Hey all I havenít written here in a long time but thatís mainly cause Iíve been busy. I know that some if not all of you have been wondering where abouts Iíve been, well Iím still on the site everyday reading the posts, just no time to post much. Itís been kinda hectic for me lately, finding a summer job, entertaining the large amount of guests we have (unbelievable), learning how to drive, preparing for my piano exam blah blah blah. Iím nearly going insane. Anyways as far as pooping goes, itís pretty regular for me, once every 2 days or so is my normal regulation. I havenít been constipated recently so nothing seems to be bad.
Anyways on to my stories, the first one was where I work which is a small art department that teaches kids to do art (I love kids). It was after lunch and I had this big steak sandwich and I side salad to my surprise I finished. I was thinking to myself as I walked out the restaurant that I would feel the effects of the meal later, possibly in the next class that I help out in. Iím the assistant teacher and just help anybody who is having trouble. As I got back, I glanced at the clock which and one oíclock written all over it. I was just in time so raced into the classroom and listened to a boring lecture on how to draw with crayons. About 30 minutes into class, I was falling asleep. It was then that my backdoor was indicating something. At that moment I got a slight ache in my stomach to told Elaine (the teacher) that I had to use the bathroom. I slipped out quietly so I wouldnít disturb the kids since they think Iím their second mom and need my attention 100% all the t! ime. I brisk walked to the bathroom, which was unisex. There were very few guys in the department and after moving to a new office, I guess they decided to install only one washroom. Barely even realizing the washroom was a unisex at the time, I ran to the nearest cubicle, unbuckled my pants and lowered my thong as fast as I could. Once my flesh hit the seat, I felt a log start coming out at and even pace. Not too fast, not too slow. It was crackling loudly and was sending shivers up my spine. I felt the first log plop into the waters below as I adjusted my butt to the seat. Pushing lightly sent the next two logs on its way cleansing my colon. Much relieved I began to wipe the grease off my fanny. I returned to class noisily forgetting that I had quietly exited the class only to be greeted by a thousand eyes including Elaine staring at me. She had a slight grin on her face as she new I had taken a dump. I looked up at the clock; it was 1:40pm exactly 10 minutes since I was g! one. I noticed Elaine got up and said to take over the class, as it was her turn. By end of class (2.00pm) she still wasnít back.
My second story was just yesterday morning. I was preparing to go to work. I hadnít showered yet and was in the process of eating breakfast of oatmeal and fruits. As I walked upstairs, I logged to the Internet and browsed this website and others for about 10 minutes. Then I proceeded to head to the bathroom. I was admiring myself in the mirror when I got a slight stomachache. At first I ignored it and continued to admire myself in the process of stripping naked for a shower. Then the stomachache got really bad and I hopped onto the toilet. The shower was already running but I couldnít turn it off since there would be a really big brown mess if I did. I was sitting there naked and feeling the stomachache get worse. All I could do was wait for the crap to come out. I was thinking it must have been the fruits or something. Then I felt a huge log in my back passage, I pushed and out came some really mushy poop for about 2 minutes. I looked into the bowl which was already hor! rible smelling and it was gross looking. I felt more coming, this time it was more solid and around 2 small logs came out ranging around 3-5 inches in length. I started wiping and could here my sister complaining about the stink. I was surprised that she could smell it outside. Getting up I flushed the nasty poop down, turned on the exhaust fan and jumped into the shower. I felt much relieved after that and was 15 minutes late because of human nature. Elaine was grinning once again.

NEWCHICK: i really wouldn't advise holding poop in for that long. The longest i've done was 7 and it wasn't a pretty site. I was the bathroom for an hour or more.
CARMALITA: I'm still here hon. don't worry i ain't dead ;) absolutely love your camping stories with the whole crew. wish i was there.
ANDY: you are such a stud got to see a girl do what human nature does. hmm awesome
PUNK ROCK GIRL: its good to see from your butt wounds if i may call them that. take care and recover quickly

take care and happy poops to everyone here


hey someone mentoined that suzy quattro had an accident on stage. i've never heard about this, is this for real, or a internet urban legend?

Hello everyone! Its been ages since I posted. Haven't had much time alone to do it. Anyway, I have several stories for you!

I just turned vegan a month ago (no animals products whatsoever) and it seems like my poop is stickier and softer. So, I go alot, then I wipe alot, but it feels so good doing it!

My friend Nathaniel shared his pooping incident with me last week. Nathaniel, Mara and Serina had gone out one night. Nathaniel got the urge to poop, but they were outside in the middle of the night with no bathrooms around. He was going to sit on a garbage can and go, but Mara said that was sick, and wouldn't let him. They were hanging around this big beautiful water fountain, and Mara turned around and saw Nathaniel's bare ass hanging over the side of the fountain pooping in it. Then Mara and Seina peed in the fountain. Mara said it was too bad Nathaniel hadn't left a I loved hearing this story, as Nathainel is a very sexy guy--average height, thin, shaggy blonde hair. My other friend Familiar said he's sick fort doing what he did, though I wish I had seen him... :)

My friend Mickey said he was at a skate park one night and he was pretty drunk. He had been skateboarding in the tunnel, when he stopped, unzipped and peed all over the wall of the skate tunnel. He said as it ran down the wall, it looked like the Superman logo....whatever. Mickey is so comfortable peeing in front of ppl, though. I think its sexy. Plus, he looks a lot like Hayden Christensen (Anakin in Star Wars Episode II) so that really excited me. :P

Another mom's friend's 7 year old son Tommy has started peeing in his pants again. He's been trained for years. We don't know why. Maybe b/c his little sister is beginning potty training and he wants attention too. Or maybe he's like me and is fascinated with peeing and pooping...hehe

Well, I'm gonna go. Don't know when I'll be back. I wish I could give out my email, but the moderator says no, so until next time, keep up the great posts!


When I was 9 years old I accidently saw my aunt giving my other aunt (bothe were in their 20's) an enema. The door to the bathroom was not quite closed and I started to walk in when I saw my Aunt Emily lying on the floor with her back to the door and she had her ass cheeks spread wide apart with her hand I and I just stared at her asshole which was all red. My other Aunt Lucy took some kind of skinny hose thing and started pushing it up Aunt Emily's asshole and then squeezed this little balloon thingy on the end of it and Aunt Emily said "Oh" and when Aunt Lucy pulled the little hose out Aunt Emily's asshole kind of opened up then closed again then after a few seconds this watery shit started coming out of her asshole along with these really squishy farts. It was really smelly and Aunt Lucy said Emily your ass stinks. I ran away and have never forgot that.

Infantry PFC
AJ, mick - I eat what ever is put in front of me in the chow hall, or at my house which most often isn't corn. I chew my food very well and when I shit i never see corn in it. being that I haven't eaten corn all week, i don't expect to see any in my shit any time soon. You also need to keep in mind that some dinning facilites dump corn down the drain I know that we often dump uneaten cooked food down the drain in the army bc I have disposed of food that way before.

Whoever replied, I saw the makings of the movie on T.V. and it actually had Kirsten Dunst hanging on the wire kind of high against a blue screen. There is a possibility of her pooping her pants. I saw the rumor on anothor website.

I don't post too often but I think this is important to ask.
A question for the girls and women: Do you ever notice your poop
having a sulfer like smell? I wonder if it's hormones or something
I ate?
On a lighter note I saw on the news that the military is
spending $850.00 for the porta-potties that they use.
Hey Punk Rock Girl- For your bottom that is messed up with the
cuts and scars, get Curad Scar Therapy Cosmetic Pads and use on
the scars. It will help heal them besides the Neosporin that your
boyfriend is putting on for you. They really work.
As for the other women on here keep the stories coming. I have a
new girlfriend(I'm lesbian), but she won't let me in the bathroom
with her. Maybe someday after we get to know each other better.
Later all.

To John Q Public: Enjoyed your story

To Kelly: I liked your story

To AJ: Thats cool what they said at the sewage treatment plant. I went to one when i was in school too.

To OutlawStar: I enjoyed your accident story

To JaLe: I enjoyed your story about the little girl

To piss pool: I liked your story...baked beans might make you fart more or any green v?????s.

To Russell S. (AR) : I too am wondering what happened to Kim and Scott. I also what ever happened to that Billy and Kevin L who used to post along time ago

To weesteve: Enjoyed your story

To Marcus: Liked your story

I tried going to this website around 3pm but i couldn't get in...i think it was down for a while? can any one comfirm this?

Got a story for you all

Last night i went to dinner wasn't all that hungry cause i pigged out at lunch time. I went out to dinner, i ate and i get in the car and i start feeling weird like i have that feeling to poop. It grew a little strong. I was able to hold till i got home. Then after i was home 10-15 minutes the urge grew stronger. I pooped a bunch of hard balls and i only wiped 3 times. Then i got online and then it was bedtime and i had to poop again. This time i had a nice log but the begining was hard and the end was soft. It was 9 inches and sorta curved around...wiped about 10 times cause it was much softer.
Then i went to bed still not feeling empty
i got up this morning and went to work. Then i started work and an hour later i had to poop. I had to get someone to cover for me. It was much looser then last night. Then i go back to work and about 15 minutes later i had to poop again and i had to have someone cover for me. Both times it was really soft and i wiped about 10 times on cheap paper. That was the last time i've pooped today
Did have a bunch of great dumps this week. But it ended last a few days maybe i'll have some more good ones.
Gotta go bye

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Several questions have come up about the subject of names.
Your name, should you choose to use one goes in the field marked "your name (optional)" That is the only way your name winds up above the post in bold print. A lot of people put their name below the name field and it is actually in the body of the post.

There are NO numerical designations and NO partial numerical designations. The reason for this is people try to use their name to slip personal information by. Around here you are anonymous. That is the policy. Some people are more bold than others and some people just blatantly put in phone numbers, whole email addresses, ICQ addresses, and everything else. This even extends to last names. We don't want to deal with the stuff that comes from putting out that information even if you are comfortable with the exposure. Many people have been programmed by their cult... uh ISP to think that they are a number. On a more practical note, the forums should not look like many overpopulated internet services with 12345678910 behind every other name.

i often have to pee when i poop but ifeel shy pointing my willy so it doesnt splash/touch the seat or i weird

Linda GS
How in the world did you EVER hold your poop in that long?!? I tried and failed if you read my last post. I know what you mean about going poop how what seemed forever. if I may ask how did you hold it in so long? Did you dance and giggle while holding it in. Shoot how did you pee whithout pooping. that was the hardest part for me. On the last day were you trying to hold out or did you just give up like I did. I'd love to have someone to compare notes with. Thanks.

John Q Public
Hi Folks:

I've checked out the posts on this site many times, and I was very interested in many of the stories. I was reminded about an experience I had a little over a year ago. I am a photographer and videographer by trade. One night, while on assignment, a young lady and I were kept there very late, and after the event finished we still had to tear down all kinds of equipement and load it into the van. The location of the video shoot was a 'high crime' area and there had been several women assulted and one mugging.

Anyway as luck would have it, my assistang had to pee, but she was afraid because many of the sexual assults occured in purlic rest rooms. The building was empty except for the two of us and one night janitor who was no where around at the time. The young lady seemed to be very uncomfortable, but she wasn't in any serious pain. Anyway she INSISTED that I accompany her to the rest room. When we got there she again, INSISTED that I stip inside and lean up agains the door. She entered the stall, shut the door, and about 5 seconds later she began to let loose a torrent the likes of which I never knew possible. Being unable to resist such a stroke of luck, I started the stop watch function on my writs watch and timed her. She peed with a loud SSSSSSSSS NON STOP for a total of 1 minute and 35 seconds. When finished she let out a series of short, hard spurts for anothyer 45 seconds. Total time elapsed, 2 minutes and 20 seconds of peeing.

When she was finished, she came out of the stall without flushing. The water was like apple cyder with foam on top. The smell was very acryd.

I have been trying to duplicate that, but with very little success. The best I have done so far was 40 seconds, and one time I wet myself trying to hold it too long. I guess I am going to have a little bit of an inferiority complex.

Hi everyone, I have been reading all the old postings over the past few weeks and have finally decided to post myself.
I am 27 years old and have been wetting and pooping since I was 11/12 years old. It all started when I watched my best friend at the time Elaine wet herself. We were upstairs in her bedroom one day after school just messing about when I noticed that Elaine kept holding herself and dancing around this was not unusual for her if we were outside but I had never really noticed her doing this so near to the toilet. I commented on her hand stuffed between her legs as she sat on the bed and she said she was seeing how long she could hold it for I jokingly said that I would make her go to which she replied that I bet you could'nt.With that I grabbed her around the waist and we started to roll around and grapple with each other soon her school skirt was up around her waist and I got a clear view of her panties which were light blue and had a small wet patch there I said told you I would she giggled and as she lay there with me sitting on top of her I watched in amazment as the pa! tch got bigger she stopped just short of soaking the bed.
For the next couple of days I could'nt get the picture of Elaine going in her panties out of my head and began to wonder what it would feel like to do it I told Elaine this and she just told me to go so on the way home from school I plucked up the courage and as we walked through the park I said to Elaine that I needed a wee we stopped by a little shelter and I started to let go it ran down my legs and made a puddle on the ground Elaine lifted my skirt up and looked at my soaking panties the feeling was wonderfull and from that moment on I have not looked back.

Infantry PFC: You've never seen corn in your shit?! You need to look harder - everyone gets corn in their shit! We went on a tour of a sewage plant for out Chemistry class, and even the dude there said that they recieve so much sweetcorn in the sewage, they could feed millions of starving children in the world!

Mikey: Yeah, I pee in the shower too! So much easier than getting the bathroom floor wet!

Dork: I agree dude, you have to check the paper, otherwise you could still have left some turd! Better safe than sorry - and sometimes you can't feel it there until after you've got off the pot.


PRG- You asked for ass injury stories, so I thought I'd share with you the one about my BMX accident I had that Kai mentioned a while back. I was 15 or 16 when I entered this local BMX competition held near a highly wooded area. After the trophy presentations (I won first place. hehe), there was a big party. But we skipped the party and rode our bikes into the woods. We found some good dirthills there, but there was also a deep slope nearby. We were apprehensive about jumping at first because of the risk of falling down the slope. Nevertheless, the guys began jumping, and I decided to join. So I got on my bike, picked up a lot of speed, hit the hill with the intentions of doing a backflip, but something went wrong. Instead of landing it, the front of my tire rammed the tip of the hill and I FLEW off the bike. Then I landed/rolled on the side of my ass and realized, much to my horror, that I was sliding down that damn slope!! LOL. Man! I remember hearing twigs snapping and st! abbing me in the ass, hitting rocks, etc. Lucky for me I was wearing a full face helmet at the time! To make a long story short, I ended up calm, but in the emergency room as the doctors removed thorns and other gifts from the trees that were stuck in my ass. It hurt a lot, but there was only one bad cut that needed a few stitches. I couldn't sit very well for a good while and it especially hurt to sit on the toilet and take a dump. Everyone knew when I was in there because they would hear "Oh god!!!!! AHHHH!! DAMMIT!!!!" It was embarrassing. The guys in the competition were really sweet and brought me flowers with a card (which I kept) saying "Get well, you ass. No Pun intended!"

Adios for now!

This is last working week before vacation. Most of my co-workers are already having vacation. Yesterday I went lunching to near restaurant. After meal I felt a slight urge to poo so I decided to go ladies room before going back to work. There were three stalls, two of them were occupied and third one was out of order. I heard sounds of rolling toilet paper and wiping from the middle stall. Someone was peeing in next stall. Lady in middle stall wiped 3-4 times and flushed. The door opened and young girl, about 12-13 years old, came out. She looked a little bit embarrassed. As I entered in stall I smelt quite strong odour of poop. I opened the lid of toilet seat and saw a couple of long poop stains at the bottom of bowl. Lady in next stall finished peeing, wiped once and left. I sat down on the toilet and placed my bottom in comfortable position and let out a sharp fart. I sighed and farted again. This time it was long, hissing fart. I felt a firm log starting to moving slowly! lower in my bowels and forcing my butt hole opening. About 4-5 inches long log slid out without much effort. As it splashed into water next log was already poking out. I pushed a bit and it slid out as easily as the first piece. I felt there was some more. I grunted and few small balls dropped in to bowl. Then someone came in. I heard two voices. I tried to peek at the crack of the door. Two older ladies, about 50-55, were in the front of washstand and mirrors. They talked about someone?s weddings. Then the other lady went in adjacent stall. She tinkled a bit. Then she started struggling but she kept on talking with her friend who was still making up in front of mirrors. A minute or two went by, nothing happened. Then finally I could hear crackling sound. It was exceptional audible. She sighed as the turd splashed into water. She was not finished yet. She moaned and talked to her friend while she dropped three more pieces of poop. The first of them must been quite large, pl! op was really loud. Next plops came in succession about 20 seconds after first. They were tame. She wiped only once and flushed. When she went to wash her hands I started wiping. I waited until ladies were gone before flushing and washing hands.

To L
Interesting rumour...would be interested in knowing where you heard it. Normally for really "hairy" scenes like that tho a stunt double is used....however I havent seen the movie.

piss pool
Hey,i love the stories. I had a lot of catching up to do since I havn't been on my computer for about a month. It was fried during a thunderstorm. enough of that, I have some good stories to share, which has happened over the last month. Today was was great it has been hot for 3 weeks and it has finally cooled down. The pool came in handy the hot days. The first day that it was hot i had some friends over two of them were twins from next door the other one was from Boston MA, the friend from boston I really like. I love it when girls fart and talk about that kid of stuff. While we were swimming, the girl from boston lets call meg, kept farting and little bubbles would keep coming up, she would hold it and then she would come near me and let it rip on my head. That turned me on. She had to go pee after being in the pool for 2 hours and she told me and asked were she should go. i said get out of the water and just sit or stand on the deck and let flow. She said ok ! and sat on the deck. After 30 seconds of her sitting there she started to go it must have lasted 2 minutes, her pee was making a puddle on the deck and it was starting to roll off the deck. She got up and she was dripping with pee and the deck was covered. Afterwards she just got back in the pool and swam for the rest of the day. One of the twins( say her name is Kate) said she really had to go and couldn't move or she would explode so I said wait until the pain went away then get out and go on the deck. She said i can't hold it anymore. The next thing I know is there is a yellow spt starting to form around her. I didn't really care now because i pee in the pool too, Meg tried to go in the water at a lake and just couldn't go till she got out of the water. Me on the other hand I have mastered how to swim and pee at the same time. Anyway she peed for a long time and then swam off. I loved that. Now the other twin (call her mellissa) said she had to crap. She usaul! ly gos by the said of the pool because water makes her need to go. She got out farting maost of the way. She went to her spot and pulled down her bakiny just enough to pee and poop. I heard some crackling and some grunting and she started to push out a log. it was about a foot long. she wiped with a cloth that was hanging on the deck, ad came back in the pool. in the mean time i had peed in the pool twice that day and mellissa peed in it once more. She didn't tell me she did but i could tell becauseshe stood still and held her crotch and a yellowish tint came to the water. That was about the way that it went those 3 weeks. Today the twins came over to play xbox and I was sitting next to Kate and she ripped a fart so really loud I didn't think that an 11 year old could make such a sound. Both the twins just got done eating mexican and they were farting like crazy, I had to light a candle it smelt so bad. I didn't want my parents noticing the smell. mellissa wanted ! to see if she could light one of her farts, she asked if I could hold the match up to her butt. everytime she farted i tried to light it but it didn't work any ideas how to make that work I would like to hear them. The other twin sat on my lap and farted and did sort of o lap dance. Kate was straining so had to try to fart she had stains in her underwear she said. Today I peed in my pants fully for the first time it felt soooo good I was in my bathing suit near the pool and i had an urge to go so I tried but i couldn't at first then it started and ran down my legs and soked my shorts the warmth and the feeling of heavy pants was a great feeling. Does anybody know any foods or drinks that could make me fart more i love to fart.
LEWIS - i like your story

Russell S. (AR)

To Newchick: I enjoyed your recent posting, about daring to hold your feces in for 11 days, and letting it all out at once. However, I am not sure if I believe you, when you say you delivered 20 logs on this particular trip to the toilet. No offense intended, of course. Also, regarding your serious gas and farting problem, may I suggest that you go to your local neighborhood pharmacy, or Wal-Mart, and buy a pack of Gas-X. Such a medication should relieve you from these excessive gas roblems, which you claim to be having at the present.

Now for one quick story. This session happened recently, as of Sunday. For some odd reason, I managed to make four major trips to the toilet, each time delivering some good and solid BMs. Three of these happened before I was scheduled to leave for Church, and the fourth one happend afterwards. Like I said before, my turds are not huge, as some of the female productions I hear about on this site. However, each of those four piles I made on the toilet that day were truly abundant in amount. It must have had something to do with the fact that my family and I ate hamburgers on the Fourth of July, and we had five guests. But then, I ate only one cheeseburger, whereas two of our male guests ate two each. I admit my appetite has not been what it usually is, in recent months. But then, that is because I am working on reducing the size of my gut. In 1999, my brother told me that my belly was so big, I looked as if I was six months pregnant, and I am NOT a female! Anyway, I! was glad to have relieved myself of those four major turds, despite they did not have large diameters like those of Kim and Ring Stretcher.

Before I go, I would like to know what has happened to Kim and Scott. Could it be because of the recent and tragic loss of Rich (RJogger) and his wife Kathy? I wish I knew, because I do not read each and every one of the stories of this site on a regular basis. Also, when I post a story here, it appears that I do not get too many responses from any of you. It seems as if Bryan is the only one who responds to my posts. I was hoping to get some kind of response from Trisha, the girl who was constipated for almost two weeks. You see, I asked her if she would share with me the size of that monstrous and difficult BM she had then. If Trisha was a girl I knew personally, I would have wanted to be there with her, as she was going through "labor and delivery" with that huge, giant BM. Anyway, for those of you who know either Trisha or Kimberly and Scott, please send them my concerns. I truly would appreciate it.

Well, folks, that pretty much wraps things up for the present. Please keep the good stories coming, and I will post again soon.

Best Regards,

Russell S. (AR)

I saw a guy who had peed himself today. He was waiting at a bus stop in Bristol and had peed down both legs of his jeans. I felt really sorry for him, he got on the bus and I sat near him. He was a really good looking guy in his late 30s, well dressed, it was only 8.15am, I don't think he was drunk or anything, but maybe he has a weak bladder (like me). He acted normally but must have been really embarrassed! I wet myself recently but luckily I was wearing black trousers and it was raining so I don't think anyone noticed!

Eric in Chicago: Morning wood?? lol, nice one! Thanks for the analysis. I never knew the nose was actually part of the reproductive system... lol well anyway i know what u mean. It's not a major problem, i was just curious. thanks again.

I was wondering-i can no way shit when i dont want to. It only seems to come out at home when im ok. See, in public toilets, where i can piss but not shit, i have almost no need for shitting. Maybe just pure luck, but does anyone else notice this...?


Marcus is not my real name, so please keep it the way it is!

TO CLOUD - I enjoyed your little bio of yourself and your peeing adventures! It reminds me of when I was your age and enjoying similar activities (though being a guy, they were different)

In holding your pee at night on camping trips, did you ever find out that you had an accident in bed or sleeping bag? On one camping trip, (I was probably your age at the time too!) our pop-up camper was parked next to a little babbling brook. It was just a little stream of water leading from one lake to another, but made a LOT of noise! So I had some very good dreams about peeing, but woke up to the horror of a wet, peed in sleeping bag! That wouldn't normally bother me, but sleeping right next to me were my parents, and I was horrified for them to find out that I had peed in my sleeping bag!

Finding a guy who likes pee games is a LOT easier than finding a woman! :) Take it from me, as I have been searching for YEARS for the right woman, but have never found her... :( All I keep finding is guys in my area, and being straight, does nothing for me except increase my competition in searching for the right woman!

TO PUNK ROCK GIRL - I'm sorry, but all I can do is laugh at your glassy bottom!! LOL! It's great to know that you're back on your feet (or butt, as it may be).

Hillary has blue eyes,a square jaw,and beautiful long eyelashes.He looks great when he grunts!!

To newchick: Loved your story..thats my kinda of it felt good!

To L: Haven't heard that

To Unnamed poster who pooped her self at sears..i enjoyed your story

To tibkid boy: Thats cool that the kid said he pooped, out loud

To Infantry PFC: I see your post to Eric in Chicago....i take it you never eat corn? Why is that?

To Mikey: I Pee in the shower sometimes..its like the hot water hits me and i have to pee so i let go

To Dork: Liked your story about those boys peeing. I look at the paper when i wipe so i don't know. Same w/ me if i start itching i rewipe

To Andy: Liked your story..thats cool that CARMALITA could have seen you poop at the camp grounds.

To Punk Rock Girl: Im saying Hi back...i liked your story about your friend getting posion ivy on her butt. Glad you got your stitches out. Has the medication made you have the runs or be consipated?

To AJ: I stand up sometimes to wipe and sometimes i sit but most of the time i stand

To Egg Layer: Liked your story

To Zip: Liked your story..sounds cool

Not much new with me...haven't pooped in about 3 days now. Last time i went it was huge and felt good. wish that feeling would come back.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Annie and Robby
Hi Dear Friends!
We are back together again!! Annie- I got back in yesterday. I had a wonderful visit in the UK. My girls and I went up to the Lake District for a little holiday. We might have seen KENDAL and ANDREW. We're not sure. Well, the Lakes is a beautiful part of England. We were doing a walk one morning and my daughter Ellie said she needed to wee. We walked to some high grass and she looked around and dropped her shorts and knickers. My other daughter also squatted. They both let out a torrent of wee. It splashed into the earth. Suddenly Ellie whinned;"I have to have a "B", too! I said;"Just let it out, there is no one here". She started to grunt and a long piece of poo started coming out of here bum. Her sister was disgusted by the display. With a final, loud, grunt the piece cullompted out! I gave them both a piece of tissue and they wiped. My girls have always been a bit prudish on the subject of bodily functions. Oh well! Glad I am back. Robby is too!
****INA: Annie- hi sweetie! Don't worry about Robby. He is just a spoilt crybaby,lol! That was a great story about you! I will have to break out the travelmate again. I haven't had a good wee in it for some time. Take care!! Lots of Lovexxx and hugs from Annie and Robby
****LOUISE AND STEVE: Hey friends! Annie- I had a case of the runs on my wedding day. I guess most girls get a tad nervous! My Mum had to clean me up as well and I nearly messed up my wedding dress. We're glad everything is going ok! Lovexxx from Annie and Robby
****PV: Hey gal! I am going to have to get into a gents soon. I want to
pish while a few are watching!! Hope eveything is ok in Adelaide!! Love ya, dear! Annie and Robby
****CARMALITA: WOW! You sneaky voyeur,LOL! That lad must have had a cute bum! Robby piles up the dumps sometimes. That must have a been a wild holiday for you, Jake, and the gang. We are glad Nu is seeing Jake's brother. Your stories are all so wonderful! Take care, sweetheart! Lots of Lovexxx from Annie and Robby
****TIM AND SARAH: Hi dear friends! Annie- TIM, I yelled at Robby about his eating habits. It is one of the reasons he is having trouble doing a good grunt! He understands. Tell SARAH that I had experiences like she did when my children were very young. Tell her not worry!! We hope you are feeling better. Take care and give our love to SARAH, JOSIE, and LOEWIE!! We love you, too! Annie and Robby
****TODD AND DIANA: What about those twins!!! Give us the poop, so to speak! We hope you both are doing fine!! Your online daughteres send their love! Take care! Lots of Lovexx from Annie and Robby
****KENDAL, ANDREW, and ELLEN: WHERE ARE YOU! We think you are in the Lakes but we sense something might be amiss with you, also. Please write us when you can. Lots of Love and hugs! Aunty Annie and Uncle Robby
****DEAR RIZZO: Hi there! We know you are on the boat sailing and weeing!! Take care and return to us safe! Lots of Love from Annie and Robby

HUGS AND HELLOS TO: Ephermal, Jane and Gary, Adrian, Damsel, Kimmie and Scott, Eleanor, Adele, Lexie, LindaGS, Jeff A, Ellie and Little Lou!


I can't believe it is almost a month since I last posted. More importantly, it is almost a month since I married Louise, and I've loved every minute of it apart from the last five days I had to spend away from home. She has had to travel to do some modelling work, and I'm expecting her back tomorrow afternoon, looking forward to her return so we can pick up where we left off.

I enjoyed Damsel's account of how Louise prepared for the wedding, a very good story indeed. It was as if Louise had a premonition. The day before, she told me how she 'knew' she would be ready, in her dress and everything straight, then suddenly she would have an urgent 'attack of the shits'. Sounded like her mother had an excellent view of her daughter's anus and genitals as she hovered over the toilet - wish it had been me having a look, as often I have missed witnessing Louise when she has had the runs.
I very much enjoyed the wedding itself. Louise looked stunningly beautiful. Breathtaking, in a dress that really did justice to her. No sleeves, strapless, it was marvellous. Once again she gave me a smile that turned my knees to jelly.
I see my wife has already mentioned the time she startled another couple when we were on the beach by dropping her bikini pants and squatting to urinate. There were other occasions (can't remember how many) when she stood beside me, as she described, looking out to sea, and she worked her bikini pants to one side so her genitals could be aimed. She succeeded in delivering arcing streams several feet out into the water.
Other times I did the same, and simply took my penis out over the top of my trunks, drew my foreskin back of course and then released a stream. There wasn't a problem with such a beach being fairly sparsely occupied.
There was one time when I needed to urinate and we decided the open areas of the beach were too busy, and we went into a quieter rocky area. I thought we were alone, and Louise stood watching as I pulled my trunks down just slightly, down a little more at the front and took out my penis over the top. It was a little more comfortable that way than feeling the pressure of the waistband between my testicles and the base of my penis. Well, I took my penis in my hand and retracted my foreskin just enough to allow my urethral exit to see a little sunshine, and from a distance of about four feet I began watering the side of a rock. Choosing this moment to come into sight, an attractive woman in her early thirties and her daughter (presumably) who looked 15-16 years of age, both bikini clad, saw me urinating in full flow and looked very startled but continued to look at my penis. Louise began giggling, and this seemed to prompt my audience to laugh and nudge each other as well. ! In fact the mother stopped walking for a few seconds, and her daughter pulled her arm to get her moving again, both giggling and gazes fixed below where my waist. They disappeared again out of view. Louise moved to see where they went, and silently beckoned me over. Obviously mother and daughter had the same need as me, as peeking to look at them we saw them in half-squatting positions with their bikini pants lowered to just above the knees. We had a 'side-on' view of them and both were urinating, two streams squirting downward from between their legs. Both were still giggling, presumably from what they had just witnessed. We left them to finish their wees in peace.

To Tim (and of course Sarah),
About the times Louise's netball team hussled me into the changing rooms with them to watch them weeing in the men's urinal etc, you are quite right to question whether the fact they took me in with them could have annoyed (or indeed enraged) any of the girls' boyfriends and partners. I think only two of Louise's team mates have proper boyfriends or partners at the moment (whether that had any influence on their behaviour I will leave to the psychologists), and certainly at the times in question there were no other partners present near the court as far as I could tell. I think there were one or two partners of opposition team members who, like me, had turned up to drive their women home but were not in sight when Louise's team grabbed me. There was no way I would have allowed myself to be pulled into the room the way I was if it had been in front of boyfriends/husbands/partners as it would have been most improper and insulting to them apart from anything else. As the gi! rls were very aware they had no such impediment, they very much insisted I went with them. <snicker> You don't know this bunch and I can tell you that in that mood, they are scary more than exciting. Once they get together like that there is no stopping them, so once I was with them their netball kit came off and they made it clear I was to watch them wee in the urinal. They were not exactly shy about me witnessing such 'private' moments, and again insisted I give them a weeing show in return. If you think that would be easy, even in such unusual circumstances, you need to think again. <snicker>

To PV,
Hello, sweetheart. Oh yes, Louise's friends. The Weeing Wild Bunch! The netball team were all there, plus others equally beyond taming. Scary enough when sober and in the changing room, they were positively terrifying as they piled into my house with alcohol inside them. All in disheveled school uniform outfits. Louise again looked stunning - got my attention if you get my drift. Louise was right - I found it a very pressurised situation being ushered into the bathroom and visited by a long succession of very attractive women who simply couldn't wait to urinate. One by one they came in, raising their skirts and either they dropped their own knickers or I had to pull them down myself. Oh what views I had ... <snicker>. Hardly shy about me seeing their genitals and in the act of urination, they sat on the toilet seat, or squatted, and damn well insisted that I watched them weeing/peeing/pissing/having a squirt/having a slash, among the terms they used.
Don't get them wrong - although they were behaving very, very badly, they are all normally very classy and refined women, and I regard it as the greatest compliment that they could feel so comfortable in my presence that they would enjoy putting on such an unusual show for me as a happily condemned bachelor about to get hitched. <snicker> I was also very grateful to them for helping Louise thoroughly enjoy herself.
I've caught the eye of around eight or nine of them when we've seen them since we came back from honeymoon, and there have been a few blushes and shared a few giggles with Louise, but not one of them said she has any regrets, so I do feel very privileged.
We will talk again soon, and have a big hug from me.


I appreciate your problem, as I have the same somtimes with the little balls and all. Have you tried a glycerin suppository? They work great for me...much better than the digging out process. You just put it in, and soon can go easily. They aren't harsh at all. Let me know what you think.

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