Last week I was at the movies with my 2 friends and I wasn't really interested in the movie so I told them I was going to walk around the mall(the movie thearter was in the mall) and meet them back here in an hour. I walked passed the bathrooms and decided to go in. There were about 10stalls and 2 of them were occupied so I went into the one that was in between them both hoping to hear what they were doing. I sat down and peed then wiped but stayed on the toilet. Both stalls were silent for about 3minutes then one f them got up and flushed and walked out without washing her hands. Then the lady in the next stall let out a loud grunt and kept grunting like UUGGGHHH then someone else entered the bathroom and I heard her say "Heather are you stil in here?" and then the lady in the next stall was still grunting and said "Yeah I'm trying to go poop" and then the other girl said "Do you know how much longer your gonna be cause we wanna leave soon" the other girl said "just go caus! e I can be in here for awhile,I'll take the bus home" and the other girl said alrigt and left. She kept gruting really loud and then after 5minutes I heard crackling then a loud plop and she sighed in relief. Then she let out what sounded like a bunch of soft logs for abou 15minutes then got up and wiped. I flushed while she went out to wash her hands and went out to see what she looked like. She was really tan and skinny and had long brown hair. When she left I went into the stall she was in and looked into the toilet and she left skid marks and 2little floating pebbles and whew did it stink!! Then I left and went to wait for my friends.

the "HOLD IT" man
I've heard alot about unisex bathrooms, and I was under the impression that they were simply a bathroom with one toilet in it. The door can be locked from the inside. It has both a male and female sign on the door. They have those in hispotals. That's my idea of what a unisex washroom is.

I understand that there is such a thing as a washroom that is set up for both sexes in other countries because other cultures don't place as much stigma on going to the toilet as we do.

Also, at the Luis Joliet Shopping Mall, they have something called a "family" restroom. I think the idea here is so people would have a place where they could take a little kid without having to bring a girl into the mens room or vice versa.

All in all, I don't see unisex bathrooms happening here except for the case of the ones described in the above paragraph.

Hi, I stumbeled on this fourm just tonight and decided to share a story that I don't normally tell anyone else. In fact, the only people I've ever told are my cloest friends, so making it so public isn't something I'd normally do.

It happened when I was sixteen. I had shoulder length, reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. I am pretty silm and about 5'8". It was like the first Saturday of November and people were getting pretty sick. The flu was going around and my older sister caught stomach flu. I had a date that night, but sat and played board games and talked with my sis, we did that when she wasn't in the bathroom anyway, until my date arrived. "Gavin" (< not his real name) came and picked me up at around four and we headed out.

It was a pretty warm day, for November, and I was plenty warm with just a dark blue sweater and some blue jeans. First we went to eat, then we drove around for a while and finally, he suprised me by taking my out to a skating rink about ten minutes from town. He knew I loved to skate, so had planned this for a while. Well, the skating was great, but to make a long story short, I think my sister must have passed her bug on to me. Shortly after I started skating, my stomach felt a little queasy and after about half an hour, it was cramping on and of and I felt really full and bloated.

I skated off to the carpeted rest area and took a bench, hoping my bellyache would pass over. It didn't and I remembered the several trips to the toilet my sister made earlier and wondered if maybe she had gotten me sick. I thought about heading to the bathroom, but "Gavin" skated up to me. He asked me if I was ok and why I wasn't skating. I thought about telling him I didn't feel well and asking him to take home, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. So I told him that lunch was disagreeing with me a little and I had an upset stomach that would pass soon.

It was a lie, but a couple minutes later I headed back to the hardwood floor so I didn't hurt his feelings. There were a couple people besides us skating, but not many. Anyways, I went around the rink for a while, hoping the pain in my lower stomach would pass. It didn't, so I told "Gavin" I was going to take a break. He said he would go get us something to drink from a nearby vending machine and would join me soon.

So I skated back to my carpet and took my skates off. I sat back in the couch and waited for "Gavin" to come back. Then it happened. My stomach gurgled really badly, and it cramped too. I wanted to pass gass before "Gavin" got back, so rose up on one cheek a little to let some go. But instead of a fart, a jet of diarrhea escaped! Somehow, I clamped it off and ran, sock feeted, to the restroom.

I had my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped before I rushed into one of the doorless stalls. My clothes were around my ankles in a flash and before I knew it I was sitting on the grimy toilet seat letting out the most explosive, watery wave of diarrhea in my entire life! I felt so releived as it all poured out of me that I didn't care about the resounding wet farts that accompanied the river of thick, brown water. I don't know how long it lasted exactly, but I swear must have been pooping my guts out for ten seconds, non-stop! When I finally stopped going, something that seemed to take forever, me stomach still felt very full and I knew another bout of diarrhea was close behind the first. After acouple minutes of nothing but me rocking back and forth on the throne, trying to alieve some of the pain in my bowel, I decided nothing else was forthcoming for a while. So I wiped, flushed and had my boyfriend take me home. This was the beginning of the end of our relationship.

All on the way home, he kept complaining about me being a wimp. I had only told him I had a relly upset stomach and concealed the truth about my situation, but he was about to find out anyway. Maybe thats why I said what I said next, the pain in my stomach, his constant nagging, the sudden urge to empty my bowel againl Finally, in the middle of one of his complaints, the urge became unberable and my toelrance level exploded past the limit. I turned on him and shouted "I HAVE THE RUNS AND JUST SHIT MY GUTS OUT AND IF YOU DONT PULL OVER NOW ITS GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN IN YOUR CAR!" He was suprised, and so was I. I rarely did that, but he deserved it. If I was sick he should have been willing to take me home, I thought.

He pulled over and I jumped out, pulling my pants down and not bothering to run to the nearby bushes. I just squatted where I stood and released another wave of diarrhea, this time a mixture of mush and pure liquid. This wave was joined by a parade of farting as well. The first wave ended, but I let out a short blast of mush that splattered noisily on the street. I finished and started towards the bushed, telling "Gavin" I was going to go wipe myself in private. I stumbeled in the bushes and since the leaves were hardly useful as toilet paper, I used my bra and panties to wipe. I stumbeled back to his car weakly, and the rest of the drive was wordless. I knew he'd never date me again, but o well.

When he pulled into my driveway I dashed upstairs to the bathroom for a repeat preformance of the skating rink. I would tell about the rest of the night (The longest, most miserable night in my entier life!) but this post is WAY to long. Maybe later. Bye.

What kinds of food do you have to eat to take really big dumps?

TO Byrian:
Yeah that women did look and sound pretty embarassed and she also said that she quite often took large dumps like that cause she was ???? and ate a good bit of gassey foods. She was pretty cool though.

Love, Lizzy

Punk Rock Girl
Hey all.

Well, my ass is slowly healing. Most of the little cuts are barely visible, but the one big cut that needed stitches is still pretty nasty looking. Makes me a little sad, I'll never have that super sexy flawless butt again, but my boyfriend tells me that now I have a punk butt, and to make the best of it. It's not a big scar, only about an inch long, but it's still gnarly. Once it heals up, maybe it will look okay. I've had no trouble sitting on the toilet lately, though.

I had a huge dump yesterday. HUGE. It looked like one of those little toy footballs, but longer. I can't believe my asshole stretched open wide enough to shit it out! It hurt, too, but felt great when it finally dropped into the water. It made a big splash all over my buns. One wipe, super clean, solid as a rock, no farting. It was a nice, but challenging dump. Took about three pushes to get going. Ahhhhhhh! I felt ten pounds lighter afterwards.

Hello Bryian. Yes I still give myself enemas on ocassion, when I'm badly constipated. The time I was laid up in the hospital, after the one enema, I was able to shit on my own. Enemas are good for you and refreshing if you do them only once in a while, like every few months. If you do them all the time, it can have a similar effect as abusing laxatives, or so I've been told. I haven't taken a laxative in many years, not since I was fifteen or sixteen. I plan to keep it that way.

Peace to everyone!


Hello everyone. I thought I would share my hotel toilet story with you all. My family and I went on this trip once; 2000 miles by automobile because half the fun is getting there, or so I think. Anyway, we stopped for the night and we were all tired and wanting nothing more than to eat and turn in for the night. My parents got a room for themselves and a room for my brothers and I. As soon as we got into our room, I had to pee, so I went into the nice little bathroom and shut the door. I pulled down my pants and panties and peed forever. It felt so great! I sat there and looked around, then wiped and got up. I pulled my pants up and flushed. All of a sudden, the water came rising up VERY fast and I literally jumped out of there right before it completely overflowed! It was gross! All this water, urine, and toilet paper was all over the bathroom floor. Kai and Garrett were laughing there asses off, asking what the hell I did to make the toilet overflow. I was so embarassed be! cause I had to go explain to my parents that the toilet overflowed because I merely flushed it. They were still in the middle of bringing luggage in, so I had to go out to the parking lot and tell them what happened. They went and complained to the management and got us another room. (One with a toilet that functioned properly.)


TO OUTHOUSE SCOTT-Man,i'm envious!That sure sounded like fun pooing along with that woman in the outhouse!I would really enjoy doing that with a pretty lady! good stuff!
TO JaLe-Really enjoyed your camping poop story!Sounded like you heard all kinds of pooping out there while you let out your own poop too-i like to do that myself and poop along with others-it's a lot of fun! Good story
TO DIARREAH MAN-I poop a lot of time with an erection-Do you find it a bit harder to get the poo out with an erection?I do cause it seems to constrict the anus a bit and I do these long skinny turds until the erection subsides a bit,but it's still feel great to poop with one!
Well,I can feel the beginnings of some poop urges,so i'm going to get on my bike and head out for the woods to unload my morning waste.If it's anything interesting,i'll post about it later,like if I run into some compamy(a pretty lady!)We'll see-nice stories.all!BYE

John Q Public
That's a great story Jessica. I travel alot by motorcycle and I encounter many similar situations. About two years ago, I was on my way to California on old Route 66, and I was drinking alot of water because of the heat. Usualy when it's that hot, I don't have to pee because most of my fluids come out through the sweat goands. However for some reason, maybe it was because of the dryness of the desert, or may be it was not as hot as I thought it was, I started feeling the urg, and I was miles away from any toilet. I was just about to lose it in my pants so I just pulled over. I don't remember where I was exactly, except that it was way on the ass end of nowhere in Arizona.

I unzipped and did my business. I was a lone when I started, but as luck would have it, a busload of cheerleaders came by, and appearantly the driver thought it would be 'cute and funny' to slow down for the show.

Thank god I didn't run into that group again.

Night Owl
Hi! I'm a 19-year-old American of the male persuasion, and a lurker for the past few months.

It's kind of odd that I come here, since I'm pretty neurotic about lavoratory-related issues. Neurotic enough that I have a hard time even walking *near* a bathroom if I'm feeling socially awkward around a bunch of people.
I've been a P.A. (sort of a go-fer errand person) on a movie set for the past three weeks, and I'm always really stressed out over whether or not everyone there thinks I'm a total doofus. Last week, we were filming in and old house with one bathroom. I was feeling pretty bad about myself that night and refused to let myself use it. ("Oh," I imagined them saying as they heard the flush through the paper-thin walls, "there goes the moron.") But finally I couldn't take it anymore and asked for a quick break to go walk down the road. I walked in total darkness till I was about 200 feet away from the house, and unleashed the longest-lasting water stream I've ever produced. I wasn't timing it, but I was getting really nervous a car would come along and catch me in the act--it was that long.
The thing is, I almost never go outside. I could count the number of times on one hand. But after this was over I didn't feel guilty like I thought I would. I'm not sure if this was just because of my mood or what, but I couldn't deny that there be somethin' a wee bit..well..exhilerating..about outdoor "performances".
All I know is, a few days later, I was having another horrible night, and did the same thing again. It's a good thing this stressful job is almost over, or this could get to be a habit. Still, there really is something liberating about it.

I just want to say, if only a certain chat hall I used to visit could have been as friendly and civil as this one is. It was flamed so much that the moniters ended up shutting the place down, depriving the sane visitors some very interesting discussion.


Tim (and Sarah)
So here is our first adventure from the curing holiday: On Monday I went to see my doctor over here for an introduction examination. He asked how was doing and I told him I had problems on the toilet due to constipation from traveling and climate changes or whatever. He told me to have some water from the healing spring over here and not to worry, it would come out sooner or later. So after I had some bathing and Loewie had his inhaling done we went into town and tried the "magic" water. We were told itís ultra healthy for about everything, so Sarah and me had a full glas. First of all it tasted unbelievably disgusting! Like a mixture between water, salt and sulfur straight from hell. Josie also wanted to try it, athough we warned her. She took a nip and did spit it right onto the floor, making a fuzz like we were trying to poison her (in fact she was insisting on trying it...). Loewie quickly changed his mind about also wanting to try it, after he had seen his sisters react! ion. Sarah and me decided that it MUST be VERY good, if it tastes so awful so we flushed the cups down. We made faces like drinking pure lemon juice and our children were amazed how stupid their parents were to drink such awful stuff without anybody forcing us. LOL, little did we know how right they were....We went for a long walk on the beach in the afternoon. After a while I got ???? aches and a need to poop. I told Sarah I needed to find a toilet and she replied her guts were also rumbling. We headed back, but it was a long walk. I voted for going a bit towards the dunes in case things got inevitable as I started having cramps. Sarah was very quiet and just nodded. We climbed up, but there werenít any decent bushes or whatever either. Suddenly I thought I would explode. I mumbled "sorry", jumped over a low fence and squatted beneath some bushes that just went up to my knees. It did not cover much, but this was again a "here and now" situation...A relieved myself with a ! loud fart and after some solid turds, which quickly plopped out lots of mud started to spray out of me, which was disgusting, but a relieve to get rid of. While I fired away, Sarah also climbed the fence and came towards me. I looked up and said: " Sorry, I couldnít wait..." Sarah just mumbled: "Uhh, I know, dear" , pulled her pants down and squatted next to me. She moaned let out a wet fart, followed by a looong splatter of soft poop. She sighed and moaned deeply. She forced a smile between her cramps and looked at me, asking if I was alright. I said that I thought the doctor was right, the water would cure constipation...Sarah laughed and said, only that she did not have any. We looked at the kids, who were standing a bit unsure a few meters away and told them not to worry. Josie was very cute and asked if we needed help. We told her all is fine and continued our accidental buddy dump. Boy, did we leave some stinking, soft stuff there...After a while we felt ready to walk ! again and headed towars the car. We just about made it to a cafe by the sea side. We just grabbed a kid each and ran to the toilets. I would have liked to let Loewie go first, but could not wait and had another explosion into the bowl. My brave little boy, just stood next to me in the cubicle, holding his willie shut. I asked him if he wanted to go next door, but he shook his head. I asked if he could wait and again he shook his head. So what now? I did not feel like getting up, the water worked like an enema. I pursuaded him to go next door and he came back unfinished, cause the stall was taken in the meantime. By now I felt like I could get up and flushed and quickly helped him to wee, before sitting down again for a final round. I told him how proud I was of him, cause he managed not to pee his pants and that I was sorry for the situation. He replied: "Itís ok, but I donít want you to have ???? aches anymore..." He was so cute, he nearly made me cry. I promised I would! try. Anyway the water worked quickly, but the curse was also over soon and in the evening Sarah and me felt much better. We both had normal a bm again the next day. I told the doctor and he just said to better drink smaller amounds then, but a good cleaning wouldnít be of too much harm..haha. We are making a big way around the place were you get the water from the spring at the moment though.

EPHERMAL: Hi dear! I am glad you feel a little better. Yes, I would think that more liquids might help you a bit. Taken besides the stuff I described above (lol) water is the most important thing for your body. Itís simple, but many tend to forget. Itís as important to eat food that naturally contains lots of water (like fruit and vegetable) as drinking a good amount on the side. I usually manage around two litres a day, sometimes more, but you have to increase the amount slowly otherwise you might get bloated. Maybe try milk products from goatís rather than cowís milk, itís easier to digest! We nearly switched completely to goatís cheese. Also there are some good soy products. We have got this book, which tells you to stick to a different diet according to your blood group. It may be strange but worked in many ways for our needs. Tell me your blood group, if you want to and I look it up...As I said, everyone is different, you will slowly have to try your own way. And ! take it easy, please, you canít change your eating habits from one day to another. That wonít last long. You should try to gradually change some things, you might feel better with. And donít put yourself under pressure, please! Itís nice and satisfying to have a big poo, but you canít force things. Some people poop two times a day others go every tree days or so. You should just feel comfortable. This is what I got told in hospital: If you feel an urge, donít delay it, find some time and try to relieve yourself. Usually there should be an opportunity. If it comes, fine, relax. If not, donít strain too hard, but maybe it might not be ready yet. Drink more and have a salad for dinner. Let your bowls tell you when they are ready! My doctor always says: Your stool is like a plant: when itís dry then water So we hope things will improve by the time. By the way, what is that thing you are using, instead of tampons? I never heard of it. It is reusable? I would be interst! ed for my sister, who is often in places, where tampons are difficult to get hold of. Anyway, stay well, and I hope all is fine...Love from Sarah and me

To "Jessica": I liked your story, you must have been emabarressed.

To Joyce: Liked your story.

To Outhouse Scott: Loved your story..that must have been cool, did you see her load?

To caroline: liked your story, you must have been embaressed.

To Jay: liked your story, when you went in there was she still in there? and did she know you went in the bathroom?

To Billy & Kevin: Loved your story, you guys ever pee or poop your pants?

To Buzzy: Glad you had a good dump in the woods, sorry u were alone.

To JaLe: Liked your story, how old do you think the boy was?

To diarrhea man: Thats intresting, having 2 toilets side by side in the same bathroom. cool!

To leather pants girl: Enjoyed your story

To Jane (& Gary): Intresting about James.

To RyanS: liked hearing about your dream, when you woke up did you have to poop? Did you see your friends turds in the dream? cool, maybe i should try eating sunflower seeds.

To the lady that love to shit: Intresting about placing the bag against your butt and poop when and where ever needed.

To Steve: Funny about the Logs, LOL!

To gay lad: Loved your story, i like hearing when you see corn in your shit

I posted yesterday about being at work and i having to poop, i said we had a meeting, i thoght during the 45 minute meeting i would have to poop again, i sorta felt like it but i didn't. Maybe it was my nerves, fear of walking out in the middle of it i guess. So i haven't pooped since Wednesday at 1pm.
Gotta go bye

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Hi again folks. Glad you all liked my posting.

Now about the new flat. Adrian, it has a nice wooden toilet seat with a wide hole. I having a big fat bum or butt if you prefer have often found that some seats compress my buttocks together. This makes it more difficult to pass the big fat jobbies I usually do and I have even felt the turd touching against the inner surfaces of my cheeks as I pass it making a bigger cleaning operation after doing my poo even to the extent of finding skid marks in the seat of my knickers afterwards. In one toilet at school they had such a seat and myself and some of the other ???? lassies such as Mary used to put the seat up as most men do to pee and sit directly on the toilet pan itself to avoid such adverse effects. Luckily this doesnt happen with this toilet seat in our flat.

I was first to inagurate the toilet when we moved in. Paul and I had a takeaway Pizza and some cans of coke and as often happens after a meal both of us needed a motion. As mine was a nice solid poo I offered to let him go first but he was constipated, as he often is, and so I sat on the pan with him next to me in the toilet, with my pale blue Sloggi maxi briefs at my knees. I started to do my wee wee, the stream tinkling loudly in the water given the long drop from the sitter's bum to the water in the bottom of the pan, then I felt the jobbie start to come out of me. It was a nice big one, not too hard or too soft after the first knobbly 4 inches or so it became smooth. Now as it emerged and grew in length the note of the wee wee changed and went silent although I was still peeing. The stream of urine was running down the big long turd as happens sometime, (I think one of the women who posts here mentioned this too). Anyway, it tapered to an end and dropped into the pa! n with a loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!". My wee wee then tinkled again until I had emptied my bladder. Finished I got up and we both looked at the big fat jobbie in the pan, a 12 incher with a tapered end. Paul, as often happens when he watches me poo, then felt he needed and sat on the pan with his black Speedo briefs at his knees. I rubbed his ???? and he tried hard, NN! UH! PLOP1 PLONK! PLOONK! some hard balls came out then he waited a minute or too as he started to do his wee wee, then another strain and PLONK! OH! NNN! PLOONK! SPLONK! Then ah! ah! OH! and I heard the crackle as he slowly passed a "brick", a fat, dark brown, knobbly jobbie of about 8 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. I pushed his ???? and urged him to "do an nice big one for Joanne" OH! OO! AH! KER-SPOL-LONK! it dropped on top of mine. He finished his wee wee and got up and we looked at our joint productions, my big panbuster and his collection of hard balls and one knobbly brick. I wiped his bum and we had a! nice hug after washing our hands of course.

Now Paul did go yesterday and I said Id tell you how he got on. I had advised him to take some liquid parafin when we were going to bed, as this helps ease things without causing diarrhea as laxatives do. Yesterday morning when we woke up I told him to lie on the bed and Id massage his ????. This seemed to help as ten minutes later he needed a motion. We went to the toilet together, I didnt need as Id done a big easy 12 incher before we went to bed the previous night, it was still lying in the pan as it had stuck. Paul pulled down his briefs, a pair of my pale blue Sloggis as we share our panties, both taking the same size, and men's briefs and women's being nearly identical these days, sometimes I wear his Speedo or CK briefs. Anyway, he pulled them down and I was standing next to him wearing an identical pair. He farted a loud wettish sounding fart expelling some of the Liquid Parafin then PLIP! PLOP! PLONK! PLUNK! some little hard lumps came away. He couldnt pee as t! he presence of the large solid stool in his rectum had given him an erection. Then it all started to come out. He gave a gasp OW! then there were two depth charges as two big fat jobbies slid out of him, KUR-SPLOOSH" KER-SPLOONK!" splashing his bum. Paul gave a big sigh then said, there's more to do and with a crackle out oozed a big smooth easy sauasage of about 2.5 inches thick and 12 inches long which went "Floomp!" on top of what he had done already and my own jobbie from the previous night. He then did a long wee wee. After he had finished we had a look, four little balls and two big fat hard bricks, one 8 inches, one 5 inches long then on top of all that one long curved lighter brown smooth sausage. He was quite tired but as he had to go to work we had a shower together. After breakfast I had to throw four buckets of water down while pulling the flush to get our combined load to go away and my torpedo and Paul's sausage still remained defiantly until the final flush, ! leaving many brown skid marks in the bottom of the pan.

BTW if someone does have a UK supplier for Metamucil we would be grateful. Paul likes doing big solid jobbies but wishes they were a bit easier, like mine, as the hard constipated turds he often passes hurt his ring. He doesnt take laxatives as he hates diarrhea, so do I.We both eat the same diet, a balanced one, and he drinks sufficient water or soft drinks but he has a thirsty colon which absorbs a lot of fluid from his feces, hence the constipation. I only get constipated at perod time. Any suggestions which would help Paul to pass big easy solid motions, not loose mushsy ones or diarrhea, would help.

Love to all, Joanne, and Paul with the throbbing bum-hole!

To Mickey and The "Hold IT" Man,
The only fair way to establish who should be crowned 'Pee Queen' on the criteria of flow rate, the apparent contenders being Louise and Jill, is for each lady to urinate and when at full flow, to place a bucket to collect the stream for a fixed period of say, 20 seconds. It is then a simple matter of dividing the number of millilitres collected by 20 to arrive at the flow rate. Should be simple enough to do, Mickey,that is if Jill would be keen on doing it. Thanks also for your best wishes.
Of course there might be other criteria involved which bring in other contenders. The best 'all rounder' with talent for standing to urinate, number of urinal visits, distance peeing or longest pee might be considered. This might bring in other deserving contenders like PV, Sarah S and Meghan. Use of travelmate 'weapons' would lead to Ina being included. Perhaps there can't be an overall queen, just a number recognised for their particular talents.
Following her impressive performance in the bath last night, I agree with Louise when she says we will have to carry out a new flow rate measurement. She was utterly breathtaking, and yes, it is possible that she exceeded a flow rate of 50ml per sec. When the opportunity arises, the bucket will be on hand...

To Tim and Sarah,
Hello there. No, you were not nosey at all. The captain of Louise's team is my age, 36 and is old enough to know better than to urinate in front of another girl's fiance. <snicker> Another girl is Louise's age and the rest are younger, one of them being only 17 and urinates fiercely. The rest of the hen party were generally in their 20s/early 30s. Tim, if you enjoy being scared, get yourself locked in a bathroom with them while they pee in front of you. Then again, Sarah might not appreciate that <snicker>.
Best Wishes to you both.

To Ina,
Have a hug from me. I enjoyed your recent post - would have missed it if Louise had not browsed the old posts pages. Some good stories there, and I could clearly understand your toilet visits from your viewpoint.
I particularly enjoyed your visit to the urinals, when your father was waiting outside, and as you said, he probably assumed you used a stall.

Cheers All,


Tim and Sarah
HI STEVE AND LOUISE: Good to hear from you two! Yes, I often land on the old pages, cause I write too much, lol. At the moment I have got a bit of time to post, cause the weather is not too brilliant and Sarah is using the time for work. I would have some to do as well, but donít have to, so maybe later, grin. I am here to relax after all.
Well, Steve, I told you before, I think you are a brave guy and Sarah is not too worried, as she knows, I might run for my life in such a situation. LOL. As I said, when we were younger ( I am just a three years older than you), things were somehow less concerned, but every time in life is great in itís own respect! One time, when I was a student in England, my sister Hannah and two of her girlfriends visited us. We went for a pub crawl one night with my brother and both of our girlfriends. So it was five girls and us two blokes. We took the last train back out of town and after some time everybody needed to pee badly, as we had quite a few pints. As soon as we got of the train and out of the station, I headed for my usual spot for relieve. It was the gap between the toilet-building, which was locked after ten and the bycicle shet. My brother followed me and we pissed with great relieve against the brick wall. Just afer we started leaking Hannah and my girlfriend poked t! heir heads around the corner and asked annoyed, but laughing if we ever heard of "ladies first". I was like "sorry" and I think my brother was in shock, as he is a bit more "English" (excuse the clichee, I mean the bowler head type and of course not you) than us. He did not get time to recover as the whole crew was now coming behind the shet and took a glimpse at the two of us weeing away. They giggled a lot and one of the German girls said: "I quite like taking a look at guys, when they are taking a pee..." She added something about size running in the family, which made my brother giggle in embarrassment. I replied that it was a funny coincidence, as I could say the same about girls...They all grinned and were going to drop their pants anyway and told me I was lucky that night. Soon we were treated to the sight of five girls in a row flooding the place behond believe. There was a great sound of hissing and tinckling and some farts, while they all went: "Ahhh", unisono. Th! ey all giggled after that. My brother and me finally had finished (it was one of these endless pees, where you just go and go and there is more once you think you have finished...). We could not leave though as the five were squatting in our way. Too bad luck!!! I grinned at him but he was quite embarrassed, not knowing were too look. I still remember the sight of five pretty girls, squatting in a row peeing away although it was more than fifteen years ago. After all had finished we were all giggling though and we waddled through a very wet alley back onto our way.It was a laugh.... I am glad you are having good fun there. I trust it, you are sure not to get into trouble with a teenager amongst your fanclub? I donít want to be wise, just a word of concern from a friend, if you donít mind. I know they are not uptight, just if this spreads to some parents or whatever. Anyway, I shut up now!! I am sure all is fine. By the way, I noticed that the girls today seem to be even mor! e cocky than in my times (although some were hard to beat, grin): A few years ago we were at a very crowded town festival. I stood peeing at a urinal in a pub, when I heard some females coming into the gents (giggling and talking) for the usual reasons. I turned round and recognized one as a trainee from work. She looked straight at me and went "Hi, Mr Soandso". I laughed suprised and returned the "hi" and turned round again. She took a stall with her friend, who asked laughingly, if she knew me. She told her that I was an engineer at the place she worked at. I just shook my head and the guy next to me grinned and mumbled something about the young people nowadays (he was about fifty). I laughed and said like: "Well, at least you get introduced properly...". LOL. (At least she did not want to shake hands... ) Maybe she was in a more brave mood, being with her friends or a bit drunk, but she actually turned red, next few times, I met her at work...I have more to tell, b! ut like every writer, I want to make the front page, lol. SO more later. Love and hugs to you from Sarah and me. P.S.: Hi dears, you bet I liked to watch these three handsome gentleman showing me their willies, lol. Mind you I have seen them naked before as we went for a mixed sauna...So, Louise, I have seen the uncut version taking a pee as well know, giggle. I already glimpsed at Robert when he had to pee sitting at the lake and am getting curious! Tim or me will tell you next time, when he needed help while weeing in the garden. That was fun! More later, love from Sarah.

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