leather pants girl
TO kim Kim if your thinking of marrying this guy, think long and hard he sounds like he has serious problems, sorry you asked for input.

I have a question for the posters from england. At work we have a woman from england she has been telling me about when she was at school they had knicker inspections is this true or is she just having some fun with me, personally i would never lift my skirt to a teacher for something like that, this was in the sixtys it seems.

Out at the store today and while standing in line i carelessly let a fart go it was just a silent one but WOWWWWWW!!!!!! stinky, i farted again and as i did i felt a small hard piece of poo drop into my panties. i paid for my grocerys and quickly made my way to the stores washrooms luckily i only had one bag of grocerys, got into the stall dropped my white short shorts (calvin kline) and pulled my black panties down and out dropped a small ball allmost black poo right onto the floor. I sat down, peed and farted one more time this one was a loud one, i wiped and left the stall i never bothered to pick up the poo, kinda weird eh it didnt feel like i had to poo.

Kim, If your fiance is so uptight that he cannot bring himself to be more open about private functions, GET RID OF HIM. At the level of your relationship, you should be able to discuss and do anything in front of each other. From personal experience, I can say that you're better off breaking it off now, because you will only become more and more miserable.

John Q Public
Hi Kim:

Goint to the bathroom is still considered by most people, especialy Americans, to be a 'taboo' subject, and is to be done in total privacy. It's good that you can be more opened about such matters them most, and I am trying to open up a bit more, but I find it very hard to deficate infront of people, of either sex. I did once relieve my bladder in front of a woman once, but I still have to have the door shut when I crap. It's just my conditioning.

I wrote about an experience I had with a young lady assistant who was seemingly more concerned about being a victim of a crime then she was about the embarrassment of having to pee. I wrote the story in an earlier thread. I could not help but to think that young lady was a bit more sophisticated then most people I know, including myself.

I certainly wish you luck in any case.

To the HOLD IT man. Your idea about a contest of holding your bladder is an interesting one. I wonder how we would do against my assistant? I might be interested in such a contest, but I would perfer to have it in equaly mixed contestants (male and female)

To Kim: Liked your story..thats too bad your fiance isn't into pooping like you.

To RyanS and The HOLD IT Man : I don't think i'd be able to hold any thing cause when i have to go, i gotta go!

To Leather pants girl: I enjoyed your hiking story, why didn'y you use leafs? Some kid was told to do that in a movie i saw yesterday, see my last post.

To Linzey: Enjoyed your story..sorry about your accident. I was at a clothing store the other day and i was wondering what happened if someone shit someone elses clothes while they were trying them on. now i know...but i never had a chance to post that untill now. I liked your other story too.

To Cloud: Ya Ya sisterhood seemes intresting now that you mentioned the pooping sceene.

To Darius: Im not that big of a guy, im 21 y.o, 5"3 and i weight 160lbs. Thanks for liking my stories. I don't know how i got that log out but i did. Maybe i was over exageration, it wasn't the exact measure of my log, its what i estimated it was. It could have been smaller close to 2" wide, i don't know. Thanks for liking my stories!

To KT: Loved your story about that girl pooping at the pull off area!. Loved your other story about being in the marines, thought it was funny that they asked who's log it was and what they ate.

To Punk Rock Girl: Theres a website out there with an animated file of Britney spears pooping. It's cool. Loved your story too, so have you seen your boy friend on the toilet?

To Doc: Sounds like a cool cook book, never heard of it.

To Todd & Diana: Liked your story

To Laura: Liked your story about your B/F

To Dork: Liked your story about that guy

To Meredith: Liked your pooping that a unisex bathroom? Is that an elemenatary school?

To Russell S. (AR): I'll check a few pages back..maybe i missed something or you are wrong.

To gay lad: I liked your story..what have you been eating? to poop all that?

I pooped last night right before bed it was another 7 or 8" log about about 1 or 2 inches wide. It sorta curved around and almost looked like a "C". It was fairly soft and stuff. Wiped like 10x. Then i went to bed and i woke up around 5am to pee, really had to pee and it was almost clear. Then i get back in bed and decided to watch tv for a bit and about 5:30am i had another urge to poop. This time it was really soft and just soft chunky floaters. Gotta go bye.

John Q Public
Speaking of embarrassing situations, I thought I might as well tell you all about the time I embarassed my self by farting. There was this DROP DEAD GORGEOUS divircee who moved into a house in my old neighborhood in Chicago. A bunch of my bruds and I were hanging around and decided to try to "impress" this woman. The oportunity arised when she was having trouble getting her garage door opened. (not too many garages had automatic openers in those days) Anyway, I eagerly jumped in and saig "here let me help you with that." The door came right up, and I farted so loud they heard all the way in Kankakee. Thie lady certainly looked "impressed" to say the least.

So much for being a Macno Man.

I'm posting for the 2nd time today..saw something intresting just now. I was watching tv and i came across one channel, i think it was MTV and it was a commercial. There was this 10 year old boy sitting on the toilet shitting and he was playing nintendo. Has any one seen this before? This was my first time i've seen it. I was totaly shocked to see something like that. Thought it was cool and funny. It sorta reminds me of Jimmy and the other kids that get involved on the net or playing video games and they don't wanna stop to go poop. This kid was in the bathroom and the video game was right out the door. This reminded me when i was a kid i'd be in my moms room and move the tv and watch tv. Usally only did this when i was alone in the house.
I thought there was something else i wanted to say but i forgot, think im just excited about the commercial i just saw! And i was probably thinking about that movie i saw yesterday.
I think i just remembered what i had in my mind, i was watching CNN earlier and i could have sworn i heard about a Florida woman who was arested for killing her son or abusing him or something.Out of the blue i hear them say something about soiling his pants. I was picking my nails when i heard it so i wasn't listing closely, has any one heard about these 2 things??

Jane (outdor Jane)
Hi, everybody. I love this story at this forum from all of you. Keep up with more stories about peeing and pooing, like them all but the best is outdoor stories. But here is a new story from me:

Me, my sister and my mom (and not my friend who use to be with us) was out at the sea in our boat. Me and my sister be a'gree before we should out to the sea that we should eat much long before we should at the boat trip so we must shit when we was in the boat. After 60 minutes in the boat we know we needed to poop. We knew that mother axept our pooing interest and how we did it. We decided to get totally naked and poo. First I go out in the water and my sister sat squatting at the end of the boat. I was out in the water and saw my sister poo in the water. It was very funny cause I saw here right in her ass when she did it like the last story in the wood. She pee to. After a couple of poo my sister jumped out in the water. I dive under the sea (we was a'gree about that before) and I don't close my eyes and saw her shitting under the water. While we both was in the water i do my poo in the water to while my sister dive under to see it. I got up in the boat and squatted t! here at the end like my sister and poo and pee. It was very exciting for us both. Maybe it was littlebit exciting to mom to cause she has never (before this time) watch us naked after we get finished ma'ture our pussys with hear and biger boobies. After I have pooed from the boat into the water we get out in the water again. When we bathe our mother says "watch out, I must poop" (I don't know if she has the same interest like us or if she just needed) we swim closer beside the boat at each our side so we could see her doing her things right in the middle of us. It was a very nice watch i Think it is first time in my life I have seen my mother do it. We get up and wiped our asses with mother and we drive home again. We told it to my friend and she said she will do it to later at the summer. We don't know when we shall do it again with my friend. Thats all folks! Keep up with more stories and I am glad if you want to write some more outdoor stories and thanks to all of them wh! o has write such a story.


I mguess I was around 7 years old, and in the second grade, when I pooped in my panties at school. I had to go, and asked to be excused, but since the teacher didn't allow more than one girl and one boy to be excused at the same time, I had to wait. The other girl took too long, ad I wound up filling my panties. It wasn't real messy, and I might have gotten away with it, but I had to go sharpen my pencil, and some poop fell out of my panties onto the floor. The teacher found it and asked who had messed themselves. I didn't say anything, so she took all of the girls into the bathroom and checked our panties while the janitor checked the boy's pants. I got caught and sent home. It was very embarassing having to lift my dress and having my teacher find it was me.

24 year old white guy
last week I had not shit in like four days. I like to shit everyday and I had sit down several times and grunted for a while but nothing came out. I finally decided I needed some help. I went to Wal-Mart and bought some Equate laxative pills. I took 2 and went to bed. I woke up at midnight and sat on the toilet for a while but nothing happened so I took 2 more. the next morning I got up and still nothing! I decided to do an enema, which of course had me running to the toilet and exploding! Later that day I went shopping and naturally it was that time that he laxatives started working! I enjoy sitting on the toilet in public places, listening and occasionally taking a dump. I went to one store and was shopping and got really strong cramps. I left my basket and ran to the bathroom. I sat down and farted real loud and shot out some liquishit. I was crampin real bad. After about 30 mins I decided I was done. i went to Best Buy and it happened again! I ran in ! and sat down and litterally exploded over and over. I was on the toilet at Best Buy for an hour! Several guys came in during this time so I got the double pleasure of severe crampy shits myself and getting to listen to other guys go. One guy came in three times. I saw him through the crack and he was a really handsome Mexican guy. The first time he sat down and just sighed a few times and left. the second time he farted a lot and grunted. But the thrid time he sat down I heard a long stream of runny stuff drain out of him. He did this about 4 times and then wiped (not real good) and left. He was wearing jeans and white boxers. I date mainly Latinos and have noticed that they seem to be very open about shitting and seem to do it a lot and really enjoy it. Any other comments on this?

Sunday, July 14, 2002

GAYLAD-Glad to hear you like my stories. Unfortunately, I can't post the URL here to the website with videos of guys dumping. You might try just doing a websearch using a search engine, but I really haven't seen this particular site come up anywhere. I originally found it in the back of a free Los Angeles area gay magazine, but they stopped advertising in it a few years ago. I've never seen it anywhere else since.

PLUNGING PLOP GUY-Same response above in terms of finding the website. It has some pretty cool stills of guys on the can, though.
As for your other question, I'm not surprised about some guys not wearing underwear under their pants, only that whenever they are shown on TV or movies taking a dump on the toilet, it look like they aren't wearing any. None is usually visible around their legs. I figure that for some reason underwear would make it look too realistic. Like someone is actually crapping. I just figured that since most of us wear underwear and pull it down to dump, it would follow logically that you'd see the actor's undies as well when he's dumping. Or maybe they don't want to choose between boxers and briefs. Just an observation!

Robby and Annie
Hello Fellow Toidyteers!
We are back for the time being. Here is a little story from the past. Sue, Annie, Alan, and I were spending a holiday in Florida. We were out playing a round of golf and Sue started looking rather anxious. Annie went over and pointed to some trees. Mind you, this was when many people were playing. Sue, who couldn't care who saw her pulled down her trousers, squatted, and released a strong stream of wee. Alan and I were a bit embarrassed. People kept looking her way but didn't do anything. Suddenly two women came over to where she was and Sue thought she was cooked. They said hi, smiled, and squatted beside her. It was a like a conversation at tea with those women. Annie, who was standing there squatted and weed with them. I thought it was hilarious. 4 women weeing all in a row with foursomes walking by and waving. I thought I had seen everything. They all finished weeing and we finished our round. We met those women and their husbands in the clubhouse for a drink. Annie ! and I still corresponde with those couples.

****STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi friends! Steve, I'm sorry if I was so blunt about Sue "shitting her brains out". She did have a roaring case of diarrhoea that night. She was a lot better the next day and our honeymoon was a great experience as was our marriage. Annie and I wish you and Louise the same happiness. Louise, we hope your modeling went ok. Take care! Lovexx from Robby and Annie
****TODD AND DIANA: Hi friends! We are waiting with baited breath until the birth of the twins. We are so thrilled. Diana, some people can be so idiotic sometimes about bodily functions and then they have to "eat their words". Lovexxx from Robby and Annie
****MERE: We are glad you are back. Stay with us! Robby and Annie
****EPHERMAL: Hope you are ok! Keep eating bread and bran flakes so your dumps will be easier. Hugs and Lovexx from Robby and Annie

LOVE AND HUGS TO: Nieces Kendal and Ellen Nephew Andrew-we hope you return soon!, Ina- Hi there!!, Rizzo- we know you are on the boat, Jane and Gary-hi, PV-how are things in Adelaide?, Carmalita and family, Tim and Sarah-are you back and alright?, LindaGS, Jeff A, Kimmie and Scott, Adrian, David(Germany), Diva-how is the singing?, Meghan and Sarah-hi sweethearts, hope you are ok!, Ellie and Little Lou-write when you can!



i've always had an interest in my mom's toilet habbits. if anyone shares this interst, please let me know

anyway, my mom's very overweight, and because she overeats most of the time, she has to visit the toilet at least 3 times a day to releave her self.

there's a crack in the bathroom door, and everytime she goes in there, i have a habbit of checking out what she does.

once she pulls down her panties and rests herself on the seat, she rubs and sqeezes her fat stomach from side to side, until she lets out a few very wet and loud farts. she never fails to moan out a great sigh of relief!

then, as her turds start to fall, she lifts herself up, spreading her butcheecks apart. then i can hear her mutter to herself about how she shouldn't eat so much because she's having to incovinience herself so many times a day.

she's also got the habbit of smelling her panties while she poops. after some investigation, i discovered that she very often pisses all over her panties, and has deep brown crap marks on it, probably because she just can't be bothered wiping herself very well evertime she has to go.

all these habbits really interest me, and everytime mom has a huge meal and rests on a chair touching her stomach, i get really worked up because i know that another viewing session is only minutes away.

anyone have interests like this?? please post.

Hi everyone. I am really enjoying reading everyone's stories. I have to tell you what happened last night. My fiance is not open at all when it comes to shitting or anything like that. He won't even let me in the bathroom when he takes a shower. I have always been open about it with past relashionships, so I have trouble understanding why, after two years, he still acts this way. Anyway, last night he asked me to do something in the kitchen for him and suddenly a pain shot through my belly and I became flushed and hot. I said ,"I can't, I have to go to the bathroom!" and he said, "Oh, when Kim has to shit, the whole world has to stop!" Like he didn't believe me. I ran to the bathroom, pulled down my panties and released my bowels. The scent was horrible, but I felt sooo much better. I got up and wiped and looked into the toilet to see what I had produced. It was a mushy pile at the front of the bowl, not even really in the water and a 6" soft log. Then, I decided that I wo! uld not flush it right away and let him walk in and see it for spite. I walked through the living room laughing to myself. A while later he said, "Kim, what the hell? Can't you flush the toilet! You are so nasty. You stink. That is sooo lady like. What do you do, sit on the front of the toilet so it won't go in the water? ( Cause my pile was toward the front of the bowl) You're not normal. Women don't shit like that!" He was actually pissed and all turned off by it. I was like, " What do you think women shit, Flowers?" It was meant to be sort of a joke and it ended up hurting my feelings cause he was so rude about it. I told him, if he wants to be married, he can't be all turned off by natural things like going to the bathroom. Do any of you have any input on this. When I was married before,I could shit in the bathroom with my husband in there with me. Why is he so uptight? Anyway, have a great day everyone! :)

Original post by The HOLD IT Man
Anyone here ever have a 'hold it' contest? I'm talking about peeing.

IMO, I wouldn't be able to stand trying to hold in my pee. Too unconfortable for me. I could hold my crap in for a week if I was dared to or if it was a contest. but definately not peeing. Ofcourse I guess for some ppl it might be the opposite.


John Q Public
After having read alot of these stories, there is one thing that I need to tell people. Seeing a woman pee is something that I enjoy, but the thing I realy enjoy more then anything is the way it sounds. I live hearing that hiss that a woman makes when she realy has to pee and finaly gets a chance.

Are there any web sites that have sound bites of women peeing? Just curious.

Leather pants girl
Too randi. Hi girl iam lesbian too. good luck with your g/f.

To pooping panties girl. Hey "girlfriend" where are you?

To kevin from calgary. HEYYYYY have not seen anything from you either.

OK enough of that, on to my story. Took a beautifull poo today behind a tree on a hiking trail, i had gone hiking by myself it was very hot so i was wearing short shorts (denim) white lace panties bikini style and a T shirt And a white bra. It was late in the day and i was hot and very sweaty (ok girls glissen i know)anyway i was getting that feeling in my stomach and i knew i would have to poo soon.

I figured i would not make it back to the start of the trail where the loos were (an english friend taught me that expression cool ehhhhhh)so i figured i better find a quite place to drop my shorts and panties.

I carried on walking for a while and all the time i felt my poo slowely inching its way to my back door i now was getting what i call a turtel head i quickly looked around for a place to poo found a nice big tree (not an easy task in alberta) and run behind it just as i started farting up a storm, i undone my shorts pulled them down with my panties and quickly squatted down allmost at once a big thick light brown smelly poo dropped to the ground and another and another, i made a kind of grunting noise as another big poo slid out HOLY SH-- it stunk PHEWWWWWW thank god for the breeze that was blowing.

I squatted for a bit longer, then i begun to pee leaving a wet stream in the dust, i farted once more and grunted one more time as another poo much smaller now reluctently dropped to the ground, and i was finally finished exept for----- AHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO no kleenex F--- i searched in my pockets (all two of them)nothing i looked in my back pack nothing???? i closed my eyes and shook my head nice one girl real smart i thought.

I remembered i cleaned out my back pack a week ago and i guess i forgot to put back the poo paper DUHHHH!!!!!!. SOOOOOO i pulled up my shorts and panties without wiping and finished off my hike. i never bothered using the loo in the car park, whats the point my panties were stained now anyway.

Well got back home took off my shorts and panties, my panties were stuck to my bum and really smelt, took a shower, then put my poopy panties in the wash.

In the movie 'The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, there is a scene where three children are sick. One of the children has pooed in her bed, and it shows the girl lying face down (I think face down) and her poo - filled p.j's and sheets. The single mom, who has to deal with all this, later steps in the poo.

I used to have hold-it contests all the time, and often ended up peeing myself because I didn't want to give up, but they were never with guys.

Bryian: I've just been re-reading fairly recent posts. I notice in one that you did a turd 3" thick x 8" long. I was trying to imagine this turd and measured a 200 gram coffee jar in my kitchen. It is 3" across x 8" high! I thought, "How did Bryian get a log the size of this coffee jar out of his ass?" I could never have passed such a whopper. 1.5" tends to be my thickest logs and anything approaching 2" leaves my hole sore for days. As for length, that's not the problem - as I do anything from a collection of balls up to 12" or even more. Perhaps you are a much bigger guy than I imagine you to be. How tall are you and what is your weight? I really like your stories so much.
Gotta go now.

Punk Rock Girl
Randi-- Thanks for the advice and your concern for my buttocks. I will check into those pads!

To "L"-- I've haven't heard that Kirsten Dunst shit her pants on the set of Spider-Man, though it's entirely possible, even if you're not afraid of heights. Just that motion could be enough, maybe. I've heard Britney Spears shit her pants back stage during a concert. I have no idea if it's true, but I heard it. The only shitting-the-pants story I know to be true is when Screamin' Jay Hawkins got locked in a coffin onstage, and they couldn't get it open. He then did shit his pants and the show had to be postponed an hour while he cleaned up. That's gotta suck!

Last night, I stayed at my boyfriend's place. He has a nice big bathroom. So while he was brushing his teeth, I went into the bathroom to pee, which I often do. I pulled my sweatpants and thong down and sat on the toilet next to him. He finished brushing as I was peeing, then he stopped and just looked at me on the toilet. I looked at him and smiled (feeling a little self-conscious). He crouched down and gave me a kiss which for some reason got me really, REALLY turned on. It had a lot to do with me being on the toilet. We ended up making out in the bathroom, me on the toilet with my pants around my ankles, for bout ten minutes. Then he got up and went in the bathroom. I finished peeing, wiped, flushed and washed my hands and joined him in the bedroom. I asked him why he felt the need to make out with me on the crapper and he said, "Don't think I'm a perv, but I think you look really cute sitting on the toilet." I smiled super big and we, well, had a really n! ice time for a couple of hours.

I'm so excited that he's turned on by this. I always suspected, but this is the first time he came out and said it. I told him that's cool, I'm not the least bit freaked. I'm actually kind of jazzed. He was happy about tht. Going to the bathroom in front of him will never be the same now! Yay!!!!!



There used to be a book called the I Love To Fart Cookbook... anyone here know if it's still in print? The author wrote about recipes he perfected which would cause the most farting... recipes he called Turkey Talkback Stuffing, Rumble Seat Salad, & Neanderthal Bison Blaster, etc.

BTW I am also a fan of belching loudly and whizzing outdoors... hey, I own a business & I can do as I please. :-) Also am intrigued by pooping women who like to sit in their own womanure.

Todd & Diana
Annie, Robby, Sarah S, and Meghan- Hey, We are doing just fine and were counting down the days until the babies are born. We wish soo much that you could be there when it happens. Lots of Lovexxxxxxx Todd and Diana!

Well a new story for you all. The other day my best friend Amber had thrown me a baby shower. Well we were well into the shower when I had the urge to take a huge dump. So I excused myself from the shower and headed for Amber's bathroom. So I went in and sat on the toilet and picked up a magazine and started to read. I had farted at least 8 times and then began to let loose an long pee. Then I felt a massive log move out slowly with farting almost non stop. So about 20 minutes later I was finished and sprayed the bathroom and then walked out. As soon as I walked out of the bathroom there is one of Amber's friends, her name is Ashley and she went off on me. "Did you take a dump"? "Did you take a huge one"? Then Amber said to her, "Everybody has to go and dump sometime, just leave her alone" So about 1/2 hour later we were going to play a game but we were looking for Ashley but nobody could find her. So I said I will be right back. I noticed that The bathroom door was slig! htly open and the light was on. So I opened the door and there is Ashley a sitting duck on the toilet reading a magazine and farting and peeing the same time. Then she looked at me and then she let loose a huge dump and farted again. She said that she was sorry and I forgave her. Well that it for now and tell us what you think. Lots of Lovexxxx Todd and Diana!

ROB - We heard about that big beach party and how it got too busy because it had about 4 times as many people go as they thought it would. Hey I missed a lot then if I wasn't there because I like watching guys have a wee. If the girls were squatting in the water and weeing then I would have enjoyed doing that too. I think I would have squatted facing inland. Did the girls squat looking away from the land? I am asking that because if they were the other way round then maybe guys could see between their legs when they were doing it. I bet guys looked away from the land when they were doing it and I would have been disappointed if I could not see.

LEATHER PANTS GIRL - Hi! Well my school never had knicker inspections, but I heard something like that when I was little and really I never knew if the girl who told me was just joking with me.

KIM - Well if you are happy being with your fiance then it is your choice, you know, but I think a lot of the other posters are so right saying you need to carefully think about if he is really right for you. You know I am really happy being with my husband because I can have so much fun with him about going to the toilet. He likes watching me and he even wipes me when I have been. My mum was really open with me about things like the toilet, so when Steve liked watching me have a wee I felt really really excited and pleased too. You know if your guy will not even let you in the bathroom with him when he has a shower then I bet he is not a very good lover either. I often wee in the bath and shower with Steve and I often make love to him in there so it maybe you should think about if you will be happy living without things like that, but I do not know because your fiance could be nice in other ways. It is up to you, you know, but I would not be happy with a guy like yours.
Love Louise xx

ROBBY AND ANNIE - Hi! Thank you, yeah, my modelling went very well but I do not really have any toilet stories to tell from it. I had a nice hotel room and I had a wee in the bath twice, but I did not shit once in 3 days. It did come out though when I was home though because I got Steve to watch me push out a big foot long log. He took 3 pictures of the log sticking out of my bum. LOL
Well Robby I am happy you had a good honeymoon and marriage with Sue. It is a shame about what happened. Thank you for what you said to me and Steve.
Love Louise xx

MEGHAN AND SARAH S - Hi!!! No we do still talk to you! I practiced with my travelmate on Sunday morning when I was in the bath with Steve. We had more fun weeing and I was weeing harder than he was so when my wee shot out of my travelmate it knocked Steve's wee out of the air. giggle
Yeah, I liked Steve's story as well. giggle I was just watching him having his wee when he did it against the rock, and then it was funny when he was seen by that young girl and her mum. I think they both fancied Steve and you know I think if I had not been with him they would have wanted to get to know him better.
My sister is happy and having a lot of fun with her boyfriend you know. She has had a weeing adventure with him and she said she stood next to him and weed on an alley wall. I bet that was fun for her. I do not think they have made love yet because she would have told mum and me about it. She has not been here for a couple of days so she has not written a letter yet this week.
Love Louise xx

The weather has been really good for 4 days and I had fun with my my mum and my sister on Sunday afternoon in our back garden. We had some drinks and we had about 4 wees each. We were in bikinis and every time we wanted a wee, we took off our bikinis and we stood in the middle of the lawn and pissed our brains out. LOL We took some digital photos to show Steve what bad girls we were. Well the first time we had a wee I was standing with my sister and we just stood in horse stances with our hands on our hips. We had huge gushing wees and my mum took a picture. Then I took a picture of mum standing like we did and I took a closer one of mum's pussy with wee gushing out like she did with mine. The next time I stood with mum and we aimed our pussies forward so we shot big yellow arcs. I think I did one about 5 or 6 feet and mum was about the same. We had left hands on hips and we aimed out pussies with our right hands. My mum took a picture of my sister standing alone and wee! ing. She had a red face too. giggle Then we had some squatting wees as well which were nice.
Oh there was the best one which was like when I was 15 and my sister was 11 and we were on the beach with mum. I was being daring going topless and my mum went topless too, and my sisters's boobs really had not started growing yet. Well my sister squatted next to my mum and took her bikini knickers down and I squatted opposite them with my knickers down. My sister looked between my legs like she did back then and we all just started watering the grass again. My sister had a really big, strong gusher!


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