Billy & Kevin
Jim, even when we wipe real good just before we take a bath, there are still poop marks on our wash clothes when we take a bath and soemtimes little ones on our underwear. I guess the toilet paper doesn't get it all off, pulse there is still some left in the hole when you are done. Plus we don't always do a great job of cleaning after pooping. Sometimes, when we ride our bikes after we go poop and wipe good, we have major streaks marks (and sometimes when we don't ride our bikes). And our brothers (both the older ones and younger ones) are even worse.

Saturday morning, while we were at the cabin, both of us got the runs. Nothing bad. We both had normal poops after breakfast, and then when were outside playing in the woods, we had to go 3 or 4 times. Our poops were really soft and gassy. Two of our cousins had the same problem. We didn't have to poop at all in the afternoon. We were taking care of our little cousin at night (our parents went out for a while, and they let us take care of him, with our older brothers and cousins around) who is just training, and he had to go 3 times.

We left from the cabin at 6:00. Our cousins Mellisa and Sandra were riding in the truck with us (us and Jake). We were in a bit of a horry. My dad is a doctor, and one of ous classmates, who is his patient, was in the hospital. Dad wanted to get back to the hospital to check on him. We stopped at burger king about 10 minutes later. After we ate, I could feel that a poop was coming. I did not poop since lunch the day before. About 1/2 later, I had really had to go. We all got up early, for church and were up late the night before, so we are all fallig asleep. I did nto wnat to slow down dad, so I got the bedpan (which we keep there for such reasons), and sat on it. I let out a long log, about 18" and about 3 little logs. I wiped. We also keep a bucket with a plastic bag inside, to empty the bedpan. I emptied the bedpan and started to fall asleep. About 5 minutes later, Jake woke up and asked me where the bedpan is. He was farting a lot. I pointed to it, and said, sorry fo! r the skid marks. He said no problem. I guessed he had diarrhea because he took a dump at the burger king just before we left. I said you got the runs too? He said, a little. He pooped for about 5 minutes. Just a lot of little ploops, loose but not watery. He wiped, and got the bucket to empty the bedpan. The melissa said looked back and said my turn. She took the bedpan and added her turds to it. She made a huge turd, about 18" and wiped. She gave the bed pan back to jake who said "wow." When you go, you go. She smiled and went back to sleep. Jake emptied the bed pan and went back to sleep. About 1/2 later, I woke up. Jake was on the bedpan again. More ploops. He emptied the bed pan. In another 1/2 hour, dad said he need a break and would stop in the rest area. When we got to the rest stop, there were 3 stalls. One was being used. I looked to be a kid about 4. His dad was outside the stall (he left the door open). Dad took the other, and me, kev and Jake went the handicappe! d stall. Jake sat down and made more ploops. He was there for only about 45 seconds and said all done. He wiped and got up. There was a little pile of loose stuff. Then kev sat down. Dad was done. I was going to go to the other stall (I just wanted to wipe my butt again and pee), but someone else got there. Dad said he would be out at the truck. Kev pooped a huge log too. ABout 20" and about 5 little turds right after. While he was doing that, I let my pants down and wiped my butt. Kev said you don't need a poop? I said I made a huge one in the truck & So did melessia. Kev got up, and I peed. We washed our hands and left. When we got home, Jake had to make one more poop. It was his last diarrhea poop. Hardly diarrhea at all. We have all had a lot worse.

Punk Rock Girl
Linda-- Thanks for the kind words. You're right, and I've been looking on the bright "it could have been worse" side lately. I actually laughed a lot when I was first in the hospital. There was something quite absurd about me laying on my stomach while the doctor picked little pieces of glass out of my bare butt. My boyfriend held my hand the whole time and told me my ass still looked cute. He's been a real help. It's really not bad at all anymore, except for the one scar. But, hey, as you say, only people I want to se my ass will ever know. No thong bikinis for a while, I guess. So sorry to hear about your facial scar! That's a bad thing for a kid to go through, because other kids can be so evil and rotten. How much has it cleared up over the years? I have a scar on my forehead from when I fell down my grandmothers concrete staircase when I was three, but it's usually hidden by my bangs. If we ever meet, I'll be happy to drop trou and show you my ass! Thanks a! gain, it's always nice to be reminded that there's at least a few nice people out there!

I was on my way to Jersey to meet some friends and go to the shore for the day and I had to take a shit. I was at the train station and I only had a few minutes until my train left. I decided to hold it and wait until I got to Jersey. Well, about halfway there, my guts threatened to burst, so I succumbed and entered the restroom on the train. I'm a pretty petite girl, but even I had to maneuver to get myself on the toilet. I got my shorts and underwear down and sat. I had one of those big, soft, sticky dumps. Not diarrhea, but sort of pastey and gooey. It was pretty gross. Well, not surprisingly, I discovered that there was no toilet paper. That sucked, because I could tell there was sticky mess between my cheeks. There were also no paper towels. Finally, I just stood up and pulled up my underpants and shorts and decided to wipe later. I pushed the flush button, and the toilet didn't fulsh. There was a huge mound of shit in there for whoever came in next to! see. As I think I've said before, I'm not self-conscious about being seen on the toilet or being heard shitting, but I'm not to thrilled about my loads or smelling them. What could I do? I opened the door and stepped out, and, of course, there was a line of people waiting. The guy who stepped in after me was really cute. I just smiled and moved all the way to the back of the car. I sat down, felt the left-over shit between my buns squish around, and waited for the trin to get to the station. Imet my friends, ran into the bathroom, pulled down my shorts and underwear (which mnaged to not get soiled) and wiped my ass. It took six (!) wiped to get cleaned off. Yuck! The rest of the day was fun, but it didn't start too well!

Oh, and LInda-- My friends did aske to see my scars, and I was kind enough to show them. They all said my ass was still cute.



Outhouse Scott
Hi there.

I was in the city in a parking garage and I had to take a shit. I went into the restroom on the level my car was on. It was extremely dingy. Not really dirty or gross, but dark, damp and grimey. I noticed that there were two urinals and one stall. The stall had no door and only partially covered whoever was sitting on the crapper. You'd be able to see them from the chest up and the knees down. Well, I had a major dump waiting to be squeezed out, so I unzipped my jeans, pulled them and my boxers down just past my butt and sat down.

I pushed and a nice sized log slowly worked it's way out accompanied by a long, loud fart. Of course, the door opened and four guys came in. I hadn't even noticed, but you could see right outside the door, and whoever was out there could plainly see whoever was sitting on the pot. As the door slowly swung closed, I could see two girls walking by. One of them glanced in, saw me and laughed, putting her hand over her mouth. Great, I thought. Another person who can't seem to grasp that everyone shits the same way.

Anyway, two of the guys went to the stalls and peed. Another guy waited by the door, and another kept looking my way, like he was embarrassed but couldn't help staring. I squeezed out another few chunks which plopped loudly in the water. I leaned forward, rolled off some paper and wiped. Luckily, it only took one wipe. I flushed the toilet, got up and pulled up my pants. I walked to the sink and washed my hands, then headed out the door. I noticed that one of the guys had moved to the stall to pee.

I walked out into the lot and saw the girl who had seen me standing outdside the restroom door, I guess waiting for her friend. I gave her a big huge smile and she smiled back, but was obviously mortified that I recognized her. I walked to my car, started her up and went home.

I will never figure out why people are so self-conscious about their bodily functions. I realize it's a private thing, but to be totally freaked out or embarrassed (or to find it hilarious) seeing someone on the toilet is so stupid. Everyone sits on the toilet and shits! EVERYONE! Especially when the person looks at you like you're doing something gross or nasty. Yeah, like they don't shit every day. Lighten up, people! We've all been shitting since we were born. You'd think by now people would have gotten used to that!!!


John Q Public
Night Owl:

I sotr a remember a movie like that, but it's the truth. Things may seem tough now, but when you get older and look back on it, it actualy does not seem very serious. You have a good head on your shoulders so you will be okay.

HOLD IT man:

I forgot to time myself so I was not abot to figure my rate, but it's nothing as compared to what some other people did. You are correct. I would have figured the average and not my fastest rate. Unfortunately my best ammount so far was 600 militres, and I am not kidding, I just about wet myself getting my pants down. I was in actual pain and it took every oz of energy I had not to let loose accidently. Next time, I will time it and figure my rate. I usualy do time it, but I forgot because I had to go so badly. I don't know when I am going to try that again, because you can do damage to your bladder and kidneys if you
over do it.

For the poop fans:

I read alot of stories about dumping on this forum so I though I would shar this with you folks. I usualy perfer peeing stories, but this was inbelieavable. I went out to gas up my truck because I had an errant to tun. I stopped at the local McDonalds for breakfast afterwords, and I felt the urge to shit. There was only one toilet in the mens room and it was occupied so I went home. It was only a couple of miles so If igured I could hold it. By the time I pulled up infront of my house, I was on the verge of shitting my pants. I got the door opened, ran to the bathroom, got my pants down and let out a serious of thunderous farts and glops of shit like I never did before. When I finished, I looked in to the toilet and it resembled a great big head of Coli Flower, except it was brown. The stench was also making me gag so I flushed as fast as I could. I had to flush three times in order to get rid of all the residue. Hope I didn't spoil anyone's appitite for coli e flower.


On a trip to a state park last weekend, we camped at a rustic campground. We had water from a tap a short walk away and we were near a men's and a women's outhouse.

Shortly before we were to leave I noticed something about these outhouses. In the back of both the outhouses there was plastic chemneywith what appears to be a something that rotates in the wind atop the two chimneys.

At first I could not figure out what they were there for now I think I know. Above the ground the wind speed is faster than on the ground.
The difference in wind speeds creates a vacuum atop the plastic chimneys. The rotating tops may also increase the suction.

To sum it up, air is drawn through the low lying vent on both outhouses, goes through the toilets, drawn through the chemneys, finallyto the air outside. The odor is much more bearable in the restrooms however if you are nearby you can sometimes smell toilet smells.

Gofers build there dens in such a mannor. One hole is nearly level with the ground and another hole is raised up high. The den therefore gets aired out.

Definatly we are smarter than the animals and we can not be taught by them.

Hey Linda GS-- We don't hear much from you anymore, I've miised ya. Sounds like you had a really difficult one the other night. I always think about you when I have one of those where I have to pull on the
seat and really grunt to get it out. How are the babies doing? Are you toilet training them yet? I'd like to more of your toilet adventures....had any enemas lately?-- JW

ELEANOR -- Hi grrl! It's wonderful to know you're fine and life's being kind! Please give my best to Kendal and Andrew -- I miss my cyber-niece! I hope they're not in toooo much trouble, as we all know there's really zero wrong with the kind intimacy they share.

HANNAH -- You're probably okay -- that enema loosened up a problem that had been developing for a while, I think, so the subsequent motions were your system naturally expelling a backlog of newly-dissolved matter. The gel? Probably just the natural mucus that lubricates your tract, a glob of it that got moved through fairly energetically by the seriously powerful action. I think you performed the enema pretty well by the sound of it!



John Q Public
To Fetish(running man)

I hesitate to mention this before to because of my embarrassment about the whole situation, but it seems that there are others who have had similar problems in the past.

As I have stated before, I have been trying to strengthen my bladder so I could hold my own (pardon the pun) in water sports contests. Now I realize that this is not a fetish site so this is not going to be a fetish related post except to state how my interest in peeing came about.

When I was a child, I was small for my age and not very enclined athleticaly. In addition to that, my bladder grew slower then the rest of my body, so I was a chronic bed wetter until I was a senior in High School. I was allways skinny and weak looking, which is why I had so many problems with the football bullys.

Anyway because of my problem, I had to wear diapers at night time, and during the day time I had to visit the bathroom more frequently then anyone else. During school hours, I was at the mercy of my teachers, and terrified of the prospect of having accidents so I was very careful about what I drank and how much, as well as what I ate as mentioned in another post. As luck would have it, there were a few people who found out about my problem as well, and in Jr. High school I sometimes would have to wear diapers in case of an accident.

In High school I didn't dare wear a diaper because there were no doors on the stalls and if anyone would see, I would be in a world of shit.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I use to listen to people, especialy girls, peeing. Sometimes my younger sister would have friends over, and it use to amaze me to hear girls 3 and 4 years younger then me, piss like Niagra Falls. On road trips, I was allways the one who had to stop for a bathroon break. My younger sister could hold out all day, and finaly when we would get to a hotel, she would let loose a torrent like youu wouldn't believe. Other times, when she would have friends over, I would be making frequent trips to the bathroom and they would teas me about the whole thing.

Needless to say it was not a fun position to be in, but over time I began to see aspects to it that I liked, and ever since then I have been a pee lover.

I am no longer inconeinent at night time, but I still have to go to the bathroom more often then most people my age and size, men and women included. I still enjoy listening to women piss and timing them. It's been that way for me for as long as I can remember.

Anyway, that's my story.

Hello everyone! I am a long time reader but a first time poster.I thought that I would share a pee story with you.

This weekend I was at the beach with a couple of my friends. We were all boogey boarding and skimming and just having fun on the beach. A little while later, all of my buddies got out of the water and wentto dry of and play some football. I decided to stay in the water, and it was a good thing that I did. Almost imediately after they left the water, I felt an enormous urge to relieve my bladder. I knew that could just go in the water, but for some reason I held it for a while. After about 45 minutes, I couldn;t stand it any more. I was just about to let it go when i saw this man in his late 20's im guessing whip it out and piss on top of the water. (we were barely in waist high water.) That did it for me and copied the man exactly and didn't pee in the water but on top. I don't know why but it made me feel good instead of doing it in privacy. It turns out that "pee man" lives in the house next to us. Later that night when my friends and I were on our way out, there he w! as sitting alone looking kind of bored. I walked over and asked if he wanted to join us for dinner and he jumped at the opportunity. The whole night we talked while sitting next to each other. I drove him home while the others went to a bar. On the way home I had to ask him about the day when he was at the beach. He told me thathe was glad I mentioned it and that he had always liked peeing in public. When we got home, he invited me into his house for a beer. After a couple to many for both of us, we were bursting and he took me on this sort of peeing scavenger hunt around the town where we would have to dare each other to take a leak in differnt areas, such as in an alleyway or on a streetlight or somthing like that. I thought that it was some of the best fun I ever had and i made a new friend that night.

AJ :o)
Billy & Kevin--

Tell your friend, Jake, that the Snapple company and I are very grateful to him, because the company will be getting some of my business, and I'll be drinking one or more of their drinks today, so I will be sure to realize how delicious they are and will be associating them with their good taste instead of with that Jake deposited in them!

Love drinks like that: Snapple, Arizona, Jones, etc.

Probably pretty obvious that I'm never in short supply when it comes to pee!

I have a couple of sweet stories to tell about this guy I'm really sweet on.

I also want to promise him that--unless he gives me permission to--I won't be discussing his bathroom habits (which I'm not yet familiar with, but I hope the time comes when I am) here at this site.

He's not all that sold on the Internet as it is, so I would imagine he'd be pretty sore with me, if I'd get into something that personal.

But here are the bathroom stories about us.

He and I met back in 1990 (first on the phone), and, a few months after that, he moved into a new office building, and I went to see him a couple of evenings later to bring some office-warming gifts to him.

In the course of time, I told him that I really needed to use the restroom.

He told me that he'd been so busy all day that he hadn't been all day, himself, and probably needed to also. But he said that he wasn't sure where the ladies' room was, but he could take me to the men's room.

So, he took me to the men's room and told me to go on in, and he'd stand outside the door and keep watch in case someone else was in the building at that time.

So, I went in to pee, and he stood outside the door.

I think he was just being a good host, so I have no idea if the thought of listening for interesting sounds even occurred to him. Anyway, I didn't make any--except, possibly, a sigh of relief when I emptied my bladder (which made surprisingly little noise in that particular toilet).

But one of my friends told me that he bet that "Johnny Angel" wished that he were IN the bathroom with me instead of being outside of the door. He even said that he probably went in there later and sat down on the seat and got turned on by thinking that my own bottom had been there earlier that evening.

Nice thought. . .Who knows?

Sadly, circumstances beyond our control (He was having some legal problems, and he didn't want to drag me into them.) made it necessary for us to go our separate ways. I was heartbroken.

This is a long story--and a story that ended up going on for years.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that he'd gone on with his life without me, and I began to date again on occasion.

Last summer, though, we ended up getting back with each other, and he kissed me in a romantic way for the very first time. I couldn't believe my good fortune!!!

We were holding each other close and kissing when I suddenly remembered what had happened earlier.

I'd had a full bladder and had been in heavy traffic, so I was in great need of finding a place to pull off and pee.

By the time I did, I was so ready to do a pee explosion that I couldn't get my jeans down fast enough, and some of the pee landed in them.

My love was wearing a sexy suit (He's a lawyer!), so I told him what had happened, saying that I'd better back away a little before I got it on his suit.

And he told me, "Don't worry about it! It happens to all of us!"

I thought that was soooooooooooooo sweet!

Right now, he's needing some space from me, I think, so I'm giving it to him. But I really miss him a lot.

He's someone I wouldn't mind at all having for company in the bathroom!

To Stan (the second): I think Eric in Chicago is exactly right. And just because studies were done in the 20s and 30s does not mean they are incorrect -- most of the modern theories of physics were established by experiments done at that time. Autointoxication is pure quackery, and since these boards are dedicated to all things fecal, it is important to debunk autointoxication here.

You claim that "hundreds of autopsies" show that 5 to 10 pounds of unevacuated waste exists in peoples' colons. According to whom? I checked a medical website that says autointoxication is nonsense (J. Clinical Gastroenterology, 1997 Jun;24(4):196-8)

And colonic irrigation is poorly regulated and potentially dangerous. There are documented cases of people dying from infections due to dirty equipment and due to electrolyte depletion. (An outbreak of amebiasis spread by colonic irrig at a chiro clinic (Istre) New Engl J Med 1982;307:339-42, Deaths related to coffee enemas (Eisele) JAMA 1980;244:1608-9, The doctor is in--jail (Ballentine) FDA Consumer October, 1981, pp.30-1)

To Julissa: Liked your story

To Shelly: Loved your story..i liked what your friends said about you.

To Billy and Kevin: I liked your story

To Patrick: Liked your story about your girlfriend.

To Newchick: Sounds like an intresting movie.

To jim: I liked your story...i've had my zipper stuck before but luckly i never had to go to the bathroom when it happened.

To PV: Sounds like an intresting movie.

To bathroom kid: I liked your story

To Meredith:I liked your story..i think your right about cereal..some cereals make you shit big. Have you seen your boy friend poop before?

To jer: I liked what you heard on MTV, haven't heard that one before

To me: liked your story

To PV: Sounds like you had a nice dump...liked hearing about your dreamm too.

To hannah: Liked your use an enenma stick it up there and push the liquid in and just hold till you can't hold any more

To wetguy: I liked your story, your bros friend probably had to pee and poop, you should have taken him to the bathroom.

To Althea: Liked your story about your cousins

To bigd: Intresting what you saw

To Bluto: Liked your story about your g/f

To the "HOLD IT" man: Yes that hospital is in the USA.

To Eric in Chicago: Liked your story..i ate alot of corn too in the last few days

To Fetish(Running Man): liked your story
gotta run bye

Stan (the second). I don' think hanging on to a few pounds of unevacuated fecal mass for a day or two is likely to do anyone much harm in itself. Long term constipation can be unpleasant though and it's not a good thing. Bad breath is one side effect amongst many. I remember one vicar's wife who sometimes had bad breath and I can't help wondering whether she went for #2 as often as she really needed.

Joanne & Paul. Joanne, I'm glad you're comfortable with the loo seat in your new house and it's big enough for your needs. I've had some quite unpleasant experiences of ones which have been too small. Also, I was delighted to hear that you were the first to use the loo in your new home and dropped a load which did it justice. Sorry to hear about Paul's constipation though but relieved to hear that you got him liberated. Do you think his constipation could be diet related at all? I know we men tend to prefer highly processed foods to the really healthy ones.

Tim & Sarah. Hi! Enjoyed your lastest post.

Sorry, I've not posted for a few days but it's been a busy week - work wise and on the domestic front too.

This evening I went for a motion after tea and managed to produce three firm, good sized turds. I find the warm weather a bit constipating though. Does anyone else?

Best wishes to all


Stan (The Second), I have to agree with Eric of Chicago on this one.

I have a couple of doctor friends, one a pathologist, and they dismiss this idea of such large amounts of retained feces inside the body unless there is some unusual pathological situation such as megacolon, acute fecal impaction, a blockage owing to a tumour, etc. Now some people do have a slower transit time than others so the feces in their colon could have taken a couple of days or so from the time the meal was eaten till in ends up as a solid stool in their rectum.

My contention is that a lot of these Health Suppliment businesses have re-invented the old idea of "Auto Intoxication" and its "cure" inner cleanliness. In the old Victorian and Edwardian days this was to take powerful purgatives on a regular basis such as Cascara, Senna, Magnesium Sulphate, Jalap, or even a combination of both, which either by irritation, or osmotic effects cause profuse diarrhea. These actually caused constipation by making the bowel require stronger stimulation to produce a BM, so the user was hooked on stronger laxatives or greater dosages of these products to the profit of the manufacturers. This idea would not go down too well with people these days so a different tack is taken. Its now called "Cleansing" and all the pamphlets issued and the mock scientific charts the user has to fill out lead back, surprise, surprise, to the need to take a "cleansing" course, whatever the ailments or problems the person has. Now a friend of mine did try this out a! nd I saw the results. He had to take a powder, as far as I could see the same ingredients as Metamucil and other such bulking agents. Now on its own this would have probably have done him as much good anyway. I dont think he was ever constipated that often. Anyway, he could have bought this powder a lot cheaper in many of the Health Food shops or even High Street Pharmacies. As well as this however he had to take a few drops of Chlorophyll in the mix of powder and water he drank every day. Now the book he got with all these potions said that he would notice that he passed very large stools which would be dark, even black in colour and this was all the "retained feces" stored in his colon. Sure enough after taking this stuff for a couple of days he did a big easy fat black jobbie a good 18 inches long, soft but formed ( I saw it). Of course it was dark, the cholorophyll would have dyed it that colour! So the empirical evidence seemed to "prove" the theories. Discussing it wi! th our medical friend he was advised to leave out the Chlorophyll as an experiment and sure enough he then subsequently passed a big long easy jobbie as big as the previous one, (I saw it as well) but this time the usual mid brown colour. I may be wrong but I think there is a lot of "snake oil" in these claims. I dont however reject taking the likes of Metamucil or other Bulking agents on their own. Unless the user has certain bowel problems, which are mentioned on the pack, taking these will do no harm and is far more comfortable way to alleviate constipation than powerful chemical laxatives, as bulking agents produce large easy but solid motions which are satisfying to pass, not watery or loose diarrhea and mush. Stan the Second, let's just say Im very sceptical about all this "cleansing and retained feces" routine and see that its another get rich quick scheme claiming a spurious cause and a panancea for all the ills attributed to it. In my friend's case his migraine had! nothing to do with his bowels, but a combination of eye problems and stress.

Julissa, looks like you are on a winner with your boyfriend as he seems to be quite happy with you watching him doing a motion. It would be interesting if you returned the favour and asked him to come in and watch you doing a BM in return. Theresa and I do this of course as do our friends Moira and George. Its a great way for a couple to be intimate and bond well to each other.

ELEANOR - Hi girl!!!! We have been thinking about you and your friends! Thank you for saying such nice things to us as well. I am very happy your brother is doing better. It was a horrible time for you with the gits watching you on the toilet. You know I think it is really good you have now met Andrew because he is a gentleman and he will be good for your brother to be friendly with.
Thank you for telling us about Kendal and Andrew not posting. We know why now. You know I bet Kendal would be keeping your brother in line eh? I think you and Kendal are very gusty girls and I do not think I would have been as good handling a boy like your brother when I was your age. I was very shy with boys and my loving husband was the first one to see me on the toilet having a wee and stuff.
I will tell Steve you sent a letter. He is very very busy but I hope he will write.
Love Louise xx

THE HOLD IT MAN - Hi guy! Yeah if you just wee in a bucket from start to finish you just get an average. I mean I think I did my 1.2 litre measured wee in 90 seconds so it is about 13ml every second as average, but my big gushers go about 30 seconds I think and then they drop off a bit.
I got really desperate to bursting last night before our bath. I know I should not do this too much but it was for the test, yeah? Well we got 2 buckets and Steve swapped them over after 20 seconds to collect all my wee. It felt so good letting it rip because I was really really bursting. Well I did about 850ml in the 20 seconds so I had a flow rate of 42.5ml every second. Then I weed for about another 80 seconds but about 30 seconds was trickling, you know? I did about 1.6 litres and my husband says he does not know where I kept all of it because I have a flat ???? and a 24 inch waist with 36 inch hips.
Please let me know your average!
Love Louise xx

TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!! I liked your stories about when you were with the girls and your brother. LOL Well Tim you should be ashamed for not letting the girls go for a wee first! I think you are a gentleman but you forgot your manners then eh? Those German girls are like me because you know I like watching men when they are weeing. They were not disappointed when they saw your willy were they? LOL I saw my sister's boyfriend weeing on a tree in the park on Sunday afternoon and I liked it. He says he has never known girls as naughty as me and my sister. I liked looking at his stream coming out of his willy, which looked very nice and a bit big hanging out of his jeans. Steve is a bit bigger though but I think my sister is very lucky.
Hey Sarah, I will read your story when you send it. I am really looking forward to when we go to Spain. I hope to see some weeing willies and if I do I will tell you about them.
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi girl! I liked your dream about the girl in the thong bikini shitting on the surfboard. Well I bet if I did surfing I would be shitting myself too! LOL



poo finder
I have been visiting this site daily for a few months now and decided to post. I am a 20 yr old male in VA that gets thrilled at the site of other peoples turds. I often like to go into public restrooms to see if anyone was kind enough to leave some fairly large movements unflushed. There was one time in the restroom at the office building that I work in there was a very rigid foot long, three inch wide turd in the toilet. I felt really sorry for the guy that popped that out.

the "HOLD IT" man

I wouls suggest doing the enema on yourself, and use the infant size. That's alow easier, it won't fill you up so fast, easier to insert the nozzel and if you need more, you can refil and reinsert more then once.

I have had that problem from time to time, and I will either do that, or use supositories in the infant size as well. I have to use more then one but it works.

To other pee fans:

I tried it again. I drank alot of Mountain dew, and held it until I could no longer hold on. I wizzed for 20 seconds and pushed as hard as I could right into my measuring flask and when the 20 seconds were up I continute in the toilet. (I have a hard time stopping once I get going so I had to just aim away. In about 20 seconds I managed to put out 550 militres, which devided by 20 gave me a rate of 27.5. Not bad, but not even close to what Louis or Jill can do.

I guess I will have to practice some more.

Joe Stool
Where do I begin?! I'm a 30yo southern WASP male, and have been lurking around this forum religiously since its inception. This is my first post, as I haven't previously enjoyed enough privacy to do so with comfort. Nevertheless, I feel like I know many of you as well as possible, given the circumstances. While my lifelong arousal from the act of female defecation is my primary reason for coming here, it is the general warmth, intelligence and diversity of the posters that keeps me coming back to this forum (as opposed to others on related topics). OK, although I'm sincere and..huh,huh.. enjoy the smell, I'll stop kissing your asses for the moment to share some ideas and general info.
Specificly, the sight, smell, and most of all the variety of wonderful sounds associated with female BMs, have been amongst my greatest pleasures in life - probably since I was in the womb. Through childhood play, some active peeping when I was younger (No, I don't do it anymore; I like to think I've gained some moral "fiber" with maturity.), the generosity of past girlfriends, and most of all blind luck/good karma, I have amassed several lifetimes of material on this subject. While I love the farts, plops and crackles, the vast degree of variation among the sounds of exertion (and even sometimes self-conversation) that women make while going number-two has helped to make me a conneseur of the subtleties of a nice firm motion. Indeed,I love hearing about this in ALL contexts. Nevertheless, because of my latent voyeuristic tendencies, my favorite way to fantasize about this is to visualize the woman completely alone, pushing out a large load of thick, heavy turds.
Why the fixation on vocal acoustics? To me, this is probably because it is the most sharp, primal contrast to the "girls are made of sugar and spice" idea that society drums into us. Though they usually buy into this(at least on a superficial level), even guys who aren't anally fixated know that EVERYONE farts and shits, and ALL shit stinks. The PRODUCT is a given, and thus less contrary to the sugar and spice notion. Meanwhile, grunting and related sounds are more individually varried and thus, while helping to animate and personalize the PROCESS, they HIGHLIGHT this contrast.
At the risk of sounding uneccesarily defensive, I firmly believe that my shit fetish enhances, rather than dominates well rounded, mature relationships with women - i.e.: I'm not so obsessed with it that impinges upon the more abstract, important and intangible qualities that build the foundation for a loving partnership. Moreover, as I think I've observed for a long time here, people like us who are securely uninhibbited, generally tend not to "sweat the small stuff", and overall, have a more healthy, balanced perspective on what matters in life. There is so much more that I would like to share, but I need to "break this post off", lest I be too "long-winded", and force the moderator not to display this, due to its length. I wish that I had time to address many of you individually, but like a good "motion" it will come in time. Next post, for those who are interested: More on me, my preferences and MY shits, some questions, and yes, a detailed story or two (Sorry, ! I know, I hate it when my interest is peaked, and, like an elusive turd, the story never comes). Thanks for listening, I've been enjoying what everyone here has offered for over half a decade, Joe Stool.

Robby and Annie
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
It has been awhile. Both Annie and I have been out of the state. We are finally settling down again. We talked to the girls (Meghan and Sarah S) and they are fine and will write soon. Some replies.

ELEANOR: Hi sweetie! We are so glad are back. We are glad you are ok and are seeing our nieces Kendal and Ellen and our Nephew Andrew. That was funny that your brother saw Kendal on the toidy. This time he was a gentleman and descreate about it. We wish to send a message to Kendal, Andrew, and Ellen. We knew it was just a matter of time that your father/Mum/Uncle/Aunt found out about your toilet adventures. It is not any of our business to judge. We want you to know that we know he was doing this out of love. This comes from your cyber Uncle and Aunt who happen to be a father and a Mum. We know that you are "keeping low" and we just want to say that we love you and care about you. This may be a new page in your relationship with each other. Annie and I know. Stay close!! Now here is a story for all of you including you, dear Eleanor. We were 13 and 14 and we were playing in the backyard at my folks farm. We were in the fields and Annie said she had to poop real bad. I ! told her I would turn around. She said;"Go ahead and watch". We gave a glance at the house and Annie pulled off her jeans and knickers and squatted in the tall grass. She trumped a big one and we both started to laugh. She strained and I rubbed her back. I could see a big log come out of her hum. She gave a great grunt and it fell out into the grass. She weed a bunch and I whipped out my willie and started weeing with her. She finally finished and took some tissues to wipe. We looked at the pile and said it looked like a cowpile!! Eleanor, thank you for writing and we love you!! Kendal, Andrew, and Ellen, we hope you hear from you, soon. Lots of Lovexxx and hugs from Uncle Robby and Auntie Annie
****PV: Hey gal!!! That was some dream you had!! Imagine dreaming of a girl taking a big dump in the ocean. We bet you woke up smiling!!
Take care, sweetie! Lovexx Annie and Robby
****STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi friends! Thanks for the advice for Sari. She hasn't let her boyfriend see her on the loo yet. She is taking slowly. She will tell more later. DAMSEL: That was a wonderful adventure with you new boyfriend!! Imagine you pishing in front of him! You are opening up more these days! Keep it up!
Take care! Lovexxx Robby and Annie
****TIM AND SARAH: Hi dears! We loved the story about you and Sarah visting the springs. We have been to something like that and yes, the water had a quick cleansing reaction on us, too!! We had to run to the loo!! Take care. Love to both of you, Josie and Loewie!

HUGS TO: Ina-hi sweetheart,miss ya!, Jane and Gary, Carmalita and Family, Ephermal-keep with the v?????s, Rizzo, Adrian, Todd and Diana, Adele, LindaGS-glad to hear from you, Diva, Kimmie and Scott, Jeff A, Ellie and Little Lou! and all of the other posters here!


Monday, July 29, 2002

Plunging Plop Guy

Hi, Everyone again!

I've just had a really good shit, much better than the last few days in that it was firm, took a bit of effort to drop, and as it expanded in size as it stuck out, there was that satisfying feeling as I felt it get "fired out" and made a good plop in the toilet. Each time I dropped one, it felt like I'd really done a clearly defined turd rather than quantities of shit that make me feel like I've not quite done.
Perhaps the very warm weather is dehydrating me somewhat and solidifying the turds. Anyway, I felt absolutely great after, as the last few days I've been very itchy down there, and after shitting have felt a bit sensitive. The itchiness was probably due to sweating.
great to have this opportunity to tell everyone what a good shit I've just had! I wish we could all do that in public toilets when we've had a good one!

DECLAN, Hi! Good to hear from you again.
On Sunday I had the fortune to be sitting on a toilet and hear a young guy in the next but two cubicle have a good loud quick shit, then I heard him talking to his friend who was standing outside his door about where they were going next.
As he came out, I went in and sat on the warm seat, and dropped some fairly loud turds, all the time thinking about who'd been sitting there, and the fact his mate heard him plopping!
However, even though I heard another very good-looking guy next door to me a few minutes previously drop some small but distinct plops in the toilet, and which I sat on for a few minutes after waiting to do the same, but put off by all the constant noise of people talking, urinals flushing etc.; it's fairly rare to hear anything interesting in public toilets these days.
Of course, if toilets are public, literally people of all types, ages and for all differnt reasons visit toilets, and it's often a poor substitute for being able to shit with people you'd particularly like to hear, as is more the case in certain work situations where you might know and appreciate the guy you're listening to, and ideally, in your own home where you might have the company of a like-minded friend to share the toilet. I have in the past had that privilege, and once when I had a young guy staying with me whom I heard almost every day!
Once when a friend I'd met in a public toilet first came round so we could use the toilet in my own bathroom, I remember him saying how much at ease he felt being able to use the toilet in a private bathroom and not have to worry about attracting the attention of others as would be the case in a public toilet if we wanted to watch each other.
I heard a programme on Radio 4 recently about the history of public toilets, and was surprised to learn that in England and Wales there is no statutory obligation for local authorities to provide toilets!
Of course it's in the interest of councils to make visitors feel comfortable, and welcome, but I suppose that malicious damage done to toilets, drug users, sexual activities and the cost of maintenance have combined to reduce the number of conveniences open.
I too have used toilets in shoping precincts and department stores, but only rarely have encountered Muzak, which I detest, but unfortunately, modern toilets have rather shallow pans so the sounds of turds plopping loudly isn't always possible.
I've used toilets in museums, art galleries and other "private" buildings open to the public, and some times there's a lot of use, sometimes not, but usually there's less extraneous noise so if you do hear someone, there's often a better chance of hearing ALL his sounds.
As for these new unsociable automatic coin-operated toilets; I don't think they will ever take over from multi-toilets, as in many places they'd be unacceptable on aesthetic lines, plus many towns and cities will need to provide a lot of toilets in a busy area.
I've often been to places where there are toilets with 20 or more cubicles! I'm sure there will always be places for all those of us who want a good acoustically pleasing and sociable public toilet, but they're out there somewhere!
So, I hope you find some good ones, and that when you do, you hear some great sessions going on!

RONNIE, I just want to add to others' comments about the way your friend was treated by the police. I too was shocked and disgusted at the misuse of authority, the humiliation, and cruelty involved when you and your friend were arrested, and suggest you take it up with lawyers, or at least get some publicity about it. Civil Rights lawyers, the medical profession, newspapers etc.
Did you complain to the Police chief, and did you get some compensation? If you got an apology, that's an admission that the police were exceeding their authority, so take it futher.

SCRUFFY, TONY, and others Re. Autointoxication.
Whether it exists or not, here's my experience.
Some time ago, I had a chronic skin infection on my scrotum and the folds at the top of my thighs.
I saw a complementary therapist who advised me I had Candida Albicans and that the only efficient way to eradicate it was by a course of colonic irrigation. I also was advised to avoid sugar, and have a high protein diet.
I was told the colonics would remove old compacted faecal matter on the colon walls, along with the candida that was thriving in my dietary waste. I was told that as I was eating a lot of cheese and drinking a lot of fruit juice, it was fermanting in my gut, and that I was autointoxicating on it.
That all sounded quite reasonable to me, but the cure wasn't complete, as the complaint recurred several times.
Whether or not I was autointoxicated or not, and whether it is a medically observable condition, I have at last been free of the complaint for about 9 months, the longest ever! Exactly as long as I've been having less fibre, a psyllium husk supplement, and drinking more water!
It seems reasonable to me that fermenting matter in the gut could cause a mild amount of intoxication, as that is the danger involved in appendicitis as the appendix' contents become dangerous to the body as it becomes toxic. I also accept that my practitioner's diagnosis brought him revenue!
Was I suffering fom autointoxiaction? I don't know.

ELEANOR, Good to hear from you, that your brother continues to be respectful and brotherly towards you, and the amazing news
that you are both friendly with Kendal and Andrew! How did you meet? I must have missed the details, but I think it's great to know that through this anonymous Forum, meetings can sometimes happen! Anyway it's great that you all get on and I wish you all well.
The sad news is that Kendal and Andrew's toilet activities were discovered. I'd wondered why we hadn't heard from them for quite a while, but didn't realise the reason, so at least it's good to know they're al right, but I hope it all blows over and that they can continue discretely. I'm glad they have the friendship of you and your brother, and wish them well from me.

Best wishes to everyone, P. Plop Guy

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