Eric in Chicago
Infantry SPC: If your poop has a black, tarry, "coffee-ground" appearance, that can mean you're bleeding in your stomach or small intestine since that's what digested blood looks like. It usually isn't cause for panic unless you've been feeling dizzy or faint (which could indicate you've been losing blood) or you've been taking aspirin, ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatories (which can cause bleeding that starts out mild and suddenly turns severe). If it happens frequently, though, you should talk to a doctor.

Taking iron supplements (which, by the way, men and post-menopausal women shouldn't do except with a doctor's prescription) or bismuth-based drugs like Pepto-Bismol can cause black poop. Poop tends to get darker as water is removed from it, so constipated turds can sometimes look blackish.

Stan (the second)
To first time poster JL
WHAT???? You broke up with a beautiful girl because her shit stunk?? Are you NUTS? I suppose yours doesnt? I could understand if you had said her breath was so bad you couldnt stand to kiss her or sumpin but come on! Maybe the incident seemed un-romantic but this is REALITY. Everyone shits and shit stinks. You didnt say how old you are but you have some growing up to do.

Infantry SPC. Black stools can be a bad sign because they can indicate the presence of blood in a person's motions. Anyone who begins to pass black motions on a regular basis would be well advised to check it out with their doctor.

Punk Rock Girl. I think you're right about respecting other people's values, fears and inhibitions. However, where there os a conflict of values in a relationship, particularly over bathroom policy, it could well cause problems in the long term.

Greetings to Tony (Scotland) & Moira.

Best wishes to all


Wow, thanks for all the good wishes from everyone like PV, Robby and Annie, Tim and Sarah, Grant, me, Meaghan and Sarah, and anyone I'm forgetting. It's been awhile since I posted. I'm just awfully busy these days.

Robby--I'm trying to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Grant--I'm a college student; I drink at least 1 can of Coke/Pepsi a day. Unfortunately that doesn't help me to stay regular. Me--I've had the suppositories when I was very young. Read old posts and you'll see that this is nothing new for me, though recently it's been better than it was when I was a kid. Still have rough patches, like the past couple of weeks, these days.

So, I wanted to tell you a story of what JUST happened to me. I haven't been having easy BMs these days for about 2, 3 weeks. I guess part of it was that I was sick, went on antibiotics, that caused a yeast infection, as soon as that got cleared up I had a cold...just not good health lately. I've got the last traces of the cold, but it doesn't bother me.
So, as you know I have only been having "a few balls" every 3 or 4 days, and forced at best. I came online tonight, then as soon as I started chatting with a friend of mine from school, I had an urge to go (#2). I figured it would be the same forced balls as it has been the last few times I had the urge. The urge grew "wicked" strong. I raced to the bathroom and barely pulled my jean shorts and white panties down to plant my ass on the toilet when three were 2 plops and a squirt of urine (I didn't even have to pee at the time). Anyway, it didn't feel big, but when I looked there was an enormous piece of soft shit in the water (that had broken). Total I would say about 15 inches by varying between 1 and 2.5 inches across. It was all bent on top of itself in the hole and was a slightly orangey brown color. Cleaning up was really gross was so soft.

Wow, it felt amazing to get that load out of me after such a long time of not shitting well. I just hope this will keep up and not have to deal with the constipation type stuff any more. I just wish I was the type to wake up every morning and have a nice movement every day...

Oh, Gay Lads--I just wanted to say that your latest story about you and your boyfriend having a buddy dump and watching each others turds emerge was great. I wish I was there to see 2 hot guys like you doing that. Great great story, please tell more.

Someone was saying about watching MR DEEDS. There was one scene where Deeds knocks out a large guy in the restaurant and he says "I think I just shit myself" No other references though...and it didn't show anything.

That's all for now.

ADRIAN - Hi guy! Yeah, well I had some fun in the back garden with my mum and my sister and that letter is on page 942 so I hope you like that one.
I had some fun with Steve and my best friends Jackie and Emma on Saturday night. I had one of my short skirts on and so did Jackie and Emma. Steve looked very smart in his black trousers. My friends needed a wee a lot more than I did when we were walking home but I needed to go too. Jackie and Emma were walking real careful because I knew they were desperate. Well we found a nice alley and Steve held all our bags so we could go in. Well Jackie and Emma were pulling their knickers down and getting real frantic, you know? Well they just got down squatting and they had really big gushers. Steve was watching and they were teasing him because he could see their pussies. I took my thong off and I lifted my skirt right up ready to wee on the wall. When Jackie and Emma had finished weeing and put their knickers back on, Steve gave them their bags and he got his willy out and stood with me. Well we did not wee on the alley wall but we pissed big arcs aiming for a drain. It was a ! giggle because we were a little bit drunk. Jackie and Emma watched him having his wee more than they watched me but I will not blame them for doing that!
Love Louise xxxxx

PV - Hi girl! Well my modelling went all right, thank you but I did not really have any toilet adventure then. I was modelling some lingerie and some sexy nighties that I know my sister would like. My favourite item was a white stretch net strappy front bustier with garters, stockings, g-string and gloves. There was an open bust teddy thong as well so I was topless for that really. I did have to wee at all during the shoots, so I sure did not have to do it anywhere unusual like I did on my last glamour shoot. LOL I weed twice in the bath I had in my hotel room. When I wrote my letter yesterday that went on page 942 I did not tell how I had a swim in the pool in the hotel. There was a nice big plant pot at the poolside that I would have liked to wee in but I was not all by myself. I had about 4 guys watching me because I was in a little bikini and I could have been on camera too. So no!!!! I had to wait until I went back to my room. giggle
Hey I like black stilettos and I am not scared of looking a 6 footer you know? LOL Yeah, you are so right! I do the same as you because I like to rest my elbows on my knees a lot if I am hovering for a wee because it helps me keep balanced. It is easy to topple over in high heels. You know we saw two girls topple over in heels when they were squatting having a late night wee. giggle I bet they were drunk as well, and they went over on their sides and they had their legs in the air and we saw their pussies with wee streams squirting up into the air for a few seconds until they got back up! LOL My biggest heels are 4 inches, so I can do a taller shot in them and it is better really if I just squat half way down, you know, Like in a hover because I feel it is harder to stay on my feet if I am just bending down to squat all the way down in heels that big. I would not want to fall over on my bum if I have made a big puddle of wee on the ground. giggle
Oh and I liked your sitting down wee with your feet up as well. That was a giggle.
Well I am happy Steve liked how I looked in my wedding dress. I thought it was really right for me because I wanted to look really sexy, not sort of trussed up. My dress let me show some cleavage and the top was like a white strapless bustier, you know? For my wedding night mum had bought me a black (because I am a bad girl) lace halter tie neck thong teddy with a 'ring front' and it put Steve in the right mood. giggle My mum really does know best.



Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone,

GAY LAD LANCS, Great story and very detailed of your mutual shit session. Wiping another guy's arse for him after he's had a shit is a really intimate, almost sacramental act. Something to take one's time over and appreciate!
As for me, I always like contact with the toilet seat as I'm shitting, or for someone else to be sitting on the toilet as he drops his turds. Obviously The actual process of the shit coming out can't be seen, but to hear the great sounds as it plops in the water, and to imagine it all, then see the final result are the big thingswith me, plus the sweaty toilet seat, and the whole look of a guy covering it in a mixture of relaxation and effort!

INOMINATE, I noticed you said someone who's no longer posting here might have stopped because "Maybe they've grown out of this site".
There's no upper age limit for interest in this subject!
I accept that most young boys have a curiosity in using the toilet, and that many lose that interest to an extent, but perhaps the curiosity or fascination never goes but is repressed, and for many of us, at puberty it becomes stronger and many of us here who share that interest and are of varying ages don't want to repress it but recognise it and enjoy it!

NATE IN AZ, Yes! I certainly agree with you about the most enjoyable physical sensations of pushing out a big hard turd, provided it doesn't hurt or cause haemorrhoids. I would love to do really big firm turds, but most of mine are smaller, even though I can have some very enjoyable sensations as they're getting shit.
There's a magical moment sometimes when a solid one is sufficiently shaped, probably fairly knobbly, and every nerve in the rectum seems to be tingling as the turd slowly inches out, and even better if you want to keep retracting it back up and pushing it out until you decide when you want to drop it! For me, the dynamic loud KERPLOP of a whopper in the toilet splashing my arse, and the sight of a big torpedo lying in the pan is a tremendous buzz!
What sort of diet do you have? And was the fact you were on holiday contributing to firmer turds than usual, or do you usually do big firm ones?

One thing I don't understand about some public toilets including one I often go to, is the number of men who weigh themselves on the scales when they leave. Do they feel that having just lost weight from either having had a shit or a piss, they ought to check what they weigh?
I don't see any point in weighing yourself fully clothed, as it would vary from day to day according to what's being worn. Bathroom scales only cost a few pounds, so why not weigh oneself at home every day and be accurate about it?
Perhaps I could take my own scales with me to the toilets and invite people to use them for less than the 10p they pay at present, or does it just indicate people love using coin-operated machines whatever they're for?!!
Hope everyone's happily "losing weight" on the toilet! P. Plop Guy

SPC, congrats on your promotion. Black stools are not always a sign of trouble. Any food having a lot of iron in it or iron tonics can make the stools black. Likewise food with blood in it, liver, rare steaks, a British food called Black Pudding which is a type of sausage made with blood soaked into meal can colour the BMs black. However, any unexpected alteration in the colour of the feces which cannot be explained by eating such items and especially if the motion is sticky and tarry as well as black should be reported without delay to a Doctor as this can indicate bleeding into the GI tract. Generally from higher up, even perhaps the stomach or duodenum as bleeding lower down in the colon would tend to make red stains in the stools. If in any worry about such a symptom, seek medical advice.

Nate in AZ, I certainly agree. Ever since I was a kid I have enjoyed passing a nice big solid BM or a big jobbie as we say. Like you I then turned on. I can recall even now 40 years or so afterwards the pleasure I would get as a lad from such motions.

A typical example would be like this. It would be a Saturday morning, dad at work, Mum and I at home. Now I wouldnt have had a poo the previous day so I would need a big one. After lunch Id feel it come down into my back passage, that lovely feeling of a good solid motion, not urgent but needing to be passed. Id fart in my white cotton briefs the smell wafting through them and the short(knee length) grey trousers I then wore. Now Id often hold it in for a while both to enjoy the sensation and as often my Mum would also need a motion after lunch and before she went out shopping and Id let her go first as I liked to listen to her doing it. Sure enough if she did go to the toilet Id hear her straining NN! UH! OO! then KUR-SPLOONK! KA-PLONK!, KER-SPOOL-LOOMP! as she passed her big jobbies. When she had finished although she had pulled the flush this had a weak stream and didnt shift really big turds first time. When I went into the toilet after her I saw her big fat solid jo! bbie(s) lying in the pan and I would pull my trousers and underpants down to my knees and sit on the toilet and buddy dump my motion on top of hers. If I was lucky it would be a nice big one, not as long and fat as one of her big whoppers, the largest of her jobbies could be a 12 inch long, 2 inch fat log,firm,knobbly and compacted, while mine in those days would be 9 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. I would try hard, "OO! NN! OH! etc and savour the feeling as my ring stretched and it slowly came out and I felt all its knobbly texture. As our toilet pan had a vee shaped front like the bows of a ship I could look between my legs and both see my own jobbie as it came out and Mum's big panbuster lying beneath my bum. Eventually mine would taper to an end and drop into the pan with loud KUR-SPLOOMP! on top of Mum's. Id sit on for a bit enjoying the experience and after relieving myself wipe myself and pull up my underpants and trousers and have good look at the big jobbies , m! ine and Mum's lying in the toilet pan. Id pull the flush but often the turds stayed behind needing a number of flushes before they went away on their last journey to the sewage works down the road from us at a place called Shieldhall in Glasgow. Incidentally, our school went on a tour of those sewage works and most of the kids were amused to see some big brown lumps which had managed to pass down the pipes undamaged as the sewage came into the primary inflow, though most of the turds had broken up into brown balls on their journey from the toilet pans and along the sewers.

JL, the smell of poo is one of the aspects one has to put up with. My wife Theresa's motions are nice and solid and dont usually smell too bad, Mum's didnt when I was a kid, but I have found that softer stools are far smellier than firm ones.

Paul, glad you found my experiences of interest. Hope you post again.

PPG and CC, good to hear from you again. CC, I often have dreams like that, usually about women and girls who visited our home when I was a kid, girl cousins, aunts, women neighbours, classmates mums, female teachers. I sure heard and saw some of the jobbies they did, some of them real whoppers! Have you ever picked up a turd that some woman had done in real life? If so make sure you wash your hands well afterwards and dont do so if you have a cut on your hand, unless you use rubber gloves.

Sarah S
Hi There Friends!
I finally have time to say hello! Well, I had new experience. Our law firm is very large and it covers 7 floors. I work with the criminal defense section. I had my first day in court Monday. The trial was tense and the lead attorney was "in her element". She and the judge had words throughout the day. On a lunch break we talked about it and she said she wanted to shit on him! The funny thing is that their families are very close. We made a toidy stop before we went back to court. We went in our stalls and she let out a big fart(trump). She said;"That one was for Judge.....! I laughed and let out a torrent of pee. I let out my own trump and felt a big log slide out. I heard her give a grunt and a plop was heard. I cullompted my poo into the bowl right after hers. She peed, still muttering to herself. I was laughing and also was in hysterics. Mind you, this was my first profession trial. She is one earthy girl and I am learning loads from her. We wiped up, washed our hands! , and went back to court. It was more of the same and I couldn't help but recall her remarks in the toidy!!

STEVE, LOUISE, and DAMSEL: Hi guys! First off, how are you doing with your guy, Damsel? I have a found a man who I really fancy. He is a lawyer, too. I wonder....... Steve and Louise, I am really glad you are back. I haven't found anyone down here that is "into" bathroom stories. I am nervous about talking to anyone. Well, take care and Lovexxx from Sari!

INA: Hi sweetheart!! How was the Love Parade? Did you go? Megs and I have heard so much about it and the community weeing that goes on. Take care! Lovexx and hugs from Sari!

PV: Hi gal! I wouldn't have the guts to go into a guys toilet and aim at the urinal. You and Annie are so brave. Take care! Lovexx from Sari!

TODD AND DIANA: Hi "Dad and Mom". You have to give us the poop on the twins. Megs and I can't wait. That was a great poo story you told on your friend, Diana! Take care! Lovexx from Sari!

KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: I hope you are ok and at the Lakes! PLEASE write us!! I miss my cousins!!! Have you had any loo adventures. Lots of Lovexxx and hugs from Cousin Sari!

HELLO AND HUGS: Dear Rizzo, Ephermal-eat bran!!, Carmalita and the gang-hi sweetie!, Jane and Gary-hi!, Kimmie and Scott, Mere, Adrian, Eleanor-how are you?, Adele-hi there!, LindaGS-how is south texas?, Tim and Sarah- how are you two and Josie and Loewie?, Ellie and Little Lou-we miss you! All of the other great posters!!

I don't know when I wlll be back! TAKE CARE!!


I am a man in my mid fifties and came across this site a few weeks ago and are fascinated with its contents.

Thirty years or so ago my g/f Sue, a divorcee moved into a rented flat with me whilst we saved up to buy a house. Her two children were a girl Natalie aged 6 and a boy Richard aged 4 and regarded me as their father as they never knew their real one.

On bank holiday monday 1971 I decided to take them all out for the day in my car to a nice location in the Yorkshire dales. After Sue and Richard had used the bathroom I went in to do my BMs etc. and then started shaving. Natalie came in, lifted her night shirt and sat on the toilet. There was nothing unusual in this as we were open about our toilet habits. I then heard her wee as it splashed in the toilet and then she paused, after a moment she then started to stain and strain and nothing! after a few minutes more of straining I heard her let out a fart, not an explosive one of diarrhoa but one of those most satisfying ones next best to having a BM. She was happy at this, wiped and left the room without flushing. A few minutes later when my shave was done I went to finish with a wee and noticed a slight trace of urine, one piece of TP and nothing else in the bowl.

Sue had made the picnic sandwiches and drinks and whilst loading them in the car turned to the children and asked if they had been to the toilet properly, they both said that they had and I didn`t want to tell Sue of Natalies bathroom performance in case she suspected any strange interest. It was a one and half hour drive to our destination and when within a few miles of it Natalie said "Mummy I want to poo", so Sue asked to stop at the next convenient place. I found a nice grass verge adjoining a dark wood with plenty of bushes and Sue took a handfull of Kleenex tissues and disappeared with Natalie. Richard was sat in the back engrossed in a game so I left him in and walked to stretch my legs I then found a bush by a tree away from the road and had a pee. After I had finished I looked up and saw Sue lift Natalies dress and pulled her white knickers down then lifting her by supporting with her hands under her thighs. My view was sideways slightly forward and I did not wa! nt to move and interrupt Natalies concentration, they could not see me so I kept still. Natalie started to strain and a short burst of wee shot out followed by a longer burst and then when it stopped she continued to strain but nothing came out, she shuffled a little and then started to strain again but still nothing. Eventually Sue said "hurry up you`re heavy" then put her down, she then took Natalies knickers off completely lifted her dress and lifted her again this time with her legs widespread and her hands supporting and spreading her cheeks and then "try now, try hard now come on try" Natalie continued to strain and strain but still nothing happened, finally they decided to abandon it after Natalie said "it just wont come". Whilst Sue rearranged Natalies clothes I slipped quietly back to the car without being seen.
When Sue and Natalie returned to the car I innocently asked Sue if she had "managed it" Sue replied crossly that she is constipated. Natalie`s face was red and she appeared to be very frustated.

We arrived at our destination ten minsutes later and was able to park up (you would have difficulty parking here now on a bank holiday but this was 1971). It was a lovely day and we enjoyed our picnic, both children paddled in the river and I later took a swim where it was deeper. After watching the Morris Dancers we walked up the river path where it went into a beautiful gorge so far and then we turned back. As I was playing a ball game with Richard, Sue asked if I would take Natalie to the Mens because there was a long queue at the Ladies and then handed me some kleenex. There were only two men using the urinal and the only stall was empty so we went in and locked the door. Natalie lifted her dress and I assisted by lowering her knickers to below her knees and lifted her onto the toilet which was somewhat higher than at home. She then started to wee for a few moments and strained again, after a few minutes of straining she stopped, pulled herself forward and looked int! o the bowl for any signs of success but there were non. Pushing herself back on again I then removed her knickers to give her more freedom as I had seen Sue do with her earlier in the day and told her to open her legs and really try hard. With Natalie trying all the time I tried to look nonchalent and took the morning paper out of my pocket and started to read then she said "I keep wanting to poo but I can`t do it". After fifteen minutes of her straining and at Natalies insistence we decided to finish, she took a piece of kleenex and wiped but it was clean then put it down the loo and flushed. When I reported back to Sue she seemed quite worried but I reassured her that I thought constipation was a common occurence with children and not to worry to much.

That night back at the flat Sue took Natalie to the bathroom and stayed with her for over half an hour before she finally did a BM, Sue told me that surprisingly her amount of stools were only average in size and quantity.

What was a very hard day for Natalie ended in success.

To Sarah S and Meghan,
Glad you enjoyed our recent updates from the wedding and of course the beach we visited during the honeymoon. I know it has been a while since we spoke, but we honestly haven't forgotten you. Please let us all know how you use the travelmates. I'm alwaysw fascinated by Louise using hers.
Best wishes to you both, and of course Robby and Annie.

To Adrian,
I think Louise has covered our latest adventures pretty well, with two exceptions, one of which is another little episode from the honeymoon that I suddenly remembered this morning. It has to be worth posting.
Walking along the beach, we both had full bladders, and we were having an amusing conversation about how we would go about emptying them. Spotting a secluded area, there was a large pool of water and I went to stand by the edge of it. Louise pre-empted me by pulling my trunks down to my knees, and standing behind me, reached around with both arms. Holding my penis in her right hand, she drew back my foreskin slightly with her left forefinger and thumb, pointing me into the water.
Looking down over my shoulder at my penis, she urged, "Go on, darling".
I relaxed after a few seconds and began urinating quite well, a good stream splooshing (to use Louise's word) musically in the water. Well, as I was very conscious of a topless Louise pressing herself against my back, and also how she had taken complete control over how I was peeing, I responded physically and this caused my stream to become much weaker, in the end being reduced to a series of spurts which made Louise chuckle.
When I had finished and she had shaken me (for what it was worth), I pulled down her bikini pants and picked her up, but then I changed my mind. Instead I set her back down on her feet and reached around her to lift and aim her genitals. An arc of urine suddenly sprang from between her legs and shot forward five feet or more. I think Louise wanted to be discovered in the act by someone, but this time I think we were completely unobserved.
Sounds like I would have enjoyed watching 'Frontier House' from what you have said about it. Did the young lady lift her skirt at all, or was it one of those casual, vertical wees. I know Louise wouldn't get away with not lifting a skirt at the front. Standing naturally, she urinates slightly forward, she would soak any skirt very quickly. No vertical dribbles from her, you understand!
On the subject of 'Big Brother', there hasn't been much in the way of toilet activity except the usual rumblings about Jonny peeing in the shower. Yes, we too saw the bit where Jade did some farts. Someone asked her if she ever does silent ones, and she merely grinned and shook her head in response.

To PV,
Hello, sweetheart.
Yes, indeed I am a married man now, but try telling that to Louise's pals! Saturday was the final week of using the men's changing rooms, and again they dragged me in. "You're coming in with us. Don't argue, it's the last week we go in here!", I was told as they grabbed me, giggling to each other. Again they undressed out of their netball kit, and lined up in front of the urinal. One by one they urinated against it as I watched them. This time, each girl went 'hands free' and simply stood and leaned back slightly with hands on hips. The streams generally landed in the gulley at the bottom of the wall, or the porcelein very close to the bottom of the wall. As for myself, I was quite empty, but I still had to undress and shower with them. I can tell you they know how to intensify the pressure, as they were very up front about constantly looking between my legs, standing very close and asking all kinds of very intimate questions about the honeymoon, encouraged by Louise. As! I said before, Louise is a bad influence on all those nice, quiet girls!
I'm very flattered that you would liked to have been the 'fifteenth' girl in the procession that entertained me with their weeing in my bathroom after Louise's hen night. You must look a knockout in a short skirt and stilettos, and it would have been an honour to have seen you perform on the toilet! Or even the sink! <snicker>

Cheers, everyone.


Thank you, Meghan and Sari, for asking about me. A big hello to Robby, Annie, Andrew, Kendal, Adrian and PV.
I have been very quiet and not sent postings for about two weeks, and I have been going out with my boyfriend in most of my spare time. We have some warm and sunny weather for a change, and I've been playing tennis with him and it is something else we have in common. Tomorrow night we are taking on Steve and Louise at mixed doubles.


On Monday I made a breakthrough, as in the afternoon I had two wee-wees while my boyfriend watched! I was wearing a white vest top and a blue mini skirt and trainers, and I had a really full tank. I had such an exciting idea and whispered in my boyfriend's ear asking him to watch. He did not complain or look disgusted with me and he held my hand when we went behind the pavilion in the park. I had shaky hands when I slipped my thong down and took it off in front of him, and I gathered my skirt at my waist. I felt so excited showing him my female bits and I crouched down low ready and I knew I was going to wee. I know how Louise says 'are you ready' and that is what I said to my boyfriend, and I started weeing with no further delay! I was hissing too, for the guys who want to know all such details. I am certain my boyfriend liked watching me because he reacted the same way Steve did when I shocked him and weed as my little surprise for him before the wedding. Just like I d! id then, with my boyfriend I was weeing in front of a gorgeous man and I loved it. Loved it! I caused his jeans to bulge. Smile. He had a wee as well a bit later on, and yes, I saw his penis for the first time and it was hanging out of his jeans. That's right, he did not mind if I watched him pissing! Much later, I stood next to my boyfriend when we made wet stains down a wall together, so it was a big day for me.



Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Infantry SPC (AKA PFC)
Well I got promoted to SPC now so I think I'll change my name.

Bryian- funny that we should mention corn. Our cooks served corn this weekend but when I took a shit today there was no corn in it, and I did eatit.

I was cutting some really nasty farts all day. I think it was because I was drinking coffee (I don't normally )

KT- good story, I didn't have women to worry about when I went to Army Infantry school but that must have been a sight.

Nate in AZ
Hi all you poop lovers. I just returned from a ten day trip to CA in my RV, and couldn't get over how many bm's I had and the consistency. I must have gone at least once a day, sometimes twice, and I'd often get the urge while driving and have to hold it in until I could find a convenient place to pull over. Boy, did I feel full when I finally made it to a turnoff, and I'd begin pushing hard while leaning forward with my hands digging deep into my ????. They were all REALLY hard and I felt my ring expand to accommodate the knobby end and the more it expanded the wonderful sensations gave me more pleasure than even orgasms. I sometimes grunted so loud I imagined I could be heard by someone outside. It's a fantastic experience having a really large, hard bowel movement. Let me hear from anyone who has similar feelings. Now I need to take care of some other business, which will be apparent to us hard core enthusiasts! Bye.

To Kim:

Your situation might mean more trouble down the road. Whether someone is open about bodily functions maybe due to his/her upbringing or individual preference. Another poster noted that Americans tend to be uptight about bathroom activities (and other "personal business"). A friend of mine, who is a psychiatrist, confirmed this point.

What I find disturbing is how your fiancee treated you, beginning with the remark that the 'world must stop...' This may be an indication that he is not tolerant in other ways. Adding to the fact that he knowingly hurt your feelings is not a good sign either. It seems as if he may have an interpersonal communication problem.

I take it from your posting that you've been married before, and you may want to reflect how tolerant this person is and let him know that regardless of how he feels about bathroom (or other) issues that you're not going to allow him to hurt your feelings over anything regardless.

Hello everyone ...

Well, my mom, dad and I were driving from our home in New Jersey to Florida. My mother and father try to get us a vacation in Disney every year and so as not to lose any time they take turns and drive straight through.

My mother and father must have bowels and bladders of iron because they can hold it in forever ... I being just a girl of 17 have not developed that yet. :-)

We had just stopped for lunch about 10 min prior and my parents hate stopping right after they started. Well about 15 min later I REALLY had to go! (((Number 1&2))) If I had to pick between the two I would try to concentrate on #2 and that is what I did ... I used all my effort to keep from pooping my pants. Concentrating so hard that I almost didn't realize that I was in the middle of wetting my shorts ... my mom happened to glance back at me and with that "I told you so but trying to make me feel better" voice said I knew I shouldn't have let you drink all that soda. At this point I was sweating and I just couldn't hold it in anymore ... I just lifted my but off the seat enough to go and I WENT! I was so relieved to have all that pressure gone that I didn't even notice my mother staring at me trying and not to laugh.

As soon as my father could he pulled off to the side of the road and got my suitcase out of the back and I got another pair of shorts and panties to wear. Unfortunatley for me ... there was nothing to wipe with ... so I threw my panties into a plastic bag we had from lunch and put my new underpants on ... even now with about 4 or 5 washings since we got home the first pair has a big brown spot in the seat and the second has bad skid marks.

Just thought I would share! Hope you enjoyed!!!

BTW ---> BECCA, I thought you were going to post ... I would really like to hear how you and you sister are doing.



leather pants girl
TO bryian. Yeah i would have used leaves but the only trees around were pine trees and pine cones are a bit hard to wipe my cute little bum with (he he he).

Had to go to a LONGGGGG and BORRRRRING meeting today at work, half way through my friend whispered to me how much longer is this going on? i gotta go-- BAD, i shrugged it didnt seem any time soon. About twenty minits later i could see she was in trouble she was squrming and crossing her legs and shiffting her weight around, i smelt a fart coming from her way, Then with great joy the meeting was closed, talk about a mad dash for the washrooms.

We raced into the ladys allready all four stalls were taken, the girl in front of me stood clutching her crotch then her bum back to her crotch she was jiggling around like a bowl of jello. My friend stood there with hand on crotch very tight allmost in tears, and me--- well i was desperate my self i needed a poo really bad.

And then i guess what happened next is every lesbians dream (or do i mean people like us who love seeing accidents)well what ever, the girl in front started crying saying quietly ohh nooo toooo late (sniff sniff) she turned to me ive done it in my pants and indeed she had her black dress pants were shiny wet in front pee running down both legs i heard a fart as poo filled her pants, she turned away and walked out of the washroom (to go home and clean up i guess)i smiled at her and held her hand and said never mind accidents happen i wont tell anyone) that last sentence seemed kinda pointless really as most of the woman knew what had happened but what does a person say anyway).

I turned to my friend just in time to see a fountain of pee come out of the front of her grey slacks she put her hand to her mouth and mouthed the words oh f??k no,i was just about to say something to her when the girl in the stall came out and i rushed in to one hell of a smell UUUGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! she had stunk out the toilet. i yanked down my panties barely lifting up my skirt before i even sat on the toilet i was peeing a gallon, i farted and pooped at the same time four loud splashes. I breathed a sigh of relief OHHHHH that pee and poo felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good, i farted one more time pulled off some t.p and wiped about three times front and back.

I flushed and came out of the stall, my friend had allready left to go to her locker and get her spair pants Us girls do have some good idears some time he he.

Hi to 8th Guy, The HOLD IT Man, Marcus, Cloud, and others who hold their pee for long, long times. When I was in grade school I always went with the other boys to bathroom every 2 hours or so. When I got to Middle School here in the American Midwest, I had a growth spurt and by 8th grade when I changed school. I was pretty tall. About that time I began to be pee shy. The older kids were always fooling around in the boy's room. They would poke you in the back when you tried to pee. My stream would stop and I couldn't get it started. I began to notice that I had to pee fewer times and my bladder held more and more pee. So I only went to the boy's room at noon. I was then waiting 4 hours. But I found that if other guys were at the urinal or came in I froze up and couldn't piss. So I became one of the guys who never pissed. I would take my morning pee at about 7:30 a.m.and then not pee again until 4 in the afternoon when I got home (8 1/2 hours). I found it wasn't too bad. Once ! I measured how much I was holding. It was about a quart and a half. My bladder was growing with me. By my junior year in high school I would pee at 7:30 a.m. and then wait until after dinner at night to pee again at about 7 or 7:30 p. m. Then I would go almost 2 quarts. It was amazing. I like the feel of a really full bladder. I thought I must be nuts or something. When I went to bed at 11 p. m. I didn't feel that I needed to piss so I didn't. I pissed a tremendous load in the morning. By then I was pissing 2 times a day only. I was talking one day to another kid on the basketball team. He asked me why I never used the bathroom. I told him I didn't need to. He said that's what his brother says. He is 20 years old and in college. He only pisses twice a day. Now I am in the second year of college. Sometimes I experiment. I skip my morning piss and see how long I can wait. (My last piss was 8 or so the night before.) Recently I waited all the way to 6 p. m. I went to the dorm j! ohn where they have floor urinals and everyone can see. A lot of guys are in there at 6 showering before dinner. So there are always three or four guys standing at the urinals. I am over my pee shyness. I would wait until the center urinal was free and step up and take a 3 or 4 minute pee. Sometimes they would applaude. What is your story about holding----how long and how much? I can hold about 2 quarts (liters).

I was washing my hands at the local fast-food joint and this guy comes in and uses the toilet. He's probably about 25 or so, wearing a refrigeration repair company uniform. Looks like Joey Lawrence, with a goofy look on his face. The sink is right next to the stall door, and I can see this guy through the crack. He wipes down the seat, and then sits down quickly, pulling his blue Dickies pants and blue boxers all the way down. He's got hairy pale legs and sits with them spread as he's dumping. He's holding his dick as he pees into the bowl. He actually lets out a pretty wet-sounding turd while he's sitting there. I had to leave before he finished though.

I was in the department store restroom with 3 stalls, only one door. I was using the stall with the door when 2 guys come in and enter the other 2 doorless stalls. I quickly finish dumping and come out in time to see a guy about 50 years old, sitting on the toilet. He had a big barrel chest and had his pants and what looked like red bikini briefs around his ankles. He crapped loudly, squishing and farting to no end. He finished up pretty quickly, and wiped from behind, while sitting. The other stall had a young kid taking a dump in it. It was funny to see him sitting there with his feet barely touching the floor.

Has anyone seen the movie "Held up" with jaime foxx. Right at the beginning his girlfriend(played by Nia Long) has to poop real bad and after getting to a gas station she makes it just in time before she has an MONSTER accident. She runs to the bathroom holding her butt and jaime says,"I see something peeking". I wish she did poop on herself. How come the women in movies,when they have to use the bathroom, never have accidents? Like I wished Natalie Portman in "Where the heart is", when she had to pee, had an accident.

Stan( the original )
I logged into the site a few minutes ago, and immediately got the urge ! I went upstairs, pulled down my pants and squeezed. Out it slid, and dropped with a new sound :- BLOOP
I dropped the next one, which was silent, then wiped my bum and flushed. My wife came in as I was pulling my pants up, and I said sorry for the smell, and asked her if she wanted the window opening. She said "yes" I told her I was going to declare it a niff free zone!

How frustrating is it for your partner to let you know about their regular bowel movements without them knowing just how 'interested' you are. For example, this afternoon, i got a text message from my gf on my mobile saying "I just had a massive dump".


Any more stories? I wish I could be as lucky!

I have been married a year and have dated my husband for 5 years. We have never pooped in front of one another. my husband just closes the door so that I don't have to deal with the smell, he's just polite, but not shy. I on the other hand just want us to be able to poop with out having a closed door policy all the time. I have no interest in the sexual part of it, although, he looks cute on the potty. I have busted in on him a few times. We have pooped while the other was in the shower. I have big poop anxiety. I don't like other people hearing me plop and I am a plopper. I usually have to strain or stretch my hole a little from the front to guide it out, but not always. If I am good about drinking wate, I have a really good one. I also only poop like every other day. I am nervous about straining in front of him. We are very close, sex, being naked and peeing in front of each other has never been a problem. We are even trying to have kids which is FUN! But, I want to be abl! e to poop in front of each other without discomfort. I don't feel like everytime we poop the other has to be there. It's a pretty good experience by yourself, especially if we have diarreha. I don't care to see or hear it. I also don't feel the need to have each other see it come out of the hole. I am almost ready for him to watch and hear me if he's in the other room. He thinks I am being sill, he said just poop and leave the door open that it doesn't need to be an evnt. I just want it to be a normal thing. Although I have to say when I read stories about girlfriends pooping in front of their boyfriends it kinda turns me on a little. I respect a lot of the stories. I think wetting and pooping on purpose in your pants is gross, but the b/f g/f stories are cute. Any advice?

Infantry SPC
Leather pants girl- I dunno where I heard it, I heard that if you poop black it isn't good. has any one else heard that. Please don't panic I may have misunderstood who ever said it.

Kim- There are many guys that post here that really want a girl who is open to the subject like you are. Your fiance may be a great guy overall, but if he is going to be a jerk about your bodily functions, then dump him. (no pun intended)

Punk Rock Girl
To Kim-- Well, once again, I have to disagree with just about everyone else on this. Everyone is different. Everyone has different things that either turn them on or gross them out. You cannot (and more importantly SHOULD NOT) attempt to change those things about them. Your fiance is grossed out by shitting, particularly women shitting. He is not comfortble with being seen in the shower by you, or, I asume, being seen on the toilet by you. I hate to tell you, but that's his right. You can't expect someone to change overnight. If something disgusts or upsets him, you have to be respectful of that. Relationships are a two way street. I think he was nastier and meaner than he needed to be in regards to your load being left unflushed, by I can also understand why he got angry. You and he need to learn to compromise. You need to sit don and seriously discuss it. YOu say, sorry, but I'm not an inhibited person when it comes to my bowel functions, and that he needs to! accept that. On the other hand YOU need to be more respectful of his inhibitions. Maybe they seem stupid to you (as they also do to me) but you've got to understand, THEY ARE NOT STUPID TO HIM!!! THat's what people never seem to understand! Something that scares one person may not scare another, but the person who isn't scared needs to be sensistive to the fact that for the scared person, that fear is REAL. Maybe irrational, but still real. It's not his job to change for you. JUst as it's not your job to change for him. You need to find a comfortable middle ground. And one more thing, unlike some of my fellow posters, I do not feel that not wanting to watch you take a dump is enough of a reason to break up with someone. If he's verbally or physically abusive, that's a whole different ball game. But if he's just a tight ass (no pun intended), you need to seriously figure out if PERSONALITY-WISE you two are right for each other. Just talk to him. Urge him to talk! to you. Nothing kills a relationship faster than bad communication. Whether that's in conjunction with shitting in front of each other is irrelevant!!!

Hope things work out for you.



hey to whoever mention divine secrets could you please explain the pooping scene in detail. i have seen the movie, but i don't remember it. thanks

I'm a first time poster and would like to share a story that happened last week. I had been going out with this girl named Karen. She was 23, real skinny(not an unhealthy skinny, but healthy skinny)and real beautiful with long black hair. She was part white and part black, but she looked native american I swear. If you saw her from a distance you would think she was. Anyway, she had just moved in with me two months before this and one day I was sitting in the living room of my apartment watching t.v. and she came rushing in the door. She had on a white blouse and tight blue jeans along with some thong sandals. I asked whats wrong. And she said,"I gotta use the bathroom!" She ran to the bathroom with one hand on her butt and slammed the door. Being curious, I tipped toed to the door and heard nothing but loud farts and poop falling in the toilet. Then the smell started to come out the door. I ran back to the living room and sat back on the couch but moments later the sme! ll started to come out into the living room. Karen stunk like Hell! The whole hallway and living room smelled like rotten eggs. That was some raw shit. I don't know what she ate but after that, I broke up with her. I don't know, maybe I was being shallow. But since she stunk up half of my apartment, I found it necessary.

Hello ppl,
I will be very much pleased if any1 could just clear my doubt.
I were reading some magazines and get to read the synopsis of "Never Been Kissed". I read that there is a scne of Josie taking laxative to reduce weight. Is it true? I haven't watch the movie yet. For those who have watched it , can give detail explanation on the actual scenario. Also include the consequence that happen to her after the laxative intake........TQ

BRYIAN: I think I have seen that commercial before. I think they were trying to sell some kind of remote game controller. Anyhow it was a cool commercial seein a kid gruntin and passin what have you into the toilet while playin his game.

Well nothing really interesting to really report on. Monday about 2:00 I took a dump dropping a 6 log about 2 inches wide. First 4 inches were pretty dark and hard balls put together. The rest of lighter colored and softer. Then that night about 3:00 I took another dump and it was a soft 6 log about 1 wide.


the "HOLD IT" man
Here's a whopper of a peeing story for you. I was out cruising on my bike last night. I was on the Dan Ryan expressway in Chicago, and I had a young lady on the back. Some asshole in a flat-bed cut us off, and almost decapitated us. As I swerved to get out of his way, I cut off a CTA bus and we were almost turned into "road pizze." While this was all going on, I fealt a warm and wet feeling in the seat of my pants that seemed to be coming from directly behind me. I didn't realy think about it that much, then when I got home, I noticed a wet spot in the seat of my pants, and on the passenger seat where the lady I was giving a ride was sitting. Aparently, she lost control and since we were in physical contact, both of us got wet. I put the pants up to my nose to take a wiff and sure enough, it had that smell.

Now for my "hold it" contest idea. As has been noted, we are not al lowed to make personal contacts through this forum so here's my idea. Next Saturday, I am going to see how long I can hold it, how much in militers, the lengh of time I pee as well as the length of time I hold will be posted. I will also devide the militers by the number of seconds and give my rate. They will be posted on Saturday evening.

If any of you are interested, just do like wise. I will look forward to seeing what everyone posts. Up for it anyone??? By the way, this is opened to both men and women. Good luck, and NO CHEATING??


I went to see Mr.Deeds today with my sister and my girlfriend.
During the part when they're flying Deeds to Ny, my sister said she needed to pee. Hearing this, my g/f decides to come along. So we walked to the bathrooms and i waited outside for them to return from there adventures. As i was waiting, I heard many Many REALLY LOUD groans from my g/f (i think)... She sounded pretty constipated. I was very turned on by her groans lol.My sister suddenly walked out and said :"i think your girlfriend has a DOG in her ass! " and she laughed. She started to groan really loudley and finally with AHHHH and UGHHHH!!! A massive plop hit the toilet water! i Heard her say phewww!!!!!!!!.....
She wiped and we were back watching

To Anyone: does anyone know where i can find that animated Britney Spears crapping???

Hey ya.
You know I have been thinking. What foods gets you constipated.I dont I just feel curious.

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