hi im a 14 yr old girl who needs help with using enema. last night i got the kit and decided to use it. i havent pooped for 5 days and i really think it's a great idea to use it. so i did the work, and i could feel the water going into my hole in the process. after that i sat and played with my computer. then i could feel the enormous pressure, so i quickly ran to the toilet but it was locked. i was so worried, then i panicked and ran to the bathroom(shower) got a laundry bucket, sat on it and relaxed. the relieve was soooo goood. first came some water, then all the long poops and finally brown water. i felt soo fresh afterwards. i pulled up my pants(havent wiped) got the bucket, went over to the now vacant toilet and emptied it. i quickly went back to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. i felt really really good since i was sooo empty. i washed my butt and just showered. when i was about to finish, a huge cramp hit my stomach and some diarrhea just flowed out. i squatt! ed(since it was diarrhea, so it wouldnt matter) and pushed, a huge river of diarrhea came out and my stomach was soo hurt. it was just like im sick, the diarrhea was really different from the enema water, it was the diarrhea i have when im sick. i pushed for a long time and out came a little puddle of clear gel stuff... i got really scared and i think when i get nervous i just cant control. my butt went like a waterfall with diarrhea exploding out... i felt better this morning but had to wake up 3 times during the night having the sick diarrhea.
maybe i dont know how to use an enema properly... does anyone know how to? please tell me. and also the clear gel thing i ejected out.. what was it?? thanks

I have a few brief things to report today. They will probably be boring to some, but anyway....

Today my 10-year-old brother had a friend (same age) over and they were playing a game when this friend, "Steve", started bouncing from foot to foot and was constantly grabbing his dick and holding. To me, those are sure signs that someone that age has to pee real bad. He was also grabbing the bottom of his shorts and raising them up to apparently put more pressure on. Now, Steve often plays with my friend, and I have never, ever seen him actually go to the bathroom. He is probably the type that doesnt like to admit in when he has to go. Back to today now: One time he pushed his shorts up so high that I (or anyone wealking by) could actually see a little of his butt. He kept pinching away at his crotch, and I finally told him that it looked like he has to go to the bathroom. He sort of blushed and denied it. After I spoke up, the constant fidgeting stopped, but as soon as I went into the next room, I could see him squeezing for all he was worth again. Problem is, I will ! never know for sure if he indeed did have to pee, because he didnt go while here and then he left soon afterwards. However, it sure looked like it!

Also, my brother happened to tell me that one of his other friends peed his pants in a baseball game while running the bases. I guess he got on base and was too embarrassed to tell anyone that he had to go to the bathroom real bad, and when he got to second base it just started coming out in his pants. These kids have to speak up if they want to stay dry!!

I hope to have more on me next time.


Sara T.: 17 is a good age. I was having the time of my life at 17. Colonics are done with herbs. Enemas can be done with soap, coffee, herbs or plain water. Colonics pump water into and out of you via and intake and return hose. Enemas, you pump water into you and then you retain it and expel. Slips are not popular as they were more than 20 years ago. Now slips are being worn as outergarments. I have two drawers full of full and half slips. I like to wear slips. Only, if I have a short skirt or dress, I will omit the slip.

diarrhea man: when I was a teen, I saw my boy cousins have erections while having bowel movements. It was awesome. They had to hold down their penises while sitting on the toilet. When my youngest cousin 10 y/o dropped his pants and briefs to have a bowel movement, his penis stood at attention. He was at my house for a few days.

leather pants girl: I guess they find wearing men's underwear comfortable. I do not know if they ever made pee or doo-doo in them.

I saw striped briefs today. I will buy them tomorrow; they were blue/white and red/white.

I saw a video of that awful crash at an airshow in Ukraine where 78 people were killed. They showed one woman who seemed to be uninjured bending over to help someone else, and when she bent over it was easy to see that she had peed her pants from fright. And I'm not saying I wouldn't under similar circumstances. That story by Ronnie about the sadistic/pervert cops makes me sick. I'm a 47 year old white guy, never been arrested, and cops scare the hell out of me.

Night Owl
RONNIE--Good God! No offense, but did this happen in a small town? (I live in one, so I'm not being condescending.) It may be an unfair stereotype, but small-town cops are sometimes known to, out of prolonged boredom, go on revolting power trips. I live near Woodstock, New York, and I've heard about this notorious officer who spends nights slinking into the woods to catch marajuana smokers in the act. Brother.
That's just outrageous, what happened to Lindsey.

JOHN Q PUBLIC--Man, that's terrific! There's no way you could have known, but your phrase "life begins at forty" is actually an important, oft-repeated phrase in the movie I just finished P.A.-ing. ("Real Life Begins at Forty" is a smarmy, exploitative contest whose prize is a cosmetic surgery makeover.)
Jeeves, those football guys sound like real apes. It's great you emerged from all that abuse intact.
Thanks for the vote of support.

Actually, the movie set had an interesting bathroom-related quirk. The main character's house was rented by the producers from a guy who's about to put it up for sale. He let us use all the rooms, rearrange furniture, set up the lights and everything---on the condition that no one *ever* use the bathroom. He was afraid that constant use over two weeks would jam the works. Even though it was a small film crew (only 17 people), I guess that is asking for trouble. (Or maybe that's BS and the guy was just being overly careful? I'm not sure.)
The result: Port-a-John behind the garage.
I notice women here talk about how revolting it is to use some public restrooms, since for women the whole business is more of a..well, "contact sport" than it is for males.
The special effects/makeup girl was a 22-year-old (who---and I'm sorry, but I just have to get this off my chest---was extremely hot) who every day would hold it in for almost 12 hours groaning about how desperate she was to pee. (Forgive me, Meaghan.) It took her *forever* to finally cave in and face the darn thing. To me, this particular Port-a-Pariah wasn't particularly filthy, but then again I didn't engage in "contact sport" with it, if ya gits mah meanin'.
It was really funny in a way, how she would lie on the grass during breaktime, appearing at first to be relaxing, but every now and then just mumbling "Oh, I really wanna pee." Once the gaffer came over and kept trying to poke her in the gut so that she would give in. No luck.
Maybe about twice a day, she would finally work up the courage to use it, only to reach it and find it in use. That would send her right back the other way, all confidence gone. I'm making her sound neurotic when she in truth was the total opposite, it's just that she could not stand the idea of using that stall-on-wheels. It was just funny how this little scene carried out consistently day after day. That can't be comfortable.
One night, she was all set to march forward and use it, when a guy who was closer to it walked in first. After about 15 seconds, he came out and exclaimed to anyone who could hear, "Man, that Port-a-John is a real testimonial to human excrement."
She walked off to prepare for the next scene instead.

Sorry that was longish.

Linda GS
Punk Rock Girl
Sorry to hear about your scars but you shouldn't let it bother you, it could have been me.At least they're healing and you can sit on the toidy for some private YOU time. It shouldn't get you down..I had problems with scars before.. see I was in a car accident a logn while back and it gave me a nasty scar on my face. You can imagine how it's like being a young little girl who has her face messed up with a scar. While it is least your scars are hidden and no one can see them. (At least I hope you're not showing them to people you silly girl you. However if we ever meet and you want to compare scars..that be cool) Sides I'm sure you're boyfiend doesn't have a problem with them right?(bet he asks to see them hee hee)I'm saying this cause I want to show you it's not so bad so you can be happy again. Sides you're the only one who has ANY idea of what I go through when I poop majorly. You and a few others. Like last night I had a majo poop session. I hadn'! t gone a in a few day and in the middle of the night I had such pains I HAD to go. I was on the toidy for at least 20 minutes straining till finally it started moving. I heard my movement outside I guess my cousin must have heard my grunting and straining but he was too late. It hurt but.. KAPLOOOOP!!! Ah it felt great. Just the my cousin popped his hea din to see if i was okay. I told him you just missed it.. it was a thing of beauty.. should have been there. trust me I slept with NO problem that night. So cheer up and be happy..I'm out of here.

My understanding of enemas--from a lay person's point of view--is that they are best used to relieve severe constipation, rehydrate a victim of cholera to prevent death, or bring down a critically high fever. I think that in most cases, the procedure is unnecessary or else should be done under a doctor's supervision. However, enemas are painless if correctly administered.

In these pages you can find some stories of advanced constipation where enemas were probably required--but I assume that if you were in such a state, you would say so, and believe me, you'd know it. And you don't seem to be ill in any other way.

Why not say that you want a doctor's opinion, and leave the treatment in that person's hands? You do have a right to vote in this, as it is your body, and you need to know how to take care of yourself your own way. When I was a child, I recall getting a few enemas--but with no clear results; rather, the best remedy turned out to be a high-fiber diet with plenty of fluids--which remains true.

I think prune juice is the best cure for constipation, but be careful; it is powerful.

Except in emergencies, dietary remedies beat out enemas, as they revitalize intestinal flux and strengthen the colon. An enema will flush you out, but is no guarantee against further problems. Do tell this to your parents, and try the diet immediately. You will need to avoid junk food as much as you can.

Good luck.

RONNIE- youve got one hell of a lawsuit love to see those cocksuckers lose their jobs and their money, i reall hope you pursue it!

Hey people. It kind of pains me that I don't have the "resources" that other people have here to be able to post time and time again. Where one person was lucky enough to see a bunch of girls pee in front of him, I'm not as fortunate. Last thing that's happened to me, besides catching some flicks with nice peeing scenes, came about five months ago. I met this girl at work and she took to me before I even had thoughts of thinking of having thoughts about her, if you catch my drift. Well she made shameless attempts to get with me and I gave it a shot. I'd say about a month into the relationship, I decided to see if she would let me in with her when she went to the bathroom. She was saying how her other boyfriends liked different things about her like the way she eat or the size of her mouth, whatever. I told her I like the idea of doing something with her and she asked what and I said guess. After a few guesses and hints she said I hope you don't mean go to the bathroom and I! said don't knock it till you've tried it. The thought of peeing in front of me was unique to her but she was open minded and would pretty much do anything to please. The sun had set and no lights were on in her room or anywhere in her house, just in case I could sneak out from her parents. She was wearing blue jeans and a keyshawn johnson jersey and she led me down the stairs to the bathroom. I was already hard by that time yet the darkness hid my protruding limb. This was the first time a girlfriend of mine was doing this for me so I was little at a loss for words as to what to do, where to sit etc. I just sat in front of her about five feet away. She took her pants down and sat down and peed and talked a little while doing it, to which i wasn't paying attention. She wiped and flushed and we went and watched tv. Two problems with the performance though: first she must have a weak bladder or something because she peed for no more than 4-5 seconds and it was kind of weak and! dribbling. Second she didn't let me actually see her pussy peeing, her jersey was hiding it, and the light wasn't on. Didn't even see her butt either. Those are two big concepts; I'd love a long pee with a healthy stream sound, and seeing her pussy would of been nice. Her dribbling pee is something that is natural to her, never any desperation hisses or whatnot so I can't really do anything about that. So her peeing in front situation of me was legit but with an asterix next to it. After that night there'd be days where I'd pee and she'd watch from outside the bathroom, but I can tell she was indifferent so I didn't make that much of an effort to do the whole pee let her inside and watch thing. One time she had to pee while we were at my college at night and no one was around, so she took her pants down and squatted to pee. I finally saw the stream and it was like a cream color with a faint yellow. Weird..... Anyway I dumped her in June and while I'll always remember the ti! mes we had, the experience was anticlimatic and I hope for something better out there in the future.

To Ronnie: Uh I don't know what police are trained to do in drug arrests but it was real cruel how they treated Lindsey, and you all not getting your phone call right away. Do you know if the cops got fired or suspended for a long time? They should be fired. Plus she wasn't drunk and didn't smoke weed, so shouldn't she not have been arrested anyway?

Hi everyone, but especially PLUNGING PLOP GUY. Sorry I didn't get a chance before now to answer your question about public toilets in Dublin, and especially about partitions and gaps under them.

Actually I don't think there is any fundamental difference in the way public toilets in Ireland and England are designed. Most of them have had the same kind of partitions and gaps. Despite a lot of talk about Ireland's oldest enemy and all that, we actually follow our nearest neighbour in an awful lot of ways, and I think most of our plumbing probably still comes from England - thanks to Mr. Shanks and all his competitors.

One alarming trend though, for people like you and me, is the closing down of a lot of traditional public toilets. I think the public authorities here never spent enough money on maintaining and supervising them, so they became pretty unsavoury places in many ways. In some cases they have been closed and replaced by nothing, in other cases they have been replaced by those modern hi-tech pay-in self-contained units on the street, which may be very efficient and hygienic, but are very anti-social for people like us. More and more these days, if you need a piss or a shit you have to rely on toilets in shopping centres, run by the management rather than the City Council, or in pubs or cafes, if they don't complain about you coming in off the street. And the men's toilets in those places are often smaller than the traditional public toilets, with only one WC, which limits any listening to good sound effects. Or just as bad, they may have loud piped music. Spoilsports!

Are these sort of changes happening in English towns and cities as well?

movie tip
to skater boy- rent "since you'v been gone", "1999", "something wild", "fools rush in", "car wash"(the old one with richard pryor, not with dr.dre), "leaving las vegas", "eyes wide shut", "empire records", "even cowgirls get the blues", "1-900" "ladies rom" with john malkovich. if this isn't enough, let me know. word.

the "HOLD IT" man
StLewis Bob

That is great, but where would I find such a rest room. I also mentioned that some shopping malle have a "family" rest room so fathers can bring their daughters or mothers can bring in their sons without having to bring their children into the wrong rest rooms.

I would very much like to try out one of those unisex restrooms. It would even be worh a motorcycle ride down to St Lewis to try it out for size. Where would I find this place?


I stand at around 6 feet tall, and I have taken alot of pisses that I wish I had measured, but my rate can't even approach 40 ml per sec. I, on the other hand, let loos my entire volume, then I figure the entire time into the entire volume. That gives me an AVERAGE pee rate. Perhaps I should try it your way, that would give me my fastest rate. All the figuring that I did (and I can't swear to it but I think John Q Public did too) was to figure the average rate based on the entire volume and time elapsed. Since you don't maintain your fastest speed through out the entire wizz, the slower time will even off the faster time. My AVERAGE is between 19.7 and 21,3 ml per second, but I think I will try it your way tomorrow and figure my fastest speed.


Is this hospital located in the United States? I know that alot of these unisex bathrooms are commplace in Europe and in other parts of the world, but I have yet to see anything like that in America with the exception of the ones I described. One also has to be EXTREMELY careful that you don't use the "family" restrooms if you are an adult. That could be big trouble. But I would be interestedc to know where to find a unisex restroom. By the way, I ah taking Diana, my Valiyrie down to Florida next September, and if there are any unisex rest areas on the way, please don't hesitate to tell me where they might be. I live in Chicago. I haven't figured a route yet.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Eric in Chicago
Last night I was drinking a couple beers and then I got hungry, so I got a bag of corn out of the freezer, heated it up, and ate the whole thing. About 12 hours later I woke up from a nap and had to shit REAL bad, so I put on some old briefs and gym shorts. I bent my knees, grunted, and right away I filled my shorts with a real heavy pile of shit. What a relief. After a minute or two I pushed again, cut a little fart, and then made even more shit. I took off my shorts and my crap was FULL of corn! It was awesome.

It has been a while since I last posted, not since I left Lincoln to move down to Devon I think. Well Dad has finally got us back on the internet, so I just thought I'd pop by and say hi to everyone, especially all of you who responded so kindly to my terrible ordeal with my brother Michael.

Actually, Kendal asked me to post, because she and Andrew want people not to worry about them and what has happened to them. They have tried three times between them to post, but to no avail. They are not posting because Andrew's Dad found out about them watching each other on the toilet. Thankfully he doesn't know about this site, and that is why they aren't posting, so he doesn't get to find out. So to Rizzo, Robby, Annie, Sarah, Meghan, PV, Jane (and Gary), and everyone else who cares, they are both fine and well, if not missing each other terribly in the toilet department ! I would let them go together here at my house, but its a bit difficult with either Mum or Dad about ! I've also to give a special message to LINDA GS: XOSXOS !

I'm still the same, don't like people watching me. But Andrew has heard me on the toilet quite a few times now, including some pooing ! I've even left the bathroom door open knowing that I can trust him not to look at my reflection in the tiles ! Unlike my brother. There was one day when Kendal went to the toilet and didn't shut the door completely, and my brother watched her on the toilet. The silly boy didn't realise that she could see him just as well as he could see her. But she didn't mind, and hasn't said anything to him. However, since that day I've noticed that Michael has taken quite a shine to her. Andrew and I still aren't going out, but I'm working on him, without compromising my toilet principles !

I must tell you about last weekend, when Kendal and Andrew were visiting. I really needed a poo, very badly, and agreed that Andrew could listen outside. I left the bathroom door open a bit so he could hear everything. It was very embarrassing, because I farted so much between all the plopping, and I was watching his reflection outside to make sure he didn't look. But he was as good as his word. Mind you, Kendal was with him, and she would have given him a good telling off if he had even dared to look ! She is such a good friend to me. Funnily, I am actually warming to the idea of letting her come in with me some time. But I haven't enough courage yet. And it will be only Kendal as well, not Charlotte or Kirsty. We'll see.

STEVE & LOUISE: So glad you've finally tied the knot. You are the nicest couple I know, and I shall never forget all your words of wisdom to me while I was so miserable a few months ago. You both deserve the absolute best. My brother is still as good as gold. But then he has made a good friend with Andrew now, someone to set him a good example. Now if he finally gets to go out with Kendal as well, I know she will keep him in line ! He has made friends with much nicer boys in Devon, not at all like the gits who made me use the toilet while they watched and ogled me. I hope you are both well. Love from Eleanor x

Also love to everyone else who remembers me.

PS: I should also say that Ellen is fine and well too. She wanted to know if Uncle Rizzo had told any more trump stories !

PPS: It's school holidays, so hopefully Andrew and Kendal might be able to post from my house. I'll see what I can do. Byeeeeeee

Fetish(Running Man)
Lisa, Leatherpants Girl, Punkrock Girl and now Ronnie>You all have what it takes to make others very comfortable on here. So I'll post another, especially for you Lisa and your post on 1.
I've never told this to anyone in my life. Well, I was in the 4th grade and was in my P.E. class. There were no pe outfits, so we all wore our reg clothes. Earlier that morning, my stomache felt a little sick, but it was a weak pain so I ignored it. Now I knew that was a mistake, when I forgot in pe we had to sit on the ground, which would make things easier to spill into my white hanes. I felt a little knot on my side and tried my hardest to control it, but it was soooooo thin and milky like, a little of it ran into my underwear. Even though noone knew, I felt completely embarassed. That day, there were clear skys and it was hot, so i figured that since the ground was just as hot, then maybe the accident would dry up, nolonger reminding me of it by making my right cheak feel wet. My friends would ask me to play tetherball or something else fun but I told them to go ahead. When it did dry, I emediately hobbled to the nearest restroom. I checked my underwe! ar and by luck the poot stain was clear with little to no brown spots. I felt soooo relieved. I had a couple more of those episodes throughout the rest of school, but for some reason I liked the slippery fealing between my round cheaks. I was very moded on the way home though, I not only though I had to fart, but when I did it was wet and to my amazment it felt thicker than the ones from earlier. When I got home, I had a huge wet fart stain, which had leaked off the sides of my underwear and into my tight black jeans a little.
I won't lie though, I love having accidents in public now. I love that feeling of embarassment and the silky wet swishy feeling between my pretty round butt cheaks!
Please post more on accidental squirts!

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