Hi, does psyllium husk used as a fiber waffer bulk up ones BM? Does it make BM's thicker, longer?

I was watching tv about an hour ago, i was flipping threw and i came across MTV. There was something on not sure what it was but there was a guy in his 20's and his head was shaved and it had checkers shaved in his head, it was pretty cool. Any way he was seen sitting on the toilet pooping. Im not sure what show it was but it was on around 12:30 i think on saturday.

I woke up this morning had an urge but i held it and it went away. Then around 12pm i had brunch and after i ate i had to poop. Had a 7" soft log and then some chunky stuff around that. Wiped a few times and flushed.

euro hiker
To Jane (Outdoor Jane). I am glad you liked my 'France 2000' series of posts. Most women on this site dislike men spying on women in the toilet without their knowledge, which is why I thought you might not talk to me again. A few French camp sites have unisex 'squat' toilets with gaps under the partitions and these are among the very few places in the world where it is possible to spy on women in the toilet and get a good close-up view without going anywhere that men shouldn't go.

If you travel outside Norway, Sweden and Denmark, you may find that public toilets and camp site toilets are less clean in some other countries. In some countries, such as the UK, you will find that people are more inhibited about going to the toilet outdoors and when they do, they usually find somewhere that is well hidden. If you get caught peeing in the street twice in some parts of England, you could be arrested!

On the BBC One TV news at 10:00 on Friday evening, 19th July, there was an item in the BBC London News section about a new scheme introduced by Surrey Police to control drunken and anti-social behaviour. A 'yellow card' warning is issued for such things as swearing at police or urinating in the street. Anyone who gets two yellow cards gets a red card and is then arrested.

The TV news then showed some images from a street CCTV security camera showing a woman outside a night club. The newsreader told us that she had asked the doorman if she could use the toilet and he had refused. We then saw her lift her short flowing dress to reveal an ample butt covered by a large pair of black panties. She bent over and started to pull them down but before she revealed much, two passers-by blocked the view for a moment then the video froze and the newsreader said, "and then the results of a whole night's drinking ended up on the pavement". The video restarted just as she had pulled her panties back up again. Although it was rather a distant view, I found it quite a turn-on.

I find it odd that that while the TV news in the UK sometimes shows scenes of terrible violence and shootings in various places around the world, a distant view of something as natural as a woman peeing in the street is censored.

Stan (the second)
To Sara T
Yes its true that the average individual has 5-10 lbs of unevacuated OLD stool in their colons. And you wont get this out with a few enemas. Id recommend going to a heath food outlet and purchasing one of the many herbal colon cleaning kits. Also I recommend reading Dr Greys "Colon Health Handbook" IF you can find a copy.

Hello,all-some responses
TO JANE-I always enjoy your soft poop stories-glad you said "HI' and yes,i do enjoy OUTDOOR JANES stories out in the wild cause you know i love to poop outdoors myself!Keeep those stories coming!
TO PETE(US)-Hey another regular I haven't heard from in awhile-I too enjoyed Lad LANCS' story even though I'm straight-I too enjoy the sounds of other guys pooping in the stalls and so far this summer i had 2 occasions where i did a woods dump with another guy and it was fun,but so far no lady partners yet which would really be good,but i do enjoy seeing other guys squatting and doing their business out in the wild too-esp when i can poop along with them!
well,i am starting to feel some cramps and i'm heading out on my bike to do a poop in the woods and hopefully i'll have some company( would be nice to run into a pretty woman jogger or biker this a.m.!)well got to go-rectum is filling! good to see some of the regulars coming back! BYE

Can anyone post some enema stories and enema experiences that they have had as a kid or adult and post them in detail. Would love to hear them. Stories about themselves being constipated and were given or taken enemas even family members or friends! Thanks.


Mike of MD
How many of you women ever seen a camera in the toliet or bathroom?

John Q Public
To plopamania:

I can't speak for everyone else, but when I was a teenager, I was running to take a shit all the time. I would get pretty desperate, too. I hated taking a dump at my high school, because our illustrious teachers in their infinite wisdom decided that boys didn't need any privacy to shit, so there were no doors on the stalls and every one could see. I was not "Mr Popularity" at school so if I had to take a shit and was unfortunate enough that one of the football bullies were in there, I was in for alot of bullshit and ridicule.

It was a complete nightmare. Luckily some of my teachers were sensitive to my situation and I was allowed to go to the bathroom during class. (I attened a Catholic institution, and had to have permission to go to the toilet) I had to be really, really careful about what I ate back then because I realy wanted to avoid having to use those toilets, so while in hs, I lost alot of weight and was as skinny as a rail. When I graduated, (I was 18 at the time) I weighed in at about 115 pounds, and looked like s stick figure. I have gaind substantialy since then, but it was a real drag.

To Mikey:

That was an awesome story. I didn't add up all the time but it sounded like Jill could pee for 2 solie minutes. I wrote a similar story about one of my assistants on a video shoot that should be in the old stories somewhere. I wrote it about a week or a week and a half ago.

The best I was ever to manage was a 45 seconds and I was done. My bladder was bursting at the time, too and I almost wet myself. I have been trying to match the 2 minutes PLUS that my assistant did, but I have had no luck. I forgot about "HOLD IT" man's contest so I will have to try for it during the week some time. Sorry about that. I bet Jill will win it, however.

3 bottles of spring water and a large "slurpy" How many oz was the spring water bottles?

Billly & Kevin
Boy, it is a while since we posted.

Today, at church, the lights went out. About midway throught hte service, I felt the need for a poop, but I knew I could hold out until later. ABout 5 minutes later, my little brother said he had to go to the bathroom to my mother. She asked me if I would take him. When we got to the bathroom, so old guy was coming out. The bathroom jsust has a sink and a toilet. My brother had to pee and was holding is weinie. I let him go first. In the toilet, there was a pile of poop and a big log on top of it and lots of pee. I tried to flush before my brother peed, but there was no water. I guess hte pwoer failure got the pump. When my brother wwas done, I sat down. I made one big turd about 16 inches long. I left the door opened a little because there was no light. Some guy came in with his little kid. He said excuse me. I said no problem. I made a loud fart and wiped. The kid laughed. I went to the sink to wash. When I turned on the water, there was hot water. So I washed my hands! and my brothers (the water was not too hot). The little kid said, wow, you made a lot of poop. I said, just the log on top. Other people did the rest. He peed and the lights came on. He flushed to toilet. Everything went down, but thtere were a lot of streak marks.

To Steve S. - I liked your story about your friend going in his pants on purpose. How old is he?

To Jamal - I REALLY liked your story about Leah peeing her pants when her zipper was stuck. I think a stuck zipper is one of the best situations for a friend to be in if you want to see that friend piss his/her pants, because it almost always happens.

To Mickey - I liked your story.

To the "Hold It" man - Well that's good that she admitted peeing herself. You are sooo lucky to have been on the same bike on which a girl wet her pants.

Today my brother "accidently" locked us on the screen porch and after a while i really had to pee. I just told him i wanted to go inside and he went out the door to the outside and walked all the way around to unlock the door to the house. Turns out the door wasnt locked - it was just jammed. And i had to go through all that discomfort. But I made it to the toilet, but I had to piss bad enough that I had to hold myself and hop around in the bathroom while fumbling to get my pants down. I was pretty desperate by then!


Hi I have i have come this site alot but never added my own story.This happened last year I was 16. I had gone to this party the night before I had eaten so much food. Spicy, hot, greasy, junk food, snacks, and soda. The next morning I woke up fine but in the afternoon I went to see a movie about 1/4 through I started getting bad stomach cramps. I felt really gassy, I got and went to the bathroom all the stalls were in use. I went back and bought a large soda to settle my stomach, I went back to watch the movie. About 20 minutes later I had finished the soda but was having gas pains. I went to the restroom they were all in use but I wasn't gonna leave cause I really had to go. I waited and waited about 10 minutes. Then I let out a little gas and finnally I got in to a stall I rushed in and pulled down my panties. I sat down and Pushed I let out a couple farts and then pushed harder. A large thick hard long turd came out it plopped down. I pushed and more casme out only thi! s time it was soft and thick mushy watery diarreah started pouring it out it smelled awful.I was in there with diarreah for at least half an hour!!! CONTINUED IN VOMITING FORUM>>>>>

bryian, i am almost 11. my mom sees me naked all the time doesnt yours?
sometimes i walk ouround the house with just a tshirt on. mom hates when i do that especialy what happened one time.
i was waching cartoons on the couch and i just had a tshirt on. i had to fart so i was gonna make it real loud so i pushed real hard and poop sprayed out of my but and it stained the couch brown. i tried to clean it but i had to go tell mom what happened, she was mad. gotta go.

Holding contest Saturday.

As I told you in my last post, I have a tremendous bladder capacity. So actually my holding began around 10 p. m. the night before.
Diary for Sat. Woke up at 9:30 a.m. Didn't piss. The hold was continued.
1.Had 2 glasses of OJ and 2 cups of coffee. 24 oz.
2.At noon I drank a can of Pepsi (12 oz.)
3.1 p. m lunch. 16 oz. of milk.
4. By 2: 10 p. m. with 52 oz. + 8 oz of water at midnight (60 oz of liquid in me) my bladder was uncomfortable.
5. By 4:25. Painful. (I am very thin. When my bladder gets very full, I have a large bulge that looks like a grapefruit below my navel. This was happening.)
6. 5: 05. Holding on but only barely.
7. 5: 20 about to lose it. Trying to make 6 p. m.
8. 5: 45. Bladder spasms. 5: 50 Bladder spasms stop. 5: 56 start again.
6: 03. I pick up my 2 liter bottle. And begin pissing.
Total time: between pisses, 20 hours, 3 min.
9. I piss for 2 and 3/4 minutes. 2 liters. Empty it while I pause pissing. Piss 300 ml. more. 2300 ml or about 2 quarts, 10 oz. (pissing another 30 sec.) Pissing time: 3 minutes, 15 seconds.

Infantry SPC
See that is why I never see corn. According to Corn Expert, You gotta chew the seeds. If you do you wont see corn in ya shit.

Jane & Gary - thank you very much. Not being a private anymore has it's advantages. I don't have to do details, (ie clean toilets, mop floors)I'm more respected by senior Sgts, they symbol for Specialist looks cool (a shield with the united states eagle symbol on it)and one more step to sergeant. however it doesn't change the desire and ability to have a girl take a dump in front of me. the experience it self from the smell to the sounds is what attracts me.

I like to sit back on my bare bum in the bathroom with a bit of
newspaper under me and have a mirror in front. I like to take my time
and slowly push and watch as a large hard compact log stretches me
wide open and slides out crackling as it goes

Hey all, Iíve got to tell you this story about what happened yesterday, it was so cool. Well my little 8 year old cousin Mike was over at my house. My mom and aunt went out shopping leaving me and Mike at my house and we were playing in our inground swimming pool. My older bro was inside. Well all of a sudden I saw bubbles coming up from the pool and I asked Mike what was that and he said he just farted and he has to poop bad. But we were playing basketball and he didnít want to get out of the water so a few seconds later he said uh oh itís coming out. Then I saw a bulge form in his bathing suit and a turd that must have been like 13Ē long slipped down his leg and came up to the surface. It was floating and Mike was laughing hysterical. I picked it up and threw it out of the water. We laughed and we just kept on playing. Then later I picked up the turd with a toy pail and shovel and flushed it. I was shocked that a little kid like that could produce such a big dump.

Andre: Sounds like a good dump you had. I think having that mucous stuff in your shit is normal, I get it too sometimes. Do you ever see corn or any other pieces of food in your shit? And to answer your question, yeah most times I do make a lot of noise when I shit.

Leo where are you??

Donnie M.
Abut Enemas
I generally do an enema if I get stopped up for a few days or have a bad time doing a poo thats hard or cant get started. I figure its better to have it out and feel better than walk around all day with a full feeling and gas and cramps thinking about shitting.
I went to the drug store, bought a small enema bulb, for about $10 (actually blue) and I use it at times. I fill it with warm water in the sink and use a little vasoline to lube up the butt and then stick it in. I squeeze the bulb and the water shoots in, Im actually standing up too. No rush, no urgency, I just back over to the toilet after refilling the bulb. It takes usually only one shot of warm water to get things going. its about 6 oz of water. Greasing up the rectum makes the hard poop slip out very nice. After Im done I wait a few minutes, I sometimes then squirt the second bulb of water up the butt. This second shot clears out anthing remaining. Sure feels good afterwards too.
About dark or black stools, thats usually an indication of blood in the stool coming from inside the intestine or sometimes just the rectum where many people have "piles" or "hemmorides" thats very common. Straing to dump a hard log, and sitting on the toilet for long periods of time can cause the tiny veins in the anus to swell and enlarge and sometimes bleed. Those arent real serious. But if you dont have those, then get it checked out as a disease can be present nad one dosent know it. The only sign is a black stool.
Oh yes, also If im plugged up and cant go for a day or more, I sometimes use a supposorty, a little plug of glycerine you buy a jar of, and insert one into the rectum. You normally get the urge then in about 15 minutes or less.
It works for me and if you try it if you have some problems getting started you might be pleased....

I went camping this weekend, and had a great time. The first night that we were there, I drank lots of water and tea, and then went to bed, hoping to wake in the middle of the night, but I didn't. :-( On the secong night, I went to the bathroom at 11:00 (a.m) and then didn't pee again. I drank lots of water and another mug of tea. By the time I went to bed, My bladder was full, but when I lay down it didn't bother me. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning, and slipped out of our camper. I walked to the bathroom, where I removed my pajama shorts and hung them on a hook, all the while struggling not pee. When I had them off, I was wearing some old panties and a t-shirt. It was dark, and no one was awake, so I walked out to the playground area and sat on the swing. I started to swing, and while in the air, I let my bladder go. The pee gushed out and made a dark line on the ground. I swung until I had finished, then I returned to the bathroom, put my panties in the trash, and put my ! shorts back on. What a great time!

Which reminds me: Once, when I was younger, me and my friend Nat were at a playground. We were the only ones there, and I had to pee, but I didn't want to go home. It was a big area with no trees or hills, so I went into the tube slide, pulled down my pants, and peed. Odd. I just remembered that story.

Leather pants girl, Wetguy, and Punk Rock girl, how old are you? Thanx.


To tibkid boy: Liked your story

To Sara T.: Liked your story, sounds like you had a nice dump

To MikeyP: Liked your story

To Andre : I loved your story, i make sounds sometimes but sometimes i don't.

To plopomania: I'd say yes because teenage boys can eat alot, don't usally see too many dumping in public.

To Jane (& Gary): Liked your story, i got a ? you mentioned your cousin's son, liking the bathroom sceen about the girls, do you think that suggests he has an intrest in pooping?

To leather pants girl: Loved your story about you being at your bros.

To Steve S: I really enjoyed your story, how old are you and your friend?

To April: Liked your story, never heard of the travel mate, can you explain how it works?

To Jamal: Loved the story about your friend peeing her pants.

To Rick: Liked your story, i bet a ???? rub would feel good.

To Anonymous movie guy: I wonder if thats the same show i posted on, did the guy on MTV have checkered hair? and it was shaved?

To eatmesumKFC: I haven't heard any of those stories, where did you hear them from?

To the "HOLD IT" man: Intresting about holding your pee like that. That reminds me last night on MTV there was something on, called "I bet you Will" or something like that. They paid a guy to drink a bunch of 1 liter bottles of soda, i wonder how long after that he had to pee, bet he peed like a race horse. Think he threw a little bit of it back up.

To Pete (US): Just saying Hi back

To corn expert): Intresting post.

To jenny: Liked your story about you pooping.

To CC: Intresting dream

My one post didn't make it..oh well..maybe its back up any way...
yesterday i pooped not once, not twice but three times. It was on the loose side. I ate alot today and haven't pooped since last night. Oh i saw that commercial again about the boy pooping and playing nintendo, its soo cool. It was on MTV.
well gotta run bye

Hey another story from the park bathrooms with no stalls.

One time me and my two friend were takin our shits together and our friend walked in and was going to join us so i just scooted my body around and she sat on the ohter side since there was no other toilets. The lady sitting on the crapper with me had bad diahhrea and it go all over my ass. So 10 minutes later we stood up to wipe and before i could grab the Toilet paper my friend started wiping my ass. then she reached around front and started wiping my pussy! It was such a turn on. After that I assisted some of my friends with their wiping. Then we checked out our poop and there were some big ones one lady's wraped arounf the bowl. any way if people want me to keep postin my weird ways i will

the "HOLD IT" man
Liked outdoor Jane's story. I also realy would love to try out Jill for size in a bladder hold contest.

I am curious about one thing. What was the capacity of the bottls of spring water she drank. Some of them are only 12 fluid oz. I drank two 20 oz bottles of Mountain Dew which is loaded with cafeen.

Just curious.

Sunday, July 22, 2002

tibkid boy
here's another story of someone telling me of their bathroom experiences. there is this girl i know, she's 15, and she told me one day (the subject of constipation came up) that she had an impacted poop at work the previous week. she said it was hard and she made this grunting noise to demonstrate, and while she was trying to push it out, she got called back to the counter (she works at a store) and she said she had to hold the rest of it in until later. any other girls around that age have good constipation stories?

Sara T.
Hot picture on the masthead today, wow!

I've been gone for a long time, I know, but it's nice to see familiar faces here: Louise & Steve, Carmalita, etc. I don't know if I ever wished Louise & Steve congrats on their marriage, so there ya go :-)

Jane from Norway- I enjoy your stories!!

Anyway I am writing today because I took an incredible shit yesterday. My stomach felt heavy so I pulled off my pink and white panties, pulled my slip up and sat down on the toilet. Immediately, a huge turd came out. It broke into three pieces. I usually get nauseous when I look at my own shit or anyone else's but I had felt this turd move through my intestine so I just had to look to see how long it was. One piece was eight to nine inches. The other two pieces that had broken off from it were about three inches each. So that's a 14 inch turd if it had come out all at once! I haven't shit like that in a long time. It was much thinner than usual however.

Also I have a poop related question. I have taken enemas before, when I was very young, but I don't remember them, so I thought I'd ask. I know how an enema works and everything, but is this true what I read on some website? I don't remember the site so I can't even go back to read it again, but it said something about even people who have regular BM's get digested food buildup in their intestines, that is kind of black tarry like stuff, and a few good enemas will flush that stuff out of you? I'd like to try if it IS true, because I'd love to feel totally empty.

Hi !

My name is Mike. I'm a longtime lurker, first time poster.
Most of what follows is for Krista.

Krista, like you, I also have cerebral palsy, and a certain
fascination for bathroom stuff. I was toilet trained at an
early age, although I was a bed wetter until age seven, and
wore diapers at night. I attended a special school for handicapped
kids for 12 years. Most of the kids could toilet on their own,
some needed help, and the kids with spina bifida were incontinent
and wore diapers. As a teen I attended a summer (overnight)
camp for disabled kids. One of my cabin mates was a very
severely involved CP who needed help in the bathroom. The
counselors always dreaded wiping kids who couldn't do it on their
own, but I loved this kid (he really tugged at my heart) and I
frequently assisted him after he had a BM.

I can relate to the constipation thing. I was fairly inactive
as a child (probably about your age) and my stools were mostly
dry and hard. I loved this because they rarely had a discernable odor and it was easy to wipe myself. Whenever I had a messy BM, I
generally asked my mother to wipe me (probably up until I left
home for college, _ _ years ago). Even as an "old man," I am often
filled with dread after a messy bowel movement, and put off wiping myself for any number of minutes, while I work-up the courage to do it.

Krista, you're a very good writer and I can tell you like your subject.
I hope you post again soon, and maybe I can also come up with some
good stories about the trials and tribulations of being disabled and
going to the bathroom.

Hey !!!
Today as I was sitting on the computer trying to download some games I felt mager dramp. It hurt so bad to the point that I could actually feel the turd poking out and I was determined to get to the website first so that I can actuslly download the game. But I could not hold it anymore , I was merely running to the bathroom. I did not even have time to take off all my clothes (I poop naked).And that turd just flew out like a torpeedo. I went NNNNNNNHHHH and fated three times. I sat there pushing and grunting and finally got up to start to wipe. And I saw this strange mucos shit. I wasnt worried because it was not the first time me seeing that. And when I finished I had this spicy sensation after I finished it burned like hell.

Are you guys and ladies ever make lots of sounds when pooping, or are you just silent.
Jordan and Byian

hello all, Does it seem to you that teenage boys ( for som reason ) poop and fart much more than adults? I am not sure about teenaged girls . But I know that almost every time I go into a public toilet I see the feet of a teenager on the shitter dumping..

Jane (& Gary)
Infantry SPC: Congratulations on your promotion.

Buzzy: Glad to see you're still around. There's another Jane around here with some great outdoor stories you would probably like.

Punk Rock Girl: I'm with you as far as the movie Not Another Teen Movie is concerned. Not only was it not funny, it tried to be silly and failed miserably. My cousin Cory's son James, who is 11, was over at our house once and insisted that we rent this movie. James loved it, and the scene with the girl in the toilet cracked him up.

At work we quietly celebrated co-worker Rachel's birthday. Only Carol and I knew it was her birthday, and we went to Red Lobster for lunch. We each had big lunches and partook in some dessert, which we don't usually do. When we got back to the office, there was ice cream and a big cake that said, "Happy Birthday Rachel." Apparently the interns Rob and Bob discreetly found out it was her birthday. Rachel was surprised but graciously blew out the candles. The three of us were stuffed from the Red Lobster lunch but took a little piece of cake and ice cream.

I was working late and started to feel the effects of lunch and dessert. I had a sudden urge to poop and rushed to the ladies room. I thought I was the only one left, but Rachel was still at work. She had to go, too. I asked her why was she still here, and she said she had to finish some work. We went into the ladies room and took adjacent stalls.

I pulled down my white pants and white panties and sat. I let go a booming fart, and I pushed out a massive wave of soft chunky poop. I paused to pee, and I heard Rachel farting and pushing out several pieces of poop. I pushed out another massive wave of soft poop and flushed the toilet while seated. Right after that, Rachel also flushed. We were not finished. I pushed out a couple more waves of soft poop and flushed the toilet again. Meanwhile, Rachel pushed out a few more pieces and started to wipe. I pushed out another wave of soft chunky poop, while Rachel got up and flushed the toilet. She asked if I was all right. At that point I felt a stomach cramp and let go a nasty massive wave of chunky poop that ended in a loud thud. I said, "I will be after a while." Rachel said she had to go home and get ready because her husband Dave was taking her out to a romantic dinner. I pushed out a couple more waves of soft poop, flushed the toilet while seated, and sta! rted to wipe. I flushed the toilet a final time and saw a skidmark at the bottom of the bowl. I felt much better after that.

Quick hellos to Robby, Annie, Meghan & Sarah, Ephermal, Carmalita and family, Kendal, Lawn Dogs Kid, Rizzo, and everyone else.

did any one see "Invasion of the Hidden Cameras" on fax last night? there was this one scene when this actress was a rehab instructor or something and she kept farting over and over again. and she was telling the people she had gas. it was pretty funny. i wish i could see it again

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