leather pants girl
Ok Girls heres a question for you all (plus iam just nosy he he)

How many of you have worn/wear guys underpants not the gross and boring unsexy boxers but briefs or the bikini ones some guys wear.

funnily enough that brings me to my story (see there was a point to that) Anyway this happened last summer, i had gone to stay at my younger brothers place for a holiday. Chris and i are very close allways have been he knows iam gay and i think allthough hes never said he is too. Now near where he lives is a great night club so this particular night we were getting ready to go clubbing, i noticed i was down to my last pair of panties laundry time for sure i thought.

I had just put them on and was just wondering what else to wear when i let the most god awfull fart go it was super loud and long and HOLY F-- stink!!!!!! i farted again and felt a soft mess fill them OHHHHH OHHHHHHH!!!!!!! i rushed to the bathroom LOCKED chris get the hell out NOWWWWWWWWWWW this is an ememrgency chris said he would be a while yet he was pooping (not quite his words but--)i stood there very aware i was stinking up the hallway just at that moment chris walked out in just his briefs at the same time i realised all i had on was my panties and bra.

Well to cut the story short chris lent me a pair of his white jocky briefs size medium, we went out had a fantastic time, funnily enough on the way back from the club it happened again i made a very smelly mess in his briefs i never told him but i think he guessed.

I have to admit thoes briefs got me very hot for some reason.

Steve S
Wanted to tell you about something that happened Friday night. In a previous post I wrote about my buddy & I who went camping and we had had a contest to see how many times you could piss in your pants before it showed and the looser had to go all the way. Anyway he and I went to one of those all you can eat buffets and afterwards we stopped by warehouse records to check out some cd's. We were there for about 30 minutes and he was checking out a cd he wanted on one of their machines that you can listen to with headsets. We bought what we wanted and as we were just getting into the car he said you probably thought I was really getting into the tunes I was listening to with all that moving around I was doing, but I really have to go to the bathroom bad! He said I have to go Pee and Poop. He knew that would really get me tripping. As we left for his house we drove by a gas station and I offered to stop so he could go. He said no, I'm going to try to make it home. Al! l the way home he was making sounds like he was really suffering. I didn't know if he was for real or if he was just bs'ing me. Just before we got to his house, he said F**k, I just farted a little and I think a small piece just came out. We pulled into his driveway and parked in the back. He jumped out and I figured if he had to go pee real bad he would stop at the shrubs near the car port and go which both of us have used in the past. But instead he headed for the back door. He couldn't stand straight he was bent over a bit So I figure he really did have to go bad. I was gathering everything up from the car to take into the house, we were going to listen to what we bought up in his room. I heard him yell F**k again when he got to the back door. It was locked and he was fumbling around for the keys. He really looked desperate then. As he went through the door he yelled back that he forgot that his Mom & Dad had went out for the evening. I got everything toget! her and wasn't very far behind him wondering if I was going to see a trail of something on the floor. I wnet past the down stairs bathroom where I figured he would be, but no sign of him. I went upsatirs to his room and he was laying on his bed. I said man that was fast, you already went to the bathroom. He looked up at me and sort of smiled and said he hadn't gone yet. I said I thought you said that a small piece of poop had already come out and you had to pee real bad? I knew you were just giving me a bad time! Than he said It's all true, But Mom & Dad arn't here so I figured I really make you suffer and watch well I try to hold on. I told him, well I've seen you pee your pants before so I know its not a big deal for you but if your not carefull you'll poop your pants and I know that thats something you haven't done. We put one of our new cds on and about 10 minutes he was really squirming. I told him I bet when your just about to go in your pants you'll chic! ken out. He just gave me another look and just smiled. Soon he was moving around quite a bit and had his leggs bent, then he jumped up from the bed and looked like he was headed for the door. I said I knew you would chicken out! He stopped and turned to face me and I saw a wet spot on his pants that was getting bigger by the second. Then he started to spread his leggs a bit and yelled OH NO, I'm really starting to poop in my pants. By now the pee was running down his pants leggs and starting to drip on the floor. I grabbed a bath towel that was laying on the floor(his room is a real mess) and directed him to stand on it. He said the turd was part way out and it felt so wierd, then a took a breath and started to push. The pee just gushed out of him, but you should have seen the expression on his face when the turd came all the way out and filled his briefs. He stood there for a second and then started moving around saying OH Shit I just pooped in my pants, what a fe! eling. He started feeling his butt and then said check it out feel it. We didn't even notice the smell until he opened his door and headed to the bathroom. He slipped off his pants and then truned in the mirror so he could check out the bulge in the seat of his underwear. He stood by the toilet and slipped them down slowly so the masive squished turd would drop in the bowel. He went and got cleaned up and I went back to check his room for anything that might need to be cleaned up. When he got back he sprayed the room with freshner and we went on checking out the CDs we bought. Never saying a word about what just happened. What a friend ha?

Some time ago I read about the travel mate device that allowed a female to pee forward in a standing position. I have always wished I could do this, as to the fact most of my attempts ended up with me having to wear a skirt remove my underpants and even then the pee usually went straight down or it ran down my legs. I found more success aiming from the rear. I would just hike up my skirt or drop my pants bend over a little an tinkle away, but my aim wasn’t that good so sometimes hit the back of the toilet or peed on the rug.

So I bought the travel mate, and read the instructions it looks something like an ice cream scoop. Well it worked wonders soon I was peeing just like a boy, I could go facing the toilet, in a urinal, on the side of the car, it was great, however as they say just when you thing everything is fine then LOOK OUT. Well, I took my device where I ever I went standing was the way to tinkle for this girl, I has an interview at Texas Tech and it’s a good 6 hour ride well I had a thermos of coffee so by the time we hit Lubbock I really had to go. I was with a group of guys who also came to check out the school. I Asked if we could stop at the first gas station we saw, every one was in agreement We stopped at a 7/11 and made a beeline for the pottys, there was three women waiting to use the women’s but waiting was not an option, I went into the men’s room the toilet was occupied bit there was 4 urinals so I pulled my travel mate put of my purse unzipped my fly (you don’t even hav! e to unbutton your pants) hooked my underpants and slid the device into position and relaxed, the guys came in as I started to relieve myself and the were very surprised at my abilities,as I stood there proudly showing off however to my surprise I sneezed and when I did the sneeze shot my pee out so hard that the seal around my labia gave way and I could not stop peeing or fix the device>It was awful pee running down my legs I tried as fast a I could to pull down my pants turnaround bend over and try to hit the urinal all with my friends watching there I was bare assed to the world and couldn’t stop. When I was done the guys stood in shock, I started to cry and I had nothing to change into. Well one of them brought me a towel to wrap around me and we went to the car. One of them went into Kmart and bought me a new pair of jeans and new undies. I was grateful and my interview went well. The lesson I learned I may never be able to pee standing up (with making a mess) and de! vices can help but never trust anything to be foolproof.

I was watching tv about an hour ago, i was flipping threw and i came across MTV. There was something on not sure what it was but there was a guy in his 20's and his head was shaved and it had checkers shaved in his head, it was pretty cool. Any way he was seen sitting on the toilet pooping. Im not sure what show it was but it was on around 12:30 i think on saturday.

I woke up this morning had an urge but i held it and it went away. Then around 12pm i had brunch and after i ate i had to poop. Had a 7" soft log and then some chunky stuff around that. Wiped a few times and flushed.

can someone please post some diahhrea stories?all of the solid stories are getting boring id really like some diahhrea ones especially with sound effects

OK, I've made my first post and am feeling a bit more comfortable so...

Thanks to those of you who responded to my post, whether agreeing or will certainly be a constructive discussion (especially for kim! and kim, tell us what youre thinking, so maybe we can further help you along with your problem). LOUISE, you are right, these things are more important to some than to others...however, to nobody should they be important enough to get rid of a fiance if there is no other reason, although I know that that is not what you were implying. ARTHUR, your novel sounds really interesting. To tell you the truth, I was expecting something less creative before I actually got to your last few sentences, but that really sounds like it could be a great story=) stay good guys


leather pants girl
Today my next door neighbor and i went jogging around the park, now carma is from mexico long straight black hair and a body to die for, unfortuantly for me carma is straight as an arrow.

Anyway we set off me in black jogging shorts and a black sport bra and white bikini panties, carma in a pair of overly short shorts bum tight and a very very tight top (MMMMMMMMMMM)well we had been jogging i suppose about an hour both of us very hot and sweaty, carma mentioned she needed a washroom and i agreed with her.

The washrooms in the park are to say the least not nice in fact there disgusting, we walked in to the ladies one and allmost threw up the stink and flies were just gross ouchi wahhh wahhhhhh (or close to that) said carma waving her arm iam not using this i agreed.

We walked back outside thankfully breathing fresh air again, carma made a face and clutched her crotch then her bum she suddenly clutched her stomach and groaned cant hold it much longer she said tears were in her eyes she looked at me desperatly.

carma just use the washroom, hold your breath and just go as quick as you can you wont make it back to your home thats for sure i said.

As an answer all i got was a loud and long wet fart carma stood there with her legs wide open and peed and peed pee gushed from her like a fountain making a little river in the dirt under her feet i walked over to her and put my arm around her gave her a little hug (and thats all i did he he)as i did i heard diarrea going into her shorts allmost at once it run down the rear of her legs into her running shoes the smell wafted against me, carma now crying freely.

As i stood there i decided to join her, i relaxed my bladder and allmost at once a fountain of pee shot from the front of my shorts trickling down my legs, i farted once peed a bit more then i was done.

We just walked back home, we did try jogging but jogging with poo in your shorts just doesnt seem to be fun, i offered to help carma clean up but she declined (DAMMMMM!!!!!)she thanked me and said she would talk later with that she gave me a hug and waddeled in to her house, me? well i took a very cold shower.

I'm 19 and a first time poster. I remember last year, a girl I know had pissed her pants. Her name is Leah. She's 19 as well, part puerto rican and part white and really pretty as well as thin. She's not my girlfriend but we're just good friends. Anyway we were riding (just hanging out) and was going back to my house to watch a movie. Leah looked good today. She had on a red blouse, levi flare blue jeans(also showing off her round butt) and brown platform clogs. She told me to hurry back home because she had to use the bathroom. We got back to my house and she ran to the bathroom. About a minute and a half later, Leah ran to the kitchen (where I was) and told me while crossing her legs bobbing up and down to help her get her zipper unstuck (with an embarrassing look on her face). I giggled and she snapped and said something like "Its not funny. I'm about to pee on myself". I said okay and tried tugging on it. I knew the zipper was stuck good because Leah had broke one of her! long fake red fingernails while trying to unzip it. While I was tugging it she said with tears in her eyes "I can't hold it anymore!" Then I saw the front of pants get completely soaked. I jumped back. And it also went down her pant legs. She said,"Shit I pissed my pants!" And I said "its okay" trying not to laugh. Then I told her she can wash up in my shower and I'll give her a pair of one of my old pairs of pants to wear home. Leah said thanks and strangely got the zipper down after two tugs after she pissed her pants. Thats always the way isn't it?

It has been awhile since I have posted...not much remarkable to report....until this afternoon.

Jill, whom some of you have heard of, had gone out this morning to pick up my Aunt, who lives about 2. 5 hours away.

She left here about 9AM, and they returned about 4PM.

This is when this posting got it's inspiration. Jill came in with a look of total desperation in her eyes. As some of you have read about in the past, Jill has a huge bladder, and can pee with tremendous pressure for a long time.

Jill had held her bladder from the time she left here in the morning until returning. In the meantime, she had consumed three bottles of spring water, and a jumbo slush drink from a convenience store.

I could not resist following her quickly into the bathroom , as she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts as she rapidly approached the toilet.

As she sat and spread her legs to offer me a view, the absolute deluge began! The stream came out with force and a strong, wide jet . She held this position for a good 45 seconds as her laden bladder pushed. She then shifted a bit, leaning back, and opening her split a bit wider. She then closed her eyes, and started to pee with such force, that the usual strong hiss was actually "sizzling" out of her stretched urethra. She continued this wide open hiss for about another 45 seconds, then once again changing "sit" positons, started a nice 'hissy" steady stream than went on for at least 30 more seconds.

She even commented to me that "it's almost finished"....yeah, right.

She was slowly dribbling, when she leaned bck once more, and pushed out a clean, hissing stream that lasted a good 30 seconds more. Finally...she dribbled, and hissed a good bit of air out before letting out a huge sigh as she wiped her dripping , now satisfied crotch.

It was an amazing sight to see and hear.Any good long hold stories to share back???

All the best to Louise and Steve! Salute! Mickey

Wow, thanks moderator for your thaughtfull words. I know that I have written post over the years that a lot of people have not liked. It is funny that people are more turned off by the truth than they are by fantasy. Everything that I have written is 100% true down to the lovely CoCo. That's right, there are black women here in the States that look like that. A lot of the post about 30 inch turds are a little hard to beleive, but paying a lady to poop or a peephole, well, that's reality folks. I think it is good to get such stories out in the open, it makes more people aware of what goes on, and it informs others of other options to seeing someone poop other than the red eye. Now, lets get back to the ???? rub, yea, I llove to rub women,s ????'s while they poop.I have wondered if there are any guys out there who would like to have a lady rub their ???? while on the job. Last week while getting my 1/2 hr. body rub down at work, I sort of got the urge to poop. Now the la! dy began to rub down on my lower back near the but and some of my ????. Ahhh, that felt good, so good that I almost was ready to realease one right there on the massage table. It felt so good that I wondered what it would feel like if I were the one sitting on the toilet and a lady was rubbing my ????. I somehow think a lot of ladies would be totally turned off by this especially in my case since I do not consider my self to be a hunk who turns ladies on. I think that a person has to be attracted to another person first before they could even begin to do something like this. maybe the next time I call a girl and if I get the urge to poop, I will ask her if she want to help me go. See ya.... Rick.

Stan (the second)
Im gonna hafta rent "Not another Teen Movie" and see this scene everyones talking about lol!

Anonymous movie guy
I just wanted to say that this is the best forum ever and that i would never mean to hurt somebody else here. Now that iv'e said that, i'll tell you what i saw today. They had a special about living on tour on mtv and it had a scene with a guy from no doubt on the toilet. it would be really nice to see gwenn stefani on the toilet! Also i was surfing for porn last night(forgive me) and i found a video on kazaa that said 'Worlds biggest shit!!' so i was skeptical and checked it out. turns out they were right. a woman crapped out a 7 inch thick turd that was 3 i repeat 3 feet long! it was incredible. later everyone!

Tim (and Sarah)
Dear friends, I just wanted to post a quick note to say we are fine. I did not get round to post or even read, as things were quite stressfull. Sarah and the kids got home safely inspite of some delays due to problems with the car. I had my last treatment in the meantime, which was unpleasant, but itąs over and done with. I had a check up, yesterday and all seems fine. Quite a relief, as you can imagine...We had a big storm and heavy rain and some damage on the house, which kept us busy. So, a lot to keep us from saying hello. Sorry about that. Quite a few little stories though, I might be able to post later. I just wanted to post something I had written for Ephermal before, but never got round to send of. I send my love to all friends like ANNIE, ROBBIE, SARAH S, MEGHAN, RIZZO, STEVE AND LOUISE, INA and all others. I hope I will find some time during the coming curing holidays to read though the old posts and write some replies! Love from all of us

EPHERMAL: Hi sweetie! How are you doing? I am sorry to hear about your digestion problems. I know, the pain, when things arenąt working properly. Please, donąt give up on the new diet though! It might take a while for your body to adjust. Also you might have to find out, if there is certain food your body has got special problems with. Everyone is different there. E.G. Sarah has very much improved her digestion since she cut down on milk products. It did not give her the diarrhoea, like she was lactose intolerant, but made her constipated. She was always a big yoghurt eater, as she thought it was healthy, but she is better since she leaves them out. For me yoghurt is quite good though. So you might have to experiment a bit. I used to have some "kichstart"-methods, like raw pickled cabbage, buttermilk, oil from linseed, pineapple juice or a big bowl of salad, but have to be a bit careful at the moment, although a lot of salad nearly always serves me properly. You are qui! te right about the artificial help. Try to avoid that, if you can. Drink lots of liquid! For examle a litre of pineapple or apple juice diluted with water over the day and more water. Are you doing that? I got into the habit of drinking water, herbal tea or diluted juice in big quantities, not so much coffee (!). That can kickstart you once and again, but generally dries your body out and hard poo is the result. Black tea also constipates.I could imagine, you arenąt drinking enough if your poo is so hard. Since I drink so much, I need to pee very often, but once I overcame the embarrassment of maybe having to excuse myself a few times during long meetings, I am happy with it, as easy, soft poops are a good reward. Coke is not a good idea !!! It contains too much sugar and that constipates you. In Africa thay found an efficent solution for curing diarrhoea, which endagered so many lives there: a hand full of sugar and a pinch of salt. So sugar is not such a good idea if you ! are constipated. I hope there will be some help for you. I keep my fingers crossed, that you will write soon and be able to tell me that you pooped a nice big turd for Uncle Tim...;-). Thank you so much for the complement, by the way! Yes, it was some good service there in the restaurant. I recommend the veal and a good poop afterwards, lol. I donąt know so much American television, so I donąt remember that sketch, sounds very funny though. In German you say for good service, they are cleaning your bum for you, but nobody really does it, lol. Would be an awful job though, wouldnąt it? I remember an English sketch, I think by Hale and Pace, wich was a bit similar. The attendent also kneeled behind the costumer and held his willie while he used the urinal, it was funny, but I take it most men, like me would not be so pleased...;-).
Drink lots, wee up a storm and hopefully you will have some easy, healthy poo soon, that comes out by itąs own will. Take care, dear!

MICHAEL: The restaurant was somewhere near Frankfurt in Germany, but I donąt think I can give you name and address. If you are after a tray in the toilet though, there are still a few ones around over here. They are called "Flachspueler" (flat flushing) and used to be the most used design in Germany for a long time. Nowadays they have got the more common European design, but in old buildings you still find some of the old style toilets, if they have not been replaced. As I said, I like them better in a way, although modern public toilets definatelt smell better. Best wishes. Tim

Greetings to all!

Hi guys!

I just have to say that i was EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED
with Not Another Teen Movie! It sucked totally...
It was so far from being funny and it was beyond disgusting!
The only reason i saw it was because my step cousin was the director of it... otherwise....eww! disgusting not-funny! i would have to give it a 1.1......

Hey, everyone:
I am a lurker/new poster on this site. I would like to say that I love Sarah’s story. The one where she takes a dump in front of her boyfriend. I get excited just imagining that I am him. Hear that, Kim? Not all guys are like your boyfriend. You should know, based on your ex-husband. I would sure love to see you pooping, that’s for sure! How many of you heard the story about the drunk guy who almost took a leak at around 5am in a residential house? The homeowner was awakened by the noises of this guy fumbling around. He then saw this strange drunk-man about to take a leak in the corner of the room. He was nice enough to show the dude to the toilet, so he could do it properly! Nice guy. Of course, the drunk was arrested after the stunt. He could face a fine of over $11,000. How many of you have heard about the pro football player who took a dump in a woman’s apt? He plays for the Packers. Here is the story, in case you haven’t: Green Bay Packers fu! llback Najeh Davenport was arrested Monday, accused of breaking into a university dormitory and defecating in a woman's closet. The urge to take a dump can often be intense, and I give credit for at least going in the dirty laundry, and not on the bed or on the floor. Davenport, 23, surrendered to police Monday and was charged with a second-degree felony count of burglary and a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief, said Richard Master, a Miami Shores police spokesman. I'm not sure why a guy breaks into a dorm to go #2. According to police, Davenport crept into a dorm room at (dingle) Barry University around 6 a.m. on April 1. A woman sleeping in the room, Mary McCarthy, told police she was startled by a strange sound (plop) and saw Davenport squatting in her closet. Davenport then allegedly defecated in a laundry basket, McCarthy told detectives. It has to be true, nobody is making up that story, and if Mary did make that up, I want her as a writer for this site. Unlucky ! for Mary, Najeh ate tacos for dinner the night before and was suffering from a serious case of diarrhea. Tide isn't getting out all of those stains. How many of you ladies have fantasized about something like this happening to you? Come on,admit it, you don't have to be shy!

Hope all of you enjoyed it!



Just thought I'd contribute a little for those of you who like to hold your pee. I've been doing it myself alot recently, and it's getting to be a real blast, especially when there's no one else home.

I'd love to hear more stories from those of you who find this weird habit fun.

the "HOLD IT" man
Well as I promised, here are my stats. I drank two 20 oz bottles of Diet Mountain Dew, so I didn't last even one hour in the hold, but I didn't do too badly in the ammount, pee time and pee rate.

Hold time 45 mim
Pee time 47 sec
Oee ammount Militre 925
Pee ammount Fluid Oz 33
Pee Rate Militre 19.68 Mltrs Per Second
Pee Rate Fluid Oz 0.7 Oz Per Second.

I wonder how anyone else did?

To Wetguy:

Actualy, she did call me up and apologise for peeing all over the place, and she said that the reason for it was that there were two factors involved. She had to pee to begin with, and she got the beggebers scared out of her when we had that neer Miss.

To John Q Public:

I drive a 1997 Honda Valkyrie, the sweetest machine I ever drove. The Dan Ryon is no place to root around if you have to take a dump or a piss. I drove up to Chi in my Pick up yesterday to run an errand which required a truck, and those people are crazy. I thank all that is holy that I don't actualy live there any more. It's a great place to visit and have a good time for a day, but it's a total cluster f??k to get around. And I hate public transportation.

Im back..gotta finish reading fridays post..had to stop earlier for work now i got home...right before i left work my stomach was feeling funny, like my dinner was digesting or something. Thought i might need to poop again. I did have slight cramps this morning, think i posted on that earlier

To Arthur: Liked hearing about your dreams, i have toilet dreams too once in a while

To justjack: Loved your story about peeking at guys, i tried once throught a peep hole but it wasn't big enough, see there was a hole where the tp holder had been removed.

To Jacob G in Florida: Just saying Hi back. Liked your stories too

To jim: Liked your old are you? Don't you think you might be a little bit too old for your mom to see your privates?

I got one more thing to add, im not sure if i mentioned on thursday my stomach was hurting or not, but it hurt all day thurs. Then i go to bed and i woke up and it felt better. Then i had the cramps and pooped 2x. I think thats why it hurt, need to poop
gotta go bye

Jane (outdoor Jane)
Euro hiker: I don't have been in other countries but denmark and sweeden and there is normal toilet. I read you story from france and I could not se any reasons of why I should don't talk to you? That was a exciting stories. Hre is the last story from me and this time i promisse. I was at shopping in sweeden and sat in the car at th parking with my sister when we looked trough the wood. There sat a girl and probably shes mother squatted down in the grass. They was'nt shy cause they just do it in the grass and has the front trough the parking as everybody could seen they where there. It was a 10-20 meters from us so we could'nt see what they are doing. It seemed like they just sat der with their asses and squatted down. When they got finish we want to do it also like them without hiding us away from the world. We walk away trough the place they are doing their bussines and saw at mother site: Just wet grass. At daughter site: Wet grass and five logs. I took the daughters pla! ce and my sister took mothers place. Pull down our panties, squatted down and shit four logs and pee a lot. My sister just has one big log and a littlebit pee. We wiped with some paper I had in my pocket. Right when we wiped I heard a girl who said hi, I watch you do the same as I do. Right, it was the girl as shit here for a five minutes ago. We said, yes, we love to do it outdoor like that. So do me and my mom to. When the girl and her mother dissepear from the grass they just go to the car who stand 2 meters from the place and the girl saw all what we did when we did it. The girl was about 15, I was 16 and my sister was 14. She said the name of the camp she sleep at. That was the name of our camping and we poo and pee a lot together that summer.

Hope you enjoy the story and the summer.

Hi have not posted for a while. My friend Linda and family had financial problems and moved away so no horseshows to shit at. Been experimenting this week. I lift the lid so that I can spread my cheeks and crap. i then don't wipe and I check in the shower to see if there is any shit on my anus. 6 out of 7 clean. Save money shower after a shit or use a bidet. I think that if you relax and don't nip the log off your bum stays clean. Will keep you all posted. Verey cold here now so no outdoor dumping.

Pete (US)
Howdy. I haven't posted for a while, but I am still here. I'd like to add my special hello to Nate in AZ, Desmond, Bryian, Gay Lad Lancs, Zip, Plunging Plop Guy, Mark B, Buzzy and Redneck. As a gay man who really enjoys listening to other men on the toilet, especially when they’re constipated, I've been enjoying the recent male stories.

Gay Lad Lancs - Your two-part Penance story was one of the best ones I've read here in a long time. How long ago did it take place? I'd love to read more of your stories! I’ve never had the courage to ask another man to watch him shit. I just enjoy the sound effects from the next stall.

corn expert)
You get corn in your poo because you don't chew it. The corn seed is encased in cellulose, and the heart of the seed cannot be digested by the human gut unless the cellulose 'cover' is broken. Don't get so excited about it.

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