Hi I was out for a walk the other day as it was such a lovely day i thought I would wear my cullottes they are a little tight round the fanny but quite comfortable none the less after today it might have been better if I had worn my shorts
I am 31 by the way I notice many people give their age so I thought I
tell you anyway I was on my own i didnt see anyone And I needed to wee so I found a spot and quickly undid my cullottes and slid them down and my white lacey panties and half squatted as Iwas trying not to stand on the hem of my cullottes Istarted to pee then Ifarted a couple of times and felt the need to poop so Iquickly felt in my pockets for a tissue and then I grunted I felt my hole open up and a long knobbly poo began to slowly inch it,s way out it felt so good I even held on to it for a moment before pushing the rest of it out it must have been around 15 inche,s I gave another grunt and farted out a little soft serve I quickly wiped and pulled up my panties and my cullottes and I felt a wet patch on the hem of my cullottes and I had peed on them luckily the were a dark grey so it didnt show but it still felt wet against my leg

Louise and Steve
OUTDOOR JANE - Hi girl! Well I liked your story about you and your friend peeing together in the long grass, so yeah I see why you liked the story about me, my sister and my mum weeing in my back garden.
Love Louise xx

ADRIAN - Hi guy! Oh yeah, Steve was under a bit of pressure because Emma and Jackie were looking at his willy, and they said things to him that did not make it easy, but he starts weeing easier when he has had a drink. When he was watched by the other girls I play netball with he has had a bit more trouble getting the wee to come out because of what they said to him. I bet it will be boring in the new ladies' changing room because it is meant to be full of partitions. It is not like I will be able to take Steve in there with us but it will be hard to have fun just among us in the team.
I bet my sister has written about it in her letter but I had some fun yesterday after the tennis match we had. It was me and Steve against my sister and her boyfriend. When we had finished playing, I went behind a hedge with my sister for a wee, and I really teased the guys about it. Well they came to watch us, so we squatted with our knickers down to our knees. I squirted a bit of a gusher but not one of my really big ones. I bet my sister had the urge a lot stronger than me so it may be she left a puddle that was a bit bigger than mine.
Steve speaking.
Thanks for the further description of the young lady's pee in 'Frontier House'. In fact it makes me how long she had been practicing. I'm also wondering if the programme will be repeated - sounds like it would be worth watching just to see that one piece of footage.
I agree with your comments about the 'weegate' Jonny peeing in the shower argument. The water in the shower would just wash everything away, and in such an environment, frequent cleaning of the floor would be advisable anyway regardless of the presence of urine. I don't know if you are aware of this, but much more of a problem is the state of Jonny's toenails, which clearly bear fungal infection. I would say that makes the 'peeing in the shower' question pale into insignificance.

Best wishes to everyone,

Louise and Steve.

Tony: Good to hear from you too. I used to sometimes pick up turds that my Mum had done, they were usually beige in colour but not too big. I stopped doing this a few years ago because I realised it could be dangerous health-wise.

I had yet another dream, this time involving a women weeing. I was in this building and went into a unisex toilet. It was a fairly large room with a single toilet and window. I started to wee when a woman opened the door but she apologised and backed out. I finished up and was about to walk out when another woman (who is actually an Australian actress in a cop-drama show) came in and aswell, apologised. She then went to go back out but looked at the toilet and sat down. She said something else and I couldn't believe this woman was doing this (not that I was complaining!). I opened the door and went out as she called out to her husband.

During the dream (and others I've had recently) I didn't feel the need to go which I find strange. I remember when younger I used to wet the bed ocassionaly (as we all do) when I dreamed about going to the toilet. Still, I hope I can continue having these dreams!

My colleague said she had posted stories about me on the site and she told me about the site.

I am a 42 year old businessman from England and I like wetting myself. Up until a few months ago I always tried to do it in private cos my wife hates me to do it and I have to keep it from her.

I had a genuine accident in front of Sue a month or so ago and she was well cool about it. We were in the pub and I wanted a wee but thought I could make it to the next pub, about 10-15 minutes away. That was a mistake cos my trousers were so tight and so were my briefs and they were squashing my bladder which was already full and throbbing.

I was so uncomfortable and I know Sue could tell so I just held myself and told her I needed to go to the toilet. The street was busy and it was still light so I couldn't go in a doorway.

As I walked I wet myself a bit and my wee had started to come through my trousers. I unbuttoned them thinking it would ease the pressure but it made no difference.

I eventually told her I would have to wet myself and let go. It was so hot as it flowed down both my legs, wetting my crotch and bum, and forming a huge puddle. It was such a relief and plus I knew Sue kind of enjoyed watching me let go.

She suggested we went to her house which was nearby because if I had gone home in wet pants and trousers my wife would have been furious. I had weed in front of her a week or so before and she hated it. I like to pull at my wet briefs and feel them and I did this as I walked. Sue talked to me about my fetish - and said though she couldn't do it herself it was exciting for her to hear about my accidents. I hope we can share some more in the not too distant future.

Thanks for listening.

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, I hadn't intended to post again so soon but there are so many I want to respond to!

SIMON, Thanks for your advice about auto-complete. I was reluctant to do that before in case I lost all my History, but it works so thanks!

NATE IN AZ, Good to hear from you again. Hope you're having some great firm shits!
I too have spent a lot of time in public toilets hoping to hear, see if possible, and of course hoping to meet other guys who like shitting and with whom I could have some mutual shit sessions, but I've probably annoyed a few gay guys who either can't understand why I am into that, or who don't believe me and think I'm just there to waste their time!That is on the rare occasions I've told someone what I'm there for, although I have actually met a few guys who really are interested in shitting, but so rarely has this happened.
It's risky trying to make contact yourself, and if you respond to someone else, they try to persuade you you want to do something else!
I wish you well in meeting anyone on the same wavelength, but tell me if you've been successful. I hope you are, I think there are lots of men who go to toilets for the same reasons we do, but can't seem to admit it to themselves, let alone other people.
Anyway, I hope you get to hear some great grunting as guys work hard on big firm turds with loud splashes!

COPROLOGIST, Thanks for tip re. leaving good skidmarks down the toilet. There's obviously something I've not been eating for a long time that has resulted in clean toilet pans, but in the past I've left some heavy skidmarks which I think must be due to the food I've eaten and the speed and the weight of the falling turd. I certainly drop some heavy ones sometimes, and they get propelled out quite well, but they must be very clean. One thing I like these days, is how clean my arse is after, and I don't need nearly as much TP as I used to, but I would like to leave some impressive evidence of whatI've been doing in the

ARTHUR, Good luck with your book, but as regards my own ideal toilet design, well, I don't need to design one - they already exist in the USA! I love the idea of a men's toilet with a lot of what goes on in the toilet visible to others. I've read about shiny tiled floors where someone on the toilet can see the guy next door on the toilet reflected on the floor, and those partitions that come down only as far as the level of the top of the toilet must be brilliant for seeing the legs of the guy next door! as for having no doors, I think having partial doors would be ideal, then there's no embarrassing eye contact as a guy's sitting on the toilet and someone outside can watch, so a door that starts at the top of the toilet, and finishes at 4 foot off the floor!
As for the toilets themselves, traditional deep British ones that make great loud plops and are potentially great for splashing someone's arse, choice of TP, soft, and strong medicated TP.
The cubicles to be seperate from the urinals, and minimal noise from outside so the only sounds are from those actually siting on the toilets.
All these criteria won't be to everyone's taste, so how about a really big toilet complex with different types of toilets, degrees of privacy, some unisex toilets, and lots of room for disabled people as well.
Also a visitors' book so people can make comments and leave their
contact details for others to read!

JACOB G, Glad you've had some more toilet encounters, It must be great to know someone you've heard having a shit is someone you recognise in a store and to be able to interact with him knowing you heard and saw him in the toilets!

BEN, In defence of those who feel they can't continue a relationship with someone who doesn't share their toilet interests.
Imagine two people living together, where one of them becomes increasingly frustrated at not being able to share this intimate activity, until it causes a lot of tension between them. It won't go away, and each day, their partner performs his/her bodily function on the toilet, and feels awkward knowing someone wants to be in there with them, and meanwhile, the other person is trying to supress their desires. It isn't a good recipe for a happy relationship.
I know from experience when a close male friend has stayed with me for a few weeks. He doesn't share in my interest at all, he could hardly be more indifferent to using toilets, and certainly doesn't want to invite me in with him, yet when he goes in the bathroom, I want to be in there and so I'm wishing he'd go somewhere else so I don't have to be frustrated!
Far from this being a trivial issue for potential couples, it should be taken seriously, like anything else that might lead to one or both of them feeling unhappy about a particular issue that can become magnified by not being resolved, and which happens day after day after day.

Good healthy toileting to everyone, P. Plop Guy

Saturday, July 21, 2002

All right, that's enough. We will not, be taken down this "most of the people here" road again. See, when one or two posters decide who most of the people here are, we get a lot complaints and a lot of people simply go away feeling unwelcome. Look what happened last time. This forum is supposed to be for everyone to enjoy, free of this kind of behavior. Before the hate mail starts, a lot of people complain about the rules, but they serve their purpose very well. It is the things you don't see in here where they do their job.

-People complain when they flame someone and it doesn't get posted. Every one of these same folks have been flamed themselves.

-People want a certain group banned/removed. The same request has been made about them and theirs.

-People complain about sex this, and sex that, and cite the posts that allegedly violate the rules. Rest assured that everything you do read is extremely mild compared to all the things you don't. You would be amazed at what people can do with the new methods, positions and orifices we hear about. With and without a partner(s).

-People complain about absolute anonymity. They don't know about the posts from those who constantly want to have a friendly conversation/date/affair/exchange of bodily fluids and or inanimate objects.

You have a valid opinion, not a monopoly on the truth. Millions have visited, very know everything submitted since 1995. Very few can show you statistics on who "most people" really are.

Anonymous movie guy
hello everybody. i just wanted to respond to prg's dislike to not another teen movie. i thought it was hilariuos. it was the first movie depicting a female on the toilet "shitting her guts out" that i can remember. maybe the reason she didn't like it is because it was a girl for a change on the toilet. i thought it was a big bold move by the producers. all my friends thought this was a funny movie. they were talking about other scenes too. that's just my opinion. later!

Krista--since it takes you so long to get to the bathroom why don't you have one of those portable toilets meant for campers or boaters next to your bed?

I've noticed a good deal of discussion about corn in one's solid waste. Corn kernals are, of course, seeds, and it's amazing how durable seeds are, standing up to stomach acids and other bodily fluids designed to break down and digest food. Of course, seeds HAVE to be durable. Many plants spread in such a fashion: a wild animal or bird eats seeds (within fruits and berries, or in the form of grain), then walks/flies elsewhere, poops, and there you go: the plant species has extended its range.

An true story...

The sanitation department of a city which shall remain nameless decided to give away treated, dried sewage to those who wanted to use it as lawn fertilizer. I'm not sure what the treating and drying process was, but the end product (ha, ha, a pun) looked like peat moss, and smelled quite mild. Anyone who wanted some had only to bring his own container, or simply fill up a pickup truck bed.

Well, a problem arose. It seems that whatever process the sewage was subjected to failed to kill tomato seeds. People who had spread a truckload of the fertilizer on their lawns were greeted within a few days, especially if it rained, with thousands of tiny tomato plants. Most were not amused.

I mainly lurk these days too, but Ben, that was a good message to Kim. I agree with it completely. The world is full of all sorts of guys, some are easy with being seen/heard on the toilet, others really want privacy and think male or female shit smells gross and they don't like to associate a person with their BM's. Kim will have to accept their her fiance just doesn't like it. There surely is other compensation.

To give you an example of an easygoing guy, my brother leaves the door open when he shits in the morning and his wife's walking past the door all the time--she jokingly calls his morning farts on the toilet her "wake-up" call!

Daniel (UK)

About 2 weeks ago I took a poop in front of my boyfriend. I was at his house and he went to take a shower. A few minutes later my stomach started hurting and I needed to take a dump really bad and I couldn't hold it so I went into the bathroom and he asked me what I was doing and I said I needed to use the bathroom he said oh okay I was so embarrased and hoping I wouldn't let out any farts(I usually have gassy poops) and I pulled down my paints and started peeing then starting pushing and about 2minutes later my boyfriend got out of the shower and he said oh your still hear and my face turned read and I said yeah then he put his boxers on and he sat on the edge of the bathtub and just started talking to me like I wasn't even sitting on the toilet. I kept grunting and straining and then I felt the first log coming out and heard it crackling then it made a loud plop and I sighed in relief and he said oh I bet that felt good and I giggled and said yeah then I let out a long far! t and then a bunch of little pebbles I still felt like I had to go more so I pushed and another big log came out and I felt empty so I got toliet paper and wiped sitting down. Then when I stood up to flush I looked at my boyfriend and realized he had a huge bulge in his boxers..I guess watching me take a dump turned him on.

To the "Hold it" man - Good story. Did you ever ask the lady if she was pissing her pants or did she ever mention anything?

To jim - Really liked your story. Just wondering, how old was the kid and how old are you. It sounds pretty typical - he held it too long and then it just comes out. Sounds like me sometimes!

To fullup - I liked your story. I am 17/m and usually pee about 3 times a day. Once I tried to hold as long as I could, so I peed before school one day at 7:00am. I held it all day, and by the end of school I was getting very uncomfotable. I got home at about 3:30 and I had to squirm to hold it. I thought about giving up and going to the bathroom but decided to wait a little longer. That was a bad decision because a few minutes later i started pissing my pants big time, at 16 years old! I just couldnt get it under control, and my pants were absolutely soaked with piss by the end. So I held it for about 9 hours that time, but i can do better!

Tongiht I was sitting here working on the computer when I got the urge to pee. It was real bad too - no matter how much I squirmed and held, I couldnt shake the urge. But I didnt really feel like getting up and going to the bathroom. So I let out a few squirts in my pants as I sat there, to relieve the pressure a little. However, I still had to pee real bad and I had to let out a few longer squirts. I stood up and looked in the mirror. My front was dry but I had an enormous wet spot all over my ass. I sat back down but still had to piss about as bad as before. So I started scizzoring my legs and hopping around in my seat, but I couldnt stop it. I started peeing my pants uncontrolably for about 5 seconds and now my ass was all soaked. I couldnt belive how bad I had to pee that even after pissing my pants a lot I still had to go just as bad. I talked to two friends about peeing pants for convenience today. One of them (age 14) says he does it all the time, the other (age 1! 7) said he's never pissed his pants since age 7. Anyway, that's my story.


Sorry, this will be a short post...

FULLUP--I don't think only peeing twice a day is weird. I talked to my mom about peeing (she's really open about bathroom habits and usually leaves the door open) and she said she used to pee once in the morning and not go again until she woke up the next day when she was in her 20's. Now, she's a beautiful greying woman of 50, and after giving birth to 2 kids, she pees at least once an hour. So, I guess habits change.

I just read an interview with Joey Fatone of NSync talking about Lance going into space the fall. Joey said Lance is all serious about it, but if Joey was the one going, he'd say, "Let's pee in space!" lol


I mainly lurk these days too, but Ben, that was a good message to Kim. I agree with it completely. The world is full of all sorts of guys, some are easy with being seen/heard on the toilet, others really want privacy and think male or female shit smells gross and they don't like to associate a person with their BM's. Kim will have to accept their her fiance just doesn't like it. There surely is other compensation.

To give you an example of an easygoing guy, my brother leaves the door open when he shits in the morning and his wife's walking past the door all the time--she jokingly calls his morning farts on the toilet her "wake-up" call!

Daniel (UK)

Jane (outdoor Jane)
Hi everybody and thanks for all the story you have write and specially thanks to all of you who has write down someone otdoor story. And for Louise: I liked your story at page 942 about you, your mum and your sister. And for scruffy: Thanks for your responding at my post. I'm happy to hear that my stories are the best. I shall know write a knew story but thats my last story here for a week or two cause I drive away at holliday with my family at saturday or sunday morning. But heres my last story for know. This story is about me and my friends first time peeing and pooping without knowing that we liked it so good as we do and two years before my sister beginn to do it with us.

It was a hot summerday. Me and my friend was going a walk in the wood. We go littlebit in to the wood away from the little path. We was in the tight wood with no way at all, just high grass and threes. We go longer into the wood untill we saw a small lake. We decided to take of all clothes and bathe naked. It was very hot and it was just good to bathe naked. After 1 hour my friend said that she must pee. I know that I needed to pee to and we go together from the water to pee in the grass. I has found out that I be randy when peeing outdoor like that but I don't want to say anything to my friend in fear of how she should react. But my friend was littlebit more brave than me and ask me if I be lecherous of it. I said yes and she asked if we should sit in front of each other and see together when we do it. I said yes. We stand in front of each other, say together one, two, tree and we squatted down and pee in front of each other. It was bautifull. I needed to poo to but me ! and my friend had never before shit together. And the shit is brown, big stincky, so I decided to wait untill we got home to do it. I stand up again but my friend just sit there. I asked why and get no answer. Right after I got a answer but not from her mouth. Her ass talking for her. I heard a loud fart and I althoug what it was and I run fast around her and se her from her back. And right whan i was back her come it. Many big shit comes from her bum. Oh what a beautifull watch. She wiped her ass with grass. And when shye has done that she asked me if she could see me anytime whenever I needed to poo. And I needed to poo then and we change places. I squatted over all the big logs to my friend when she stand back me and watch it. When we was finished we jump into the water again and talk littlebit about it, and masturbate a littlebit. (Hope this story does not get censorship because of what i write happened after the pooing) Since this time when we was 10 years old have we l! iked outdoor peeing/pooing.

Thats all folks. I thanks for all the positive responding at my post and have a nice outdoor/indoor/panties poo or whatever you poo in. I hope that I can see other girls peeing and pooping when I am camping around in norway. It happpends every year that I see other girls (older and younger) who take a dump/pee at the camp, in the wood beside the camp, back caravans, drunk youth peeing squatting around everywhere, me and my sister peeing an pooing everywhere and at last when we use the toilet (yes, we use the toilet to. We doesn't do it outdoor all the time) we heare plopp, sploop, pop, plash and tssssssssssssss.... I love that kinda sound. I am back in a week or two with more stuff and I hope you enjoy my last story for now. And to moderator, this is simply the best forum ever.

I heard this story from a friend. When he was about 12 years old, he was in the Cub Scouts, and his den was sent to clean up an outbuilding on the property of an elderly lady. After the job was done, one kid said that he really had to crap, but there was no toilet paper in the bathroom of the outbuilding. Someone pointed to a roll of fluffy material on the floor and said, "Why don't you wipe with that cottony looking stuff?" So the kid went into the bathroom, dropped his load, and wiped. Suddenly there were some moans and groans from the bathroom. They asked him what the matter was, and he said "I don't know - I think there was something wrong with that stuff I used to wipe. My ass is really sore and itchy now."

Turns out the cottony material he wiped with was fiberglass insulation. By wiping with it, he had embedded hundreds of tiny glass fibers in his bunghole and cheeks. It took several weeks for them to work their way out, during which the itch and pain were incredible. I guess the kid actually had to stay home from school for a few days because the discomfort was so intense.

To Krista: Liked your stories

To Felicia: Liked your story

To Punk Rock Girl: I've seen Not another Teen movie, it was cool wasn't it

To leather pants girl: Your right knicker inpection is an english thing. i don't think i'd do that either. Liked your story too

To GuitarPunker: Liked your story

To Gruntly Bogwell: Loved your story about watching that lady and her son. Did you see the boys poop too?

To Kai In The Sky: Liked your story..did that boy just pee or poop too?

To Tony: Liked your story

I pooped last night had a big log about 9 or 10 inches long then i pushed more and softer chunky stuff came out. I kept pushing...didn't feel done then i wiped and went to bed. Did wipe alot, hadn't been in several days prior to this. Today my stomach has been hurting, i might still need to poop or it hurts from pushing last nignt. not sure
gotta go bye

Robby (from Brisbane)
I have not posted in a while, but I want to share something with you. As you may or may not know, I, like many other men on this site, get incredibly turned on by a nice looking lady grunting and straining to take a dump. This obsession has been with me for as long as I can remember. About six months ago, I met a lady, (a professional), who I explained my obsession to. She was about 5'10" taned complexion nice figure. While she said it was a very unusual obesession, she was very accepting of it. For a small fee which I was more than happy to pay, she set up a video camera in her bathroom focussed on her toilet. Over the next couple of weeks, whenever she needed to have a b.m. she started the camera rolling. For each different trip to the toilet, she would wear a different outfit. She would dress up as an air hostess, school girl, nurse etc, and proceeded to do a little grunting and pushing (not exagerated but natural) as she relieved herself. That video tape I will treas! ure forever! See ya

To Krista - I liked your story about the camping trip. How old was your sister at the time? I look forward to more contributions.

To Ben - I totally agree with your analysis of Kim's situation. I couldnt possibly say it better, but i'll add my comments anyway. Readers must remember that even though we enjoy bodily functions, there is, in fact, more to life than peeing and pooping. Just because he's uptight about bodily functions would be a childish and absolutely ridiculous reason to dump this man - especially at this stage of the relationship! It would be completely unwise and regrettable. A more sensible solution might be to simply accept the fact that not everyone enjoys this stuff as much as we do. Yes, it's true. Kim should enjoy the man for the qualities that attracted him to her in the first place. If you have advised Kim to dump her fiancee for this silly reason, you should, quite frankly, be ashamed of yourself.

Good luck to you, Kim!


Well, here are several more stories from my 2 wekk vacation. When I left Colorado to go to Indiana, I went to Iowa to bike a long trail - the Cedar Valley Trail. I parked at the trailhead by Hiawatha. I went into the bathroom to change and they had 2 doorless stalls. One contained a urinal and the other contained a it down toilet. I never had the chance to use it since I had no need to take a dump.

On movies, I finally seen the DVD of "Me, myself and Irene" which has Jim Carey (sp?). There was a scene where he took a shit in the neighbors yard and at the time when shit was going to come out of his ass, there was a scene where chocolate ice creme comes out of the mahine. Kind of figurative :) The movie also showed a dog taking a dump in his yard with shit being shown.

Finally, good news, my 3 year old son is finally potty trained :) He lives with his mother since we are divorced.

That is all for now.

Krista- If you have as much trouble with constipation as I you must have lots of stories of long, hard, struggles on the to share a few? My mom would never let me go more than three days without a BM...big problem was that she thought she had to sit and watch me while I strained. I hated being watched and never pushed as hard as I could have so that cause me more problems. Please tell us more stroies about your BM problems.--JW

lady loves to shit
The other day i was at a public park .... i was walking along the lake around the park ..... and this man was walking beside me i had on a mini skirt and no panties and short tank top and we were walking a little fast and as i was walking i felt the urge to crap real bad but wanted to sit down and do it so as i walking i saw a women and man another man on the bench and a bench with women and 2 small kids so i decided to sit down on the bench and i made sure that there was nothing
under me and i had a couple of napkins in my pocket so as i sat there the kids were playing around the bench and as i watched them i slide my skirt up some some so my crack was showing from behind because it was hot and i need to shit real bad so i sat there this boy came up to me and excuse me women your butt crack is showing i said yes boy i know i and he said u need to cover it i said it is hot to do that i need to use the bathroom he said to go the bathroom i said i cant that is coming out now and he mom that women crack is showing she said mam u need to leave i said it public and i am not leaving yet i am resting .... and i sat there i felt a turd come edging out slowly and i was uhhhhhhhhh not loud but loud enough for the lady and kids to ask again so i sat there i said uhhhhhhhhh fart fart that time u can see it
but the lady and kids did not see it yet .... the kids where playing behind with some block and i fart and farted and pushed the boy turned around and saw something hanging down out of my ass i pushed and i pissed to she heard that i said uhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhh and it was still trying to come out about inch out and the boy said mom she is doing something over here .... the women said mama u need to leave and u are interuppting my kids play time i said i am sitting like normal but doing more to and i am not uhhhhhhhhh leaving i pushed some more i raised up so the women could see to i opened my ass up and i pushed some as i did it got real long i farted farted it was smooth and soft and it slid one more juicy time and it fell on the ground and i said i am not finished i sit for an hour did 4 longs ones and 3 mediums and 5 short ones and did my duty and i turned around so i can see part of my ass i wiped it and that felt wonderful and i would write tomorrow on tomorrow walk a round the lake bye now love to shit anywhere in public!

Last night I had a weird bathroom related dream as I often do but this was really odd.I was in a big bathroom with stalls placed randomly all over.They were all different shapes,kinds and sizes and the length of the stall doors all varied between giving total privacy to none when all of the sudden fat bastard walks in and says I'm gonna mess this place up.I then left for obvious reasons.It was odd that's for sure.I was probably just thinking about the new Austin Powers movie too much.There will probably be a bathroom scene in it as in the other 2 movies I hope.

My dream also raised a question.If you could design your own public bathroom how would you do it?I think it'd be cool to have a unisex bathroom with urinals in a stall with a tiolet as well(several next to each other).I'm sure plenty of people here would enjoy that.Also what would be like your ultimate bathroom fantasy?Like if you could see anything bathroom related like a person doing whatever in a bathroom etc. what would it be?

Also I'm writing a 1,000 page novel(it has to be this long because it was a bet) about a society where people are monitered and watched everywhere but the bathroom so people form their own society in the bathroom and plot to overthrow the evil oppressive govt that controls them.I'm sure anyone here would throughly enjoy it should I erver get around to writing it.This site is inspiring lol.

love hearing about other guys who look thru the partition of stalls and watch another guy shit. although i am not gay it is exciting to see another guy pullhis shorts down,set his ass on the toilet seat listen to them shit..themost exciting is the wiping.I was wondering ifthe ladies here like to dothesame thing and if you wouldlike to see more unisex multistall restrooms here in the u.s. what a thrill it would be to watch a good looking lady to go thru the ritual!

Interesting picture of a lady doing her business on the floor today. On balance though, I prefer to see one of a lady on the loo!

Louise. Thanks for your reply. I enjoyed your account of weeing in the alley on Saturday night. Steve must have felt a bit under pressure.

Steve. Thanks also for yours. In the peeing scene in 'Frontier House' the young lady lifted her skirt and did quite a good arched pee. It compared quite respectably with the performance of some guys. I agree that there hasn't been anything much toilet wise on 'Big Brother' except the bit about Jonny weeing in the shower - as if it was any big deal. The water would wash everything away anyway.

Did anyone pick up a copy of the London Times on Tuesday this week? There was an excellent cartoon on the front cover depicting a roll of toilet paper with each segment being a million pound note and written on the holder a legend about Old Labour's "bog standard" solution to improving public services. It must have been something to do with the Chancellor's latest spending spree. I'd never seen a toilet roll used satirically in a broadsheet paper before so it was certainly something different!



Jacob G in Florida
Hello again everyone. Great posts lately. A special hello to PPG who was fortunate to hear a good grunting session recently. Hello to Nate in AZ. I wish I could have been inside or just outside your RV listening to you. Also, hello to Desmond, Bryian, Gay Lad, and Zip. Love your stories. Buzzy and Redneck, glad you are still here. I usually post one medium to long size story, but today, I thought I would post a few mini-stories summarizing some recent toilet experiences.

I walked into the restroom at work and noticed the guy sitting in the first stall next to the urinals had his pants down to his ankles. On his belt clip, I could clearly see his employee picture ID. I recognized him as someone who works down the hall, but I do not know him. As I stood at the urinal, I looked down at his picture and listened to him grunt and plop. That was different ? and enjoyable.

As I walked into the restroom at work, I noticed a shirt flung over the stall door. I assumed someone was changing clothes, but as I walked past the stall, I could see through the large gap that a guy was sitting on the toilet naked. It is unusual to see that at all, especially at work.

I was at the urinal in restroom at a restaurant when a nice looking guy with a goatee and about 30 years old came in and went into the stall. While I was at the sink washing my hands, I could look in the mirror and see him through the gap between the stalls. He was sitting on the toilet and leaning so far forward that his head was lower than his knees. His shirt was bunched up at his shoulders. I love that position. I had friends waiting, so I had to hurry and could not linger and listen.

A friend called me at work recently and while we were talking, I started hearing a lot of background noise. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was pulling down his pants to sit on the toilet. I asked if he was serious and his reply was a long audible grunt, some farting, then one more grunt and a sigh of relief, followed by the sound of the toilet paper roller. That made my day. In fact, I got so flustered I had a hard time concentrating on work the rest of the day.

The very next day, another friend called me at work and started describing in detail his latest trip to the toilet. He normally does not discuss such things, so I was shocked. He said he was at work and his stomach started hurting, so he decided to sit on the toilet for a while. He could feel a huge turd up his rectum, so he started grunting, but nothing happened. Then he really started grunting loudly. He even imitated the sound for me (GRRRRR). Finally, after about five minutes, he could feel a huge turd emerging, but it got stuck again. Then someone came into the restroom. He decided to wait - in great pain he added, until that person left to resume his grunting. While he waited, he looked between his legs and saw about three inches of a big fat turd hanging out of his butt. When the person left, he resumed pushing and straining and grunting for another five minutes. When the turd finally came out, he looked at it and said it was one solid 18 inch long fat ! turd. I told him I was having a hard time believing he produced a turd that big, but he swore it really happened and said he was exhausted after the ordeal, but felt much better.

I have some more short stories, but this post is long enough, so I will post more soon. Jacob G. in Florida.

this was weird, yesterday i came home from playing, my mom said come here. i said ok, then she said turn around, then she grabbed the back of my shorts and streched them out and looked in. i said what are you doing, she said she was just checking. then she said turn around again, then she pulled my shorts to my nees and looked at my front, she said whats this and i looked and i had a yellow spot about the size of a quarter. i said just a little squirted out, and i said i didnt pee my pants. she said ok no more or you go to diapers again. i said ok. she never did that kind of inspection before. well gotta go, by

Infantry SPC
I didn't mean I had black stools. I heard somebody say it somewhere and just wanted to get the story straight. Mine have been healthy looking but no corn has been spotted.

euro hiker
To Jane (Outdoor Jane). Sorry, my Norwegian is a bit rusty. I am male and in my 40s. Have you ever travelled outside the Nordic countries? If you do, you may have a surprise when you see some of the toilets in other countries, especially France. You may find my 'France 2000' series of posts interesting (or disgusting). They are on pages 407, 410, 414, 417, 420, 425 and 430 under my old nickname of hiker_uk . If you read those you probably won't talk to me again!

There was a programme on BBC2 TV in UK yesterday called 'Living with the enemy'. It was about a middle-aged woman called Dee-Dee who is definitely not an outdoor girl. She lives in a large manor house in England and is a Conservative party member of the local council. She agreed to spend a week living in a very muddy field with some 'New age travellers'. Dee-Dee was provided with her own truck to live in. The programme was mainly about political opinions but also mentioned the toilet facilities (there weren't any).

We saw Dee-Dee walking off the site and along the road to a nearby garage (gas station) to use the toilet. She was walking awkwardly and said she was desparate after drinking too many cups of coffee. She wasn't going to do it outdoors and said "I'm not a cow in a field". Then one of the travellers, Zara said "I'm off to the woods" and we saw her starting to dig a small hole in the ground but what followed was left to our imagination.

One morning, Dee-Dee came out of her truck and said that something terrible had happened during the night. She turned her nose up and said, "I had to perform over a bucket and as far as I am concerned, that's the pits". She didn't give any details of her performance and we didn't see where the bucket was emptied! She was what Brits would describe as very 'posh' and she had obviously led a very sheltered life toilet-wise.

To Sarah S,
I'm delighted for you, having found someone you may wish to get to know better. Clearly it is a good start if you at least fancy the guy, and my advice to you now would be just to talk to him sometimes so _he_ gets to know _you_ a little better than just by sight. You may both discover you have things in common apart from both being lawyers. If so, then let nature take its course, and good luck!
It sounds like you have found another girl to take neighbouring stalls with in the toilets, but as Louise finds at her workplace, the culture is not to be open concerning toilet matters. If that is the way it is, you can't change it, and it would be unwise to try.
Can I wish you the very best for your career, and have a hug from me.

To PV,
Like you, I am concerned about Kim and Scott. Louise had some crazy idea she might have offended them unintentionally in one of her posts, but I think she is wrong about that. There must be a reason, but above all else, I hope they are both alive and well.

I think that in her last post, Louise meant to say she did _not_ need to go to the toilet during her latest modelling photoshoots. At least that's what she told me. I wish I'd been there to see her modelling the lingerie. She has a gorgeous, curvy and athletic figure and is a perfect advertisement for such things.

I'm still recovering from last night. My best friend arrived at the house to be with Louise's sister, who had been with us for some time already. Imagine his surprise when we went out into the back garden to join the girls, and found both of them standing naked from the waist down and urinating, aiming themselves and shooting huge yellow arcs forward. Louise's sister instantly dried up with embarrassment, but then resumed 'hands free' and squirted a brief gusher just in front of her feet. Louise's face went slightly pink, but continued urinating unabashed and without interruption. The sisters looked at each other in some silent exchange of thoughts, and eventually there came the giggles. My friend appeared to be in a state of shock after seeing how heavy an emission Louise is capable of producing. <snicker> In fact he remarked on it later when we were talking privately.

I started work a little later than usual this morning, as Louise and I enjoyed some shared toileting in the bathroom when we got out of bed. She stood behind me as she wrapped her arms around me to hold my penis in her right hand while retracting my foreskin with her left forefinger and thumb. Her aim was good, and when I allowed the urine to flow, it all went into the toilet and not down the back. <snicker>
Today she enjoyed a wee sitting down on the toilet, and she looked beautiful sitting there looking up at me as she hissed and tinkled away. I wiped her, and after that I could not resist picking her up and taking her back to the bedroom.

Cheers all,


KIM - I agree with what people have said in their letters about your fiance being nice enough you will want to marry him anyway but you know, do you not need to look at if you are really compatible with him? I love everything about my husband and going to the toilet together is not as important as a lot of things, but I would be really upset if Steve did not let me watch him have a wee and he did not want to watch me do it. So I just think you should think about all that because it may be you will argue about who can go into the bathroom like that in years ahead you know?

SARAH S - Hi girl! Is he your boyfriend now, this man you have met?

PV - Hi girl! Yeah, my poor husband Steve. My team mates at netball just will not leave him alone will they? giggle It was funny on Saturday because after we had all had a wee in the urinal they stood right up to him in the showers and tried to embarrass him by asking him a lot of questions. I am going to have to start saving him from them you know. giggle They still talk about his willy being big and tell me I am lucky. You know he did not say how in his last letter that on Saturday I held his willy for him when he weed in the urinal with my netball friends watching? I bet he was too embarrassed to write about it. LOL
It was really really embarrassing for my sister last night because we got caught with no pants on in the back garden and we were having a standing wee aiming it forward. You know I used to say I would not embarrass Steve in front of his friends by having a wee but I could not help it when Steve came through with his best friend, and sis and I were pissing our brains out. My poor sister was so embarrassed and she went bright red and weed down her leg. It was funny really, but nice as well because my sisters's boyfriend said we looked like two identical goddesses. Why doesn't he say that when we have our pants on?
I remember those wees on the beach Steve wrote about yesterday. Yeah, I held his willy for him while he weed in the pool of water, and then he aimed my pussy for me when I weed as well. I really enjoyed that, and it was really romantic.

We are going to play tennis in a few minutes against my sister and her boyfriend so I have to go now and get my things.



Thursday, July 18, 2002

Harry K (a lurker)
fullup - it's nice to have a confirmation that there are other guys out there that can pee only twice a day, and consider that completely normal!

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