward.
"I can't, Momma, I need my big potty!" Erica cried.
Erica's Mother got up on her hands and kness and leaned on
the handles of the potty. "I'll hold it Honey, Now bear
down...bear down as hard as you can."
Erica Struggled again, this time with renewed effort and
determined grunts.
"I need a soapy finger Momma, Please give me a soapy finger."
Erica's mother went to her suitcase and pulled out a small
bottle. I couldn't tell what it was in the bottle but the
my Mom's friend squeezed it all over her middle finger and
Erica got up from the potty and turned her bare bottom to
me and her Mother. I must have been staring with my Mouth
open because Erica's Mom began to explain.
"When Erica has a really hard time going poop, like she is
today we make her bottom all slippery so the poopy comes
out easier."
Without further adue Erica's mother spread Erica's bottom
cheeks, put her finger on the place where Erica was trying
to poop from and pushed.
"Oh dear, Honey, that hiney is stuffed." I'm affaird you
going to need an enema."
"No Momma, No Enema." I'll push, please no enema."
"Alright...Erica but you going to have to push hard now."
"Can I sit backwards this time?"
"If you wish".
With that Erica knelt on the seat. Held on to the handles
and pushed her bottom over the front of the seat.
Erica bore down...she bore down with everything a five year
old has in her to bear down with. I was totally mezmorized
as her bottom began to open and a round ball of black began
to emerge. I could never have imagined the size opening
that could be in that bottom. It grew, wider and wider
and then the turd grew longer and longer, until it finally
fell with a dull thud to the floor. With a huge grunt
Erica cried. "Done it".
When it was over Erica litterally Fell into her mother's
arms and was asleep.
"Erica needs a nap." and that was the last ever spoaken
abouth the matter. I've be interested in hard BM' Ever

Jacob G in Florida
HENSON: Earlier this year, I pooped in that downstairs bathroom at the Mall of Georgia. I was in the stall next to the handicapped stall. Unfortunately, the entire time I was there, only one person came in and he quickly peed and left. It was about 10:15 on a Saturday morning, which was probably too early.

PUBLICBOY: I love hearing other guys shit, especially if they grunt a lot. I too have made trips to the mall for listening purposes. I have had this interest as long as I can remember. Yesterday, I was traveling through Tampa International Airport and had several opportunities to hear guys grunting, farting, and kerplopping. One guy, several stalls down, was grunting loudly. Several restrooms at that airport have those highly reflective tile walls, so you cannot help but to notice the reflection of guys sitting on the toilet. I would love more than anything to have a dumping buddy, but I donít.

I have a funny story to tell. The other day, I decided to take a dump at my favorite dumping place near work, which is a large conference center I walk through on the way to the places to eat. This conference center and its restrooms are usually very busy. The restroom has four stalls. Someone was in my favorite stall, which is the handicapped stall. I like it because it has a sink in it and I can wet the toilet paper to clean myself well. Someone was in the first stall, so I took the second. The restroom also has highly reflective tile walls, so as I wiped the seat and put paper on it, I could see the guy in the next stall. He looked to be small, as his butt barely covered the back of the seat. He had on a red shirt that pulled up to his mid back. As I sat down, he started wiping, and the guy in the handicapped stall flushed and left. Moments later, the guy in the first stall left and I was all by myself. I started pushing out my turds when suddenly, some ma! n walked into the bathroom and yelled, HEY WAYNE, WHERE IS BUILDING 2C? Well, since I am not Wayne, and I know nothing about Building 2C, I kept my mouth shut. The guy went to the urinal and started peeing. After a long uncomfortable silence, the man yelled, WELL, ARE YOU GOING TO MEET ME THERE? Again, I did not say a word. I just thought, what is the matter with this guy. Canít he get the hint Iím not Wayne and shut the hell up. There was another long uncomfortable period of silence and he flushed the urinal and walked to the sink in front of my stall. Then he yelled, I NEED THOSE REPORTS. I was just about to say, Iím not Wayne, when I noticed through the stallís door gap that he had a damn cell phone up to his ear. As he walked out into the hall, he started talking again. I am glad I did not say anything. I finished dumping, wiped as well as I could with dry paper, then went to the handicapped stall to wipe with wet tissue. Nobody else came in, so I went on t! o lunch.

To Bryian - Glad that you found peeing your pants to be enjoyable. It really is fun and convenient to pee my pants when i'm in my room and no one will see me.

To Ben in Iowa - Loved your story about you and Ashley. I may appear to be negligent here, but is Ashley your older or younger sister? I'm Girlfriend? I'm just a fwe years older than you - 17

Well since I've been reading this forum, I have certainly read many stories about people crapping their pants. Similar to Bryian with peeing, I decided to give it a try, at least in some form. Last night, I had to take a dump real bad while working on the computer. Finally, I had to get up because I couldn't hold it any longer. It was when I arrived at the bathroom that I decided to try crapping my pants. However, since I have not done this in a long time (tried it about 2 years ago) and really didnt know what to expect, I decided to take off my khaki cargo shorts and just do it in my boxers. Since the shorts are baggy, I figured that the crap would slide through. So there I was, standing in front of the mirror wearing nothing but my dark blue boxers, dancing around holding both my pee and poop. This is when I further decided that I would do everything in my boxers while sitting on the toilet, to make it easier to slide the crap into the toilet. Ao I sat down, arranged m! yself so nothing would escape the toilet, and, actually before I wanted to, started pissing my boxers big time. It sure felt weird to be on the toilet and peeing but still going in my boxers. When I was done peeing, the poop was not far behind. I had to go so bad that there were two pieces. The first came out and created an enormous bulge in my boxers, which I could see. Well, to cut this short a little, I finished, stood up with piss all over my boxers and a piece of crap on the bottom. I slid the poop into the toilet, took off the boxers, and threw them in the shower. I then cleaned up what mess there was naked. I was surprised to see that no crap got on my butt, since I let so much into my boxers, I figured some of it would.

As far as whether I liked the experience or not, it was OK but I'm leaning toward no, at least the crapping part. Pissing my boxers was natural and enjoyable because I do it all the time, but it felt very, very strange to crap my pants. It was almost as if I thoguht the poop would keep going into the toilet. When it got bunched up in my boxers, it felt very unnatural.

So, that's my story. In my next post, I will post a question to you regarding having to pee vs. having to poop. Don't have time for it today. Hava good one!


Today I went to the mall shopping. I was the Old Navy shopping and was in line to pay for my stuff when i felt the urge to take a huge shit. I was cramping and everything. The line was long so i just put my stuff down and had to walk quite a way until i got to the restroom. There are 5 stalls and they were all taken. I was walking back and forth looking in the stalls to see if anyone was getting up. I saw this real nice looking guy with nice muscular hairy legs sitting on the shitter. He was grunting and his face was read. He was wearing an Abercrombie and Fitch T-Shirt and Hat. About 25 y/o. I heard some crackling and farts rip out of him. Finally the guy next to his stall flushed and left and I went in. I pulled down my shorts and boxers and let it rip. I had the biggest shit of my life. There was a lot of crackling and farting. IT smelled really bad. I looked in the bowl and there was about 4 brown logs full of corn and beans. It was what i had for dinner the night before! . Then came the mushy stuff. I sit there for almost 45 mins and just enjoyed the sounds of my fellow men farting and shitting. It was kewl as hell. I loved seeing all of the guys coming in and relieving themselves.. I would love to see them wipe. I think as%holes are kewl.

Annie and Robby
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
We are just about to leave the state. Robby's father is having surgery next friday. Some replies.

KENDAL, LAWNDOGS KID, and ELLEN: Hi dears! Annie-Kendal, you and Eleanor are such teasers. I used to tease Robby a lot. I still do, teehee! Michael must be getting a good view of you, Kendal, in the black tile! At least it keeps him interested! Ellen, that was a big poo you did! We are sorry that it hurt. We know it felt good to get all of it out! We are glad things have relaxed in the household and you are posting again. Andrew, Eleanor good for you. You can help her with her toilet shyness. Kendal, "squired" does mean going out. It is an old term used for ages over here. We must go. Take care! Lots of Lovexxxx from Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby
****TIM, SARAH, JOSIE and LOEWIE: Hi dear friends! Well, Josie has a boyfriend, huh? He seems like a nice lad! Sarah, I grab Robby's willy whether he has dirty hands or not. He is a terrible aimer. Robby is eating better and his poos are sliding out easier. We are glad you are doing better, Tim! Take care! Lots of Lovexxxx from Annie and Robby
****ELEAMOR: Hi dear! Annie-That was a nice comfortable poo you took. Yes, I enjoy a good mag and the thought that no one is about. It helps the poo come out easier. You sounded so much at ease. Maybe Andrew can help you with your shyness. Take it very slowly. Enjoyed your story. Lots of Lovexxx from Annie and Robby
****INA: We couldn't forget you, dear! How is everything? We didn't find posts in the back pages. We hope we didn't miss one. I had a standup wee today. I pulled off my knickers and aimed. It went pretty well. There is not much happening in our household. Take care, sweetheart. Lots of Lovexxx and hugs, Annie and Robby
****STEVE, LOUISE, and DAMSEL: OHHHHHH we are so jealous that you are trotting off to Spain. We were going this summer but things didn't add up. We expect some delicious wee and poo stories upon your return. We also welcome SENIOR DAMSEL: Hi Mum! We are glad you are here. Post some more. There is room for us oldsters,LOL! Lots of Lovexx from Annie and Robby

HUGS TO: PV- hi gal!!, Ephermal-when does school start?, Todd and Diana-when are the babies due!, Carmalita and family-hi sweetheart!, Jane and Gary-hi there, Rizzo, Kimmie and Scott-hi, LindaGS, Cousin, Elena, Adrian, Jeff A, Ellen and Little Lou, and all of the other wonderful posters.


Hi all poopers im back sorry for the silience but my dads been unwell recently.
Punk Rock Girl Entwistle will be missed great band.Im sorry your arse has gone through the ringer recently (pardon the pun) first cut to ribbons and then getting the shits. now.I think you said you need 10-15 mins to dump WOW girl your logs must be impressive. Hope you are well
Kendal & Andrew & Ellen sorry you got caught so its just the girls for awhile, sounds like you still have fun though how are those collumptons
Welcome to all new posters here.
Nothing really goods happend recently or bad come to think of it in the toilet department.
So I will wish you all good dumps
P.S PRG I got a new Clash vid called Video Clash fan-bloody tastic

Geeze, It's been ages since I've posted here... I have a lot of archived postings to look over.

TO SHOWER: Yeah, I've done it on occasion but I try not to these days. Unless I'm careful, it tends to back up the bathtub drain.
When I feel like doing a jobbie in the shower I try guess beforehand what my BM will be like - the bigger the better of course. If I'm a bit constipated I know I'll pass 'marbles' so I try avoid doing pooping in the shower then. It's those hard marbles & pellets that tend to get washed down the drain & clog it up.

Cheers everyone!!

Anonymous movie guy
TO BEN IN IOWA: Great story! I would love to have a contest like that with a hott girl!

I've had an on-and-off bedwetting problem for all my life. I'm sixteen and I wonder if thats normal or should I see a doctor? Thanks!

John Q Public
Anonomous Movie Guy:

It's hard to find a White Castles outside of Illinois or Indiana. They are mostly concentraited around the Chicago area. I will say that you are not missing much. Their milk shakes use to be okay, but their burgers are just too small, and you can hardly taste the meat. Like I said, we call them "sliders."

Donnie, Burgr King does not realy adversly effecty my bowl movements. McDonalds and White Castles does effect them quite drasticaly, however. Almost 3 minutes after finishing McDonalds hamburgers or brakfeast sandwitches I have to shit RIGHT AWAY, and there is no margin for error. That's one of the reasons why I perfer Burger King or Wendys.

HOLD IT MAN and Bryan:

When you sleep, and your bladder or bowls start need reliefe, what happens is that messages are sent to the brain. That also happens when you are awake. The difference is that while assleep, you dream, and when those messages go to the brain, and that causes you to think about toilets, and that in turn causes you to dream about toilets. A dream is merely what the things you think about while sleeping is all.

Howlin' Coyote
There are some days when men just can't crap in peace.

A few days ago I went in to take a crap. Okay, so while I'm dumping a bunch of turds into the toilet, I hear a knock on the door and it's my friend Alex, and I'm thinking, "Crap." I started to wipe, but Alex starts chucking rocks at my window trying to get my attention. So, after only one wipe (and needing about five more) and not bothering to flush, I put on my boxers and bunny-hop over to the window to get Alex's attention and tell him to wait. Then my dad doesn't help the cause by asking if I'm done yet.

"No, Dad, I'm not done!! Hold on!!"

"I've gotta go. Hurry."

"Go downstairs, Dad, I'm trying to do something right now!! I'm not finished!! And tell Alex I'm busy!!"

I finally got to finish my crap. I proceeded to change my boxers and give Alex and my father a long lecture about bothering me when I'm on the toilet (even though my dad didn't really catch me "on" the toilet)


Howlin' Coyote

To shower: No I've never done that

To RP: I see about what type of underwear was

To Vanessa: Liked your story

To Arthur: Thats intresting, where did you hear that from?

To Scruffy: Liked your story, so if you stopped eating meat what are you eating?

To crap face: Liked your story

To DONNIE: That reminds me, i ate burger king on Friday for lunch and its now saturday evening, and i haven't had to shit yet. Maybe its the extreme heat here in the east. Last time i pooped was Thursday morning. I try not to eat BK Alot cause i like my dumps nice and firm and big!

To Martin: Loved your story about your friend watching you pee, That urinal there sounds cool, not too many of that style any more.

To dookie: Loved your story, how old were you two? and did your friend examine his butt in the mirror before he pooped?

To Henson: Liked your story, that kinda sounds like where i work the stall doors don't close all the way cause there is no lock.

To PUBLICBOY: Loved your story, when you went to the mall did you have to poop? or where you just lurking. I do that sometimes but i've cut back cause the last time i did i was looking around too much and a guy stuck his head under my stall, scared the hell out of me so i ran out of there sooo fast. Maybe it will turn into a buddy dumping situation.

To Billy and kevin: Loved your stories...sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, feel better? Maybe your medication is making you sick?

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story, i thought it was funny what you said to that lady. I hate it when you go out and gotta keep running to the bathroom. Do you?

To he "HOLD IT" man: I see about toilet dreams.

To Anonymous movie guy: Liked your story,cool

To poo: Liked your story, how old are you now?

To Unnamed poster about crank yankers: I've watched crank yankers before, but i haven't seen that one..When did it air? Have you seen the one where the woman calls up this auto place to complain about a turd being left in her car? it was funny.

To Ghost (me): I know its not my joke, it came in my e-mail so i copied it and posted it here.

To Ben In Iowa: Liked your story,cool what you found in the porto potties.

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story, is that why you had the runs when you went out?

As i said i haven't pooped since thursday morning..not much else happeming..bye

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi to everyone,

SCRUFFY, Surprising to read that after giving up eating meat your turds are bigger and knobbly! I thought it was meat that had that effect! As I don't eat meat, I can still have firm turds, but knobbly ones are something I hardly ever do. There must be something extra you're eating to produce them like that, do you know what it might be?
I like the fact you're proud to show them off and that you left that whopper in the toilet unflushed for the next guy to admire!

ARTHUR, I don't know about the transferrence of bacteria by sharing the same sponge for wiping arses in communal latrines. I believe the sponge, (or gongfermer as it might have been called) was kept in a container with vinegar which acted as a disinfectant.
Vinegar was also used during the Great Plague so that money used to pay for goods at parish boundaries could be dipped into it to avoid contamination.

PUBLICBOY, That was a brilliant post from you about guys lke us who love to hear other guys shitting in toilets! I wish I heard more than I do but so many guys seem to shit at home before they come out!
Great also that not only did you get the chance to hear that young guy drop a big turd, and comment about it, but that you responded and started a conversation with him, then you both had a drink and a chat after! Did you continue discussing the subject after, and what can you remember of your conversation? I hope you meet again, if only those of us who meet like that in toilets and share such enjoyment could arrange to shit together on a regular basis!
What happened to you reminds me of a friend with the same interest who was on his way back from Europe once when he was having a shit in a public toilet when another guy came in and went in a cubicle a few doors away, and this other guy made either an appreciative remark about his own, or my friend's plopping sounds.
They chatted as they both sat there shitting, then arranged to have a drink afterwards. From what I remember of the story, the other guy was keen to continue discussing the subject, so rather than talking out loud in a pub, they both went back to the toilet to continue the conversation! I believe names and addresses were exchanged so they could keep in touch, but my friend was reluctant to contact him again for fear of seeming a bit too fixated. The other guy never wrote so nothing more happened.
If I was in your position, I'd be concerned that I might appear too keen on the subject, but I hope your friend was as keen as you are!

Happy toileting, P. Plop Guy

Sunday, August 04, 2002

I'm new to this site, I've been reading for about two years at first I was soo suprised that there were so many people out there who had the same fetish as me. I am a male, just turned 21 on Friday had lots of fun this weekend if you know what I mean, but I am also very interested in females going to the bathroom especially pooping, maybe becuase so many people think that women don't poop. I'm not interested in men pooping, probably because for 1) I'm not gay and 2) men seem to shit all the time and talk about it. I really would like to see a really hot lady take a nice smelly dump, a lady who you would never expect to go to the bathroom, well I'll make this short because I had tried submitting before and it didn't work. One more question. How come some people no matter how much they shit not have smelly poop while others can stink up a bathroom so easily? Well see you guys later.

Nate in AZ
P.PLOP GUY: Yeah, those old posts are a bit more explicit, I guess they tightened up the rules later on. As you say, we who have this fetish will eventually contact others if only through this forum. I'm gay, but like watching females go to the bathroom; I'm not attracted to women otherwise. I'm going to have to go for a second 3" 3-ring binder soon I'm accumulating so many old posts. The ones that excite me the most are narratives with dialogue, with partners assisting. Take care & happy pooping!

I've been reading this site for some time, ever since I discovered it as a result of an internet search following an incident with my Goddaughter. After reading ROL'S recent post, it has made me decide to share my own experience.

A while ago, I offered to take the two daughters of my best friend James to see Harry Potter at the cinema. Cassie was 12 while Ellie was 6 at the time. Ellie is also my Goddaughter. My friend and his wife were pleased to hand the girls over to me, a chance to have a bit of time to themselves for a change ! So I picked them both up well in time and made the short journey into town.

Once in the cinema complex, I suggested to the girls that perhaps it might be an idea to visit the toilets, as the film was very long and had no scheduled break. They both disappeared off together, as did I, deciding to follow my own advice. We then made our way to our seats. We had three on the end of a row, so Cassie sat to my right, I sat in the middle, and Ellie had the gangway seat.

About an hour and a bit into the movie, Ellie pulled on my sleave and whispered in my ear "I need to go to the toilet". So I leaned over to Cassie and told her I was taking her sister to the loo. Cassie said "fine".

As we walked together down the long corridor to the toilets, I was suddenly struck by the thought that the two girls had been left in my charge, and I remembered all the local publicity at the time about a woman who was hiding in the toilets, and then assaulting young girls who came in alone ( yes, a woman !! ). I turned to Ellie and said "Ellie, would you mind going to the toilets in the gents with me, then that way I can make sure you stay safe, because I'm not allowed to go into the ladies with you". The little girl pondered the idea for a second or two before agreeing. Then she slipped her hand into mine just before we opened the door to the gents. Fortunately, they were completely unoccupied. Ellie stared with interest at the row of urinals before entering one of the cubicles pulling me in with her. I didn't argue about whether I should be in the cubicle with her as this wasn't the first time I'd been in a toilet with her. I've been on holiday with the family severa! l times, and there was an occasion when James had gone off somewhere with Cassie. Ellie wanted the toilet, and just like ROL described, there was a queue at the ladies, so Becky asked me if I wouldn't mind taking her in the gents. Also in the chalet, Ellie often left the bathroom door wide open while she used the toilet. I'm considered as part of the family, much to my great honour !

So after entering the cubicle in the cinema toilet, I turned and locked the door while Ellie grabbed a handful of toilet paper, and proceeded to wipe the seat all around. Then she lifted up the pretty dress she was wearing, and pulled down her knickers, and sat on the toilet. It was only at that point that I realised we were in a cubicle specially designed for smaller children. The toilet was like a minature, and she was able to rest the flat of her feet on the floor. The upshot was that she seemed to be a million miles below me. And her little upturned head staring at me as her wee began seemed to be tilted back so far it must surely fall off. I felt very overpowering. The wiishhhhhhhhh of her wee tailed away to a final drippy drop. I thought I'd help proceedings along a bit, and pulled off some toilet roll for her to wipe. But she looked up at me with curiousity. I said "don't you want it ?" and Ellie said "No, not yet, I want a poo as well". I stood for another couple! of minutes while she made several very loud panting noises. Then I decided to squat down in front of her, so that I was much closer to her height. She smiled at me before saying "It won't come out". I smiled back and said "never mind. Why don't you wipe, and we can come back again if you feel your poo coming". She nodded her head, took the toilet roll I had been holding for her, and stood up to wipe between her legs. Then she replaced her knickers and let her dress fall down again. As much as anything else, I was getting concerned that Cassie would be wondering why we were taking so long.

We were back in the cinema only about 20 minutes when Ellie tugged on my sleave again. " I think I can do a poo now !" Again, I turned to Cassie to give her the same message as before, only for Cassie to announce that she needed to go, so she would take Ellie. I told her to make sure they went in the same cubicle together for safety. At least 10 minutes went by, during which, for some reason, I felt a queer envy of Cassie being able to take her little sister and she being present while the poo happened. I'd seen Ellie wee many a time, but never poo, and I felt like I'd missed the one chance now that she was starting to be old enough to be doing such things in private. However, when the two girls returned, Ellie had a real pout on, and Cassie was looking very stoney faced. I leaned over to Cassie first. "What's going on ?". Cassie said "Oh, Ellie decided she wanted to poo, and then she didn't, and then she did... after 10 minutes I got fed up with her because I was missi! ng the film, so I made her come back." I then turned to Ellie and said "Do you still feel that you want to poo?" She nodded her head. "Will you come with me into the gents again ?" Again she nodded her head.

We walked into the gents and this time there was a man stood at an urinal. He was shaking dry and turned to see us both. He went red when he saw I had a little girl with me, and then re-composed himself. I nodded a greeting to him and he said "I don't blame you mate. After what has been happening, I'd be bringing any girls I had in the gents with me, even if they are as old as her (pointing at Ellie). As we went in the same cubicle with the little toilet, I asked Ellie if they had the same size toilet in the ladies. She said that they had two, but that Cassie had made her go into a big toilet because she wasn't going to park her bum on a babies toilet ! So I said nevermind, and at least when she was with me she could use the "child's toilet", making sure not to use the "babies" term that Cassie had used ! Ellie smiled a beautiful smile at me and gave me a hug. Nice as that was, I told her that perhaps she had better get on with the poo so that she wouldn't miss too muc! h more of the film. She let go, checked the condition of the seat, which did not appear to have been used since we left a while before, and again lifted up her dress and pulled down her knickers. I squatted down in front of her straight away this time.

Now that we were at similar heights I looked at her, and she began to stare very hard at me as she concentrated on her poo. I felt like I was falling in a trance under her stare. Her little face became quite red, before she let out a big gasp. I looked on expectantly... "is it coming out?" I asked. The little girl smirked, "Nope" ! She then wriggled around on the seat and gathered together all the material of her dress into a bunch, and still holding it with both hands she kind of thrust it down between her legs behind her knickers, which then stretched across the gap between her legs, from where they were positioned above her knees. She then began to wag her legs to and fro together as she began to stare around the walls, looking for any pictures naughty people had left behind. Fortunately, there were no rude ones ! She carried on like this, quite content for two or three minutes, not seeming to be trying to poo at all, but she was doing, and this was given away by t! he fairly frequent and shallow pant noises I could hear coming through her nose, not from her mouth. I remained silent the whole time. But while she continued to fidget on the seat, my nose began to tell me that progress was being made ! Having asked once already, it didn't feel right to ask if she had now started. But just a few seconds later, she suddenly lifted up her dress material, and opening her knees as far as the knicker elastic would let her, she proceeded to lean right forward and look between her legs. While she was leaning forward, she let go of her dress with one hand, and pushed her knickers right down to her ankles. "There it is" she announced, and then looking up at me with a smile, she asked "can you see it ?". I told her that I couldn't. She then sat back upright and opened her knees even further. "What about now ?". There was a completely unobstructed view of a beautifully formed, hard, brown, knobbly poo, at least six inches of which was visible. It wa! s a marvel for such a small girl, and I continued to stare transfixed as it grew another 2 inches before it plopped in the water. Immediately, another two pieces came just into view before they plopped in as well. And then, one final, much darker and thinner piece lengthened into view. Just at that moment, she began to wee again, and the last few dribbles of that somehow went backwards, and ran along dripping off that last poo. It was then that she leaned right forward again, so she could watch her last poo herself. She panted just once more, and I heard a final plop around 10 seconds later. How big that last one became, I have no idea. I didn't look in the toilet to see. Ellie stood up to wipe her bottom, and then turned and flushed the toilet before she pulled up her knickers.

Thus came to an end a special moment for me. Now, some months later, if I'm about, she closes the door even for just a wee. She's growing up ! But I will never forget that privilege she granted to me that time in the cinema, which she has never spoken about, and neither have I to her.

I told James what had happened when we got back. He grinned, and said "did she watch it coming out ?" I said yes, and he went on to say that she had done that ever since she graduated to the big toilet and discovered that she could watch herself. James wasn't bothered about it at all. So I figured that I needn't worry either that I had done anything wrong.

has anyone ever taken a diarrea shit in the shower its cool.

To bryan
ithink a boys boxer shorts.... after the meeting we got a note to your parents. we newer found out who it was.....

Dawn - If you pooped shit with blood in the toilet, could be a number of different things. Maybe your are majorly constipated and have torn something in your ass hole. Or it could be some strawberry jam.What do you think? Take care girl! Jennifer

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