JW - So sorry it took me so long to reply. Yes, I have CP, and yes it does cause me problems with constipation.

Because of my CP my parents are very easygoing when it comes to the toilet. I already told a story from when I was 4 or 5. I'll tell random stories. Maybe a story today, and I'll pick up next time (not so much time between posts this time, I swear.)

For future reference I should explain a little bit about the different schools I've been to. Every handicapped accesible school has a special room where handicapped kids can get physical therapy when they need it, or help with homework, or whatever. This room also has handicapped accesible bathroom which is cool, but when you've got 12-15 handicapped kids and one toilet, you might as well say "Don't bother trying to use our bathroom, just pee your pants as needed." LOL. Speaking of which, every kid who uses the "PI Room" room is required to bring at least one change of clothes "Just in case."

Before I get into a story just some random ramblings. I have a regular problem with bedwetting, or to be more accurate peeing my pants while in bed. It's not really bedwetting because I'm awake. You know the feeling when you wake up and have to go like...RIGHT NOW! Well, I can get out of bed and crawl to the bathroom by myself but I'm not the quickest person on earth (major understatement), so when I wake up and have to go "RIGHT NOW!" It's pretty much

a lost cause. There have been times when I didn't even bother wasting my energy trying to make it, because I knew I wouldn't.

Also, my sister Laura who is 15 has problems with being really desperate to pee, especially after school but doesn't have very many accidents. I don't think she likes school toilets very much.

Generally at school if I have an accident no one even notices anymore, so I feel really bad when someone else has an accident and they get made fun of like there's no tomorrow.

Okay, story time boys and girls. ;-)

When I was 10 my parents decided to take my sister and I camping. I had never been so it was great. Laura and I had a tent to ourselves, and our parents

had their own tent.

The first night I woke up because I heard Laura come back into our tent.

"Where'd you go?"

She laid down and started to go back to sleep. About 15 minutes later I was snapped out of a half-sleep by an all-too-familiar tingling.

"I need to go pee."

She was silent for a minute.

"Just pee the bed, you do it half the time anyway."
"But this is different. Besides, my pajamas are really thin, it's all gonna leak out and run over towards you. Do you really want my pee all over you?"

She let out a big sigh, got up and said the same thing she always says. "They should have kept you in diapers. It should be against the law to potty train

anyone who can't go to the bathroom all by themselves." and I gave the same reply I always give as she was heading out of the tent. "But then you'd have to change my diapers."

She came back with a large drink cup from a restaraunt.

"Where'd you get that?"
"Eww, gross!"
"Look, do you need to go to the bathroom?"
"Well, this is what ya got. It's either this, hold it, or pee your pants."

I responded by raising my butt up and sliding my pants down. She held the cup into place while I did my thing, then left the tent to go dump it out.

"I'll keep this in here, just in case."
"No problem, Krista."
"You know I don't mean be a pain."
"I know Krista, it's not your fault you need help with stuff."

Other stuff happened on the camping trip but that's my best story from it. Maybe I'll tell another from the trip later.

Well...I think this is long enough for now.



Last week I was at the mall and I needed to use the bathroom so I went into oneof the department stores and used the bathroom. When I got in there were 4 stalls and they were all empty expect for the one farthest form the door so I took the stall next to it hoping that I could maybe hear something from the next stall. I just needed to pee so I sat down and let it out with a little fart and then I decided to wait to see what the lady next to me was doing. She was silent,I think she was taking a dump before I went in and then she got embarresed when someone came in so she figured she would hold it til the person left but I waited around and I guess she finally gave up because I heard her starting to grunt then she let out a zipper fart and continued grunting. She kept grunting and breathing hard then I heard a loud plop. Then she let out another plop(not as loud as the first) and stood up to wipe. She pulled up her paints and flushed then as she was washing her hands I flushed! my toilet and went out to see what she looked like. She was around 25 and was a little chubby but had a pretty face. She washed her hands and ran out of the restroom she must have been embarssed knowing that I heard her taking a poop.

Punk Rock Girl
I saw one of the unfunniest movies I've ever seen the other day, NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE. This flick was so desperate to be outrageous and gross, but wound up only being trite and boring. I think I chuckled once or twice, but mostly I sat with my mouth agape wondering how this movie ever got released and what the hell Randy Quaid was doing in it!

One scene involved a group of boys spying on a girl on the toilet. She's really prissy and proper, and at first just pees, which the boys find titillating. Then she starts shitting her guts out, and the stench goes up into the vents where the boys are hiding. Finally, the duct gives and the boys fall down, along with the girl down into the classroom below, spraying the contents of the toilet all over them in the process. Then the girl farts again and says a really cute "Excuse me!" I've never had less of an urge to laugh in my life.

The scene is basically a rip off of the shitting scenes from DUMB AND DUMBER, AMERICAN PIE and DETROIT ROCK CITY, all of which were legitimately funny. This was just too much, and wound up being grotesque and stupid rather than funny. I find a good fart or poop joke as funny as the next person, but NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE missed the boat by a long shot.



I have seen "Never Been Kissed" several times (it's on HBO a lot) but I really don't remember a scene like you described. I think the magazine was probably wrong, or that scene was take out of the final movie.

KIM- Hi, i rarely contribute to this board, but I see an unhealthy trend in the advice being given here and would like to voice my opinion.
It seems too many of us here are so obsessed with the subject of bodily functions that it has made us nearsighted. Kim, you cannot decide if a person is right for you merely based on whether they accept your bodily functions or not. I mean, i see Moira's message today, telling you to give him the elbow. That's just so ridiculous I have to post. This man is your fiance! Obviously you've seen many other qualities in this man. Something such as the acceptance of your shitting is such a trivial subject that it should absolutely not be a reason for getting rid of him. Think about how stupid that is: he may be kind, gentle, handsome, loving, and whatever else you want, but if he doesnt accept your bodily functions, you dump him? Some people here need to get their priorities straight. Those of you who told Kin to dump this man didn't even ask about whjat kind of person he is, or about anything else for that matter. Is this the only thing that matters to you? I sure h! ope not. Please Kim, talk to him, work things out, or ignore it, but don't use this as a basis for getting rid of him. There must have been a damn good reason you wanted to marry him, and I'm sure you still do...stay well and good luck=)

Shy Pleasure Pooper (SPP)
LEASH: I don't know what advice you exactly wanted, but if the stories of b/f s and g/f s pooping in front of each other turns you on, then you should probably try pooping in front of your husband and watching him poop. Won't that turn you on?

Hey guys. Nothin much is happening with me but I just took a huge dump this afternoon. It was a long soft turd about 1Ē thick and it curled around the toilet. I promised to tell the story bout one time my friend Adrian pooped his pants so here it is: We were 10 or 11 years old and he was sleeping over at my house one weekend. We were playing on my Playstation when all of a sudden he said he really had to poop. But he didnít want to stop playing and I didnít either so I was like just do it in your pants. My mom and dad were upstairs so no one would know. He didnít say anything but like a few minutes later I heard him fart and then a crackling sound and it started to smell like shit. By the time we were done playing it really reeked. When he stood up I saw a bulge in his shorts and I said did you poop yourself and he said canít you tell. Well I mean there was no hiding it. He was embarassed about it but I told him itís ok. I asked if I could feel the bulge and he let me. It fe! lt pretty soft. Well we went to the bathroom and I watched him clean up. He emptied the poop into the toilet but his underwear and shorts were really messed so I gave him some of my clothes. I put his clothes in my closet and that was the end of it. But the next day my mom found them and she thought I did it. I said it was Adrian who had an accident but she didnít believe me and I got punished.

Andre: Hey man! You asked what foods get you constipated. Well I think if you eat a lot of bread (white not whole wheat) and not much fiber that can do it you. Also I remember rice used to get me constipated a bit. When you ate nothing but rice were your dumps different at all?? I think your really cool, but please tell me about your latest dumps. I want to hear about you shitting too not just your dad.

fullup: Well with me itís just the opposite. I used to be pee shy in grade school and I could hold it all day till I got home, but now Iím 14 and Iím open about peeing now. Same goes for pooping. At school I pee at least once a day. I think maybe I could still hold it all day if I tried but thereís no point in that.

leather pants girl
To infantry spc. my poo has returned to normal, light brown (and stinky he he he).

To Meredith. next time iam making sure of toilet paper in my nappsack.

To bryian. Yes my panties were stained, it seems knicker inspections are an english thing? (no way would i show my panties to a f--ing teacher).

To moira. Thanks hon for confirming that knicker inspection thing i still think its weird.

To toddy. I have that movie never been kissed, i dont remember such a scene??? i should watch it again-- maybe i missed it--, i had a girlfriend over that night and errr well any way--.

To adrian. yeah i havent done a poo at a check out very often, this was very much a suprise.

Re kim. I still stand by what i said re her b/f sorry i cant remember who said every person is different re pooing, but it does sound like he has some serious problem there.

PHEWWW!!! hope i got every one if not sorry (honest) its soooo hot here in calgary this week, that today i scammed a day off work i just laid in my lounger on my balcony in a white bikini (MMMMMM cool ehhh) about mid day i needed to pee after drinking a few glasses of wine i was just to lazy to get up and go to the washroom soooooooo i just opened my legs and peed through my bikini WOWWWWWWW turn on or what, ok i wet my lounger and bikini bottoms but-----.

--Just a quicky today!--

I was at work today and theres this really hot girl that i've had my eye on for the last couple of days. She really turns me on! So anyway, My co-workers and I had a meeting about our poor income. So as the borrrrrriiinnngg meeting continued; about 45 mins into the meeting, the girl started squirming and adjusting herself. She then said that she was not feeling to good. I am Pretty friendly with her so i walked out-side (saying that i needed to use the washroom)She was practically skipping to the bathroom when i asked if she was going to make it. She Said "I'm------not.uhh.Sure!" Just as she was at the door, She stopped...Her face turned red and tears filled her eyes...Slowly, with passion, i saw the backside of her skirt buldge and become wet with diareah... she grunted and urinated all over herself... it slowly ran down her legs creating a huge puddle around her. I ran over and said its ok, it happens to everyone "i won't tell anyone, i promise" (similar to Leather Pa! nts Girl's story)lol


Hi Guys!
I'm a little freaked out! Well...actually ...REALLY FREAKED OUT!!!!

Almost everyone that i've seen in these pics on the front page, look like girls i know!!!! This is really scary!!!!!

well....thats it


To BMLover:
I would love to here more stories about your outings to the park. With lots of details. Keep the stories coming!!!

Gruntly Bogwell
Greeting to my fellow pooping enthusiasts?and?CARMALITA?it was good to read more of your Brown Log Sagas?such apt descriptions of the gruntings of you and your friends. Your latest camping poo-venture reminded me of my recent trip to the mountains of North Carolina. I was taking a mid-morning hike up a wide trail to the top of an overlook. The sky was bright blue and the sun was warm, a perfect day. I passed a family coming down the trail. The father had a little girl in a pack on his back. The mother was walking behind holding a 4 year old boy by the hand. They were on their way back to the parking lot, while I was headed up. I exchanged greetings and turned around to check out the good looking woman, dirty-blonde hair in a pony tail, brown eyes, black knit blouse, tight tan short shorts, fitting over the buttocks, of her great body. All of sudden the kid piped up, ?I have to poop, Mom!? I heard her answer, ?So do I Jason, we?ll go when we get back to the parking lo! t.? ?I have to go NOW!? he insisted. ?All right. All right, come into the woods.? I heard this, and my peepers instincts kicked in?I bent over to look at a wildflower beside the trail, and snuck a peak, back down the trail?and saw the woman looking about to check where I was, then called to her husband and told him she and Jason would meet him in the parking lot. ?OK Peg, don?t get lost,? he called back. I got up and continued up the trail, then doubled back using all the boy scout woods lore and peeping stealth I could muster. Sure enough in a sunlit clearing 30 feet off the trail, there was Jason squatted down unloading a healthy turd for a kid. His mom was concentrating on making sure he didn?t step in the poo, as I maneuvered to my vantage point behind a large white pine. I noticed Peg was shifting back and forth from foot to foot as she waited for Jason to finish. He called out, ?All done Mom.? She pulled some facial tissues from her pocket and bent over to wi! pe him after picking him up and moving him away from his pile. As she was so engaged, she let loose a whiny BEEEURRRRRIIIIPPPP type fart.
?Mom, what was that?!?
?Mommy broke wind, Jason?its OK, honey.?
?Do YOU have to poop Mom? Jason queried.
?Yes dear, now play over there, while I go.?
Jason wandered over to the far side of the clearing, while Peg, quickly undid her tan shorts, slid them down to her knees, exposing a pink thong, framing two globes of butt flesh. These soon joined her shorts at the crook of her knee and yellow pee was splattering forward into the weeds of the clearing, sparkling in the sunlight. The view of her bent over bottom was awesome. I pulled my binoculars out of the carrying case?even though I was twenty feet away in the forest gloom, I wanted this peep to be up close and personal for my report to this forum.

I adjusted the focus and soon had zeroed in on Peg?s butt crack and brown eye, which domed to emit another fart?PEEUUUWWEEEETTT. My breath came in short gasps at the sight of an unfettered bottom answering the call of nature. Pegs pee had dribble to a halt and she was now concentrating on her bum hole and attempting to expel the contents of her back passage. Her brown eye began to pooch in and out as she audibly grunted?UUMMMM?.UUNNNHHH?UUNNNHHHH, and a round, medium brown 1 inch turd popped out and fell in the weeds below her well-proportioned bottom. She relaxed for about 30 seconds and began straining again?my binocular view allowed me to witness her wrinkly brown anus grow taut and slowly open as a large log started its journey into daylight. UUHH?.UHHH?UMMMNNNHHH?gasp, NNNNGGGHHH

Jason wandered over, ?Are you OK mommy??
?YUUEEESSS, honey?pant, pant?I?m FuuhhIIIINE? she said as she struggled with the load in her butt, which was growing inch by inch and starting to curve around under her. She raised up her bottom to give it landing room. Jason walked around behind his mom, put his hand on her shoulder and peeked under her.
?WOW, Mom?that?s a big one!?
?I know honey?I?ll just be a minnnnUUUTTE!?
?Boy does it stink?
Peg panted a few times and said, ?Jason go play over there so Mom can finish.?
I was in awe of her production as well, 2 inches wide 9 inches long and still growing.
Peg peaked under herself shifted in her hiking boots and bore down again. UNNNHHHnnnnnnnhhhhUUUNNNNHHHH. The turd bulged a little larger at her hole and began to taper off?contacting the ground, breaking in two and sliding out as Peg?s hole closed back to a pouty, but engorged state of relaxation. She came out of her crouch and looked between her legs, past her wadded up pink thong and tan shorts at the 13 inch turd between her feet. She put her hands on her butt cheeks and pulled them a part as she bent down again to allow two mushy 3 inch trailer turds to exit her bum. Peg, then stuffed a tissue into her crack and worked to cleanse her anal opening. First pass, was brown and smeary, then after four more tissues she was satisfied. She stood up dragging her pink thong into place and adjusted it to fit her crack, then pulled up her shorts. Jason came over and said, ?Good girl, Mommy!? Just then Peg was hit by one of those post big poo cramps?she grabbed her ???? and bent forward and then stood up as the wave passed??Yes, Jason?Mommy feels better now?? She took his little hand and they went back to the trail.

I waited a few minutes?went into the clearing, my knees a bit shaking from what I had just witnessed, checked out Peg?s steaming pile?and continued with my hike?thinking that the binoculars had sure come in handy?and I wasn?t even to the top of the overlook yet!

A few weeks ago we had a technical and safety briefing at work. One of the items was provision of toilet facilities at transient (short term) work sites.
Evidently some new guy has started working for the company who is pretty keen on staff welfare, and says that going in the bushes "just won't do".
Well, it "does" for me and numerous others, and we enjoy it (though not together!)
So, someone at Head Office has distributed a TOILET LIST! Yes, a document listing the addresses of a few thousand toilets. Very few of which are within 5 minutes of a worksite.....
Our local health &
safety guy suggested that provision of a "Thunder Box" be considered for remote worksites.
It caused a few giggles when the secretary innocently asked what a "Thunder Box" was. To which the reply was "You know... A Portaloo!"

Nathan - Why not send your g/f some SMS messages when *you* have a dump etc. She might share the same interests and wonder how to let you know.....

PPG (and anyone else who was wondering...) -
If you use IE you should go Tools > Int. Options > Content > AutoComplete and set your preferences there.

To Infantry SPC (AKA PFC): Maybe it hadn't passed yet, have you checked your next BM? I just ate dinner, had corn w/ it..should have a nice shit either tonight or tomorrow :) I haven't heard that about black poop.

To Nate in AZ: Loved your story, do you have to clean the shit/piss out of your R/V when you get back? if so did you see alot of your shit in there?

To Allison: Loved your story, any stories when you were on your trip?

To leather pants girl: Ouch...that would hurt i guess, now i see why you didn't use leafs to wipe :) Liked your story too.

To fullup: Loved your story...boy you must be good and holding and can hold along time, thought it was cool that your friend asked you why you never when to the bathroom at school. Do you hold you poop like that too?

To Zip: Loved your old was that kid taking a dump in the doorless stall?

To kh: Haven't seen that movie..sounds cool

To JL: Liked your story

To the "HOLD IT" man: Liked your story about that girl wetting her self and on you too.

To GuitarPunker: Liked your story, funny about what was said about your g/f a dog up her ass, lol....i can't tell you where that animated thing is about britney spears pooping...the moderators don't alow us to post urls up or other personal info, sorry .

To Andre: I say foods that get a person constipated i think would be starches and red meats, i feel every time i eat that kind of food i don't poop for days and sometimes its hard, try eating that.

To Meredith: Liked your story, i see about your job

To Andre: Since you've been eating rice and drinking water, what has your dumps been like? Liked your story about your you saw that commercial too!

To CC: Liked hearing about you dream.i've had about 2 pooping dreams within a few months.

To Redneck: Liked your story.

To your name Inominate: That could be true about Billy and Kevin L

To Jack: Liked your story about you seeing your g/f pee

To Nick: Loved your story about your friend coming over to see you poop your pants. cool!

To jim: Liked your story, that was nice of you to help the other kid and say its ok.

To BMlover: Liked your story

To your name Frankie: Got any stories about you pooping your pants?

To Plunging Plop Guy: Liked your story about you listing to that young guy pooping.

To Paul: Liked hearing about your outdoor poop!

To gay lad: Loved part 2 of your story, sounds really cool what you guys did.

I've had an urge to poop slightly on and off all day. Just ate a big dinner and a big lunch, i know the next dump is gonna be big. Maybe the urge will come back later. I like todays pic
gotta run bye

To gay lad: Did you and your friend both eat corn the same day and time?

John Q Public
Thank you, Marideth and Bryan. It's too bad you couldn't be there. I will say that if looks could kill, I would not be here posting this today. She gave me such a dirty look that I didn't know what to make of it.

Looking back on it, it was no big deal, but I certainly felt embarrassed at the time.

To leather pants gir. I would have loved to have heard you "pee a gallon."

To "the HOLD IT man" I except your challenge. I will post on Saturday. By the way, what do you ride? I live near Chicago myself, and I almost came to grief on the Dan Ryan myself. I didn't have a girl on the bike with me, luckily, because I actualy shit my pants. It wasn't a huge load, but enough to put a brown spot in my underwear, and I also had to worry a little about smell. IT was my own fault. I had to go realy bad, and I was doing about 90, weaving in and out of traffic and searching for a gas station, McDonalds or ANY PLACE where there was a tiolet. Some dumb bitch in a Corvette cut right infront of me and I had to apply the breaks so hard that my rear wheel locked up and the bike started going side-ways. I didn't drop it, however and this bimbo did end up having enough sense to speed up so I wouldn't end up in her passenger seat. (No offense intended towards women in general here)

To the web master of this site. I love those photos in the "gallery." Where do you find them?

I've not been able to visit this page for some weeks, due to having been off work after surgery on my eye, and I have missed reading the contributions enormously. This site has become part of my life!

I had to go into town to the bank this morning and when I do that I always try to find a public toilet to do my number 2.Well today in the UK all local authority employees are on strike, and all the council-run toilets were closed... Fortunately there are toilets in shopping centers, so I had to do my business there instead. I don't like that particular shopping mall, because they play canned music in the toilets and you can't hear what anyone in an adjacent stall is doing...Anyway I did 3 big installments of soft turds.

My wife is very shy about toilet functions. She always keeps the door well shut when she is shitting and complains about the smell if I leave the door open when I poop.She doesn't like even to talk abot constipation or diarrhea. The only thing that she is uninhibited about is farting. She can fart a lot louder than I can, though she always complains when I fart. She is not complaining about me farting, but about the fact that I never say pardon me after letting off.

To Plunging Plop Guy
To create skidmarks in the toilet, just leave your shit to sit in the bowl as long as you can before flushing. Conversely to avoid skidmarks, flush as soon as it's out your arsehole, and flush again if you do some more.

To Jane from Norway: I think your posts are the absolute best! And don't worry about your English - I can always understand what you are saying, and you have a very cute way of expressing yourself. I'm looking forward to your future posts!

TO PLUNGING PLOP GUY-I'm still her reading the forum,but have been so busy with work that I haven't had a moment to post-i tried a few times but some some reason,it didn't get through-been doing a lot of woods dumps this year,but no buddy dumps yet-it's been fun doing that!hope to post soon
TO BM LOVER-I love to hear some more of your stories-i would enjoy hearing about women pooping together!!
TO CARMELITA-Hello Senorita!
Hope everyone here is well-I miss the regulars-where are you guys?BYE!

I was interested that Desmond had to take two Wal-Mart Equate laxatives and then another two the next day. Wal-Mart doesn't exist in England. What's in the laxative tablets that Desmond took? How many are you supposed to take? Are thay always that slow and unreliable?

Jane (otdoor jane)
Bryian: Yes, it was in daylight me, my sister and my mother peed and pooped. It was verry exciting experience and we all three wiped with toilet-paper. And by the way: I said in my story that my mother truly liked when we pooped. Not just because we pooped but because she saw our pussy and our breasts for the first time after we grown up. I asked her yesterday about it and she said she was specially exciting. Maybe I should ask her if she like it like us three? (me, my friend and my sister) Jack: Liked your story and lock forward to the story from the holliday in france. Hope you soon write some poop storys and specially from girls outdoor poop cause there is very few here of them. And for Paul: Liked your story. Next time i write aanother outdoor story.

Nate in AZ
GAY LAD: Fantastic story! Wonderful getting to see the other guy take a good shit, especially having to go so badly (one of my special fantasies!). I've only dreamed about having such an experience (I'm gay also) and want so badly to buddy dump with another guy who's into it also. I've cruised restrooms for years hoping it would happen, but never has. Anyway, your story has provided me with several great moments. Hope you have more! Bye.

To bryian:
everyone peed in the sea, but i don't think they poo'd.

Kai In The Sky
Kaze broke the light switch in the bathroom last week. LOL. If we had to use the bathroom at night, we used a flashlight to see. We both stay up quite late so we ended up going to the bathroom with a flashlight beside us. It was annoying at first, but then it was kind of cool, in a weird way. Nevertheless, we fixed the switch and now have light.

Yesterday, my younger bro Garrett and I went to the mall to see if we could find something cool for Kaze. (She recently had a very upsetting ordeal, which I'll describe in a minute.) We both drank big bottles of gatorade before we left, so we both had to pee. We went into the bathrooms and used the urinals. When we were finished and washing our hands, this boy who looked to be about 14 came in. He went into one of the stalls to pee. When he was finished, he flushed the toilet and we heard "Oh shit!" Oh shit was right! The toilet completely overflowed! It was incredibly nasty and smelled horrible. Garrett and I got out quickly to escape the toxic smell! But anyway, as for Kaze, I asked her if she wanted to post after me, but she's still upset. One of her close friends didn't know she was a lesbian, and when Kaze came out to her last weekend, the outcome was bad. Her friend got totally pissed and said some really horrible shit to her. So show Kaze some love b/c I think she! really needs it right now. I'm going to try and talk her into soon posting her story about the overflowing toilet in a hotel room. She'll be back on here for sure, but she just needs a few days to try and recover from the blow.

That's it for now. Until next time, Adios!


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