Hello! This happened quite a while ago but it was a very proud moment in my life so I thought I would share it with you guys. Just to let you know, I love farting, especially on other people or doing it under the covers while in bed with my gf then holding her under so she has to smell it. My farts aren't usually all that loud, they can smell bad but they always sound like little dainty girl farts. One time, I was with some of my friends and we were hanging out at one of their places and we were sitting on the couch talking. In mid conversation I felt the need to fart, since they're usually quiet and not that big of a deal I figured I'd just fart and not say anything about it because my friends think it's weird when I brag about letting one rip in their presence. Anyway, this fart was not the usual small girly farts, it was the biggest fart I've ever done in my life. It was so loud and my friend who was sitting at the other end of the couch said she could FEEL it. Ne! edless to say that was the proudest moment in my life!! Screw getting good grades or drawing something cool, I did a big fart and that's what I'm proud of!!!

Freak Ape
I have a question for Punk Rock Girl. What's the absolute longest time you went without pooping? And when you finally went, was it really hard? Were you bloated and gassy?

Something interesting I found about roman tiolets.
In public latrines, a communal bucket of salt water stood close by in which rested a long stick with a sponge tied to one end. The user would cleanse his person with the spongy end and return the stick to the water for the next one to use. The stick later evolved into the shape of a hockey stick, and the source for the expression "getting hold of the wrong end of the stick." It also provided an excellent medium for passing along bacteria and the assorted diseases they engendered. Running water for the latrine either was supplied by stone water tanks or else by an aqueduc.

I stopped eating meat a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying big, fibrous, knobbly turds ever since. This morning at work I passed a stool that can only be described as Brobdingnagian. It was about 10 inches long and very thick...dark brown and lumpy at one end, lighter and more pasty at the other. I left it in the men's room toilet for the next guy to enjoy. :o)

The lumpy poop with blood around it in the various "valleys" of the hills might be watermelon or plum. Sometimes it just comes out when you don't eat it.

crap face
I read this forum every so often, I find it so weird that people enjoy having shit in there pants! I would be so grossed out, I would think the poop would get inside my vagina and possibly cause some kind of infection!! Yuck...

Eh Anyways I do enjoy a good shit. Peeing is annoying.
I can never shit if I know someone is listening.

The only time I had accidents was in like 1st grade. I used to pee my pants alot.

One time I was at my grandma's house when I was about like 7 or so and I thought I had to fart and I farted and I pooped on her bed. It was embarresing at the time. Maybe for 5 minutes.

And everyone else, I read that about the BurgerKing burgers making you shit.
Well, I was working in a retail store and one of the salesman would go and get a Whopper for lunch sometimes. About 2 hrs later he would have to take a big dump...Like..aghhhhhhh,, was so good. He said whenever he was constipated for a day or so one of those would fix him up. lol
We all got into the habit of calling them EX-LAX burgers. It was always good for a laugh, and they never failed to work.

Thats been some years ago, and today, at home, we here call them exlax burgers also. They dont fail you! LOL LOL :)

Hi Steve and Louise and Everyone! I've been enjoying the posts. Keep it up!

The other day I remembered an episode from my childhood. It must have taken place when I was 6 or 7 or so, but I can still remember it clearly. (I'm 28.)

It was one lunchtime playtime at school, and I needed a toilet, so I asked the lunchtime supervisor if I could go inside, and she said yes. Somehow, this older girl Claire (2 years older), followed me inside. I went into the boysf toilets, and she came in too.

"I'm going to tell Mrs. Hazel, because you came into the boys' toilets!" I protested.

"No, you can't do that," she replied. "Girls are allowed to watch boys. It's only bad if boys go into the girls'."

I was about to go into a cubicle for a pee, which I always did at that age. Claire was surprised, and asked me which I was going to do, number 1 or 2. She told me it was bad for boys to do a number 1 in a cubicle, and that I should use the urinal. I was a bit confused and embarrassed, so I did what she told me.

Strangely enough, this was actually my first time to use the urinal. Naturally, we didnft have one at home, and so I had shied away from using it, as I wasnft confident Ifd do it right.

The urinal was the long trench in the floor with a ceramic wall type, rather than the individual units. I stood in the middle, and Claire stood on my right. Now, not having done this before, I used the same technique as with a normal toilet: I undid my trousers, and dropped them down to my ankles, and pulled my underpants right down too. I think Claire was a bit surprised, and she giggled a bit.

At first I couldnft begin to pee. gDonft worry, relax!h Claire said to reassure me. And lo and behold, my pee came spurting out, and I had my first ever use of a urinal, and first ever experience of having my pee watched by a female friend, in one fell swoop.

A few minutes later, back in the playground, Claire was giggling with her friend Rachel. They were laughing at me because I pulled my pants right down, and peed in front of Claire! I was upset, and complained to Mrs. Hazel, the lunchtime supervisor, that Claire had watched me in the toilets. gOh, shefs a naughty girl!h Mrs. Hazel commented, and to my frustration, that was the end of the matter.

I guess this early experience may explain why I enjoy being watched by female friends when I pee!

Do any other guys have recollections of being watched as they pee while they were young? Or do any girls remember watching guys pee in their childhood??



There was this one time when i was stayin at my friends house and we were fixing to leave to go to the movies and he said that he was about to take the biggest dump of his life right after he got him something to drink. I said ok and he went down stairs to the fridge. Se he has one of those big bathrooms with closets in them and his closet was right in front of his toilet. So me being the curious got in his closet and closed the doors behing me. I adjusted the shutters where i could see him perfectly. And about a minute after i got set up he walked and set his drink down on the counter and started to strip his clothes off. He took of all of his clothes and got in front of the mirror which was right next to his toilet. So here i am with a perfect view of his penis and i am watching him take his hands and spread his cheeks apart and look in the mirror and start to grunt. And as he kept grunting i was wathing his anus and i noticed nothing was coming out. He pushed hard! and loud. Finally i saw him go into his shower and grab a bar of soap. He went back to the sink and wet the bar a little bit. He took it and rubbed all over his middle finger. He set the bar down and put one leg on the counter and inserted his finger into his anus! He was moving his finger back and forth. I was getting a little aroused by this. He removed his finger and examined it and then smelled. Then he washed it off and sat on the toilet. When he was walking by i saw the funniest thing i believe i have ever seen. I looked at his penis and he had an erection. And when he sat down he was going to try and pee so he pushed it down and bent over but he missed and urine shot every where. I mean i know its hard to pee with an erection but it would be impossible for him because his penis is huge! But anyway he wiped the urine up. flushed it down the toilet and sat back down. So he still has a boner and is sitting on the toilet right in front of me. And his crap final! ly started flowing and he had bad diarrhea. But any way he stood up and wiped and noticed that i was behind the closet. And i came out laughing and after a while he started laughing. But the rest of the night i made fun of him and his erection. But he later got back at me when he busted in on me while i was taking a crap and i had an erection

Found that the downstairs men's room in the mall of georgia ????? is actually a really cool place to poop. sometimes there isn't a latch on the handicap stall and its open just a bit, so you sit in semiprivate comfort as you fart and plop your way to a healthy poop. I was sitting there on the toilet the other day when a man entered and huridly opened my stall door, as I sat reading the local paper, he just quickly turned and walked out, but what surprised me is that I was actually a bit turned on by this. I just continued passing some gas and letting my poop out into the toilet while he peed and waited for his friend to finish peeing. I noticed he looked back in thru the opening in the stall door before he left, obviously a little curious. His friend looked in too, I was wiping my but and he probably caught a side view. I'm pretty comfortable pooping in a "semi-public" bathroom like this, even with the door partially open. Anyone else?

I have been reading this site for several months now and I love the fact that other people are interested in hearing other people use the bathroom. I can honestly say that I often make several trips to the mall everyday to go to the public toilet to shit. I try to go into the busiest restrooms so that I can enjoy hearing all of the other men shitting too. I am a 27 y/o male who enjoys the fact that other guys enjoy hearing other dudes crapping. Yesterday I went to the mall after work and there were three other guys in there shitting as i was. I could tell that the guy beside me was a younger guy probably about 18 or 19 because I saw him go into the stall when I did. He pulled down his jeans and boxers and he had very hairy legs. I heard some crackling and farting and he said oh f*ck yeah as i heard a big plop into the water. I said that must have felt good and he said Oh yeah it dude. We talked for a minute or to about how good it feels to take a dump. After we were done we! both went and had a drink at a bar near the mall. I am intereseted to find out if any other people have met like that... I hope this turns into a dump buddy situation

Billy and kevin
Yesterday, while after were playing soccer in the morning, we went to eat at the school. THey have a morning rec program and an afternoon rec program and lunch in between. Our mom and aunt (cousin billy's mom) had to go someplace in the morning and asked to eat at school and stay in the after noon rec program for a couple hours (we usually just do the morning rec program). We were talking about our allergies. Then I remembered one of the funny things that happened to me with my allergies. Billy and me were both at camp and have really bad allergies problems. We took the pills they gave us, but our nose kept running. Over night we were both snifflign and stuff. The next morning was PJ morning -- we were supposed to wear what we wore to bed. We went I woke up I felt like I was going to throw up. I also felt that I was going to have to poop after breakfast. I hadn't gone for about two days. I told my counselor and he said wait outside by the woods while everyone else got ready. I went outside. After about 5 minutes everyone was there. I started feeling better. Everyone peed in the woods. I was peeing and all of a sudden I felt my stomach muscle cramp and I puked. I also pooped. The puke looked like clearist whitish snot. I was wearing like box shorts, so the poop just shot out onto the ground. I thought the turd missed my shorts, but I went to the bathroom at breakfast to wipe myself. There was a little streak mark in my shorts, but no big deal. It was a log about 10 in. After that, they called me "triple header". A double header is when you have to poo and pee at the same time. After breakfast, I still needed to poop. I went into the bathroom. THere were two toilets without any doors on the stalls. I sat down in the first one. My counselor was on the seocnd on. He said, Kevin, didn't you already go this morning? I said, yeah, but only the first part. When I got up, the counselor looked in and saw my turds. He said, it looks like i was saving that up for a couple of says. I said, I guess you can say that.

The next morning I was feeling better. But Billy was sick to his stomach. Billy went to tell one of the counselros that he did not feel good. Instead of telling him, he just puked on his chest. It was all snot too. After that, the counselors said that if we don't feel good, go outside and then tell us.

Punk Rock Girl
Lady Bug-- That sucks! I hope you weren't too embarrassed. If your friends give you grief about it, say, hey, everyone shits, and not always when they want to! Good story, though!

So, I was in NYC last night to see The Who (great show, though Entwistle is missed). Anyway, I was early to meet my ffriends, so I walked around Macy's for a while. I've been having diarrhea since Wednesday, and it hasn't gone away yet. So I'm browsing, when I feel my guts cramp up. I clenched my butt cheeks and rushed to the rest room. I went in, and there was a huge line. I didn't think I could hold it, so I ran out into the street and over to Penn Station. I went downstairs and into the LIRR lounge. I ran into the womn's room, entered a stall, yanked my pants and underpants down (no thong, my ass is sore) and had another bout of explosive diarrhea for about ten minutes. After a few minutes of farting, gurgling and squirting, some woman started banging on my stall door and peeking inside, yelling at me to hurry up. I yelled back at her, "I've got a major case of the shits, lady, give me a break!" She backed off, and I had another wave hit me. After another ! five minutes or so, I figured I was finished and wiped my ass (extremely gooey). I flushed and walked out. The same lady was standing right there, and gave me a nasty look before going in. I washed my hands and went up to the Garden.

I had one other burst of diarrhea after the opening act (Robert Plant--he was okay). I had to wait in line, but got to a stall before crapping my pants. I had another ten minutes worth of diarrhea, but the Who started playing before I was finished. I jumped up without wiping my ass (big mistake) and ran bak to my seat. Two hours later, My ass was so itchy and sore, I wished I had taken the extra couple of minutes to wipe. I just went home (it took about an hour) and got right in the shower. My underpants were heavily streaked, but my diarrhea appeared to have subsided, so that was good. Oh, well, a small price to pay for a gret show! Probably their last tour, too, and I've got the raw and stinging ass to pove it!



TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!! Hey Sarah I liked you helping Tim wee by holding his willy for him because he had dirty hands. Steve has needed me to do that for him as well when he has needed to wee, and it was fun teasing him by saying he is old enough to be able to do it for himself now! giggle



Night Owl
LAWN DOGS KID: Hi. That sounds like a really bizarre
situation for your dad. His squeamishness is up against
your mom's and uncle's openess. Does he know about their
history together? Even if not, I don't see how he can
hold his ground for too long. He doesn't sound unbendable,

JOHN Q. PUBLIC: You've seen another movie with a plot
like that? Uh-oh. Do you remember what it was called?
I hope it doesn't end up being too similar to this one.
(Unlikely as that is---this one is pretty oddball.)As
microscopic a part as I had in its conception, I'm
hopeful nonetheless that it will have a healthy life once
it's realeased.

Q: Whaddya get when ya cross constipation with canker sores?
A: A real *grouch*, that's what.

(does anyone know what causes canker sores? I know it's a
dental issue, but no one I ask ever knows. Arrgh!)

jamie i also enjoy the occasional pants shitting...i like doing it, but cleaning up my clothes became a hassle, so instead of that, sometimes i just lay tp on the floor and poop on that, its not so much that i like it as it is just a break from the norm...sometimes fun to do it. How often do you shit anyways? ive wondered about the difference in bowel movements from males and females. Thanks

the "HOLD IT" man

I've read that on another forum. The way it was explained was that girls have shorter ureters, or for lack of a better term, simpler plumbing so there is an advantage when it comes to rate. In addition to that, they have to be expecialy equiped down there to push a baby out, so it only stands to reason that when they contract all those muscles against their bladders they can generate alot of pressure. Sometimes when I push it out too hard, it actualy stings and I have to let off.


I notice alot of times that if I have to go to the bathroom while I'm sleeping, I dream about going to the toilet, too. In fact what's happening there is that your brain is getting the message that you need to go to the bathroom, and that is causing the dreams. Then you wake up and you have to go. That happens to me all the time. I will be dreaming, and I will feel an urge to go to the toilet, and in my dreams there would be a toilet, but there would be some reason why I couldn't use it. For instance, I would dream that I had to pee realy bad, and the only toilet available was right out in public. I would go over to it to 'do my business' and I would surrounded by Pamela Anderson, Lucy Lawless, Jennifer Lopex, Raquel Welsch (I still think she's hot) various girls that I had crushes on through out my school years and a few of my coworkers. They all surrounded me and stared right at me while I tried to let loose, but said nothihng. Just stood there and stared and I ! was not able to perform. Then I woke up and had to go to the bathroom.

My alarm clock has the same effect. It has a "choo choo train" soud efect built in to it. I would be dreaming that I was standing in the midle of the rail road tracks and a train was comming at me, and just one milisecond before impact I would wake up.

John Q Public
Lady Bug:

In the old posts, there is a story I wrote about my bed wetting problem that I had as a kid, and how I learned to love peeing. You may want to check it out.

I was online last night and i saw my friend poop on cam, every time he does that he makes me feel funny so i got offline and i had to pee, i decided to pee my pants. In my Bathroom, i had a big wet spot running down my jean shorts on the leg. I rinised my boxers and shorts out in the sink. My shorts are still soking wet. I'll let them dry a bit. It was fun, now i know how wetguy and the others feel about this.

I pooped yesterday before work, it wasn't that big. It was on the soft side too.

Anonymous movie guy
TO JOHN Q PUBLIC: I live in the midwest and i have never heard of white castle. I live in a state that starts with an "o" down south. I cant say it or the moderator wouldnt show my post.

Today was kinda exciting. i was in this store looking at an autotrader when this hot blonde rushed past me and briskly walked in to the single person bathroom and shut the door. So being the curious person that i am, i wandered on over ro hear. i heard her quickly unzip her pants and pull them down and right after that, the clerk yelled, "YOUR HAMBURGER IS DONE!!" So i had to stop listening or i would have looked like a perv. while i was paying for it though i saw her walking off smiling. Talk to everybody later!

I'm a male pants pooper. I started doing this at around 9 years of age. It started partly because I wanted to see what it felt like,and partly because I waited too long to go to the toilet. That first time, I'd about decided I wanted to do it in my pants, and then, as I got to the point where I couldn't hold it any longer, I kind of chickened out. It was, however, too late. I had just gotten up from playing with my army men, and started towards the house when it happened. I just started pooping in my pants. I just stood there and filled my pants, like I probably had done as a toddler. It felt warm, soft, and not at all unpleasant, so I went back to my play. When my mom found out what I'd done, she spanked me, and then changed my pants. This was my first time to do that deliberately, but It wasn't my last.

pooping panties girl
Have you ever tried pooping while in pantyhose?? Ive had loads of accidents in pantyhose?


You should try pooping in pantyhose its just the best feeling and tell me all about it.

In Eyes Wide Shut, is the toilet scene a famle, or male, and for all those people who watch "Crank Yankers" there was one prank call, where this one girl from a waste company called this woman, and asked her not to crap as much, and who many shits she has a day. the womans husband was with her, and she put the phone of the speaker thingy so they could both hear and talk. the woman told the one girl that the neighbors all always having barbeques and eating meat. because meat makes you shit. then the woman gets pissed off and hangs up, there was more to it, but i dont really want to get into detail about it. watch it yourselves, they might play it again someday

Ghost (me)
i have decided to change my name to ghost as if i kept with me then it would ge confusing if someone woz replying to me.

BRYIAN: I have heard that joke before. On the internet somewhere. That joke aint urs!

FRANKIE: I take it you are not frankie muniz but wenever i see that name i think u r him!

Wednesdays and Thursdays piccys look like normal photos! Instead of proper ones.

Did anyone see Thursdays eastenders where Pauline (mum) made Martin (son) drink 2 litres of water! This was the day after he had had 2 ciders and she said he could only have his driving test practice if he drank 2 litres!!!!!

Anyway as you would guess he had to use the loo! Twice! It just suddenly came on. It was really not realistic! He just walks normally and then suddenly it's
'oh no, not again!' and he's off!

I have a story of when i was at debenhams ages ago. I went to the loos, but as i was leaving i saw a man cleaning the sinks! Me and my mum were the last ones there because he had a sign blocking the door saying cleaning in progress. As we left he was closing the door and this lady went to him,she was with a friend and she had a baby, and she was telling the man how desperate she was and there was a queue for both mens and disabled loos! The bloke would not budge!! It was clear she was desperate. I did not know what happened to her because my mum dragged me out! Typical! Also he was cleaning the toilets at around 3:00 pm after lunch so im sure that lady wasnt the last! What a stupid time to clean the toilets!

Happy pooing + peeing to all,


To Lady Bug : Liked your story...did all the guys see what you did?

To Shelly: Loved your story...I also like a long and firm dump

To Jamie: Liked your story...glad to hear your parents didn't find out. Did you tell you online friends what you were doing?

To Jordan: Liked your story...i don't think your weird.

To Jason: Liked your story

To John Q Public: I see about McDonalds...Im in the east and never heard/been to White Castle. I prefer BK too but it usally makes my dumps on the soft side(don't like it that way).

To Anthony K.: Loved hearing about your dream, cool. When you woke up did you have to poop?

To Unnamed poster who pooped on the bus..liked your story

To Frankie: I liked your story

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story...i thought it was kinda funny. Im down a bit further from you, In Maryland.

To Anonymous movie guy: Thats funny about the teacher

To Red Demon: Liked your story

I kinda got an urge to poop but i might just hold a bit. Almost time for me to get ready for work. bye

The lady on today's masthead (Thursday) looks really relaxed as is she's enjoying a good poo as a relaxation in itself.

Dawn. If you've been passing blood I would, along with many other posters already here, urge you to get checked out and see the doctor. Anal bleeding isn't serious most of the time but it's better to be on the safe side. Your doctor will need to know whether the blood was bright red or dark and you may have to have an examination which might be a little uncomfortable but shouldn't be painful.

Joanne. Hi. Enjoyed your latest post. Glad to hear that Paul's constipation appears to have cleared up. I use Fybogel sometimes and it suits me as it's a nice gentle bulking agent rather than a laxative. I enjoyed hearing about your friend Anne's motions. No doubt she's done some big panfuls in her time.

Anne. Hi and welcome! I liked reading about your big poo at work the other lunchtime. It sounds to me as though you were ready for it. Are you a 'daily' person? If you are, I wouldn't worry about occasionally not doing anything for a day or two. It happens to all of us. I'd love to hear if you've any more interesting experiences, particularly if you've ever been taken short or had any close calls.

Best wishes to all


Red Demon
You surprised me. When I saw your name I said nah it CAN'T be him but it is. I've been a fan of your art for a long while now. Never thought I'd see you here. Cool..welcome.

Punk Rock Girl
Trust me gal, Linda takes even longer on the toidy, so it be a long wait if the two of you went. Not to mention what condition my toilet would be if you guys buddy dumped togther.Been a while since I had to call Roto-Rooter.<snicker>

Oh man.. I often worried about you two being found out. and I was so afraid that's what had happened. I myself worry about what Linda would do in my absence but I've learned to trust her..but I have said to BE careful..I know she wishes to be as bold as you are becoming..but I tell her to becareful as well. Then again..I'd feel a bit safer if she was around you two guys. But geez with all you girls around I'd never see my bathroom again!!!

Lawn Dogs Kid
Elena says for you to cheer up and that she said if she could she'd fill in for Kendal. I don't think I'm happy with that. I don't get to see her on the toilet much anymore(See I feel your pain too) but that changed a few days ago.. if you kids are good I may share..or she might.

You guy never mention Anime/Manga much anymore..there are a few toilet scene in them. I got Love Hina.. it's cute and well written.(Don't get the anime..the manga(comic) is much better)In one scene the male character has the worst luck of getting in trouble with this girl and it doesn't help as in one panel he walks in on her on the toilet.The look on her face is priceless.

Ben In Iowa
To Lady Bug:Liked your story.
To Shelly:Liked your story.
To Jamie:Loved your story. I hope you post more accident stories.

Well I turned 14 in July.

Heres an accident story for you. Well me an Ashley decided to have a contest. We each took some laxative and see who could hold it longer. I had some gray briefs (usually boxers except when we do this stuff) jean shorts and a white shirt. Asley had on pink panties,short shorts,and a white tank top on. Well we started watching TV when she mentioned to me that she was feeling the affects of the laxative. I said so am I. So we locked ourselves in the upstairs bathroom and waited to see who could hold it longer. 10 minutes later I'm grabbing my butt to hold it in and Ashley is squirming. Well 3 minutes later I couldn't hold it anymore and warm soft poop flew into my briefs and filled them up almost to the top. Then I lost control of my bladder and started to wet myself. I looked in the mirror and there was a big wet spot in the front of my shorts and a little spot on in the back from the poop. So I threw the underwear away and put the rest in the washer and hopped in the sho! wer. I closed the curtain and all the while Ashley is desperatley trying to hold on longer. Well i finished showering and got dressed and Ashley was almost crying cause she had to go so bad. Suddenly I heard a huge fart and I looked at Ashley butt and I saw a huge bulge form in the back of her shorts. Then some fell on the floor. Then she started peeing herself so she quickly sat on the toilet because she didn't want to get anything else on the floor. She didn't take her shorts off because it was against the rules. So she sat there and peed her pants. Then she got in the shower and took her clothes off and had me put them in the washer to clean while she showered. I put them in the washer and looked at her panties and they were really full of runny mushy poop. So I threw them away. And went back to my room to wait for her. Hoped you liked it Jamie.

Also I went to some fair we had a couple weeks ago. I saw some very hot girls go and use the port-a-potties. When I went to use the bathroom before we left I saw a pair of soiled women's panties sitting in the urinal part. So I peed and left.

More Later

I am 31 and from the North of
England and I have Cerebral Palsy.

I have never seen a woman on the
pot but I would love to see

I am in a normal sized wheelchair.

I would love to know from you bigger girls

1 What is the youngest age you openly let a male family member watch you?

2 Did it help you letting them watch you?

3 If anybody you knew asked could you have a big one in the nude, would you do it?

4 How many times do you all open your legs to drop a big one?

5 As I said I have a normal wheelchair. If I watched you would you easly be able to spread your legs wider than the width of the wheelchair?

6 How many of you spread your legs and then lean over?

7 How much buttcheek do you show when leaning over, more than half or less?

8 How many minutes warning do you give watchers that you "could be dropping a big one"?

Hope you all answer see ya!


Punk Rock Girl
Yesterday at work, someone brought a bunch of frozen steak sandwiches left over from some other time. THey put them in the freezer and said they were up for grabs. I was stupid enough to eat one for lunch. Within an hour, I had the worst case of explosive diarrhea I have had in YEARS. It was horrible. I was sitting at my desk, and all of a sudden, my guts reeled and my rectum filled up and threatened to erupt into my pants. I got up and sprinted to the bathroom. The closest one was a unisex, and I ran inside. I was not super surprised to see that all the stalls were taken up. I waited, fidgeting, holding my hand to my ass. Finally, one of the stalls opened up and a guy I work with walked out. I rushed by him, slammed the door, tore my pants and thong down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. My ass exploded and diarrhea literally spryed out into the water. It was loud! I was farting and groaning the whole time. I had three or our mini explosions more then, seem! ed to be empty again. I sat and caught my breath. I farted and another stream squirted out. I waited a couple of minutes and wiped until my ass was super clean. By that time, my ass was really raw and sore. I pulled up my thong, careful not to jam it all the way up, and pulled up my pants. I flushed the toilet and walked out. I went to the sink and washed my hands. Later I found out that everyone whi had eaten one of the subs had gotten sick, either out their ass or out their mouth. I guess I was lucky. I'd rather have diarrhea for a week thn throw up for one hour.



Sarah S and Meghan
Well!!!! We are back!!!
Megs is staying with me for a week and wants to transfer to a college down here in Houston. Dad is a bit peaved but as long as she gets a degree we don't think that he will mind where she goes. We have a story. We were out at a house party and I was with my new boyfriend(blush). Megs started for the toilet and Roger, my date, started after her. I rushed after him and we were all in the loo together. It was extremely awkward. Megs just stood there in front of the bowl waiting for him to get the hell out. I said;"Rog, are you coming". He just stood there transfixed so Megs pulled down her knickers, pulled up her dress, stood there, and let fly. Roger turned this bright red and so did Meghan and I. It was like in a french movie. Of course Meg let out a big trump and Roger turned around and got out. Meghan came stumbling out of the bathroom laughing her head off! I laughed so hard I weed in my trousers!! Roger couldn't believe this just happened.

KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: THANK GOD you are alright!!! We are so glad to see that you are amongst the living. It is unfortunate that a five year old can blurt out the most honest secrets,LOL! We loved your story about talking with your Mum, Andrew. We miss ours. Annie is our substitute. You can still watch us, cyberly, on the loo! Kendal, you are also invited. Bring Ellen along. Andrew, we are glad that you are being led around by Eleanor. She will keep you in line,LOL! You are such a gentleman not to watch her. Kendal, we know that you will keep all of them in line. We weren't surprised that your Auntie didn't think it was a big deal. We are also glad that things have settled down. We need to start up the WSPC again. Kendal, start practicing the standup wee!!. We look forward to your new loo adventures!! I have a new boyfriend and he doesn't know about our toilet adventures, yet. Please see above story! Take care, dear cousins! Lots of Lovexxxx from Sari and Meghan

STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi friends! Steve, thank you for your advice. I am moving very slowly with Roger. Louise, that story about you and DAMSEL was great. Megs and I have done a double wee many times. How about starting up the WSPC again! DAMSEL: Hi girl, there is nothing holding you back, is there?,LOL! When the dam breaks, the water flows. Loved the story about weeing in front of your boyfriend. Take care all! Lovexxx from Sarah and Meghan

INA: Hi sweetheart! We enjoyed your story about your travels to Verona and Munich. Wish we would have been with you! We could have used our travelmates and pished up a storm!!! Love ya, lots!! Hugs from Sari and Meghan

We have to rush! Meghan will post tomorrow. She will speak to our other friends! HUGS TO: PV-hi gal, how are things in Aus?, Rizzo, Eleanor-hi sweetheart!, Ephermal-ready for school?, Jane and Gary-hi there, Todd and Diana-hi parents!, Diva, Tim, Sarah, Josie, and Loewie- talk to you tomorrow!, Kimmie and Scott-Where are you!, LindaGS-hi gal! That was a big poo!!!, Carmalita and the gang!, Mere and Mandy, Ellie and Little Lou!!


Friday, August 02, 2002

Lady Bug
yesterday I messed my pants. Or rather my bathin suit. I was wimming at my neighbors house and she had a bunch of guys there who, by the way, were all very hot:) I knew I needed to poop but I was having so much fun that I didn't want to! We were all playing Marco Pollo and This really hot guy, Chris, was chasing everyone. Well he found me and by that time I need to poo sooooooooooo bad! I was holding myself. He rammed right into my stomach, lifted me up and would put me down! I screamed at him to put me down but of course he was enjoying it. so, in that moment. I just let go. I didn't try too! Really. But I farted a wet juicy fart and and filled my bikini bottom. it wasn't a normal poo either. It was diarreah. as soon as he knew what I did, he dropped me and swam faaaaaaaar away. I started peeing then too. I couldn't help it. I was crying hystericaly and still filling my bottom. Well, I hope u enjoyed!
PS I don't know about everyone else but I would like to see more stories about pooping or peeing ur pants. write on!

Senior Damsel
If I can very briefly introduce myself, I am Louise's mum and I am writing strictly for this one time only. I tried months ago and failed because I wrote one aimed at the boys, but I can't resist doing something specially to write about for this website. Steve - am I supposed to know better by now? xx
I've been in Steve and Louise's lovely bathroom lots of times. I love the clean white fittings, the lovely bath in one corner with a shower cubicle next to it. Lucky, lucky Louise. I think it would be boring just to have a straight wee sitting or hanging my backside over the toilet. Standing to pee is my personal preference in my own home, and same as my younger daughter does, I enjoy playing hold it for its own sake and I've been topping myself up with drinks. I can still hold it but I can't ignore the feeling for long. I'll walk to the bathroom now and this is the story...
I've just removed my bath towel. What can be seen down below is through a deforestation about 18 months ago when I shaved all my pubic hair. I allowed a small rectangle to regrow which is totally different to the blonde forest I sported before. My pubic hair is blonde but very thick and wiry, and whenever I pissed I had half of it left in drops like rain in a hedge. I did used to get very wet with wee just as my girls say so I took the plunge and got the razor out. It is so much better now and easy to look after. I am standing naked in the bath, with my hands behind my back. Legs straight, I am about to wee. I feel it on its way and there the liquid gold spurts. I do make hissing noises like my daughters and there is some noise this time. I am still doing a golden waterfall onto the bottom of the bathtub. Just opened my lips a tad to lose the slight sprinkle and to get more power. There was a sudden finish and now I think it would be a good idea to quickly shower my bott! om half.
Earlier I'd dropped a large brown torpedo into the toilet and made a long skidmark down the side slope. I am another who prefers to hang my backside over the toilet to shit. I don't much care for sitting down on freezing cold seats.

Over 12 months ago I beat Louise in a pissing contest, where all the ladies taking part stood and weed as far as they possibly could. Now they say "Donna, you have to defend your title". I say, "Sure! Soon!"

I've seen my younger daughter's account of Louise's wedding morning and read it out aloud several times to myself. She was jumpy, nervous she was. The bath and the weeing was a lovely bonding experience, but later when Louise had her shit I was worried to death about the wedding dress getting soiled by the loose and nasty brown glop she was doing but her attentive bridesmaids were total dears and lifted it clear. They are top girls. Louise looked a million dollars and that's not just a mother's pride.

I'm looking forward to going to Spain in a weeks time with the newlyweds. I had an unforgettable time with my daughters weeing in Steve's back garden and was a good warm up for the beaches.

I've enjoyed writing.

Donna. xx

Dawn - If you pooped and there was blood in the toilet, could be a number of different things, including that you started your period early or you're majorly constipated and have torn something. What do you think? Take care girl! Jennifer

If you had pain around your hole (any soreness after of during your poop), it may just be a cut. If your poo has blood in it and there is no obvious pain, it could be more serious.
It could just go after a couple of days, but if it stays see a doctor.
I've experienced blood before. I always wipe too much and sometimes I get blood just as I finish up. I know that mine isn't serious cos I've had it for years, a trade off for clean underpants.

Dawn, did you eat anything red or with food coloring in it?

Hi again everyone! Hope everyone has been having summer fun. I had to take another dump today, thought I would share! I was hanging out with Kirsten again today at her house. About 2:00 I started farting alot and my stomach began to hurt a little, I could tell that a big shit was coming on. To spare Kirsten my rank smell, I excused myself to her restroom. Kirsten's restroom is shared with her younger sister Kayla who is 13. Kayla had disappeared for about 20 minutes earlier. I could tell by the skid marks left in the toilet she had pooped too. I had to go REALLY bad by the time I dropped my shorts and panties and sat down on the toilet. I instantly ripped about 3 loud smelly farts. Several pieces of poop dropped kinda fast, with loud splashes. I could feel another fart coming on and grunted a little to get it out of the way, man was it loud! My butthole opened up again to let out more poop, it was soft and came out fast. I sat for about 10 minutes passing more! farts and little pieces of poop. It smelled terrible. Finally I was done. After about 7 wipes I flushed and washed. I lit a candle before I left out, but when Kirsten had to pee about 30 minutes later, she came out of the restroom with her nose covered asking me what I ate, we both laughed. I felt better after getting that one over with. Maybe next time will be firm and long, that is my favorite kind of dump. Take care all, see you later.

Hi, I'm a 15 yr old girl. I'm about 100 lbs, 5 1/2 feet tall, blond brown hair, brown eyes. I've been reading stories on this site for awhile now, and find them really interesting and cool. Well on with my story. The other night my parents were gone. I had the house to myself, but my best friend was out of town and my b/f was working. So I just lounged around my house the entire night in shorts and a t shirt. I had a pair of panties on, and a pair of gray cheerleading shorts. I watched a movie and ate a bag of greasy chips. I usually restrict myself, but since no one was home and I didn't really care, I didn't. I suprised myself and finished the bag pretty quickly. After the movie was over, I got up and went online to talk to my friends. I started having gas pains and stomach cramps that got more intense as time flew by. After about 45 minutes, I couldn't stand it nemore. I got up and walked into the bathroom, my anus sealed shut, ass cheeks together, wobbling. I knew I was gonna explode shit in less than 2 minutes. But then I thought of all the great stories and stuff on this site. I decided that for the first time, I was gonna have an "accident". I stood there in the bathroom, moving all the mats and towels. I had no idea what to expect, since it's never happened b4. I thought it might get on the floor and i didn't want to clean it off something cloth. Well the 2 minutes seemed like centuries and I slowly let off the tightening muscles of my butt. I could've done it slowly and let the poop slowly slide out, or I could just let a rip and let it all fly out. I decided that since this was my first time, I wanted the full effect, so I let a rip. It was weird! Steamy, soft, creamy poop flew out of my butt, filled up my panties with a soft crackling sound. They were full in about half a second. I moaned and tried to go again. About half as much came out, and a little poo slid down my long legs and plopped on the floor. Nothing to worry about tho. I! said "shit"(which i thought was pretty funny). I got some tp, cleaned it off the floor, and stepped into my shower to survey the damage. I first took off my grey cheerleading shorts. They had a big wet splotch on the butt of them and around the crotch. And they had little pieces of shit. I threw them in the sink. Then I slowly slid off my panties, and some soft shit spilled out and landed on my feet. I looked inside my panties, and they were completely filled with poop. The area that they covered on my body was all poopy. I took a shower, put my shorts and panties in the trash, and when my parents came home, they had no idea what happened. It was fun, I think I might do it again. Is there neone else who likes to have big diarrhea dumps in their pants? Thats a girl? or guy, it doesn't really matter. Thanks!

Am I wierd? I like going to the bathroom, pooping, peeing, I love doing that. But far more than peeing or pooping normal, I love a good case of explosive diarrhea. I don't know why, but for some reason the gurgling, cramping, bloating, rush for the restroom and the eventual explosion of relief, in the toilet or elsewhere, is something I really enjoy. Espically in public. And no, I don't take laxatives or anything to induce it, it isn't any good if it isn't all natrual. Anyway, the point is, about a year ago, I was fifteen and my mom dropped my off at the mall while she went shopping for cars, something I HATE doing. Well, my stomach had been topsey-turvey all day, and I had to drop some mushy loads at home before I left for the mall. I ate some ice cream, and I guess that must have awakened the sleeping beast, because not ten minutes after I finished that I was hit with a mammoth case of diarrhea. My stomach gurgled and cramped like a knot. I broke out in a cold sweat and da! shed for the nearest toilet. Strangely, though I was embarassed, I found everyone watching my plight ... exciting. I ran into the bathroom, the most publis bathroom in the world (five toilets, no stalls.) Four of the toilets were occuiped by middle aged women (all peeing and a group I assume since they were all in there together.) What a sight it must have been to see a desperate 15 year old, her hair matted to her head from cold sweat, tear at the button on her jeans, yank donw her pants, sit on the jon and -PFfFFFLLLLLLPPPPFFFFFHHHHH *PLOPLOPPLOPPLOPPLOPPLOP* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFPLLLLLLLLLLLLLT *SLPASHSPLASH*RRRRRFFFFFPLLHTT*SPLASHSPLASHSPLASHSPLASH*RRRRRPPPLLPPPRRGGGHHTPPLLLT*KER-SPLASH!* Ahhhhhhh- let loose a wave of diarrhea worse than the Dumb and Dumber scene. I dont know how they felt, but I was turned on! All that runny mushy and pure liquid pouring out of me in front of those people was invigorating. So am I wierd. Whenever I get bad diarrhea (About three times a year) ! I go out of my way to put myself in a public situation! I even gave a school speech sick with the runs. I know we all have different likes/dislikes. But am I wierd?

I took a dump this morning at a department store. I was alone and had to do some serious shopping. But, first it required some serious farting! I went into a stall and noticed someone else was sitting next to it. He was crackling and farting alot. About ten minutes later we both got out the same time. After I farted and practically filled the bowl up with about 6 hot dogs, I saw it was my friend from school about 6 years ago. It was so embarrassing. But, after we spoke five minutes, I said, "I guess yah really had to go huh?" LOL

John Q Public

I think that the food I ate at McDonalds is a very distinct possibility of causing me to have to shit because that has happened before. I don't often eat at McDonalds. I perfer Burger King on the rare occasions that I eat 'fast fooe,' but this time the Burger King was closed, and though I perfer it, McDonalds does taste good some times.

I don't know if you are familiar with the Mid West or not, but we also have a fast food chain called White Castle. The hamburgers served t here are very tiny. I mean that about 5 or 6 White Castles are the equivalant of one "Big Mack" or "Whopper." We affectionately nick named those hamburgers "Sliders," because of the effect they have on the bowls. If you are ever in the Mid West or in the Chicago area, I auarentee you that if you get constipated and you don't want to deal with the messy business of supositories or enemies, Sliders will definately do the trick. After all, we don't call them Sliders for nothing.

HOLD IT man:

That was hilarious! I've embarrassed myself a few times like that too. Only thing is my farts come out wet and stinky, so those poor girls were lucky it was you and not me blowing farts in front of them.

Anthony K.
I had this weird dream last night. I was with my friend in school and we felt the need to take a dump. In my dream the stalls in the toilets had very short doors so someone from the outside can see you taking a shit.(what was the stall's purpose then) There where about ten stalls. I took the very farthest from the entrance and my friend took the next one. He quickly sat down, after pulling down his pants and blue briefs (you could smell the dry piss) and let out a fart and two loud plops. I was still going to pull my pants down when about 4 "popular" guys entered. They saw my friend (lets call him "Sam") on the toilet and said haha Sam's taking a shit. Then they saw me standing facing the door ready to sit (my pants were still on) and they say: Haha Anthony's going to take a crap too. Then I go: No I'm just standing here?? Then they go: well your weird. Then Sam says: don't worry about them (while hes farting and 3 plops). So then I go alright then I faced the populars and s ay:You happy now? So I sit pulling my pants and light blue briefs to the ground and as soon as I sat, a big fart came and a very long and thick log (smelly) pushed its way out. Then I had a boner. This happened while my friend did 4 loud plops a sigh and a fart, and some other guy (popular, not the one of the 4) did a lud messy fart with two loud plops. THen we wiped at the same time while I had a boner. Then they left as soon as we did.

Anthony K.

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