I get the shit's when ever I eat to much and I am a big ???? eater, so pooping accidents have allways been a problum when ever I over en dolge. I was at a clothing store affter I ate a big meal at tocobell, I was in the fitting room. I was naked down to my bra and pantys when sudenley, a huge wave of shit splatered everyware! My pantys where ruiend and the pants I was going to try on where coverd in shit. I got dressed and threw the messey pants back on the rake. As soon as I got home my bowels opened in my pants. I ran up stairs to the bathroom, but with each time I lifted my leg to climb the stairs huge waves of shit would burst out. I spent 30 minutes in the toilet shiting my guts out. I ruiend two pares of pants in one day and I feel sory for the girl how would try them on in the fitting room.

Hi everyone, I ve been very busy lately, but have a few incidents to post.The first one happened when i was in a restaurant ordering my food, the waitress took my order and it took forever because the border patrol had placed a huge order. She came back and told everyone that their food might take a litle longer bacause of the border patrol's huge order. She was a fairly decent looking waitress about 27 or 28. I was sitting by the female bathroom in the restaurant. Soon I sa w the waitress grab a cigarette and walked by me to the restroom.She went in locked the door. You could hear her raising her skirt and sitting down. then all of a sudden I heard a grunt then splash,pause then another splash, then a grunt. Soon you hear her rolling off toilet paper wiping her butt. She flushed then washed her hands. Then went to the get peoples food they ordered. I heard the cook asked where did she go, then she said " i had to shit" why?

the second incident was the next morning i was in my truck asleep on side of the road. it was a little pulloff area off of I-10 in Texas. I heard someone pull up on the right side of my was a female probablyin her 20 s.she had a realnice body too. its alomst daylight. so i wake up. i saw her get out of her car, then she rent to the passenger side and opened the door
Then i saw her look around, then she looked towards my truck to see if
i was up. Then i saw her undoing her shorts, raised up her shirt and squatted behind the open car door. I thought she was taking a leak, but she stayed squatted about 10 mins. then she got up with her shorts around her knees.waddled to her trunk opened it, and got some toilet paper. Then she squatted behind the door and began to wipe. when she finihed. she got up close the passenger side door. put the tp back in the trunk, and got in her car and left. After she left i got out to check my truck and trailer out.As i walked to the right side of my truck. there were about 12 or 13 7 inch turds all piled up on top of a puddle of piss along with her toilet paper. WThat big pile had amazed me. I got back in the truck and drove off

Hello my names linzey I am 21 years old and I live in AZ,this is my secound post. My BM are so bad that some times I have to whare dipers! Last week I was at my sister's house and we where starving, so me and my sister both ate huge amounts of fruits and v?????s. I know whenever I eat to much I get the runs, I did not care I was hungrey. My BM are at there worst at the end of the month for some reson and this was at the end of the month. Well I was sleeping on the coach that night and I relized my feet where could. So I got up and got out a pare of socks out of my backpack. As soon as I slipt my socks on a big cramp hit me. I ran to the stairs but stoped when I got there. I remembered the last time I had a BM and I ran up the stairs, so I slowley climbed the stairs to the bathroom. When I got up the stairs I had both my hands clamped on my asschecks and I had to take small babbysteps down the hall to the bathroom or risk shitting my self. When I finaley got to the toilet I wa s coverd in sweat from holding back my lowed. I spent an hour on the can and I only way about 120 so when I have to go like that it realey hurts me. In the morrning at the breakfast table my sister had to go to. I told her to sloweley walk up the stairs but she didnt listen you can guess what happend. She also triped when she was at the top of the steps and it all shot out of her. See what hapens when you dont listen to your older sis :)

Hi everyone it me again with another incident to post.I remember when I was in the Marines,he had a thing called field day(field day is where you clean every crook and cranny in your barracks).Anyways they took place on Thursdays and the rooms were inspected on Friday mornings after PT or formations. So i Friday morning this female in my platoon was late to formation. The sergeant asked why was she late to formation. She said i had to use the bathroom. So when i got to my company. the Company Gunny said hey marine come with me to inspect the rooms. I want you to write down every discrepancie i find. So went to all the rooms, Then the last room we got to was the female barracks room
where the only 2 females in our company stayed. this is also wheren the female in my platoon stayed. He started inspected and went into the head(Marine term for Bathroom). I heard him say "Holy Shit! how in the hell can anybody shit a turd that long? i was laughing my ass off.he said come in here and look, sure enough that turd started at the front of the bowl and disappeared into the hole.he told to write quote "big ass turd in commode" so we went back to the company, then i went back to my platoon. the sergeant started reading all the discreapncies.Then finally he started on the female's room. He said room 134 "Big ass turd floating in the commode,Normally i hit on small discrepancies but that s some BIG SHIT". the whole platoon laughed at the 2 females.He also went on to say so that s why you were late, next time flush the toilet. That female was so embarrased she was crying. Then to make it worse, The Gunny came in and asked the females who shitted that big ass turd,! and what in the hell did they eat?

8th guy
wow i liked your camping storya lot!!!!! wow, i like to pee my pants too!!! in fact, i was watching the end of the matrix alone in my living room a few minutes ago (it's about 1 am right now) and i had drank a bunch of water and capri suns and stuff, and i just peed my pants. not a lot though, i didnt wanna hurt the poor couch =) dang i wish i could find a girlfriend who likes peeing as much as i do, wow,
in reply to whoever the heck it was that asked the question about peeing contests, yes i have with my girlfriend. it's a few posts back i can't remember for sure, but it's around 920 i think. probably a little before that, i think it was hold it man or something that asked, yeah. well i'm out happy peeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8th guy

To PAUL: Paul I just loved your story. I'm a 22-year-old girl. I've got a boyfriend of about the same age. He is in the United States Marine Corps. He is a real cute guy with one of those real short haircuts and a bod to die for. I'm just putty in his hands! When we first started sleeping together, he would often fart while we were in bed together in the mornings. He would just laugh and look to see how I reacted. To my surprise, I found it was a real turn on for me. After a while, he started going to the bathroom and would leave the door open while he was on the toilet. He would just talk to me. I thought he looked real cute sitting on the toilet naked so after a while I would just go in to the bathroom with him when we needed to poop. He would always show me his logs before flushing and I also watched him wipe his butt. So I guess I was not really interested in seeing him on the toilet to start with, but he sort of drew me into it and I began to enjoy it and I! enjoy it still. So you've go to take it slowly with a girl. Some may show disgust when you do the first small thing connected with pooping and then you know that you shold not go any further. Other times, you may get lucky. The girl may just get used to watching you poop without liking or disliking it. The rare girl, like me, will actually get turned on by seeing a hot dude do his thing and see his logs. By the way - how old are you? Please let me know how this works out for you.

AJ, Thanks for confirming people do check out the paper when they wipe. I personally think that having an ichy ass is one of the most uncomfortable feelings. As I have said before it is caused by having residue in my ass and is a sign I need to wipe it again. I actually was in a supper market recently and saw a guy reach in back and really dig into his ass as he was talking to his girl friend. Yes his ass might have been ichy, but he must have had one huge skid mark to deal with. I gueess he grew up in a family that encouraged doing whatever you have todo no matter who is present. I bet he thinks nothing of farting in a group or anouncing he needs to piss or take a shit.

I just finished watching this movie that was on UPN. There were a few pooping sceenes. The movie was called Trading Mom. Its about these 2 boys and this girl ages 6, 11 and 13(i'd assume thats about how old they are) and they wish their Mom would go away. Then find out about this Mommy Market and get tokens and go down there and pick out a new Mommy. None of the Mothers worked out for them. Any way they picked this one mother and they all went camping. The youngest boy who was 6 years old said to his new Mommy, I gotta go. Hes like i gotta go to the bathroom. He said hes gotta go #2 and the mother gives him leaves to wipe. You didn't see him poop or any thing. Then this other mother they had got pushed into this horse pen and the horse pooped on her. It was funny. Any one ever see this before? It was made in 1994.

I haven't pooped since Thursday and i peed in the shower this morning..gott pee now. bye

i like that pic on Saturday!

Hey all,

I'm back with another post. This time an interesting little story from work. I was helping out with my last class of the day, I normally have 2 classes per day but today I was helping out an extra session just for the hell of it. Anyway it was around 5.30 in the afternoon when I felt my stomach start to grumble and become a bit bloated. Thinking I might let a gigantic fart in the middle of class, I excused myself to the washroom. As soon as I walked in, I squeezed out a loud fart that seemed to go on forever. The main door was hardly even closed when someone passed by and gave my a weird look. I didn’t care since everyone farts. But right after I felt I was gonna shit myself so I ran into the nearest stall, bolted the door and stripped down my pants as fast as I could and rammed my butt onto the toilet seat. Boy did it feel good. As soon as my butt slammed onto the seat, I could feel a long coil start inching out of my ass at an even pace giving my crazy shivers up my s! pine. The crackling was quite audible as well as I felt the first load of soft poop drop into the water below. My stomach was still felling uneasy so I decided to sit for a while and wait to see if there was more. Just then someone walked into the washroom, I couldn’t really tell who it was because there weren’t any cracks in the cubicle doors. I just heard the mysterious person stop by the sink and do something there. While I was wondering who entered the washroom, I felt another urge and let go another load of soft poop similar to what Jane describes. It was really soft and the crackling was pretty audible once again. After that I felt just about done and began to wipe. The person outside was starting to move and I began to hear pee flowing into the urinal. I guessed it must have been one of the few guys in the department so I asked who it was and it turned out to be Sean, this really cute looking guy who’s really sweet to me. I flushed the two long snakes watching them d! issolve down the drain. Walking out towards the sink we started the usual ‘Hi how are you’ type conversation. I noticed that it reeked quite a bit in the bathroom and that Sean didn’t seem to mind one bit. Anyways I told him I had to go as for it kinda stunk in the washroom. Upon leaving I noticed he entered the stall I was in. I guess he got curious and wanted to treasure my lovely perfumes in the toilet bowl.

I like the masthead today. Looks like the girl in the jersey shat a big load.
Oh well that’s it from me today.

Russell S. (AR)
To Bryian: I just got your recent message on July 12, regarding the whereabouts of both Kim and Scott and Billy and Kevin L. Anyway, I thought I saw a posting of Billy and Kevin L's a few pages back, as I was scrolling for the location of my recent toilet story. I cannot recall what page their's was on; but then, Bryian I could be mistaken. I suppose Kim and Scott must have quit posting after the tragic loss of RJogger and Kathy, which is understandable. Besides, I enjoyed the posts of those two as well, especially that one final story by Kathy, about her having a 2.5 foot BM with a 3?-inch diameter, while at work. That monster must have given off one hell of an odor! I hope to read more stories about girls having "logs" of this size in future postings. Hey, why not? Because the ladies are the ones who have 7-10lb babies. I just wish that I had the ability to deliver monster logs.

Well, Bryian--and everyone else, that just about wraps things up for the present. Take care, y'all.

Best Regards,

Russell S. (AR)

Paul, I can empathise with your experiences as they have similarities to mine.

Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by "dumping" or as I would say doing a (bowel) motion or a jobbie,both my own and hearing other people doing one or seeing their turds, especially women and girls. Look back through Old Posts for tales of my experiences.

Like you I do large solid logs and often leave the toilet unflushed if a public toilet for others to see, and if they are of a same mind, to admire. This was something I did at school as did many of the other lads and some of the girls. It was commonplace to go into the Boys Toilet and see big solid jobbies in the bottom of the toilet pans unflushed and I often buddy dumped my own on top of these.

My wife and I share this interest and accompany each other to the toilet when one of us is home and needs a motion. Theresa also produces large jobbies, like mine often too big to flush away easily.

Paul, you are right that many people are turned on by dumping but are not able to express this interest, even in these broadminded times. This Forum at least allows people to discuss and swap such experiences.

A very nice masthead picture today, with the girl in dark glasses with one foot perched on the toilet seat. Look closely and yes, there is no doubt she is urinating as you can see her stream coming from under the pale tee-shirt she is pulling down to hide her crotch. Louise's friends weren't quite so modest one night not too long ago.

To Annie and Robby,
Thanks very much for filling us in on your own respective wedding nights. I take it that Sue did not spend _every_ night of the honeymoon shitting her brains out. I suppose you are saying she spent a very long time on the toilet rather than a reasonably quick evacuation. Louise made some comments about one of her friends (I don't know if she was one of those who took me prisoner in my own bathroom on Louise's hen night) who was a very nervous bride not only on the morning of the wedding, when she had the runs and her rear quarters had to be extensively cleaned with the help of her mother, but also much later when it was the wedding night. According to Louise, the bride was not at all familiar with the physical side of things, and so became quite anxious, leading to more diarrhoea.
I suppose there is a good chance that pre-wedding diarrhoea is fairly common, but as it is not one of those glamorous things people traditionally associate with weddings, it won't be discussed all that much. <snicker>

To Carmalita,
Thanks for your comments. Yes, indeed Louise and I had a very enjoyable honeymoon. She promised me 'the best wedding night any man ever had', and I can say that I certainly won't forget it!
We certainly mean to keep the spark of romance going, and I think you and Jake should do the same - but from what you said I think you already know and appreciate that.
I greatly enjoyed your recent camping stories. As you might expect of me, I particularly enjoyed your description of how you squatted and urinated. It seems you enjoy 'rock washing' as much as Louise does. Another thing you have in common with Louise is your enjoyment of peeing after developing a very strong urge, as she too enjoys the state you've named 'peevana'. I've seen her that way more times than I can remember in fact.
Finally, wouldn't I have enjoyed seeing Renee and Angie standing to pee in the contest? You bet I would. I could say by not seeing them I missed out, but with all my recent experiences and memories I think I've really had much more than my fair share. <snicker>

To Adrian,
Thank you for your recent kind comments. Indeed the wedding went very much to plan, the only real emergency being the well documented diarrhoea attack Louise had once she was dressed and ready. I might add that the localised flooding in the area during the day was due to the heavy and persistent rain. Louise didn't need to stop along the way for a wee, so nobody could blame it on her!

Cheers, all.


Saturday, July 13, 2002

Hi Friends!
Just have time for a quick story and replies!
I have a new apartment mate. She has been a close friend of Sari's and mine for some time. Well, yesterday morning I heard her get up and go into the toilet. My bedroom is right next to the loo. I heard her moan and grunt. She was panting and grunting so much that I nearly went in to see about her. I heard a big trump exit her butt. She moaned and I heard a big plop drop into the bowl. Then I heard some soft poo splatter after that. She sighed and said;"It must have been the mexican food". I heard the tissue rack turn and the toilet flush. She came around, opened the door and said hi. She doesn't know about our family's adventures or this forum. I don't know if I will tell her or not.

STEVE AND LOUISE: Hi friends! Hey, you don't talk to us anymore,LOL! I am visiting Sari tomorrow so we are going to practice on our travelmates. I loved your story, STEVE! Also LOUISE, I know I would be more nervous on my wedding day. All the best and Lovexx from Meghan(and Sarah)

INA: Hi Sweetheart! Well, as I told Louise and Steve, Sari and I will finally get to practice some more on our travelmates. I don't know where we will do this. I guess we can wee in the tub! Hope you are doing fine. Oh yes; Did you go to the Love Parade or is that later? Take care and Lovexx and hugs from Meghan(and Sarah)

TODD AND DIANA: Your "daughters" want to know how you are. Are you having those big dumps, Diana? Give us the poop! Take care and Lovexx from Meghan(and Sarah)

KENDAL, LAWN DOGS KID, and ELLEN: WHERE ARE YOU? Dad guesses that you are at the Lakes. Please write. We are worried about you! Lots of Lovexxxx and hugs from Cousins Meghan(and Sarah)

TIM AND SARAH: Hi there! We read about Sarah's trouble with Loewie and Josie. We hope YOU are ok, Tim. Sarah(my sister) will write soon. Take care and Lovexx from Meghan(and Sari)

BIG HUGS TO: Dear Rizzo-hi, Ephermal-hope you are ok!, PV-hi gal!!, Eleanor-hope you are ok, Carmalita and family-glad you are back and enjoyed the stories!!, Jane and Gary-Sarah is deep into her job as a lawyer. We can handle the separation., Kimmie and Scott-WHERE ARE YOU?, Damsel-hi, how is it going with your new man?, Jeff A- hope you are ok, LindaGS-hi there, Diva, Adrian, Adele-hi, Ellie and Little Lou- I hope you are not gone for good!


To Ryan: Liked your story...maybe the trash man will see it LOL

To Anonymous movie guy: Cool about those videos

To Paul: Enjoyed your story about your friends watching you poop as a kid.

To Cloud: Liked your story about that guy that was trying to bother you think he wet him self?

To Scarlet: Enjoyed your stories

To Sandra: Liked your story..did you aunts ever find out you saw them?

gotta go not much new

hi toilet fans
just a quick post
to ryan liked your story having a crap in the trash bin
to Zip this website ,what is it where can i get the video from? liked your story
to Declan i agree with you ive never seen shitting in broad daylight, it,s almost non existent in the uk as people r too inhibited
to Paul liked your post
to Scarlet enjoyed your story about nathaniel having a shit in the water fountain i wish i could have been there
to Hans enjoyed your story about pissing yourselves, but prefer pooping ones,got any more?
I myself would rather watch a good looking lad poop ,then have sex anybody else feel the same?
To my story
Today at work id beeen farting up a storm, i got in at about 4.20 pm and i could feel a good load nearing my rectum.So i went upstairs took my work trousers of and my shirt,my white kalvin boxers of and stood up, then i waited until my poop was ready and started to shit,as usual i was watching in the mirror.The first turd came crackling out about 8 inches ,followd by another one all full of corn,i watched as it oozed out followed by a smaller log 3 in all.I then wiped with moist wipes and put some clothes on then i went back downstairs.
ill post my concluding part of my story in penzance soon, gotta go now happy pooping guys and girls

Hey everyone. Just thought I’d pop in and tell a story about my dump tonight. I wanted to feel what an enema felt like so I tried a few things that failed (I don’t have a tube thing with a bag to push the water in) then I tried an empty shampoo bottle. I figured it would be hard but I could do it. It was one of those pop caps so when you squeeze the bottle, the shampoo comes out. I got the cap part up my butt, I lay down and I begin to squeeze the bottle and I sorta feel the warm water goin inside me and then water starts to come out from the bottle so I know I’m full. I then let go of the bottle and some of the water I guess came out cuz the water in the bottle turned brown. Within minutes I felt like I really needed to go, I’ve never been really really desperate before, but after that I was. I honestly felt like I was going to lose control of my bowels. It was kinda satisfying in a way. So I was rushing around for something to take a crap in and I saw this trash can that n! eeded to be taken out to the trash so emptied some of the stuff out of the can and sat on it and relaxed, I farted really loudly with a watery sound (understandable) then I felt as in 2 to 3 seconds my turd shot out into the can. I felt very relieved and was glad to get that 9” soft log out of me. I won’t try this experiment again unless I have the real thing cuz I had quite a mess with the water. If anyone here has any suggestions on a “good” substitute for an enema please tell me. But I threw the rest of the trash on top of the crap I just dropped and then tied the bad extremely tightly and then took it upstairs into the garage and thew it into the trash bag that will go out in the morning (fortunately tomorrow is trash day, so I picked a good time). Well I guess that is all for now. See ya


Anonymous movie guy
hello all. i dont have much to post about me, but i have somethings to post about others. i was watching the papa roach video "she loves me not" and they are at this abandon carnival and this girl goes into the bushes to pee and she is really hot. also if you noticed in the smack my bitch up video at the very first is a girl in her twenties on the toilet. you find out at the end that its a girl. i was watchimg a late night movie about 86 or 87 i dont know which year but it has a scene with an attractive black haired lady sitting on the toilet with this guy talking to her. she wipes then flushes. a pretty good scene. happy pooping to everyone!

As someone who has been reading this site with interest for a while now, I would like to "confess" that I believe I am an exhibitionist as far as toilet matters are concerned - and I suspect I am not the only one here, judging by some of the posts I have read.
When I was a teenager I developed a liking for outdoor dumping, and quite often I would do it outdoors with a mate present, having deliberately "held on" so I could have a "green field" dump. I had mates who liked to watch, and others who kept away while I was doing it, but they would always take a good look after I had finished - I think most people are secretly fascinated by other peoples shit. I had one mate who was also into this and several times we watched each other, but I could always do more than him. I was quite a big guy (still am), with a big arse and I produce logs bigger than most peoples I suspect.
I havent had anyone watch me recently, but I do still enjoy outdoor pooing on a warm day. Other times I like to use public toilets and leave the pan unflushed, hopefully to impress the next person. That is also a habit that started at school. I notice that quite a few people who post here avoid having a dump at school. I used to love it, and it never bothered me that people knew I was having a shit - so what? I was only doing what comes naturally, and I had no problem in telling people when I needed to "go".
One thing that I have never managed, however, is to poo with a woman watching. I would love to do that, especially if I could impress her with the amount of shit I produce. Its just that it is not a subject that I have ever managed to discuss with any of the girlfriends I have had. I suspect there are girls here reading this that would like to watch, so please, give me some advice on getting round to the subject without grossing her.
Keep posting about big dumps - and I will try to do the same.

Punk Rock GIrl
Hey, Marcus-- Don't worry, go ahead and laugh! It really is funny, and had it happened to someone else, I'm sure I'd have laughed my ass off too. I was laughing bout it with my boyfriend while they were picking pieces of glass out of my buns at thew hospital. I actually felt worse about breaking his coffee table. It was really nice.

Bryian-- Hello to you, too! I'm off the antibiotics now, which were giving me the shits. Now I'm pretty much back to my big, solid BMs. THey gave me some ointment (basically stronger neosporin) to rub on my butt. My boyfriend has been taking on that ugly reponsibility.

Outlaw Star-- Ouch!!! I feel your pain, literally. THat's gotta suck. For me, having the glass picked out of my ass then having my butt cheek sewn up was probably the wort part of it. NOt becuse it hurt (which it DID) or because I mind people seeing my bare buns (which I don't), you just feel like such an idiot. "Hi, I fell through my boyffiend's glass table and cut my fanny to shreds." Not a very cool reason to go to the hospital.

My scar is very tender, but getting better every day. It's a little itchy again. I'm back to wearing my usual thong, with a big gauze bandage on my one cheek. I'm still haing some trouble sitting on the toilet, but that's eased off a little, too. I might go camping in a few weeks. It will be a relief to shit outside where my buns don't have to touch anything!



Anyone here ever have a 'hold it' contest? I'm talking about peeing. Have any of you ever competed in a bladder hold contest with members of the opposite sex? If so, how did you do, and who won?

Jane (& Gary)

Carmalita: Hola! That was some camping trip you guys took. Unlike the other Jane, I don't particularly enjoy pooping outdoors and try to avoid it unless absolutely necessary.

Sarah S: Thanks for "inviting" us to your housewarming party. I hope you are enjoying living on your own, though I'm sure you miss Meghan, Robbie & Annie. When I first started college, I was homesick for the first couple of days, but I quickly overcame it.

Quick hellos also to Robbie, Annie & Meghan, Ephermal, Kendal, Lawn Dogs Kid, Ellen & Eleanor, Jeff A (where are you?), Rizzo, and all the rest.

Yesterday I went with the interns Rob and Bob to the law library of the local university to do some research and to find some things that were not available on the Net. We were there the whole afternoon, and there were very few others around. After a few hours, I had a sudden stomach ache and urge to poop. I went to the bathroom, which was one of those that had single occupancy. It was clear across the other side of the floor.

I lifted my skirt, pulled down my white panties and sat. I started out pushing a huge thick piece of poop that plopped loudly into the toilet. Then I went into soft serve ice cream mode, pushing out what seemed to be a long rope that was breaking into pieces as it hit the water. After a minute, the bowl was filled. I flushed the toilet while seated. The poop smell was very strong. I saw an air freshener in the corner, but I wasn't able to get up because I continued to poop out a continuous soft but solid motion, with no sign of stopping. I flushed the toilet while seated three more times before I was done. I wiped several times, flushed a final time and saw a skidmark at the bottom of the bowl. I flushed the toilet again and got rid of the skidmark. I took the air freshener and sprayed the room until the poop smell was covered up.

When I left the bathroom, I saw Rob and Bob at an adjacent table. I asked them, "Why did you guys move?" Rob said, "We found some books on that shelf and thought it would be easier to move to those books than to carry those books to the table we were sitting at." I said, "Oh, OK," but I didn't exactly buy that story. Sure enough, after a minute Rob got up to use the bathroom. He was out after a few minutes, but I didn't hear a toilet flush or sink running.

To Marcus: I have never woken up to a wet bed. I haven't peed myself by accident since I was seven years old - I have really good bladder control.

I've seen a few posts about timing how long that you pee for. I have never tried this myself, but next time I'm home alone for the day I'll try it. It takes me the whole day to hold my pee, because I have good bladder control, so I never feel like I'm on the verge of peeing myself accidently untill a looooooooooooong time goes by.

Does anyone know how I can make my muscles stronger down there? I know a lot of people who can stop peeing while they are in the middle of trying to go, but I could never do it, not even if I'm not going hard. I would like to be able to do this, so............ any advice?

Yesterday, I was riding my bike home, when I saw a guy on his bike approaching. It was one of the jerks in my neighbourhood - those people who try to be thugs, but they are so immature and dumb that they only end up making a fool of themselves. This one guy had been bothering me for a while, just shouting obscene stuff at me and giving me the finger, stupid stuff. He decided that he was going to play chicken with me, so he swerved to meet me head on. I guess he planned to make me turn at the last moment and then I would fall and he'd laugh at me. Well, I just tightened my grip on the handlebars and met him head on. The look of surprise in his eyes was classic! We crashed, but I managed to stay upright since I had been expecting the impact. He toppled over, and I stopped my bike. I yelled "What the h**l was that?" He was like "You b****, you twisted me up!!" Then, to my deloght, I saw a wet spot on the crotch of his pants. I made a point of staring at it for a minute, the! n laghing and driving off. He got what he deserved, the jerk. I doubt he'll bother me again!

Tonight I have a swim meet, so I'll have some stories for sure. If only people were as observent as they could be! They would see so many accidents! People are desperate all the time, you just have to know what to look for, and then to follow that person discretly. Will they make it? Hold themselves? Dance? Cry? Giggle? Tell their friends? Try to hide it? Sigh. Humans are so odd.

Keep up the great posts everyone - I love to read them every day!

Plunging Plop Guy
Hi, Everyone!

It's good to be back again after my holiday, and to catch up with all the posts accumulating while I was away!

I've had a real variety of shits over the last few weeks, and in different toilets where I noticed the different sounds my turds made as they plopped in, due to slightly different-shaped toilet pans, or water traps, and the resonant qualities of various bathrooms.
Having a greater variety of food, and probably more water on some days than others, and possibly quite significantly; using different teaspoons to measure out my psyllium husks and thus altering the dosage must have all contributed to the most varied shits I've ever had!
Really tough ones that took several minutes to get started, and which resulted in very satisfying plops that drenched my arse with the splashes, large easy and soft turds that looked like fish in the toilet, ones that floated and which contained white matter the shape and size of a Brazil nut,(no idea what that was!), and very small turds that took a long time to get finished.
Occasionally my arse felt a bit sore for several hours after, and on some days, I had to go again late in the evening, having already gone in the morning.
Unfortunately, I never heard any other shits going on, but I was probably heard myself at least two days by the young landlady who was passing by the bathroom as I let one drop!

One evening I was walking across a carpark when I saw a young guy in tight trousers walking towards the toilets. I decided to visit the toilets myself in case he'd gone into a cubicle and I might hear him shitting. When I got there, there were about 12 cubicles and only one had the door locked, and as he wasn't at the urinals, I knew he was in there. I went in next door which was probably a bit obvious, and as I sat there on the toilet, I realised he wasn't doing anything, so realised he might be there for "other purposes". Anyway, I let go a really loud fart, and it was good to know he'd heard me, then the cleaner came in to close the place up, so we both left and went our separate ways, and both probably felt a bit awkward!

That's all the news I've got to tell about any toilet experiences all the time I was away, but I certainly used some great ones!

DECLAN, Hi! Glad to hear from you again. Sorry to hear the local authorities were so uptight about the ad you saw on the poster with the guy's legs showing as he sat on the toilet, but in no way too revealing.
It must be a bit too soon yet for such adverts, but I think they'd be less puritanical in London and Manchester.
What are the public toilets like in Dublin? By that I mean are the doors and partitions floor to ceiling, or is it possible to see some of what's going on in there? Older railway station toilets and very old public toilets in this country tended to be designed with the idea of maximum privacy, and so I wondered if Dublin's attitude to that ad is reflected in their policy of continued maximum privacy in the toilets.

ZIP, Interested to hear you'd found a website with webcams of guys on toilets! Are you able to give a clue as to where I might find it without actually giving the URL which would not be allowed on this forum? I've looked for these in the past but have yet to find one so any hints you can give would be appreciated by several of us here!
Was it you who mentioned being surprised that some guys don't wear underpants? My biker friend has sometimes mentioned not wearing them in the warmer weather, and either wearing a jock strap, or nothing under his jeans. I really like the idea of him wearing tight jeans with nothing underneath, and pulling them down to sit on the toilet for a good shit! It gives me a kick sometimes to do the same on a warm day, and knowing there's nothing between my hairy arse and my jeans as I go into a toilet cubicle to have a good one!

21 YEAR OLD MALE. It was brilliant reading about that toilet you went to with two days' shit needing doing, sitting on the toilet with no doors with another guy having one himself, and with mirrors opposite the two toilets so you could see each other!! How much more perfect could any toilet arrangement possibly be?!!!
It really registered with me when he wiped up and went out, then you went and sat on the toilet he'd been sitting on and it was warm from his butt! That's got to be the greatest toilet experience, and it's ecstatic for me to sit on the warm seat after a really fit-arse guy's just been on and dropping some loud plops, and I sit there and do the same. The difference being that I don't get the chance to sit there with mirrors and no doors! I hope you time it so perfectly in future, and I hope we hear from you again with all the details you can think of!

Well, that's it for today, Happy toileting, P. Plop Guy

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