hey everyone i just had the biggest shit of my life! i had to go to the bathroom REAL BAD!!!!!! so i ran to the bathroom, pulled my panties down and my skirt up, sat on the toilet, and just rested my body and let all the shit fall out. i was just hanging on to the seat, letting all these lumpy hard turds fall from my anus.i swear at least 20 turds about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide fell out of my butt. i was on the pot for an hour! then i pissed for a few seconds, then i wiped my pussy, then i wiped my ass but nothing was on the paper so it was a clean shit (sort of).the reason for these huge turds was a dare, to hold in my shit as long as i could until i couldnt any more. i held it for a week and a half. about 11 days. it was hard!!!!i almost shit my panties. luckily i was at home and not in public, because i had bad gas that day also. the house was so SMELLY!!!!! i had to open all the windows. i kept farting all day long. really bad farts too. i am still farting too. th! is happened yesterday. when i woke up this morning my bed smelt like farts, i guess i farted in my sleep. these farts sounded like when you blow with your toungue out and were really really loud.oops i just farted now, and it smells really bad. i shouldnt have farted oh well, i hope this gas goes away soon bye!

There's a rumor going around that in the movie "Spiderman", the scene where Kirsten Dunst is being hung over the bridge by the green goblin,I heard that while filming that scene, Kirsten Dunst had pooped her pants because she was hanging up so high she had gotten scared. Then I heard they had to throw away the costume she was wearing because of that. Has anyone heard of this? Is it true?

had a terrible accident today. I was walking in the mall today after eating a wonderful mexican meal. It was soooo spicy and deliciouse! But I soon found out it was a mistake. Anyway, I was browsing in Sears for a new dress. When I suddenly felt the sharp urge to go! I thought I'd be ok tho so I kept browsing. I was wearing my fav breifs. (my time of the month) They were satan pink :) I walked out of the store still feeling the need to go. As I was strolling along I came to a bench fool of hot guys. I smiled at them and wiggled my fingers in a greeting. Suddenly I had a terrible cramp. I hoped it didn't show on my face and quickly continued walking. IN the direction of the bathrooms of course. But I didn't make it far cuz suddeny the urge hit again. Worse this time and I stopped and actualy held my self! But someone bumped into me and I relaxed for a second. I was wearing my best tight (very tight) jeans and my fav blue blouse.Well, in that second, I started filling my pa! nties with soft mushie poop! I was mortified! I touched my bum and felt a very big lump growing and started to cry. I was still pooing as I walked to the bathrooms. As soon as I walked in I peed my self too! The poo had soaked through my pants and they had turned brown and now they were even more soaked with pee. I couldn't believe it! I hope u all enjoyed! :-D

tibkid boy
i was on vacation in the bahamas a few months ago and i made friends with this 15 year old guy from new hampshire. one day he came out and met us (some kids and i who had made friends over the course of our stay, guys and girls) and said that he took this huge shit that he had to flush twice to get down. i thought it was kind of funny how he just said this out loud.

Cloud - Thanks for telling us more about yourself. And you had more great stories, as usual! I like your posts, keep it up!

Unfortunately, I dont have anything new to report tonight. Maybe I'll have something tomorrow. Have a good one!


Infantry PFC
Eric In Chicago- I've never seen corn in my shit.

Up(town)Chuck- I think that it is great that you, and your wife have discovered a new common interest. I think it makes a marriage stronger.

I myself just met a girl who enjoys pooping with the door open and having an audience, as well as talking on the phone. She finds men peeing to be somewhat attractive too. The only thing that isn't right is that She is a morning pooper and I'm not around to watch or talk on the phone while she poops, and I had not had to pee around her untill today, but her friend was over so she could not watch me pee.

does anyone else pee in the shower? whenever im showering and i have to go, i just let it out, aiming over the drain. i figure its easier to piss right where there is a drain instead of getting out and getting the rest of the bathroom wet. since pee is sterile, i just try to justify it to myself that its ok, but yet i have to shudder at the thought that other people do it too in the same shower. oh well.

Longfellow, you now know that you can not force a pee it is best to do the opposite and relax. Next time plan ahead and wear more and you won't have to run to the bathroom. Steve S. Your friend wetting himself in front of you was so cool. Hope you do it together and tell us about it. Declan, when I was in Dublin I winessed a couple of oder boys standing together and pissing thru a fence in the center of town in broad daylight. I have a question for the froup. If you don't look at the paper after you wipe ,how do you know you are clean. I assummed everyone looks at the paper. If my ass starts to ich after I had a dump I know there is some residue there and it needs to be wiped.

CARMALITA- That guy you spied on could have been me! I was with my wife and another couple, and we camped near a group of younger people. We noticed a couple of them skinny dipping in the river when the afternoon got hot. Ha- I don't think it really was me, but wouldn't have cared if you watched. I don't deliberately exhibit myself, so I always look around before bareing my ass, to make sure the coast is clear. Or at least I think it is.

The couple we were with attended to their business in private, and so did my wife and I, but this recalls to mind several years ago when I was dating a woman who wasn't experienced in the woods. We went on a camping trip/hike that took three days. I had to set up the tent and make the fire and pretty much do everything, but she was willing enough to learn and try to help, and assist with the cooking. The first afternoon & night was uneventful except she actually asked me where the bathroom was. I explained that she needed to go behind a bush, and she acted a little bit shocked. Late the second day, I noticed she seemed uncomfortable, and after dinner she sneaked several really bad farts which I pretended not to notice. Unlike the night before, she wouldn't let me touch her, so I rolled over and went to sleep, and about 2 in the morning she shook me awake and said she had to go to the bathroom and please stay awake 'til she was back because she was afraid of the! dark. She went out of the tent and came back half a minute later and asked me to go with her, so I got up and with the flashlight we walked to an open spot under the stars. She asked me to shut the light off and she immediately said, please stay here, I'm scared. Which I did. However in the bright starlight I could see her undoing her pants and pushing them below her knees and squatting, and the outline of her kneeling white butt. She started to moan and groan and emit a crackle sound and then I could smell poop. I could hear several flooops, plops, and then squirting noise as she peed. When she was done she said. oh damn, I can't find my paper, it must have fallen out of my pocket.
I had some kleenex in my pocket and went over and put it in her hand. The smell of her poop in the warm night summer air was intoxicatingly strong. She wiped and stood up, and dressed, and we returned to our tent. However her previous distant attitude was completely gone and we had a wonderful time before going back to sleep. Later she told me her only expierence with "camping" was at KOA and girl scout camps where there were proper facilities, and she'd never, ever, taken a shit out of doors before, but after doing it she thought it was really a neat experience. In the morning after coffee and breakfast when going to shit by myself, I found her gorgeous heap of perfectly formed, big, round logs, and added to the pile. That evening at our second campsite, before dark she asked me to accompany her. And I watched in awe as, like a vetran trouper, she squatted down, bared her beautiful ass, had a huge juicy, steaming dump and lengthy pee, stood up, dressed, smiled an! d came over and gave me a big hug.

Punk Rock Girl
Hi, all!

Got my stitches out today. My butt is pretty sore, and I have a nasty scar, but we'll see how it turns out down there. I know it will be permanent, but hopefully it will fade a bit. It's going to be weird spending the rest of my life with one nice ass cheek and one Frankenstein one. :( My boyfriend gets to rub neosporin on it every night, though, so that's a treat for him.

I took a nice big dump yesterday and it felt great. My first really pleasant crap in a while. It came out nice and easy, nice and solid, nice and BIG, then plopped unceremoniously into the water. It only took one wipe and I was done. If only all me dumps were so easy.

A friend of mine at work told me how she once wiped her ass with poison ivy while camping, and wound up with chronic poison ivy all over her butt, her anus, her vagina and even in her rectum. She said that shitting and peeing were living hell for about a month. She even wound up in the hospital for a few days with cathoders in her urethra and rectum to try and ease the pain. Makes my accident not seem so bad.

Does anyone else have any ass injury stories they could share? That might be an interesting theme! I've already told mine!

Hello Bryian, Ina, Punk Rock Boy, Carmalita, Mike of MD and everyone else. Up(town) Chuck--welcome!!! Hope your wife (or is it girlfriend) gets more into being open about her dumps (even I'm not all the way there yet!).

GL- Liked your story about the little girl about to shit her pants outside the gas station--I've had to shit outside a few times in similar situations. Better than shitting your pants!!!



Just wondered how many people stand up whilst wiping their ass? I don't - and I was talking to my friend about it, and they thought it was strange that I didn't stand...

Egg Layer
Hi again. I posted here a while back. I just got finished taking the dump of the century. My God, it was huge. I've been taking Metamucil for a while now, but I've been holding in my poop for about three weeks. Let me tell you, it was hard. Several times I could feel the poop trying to poke out, and I'd just squeeze my butt with my hands, or sometimes just sit down on something. The poop felt so hard and big, my butt felt like it would explode several times. After the first few days I started getting bad gas, and I'd let out some farts. It was strange farting when my anus was full of poop, and after the first week I just stopped farting for fear that the poop will just plop out. By the end of the second week, I started getting real bloated. My stomach started to bulge out, and I new it was because of the poop and gas. Man, I felt so full. Finally, just earlier today, I decided to go lay some logs. I went and sat down on the toilet, my butt cheeks spreading. I immediatly let ! out a series of loud, echoing farts. The poop didn't come immediatly, though. I guess all that waiting made it hard as a rock. I started to push, but it just wouldn't budge. I tried all sorts of things. I grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them wide. I got off the toilet and squatted, hoping gravity would make my turds come out. I even stuck my finger up my butt and tried to get things moving. To no acvail. I felt so constipated and bloated, and I couldn't even fart. I gues the poop plugged my anus up so good, not even gas could escape.

Eventually I decided to give myself an enema. I filled the bag with warm water and lots of soap suds. Laying down, I put the nozzel up my butt and let the water flow in. The soapy water filled my bowels, and made me even more bloated. Damn, I was already super-bloated with my own poop, but when the water came in, my stomach totally ballooned out. My anus also felt like it was going to pop, and I had to press my cheeks together real hard to keep from exploding. The cramps were really bad, too. When the enema was done, I had a hard time standing up, because my lower stomach hurt so much. I made it to the toilet, though, and my God, the dump I had was amazing. Turds and soapy water just splattered into the toilet, along with a LONG line of explosive farts and more poop. I was probobly on the toilet for an hour, pooping non-stop. I grunted and groaned throughout the whole thing. Finally, I was done, and I wiped my ass and got off the toilet.

To gl: Liked your story

To Nick: I've seen that show but i don't recall hearing bathroom related things

To Outhouse Scott: I enjoyed your story...sorry you messed your self

To Eric in Chicago: I sure do get a kick out of seeing corn in my shit...i was proably 9 or 10 at the time when i started and i couldn't belive corn was in my poop.

To Up(town)Chuck: I liked your story

To jack: Liked your story

To Lewis: Like your story

To Stacey: Enjoyed your story

To Nyad: Liked your story

To Carmalita: Loved your story...did you go and check out that guys shit after he left? And did he see you?

To Ice Cream Man: Loved your story....did you see any paper in the toilet? do you think he didn't wipe? I think most kids never wipe unless their parents are around

To Cloud: I enjoyed your peeing stories

To HANS: Loved your story..especially when you and your friend sat on each other and wet your selfs that way.

To Part 3 The Conversion of a Toilet-Shy Choirboy. : Liked your story

Gotta run...i haven't pooped since sunday night.

Tueesday, July 9, 2002

BRYIAN-Glad you liked the story. I didn't see any skidmarks after the guy left the stall. The airport toilets have a pretty strong flush and wipe things away pretty well.

GAY LAD-Glad you liked the story. Airports are great places to catch sightings. There is a video out on the internet that is of hidden cams of guys dumping. Listening to the audio, it sounds like they are at various airports.

At Home Depot, I got lucky and walked in on a guy taking a dump in the handicapped stall. He was slim, latino-looking, wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and green shorts and very bright white briefs. Down at his boots. His legs were fully exposed and he had pulled up his shirt a little bit. Nice flat stomach. I could see that he had a lighter-colored butt and tan lines. Either he wore speedos or went tanning. He looked up as I walked in on him, and just smiled as I said sorry and backed out. He's someone I recognize as a regular shopper there. Hope to see him again like that!

I got to use the stall and a guy entered the one next to me. He kept his shorts up around his knees, because I could only see the very bottom of them. Every time I heard him drop a turd, he would give a soft grunt and lift his heels. It was very cool to hear him go at it. I had to see who it was. I saw as he came out of the stall and recognized him as an employee in the plumbing dept. Very handsome blond guy with short spiky hair, awesome smile and great calf muscles. And very helpful. It will be great to have him help me some time soon.

Part 3 (conclusion) of my story 'Conversion of a Toilet-Shy Choirboy' appeared (July 8th) without my name on. Probably my omission. Sorry to those who had been following the story.

I live in rural Georgia and I remember last week I was standing in line at the little country store and I saw this car pull right in front of the store door. The car had Tennessee tags and it had a middle age man and women in the front. Out came this girl from out the back seat of the car. She was white, she couldn't have been no older than 16. She wasn't bad looking. She came running towards the door but before she opened the door I saw her looking up at the "Sorry, no public restroom" sign and I saw her mouth motion like,"Oh shoot" with a whiny look on her face like she was about to cry. She then ran back to her parents' car(I guess thats who they were) with her hand on butt and they took off down the road. I thought that was so funny. The bad part about it was she was wearing blue denim daisy dukes. So you know the crap wouldn't stay in her pants. I wondered if she made it down to the Texaco that was 5 miles down the road from the country store or had to go in the woods. ! If she didn't do neither, that was a long, stinky trip back to Tennessee.

Has anyone seen any movies that show kids that have pooped in their pants, or who talk about doing it? How about TV shows? When I was little, I watched a show called YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVISION that used to feature kids messing and wetting and farting. Does anyone remember that?

Outhouse Scott

I had a pretty embarrassing accident on the 4th of July. I've been having diarrhea all week, even with Immodium. Anyway, I was at my sister's house for a BBQ, and I ate a lot! We went to the park to watch the fireworks and I felt my bowels churn fiercly. Luckily there were porta-potties nearby, and I just made it. I got inside, pulled down my pants and sat. My guts emptied into the sludge pit for about five minutes. After a little while, my wife and my sister were knocking on the door asking if I was okay, and I said yes, just feeling a little sick. They said to hurry, the fireworks had started. I reached for the paper and found--OF COURSE--there was none, just an empty role. My ass was a mess, too, but I didn't want to miss the show, so I pulled up my underpants and jens and stepped out. I figured I'd wipe after the fireworks ended. About twenty minutes into the show, I felt cramps again, and tried to ignore them, but they were bad. I buckled over in pain, and realized I couldn't hold it. Diarrhea literally exploded out of my ass, filling my underpants in just a few seconds. I grunted and said, "Oh, shit!" My wife, my sister and her two friends all looked at me and realized what happened. I said to my sister, give me your keys, I'm going back to your house. She gave me her keys and I waddles back to her house, just a few blocks away. I went in her bathroom and stood in the shower. I kicked off my shoes and socks, peeled off my jeans and carefully stepped out of my underpants, which were full of liquidy shit. I dropped them in the wastebasket and carefully put my jeans on the floor. I took off my shirt and got a shower. Afterwards, I put my jeans in the washer, put my shirt back on and wrapped a towel around my waist. I was hoping the ladies wouldn't ome back for a while, but they came in and saw me wearing my "towel skirt" and laughed. I was pretty mortified, but eventually laughed it off myself. A little bit late r, my jeans were dry and I put them on with no underwear. On the way home, my wife asked if I was okay and I said yes. She said, don't worry, it happens to the best of us. I felt like such a little kid. Then she asked what I had done with my underpants and I rrealized I'd left them in the wastebasket. When I got home, I called my sister to warn her, but it was too late. One of her friends had noticed them in there while she was peeing, and had remarked on how much poop here was. Nothing like shitting your pants in front of friends, then having them rate your load later on. What a frigging night. I ended up shitting my guts out three more times, luckily, though, I made it to the toilet. I'm still a little watery down there today, but it's tapered off. We're supposed to get together with them again this coming weekend. Hopefully there'll be something else to taalk about.



Hey, Mark....let's hear more stories about that receptionist Michelle.
I really liked to hear more about other females at your work place too. Let's see if Michelle will be sick one day and have an explosive diarhea while you're just sitting a foot away on the otherside of the wall.

Bryian: Yes, see my post. Actually, it was a mound of soft, creamy doo-doo.

I said i would post about my latest dump. I held on for like 12 hours, didn't have any time yesterday to poop untill it was bed time. I sit down and push and a nice log comes out i couldn't tell how big it was cause it was all the way down. I sat more and pushed and got a few little more pieces out. I really didn't feel like i was done but i had to go to bed...any way i haven't been up too long and when i woke up i had a pooping dream. I dreamed that i was at the mall and i was gonna eat lunch but i wasn't hungry so i walked around and then a little while later i had to poop so i went into JcPenny's and i find the bathroom in there, i walk in and see some big guy at the urinal who i went to school with and there were 2 stalls then i see some steps leading to another part of the bathroom so i go down them and i see some more stalls 2 had doors and 2 or 3 were out in the open. I see some kid i went to school with on the one closest to the sink. Then he gets up with out flusing! and leaves his backpack behind. I saw his poop and there was a big log probably 12" or more don't remember seeing and toilet paper in the bowl. Then an older guy comes in and takes his spot and then he gets up. I don't think he did any thing. Thats when i woke up...hope you enjoyed this...
gotta run, time for work!

I see that a lot of people post questions of movies containing pee / poop scenes. Maybe have a special section for movies and let users post the names of the movies and what the movie has to offer?

Eric in Chicago
Grant: "morning wood" isn't at all related to the need to piss; it's just a coincidence that they happen at the same time, for completely different reasons (boner due to your brain's activity while sleeping; pee because you haven't had a chance to empty your bladder for about 8 hours). As for getting aroused from the need to piss, it's probably a combination of a) nerve signals getting a bit crossed down there and b) psychological self-conditioning (you learn to associate the two sensations). Remember that the body's main sex organ is located between the ears, not the legs.

Everybody: how old were you when you first got a kick out of seeing corn in your shit (assuming you do in fact get a kick out of it)? I think I was about 11, though I must have noticed it and thought nothing of it when I was younger.

Steve S. - Liked your story. I guess that the 16 year old enjoyed peeing his pants and was getting to the point where he wanted to express his liking of it in public. Of course, at first he didnt want anyone to know that he frequently peed his pants. Nice story.

Bryian - Glad you liked the story.

Apparently you can't have numbers in your name, because I tried to add a 17 to my name to indicate my age, but it didnt show up except for as a question mark when I mentioned it in the actual post. If anyone knows why this happened, please respond. Thanks!


Hey, all:
Just to introduce myself, I am an individual who has been married for about a year. I have been fascinated by this subject for a while. Have just recently got the cohones? to actually take some action about it. By that, I mean I have just recently been able to coax my wife into allowing me to watch her. She has seen me on the pot about four times so far. Yesterday, for the first time, she pooped w/ the door open. I did not go in and watch her, though. I just listened. That was enough, though. What a turn on! She kept telling me that she wanted to see my poop and that I always flushed it before she could take a look at it. Well, all that has changed. I always allow her to see it before I flush. I guess that that set the example. I always asked her if she enjoyed watching me on the toilet and if I should close and lock the door instead. She told me only when we had others in the house, and not when we were alone. She refused to anwer the question for a while. Sh! e finally came around and said yes, that she did enjoy watching me on the toilet. She was very shy about allowing me to watch her, at first. In fact, I donít think she ever wanted to. What kind of tipped me off about her being interested in this subject is that she often asked me if I had pooped that day and if a lot of poop came out or not. That my lady even brings up this subject gave me a big hint that she must be genuinely-interested in it, and there may be hope. It turns out that I was right. It just took some coaxing, thatís all. Every time she told me that she had pooped big, I would tell her that I did not believe her and that I wanted to see it for myself. She told me that she would but did not say when. In fact, Sunday 7/7/02 was the first time that she actually left the door open while pooping. The night before she told me that I needed to get out of the bathroom as she was about to poop! I intently listened to the entire session outside of the door. After she go! t out, I told her that she still did not allow me to watch her. She told me that I could have stayed, and I did not get out. I told her that that was not what her tone and her body language said to me. That is why I had gotten out in the first place. The next day, though, she was on the toilet when she told me that I needed to go and get her some maxi pads, as she is on her period now. I gave her those and got out of the bathroom. She continued to talk to me while she was on the pot. I soon heard her straining, and I heard about 6 plops. All of these were about a minute apart from each other. She farted a couple of times, while this was going on, as well. One plop sounded bigger than the rest. She finally wiped and flushed. Again, I did not see any of the action. I voluntarily chose not to, for some reason. I think that I will actually stay in the bathroom with her next time. One step at a time, you know. I would really like to thank all the posters on this site. Particularl! y, all the ones who have suggested how to get your partner to come around and allow you to watch him or her while they poop. What better way for them to follow along than to lead and set the example? Just like parents teaching their kids to toilet train. Parents usually allow the kids to watch them poop, right? I know mine did. How many of you parents have done that, or future parents plan to do that? I am not a parent, yet. I think I will, when I am, though. How many of you think I should be bold enough to ask my wife to allow me to hold her hand while she poops? Would love to hear you replies to this.

Take care,


to yenna ---that iowa toilet is a dream come true.I have obviously watched a lot of guys taking a shit there of all ages. You can see everything starting from pulling their pants down and watching some put tp on the toilet to others who just plunk their ass down and start shitting.Itisamazing to see the vatiety in "modesty" Some keep their pants by their knees, overs halwaydown,and most guys with their pants down to their ankles and you can see it all especially those that seem comfortable and spread their legs.Some lookdown at the ground,some look around while they are shitting,and some are the best when they are talling tosomeone in front of them waiting for a turn to shit.Very noisy in there because of the crowd but you can hear most shits espcially the older guys.Then you can watch thme wipe their ass.Even saw one guy stand up and wipe his ass standing up.Big assed guy and you couldseetheshit on the toilet paper as he wiped.Unbelievable! Where areufrom yeena???? I woul! d like towatch you go! take care all

To Jay: Think i've heard of it...not sure though

To Kate: Liked your story

To Megan: Liked your story...i thought it was kinda funny that the girl kept asking you what you were you didn't mind did you?

To Andre: Liked your story

To nick: Liked your story

To Nathan: Liked hearing about your g/f

To Dirtbike Boy: Liked your story...i thought maybe you went into the wrong bathroom or something at first.

To Steve S: Liked your story about your 16 y.o buddy

To GAY LAD: Loved your story..that must have been a very cool experiecnce.

Last night i ate dinner and i came home and went to bed and i was in bed when an urge to poop hit me, so i went to the bathrooma and i pooped this nice multi colored light and dark brown log and it was 8" long and about a good 2 or 3 inches wide. Sure felt good. wish it was bigger.Wiped only 3 times it was fairly hard. Then today i worked and an urge to poop hit me but i held on cause i didn't have the time to poop. It went away and then came back i still have the urge a little but i'll probably will wait till after dinner to poop that way maybe it will be bigger. I'll post about tonights dump next time(tomorrow). Gotta run bye

Stacey and I continued to wear diapers. We went to a relitive's house for the forth. Neither Me or Stacey used the bathroom because there was no lock on the door and we didn't want on our cousins to walk in and see diapers around our ankles. On the ride home ws intresting. I peed in my diaper twice, no big deal, i like peeing in my diaper. Stacey, who was not enjoying her punishment, looked really uncomfortable. I told her to go for it, But she just shook her head. A minute later she picked her butt of the seat And started to push. It crackled and her pants started to buldge. When we got home Stacey went right to the bathroom to clean herself up. I guess my mom had to pee from sitting in the car for a few hours. She was at the locked bathroom door politey knocking. Stacey couldn't hear her over the running water. The knocking turned into pounding and my mom screamed and started to gush. She peed a big puddle onto the hall carpet. After that Stacey and I didn 't have to wear daipers.

Lewis told me about the site. I thought it would be a good place to talk about my experiances since I can't tell my freinds. Lewis has the worst control of the family with myself a distant second. My sister Jen and our mother also have weak bladders. Lewis has accidents at least once a week. The two worst happening in the car. Once on the way to the shore he peed his bathing suit because my dad woundn't pull over (he never pulls over for anyone, not even my mom). I was kind of facinated by what was happening. I watched him sqirm and fidget and looked up his shorts and saw is tighty whities get wetter and wetter as he slowly lost control. The whole seat got wet because his truncks didn't absorb any pee. (is this why Lewis and other guys wear under under their bathing suits. Lewis always looks so helpless when he has to go, I feel bad for him. On mothers day he wet his suit in the car, he was real embarrassed cause all our relitives saw the evidence of his accident. Ive had a few accidents lately. I don't like to poop at school and often have unconfortable bus rides home. During the winter I pooped my jeans walking from the bus stop to the house. Another time some kid got in trouble for smoking on the bus the driver turned around and took the kid back to school. On the second attemt to get home I couldn't hold on any more and pooped my pants. The girl I sat with already got off at her stop, so I don't think anybody on the bus saw what happened.

It's funny to try and write a book because so much organization is required mentally and I have always been the type of person who was more physically organized in my swimming especially. I'm working on several chapters at once the present one is caloric intake of swimmers from my own experience mine was about about 750 per day which necissated
some great poops afterwards. Thank you That was kind Bryan ( I wrote along time ago under Nyad as a swimmer in college about two years ago)regarding my little one she asks a lot of questions and wants to be with me or near whem I have a Bm.Its very joyful but i'm oblige to include words on modesty to her for the future. Today I was in our first floor bathroom and had just pulled my shorts and panties down and settled my buns when thee was a little knock and she came in I thought I would have to rise and get her potty chair but I laughed because she had dragge it along too, She sat and looked so darling as she peed and gave a big exaggerated aaahh sigh, I for my part had peed already and was starting to push out the bid turd ticking my butthole when I passed a fart and it just seemed to zip out without much grunting but then a second smaller one started immediately which did require some effort I must have gotten a little red face because I noticed my little one copying m! e by going uggh! uggh! which made me giggle and second turd too popped into the bowl, I peeked and saw it was a wide one, then I wiped telling her always to wipe her front with separate TP's and then wipe your bummy hole with with another, She wanted to empty her bowl into mine and I held her little hands to steady her.She remarked there was a lot of poopy smell and I assured her that was to be expected. Bye

I pooped my panties. I wear maxi pads and had to change them.

Dear Plunging Plop Guy et al,
Hillary has been at it again.This time his legs were MILES APART and he did a series of extremely hard,intense plops into the toilet;about twenty small ones.It was wild.

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