Punk Rock Girl
Joseph-- I'm sure my mother or father gave me the occasional enema when I was a little kid, but the only enema story I have from my hildhood is when I broke my ankle and dislocated my knee when I was twelve (I think I've posted this before, but just in case...).

I had gone camping with my brother and a friend of his, and we were hiking up this trail. I got my foot caught in a rotted out tree stump and fell. My ankle snapped and my knee popped out of joint. Ouch! I had to be carried out of the woods by some rangers and taken to the hospital. They set my anklen in a brace and put a pin through my knee, and suspended my knee from one of those pulleys. I ended up being in that position for about a week.

I was on morphine and it was making me very badly constipated. The nurse said if I couldn't go by the second evening, she'd have to give me an enema. I wasn't too wild about that, but no matter ho I trie, I couldn't go. She brought in a bedpan, a red water botle and some white tubing. She put some lube on the end of the tube and told me to relax. "This won't hurt," she said, "BUt you'll feel some pressure." She pushed the tube up my ass into my rectum and let warm soapy water flow in. It felt weird, but kind of good. She told me to tell her when the pressure got to be intense. Finally, I said I was about to go. She pulled out the tube and told me to hold it for as long as I could, then to totally relax when I could no longer hold it.

I held it, held it, held it, then had to go. I relaxed and a huge log exploded from my ass into the bedpan. I groaned so loud, I think people outside heard me! More watery shit gushed into the bedpan, followed by a long stream of just water. THe pan was full and she carefully removed it from under my ass. A few minuted later, I had to go again. She gave me a fresh bedpan and what felt like chunky diarrhea sprayed out. Then, I was done. I felt sooooooo much better! She helped me clean up (actually, she wiped my ass for me), and my BMs were a little easier after that. I think I had to shit in a bedpan at least four more times after that. It's a real pain!

Hope you enjoyed my story! Peace!


Hi Jane... I like your stories, as I always do....but tell me...usually, you poop, dispense the "soft-serve ice-cream:, and flush many times in solo. Was this the first time you had a "pooping companion" (Rachel) apart from Christine of last year?

This morning I walked to the local High St (about 5 minutes walk)to buy some things and post a letter. I'd had loads of coffee to drink earlier, and while I was out I started to feel that I really needed a pee soon and my arse needed to dump its load. when I got home a few mintues later I had that 'bursting to go' kind of feeling which I really like. I held out for a bit but it was starting to hurt holding it all in. I then had to decide - should I do it all in the toilet? or in my pants? Or down the garden, which is very secluded?
I decided that becsue I had drunk so much coffee, which acts on me a bit like a mild laxative, it would be too messy to do it all in my pants. But to relieve the pressure I just let go for a bit and let the hard poo slip into my briefs before heading for the toilet to do the rest.
It was not messy at all in my briefs and just left a few skid marks.



To Lisa, who asked about psyllium bulking up your BMs, the answer is yes, absolutely. I take it now and then, and get big, soft toilet-clogging stools. And (unlike most laxatives), it's actually good for you!!

Steve S
To Wetguy, My buddy just turned 21 and I'm a few months older than him. I've known him since we were about 16 and we've shared some experiences together. When were with other people and someone says something like,"it was so funny I almost peed my pants" we both look at each other and smile. Its a secret we share.

Jim, I've only once lied on the bathroom floor and watched as I let a turd out, but it was interesting to watch the hole expand and contract and see the head appear and yes the cracklung noice was great too. Steve S you friend sure does enjoy peeing and pooing his panrts and he likes you to watch as well.

Peeing Tom
I was starting to think you were dead BILLY AND Kevin.
I haven't post in a long time my self.
But I got some tales to tell.

Joe B.
To Lisa,

Psyllium husk used as a fiber waffer (Metamucial wafers, etc.) should make your BM both thicker and longer. I take the maximum recommended dozage for 3 days straight with fantastic results. Please give it a try.

Hi, I've been interested to read all your stories. I'll try and add a few of my own.
A couple of years ago I was drinking with some friends from work in a pub near Victoria station in London. It was getting near closing time when I got the first warning signs but in the interests of sociability and the last drink I decided to hang on to it until the train home. Sadly the toilets on the (last) train were locked out of use and those at the station were shut anyway at that time of night. The situation was becoming somewhat critical by then and I was faced with a 15 minute walk home to my flat. After about 5 minutes of this walk I realised that I could hold on no longer so I found a secluded spot in an office car park, dropped my trosuers and underwear and had one of the massive dumps of my life. Thankfully I had some paper towels whith which to make do. I hate to think what anyone parking their car first thing in the morning would have thought.

I often do narrowboat holidays and find that "alfresco" BMs are preferable to trying to operate in the somewhat confined space of the boat toilet. Some years ago these had hinged flaps which dropped down everytime a turd was deposited, making an audible thud as it returned to the horizontal hopefully in time for the next deposit. This was very convenient if you were interested in listening to other people go.

When I was around 12 or 13 my sister (two years younger) and I, together with the similarly aged sons of my parents friends used to have a "plopping" volume contest, taking in turns to go for a bm and give each other points (sadly from outside the bathroom door) for volume and effect. In my case this usually involved "holding on" for sometime to ensure that you had a suitable load to deposit when these friends visited.

I'll submit some more for posting as I have time

Keep the interesting stories coming

des moines bathrooms
the thing on mtv was about rockers on tour the man on the bowl was adrian young of no doubt he always does crazy stuff like that.

iowa pooper

Hello, I am back from a huge big grandiose hiatus. Wow!!! everything has changed on the forum.

Where the hell is ALANA? This was, in my opinion, the best poster on the board. ALANA, there hasn't been any posts from you in years, decades, eons, milleniums. Please continue to post. I was a believer and still am a believer. Wanted to know if you had broken any world records yet. I am amazed that you do not gain much weight when you eat the way you do. Simply amazing.

Where the hell is KIM and SCOTT? Did they move? Are they married and said to hell with this board. Did KIM become the first female mayor of Dookieville, USA. Guys, continue to post!!! Your stories behind the great ALANA were magnificent! KIM, continue to lift weights and eat. That makes you strong and hot. I'm sure SCOTT would agree

As for me, nothing special in the dookie department. Let out 3 turds each about 10 inches long just this past Sunday. Each looked like they had little itsy bitsy bits of corn (little boluses) in the brown husk. Unusual, I suppose. Each about 2-3 inches thick. A big load for me.

Till again. Tah. Tah.


BB the magnificent

To euro hiker: Intresting what the sequririty camera picked up.

To Buzzy: Hope you had fun pooping in the woods w/ company :)

To John Q Public: Liked your story when you were in HS.

To Billly & Kevin: Its good to hear from you, where have you been? How old are you? Dang you had a big log, cool!

To wetguy: I liked your story

To Katie: Enjoyed your story

To jim: No see doesn't..and im way older then you, im 21. Even when i was your age my mom never saw me naked. Loved your story too.

To fullup: Dang you really pissed alot, that sounds like fun, maybe i'll do it sometime when i have no where to go or noting to do.

To jim: Liked your story

To Jordan and Andre: Liked your story, and i also get mucus in my shit sometimes

To Cloud: Loved your story, intresting how you peed at the!

To Bmlover: Loved your story

I haven't pooped since like Saturday(went 3x) it was on the loose side, its now Monday.I Saw that thing again on MTV w/ the dude w/ the checkered hair shiting, i think it was the group No Doubt. Every time i see that and the nintendo commercial i start cracking up. Gotta run bye

Shy Pleasure Pooper (SPP)
Wow! I had an awesome dream two nights ago! In my dream, I was with some friends and a girl I like (she's really h!ot) at a youth group camp or something. Anyway, everything was normal until I had to take a leak (in my dream). I went to the bathroom and my friends and my crush followed me. It was a unisex bathroom. I went in and there were three stalls. I took a leak and then washed my hands in front of the mirror in front of the stall of the girl I like. I could see her a little bit through the crack in the door as I looked into the mirror. She farted a couple of times, then I heard crackling and she dropped a few pieces of poop into the water. I was so turned on! When we were all done with business, we left the bathroom and everything returned to normal. What seemed like hours later, I was recalling the event in my dream. I suddenly woke up in the middle of talking in my dream and in real life saying, "That was awesome!" Then, I became very disappointed. "Shi! t, it was only a dream. That really sucks!" Bizare, isn't it? Has anyone ever had a dream like this? What does everyone think about the idea of unisex bathrooms? (if there are stalls, then what is the big deal? I mean, is it really all that "unprivite" to have bathrooms like that)

Robby and Annie
Hi Fellow Toidyteers!
Well, our last post didn't get in for some reason. I am writing this on the run. Here is the story. My assistant Barbara and I were working on a script and the end was near. She looked at me and said;"I need to go to the bathroom". I said ok! She went to my office loo; not the main one. I heard the seat be put down and heard her grunt;UUh, UUh! It was a panting noise. She moaned and a big trump(fart) was heard. It shook the room! Then another series of grunts filled the toilet area. I heard a big splash and another moan. Another splash was heard after that. She turned the tissue roll and she wiped up. When she came out she had this sheepish smile and was going red. I told her not to worry. We settled back into the drudgery of writing. She is a real sport about toilet things.

Welcome back to: Billy and Kev. Welcome to all new posters!

Lots of Lovexx and hugs to: Ina- hi there sweetie! Steve and Louise-we will talk later! Rizzo, Nieces Kendal, Ellen, and Nephew Andrew-hope you are ok! Jane and Gary, Ephermal- take care! PV- hi gal!, Kimmie and Scott-hope things are ok! Carmalita and family, LindaGS, Eleanor, Adele, Todd and Diana-hope the twins are ok! Tim, Sarah, Josie, and Loewie-hi dears!! Diva, David(Germany), Damsel-hi girl!, Adrian, Jeff A, and Ellie and Little Lou-hope you are ok!


Monday, July 22, 2002

Hi Folks!

Sorry I havent posted for a while but this was a combination of exams, holiday and myself and Paul finding a flat to rent and moving in together. I'll post some of our Toilet experiences over the last few weeks next time.

Both Paul and I agree with Tony, Nate and others about the pleasure of passing a large, fat, solid turd. I also confirm that it isnt only Boys who leave big jobbies unflushed in the school toilets. Many Girls do this too when they pass a nice big one they are proud of, at least they did in my school, although often the turd was too big to flush away even if they did pull the flush.

Tibkid Boy, Im now in my twenties but my teens weren't that long ago, so I'll tell you a nice constipation story from when I was 16. When I was in my teens, as still happens now from time to time, Id get constipated as lots of teenaged girls do especially at the time of their monthly period. In the episode I remember I hadnt had a motion for a couple of days. One morning at school I felt the need and was able to hold it in with no problem until the morning break when I went to the Girls Toilet. I hitched up my grey pleated skirt and white cotton briefs and did a wee wee. I could feel this big hard lump in my rectum pushing against my ring. I bore down going NNN! and felt my sphincter stretch then a stab of pain so I let it recede back up. Gingerly examining with my finger I could feel this hard knobbly fecal mass. I tried again and more of it started to come out. My friend Mary was doing her motion in the next cubicle and had a nice big easy one which I had heard come ou! t with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!" She heard me straining and said, "Are you okey Joanne? You sound as if you are having a struggle?" I replied that I was very constipated and as if to illustrate the point as I grunted NNN! UH! the hard fat jobbie came to an end and plunged into the pan with a loud "KER-PLOOMP!" I wasnt the biggest turd I have passed but it sure was fat! Shaped like a big brown potato, the type you use for baked potatoes only about 6 inches long but nearly 4 inches thick! No wonder it had hurt a bit and was such an effort to pass. I wiped my bum fearing there might be blood on it, but was relieved that there was only some mucus. I didn't want to have Piles (haemhorroids), like my Mum has. (she also does big jobbies, but easy smooth ones). I pulled up my knickers and dropped my skirt and said to Mary, " Come and see this!" We both used to look at what each other had done and often buddy dumped if the chance arose. Mary was amused at the shape of this fat knobbly lu! mp and said. "I bet you felt that come out Joanne?" I replied that my poor ring was still throbbing. I felt that I needed to do more but the break was only 10 minutes and I knew I would be able to hold it in till lunchtime. For those interested Mary's jobbie was a 8 inch log of about 2 inches fat which, like most of her turds, floated in the pan.

Sitting in class I again felt gentle non urgent movement in my belly and the entrance of a large load into my back passage, and passed a couple of strong but silent farts in the seat of my knickers to the amusement of Mary and a couple of other girls sitting nearby. At lunchtime I went to the Girls Toilet. Entering the same cubicle I saw that my big "potato" was lying on the bottom of the pan and had started to put a brown tinge in the water. Mary came in with me this time, as I again lifted my skirt and pulled my knicks down to my knees and sat on the pan. Another long wee wee tinkled then I felt another turd push against my sphincter. I hoped it wouldnt be too fat this time as I still felt a bit sore from my previous motion. This one was firm and knobbly but only my usual 2.5 inches thick. Mary pushed my ???? and I felt it slowly emerge. Compared to the boulder I had done a couple of hours before this was a lot less strain and it grew in length before dropping into th! e pan with a "FLOOMP!" as it was a really long one, a Beacher" as someone here calls such big jobbies. I looked between my legs and saw it lying beneath me, the start out of sight up the hidden bend in the pan, the last 4 inches sticking out of the water. I wiped my bum and got up off the pan pulling up my knickers and letting Mary have a good look. It was two tone, the start a darker brown and knobbly the last 6 inches smoother and lighter brown. It was slightly curved. I left it for others to see but it would have stuck in the pan anyway.

I hadnt finished though and when I got home at about 4.30pm I needed a wee wee. Going upstairs to the toilet my young brother asked, (we were very open about such matters in my family), "Are you going to do a big poo or are you still constipated?" I laughed and said that I had done two big motions at school and only needed a wee wee. I sat on the toilet pan at home and did do a wee wee but then felt another turd come down. This one was smooth and easy but solid and formed and slid out with no effort into the pan with a "KUR-SPLOONK!" My brother heard that and said, "Oi! Joanne, I thought you said you had done a poo twice at school?" I said that I had but this must have been one left up my back passage. I wiped, pulled up my knicks and told him to come in and have a look, (we had watched each other since we were kids), and we both looked at a fat, smooth jobbie, a carrot shaped light brown turd of 7 inches long floating in the pan. So I had done 3 good motions that day.

I dont want to make this post too long, like some of my jobbies, so I'll post next time about Paul and I inauguarating the toilet in our flat. Its a nice old Edwardian toilet and looks original, crazing on the enamel, and red water stain on the back of the pan, and the borwn wodden seat is well worn. Marvellous "kersploonkability" as it has a long drop and large sump.

Love and nice big solid ones to all from Joanne and Paul (who is constipated again. Ill rub his ???? when he comes back from work, he is on early shift, and I'll tell you what he produced).

SARA T - Hi girl! Well thank you for what you said about me and Steve getting married. It is a long time since we had a letter from you.
Love Louise xx

APRIL - Hi girl! You know it is like my husband says. If you want to be good at something then you have to practice a lot and not worry if you get it wrong a few times. When you pee standing without the travelmate, do you open your lips up a bit and lift up. You know you can use your fingers in a V to do it like that. I know it can be hard to do but it is really worth you trying it to see how it can work for you you know. It may be that what works for me will not work for you exactly how I do it but you need to find how you need to do it different to how I do it. If you try that then it could be that I can help you. I will sure try.
I have a travelmate as well and I had a leakage at first when I tried it but I know how to get it in the right place for me and I am good with it now. You know I pee heavily, my husband will tell you that LOL, and I thought maybe I would not be good with a travelmate because of that. I practiced and now I can get it right. You know I think you were really unlucky about sneezing when you did.
You know Ina is our expert on the travelmate on here, so she is really good about advice on using it.
Love Louise xx

MICKEY - Hi guy!!!!! Well I should be mad at you for not writing to me for so long! You know me and Steve are married now don't you?
I liked your story about Jill and I bet she wees harder than I do so I bet Steve would like to see Jill do it to compare us. I bet he would like me and Jill to squat next to each other in an alley and wee. It would be fun for us as well. Does Jill not want to write? Well I am proud that some guys have said I am the pee queen here but if Jill wrote letters here than I bet she would have to get the crown you know.
The only new story I have is from Saturday when I pulled my leather trousers down in an alley and had a really nice squatting wee and Steve watched me looking at my bum. It was a heavy wee but it did not really last too long.
Love Louise xxxxx

TIM AND SARAH - Hi!!! I hope you say well, Tim. I hope Sarah and the kids are all right too!
Love Louise xxxxx

THE HOLD IT MAN - My biggest wee measured is 1.2 litres and my flow rate was nearly 40ml per second. Your pee rate is like my husband's but I bet you can hold a bit more than he can.

EURO HIKER - Well I have weed in alleys and just sometimes I have had people including guys catch me and look but I have never done it outside the door of a nightclub. I would not want to either. I have sometimes weed in the street if I have been really really desperate, you know between cars or in a corner or somewhere like that and I have usually had my husband with me to look after me. I have not often just had to do it in a really crowded place you know but once I got so desperate I just had to pull my dress up, pull my knickers down and squat and piss my brains out on the pavement. I got a bit embarrassed then but if I had not done it I would have wet my knickers and dress and I could not help it.
When we have been out at night, sometimes we have seen 2 or 3 girls next to a wall with their knickers down and weeing, you know? Steve likes seeing that.
If you want to know about it I hade a wee in an alley on Saturday night. I took my leather trousers down and my g string and squatted. I had a good wee and power washed the ground. giggle.
LOL the best one was when I was with 14 of my friends on my hen night. We were all in school uniform with really short skirts to show our legs. Well my sister pulled her knickers down in the street and squatted but she pulled them back up again when she saw somebody coming. Later on we all went in an alley and squatted with our knickers down and pissed our brains out. I bet you would have liked seeing that.


Tim (and Sarah)
Hi there,

We are at the sea now and started the curing holiday, which is promising to be very relaxing and eventful. We drove here on Saturday. Althogh the streets were crowded it wasnít too stressful. After lunch with a nice scenery overlooking a forest and a river we rested a bit and put the seats of the car down. I took a nap with Loewie in my arm and Sarah quietly read a story to Josie. Suddenly Josie whispered loudly that she needed to go potty. So Sarah and Josie put their shoes on and went to the side of the car. We had parked next to a wall and the space between the car and the wall provided good shelter for doing some buisness; also it had rained shortly before, so going into the woods was not such a good option. I was still half asleep, but Loewie sat up and watched sleepy through the window. "jochie mcht aa", came the information, which was hard to understand as he had his thumb in his mouth, but I got that Josie was doing a dookie. I just went "mmh" and dozed away. Loe! wie watched with his little nose pressed against the window and waved to mom and Josie. He added some running comments, which were hard to understand, so I did not pay too much attention. After I while I told him though, as he kept talking, that he was hard to understand with the thumb in his mouth. He took it out and said: "Mom also needs to go"- now there was some information that made me awake! Soon my head also appeared on the window. Yes, there she was: My pretty, sweet Sarah, looking so sexy, with her jeans down, squatting and spraying a nice yellow arc into the grass. I grinned and also waved. Sarah smiled, but I noticed she wasnít too comfortable with the whole family watching her, which I guess is understandable. I opened the door and told Josie to come in and turned the kids attention to the goody bag (we always have a bag with little toys and books, which keeps up the entertainment on long car journeys). The kids were busy choosing something and I took a glimpse o! utside. To my suprise Sarah was still squatting and a long turd was hanging from her bum. I grinned and she grinned back, but turned her head starring into the grass in order to concentrate. I turned again to let her finish in peace and also the kids wanted my attention. I saw Sarah get up and pull her pants up after a while. She came back into the car with a red face, but a big smile. She quietly said " that feels better" to me and I kissed her and said "well doneí , as I know it always is a bit of a struggle for her to overcome her shyness. I got out of the car and went a bit towards the boot, where she had squatted. There were two poop piles along the wall. One little pile of quite a few mini sausages my daughter laid there; just a few steps away there were two long, big poop snakes curling around each other. It seemed like Sarah had to go properly. I unpacked and peed against the wall and a bit on the turds. I jumped when the passenger door opened. I looked to the side a! nd Loewie stood in sox on the edge of the car, held by Sarah who helped him direct his peepee into the grass. Sarah laughed and said: "I canít find his shoes..." At the next peepee stop we had to get Loewieís potty out and he enjoyed a good poo while overlooking the motorway, lol. I was the only one who suffered from traveling constipation. I got rid of that in the meantime, but Iíll post about it next time, as it is quite a story in itsself....

STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi friends! We were happy to hear you had a nice wedding and a great honeymoon. Awesome stories as always! Steve, thanks for the explaination, I hope I was not too nosy. I take it most of the women in the netball team are a bit younger. I also remember the females being a bit more wild a few years ago, lol! I think itís great you and the girls are having fun there, Steve. I hope you will get a chance to see some weeing willies around soon, Louise, giggle. Sarah had a good sight the other day, she admitted she liked: We had dinner with Peter and Robert. It was just a beginning to say thanks for all the help recently and to celebrate the good outcome of my recent examinations. After some glasses of wine we were all in a giggly mood and Sarah finally fullfilled her promise and showed the guys, how the travelmate works. She did not want to go on her own though, so all four of us went toghether. We stood in one row and peed into the rose bushed of the gard! en. It was a scream. The guys were very impressed and thought about ordering some as presents for some female friends. Sarah giggled later and doubted she would have done that when sober but thought it was a neat experience. I asked her if she took a glimpse of our friendís equipments, which just made her grin and go a bit read. Lots of lovexxxx to both of you from Sarah and me and a hello to DAMSEL

APRIL: It was an unfortunate accident you had there, but I think your conclusion, that you canít pee standing because of it was a bit harsh. My wife also uses the travelmate on occasion and so does my sister and they are both very happy with it. Other friends like Ina on this site also like it and I got the impression, you were very happy before. Let me tell you from a menís point of few that our tools arenít "foolprove" either. The difficulty to pee is there nearly every morning and it can be difficult in the cold as well. I have also wet my pants on occasion, like peeing into bushes at night, not realizing immediately that the leaves directed the piss back to me (the bushís Itís also a common joke amongst young boys to push or scare one who is peeing, so he jumps and pees on his leg (same can happen with sneezing). It never kept me from peeing standing and I think all you need to try is gaining more control of your bladder. Itís not convenient to stop w! hile in mid flow, but it should be possible to prevent such situations developing from a little mishap into a big embarrassment. Anyway enjoy yourself and relieve yourself the way you feel convenient! Best wishes!

NYAD: I like your story. How old is your little girl? My daughter is five and my son three and they both love to observe others on the loo. I know the problem about keeping the balance between modesty, but still wanting them to be open and easy about their bodily functions. Itís not so easy. Hope you post again. All the best.

ANNIE AND ROBBIE: I am happy that Annie is back to look after you, Robby ;-). I also got into trouble for the McDonalds visit. I tried the excuse that I sacrificed myself for the kids to collect the toys for them, but Sarah was not amused...She is very right though. Thanks for your concern, but she took the lizard episode with humour as well. We are used to such events. I also remeber running after Loewie, who fleed from a bee with his pants on his knees and the peeing willie in his hand. Mind you, the best sight were probably Peter and me, when as teenagers we were disturbed by some wild pigs while trying to shit in the woods and we climbed a tree with our pants half down. We could not wait until they disappeared so we finished our buisness with our bums hanging from the branches. It was such fun that we repeated it a few times. Grin! I loved your stories, especially Meghan adding some water to the lake during fishing and Sue and Annie weeing on the golf course. I am so! rry, you got yelled at for gaining weight, Robbie. I had started building up a little belly slowly approaching 40 and I know itís difficult to work against it. At the moment I am in the lucky position of being allowed to put on some, as I have lost a bit recently. I have been warned though that it can become the opposite problem again sooner than I might like. Lots of exercise in the open is good and it can provide a good opportuniy for sightings or other adventures (as a little inspiraton for you). Hope all is well and a special hug to all of you, including SARAH AND MEGHAN (HI DEARS!) Lovexxxx from all of us

KAZE: Donít be sad about what happened to you. I can not speak from personal experience, but my best friend is gay ( and my sister also has had female partners) and I remember some unpleasant reactions when he came out. It hurt at the time, but he soon realised, that people who judge like that arení friends you want to have anyway. Anybody who thinks the feelings they have got for the opposite sex are better, more right or whatever than what somebody feels for their own sex is simply stupid, arrogant and not worth bothering about. Keep that in mind and be proud of who you are.

Love all friends like RIZZO, INA, EPHERMAL and all others.

P.S.: Sorry, I know it's a long post, but I haven't been around for a while...

SARAH, MEGHAN, ANNIE AND ROBBIE: Sorry, I havenít posted in a while, but my modem did not work and afterwards I went away. I have been to Munich and Verona and did not see one opera, isnít that a shame? It was nice though. Two visits to the menís room included, LOL! First I went with my father to do some sightseeing. We went to the toilet and the gents was closed so he came in to the ladies with me. Later we went in another place (I have a slight cold and need to pee all the time). They had locks on the stalls, so you had to insert money to use the toilets. Of course the urinals for the men were free...bastards! I did not have the right change, but had to go. When my father came back from the menís I asked him for the correct coins, but he neither had them. I asked him if somebody was in the gents and he said it was empty. So I asked him to wait in front of it and watch for somebody to come in. I went in and as you had to pay for the stall in there as well, I went to one of ! the urinals and peed into it. It felt strange, especially with my father waiting in front of the door, but what should I do? It was funny cause they had some construction with a fine net in the urinals to prevent splashback. It was like peeing through a mosquitonet! I can just recommend the travelmate, as it saved me again. When I came out I was a bit nervous, what my father would think, but he did not make the connection. He probably assumed I used a stall, not realising those also needed change, I did not have. So he just said: "Now we are even..." as he had used the ladies before. So I just grinned to myself and did not correct his wrong assumption. Funnily enough I landed at the gents again today. I flew back and they lost my luggage. I already needed to pee, when I came from the plane and there was no toilet at the luggage reclaim. I waited for ages until I was finally told my bag was lost. I was annoyed and needed to pee badly and was very much in a "donít mess with m! e" mood. On my way to the lost luggage counter I headed for the first ladies and of course there was a long queue! I went for the next and the same. As I said I was not in the mood for any more compromising so I went straight into the gents and took one of three (!) empty cubicles. The urinals were opposite and three guys stood there. I mean, you just see their backs anyway...It was an interesting moment though, when I sat down to pee. It was all quiet and you could here lots of tinckling, into which I quickly joined. It felt funny, pissing there with some male strangers, grin! I left after a pilot, I came in with, with such a selfconscious face that nodody even blinked. Hope you are all fine. Meghan that pee in front of your granddad was great! I bet Robby liked it. I did not go to the love parade as I was away. I donít particularily like the event nor the music, but I might have taken a look in the park for all the peers and poopers..Glad you are feeling better, Robbie!!! ! Love xxxxx and hugs to all you dears! P.S.: Boules is this French game, where you throw balls to meet a smaller one on the ground. It is usually played by the older men in the market place, when you see it in a!

CARMELITA: You are so sweet, my dear! Your stories were pure poetry again and the thought of you pissing with your bare bum a big arch against the bolders is a picture that beats many pieces of art! Hmmm! I hope you and everybody in the house is fine! To go camping with all of you would be the holiday of my dreams! Hope to hear from you soon and tale good care! Lots of loveXXX, Ina

BUZZY: Nice to hear you are ok and around!

STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi dears! So you made me head of faculty for the standing pee WITH device? LOL. It surely is my way. I loved your recent stories, especially the one were Steve directed you on the beach, Louise and you held him. Yesterday I went to the movies. After the film I hurried to the bathroom, as I wanted to avoid having to queue. There were masses moving into the direction and I just about took the last empty stall. The sound in there was great! They had about twenty stalls in the ladies and the sound of twenty pissing and hissing pussies filled the room. I would have loved to check the menís as well, as I imagined at least the same number of urinals and the same number of peeing willies...We would have liked to see that, wouldnít we, Louise? After the film we went for a beer and suddenly everybody left in a hurry in order to catch the last tube or bus. I did not want to hold all up and skipped the visit to the loo although I felt s. th. In my bladder. On the u! nderground I really needed to pee. After I came out, I realised that the next train was still a while , so I walked. I headed for McDonalds, but the restrooms were closed and you had to ask for the key on the counter. I did not want to buy anythingso I left again. After a little walking I passed the perfect outdoor urinal, which wasnít meant to be that.... It was a little stone house to shelter some electrical equipment or whatever. Between that and the fence there was a perfect gap and judging by the stink, many had had the same idea before me. It would have been disgusting to squat, as the walls and the fence had definatel been pissed on and the gap was quite narrow. But luckily I had my travelmate which I placed through my zip and peed with great comfort. Hope you two are well and happy! Lovexxxx from me to both of you.

APRIL: As you can see I am a big fan of the travelmate and did not have major problems with it yet. I was thrilled to read you also loved it, when I started reading your post, but was rather disappointed you drew such a strange conclusion, namely you canít pee standing, from one mishap. I would think it was more a problem you could not have stopped in order to readjust the position. I sometimes feel, when I have not placed it 100% in the right position. Then I have to stop and can go again. It is not a nice feeling, but I think you can train that. However, I hope you will find again the fun you had. I wouldnít give up, yet, but itís up to you/ How long have you been using it? I would love to hear about your experiences. Take care, Ina

Love to PV, RIZZO, PRG, EPHERMAL and everybody else

Plunging Plop Guy

Just had a good satisfying shit with a bit of effort, crackling sounds and good sizes turds plopping in the toilet. I feel great and with no discomfort at all! The last few times, I've not had that sensation of big arse-hole stretching as the turds came out, and have felt like I wasn't quite done after, and that feeling of something there in the arse for about half an hour afterwards.
I've seen a few more endorsements here for psyllium husks which I continue to take, but I've reduced the dosage a bit, as whenever my shits are easy and soft, I seem to get this funny after-effect.
I agree that there's no point in taking psyllium without enough water to bulk up the stools, but I can sometimes do very slow smallish shits that take a while to get done, and be extremely enjoyable, even after having taken it the day before.
Perhaps the most significant factor in the production of turds that are neither too soft nor too hard is the amount of water drunk.
Anyway, since I started taking psyllium about 9 months ago, I've had the best anal health overall for several years!
So, how much water is adequate, (and not too much as in my case when the shit's soft and I don't feel like I'm doing proper firm turds); this will depend on how much you sweat, so in warmer weather, increase your water intake accordingly.

In the public toilets a few days ago, I heard a guy come in and enter a cubicle, and before I even heard the door close, I heard the sound of his turds plopping in the water like he really needed to go! I did hear him close the door through his performance which took him less than 10 seconds, and thought either he was extremely quick at getting his clothes down, or he'd started to pull them down even before he'd got into the cubicle! I saw him when he came out, a young guy with dark hair and in jeans; so I'd love to have seen how he entered the toilet! I was in another cubicle at the time, so missed seing his dramatic entrance, but I certainly heard a dramatic exit of his turds!

PETE(US), Good to hear from you again! Yes, we both share the pleasures of listening to guys sitting on toilets, but if only it happened more often for me!
I used to be almost assured I'd hear something good, and I always try to combine a visit to public toilets with a need to have a shit myself, but I don't seem to hear nearly as much lately.
I wonder how long to spend in there is reasonable before it becomes obsessional, but it's like fishing, I suppose, when you've no idea how long to sit and wait patiently!
I've been in a toilet only a few minutes before someone's gone next door and had a good one, or even several young guys shitting in unison on occasion, or at least some grunting or farting going on, but it's hard to make that decision that I've wasted enough time, and now's the time to call it a day! I love having an audience to hear myself plopping, but there's often interruptions or noises to spoil that!
I'd be interested to hear your views on the subject of vigils in toilets. My biker friend just went to a toilet when he needed to have one, yet the number of times he was there at exactly the right time to hear some impressive performances, or to be heard doing one himself, often with an interest being shown from someone, is amazing!
Perhaps I should stop waiting and hoping and it will happen!
Fortunately, I have other things in my life to do and don't have time to spend too much time in there, but as I come home, and notice all those men sitting by the river with fishing rods, waiting for something, I think that we all have different ways of relaxing and that what they're doing would be as boring to me as perhaps what I've been hoping for would be for them!

JOHN Q PUBLIC, Sorry to hear about the rough times you had at school when you wanted a shit, and were subject to ridicule from other boys as you sat on the toilet with no door.
Many boys in USA schools with no doors on the stalls had a great time using the toilets with friendly chats with their friends while having a shit, humorous banter about the sounds they were making, and no embarrassment or inhibitions. I really envy them and would have loved that easy-going environment and male bonding in the toilet, and yet I've also heard the nasty side of exposed shitting at school from you and several others who had a really unpleasant and humiliating time when wanting to have a shit.
Obviously, I don't know the details of your social interractions at school, but I know there's a lot of schools with a tradition of bullying and threatening behaviour, so I suppose for people like that, toilets with no doors are an opportunity to pursue ritual bullying of guys who are in no position to do anything about it while they're sitting on the toilet. I don't know if either yourself or other boys while you were there ever had constipated efforts on the toilet, but the idea of someone annoying someone else while he's trying to drop some reluctant turds in the toilet with no privacy sounds cruel and despicable in the extreme.
To watch or listen to a guy trying to do one is, I think, to witness someone I can admire and respect as he sits there doing it, not to regard as teasing material.
To think that those in authority could so easily have taken steps to ensure that no boy had to put up with this as you had to do, but chose to ignore it, I wonder how they got their jobs.
To anyone suffering like this from the attentions of others while you're on the toilet at school in full view of others who taunt, tease, bully, or otherwise make your life miserable; DON'T PUT UP WITH IT!
Tell your parents, or you teachers(anonymously if you'd rather) for your own sake as well as your fellow students.
Other students in schools can go to the toilet in peace and good-natured friendly environments; so should you!

Happy and safe toileting to all, P. Plop Guy

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