I was told about this site by a friend of mine, and she talked me into posting a story I told her a couple of years ago.

I was at an outdoor rock concert which was packed. My friends and I had found a spot in the middle of the field and were enjoying the show. It started to rain, but the show went on, and pretty soon I had to pee. I held it until after the concert, and figured I'd make my way to the porta-potties--or at worst the bushes--on my way out.

Well, we were jam packed together like sardines. I couldn't move any way except with the crowd, and pretty soon, I had to do a lot more than just pee. My guts cramped up and the only thing keeping me from crapping my pants was clenching my butt cheeks. I realized there was no way I'd make it to the porta-potties, or any private area, and I started trying to decide if I should go in my pants, or drop trou and go on the ground in front of the whole world.

I was almost ready to crap and piss my pants when I saw a garbage can coming up ahead of me. It was one of those short ones, maybe about two feet tall. I thought here's my chance. I pushed my way through the crowd and made it to the garbage can. I yanked my jeans and underpants down and stuck my ass in the can. I pissed and crapped my guts out non-stop for about five minutes. People walked by, cheering me on and laughing at me. I was too relieved to be embarrassed and just waved at them. After about a gallon of diarrhea and urine, I was done. I didn't have anything to wipe with, so I just pulled up my pants and underwear and figured I could shower when I got home.

I made it to the car where my friends were waiting for me about a half hour later. I told them what had happened and they laughed. About halfway home, someone said something that made me laugh, and, after my whole garbage can experience, I ended up crapping my pants anyway. I spent the last twenty minutes of the ride with my butt suspended over the seat and my friends (both men and women) teasing me and complaining about the smell.

At the time I was totally mortified, but by the next day I saw the humor in the whole experience. That's my only real accident story, and I think it's a pretty good one! I've got a few other interesting experiences regarding the bathroom, but I'll save those for later.

Bye for now!

Just so happens I have a soft poop story, happened today. I went into town today to do some business. On the way in I felt my ???? churn and realized that I would have to poop at some point. I thought of several places where I could go if I had to. I also thought I could just do it in my pants if I had to. I like to wear tight panties with good elastic. It helps keep the poo inside the panties somewhat. I was wearing kinda tight jeans also. Well I took care of my chors then went to the self carwash. As I was washing my car I got the urge to go. I thought. why not, stood with my legs slightly appart and pushed. I felt it comming out and into my panties, then woosh! Boy I really filled 'em this time! I reached back and felt a big soft buldge in my jeans. I kept on washing my car, moving and bending. I felt this warm poo spreading more evenly in my panties. I would reach back and feel it sometimes. I got into the car and sat down on a plastic bag...slowly. I felt the poo! flatten slightly, but didn't squish up my back or shoot down my legs like it does sometimes. After vacuuming I drove 30 miles home. When I stopped to check the mail, I noticed the buldge in my jeans was wet by now. With the right panties and the right poo, it's not real messy. I hate baggy underware

Outhouse Scott

I was volunteering at a camp in New Jersey last week. THe camp is coed, and the kids that go there range in age from kindergarten to high school. I was helping build a new rec center. THe people I was working with were mostly college students, but a couple were in their thirties.

Anyway, after several hours, a few of us had to go to the bathroom. So five of us (three women and two men) went to the latrine together. When we got to the "latrine", it turned out to be two outhouses (like, REAL outhouses) sitting next to eah other. Neither was designated for a particular sex. They both had two "toilets" sitting next to each other with nothing in between them. Each was partially covered by a door that was practically see-through, and only came down to your knees and up to your chest. It was practically like sitting on the toilet in front of anyone else waiting to use it.

Anyway, I really had to take a shit. The other guy said, screw that, I'm peeing in the woods and ran off. Two of the women said they just had to pee and went into one of the outhouses together. The other woman, who was a little younger, looked at me and smiled. She asked me what I needed to do. I told her, I have to take a dump. She said so did she, and she didn't mind going together. I said okay.

We went into the outhouse and closed the door. I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my knees. I pushed my boxers down past my ass and sat. I watched her as she unzipped her shorts and pushed them all the way don to her ankles. She pushed her underpants down to her knees and sat. After a minute, I relaxed and pushed out a nice sized crap, which plopped loudly into the cespool below. This seemed to relax her, and she did the same, and I heard several plops come from her side. Luckily, I didn't fart, but she did a couple of times. She said sorry, and I said, het, we're all human. I stood up, wiped and waited for her. She wiped sitting down and pulled up her shorts.

We exited the outhouse together. The two other women were waiting outside, and said they couldn't believe we went to the bathroom in front of each other, that they could never do more than maybe pee in front of a guy. The woman I was with said, hey, everyboy shits and when you gott go, you gotta go. We went back to work and I hung out with her for the rest of the day. Too bad I'm married, she's really cute!


I'm 20 and I remember when I was 15 I was with my mom in the car and we were stuck in traffic and I had to poop bad because something I ate earlier didn't agree with my stomach. After getting out of traffic my mom pulled into a wal-mart and I got out and ran but I felt the poop coming out. I had totally pooped all over myself. I was wearing a blue denim skirt(right above the knees) and had some pantyhose under that. Watery poop had slid all the way down to my feet. I ran in the bathroom and cleaned up the best way I could. I was crying and my mother had came in and told me it was okay, accidents happen. We drove off home with the windows down.

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted but I've been busy. I think I'll share another of my stories. This one is about a beautiful light brown-haired girl that used to work where I do. She was probably about 5' 7" or so and weighed about 115 pounds. She was very attractive and really friendly. I had known of her for a couple of years since she went to the same school as I but I became friends with her when I started working with her. Anyway, one day I was talking to her and she mentioned she had "had to go to the bathroom every since she got to work but she had'nt had time." I, being interested in this sort of thing, took note of this and I began watching for clues as to what she actually meant by this. I noticed that when she bent over the counter (she was a cashier at the store) that she was clenching her perfectly round butt together tightly. About an hour or so later, we decided to order pizza for dinner since the store stayed open late. After we ate, she g! ot up from the table and went to the ladies room which was directly outside the break room. I noticed she was gone for a few minutes (longer than for a pee)and then she returned. About the time she returned, we were all about to walk out of the break room. As we did we went right past the bathroom and I could smell her sweet aroma coming from the partially open door. After everyone had gone,I returned to the bathroom (which is very small, about 6 feet by seven feet) and went in. I was amazed at the pleasant smell of her crap. While it had a distinctive odor, it didn't "stink" at all. I inhaled her sweet smell for a moment and then returned to work. There were other times when she went to the bathroom and I knew about it but this is the most memorable. I know she pooped at least one other time but she sprayed some room deodorizer that time so I could't smell it. That time I could actually hear some faint plops in the toilet. Sadly, the girl quit and got another job s! hortly after this all happened. Well, that's all for now.


Billy & Kevin
Hey jim,

We're 9 & 11. We saw your post. My mom sees us naked all the time. We have two little brothers, 5 and 3 and two older brother 14 and 16. Our mom sees up pee and poop and shower (all of us) too. We are really open about this and so are most of our friends. Mom will even pee and poop in front of us (she is careful not to show herself), like the other day, she wanted to talk to us while we were getting ready to bed. We were changing into PJs and brushing our teeth. She wanted to talk to us about stuff we needed to do the next day before church. Kev peed and I was pooping. Kev was brushing his teeth. When I got done, I was about to flush and mom said my turn. I brushed my teeth and see sat down. She farted and made a huge log, like 15" and a couple of smaller ones. She was wearing a long tee-shirt and left her shorts real high, so you could not see her privates. We used to shower with her until we were 5 or 6 (our little brothers still do sometimes), but when we were 5 o! r 6, she said we were too old.

One thing we don't do much is look at our butts in the mirror when our poops comes out. Usually our mom is around when we go or we are at school or in the woods, so it is not practical. Plus, when we do go, usually we are in the middle of a game or getting ready or something, so we really want to be doing something else.

The other thing we don't do is run around without shorts in the house. We all have gotton the runs. ANd all of us have farted and had watery poops come out with the gas. Plus, sometimes we miss stuff when we wipe, and we would be getting poop on the furniture and stuff.

And we don't pee and poop on ourselves. We usually have something else to do (like play soccer or video games or whatever) that we would rather do than clean that up (we have a lot of experience from cleaning our brothers -- mom lets us babysit -- with her around like working on web pages and stuff, so we changed some really messy diapers).

Mornin'fellow poopers-Great pic on the masthead of a girl with a look of relief on her face and you can see the load she just did-Good one! and now,Some responses
TO LISA-Psyllium powder or wafers are the best! I an regular just about all the time but a few times a year i take some wafers with great results1I normally do some pretty long poops,but when I take Psyllium,i do some real monsters and psyllium is good for your system,but take plenty of water of you'll get binded up cause this stuff expands inside your intestines and boy you do some real whoppers that come out easity and feel great too!You just have to push slightly to get things started and then just relax and these whoppers just slide out-you'll be amazed at the size too!Let us know how you make out!
TO JIM and UCGENIE-I often do the mirror thing(check my older posts)It's great to watch your anus push out and all the poop snake out-I still do it out in the woods and I find it fun to do every now and then!
TO BRYIAN-Went out yesterday a.m. to poo in the woods,but it was a solo,but it was still a lot of fun-by the time i got out to my spot,i really had to go bad and pulled down my short and as i was squatting I let out a long fart and by the time i was squatted down the turds were coming out fast and furious-it was all over in about 15 seconds,but man did it feel great-i left some pile! I really had to dump bad!I wish I could have had some poop buddy to share this with-it was a good dump! well get to run and great stories,all I'll let you know if anything good happens to me in the woods cause i poop out there just about every morning so soooner or later i'lll hopefully run inot a pretty lady!BYE

Stan (the second )
To Robby (and Annie) RE:
unisex bathrooms
I am assuming it was Robby who made the query. Of course we guys like the idea ( there are exceptions of course) lol! Actually a lot of college campuses already have them and many more are pushing for them. However it seems women are generally not happy about it at first but later succumb to peer pressure to desensitise themselves to it. There are usually also an out of the way traditional mens/ladies room setup for those who remain uncomfortable about it.

Krista-- Thanks for answering my post. Your story begs a lot of questions. You said you hate laxatives and would "rather let it come
naturally". Isn't that pretty uncomfortable and down right difficult?
How long do you normally wait for it to come naturally? I find I have to REALLY struggle to go after 3 days from you story is seems you would have waited even longer. Isn't it like a birthing at that point? After three day my Mom always insisted on an enema...even then it was a struggle...
Its interesting that you went in the car "kneeling" on the back seat.
I'm sure you did that as opposed to sitting on your bottom...but have
you ever noticed that kneeling helps when you REALLY need to push? When I'm really struggling to go I've often knelt in the tub because I
can grab my ankles that way and pull while I strain.
Please to us some more stories...have you ever had enemas?- JW

Last week we visited at our old friends. It is over 4 hours driving to their residence. We spent one night by them. On the way back home we decided to tour a bit. We spent one night at hotel and one at camping site. Camping sites are usually full crowded in July but this one looked pretty peaceful. In the evening I was with hubby and kids on the beach when I felt promising pressure against my sphincter. I had been a little bit constipated for a couple of days but now I knew it was time to go. I headed for rest rooms. I met two teenager girls at doorway. They came out and I went in. Dustbin was full of used hand towels, floor was quite mucky but stalls and seats seemed pretty clean. There were four stalls and all were empty. I lowered my shorts and panties and set my butt on the pan. I felt turd forcing it?s way out by itself. It was really thick one, it pressed my anus open but it didn?t slide out so I had to grunt a bit. It didn?t move so I grunted again with more intensity and head of turd emerged out. I kept on straining and turd escaped out of my ass with heavy splash. It was only about 2 inches long thick hard ball. Next one was coming out, it was much more softer and it started slide out with no effort. I planned to push it out, but then I heard footsteps. Soon someone came in and took the stall left side of me. There was quite high gap between floor and wall so I was able to see comers foots. She had sandals, her toenails were varnished bright red. Shorts flashed down to her ankles and she started to pee quite rapidly as soon as she sat on the pan. I released my second log which plopped onto water. Woman in next stall peed about 30 seconds and then nothing. After last drops she just sat like a statue without moving or without making any noises. There was no signs that she was trying to poop so I quessed she was listening to me. And I was listening her! It was a stalemate situation. A minute or two went by, she wiped and left. I started w! orking with my third log, but my operation interrupted when I heard oncoming noises again. There came a mother with kid. It was a young boy. I heard boy?s question ?What is this sign?? ?It means that you can not smoke here?, mother explained. Then I heard other of them entering in farthest stall. It was woman because I heard boy?s talking almost behind door of my stall. ?Don?t go anywhere or don?t touch anything. Mom will poop now. Just wait me there? woman said and closed the door. Woman peed shortly, then she grunted audible a couple of times and I heard 4-5 plops one after another just within few seconds span. Boy was quiet. Then came a short pause. Woman called her son ?Are you still there?? I heard that boy was toddling there and back by washbasins. ?Yep!? boy answered and woman continued struggling. She groaned again and she let out a loud fart, which echoed in the bowl. Boy started talking to his mother. Woman answered with straining voice. She grunted really a lot an! d loud, but all she managed to do was one lazy plop and two puffing farts. As woman started to wipe I remembered why I was sitting there. Third log was waiting for release. I strained quietly and turd started sliding out slowly. It was smooth and long, about 8-9 inches. It plopped onto water just at the same time as woman flushed. My job was done. Boy and mother were gone when I stepped out of stall to wash my hands.
Next morning I went to pee with my daughter. Two stalls were occupied so there were just two free stalls for us. It seemed like both women were pooping. There were a slight odour of poop and I heard occasional groans and some farts. I sat down and leaned forward to have a chance lurk to the next stall under the wall. And what I saw! There was same woman who came for pee yesterday when I was pooping. I recognized her sandals and red-varnished toenails. She grunted quietly and let out a long hissing fart. As I wiped I heard some light plops and again hissing fart. My daughter was already washing her hands and I followed her. Lady in farthest stall was having good motion now. I heard two loud splashes. The other lady with red toenails was still passing some gas as we left.

Sara T.
Althea- I am 17, turning 18 in two months. I love slips although I don't usually wear them. What is the difference between a colonic and an enema? A colonic is herbal, right? I'm not sure how I feel about steel going inside my rectum though!

diarrhea man
does anyone else get an erection while taking a doodoo. My wife is usually with me when I take a shit because she is shitting too. See when we built our house we put to toilet in the same bathroom side by side because we love to crap. my wife thinks its cool because she can watch as I fart and crap and she watches as my penis gradually gets larger and hard.

leather pants girl
TO althea. does your friends find mens undies more comfortable than panties? do they ever poo/pee in them?

Just a quick story here. Today at work sitting on the toilet when the bathroom door flew open and someone came running in to the stall next to me the door slammed shut i heard the person undoing her pants farting at the same time she quickly sat down and allmost at once i heard diarrea squrting into the bowl her smell wafted under the partition PHEWWWWWWWWW WOWWWWWWWWW stink or what.

The woman pooed more loud wet runny farts and poo filling that toilet bowel, i quickly wiped my bum got up pulled up my thong (black satin) and adjusted my black mini skirt, i left the stall washed my hands hoping the person would come out but i left before she did, and all the time i heard her poo and fart her brains out. i have no idear who it was, i think it might have been a company rep but not sure.

I pooped this morning at work, i hadn't pooped in about 4 days. I was busy and i told my co-worker be right back i had to go to the bathroom. And on top of it i was feeling a little crampy. I litery felt the turd poking out my butt. I sat and pushed and it hurt coming out then after that had some loose gassy stuff. Im not sure how big the log was, didn't have time to enjoy it. There was loose stuff on top. I wiped alot, flushed and went back to work. I ate breakfast and Lunch, right after lunch(6 hrs after my first dump) i had to poop again. I had to hurry up cause after lunch was a manditory meeting. Again it was loose and i had floaters. I wiped alot thought. My butt feels itchy from that cheap paper. Hope im ok tonight, going out to dinner. Gotta run bye

Punk Rock Girl
Hey, Joey.

I have no idea if statistically, women fart more than men while on the toilet. I'd say we fart at least AS much, though. This is because the digestive system is one of the few things about men and women's bodies that is EXACTLY the same. The only difference is where our pee comes from. Other than that, women's farts and shit smell, look and sound just like men's. Women are often capable of actually having BIGGER dumps than men. I have HUGE dumps when my bowels are operating correctly. If this seems surprising to you, don't forget to take into account that women are also capable of crapping out a baby!

One thing I'd say is probably true, however, is that women tend to fart less while peeing. I think this has more to do with our upbringing, and our being conditioned to be "ladylike". Farting and shitting are decidedly unladylike, or so society wants us to think. So I think women tned to hold in their farts until they are totally and completely alone. I have friends who have made themselves physically sick from not being able to take a dump in public, or over at their boyfriend's place, etc. It's really stupid! Farting and shitting are two of the most basic and essential human bodily functions. It keeps you're boy free of toxins and bad bacteria. Everyone shits, so why do we continue to have such hang-ups over it? It's silly!

Well, I hope that long-winded rant answers your question, Joey.



John Q Public
You girls are giving me a inferiority complex here. First we have luise at 1`.2 litres. My personal best is 600 militres. Her rate is 40ml per sec, I forgot to figure my rate, and time myself for peeing. My ohld was okay, about 4 hours, bue I just drank my usual ammount of fluids. I try to avoid cafeen so I did drink some spring water, but not alot. I also did have a can of decafinated diet Pepsi.

that 600 just about had me wetting myself, too.

The "HOLD IT" Man
That's a great rate, Luis. I would love to have seen that. My best stands at what I posted last Saturday so far.

By the way, regarding Jill, I added it all up. 3 16 oz bottles and a 40 oz slush is exactly 88oz. Based on the guestimate of her pee time given, she is approximately peeing at a rate of 0.5666.... oz per second. Militres are much easier to work with in things like this. I am basing my math on the approximation given in the original post, and I am not taking into account any other fluids that may have been in her bladder over and above the 88 oz she drank. I imagine after 7 hours (9:00 am to 4:00 pm if I remember correctly) that it is possible that there wold be at least 700 militres in her bladder if she drank absolutely nothing at all during that time, which if added to the fluids would make her rate higher.

Jane (& Gary)
Bryian: Thanks for liking my story. Funny you should mention my cousin's son James. Last year I posted a story about the time when he was 5 and we were at the mall when I had to poop but didn't want to leave him alone, so I took him with me to the ladies room, where he watched me take a massive dump. There was another time (I wrote about that one, too) when I took James and Gretchen, a neighbor about the same age, to the movies, where I drove to my office instead of using the bathroom at the movies, and James tried to sneak into the ladies room.

Phillipe: Hi, long time no see! That was an incidental buddy dump that Rachel and I did. When I go shopping with my best friends Carrie & Sara, we go to the ladies room together, but not specifically to dump together. There was one time I had a major pooping session when Sara sat in the stall next to mine and peed and sat there while I was pooping. Usually I prefer to go solo, so I can concentrate on my own pooping.

Yesterday my usual early morning poop was unusually hard. I spent several minutes and managed to pass only a couple of hard pieces. After I got to work I had a few cups of coffee instead of the usual tea. It seemed to loosen me up, for I had an urge to poop just before lunch. I dumped a fairly good load of about 7 long thick pieces of solid poop. I felt much better after that.

Punk Rock Girl: Thanks for a great story.

To everyone else: Let's hear your stories like to hear more enema experiences.


pooping panties girl

Hi girl!!Pooped in your pantyhose recently? im pooping my white pantyhose right now as we speak.ummmmmmmm, i feel hot! better clean up now!


Have you ever pooped in your pantyhose, with or without panties??? got any tips about doing it??

skater guy
hey next monday i am going to rent a bunch of movies and i was wanting to know what movies i should rent that have really good toilet scenes but i want some farely new movies here in the last couple years so if u guys would list some i would appreiate it alot thanks!

Hey all, how's it going?

Uncle Tim and Sarah--Thank you for the lovely note that you wrote me. It means so much to me that you and the others (especially Robby and Annie) care so much about me. I've been trying so hard to be good, but I think you're right, I'm probably not drinking enough and it may be that I'm eating too much dairy like Sarah. See, the thing is, I don't like meat much. I don't eat any red meat whatsoever, and I'm not big on fish at all. So, basically my main sorce of protien is cheese and stuff. Anyway, the past 2 days at my internship I've gone in the mid afternoon to pee and it's that time of month, so I needed to deal with it. The protection I prefer is a reusuable cup (healthier, better for the environment, more natural, more's wonderful :)) and in order to remove that to empty and clean it, it is necessary to "bear down" a little. So, both days I kinda waiting until the last mintue before going to pee so I had to pee before emptying. This means that! I was sitting on the toilet with a empty bladder going to "take care of business" which involved bearing down. So, both days I was actually able to poop a little bit which is good, but not much. 3 little pieces Monday and 2 little pieces today. So, not ideal, but that's the news I've got for now. I'm going to try to be good, really...Again, Tim, thank you so much. Does Sarah have any good stories from the trip? Your children are always so amusing!! If not, maybe you've got some other good potty-training stories.

I had a pretty cool dream last night. I dreamt there was this hidden bathroom behind this room at our school and it was an older bathroom with like 20 stalls wrapped around the entire bathroom. I was searching for a stall and I saw some kid taking a crap in one of the stalls so I took one near him, when I got in my stall I saw who it was. It was my friend John, who I must say is good looking, or if I were gay or a girl Iíd probably call him hot but anyway. He sees me and heís embarrassed so he starts laughing at me to being so open and Iím like, its no big deal, everyone does it and I gladly take down my jeans and breifs and then he quickly pulled his shorts and briefs up and leaves w/o flushing and Iím still not embarrassed and he canít understand how I can so easily be open. I remember I dropped 1 large turd that was like 10Ē long and how about 1 Ĺ wide. Then later I came back into the bathroom and went back to my stall and saw my turd was still in the toilet but broken in! to 3 or 4 pieces. I went around each stall looking for any turds other ppl might have left and I did find a few stalls that had poop in them, but I didnít see anything in the stall my friend was in. But dreams are weird like that, lol. Well thatís all for that story.

I took a dump this morning but it was pretty normal, 2 turds, the bigger one was about 6Ē long and 1 ĹĒ wide and the 2nd turd was about 2Ē and ĹĒ wide. Pretty firm but soft at the end, and I could see sunflower seeds in it too (I eat a ton of sunflower seeds).

Well thatís all for now.


It looks as though the lady on today's masthead (Wednesday) is enjoying dropping a big load!

Annie & Robby. I liked your latest post. Hope you're both keeping well.

Joanne (and Paul). Glad to see you back again. I enjoyed your post about pooing with your friend Mary back in the days when you were at school together. Have you and Paul had some big poos whilst moving house? I'd be interested to know. It must have been an experience getting used to the new loo seat unless you've brought the old one with you. I've often found loo seats I'm unused to constricting, particularly if they're narrower or higher than the ones I'm accustomed to at home. That's one of the reasons why I like to do my #2's at home rather than at other people's houses.

Best wishes to all!


To Lizzy: Enjoyed your story, i wonder if that lady that told you sorry, was embaressed? what do you think?

To John D.: Sounds like an intresting movie

To Althea: Enjoyed your stories

To Krista: Loved your story, you parents shouldn't have given you an laxitve graham cracker the day of a wedding,she should have given it to you the following day.

To Billy and Kevin: Like your stories as always. You and your brothers turds are they hard or soft? Mine varie.

To Jackie: I liked your story...i wonder if the homeowners found your pile of shit...if they did wonder what they thought.

To Punk Rock Girl: Loved your story....did the nurse have to give you any more enemas say a few days later?

To MARK B: Liked your story

To Matt : Liked your poop story, when you had to go so bad was your poop big? and was it hard or soft?

To des moines bathrooms: I know who it is now, thanks for telling me, i was the first or 2nd post about that.

To Shy Pleasure Pooper (SPP): I've had bathroom dreams before, they are so cool. Unisex bathrooms are cool too. When you woke up from the dream did you have to pee or poop?

To Joanne: Liked your constipation story, liked when your friend checked your load out and your brother saw your turds. cool

I still haven't pooped since Saturday(the day i went 3x) urges yet.

gotta go bye

the lady that love to shit
if u try my experiment it is the best .... put duck tape on a big ziploc bag and stick it to your ass when u need to go just push a
big log out like what i did.... here is my story ..... well i always
stick a bag to my ass and with a skirt on and one day i was shopping
and i need to go really bad i was walking around and so i was looking
at some clothes i need to go so i was standing and i felt it trying to
come out so grunted kinda loud and grunted again this lady looked up at
me and asked me why i was grunting for i told her i was busy using the
bathroom and she said u cant be i told her i was she said no so i pushed and pushed and til i could feel it on the side of the bag through my skirt and so i pulled my skirt to show the lady was trying to shit and so i walked around some more and went into a dressing room
i told them women i need to fix my panties which i went to the outside of the door bent over and so the turd i was pushing could drop into the bag and i could strain to start another one so i pushed and pushed and it droped and i pulled my skirt up and lady that was working the dressing room asked me what i was doing i told her i was shitting and she said not in the dressing room and so i told her to look at my ass and she could see how i was doing it so i strained hard and pushed 4 or 5 times to jobbie to come push out my rectum and u could see it coming out the juice running out to where i pushing it out so i was still shopping after i left the dressing room and i walked to cashier to check out new that i was not finished so i go up there i farted real loud and she said excuse u i said i dont need to be excuse i was trying to shit and she said not in store while u are shopping i said yes mama so i really did not care who saw so i had the bag with one 12 inch turd done ! it i had a 3 inch turd hanging out my ass and still running juice out my rectum and still soothing out .....i just take my shit where ever i want to and who ever wants to know i will let them when i have to shit i will the lady who loves to shit anywhere and everywhere ....

To ; Louise and Steve..

Congrats!! yes, I was aware of your wedding! Hope you both have many wee filled years together!

Don't be mad at me not posting for a bit...not much to say until I wanted to share Jill's desperation story . She can impress with a normal bladderful, no less when she is bursting!

It would be a true pleasure to place you and Jill side by side after many cool drinks, and see the show begin! As I mentioned, she seems to be able to hold more, and pee with more force as the years go by. She has always " sprayed or hissed" when peeing, but, the other day was remarkable when she pushed so hard that the pee actually as i said" sizzled' out of her. It was such a high pitch hiss, that anyone within earshot would have been impressed. It also looked "silvery" in color as it came out of her with maximum force. Her urethra was wide open!

I had seen one of my sisters go like that after an evening of partying. This was only about 2-3 years ago- We wound up walking into the woods from our campground, and as I watched her go, the stream was so wide and hissy , that I thought we would attract a crowd. Her force was causing the stream to fan out about 2 inches in width as it noisily sprayed out of her. The stream was the width of her entire split. I was amazed by that performance as well.... My sis's kid Jill all the time about her being the 'last one" to finish in a restroom.

Good to hear from you again, Louise! Any one willing to share good bladder endurance stories with us???? Mickey

Good masthead picture today, an impish girl with long, dark hair in a half-squatting position over the toilet and weeing into the bowl. Her urine stream is clearly visible, and although her genitals are hidden by the dress, I think the dress has been 'extended' by an artist as it seems to be in a number of these pictures. All credit to the girl, she looks like she was showing pretty much everything in the original photograph. When I first saw the picture, I actually jumped back from the monitor, as the girl strongly resembles one of Louise's friends. Anyone who regularly talks to Louise and myself will know that at the end of Louise's hen night, a bunch of her friends 'held me captive' in my own bathroom while they each came in to urinate in front of me. Some of the sights I saw ... <snicker>

There is little news from me. Even Louise has been well behaved (at least well behaved for her) and only weed outdoors once last Saturday evening.
One other thing worth mentioning was Saturday afternoon. Driving on a country road, we spotted a sign saying, "LOGS FOR SALE", which made Louise smile and chuckle to herself.
"Wooden logs", I commented. "Not the type of log you're thinking about!"

To Micky,
Good to hear from you again, it's been a while. I very much enjoyed your story about Jill's desperate wee, and it sounds like she enjoyed doing it as much as you enjoyed watching and hearing it. From what you said, between the legs she must have been soaked with urine after such an emission. Your wife sounds quite a lady, and she may be the equal of a beautiful Pakistani girl we saw openly weeing on a naturist beach around three years back. Her urine dispensing capability was truly awesome, and greatly shocked other girls she was with who also urinated quite impressively but were put in the shade by the heavy blasts we saw this girl produce. I was lucky enough to have a full frontal view as she twice squatted in the sand, and what I saw has stuck in my mind ever since.
I agree with Louise though, that it would be interesting to directly compare our wives pissing capabilities for volume and flow rates. Certainly among her friends, my wife is known for her gushing, hissing urination. I know this because I have heard them talking about it, and they of course have seen her in action many times just like I have.
Like Jill, Louise has some exhibitionist tendencies, and shortly before we were married she shocked the photographer during an outdoor photo shoot she was on by squatting and urinating fiercely into the grass. A new experience for the photographer apparently!

Cheers all.


Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Lovely post Joanne. So descriptive that I almost felt in was in the toilet with you when you did those 3 good motions. I look forward to hearing how you and Paul got on and I hope he did a nice big one when he did go.

Stan the Second. I have no problem with people taking Metamucil or its equivalents. BTW can you buy Metamucil in the UK anyone, (if the Moderator allows this info). Its a far better solution to constipation than powerful laxatives and doesnt cause diarrhea but nice big soft but formed easy stools.

I do however have a problem with the industry which has grown up around this idea of "cleansing" . A friend of mine recently got into this and spent hundreds of £UK on powders and suppliments from a company, (no names as I know the Moderator doesnt allow advertising). Now a colleague at his work got him to fill in a questionaire from this company (he was an agent on commission), and it was designed to say that his problems, migraine , sleeplessness, required that he indulge in "cleansing". The claim that the average human colon contains so many pounds of old retained feces was also made. He had to take a cocktail of this company's nostrums, drinking a mix of Psyllium, aloe vera and for some obscure reason Chlorophyll. Now of course this made him pass very large soft motions which owing to the Chlorophyll where black, nicely "proving" the claims of this organisation, very deatiled in their literature, and leading him to buy more of their powders and potions. It didnt cure! his migraine nor insomnia.

I am very sceptical and wonder is this "cleansing" concept is the old Victorian "inner cleanliness" revisited, albeit using gentler medicines than the drastic diarrhea causing purgatives favoured in former times. This idea held that we suffered from "auto intoxication" from poisons absorbed from our stools and many people dosed themselves with uneccessary laxatives and even inflicted these on their children, even when they werent constipated, ironically often leading to chronic constipation as the bowels became used to the laxatives and more powerful medicines were required to have a motion at all. All sorts of illnesses were blamed on the "evil" of constipation. It is quoted that Sir Thomas Beecham, who's family were in the medicine business, said "Make the people shit and make money", the family fortune coming from the sale of laxatives by his company.

My wife , Theresa has just done a whopper before going to work, (Im doing the accounts at home today). She woke me saying, "Im needing a motion" always guarenteed to get me up. I accompanied her to the toilet, pulled down her big black panties and sat her on the pan. She did a powerful wee wee then went UH! NNN! OO! I smelt the odour of a healthy solid motion, heard a crackling then "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" . As she stood up off the pan we could both see the nice big fat jobbie, a thick mid brown 12 incher with a pointed end, knobbly at the start and smoother at the finish. I wiped her bum and then we had a shower, having a nice cuddle as the warm water ran over us. She has gone out to work, her big turd is still in the pan and I will buddy dump my own on top of it later.

Love to all, Tony (and Theresa)

hi toilet fans
glad you enjoyed my story
to bill and kevin enjoyed your story
to mark b enjoyed your story
to matt enjoyed your story
to buzzy enjoyed your story
to pete us that story in penzance happened about 5 years ago im 21 now
to jordan and steve liked your stories
to jim loved you story about farting and accidentaly pooping on the setee.
to nate in az don,t know where you live,but if you live in the u.k i would gladly buddey dump with you
before my story ill describe myself 5.7 slim ,smooth all over blonde hair been told i look like mark owen of take that. i have a nice smooth bum and lads i have been with say it,s a cheeky bum
now to my story
This happened last friday i had been farting for england all morning as a lot of people i suffer from ibs, anyway after my lunch i was desperate to poop but i don,t lkie going at work so iwas trying to hold it, the farting was worse and i was trying to not fart as i could feel my poop nearing my anus,luckiley i only had 2 hours of my shift to do. i walked home as fast as i could and was struggling to hold it in. I dived in the front door, ran up stairs and yanked my trousers and calvins down and i farted realy loudly and my poop exited out of my anus with a loud splosh, followed by a crackling sound as another turd oozed out of my rectum.I had finished so got of the toilet to wipe my arse, my first turd was curved a bit like a cumberland sausage or a u bend about 12 inc and my other one was about 8 inches. it was a messy dump so took me 6 sheets of paper and a moist wipe.i flushed the chain and went downstairs. for the rest of the afternooni was still farting like atroop! er and they were quite smelley.

Any way while making a cup of tea in the evening i let out this long continous loud fart must have been about 3 minutes and right at the end i farted and followed through i knew i had done this as it felt wet, i went into the bathroom and sure enough my calvins were skid marked with liquid poop. I farted again and sat on the toilet and my anus relaxed as another 8 inch log crackled out it was full of mucous and some corn.I DIDNT BOTHER TO WIPE JUST SHOWERED PUT SOME CLEAN BOXERS ON AND WENT BACK DOWNSTAIRS.I THINK IT WAS THE BAKED BEANS AND MUSHEY PEAS THAT UPSET MY IBS.

to the people who asked about me asking paul i sensed he was gay as like many gay guys i have something called gaydar as im sure nate in az and hans would agree with

I was on my way home to Connecticut from Ohio yesterday and I stopped at a rest area on I-80. Let me tell you some of the other women in the bathroom made these disgusting sounds. I went in cause I had to poop, got in the stall, pulled down my jean shorts and panties and sat down and farted a few times then let out about 8 big turds which all came with crackling and plopping. As i sat there letting out some more gas i listened to the other women that came in, I could see through the crack in the door a ???? motorcycle riding type women walk past and enter the stall next to me. She unbuckled her belt and let her pants down, sat down and let out the longest series of farts i have ever heard, it must have easily lasted nonstop for 3 minutes straight then she let a huge pile of turds which also had crackling and gassey sounds, as she continued to fart and let out turds. finally i had finished peeing and farting, so i wipped and left to go to the sink. As i washed my hands I cou! ld still here her farting and letting out occasional plops. As i was getting a drink form the machine she came out and came over to me and said she was sorry for the noise and awful that she mad and i said it was ok the she left. She was very ???? but still pretty.

This ever happen to anyone else?
Love ya all

John D.
I recently saw the movie "Enough" with Jennifer Lopez. I was disappointed in the bathroom scene with her on the toilet. It only showed mainly her head and her grabbing toilet paper off the roll. I was hoping they would show her in full view sitting on the toilet with her bare butt touching the seat. I would have liked to have seen her straining to take a poop, hear the plopping sounds, and see her reaching under her butt to wipe herself.

Stan (the second)
To Lisa RE: Psyllium as a wafer.

Hi Lisa. The important thing to remeber with Psyllium in any form is that its effect is absolutely dependent on drinking large quantities of water with it. Without the water it will have virtually no effect at all.
For a 5 gram (of actual psyllium, disregarding the weight of any other "filler" ingredients in the case of a wafer) serving a minimum of 8 oz of water is necessary and 12 oz is even better. Your reward for this dicipline will be large, thick, long and well lubricated EASILY PASSED stools. So easily are they passed that you will go quickly, feel as though virtually nothing came out, and be shocked when you look into the bowl! Be advised though that psyllium is not like a fast acting laxative, and normally 12-18 hours elapse before its intended effect. Hope that helps!

Infantry PFC: As my grandmother used to say, "Eat big; shit big."

Sara T: How old are you? It is you, another girl and me on the forum that wear slips. When I was in elementary school, I hated to look in the toilet after a bowel movement. I used to have terrible bowel movements. I had enemas until 9th grade. Then I said, "No more." Enemas are not that great. They do a good job on constipation. I prefer natural remedies by ingestion. Colonics are good. Only, they are painful. A hard steel nozzle is shoved in your rectum. I had an enema in 7th grade and I saw so much black water and chunky doo-doo evacuate. With colonics, your stools will be be huge and black, because you will drink a black powder mixed with liquid and it will leach on to your intestinal walls.

leather pants girl: I like briefs for guys and girls. I do not like those loose boxers. I know some girls who wear men's briefs and boxers.

plopomania: When I was teen, I would encounter another teen in a public toilet. When I was 17, I went to the movies on Sundays. One Sunday, I had finished urinating and was washing my hands when a boyish looking Chinese girl wearing a white shirt and high school gym shorts took a stall. She spoke to me as she entered. She lowered her shorts and white panties to her shins. I heard nothing. But, I saw her strain on her tiptoes. After a some minutes, I heard the soft sound of paper wiping. She flushed and came out to wash her hands.

I worked in a department store. There was a lot of teenage traffic in the bathroom. There were pants down, dresses and skirts up.

Andre: I shit naked and I do make noise sometimes.

MikeyP - Gosh, make a girl blush why don't ya? My second post and not only do I encourage someone to post their first message but it's almost all for me! If you're interested my first story can be found on page 910.

Wetguy - At the time my sister was 11 or 12.

Anon - I guess because it's never really been a big deal for me. Since I've been wetting the bed my whole life it's pretty much normal for me.

JW - I had intended to tell this story last time along with the other one but didn't have the time. Here goes...

A few months ago I had one of my typical bouts of constipation, it went on for about 3 days. On saturday (the 3rd day) I had to go to my cousins wedding. It was going to be a long ceremony, about 3 hours. My parents knew I hated to take anything for my constipation, I would rather just let it come naturally. On the morning of the wedding my mom woke me up about 9:00 and helped me get dressed. By the time we were ready to go we didn't have much time to eat, so my parents had coffee, my sister had a pop tart and I had a few graham crackers. What I didn't know was that my mom had replaced my normal graham crackers with special laxative graham crackers. I wore a pretty white dress, with white shoes. About an hour into the wedding I felt the first rumblings in my stomach. By the time the actual wedding was over I could feel the huge poop on the edge of coming out and I still had the reception to go. I probably should've told my mom or my sister that I needed to go but I hate ! pooping anywhere other than my house. Eventually I resigned myself to pooping in my panties, I was just hoping to at least make it out to our car. By the time we left I was really feeling horrible, my stomach hurt so bad. As my dad was putting my wheelchair in the trunk of our car Laura looked over at me.

"You ok sis? You're looking kind of green."
"I need to go #2 really bad."

Just then our parents got in the car.

"I think Krista is going to have an accident." My sister informed them, looking over in my direction with a concerned look on her face.
"That's okay, I gave her a laxative this morning."
"You what?" I asked confused.
"The graham crackers you ate this morning were laxatives."
"Gee mom, thanks for warning me in advance." I said sarcastically.
"Sorry. Look Krista, you haven't gone for 3 days. I'd rather you go in your clothes than hold it any longer."

As soon as she said that I had Laura help me kneel down on the back seat facing towards the back window. I squatted down as best I could and pushed. My sister giggled when she saw my face. I pushed and pushed for a long time and was amazed when I reached back to feel it. It was HUGE! And I still had more to go. Eventually I finished, I stayed kneeling in the back seat until we got home so I wouldn't have to sit on my poop and mush it up against my skin. When we got home both Laura and I needed to pee quite badly. I let her go first, after she was finished she helped me strip down to my underwear and carried me into the bathroom and sat me in the tub. She slowly pulled my underwear off and dumped them in the toilet. As soon as she pulled my underwear off I relaxed my bladder and peed in the tub.



Billy and Kevin
Today, a couple hours after lunch, we were going to go swimming. We were waiting for the rain to stop. Finally our mom said we will be going to cousin billy's in about 10 minutes and we should get dressed. We went into our bedroom and got our suits. I said to kev, i wonder were our little brothers are. I said i am going ot the bathroom for a poop. Kev siad he had to go too. When we got into the bathroom, jeremy was using the little potty and josh was on the toilet. jeremy said all done and got up. I helped him clean his butt. THen josh finished. I sat down and help josh clean up too. THen josh said I have to go more. I said use the little potty. He said no. So I put some toilet paper over my hand and said poop here (i held my hand almost on the ground). He pushed his underwear done and made like 6 little turds and farted. I said hold up. I threw the paper in to toielt and did it again. He pooped a bunch of little turds more. He said all done. THen I help him wipe again. It w! as kind of weird because the poop was so warm. Kev help him and jeremy was thier hands while i wiped. Kev pooped and we went swimming.

leather pants girl
To cloud. iam 24yrs old

To bryian. glad you liked the story about my brother, i may have more for you (he he)

not much else to report today but will post a better story very soon.

Hey ppl,

I'm new here. I see ppl describing how they look, so I guess I will too. I'm a 16 year old female, 5'4", blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty athletic, as I'm a soccer player and I take taekwon-do. Anyway, I have a story I'd like to share with you guys.

This happened today, well, today actually. My car is getting repairs right now, so I have to take the bus. I was on my way to go train at my taekwon-do school, and before I left I had a huge bowl of ice cream. I went to the bathroom before I left to pee, and I pushed out a couple logs. I still felt full but nothing else would come out. Well anyway, as I'm on the bus, my stomache starts hurting a little. This went on for about 5 minutes, then it stopped. I have to take the LRT (train) as well, and when i got on there my stomache started up again. About half way through the ride, I knew I needed to take a major major crap, but I had to hold it as there was no where i could go. I got off the LRT downtown to catch a bus to my taekwon-do school. As I was waiting for the bus, my stomache wasn't too bad. But when I got on, after about 2 minutes I got major bad cramps and knew I needed to find a nathroom FAST!! There was still about 10 minutes left on the bus before I got off to! o. I could feel alot of crap inside my wanting to come out really really bad. There was so many people on the bus too (the thought of secretly going on the bus crossed my mind). I kept squirming around, changing positions, and the sun beaming on me didn't help. My stomache hurt soooo bad, btu I was trying not to show it. I had to fart really bad too, but if I did, I knew not only a fart would come out. Finally, my stomache seemed to settle down a little bit (which is good, as I was almost positive I would have shit my panties!) I finally came to my stop. I got off the bus and the feeling came back as soon as I stood up. I walked across the street to the back door ( we always enter through the back) and to my suprise it was locked. Oh sh*t I thought. I checked the other back door and that was locked too. I really really needed to crap bad by this time. I thought maybe the front foor was open, but I knew I couldn't make it to the front of the building. I walked around for a mi! nute trying to find a place to go without anyone seeing me. I finally got the guts to run into this guys backyard which had alot of tees and bushes in it. I managed to make it in there without anyone seeing me. I went into some bushes and pulled my pants and pink striped thong down. I immediatly farted really loudly and let out this very very mushy crap/diarhrea that lasted for about 10 seconds. My stomache hurt so bad, and I looked down to see a big messy pile. ust then, another cramp hit my and I farted a couple more times letting alot more mushy crap. This was so intense! I farted a few more times and crapped more and more. finally I thought I was releived enough to find a bathroom. My butt was so messy, and I tried to wipe as best as I could with some leaves. I pulled my thong up and then pants and hurried to th front. It was open!! :D I came upstairs, but the urge had went completley away. I started training with everyone there, and about 15 minutes later I felt the urg! e to take a crap come back like you wouldn't beleive!! I just stopped, had a weird look on my face, and ran to the bathrooms as quick as I could without even careing what ppl thought I was doing. I rushed through the ladies door, and into one of the stalls (there are two). I barley had my shorts and thong down before I let out a huge fart that lasted 6 seconds and lots of liquidy mushy crap. I was sitting there for about 10 minutes letting out more and more crap, with alot of farts (which is weird, since I don't usually fart alot). cramp after cramp hit my stomache and I swear, this must've been the biggest crap of my life. Finally, I thought I was finished and whiped about 9 or 10 times and then flushed (I was suprised it all went down) and came out. Everyone asked where I went, and I just said I was feeling kind of sick. I took it easy the rest of the time and then called my mom to come pick me up. When I got home I took another short crap, and I still don't feel too great! .

Well, that's all, thanks for reading, and i hope you enjoyed it. I love this site. Bye everyone


To Cloud - I liked your story. By the way, I am 17 years old.

To: John Q. Public and Hold it man,

Thanks for the comments regarding Jill. I am a bit confused by the statement that all the times" didn't add up"....? Count the numbers I have listed- of course, without a stop watch, these are all estimations....if anything, i would say I was conservative with my guesses! 2 -45 second segments, and 2- 30 second segments...with a bit of dribble and spray at the end, and air release....simple math....

The spring water bottles were only the 16 oz variety. The slush drink was one of the huge 40 oz sizes, I believe.

I am pretty confident that Jill would certainly place well if all of the lurkers and posters entered a hold it contest. I have seen and heard her amaze others with her bladder size and power many times in the years we have been together. Jill is in her early 40's, and her bladder seems to get bigger and more powerful as the years go by...any other women from this site notice that with themselves?

As I have stated in previous posts, Jill's office building is an older design with the Ladie's in the center of a large room. Even when the door is closed, someone who may be standing close by it can hear every sound from inside very audibly! She has taken quite a bit of kidding , and has even astonished her colleagues with the length and power of pee they have heard from her in there.

She related a story not long ago where she was part of a staff meeting that ran through lunch at one of the boss' home office . There were about 16 of her office staff present, and her as the chief adm. assistant was there to organize and assist. The family room that the boss had set up the long table for the meeting has a small washroom attached with a louvered slide door, making for clear sound capture from within this small room.

About 2 hours into this meeting, it was time for a "break" . As the others moved about the room getting coffee, etc, some visited the attached restroom. She said she could clearly hear the guys and 2 other woman as they used the facilities, and then came her turn just before they resumed the meeting. In her usual style, she did not disappoint the group! She said the small group actually cheered for her as she exited the bathroom! One of the guys later mentioned to her that it was the longest pee he had ever heard anyone take, and that he never knew that women had that kind of bladder power as his wife was a slow, low volume dribbler. He was absolutely fascinated by her prowess!

We have had several similar situations where others have either heard or seen Jill relieve her bladder. She enjoys a bit of exhibitionism and is quite proud of her ability!

Anyone else out there with a bladder like that? I would enjoy hearing about other women who can pee like this......Mickey

Hey do most women pass more gas on the toilet while peeing or pooping then men do? if so why?

MICKEY - Hi guy!!!! No I am not mad at you really! Thank you for saying such nice things!
Yeah, I bet me and Jill would really make a big flood if we weed in the same place. I bet you and Steve would like seeing us have a few drinks to get ready for it. I do not know if my weeing is changing as I get older. I think I have always done big wees since I was very little but I think I started really hissing when I was 12 years old and I started to grow more womanly you know?
Steve thinks I can do a lot more than my 40ml per second. I was really really desperate last night and I got home, Steve had run a bath for us. I really thought I would piss my knickers but I just held it. Well I took off my clothes real quick and I stood nude with one foot in the bathwater and I let rip. I really pissed my brains out, Mickey, and it was very noisy. It felt so relieving and I could not help going "uhh...uhhhh" a couple of times while my hot wee squirted out of me. Steve wishes he had measured my gusher because he guesses it may be more than 50ml per second but was a lot even for me. He looked shocked! giggle
Thank you for liking my little story about weeing in the alley.
Love Louise xxxxx

TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!! It was lucky I looked back in the old pages because I found a letter from you that we did not see before. Thank you yeah we had a lovely wedding and a great honeymoon, I made sure Steve enjoyed it. giggle I did too! Sarah is a bit like me isn't she if she looks at men she is weeing next to. I can not help looking if I see a weeing willy because I really like watching, but Steve's big hosepipe is the only one I have held. I would not want to hold any others. I hope to see some weeing willies when we go to Spain next month.
I liked that story about Sarah and the travelmate weeing with it next to your friends. I bet you have had a giggle about it with her since then eh?
Oh I loved the story of Sarah with her jeans down and weeing and pooing. How many times have I done that? LOL
Love Louise xxxxx

INA - Hi girl!!! Yeah we are all right and happy thank you. We hope you are too!
You know I hate having to pay for a stall. It really annoys me!
Oh yeah, you are head of our travelmate section in the WSPC. You need respect because of your experience with it, you know? I liked your story about when you had a travelmate wee waiting for the train. Oh yeah, I would have liked to see the 20 weeing willies in that men's room! LOL
Thank you for your letter!
Love Louise xx

Hello to everybody. Since Saturday evening I have had a sense that I am emulating Louise, my older sister. I started out happy to begin with because of the lovely weather, and for maximum effect I was wearing the tight, black mini-dress that ties up behind the neck and is daringly skimpy over my breasts. The only other clothing was a tiny black G-string and my high heels. My boyfriend was on a date with me, and after two drinks in the pub we went home because we knew that night was going to be 'the' night.
On the way home it was still daylight, and the two half pints of beer I had drunk were filling up my tank. Without visiting the ladies' loo I knew I needed to have a wee-wee very soon and I told my man. We took a diversion down a quiet street he knew on the way to his house. I used to be more old-fashioned about weeing and didn't do it outside if I could go inside, but I am much more relaxed these days. My sister has that relaxed attitude that I think is rubbing off onto me. In an alley, I gathered my dress up to my waist and I slipped my G-string down over my hips and for fun I took it off and gave it to him. I think he likes watching me in the act of weeing, and I asked him to look at me while I crouched down. He stood in front looking at my female bits and without further delay I weed. For those who want to know the details, my jet had a twist in it and yes, I made a hissing noise. Soon I started rising from my crouch position to an upright standing posture and I aime! d my jet in front of me. My jet was wild and it jerked around all over before I put my fingers in the right place but my man looked like he enjoyed it. I crouched down again for the trickles at the end, and the ground was wet in a large patch in front of me and extended in a trail that I created when I was standing upright. Smile. When I was pulling up my G-string, my boyfriend got out his penis through his zipper and I watched him. He does the same things as Steve. He turned to the wall and pulled back his foreskin a bit. I don't think he minded me watching him wee, and I was mesmerised by it and I thought of some questions to ask him. What I did ask him was why he pulled his foreskin back when he did it. He said he sprinkles his pee if he doesn't, and I said it made sense. I could not stop myself from laughing at the shake shake shake routine he went through when his wee stopped.


At about midnight that night, my boyfriend got out of bed and I followed him to the toilet. He is very well put together just like Steve is. It sure does lots for a man's physical condition, all that martial arts training.. My man was without any clothes on standing over the toilet and there was a tinkle tinkle sound, so obviously he was having a pee. Quick as a flash I remembered Louise telling me and our mum what she does with Steve, and from the back I cuddled my boyfriend and took hold of his penis. It was fun to get his stream in the bowl, but I had to carefully wipe the rim of the bowl afterwards because I found out the hard way that it is really not sooooo easy for a man to wee and aim it properly. My aim was bad and I splashed the rim. How romantic is that? To clean the crapper after the man has peed? Smile.Then I put the seat down and sat nude on it. I weed gently in it and he wiped my bits for me after I was done. We went back to bed after cleaning up and washi! ng our hands. It was a really special moment for me.

A big hello to Tim and Sarah, Rizzo, Ina, Carmalita, Robby, Annie, Sari, Meghan and PV.



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