Bryian: Unfortunately she was gone when I went in there and I've never told anyone about this until now. Since the bathroom is so small though, roughly 6 feet by 7 feet, there would be no way to enter without her knowing, if she was still in there. Besides, I wouldn't want to ruin a friendship just for this. I know she wouldn't be into this sort of thing. Actually a very similar event happened a few days ago with another girl at work. She is not quite as attractive and she didn't smell as good, but it was still exciting.

I think I'll share anothre story. This goes back to my senior year of high school. I took a class that had a very easy-going teacher. Most days we would just sit around and talk or watch videos or other stuff like that. I noticed one day that one very cute girl named Ashley was talking about pooping. She was telling this boy about another girl in the school that had already graduated (she was Hot!)that used to give her close girl friends stickers every time they pooped at school. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This girl was one of the top students in our school, was a cheerleader, and was gorgeous and she used to do things like this. Now Ashley started giving this boy stickers for the same thing. It was a very interesting situation. I managed to overhear these conversations daily since a sat right next to them. Well Ashely's best friend was also named Ashley and sat right next to the first Ashley. Ashley #2 (as I'll call her)usually didn't get into th! ese conversations about bodily functions. One day she started telling us that she usually pooped every other day (a sight I would have liked to have seen, she too was extremely beautiful with a firm round butt)but lately she had been going every day and she thought it was because she had been drinking a lot of apple juice, her favorite juice. I think it was the following day after she had told us this that she very openly announced "Well I think you're going to have to give me one of those stickers because I don't think I can hold it any longer!" These words coming from this gorgeous girl absolutely blew my mind. I'll never forget her saying that, and the look on her face. After this I didn't here much more about pooping from them. I guess it was just the interesting topic for a couple of weeks. Well that's all for now.


Anonymous movie guy
To skater boy: if i was you i would rent not another teen movie, then hollow man, well im sorry but my brain isnt working today and i cant think of any other good toilet scenes right now but i would rent those two.

I'm going to watch Austin Powers Goldmember todaym and tell you guys if there are any toilet scenes. Later!

To Bryian: I didn?t see boy who was with his mother in toilet, I only heard his voice so it is difficult to guess his age, but I would say that he was about 6-7 years.

Story of today: I was shopping with two of my friends when I felt urge to poop. I deliberated that should I go now or save my load to home. About 15 minutes went by and urge to poop grew and I was feeling quite gassy too, so I decided to go. I said to my friends that I must visit to ladies room. I found nearest rest room quickly. It was clean and there was very efficient aeration. I heard rustle of clothes from nearest stall so someone was just sitting down or leaving. I took the next stall. As I unbuttoned and zipped my jeans I heard peeing sounds from adjacent stall. I sat on the pan, peed and let out a couple of puffing farts. The other lady was there only for a pee. She wiped and flushed. As she was washing her hands I dropped first piece of poop. It was a soft and smooth about 5 inches turd. Next turd started sliding out with hissing fart. It was a bit longer and wider than the first one, but it came out easily. I noticed that other lady was still there, she was co! mbing her hair. It didn?t bother me. I finished my session with 3 small balls. Even if they were small, they plopped into water quite audibly. I wiped 4 times. As I started button my jeans the other lady left. I bet she heard all my plops.

To Melissa: Enjoyed your story.

To the "HOLD IT" man: The hospital where i work has a unisex bathroom for employees, its one main door with a lock and 2 stalls, one is male and one is female.

To Mallory: I enjoyed your story, sorry things never worked out with your boy friend.

To Danny: Try eating staches, they work well

To Punk Rock Girl: Liked your story, glad you butt is healing, do you have to go back to the doctor?

To OutlawStar: Liked your story, that reminds me i was once at this hotel off of a major highway in the usa and the toilet didn't work. It wouldn't flush if i remember right.

To John Q Public: Liked your story

To Night Owl: Enjoyed your story

I haven't pooped in a few days, maybe tonight
also thinking about holding my pee starting this afternoon, haven't peed since 10:30, its now 3:30pm.

This is an event that inspired me to write an entire article about public restrooms (to read it go to ) and I thought I would share it with you.

I was at the mall and I had to piss so I went into the bathroom and pissed, while I was in the process of pulling my pants back up I hear to women who were talking loudly come in so I stayed in the stall to hear what they were talking about. They went into two stalls that were right next to eachother so they could continue their conversation. Most of it was about one of their friends that they thought was making a stupid choice about something (I couldn't figure out what) and then out of nowhere one of them says, "Lets try to pee at the same time. Ready, one two three go!!" and they tried to pee at the same time, they were quite acurate I might add. After this I spent more time in public restrooms to see what else goes on, it's kind of become a hobby (a little strange, huh?)

I just found this site and think it's great. However, now that i've found it, I need someone to answer a question for me? I'm 16 years old and Tonight when my dad get home from work, he is suppose to be giving me one of those enema things after my mom told him i wouldn't let her do it. When she told me what she was going to do and that my pants and underwear would have to be off out,I TOLD HER STRAIGHT UP THAT THERE WAS NO WAY WAS SHE GOING TO DO THAT TO ME. I talked to dad about it and he said he would talk to me more when got home from work. PLEASE, If there is any of you out there who have had to have this done to you, would you mind giving me some insight on it. I've never had an enema before and really wish i could get out of this situation, but right now, the road seems endless.



Ok today I went into my local walmart to take a dump after work. I went in and looked under they stalls and there was the shoes of young guys shoes and pants. Anyway I go into the first stall and enter the non handicap stall. I waited for the young guy to get off the toilet and leave so that I can go into the stall. That was handicap. He left and I looked through the stall gaps and it looks like a young guyy in his early 20's So I went into his stalll and sat down sure enough the toilet seat was warm from his butt, and I sat there and shit. As I was doing so I hear this lady yelling at her kids and they come into the bathroom and then SHE follows in shortly after. IN THE MEN'S ROOM. She yells at them some more tells me to pee and wash their hands and she just stands there and keeps talking to them yelling etc. She did not sound to smart kinda hillbilly sounding. I was setting there waiting for the ???? to leave and she just kept screwing around yelling and the kids etc. ! ALL sudden she puts her head under my stall door and tells her kid that someone is in that stall and to use the other.

This kinda pissed me off, after she just got a full side view of me dumping I yelled WERE YOU BORN IN A F**CKKING BARN. And she told me to go to hell and then walked out.

Billy and Kev
Last night, we were getting ready to go to bed. After dinner, I was farting all the time. Loud smelly farts. US and our little brothers share a room. We usually get ready for bed around 8:00 with our little brothers, so we don't wake them when we go to bed about 1 hour after they go to bed. I went in and brushed my teeth. Josh sat on the toilet. While jeremy and billy brushed their teeth, I turned on the fan and I sat on the little potty (the one for little kids). We have a little hose on the wall next to the toilet that is used to rinse the potty and other things (Like diapers when we were little and puke buckets when we are sick). One of our chores is to straiten out hte bathroom before we go to bed and rinse out the potty if it is dirty. My little cousin is 3 and he is here a lot, so mom left the potty here. My little cousin pooped in it today, so I had to rinse anyway. Billy said, finally, we will have fresh air aroudn here. I said, I wouldn;t be so sure. I pushed out ! 3 big logs and lots of smelly farts. Josh was done and wiped. He came over to me and wiped him again. HE did a good job this time, b ut there were some nasty streak marks. I was dropping a few small turds when my brother tom's friend came in. She is like 16. They are taking a biology course for the summer at the community college. She said she needed a quick pee really bad. We said use the guest bathroom. She said my mom just when in with a magazine. We said she had to wait. SHe went in and sat down and started to pee. Tom came in and said you'd better finish fast. She said, almost done, just one more minute. Tom heard her finish peeing and said, well let's go. From where I was sitting, with her legs sort of open, I could see everythng. I could see she was pooping too. She dropped a huge log, real fast. She said all done. She wiped her front & then her butt once and got up. Her log was like 18 inches long and full of corn. I her TOm say to her she is not allowed in the b! athroom with us. She didn't even wash her hands. I wiped, emptied the potty into the toilet and rinsed it and washed my hands. My came in and tucked our little brothers in bed.

I kept farting. And hour later, it was time for bed. Billy sat on the toilet. The turds from josh and my brother's friend and me were still there. He pumped out 3 logs with corn in it (we had corn chowder for lunch). I peed and flushed. We went to bed. But I kept farting all night. I am still farting.

Hi, I'm a 24 yr old guy and this happened to me when I was 17. One time me, my friend Neil, and our two girl friends Lindsey and Jessica(who are just strictly friends) were driving around. Lindsey just broke up with her boyfriend that day, so she was in tears for awhile. We all calmed her down. We then decided to go get something to eat, so we dropped by this cheap chinese restaraunt. There was an all to eat buffet, so we all ate a lot. But Lindsey ate a lot of it. Then we left, and were heading off to a party. But before we went to the party, we stopped in the park to smoke some grass. We were there, and Lindsey said "hurry up, i gotta go to the bathroom." She looked a little pale to me, so I said "ok. just after this." We smoked for awhile, then Lindsey walked into the woods and threw up. She fell to her knees and hands. Jessica went to comfort her, and me and Neil kept smoking. The girls came back, and Lindsey was crying cause she got dirt all over her good mini jean skir! t and top. And cause she said her stomach hurt really bad. Then a car pulled up and a car pulled around the corner. The lights were so bright, they blinded us but we heard a door slam shut and someone get out of the car with a flashlight. I threw the roach down on the ground. Then they asked us what we were doing here, and they said "whew, it smells like you've been smoking some grass. everyone stand in a line and put your hands up." Lindsey was crying, and hunched over holding her stomach, and Jessica was trying to comfort her. It hurt me so much to see her in pain. Then a cop came up to us, and grabbed us and handcuffed us. Then we said "wait, please don't do that, we're not going anywhere." He said "your all under arrest son." Then another cop grabbed Lindsey's arm and pulled it behind her back and handcuffed her. She screamed, and the policeman put her face down into the dirt and grass. She just cried there in agony, saying "I feel so sick." She was sweating and pale. Th! e policeman interogatted us for about 10 minutes, just keeping us there. They could've taken us in, but they just talked to us as we layed on the ground. Lindsey said "excuse me, sir, but can we go to the station because I have to go to the bathroom really bad." He said "Don't tell me how to do my job young lady, we'll go whenever I say we'll go and not a minute before." "I'm sorry." She said. Then they all picked us up and searched us one by one. It looked like they were taking their time, cause they asked us about everything in our wallets. They took about 6 minutes a person. She finally said "sir, could you unlock my cuffs so I could go to the bathroom? I feel sick." He said "Not until we're done. Stop asking." She finally broke out in tears, and said "but i'm gonna poop my pants." He said "i'm not having you try to run on me. Wait until we get to the station." We asked to call our parents, and they said "wait." They started asking Neil questions, so I looked over at Lind! sey. She was looking at Jessica and whispered "I can't hold it any more. I'm in so much pain." Jessica said "Just let it go. You'll feel better." Then I saw a sigh of relief, on her face as her panties filled up with watery muck. A big wet spot appeared on her ass on her good jean skirt. Then her face got real red and she moaned, and brown poop water went down her legs all the way towards the back of her knees. She then burst out into tears again. The cops put us back on the ground and walked back over to her. They shined the light on her butt. It was completely stained brown, you could see lumps of shit under the jean skirt. Plus streaks went down her poor legs. They said "what do we have hear? why'd you have an accident?" she cried "cause you wouldn't let me go to the bathroom and I ate something bad!" They said "wow, you've got a mouth on you girl. looks like you've been drinking. Stand up, we're gonna test you." She was crying and they hunched her up. Her legs couldn't e! ven support her from the pain of her stomach. They said "walk a straight line." she said "could you please uncuff me? My stomach hurts so bad!" they said "no, and don't ask again if you know whats good for you. Now walk a straight line." She hobbled a line, but it wasn't straight at all. She came back, and they hunched her over the police car. He hit her stomach hard against, and I bet he meant to do it. She crapped her pants again. There was a sound like a crackling noise, and I saw a load of brown, foamy cream ooze out from her pants and splatter on her legs and finally slide down to the feet. She was hysterical. I said "why don't you just let her handcuffs off so she could relieve herself!" they said "be quiet, she's gonna get a breathalizer." I said "She hasn't even been drinking!" And that was true. Then they stuck one in her mouth after setting it up for 3 extra minutes. It registered negative, so she was ok. They said it, and redid another cause they didn't think the ! first one was correct. They did everything they could to prolong her being there in agony, her lower half covered in shit and her beautiful clothes ruined. Her hands behind her back. Then they got everyone in the car and took us back to the station. She was crying the whole time, and had another accident when we came in the door. Milk consistancy poop flowed down her legs. Then she had a big cramp and moaned, and she fell to her knees. The poor girls knees landed right in the poop. She was missing both her shoes, cause the policeman are dragging her and us cause she can't walk. Her body is completely soiled in feces, and she was on the verge of going again. The policeman took us to a holding cell. It was a long, narrow cell with a metal pole going across the wall. The policeman got us and locked us to the pole, our hands cuffed so we have to squat with our hands behind our butts. We could not move, and I saw Lindsey press her hands against her poopy butt. She was still cryin! g, and asked the officer "please let me go to the bathroom. At least get me a change of clothes." "Your gonna sit there and you'll like it. I'll just give you a few hours for you guys to all calm down." Then he left and shut the door. I go "thats f???ing bullshit!" But then we talked about what we would tell the police about being caught. The whole time I felt so horrible. Lindsey was crying and moaning and screaming the entire time. She was bawling as she shit herself 3 more times and puked once. But she couldn't even hold her head over, so she did it on her lap. Poor thing was filthy. Then the puke got in her hair. She complained about the cramps for a long time. Finally some cop came in and said "your 4 hours are up, we're now taking to you the holding cells. You girls need to go with her." and he pointed to a woman guard. Then they took us. Whenever we all got out the next day, we were furious. They didn't let any of us make phone calls that night until about 6 in the mo! rning. They didn't let us eat or drink, even change clothes. Lindsey went home in the same feces ruined clothes she was in and slept in. We told our parents about not being able to call and stuff, and Lindsey having food poisoing and the police ignoring it. The got an apology and we got some money. But do you guys think thats right of what they did? To Lindsey? Even if someone was really trying to hurt someone or escape, should they be denied the right to relieve themselves? And please tell me what you think of what happened.

I don't know about anyone else but I think the pee stories are better than the poo stories! But only by a fraction! I check this site everyday but I have nothing to write! Keep the stories coming!

8th guy
hi everyone...haven't posted in awhile. just thought i'd share that i got on this site and just peed my pants...just a little, but boy did it feel good. okay i have to go back to bed now...
happy posting!
8th guy

I'd love to hear more accident or desperation stories, so anyone who has some, please speak up!

John Q Public
Night Owel:

I use to feel that all the time when I was younger. It seemed that I was allways landing in somr sort of trouble with the foot ball bullys and the like, especialy when I was in high school.

I can definately relate to what it is to be young and have low self esteem, and having others pick up on it. The bad news is that when they do pick up on it, they react to it with more pressure instead of being sympathetic to your situation. It was like that for me all through high school and a good part of my college.

Toilet issues were also a serious problem because my high school did not have any doors on the stalls, and if I wasn't careful about what I ate, I ended up with diareah. If I was unlucky enough to be in there when the football bullys were making the rounds, I would be in for several rounds of ridicule about the nois, smell and amount of crap that I put out. On one occasion I got tired of it so I flushed before they could see what I did. They got pissed about it and they shoved my head in the toilet and flushed it.

I became so self consience about going to the bathroom at school that I was realy careful about what I ate. By the time I graduate from high school, I was 18 years old, 6 feet tall, and barely weighed in at 115 pounds.

Believe it or not, this all happened to me at a Catholic School to boot.

Now a days, I just don't give a shit any more about what other people think. I have a good job, I ride a motorcycle and I've had more then my share of sex in my day. I am not trying to bragg, and I am not trying to be offensive to the women who frequent this forum, but I think you need to know that there is life after being a teenager, and as you get older and more mature, you will find that so does everyone else. Not to sound like an advisor, but life BEGINS at 40. It does not end there, and I like to think that I, myself, am proof of that.

Good luck to you, Night owel, and take pride in who you are. Don't worry about what some one else thinks.

Punk Rock Girl- Were you able to get the scar therapy strips
and use them on you buttocks? Also another good thing to use is
some "scrubby soap" on your buttocks and massage it on and then
rinse. You might have to wait until you have healed up more.
I haven't used a enema in a very long time.
Has anyone had the toliet bowl game at their county fair this
summer? We have one at mine here in Indiana. I saw on the news
and internet that one town will be fineing people money if they
catch them using the bathroom in the alleys.
It's nice to hear that there are other women that will insert
a finger in their butt to check on where the poop is at. I do that
often or if I'm the shower. Great stories all. Later.

Eric in Chicago
Tony: I think you're right about the "cleansing" craze stemming from Victorian hangups. The autointoxication theory was disproved by some experiments done in the twenties and thirties, where it was found that all the systemic symptoms people experience when they were constipated (feeling sluggish, tired, irritable, etc.) could be duplicated simply by stuffing the rectum with cotton (I wonder if they got people like us to volunteer for the experiments)! Apparently all the symptoms are caused by the brain constantly getting an "I have to shit" signal that can't be stopped, sort of the way you feel shitty when someone's car alarm has been sounding for hours. Later experiments also showed that none of the substances claimed to cause autointoxication (mostly various smelly amines produced by bacterial breakdown of proteins) could actually be found in the blood of constipated people.

Nonetheless, nearly all "alternative/holistic" practitioners still believe in autointoxication; for a lot of them, the older a theory is, and the less it's actually been tested, the better it is. It's really a form of nostalgia for a supposed Golden Age. In reality, people are a *lot* healthier now than they were in Victorian times; back then, for example, strep throat was often a fatal condition. Most people were too preoccupied with basic survival issues to worry about the sort of things chiropractors and naturopaths deal with or about how badly their shit stunk (some "alternative" types claim that a healthy person's shit doesn't smell at all).

The other day I shit in the woods for the first time in about a year. It wasn't very big (for some reason I never find myself near the woods when I have to go real bad) but it still felt great. It was light brown and kind of creamy in texture. I used to shit in those woods a lot when I was a teenager (I no longer live near them, but was up in the neighborhood the other day). I remember one time when I was 15 or 16 I went to my "hideout" and took a real big shit that was all blue because I drank a bottle of blue food coloring. I went back there about a week later and I could still see all the blue stuff. I think my shit that time was brown.

Hey Hold It Man,

The uni-sex bathrooms we been to have multiple stalls that
both men and women can use at the same time. It's hot as hell
doing your poops and pees listening to others doing theirs too!
Ifyou ever get a chance to us one do it!

Friday, July 26, 2002

THE HOLD IT MAN - On Wednesday night I got really really desperate for a wee and I let rip when I was standing up in the bath. My husband watched and he thinks may be I did over 50ml per second. He wishes he had measured it. What he did to measure my 40ml per second wee was to hold a bucket under me when I really got going for 20 seconds and then measure how much I did per second. So I pissed nearly 800ml into the bucket in that 20 seconds to it was nearly 40ml per second. He thinks my gusher was so huge and fierce last night that I need to be measured again. I think I have done other gushers that big that mean my 40ml per second is not the most I can do.
Love Louise xx

JOHN Q PUBLIC - Hey guy, do not get an inferiority complex! giggle
It may be I can do a bit more than 1.2 litres. My husband thinks it could be 1.4 or 1.5 litres before I burst. giggle. I need him to measure me again using the bucket and stopwatch. What you do to figure your flow rate is really get going weeing and then you put the bucket there to wee in for 20 seconds. Then you measure how much in the bucket and divide it by 20.
I used to think that being a quite tall girl meant I had a bigger bladder but now I do not think it makes much difference really. Mickey's wife Jill is a lot smaller than me and I bet she has bigger wees.
Love Louise xx

I really like Damsel my sister's letter on page 950. It is really funny at the end.


Anyone know of a way to firm up BMs? My problem is that I drink a lot of real beer with obvious results - not diarrhoea but virtually permanent soft messy motions.

Like Gay Lad (love his stories in particular) I think I have a bit of IBS which combined with the real ale (which I am not going to stop drinking!) makes the situation worse.

I love all your stories but sadly I am generally embarassed to go in public toilets, at work or even in friends and relatives houses because I know that the sounds and smells will be really really bad.

If I could continue indulging my great love for real ale and still produce solid BMs I could then go in confidence and also enjoy the sounds of anyone in the next cubicle.

I also have evil smelling wind (always silent but very deadly), particularly when at work (in an office) and am sure that one day some of the people who work near me will complain - anyone know if the tablets for bloating and wind have any effect on this sort of problem - or give any other advice on anything you can buy (in the UK).

Keep the great stories coming - hopefully I'll add some of my own soon.
Best wishes

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

JOANNE & PAUL, Great description of Paul on the toilet dropping all those KERSPLOONKS and PLOPS; I wish I'd been in there too as he did them! Much as I enjoy hearing about his efforts as he pushes them out, and the water splashing up onto his bum (Brilliant!), if he's having discomfort and wants to make the turds a bit easier, I suggest taking psyllium husks. I'm sure you'd be able to get hold of them either in loose form, or perhaps under a brand name such as Metamucil or Fybogel, although the latter is actually Isphagula husk, and is sweetened with aspartame, and which I was taking for a while.
If Paul is eating enough fibre, perhaps more water might help, and less tea and coffee as they tend to be diuretics.
I hope he's soon, like me, producing satisfying firm and clean turds that take a bit of effort, but not too difficult to drop.
When I was trying to get the right balance of fibre/water/laxatives or husks, I often had the problem of walking bringing on a strong urge to go, and feeling as if I was struggling to make it to the toilet!
It seems for some of us it can be quite a balancing act to get the diet right, so I hope he gets it right, and that he can really enjoy some satisfying loud plopping toiletlogs that don't hurt, and that you can both enjoy him doing!

Today I've just had a shit using my new toilet seat!
The previous wooden one had verdigris all over the brass hinges from either the water from flushing, or just the general damp atmosphere of having baths and the inevitable condensation.
Anyway, I saw a Victorian style wooden toilet seat on special offer, which had fewer exposed hinges, so decided to buy it.
Trying to release the old seat took a lot of effort and patience as the steel bolts securing it to the pan were rusty so that even the plastic washers were unable to turn! The only way to unscrew it was for me to hold a candle under the bolt and let the plastic melt until it was small enough to pull up through the hole in the top of the pan.
Having eventually removed the seat, I fitted the new one which looks great! It has that traditional Victorian look of being rather chunky, but with the wider seat having a narrower hole. Having tried it for comfort, I can say it's comfortable, and as the hole is just 8 1/4 inches wide at the maximum; I feel I'm sitting slightly higher up.
Also, it's about an inch further forward so that my turds drop that bit nearer the front, so the ploppability will be a bit different. The shit I just had sounded good, and hopefully the splashes will be the same or better! I wish I could invite many of you to share it!
One thing I don't like so much is that the overall width of the seat is 15 inches, slightly wider than the old one, and I really like to be able to cover the seat when I'm on and not see the edge at the sides of my thighs, but there's a bit of seat visible!
Anyone else share my fascination in men covering the toilet seat!
Whenever I see a fit guy's arse, I wonder how good it is at covering the toilet seat, and thus enhancing the musculature of the thighs!
When I've sat on seats that are narrower and I can't see the edge as I'm sitting there, I feel terrific and always wish someone could see me dominating the toilet seat!

Happy toileting to everyone! P. Plop Guy

Hi all. Just come back from spending a few days with a friend who just does not like to talk about the toilet. He was telling me he had an upset stomach a week before I saw him, which caused him to vomit on a number of occasions over 12 hours. Then he said that the next day when he thought he was better, he felt he was going to make a "rude noise" (his expression for fart). He was shocked to find it was diarrhoea and he messed his underpants. He was so shocked to do this now he's turned 50. He had to clean himself up. Unbelievably, about 2 hours later he did another "rude noise" and severely messed his second pair of briefs for the day. He had to go and soak in the bath until he felt clean. I could not believe how stupid he was to fart the second time when it could have led to shit-filled pants - as it in fact did! He said he had two pairs of washed out briefs on his clothes line. Next day he actually boiled them to make sure they were really clean. Not good for the elas! tic waistband or leg openings, as boiling perishes elastic! I love shitting my pants, but I have always got them perfectly clean without resorting to boiling them! Thought you might like this story. How do some of you others who love shitting your underpants get them really clean afterwards?

Gay Lad Lancs: I love your stories - particularly the Penzance one. I am gay too, so I can relate to what you say. Do you ever shit in your underpants? If not, have you had a genuine accident in your pants?

Must go - bye,

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