Last week my boyfriend was over and he said he needed to go to the bathroom. He was gone for a few minutes when I realized he was probably taking a dump cause he was gone too long for just a pee. I went over to the bathroom to see if I could hear anything and I saw that he left the door open a little. I opened it and there he was sitting on the toilet with his pants and boxers at his ankels and he was staring at the floor. When I came in he seemed embarresed but I could tell he didn't want me to leave. He just started talking to me as if he wasnt on the toliet. As he was talking he was straining and grunting. Then I started to hear crackling as a log slid out and it made a loud plop after that he kinda sighed in relief. Then went back to grunting and made about 3 more plop then he got toliet paper and stood up to wipe,when he got up I took a peek in the toliet and there was the biggest log I ever saw!! Then there was 3 other little ones and one floating. He pulled up his pai! nts and flushed.

Hi everyone! I guess you could say that I am new here. I have always kept up with everybody else's posts and have now decided to add one of my own. I guess I can describe myself for you. I am a 17 year old girl, blonde hair, green eyes w/ glasses, 5'5", 115 lbs. I have shoulder length hair, that I like to keep in a ponytail. I will soon be a senior in high school and also 18!!! I have always had a fondness for pooping, both doing it and hearing others. Even though my mom always tells me I shouldn't poop in public restrooms, this is my favorite place to let loose and I try to as often as possible! She thinks all public restrooms are dirty and therefore unhealthy, WHATEVER!!! When a girl has to shit, a girl has to shit! Yesterday I was with my best friends Melissa and Kirsten at the mall. We were trying to find new school clothes and scout out the guys, hard to say which was working best. Anyway, about 2pm I was beginning to feel the urge. A little while later, I! REALLY had to poop, kinda bad. We were in Foley's, which is a pretty big store and one that I remembered had a good restroom. I told Melissa and Kirsten that I needed the little girls room for #2. They were trying on shoes and told me that they would catch up with me when they were done. I left them and found the restroom across the store and went in. It has 10 or so stalls, I picked one in the middle and locked the door. I hung my bags on the hook, and unbuttoned my short jean shorts. I had to wriggle out of them since I wore my tight pair today to show off my butt(you know, guys!!!). I've been told my butt is pretty nice, so why not let it be seen? I let my shorts fall to my ankles, then pulled my panties down and had a seat. My butt dropped way down into the bowl, my cheeks being pulled apart in the process. I also love the toilet seats in public restrooms, its like they are made for your ass in such a perfect way! I was kinda spooked by how quite the restroom ! was. I think I was the only one in there and it was very very quite. I soon changed that with a windy little fart. I felt my butt hole open up and a little chunk fell out with a splash. The splash seemed to echo forever in the quite restroom. I pushed a little and two more chunks dropped one after another with loud splashes. I farted a few more times and felt my butt open again. This time a bigger turd wanted out. I was weird hearing the crackle. My log slid out very slowly, I could hear it and feel it! It dropped into the water without a splash. I looked down at it, it was about 7 inches long and 2 inches wide, which is normal for me. I was just about to try to push out the next one when I heard the door open. It was Melissa and Kirsten, Kirsten hollered out "I'll bet a girl named Shelly is taking a dump in here!" I turned a shade of red and laughed with them. Since I was the only pair of shoes under the stall doors, they each took a stall next to me. Melis! sa asked me if everything was coming out alright. I laughed again and told her to come in and take a whiff. We all laughed again. I could hear Melissa and Kirsten pee while I continued to poop. I had to push really hard to get my log going again, I sighed out loud when I stopped pushing. Soon enough, the crackling started and I was sure Melissa and Kirsten could hear it as well. It slowly slid out and dropped without a splash. It was just as big as my other one. Melissa was done and had went to wash her hands. I could hear Kirsten looking through a magazine she bought, and also heard her drop a few little chunks into the toilet as well. I pushed again and let out another fart, which caused us to laugh again. I soon dropped 4 or 5 more little chunks and was done. We all washed up and went back to shopping and scouting. It was a good day with a good dump, can't wait for the encore. Everybody take care and happy pooping!!!!!

That is some bullshit. Those cops should have been fired for
police brutalitity!

Anonymous movie guy
To Ronnie: loved your story. I think what then pigs did was mean but i would love to see a chick crap her pants. But i think that the shit those f@#$% cops pulled was wrong.

I watched Goldmember today and it was hilariuos! there wasn't any female pooping scenes although i would love to see beyonce knowles on the toilet! But there was a scene with fat bastard crapping. that was nasty! Also do any of you know of a site with pics of black women pooping or peeing?? Just wondering!
See Ya!

Billy and Kevin
Yesterday, we were coming home from playing soccer. We stopped in a store and got some snapples. We drank them. We stopped at my friend Jake's house so he could get his swiming stuff. We were going to go a gym later with a swimming pool and then go with us to our cabin for hte weekend. I said can I use your bathroom? I have to do a nasty double header. He siad ok. Kev was there and my cousin Billy too. He said, I bet you can fill up the snapple bottle when you go to the bathroom? I said, I bet your are wrong. So we all went into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and peed into the bottle while I pooped. THe others were able to fill up their bottles with pee. Then Jake empties his bottle in the sink and then drops his pants and puts the bottle to his butt hole. He farts and then the poop starts to fill the bottle. The log sticks out of the bottle by about two inches. He says, Billy, watch out - I;m coming behind. He empties the bottle in the toilet, sticks the bottle to his bu! ng home and poops again. At the bottom of the bottle were abotu 3 logs. At the top, there wsa a bunch of mushy stuff. He puts the cap on and says I better throw this in the garbage. He went otuside to throw it away and came and washed his hands. When he came back in, he said we should get going. I said almost done. I dropped one more turd and wipe. WHen I got up, there was a turd about 10 inches, about 3 4 in turds and a little pile of poop, but Jake's poop. I flushed.

We ate lunch, We wnet to the gym and played basketball. My little brothers josh and jake and mom were there too. They went swimming. All throught he game I was farting. I knwo I owuld have to go poop again. THen we went to get changed to go swimming. I looked at Jake;s underwear after it fell to the ground. I said to him, you forgot something and pointed to the underwerar. He just shrugged.

While we were swimming, I kept farting underwater. After swimming, we took showers. I said I will be there in two minutes and went and took a dump.

To Jay: Loved your story, i think i'd be shocked if i heard that at school too or any public place...and i'd get excited too.

To To skater boy: I forgot to post something to you, i couldn't think of any movies to tell you but i thought of one, you should rent Airborne, theres a sceene w/ a hot skater type dude on the toilet at school and they kids dump water on the tp so he can't wipe. It airs on disney channel sometimes, it was just on.

To JaLe: Guess thats true..that you couldn't see...liked your story too..maybe that lady was intrested in hearing you poop and checking your toilet out. I like to do that in the mens room sometimes, i walk by the stall and get tp and try and blow my nose, does any one else do that?

To Vanessa: Liked your story about the girls peeing at the same time, i don't think spending more time in a restroom is a strange hobby after visting this site. I do it sometimes.

To Scott: Constipated?? Did you get the enema yet. I've had one before but i've given it to my self. Why don't your parents explain to you how to use it and let you go in your bathroom and give it to your self, after squeezing all the liquid inside of you hold till you can't hold any more...good luck :)

To Plopomania: I've seem to have situations happen at wal-mart where other young guys are in three pooping. I think what that woman said to you was rude and she was rude coming in there, do you think so too?

To Billy and Kev: Loved your story, you guys got to see your brothers girlfriend poop and pee? cool

To Ronnie: I loved your story, boy was it good. I don't think what they did to Lindsey was right, they should have let her go poop. Did you guys eat a chinese bufffet? I ate at one and i got so sick after that time i won't touch chinese food any more.

To 8th guy: Liked hearing that you peed your self.

To John Q Public: I think what those football bullys did to you wasn't right.

To Randi: I haven't hear about whats happening at the fairs and the fines they are giving

To Eric in Chicago: Liked your story about shitting in the woods, i haven't done it in a long time.

To Darius: Liked your story about your friend accidently shitting his pants when he farted.

I thought about holding my pee last night, didn't hold it cause i had to go out. Theres no way i would have held w/ out peeing my pants. I was drinking alot of soda and i peed alot. I must have peeed 4 or 5 times since visiting this site yesterday afternoon. When i peed this morning and in the middle of the night i really had to go and it was on the clear side. I was thirsty last night.

I haven't pooped in about 3 days now. I did have a slight urge when i woke up now i don't feel it any more. Maybe i'll have to poop after i eat later.
gotta go bye

I have been a lurker on this site for a few months now, and I like what I have been seeing. I would like to talk about my girlfriend Whitney. She was a cheerleader at our high school. We have both graduated now and she is now in college. We go to different colleges, though. She is a health nut, and workout freak. She, religiously, gets up every morning at about 4 am. That is when she goes through her exercise routine. She uses mainly freeweights. We also have a stationary bike, in addition to a leg press and one of those “butt building” machines. She has the body to show for it, as well. If you want to know what her face looks like, picture Yasmeen Bleeth. Pretty close to how she looks. She is totally against me watching her poop, or even seeing her turds. She does not seem to have an objection to me listening to her from outside the door, though. Like last night, we got back from an event. She then told me that she had to go to the bathroom. I did not thin! k that it was a big deal. I was about to brush my teeth, and asked her why I could not stay of all that she had to do was pee. Turns out that that was not all that she had to do. She had to poop! Therefore, she made me get out. I got out and immediately put my ear to the door. I heard her start peeing as soon as I had done that. She then stopped peeing. She grunted, and I heard a huge plop. That was followed by about 3 other ones. Each of those was about ten seconds apart. She grunted and sighed between each one. By then, I was hard as a rock. She then finally gave one last sigh of relief, before pulling on the joy roll, wiping her wonderful hole, and flushing the toilet. I would love to see her while she is pooping. I picture her massive calves flexing as she grunts and pushes. I then briskly tiptoed to the next room. She acted as if she didn’t know that I was listening in on her. I suspect that she was aware of that, though. She does talk about pooping, though. She tells! me about what happens when she poops in the ladies room of the health club where she works out at, when she is not using the equipment we have at home. She explained how she has seen some huge turds left by some gorgeous women who either forgot to flush or did it on purpose. I wish she was one of the women who was into leaving her turds floating in the toilet for the next person to see., at least at home. Why? Because that next person would be me. That’s why.



Anonomous movie guy, the movie AI Artificial Intelligence, has a toilet scene in the beginning, the robot boy is brought home and his mom is trying to get used to him, and wherever she goes, he follows, so she puts him in a closet and closes the door, and tells him its a game. then you see her walk off into a hall, then you see this wierd shaped door, and a door handle, then a hand moves slowly towards the handle from the other side, because you can sort of see through the door, then the hand turns the knob, and opens it. his mom has a book in her hands, and is sitting on a toilet, with her panties and sweat pants down to her ankles, then she notices him and yells at him, and stretches her pant waists up to her head to cover her. then shes tells him to leave and he does, then she all "Close the damn door!" then the scene ends, judging by the book in her hands, she was shitting a big one.

austin powers goldmember has a toilet scene with fat bastard

billy and kev, i only run around with no pants on after i get cleaned up. if i just pooped i would leave stains all over, thats gross. i dont do it as much anymore though, mom doesnt like it.
i was out playing ball today with my friends and i almost completely peed myself. i was playing second base and i really started ffeling the need to go and i was trying to hold it till the inning was over. i was using my glove to hold it so noone noticed. the inning was finally over and i ran to the johnny on the spot and i got in there and my zipper was stuck. i was trying to pull it and it wouldnt budge, i leaked a little pee finally i pulled real hard and it broke and i was able to pee. my zipper was broken now and i had to go back out to play. noone said anything though. when i was sitting on the bench waiting to bat one kid said i see your undys. i looked down and my zipper hole was wide open. i pulled my shirt over it.
has anyone had there zipper stuck before? gotta go by.

Hi all,

I've not been around for a bit, very busy with other things -- but here's a nice movie sighting. The climbing thriller "Vertical Limit," which was made in New Zealand, has a very unabashed pee scene. At one point a group of climbers is waiting on a high mountainside, sitting on the skids of the helicopter that has brought them up, and one of the Aussie "lariken" climbers casually turns away, unzips and delivers a huge gush. This was filmed in bright sunshine and full view, the stream was clearly visible. I don't know if the actor was doing it for real, but he didn't even stop talking. It was mixed company too. Earlier, another Aus mentions he has a businessman to escort up the mountain -- the guy has IBS, and permanent runs. The guy is seen trotting into a latrine in the distance...

Hugs to all my friends, and I'll try to get back here more often,


bathroom kid
Hi everyone! I'm a 12 year old girl and I love to go to the bathroom. This is such a great site!!!!! A few days ago I decided to drink a lot of water and try to hold it as long as I could. I'm not too strong so it was a chalenge. I emptied myself out, drank 3 tall glasses and waited. The water went whooosh right through me and then I tried my best to hold it. After 20 min. I really had to go. Around 30 min I wet just a little but I did'nt count that as going because I didn't flood myself or anything I just dribbled. Now my bladder was telling me "GET OVER TO THE TOILET OR YOU ARE ONE SOAKED KID!!" LOL I kept holding it. I jumped around and held myself and dribbled in my underwear until finaly I LET GO!!!!!! Niagra Falls just moved inside my pants. I drenched everything but I didn't care cause I was so relieved and I held it for 37 minutes! That's pretty good huh?
Well that's all folks

Hey people I'm back,

It seems like a long time since I posted. Oh well I have a small story that I would like to share with you all. This morning I was at home. My parents were out shopping for food since we're gonna have a barbeque tonight with our cousins. Amanda wasn't awake yet, the lazy bugger likes to sleep late and stay up late chatting to all her friends on those ICQ and crap like that. Anywayz, I went downstairs after having a nice long soothing shower and needed to find something to eat. It was around 9.30 at this time and I was looking for cereal. At this point I started to feel gassy and had a small urge to go poop, but kinda ignored it because it wasn't very strong. After fixing up some mini wheats and sitting down to watch a bit of Pink Panther (movie) on TV, I started to feel my stomach gurgle and hurt a little, also at the same time I felt an enormous motion trying to poke out. The thing was I could not eat fast cause the movie seemed to have been the funniest thing I have se! en in a long time. Those who have seen any of the Pink Panther movies know what I'm talking about. In the end, I gave in to my bowels and hurried up washing my cereal bowl and rushed upstairs in preparation for a nice big steamy dump. I was wearing this Joe Boxer pajama bottom that my aunt gave me for Christmas and a very loose t shirt that I had since I was about 12. I was getting small though and the sleeves were nearly up to my armpits. Part of my ???? was showing too. Anyway I hurried and closed the door locking it behind me. I lowered my pajama bottoms and the panties I was wearing quickly as my bum touched the toilet seat. Relaxing all muscles I waited for the urge to get stronger and picked up a random magazine about gardening. I really had no idea why it was in our bathroom but I found an interesting article as I waited for the urge to get really strong. After about a minute, I couldn't hold it in anymore and a long smooth turd began to snake its way to the bottom o! f the bowl. I felt it touch but more was still coming out. I started to moan softly as the poop was evacuating slowly. Then the smell hit my nose. Putting the magazine down, I peered into the bowl and a huge snake was coiled underneath. Feeling another urge, I pushed a little more and another snake came out more rapidly than the first but shorter and several small balls plopped in ending my poop session. I peered in and couldn't believe my eyes. Two long snakes with a couple of balls on top. I couldn't even see the whole since both the turds were coiled on top of one another. I started to wipe and began to think that the cereal I ate must have done the trick for such a big dump. As I redressed, I was wondering whether or not I should flush the toilet or wait for dad to do the dirty work. I decided to flush it and magically most of the poop dissolved and went down. Leaving one big stain on the bottom I was feeling so much more relieved. As I exited, I told Amanda to give the ! bathroom a few minutes since she was standing outside with clothes presumably for a shower. Her face wrinkled up and she made noises indicating that my ass was a deadly weapon.

Oh yeah, Sean asked me out shortly after I last posted. I think we've been going out for about a week now. But I've only been to his place twice. I think the other day in the bathroom got him curious. He's in for a surprise cause I poop big ;)

JAY: Interesting story about you and the two Ashleys. I wonder what ever happened to both of them
PLOPOMANIA: I find that incredibly rude, I bet she wanted to have a peek at you. She probably was born in a barn too.
RONNIE: I really don't think the cops should have ignored anything. The fact that they did it to extent is almost like bullying or even harassing the girl. I hope that doesn't leave a mark in Lindsey's memory.
MELISSA: Wow that girl shat for 15 minutes? She must have been constipated real badly. I know I haven't been able to constantly evacuate logs for 15 minutes straight. That's a lot of poop.
PUNK ROCK GIRL: That did sound like a massive dump you took. I also like taking dumps with no farting; I like the peace and quiet.

Luv you all

Stan (the second)
Eric in Chicago:
"The theory of autointoxication was disproved by some experiments in the 20's and 30's" Oh really? You are suggesting that knowledge of physiology and illness was as advanced in the 20's and 30's as it is today? The idea that a person can carry around 5-10 lbs of decaying unevacuated waste in his or her colon with out adverse effects on his or her physical health is hardly rational or scientific. Or are you disputing that this 5-10 lbs of unevacuated waste exists at all? Hundreds of autopsies validate that it does. Just because some so called "experiments" where cotton was stuffed into the rectums of the subjects managed to produce various symptoms, doesnt disprove that large quantities of waste in the colon has an adverse effect on health. People respond to stress in different ways and for most people, having the rectum artificially plugged produces stress and discomfort in most people. Some very sensitive subjects may respond by vomiting or other very dramatic reaction! s. This doesnt have anything to do with the former. You're comparing apples to oranges my friend.

Martin: Sorry to say that there isnt any way to firm up BM's and continue to consume excessive amounts of beer (and alcohol in general for that matter). Te only solution to your dilema would be to stop the beer not add anything.

MTV Asia reports Garbage singer Shirley Manson has confirmed reports that she once defecated on her boyfriend's corn flakes. Manson said, "That was one of my big mistake and I should never have said it. Now, I have to pay the price for it. Yes, I did do it and he deserved it. He really annoyed me!" As for whether the guy knew that's what it was, she said, "Yes, he knew what it was. It was solid."

Hey all-
Sorry, I haven't written in a long while, I've been very busy. A While back, people kept inquiring about movies that featured women pooping. Well, I've seen two; hopefully these have not been listed already. In the movie, "Fools Rush In," there is a scene when Salma Hayak is on the toilet and her husband is talking to her. She's there for a while, so it would be my guess that she wqas shitting. In the film, AI, the mother of the robot kid has to be taking a shit. The little rotob walks in on her as she is reading on the pot. Who reads as they piss?

By the way, my piss has been neon yellow lately. I've been on B100 which has Riboflavin in it. It is way cool.

AJ :o)
I discovered this site ages ago while trying to research an interesting hobby (more on that later), and I must confess that I'm not really all gung-ho on this subject to the extent that some of you others seem to be.

Even so, I agree with part of it--and I must like it, or I wouldn't keep coming back.

I even posted a couple of times using another username in case I had something really confidential to tell on someone. But I mostly just read the rest of you and got to know some of you regulars pretty well.

As I'm a fulltime writer, I'm even going to write a little piece about you at one of the sites I write for, expressing just how I feel about this place.

Anyway. . .about my hobby. . .

Does anyone else share my fascination with toilet-flushers?

I mean, ANYTHING about toilet-flushers. For instance, does anyone have any idea as to when the first ones were invented?

When I was a child, I just assumed that they were pretty modern (as in sometime in the mid-20th century). Later, of course, I would find out that some indoor plumbing existed before the Turn Of The Century (that is before 1900, as there has now been yet another Turn Of The Century).

But, when I was in fourth grade, I learned about the travels of Marco Polo and his son to what was then called Cathay (but is now called China).

They had been fascinated by several things--one of them being that they had flushed toilets there. This was just mentioned in class without going into a lot of detail.

This, as most of you know, was one of the places that Christopher Columbus was trying to get to when he accidentally bumped into what would become the Americas.

Since then, I've also heard that some of those "lost" cities (e.g. ones buried by volcanos, destroyed by earthquakes, etc.) had some sort of running water sewage system. I think it just more like ran rather than being controlled by flushing.

Couldn't you just see a bunch of people of ancient times with their butts hanging over the back of a long bench with all of their human waste falling into this moving stream behind them and making too many plops to count!?!

If you were someone fascinated by pooping, I guess you could always try to sit on the very end of where the water was heading and watch all the different shapes, sizes, consistencies, and colors floating along towards wherever it was they were going to.

Anyway, are there any others here fascinated with the past, present, and future of toilet flushers? What sort of information do you have on their history?

I was really obsessed with toilet-flushers when I was of preschool and kindergarten age--and somewhat highly interested when I was in first-grade.

After that, the interest went on the back-burner, except when I came across something really interesting, such as antique flushers--or like when I heard about Marco Polo's experience.

But, in recent years, I've become interested again. I think it started when I went to use the bathroom in a Subway restaurant that was located in an old building.

I had to pee so badly that I wasn't even thinking anything about the building itself as I jumped out of my car and made a beeline for the bathroom (before I made a peeline on the floor).

But I got in there and noticed both the toilet and the flusher, so, when I came out, I asked this young man behind the counter if this building had been a filling station at one time.

He told me that he thought it had been a bar and grill at one time.

I told him that I was guessing that it was at least as old as the 1950s, because I could tell by the toilet and its flusher. Of course, he looked at me as if I'd just come in from another planet--but he also looked somewhat intrigued.

That was what renewed my interest in toilet-flushers--though I haven't done as much research on the subject as I would have wanted to by now, having other interests and obsessions as well.

And putting some bathroom-related words into a search engine led me ti discover you!

Before I shut up, I want to say that the story of the police treatment of Lindsey really ticked me off. It sounded to me as if she weren't even smoking pot but just happened to be a passenger in your vehicle.

Besides--even though I'm not one who condones drug-abuse--I think that the police were over-reacting. They were treating all of you as if you were terrorists with ticking bombs or something! They were just trying to show that they were in power, and I have no use for officers of the law of that kind.

Police and other officers are supposed to be concerned about keeping law and order and doing it as gently as possible. Strong-arm tactics had no place with your group, so those officers were, in my opinion, no better than the playground bullies who would steal weaker kids' lunches and lunch money.

Those clowns ought to be relieved of their jobs and replaced by truly caring people!

Since it's customary around here to describe ourselves, I'm a 49 year old, single, heterosexual woman who hopes to marry Mr. Right-For-Me one of these days but isn't going to rush into things. I'm young for my age.

Right now, I'm a plus-size but working on reducing. I have short, wavy, chestnut hair, brown eyes, turned-up nose, and am attractively freckled. I've been told at different times that I look like Kate Jackson, Sally Field, Karen Carpenter, Susan Lucci, and Monica Lawinsky. I'm probably a mix of all of those in a Mama Cass size body. I think I bear more than a faint resemblance to Tyne Daly, too, but with not so much gray hair.

Right now, I'm barefooted and wearing jeans and a loose top that looks like a quilt in red, white, and blue colors. White, cotton panties, but no bra. Well-endowed.

And I currently have to pee--and, sometimes, wonder if "pee" isn't my middle-name.

Will write again when I have something more profound to say. Remember: I'm interested in anything you know about toilet-flushers--as well as being interested in meeting and communicating with other people who might share this interest.

I have a story (at last... i remembered something!)....

When i woz v. young i went round my friends house and just pooped in my pants!!!!! I didnt even want to go. I just felt like farting and farted and it all came out! Strange huh?

Anyways... enjoy all your pooping and peeing + the despiration stories are good!

Keep on posting from me!!!!!

Where have AMY (Co-ed) and

Amy have you ever let your
room-mate watch you? Have you
ever let any of your family
watch you. If so did it help
and did they enjoy it do you

I rented a good movie last night with lots of refrences to peeing and pooping. The Movie was called "Happy Campers". Its about all these youths that come to the camp for summer and its not an ordinary camp the campers are curious and intrested in ***! There was one sceen in the dining hall where the head councler said the one bunk(what ever the number was, i forget the number) there is a bed wetter. All the campers made fun of them. Then later on a bunch of campers were out in the woods and were doing unapropiot stuff, So they sent every one back to their bunks and had a lock down, they couldn't go out. Then in the girls bunk some of the girls were acting weird, they were acting like guys(predending they are guys). The girl suddenly annouces, "I don't know about you guys but i gotta take a nice juicy dump! Then another girl said guys aren't like that. Then they showed this male councler come out of the bathroom and you heard the toilet flush and he said this is one of 5 grea! test shits i've ever had. It was a totally cool movie. I got more movies so i'll post any pee/poop sceenes. Gotta run bye.

Stan(the original )

I really enjoy your stories

In your latest one, you mention that the last three that you dropped gave good plops. Did the first two give good plops ?
Do you think the lady was doing her hair so she could listen to you ?
Did you get a bumsplash ?

Hi all,

Just passing on a few points of interest...

I had a nice healthy dump this morning -- a foot-long hotdog amongst the variously-sized items to put in an appearance...

And I had an unusual dream last night. I was at the beach, a regular metropolitan beach, not the nude one, and it was warm and bright, with plenty of people around. Just a little way into the water were two girls on surfboards. They were paddling the boards from the kneeling position, dipping their hands to move themselves. They were wearing thong bikinis, and one of the girls had obviously moved the thong over because, leaning way forward with her magnificent rear end way up in the air, she pooped! I distinctly saw several healthy turds emerge and fall onto the surfboard between her legs, then be washed away by the wavelets. All this in easy sight of the beach! That was a technicolor dream, okay!

Cheers to all,



I was absolutely dejected reading your story. I think that Police in the US do have problems about not being able to control themselves (Rodney King, remember? and this more recent videotape...)but one can retort that the US society is violent anyway and that Police cannot take any chances. I remember reading a US Supreme Court ruling in which the majority opinion stated that undue force was justified lest of letting a dangerous criminal who'd been stopped escape arrest for changes incurred earlier.
Still, I think that the cop (or cops..) did everything to humuliate Lesley
Tell me, who did she get an apology and money? This is what, apart from the cruelty of the circumstances, interests me most...

Hi everybody. I'm at Eleanor's house. It still seems funny to talk about it as Eleanor's house when I used to live in it. I'm hoping this post makes it onto the site. I see Eleanor's did. Andrew and I think that our descriptions about being found out by his Dad are the reason why our posts haven't made it. Either that, or our descriptions of what we got up to the one day we were left alone together several weeks after being found out ! Suffice to say, we saw each other on the toilet as many times as possible that day ! But that is the only day in around two months or so that we have watched each other. Sadly, there would have been the perfect chance today at Eleanor's, because her Mum has gone out for a while, but Andrew isn't here. So that is that.

RONNIE: I think that is the most horrible story I've ever read. I think those policeman should have got a very severe punishment for what they did to poor Lindsey.

LINDA GS: Glad to see you are still posting. And glad to see that your Cousin still pops his head round the door, even if he did miss the main event ! I can just imagine you sitting there for a good while savouring the relief of a good poop !! You might have read in Eleanor's post that Drew and I can't watch each other anymore. Well, that is true at home. But he and I have made a pact that we will take what chances come our way in the future, away from our home. I have to say that I can imagine him and I being just like dear Uncle Robby and Aunty Annie when we get to be their ages !! We promise to tell you about any chances we get ! Take care my dear on-line sister, and love to you and Cousin and Elena and Kendal and Lynda xxxxxxxxxxx

UNCLE ROBBY, AUNTY ANNIE, UNCLE RIZZO, AUNTY PV, SARAH, MEGHAN, JANE and all our other special friends. Just to say how sorry we are if we worried you, but it has been out of our control. Here is a story for you all.

Last week, in the middle of the night, Ellen woke me up because she needed to go to the toidy, and she won't go on her own at night. We both went to the bathroom, and she let me have a wee first. I slipped my pampies down my legs, and perched on the edge of the toilet for a long and whispery wee that ran down the inside of the bowl. It only tinkled for the last few seconds. Ellen watched me very intently, and when I had finished, she took her turn. She pulled down her PJ bottoms and let them fall to her feet, and then, much to my amusement, she tried to perch on the edge of the toilet seat with her feet still on the ground, but she is still too little to be able to sit properly on the seat like that. She can just about do it if she hangs her legs down either side of the front of the seat, but it looks very unladylike !! So she settled back further, and her feet dangled just a couple of inches off the floor. It was quite a while before she began weeing, and from the look! on her face, I could tell that this was likely to be a long session ! She hadn't had a poo in nearly three days, and the strain of it was taking its toll, as she became increasingly vocal with her grunts and panting. I held her round her ???? after a while, and could feel her muscles squeezing so hard, that her little body was shaking. Then I saw her face take on a quite shocked look, and then her eyes filled with tears as her poo began to emerge. She complained "Oww...sniff.. it hurts.. oohhhhh, owwwwww, its hurting Kendal". I just kept encouraging her, telling her she would feel much, much better when it was finally out. I looked behind her and was shocked at how fat it was ! No wonder it hurt. It was much fatter than the fattest poo I can ever remember making. And I've got a bigger bottom ! I carried on encouraging her, telling her it was coming out bit by bit with every squeeze and strain of her ????. Eventually it was out having taken about 15 minutes. We both look! ed at it in the toilet, and she looked at me all serious and said "How did that come out of my bottom"? I just couldn't help laughing. She got some toilet paper and wiped herself, which she doesn't normally do very well. There were no marks on the paper, so I assumed she hadn't done it properly again, and offered to wipe for her. She let me, but her poo had been so hard, there was nothing to wipe ! Then she complained that her bottom felt very sore, and it did look very red, so I got some gel and applied it for her so it would feel better. We then went back to bed. It could not have been more than 15 minutes later that she got up again. "I need another poo" she exclaimed. I couldn't believe it, and said so, "What, after that great big one you just did ?". She pouted and said "perhaps not then" and got back in her bed. But it was certainly less than a minute when she was back out of bed again. "I really do need a poo !". I made no further comment, and just got up to take he! r. And thank goodness that I did. She sat on the toilet for another 15 minutes, pooing out tiny thin lengths of mushy, stringy poo. It smelled very bad, and must have been all her other poo backed up behind the big hard poo she did before. I was not too impressed at being asked to wipe her bottom this time !! Suffice to say that lots of paper was needed this time, and plenty of gel again ! The poor girl ! I told Andrew all about it the next day, and then I wished I hadn't, because I could tell he was sad. He was sad, because over the month or so before Uncle found out about Andrew and I going to the toilet together, Ellen had taken to going into his room to get him to take her to the toilet in the night. It was just another reminder of what he was now missing. But he'll cope, just like me. Next year he'll be going to university. So we wouldn't be able to watch each other then, so I suppose its as well to get used to it now. However, he said that once he was away from home! , and I came to visit, there would be no stopping us both seeing each other on the toilet if we wanted. That idea filled me with such warmth ! After he said that, I had a wonderful dream that night. I had gone to visit him at Uni, and we were in his room, when I needed to go. I took hold of his hand and led him to the bathroom door. We didn't say a word. He watched as I pulled down my pampies, and my heart beat so fast as I sat on the toilet to wee. I wanted to wee so much it hurt, but I just couldn't go. Then as I strained, I felt myself begin the tiniest trickle. Then I woke up. It was then I realised how much I really needed to wee !! Then more shocking still, I felt a warm wetness in my pampies where I had weed myself ! But althought my pampies were wet, there was hardly a mark on the sheets, so I had woken up just in time !!! I really do miss having Andrew watch me, and I hope I have that dream again, only without wetting myself next time, although the little dribbl! e I did do in my pampies felt very nice after the intial shock ! Love from Kendal xxxxxxxx

BATHROOM KID: I enjoyed reading your story. Like you, I'm 12 years old. I'm seriously giving some thought to the idea of drinking loads and holding it as long as I can. Maybe I might beat your record ! I'm not sure if I could actually just stand and wet myself. But I really am going to think about it. So long as my Aunty and Uncle don't find out, it might be kinda cool to wee myself. Love from Kendal x

KRISTA: I'm so glad to see that you posted again. I really loved your story about having to go in a drinks cup because that was all your sister could find for you to go in on that camping trip ! I'm looking forward to hearing more of your stories. Love from Kendal xx

Eleanor sends her love to everyone, especially Steve and Louise. Me too ! xx

After reading her post about perhaps letting me watch her on the toilet, we had a long talk about it. And she has decided to give it a go. We are going now, and we'll let you know what happens in a few minutes .......

Good the telephone line is still up and running ! Eleanor went first. She was so red the whole time, but determined to go through with it, and told me off when I turned my back on her when I thought it was getting too much. When she finished her wee, she stayed sat on the toilet for quite a while, long enough for me to ask if she was taking a #2. She said no, and then blurted out a question which gave me an enormous insight into why she doesn't like people to watch her. She asked me "What do I look like on the toilet ?" I told her she looked lovely ! Then she said "But don't you think I look fat ?" I said "No, what do you mean ?". Then it all came out. She doesn't want people to see her because she thinks that when she sits on the seat, her bottom spreads out, and so do her legs, and she thinks she looks fat ! I told her to get off immediately ! She quickly wiped, and then I lifted up my dress and pulled down my pampies to have a wee myself. But before I sat down, I k! ept my dress up in the air and asked Eleanor the same question, "Do you think I look fat ?" ( My legs are quite thin, and I only have a little bottom ) "No, not at all she said". I then sat down, further back than normal on purpose. My own little bottom spread a little, but my legs spread quite a lot, and made me look a lot fatter. "Now what do you think ?", I asked. Eleanor got the point straight away ! She is absolutely adorable, and I really hope that Andrew comes to his senses sometime !! It turns out that the boys teasing her when she was made to go to the toilet in front of them at Lincoln had made comments about her bottom and legs. There is nothing wrong with them, and I think I've now convinced her !! Eleanor wants to say something now.


I've just watched every word that Kendal has typed, and have come to realise that she is dead right. My legs are quite thick when I'm stood, but she says they are beautiful and athletic. Well, I suppose I am a good runner in sprint events ! Still, watching her type all of that about me, and what she is just saying to me about how I'm not that shy when I would let Andrew listen to me with the door open farting and plopping like mad, my concern has been nothing more than my appearance. How silly ! What would Kendal care anyway about the way I look sitting on the toilet ! I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I will be more than happy to have Kendal come in with me again. But we have agreed to keep it just to us for the time being, not Kirsty and Charlotte. And definitely no boys !! Sorry Andrew !

Right we are going now as this post will already take over the whole site. I can't believe how quickly Kendal can type !! Love to everyone. From Eleanor xx

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