Hey all,
I donít have much to say today. Recently my dumps have been pretty hard and really solid. Takes forever for me to push a few logs out my butt. Yesterday I spent about 45 minutes in the bathroom of a restaurant trying to empty my bowels. It was horrible and after I came out all the restaurant staff where all eyeing me. Otherwise there isnít much to report. I think Seanís trying to ask me out. Heís been acting all weird after that day in the bathroom and hesitates a lot whenever he comes near me. Weíll see what happens.

BRYIAN: Its not a school but more like an art institute. They have this program for teaching kids art, and I kinda applied for a job there. Itís only on one floor and the bathroom was split before but I think they joined it due to some architectural error.

JOHN Q PUBLIC: Youíd certainly impress me if you lifted a garage door and farted in my presence.

LEATHER PANTS GIRL: That must suck not having any paper to wipe while taking a dump on a hiking trail. Hope it doesnít happen to you again

TODD & DIANA: I find the story about Ashley quite funny. Reminds me about a friend I used to have when I lived in Japan. She was Japanese, well half at least and quite a crazy person. Whenever i had to crap, she always asked if I took a dump and if it was nice and stinky and big, and so much detail. Even if it was in the middle of dinner when I had to go drop a load. She was fun, but that was back in 1992 and im 19 now so do the math ;)

KT: I liked both your stories, especially the one about the huge shit in the female barracks. Iíve never been able to lay one straight like that, but im sure the amount I pass, would probably equal that in lenth. Also the the girl squatting next to her truck-thatís 84 inches of turd!!! She must have been constipated for some time cause I know that much canít fit down a normal toilet.

CARMALITA: Hope youíre still here hon. Say hi the rest of the gang for me



Hey you guys!!

I just saw something on the web that relly got me thinking. People that say you are what you eat. You guys are so wrong. I did a experiment on my self I started eating rice only for bout 2 weeks. (nothing else but water). And in the period of 3 days my fart started smelling different. Anyone else see this.

My story
All this week and last week they have been redecorating my house.They have been changing the carpet to tiles now. And since it was wendsnday yesterday I had to take out the garbage. We have 2 bathrooms and my dad was about to take his daily dump, since his bathroom was getting worked on he cae to my bathroom. And while I was taking out the trash I took a peak through the window. I saw him ean over and he let out a woooooy and green poop just fell niagra falls man for lihe a two minutes then he stood up and stated to wipe wich was really funny because he stuck his ass out.When I came inside it stunk so bad and left bg ass skid marks.

I saw that comercial too.

Rex ,Stan, leather pants girl

You guys habe to understan dthat no to people are alike just because
Kim bf dont want to see her shit that dont mean he dont love her or care about her.
Well, I gotz ta go now.

To rob: Liked your did ever one pee and poop in the sea?

To leather pants girl: Thats intresting knicker inspection never heard of it, but of course im from the usa. Liked your story too, did your undies get stained?

To John Q Public: Liked your story about how your farted in front of that woman.

To Jane (outdor Jane): Loved your story, was it daylight when you all poop in the water? And what did you wipe with?

To sherry: Thats horrible you pooped your panties and the teacher inspected every girl, they should have sent your teacher home too for not letting you go poop when you had to go!

To Desmond: Enjoyed your story...maybe that mexican guy took laxitvies like you if he came in 3x.

To tony: Liked your story about your mom, about peeking on her.

Yesterday i posted about the commercial for nintendo and one of my friends that visits her said he thought he saw that here before, has any one ever posted on that commercial before?
And also last night i knew i was forgetting something when i posted about the commercial. A little while later or afterwards i was watching the Discovery channel about 7:30 on sunday night and there was something about a plane that was hijacked for like 8 days in a row and it was in Afganistand and they kept them hostage on the ground. They said they had some food on the plane. Then they talked about having to go to the bathroom and they showed one of the toilets and it was full of poop and toilet paper. It was filled up to the brim. Did any one see this?
Any way i pooped this morning, it was still on the soft side and i wiped 7 or 8 times i guess. Gotta go bye

I like Mondays pic, shes hot :)

Hello to everyone here,

I had another toilet related dream last night. There was a woman visiting my house, I don't know who she was but anyway she went into the bathroom to wash her hands. She took quite then I heard the toilet flush. I realised she must have done a poo. She came out and went to talk to someone else so I went in. To my delight the toilet hadn't flushed properly and all she had done was still in the bowl. There were a lot of stained pieces of toilet paper (light brown) and upon moving them out of the way I found a rather large piece of poo. I picked it up and admired what she had done.

I have been trying to catch up on this msg board since I got back from 2 weeks of vacation. I went over to Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky from Colorado. Got a few stories.

First, in Virginia, I went to the Monticello in Charlottesville. Pretty neat. In the basement of it, there was a outhouse toilet. I got a picture of it. It is interesting that a few of our founding fathers took dumps in there. I also visited the U. of VA campus or in their terms, "The Grounds".I ended up taking a dump there twie since I visited there on two different days. Their equivalent of the Student Union is the Newcome Center. There was an video arcade with TV which happened to have bathrooms. I used those bathrooms and there was some traffic while I took a crap.

Second, I was in Northern Indiana and I was doing some biking. I had to take a dump real bad and there was a small college near to where I was riding my bike at. There were a few college kids near by but unfortunately, no one came in while I was shitting. I couldn't hold it either.

your name Inominate
Some people have been asking about Billy and Kevin L. In post 738, they stated they were aged 10 and 9. I have flicked through some more recent posts, and can't spot them. The date of that post would be about Oct 19th 2001. Perhaps they have grown out of this site, or maybe stopped by parents. Who knows?

To outdoor Jane : That was a great story about you all pooping on the boat trip. I wish I had been sailing by at the time! Here's another outdoor story. I was on holiday a few years ago with a girl friend. we were doing some sightseeing and some rock climbing. One day we did quite a long climb (about 250 metres I think) and there was no easy way down so we had to abseil back down the cliff. She was abseiling first and after a couple of abseils down the cliff the next one finished on a large ledge. Again she went first. When I got to the bottom of the abseil I found that she was squatting down on the ledge with her trousers round her ankles. She must have been desperate to pee for ages because she went on and on peeing for a very long time. Her pee shot out in a very powerful jet over the edge of the ledge and down the cliff. She was embarrassed as she had never peed in front of me before, but I couldn't stop myself from watching her pee falling in a long long arc way down ! the cliff. Luckily there was no-one climbing up towards us. I laughed and said "Do you realise you have just peed down our next abseil pitch?" She wasn't so shy after that though I never got to see her poop. That was the first time I saw a woman pee from really close up, and I found it really exciting. That's all for now. Another time I'll post some of my experiences on holiday in France - where people are far less inhibited about outdoor peeing and pooping than they are here in the UK

I can remember when I was 8, after I started pooping my pants, there was this older kid next door, about 11, who used to ride home from school with me. I mentioned that I had to poop, and that I was going to go in my pants when I got home. He did'nt believe me at first, so I told him to come over when he was done with his homework and I would show him.
When I first got home, I pooped and peed like I usually did, but I saved alot of my poop for when he came over. My mom changed me, as usual, and soon after, he showed up. The first thing he noticed was that I had had a bath, and was now wearing shorts instead of long pants.
We went out to the back yard, over to the side of the house, and I had him look in my pants. Soon, I was pooping again, and I could feel that it was soft and mushy. He put his hand on the bulge from the outside of my shorts, and told me that it felt warm. I asked him what color it was, and he told me orange. Finally, I told him to squeeze it against my butt, which he did.
We played outside for a little while longer, then he went home. I stayed outside for a while, then I felt like pooping again. I went inside and told my mom that I pooped, she cleaned me up and changed me, and I pooped in my clean underwear as soon as she put them on me.

Kim, you need to be kind but firm with your boyfriend. If he's embarrassed about going to the loo in front of you or being present when you go, it could almost certainly spell problems for the marriage. Quite apart from your 'interest' what if he was taken ill and had to be helped to use the toilet or he ended up having to help you?

leather pants girl. I enjoyed your story about pooing yourself at the checkout. Although I've never done it myself, I would imagine that such incidents weren't uncommon.

Annie & Robby. Hi! Enjoyed your latest post. Keep them coming.

Did any UK posters see 'Frontier House' on Channel 4 last night? It was a reality programme about some American families reconstructing life in the 19th century wild west. At one point there was a scene where a young lady demonstrated the art of going outside and peeing standing in the dark. Because of the lighting, you actually saw what she did and it looked like she'd got a good aim!

Also there was a scene in 'Big Brother' where Jade did some farts. I don't know for sure whether it was 'pre poo' farting or not but I think it could have been.

Steve & Louise. Glad the wedding went well? Had any experiences lately to recount?

tony (not Scotland). If your mother does overeat she will need to poo a lot more than would otherwise be the case. Overeating can lead to much more serious problems than having to poo several times a day though, and I would urge you to persuade her to get some help to tackle it before she makes herself seriously unwell.

Best wishes to all


today i saw a kid i know playing in the arcade, he was jumping up and down and he was playing a game. he kept stoppin to grab his front then played again. i knew he was about to burst cause i do that sometimes. i pretended to watch someone play a game while i watched him. he stopped playing and grabed his front and started running, i followed him. he was bending over pushing his hands in his front. then he was walking real funny and looking down at his shorts. then i saw it. the big wet spot start to show. this is when i decided to go talk to him, he was in the middle of peeing his pants when i said hi to him, he looked up at me and said hi, he was real embarrased, i said do you have to pee and he said he is having an accident. i looked at his front and it was soaked now. it was even driping between his fingers and onto the floor. no one else was around cause he was standing behind a soda machine. i said just let go, he said what, and i said you are already soaked so just fi! nish, i grabbed his hands away from his shorts and then he gushed, ran al down his legs, he kept trying to pull his hands back but i held them. i said see it feels better, he said yeah i guess. we played some games together. i ran out of money and he had some dollars in his pocket, they were soaked and the machine would not take them. we took them to the snack bar and asked for change, the lady touched the money and said why is it wet, we didnt say anything then she looked over the counter and saw his wet pants. and she dropped the dollar and said gross, she said i cant take this, go home and clean up. he started crying and ran out, i followed him and he stopped outside by his bike, and was crying, i said dude its ok, and that is when i decided to do it on purpose in public. i said dude look i had an accident to, and i started peeing my pants. i just wanted to go a little but once i started i couldnt stop and i was gushing all over the sidewalk. some old lady walked over and! saw me peeing and said young man you are too old for accidents. i flipped her off, i guess i should have not done that. well he rode home and i went home, mom was waiting and was pissed off, she spanked my but hard and said get up there and clean up, she kept saying im sick of this when i walked up stairs, i pretended i was crying cause it makes her stop spanking sooner. well gotta go, by.

Everyday me and my two friends would walk to the park and go into the public restrooms and take our craps together after we ate lunch. At the park there are three toilets. But the weird thing is that the people who built the bathrooms never put up stalls around the toilets. My friends and i are real open about seeing each other naked. In fact we love it it is our favorite part of the day. So on thursday we walked in and this one lady was standing up bent over peeing in to the toilet. She was about 20, 25 years old. And talk about a great body. Anyway the lady wiped hey pussy as we stared at her crotch and pulled up her thong and pants. The lady walked out and I locked the door behind her and took our seats. The two ladies with me are straight out of college and are unbelieveably gorgeous. It is such a turn on for me to see them bare ass sitting taking nasty smelly craps. Well anyway we usually stay for about 10 miniutes and then wipe front and back (they both stand t! o wipe) and then we leave. I have many more stories if any body wants me to posts them.

Leather Pants Girl. Your British friend is correct.

They wouldn't do this nowadays but when I was at school in the 1960s in Scotland they had strict uniform rules, (dress code), and girls had to wear either plain white or navy blue cotton briefs (knickers) under their skirts when in school uniform. While navy blue was the most common colour, other schools had Bottle Green, Brown or Grey as their colour. For Games and PE of course you had to strip down to your underwear and then any forbidden panties would be seen but sometimes a female teacher or girl prefect could take some girls aside into a room and aske them to lift their skirts to show that they were wearing regulation knickers. One girl in my class got punishment when such a knicker inspection revealed that she had on a pretty pair of pink panties with a floral pattern instead of plain white or navy blue knickers. Of course such a practice would be out of order these days and besides all but private fee paying schools have relaxed uniform rules.

The other type of "knicker inpsection" was when the school nurse came round to inspect children. As part of the examination she looked in our underpants and knickers to see that these were clean.

Kim, give him the elbow. If he is so prudish about your natural functions then he may well be uptight about other aspects of the physical side of life. My husband George would be angry with me if I DIDNT leave my big jobbie behind for him to see if I had done a motion when he wasnt at home!

the man
I loved watching my exwife take a poop on the toilet it was a big turn on for me. Anything my wife did in the bathroom turned me for taking a shower peeing and pooping. Guy that domt find this sexy or a turn on need tohave there heads checked!!!!

love the site keep up the good work people!!!

your name Frankie
Hi All, I enjoy This site reading all kinds of posts and i love pooping in my pants out in public!! Pissing too!! Leatherepants girl hi how are you? just wanted to say hi and love reading your posts , take care everyone will post again soon!! love frankie :)

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone.

I've just had the pleasure of sitting on a public toilet listening to a young guy in the next cubicle really grunting away as he was dropping his turds! Nothing loud, just lots of effort and occasional small plops. Fortunately no noisy distractions as I listened. As he finished and came out, I came out of my cubicle and heard him say to himself as he was flushing;"F---ing 'ell!" Presumably at the tough shit he'd just been doing! I went in and sat on his warm toilet seat, and enjoyed a similar shit of my own, and attended to "other business" as well. The weather here'svery warm at the moment, so that's probably why my turds were small due to being slightly dehydrated. The same for him too, probably.

I've heard a few VERY impressive farts in there recently. One guy was sitting on the toilet the other day doing magnificent loud rip-roaring farts over several minutes, I was really envious!
When he came out he was an oldish guy overweight, and in no way would I consider him a "toilet role model"! Anyway, about 20 minutes later I was still there, and heard the exact same performance again. Really great farts over about 5 minutes and no plops. I really wanted to see who was farting this time, so as he came out, I went towards the cubicle only to see it was the same guy! He probably recognised me and wondered why I was there again, but I was fascinated to know what he'd been eating to make such impressive farts, and keep farting so much!
I see DOC is asking if anyone knows about a recipe book for producing good farts, so I too would appreciate finding out what the ingredients are in the diet to make such great music!
Today, a guy was next door to me reading, or shuffling some papers, than all at once this incredibly loud reverberating fart!
Mine are hardly ever that good, but there's some brilliant ones geting done in there lately so I'd like to sound as good. I know I can drop really loud turds sometimes, so now for some loud farts!
While I'm at it, I'd like to leave really good skid marks in the toilet When I've finished! What's the secret formula for that?

ZIP, Thanks for responding about the website, but as you've not used a search engine to find it, naturally you're not able to give me any clues! The internet is a vast place, so even if I can't find it, there may be others equally interesting that I discover.
I've tried search engines using words such as toilet,restroom, shit, crap, farts, and all the other words that you'd expect to bring some results, but there's a collossal amount of boring stuff that only has a passing reference to the subject, and a lot of what I find revolting stuff that's very scatological.
Well' it's out there somewhere, I found this forum by accident so I might find something soon!

Does anyone know know how I can use search engines without the subject I've entered showing up every time I start a word with the same initial letter on my next search? eg. If I type in TOILET for a search, the next time I search for something beginning with T, The word toilet will show as an Auto-complete. If someone's with me at the time, this might be embarrassing, especially as SHITTING is there on the S list!
Any ideas? Good toileting to everyone, P. Plop Guy

Hello to the other Tony!

I have been posting here for a few years now and have similar experiences and interests to you. Have look back through Old Posts.

Like you I had an interest in my mum's toilet habits as you put it, going back to when I was a kid some 40 odd years ago in Scotland. My mum wasnt very overweight but a big woman, quite ???? and I wouldn't say she over-ate but she did have a healthy appetite. Also like many women in her 40s at that time she tended to be slightly constipated and only had a bowel movement or motion as we would say about 3 or 4 times a week. When she did have a dump it was a large solid motion producing big, long fat jobbies (turds) some so large that they took several flushes to go away and I often saw these stuck in the toilet pan when I went into the toilet after she had done a motion.

Like you, Tony, I also knew when she was going to have a motion as she would fart quietly but making a strong fecal smell, a "phut" noise and would pat her ????, often saying, "Im off to the toilet for a motion". Id wait till she was in the toilet and listen outside the door to the sounds, the tinkle as she did a wee wee then the PLIP! PLOP! PLONK! sounds of the small hard balls she did to begin with followed by her straining NN! UH! OO! then KUR-SPLOONK! KA-PLONK!, KER-SPOOL-LOOMP! as she passed her big jobbies, long, fat turds which had accumulated over the previous couple of days.

Although she pulled the flush, it was weak jet and often her turds would be left behind in the pan and Id see the fat knobbly brown jobbies. Do you ever see what your mom has passed? Is it big solid logs or soft stuff?

There wasnt a crack in our toilet door and looking through the keyhole only gave me a restricted view and I could only see her big white cotton briefs, knickers, at the top of her thighs as she sat on the toilet.

Punk Rock Girl, I read that Suzy Quatro did a poo in those famous leather trousers when she was taken short on stage. I also think a female tennis star did this in her white panties at Wimbledon and one female competator filled her panties in the London Marathon this year. During the World Cup they showed a footballer sitting on the substitutes bench, and hitching up the leg of his shorts to have a pee. I wonder what footballers do if they need a poo while playing? Are some of the substitutions caused by a player signaling his coach that he needs to come off or his smart white shorts will be two tone brown and white? Has anyone tales of sports knickers. panties and underpants filling accidents or even suffered one themselves?

Hi STEVE (& LOUISE of course!)

Your account of the netball team's antics was almost intimidating! I can see how this lot are extremely high-powered ladies and when they 'slip the leash of propriety' they are a sight to behold! (Loved your beach reminiscences too!) The house-party after the hen-night was the kind of expeerience to savor -- who knows when or if one like that will ever come again? There again, maybe it's just as well if it doesn't -- you're a married man now!

Thanks for your description of Louise on your wedding day -- a stunner, for sure! I guess if I'd had the honor of being a bride'smaid I'd have been part of *all* those carryings-on!

Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures (been a bit scarce here lately, myself -- I've not had many chances to swing by...) and to hearing how Louise's modelling went.

ANNIE & ROBBIE -- Hi there! Sorry I've not been around. Yes, Annie, whizzing at the stand-up porcelain is a lot of fun, but you're braver than me if you actually want to be seen! It's an occupational hazard, but I seem to have the luck of the devil in using men'srooms undisturbed, with the few occasions when I've been walked-in on having been easily managed. If you do wet a wall, be sure to tell us about it, I'll be reading with great anticipation!

CARMALITA -- Hola, honey! Long time no hear indeed! I loved the story of your camping trip, and all those fabulous squats and stands. Renee's & Angie's demo of the big frontal arc was amazing, I bet a few folks got ideas they never had before! Did any other women want to try it afterward? It sounds like life is a lot of fun, and I hope you keep it that way!

I've had a few interesting wees lately -- a few days ago I went through to the loo in the morning for my first wee of the day and I had bare feet. The floor was cold so when I sat down I lifted my feet out in front of me with my panties and leggings round my ankles. As I sat there weeing I started to chuckle as I was struck rather whimsically by how much I looked and felt like a little girl who's feet won't touch the floor!

And just earlier I had a good one. I had prettied-up for the evening, a black mini and black stilettos, with a blood-red stretch sweater -- scarlet woman, and all that! Well, I flipped my mini up around my waste, drew my black lace thong to just above my knees and bent into the hovering position to drop my stream into the bowl. When hovering I usually rest my elbows on my knees for balance and to relax, and I found myself thinking how it's not so easy to balance (while giving a 'taller' shot) in 4 1/2 inch heels! I guess Louise knows exactly what I'm talking about!

Greetings to all my friends -- Ina, Kendal, Ephermal, Sari & Meghan (love all you gals!) -- and Kimmie & Scott about whom I'm really worried...

I'll look back regularly, promise!

All my best,


Plunging Plop Guy
Hi again!

Just heard an interesting snippet on the radio; According to a biography of the late Louis Armstrong, he used to give photographs of himself on the toilet to people he met!
Also, any visitors to his house were always given a laxative and which he encouraged them to drink up!

Staying at a friend's house about 5 years ago, he took several photographs of me in different rooms, sitting at a piano, standing in the garden etc. I jokingly asked if he'd take one of me on the toilet and he said yes. I was surprised as they were not polaroid so he'd have to have them developed at a shop. He wasn't bothered, and so I sat on the toilet with head down, he took the shot, and took the film to be developed! I suppose if anyone's not embarrassed of having people on toilet pictures seen by photographic shop people, and it's not pornographic, then perhaps others have done the same!
However, according to British law, a photograph of someone with a turd sticking out is classed as pornographic, so it's best to avoid taking that sort of film to get developed professionally.

Not heard from BUZZY lately. Are you still there?

All for now, P. Plop Guy


To Tony:
Yes I knew I wasnt the only one. I went to an all-boy secondary school, so that possibly accounts for some of my inhibitions regarding women. I dont particularly want to see other people on the toilet, nor what they have produced, but I am proud of my own creations and I like other people to be impressed by them. I rather envy your open relationship, and I hope one day to be in a similar position.

To Laura:
Thanks for the comments. It is reassuring to know that there are women out there who enjoy watching a man doing his business. I am 25 and have been with my present gf for nearly a year. She is very cute and petite, and I am very fond of her. I would love to be able to progress to the sort of situation you describe, but I really dont want to put her off. She has made comments about the amount I eat, and the size of my arse (the two are related!) and I suspect she is suggesting I ought to go on a diet. If she were to see the size of my dumps she would be totally grossed out - I probably do 10 times the amount of poo she does.

I did go for an outdoor poo yesterday, on the way home from work. I held on in anticipation as it was such a warm day here, and I went to a local beauty spot, parked up and went into the woods. There were quite a few people about, enjoying the fine day, so I was careful where I went. I found a place behind some bushes, dropped my shorts and pants and began laying my logs. I had a big load to get rid of and it took quite a while, during which time two people walked past within ten feet of me. I had my back to the path so I couldnt tell whether I was seen or not (I rather hope I was). I left a good big pile and used only two sheets of tissue, and as I left the bushes, there was a woman walking past with her dog. She must have known what I had been doing - I still had the toilet roll in my hand. I hope she was tempted to have a look!

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

To Kim- Im sure most guys (and the ladies as well for that matter) here will agree that your bf is kinda a dope. Anyone that uptight about bodily functions has to be rather dull in other ummm more intimate areas. You might wanna reconsider whether this is really the man you wanna marry. I would count myself lucky to have a lady as unihibited and open as you.

Hi toilet fans
Here is the concluding part to my Penzance story

We got to pauls house around 8.30 pm that evening.we got talking and he said so ian, you get of watching lads shit. I said yes very much so, he said cool, i was realy turned on shitting while you watched me.He then said im curious and want to see what happens to a lads arse hole when they shit.I said you can watch me when i need to go.So the rest of the evening we spent watching tv,playing games and having fun.

We both got undressed down to our boxers and went to bed.As paul got into bed he let out a ripping fart and the smell was a kind of boyish shit smell.I was well turned on by this, he said ill properly need to poop again in the morning.I Thought to myself great a repeat performance.
During the night we were both ripping out some loud and smelly farts and the bed must of smelt like a sewer.
Around 9 am we got up, paul said do you want a cup of tea? i said yes please, so he got out of bed and walked out of the door,as he did so he let out another ripping fart,he turned round to me and said ive got a good load brewing up there.
He came back and brought our tea, as we were drinkig this it was my turn and i let out a ripping fart,i said to paul i think you will be in luck this morning.He said cool lets get some brekkie to help move things along.So we both eat ready brek, bacon,eggs,tomatoes,baked beans,and sausage followed by two cups of tea. After this we were both bursting as our bowels and bladder were full.we were both in boxers and a t shirt. Paul said come on then it,s time ive got to go.So i followed him into the bathroom and he let out another smelly fart.He said how are we going to do this, i said turn around and face the toilet seat, so he took of his boxers and did this i was standing up with a bulge in my boxers.I could see his beautiful little arse in close up now,i said to him lift up your arse a bit which he did,so i now could see his arse hole in close up.He farted again and it quivered ,all of asudden from his dick he let out a torrent of piss,it must of been about a minute.
Then he farted again and said hey lad here it comes, i watched as his anus slowly started to dome out and i could see the tip of his turd, slowly it got bigger and i could see the corn in his shit.It was a big. log must of been about 8 inches but soft and perfectly formed,it dropped into the bowl with a loud splash and then his anus domed out again and another good sized log oozed out of his anus and thumped into the bowl, then he farted one more time and his anus domed out and a smaller tail end of a turd dropped into the bowl As you can imagine iwas in a high state of excitement at the time. As is shit was quite soft it was a bit messy aroud his arse hole and the smell was quite strong (but this doesn,t bother me) He said hey lad do you want to wipe my arse? Isaid ok so i wiped his arse , it took me about seven wipes and i finished of with a moist one,he got of the toilet and said what did you think of that? I Said it was well horney,he said come on lad it,s your turn! . I have to admit i was getting desperate now so i assumed the same posistion and took my boxers of,paul all ready had a bulge in his boxers so i could see he was going to enjoy this, first of all i let out a torrent of piss,and then i said to paul here it comes, i could feel it starting to stretch my hole open. i will now describe this as paul saw it. He said hey lad your shit has got corn in it,and your log is pretty big harder than mine but just as smelly, i had,nt finished and another log was exiting my anus,i could here him moaning ,so i knew what he was doing.After the second log i was done and i said its your turn to wipe my arse, he said yeagh no problem so he did mine wasn,t as messy so he only used 4 wipes and a moist one.I Got of the toilet and we both looked out our loads ,the toilet was literally full of shit,it took two flushes to get it all down.
The rest of the day we spent together and we pissed together a few times, but pooping is the main turn on, we exchanged mobile no,s and said our farewells but we planned to meet up again in the summer.

i was at fat boy slim's free beach party (big beach boutique) yesterday, it was a really great gig hundreds of thousands of people everywhere, and a few toilets scattered around the sea front.
So instead of trundling up the beach, everyone (much to amzement, and enjoyment) everyone went in the sea! the lads walked in, got it out and went, and the ladies just squatted in the water and let loose!! it was a sight!
From Rob.
P.S that was my first post, and (hopefully not last!)
P.P.S was anyone else at the Big Beach Boutique?

Kim: sorry to hear your bf acting like a jerk. Are you sure you want to be with someone who can't share this with you? I wish I had a gf like you who was open about it. I would love to watch you shit. Nothing turns me on more than seeing a big firm log slide slowly out of a pretty bulging anus. Your story reminds me of a girl I dated who after a meal burped. She said it was customary to burp after a good meal to show your appreciation-i suggested she fart then too-she laughed and said ahe couldn't but that her farts smelled like roses-then in a moment of honesty and letting down her guard she laughed and said, no they don't, the stink just as abad as yours!

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